sidroth on November 17th, 2014


Sid:  My guest here Nick Griemsmann he had incurable schizophrenia and you know what it says in scripture “To who has been forgiven much they love much.”  And the Holy Spirit took him step by step showed him how to be free; how to do his own self-deliverance.  You may have problems with or relatives that have mental disorders or tormenting spirits or addictions of all kinds or pornography to alcohol to drugs.  Or dealing with emotional problems or dealing with fear and dealing with physical problems.  Because a lot of physical healing happens once you get rid of the strongholds and you get rid of the curses and you get rid of the spirits of infirmity.  And so few Christians understand this. But Nick the scripture that just came to me so loud and clear when you were sharing how God set you free and I think to myself “Oh God how could I have dealt with what Nick dealt with.”  But you know what to someone that is forgiven much they love much and that’s what I’m getting from you Nick.  I am… the first time I spoke to you on the phone I could feel such a presence of the love of God.  How can others have that type of presence around them; have such intimacy with God the way that you do?

Nick:  Well Sid it’s actually pretty easy. You know the Bible says that if you seek the Lord you’ll find Him.  And I’d get on the floor and I’d pray on my face in different ways; you could sit down and stuff.  I would always quote that scripture; I would say “Lord You are a great rewarder of those who seek You; You said if I seek You I’ll find You.”  And I asked the Lord how far can You take me in one life?”  I said “How far can You take someone that seeks You?”  And I never thought that when I was sitting in the mental hospital years ago that I’d ever be able to minister to others hope and love.

Sid:   I feel like you have such compassion; that’s got to do why the healing gift is so amazing in your life.  For instance have you really prayed with people that teeth grew back?

Nick:  Yeah, we were up at a children’s home up north of Phoenix Arizona and a young girl had her tooth it was like it was down and over and it was bothering her.  And we prayed for it and it grew back into place in front of everybody and all these kids were giving their life to the Lord.

Sid: Tell me one person you prayed for and brought you great satisfaction; one person one situation.

Nick:  Well, I visited a young lady at the Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. I went there to pray for a young girl; she was 13 she had just had heart surgery and they were leaving the next day so they needed prayer.  So I prayed with this young girl and she gave her heart to the Lord and she was crying and she was so thankful that the Lord saved her.  And in the middle of rejoicing that she got saved she looks up at me and she says “Do you think Jesus could heal my arm?”  And here she is she just heart surgery and she wants her arm healed; and I said “Yeah.”

Sid:  What was wrong with her arm?

Nick:  She holds up her arm and it’s literally 3 or 4 inches in diameter in length than the other one.  And she said that her growth plates she fell when she was 6 or 7 or something and her growth plate broke or something like that.  She wanted it the same length as the other one.

Sid: What was going on inside of you when she said that to you?

Nick:  Well, I was rejoicing over her salvation and that God was touching her. I looked over and I looked over and I said “Whoa that’s a big miracle Lord.”   And you go inside and say “It’s a big miracle Lord but I know that You can do it.”  And so we prayed and we asked Jesus to grow her mom out and her mom was standing right there and this arm instantly grew out 3 or I would say 3 maybe 4 inches length and then it got fat like the other arm.  It wasn’t skinny any more like the other kids are.

Sid:  My goodness I wish I had a camera on that in the hospital room. Tell me some issues that can prevent someone from receiving their freedom, their freedom; their deliverance.

Nick:   Well, one issue is unforgiveness and a lot of times we’ve been hurt and we hold on to anger or unforgiveness in our hearts.  And Jesus said “If we don’t forgive others we can’t be forgiven.  Basically we can’t experience the kingdom of God on earth if we’re not forgiving others.  And so a lot of times I pray for people and they’ve been hurt and they need a lot of healing in their heart first before they can actually get let’s say arthritis actually cast out of them.  So I’ve seen a lot of people just when they forgive somebody the infirmity will actually just leave their body.

Sid:  Have you seen someone with arthritis that has forgiven and then the spirit of arthritis has left?

Nick:  Yeah, I saw actually a lady that I was walking by a fast food restaurant and it was like a strip mall and I was walking by.  And this homeless individual and she was sitting outside of this restaurant and I said “Hey, would you like me to buy you some food.” So I went in and bought her some food and I come out. And she was very hurt; stuff going on with her life and so I prayed with her and we prayed forgiveness and things and she received Jesus.  And she couldn’t actually get up and go inside and get the food with me because she had such bad arthritis in her whole body.  And the Lord instantly healed her when she prayed and it just went out of her body.  And I saw her 2 months later accidentally and she was completely healed still.

Sid:  Tell me another issue that might prevent deliverance.

Nick:  Failure to live a lifestyle of repentance.  You know Jesus said that we’re supposed to repent.

Sid:  But wait a second the popular teaching of the day is when you got born again you repented for all of your sins and you don’t have to keep repenting. What would you say to that?

Nick:  Well, that’s actually not true because we’re actually supposed to deal with all of our stuff.  Paul said that “If you steal you’re supposed to steal no more.  He said “That we’re supposed to cast off the works of darkness.”  So if you’re doing something against the word of God you’re supposed to deal with it and get rid of it.  That’s how you’re supposed to enter into life.  Hebrews chapter 6 actually says that.  Paul actually wrote “Let’s not go back to the basic principles.  The elementary principals of the gospel which is faith, towards God; repentance from dead works.” So without repentance you can’t even access the kingdom of God.

Sid:   So tell me a little bit more about some of these issues that prevent deliverance.

Nick:  A lot of times they’re just living in sin they don’t even realize it.  Somebody will come up for prayer they’ll be sleeping with their boyfriend and they’ll want to be healed of a disease. Their Christians already and they know that they’re not supposed to be doing that. And so you pray for them and nothing happens and you find out later that well, they’re sleeping together and they don’t want to repent of it.  Well, you can’t access the kingdom of God without basic elementary principal of repentance.

Sid: So you can see how the devil is spreading the lie you don’t have to live a repentant life.

Nick:  Yeah.

Sid: Because that then just traps them for the rest of their life.

Nick:  Exactly, so Paul said “If you practice such things, anger, fornication, if you practice adultery, if you practice getting drunk; things like that.  If you practice sin then you cannot enter; you cannot partake of the kingdom of God now. You can’t do it; you can’t get delivered if you practicing making a practice of sin.”

Sid: Another issue you talk about is believing lies in your mind such as what?

Nick:  For instance if you believed you blasphemed; or if you believed your ugly, or if you believe that your disease is incurable, or if you believe that God doesn’t love you.  You believe that you’re rejected. So you believe all of these lies.   

Sid:  And I’ve bumped into people that believed that believe these things that attend church every week but you can’t talk them out of it.

Nick:  That’s a stronghold that they actually have to walk though.  And the main this is your will.  So when I said “Practicing sin.”  I’m not talking about struggling with pornography.  I’m talking about someone who practices it and doesn’t care.  Same thing with lies; you feel like you’re rejected or you hate yourself.  If you really want to be free from it and you seek the Lord for it then you can be free from it.  If you’re just going to eat the lie like it’s a piece of cake then you’re just going to be stuck with the lie.

Sid: So many people that are listening to us right now that are trapped in homosexuality; trapped in self-hatred; trapped in addictions of all kinds.  Trapped in generational curses.  Trapped in sicknesses of all kinds, trapped in mental disease.  Trapped in all sorts of emotional problems.  And step the Holy Spirit directed Nick Griemsmann how to be free from schizophrenia and these same steps work for all of these areas.

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sidroth on November 12th, 2014


Sid: Getting ready Mishpacha to blow the grandest shofar; make the biggest noise maker; it’s called the grogger because it’s Purim.  And you know when the book of Esther is read on Purim every time a particular personality their name comes up we do something different.  For instance when Haman’s name comes up we have this grogger and we make a great deal of noise because we don’t even want…we want to pretend like he doesn’t even exist.  When Mordecai when his name comes up we cheer and we root because it’s like really  a funny thing.  I’ve got Tommy Tenney on the telephone; we’re discussing his book “Finding Favor With the King” which shows the protocol from the book of Esther on how you can achieve that one night with the King.  That intimacy that your heart craves.  But more and more important than that it will change your life forever.  Tommy, what does this mean to you when we do; make all this noise and the groggers when Haman’s name is mentioned.

Tommy: It’s a great thing; they boo and make noise  to drown Haman’s name out.  They cheer to elevate Mordecai because that’s what actually happened.  And you left out a piece that when Esther’s name is mentioned.

Sid: “Ahhhh!”

Tommy:  Because she’s an object of beauty and it’s kaleidoscope of emotions.  But Purim is really about how Esther overcame the enemy and the enemy is Haman.  There’s an incredible secret teaching that I won’t even go into today that Haman is the only latest alliteration of an ancient enemy.  Haman is called a Agite; that means he’s a descendent of King Agag.  If Saul had done his duty way back when Samuel had told him to eradicate Agag and the Amalekites Esther wouldn’t be facing this enemy today.  The enemy that you face today if you eradicate your children may have to deal with tomorrow.  But here she is; she’s facing Haman.  It’s she’s already queen; she has found favor. It would have been easy to just sort of rest upon here laurels to poetically speak.  And some times we get to the point in our lives; the kids graduated, we pass that cancer and we’re at a different stage. But often right when we feel like we’re the safest it’s when we face our greatest attack.  And Esther .even after she became Queen had to be awoken to the realization that just because she’s in the palace doesn’t mean that she never had another problem.  Just because she’s saved doesn’t mean that she’s never had another enemy; Haman rises through the ranks.  Esther Chapter 3 verse 1 says that he was promoted; that Haman was promoted. That Haman was advanced and that Haman was elevated and that Haman was…In verse 10 of Chapter 3 it said that he was given the King’s ring.  And that looks very intimidating until you come to the realization that…I’m just preaching aren’t I Sid.  (Laughing)

Sid: Yeah, but it’s good preaching and it’s in the presence of God so just go for it.

Tommy:  When ever God is ready to promote you He must first introduce an enemy.  Now that’s really strong and I need people to take a breath and listen.  Whenever God get’s ready to promote you He must first introduce and enemy.  And if you don’t believe me look again at the life of David.  David would have still been a shepherd boy if it were not for Goliath.  That the the arrival of an enemy is often the announcement of a promotion.  So when a problem shows up even if you’re saved; when a problem showed up in the palace for Esther, that did not mean it was over that was the announcement that promotion is about to come.  And they’re are people that are listening right now that Haman’s are showing up in their life and they’re facing the biggest problems that they have ever faced. When Goliath showed up it was David’s turn to be crowned; the promises that had been given him long ago that he felt that he had been forgotten on the backside of the pasture taking care of his dad’s flocks. Suddenly the arrival of an enemy catapulted him to his day of favor.  And I’m speaking to people right now that just because a problem has just popped up in your life it’s really an announcement.  And here’s the clue; but you say but it’s big.  David was not crowned king because Goliath was a midget; they would never had made him king of Goliath had been a midget.  Can you see them Sid dancing and rejoicing; David killed a midget.  No it wouldn’t happen.  No, it was because David killed a giant.  The size of your enemy is often a clue to the size of your promotion.  Did you get that Sid?

Sid:  I got it.; so you’re telling me…

Tommy:  (Laughing)

Sid: So you’re telling me that if this afternoon someone comes in your office and says “Tommy Tenney you stole my manuscript; because a lot of people have written books about Esther and I am suing you for 10 million dollars.  What is Tommy Tenny do?

Tommy: Well, first of all I pray; and secondly I assure them I didn’t.  And third I say “God you’re getting ready to do something really big.”  Because you know what Sid; that or you know what Sid?  That very thing happened with the movie script.

Sid: Oh no; I didn’t know that.

Tommy:  (Laughing) And you know what we just said “You know what God; your favor must really be on this because enemies pop out of the woodwork.

Sid: Well,  what was the greatest enemy that you encountered just as you were breaking on this whole series on Esther?

Tommy:  We came under attack in our family.  My daughter; you know I have 3 daughters and I live very transparently and I announced even on national television what I would tell your audience.  We became aware that one of our daughters had been molested and have had a period of time for several years now walking her back through the precess of total healing.  And I’m thinking that I needed to be the best Dad possible.  But I can bring you a report of victory; it wasn’t instantaneous and it is still progressing but…

Sid: That’s got to hurt you more than if something had happened to you.

Tommy: Oh, absolutely Sid but you know what I am not immune.  I may make movies; I may write books; I may be on Christian television but I’m still a Dad and I face all the things that all of the things that your listeners face; and I learned to live by these principals.

Sid: Tommy, when you first found this out what was the first thing you did?

Tommy: Cry, what would you do?

Sid: And then? 

Tommy: Pray and ask God for favor and just start walking out.  We want to spiritualize everything; when Esther found out who Haman was and what…she had to have a Mordecai to step in and say “Esther, it’s your turn I know he’s an enemy I know that he’s there.”  But listen here’s the essence of it; the true thing. Esther refused the presence of an enemy to keep her out of the presence of the King.  And she even took Haman with her to a private banquet.  So here’s my lesson from Esther for all your listeners.  Don’t let a problem in your life keep you out of worship.  You say “But, I got cancer, I can’t really worship; I’ve got this problem, I’d worship better if I didn’t have a lack of resources; I could worship better.  My advice is take your problem with you; take your enemy with you into the presence of the King.  Don’t let the enemy keep you out of the presence of the King take it with you.

Sid: I’m looking at your 12 protocols of the palace and I’m looking at the 12th and I know you know that by heart; talk about that.

Tommy: One night with the King changes everything.  Never underestimate the potential of one prayer; one song; one sermon; one book; one encounter; one word. One word whether it’s a word I spoke, Sid Roth spoke or the Holy Spirit spoke as we were talking to people about Purim.  Purim is about overcoming your enemy and that enemy is exactly what this is all about.

Sid:  Okay, there’s someone listening to us right now and they’re saying “Here’s where the rubber meets the road I have got to hear from God; I have got to have my encounter with God; I have got to have an answer to this question.”  What would you say to them on this day Purim?

Tommy:    Learn to worship; okay Esther sat at a banquet table looking at the King and Haman at the same banquet table. Conventional wisdom would have said “Don’t bring Haman to this private banquet, get the King off by yourself.”  And some people say “I could worship if I didn’t have the problem.  The wisdom of Esther at Purim was she learned to worship with the King with the enemy at the same table.  And that’s exactly what some of the people need to do.4  Learn to worship even though a problem is presence in their life worship anyway.  “Thou prepareth a table before me in the presence of my enemy.”  You know I’ve got to hear a little bit of your wife singing the theme song from your new movie.  Would you play that right now.


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sidroth on November 6th, 2014


Sid: And I’m going to tell you something; I believe that when you start listening to Freddy Hayler’s music; but even before I play another anointed selection from his “Song of Angels” Freddy your wife Annie whose very prophetic wanted you to go to Pavarotti concert tell me about that.

Freddy:  Well way back in 1988 Pavarotti was appearing at the Orange County, or the Orlando Civic Center. It was $500 a seat, and we didn’t have the money at the time we were just newly married. So we basically needed a miracle, and she called up and asked the lady who was in charge of the tickets could we have $500 seats for free and she said “My husband I think can sing like Pavarotti,” even though she just said that by faith. She said “Oh he’s a tenor, well I just had a cancellation, I’ll tell you what since he’s a tenor well let you have both seats for $50.”

Sid: That is amazing that they offered that to you!  Okay but go ahead.

Freddy:  I went and I had nothing to expect; I didn’t know who Pavarotti was; I didn’t know that kind of singing.  And I sat there and listened to  Puccini songs and the Heavenly sounds that he was making and with the beautiful arrangements. I just started to cry and I noticed that the executive for Sun Trust Bank and his wife were next to me and were wondering shy 2 young kids were sitting next to them but.  (Laughing) They were in the VIP seats and they were crying and everybody was just moved by his voice.  And the Lord just spoke to me as I sat there and said “I’m going to give you a voice like Pavarotti but instead of singing the opera arias, I’m going to have you sing the arias of Heaven.

Sid: So after you heard this from God an amazing door opened for you where you got voice lessons from one of the best opera teachers on the planet.

Freddy: Yeah, amazingly you know I was given this opportunity to train with Jerome Hines who is the most storied singer at the Metropolitan Opera, and also Franco Corelli. They trained me in the Apaseo Corelli technique.  Which is what Crusoe, Stephnelico, Delmonico and Pavarotti and all the great tenors use. including Andre Bocelli.  And so I was like wow this is great to learn this technique.  And it’s a very secret technique it’s almost like hidden from most people.

Sid: What did they say about your voice; these world renowned teachers?

Freddy:  Yes, my first teacher Ken Smith when he heard my voice he said “That is truly a gift of God; that is pure gold in the Italian tamra and it’s a miracle you have that voice.  It’s like Crusoe,” so he was very excited you know when he heard me sing.  Jerome Hine’s wrote a note and said “To the most Bella of OJ on the planet.” I mean he wrote this most beautiful note and it was very kind of him.  He sang opposite Domingo; Demers; Pavarotti all of them.  And he said he thought that my voice was the most beautiful tenor voice and right up there with the greatest he had ever heard and it was amazing that he would say that.

Sid: And then after you got trained you had a conflict; you could have used your voice for God or you could have used your voice for the world.  And in addition to the conflict you and Annie were living on rice’s and beans.  (Laughing)

Freddy:  (Laughing) Well, it was a hard decision we really needed the money and they were offering me at the time $20,000 a night to sing and that was for starts.

Sid: Well, that’s pretty good for finishes but…

Freddy:  It was a temptation brother; you know when you’re eating rice and beans and really you know it was really a temptation and I said “No, I’m going to believe God for a miracle.  Somehow He’s going to open the door as He promised that I would sing the arias of Heaven.”  And then about 2 weeks after that when I said “No,” finally and it was a final no to the people calling me to sing in the opera I got a call from Provident Records they wanted to record me singing the great hymns of the church with the London Symphony Orchestra, the greatest symphony of the world.

Sid: Now let me ask you this; “I hear a young female singing with you and it’s such an innocent voice; it’s such a pure voice who is that sings with you on some songs?

Freddy:  Well, that’s my precious daughter Rebecca she was 12 at the time and she’s just amazing she and she is a worshiper and an intercessor and she loves God.  And she has this voice genetically I guess she’s got her daddy’s voice and I’m sure she’s happy with not that her mother’s voice is bad.  But she’s definitely got my voice and it’s kind of like just the same tambra and color of my voice which really makes it a nice blending sound.

Sid: It’s so peaceful the blending of your two voices.  Let’s play a selection of both of you from “Healing Prayer” tell me about that song.

Freddy:  Well, it’s a beautiful famous song that God’s basically leads people into a calm and peaceful spirit of majesty.  And in prayer we adapted it to make it a healing prayer for spirit, soul and body.

Sid: Listen if someone is healed spirit, soul and body they are healed.  Let’s hear “Healing Prayer.”

Excerpt “Healing Prayer”

Sid: Okay from Song of Angels “Healing Prayer.”  Freddy tell me about… so many people are having such peace they sleep better; tell me about one.

Freddy:  Well, there was this mother whose daughter had been on all these psychotropic sleeping pills and drugs to try to go to sleep at night.  She had fear I don’t know if she had picked them up from watching stuff on the cable that she shouldn’t have been, or satellite, or you know video games or… but she couldn’t sleep and she was afraid and she was afraid and she had insomnia and almost incurable an very much bringing the whole family down.  And she began to at night she… well she ordered “Song of Angels” album and she began to play them at night.  And as she played them the atmosphere of the room changed and she said “That she could actually see the glory of God on the ceiling of the room as the child slept; she felt demonic oppression lose.”  And the child supernaturally I think in 2 days she started falling asleep at a regular hour and not waking up all night for 8 or 9 hours.

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sidroth on October 27th, 2014

Sid: There is a catalyst coming to the church; we’re told about in the book of Romans.  And “Paul said that if it was a blessing the Jewish people rejected their Messiah how much greater blessing when the Jewish people receive their Messiah; it will be literally life from the dead.”  And God’s about ready to release this life; this amazing glory into the church as He’s removing the spiritual scales from the Jewish people.  But unfortunately most Christians are not sharing the gospel with Jewish people; they think Jewish people aren’t interested.  Well, you are wrong, wrong, wrong God is moving by His Spirit because He wants that One New Man formed.  Because the Bible says Paul says in Ephesians the 2nd Chapter “The reason Jesus came is to break down that middle wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles to form the One New Man.” The complete Body of Jesus. That’s exactly what Jesus was praying about in John 17:20-22. And He said, He was talking to Jewish people He said “I have other sheep that will come to believe through you report.”  And that’s why Paul says in Romans that “We owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people,” because we spread that report.  It says “Salvation is of the Jew.”  But then Jesus said “I pray that these two folds of sheep; the Jews and the Gentiles would become one.”  And what will happen when these 2 become 1?  You can see why the devil has tried to keep that middle wall of separation between Jews and Gentiles to stop us from becoming 1. Because Jesus said “When those 2 become 1 it will be a sign that will cause the world to believe.”  And then in the next verse He says “And I will pour the same glory that is on Me on them.”  Are you ready for the same glory that is on the Messiah to be poured in your congregation? I have my sister Shirley and brother-in-law Marc on the telephone who have immigrated, made Aliyah, to Israel.  And they’re both Messianic Jews and we have found out how my sister Shirley became a believer in the Messiah.  We found out that my brother-in-law Marc accepted the Lord; thought he was hypnotized; renounced his faith even though my sister became a Messianic Jew.  That was okay with him but he didn’t need Jesus; and then one day a tragedy hit their home.  His little daughter 21 month old Cheryl Ann was fished out of swimming pool in their back yard. What happened to next Marc.

Marc:  Okay, we tried to revive her we called ambulance service they came out; and they took her to the hospital and we went to the hospital.  And we didn’t know what to do.  I remember Sid you came to the hospital also. We were crying and they did everything they could.

Sid: I was praying for Cheryl Ann to come back to life, I remember that.

Marc: Yes and you were led by the Lord you said to go in to see her. When you returned I know I was with Shirley and we were crying our hearts out in another room.  And you went in and you were praying for her and the Lord gave you a vision and you came back and shared that with us. And you said the “The Lord told you that He has Cheryl Ann with Him now and He is taking care of her.  And of course we didn’t understand totally what that meant.  But later that evening I remember praying and asking the Lord to show me what this is all about.

Sid: Now Shirley who was the weaker of the two of you she was bearing up pretty good with this horrible tragedy but you were really coming apart.  I remember Marc.

Marc: Oh yes I could not stop crying, it was just… words cannot describe it.  I felt like the world was coming to an end in my life.

Sid: I remember going into the bedroom of your house.

Marc: Right.

Sid: And saying “This is your time to know the Messiah, you need Him Marc you can’t handle it by yourself.  Shirley has the Messiah, you need the Messiah can I pray with you?” and you said yes.

Marc:  I remember that yes; and it was powerful and that’s what led me into opening up the scripture and finding God’s word for me at that time.  And from that point my life changed completely from one of just eating, sleeping, going to work. To one in knowing that there is something more to life than eating, sleeping and working.

Sid: Marc I wonder if you would put your wife my sister Shirley on right now.

Marc:  Okay.

Shirley: Hi.

Sid: Hi Shirley, I remember something this is all causing a lot of my memories to be churned as you’re sharing this with me. At the time you now have 3 sons, but at the time you had one son when Cheryl Ann died.  And his name is Brian and I remember Brian saying something that was very profound; do you remember that?

Shirley: Yes, I know what you’re talking about. We were driving along in the car and Brian was saying…this was after it happened and Brian was saying to us “We’re a bigger family now.”  And I turned to him and said “No honey we’re a smaller family now.” And he said “No, we’re a big family, we have God in our family.”  And that just spoke so…

Sid: How old was he at the time?

Shirley: He was 5 years old.

Sid: Hm.

Shirley:  When that happened; how God speaks through children.

Sid: Well, I’m going to tell you something Mishpochah it’s been many years you retired as a school teacher in Montgomery County, and you’re husband retired for many years as a CPA accountant.  He was with United States customs.  Your credible people; you have 3 sons, two are married now and you have grandchildren.  You’re financially independent; you can look forward to some of the most wonderful years of your life.  And all of a sudden Shirley you had a dream; tell me about it.

Shirley: Well, first of all I have to tell you that I never remembered my dreams; I might remember a little piece of it here and there but this was the first dream I ever had that I remembered the entire dream.  And it was so real to me it was like I was living it.  The dream started off with Marc turning to me saying “Shirley, we have to go to Israel.”  And I said “Fine, we can go maybe in a year from now we’ll sell our house; we’ll cash in all our stock and bonds our annuities we’ve been saving all our lives for retirement for.  And then we’ll go to Israel.  And he said “No Shirley we have to go now!”  And I said, “Can’t we wait six months at least we can sell our house and go with a little money?”  He turns to me and says “No, Shirley we have to go now!”  And I started getting really anxious in the dream and we went through this 3 times in the dream and each time I got more and more anxious.  And then Marc turns to me and says “Shirley, we put our trust in God and not in our money.”  And something in my spirit clicked in the dream and I said “You’re right I was trusting our money more than God.”  And then we each took one suitcase and we held hands and we went running to the airplane and I looked behind me and I saw fires behind me; I saw rioting going on behind me and I knew our lives were in danger like I was running and I knew someone was chasing me and they wanted to kill me.  I was running with all my might and just got on the last plane out of the United States to Israel.  I woke up from that dream huffing and puffing like I had really just run that race and I realized…   

Sid: I realized we’re out of time.

Shirley:  Oh dear.

Sid: We’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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sidroth on October 20th, 2014


Sid:  I’m talking a bit this week about something that God has been doing with me lately.  That’s one of the most wonderful things that I’ve done short of receiving Messiah. And that is spending time with God every morning.  And I am finding such supernatural favor as I’m doing this; I am finding I am hearing God’s voice clearer than I’ve ever heard God’s voice before.  And by the way I was sharing my testimony and one of the things I do is I thank God for what He rescued me from. The more you listen and when you get a hold of my testimony book “There Must Be Something More” you’ll see to him who has forgiven much He loves much.

You know I’ve never understood a backslider because I know what’s back there. At least when you read my book you’ll know what’s back there.  You see I got involved in a New Age meditation course.  I did something I wasn’t proud of I left my wife; I left my daughter, I left my job. I went in search for money or happiness for whatever this would be.  Things got worse not better and by the end of about a year after being involved in a New Age Meditation course.

I had a free office, I thought my powers were giving that to me but no it was this Christian man who heard from God and God told him to come to see me and to offer me that free office; so they could have me in that office to pray for me.  Now I come from a traditional Jewish background; I was interested in Jesus minus zero.  I had no spiritual interest although I was raised in a good traditional Jewish family.  But then one day one of the owners of the company that was giving me the free rent came to me and he read from the Deuteronomy the 18th chapter verse 9-12.  And all of these things that God called abomination New Age things I was involved in.  You can’t turn on television or go to the movie theater without seeing some of these snuck in. I remember there were nuns and priests involved in these New Age classes that I was in; they couldn’t be that bad.  And besides that no rabbi ever told me not to do it.  Sure enough in my own Torah, in my own Jewish Scriptures God called it an abomination. And so I thought that just in case the Scriptures were from God.  See I wasn’t even sure that the Scriptures were from God at that point in my life.  I am going to stop being involved in this power that I’m tapped into through the New Age and I’m just going to start reading the Scriptures and think for myself.  And the more I read it the more I became convinced that what I was involved in was not good.  In fact, I used to have the ability of grabbing a dictionary and just opening it at random and getting a message sort of like a Ouija Board and I would grab at random and write the first word down then open it at random and write the second word down.  Before I knew it I had an intelligent sentence and this was what the sentence was.  I was using a dictionary remember, “Refrain from this sinful book.”  I mean I just threw that book down.  I said “Oh, what’s going on?”  I’m going to get out of here.  So I went for a drive then I found myself in front of a secular book store the biggest one in town.  When I went into this book store the biggest section was the New Age section.  And I thought, this is getting too much and I looked at the titles of the books in the New Age section and I found a book it was almost as if it was written for me.  It was called the “Jew, the Bible and the Supernatural.”  I’m Jewish, I’m starting to read the Bible I’m into the supernatural.  Written by McCandlish Phillips; they made a mistake at this bookstore, it’s a Christian book but they stuck it in the New Age section. That same Deuteronomy 18 it talks about but they had a new slant that my Christian friends had shown me.  This is what this book shows; it shows that Jewish people are under a covenant with God.  If anyone is involved in a New Age they suffer consequences.  But when a Jewish person is involved in New Age they suffer more consequences because we should know more because we’re under a covenant with God.  Whether we understand the covenant or not God must honor this covenant.  And then he proceeds to list famous people that had lost their life for being in the New Age.  Things that I was doing, things that everyone I knew were into.  I mean going to fortunetellers; séances; talking about this like reincarnation; being involved in all sorts of Eastern exercise.  I mean this is acceptable stuff; the 10 Commandments aren’t acceptable.  But the religion of the devil is totally acceptable in our society.  I mean I understand about this group of young Jewish men that the New Testament said “Turn the world upside down.”  This world needs to be turned upside down.

So I went into the store and I got the book and I started reading it and one Jew after another was doing the same things that I was doing. Except the Jews when they’re involved; let me give you an example.  My hero at the time was a Rock Group from England it was called the Beatles.  Remember them?  What you don’t remember is the all went to the Himalayas.  They all were into investigating New Age things.  One even said “He was more popular than Jesus Christ.”  That was before any of them died but at that time only one of the entire group died that was involved in New Age things.  Guess which one; the manager.  The Jewish manager Brian Epstein my hero; he had everything that I thought could bring happiness. Of course I was wrong and he was dead.

Then at that point I had been involved in something that major universities are studying today and proving to be true.  Russia has been using this for years it’s call astro-projection.  It’s where your spirit leaves your body.  And those that think that this is some wacko thing unfortunately it’s not.  And I started branching into it.  And just as I started branching into this a friend of mine said “Be very careful of this when this happens because you may get lost and not find yourself back in your body.  And I had the most gross thoughts.  I saw myself being buried alive.  I mean I saw myself I mean it’s so horrible I can’t even talk about it.  I remember when the telephone would ring I would tremble.  I mean I was afraid of anything and everything.  I even despaired of living.  And let me tell you something “I didn’t want to die; do you remember that young kid of 8 years old that was trying to imagine what it would be like to cease to exist.  Oh, I thought it was so objectionable that I’m not going to think about it because there is something in me that wants to be eternal.  That does not want to cease to exist; well I never thought it was possible.  I was a self-made person; I was an independent thinker; I could do anything that I would set my mind on. But I reached a point where death looked more appealing to me than life.  And I didn’t want to live. And I remember the worst do of my life; I went home to my apartment.  I was separated from my wife as I said.  My wife Joy was raised Southern Baptist. In college she became an agnostic.  When we got married I insisted that she convert to Orthodox Judaism.  So you might say she was a Southern Baptist agnostic Orthodox Jew that did not know Jesus, but I thought every Christian knew Jesus. So I called my wife on the phone.  And I said “I wasn’t going to explain it to her that my spirit’s leaving my body; I’m hearing voices; I mean she’d think I was mashuga you know crazy.”  But I said “Joy it’s bad, pray for me good bye.” I hung up and she hung up.  And you know what even though she was an agnostic for the first time in many many years she got down on her knees and prayed for me.  I didn’t care whether I lived or died; I had a mezuzah I went out and bought it. To put in a mezuzah there is a little medallion that has scripture inside. I put it around my neck; I had a Bible at that time because I was reading.  I’d seen enough movies about vampires I needed some help from the spirit realm.  I was convinced that this spirit within me was a demon. I mean like I said “It was too much for me to handle.” Every one of us has a breaking point.  I had that breaking point. And I cried out a two word prayer.  It wasn’t a real classic prayer; I’d actually prayed a classic prayer.  About a week earlier I had something called the 5 spiritual laws and I read through it and I expected something spectacular to happen like happened in the New Age.  When it didn’t happen I wasn’t going to tell anyone that I prayed that prayer.  But I’ll tell you I was so desperate; so desperate I didn’t know what I believed; I didn’t know what I didn’t believe.  And I was told that there was a Name that was greater than the one that was trying to pull me apart and destroy my wife and destroy my daughter and destroy everything about me.  And I prayed this two word prayer “Jesus help.”   And I went to sleep and I didn’t care whether I lived or died. The next morning I woke up and the first thing I noticed was an absence of fear.  I went to bed so fearful I wanted to die; and when I woke up I can’t tell you where it went but I can tell you it went.  That fear was gone; and the next thing I realized is I am feeling such peace.  Now I’ve never been into drugs in my life.  I’ve never been an alcoholic, but I don’t believe drugs or alcohol could match what happened to me.  I was so filled with the peace of God.  The Shalom of God I couldn’t worry if I wanted to.  And then I heard the audible voice of God for the first time of my life.  And He said “Return to your wife and daughter.”  Now I had a pretty bad marriage; I didn’t want to do it but I was so grateful I’d do anything for God.

We’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast Mishpochah

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sidroth on October 13th, 2014


Sid: We want everyone everywhere to participate in the rapture.  Now I have Perry Stone on the phone. He has spent 80,000 hours researching the Bible now I’m not saying researching the New Testament I mean the Bible which is Genesis to Revelation.  He has put together 7 DVD’s, it’s set. It’s really a school on the book the only book in the Bible that says that “If you remove one word from this particular book your name will be taken out of the book of life. The only book in the Bible that says that there’s a particular blessing in hearing this book.” And Perry Stone I believe that if there ever been a time that the true believers in the Messiah must understand the future things that are going to happen based on the book of Revelation and the other books of the entire Bible it’s now. On yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about a very controversial issue.  Most people don’t even want to talk about it because it is so controversial and that is the time of the catching away, or as it’s referred to the rapture.  In your opinion, when will this be in reference to the tribulation; in reference to the pouring out of God’s wrath?

Perry: I think most people we would classify Evangelical believers have an understanding that Daniel 9:27 predicts 7 years of time.  And in that midst of that 7 years a man that is coming breaks a treaty in the middle of the 7.  You can see that clearly in the book of Revelation; the man that breaks the treaty is called the beast rising up out of the sea Revelation 13:1.  And he’s better known as the antichrist.  He breaks the treaty; in our Bible it’s listed in chapter 13 which chronologically according to the timing of the book of Revelation is the middle of the tribulation. And that correlates with Daniel 9:27.  Now people have asked me for years pre-trib means at some point before the breaking of the 7 sealed book in the book of Revelation the saints are in heaven before the tribulation begins.  Mid-trib would put the catching away at either chapter 11, 12 and 13 which all of that is around the timeframe of the middle. That’s called mid-trib, others believe in what’s called post trib.  Post-trib means end of or the conclusion of something. So post-trib would be I call it the U-turn theory it’s Revelation 19.  At the end of the tribulation where were caught up; we go to heaven where we immediately do a U-turn get on horses and come back down to earth.  And some just basically that the Lord returns and sets up His kingdom at the end and that’s the end of it.  So the beginning of, the middle of and the end of the tribulation.  Now let me explain to you 3 quick reasons why I believe in what’s called pre-trib.  Point number 1 the book of Revelation is basically in a chronological order; now John will jump from heaven back to earth; under the earth and back to heaven.  And you hath to recognize that in the study.  That’s the reason Apocalypse Code is good because it explains in detail the order of things.   And John is here one minute and there the next.  Because John is seeing in 3 worlds at one time.  Now you have to understand that, but concerning the timing; notice that the church is mentioned chapter 2 and 3.  And John is told show or write about the things that were, things, that are and things that shall be.  The things that were is chapter 1 he saw Christ as the High Priest; the things that are, are the churches of Asia that he could address the messages to 7 churches.  The things that shall be are future tense. Past the church age in other words.  The church age in the New Testament is called the “Dispensation of the Grace of God.”  So we are dispensing to the world through the grace of God the message of grace, mercy, forgiveness and covenant. When that season comes to a conclusion there will be a catching up of the overcoming church. Now when I say overcomers he said 7 times to the overcomers.  To the overcomer, to the overcomer, to the overcomer….  An overcomer is someone who follows the Lord and has a covenant with Christ and is looking for Him to return doing His will on the earth that’s the overcomer, basic definition of the overcomer.  Now back to the timing of the rapture.  Chapter 3 last verse is the last word to the church; chapter 4 verse 1 “After these things I heard a voice like a trumpet saying ‘Come up here.’”  Now when the Lord returns He comes with the voice of the Archangel and the trump of God.  At some point at the rapture we will hear “Come up here.”  And there will be the sound of the trumpet and immediately we will be in heaven that quick. That’s what happened to John, chapter 4 verse 1 and 2. I believe that this is the imagery that John saw of the churches appearance before the heavenly throne room. Now let’s go forward and show this; in the mid-trib in Revelation 11:18 says “Now has come time to judge the saints, the prophets and those that fear His name.  That is known as the bema or the judgment seat of Christ.  It is mentioned by Paul in Corinthians; it’s mentioned by Paul in Romans.  We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ to receive rewards for things for which we did. And we can gain a crown or we can lose a crown based on did we do the work of God that He called us to do.  Now that happens in chapter 11 which happens to be the middle of the tribulation period.  Chronologically it’s there you can’t deny it.  A person who studies the book can’t deny it. That means the church is in heaven chapter 11.  Now some would say that’s a pre-trib catching away.  No you see the multitude in chapter 4 and another multitude coming out of tribulation in chapter 7 so you see this multitude standing around the throne of God worshiping God singing “Worthy is the Lamb that has redeemed us.”  So now we come now to Revelation 19 the marriage supper of the Lamb. Now under in the Torah when a man and woman married the Bible says in Deuteronomy they were given one year off to get to know each other and the man could not go to war for one year. Now I believe as the tribulation is going on on earth it starts at the breaking of the first seal and then sixth year of it is when mystery Babylon is destroyed in chapter 17:18.  I believe that the marriage supper in heaven is one year long and here’s why. God worked 6 days on the 7 day he rested.  On certain feasts of Israel you had a season of complete rest during that feast.  Some feasts went on days; you had Passover and unleavened bread; first fruits.  Which are all through a 7 days and then you have tabernacles which is 7 days. So here’s my point I believe the marriage supper is just a supper and then go back to earth and rule.  I believe we really celebrate for an entire year.  Because the Bible says that there remains there for a rest for God’s people. And when Paul used that word rest in Hebrews it is the Greek word for a Sabbath’s rest.  So God rested on the 7th day; you know there was a Jubilee law you know this that every 6 years you work and on the 7th year you rested and the land rested.  There’s your principal up in heaven.  Six year tribulation while the tribulation is going on the 7th year on earth we’re in heaven with marriage supper of the Lamb for that period of time.

Sid: Perry how does this, just briefly how does this tie in with ancient Jewish wedding?

Perry: Well, one of the things that intrigued me years ago Sid is that when we reenacted with 100 cast members the entire Jewish wedding based on all the evidence that you can find from historical sources the Jewish sources.  What I found out that was intriguing to me is in the time of Christ and in the old time. Sampson, if you read the story of Sampson in Judges for 7 days he gave a riddle and at the end of 7 days they told the riddle and it was a wedding. And then in the New Testament they ran out of wine in John chapter 2 and the reason they did is because the celebration went on for 7 straight days.  And when I started realizing that the number 7 is connected to the ancient Jewish wedding and how the saints or the church who is the bride of Christ; He is bridegroom and we’re the bride will be caught up to meet Him in the air, and the parables bear this out.  And then 7 days that you read about in ancient Jewish wedding can represent the 7 years that we’re in heaven with the bridegroom.  And there is a law in the Bible where Israel doubted the Lord; the 10 spies did for 40 days and God made them wander a year for every day that they doubted.  You know the prophet of God laid on one side for 300 and some days representing 300 and some years that Israel was in disobedience and the 40 years that Judah was in disobedience He did 40 days. So there’s a year exchange that can be found in scripture. So using that principal if the Jewish wedding was 7 days in length which it was; then the tribulation is 7 years on earth so it would be 7 years in heaven.  And that’s really you could go into the 7 sealed book and how there had to be 7 witnesses that originally put…

Sid: Real quick because I’m real curious 1 or 2 sentences. Who are the 144,000 witnesses?

Perry: They definitely in Revelation 14 are Jewish men. They’re virgin men; they never been married and during the first part of tribulation they are sealed by the seal of God.

Sid: Did you ever tell a Jehovah Witness that? I’m just teaching go ahead.  (Laughing)

Sid:  They preached that for years until they got 144,000 and 1 members and what do you do with that.

Perry: They were find until they had less than 144,000…

Sid: I’m sorry Perry, I’m sorry Mishpochah we’re out of time again.

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sidroth on October 6th, 2014

Dr. David Remedios

Sid: You’re not going to believe what I’m about ready to tell you.  I met a man in Alexandria, Louisiana, Dr. David Remedios.  He’s a vascular surgeon; so I got a bad report from my daughter.  She needed heart surgery; we prayed and she actually had a dream and the Lord said to submit to the surgery.  So she hasn’t done it yet and she’s about ready to have that surgery.  So I had met Dr. Remedios in Louisiana and he told me that many times he’ll see what’s going on and God will show him how to perform surgery.  Now this is my kind of doctor.  My daughter’s about ready to have this heart surgery and I decided I would call him.  Well as I’m talking to him I said that would you pray for my daughter?  And I have on the line right now Dr. David Remedios. David do you remember what you said to me, if you don’t I remember?

David: Yes sir; I remember that; I saw a vision I saw that she was undergoing that surgery and that she was supposed to have the surgery; I believe that that was about it.  And that God was doing some other things in her life at the same time if I’m not mistaken.

Sid: Very good memory; I’ll tell you you’re my kind of doctor.  But you’re whole life really got tremendously transformed when one of the leaders of the revival from Argentina Claudo Freidzon, another Jewish man that’s red hot for Jesus, laid hands on you.  How did your life change after he did that?

David: Well, there was an incredible increase in signs, wonders, miracles and a greater passion in my life.  It literally took a different turn; it was as if God literally turned up the tiles several notches.  And it’s been the most exciting walk I’ve had ever since; in ministry; with my family with my children.  Even in my practice so it’s just so awesome.

Sid: Just out of curiosity did you have these like these… for instance when you were talking to me on the telephone did you see what you were describing or was it just an impression?

David:  I literally saw what I was describing; I saw the inside of the heart; I saw the myocardium; the endocardium.  I just saw it; that’s all I can say and I just felt “Lord what does this mean?”  And the Lord just gave me what that meant and what was supposed to happen.

Sid: I am in awe of what’s supposed to happen in many different arenas, but one in particular which we’ll deal with people where their organs have grown back.  I imagine that you have to be in greater awe than me; as a medical doctor.

David:  Well, absolutely; there’s several things Sid that a couple of things when I face things like this.  Number 1 this is totally; God is the healer. He’s the God that healeth us.  And I believe that God is speaking to someone here is someone right now that he turning your situation around.  Even as we speak. Brother Sid I believe with all my heart that there’s a healing anointing hearing the radio waves going everywhere. And that you’re going to get reports back and we’re going to hear about the signs; wonders ad miracles. You cannot but talk about what He does and He begins; He begin to do what we’re talking about.

Sid: Now I know what we see God doing in your ministry but what by the Spirit… paint me a picture of what God is going to be doing in the next few years in the miraculous in the United States.

David:  I feel that the miraculous is going to be more common than we’ve ever seen before.  It is going to become almost common place for a lack of a better term.  But it’s going to be so frequent because I believe that God is about to showcase His people; His true church.  Those that are walking with Him in obedience and that the heartbeat of God is souls.  So people from all parts of the world from all races; from all nations; all languages He’s drawing them unto Himself.  He came to heal; He came to seek and save that that was lost.  He came to heal the sick; you know that’s exactly what Jesus did when He was on earth.  He went about and He healed; everywhere He went and He healed. Everywhere He went He just had a ministry of healing; of restoration of building people up.  I believe that the church; His children will begin to walk again in the character and the works of Jesus.

Sid: David I wanted you to just talk with me a little bit so that people would get an idea of who you were.  Now I’m going to go all the way back to age 13 Bronx, New York.  What was going on in your life?

David:  Well, it’s a very difficult part of my life and obviously I was the oldest of 6 children, the son of Cuban immigrants. We were living up on the 6th floor in the South Bronx.  And as you can well imagine Jimmy Carter declared it at that time Federal disaster zone with buildings burning up and drug abuse and all kinds of alcoholism.  You name it.  Everything was rampant crime; was being rampant and obviously at that same time… and within my parents there was a great battle.  My mother and father obviously were undergoing a great stretch in their marriage.  So as a result there was frequent violence in our home.  For me as the oldest child obviously it was quite difficult; for me I was trying to help any way I could.  To make a long story short my life literally came to a point where one day I literally I literally ran away from home.

Sid: Listen a 13 year old in the streets of Bronx; how did you survive, I mean on your own?

David: Were ever the night would catch me different people would take me in here and there.  In the subway; in church wherever I mean.  I survived the best I could; I still kept going to school, which is another miraculous thing.   

Sid: Did you know the Lord at that time?

David:    Yes sir I sure did and that was the place of refuge.  All night prayer meetings became a common thing for me.

Sid: What was it a double duty thing; in other words it was prayer but it was also a place to stay warm.

David:  Absolutely and to get fed and people would call me.  They would see me walking thru and say “Won’t you come up and eat?”  And I would ask that; people literally I believe God moved on the.  And they knew that I was hungry and they would just feed me.

Sid: Did you find that you were even at that young age 13 in the streets directed by God to spare your life?

David:  Oh, definitely.  So many times I would be walking through one street and the Holy Spirit would say “Don’t walk through there.” And sure enough there would be a shootout and there would be dead people.  So I had to… I had to learn to hear the voice of God because my very life depended on it.  It was not about being super spiritual; it’s literally a matter of survival.  And scripture says that His sheep hear His voice.  And I believe that that’s about to become more common place.  It’s what the Word talks about.  I had to learn to live by it; but of course at a very young age.  So to me it has been nothing really extraordinary but living by what the Word of God says.  So my life depended on it and so it’s really been so instrumental of the rest of my life.

Sid: So how in the world does a 13 year old whose heritage is Cuban… so obviously your parents probably came with just the clothing on their back. Am I right from Cuba?

David:  Yes Sir.

Sid: And now you’re on your own in the streets; just turned 13.  How do you become a vascular surgeon out on the streets?

David:  (Laughing) God is so awesome; that’s just a testimony.  See it’s not by might; it’s not by power but by His Spirit.  I thank God that He does not call the equipped but He equips whom He calls.  If we receive Him and we do believe Him He’s said that He’ll done it for me.  He’s no respecter of persons; that’s the beauty of this whole thing.  I’m not anyone special or extraordinary.  I have an extraordinary God.  I was a very vulnerable young man and very common young man if anything young man.  Blend in the fabric of the streets of New York but I’ve had an extraordinary awesome wonderful God who saw the desire in my heart.  I always had the desire in my heart to become a doctor; I always knew that I was going to become one.  It’s just at that point in time it seemed anything but possible for me to become.  But yet God; I stayed in school.  I was able to have the grades and I moved on.  And that’s the whole… the keeping power of God because I should have been dead.  I should have been…

Sid: For sure.

David:  I should have been a drug addict.

Sid: David let’s hold that thought we’ll pick up here on this tomorrow’s broadcast.

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sidroth on September 29th, 2014

Bill Morford

Sid: My guest by telephone Lexington, South Carolina is William Morford. He is the translator “The Power New Testament” revealing Jewish roots.  It’s the most readable alive action packed translation of the New Testament that I have ever read. I am so enjoying myself as I read this Bill. And I have to tell you even though I’m a Jewish believer in the Messiah; even though I come from a traditional Jewish background there are things that you have reveled in especially in your glossary in the back about Jewish understanding that is so necessary and vital to understand the New Testament the Jewish roots that I have never seen before. And I’m sure that it has to do with God happened to hook you up with a Rabbi who is a grandson of the man that resurrected modern day Hebrew.  Actually made a number of the words up and put them together, Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, and he knew these nuggets that so few people understand. I’d like you teach some of these unique nuggets for us now Bill.

Bill:  Alright, one that comes as a surprise to some is the personal greetings at the end of Romans with chapter 16 with verse 1.  “And I am introducing our sister Phoebe to you since she is also a minister of the congregation in Cenchrea, so that you would welcome her in the Lord as befitting as saints and you would stand by her in whatever matters she would have need of you. For she has also become a patroness of many even of me.” And that’s what Paul wrote.  And a patroness, here she’s called a servant sometimes.  Well the Greek word used could be translated servant, but she’s a minister.  You can tell by the way he refers to it to welcome her in the Lord as befitting the saints and you would stand by her in whatever matters she would have need of you. In other words they are to be looking out to help her to be servants to her.  And of course why would you send a servant from Greece to Rome where there were thousands of tens of thousands of slaves and slaves were cheap.  I mean that wouldn’t be done, but she was a minister in the congregation of Cenchrea, and she was a Patroness, that means a woman set over others.  So in some way she was set over Paul. And just what her relationship was we don’t know.  Because the Middle Eastern mind still is not a tuned to our western love for organization charts and such things. They did not look at a line organization, but they were apostles that were sent out from Rome. And obviously Phoebe had some authority some responsibility in the operations of taking the gospel to the heathen land.

Sid: But this so changes the understanding we see in the King James, or the modern translations.  This is just an example Mishpochah and it’s all explained in his footnotes and his glossary. Give us some more illustrations.

Bill:  Alright, 1st Corinthians 16 again same chapter number same verse number. “Concerning the collection for the saints as I ordered the congregation of Galatia so also must you now do. On Saturday evening at the Havdalah Service each of you must now set aside for himself from his treasuries from whatever he would have gained so that whenever I would have come so that collections would not need to be made.  And when I would arrive whomever you would approve through letters I will send them to send your gift to Jerusalem. And if it would be worthwhile for me to go they will go with me.” For you know what the Havdalah Service is that at the end of the Sabbath 2 hours after sundown there is a service in the synagogue to transfer the congregation from the holy Sabbath day, the time with the Lord back to the work a day world, to going out among the heathens to work. At that service they could talk about money. See people look on this as the first day of the week.

Sid: They think that it’s the Sunday yeah.

Bill: And it is not a Sunday service this is a Saturday evening service to move from the holy time with the Lord back to the secular time of work out in the world.  And that Havdalah Service is still held today in synagogues all over the world.

Sid: Again Mishpochah there is no way that you could understand this.  You see how rich this Bible is. But I’m going to tell you something if the Jewish roots were not in it and you were to just read this to understand healing and the action and the Gospel’s that’s brought out in this amazing translation it would have worth it.  But somehow by combining the understanding of the Jewish roots and the power and the expression that you have in the translation that you have of these powerful scriptures of what God has granted to us, the combination of the two is releasing the power.

Bill: It really is, yes. Another good one that we don’t know about is 2nd Corinthians 12:7 “And in the superiority of the relations we have on this account so that I would not exalt myself a thorn in the flesh was given to me a messenger of Satan so that he could strike me so that I would not exalt myself.”  And there’s a great deal of speculation about this thorn is it a reference to some physical problem or to troublesome people. There is no way to be certain. But painful thorn is a metaphor for a menacing neighbors in Ezekiel 28:24.  And the Greek word scallops translated thorn actually pointed to a sturdy pointed piece of wood a pike which upon a body could be impaled.  It most likely was not a physical problem because whoever those people were or whoever they were they really got under Paul’s skin.  So he refers to it as not as a little tiny rose thorn but as a plate being driven into him. And thorn is a good translation of it, but it’s not a physical thorn. We know that from Paul’s references to the false apostles who went around and exalted themselves and had letters of recommendation from one congregation to another.  Paul really disliked them they and the Nicolaitanes gave Paul fits. He was really unhappy because he had to go back to those congregations again to straighten out their theology and bring correction to them.

Sid: Let’s go to Ephesians 5:25.

Bill:  Alright fine that’s a good one.  “Husbands you must continually love your wives just as the Messiah also loved the congregation and gave Himself over on her behalf so that He would sanctify his wife, the congregation the Bride, making her pure by washing with the word of Torah in order that He would present for Himself the glorious congregation not having spot or wrinkle or any of such things, but so that His bride would be holy and without blemish.”  And there’s a footnote to that verse that water is a metaphor for Torah. And that’s taken from Isaiah 55:1 and Exodus 14:22 so that it makes it washing with the word of the Torah. And that the way that we are to take cover each other and the husband as the priest of the home has to bathe his entire household in prayer. Then coming from the scripture and quote God’s healing verses and all of God’s blessings over his household and do that on a daily basis.  It’s something that we do continually.  Matthew 7:7 we have Jesus speaking “You must regularly ask and it will be given to you. You must continually seek and you will find. You must knock habitually and it will be open to you. For everyone that asks takes and everyone who seeks finds and it will be open for the one that knocks.  For what man is there of you that when his son will ask for bread will give him a stone, or then would ask for a fish will give over him a snake.  And see we must do these things continually and regularly.”

Sid:  I like your translation that says “Everyone who asks takes.”

Bill: Yes.

Sid:  That’s where that “Power New Testament” comes in.

Bill: Right and very often there are two different Greek words that mean take and they’re very frequently translated “Receive.”

Sid: I’ll tell you Mishpochah I’m sure you’re getting the message. Between the power that’s understood from this particular translation of the New Testament and the Jewish roots what a combination.

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sidroth on September 22nd, 2014

William Morford

Sid: Now one of the tools that has crossed my hands that I saw a few years ago, but I’ve just started to get into it very deep is a New Testament. It’s called “The Power New Testament.”  And this is a very very unique translation of the New Testament.  I have the translator on the phone, William Morford.  Some of the things that makes this unique is the Bill has studied the Jewish Roots of the faith. I happen to believe, and Bill and I were discussing this, that if we go back to what some people consider sacred you know the language that Jesus spoke King James.  And of course we know that He didn’t even speak English let alone King James.  Bill there was really an anti-Jewish prejudice in the translators of the King James and way even before that of course because that’s where the church was.  But even some of the modern translations because of this Jewish prejudice have really missed some important things in the New Testament.  As a Greek scholar, as someone that’s studied the Jewish Roots, studied Hebrew from as far as I’m concerned the best Jewish Rabbi on the face of this earth to study this from.  Are you frustrated when you read some of these modern translations including the King James?

Bill: Well, I don’t read them anymore.

Sid: (Laughing) So you’re not frustrated anymore.

Bill:  I’ve done right so I haven’t read others for oh my goodness must be 10 years because I read the Greek text while I was translating my first addition.  And it was very frustrating to read other translations and see things that were incorrect. It just missed the point that the author of the New Testament was trying to make.

Sid: And I have to say something Bill and you obviously you can’t say this and I’m going to say this. I believe that you had supernatural help in this translation.  There’s something so riveting it’s almost like I’m reading the Bible for the first time.

Bill:  Well it was I prayed every day before working on the translation and it was something that I did personally because I was driven to do it.  I know that the Lord appointed me for it. So everything was done in prayer and I had really superior reference books to use and excellent advisers to help me through some of the most difficult passages.

Sid: Now going back to the beginning the average Christian, and you made a serious commitment to the Lord at age 17 coming from a Baptist background does not study Greek?  Why did you?

Bill:  (Laughing) It was unusual; there was a member in our church who had just come back from the mission field in Zambia.  And he had his PhD in Greek and he taught Zambian natives to read the Greek text and sent them out into the field and here we have American seminaries that have stopped requiring Greek because it’s too difficult and here he had the natives in the bush that he taught to read Greek.  It’s just awesome. But anyway he was in the church and just offered to teach me and anyone else that was interested in learning Greek.  So there was two of us that started and then within a month or so the other one dropped off and he and I had really precious time together as he tutored me personally for over 2 years.

Sid: Then you determined to really learn Greek by translating the scriptures and after 7 years of this the Lord spoke to you about doing something. What did He say?

Bill:  “Get serious it’s time to really get serious and do a translation.”  And to me that was a frightening prospect because taking on scripture is something that each of us has to take very, very seriously.

Sid: Now in retrospect I see why God told you to do this this is a unique translation.  However at the time I think I might have said “God what do you need another translation  of Your Bible for?

Bill:  Well, I knew that; because there were so many things in it that angered me where the missed Hebrew idioms, or they had…

Sid: Okay when you say the terms Hebrew idiom, define idiom and give me an example of a Hebrew idiom that we might have missed.

Bill:  Well, an idiom is a saying that you have in one language that wouldn’t mean the same thing in another language.  And one my wife likes to use is that we talk about we use is we talk about it raining dogs and cats.  And you know any foreigner hearing that would wonder what’s going on. But some of those in the Hebrew that are in the Greek language they are Hebrew idioms that are written in the Greek text that we have.

Sid: Now I asked you to give me an example of this but I have to tell you I’ve been writing down so many examples of these idioms that there’s no way to understand it.  For instance in Matthew 15:22 and in many instances there were people that were sick and they were running to Jesus and they were saying “Have mercy on us.” And what is that an idiom for when you when you ask for mercy?

Bill:  It’s asking for forgiveness.

Sid: Now there is no way that anyone would realize that that’s what someone is saying.

Bill:  Right.

Sid: And maybe that’s just one of the missing keys as to why people aren’t getting healed.

Bill:  That’s true because not only are we asking for forgiveness but Jesus gave us that requirement in the Lord’s prayer that we have to forgive others first before we even ask God to forgive us.  We can’t have any un-forgiveness and of course people that have forgiveness are going to have a barrier that keeps them from a healing.

Sid: Now, you started working on this translation. You moved to Lakeland, Florida and you met Eliezer Ben-Yehuda whose is the grandson of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda the one that literally put together what we call modern day Hebrew.  That must have been a fascinating time for you to fellowship with him.

Bill:  Oh it was awesome; we became very close.  He and his wife; in fact they were with us over Memorial Day weekend this year.

Sid: What is he just out of curiosity and I don’t want to put you or him on the spot, has he seen the work that you’ve done and what does he think of it?

Bill:  Oh, he thinks that this is the best translation out there, but of course he has more than a dozen reasons why Jesus cannot be the Messiah.

Sid: That’s his problem, but let me tell you something as a Jewish believer in the Messiah I am just overwhelmed with the information that I wasn’t aware of. For instance, it was worth me reading this new translation for one word.  You talk about sickness and you say that the Greek really although we put the word sickness in the Greek really means evil. I never heard that before.

Bill:  Well, that’s the word that’s in there “Kakos” and it means evil.

Sid: So someone that says “Well God has just given me sickness so that I’ll learn a lesson.” That’s almost like saying God has just put some evil on me so I’ll learn to be a better person.

Bill: (Laughing)

Sid: I mean when you really get technical I mean that is wonderful, I mean it’s bad that someone would think such theology but it is wonderful to understand that the word translated sickness really is evil. And as a matter of fact you had some problems with sickness and you had a revelation on healing.  And I happen to believe that this “Power New Testament” revealing Jewish roots because of your understanding of healing you could bring out scriptures much clearer from the Greek that really explains even the tenses of what the Messiah was saying which makes a big difference in our understanding.

Bill:  Oh, it does and see I think that one of the things that helped me to do this compared to other translations, other translators. Is that we my wife and I are hands on ministers and when we lay hands on others and on each other and we expect to be healed.  We see healings every time we minister.  But see the translators of the major books are all chosen because of scholarship and they’re people that live in Ivory towers.  They may not even be born again, and they definitely are not hands on ministers who believe in healing. We know that it’s healing my goodness my eyes were healed.

Sid: What do you mean “My eyes were healed?”  Like for instance you wore glasses?

Bill:  I wore glasses; yes and it was in March of 1984 we were in Israel and we were talking and I made the comment that “The Lord had healed the eyes of a friend of our back home.”  And one of the people with us said “Well yeah He could heal your eyes too.”  And I said “Yes He’s going to give me a sign when I should take my glasses off.”  And the very next morning while we were waiting for the bus we were on a Benny Hinn tour a young girl with us was cold. And this was maybe 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning. So I gave he my jacket.  And when I got the jacket back the glasses that had been in their case in the inside pocket the glasses were broken. So when we got home they stayed broken and roughly 2 months later driving down the road on my way in the morning I could see street signs way…

Sid: Stop, we’re out of time.


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sidroth on September 17th, 2014

Charles Cowan

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Pastor Charles Cowan; he’s Pastor of the 2000 member Faith Is The Victory Church in Nashville, Tennessee.  And he’s just written a new book the title is one that you need to read it’s called “How to Deal with the Cares of Life.”  The Bible has much to say about this, and on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about a catch word that’s used in the medical profession a lot it’s called stressed.  Although it’s a catch word because the doctors don’t know what the real cause of diseases might be.  It a real situation, it’s our response to external stimulus, but there is something that has overcome that.  It’s the word of God and it’s the one thing to intellectually know the word of God; but it’s another thing to have the word of God in your heart where it becomes more real than the external stimulus.  Then this stress can’t get hold of you, like unfortunately it has with many Christians as much with Christians as non-Christians, it should not be, it will not be.  Charles at the beginning of your book you talk about a great move of God’s Spirit and what the devil is trying to do is to get us out of position so we won’t be ready to fulfill our destiny.  And in the beginning of your book you talk about an experience that you had and I think that when we become real and we talk about those in the pulpit talk about “You know I go through the same challenges and the same problems that you do. Let me tell you what happened to me when I was flying on an airplane.”  Tell us that story.

Charles:  Okay, well you know and that is true; what we preach from the pulpit we have to walk it just like anyone else does.  I was on a plane out of Nashville and we had to take an early one morning and we were on our way to Dallas, Ft. Worth.  And we had gotten up to our flying altitude and we’re flying along rather smoothly when all of a sudden the pilot, the captain, put the plane into a very sharp descent.  And just for a few seconds I’m sure it seemed like a long time but just for a few seconds there wasn’t anything said in the plane the plane was in this almost felt that it was in a nose dive.  And then he came on the intercom and told the flight attendants to take their seat; buckle their seatbelts and then there were a few more seconds.  Well, in this few seconds this emotion; I began to feel this emotion of fear.  And you know fear there are 2 or 3 different kinds of fear; fear #1 you know is the fear of God which is reverence for God.  Then there is a cautious type of fear where if your person’s crossing the street should look both ways and make sure of their safety.  And then there is this fear that is called a spirit; Paul wiring to Timothy said “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind.”  So from without I began these emotions I began to feel these emotions and thoughts began to flood my mind. And my thought were “This plane is going to crash; this plane is going down; you’re going to die.”  There I am in the midst of that and Satan is using this circumstance and this situation to flood my mind and to drive me away from what God has said about my safety and about my protection.  Because the word of God says “He’s given His angels charge over us to keep us in all of our ways to keep us up in their hands less we dash our foot against a stone.”  He’s also told us that “No weapon formed that is formed against us shall prosper.”  And so there in my mind all of these thoughts were coming.

Sid: But just as the plane suddenly plunged downward you know all of these things but in that moment was fear a very tangible emotion that was happening to you?

Charles:  Sid, it felt really, it felt as though that I could actually taste it.  I mean it was very, very real it was a most powerful emotion and it came so unannounced.  When that plane started down and it just… what it does it tries it best to frighten an individual out of their senses.  I used to hear when I was growing up you know and someone would pull… you know hide behind the door or whatever in the dark and then jump out. You know and I’ve heard people say “That just scared me out of my mind.”  See that’s what Satan seeks to do with these things that we face many times and he seeks to scare us out of our spiritual mind and get us to thinking in a carnal type mind and buy into whatever that has brought on this emotion of fear.  So he was trying to get me to buy into the thought “The plane is going to crash; you’re going to die, you’ll never see your family again,” and all of those kind of thoughts that come.  So what he was trying to do he was trying to displace me in my thought life and buy into what was happening at the moment.   And so thank God the word of God was in me and so I just began to say “No weapon formed against me shall prosper, God has given His angels charge over me; God is my protector; God will take care of me.”  And then the thought rushes in there “Well, how do you think He’s going to take care of you now this plane is going to crash?”  So in my mind I was fighting this battle in my mind.  Which every believer, every person listening to this broadcast has to face these, maybe not this same situation but has to face these thoughts that come and bring war and bring warfare.  You know Paul said “The weapons of our warfare are not  carnal, but they’re mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”

Sid: Is this what James was referred to saying “That a double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways?

Charles:  This is exactly what he was referring to; he is double-minded man; Satan wants to…he wants to get you to think about what’s on the other side of the coin as it were. You’re here thinking what God says.  He wants to get you thinking about what’s happening in your life at this moment in time.  And so what if he gets you thinking about that and then you try to go back and thinking the word; what the word of God says then you’re thinking about the present moment and situation.  And get you to vacillate between the two you become double-minded, or in other words you have encountered a distracted mind. You know the scripture teaches us that “He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.”  And it doesn’t matter really in God’s view it doesn’t matter what’s going on around me, all that matters to God is what He said.  So I have to be sure that Satan doesn’t distract me to the point that I just move the word of God over to the side and think only these thoughts Satan is bringing to me.  I’ve got to give God my words, I’ve got to give Him my thoughts so that His power that’s in His word can bring to me the deliverance that I need; the help that I need at that moment in time. And so that’s what I found myself doing.

Sid: Okay, so you took this sudden plunge, fear hits you it’s tangible; what did you do?

Charles:  I just began to take a hold of my senses, my mind, and I just began to say what the word of God has to say about my safety and about my protection and about what God has stated in His word that He will do for me.  I’ve set my love upon Him and you know it says “There things shall not come nigh me; it shall not be able to overcome me.”  And so I just began to speak the word of God because you see if my thinking gets over here in the wrong area; my words are going to be in the wrong area.  So I put my mind back on the word of God; so it was a fight to do that.  It wasn’t the easiest thing to do in my life.  But I made myself I made my mind get back over here on what God says. And no matter what was going on around me; no matter what Satan had planned for my life that day I knew that God’s plan for my life was to do His will…

Sid: But things kept getting worse, I mean the plane started shaking; you went into a freezing storm, the pilot came on with problems there was ever worse things going on that he didn’t tell you about.  I mean did you find yourself going up and down like a yo-yo as far as what was going on with this fear?

Charles:  When this comes against you when things of this nature or problems come against you what you have to make the decision to do is that you’re going to stabilize yourself in your thought life.  Yeah, there was opportunity for me to be up and down like a yo-yo.  It was an opportunity for me to say “It doesn’t look like God is going to come through.”  It was an opportunity to feel like God was a million miles away; maybe He had hung a sign on the door out to lunch or something.  But I forced myself to stabilize my thoughts that God would protect me; God is my protector; God is the one who keeps me safe and I will dwell upon those thoughts.  I just kept making my mind think that because I knew that I couldn’t fight a thought with a thought. I had to fight those thoughts with words.  So I found out that when I say something and I hear myself saying it my mind had to stop and to listen to what I was saying.

Sid: But so in affect you had to make a freewill decision which set of thoughts you would go on.

Charles:  That’s it and if you don’t do that; if an individual doesn’t do that when cares of life come against them if they don’t do that they’ll do exactly what you said.  They’ll be like a yo-yo. Today…

Sid: Charles we’re out of time we’ll pick up here on tomorrow’s broadcast.  Mishpochah how would you like to stay connected with God no matter what external stimuli comes your way.  No matter what problems come your way; this book teaches you how to do it.

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