sidroth on February 28th, 2014

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to understand that when Jesus said “Before His second coming it will be like the days of Noah” it talks about the Nephilim.  These were the giants according to the Bible. Now why do you say LA Marzulli that that’s what Jesus was referring to as opposed when I hear […]

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sidroth on February 17th, 2014

Sid: I have a tool that has come into my hands that I’m so excited about it I can’t wait to get it in your hands it’s called “Mega Shift” it’s by James Rutz. The book has just come out and is packed with 40 years of experience of how to run a house congregation.  […]

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sidroth on February 10th, 2014

Sid: My guest Karen Wheaton is… that’s kind of an understatement red hot for the Messiah.  Karen I have to think you have ministry with young people called “The Ramp.”  I think they keep you pretty young and pretty red hot for the Messiah; do they? Karen:  I think that’s why I love hanging around […]

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sidroth on February 3rd, 2014

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be normal which the world cause radical but God calls normal for His Kingdom.  And God is doing some amazing things, I have a young man on the telephone his name is Shawn Bolz I’m speaking to him at his home Foley, Alabama, he’s part of White Dove Ministries.  […]

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