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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be normal which the world cause radical but God calls normal for His Kingdom.  And God is doing some amazing things, I have a young man on the telephone his name is Shawn Bolz I’m speaking to him at his home Foley, Alabama, he’s part of White Dove Ministries.  Literally he has just come out with a book called “Keys to Heaven’s Economy.”  And it’s in referenced to an angelic visitation that he had from the Minister from the Minister of Finance. There’s so many things and insights into the last days in your book from your angelic visitations. The thing that intrigues the most is you had a brother that died at age 4 from Leukemia as a result the whole family that was unsaved at the time came to know the Lord.  But obviously your brother did not fulfill his destiny he was taken way to early; there was an anointing on his life. But there are a lot of people not just death but just sin that don’t fulfill their destiny and just as you picked up God showed you, you picked up the Divine destiny that was on your brother life, the Divine inheritance on your brother’s life.  What did God and angel the show you in reference to these anointing’s that are in eternity that are available to us today?

Shawn:  Well, I want to tell you a small story that’s actually not in the book but it’s a picture of what the inheritance that are available for us based on Hebrews 11:39 where it says “These were all commended for their faith yet none of them received what had been promised God had planned something better that for us not only together with us they would be made perfect.”  So with us they are going to be made perfect in their calling; that God promised them something that never was fulfilled. I had an encounter where I went into a place in the Spirit called the abortion room, or the room where they aborted in Heaven. It was everybody who has ever been aborted in a generation of people since abortion has been legal just in America and so it’s probably more people than just in America but I was seeing those ones.  And I was listening to them there was a definite war for justice for they were crying out for justice and I couldn’t I was overwhelmed and I couldn’t take what I was hearing because their screaming they we’re saying “Our purpose was cut off, our purpose was cut short.”  And all of sudden it’s like Jesus had me focus on one of them and it was a young girl who was 18 years old and she began to scream forth, “I had a calling, I had a destiny before I was even created You had planned something good for me to share with Jesus that His inheritance could be brought forth, and it was cut short and I demand justice based on Your virtue.”  And as she was saying this, Jesus and all the crowd of Heaven was watching her and then she pointed down on the earth and she pointed at her sister who was not aborted who would have been 16 at the time and she said “Would you allow for her to walk in the worship calling that I had.” She loves to sing but would you add to her everything that was available to me that she could walk in the fullness of her purpose but also have an additional virtue with a nature of Christ visit her to be expanded by His nature for the sake of me inheriting what you called me to inherit?”  And all of Heaven listened for Jesus’s response and He looked at her and said “Yes, I’ll do that in this generation.”  So we’re walking in a generation where people are called, and I was called to receive part of my brothers inheritance and his mantle of what he would have done in his destiny so that I can have more available to me so that I can walk in a greater measure so Jesus can get a greater measure. It’s not about me, it’s about Jesus. So I believe that He’s offering things that would have been laid down whether it’s from sin or because someone died a mantle that’s been left you know just in the dust; something that’s just been left behind that God still has an intention to use in our generation.  And I believe that there’s going to be people who are expanded by several callings of people who have gone one earlier, people who were prematurely killed or people who fell into sin and all of a sudden that is still there available for access for believers who would go into any industry that God’s calling them to whether it’s a Hollywood producer who fell short of his calling and he made movies that had his agenda not God but all of a sudden God said “This is still available for somebody who would pursue it in My Name.”  And so there is expansion of His nature that He wants to bring people.

Sid: Well, I see how you got this. I mean you got caught up in the Spirit you had a visitation of an angel but how do I get this? How do those listening to us get these ancient anointing’s and mantles that where the people didn’t finish what they were supposed to do?

Shawn:  I think God is offering it and He’s making Himself available in an easy way and I think if we just even think about what He’s making available to us individually and we ask Him to show us the people He’s surrounded us with; the people that we relate the most to. Like recently I released a word through our ministry about Rosa Parks who was just a great civil rights movement leader and one of the greatest there ever was in America; she was the mother of the civil rights movement.  And I saw as she died that there was going to be a greater mantle released of what she carried to a whole generation of people and there has to be a desire in us to access something where we want to even go further than those who went with those mantles went with those who went with those anointing’s.

Sid: Now when we think of a mantle we don’t think of a civil rights worker we think of someone with a healing anointing but there are these mantles in every strata of society is what’s your saying.

Shawn: God raised up George Washington and I know that he had all the down sides that he had but he was a man who created a pattern in our nation that I believe someone needs to take that further.  And If we go back to the people like if we feel called to the government and we start ask God who in government served you; who in government touched your heart; who in government took your anointing into the governmental political arena and how do I go further than that?  How do I access a pattern that they already established that they fall on and how do I even take it further? Because we do not want to go backwards we want to go forwards.  I believe that God is releasing these callings and these mantles from Heaven for these industries and for these places and that He’s raising up token examples right now of a lot of the fathers and mothers and the grandmothers and grandfathers are going home right now we’ve seen a great multitude of people in the church and in the world who were Christian’s who have gone home recently I believe that what they carried is available now; that they’re ceiling is now our floor.

Sid: You know what I’m thinking is as you’re speaking even the greats that we’re talking about didn’t fulfill all they could have done.

Shawn: Absolutely.

Sid:  Because of the human factor so that’s all available so again I’m kind of a practical guy let’s suppose I want to pick up an anointing in television, which I do all over the world and have a show all over the world.  If you were me what would you be doing right now?

Shawn:  I would begin to ask Jesus and ask Heaven for the resources; ask the Father for the resources to be poured out for that show and also the divine favor, the network connections, the places that you need to be. He’s already prepared the way for you and He already has a greater desire for you to enter in that than you do yourself. So you can take out the human factor, or add in the human factor it doesn’t matter He desires His face to be seen on every television station, every television global networks, satellite network there is. And so if you want to participant and partner with that then that blesses His heart, it pleases His heart and so you can begin to access that which He has made available in our generation which is greater than what we see.

Sid: Are you saying that we have not because we ask not?

Shawn:  I am absolutely saying that.

Sid: And I happen to believe that Heaven is drawing so much closer to earth right now the realm of Heaven eternity is growing it’s just coming so much closer to earth that everything is going to speed up.

Shawn:  Absolutely.

Sid: Well, tell me about… let’s get another example let’s suppose someone is a violinist what should they be praying for?

Shawn:  I think that they should be praying for sounds from Heaven; when I went into that storehouse of Heaven which we can talk about I saw that there was a realm of creativity and a realm of music that we haven’t even touched yet.  There’s s that have been only in the throne room since they were created worshiping but I believe that this generation is representing and coming into the final generation whether we are that or not, there is a coming into there is a transitional period right now that’s happening.  And I believe that we have available to us sounds that have never been released and ways to put music together even technicality, scientifically all those things that have never been done before even using computers and all those things.  And so there is a violinist who wants to serve God whether it’s secular or Christian in their in their nature of how they want to serve Him because they may want to be in an orchestra or they may want to be…

Sid: Why would God want someone in a secular orchestra?

Shawn: It’s the same reason why when you go into a law office and you see art on the walls, that He used Christian’s to have that art on the walls and He wants Christians inspired Christians to paint something that cause people to see justice so that when they walk into a legal office they have security in the justice system of God and not necessarily the justice system of man. And there’s somebody that tends to contend for the higher realm of justice. Same with music a violinist who would go into the secular arena to play music that would remind people of eternity even if they don’t hear it in their mind they hear it in their heats and their hearts begin to be awakened for the eternal destiny of music in Heaven and worshiping in Heaven.

Sid: So you are saying all of earth is a symphony and we have a lot of people that know how to play the pastor instrument and the evangelist instrument, but we don’t have too many people in every other arena of society.

Shawn:  Absolutely, if we don’t send our children like missionary’s into these industries then we’re not going to hit the places where Jesus wants to inherit the most.  I think that part of the reason why the church in the western world is even it’s still growing very rapidly but not as rapidly as it was even growing 50 years ago. And part of that is because we stopped infiltrating the world’s society with God’s Kingdom and Heaven’s not being invading in places. We do conferences unto ministry and not conferences unto Hollywood getting saved.  We don’t go out and reach the entertainment industry in Nashville, we may bring them into our churches and our ministries but we don’t go out to them. We tell our kids we want to do secular music don’t do secular music because that’s lesser than doing worship music. But somebody has to go out and awaken we’re going to be worshiping for all eternity somebody has to go out and awaken the world to the loving God who is looking at them with blazing eyes of fire who loves them and there’s resources available and there is faith.  Part of that those resources aren’t just finances it’s favor, it’s the favor of Heaven to come behind people who are going to maybe open up a medical clinic and they open up that medical clinic with a whole new value system than what’s out there. And they open up something that helps the poor and the rich alike and all of a sudden there is favor on it and it becomes a pilot program for something that’s going to open up for the nations and it does produce an economy to it, it does produce finances but it also produces a justice that’s going on in medical clinics that’s never been done before.

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