sidroth on August 6th, 2018

SID: I can see you’re looking forward to this interview with my friend Jonathan Bernis. Jonathan and I go back. I think I met you, you were barely out of your teens. We had so much in common, both Jewish, both came to the Lord supernaturally and both had a passion to tell our people about the Messiah. We used to get together and pray. But Jonathan started doing something that was out of my paradigm, out of my understanding. We would pray in tongues, that I understood, but then he went into a deep form of prayer called travail. How did this start with you, even?


JONATHAN: You know, Sid, it took me by surprise. I didn’t know this at the time, but God was preparing me for ministry in the former Soviet Union.


SID: Is the groanings and utterings that we read about in Romans’ Eighth Chapter and what you walked into, and I was privileged to walk into it with Jonathan as his guest, I believe was the most significant Jewish ministry in 2000 years, in the former Soviet Union.


JONATHAN: It was an incredible time in history and I think moving into this realm of birthing of groanings that cannot be uttered was actually bringing that to pass. I didn’t understand it with my natural mind, and good thing, Sid, right, because you don’t want the mind interfering.


SID: If you, listen, if you had known the hotels that he put me in when I went to the former Soviet Union.


JONATHAN: You know, Sid, it was worth the cost, it really was. There’s a price to pay.


SID: I want to take you back to the first meeting Jonathan and I were at. Jonathan had no idea if anyone would show up, and I of course didn’t know. The auditorium was jam packed with unsaved Jewish people. The altar call went forth and Jonathan and I saw something we had never seen before. What did we see?


JONATHAN: This particular hall sat 4000 people, over 4000, and we saw people rushing forward, packing the altar.


SID: To come to know the Messiah.


JONATHAN: Yes. It was amazing, fighting over Bibles, Sid.


SID: Yes.


JONATHAN: This fight is over Bibles.


SID: Well I’ll tell you what, that groaning that Jonathan did in the Spirit and that I did in the Spirit, that praying in tongues laid the foundation for one of the greatest moves of God among Jewish people in 2000 years. And then it kind of subsided for years, and Jonathan told me the groanings are coming back.


JONATHAN: They are indeed. And the Lord has really prompted me again to spend extended times in fasting and prayer.


SID: That tells me something is big, I believe, bigger.




SID: Is about ready to happen. We’re about ready to see the greatest outpouring on Israel. And by the way, who is Israel? A lot of people are confused on that.


JONATHAN: Well that’s a good question and I think there’s some misunderstanding. When people, when Christians hear Israel they think of a little sliver of land in the Middle East about the size of New Jersey. But in fact, biblically, Israel is a people that God has sovereignly preserved despite all odds and efforts to destroy them. Jeremiah 31: “As long as the sun shines by day and the moon and stars by night, they declare the supernatural preservation of the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” And Sid, God scattered us to the uttermost parts of the Earth. And Sid, the reason God wants me here to talk about this today is because that every believer, every person watching that knows the Lord has been called to a supernatural destiny in supernatural times. This is the greatest time in history to be alive and I don’t want anyone to be on the sidelines. God doesn’t want anyone to be on the sidelines.


SID: Okay. But this begs the question. Everyone knows why the devil tried to kill all the Jewish babies, 2000 years ago, because it wanted to stop the Messiah from coming. But now he’s here, so why is God still concerned about the Jewish people, about the Nation of Israel? Why now? We understand why that was very important at the First Coming of the Messiah. Why now?


JONATHAN: That’s a great question and that’s really one of the themes going through my book, “Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel” that the Jewish people are the centerpiece of God’s plan for redemption. Jesus came through the Jewish people. God’s destiny for the Jewish people was to bless every household, to bless every individual and that’s why Abraham was blessed. The greatest blessing through the Jewish people is the Messiah, but the Jewish people play a role in his return just as they played a role in his first coming. And so Satan knows something that most Christians don’t and that is the role that Israel has to play in the Messiah’s return. And the plan of the enemy is stop Israel, destroy Israel and keep the Messiah from returning and God’s plan of redemption for the whole earth from taking place, because the ultimate end of that is the destruction of Satan himself.


SID: I’m going to tell you something. I know why this travail has started because there was recently a poll which changes the whole paradigm of the Jewish people with the Gospel. A poll was done by the Barna survey team that 21 percent of North American Jewish millennials believe in the deity of Jesus, and a lot of people say, oh wonderful. Yes and no. Yes, it’s wonderful, but they don’t know Jesus. They don’t have experiential knowledge with him. This is why I’ve created a booklet and this booklet is called “There Must Be Something More.” And I am mailing this. We got a mailing list of 720,000 Jewish millennials. We are mailing this to these Jewish millennials. It’s part of our Project 77 and I’m going to tell you something. These Jewish millennials will change the world. But I am so grateful that in the United States of America, President Trump has just done something that has rocked the kingdom of Satan and darkness. I mean, that’s why there’s so much junk going on against him. He has just said we recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and in a year we are going to put our embassy there. Jonathan, why is the restoration of Jerusalem so significant to these End Days?


JONATHAN: Well that’s a good question. Jerusalem, Sid, is the centerpiece, the bull’s eye. Jesus died in Jerusalem. Jesus will return, not to New York or to Rome, he’s returning to Jerusalem and he’s returning to Jerusalem, we’re told, that’s back in the hands of the Jewish people. These are the words of Jesus, Yeshua himself: “You will not see me again,” speaking over Jerusalem, “until you say blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” He also tells us, in Luke 21:24, that “Jerusalem would be trodden by the gentiles, by the nations, until the time of the gentiles be fulfilled.” That little word “until” is a very prophetic word. It’s a prophetic mystery. There’s a set time, Jesus is saying, where Jerusalem will come back into the hands of the Jewish people and it’s the prophetic time clock. When that happens, it signals a transition back to a focus on the Jewish people and his near return.


SID: It’s like the clock is speeding up when you see Jerusalem as a Jewish nation.


JONATHAN: Two minutes to 12, Sid. That happened in 1967 and that’s when Jewish people started coming to faith in great numbers. That’s when everything changed. And now, we’re aligning with that as the U.S. is recognizing, finally, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.


SID: So you’re saying that this was not just a good diplomatic move by President Trump, this was literally fulfilling Bible promises.


JONATHAN: I don’t know if President Trump had any consideration of Scripture, but God used him, when he made the decision we’re no longer delaying, actually a decision that was made back in 1995 by the Congress, I’m not signing this [delay], I’m no longer going to delay this, he was aligning America with Genesis 12: “I’ll bless those that bless my people.” I’m expecting unprecedented blessing to come to America as a result of this. I’m expecting prosperity and more importantly, revival to come. That’s the first thing. The second thing is the peace process has to be built on truth, not on belief. There’s peace work outside of the Prince of Peace, but this is truth finally being, we’re aligning with truth that Jerusalem has always been and remains the capital of Israel and Jesus will rule, physically, out of Jerusalem.

SID: Because Israel is so important there is so much misunderstanding on Israel. For instance, I mean, many Christians that literally feel that we’re under the New Covenant and the Church has replaced Israel, give me one reason why that’s not true.


JONATHAN: The fact that Jewish people are coming back to faith in greater numbers, the fact that Israel has been restored as a nation, that Jerusalem is back under Jewish control. All these things were prophesied in the Jewish prophets thousands of years ago. They’re all coming to pass. And here’s another thing, Sid, if God reached a point where he said I’m done with Israel, then how can Christians trust that he doesn’t reach a point where he says I’m finished with the Church or I’m finished with you because you’ve sinned too much. No, we trust in a faithful God because he’s demonstrated his faithfulness to a people throughout history that have not been faithful. That’s the God we serve.


SID: You know, it reminds me of the story of the Prodigal Son. I see the older brother as a type, the gentile church, and the younger brother as a type, the Jewish people and the Jewish people have not deserved, for 2000 years, because they’ve been like the Prodigal Son and the older brother has been plowing in the field for 2000 years. And then there’s a big celebration because the Jewish son comes home and the older brother is sulking over this, and the father says to the older brother, “Son, everything I have is yours.” You get it? The whole thing, it’s a team. It’s called the One New Humanity, the One New Man, the two working together to expand the Father’s Kingdom. And that’s what I’m going to ask you to do right now. We have Project 77. Why? Because there’s a brand new Barna poll that reveals Jewish millennials in North America don’t have any reservations about accepting Jesus. Twenty-one percent say that they believe in the deity of Jesus, but no one is telling them how to have experiential knowledge with Jesus. I want to send a book, we have a mailing list of 720,000 millennials and I want to send this to them. I want to have a web page to answer their questions. I’ll be right back.

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sidroth on July 15th, 2018



GARY:  I could care less what you think. I don’t care what you’ve been through.


AUDIENCE:  I don’t care what you’ve been through.


GARY:  I don’t want to hear your hurts and sorrows.


AUDIENCE:  I don’t want to hear your hurts and sorrows.


GARY:  I only want to know is God in your life.


AUDIENCE:  I only want to know is God in your life.

GARY:  Is He there? How many of you have Him? Then do you know who you have? Do you know who He is? The atmosphere just changed. How many of you can sense it? Because you acknowledged Him. Before you were listening to me. It’s not about listening to me. It’s about acknowledging Him. So we’re going to go into the realm of identifying what obstructs Him in your life. Every one of you are going to see. You will all become acutely aware of what obstructs the expectation that God has to manifest Himself in your life. Every one of you will know. There is nothing that’s not known. Everything’s revealed. I am completely aware of every shortcoming that ever faces me and all things that are obstructing my life to try to stop the kingdom of God. There’s nothing that I don’t know because God is to, made to me wisdom. 2nd…1st Corinthians 1, verse 30 says “But of him are you in Christ Jesus who is made unto you wisdom.” God doesn’t have wisdom. He IS wisdom. I don’t ask God to give me something He has. He is manifest as wisdom.  You see the onus of the Church has been on us believing in God. And the real of it is God does believe in you. God has expectation in your life to manifest things you could never dream of. To answer your life beyond anything you’d ever ask or think. God’s expectation takes you out of this world. If he can take me out of an isolation mental cell where I lived attacking people like a raving maniac and put me in front of presidents and kings and change nations and a multitude of things we’ve seen over the years? I mean, hey, God trusts people, and you’re just like me. I want you to lift up your hands to God right now. Just lift your hands to Him right where you’re seated and just acknowledge Him. Acknowledge that God Himself is resident in you. That He is almighty. There is no restraint. There is no voice from the enemy. There’s not one act of man. There’s not one injury that could stop the expectation from God to manifest in your life. Now before I pray I want to ask you a question. Everybody look at me. How many of you have an experience from your spirit going toward God? Raise your hand. Your spirit is on a vertical assignment. How many of you have a vertical assignment in your spirit? It’s… I’m not talking about your mind. I’m talking about the spiritual dynamic of your person. Your personal presence of God. Can you identify your spirit in communion and reach in the presence of God? How many can experience that? All right. That’s where I want you to stay. We’re going to pray in that environment from that threshold over into whatever the enemy is doing. Whatever the sickness and disease has done. What obstructions have been. What voices of man have been. What history of curse has been. Because there’s nothing that can stop what God has put in that expectation that’s in your spirit. So lift up your hands again. Identify the atmosphere that His anointing operates in. The place of His power. The supernatural dynamic of His expectancy in your life. And so Father because we are Yours, You’ve entrusted us with Your nature. You’ve given us Your power! You’ve released us from the crippling voices and forces of inferiorities and guilt. You have broken us loosed and shaken the moorings of our life from the insecurities of the people around us so we can have confidence in You and You alone. Father, we take dominion tonight in the power of the name Jesus over the tormentors that have been assigned with a vile aggression of self-defeat and depression that has crippled these women. I demand you bound and you release your hold now in the name Jesus! Holy Spirit of God (prays in tongues) We open our life to You. You to manifest. There are people here that have had gastric intestinal viruses and areas. There’s… I’m watching ulcers right now that has been in the right hand side of the stomach in the name Jesus there’s release of healing virtue! If you just put that hand on that right hand side where that burning has been it ends now. I speak to that esophagus that has continually been in that burning sense I demand that you rebuke and you release your hold! Spirit of God you’ve given us access! Who has been having those constant repetitive pressure and those headaches that has just been, just haranguing your… who’s been under those headaches that have been just… I want you to stand up real quick. This is not a joke. This thing’s going to end right now! I want you to lift up your hands. Father you’ve given us power on this earth over all the affliction, ALL the spirit of affliction! We demand in the name of Jesus that cluster headache, that oppression rebuke and you release your hold right now. We bless you, Lamb of God. Oh, we bless You. (prays in tongues) And everybody stand up. I want you to identify what has been withstanding you from the vision and dreams of God in your life. Let the spirit of God reveal what has tried to obstruct His manifestations in you. And as you see, as you understand command them down in the name of Jesus! Go ahead, just do that. Just do that right now. You do it because you see what’s against you. You know the voices. You say but it’s my husband. No, it’s not your husband. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. We wrestle against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. It sounds like the voice of a man but it’s not the voice of a man because no man can bring in that mental duress. Father, we command that spirit that has been launched to antagonize and demean and ridicule you’re rebuked you release your hold right now! You have no place in our life! We’re the children of the Living God! We have the mind of Christ! We live in the atmosphere of the throne of heaven! Our life is a miracle manifestation from God’s grace in this earth! Bodies, you are the Temple of the Living God! We speak the quickening power of Your anointing released into these bodies right now! Healing virtue in that hip right now by the word of God I speak rebuke in that hip pain! I demand you go in Jesus’ name!  Father, we honor Your grace. We recognize Your work in us. (prays in tongues) Spirit of the Living God, You’ve ordained us to life. LIFE! Now I want you to do something. You have people you have been questioning whether God would work in their life. I want you to release every voice that questions God’s faithfulness and command it rebuked and release its hold. Every posture of thought. Every historical event. I doesn’t matter if they sin 790 times in a day forgiveness is raining in their life because there isn’t a moment in time that grace abounds. It doesn’t matter how often the injury occurs, it only matters that God touches their life. So Father we have confidence in You. So take your confidence off people from changing and put it in God who has power to touch their life. Remove the confidence from expectation of human behavior change. We don’t expect anyone to change. We expect GOD to touch people and by His grace everyone changes. They go from darkness to light. From the power of Satan to God. They become a recipient of the inheritance that’s been given by resurrection life. Father, my confidence tonight is in You touching these Your children. God, touching them. Touching their families. God, touching their marriages. Restoring years that have been stolen with bitterness and rage and anger and restoring uncertainties and unfaithfulness. God, restoring the doubts that have been stolen from the consciousness of Your children. God, we live in a living experience with You. And we refuse to restrain You. We haven’t received a spirit of bondage again to fear. God, we’re not limited. We’re liberated! We bless You. We bless You. (prays in tongues) Holy Spirit of God, we worship You. We worship You. We worship You. God, we worship You. Fear of economic financial disaster and failure has no place in a child of God. Even if everything gets stolen from you. It says whatever state you’re in, therein be content because God is your reward, not this earth. And therefore He can richly give you all things to enjoy. And the absence of them or the lack of them is not your fulfillment. God, our life, is holding you. Holding you. Some of you need to take some of those losses and release the sense of loss because God’s just set you up for a new an entirely new beginning. God has orchestrated you for a new beginning!

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sidroth on July 8th, 2018

LARRY:  And this is, I did this for a reason. You are protected because the word “Anna”…Ann comes from the word “Anna” which is queenly, but it also goes all the way back to the Gospels where Anna was working in the Temple and she prophesied, her and Simeon prophesied over the baby Jesus and here’s what was said: She was able to see the hope of glory in her days.” There’s “Anna’s” surrounding you and there’s an “Anna Anointing” surrounding you meaning there is an “Anna the Prophetess” anointing in your family line and you will see the end of God’s glory and the hope of salvation in your days and you’ll be a part of laying hands on the new thing that God is about to do and He’s going to send “Anna’s” around you in a very strong way. So Lord we bless her, “Diane’s” too, but we bless her in Jesus’ name. We thank you for the spirit of God upon her life in Jesus’ name. Wow. I’ve, I’ve overdone my time, I know. So, I mean where am I at? I don’t even looked at…I’m done. I’m, I’m… I heard the microwave go “ding.”




LARRY:  Um, anyway, hey, you guys are incredible. Sid, these guys are incredible!


SID:  Well, they’re, they’re drawing on you, I can say that’s…


LARRY:  Oh, I know…. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You have to dock me.


SID:  How many of you want to stay until 2 a.m.?




SID:  All right, find a place. (laughing)




LARRY:  See this lady right here that’s smiling at us right here, with the red dress on with the little pendant right here, right here?


SID:  Stand up.


LARRY:  Stand up. You are an amazing woman! You are a leader! People follow you like we got little ducklings following you everywhere because you’re the mother duck.  And as you go and you go this way you’re not afraid to give your opinion. You’re not afraid to say this is what’s going to happen. You’re very headstrong but it’s good because it’s God’s leadership on you. You’re a forerunner of women God is raising up with strong leadership on them and people will not see male or female, they will just see the Spirit of Deborah which is a spirit of warriorship and leadership. God has given you the capacity as He did with Deborah to ride with the men to war. Lord, we bless her in Jesus’ name. Amen. I’m good.


SID:  Did you enjoy Larry? I did.




SID:  If you’ll stand up. Actually, the Lord He has already blessed you. The Lord He’s smiling upon you. He’s always smiled upon you. He’s already smiled upon you. The Lord He’s gifting you right now. Just receive your gifting. The Lord He’s healed you. The person with the knee problem, just bend your knee, you’ll see, the pain is gone in Jesus’ name. The Lord is surrounding you. He’s already surrounded you with His favor. With His favor. Just receive. He’s already done it. You don’t have to wait. He’s done it. Just take it right now. The Lord has given you His Shalom, His completeness. In the name that is above every problem, worry, fear. Huh! Anything. Yeshua HaMashiach, Tsidekenu, Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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sidroth on July 1st, 2018

LARRY:  …so when you lose the joy of the Lord and the, and the humor of, of life you lose a lot. Because life is, life is full of humor, it’s full of failure. I’ve learned to love it. Because this is what the Lord said to me: Larry… (laughing)… failure… (laughing) …when I crafted your destiny before the foundations of the world, I, I, I (laughing) figured your stupidity into the equation of your life.




LARRY:   So He gave me a lot of time to be stupid.




LARRY:  And so I’m not going to miss anything no matter how ridiculous I am, God knew how long I’d live and so He’s figured my stupidity into the equation and my failures into the equation and my blunders so I’m going to be everything He’s called me to be because He left a lot of time over for me to get over what I need to get over. But anyway enough of that! So, so, uh, uh, uh… let’s just go through some things I saw in September and then we’ll bounce around here for a minute. One of the things I saw, well this has already come to pass, let’s just throw these out real quickly, I saw great winds in the Pacific in a typhoon and that’s recorded, that already happened, didn’t that happen like in, I call it a month or so or something like that, after that in December, January… in Asia. Uh, but, uh, uh, let me tell you some other things that’s happened, happened, a few other things did happen. Uh, I saw trouble in North and South Korea. And I saw a wind of God in South Korea and a fire of God in North Korea. And I felt, now you can interpret that any way you want it, but here’s what I did hear the Lord say: there’s going to be a change of government in Korea. I didn’t hear North or South. I, I just assuming I know what it is, I’m just going to say what I say. Because here’s the problem with prophetic people, is, is, uh, they’re specific when God’s general or they’re general when God’s specific. That’s where you always get in trouble. You’ve got to be general if God’s being general. If He’s been specific don’t be general, be specific. Because prophets have a big problem. They go where God doesn’t tell them to go and say what He doesn’t tell them to say. So anyway, I don’t want to do that. So’s all I know is there’s going to be a change of government in Korea. And that the good of God, there’s going to be bad things, but the goodness of God is going to prevail in Korea. And even though there’s a change of government and things look unstable, just know that the hand of God is upon Korea, and out of Korea is going to emerge a strong cry of a warrior, cry of God, and God is going to do a re-uniting in a really wonderful way. And I believe this year, I believe these things or at least the beginnings of them for 2014. South Africa. I saw South Africa and I saw a great conflict in South Africa. Now I don’t understand that, I’ve heard no news about that but I saw a climate shifts and great conflict in the air with climate, but more than that I saw cultural tensions that I don’t understand. There’s, there are cultural tensions that are going to reach a high maximum in South Africa and these were flare-ups culturally that again we are going to see. Mexico: this one really, really got my attention. I didn’t see this, I felt this. And to prophetic people feeling is better than seeing sometimes. I felt one of the greatest shakings I think I’ve ever felt. My whole body was shaking. I saw Mexico shaking violently. Now I know what you think, what the typical interpretation of that will be. But I’m not going to give you that because that’s all I saw. I think I know what that means but I have codes worked out for that. But I saw… just remember this, that Mexico for whatever reason is, is going to be a sign. These are signposts. It’s going to shake terribly. I saw in Europe. I saw flames of fire in Europe and they were God-flames. And it was God re-uniting the flame of the Gospel and the land of our founders. I saw in the land of God remembering the blood of the Reformers all through Europe. And the State church and the Orthodox churches in Europe, God is going to begin to call into the Kingdom with an outpouring of His Spirit. And you’re going to see the historical church that’s been here for thousands of years have a re-fire, a Renaissance in their belly. And you’re going to find out that God is the God of all things and that no one’s excluded. And when I was thinking about this I thought “how interesting,” that is, that God is a God… He just doesn’t want anyone to not being involved. And case in point I was thinking about when He appeared to the disciples in the chapter, the Book of John and remember “Doubting Thomas” wasn’t there. What, what was his name? Didymus? Called Thomas. And the Lord said where’s… they said he’s not here and the Lord goes away. And He waits “til Didymus shows up. The next time He come Thomas is there and He [Jesus] goes “Now, we’re going to do some stuff… feel my hands, He goes. And the scripture says He did extraordinary miracles in their sight. It was like the Lord said “I’m not going to do what I’m going to do until the “unbelieving believers” shows up.” And the world is filled with unbelieving believers in the church. They’re believers but they’re unbelieving in the supernatural, unbelieving in God’s power, they’re unbelieving believers… Thomas was an unbelieving believer and God would not do miracles until the unbelieving believer was there. So start praying for the Didymuses, start praying for the Thomases out there who don’t believe God’s going to do something because God’s going to do something and they’re going to say it like Thomas did, “Oh my Lord and my Savior. Wow! You got to be kidding here. Me first!” You know it’s going to be wonderful. I saw Scandinavia. I saw something good and something bad happening there, and the Lord only said this word: to watch the country of Norway. I’ve been in Norway a lot, love that country, but there’s something in Norway that’s going to be a sign. I don’t understand that. And I’ve talked about Israel. I saw King David, the Spirit of David rising out of Israel from the ground to take down Goliath. Israel is going to take Goliath down. And God is not going to let, I’m telling you, “Thus saith the Lord: God will not let the safety and comfort of Israel be compromised.”



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sidroth on June 16th, 2018

MICHAEL BROWN: It was amazing! It was a fascinating discussion. One of the most fascinating discussions ever recorded in Jewish literature. There was one man, a teacher, that people called rabbi, and everybody was following him. And there were the other religious leaders. They had studied, they were the scholars, they were the teachers of the day and this rabbi said to them, “The Messiah, whose Son will He be?” And they said, “He’ll be the Son of David, Mashiach Ben David. Messiah, son of David.” And this rabbi said to them, “Well how is it written, Psalm 110, that David says about Mashiach, about Messiah, that Hashem God, says to my Lord, my Master, the Messiah. How can David call Him my Lord, Adonai, my Master, if He’s David’s Son?” You say, “Who was this rabbi?” He was a rabbi named Yeshua.

And He was, through His mother, the Son of David. But, through His Father, God, He was literally the Son of God. And He was explaining that the Messiah that we’re waiting for was not just the Son of David, Ben David, He was also greater than David. Yes, Mashiach, according to the Psalms God says, “You are My Son, today I’ve given You birth.” So, hang on. Are you telling me then that the Messiah is God’s Son and David’s Son? Yes! That’s what’s written in our Tanakh. In fact, it says that He’ll even be called El-Gibbor, mighty God, because Mashiach will carry the very character and nature and presence of God in His own life. So, He will be the Son of David and He will be greater than David. How? Because He’s born of man and He’s born of God. He’s the Son of God and He’s the Son of David. And this is found in our Hebrew Scriptures.

You say, “It’s in the bible that we should believe that Mashiach is also the Son of God?” Yes! You say, “It’s in our bible that we should believe that Yeshua, Jesus is really the Mashiach?” Yes, He’s the only one who fulfills the prophecies. He’s the only one who came when He was expected to come, who died as He was expected to die, who rose from the dead as the prophets declared, raised up on the third day, who has become famous in the nations even though we Jews haven’t recognized Him. And He will come at the end of the age when we Jewish people recognize Him as our King. Find out more about Jesus, Yeshua. It is the best kept secret in the entire Jewish world. Find out the truth. Son of God, Son of David, our Messiah.

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sidroth on June 9th, 2018

MICHAEL BROWN: Why is it if you’re in the synagogue on Shabbat and you’re reading through the Bible that you read through one chapter in the book of Isaiah and then another chapter in the book of Isaiah and then you skip a chapter? And then you keep reading in the book of Isaiah. I wonder why that is. Why is it there’s one chapter as you’re reading it, reading here, reading here, and then oh, we skip this chapter in the synagogue. Why? Well we don’t know exactly why it gets skipped, but Isaiah 53, Y’shayahu nun gimmel (phonetic spelling), it gets skipped every year in the synagogue reading. Could it be there’s something in there that you need to see? Could it be that there’s something in there if you read it, it would change your life? Could it be if you read it you’d realize there’s something the synagogue didn’t tell me?

You say, “Well what’s that chapter talk about?” Well it talks about an individual, it doesn’t mention Him by name, but it describes Him. And it starts by asking the words Meham melish muah tanu, who has believed what we’ve heard? And it tells us a report about someone. He’d grow up in kind of an obscure place, nobody would really think much about Him. Nobody would really pay much attention to Him and yet through Him God’s arm of salvation was being revealed. And then it goes on to tell the story. Remember, in the synagogues we skipped this chapter for whatever reason. We skip it. We don’t read it. Why? And it goes on and it talks about this one that we didn’t pay attention to, in fact we rejected Him. Aww, something wrong with Him. And he suffered terribly. And he died a terrible death, a painful death. And yet, while he was dying we said aww, he’s suffering for his own sins, he’s dying for his own sins. And it says in Isaiah 53 that we didn’t realize he was dying for our sins. He was suffering for our wickedness.

And then it goes on to say that all of us have sinned, but God put the punishment of all of us on Him. You say, “That’s in the Bible, that’s in the Tanakh, in our Hebrew scriptures.” But we skipped this chapter in the synagogue. And then it speaks of Him dying a criminal’s death, being with the wicked and yet He ends up with a rich person in his tomb. And how does this happen? But, yet he goes on: He’s cut off from the land of the living and yet He goes on living. In other words He rises from the dead. You say, “That kind of sounds like that Jesus, Yayshu, Yeshua.” The one that the Catholics and the gentiles worship.

No, no, no. That’s our rabbi. That’s our Mashiach. That’s our Savior. Read Isaiah 53 for yourself and find out why that chapter is skipped in the synagogue.

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sidroth on June 2nd, 2018

All the signs, all the wonders and all the miracles for one day.  But again, the Word of God tells us, the world couldn’t contain all the books that would be written, if it could be done.  The point is, the signs, the wonders and the miracles that Jesus did; it’s beyond count.  It’s beyond measure and that’s the plan that He has for you.  That every day you start this process of [unintelligible].  And what’s going to happen as you begin to put your faith into this day after day, you might start with five, ten maybe events in the course of a day.  But you’re going to use your faith when you wake up in the morning and the next day you’re going to have a couple more.  The next day you’re going to have a couple more because God is a God of increase.  And as you begin to see a little, you’re going to now begin to see an increase of more and more so that you can start filling up your own book every day for the glory of God.  Amen.  One of the things that we want to close with, and I’m going to pray and I’m going to believe God that as I close this session in prayer, your mind and your heart are going to stretch to a place where you recognize you could fill many books every day.  By the power of God, the gifts of the Spirit working in you and through you for His glory.  Amen.  Let’s pray.  Father, I thank you for each one that’s in this course.  Father, I thank you for each…  Wow!  You know one of the things I have learned as I’ve studied science and quantum physics and the operation of the unseen realm; the anointing, the glory, the power is timeless.  Right now, there’s an anointing on me.  There is an operation of God on me.  As I’m getting ready to pray for you, I know that I know God is about to touch you.  He is about to give you an impartation to help you reach levels beyond anything you could imagine.  So I want you to…  We’ve not really taught faith yet.  We’re not into that part of the lesson yet, but I think you’ve got enough already to receive this impartation of God.  So Father, I thank you for their faith rising up right now.  I thank you for faith welling up on the inside to receive an impartation of the miraculous.  An impartation for signs, wonders and miracles.  Father God, I thank you that by the power of your Spirit right now, that the mind and the heart would be stretched to believe God’s Word is absolute truth.  And we can do all things, all things, by the anointing, by Christ, Yeshua ha Mashiach.  Just receive.  Just receive right now, I’m telling you, there’s a flow…  If you could see into the realm of the Spirit and I can’t see it, but I can feel it.  I can feel the anointing and the power of God, literally, coming out of me right now.  And I just believe that the flow and the power of the Spirit of God is touching you.  Imparting to you a fresh anointing; a fresh anointing of signs, wonders and miracles.  And remember, it’s not you, it’s God.  Just ordinary people serving an extraordinary God, for His glory.

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sidroth on May 18th, 2018

One of the things that so helps me now in understanding the operations of God is I know how the devil works.  I know his tactics.  So often, some of the principles and precepts we’re going to get into to help you walk in your fullest potential, in understanding how to see yourself as a great man or woman of God; we will incorporate concepts and precepts like visualizing and meditating and seeing yourself operating in the supernatural.  Sometimes people will say, “Wow, that sounds like New Age”.  No, it’s not New Age, its old age.  Literally, when it comes to meditation, we see over one hundred references in the Bible, to meditating.  The Hebrew word for the word meditate is [?].  That word literally means to use your imagination.  The Bible says in Psalm 1; it says that we should meditate on the law, the Word if you will, day and night.  Then we’re going to be like the tree planted by the rivers.  Our roots are going to go deep, our leaves won’t wither and whatever we do will prosper.  Amen.  Well, that word meditate is the Hebrew word [?].  It means to mutter, to ponder.  It means to create pictures by consistently speaking words.  We see that same word in Psalm 2:1 where it says, “The heathen have vain imaginations”.  That word “imaginations” is the same Hebrew word [?].  Literally, to meditate is to use your imagination.  And one of the things I’m going to try to help you to do through the course of this study is to see yourself walking in the supernatural, see yourself doing the miraculous, see yourself doing every miracle that Jesus does.  When I teach my supernatural discipleship program, one of the things I do is, I have people meditate on miracles every day for six months.  Meditate on the miracle.  See yourself doing the miraculous.  Now, many of the concepts and precepts that I teach in my discipleship program are what we are going to bring into this study so you can have the application of these principles and precepts, so you can walk in the fullness like Jesus has planned for you.  Amen.  So, we’re going to do an introduction to the gifts of the Spirit, but more significantly than the gifts themselves, for me anyway in teaching is, how do they work.  And what we’re going to see, in that childlike faith is, miracles happen, the operation of the supernatural happens, because of faith.  So you need to use your faith.  You need to understand how to use your faith and recognize it is God’s will for you to walk in the supernatural.  Praise God.  Now we will go through, in this study, that which is important to many people; where we will identify, we’ll define, we’ll describe and give you examples of Jesus as well as other people in the Bible, Peter and James and John and Paul doing the operations of the gifts of the Spirit.  But one of the things that’s so important that I’ll get into more detail in this study, is the realization of what miracle or what gift isn’t important.

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sidroth on May 11th, 2018

SID: Randy, you said it’s vital for us to know that healing belongs to us. What did you mean?


RANDY: Well I believe that healing and deliverance is the children’s bread. It belongs to the covenant people, particularly, but God will also heal even people who are not Christian as one of the ways he evangelizes. He’s a great evangelist. It’s the children’s bread, but it’s also in the cross, the same words that is used for sickness and disease was used to bear our sins and our iniquities, exact same words. So at the cross, he took not only our sin and our iniquities, but our sickness, our pains. St. Jude says our diseases. And so I want them to know that healing is yours and it’s not only healing is yours, but the ministry of healing is yours as well. It’s in the great commission. We’re to teach you to obey everything Jesus commanded his disciples in healing and deliverance was at the top. So I actually believe right now God wants to do some healing in here, and those that’s watching. Before I came in a while ago, my right kneecap hurt so bad I could barely walk. There’s nothing wrong with my kneecap. It’s one of the seven ways you can get a word of knowledge, and usually when they hurt that bad it’s something big. So I don’t know if it’s someone here that has a problem in the right kneecap or if it’s somebody that’s going to be watching, but it’s going to be either a lot of people or it’s something very, very big. So I believe the Lord is going to heal that. I was talking to my intern who’s here, Brian over there, who’s 25 years old, he felt like God is going to heal somebody that has something wrong with their neck. And I feel like there’s going to be some people healed that has even an issue of metal and surgery in the neck. As far as that goes, I just feel like every time we do a meeting, we just go for metal and several other things. Lately, we’ve been seeing, five out of the last six women we prayed for who had psoriatic arthritis were healed. So if you have, those that’s watching, if you have, and those that’s here watching, if you have any of those things or you feel the heat of God come on you or the power of God beginning to go through you, and as I said with Sid a while ago, you don’t have to feel that to be healed. And a lot of people don’t know they’re healed until they try to do something they cannot do. So I’m going to ask if any of those things apply to you, for you to stand right now and begin to do something.


SID: And oh by the way, you stand. You’re not Swiss cheese. You stand at home. I’m looking at you. More important, God is looking at you.


RANDY: Yes. I want to give you—


SID: Excuse me, add stroke. We talked about that earlier.


RANDY: Yes, we talked about stroke, anything dealing with the brain, MS, Parkinson’s, mental illness, stroke, learning disabilities, whatever it may be.


SID: Do you have much results with cancer?


RANDY: Yes, we’ve seen several people healed of four stage cancer, so whatever it is that you have.


SID: Let’s stand up right now.


RANDY: I am going to ask that you try to do something that you can’t do, that you actually do something, test it out. And at home, you do the same in your living room, wherever you’re watching the TV at.


SID: Let me add one more thing, because every time I minister, this happens. If you have a pain in your neck or back you’d better stand up unless you want to end up being a pain in the neck. No.


RANDY: Even as you were saying that I felt somebody has got pain. It’s above the left ear in the head and it starts right behind the ear, and it kind of goes through the head. Now check out your body. Now we’re not asking if you’re a hundred percent because we’ve had only a few, it hasn’t even been a couple of minutes. But if you’re at least 80 percent improvement or function restored, I want you to wave both hands over your head to your wrist cross, like this.


SID: There are a few who are waving.


RANDY: One, two, three, four. Just stand and wave if that’s you. There’s about five people already. Now if you’re not at least 80 percent, but you’re getting better, you’re improving, would you wave one hand at me. Okay now, I’m going to pray. We haven’t prayed yet. Father, I just want you to see God heal people before we pray. Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank you for the ones that you are healing that are least 80 percent or more. But these, Father, the last ones that just raised one hand, we’re praying and agreeing, and saying amen to what you’re doing. And in the name of Jesus we speak to their pain, and we invite the power of your Kingdom to come, the Gospel of your Kingdom, the power of your Kingdom, establish your reign over sickness and problems. We thank you for your miracles, miracle power. I command pain to leave, conditions to be healed, the energy of God to go through your body for the Glory of God in the name of Jesus. Now, check it out again, all you watching, whatever you’re watching, whatever you’re watching, whatever room you’re in, check it out. Those who waved one hand, now if you’re at least 80 percent, you couldn’t wave your hands a while ago, but now you can, wave them high over your head. There’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten more. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Now I just believe, I actually believe, because we’ve seen God do this, not only will there be people healed the first time you run this, but there will be people get healed in the reruns.


SID: Oh I’m sure of that.


RANDY: It could be a year from now this thing is being shown and God will use the Word and use the testimony, and bring healing.


SID: Okay, one last word. Pain in the hip area, you’re being healed or even a new hip. You just stand up and walk around a little bit, you’ll see it’s gone. Now the healer is not Randy Clark and it’s not me. The healer is Jesus, and in Hebrew, Yeshua.



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sidroth on May 4th, 2018



DAVID: I’m just, if you’re a deacon I’m joking. I’m joking. If you’re a deacon I’m joking. That’s a joke. You can handle it.




DAVID: Unless you have that spirit then you’re offended then we can pray for you. If you’re a deacon you’re not offended it wasn’t for you. Oh, was that for me? I’m a… Are you offended? Yes I am. It was for you. Anything that I said that offends you it was for you! Or it was prophetic you just didn’t get it. See?




DAVID: So I covered me. So real quick here. How many right now something’s happening to you? Like gold. Your hair’s changing? Your brain’s changing? (laughs) You’re getting free of depression or healing, physical healing? Anyone getting a miracle tonight? Lift your hands. Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care. HA! Now why am I acting silly? Because the glory makes you drunk a little bit and so I get like a little tipsy but I’m trying to… it’s TV and I’m trying my best to be professional. I’m a doctor now. I have to… Now, wait, oh. Yeah, lift your hands real quick. Yeah, you. Yeah. Lord give her more drinks. Make her so full of joy… Oh, watch out. Make her so… Yeah, there’s an angel right there. Oh, oh, oh, oh. There’s angels knocking into people right there. And they’re filling — it’s not just a knock-out, it’s a joyful knock-out. I see you get wasted in the glory. Lord make her so wasted she’ll forget her first name. But as she’s no longer I live but Christ in me. Just, just, just take the joy. Who else got healed? Who else? Who got a miracle tonight? Raise your hand. Okay. What’d you get? Huh? Gold? So how many are getting gold on their hands? How many in the audience, on television? Where’s my camera? How many on the television camera are getting gold on their hands? Check it. All of you? 100,000 people. That’s a lot.




DAVID: Ah. How many of you are getting healed right now? Check your hands. How many of you are laughing right now, you’re getting joyful, check your hands right now. Wow. Prophecy how many people are going to be part of the Mentoring Session soon? 100,000 people. Who got a physical miracle, physical, like healing miracle? What’d you get? Breathing? Air in your lower breathing. Yeah? You tested it ever since you got up? So the air’s going down and now you can breathe better. Praise God!




DAVID: Whooo! What’s going on over here? Is something going on over here that I need to know about? Yeah, you get something? Who else got a miracle raise your hand. What’s you get? Oh, you’re here right here. That’s easier.

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