sidroth on March 26th, 2019

SID:  Marilyn–


SID:  I just have a hunch. I want her to testify. Would you come here, please? Let’s get by the light. But what did God just do for you?

WOMAN #2:  I had a growth. I’ve had it almost a year. And I keep covering it up by make-up. And it’s, it kept growing, it was red, it was right here on my nose, and it was getting very large. And I claimed my healing and it’s gone. (laughing) Right here where everybody can see it. Amen.


MARILYN:  Now who prayed for her?  Say we did! (audience says “we did”) Amen. So this is happening because we are united in the name of Jesus, it’s His provision and the cross. Now you have 4, right? Okay, I’m going to give you the 5th one. And this is “healing through transference.” So of course the laying on of hands is part of that. But also the anointing of oil. You know James tells us to anoint the sick and we see the disciples doing it. So what is that? That’s a transference of anointing. When I lay hands on someone, I’m transferring anointing. But also I can anoint someone with oil. Now this is not hokey, pokey, spooky stuff. This is Bible. And our faith is in the name of Jesus. But there’s something with people with our faith sometimes it helps us if we see something, do you know what I’m saying, and you anoint people with oil [and] some way they release their faith because that helps them. The other way, and of course there are more than this way, look at the River Jordan that Naaman dipped in. That’s kind of an unusual transference, isn’t it? The Jordan River, don’t go and try to jump in it. But I think prayer cloths in Acts 19, 11 and 12, they took cloths from the body of Paul, not spooky, put it on the sick and demon possessed, and people were healed. Am I right?


MARILYN:  And so I believe you can put a cloth on someone. Now I’m going to tell you a sneaky thing I did with Sarah. When she was, oh 14– no maybe later, more like 19 or 20, and she had some doubts with her faith. So I had someone pray over a prayer cloth with me for her to be delivered from any rebellion or any of this stuff the devil’s trying to do, and I put it in her pillow. She didn’t know it but she got delivered. So one day when we were on television I was telling this. She said, “Mom, I didn’t know you’d do it, you did that.” I said, “I know it, but it worked.


MARILYN:  Now take out a Kleenex or a napkin or maybe even a piece of paper because I want healing to go out of this room. Amen? Because you’re healers, amen? I heard some of the wildest things Brother Shambach used to tell about a woman with a piece of candy that he prayed over. And her son was totally delivered, put the piece of candy in his mouth and was delivered. So don’t worry about what you are holding. We’re just going to believe God. So hold it up. Say: Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that the one whose body touches this is healed and delivered, in Jesus name. I thank you I can transfer Your anointing to the sick, and I thank You. Amen. Now put it someplace you’re not going to forget or use it on your nose [joking] and put it away in a special place and watch how God will open this. The last thing I’m want to to tell you is probably one of the most  unusual miracles in our family. My father was put in a mental hospital when I was 19. He had a complete breakdown. And the doctor said he will never be better.  And he was in a terrible shape, they gave him shock treatments. It was really, really bad. And my mother, not me, I wasn’t strong in faith, I was born again but I wasn’t strong in faith, but my mother went to a meeting with us to William Branham, and William Branham, word of knowledge working here, so watch how God, He has all these ways, [Branham] said: “there’s a woman here, you’re crying over there,” and he said, “take the handkerchief your tears are on, you think your husband is demon possessed, but his mind is broken. Put it on his body and he will be healed.” So my mother took it up to the hospital, pinned it to his pajamas, and within one year my father was out, saved, water baptized. “Transferring anointing.”


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sidroth on March 18th, 2019

Francis: I haven’t told Sid, but I’m going to tell him very quickly. But I just came from South Africa in March, invited by a guest, that I was one of Sid Roth’s guests by the name of Rita McPherson. Her testimony is that one of her boys was in a car accident, his name is Aldo, and he lost consciousness for a while– but while he was in a coma he was in heaven being schooled by the Lord Jesus Christ.  And the Lord Jesus Christ gave him, I mean this boy is supernatural, he has never missed one prophetic word in since ’98 he is now 21 years old. But in any case the reason I bring this to you how I end up in her house is because this young man has Jesus appears to this boy almost every day and gives him word for the church. And one day, he wrote,  he writes letters, because he can’t speak, he goes ‘rrrr’ but he writes and everything he writes, he predicted the Presidency of Barack Obama says that the black a black man three years before it happened, he predicted the Tsunami in Asia, and told the mother, she was Miss South Africa, and told her, hello, there will be Tsunami just came to me, how he was grieved because there will be Tsunami, will kill many people in Asia, but he says to me tell your mother to get her passport ready, the government will call upon her she will be right there in the middle of this, I want her to pray for the people. I said in three weeks the Tsunami happened and the South African government called her and he said Rita you’ve got to go– and she ended up right there just like the son described. Anyway, to cut the long story short, the son one day wrote a letter and he said, she said through the mother, and says this morning Yeshua come to me and He was sad, and He said to me– ‘Aldo, the reason why thousands of my children are not walking in their inheritance is because they are operating in the mixed order, they are not operating in my eternal order. And so the mother said I didn’t know what he was talking about, I asked him, I said, ‘Aldo, what is the order of heaven?’ And he slowly, because he kind of shakes, he’s still getting healed, He writes down in Afrikaans he writes down ”the Order of Melchizedek.’ And then he said to her, ‘Jesus said, Mom, you need to enter into the Order of Melchizedek.’ He said we didn’t know how to do it, so she got staff members they got together, let’s pray for God to send us somebody to teach us about the order of Melchizedek, and in three weeks– Patricia King sent her an e–blast with my video with Patricia King talking about breaking generational curses under the Order of Melchizedek and the Holy Spirit says that’s the man whose is to teach you about the Order of Melchizedek and that’s how they brought us to South Africa and I end up meeting the boy. And that kind of stuff. But when I was there, I got delivered because another piece was added to this that finally fueled it for me. Because even after I jumped the line I had amazing breakthroughs in my life when I jumped the line things changed in my life. But I had nightmares– very strange dreams. And most of my dreams were filled with witchcraft. Flying on brooms, it was the most weirdest dreams which I could not relate to my life. And I would wake up and I would say, ‘Lord what is it, I love God, what is those dreams,’ and I would just pray them off, pray them off. And when I went over there, the day I went over there the young man wrote a letter for me from the Lord, and said give this to the man who was coming, he couldn’t even talk to me, just gave it to the man who would come, and in the letter the answer came.

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sidroth on March 7th, 2019

SID: Hello. I’m here with Ana Werner, and Ana, many have heard of a seer. What is a seer, S-E-E-R?

ANA: this is my best way to describe, a seer is a prophet that hears primarily from God, or receives revelation, through the gift of sight.

SID: That is, I’ll tell you what, that is such a wonderful gift, and you have found that this can be learned and transferred as long as someone is a believer. Do you have scriptural basis for that?

ANA: Yeah. In Second Kings chapter six, Elisha, we see there that he prayed over his servant’s eyes to be opened. They are going into battle and he prayed. The Lord opened his spiritual eyes, and then it says the servant’s eyes were open. And he saw chariots of fire, and he saw the horses around them. So he wasn’t seeing before. So that gift of seeing was imparted. So that encourages me that other people can see as well.

SID: Not only that, you’ve been teaching this for a number of years, and you’re seeing that it is transferable. A little later, if you want, we’ll have her pray for that impartation for you. If you really want that, the others don’t, okay. Okay, that provokes me to jealousy, but this provokes me even more to jealousy. For 30 days, you woke up every morning and you’re in heaven. That’s heaven to me. Tell me about one of the visitations, and you saw oil footprints.

ANA: Yes, I was, and I just want to go on record to say I’m not a morning person. So for me to wake up and go to heaven, that’s a miracle.

SID: Oh God, that’d be easier. Look, it’d be easier for me. I’m a morning person, God, I’ll make it easy.

ANA: So I had this encounter where Jesus came to me, and he had, it looked like a big bowl and he said, I want to wash your feet, Ana. And I said, “No, God.” And he said, “I want to wash your feet.” And so I said, “Okay.” And it wasn’t in the bowl, wasn’t water. It was like an oily substance. And Jesus sat and he washed my feet, and as he was washing it, I was just weeping. And I was just crying. And after he’s done, he said, “Ana, I want to show you something.” And so we stood up and he said, “Come on, let’s walk together.” So we walked together and he said, “Now look behind you,” and behind me I could see our footprints there.

ANA: And there were the oily footprints of Jesus and my footprints. And he said, “Ana, look at that,” and he said, “It’s your joy and your honor to release my glory and my presence.” And from that encounter, I’ve noticed his presence comes so much thicker on me. My life was really, my ministry really changed after that encounter.

SID: So right after that, you started having miracles and oil appearing, and you went to a congregation in Ohio and you prayed for the pastor’s wife?

ANA: Yeah. So it was before the meeting started, and I was back in a side room, and I was just soaking in the presence of the Lord, and the pastor’s wife was just there to see if I need anything like water or anything. And I said, “Come on back, just soak in the presence with me.” So we’re sitting there just praising God and worshiping. And I looked at her, and she was laying on the floor at the time. I looked at her, and I saw, because as a seer, often people’s body gets highlighted where they need healing. I mean, that sounds, What are you talking about, Ana? But I’m just being honest. I saw her back with highlights to me, and I said, “God’s healing your back. He’s touching your back right now,” and right then, she felt fire go through her body.

ANA: Now, I had no idea, Sid, that she had come to that meeting with her little lunch cooler box full of ice packs because she’d lived in pain with her back for over 10 years. Now I had no idea. I didn’t know anything about this. She got healed on the spot right there, got filled with joy, and then to the star of our meeting, I said, “You got to come give your testimony because there’s an anointing for backs.” So she gets up, she shares what just happened and it was like 30 people stood. I said, “Does anybody have a back problem, spine problem, neck problem.” And it was about 30 people stood up and we saw God just heal. Just in his glory, in his presence, he just healed them.

SID: What’s going on right now?

ANA: There’s such a thick and weighty healing presence in this room. And if you can hear me right now through the media, I just want you to know, because I see angels right now, and I see them carrying spines. So this thing about back, there’s a reason I think God highlighted this to me right now to share this. If you’re needing healing in your back, your shoulders specifically, also in your neck, I want you to stand up, wherever you are. If you’re at home, if you’re in here, just stand up and know that the glory of the Lord is falling on you right now. By his stripes, you have been healed. Do you believe it? Do you have faith to believe right now? He can touch you wherever you are at. Also, there’s a angel carrying kidneys. He showed it to me this morning, and he’s here right now.

ANA: So listen, if you are needing healing in your kidneys, like you’re on dialysis or something like that, the Lord is touching your kidneys. It’s a creative miracle. Wow. And also just headaches. If you suffer from migraine headaches, I want you to stand up right now. I just prophesied, the Lord is touching you right now. That headache must go in Jesus’ name. Now also, I just come against stress and trauma that has locked into your body. Wow. Just the shalom peace of Christ. Just claim over yourself, head to toe. He is healing you. He is touching you right now. Praise God. Thank you, Jesus.

SID: You know, Ana, the “slides” are heavenly visions. There is an impartation and a revelation and an activation that occurs in you. I want to hear a few more of them when we come back. How about you?

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sidroth on February 25th, 2019

KYNAN: If you’ll trust Him and no longer rely on your own power but you’ll rely on His power. You know why I stand up here today and we share what we share, it’s not because I’m so powerful or so great. I have the problem that some people don’t have. I believe. I just believe. If you’ll believe, greater works than these shall you do because I go to my Father. Healing is not hard, it’s a matter of believing. Because guess what? This is not my body. When was the last time you took your neighbor’s car and you wrecked it into a tree. Why can’t you do that? Because it’s not yours. When Satan comes and he begins to afflict you, he’s afflicting property that does not belong to him. That’s called vandalism. It’s a crime. And the courts of heaven are waiting on you to plead, and you plead through the blood of Jesus Christ and through the word of God. They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the what? The word of their testimony. You’re speaking– you are a speaking spirit and God has called you to testify. He’s called you to release power through your testimony and all you have to do is believe and speak. Don’t doubt. Don’t doubt. And I want to pray for you in a moment. But I believe God is touching some of you here. If the Spirit of God is even speaking to you, would you just raise your hand, would you receive? Even if I can’t reach you in the back, guess what? The Holy Spirit is timeless, He’s boundless, distance is not a factor to Him, He’s touching you right now, He’s healing you right now. Someone has an arthritic condition, I don’t know if it’s rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, but Holy Spirit is touching you right now in the name of Jesus, and He’s setting you free because He has a work for you to do and you can’t do it bound. Your hands need to be free for worship. Your feet need to be capable to run and to speak the word of God. And I want to tell you today that God is here, His presence is here. As I was standing there the Holy Spirit spoke to me and He told me, He says, ‘son, tell them I’m here.’ God wants me to tell you that He is here, He’s here, He’s right here right now, and He’s everything you need. And if you’ll just get pregnant with the word and you won’t abort the word of God but you will carry it full term and you will see the manifestation in your life today if you’ll keep speaking, if you’ll keep speaking the word of God. I want you to say this with me.


–Say: “The word of God; is the final authority; in my life; the word of God; is my reality; everything in my life; moves by the word; everything I experience; is based on the word; my healing; is the word; my deliverance; is the word; my breakthrough; is the word; and my salvation; is the word.” Hallelujah. Give Him praise right where you are. Begin to bless the name of the Lord. Hallelujah!


KYNAN:  If you don’t mind, Sid, just real quickly, I want to pray for some people. If you’ve been battling in your body– well we’re all family in Jesus name so we don’t have to be ashamed, but if you’ve been battling, I just want you to stand up where you are, if you’ve been battling any sort of sickness in your body, I want you to stand where you are, amen. Praise God, praise God, praise God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. James said in the Book of James, chapter 5, he said: Is there any sick among you? Let them pray. Let the elders of the church anoint them with oil. And the prayer of faith will save the sick. You may not have oil, but you have faith, and that’s enough. I want you to stretch your hands– [as] a matter of fact, let’s do this. –I want you to lay hands on where ever the affliction is, if it’s in your back, if it’s in your head, some of you been dealing with migraine headaches, God wants me to tell you today “it’s over,” he’s [the enemy] not going to rob you like that anymore–

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sidroth on February 18th, 2019

SID:  Hey—you know what’s coming to me? If any of you are like me, you’ve repented more than one time for every sin that you’ve committed, maybe 10 or 20 times! The truth is you only had to do it once but nothing happened so therefore you kept figuring I’ll just keep repenting and repenting. But you never went to Step Two. That’s what Katie’s talking about.

KATIE:  Step Two, that’s right. So we’re going to worship, and while we worship let’s spend ten minutes just doing the blood. Let’s do Step One like we always do. You know how to do that. Let’s just do that for ten minutes. And I want you to think about, you know, repenting for, you know if you were mad at your parents, or you were mad at your spouse, or if you said offended words about a co-worker, and just go through that list, okay? And then we’re going to not stop there. Because that’s why we are still sick, because we’ve stopped there. And then we’re going to worship and spend like ten more minutes. Do we have that amount of time? Are we okay? And we’re just going to do the “dunamis” power and I’m going to make decrees over your soul. So just really pull on the presence and really pull on the blood right now in this next ten minutes. And then we’ll really go for the Step Two and I really believe God’s going to go through a bunch of layers and we’re going to see some major breakthroughs. Amen?

SID:  I want you to repeat after me

AUDIENCE REPEATS AFTER SID PHRASE BY PHRASEThis is my night; I’m not here by accident; And once and for all; I’m going to have my soul wounds washed away. I’m going to be whole; I’m going to be able to believe God; with all of my heart. God you’re so wonderful. You brought me here tonight; to be whole. This is my night!


My night, my night. The splendor of the King. Clothed in majesty. Let all the earth rejoice. Let all the earth rejoice. He wraps Himself in light. And darkness tries to hide. And trembles at His voice, trembles at His voice. How great is our God. Sing with me how great is our God. And then we’ll see how great, how great is our God. How great is our God. How great is our God. Sing with me how great is our God. And then we’ll see how great, how great is our God. He’s the name above all names. He’s worthy of our praise. And my heart will sing how great is our God. Sing it again with me He’s the Name above all names. And He is worthy of all praise. And my heart will sing how great is my God.


By the blood. Okay, just say, ‘Lord, I repent, I repent. Don’t let me be offended anymore, God. Yes, wash me, God. Wash me, God. Wash me, God. Wash me, God. Take away those offences, God, those sins every time I was offended, God. Go deep, God, I’m desperate to be cleaned of every time I was offended, Lord. Remove those sins with your all powerful blood, Lord Jesus, right now. O Messiah, cleanse me, cleanse me for being offended at my spouse, my children right now, my boss, my pastor. I repent for being offended at them. I repent for every sinful offended word I spoke. Say it out your mouth Clean my mouth with Your blood, Lord. Clean my mouth with Your blood, Lord. Wash me of every time I’ve slandered someone. I’ve spoken ill about people. I’ve said those angry offended words, God. Cry out to God right now. This is serious. God does not want His church offended. This is why His church is sick. Cry out to Him to wash you clean of those sins of offence. God forgive us, God. Forgive us, God. Forgive us for being offended, Lord. Put your blood, put your blood, put your blood. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Ah, Jesus, thank you. Yes, yes. Be broken hearted. You spoke evil about God’s creatures. It doesn’t matter what people do to you. It matters how you respond. It doesn’t matter what people do to you. It matters on how you respond. You’re the one getting wounded. Yes, Lord, put the blood. C’mon, one more push, 30 more seconds I want you to just focus really big time on the blood and repenting. We repent, Lord, we repent, God. Great Father, we ask you please, God, make your church un-offendable. Heal every wound inside of us. Heal the sin that made those wounds right now with Your blood. Heal the sin that made those wounds with Your blood, Your all powerful blood. Go back in the deep layers, penetrate it, saturate us in the deep places. With Your blood remove every sin Lord right now in Jesus name. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. In the name we decree it, we decree it. When we forgive, let’s do that one last thing: We forgive those people that we were offended at. We forgive them, Lord. And we ask that You would put Your blood on their sin of offence so they don’t get wounded, and they don’t get sick Wash them clean in Your blood. We forgive everybody that ever hurt us, and that was ever offended at us, or that we were ever offended at. In the name of Jesus. C’mon, just give God a praise in this first part for what He is doing.


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sidroth on February 6th, 2019

GUILLERMO:  You must have an expectation. If you came into the studio, you must have an expectation. Well pastor, but this is not, but we don’t have the choir, we don’t have — I know how to work miracles in raw authority. I don’t have to have the big choir. We go into the crusades all over the world, in Spanish, in India, Africa and all those countries. And sometimes I don’t have any choir, I don’t have any musicians, it’s just me, and I operate in miracles because when you’ve got the revelation you can work miracles anywhere in the world. So number one, lift your hands and say, “expectation for the supernatural.”

AUDIENCE:  Expectation for the supernatural.

GUILLERMO:  You need to say it better than that. C’mon — go on —

AUDIENCE:  Expectation for the supernatural.

GUILLERMO:  C’mon — You need to have an expectation. Most of the church, when you go to a restaurant what do you spend?  You get into the restaurant and you go: (slowly) “Hallelujah —” You go to eat! (laughter) When you come to church you just say: “In Jesus name something supernatural will happen!” Let me tell you, can I tell you this? And this will challenge the normal, the regular church in America. Why? Because so many people say, “how was the service?” It was great! NO! If nothing supernatural happened God was not in it. Because something supernatural must happen. Somebody get filled with the spirit, somebody get healed, somebody get touched, something was transformed, a marriage was restored, something happened. So whenever you move in the supernatural you must expect the supernatural. Number two, to move in the supernatural you must respond to the supernatural. I’ve been in places where the multitude of people, 10 thousand, 15 thousand, and I just see 2, 3 people getting delivered, healed. And I said, “God, what happened?” And the Lord said only 1 person responded —  any manifestation that comes from heaven if you don’t respond — it goes back to heaven. I have seen miracles, and after miracles. Only the people that respond, and we’ve been in a society that we’ve been educated not to respond.


GUILLERMO:  My back is hurting me. Do something where you couldn’t do before. If you don’t respond, God doesn’t come where He is tolerated, He comes where He is celebrated. You need to celebrate God. You need to say “Jesus I am delivered now, I am healed now” and I’m going to jump, I’m going to move, I’m going to do something. So God, today I want you to move, I want you to respond. I don’t want you to say like, [said with reserve] “Well, praise you Jesus.” Pastor what are they going to think. I think I’m crazy. No, you’re not crazy.  —You need to respond to the supernatural. Can I hear an “amen”? I’m very ready to minister. Are you ready to respond? I say are you ready to respond. Are you ready to respond? You need to respond to the supernatural.


GUILLERMO:  Well, responding. Say with me ‘responding to the supernatural.” You need to respond. That’s what I call the “Law of Response.”  —If you move in the supernatural you must disconnect your reason. Why? Because whatever God tells you to do will not make sense. I know many of you are normal so that you make sense. But the majority of the time whatever God speaks to you will not make sense. He will not make any sense. You say what? What do you mean? I don’t know. How is it — well don’t you say God I step out in faith? I will see, you will see my young people going out and ministering to the sick and prophesying and giving names to the people, who’s this person in your life and they go “What?” Because they stepping out. You must be bold. And as I prayed this morning the Holy Spirit said I want you to pray for the people to be activated in the supernatural, to be imparted in the supernatural, and then He said at the end I want you to release boldness. Okay, okay, somebody said “yeah, but that doesn’t go with my personality” —


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sidroth on January 26th, 2019

SID:  Next question.

QUESTIONER 5:  The Bible tells us that many signs would come upon a generation that would see, these things that we see so many times things that are coming to pass. My question is as you have investigated Bible vision, actually not Bible but a vision by Saint Malachi, that we’re seeing coming to pass in this generation, do you believe that as they gather in Vatican City at this very hour, do you believe that as you’ve investigated this prophecy and vision that as they name the next pope he will indeed be the pope who will usher in, as you’ve stated, the time of tribulation?

CRIS:  You know I think that there’s really good reasons to think that that’s the case. You know that one example that I gave of the fulfillment of the Malachi Prophecy with Benedict the 15th, the religion depopulated thing. I mean that seems to defy coincidence to me. Because we can prove that this Malachi Prophecy, I mean it was published in 1595, okay, so that no one disputes that. So we know that it was in print then. So hundreds of years later, you know we go up the sequence, pope after pope after pope, it says “religion depopulated.” That’s a falsifiable claim. What I mean by that is you wouldn’t expect that to happen. All things being equal, you’d expect the church to remain about the same, you know it might grow a little, go down a little. But it says “religion depopulated” and then “boom,” we have the First World War and the Bolshevik Revolution at the same time. Now you know some of the other prophecies are pretty remarkable as well. The one for John Paul the Second was from “the labor of the sun,” okay, you know, in the Latin the “de labore solis” —and that could, some people would interpret that to mean “the eclipse of the sun.” But it’s really interesting that John Paul the Second was born during a solar eclipse, okay, and now that doesn’t seem like a coincidence, but what makes it even stranger was that he ended up being buried during a solar eclipse. The day that he was buried, we have a picture in our upcoming book, “Exo-Vaticana” there was a UFO over the Vatican, and it was caught by a security camera and it was even on the news in the United States.

SID:  Let’s go right to that question. I’m curious. Do you believe that we are looking at the last pope?

CRIS:  Okay. Yes I do, I mean for these reasons.

SID:  That was it. Next question.


QUESTIONER #5:  Yes, back to Sid’s question to you. Did Benedict in fact resign because of health reasons?  I tend to believe that he did not. And as the second part to my question is there is speculation that the new pope will come from either Latin America or Africa and yet the name is Petrus Romanus. How does all that fit together?

TOM:  Okay, I thought she was asking him. Sure I can talk about that. The first part of the question was what? —Oh, did he really step down—

QUESTIONER #5:  Did he really in fact, it was so quick, did he really step down because of health reasons?

TOM:  Yeah, well I think you could make the argument that he was certainly having health issues, but popes don’t step down for health issues, popes die in office, that’s what popes do, and a pope had not stepped down for 600 years. And we’ve gathered a lot of evidence that shows that the cardinals had been following the prophecy of the pope like a roadmap, meaning that either it’s divinely inspired and it  pre-predicted every pope by, by marking something that would be notable about that pope, or the cardinals only elect somebody if they think that somehow they can be seen to be a fulfillment or they’re going to take a name that will show them as being a fulfillment of that prophecy. And that raises a different question. Why are they following that prophecy so closely? And I think that’s why, even Rene Tebo, 61 years ago, he was a mystic for the church, he was a code breaker, he was an anagram solver. He found all kinds of astonishing anagrams hidden in the prophecy of the popes, like popes being names Pius. And there’s an anagram in the prophecy about him that says “Pius, Pius,” like mayday, he’s here, right? Just astonishing stuff that he found that would show that this was going to happen. So it shows you that the Catholic mystics put a great deal of emphasis on this prophecy, they believe it secretly, they kept it hidden in the Vatican for 500 years. There have been popes that have advertised their fulfillment of this prophecy. We know that among their academics there are those who also believe that it’s true. So that raises a different kind of question: Why are they following this script? And I think it’s because they connected it to end time events. And that it’s very important that each pope play his role. Even their, even their own apologists throughout history have said that this final pope would be a pope under the control of Satan, that he’ll be a fake pope, and he’s going to help in the rise of the anti-Christ.

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sidroth on January 18th, 2019

SID: How would you like to be in the country you’re in right now, just close your eyes for a second, and find yourself in another country? You say, “Oh, that’s too outrageous, Sid.” No, it’s in the Bible. Tell me a place, Joshua.

JOSHUA: In Acts 8:39-40, it actually tells us that Phillip was baptizing an Ethiopian eunuch and in an moment’s notice, the Greek word is harpadzo, the Spirit of God came upon Phillip and literally plucked or caught him away in an instant so that he could no longer be seen. He was carried about 20 miles down the road to Azotus.

SID: Why have you waited so long to talk about this experience in your heart of hearts?

JOSHUA: To be quite honest with you, Sid, I think for most believers, this testimony stretches them because it seems so absolutely unbelievable that this could even be possible.

SID: But you know what? With the glory that is coming, Joshua, get ready. This is minor league compared to what’s coming, but go ahead.

JOSHUA: The glory that God’s bringing us into is a realm of acceleration, supernatural, a dimension of transport and translation in the Spirit. God’s taking us from one place to another place out of our past into the promises that He has for us. Quite a few years ago, I was ministering in a church Pensacola, Florida, and at the very end of the meeting, I preached a nice message. At the end of the meeting I lift up my hands and I was declaring different words of knowledge and just praying over other people, and the Lord had me declare this: “Translation and Heaven’s transportation to the third Heavens, into the nations.” I’d never said that before. I was thinking about everybody else at the moment, and in an instant I was taken from that church in Florida. Suddenly I was standing in a whole other location that I was not aware of, an unfamiliar setting, and I’m telling you I was right there just like I’m here right now.

SID: I have to ask you this.


SID: What were your first thoughts when you opened your eyes and you were there? What was going on in here?

JOSHUA: First of all, I was in an elevator, a little tiny elevator, crowded, full of people. The thoughts going through my head is, “This is crazy.” I felt a pang of fear hit me. “How am I going to get back to Florida? How am I going to get back to my family? What’s going on?” I mean, it’s so disorienting when that happens, and yet it was totally God. I had to, in that moment, learn to rest in what God wanted to do. The elevator doors opened, I walked out of the elevator into an open lobby, and I walked all the way through right out onto the street. At that moment, I had to trust that God would lead me and direct me, and that’s exactly what He did.

SID: Yeah, did you hear them speaking a language different than English?

JOSHUA: Well, I could hear them speaking a foreign language. I had no idea what it was exactly. I didn’t understand it, which boggles my mind because it was a supernatural encounter and yet I didn’t get the language. I started praying in tongues and as I walked down the street, I started seeing different things that looked somewhat familiar from books and postcards that I had seen. I ended up walking down the street into another building that looked like an office building. When I walked into that building, I wasn’t bothered by anybody. I walked right back in. I felt the leading of the Lord to go back into an office section past the reception area. When I walked back there, there was actually what I believe was a church gathered.

JOSHUA: There was a prayer meeting. People were praying. I could feel the Spirit of God in there. I joined with them and I started praying. I prayed in tongues while they prayed in their language. I believe some of them were probably praying in tongues, as well. But that was all that really happened. At the very end of the prayer meeting that was happening, the craziest things, I had business cards in my pocket, which I generally don’t carry business cards. I pulled the business cards out of my pocket and I started handing them out. I handed it to one particular businessman. The way that my faith connected was to go back to the elevator where I had come in. I know that sounds funny, but the Bible says—

SID: I think I would have done that.

JOSHUA: —so be it according to your faith. That’s where my faith was. I went back to that elevator and lifted my hands up, and just began to worship the Lord. As I did, I was literally back in the church in Florida, where I had started. The whole thing was so crazy and bizarre and I was shaking under the presence of God’s glory. I had a hard time thinking about if I could even communicate it, speak it, I couldn’t really explain what had happened to me exactly. But the strangest thing happened about two weeks following that encounter.

SID: What happened?

JOSHUA: Our office literally got an email from that man that I’d handed my business card to. He wrote me, thanked me for coming, and invited me to come back anytime. That just blew my mind. That just topped the whole thing, you know?

SID: God is saying to you, “I am that I am. All things are possible.” I’ll tell you what. Would you just pray that we either experience or just open for this? I know you carry an impartation.

JOSHUA: Absolutely. I would love to. Just lift up your hands right now. Father, in the name of Jesus, God, I thank you that you are releasing your manifest glory, the doxa, the shekinah, the kavod, in the lives of those that are watching. Lord, I thank you for unfolding accelerated miracles, favor, blessing, increase on each and every one’s life in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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sidroth on January 6th, 2019

Perry: So here’s the point. See when Jesus says that in the Book of Revelation, we’re in the West, and if you don’t understand a little Jewish history, all you got to do is understand a little Jewish history about the Temple, you say ‘that’s what Jesus is talking about.” Everybody in his day would have understood it. Because the Temple, even though the Book of Revelation’s written in 95 A.D., the Temple was still be fresh on people’s mind. So a couple of things about the Book. John, uh, one of the early father’s says that John, I may even have that quote here somewhere but if I don’t I can, I can share it with you, that John actually would have worn the miter of the priesthood. In other words— let me ask you this, John— the trial of Jesus. Who gets into the trial? John. Who gets Peter into the trial? John. Can I ask you question? How did John get into the trial? And the answer is he knew the priest, he knew the priestly family, he knew the people that were there. So John writes the Book of Revelation  from a priestly perspective and let me tell you something else he does. Ready? He uses all kinds of symbolisms of the feasts of Israel in the Book. And again most people are never going to catch this ‘til you know the feasts and you understand for example, in one place it talks about the, a multitude that has come out of great tribulation waving palm branches in their hands. That’s the “Feast of Tabernacles.” And these martyrs have come out of every nation. Tribulation— the Tabernacles is all the nations that celebrate. Uh, let me give you another one. Do you remember reading in Revelation where it says that Michael the Archangel comes down and hurls the devil out of the second heaven and casts him to the earth? That’s the “Day of Atonement” when they would take “Azazel,” the scapegoat and they would throw it off of the mountain to its death to meet its doom. See so when you understand the feasts here again you start seeing all the analogies and the pictures of what John is writing. But here’s what I want to show you. I want to take you and, uh, show you this about the comparison, for example, of the prophet Ezekiel and John. Both were priests and were linked to the priesthood, Ezekiel chapter 1 and also the history I was talking about a moment ago. Both were held captive against their will, Ezekiel 1:1, Revelation 1:9. Both were near water when their visions occurred. Now I don’t know what there is about water, all these prophets are hanging around river banks when the angels show up, Ezekiel 1:1 and John was surrounded by the Aegean Sea. Both saw heaven open and saw the visions of God, Ezekiel 1:26, Revelation 4:2.  Both saw the four-faced living creatures. Now that’s important. In Ezekiel 1 and 10, Ezekiel saw the “cherubim” and also Revelation 4 and 7, John saw the same thing. Both saw the throne of God and God sitting on the throne. It’s a fascinating story in Ezekiel 1:26, Revelation 4:3. There was a rainbow around the throne, Ezekiel 1:28, Revelation 4:3. Both saw a scroll filled with trouble and woe, Ezekiel chapter 2:10, Revelation chapter 6. Both were told to eat the scroll and prophesy, Ezekiel 3:1, Revelation 10:9. Both saw angels mark the head of the righteous, Ezekiel 9:4, Revelation 7:1 through 3. Both saw judgment strike Israel in Jerusalem, Ezekiel 14, Revelation 11:13. Both saw a Jewish remnant, Ezekiel 12:16, Revelation 12, verse 17.  And so when you look at this you say to yourself wait a minute. Ezekiel and John are actually paralleling their visions the same. Now here’s an example again of what we see in the Book of Revelation has a foundation in the Old Testament.

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sidroth on December 25th, 2018

SID: Tony, tell me what you mean … First of all, me about a face to face briefly that you had.

TONY: Yes, I was in Louisiana, State of Louisiana. I was at house with a friend, I was doing some meetings down there. And Jesus appeared to me and this is what he said. He said, “I’ve given you the authority and the power to follow me.” He said, “If you’ll follow me, you’ll become a like me in life. And if you become like me in life, you have become like me in ministry. And the focus of Jesus was his father and the focus of my life is Jesus, so that I can know Jesus and know the father. And if I become like Jesus a life, I’m going to see some supernatural wonderful things happen in my personal ministry.

SID: Now, okay. You had this type that, many visitations face to face with the Lord. What do you mean by face to face?

TONY: Well, first of all, let’s look at a sinner. This person gets under conviction for sin, and he has the leading of the Holy Spirit to receive Jesus as Messiah. That is a god encounter. When a person experiences what you talk about in this new Bible, God talk being filled with the Holy Spirit. This is face to face with God because it improves and increases your intimacy with the Father and Jesus. When we talk about divine healing, like Stephen Brooks literally takes scriptures in this Bible for categories of disease. It says if you apply these scriptures, you can be healed. Sandra Kennedy takes scriptures here.

TONY: For example, I was teaching out of this Bible and I was going through scripture—

SID: Excuse me. That thing of Stephen Brooks is amazing. I’s like you have a specific problem like bone disease. He has a scripture just for bone disease. You follow? I’ve heard for specific things. I think this is phenomenal.

TONY: Yes. And I literally taught, when I was in Syracuse, about categories of disease and divine healing. A woman who had been deaf, a Russian woman, we have a lot of Russians who attend this particular service, a Russian woman who had been deaf in her ear, totally deaf in her ear for 15 years starts hearing instantly. One of the advantages of this Bible is I don’t have to run around and search for the scriptures, you have them all together right there for me, so that I can be helped by God to minister to the people.

SID: By the way, I forgot to mention the translation is the Modern English version. Which is that it’s based on the King James, but it’s the first update of the King James in some 30 years. So, it’s a fabulous translation. And there are so many words. Not a lot, maybe. But there’s at least 10 or 12 words that I have recaptured. It will be your favorite Bible.

TONY: To go on answering your question. A lot of times when we talk about face to face with God, we talk about dramatic dreams, visions, experiences with angels, seeing Jesus face to face. But when I talk about face to face with God, I’m talking about a father or a mother praying for their child, and all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit quickens them or makes them to become aware that something is going on with that child. God gives them a revelation. They go on a search and discovery and find that that’s true. Or maybe a person has two job options and they think about one job option and they’re disturbed. They think about the other and have a peace. This is face to face with God.

TONY: And so, when I talk about face to face encounters with God, I’m talking about discerning the voice of the Lord. Discerning what God is not in, and discerning what God is in, and discerning what God is saying and doing in the now.

SID: On the bonus book that we’re sending, you offer keys. One quickie key, just one.

TONY: Oh, my. Oh, my. Here’s what I say to people. I say you have the encounter with God where he gives you a word, [it’s] a treasure. And then you go through a process where you may experience just the normal difficulties of life, what we call trials, okay? But the Lord is using all of that for me to grow in the intimate knowledge of my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Messiah.

SID: So, you’re going to drive the devil nuts. It’s not coming from God, but you’re going to drive them nuts because God gets the glory at everything.

TONY: Exactly. Because 2 Peter 3:18 says grow in the grace and the intimate knowledge—so that’s not information, but that is personal knowledge of My Lord and my God and my Savior, Jesus the Messiah.

SID: There’s just so much that Tony has to share. I can’t wait for him to tell you his revelation from heaven, we are literally going there, and the lake of fire, literally seeing what that is like. We don’t have the time on the show. but you can go to and pick up the show right now. In addition to Tony, we have Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Sandra Kennedy. I can’t wait for you to find out all the good things they’re going to have to tell you. I can tell you this, Tony. There are people watching us that say, “That man knows God. That man knows God. I want to know God like they know God.” Well, guess what? God wants you to know him more than you want to know him.

SID: I want you just say this prayer with me. All the presence of God is here for you to experience God. For you to have experiential knowledge of him right now. Say this prayer out loud. Dear God.

Audience: Dear God.

SID: I’m a sinner.

Audience: I’m a sinner.

SID: And I’m so sorry.

Audience: And I’m so sorry.

SID: I believe your blood.

Audience: I believe your blood.

SID: Washes away my sins.

Audience: Washes away my sins.

SID: And now that I am clean,

Audience: And now that I am clean,

SID: Come inside of me, Jesus.

Audience: Come inside of me, Jesus.

SID: Be my Lord.

Audience: Be my Lord.

SID: I love you, Jesus.

Audience: I love you, Jesus.

SID: I want to know you better.

Audience: I want to know you better.

SID: Amen.

Audience: Amen.

SID: So, go to right now.

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