Sid: I want to see everyone listening to my voice do two things, and I’m including myself in this.  I want to see you hear God’s voice for yourself and be obedient. Maybe a third thing, then when you meet Jesus face to face He’s going to say “Well, done good and faithful servant.”  Over the years I interviewed a number of people that have had, for lack of better words, formulas for how to hear God’s voice.  But I can tell you on a personal basis I’m lead by God’s Spirit, I mean I have no doubt about that.  But my personal prayer for years had been a very simple prayer “God I want to hear Your voice and I want to be obedient.”  I mean many people pray other things but that’s been my major prayer. I have to tell you I want to hear God’s voice personally better than I do right now, much better.  And when I got a hold of Dr. Gary Whetstones series called “Today Hear God’s Voice” it’s actually a college curriculum course and I found out the fruit in Gary’s life and in those that had been in enrolled in his college and in his course I said “I’ve got to get this for myself and I have to get this in the hands of everyone that listens to our ministry.”  Now on yesterday’s broadcast Dr. Gary Whetstone said “He was with his wife Faye in Israel and they were doing a video clip to encourage people to go on their next Israel trip; and this was back in 2005 and all of a sudden he was in an open vision.  For those that don’t know what an open vision is how would you describe it Gary?

Gary: It’s when the Spirit of God takes you and you are out of all of your senses even though your there and you know you’re a person but you have no natural perception of your surroundings.  You are completely encapsulated in the unveiling of that which God is revealing; it’s not like you are sitting watching a picture it’s you are in the picture watching everything happen around you.

Sid: And what you saw, boy that was better than any university course I could think of; you saw people marching historically throughout all of history and you saw some people were doing things on their own strength.  Some people started out hearing God but then did things on their own strength; some people were told to do things by people they respected.  Some people had circumstances that forced them to do the things they did; and most… just about all this stuff was burned with fire.  Did you see people who what they did for God was not burned with fire?

Gary:  I watched people Sid that when they heard God’s voice and they did what He said there was an increase of that voice of God; it was like light just pierced and penetrated the atmosphere of that person. Others became just engaged in that hearing and moving in God.  And as they heard and moved in God they went forward and nothing was burned.  I watched these people that I knew and this was the most incredible thing; was I watched people that I knew that I watched so many people get affected by the voice of God speaking.  Then God being able to speak to thousands of people because one person heard God.  It was like an instant; when God’s voice was penetrated in one person and they heard an obeyed Him it became like a power of release that took place in other people’s lives.  That’s what happens when they hear this course on “Do They Hear His Voice?”

Sid: You know what I’m thinking, things are so horrific in our nation morally as far as the economy, as far as the family set up. I mean in almost every arena and people say “Well, but if there’s enough prayer then things will turn around.”  I’m thinking that if enough believers hear the voice of God and pray according to the voice of God things will be turned around.

Gary:  Sid, God never told us to pray about the problems; God never said “Take the social issues of today and bring them to God.  Jesus never once complained about Caesar even though they crucified people up and down the road.  Jesus never once talked about what’s going on in government, what’s going on in peoples’ attitudes and actions. He only said “I do that which I hear My Father say.”  And we are the children of God Sid and we have the voice of God speaking in us.  Every child of God hears Him; we hear God in us and we are given the absolute place of the Son of God’s authority to respond to Him and do what He says.  You know there is nothing I can pray for that God is going to act on; it is what is done in Heaven God command’s us to pray done on Earth.  It’s His will not mine even if I find a scripture and this is what I watched in the visions; I watched people take what they believed they wanted God to do and what other people said “This is what God is doing.”  And everything they did that they said God was doing that God did not speak it burnt; it completely burnt.  And the voice of God today is speaking right now to your audience that there is a sword to pierce into the heart and mind of His children to divide spirit and soul; to bring down deference a clarity of differential between what is of the nature of God speaking and what is the rational voice and the circumstantial information that is surrounding them.  God’s Spirit is speaking such a severance in spirit with word that is come from Him in us that we cannot deny and neither can we defy that it is the voice of God speaking.

Sid: I want you to whet our appetite by telling me that what you did after this open vision and what affect it had on you, on your marriage, on your family, on your church family, and on those that took the course that you designed from that open vision.

Gary: I watched every pastor because this is a Bible School course that is predominately training leaders; for men and women that are going to influence the Body of Christ and you’re making it available for everyone.  Which everybody needs to hear His voice; this is God’s will for us.  As we have trained thousands of leaders to hear the voice of God and move in that authority I have seen… what we did I took one church that we had opened and I went back and I heard God what did you say to me?  And I heard God say “Buy the building,” and I recognized that I put a church in that building that I never heard God say “Put a church in the building.”

Sid: In other words you heard God to buy it but He didn’t say what to do with it.

Gary:  Exactly, well I tried to finish His sentence because I was already wanting to do church work in that area.  The next thing I knew I got the Pastor that was in the church, I got the leaders that were there and I sat down with them after this vision and I said “Listen guys, I’m going to be frank with you I do not have God saying continue this church,” I said “I want you to talk to God and if He tells you you can have the building and continue the church.”  Every one of them came back and they said “Pastor, I’m not hearing God say it.”  I said “Then if God’s not saying it we’re not doing it.” We closed the church…

Sid: But doesn’t that make you look bad after you’ve raised money to do this, after you’ve imparted the vision to so many people, how could you do that Gary?  I mean the average pastor couldn’t go back on something like that.

Gary: I cannot be average Sid I cannot live by the viewpoints of others.  I am going to stand eternally judged by whether I did or did not do what God said.  And what happened in me, and I shared it with the church that was in Philadelphia there, I said “Because I’m not hearing it we can’t do it.”  And you know every one of them said “You know if we’re not hearing it we don’t need to be in a church God did not call.”  And that’s one of the big questions that comes out, how many churches are built out of we need to do this, we need to do that; this is an areas of need, this is an area of need.

Sid: But you know what scares me even more Gary, is how supernatural it was that God told you to buy that building and how logical it was to say “That building would have been a church.”  Tell me the circumstances of how God told you to buy that building.

Gary: I had in my spirit God speak to me in this section of west Philadelphia to buy a building and I told my staff, I told one of the fellows on staff that works in just a lot of administrative areas.  And I said “Go there and find the building.”  So they called me from a street up in Philadelphia and they said “You know I think we’re here” and I said “Wait a minute, and I heard God say “They’re there.”  I said “Wherever you are, that’s the building we’re buying.”  And they said “Well, we’re standing on a school step.”  And I said then “Turn around.”  They turned around and it was a factory behind them; I said “We’re buying that building.”  They said “There’s a sold sign on it” and I said “What?”

Sid:    (Laughing)

Gary: They said “Somebody else owns it.”  I said “Wait a minute, I don’t know what happened I don’t care how it worked that building is what we’re buying and we’re paying $365,000 for it.”  So he calls the owner, the owner said “We have the building sold we’re going to settlement in 20 some days.” It was sold for almost 2 million odd something dollars and he said “We wouldn’t sell it to you anyway, who are you?”  He said “We’re the ones that God said “We’re buying your building.”  He was a Jewish fellow Sid, and he said “I’m not going to sell the building to you,” he said “I already have it sold I got a deposit on it.”  Then the fellow who talked to him said “Well, when is your contract up?”  “By the end of this 30 day’s it’s over.”  And he said “You will call me on that 30th day and we will buy that building.”

Sid: And now because we’re slipping out of time he did call you; you did buy the building.  One hundred out of one hundred pastors that that would have happened to would have come to the same conclusion you did it was supposed to be for a church.  It’s so essential.  I like the way you put it “We finished God’s statements with our own stinking thinking.”

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