sidroth on January 27th, 2014

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Renny McLean. As I said on yesterday’s broadcast “What an example a prophetic example of the One New Man because Renny’s mother is Jewish, his father is Jamaican and his mother had a visitation from the Lord. Because people from another religious group be it Islam whatever […]

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sidroth on January 20th, 2014

Sid:  You know I was thinking about something Mishpochah last month I was channel surfing and I found the Larry King show. He was actually it was a turnabout he was being interviewed by Barbra Walters. She asked the question “You really have a gift for what you do and so you like to use […]

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sidroth on January 14th, 2014

Sid: I want to see everyone listening to my voice do two things, and I’m including myself in this.  I want to see you hear God’s voice for yourself and be obedient. Maybe a third thing, then when you meet Jesus face to face He’s going to say “Well, done good and faithful servant.”  Over […]

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sidroth on January 8th, 2014

Sid: My guest Carlos Sarmiento is red hot for the Messiah.  As a matter of fact if someone had asked you before you had your heavenly encounter Carlos if you were red hot for the Messiah you probably would have said “Yes.” But what’s the difference between where you are today and before that encounter? […]

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sidroth on January 7th, 2014

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to fulfill their destiny. We want everyone everywhere to tell everyone how wonderful our God is. My guest another Jewish man that is red hot for Yeshua, Doctor Lance Wallnau. I’m speaking to him at his office Cranston, Rhode Island. I got ahold of a series of his 4 CD’s […]

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