sidroth on January 23rd, 2015


SID: The most terrifying words my guest Carlos heard in Heaven is that he was not ready. After thinking about this, pondering and taking time, why were you not ready?

CARLOS: So I come out of this encounter and I find myself back in my physical body. I’m on the floor weeping, totally distraught and disturbed by the encounter. And those words haunted me, Sid, for two hours. I lay there weeping, saying, haunted by those words, “No we’re not ready, no we’re not ready.” So I asked the Lord, “Well why am I not ready?” Was I talking about myself, the ministry, my family, the church in general? And after two hours I heard the Holy Spirit say this to me, he said, “Son, if I took you home right now, you are ready to meet me for eternity.” And he said this: “But in the condition that your heart is in right now, you are not ready for the next great move of the Holy Spirit.”

SID: But wait a second now. Did you see miracles in your congregation?

CARLOS: Absolutely.

SID: Did you see people coming to know the Messiah?

CARLOS: Absolutely.

SID: Were you growing?

CARLOS: Absolutely.

SID: Did you have financial problems?

CARLOS: Not at all.

SID: And he wasn’t ready. And so here’s what the Lord began to reveal to my heart. He began to reveal to my heart that I had become a professional minister. In other words, I had become, grown so comfortable in my calling that the ministry was routine. I mean, you can get up behind a platform. And you know, my heart was still for the Lord. Don’t get me wrong. I still love the Lord. But in other words, my heart was no longer on the edge, a prophetic edge. And the Holy Spirit began to reveal to me, he said, “Son, you’ve left your first love.” He reminded me of the Church of Ephesus. Remember Revelation 2, where the Spirit of the Lord rebuked the church for leaving her first love. Although they had great ministry, they had great doctrine, great miracles, but they left their first love. And the Spirit of God began to reveal to me, “Son, because you left your first love, therefore, there’s a lack of humility.” And the lack of humility, which I believe is a major component that we have to have restored in the preachers of America, the preachers of the Western church, the preachers in the Body of Christ, so because the true spirit of humility is a pure dependence upon God where there is no glory for man.

SID: I like that.

CARLOS: There is no glory for the church, a specific local church. There is no glory for the ministry. But He gets all the glory. And the true spirit of humility is that what John the Baptist said: “I must decrease, but he must increase.” And so I really believe this is an area that the Spirit of God is honing in on so that the church can understand if we truly are humble, He will exalt this. And there’s many that are watching right now by television that the Holy Spirit, I saw earlier the Spirit of God almost like take His hand and turn a spigot and I saw fresh release of affections. I saw a fresh release of love. And those of you that are watching me now, just be sensitive and ask the Lord, say, “Lord, would you please open up the portal of my heart. Open up the portal of my soul,” because the Lord wants to download love and affection. He wants you to feel how much He feels about you. And the reason why many of us are stuck, we’re not progressive, we don’t feel the presence of the Lord or we’re not happy, I mean some of the saddest Christians are Christians who are bored, and they’re bored because fully realize how God feels about them. And so for those of you that are watching right now, in Jesus’ name, receive that fresh turning of the affections of God for your life even right now in Jesus’ name. And so I just felt from the Lord that the Spirit of God was asking me to focus on two things: Son, become more dependent on me, seek my face, and the number two, turn to your first love.

SID: You know what I’m reminded of and I’d like to have your reaction to this, our country is so wonderful. You don’t have to believe God to be physically healed. You got to the best doctors in the world. That’s what our medical system is. You have money to buy anything you want. You have media, you have Internet, you have TV, you have entertainment, you have sports. You’re busy, busy, busy, busy.


SID: I wrote a book many years ago from a song. The song was, “There Must Be Something More,” because I work, eat, sleep, and that’s the way it goes.


SID: Because I work, eat, sleep and that’s the way it goes. There must be something more. Carlos, you have started a 7-day a week, 24-hour prayer meeting in Orlando. A lot of people when they hear things like that, they say, I am so glad. You were called to pray. I’m not. I mean, I’ll pray my prayers in the morning for a couple of minutes, but that’s your thing, not my thing. What would you say to them?

CARLOS: I would say to them that the Bible is very, very clear. Every one of us are both kings and priests. And a king minsters on behalf of the King of all kings. But a priest ministers to the King, to the Priest of all priests. So I would say that we must return back to ministering faithfully at the altar.

SID: Like King David.

CARLOS: Like King David. The altar of prayer and the altar of worship. The altar of His presence, to be faithful at that. That’s what, you mentioned King David. He was the most successful Jewish king. Why? Because David understood, if I can have the Glory, if I can have the presence, if I can make sure that He’s being ministered to, day and night, night and day, I’m assured of the victory in my God’s presence. And that’s the missing link, I believe. We may have great churches, great ministers with the power and the Glory of God. I don’t knock that. I’m for that. But we need to see that resort to the individual believer, not just to a service, not just to a conference, not just to a seminar, not just to an outreach. We need to have every believer understand, wait a second, it’s not the pastor, it’s not just the evangelist. I’m called as an individual to return back to minister to the Lord. And that’s what I believe the Lord is saying. Return back to your first love. The greatest commandment is not a suggestion. It’s a commandment: Thou shalt the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, soul and strength. And when you look at the Bible, Genesis to Revelation, it’s about one thing, Sid. Ready? It’s about a wedding.

SID: A wedding.

CARLOS: It’s a wedding. In other words—

SID: To be candid with you, I know what he’s saying. But I have never really thought about it. Did you hear what he said, from Genesis to Revelation, it’s about a wedding. Explain.

CARLOS: History began in Genesis, Chapter 1, 2 and 3 with Adam and Eve. What’s that about? Man and woman becoming one. That’s a wedding. First miracle of Jesus of his ministry, where? John, Chapter 2 at the wedding of Cana in Galilee. And then one of the greatest apostles, if not the greatest apostle, was Paul, and he has his revelation of the mystery. Do you know about the mystery, the Jew and gentile becoming one. But he takes it further and the Lord reveals to him, this mystery he’s talking about is the heart of God, the plan of God having to pass for all of eternity, which is what? God and man becoming one. And he uses the picture of a husband and a wife. He says, “I speak to you a mystery when I’m speaking concerning Christ and the church.” And then we Revelation, Chapter 22 in Verse 17, one of the last statements the Spirit of God says about the End Times is this: “And the spirit and the bride, they come.” I believe the greatest identity that’s about to be released to the Body of Christ, we know what it is to be a child of God, we know what it is to be a son of God and many of us know what it is to be a friend of God. But the greatest revelation and the greatest identity, the most intimate relationship on Earth is that between a man and a woman, a husband and a wife. And the Spirit of God is releasing this revelation that Christ is the bridegroom and the church is the bride.

SID: You know, I’m reminded of another way. At this particular wedding, the very first miracle the Messiah of Israel demonstrated, he turned water into wine, the wedding at Cana. And this is what his mother Miriam said: “Whatever he says, do it.” That’s what Carlos is talking about. That’s what Carlos heard from Heaven. But you don’t do what he said if you’re not reading His Word. You don’t have a revelation of what he said, if you’re not praying, you don’t know anything if you don’t have intimacy with God. If there has ever been a time that you must have your own intimacy with God, someone can’t do it for you. You’ve been lied to. You must have your own intimacy with God. Believe the Messiah of Israel died for your sins. Believe that his blood, the Pasach blood, the Passover blood, washed your sins away. Believe that you are clean and he lives inside of you and is your Lord, and start doing whatever he says. Do it!

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sidroth on January 12th, 2015


Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dr. Ray Strand, and Dr. Strand is a practicing MD that has now because of what he has learned has actually stopped practicing the medicine but doing mostly lectures and speaking on this subject. He has two books that I just can’t say enough about how important it is for you to read these two books.  One is called “Death By Prescription.”  Did you know that the 3rd leading cause of death in America is medicine?  And also his second book is called “What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know about Nutritional Medicine May be Killing You.”  I am so confused on the subject of diets; I am so confused on the subject of medicine; I am so confused on the subject of herbs and vitamins.  I mean I’m on everyone’s list; I just opened something today that the great cure all to lower your blood pressure. But the thing that Dr. Strand has been saying over and over again is that we must become proactive and I mean it’s almost outrageous Dr. Strand that you said that becoming proactive you can prevent having Alzheimer’s, having high blood pressure; having diabetes; being overweight.  I mean and almost every other disease we know of.

Ray:  Well you know we just ended the last program and talked about this very fact that you know when you go to any medical meeting and you hear about high blood pressure of diabetes or cholesterol or heart disease. You know what they say “The first heart therapy should be patients trying to learn healthier lifestyles.”  And this is what people should be doing prior to being placed on any medicine; I mean this is the standard in medicine.  However physicians tend to feel for whatever reason just giving us lip service as they’re writing the prescription.  In other words they might say “You might need to exercise or do this; but they don’t really direct the patient in effective lifestyle changes that could lower their blood pressure, lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol.  And what we do is we end up feeling patients won’t do it because it takes patient motivation. Or the second thing is we feel even if they do do it won’t help and that’s where the fallacy is.  You can control much of these diseases or prevent these by simply adopting healthy lifestyles.

Sid:  Alright, what about the individual that says in my family and I know that these are curses so you don’t have to write me letters. And I know that Jesus died and became a curse for us that we don’t have to bare the penalty of the curse.  But I also know that there are many people that are Spirit Filled Christians that are going to end up with diabetes, with Alzheimer’s, with cancer, with arthritis, with fibromyalgia, with many of these diseases and according to you Dr. Strand they’re all preventable.

Ray: Well, that’s right and you know Sid it’s sad no one is dying of old age anymore.  We’re not… in this body we know that that the outer man is decaying and the inner-man is growing day by day. But what happens is this process is set by God.  But yet again it was not his intent that we should suffer.  You know my patients don’t seem to be as concerned about the years in their life than the quality of life in those years. And we’re just simply living too short and dying too long and people don’t have to do that.

Sid:  Now if people followed the directions in your book, the instructions if you will and I must add even your diet is a relatively simple diet.  Your exercise is relatively simple exercise; your nutrition suggestions are not a long laundry list but just a few vitamins and herbs.  What results do you believe that they’ll have?

Ray:  Well, they are dramatic and I’ve seen it over and over in my clinical practice. I mean not only can you I feel prevent diabetes about 90% of the time.  I have several diabetics these are adult onset diabetics who have totally reversed their disease. And is it a miracle of the Lord?  Yes it is because all we are doing is when you start to take care of yourself and you take nutritionals, which are simply nutrients we should be getting from our food. But Sid now because we have supplements we can supplement at levels you can’t obtain from your food.  But now all we’re doing is enhancing what God’s already created. That natural immune system, the natural antioxidant defense system and the natural repair system.  And this is something that has just been amazing to me when people adopt these very very simple lifestyles changes. Because like you mentioned in an earlier program the more you read the more confused you are.  And that’s where I feel my role is, is try to weed through all of the garbage and marketing and try to give people practical honest truthful aspects of healthy lifestyles that are effective.

Sid: Now when I was telling you some of the herbs that I was taking you seemed to be kind of negative on herbs.  As a matter of fact your book talks about dangers from certain herbs that people buy as well as just going to a drug store and buying something over the counter that’s not an herb in the medicine category.  There’s dangers in these things.

Ray: Well right, first of all herbs are basically natural drugs.  You know that’s where 25% of your drugs that our pharmaceutical companies have developed actually come from plants and herbs.

Sid: You know my rational was “Well, it’s an herb it won’t hurt me; if it’s a medicine it might.”

Ray:  Well your right in one aspect it is safer than medications but the problem is that herbs actually change natural enzymatic reactions to create a pharmaceutical effect.  A good example is St. John’s Wart. St John’s Wart is like half strength Prozac and if you take…

Sid:  And the average Christian would say “I don’t want to take Prozac.”  But they’re taking St. John’s Wart.

Ray: Right, it’s the same thing and it just…the other thing is that if you take red rice yeast it’s exactly the same drug that’s in Mevacor which is like a Lipator or Zocor.

Sid: And what about something like over the counter diet pills, tell me a true story.

Ray:  Well, a true story and I can tell you generally a study that was done. They used to contain a product called PPA, Purple Phenylpropanolamine, if I can get it out, but anyway the PPA was in all of these diet pills and decongestants for years.  Until they found out that young teenage girls would have a hemorrhagic stroke from all of these drugs. And it took them years to figure this out except they will hear these 16, 17 year old girls dying of a bleed in the brain and they couldn’t figure it out.  It was due to these over the counter diet pills PPA.  Well, now we’ve heard about Afedra which is an herb that has been taken off the market and it was causing tremendous problems with hemorrhagic strokes or problems with seizures.  And I’ve actually had the patient I’ve written about in my book “Death By Prescription” that happened to a 25 year old man here with just on the right dose of Afedra.  And he had a seizure and had brain damage because he didn’t get enough oxygen and at 24 he’s a vegetable and that’s a true story from my home town here.  So we see this all the time see you have to be careful of that. And then Sid you mentioned the over the counter drugs; 75 – 85% of those over counter drugs were once prescription medication.  And obviously they have problems too but because we feel that they are over-the-counter they must be safe. And you can take Motrin and Aleve and that’s 2 examples…

Sid: I know people with arthritis that just pop them all the time.

Ray:  You know Sid, 100,000 admissions each and every year occur because of those drugs because of  GI bleeds, and over 16,000 deaths just due to the Motrins and the Aleves of the world.

Sid: Hmm.  What about something like antibiotic, someone’s got a cold and they talk their doctor into giving them an antibiotic?

Ray:  Well I’ll tell you some stories.  We had a… I knew of a patient that wasn’t mine and this was before we knew.  People used to take a antihistamine non sedating called Seldane.  Seldane was on the market for 12 years before it was pulled off. Now Seldane by itself was fine, but when you took an antibiotic like Erythromycin very common but you used it in combination they had a side effect which was called sudden death because they could get a cardiac arrest. There are other ones just by them self and there has been several antibiotics taken off the market and they’re called quidalones and it’s really amazing they can cause a heart rhythm problem and cause a sudden death.  And we start to see this and it’s you know there’s a lot of them that have been taken off the market that we didn’t know about.

Sid: What about something like Tylenol?

Ray:  Well, Tylenol causes liver damage.

Sid: Oi vey.

Ray: You know I told you the story about Heidi earlier in the week. When I was up at the University of Minnesota with her and she was having liver failure. Now she was fortunate she came out of it we caught it quick enough. But they said their liver transplant unit was filled with people who had destroyed their livers by the use of Tylenol.  And so you know is Tylenol bad or does it hurt everybody? No, but you have to aware of the fact that it can cause liver damage and if you start to feel sick these people have to say “Whoa it’s my medication and maybe I have to be calling my doctor and checking with them.”

Sid:  Now if someone were to read your books; find out what you have to say about herbs and vitamins and specific prescriptions; and then become proactive. Do the exercise you recommend and do take the nutrition you recommend; have the diet that you recommend. What are some of the things that changes they might have in their body?

Ray: Well the big thing is that what I have found is number 1 their blood pressure drops they start to release fat, they just start losing it.

Sid: Losing weight.

Ray:  They get out of insulin resistance; their cholesterols drop; their good cholesterol goes up.  I’ve had diabetics come under dramatically better control.  Some of them have actually reversing their diabetes they are not even diabetic anymore.

Sid: A great deal of these deadly diseases are preventable.

Ray:  A good example is the native American; the blacks as a community, the Hispanics now have a risk.  If their child is born today 50% of them are going to get diabetes; that wasn’t true 2 generations ago; that is just happening. And what it is yes they have a genetic acceptability to that disease; but then you add to it their lifestyles and their environment.

Sid: Dr. Strand, I’m sorry we’re out of time.  One more day left of very vital information.

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sidroth on January 2nd, 2015


Sid: Getting ready, and boy when I say getting ready because I believe that the Messiah is coming sooner than even I think let alone what you think. I really believe that we are in the period of time that the Rabbi’s of Israel are describing now as in the footsteps of the Messiah. In the traditional community they know something’s up.  In the Christian community they know that something’s up; Jesus is getting ready to return.  And that’s why I’m interviewing John McTernan. He’s been a guest many times and he has just done a 3 DVD series with notes called “Healing the Broken Heart and Walking Under the Blessings of Abraham.” And I believe that it’s as timely a message as you’ll ever hear. Now John for those that aren’t familiar with you you suffered with a broken heart many years; it crippled you in many areas of your life. But you were totally unaware of it, am I right?

John:  Well you’re right Sid. When I look back I actually had a broken heart all my life and I was ministering to the Lord and I had been on your show and the way that I explain it Sid; now you had interviewed me several times. It felt like my life was going… like I was going down an interstate at 65 miles an hour with the emergency brake on.  There was something wrong and I couldn’t put my finger on it until the Lord showed me it was a broken heart and I needed to be healed of it.  

Sid: Now just out of curiosity. How did He show that to you? What were the circumstances?

John:  Well Sid I was praying and crying out to the Lord; “What is wrong.” And it wasn’t like I was in sin or anything like it it was something wrong inside and I didn’t know what it was.

Sid:  What a good way to describe it be there was a blockage and you couldn’t put your finger on it till everything God had for you, or you would not have put it that?

John: You know Sid it was more like a resistance inside; that’s the best way for me to explain it.  That’s why I used that with the emergency brake on.  And I was listening to the radio one day and there was a woman on there who had done an extensive study on children from divorced families. And my mother and father were divorced almost right after I was born…

Sid: And by the way the ones that are listening and say “It’s not for me.”  No, you probably has it worse; and when your parents stayed together they went through such turmoil you hit… the same turmoil hit you but go ahead.

John:  Yeah, and she was talking about what she found is children from divorced families grow up with broken hearts. And I was thinking, “Broken heart” and immediately, immediately the Holy Spirit took me to Luke 4:18 where in the scriptures it said “That the Lord came to heal the brokenhearted.”  And I said “Lord, could that be it; do I have a broken heart?” But I didn’t know that I had one.

Sid: You know what it reminds me of?  There are many people walking around that have blockage in their arteries to their heart and some of them die prematurely because of it.  They have it and it’s a walking time bomb and they don’t know it because this is on the spiritually level not the physical.

John:  Absolutely, you can… that’s the first time I heard that but you hit the nail right on the head with that description.  I had this blockage in my spiritual heart and didn’t know it.  So I prayed to the Lord, I prayed Luke 4:18.  I’ll read this verse, it says “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor.”  This is the ministry of Jesus Christ.  He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and the recovering of the sight to the blind and to set at liberty them that are bruised.  So my prayer was “Lord, if I have a broken heart, please reveal it and heal it.”  And what happened Sid, all of a sudden I don’t know how soon after I prayed but…

Sid: Now, now just out of curiosity was the prayer just like you just said or where you really pushing. Did you just say a pragmatic prayer, “heal me” or were you really crying out for this. I just want to understand?

John:  Sid, it was kind of a cry out because I was so desperate to find out what was wrong inside of me.  So, yes it was kind of like “Lord, if this is the cause I have a broken heart please reveal it and heal it to me.” Yeah, it was a cry I would say it was a cry to the Lord.

Sid: I have to believe that yes you had a clue because of the statistic of children from divorced families. But I happen to believe in this day that we’re living in that everyone listening to me has a degree of a broken heart or Jesus wouldn’t have said that that was one of the purposes of His coming.

John:  You’re absolutely correct, I agree with you 100% this is a fallen world.  We come in contact with people that hate us; have lack of love, have anger, have bitterness.  Unless Sid you grow up in a wonderful Christian family where God’s love is just flowing through that family and there is forgiveness and all…

Sid: Not too many of my Jewish friend’s do that but go ahead. (Laughing)

John:  (Laughing) But, so I cried out to the Lord and all of a sudden this tremendous feeling of loneliness overcame me.

Sid: Hmm.

John:  Now this wasn’t loneliness like I’ve gone on a little trip for a couple of days and I’ve missed my wife and family. This was a loneliness that felt like I was dying seriously.  And this felt like I was falling into this dark pit. I would lay my head on the pillow at night with this feeling of loneliness and tears would just flow out of eyes. It was just complete separation and this terrible loneliness.  And it took me a couple of weeks; I was praying to the Lord; I was giving this to Him; I was saying “Heal me from this.” And then again I was laying in bed and it left me like it weighed 300 pounds on my shoulder and then all of a sudden someone lifted it and it went.  And that is when, and there were a couple of other things that were needed but that was the start of the healing of my broken heart.  I had this great loneliness in me as a little baby, or youngster, from the separation from my father. And I had the spirit of loneliness that entered into me from being with my mother and stepfather when I wanted to be with my father.

Sid: Were the changes that occurred in your life gradual, or instantaneous, as instantaneous as when this left you, this broken heart?

John:  It was instantaneous when that left me but then there were other things that the Lord revealed that had to be dealt with.  But this here was instantaneous; something dramatic happened to me at that time. I knew it, I knew it Sid.

Sid: What was some of the other areas that you were set free from once your heart received this major healing from the trauma?

John:  Well, along with that was rejection.

Sid: Hm.

John:  And my heart had to be healed from this rejection it was like a fear of rejection. I guess that would be the best way to explain it.  And the way the Lord… when I saw that I had this rejection in me and it was like a defensive shield Sid that I would put up from the fear of being rejected.  I wanted to… this is one of the things that I minister to the people with.  Romans 8:15 and this is the verse that set me free. Because it says in that verse “That God has not given us a spirit of bondage again to fear, but a spirit of adoption where we cry Abba Father!”  When I realized that God was my source of acceptance not people, and the Bible says that I can call God “Abba,” which is in English “Daddy.”  And I rested in Him. That’s what completely healed me of fear of rejection and the spirit of rejection.

Sid: Okay, what difference has it made in your life as a result of having your heart healed?

John:   Well, what it’s done is number 1 it’s giving me a great inner peace that I lacked before with that feeling of resistance that I was telling you about. Also I didn’t realize the weakness that was in me and my heart was healed this inner strength came that completely revolutionized my walk with the Lord.

Sid: Well I know this.  You don’t know this Mishpochah but John when he just shares people are having these releases and it’s almost like… John you have a new release of gifting which was blocked because of the broken heart.

John:  Yes, yes. Once the Lord healed me of that broken heart a whole new like ministry opened up; a whole new walk with the Lord.

Sid: See I believe a lot of the gifts of the Spirit that God has given to people.  Just like some have a good heart but have blockage in their arteries the blockage has stopped it from being released. Well, I’m so excited that John put together 3 DVD’s plus his notes. And the 3 DVD’s is called.  “Healing the Broken heart and Walking Under the Blessings of Abraham.”  It is vital end-time teaching but he prays for you to have your heart blockage removed on this special 3 DVD series with notes.

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sidroth on December 23rd, 2014


SID: Now we find out in the Bible amazing supernatural blessings that God has given to

Abraham. But there’s a tie-in between a heart being broken and receiving these supernatural blessings. There is, like with John, there is a disconnect and many people don’t understand this. Explain that.

JOHN: When our heart is healed, it puts us in a new relationship with God. It’s like when you have an earthly father and you’re afraid of him for whatever reason, you shy back, you’re afraid to talk to him, you’re afraid to ask him. Well with a broken heart, that can carry over towards our attitude. And God tells us to call him “Abba Father.” And those attitudes towards an earthly father, we can project towards God. But he’s not like that towards us. So a broken heart can break the feeling, or block the feeling of how much God loves us, how much He wants to bless us, and also the ministry of Lord Jesus is to open the eyes of the blind. So once our heart is healed, Sid, it’s a progression. Salvation, healing of the heart, setting the captives free, opening the eyes of the blind and then setting at liberty them that are bruised, it’s a progression of what God does in

our life. So when our heart is healed and we’re set free, all of a sudden there’s no blockage between us and Abba Father, and we believe that He’ll bless us then.

SID: So very briefly, will you tell me, I mean, John gets calls from people that have loved ones in mental institutions. Tell me about one.

JOHN: A friend of mine asked me to minister to his sister who was believer, and she has been in and out of the psychiatric ward for severe depression. She had been there, she’s in her 60’s, she had been in there now for three months. And didn’t know she was in there for three months.

SID: How bad was the depression?

JOHN: The doctor said it was the worst he’s ever seen. They were thinking of permanently institutionalizing her. When I visited her and I looked at her, Sid, if you could see depression, that was her. I mean, you could like cut it or touch her with depression. And there’s a Bible right next to her. So I began to talk to her and she said, “I’ve been prayed over and so many people prayed over me, and I’ve gone to Christian psychologists.” I said, “Did anyone ever pray for you for a broken heart?” And she went like this and she said, “No, never.” I said, “That’s the problem.” Terry was her name. So we got into her background. When she was 16 years old she had a child out of wedlock. The child died and it ruptured her family, relationship with her family that destroyed her inside, and she went on a path of rejection and depression into the psychiatric ward. So we prayed and she forgave what happened, she believed the baby died because of what she did. Then she believed God punished her by taking the baby. She had a grudge towards God. She had to forgive herself. She had to forgive her parents. When that all came and then we prayed, Sid, the greatest, for me personally I think, miracle I had ever seen, her continence changed. She had this glow to the point where people in the psychiatric ward were saying to her, “What happened to you? You look so different.” My friend said to me, “You did like a magic act. His name was John.” I said, “What are you talking about?” He said, “That’s not my sister.” He goes, “I don’t know who she is.” He goes, “I’ve never seen anything like this from the depression to the joy.” And they released her from the hospital, and she now is leading a normal life. The whole problem was a broken heart.

SID: Okay. Will you pray as God instructs for those that are watching, because I know that this is what you’ve been crying out to God for.

JOHN: Yes. Father, we come before you in the awesome name of Jesus. And Lord, we bring the listeners before you and the key on their part is forgiveness, to forgive those that broke their heart, forgive themselves and maybe possibly we be reconciled with you from a grudge. Father, once that’s done, I pray now that in the name of Jesus you take that shattered, broken, splintered heart and put it together, make it solid, make it one according to your word, and bind it with the power and the love of the Holy Spirit, never to be broken again. And bring the healing that comes with that, Father, the healing from fear and depression, and anxiety, and rejection where we can call you Abba Father and walk in love with you. And then, Father, we ask for the flow as the heart is healed, Lord, that issues like high blood pressure, heart problems, ulcerated colitis, Lord, fibromyalgia, all sorts of things that are triggered by the tension inside, the anxiety inside, the fear inside, Lord, that your natural healing virtue would flow through their bodies, and they be released and healed of these diseases and maladies. In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen.

SID: Amen. Now I can tell this. There is a requirement in the Kingdom. It came from our teacher, our Lord, the Messiah of Israel, Jesus, the Anointed One. And this is what he says: “I will forgive you to the same degree, the same amount that you forgive other people.” So how much do you want God to forgive you, 95 percent? You say, I don’t feel like it. I don’t deserve it. Doesn’t count. Meaningless. God says, if you confess your sins He is just and faithful to forgive you of all unrighteousness, and unforgiveness is a sin that blocks the hand of God. Unforgiveness is taking the arsenic you want your enemy to take. Stop it. Come to your senses. It’s an act of your will. It’s not a feeling. It’s not emotion. So don’t tell me you can’t do it. You can do it. You want to please the Living God. There’s no one else that you need to please. Please Him. Tell Him you choose to forgive that person out loud in Jesus’ name and don’t look back. And I’m going to tell you something. Now does it mean you have to trust them? Not until they earn it. But you can forgive them. I’m telling you, you can, because I have. And then ask Jesus to forgive you of everything you’ve ever done and say, “Jesus, I make you my Lord. Come inside of me. Take over my life. I love you, Lord.” And then I pray that you experience the tangible presence of the love of the Living God, in Jesus’ name.

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sidroth on December 15th, 2014


Sid: If you’re not red hot for the Messiah you’re lukewarm and you should read about yourself in the book of Revelation.  Jesus said “If you’re not hot or cold I will vomit you out of my mouth.”  Well, the only, the only, the only, the only position to be in is red hot for the Messiah.   My guest is Jonathan Bernis you’re probably familiar with him from his television show “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis.”  Jonathan and I have been friends for over 30 years. On yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about the most amazing difference so few Christians understand this of the Jewish or Hebrew understanding of the word mediate.  Would you explain that again Jonathan?

Jonathan:  I will Sid, there’s two kinds of meditation; actually there’s two words in Hebrew.  The one that’s similar to the Christian concept of meditation is the idea that we are using our mind to reflect on the scripture.  The word is sekha and it has to do with rehearsing in one’s mind or thoughts.  This is the Christian concept; but the Hebrew concept is very different it’s the word haga and we get from that the Haggadah which means to tell, or retell the story of Passover.  And it literally means to groan; to sigh or mutter or to speak.  So while the Christian concept is derived really more from a Latin contemplation; the idea of contemplation and reflection and thought.  Hebrew is the idea of speaking forth.  And that’s what we find in Joshua 1:8 where Joshua was told to be strong and to be courageous and he’ll be successful if he does one thing.  Meditates, confesses the word of God.  He’s told to keep the word on his mouth.  Not on his mind and heart but on his mouth.  And so this is a very very important key Sid.  We build faith when we confess the word of God; we hear it, we confess it and we hear it.  And it eventually gets into our spirit and faith is released.

Sid: Well, you talk about Proverbs 18:21 “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”  It’s almost like our words are magnets of blessings or curses.

Jonathan: The absolutely are; I meet people and you can see that they are beaten down and very insecure. And when you really probe Sid you find out that they have been reinforced with negative words.  They have been told by their parents “You’re no good; you’re not going to amount to anything; you’re good for nothing.  And sadly they come to believe it. And it takes the power of God; it takes deliverance to break free from that.  But when children are reinforced with the Word of God “You are a child of God; greater is He who is in you that he that is in the world. You can do all things through the Messiah who strengthens you.”  It also brings life to them…

Sid: Give me an example of someone that you instructed to meditate.  What was wrong with them and what happened to them?

Jonathan:  Okay as a pastor a woman who really I was very endeared to; a very sweet woman but she suffered from terrible depression.  Sid, you could see it all over her face.

Sid: How long did she have this problem?

Jonathan: Well, like the woman with the issue of blood she had suffered from this for decades; more than 20 years. She had gone to doctors, specialists, therapists.  She had tried everything and she was still just covered with depression; it was interwoven into her personality. I counseled her and I counseled her, I was a relatively young pastor Sid and it went nowhere. Then the Lord spoke to me as I was praying for her and told me to do one thing. “Give her scriptures that she can begin to confess; give her a homework assignment.”  And so when I met with her the next time I didn’t go through an hour of back and forth counseling and ideas and the wisdom of man.  I said “Sue, Susan these are scriptures that I want you to confess.”  Like “Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world; You’re more than conquers through Him who loved us and gave Himself for us.”  I gave her those scriptures; she came in the next week and said she was a different person.  You could see it all over her face; she had joy; she had peace; she had been set free not by my intensive counseling but by confessing the Word of God again and again until it broke those demonic forces. Somebody just got delivered as I spoke Sid; I just felt it.

Sid: Well, I’m going to tell you something; this brand new book and it is brand new “Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures; the Lord is Peace.”  Jonathan describe to me when they get this in the mail what they will receive and we’re going to pay a selection from the CD after you do that.

Jonathan:  Okay, they’re going to get a beautiful hardbound coffee table book filled with gorgeous pictures that reflect peace and tranquility and rest. Shalom is an amazing word Sid that doesn’t mean just peace but it means wholeness; it means prosperity; it means wellbeing; it means to be brought to completion.  Then they’ll see about 50 scriptures both Old and New Testament that have the English; below it the Hebrew.  And then below that something called transliteration.  This is the phonetic English of the Hebrew; and then in the back  there is a CD that’s in the book; they pull the CD out and then they play the CD and they here this beautiful soft meditative music and then the confession of these scriptures in English and then in Hebrew.  And what they do is they begin to confess along with the Hebrew speaker these scriptures and then they can speak perfect Hebrew without any background; without any experience; without any education.

Sid: Now I can see entire families doing this.  They sit down; the little children, the mother, the father and read it in the Hebrew and listen to it in the Hebrew.  And Hebrew is unlike any other language in the world; it is a supernatural language.  It was prophesied, it would be restored in Israel someday.  They would speak it in the streets of Judah and the cities of Israel and this has happen.  But I believe that as they listen to this at night or during the day you’re taking in the word of God and it’s becoming flesh inside of you.  And the days we’re living in; if you’re not speaking in your supernatural languages and if you’re not meditating on the promises of God’s word; you may go to heaven but you may go sooner than God wants you to. So Jonathan, tell me about a verse that we’re going to play in a moment.

Jonathan:  Jeremiah 29; this is actually in the book.  Jeremiah 29 verses 11-13 and then you can hear the CD with the music and it’s spoken in Hebrew.  One of my favorite scriptures it says “For I know the thoughts that I think towards you say’s the Lord; thoughts of peace and not evil to give you a future and a hope; then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me and I will listen to you and you will seek Me and find Me when you search Me with all your heart.”

Sid: Okay, let’s hear the CD and remember you’re hearing this by a native speaking Israeli.  You’re being able to read this in this amazing method that has taught Jews all over the world to instantly read Hebrew.  It’s called transliteration.  And you’re hearing the music and you’re hearing the words in English.  And then I want you to when you go to bed at night if you’re listening to it just before you go to bed or if you’re reading it in this beautiful book guess what you’ll be dreaming about all night?  You’ll be dreaming these promises.  So let’s listen to it right now.

CD: Excerpt of Jeremiah 29:11 – 13.

Sid: Okay, you just heard in Hebrew and English Jeremiah 29:11-13.  Jonathan, what does that verse mean to you?

Jonathan:  Well Sid the context of this is that it’s a great scripture in the midst of a bad chapter.  The chapter is they’re captivity in Babylon, but the Lord says “I’m not finish with you; I have a plan for you; I have a good plan for you.” And He has a plan for all of us. That word peace shalom doesn’t just mean peace Sid.  Some translation’s say “My plan is to prosper you.”  Shalom is prosperity; it’s God’s prosperity; not to inflict evil or rah in Hebrew upon us; but to give us a future and a hope.  God has a destiny for each and every one of us.  An intended destination; that’s what the Hebrew word akhareet means which you hear in the Hebrew text, that’s an expected end a destiny. He brings us to a place where we complete our purpose for this life. And hear Him say “Good and faithful servant. Well done.”  Sid, how do we get to that destination?  By the hearing the voice of God; by praying in other tongues, by confessing the word of God, by building faith into our spirit.  So that we can do what we see Him doing; it gives us ears to hear and eyes to see.

Sid: And God is speaking to me just as Jonathan was speaking; I mean there is such an anointing on the Hebrew language.  People with arthritis in their fingers if you’ll begin to move your fingers you’ll see the pain is gone.  And people with back problems and neck problems if you’ll just move your back; bend over.  If you’ll just move your head side to side you’ll find that you’re totally healed in Jesus Name.

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sidroth on December 10th, 2014


Sid: Now my guest really needs no introduction if you’ve heard of Promise Keepers you’ve heard of the person that started it Coach Bill McCartney.  This is an organization that had as many as 1.4 million Christians from every denomination; from every background.  I mean and that is a supernatural feat to get all of these men together to worship the Lord.  But to get to Promise Keepers God had to work with him in other arenas.  As a matter of fact God is working with you; you may not realize this but God has something great He has a destiny of greatness.  Why do I say this?  Because I believe that we’re in the generation that will welcome the return of the Messiah.  And to whom much is given much is required.  But everything that you’ve done thus far is a stepping stone to the next thing.  So I want to find out a bit about Coach Bill McCartney of how he got to the point where God could use him for Promise Keepers and the new thing that he’s doing right now. Coach, tell me a bit about how you came to the Lord.

Coach: I really had a unique beginning Sid. I was evangelized by the conservative community but discipled by the prophetic community.  The guys that discipled me were zealous for the things of God.  So early on I was exposed to wholehearted believers who gathered and worshiped God without inhibition.  It really served to catapult me so to speak into a fiery pursuit of the things of God.

Sid: Well, when you got into coaching you started putting God first and He started actually giving you game plans.

Coach: He did you know I laugh because a lot of people think God doesn’t care who wins football games but that is not what God’s word says.  God’s word in Proverbs 3, 5 and 6 says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.”  It doesn’t say in every way but football, it says in every way. So I took Him at His word and committed everything that I did in football. When I was the assistant coach at Michigan I was the defensive coordinator and it was my responsibility to develop the defensive strategy from week to week.  I found God helping me to that and had extraordinary results.

Sid: Tell, me one occasion that you can think of.

Coach:  Well, we were going to play a Purdue and Purdue had at that time the all-time total offense leader in the history of college football.  His name was Mark Herman.  And Purdue was coming to Anarbor; six weeks leading up to us they had averaged 45 points a game.  So you know this is a tremendous challenge and so as I heal this before the Lord He gave me a game plan that really at that time was unique to even the professional ranks.

Sid: Did you realize it was coming supernaturally or did it just kind of evolve and “Oh, this must be God?”

Coach:  Oh no, I jumped up and down I said “I got it; I’ve got it.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Coach:  I mean I ran around the room and I knew that God had spoken to me.

Sid:  And needless to say you won.

Coach:  And we not only won but we shut them out; we beat them 26 to nothing.

Sid: Wow.

Coach:  It shocked the college football world; this was 1980.

Sid: That must have been have put your name on the map as an Assistant Coach.

Coach:  Well, what happened was the big Ten Conference, this was a matter of record; they named me the Big Ten Player of the week.  Now that’s absurd because it never happened before when any coach was named Player of the Week, but it was just evidence that God was building my faith.  He was speaking into me; He was teaching me that I could trust His voice.

Sid: Just for those that are not knowledgeable of football can you explain a little bit about what God said for a layman as far as this special plan that you just shut down this high scoring team.

Coach:   Yes sir.  What happened was what we would do is go out and practice and we filmed everything that we did on the practice field and then as coaches we would have dinner; the players would go on an study and what not and back to their dorms or fraternities.  And the coaches would come back into the meeting room; so we were watching what we were doing during the week as we prepared for Purdue.  It was obvious that we couldn’t stop out own scout team in practice. It was made up of inferior players that weren’t as good as the other guys on our team.  So I’m praying the whole time; I’m saying “Lord You got to help me.”

Sid: Now does your team know that you’re praying?

Coach:  No, and the other guys in the room the other assistant coaches don’t know either I’m praying below my breath. I’m saying “Lord help me; I got to have help me I don’t know what to do.”  And right in the midst of that the idea that He gave me was that if we defended them with 6 defensive backs in the game at one time we could match up with them. Well that… currently today it’s pretty customary for teams to do that on occasion, but back then nobody was doing that.

Sid: So you really caught them by surprise.

Coach:  Well, they couldn’t adjust to it.

Sid: (Laughing)

Coach:  Well, we had them off balance the whole game. They couldn’t hardly make a first down after the 1st quarter.  So it was just one of those things that really shocked and surprised the college football world and it built my faith.

Sid: And you got a few awards for that particular activity.

Coach:  Well, that particular game I was named the Big Ten Player of the Week but it did lead to my being hired.  It was instrumental to my being hired as the Head Football Coach at Colorado shortly thereafter.

Sid: Now you had a prophetic word about that, “You will be His Rock in Boulder.”

Coach:  What happened was when I got hired at Colorado and elderly lady from the east I’ve never met her; never heard from her before or since.  She wrote me a letter within one week of me being hired and she said “Coach McCartney, Almighty God told me to tell you that you will be His Rock in Boulder.”  And not only that I got a letter; I had 4 guys from the state of Texas make an appointment to see me. I’m still only 1 week on the job and they said “Coach God sent us here to tell you that He’s going to use you greatly in the days ahead.”  Well, what do you do with those things except you carry them in your head and you hold them before the Lord and you trust that He’s going to glorify Himself.

Sid: Tell me about that time that you were really involved in intense practice and all of sudden the worst time of the world your Pastor comes trolling down the football field to see you. You see him coming you know that you’re so preoccupied, what happened?

Coach:  This is a great story. It was 1989 the best record that we had had in Colorado in my 8 years there was 8 and 4.  We were looking forward in having a great team and we were practicing in August during two day sessions. These two day sessions are very intense; everything that we do has been discussed and rehearsed in advance meaning we don’t do anything indiscriminately.  Every play that we practice we have discussed it and researched it.  So it was in the midst of that kind of a laboratory experience that I look over and the pastor of my church is running out on to the practice field.  And I’m thinking to myself “Pastor don’t come out here.”  I’m kind of giving him body language and you know and it would be tantamount to him preaching on Sunday and me tapping him on the shoulder and interrupting him.  I mean you wouldn’t do that.

Sid: Hm.

Coach:  But he’s undeterred, he gets there he says “Coach, coach you’re not going to believe this.” He said “I had a dream last night, and in the dream God showed me that your team is going to have a golden season and you personally will be the national coach of the year.”  Well, we haven’t even played the game yet and he’s got me winning the National Coach of the Year.  So obviously you know when he…

Sid: There’s a Hebrew word he’s a little “Mashuga” he’s a little crazy. Did you think or did you believe that was from God?

Coach:  He had my full attention and matter of fact I was no longer offended that he was out there.

Sid: (Laughing)

Coach:  And I was ready for anything that he was going to tell me.  Well, he wrote it all down and two weeks later we opened on National Television the first game of the season it was a home game.  And we played the University of Texas; we win the game and the next day in the Denver post right across the front page it says in bold letters, “Colorado Buffaloes Debut Golden Season.”  I mean the very thing he said.

Sid: And the end of the year what happened?

Coach:  One game and having people call it a Golden Season.  Furthermore you don’t win one game and make the Front Page; you make the Sports Page.

Sid: Hm

Coach:  But anyway it happened just like he said; we won all 11 games; I was voted the National Coach of the Year and we had a Golden Season.

Sid: I love it when it’s true prophetic words from God. Coach we’re out of time right now.

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sidroth on December 3rd, 2014


Sid: Getting ready Mishpochah for the greatest revival the world has ever seen. And I have a man called by God.  He was in South Africa minding his own business, but even as a child he had a burden for the United States of America. So he’s here now; his job is to get you hungry for God so that the fire of God will come upon you so that you can operate in all 9 gifts of the Spirit; so that you can be the mouth piece, the arms, the legs, the hands, the touch, the eyes of Jesus.  Because they’re people that you’re going to touch that no one else in the world; it’s as easy for them to touch.  There’s a destiny on your life; there’s a purpose; everyone knows there’s an urgency.  And I was talking to Rodney before we went on the air and I said “Rodney, when you say get hungry for God I understand what you say but that just kind of abstract for me.”  But on yesterday’s broadcast when you said turn off the TV, get a Bible, start underlining every miracle.  Now that’s something I can bite my teeth into, that’s something that I can grab hold of. Help me, help everyone that’s listening right now to get hungry for God. What are some practical things we can do?

Rodney:  Well first of all I think when it comes to the subject of the anointing and you listen to different people talk and people think that you got to go lock yourself up in away in a mountain somewhere.  Which I’m not saying you can’t do that but sometimes it’s not practical if you’re married and you got children and you got to go to work. I try to take what the word of God says and apply it to everyday normal peoples life not to so hermit or somebody that’s going to go live in some mountain somewhere and pray by themselves. Because you know God wants to use everybody within the normalcy of their life. They’re working a job, their married, they got children, you’ve got to take the kids to school, you got to take out the trash, take the dogs for a walk, go to work so.  What happens is many times it’s intimated that to walk in the anointing you got to be some recluse, some hermit and all these kind of stuff which is not true.  Or then because you are now paying the price for the anointing you lose your wife, your children, all that kind of stuff, that’s not true either. It’s totally different in the case of Jesus; He came down and He had 3½ years of birthing ministry, and then He went to the cross and then He went up and sits at the right hand of the Father.  But here we are living our lives some 70, 80, some 90 years and then we go home. But we are getting married and having children… so how do we take this practically and apply this in our life?  Well, what I’ve always told people to do is get your Bible because it’s not just about going to fast and pray for 40 days.  People do that and it gets some weird revelation that’s outside of the scripture.  Take your Bible, everything that God is going to do is going to have its foundation within the scripture.  If you can’t find it in the scripture then you don’t want it.  And if you don’t follow the word of God you’re going to open yourself up to manifestations and there will be signs and wonders and it will be New Age and it will be crazy stuff and it will have devastating effects on an individual’s life.  So it’s the word of God that will cause the fruit to be made manifest in our life.  Everything we do we want to base off of the word.  And the Bible is very plain in the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. At the end of the gospel of John he said all of these miracles did Jesus do and all of the others that if they had written down I don’t suppose the books of the world would contain it. But we do have an account of the miracle ministry and the life of Jesus.  So we go in; let’s say we start in the Book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John underline every miracle that He did.  Underline all of His sayings, and follow very closely the ministry of Jesus. Then go over to the Book of Acts and see what God did which many people call the Acts of the Apostles, but really it’s not, actually it’s the acts of the Holy Ghost through the life of the Apostles.  And the Bible’s very plain too where it says “The promises unto you and your children and all of them that are far off.” And I promise you that anyone listening to me right now if you will take your Bible.  If necessarily go down to a bookstore buy a brand new Bible, get some markers and start in the Gospel of Matthew and begin to underline and begin to mark and take notes. And go Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and the Book of Acts.  That by the time you finish the last chapter the book of Acts something is going to happen.  And as you do that you pray, and you say “Lord, I’m hungry to see what You saw and happened in Bible days.” We know the Bible says that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. And we know that the Bible declares that He is watching over His word to perform it.  That the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous and His ears are open to their prayers.  And all over the world the Spirit of God is moving; when we hear of many miracles that are taking place in the Middle East, things that are happening in China, things that are happening in different parts of the world where men and woman are out there believing God.  We know that the Book of Acts are still on the earth; that the Book of Acts does not have a closeout like some of the other letters written to the churches where the greetings and salutations.  The Book of Acts we are still in the final chapters of it and the age of the church that was born 2000 years ago.  And when Jesus met the disciples and breathed on them and said “Receive ye the Holy Ghost.” But then He told them to go and get empowered with the Holy Spirit and said “You shall receive” power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you and you will be witnesses unto me.”  The purpose of the power is not just for us to sit on our blessed assurance and to show up in church on Sunday morning for a 1 hour dry cleaning service, in by 10:00 out by 11:00.

Sid: (Laughing)

Rodney:  It’s been rehearsed, take up the offertory and they preach from the Encyclopedia Britannica, and the Readers Digest, and then pronounce the last rites and everybody goes home just as dead as what they came.  The purpose of the power is to mobilize the church.  We are ordinary men; ordinary women full of the Holy Ghost while they’re married, have children, while they work a job and go out and are being a witness. And the word witness there is to be a demonstrator of the resurrection.  So that when you meet people wherever they are even if they did not believe that there was a God when they met you they’d have to say “I didn’t believe that there was a God but somebody showed up at my work today and they talked like nothing I’ve ever heard before.”  I looked in their eyes and I see Jesus in their eyes. I hear Jesus in their voice, I feel Jesus in their touch. And that’s called the touch of God.  Anyone listening right now and you’re desperate and your hungry and you do these things and you cry out to the Lord, and you will read the word and you will pray, and you will read the word some more, and you’ll pray.  And you’ll forget about all of what other people say out there. Forget about all the attack and people saying “This is not for today and God doesn’t want to do this and that.”  You say “Lord, if You’re real and You’re word is real and this is for today, then You come and You show me and You manifest Yourself to me, and in me and through me.  Because God will first come and manifest Himself to you and manifest Himself in you and so Ultimately He can manifest Himself through you.  And so He want to touch a lost and dying world. But He can’t touch it if all you have is something that’s just intellectual.  He’s got to touch the world when what you’ve received from Him.  As the Apostle Paul said “I received of the Lord that which I also I delivered unto you.”  You can’t give what you don’t have, but once you get that touch from heaven, once you get the touch of God.  And in just a few moments I’m going to pray for everybody to receive that. And really what I am going to pray is that you will get a hunger for the things of God. Because it’s not something “Oh, just pray for me now and I’m going to get the touch of God.” You want to get hungry for Him, you want to get thirsty for Him.  And this means everything about your life is going to change.  The first thing we do of course is repent, you can’t have the touch of God and have the things of the world.  You can’t have the touch of God and be living in the world and not living a pure and a holy life. And people say “Well, you can’t do that.”  I’ve got news for you, you can.  And Jesus tells us that we can and we follow Him.  And we… a good tree brings forth good fruit.

Sid: Rodney, our time is slipping, will you pray.

Rodney:  Yes Sir, let’s pray right now.  Father I pray for every single person listening today, I pray for a spiritual hunger to descend upon them in the Name of Jesus.  I pray Lord that they get so desperate for You that they want You and that they want that intimate personal relationship with You. And that You will come and reveal Yourself to them and in them and through them.  And that You will make Your love known to them and they will have an encounter with You and they will receive Your touch. And then through their life that you will touch the lost and dying world.  Lord there are people listening right now without no hope, there’s people listening that have lost their way, but that you would bring them back. Lord, put a hook in their jaw and bring them back. Let them fall in love with Jesus all over again. Touch them with the joy of Your salvation; heal sick bodies today.  Lord, let people surrender their life to total Lordship. Let the things of the world grow dim, let the things of the world fall by the wayside.  Let Your fire fall upon them even now. And a greater level of hunger and desperation and thirst for You come upon them. And Lord in the days and weeks to come that they will see and we will hear of the fruit that coming forth from the life of many of the believers that are crying out to You. And Lord, I just thank You that as You could touch me all those years ago in Africa that You will touch people listening right now on the radio.  Let the fire of God fall upon each and every person and let a hunger for the things of God descend upon them. Let them love Your word, let the hunger for Your word and the things of Your Spirit come upon them.  An insatiable appetite for the Word of God to descend upon them even now.  I pray this in the wonderful Name of Jesus and I thank You Lord, I thank You for it and I give You praise.

Sid: I believe that so many people are having that switch pulled inside them right now.    

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sidroth on November 26th, 2014


Sid:  Now I have been so looking forward to this interview this week because you know it says in scripture “He that touches Israel touches the actual pupil of God’s eye.”  And one translation says “He that touches Israel pokes their finger in God’s eye.”  So the operative question that I want to ask you is “Why care about Israel?”  The book and the author that I have on the telephone; the author is a Messianic Jew by the name of Sandy Teplinsky; I’m speaking to her to her at her home at Anaheim, California.  The title of the book is “Why Care About Israel?  Let me ask you some questions that we’ll be discussing this week.  What is the tiny nation of Israel about?  Why does it even exist?  As a Christian how should I understand the Arab Palestinian Israeli Conflict and respond in love towards all involved?  Is there a Biblical solution to the conflict?  How is the Holy Spirit working in the lives of Jews and Muslims today?  What does Israel have to do with my personal relationship with God?  And I love the subject title of the book “How the Jewish Nation Is Key to Unleashing God’s Blessings in the 21st Century.”  Sandy Teplinsky we have met on a number of occasions.  You’re a Jewish believer in the Messiah.  I always ask this question because I know that this is a God book therefore there’s a God circumstance that had you write the book.  Why did you write the book “Why Care About Israel?

Sandra:  Sid this book really has… this book was not written as a theological treatise although we certainly do include numerous biblical references and all things need to be tested by the word of God.  But this book was written fundamentally out of my personal journey with the Lord Yeshua over the past decade.  And my goal in writing this book is to take the readers on the same sort of experiential journey into the very love chambers of God’s heart for all His people.  The kind of journey that He took me on over the years which primarily is the result of a very unusual background that I had stemming from my childhood.  I did not come into this thing through a Messianic Jewish Congregation; they didn’t exist when I came to the Lord.  I came to the Lord actually out of a very violently anti-Jewish setting even though I’m a baby boomer I was born in the United States.  I grew up in a really rough neck kind of neighborhood not very far from a local Nazi headquarters.  I had to learn to physically fight as just a primary grade kid for the many times I was called “Dirty Jew” and “Christ killer” and “Go back to Israel” and all sorts of things.  And so you can imagine that by the time I came to a saving knowledge of Yeshua there were lots of issues that needed to be addressed.  And God used those issues to bring me not only to a place of forgiveness but to a place of really entering into the love chambers of His heart for His Church.  You know the nations, the Gentiles of some who may or may not have been Christians I don’t know you know the very ones that would beat me up in the school yard on the playground you know and I end up kind of schlepped or dragged off to the Principal’s office and kind of rebuke time after time for attempting to defend myself and causing a playground scuffle.  Those very incidents were the soil that came through non-Jews could only have been healed through non-Jews.  And so shortly after I came to the Lord He graciously surrounded me with Christian believers who ministered deep healing to me.  And of course the Lord is never satisfied just with healing; you know He likes to replace it with something even bigger than the wound that was there.  So He began providing what was supernatural revelation of His heart for Jews and Gentile believers, Jewish believers and Gentile believers to come together as one new humanity or one new man as your book is entitled.  So that became a springboard for a rather unique journey into God’s heart for Israel, as well as God’s heart for the Gentiles.  And so along with that I was going to synagogue; I grew up in a pretty Orthodox type of upbringing, and at the same time the rabbis were showing us kids just 5-6-7 year olds unedited footage of the holocaust.  And we would sit there as you know just primary graders and watch what looked like heap upon heaps of skeleton like bodies just plopped into like mass graves.  And we’d see these bazaar macabre like Nazi like medical experiments conducted on kids of our own age.  And we were told “This is what the world will do to you.  This is what Christians will do to you if you let them and you must never again allow that to happen.”

Sid:  And you know what, I don’t want to digress too much, but I have a Jewish Aunt because I’m a Jewish believer in Messiah also. I was talking to her recently and she’s in her 80’s and she loves me; and she respects my belief.  She isn’t a believer herself and she asked me a question the other day.  She says “Why is it when I hear the Name Jesus I feel so repulsed; I feel so awful why is it?”  And you know there’s answer’s to that I said to her it’s almost like a chess game and the devil has caused people who call themselves Christians and wear the biggest crosses to have done the most horrible anti-Jewish deeds in history.  And even though you don’t know yourself of how horrible that past is its past is a Jew can believe in anything.  A Jew can be an atheist; a Jew can be a Buddhist; a Jew can be active in the New Age all things that are abominations according to the Word of God.  But the only thing that a Jew can’t do is believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and then they’re ostracized from the community. And it’s such a stronghold among our people; how could you Sandy like a Jew that was beaten and persecuted for being a Jew become a believer in Jesus?

Sandra:  Well, it wasn’t easy; well I felt obligated spit when I hear the name Jesus.  Certainly not the only one of our people that reacts that way.  I vowed, I vowed that I would never allow Jesus Christ or his people who calls themselves Christians to do those sorts of things to the Jewish people again.  I thought Jesus wanted me dead and hated me.  I truly grew up with that understanding because the people who said that they followed Him communicated that to me by their words and their deeds.  Now I came to the Lord in trying to disprove the gospel.  In college I went on a search for truth; I remember Sid being in the Hillel Synagogue at the campus that I was attending my freshman year of college and I left the service in the middle of the High Holiday Prayers in tears crying because I did not see authentic expression of spirituality there and it broke my heart. Because along with all this anti-Semitism I was growing up with going to the Synagogue 5 days a week and the fundamental prayer of Judaism the Shema which calls upon us to love the Lord our God with all our heart, our mind and soul and strength; I did not see full-filled in my life nor in anybody else’s around me.  And so I left the synagogue in tears as a freshman in college and decided I needed to find God in some other way but obviously neither I or anyone else I could see was truly loving Him with all our heart as our for Fathers Abraham and Jacob Moses and David did.  So I embarked on all kinds of eastern mystical things; you know we call them New Age now but they’re really not new. (Laughing)  And the Christian evangelist on campus spotted me as ripe for the pickings and they attempted to witness to me.  Which of course I viewed as another form of anti-Semitism.  In witnessing I thought that they wanted me to convert from Judaism to give up being Jewish and to become a Christian. Which naturally infuriated me and naturally I determined to fight fire with fire.  I went to the bookstore bought a King James Bible and began to read the New Testament from Matthew through to Revelation specifically to disprove it once and for all.  Sid I literally could not get through the first page of Matthew without being profoundly struck that this book was entirely Jewish.  That it was extraordinarily different from all the other books I have read and I had gone through the Tibetan book of the Dead, the Bhagavad Gita, I mean all of these other eastern types of writings.  But the scriptures, the book of Matthew, the first book in the New Covenant the very words to me contained a power and a love that I knew was supernatural.

Sid: Sandy I hate to do it we’re out of time Mishpochah we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.  There is a history of the Palestinians and the Jews that few Christians understand and there is a blessing wrapped up in understanding what God is up to right now…

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sidroth on November 17th, 2014


Sid:  My guest here Nick Griemsmann he had incurable schizophrenia and you know what it says in scripture “To who has been forgiven much they love much.”  And the Holy Spirit took him step by step showed him how to be free; how to do his own self-deliverance.  You may have problems with or relatives that have mental disorders or tormenting spirits or addictions of all kinds or pornography to alcohol to drugs.  Or dealing with emotional problems or dealing with fear and dealing with physical problems.  Because a lot of physical healing happens once you get rid of the strongholds and you get rid of the curses and you get rid of the spirits of infirmity.  And so few Christians understand this. But Nick the scripture that just came to me so loud and clear when you were sharing how God set you free and I think to myself “Oh God how could I have dealt with what Nick dealt with.”  But you know what to someone that is forgiven much they love much and that’s what I’m getting from you Nick.  I am… the first time I spoke to you on the phone I could feel such a presence of the love of God.  How can others have that type of presence around them; have such intimacy with God the way that you do?

Nick:  Well Sid it’s actually pretty easy. You know the Bible says that if you seek the Lord you’ll find Him.  And I’d get on the floor and I’d pray on my face in different ways; you could sit down and stuff.  I would always quote that scripture; I would say “Lord You are a great rewarder of those who seek You; You said if I seek You I’ll find You.”  And I asked the Lord how far can You take me in one life?”  I said “How far can You take someone that seeks You?”  And I never thought that when I was sitting in the mental hospital years ago that I’d ever be able to minister to others hope and love.

Sid:   I feel like you have such compassion; that’s got to do why the healing gift is so amazing in your life.  For instance have you really prayed with people that teeth grew back?

Nick:  Yeah, we were up at a children’s home up north of Phoenix Arizona and a young girl had her tooth it was like it was down and over and it was bothering her.  And we prayed for it and it grew back into place in front of everybody and all these kids were giving their life to the Lord.

Sid: Tell me one person you prayed for and brought you great satisfaction; one person one situation.

Nick:  Well, I visited a young lady at the Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. I went there to pray for a young girl; she was 13 she had just had heart surgery and they were leaving the next day so they needed prayer.  So I prayed with this young girl and she gave her heart to the Lord and she was crying and she was so thankful that the Lord saved her.  And in the middle of rejoicing that she got saved she looks up at me and she says “Do you think Jesus could heal my arm?”  And here she is she just heart surgery and she wants her arm healed; and I said “Yeah.”

Sid:  What was wrong with her arm?

Nick:  She holds up her arm and it’s literally 3 or 4 inches in diameter in length than the other one.  And she said that her growth plates she fell when she was 6 or 7 or something and her growth plate broke or something like that.  She wanted it the same length as the other one.

Sid: What was going on inside of you when she said that to you?

Nick:  Well, I was rejoicing over her salvation and that God was touching her. I looked over and I looked over and I said “Whoa that’s a big miracle Lord.”   And you go inside and say “It’s a big miracle Lord but I know that You can do it.”  And so we prayed and we asked Jesus to grow her mom out and her mom was standing right there and this arm instantly grew out 3 or I would say 3 maybe 4 inches length and then it got fat like the other arm.  It wasn’t skinny any more like the other kids are.

Sid:  My goodness I wish I had a camera on that in the hospital room. Tell me some issues that can prevent someone from receiving their freedom, their freedom; their deliverance.

Nick:   Well, one issue is unforgiveness and a lot of times we’ve been hurt and we hold on to anger or unforgiveness in our hearts.  And Jesus said “If we don’t forgive others we can’t be forgiven.  Basically we can’t experience the kingdom of God on earth if we’re not forgiving others.  And so a lot of times I pray for people and they’ve been hurt and they need a lot of healing in their heart first before they can actually get let’s say arthritis actually cast out of them.  So I’ve seen a lot of people just when they forgive somebody the infirmity will actually just leave their body.

Sid:  Have you seen someone with arthritis that has forgiven and then the spirit of arthritis has left?

Nick:  Yeah, I saw actually a lady that I was walking by a fast food restaurant and it was like a strip mall and I was walking by.  And this homeless individual and she was sitting outside of this restaurant and I said “Hey, would you like me to buy you some food.” So I went in and bought her some food and I come out. And she was very hurt; stuff going on with her life and so I prayed with her and we prayed forgiveness and things and she received Jesus.  And she couldn’t actually get up and go inside and get the food with me because she had such bad arthritis in her whole body.  And the Lord instantly healed her when she prayed and it just went out of her body.  And I saw her 2 months later accidentally and she was completely healed still.

Sid:  Tell me another issue that might prevent deliverance.

Nick:  Failure to live a lifestyle of repentance.  You know Jesus said that we’re supposed to repent.

Sid:  But wait a second the popular teaching of the day is when you got born again you repented for all of your sins and you don’t have to keep repenting. What would you say to that?

Nick:  Well, that’s actually not true because we’re actually supposed to deal with all of our stuff.  Paul said that “If you steal you’re supposed to steal no more.  He said “That we’re supposed to cast off the works of darkness.”  So if you’re doing something against the word of God you’re supposed to deal with it and get rid of it.  That’s how you’re supposed to enter into life.  Hebrews chapter 6 actually says that.  Paul actually wrote “Let’s not go back to the basic principles.  The elementary principals of the gospel which is faith, towards God; repentance from dead works.” So without repentance you can’t even access the kingdom of God.

Sid:   So tell me a little bit more about some of these issues that prevent deliverance.

Nick:  A lot of times they’re just living in sin they don’t even realize it.  Somebody will come up for prayer they’ll be sleeping with their boyfriend and they’ll want to be healed of a disease. Their Christians already and they know that they’re not supposed to be doing that. And so you pray for them and nothing happens and you find out later that well, they’re sleeping together and they don’t want to repent of it.  Well, you can’t access the kingdom of God without basic elementary principal of repentance.

Sid: So you can see how the devil is spreading the lie you don’t have to live a repentant life.

Nick:  Yeah.

Sid: Because that then just traps them for the rest of their life.

Nick:  Exactly, so Paul said “If you practice such things, anger, fornication, if you practice adultery, if you practice getting drunk; things like that.  If you practice sin then you cannot enter; you cannot partake of the kingdom of God now. You can’t do it; you can’t get delivered if you practicing making a practice of sin.”

Sid: Another issue you talk about is believing lies in your mind such as what?

Nick:  For instance if you believed you blasphemed; or if you believed your ugly, or if you believe that your disease is incurable, or if you believe that God doesn’t love you.  You believe that you’re rejected. So you believe all of these lies.   

Sid:  And I’ve bumped into people that believed that believe these things that attend church every week but you can’t talk them out of it.

Nick:  That’s a stronghold that they actually have to walk though.  And the main this is your will.  So when I said “Practicing sin.”  I’m not talking about struggling with pornography.  I’m talking about someone who practices it and doesn’t care.  Same thing with lies; you feel like you’re rejected or you hate yourself.  If you really want to be free from it and you seek the Lord for it then you can be free from it.  If you’re just going to eat the lie like it’s a piece of cake then you’re just going to be stuck with the lie.

Sid: So many people that are listening to us right now that are trapped in homosexuality; trapped in self-hatred; trapped in addictions of all kinds.  Trapped in generational curses.  Trapped in sicknesses of all kinds, trapped in mental disease.  Trapped in all sorts of emotional problems.  And step the Holy Spirit directed Nick Griemsmann how to be free from schizophrenia and these same steps work for all of these areas.

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sidroth on November 12th, 2014


Sid: Getting ready Mishpacha to blow the grandest shofar; make the biggest noise maker; it’s called the grogger because it’s Purim.  And you know when the book of Esther is read on Purim every time a particular personality their name comes up we do something different.  For instance when Haman’s name comes up we have this grogger and we make a great deal of noise because we don’t even want…we want to pretend like he doesn’t even exist.  When Mordecai when his name comes up we cheer and we root because it’s like really  a funny thing.  I’ve got Tommy Tenney on the telephone; we’re discussing his book “Finding Favor With the King” which shows the protocol from the book of Esther on how you can achieve that one night with the King.  That intimacy that your heart craves.  But more and more important than that it will change your life forever.  Tommy, what does this mean to you when we do; make all this noise and the groggers when Haman’s name is mentioned.

Tommy: It’s a great thing; they boo and make noise  to drown Haman’s name out.  They cheer to elevate Mordecai because that’s what actually happened.  And you left out a piece that when Esther’s name is mentioned.

Sid: “Ahhhh!”

Tommy:  Because she’s an object of beauty and it’s kaleidoscope of emotions.  But Purim is really about how Esther overcame the enemy and the enemy is Haman.  There’s an incredible secret teaching that I won’t even go into today that Haman is the only latest alliteration of an ancient enemy.  Haman is called a Agite; that means he’s a descendent of King Agag.  If Saul had done his duty way back when Samuel had told him to eradicate Agag and the Amalekites Esther wouldn’t be facing this enemy today.  The enemy that you face today if you eradicate your children may have to deal with tomorrow.  But here she is; she’s facing Haman.  It’s she’s already queen; she has found favor. It would have been easy to just sort of rest upon here laurels to poetically speak.  And some times we get to the point in our lives; the kids graduated, we pass that cancer and we’re at a different stage. But often right when we feel like we’re the safest it’s when we face our greatest attack.  And Esther .even after she became Queen had to be awoken to the realization that just because she’s in the palace doesn’t mean that she never had another problem.  Just because she’s saved doesn’t mean that she’s never had another enemy; Haman rises through the ranks.  Esther Chapter 3 verse 1 says that he was promoted; that Haman was promoted. That Haman was advanced and that Haman was elevated and that Haman was…In verse 10 of Chapter 3 it said that he was given the King’s ring.  And that looks very intimidating until you come to the realization that…I’m just preaching aren’t I Sid.  (Laughing)

Sid: Yeah, but it’s good preaching and it’s in the presence of God so just go for it.

Tommy:  When ever God is ready to promote you He must first introduce an enemy.  Now that’s really strong and I need people to take a breath and listen.  Whenever God get’s ready to promote you He must first introduce and enemy.  And if you don’t believe me look again at the life of David.  David would have still been a shepherd boy if it were not for Goliath.  That the the arrival of an enemy is often the announcement of a promotion.  So when a problem shows up even if you’re saved; when a problem showed up in the palace for Esther, that did not mean it was over that was the announcement that promotion is about to come.  And they’re are people that are listening right now that Haman’s are showing up in their life and they’re facing the biggest problems that they have ever faced. When Goliath showed up it was David’s turn to be crowned; the promises that had been given him long ago that he felt that he had been forgotten on the backside of the pasture taking care of his dad’s flocks. Suddenly the arrival of an enemy catapulted him to his day of favor.  And I’m speaking to people right now that just because a problem has just popped up in your life it’s really an announcement.  And here’s the clue; but you say but it’s big.  David was not crowned king because Goliath was a midget; they would never had made him king of Goliath had been a midget.  Can you see them Sid dancing and rejoicing; David killed a midget.  No it wouldn’t happen.  No, it was because David killed a giant.  The size of your enemy is often a clue to the size of your promotion.  Did you get that Sid?

Sid:  I got it.; so you’re telling me…

Tommy:  (Laughing)

Sid: So you’re telling me that if this afternoon someone comes in your office and says “Tommy Tenney you stole my manuscript; because a lot of people have written books about Esther and I am suing you for 10 million dollars.  What is Tommy Tenny do?

Tommy: Well, first of all I pray; and secondly I assure them I didn’t.  And third I say “God you’re getting ready to do something really big.”  Because you know what Sid; that or you know what Sid?  That very thing happened with the movie script.

Sid: Oh no; I didn’t know that.

Tommy:  (Laughing) And you know what we just said “You know what God; your favor must really be on this because enemies pop out of the woodwork.

Sid: Well,  what was the greatest enemy that you encountered just as you were breaking on this whole series on Esther?

Tommy:  We came under attack in our family.  My daughter; you know I have 3 daughters and I live very transparently and I announced even on national television what I would tell your audience.  We became aware that one of our daughters had been molested and have had a period of time for several years now walking her back through the precess of total healing.  And I’m thinking that I needed to be the best Dad possible.  But I can bring you a report of victory; it wasn’t instantaneous and it is still progressing but…

Sid: That’s got to hurt you more than if something had happened to you.

Tommy: Oh, absolutely Sid but you know what I am not immune.  I may make movies; I may write books; I may be on Christian television but I’m still a Dad and I face all the things that all of the things that your listeners face; and I learned to live by these principals.

Sid: Tommy, when you first found this out what was the first thing you did?

Tommy: Cry, what would you do?

Sid: And then? 

Tommy: Pray and ask God for favor and just start walking out.  We want to spiritualize everything; when Esther found out who Haman was and what…she had to have a Mordecai to step in and say “Esther, it’s your turn I know he’s an enemy I know that he’s there.”  But listen here’s the essence of it; the true thing. Esther refused the presence of an enemy to keep her out of the presence of the King.  And she even took Haman with her to a private banquet.  So here’s my lesson from Esther for all your listeners.  Don’t let a problem in your life keep you out of worship.  You say “But, I got cancer, I can’t really worship; I’ve got this problem, I’d worship better if I didn’t have a lack of resources; I could worship better.  My advice is take your problem with you; take your enemy with you into the presence of the King.  Don’t let the enemy keep you out of the presence of the King take it with you.

Sid: I’m looking at your 12 protocols of the palace and I’m looking at the 12th and I know you know that by heart; talk about that.

Tommy: One night with the King changes everything.  Never underestimate the potential of one prayer; one song; one sermon; one book; one encounter; one word. One word whether it’s a word I spoke, Sid Roth spoke or the Holy Spirit spoke as we were talking to people about Purim.  Purim is about overcoming your enemy and that enemy is exactly what this is all about.

Sid:  Okay, there’s someone listening to us right now and they’re saying “Here’s where the rubber meets the road I have got to hear from God; I have got to have my encounter with God; I have got to have an answer to this question.”  What would you say to them on this day Purim?

Tommy:    Learn to worship; okay Esther sat at a banquet table looking at the King and Haman at the same banquet table. Conventional wisdom would have said “Don’t bring Haman to this private banquet, get the King off by yourself.”  And some people say “I could worship if I didn’t have the problem.  The wisdom of Esther at Purim was she learned to worship with the King with the enemy at the same table.  And that’s exactly what some of the people need to do.4  Learn to worship even though a problem is presence in their life worship anyway.  “Thou prepareth a table before me in the presence of my enemy.”  You know I’ve got to hear a little bit of your wife singing the theme song from your new movie.  Would you play that right now.


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