sidroth on July 25th, 2021

SID: There’s always a… Warren Marcus, chemistry, when two Jewish believers of the Messiah get together. I believe on this show, there will be an explosion of the glory or the manifest presence of God, like no show we’ve ever had. I want you to come along for that ride. Now, at five years of age, God started dealing with you. What happened?

WARREN: I was frightened of lightning and thunder, and I came running into my house. My friend had told me that lightning could kill you. So I’m in there, I come running in screaming, crying. My sister, agnostic, Jewish sister, she picks me up and says, what’s wrong? I said, it’s lightening. It could kill me. And she just said, it won’t hurt you. God will protect you. Saying, God, who’s God? Well, you can’t see him, but he lives in a place called heaven, yet he’s everywhere. He’s always with you. I said, is he in my room at night when it’s dark? She says, yes, he’s there too. Well, I got more frightened of this entity named God than I was of the lightning. But I had this dream, Sid, and it was the most incredible dream. I was in heaven and it was lightning and thunder. I was so frightened.

WARREN: And yet in the distance I saw the clouds part and there was beautiful golden light. It was the Shekinah. I didn’t realize it till later in life. And these beams of colorful beams came out from the Shekinah towards me, and I was being pulled in and drawn into that light. And I could feel this peace. I could feel it, now. I can feel the glory, now, as I’m telling you this, it was so powerful. But then I heard a voice inside me and all around me, the most beautiful voice, Sid, I’ve ever heard to this day. And he said, do not be afraid. I am your friend. I will never hurt you. And this dream impacted me. A moment in the glory can change your life forever. But what if you could have moment by moment, by moment in the glory. So I woke up that dream. I tried to tell my mother about it. I told my father, I saw God. They go, what do you mean, you saw God? In my dream. They thought it was my sugar.

SID: And then of all things, he goes to a movie, The Ten Commandments.

WARREN: I’m sitting in that theater and I’m watching our people, Israel, being delivered from the slavery of Pharaoh. I’m seeing 10 plagues upon the people. I’m seeing the red sea parting, and then… But here’s the thing. When I saw Moses on Mount Sinai and the Ten Commandments being written by God’s finger, instantly, it was like being in that dream again. I kept remembering the words he says, do not be afraid. I am your friend. I will never hurt you. And I said, that’s my God. That’s the one that’s on my side. But I still had a yearning to say, how can I see you again? How can I talk with you again? How can I know you again?

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sidroth on July 16th, 2021

TIM: It’s time for you to possess your break through, not just hear about it. And these angels are, and it’s not just corporate, this is for individuals and the corporate church. This is the time right now, God is pouring out his power to break through for you. He’s going to break through for you in your health, break through for your business, break through for your finance. He’s going to help churches that have been struggling under so much persecution really, in even a shutdown time, in some cases and certainly cultural persecution. But he’s going to help his church breakthrough and begin to possess inheritance that he has desired for them for centuries. In other words, we’re moving into a different time. I would even say it’s a different age.

SID: Well I’ll tell you what, we’re moving into the time you have dreamt about.

TIM: Yes.

SID: Not just you, all the prophets, all the saints from before have dreamt that this would occur. They’re cheering in heaven for this moment.

TIM: Yes they are.

SID: Be right back.

SID: Hi, I’m here with Tim Sheets. And Tim, you explain angels like very few believers understand, there are different types of angels.

TIM: Oh, yes.

SID: One type that’s been probably very busy lately are governmental angels. And tell me a bit about them.

TIM: It’s the first angel division that Holy Spirit began to describe to me. I saw a huge angel in one of our services wearing a purple sash. And I began to notice every time I saw the government angels, now these are angels that I believe are under the command of Michael the great Archangel. Michael has millions of government angels and warriors that assist in trying to turn, or turning the governments of the world. And when the church is called upon by Holy Spirit to begin to transform government or speak into government, these angels are involved.

SID: So they’re waiting for assignments is what you are talking about. They need a human believer agency to fulfill their destiny.

TIM: Sure, like an intercessor that frees them to do the assignment. I remember we were in Tucson, Arizona, and we were doing a prayer assembly, Sid, I looked up and it was kind of like a box store that they had made into a church, huge. All along one side began to line up government angels with a purple sash, all across the back, and all across this side. I’d never seen anything like that. And I said, “Holy Spirit, I’ve never seen this many government angels before in one place, what’s going on?” And the Holy Spirit said, “There are 51 of them if you want to count.” I didn’t dare count and I’ll take your word for it. And I said, “Why are they here?” He said, “There’s one here for each capital. Plus the capital of the United States, Washington DC.” He said, “They are here to get their assignments.”

So I stepped over to my brother who was leading at the time, my brother Dutch. And I told him, and we began to decree over the States. And as we would decree for that state, that government angel would take off. We knew he was on assignment, according to what we were decreeing. And lastly, we decreed into Washington, DC, and the angel finally took off on the assignment. We have influence through our prayers, through our decrees, through what we say that God says, to influence the natural realms. That requires sometimes the invisible assistance of angel armies to behind the scenes, to begin to shift things in ways that we cannot do.

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sidroth on July 4th, 2021

DAVID: Does the encounter lead me to Jesus? Because the point isn’t the encounter itself, the point of the encounter is to lead me to more and more of Jesus. When Elijah was on Mount Sinai and he had the similar encounter with the elements, the wind blew and crushed the rocks, the fire came, but that wasn’t the end of what God was doing. Like I was doing, was speaking something fresh and speaking something new to Elijah. And when we had these types of encounters, I believe God’s on the move. He’s doing something fresh, revival. I think we’re right on the precipice of the greatest revival in history. And when the children of God grab whole of their identity, they know who they are, just like the sons of Issachar, they know what the plan of God is and what they should do. I think we’re in the season, that’s ready for abundant harvest.

SID: Speaking about the move of God that is coming, as He is talking, the water level or the move of God is getting higher and higher. What if you’re inside a large tent with a thick canvas covering and suddenly the canvas ceiling disappears revealing the heavens, impossible? Here comes the proof. Be right back.

SID: David, you have a brand-new book on everything we’ve been talking about. It’s called Mystify, operating in the mystery of God. Why did you write this book?

DAVID: When I open the Bible, for me it’s a story of supernatural encounters of people who’ve gone before us. And it says, the Bible that how the witnesses surrounds us. And I believe that they’re handing us the baton to take the move of God into the new generation. So when I read those stories, it was an invitation for me to put myself in the story, I wanted to experience God the same way our heroes of the faith experience God. And so when I began to have my own encounters that are similar to encounters in the Word, I also wanted to share that with the world so they can know that they’re sons and daughters of God, that He’s a good Papa, His desire as for us to experience Him in all the ways that He’s made Himself available.

SID: Would it work for anyone? Would God demonstrate Himself that strongly for anyone?

DAVID: We’re all His kids. He loves to give good gifts to His children and He doesn’t withhold anything from us. So He’s making Himself available through these extraordinary ways. I think that’s why the stories are in the Bible. It was to let us know, this is who God is. This is what He’s doing. And this is what He does for us, to us and what He does through us.

SID: You’re at a tent meeting and a very supernatural sign occurs. In fact, I’ve never heard of this happening before. Tell me what happened.

DAVID: So we’re at the tent meeting with Leif Hetland and Katherine Manola and we’re standing up front and worship is going, now this was amazing set of days. There were many people saved and many people healed during these meetings. And we’re sitting there in worship and a young lady runs up to me. She said, “Can I show you a picture I just took with my cell phone only a couple of seconds ago?” I said, “Okay, sure. I would love to see it.” Now, when she put the phone in front of me, I promise you I was not prepared for what I was about to see. As I looked down at the picture, it showed the aisle of her friends. And that picture angle was looking back up towards the ceiling of the tent that we were under. Only when I looked at where the tent should have been it faded out into the cosmos, it’s as if you saw a picture of heaven touching earth inside the photograph, even the poles, whoa, they were holding the tent up. The stars began to shine through the poles.

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sidroth on June 25th, 2021

SID: Can you pray right now? Look into the camera and pray that we hear God’s voice, we become true worshipers of God, and pray that people with coronavirus will get healed.

TRACY: Okay, yes. So for everyone that’s listening out there, I just thank you Father for everyone. Father, I thank you for all of the viewers today. Father, I pray that you would send your Holy Spirit in now. And I ask God that you would anoint their ears and their eyes, God, that they can see and they can hear what the Spirit is saying. Father, I ask now that you would anoint them for dreams and visions, that they would have dreams in the night and visions during the day. God, I pray that you would take them into these encounters, that you would lead them in this way, God. Would you teach them how to pray? Would you teach them how to understand what it is that you’re showing them? And God, I pray for them that they would operate in the authority, the governmental authority of God, both as priest and king, and they would partner with you in the days ahead, God. I thank you that this is their finest hour.

TRACY: Lord and that you’re taking them into Your beauty realm, God. That you’re giving them power and authority over sickness and disease, and Father I thank you that there’s no fear that can come near them as they operate in this authority and in this priesthood. So Lord, I ask now for anybody out there that hears my voice. If you have coronavirus, if you are sick in your body, right now in the name of Jesus, I bind up that fear that has attached itself to this virus. And I command you to lead them now in the name of Jesus. And Holy Spirit, I just ask that you would release, right now release your peace into their lungs and into their cellular structure. And I ask right now that strength would come back to their cells, strength and vitality.

TRACY: I ask that the wind of God and the breath of God would hit your lungs right now in Jesus name, and that your lungs would be filled with the healing power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, and that you can breathe again. And I command all pain to leave your body, fever to leave your body now. And I just say resurrection life. I declare resurrection life over you and I declare that you are rising up out of this. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

SID: So be it.

TRACY: Amen.

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sidroth on June 16th, 2021

ROBBY:    They, the drugs had no effect on him whatsoever. He couldn’t, he couldn’t eat. He said every time he closed his eyes he would see my wife’s finger in his face. And he said “What happened?” He goes look at me. And he holds up his hands and his hands were shaking. And I said, I said she put the fear of God on you!  

SID:  Now when he—

ROBBY:  And he goes “ah.”

SID:  You told me that when he came into her presence afterwards, after that encounter he was still shaking over this little woman?

ROBBY:  Yes! He tells me this. This is several days later. He tells me this and he holds his hands and his hands were still shaking.  


ROBBY:  And he didn’t— I told him that she had to pray for his release.

SID:  This is a thug with a gun! Why was he afraid? (laughing)  

ROBBY:  The spirit of God! It’s just the Spirit of the Lord just hit him. And you know, she’s, she’s a woman with authority. And I told him, and he told me he goes every time I close my eyes he goes I see that finger. And I said well just so you know I’ve seen that finger before too. I understand.


ROBBY:  There’s authority in that finger, I’m telling you! But—

SID:  Okay. Robby. There is a presence, such a sweet presence of God. It’s not just sweet. It’s with that word authority that you use. There’s an authority that is coming in right now. I want you to pray whatever God tells you to pray right now.

ROBBY:  Right now, Father I just thank You for just all of the fear and inhibition. There’s some people that are right now in the midst of fear of people that are, have been abusing them. There’s other people that are in fear of people who are family members that are in addiction and that are abusing them or taking advantage. Right now by the authority of Christ, I just, we thank You, Lord that the listeners have the authority through Christ to break that hold, to break that power and to be set free. And so right now Lord I just pray just an “authority understanding” through Your Spirit just hit the listeners right now and an understanding of Your authority that You’ve given. Jesus, You said all authority has been given to Me and I am in you. Therefore all authority is in you. And Lord I pray that reality be known right now in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name!

SID:  You know— 

ROBBY:  And there’s a man who’s battling alcohol right now that’s listening to this and it’s just been a real severe addiction. Right now you’re just, there’s been, you’re feeling a turning in your stomach. Well there’s a spirit of addiction. Lord, Lord, we break that spirit of addiction in Jesus’ name. Now get off of him! And we declare that freedom and that authority! I just felt it break right there in Jesus’ name. Jesus’ name! SID:  There’s a lot of, not just a lot of authority, a lot of power in that prayer right now. I really want you to be mentored by Robby in the prophetic, in healing, ministering the presence. How to hear from God. Deliverance. It’s time to be beat sickness. It’s time to beat suffering. It’s time to beat despair. So for an investment of 39 dollars get the “Do What Jesus Did” Package. Robby, I want you to pray another prayer right now. I want people to experience the presence of God. Would you pray that right now?    

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sidroth on June 3rd, 2021

ROBBY:   I assure you! But I was like you know I had just eaten lunch. I didn’t need any more food. It’s exactly you know I’m, I’m, I don’t need that. And so I was like man, you know what do I— you know what does it even mean and then it occurred to me what the Lord was saying. I want togive you something. I want togive you. Open your mouth and go to say something you normally wouldn’t say. And so there was no— you know again like what you were saying I was expecting well here’s what you, here’s what you say. Just say this. It wasn’t there. And so I just said “You know I just really sense God is about to—.” And I wasn’t sure what I was going to say next and I just, it just  it was almost like it flew out of my mouth. And it was like I had to go there with expectancy. And then it just came out and I just said “completely heal your father.” I said as a matter of fact your father is going to have a brand new heart. God’s giving your father a brand new heart. And she did not say anything about it—.    

  SID: Stop, stop, stop, stop for a second.  

ROBBY:   Sure.

SID:  When you said that, after you said it what was going on inside of Robby?

ROBBY:  Well, it was, it kind of— everything was kind of coming out so fast that I, I, it was almost like as I’m hearing it is I’m hearing it for the first time as I’m saying it you know so I mean it’s not like I’m hearing it in my spirit before. I felt an encouragement to step out and to say something. I didn’t know. I didn’t really understand about authority. I didn’t understand about that.

SID:  But, but you know what it sounds, it sounds to me like you had what is called a “mind by-pass.” It wasn’t in your mind. It came right out of your spirit! (laughs)

ROBBY:  I would liken it to that. Yes, exactly. It was just like, it was just like me saying the words “God is about to—” was, was just the vehicle to release something that the Lord wanted to say. It’s almost like, Sid, that, that it wasn’t going to happen until I said it that way. And then when I did it just came out like that and I added to it which really wasn’t an addition cause I didn’t have any foreknowledge about it. But I said “But He’s also going to give him brand new lungs to go with it” and she’s not said anything about lungs. And soon as I said it I said now wait a minute. I just totally interrupted my prayer. And I said now wait a minute. I said you need to understand something. I said I’m no healer. I said matter of fact you know I’ve never prayed for anybody and seen anybody healed.  


ROBBY:  And I said a matter of fact I said you know it’s probably a bad thing that I just prayed for your dad.  


ROBBY:  I said because most of the people I pray for ended up dying or getting worse or getting more sick or things get worse for ‘em. I said you know I wouldn’t listen to anything that I just said I said because I don’t know what I’m talking about!

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sidroth on May 25th, 2021

SID: I have to tell you, and you tell me this, you’re really provoking me to jealousy. You see coming from a Jewish background, I wasn’t a believer in Messiah until I was 30. And you have no idea, what a heads up you had over me having spent 30 years in the world before I became a believer. I know a lot of people say, “Oh, well then I would have had a great testimony.” No, no, no, no, no. I would much prefer to be the way you did. I want you to paint me a picture. You’re on a platform, somewhere in the world with your parents as a young person. If I was there, or those that are watching us right now. What would we have seen? Pick a meeting and describe it to me.

LADONNA: Alright. We’re sitting on a very crude platform, and there are stairs on either side. There’s a banner up behind us that spreads across the platform that says in the language of the people, “Jesus Christ, The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever.” The platform is filled with Pastors, and we’re sitting on the front row, and we’re looking. There’s 2 microphones standing for my father or mother, and an interpreter. And from the edge of the platform, as far as the eye can see, there are people, they’re pressed so tight. Oh, I can hardly describe this without emotion because such hurting people will come when they’re invited to find hope and solution. And Jesus is that hope. So we sit there, the breeze blows, the interpreter’s voice is echoing the people. The people are staring, they’re almost in shock, their mouths open from what they’re hearing. Some of the breezes, bring to your nostrils, the smell of disease, you hear the barking dogs; you just see hopelessness. But the sound of the Good News of Jesus is heralded across those people, and you know Sid, wherever Christ’ truth is proclaimed, it’s as though we’re placing Christ Himself among the people so that they can experience Him and believe on Him, and receive Him. And that’s what happens. By the time my father or mother would ask the people if they wanted to receive Jesus, it’s the same as I see today. It seems as though 100% of the hands go up.

SID: I have to ask you this question because this is stunning to me. Your father had what we Jewish people, “Chutzpah” which means “Holy Nerve.”  

LADONNA: [laughs]

SID: And why do I say this. He would get up in front of thousands of people, Muslims, Hindus, Witch Doctors; and he would say according to my notes, “If this one (he was praying for one) is not healed, don’t believe anything I say.”  

LADONNA: That’s right.

SID: How could he have, I mean do you realize LaDonna, if that person wasn’t healed, they wouldn’t be walking out? The people might be walking towards him. [laughs]

LADONNA: That’s right, but Jesus is the one who’s the healer and He wants the people to know Him and to know His goodness.

SID: I know, I know that, but I know myself, I can’t make anyone, be healed.  

LADONNA: Of course not! [laughs]

SID: I mean your dad couldn’t heal anyone! So, when he would say that, he would have such trust, such childlike trust—

LADONNA: That’s it.

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sidroth on May 16th, 2021

JAMIE: It really is so interesting. So now we’re—I’m going to spice it up a little bit. I want to hear about this because as we’re—I was looking over your material, over your new book, you have the lost tribes in there. And it’s kind of hitting it, but there’s something about this that’s so fascinating to me. Tell us about the lost tribes.

JONATHAN: It is. Well, during the 1990’s, I lived in Russia, from Æ93 to 1997. Sid was working with me. We saw an incredible harvest of Jewish people come to faith, and then the doors began to close, in the later 90’s, as the novelty of the Gospel wore off, but we had an incredible harvest. And I was asking the Lord, after doing these huge festivals of Jewish music and dance, where we filled football stadiums, “What’s next Lord?” and the Lord led me to an unlikely place, Ethiopia.

JAMIE: Ethiopia?

JONATHAN: Ethiopia. And it was in Ethiopia that I discovered the Beta, Israel. Beta Israel is Hebrew, it means House of Israel. And these are Jews living in Ethiopia, some of which, a percentage that had actually been taken to Israel. There’s 130,000 Ethiopian Jews now. We began to minister to the Ethiopian Jewish community through medical care, eye care, dental care, just keeping these people alive because they lived in abject poverty and they were persecuted. And from that, I began to meet representatives from different parts of Africa, became aware of a community in India, the B’nai Menashe, the children of Menashe, that claim to be descendants of the lost ten tribes. And I feel, Jamie, like I’ve been on this Indiana Jones adventure seeking out these lost tribes. So instead of searching for the Ark of the Covenant, I’ve been searching for the people of the covenant and God’s been bringing them to me. It’s been an incredible journey and they’re out there.

JAMIE: This is incredible. So you’re telling me that there are Jewish people hidden in plain sight, these tribes, these lost tribes, that are covering the globe. I mean, you’re talking about Africa, are there other places?

JONATHAN: All over. Now, I wouldn’t say they’re in plain sight in every case. For example, a representative came to me from Zimbabwe and told me about his community and I sent representatives to find this tribe called the Lemba. Well, it turns out, they’re in the bush of Zimbabwe and you have to really travel to remote places to find them, but they’re there, about 60,000 of them. They have their own kosher butchers.

JAMIE: What?

JONATHAN: They have their own oral traditions handed down to them for at least eight hundred years that are the laws of Moses. Now, it’s not rabbinic Judaism. Understand that after the temple was destroyed, a new Judaism emerged based on the rabbi’s, the oral law, but they adhere to the Torah, the first five books of Moses, not because they’re reading it, but because their oral traditions have taught them. They circumcise their males. Now they got a little bit off; instead of the eighth day circumcision, which is in the Torah, they circumcise their males on the eighth year. We’re trying to fix that one because that’s a painful mistake. JAMIE: Yeah, yeah. I want to—Hold on there because I have so many more questions about this. This is so fascinating. You’re doing research and finding these people; I want to know how are you doing this and are there other lost tribes that have yet to be found? I want to—Look, this is “Something More”, I’m so excited, Jonathan Bernis here. He’s opening my mind in new ways and helping me see and discover prophetic mysteries of Israel, right now. [music] Tune in, stay tuned, this next segment, I’m going to ask some more questions specifically about these lost tribes.

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sidroth on May 4th, 2021

SID: So you’re minding your own business on an airplane and someone dies. Tell me about a real resurrection.

KEVIN: Well, that happened just a couple of years that I was with the airline and they had been dead for a while because there was no blood in their … You couldn’t see any blood flow. So we put them on the floor, I guess they thought that … It was a husband, and the wife said, “I thought he was sleeping, but he’s been dead for a while. He’s cold.” So we put him out on the floor and we have to very quickly do CPR and do everything. I cannot pronounce him dead, so I started to pray over him because I was waiting for the CPR equipment. And the wife said, “Yeah, you can pray for him.” I said, “You’re a Christian, aren’t you?” And she said, “Yes.” So out of my mouth when I prayed, instead of praying, “Lord, we just give this man to You.” Out of my mouth said, “Come back in the name of Jesus.” And at that very moment, he opened his eyes and he got his color back. So I know that he was dead.

Even though I don’t have a death certificate or anything to prove that, I saw that the words out of my mouth commanded resurrection. And that man walked off the airplane without a wheelchair or any assistance.

SID: The devil really tries to strip these words from our vocabulary. Why would he want to strip resurrection from our vocabulary?

KEVIN: Well Sid, what we don’t realize that we’re going to, from now on, is that we are literally children of God and it has been given to us. As it says in John 1:12, it says that those who embraced Him, Jesus, He gave them the power … which is the word, “authority,” to become children of God. See, we have been given that authority so when we speak, we are representing God. Doesn’t it even say that when we speak, we should speak as though we’re speaking the very oracles of God? And doesn’t it even say in Ephesians 5, that we are to be imitators of God as dearly loved children? So when we speak these words, we have the same authority that Jesus had when He walked on the earth. Now what I just said, some people would just come against that. But see, that is where we’re at. We need to get back into those ancient paths of walking in the Spirit and speaking the words. We need to stay in this place of resurrection power every day, tapping into it, taking a sip, a drink, a bite or whatever it is.

The Word of the Lord that comes to you, that’s bread from heaven. But then you can drink of the Spirit of God. You continue to feed on yourself on the Word of God and you tap into that resurrection power, and the devil will look at you and he does not have a plan B. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do if you don’t wear out. Sid, isn’t it true that it says that in the book of Revelation, that he was wearing out the saints? In the book of Revelation, that was his goal.

SID: Right.

KEVIN: So I know that, and now I’m just going to tell everybody all over the world, you cannot let him wear you out. You got to stay in the ring of God where God will win every time.

SID: It’s almost unfair. This man has got so much revelation on these power words, I can’t do justice to it on this show. I really pray you get ahold of this and you give the devil his marching orders, “March out.”

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sidroth on April 25th, 2021

SID: Now, David Hernandez provokes me to jealousy. He doesn’t know how biblical he is. You see it’s the job of the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy, but there was someone else I knew, David, that provoked me to jealousy no end. Her name was Kathryn Kuhlman. As far as I’m concerned, she had such a close relationship with the Holy Spirit. I remember to this day, she would say, “Don’t grieve him. He’s all I’ve got.” And you have that. But I understood it that this started based on a word of God before you were even born. Tell me about that.

DAVID: Well, the prayers of parents are powerful and my parents had prayed a very specific prayer for myself and each of my siblings. For my older sister, they prayed that she would be a worshiper—that came to pass. For my brother, that he would carry a boldness. That definitely came to pass. And then for me, they prayed that I would be sensitive to the person of the Holy Spirit. And ever since the age of seven, I can recall being very aware of an atmosphere of the Spirit around me.

SID: That is so wonderful. I didn’t even know about such things for the first 30 years of my life. You really had a leg up on me and probably a lot of people. There are a lot of people, we know there’s a Holy Spirit, many have even been filled with the Holy Spirit, but to you, who is the Holy Spirit?

DAVID: To me, the Holy Spirit is a friend because he is a person. The Holy Spirit is also God we see in Psalm chapter 139 verse seven that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent. We see in first Corinthians chapter two, verses 10 through 12, that the Holy Spirit is omniscient because he knows the mind of God and searches out the deep things of God. We also know that the Holy Spirit is omnipotent because in Luke chapter one, verse 35, we see that it’s the same power of the Most High that overshadowed someone when the Holy Spirit came upon them. The Holy Spirit is the one who helps us to pray. The Holy Spirit is the one who gives us boldness for evangelism. The Holy Spirit is the one who gives us the power to overcome sin. As I say, he is the Holiness Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who stirs hearts for faith to believe for the miraculous and to receive and become all that God desires.

DAVID: The Holy Spirit is the one who guides us into the deeper things of God who reveals those heavenly treasures, which are revelations that cause transformation in us. The Holy Spirit is the one who walks with us 24/7, constantly abiding, a faithful friend, empowering us with the grace of God to accomplish the perfect will of God within the earth and become that will of God filled with power in the earth. The Holy Spirit is the one who empowers us for ministry and guides us through everyday life as it pertains to ministry so that we don’t miss a single detail. And the Holy Spirit is a person. The person of God, in me, around me, with me, constantly abiding, as I say.

SID: A lot of people refer to the Holy Spirit as, “It.” That’s not who the Holy Spirit is to you.

DAVID: Not at all. Jesus referred to him as, “He.” He said that he shall lead you into all truth. He will remind and reveal, John 14:26.

SID: Okay. I am all ears on this next question. And you will be too. Give us some secrets you have learned to have intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

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