Sid: My guest Karen Wheaton is… that’s kind of an understatement red hot for the Messiah.  Karen I have to think you have ministry with young people called “The Ramp.”  I think they keep you pretty young and pretty red hot for the Messiah; do they?

Karen:  I think that’s why I love hanging around with young people so much they make me kind of forget how old I am.  But then the good thing is in the spirit we never really age do we.

Sid: No but let me take you back you started talking as an 11 year old you spoke at church. The anointing came all over you, but just out of curiosity what affect did it have on those that heard you?

Karen:  I began to see the people weeping and worshiping and the Holy Spirit; the word of God says the anointing destroys the yoke of bondage.  In their worship when you are ministering in the anointing I believe He reaches deep down into unseen places of the heart and brings healing and life and deliverance in ways that sometime are seen with the naked eye and other times are seen in places only the Holy Spirit knows. But He can reach and heal the hurting with the anointing of His presence.

Sid: You know speaking of healing, I take a look at a ministry like Benny Hinn, I believe the single catalyst to the great miracles that happen there it is the worship.  Why is worship so important for people to manifest they’re healings?

Karen:  I believe it’s because people get their eyes on Jesus; when they’re able to take their eyes off of the circumstance, or off of their even the pain in their natural body, and they’re able to look up and see the glory His face.  Because when you begin to worship Him you see Him; when you worship Him He comes it’s the promise in His Word He inhabits our praise. And when He comes He comes with healing in His wings; He brings deliverance; He brings whatever we need and that is the guarantee of His presence is when we see Him.

Sid: Now when you worship when you have your meetings with “The Ramp” of these teenagers you’re seeing literally everything I read about in the Bible you’re seeing the blind see, the deaf hear, people being set free of addictions of all kinds, being set free from homosexuality; the from the addictions of pornography, suicides are being aborted.  It must be wonderful but it all comes from that intimacy with God and somehow you managed to create such a God hunger within the people for His presence.  But I want to take you back shortly after you were filled with the Holy Spirit you saw an angel; tell me what you saw.  Was this angel anything like the angels sometimes we see on television?

Karen:  Well Sid it was a unique experience I never forgot it; it happened shortly after I had received the Holy Spirit at the age of 8. It was a very significant experience for me when I received the Holy Spirit.  Shortly after I was lying in bed in the middle of night obviously sound asleep my sister Janet was asleep in bed with me that night.  I woke up because the light in my room was so bright it was as if someone had turned a very bright light on in my room. When I woke up I opened my eyes to see standing in the doorway of my bedroom was a beautiful angel it was so white from head to toe it was glowing it was so bright indescribably bright. And yet I could its features I could see its facial features I could see as though it were clothed in light and yet it almost looked as though it were a robe; and yet it looked as though it were light.  I could see its hands one on top of the other; it was moving toward me it was toward me where I was lying in the bed.  I had no fear; I was not afraid of it I sat straight up in the bed; I reached my hands out toward it I was going to get up I wanted to go toward it I wanted to touch it.  My sister woke up and didn’t see anything except she saw me sitting up and she saw both of my hands outstretched.  She took her hand and pulled the back of my gown to keep me in the bed. As I began to reach toward the angel it stopped.  The angel had lights coming out of its eyes like flashlight beams and they were on me; these beams of light were on me.  And the angel did not seem to want me to touch it, it began to back up and it backed out of my bedroom and oddly enough it was as though it ascended straight up in the ceiling of the house and left.

Sid: Now you know I’m just naturally curious about angels I have actually seen an angel that appeared as a person to me. What did this angel look like?  Did it look like a person?

Karen:  It somewhat looked like a person yes, there was so much light around it I could see its eyes, I could see its face I could see its hands.  I could not see its feet, it was as though it went into just smoky cloudish at the bottom of it.  I could see its facial features so yes in that sense it did look like somewhat of a person, yes.

Sid: So at 17 you went to Bible school out at the old PTL Network, and you started being a regular on the PTL Show how did that happen?

Karen:  I went to school where Jim Bakker had opened the School of Ministry to begin the Fall of 1978 I was 17 years old. Oddly enough Sid I went to major in Christian drama. I loved drama as it’s still what we do today and I thought he would have Christian soap operas and I thought “Yes, I can do Christian drama.”  I had been there only a couple of weeks when they said that my accent was so southern I could only be used in comedies. (Laughing)

Sid: (Laughing)

Karen:  I was devastated, but it caused me to sing one night in a Christian supper club that Jim Bakker owned and I was singing on a Friday night in that little supper club oddly enough the song I did was “He Ain’t Never Done Me Nothing But Good.”  So if that’s southern enough for ya.

Sid: That’s southern. (Laughing)

Karen:  He happened to walk in that night and asked me to be on the program Monday morning and from that experience on his program on that Monday morning it literally opened the door to the world for television. It’s a door that has opened and has never closed since. It really launched me into the ministry that I’m doing today.

Sid: Very briefly tell me about the song “For Every Mountain.”

Karen:  For every mountain is a song dear to my heart; I have learned that in the places of challenge we can find a place to worship.  Do you remember the old song Andre Crouch sang years ago “Through it all, through it all..

Sid: Yes.

Karen:  I’ve learned to trust in Jesus; I’ve learned to trust in God.” so that through the places of trial and pain and hurt although our Father does not bring evil upon us and He never has He takes those placed and uses them for our good.  Takes what the enemy means to destroy us with and turns it for our good and His glory.  So in the places of pain I can look back and say “Father even for that I can give You praise.”

Sid: In other words you’re going to win either way as long as you keep your eyes on Jesus.  (For Every Mountain)

Karen: Worship excerpt “For Every Mountain.”

Sid: That was Karen Wheaton singing “For Every Mountain.”

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