sidroth on August 11th, 2020

KATIE: I feel like there are people here that have food issues that are going to be healed, food issues. I feel like somebody has fungus in their toenail that has been a reoccurring problem, and that’s going to die because it says that when we confess our offences, can everybody here me, oh, I’m sorry- [she takes microphone] – can ya’ll hear me now? Okay. That when we confess our offences that we will be healed and that word healed means to be healed of diseases, ailments, sicknesses, disorders, bacteria, viruses, infections- I mean we didn’t get to tell this story but a woman in Texas was listening to this teaching and I had a word of knowledge about a belly button. I said somebody here has a cyst in your belly button, it’s going to pop and drain right here in the meeting without anybody touching it but Jesus. And she did. She had an infection so bad in her belly button that it had spread like tentacles throughout her entire stomach and it was red and inflamed and full of infection and when I said that word of knowledge, she had been, you know, gone through the teaching, and it popped and drained and all the redness and the swelling went and the hole even closed up where all the puss drained out.

Yeah. So I decree right now that that fungus which is in somebody’s toenail is going to be healed in the name of Jesus right now. Somebody has a bilateral problem in their system. I don’t even know what that is but God is going to heal that too. Somebody has a reoccurring ear infection that’s happening, a pain in the right ear, and that is going to be healed in the name of Jesus. And you know when I say these words of knowledge as we go through the activation you should be testing yourself. Because that is your move of faith to come into agreement with what God is doing. Yeah, I felt the power hit my ear right there in Jesus name. And somebody tripped and fell and their ankle is swollen and God is healing that too. Teeth problems. Can I step down here or no? Teeth problems, in the name of Jesus, teeth problems are going to be healed in Jesus name, in Jesus name. But I want to do a deeper soak. Because- you’ve been offended for years. Do you agree? And every time you let yourself get offended it made a wound. Now you may have repented and that was good.

But we didn’t understand that that sin made a wound, and the wound is still there until “dunamis” comes and wipes it out and heals it. And so that’s why you know people go but I repented but I’m still sick. See, that’s why you still are sick because the wound is still there, because we didn’t understand that we needed both the cross and the resurrection, the power of from the resurrection. And that’s why you’re still sick even though you repented your face off. People will even come and say horrible things like well you must have some secret sins. You know honestly I believe that there are people out there that have secret sin. But I believe that the majority of believers really want to obey God, and they’re repenting their faces off. And so people come to ’em and say you got some secret sin and you’re thinking I’ve repented for everything I could ever think of plus things I never even did I repented for. And so it only ends up injuring people when that is said to people. But what it was is that we didn’t understand that our sin wounds our soul and that wound is still there. Amen? So bow your heads-

SID: Hey- you know what’s coming to me? If any of you are like me, you’ve repented more than one time for every sin that you’ve committed, maybe 10 or 20 times! The truth is you only had to do it once but nothing happened so therefore you kept figuring I’ll just keep repenting and repenting. But you never went to Step Two. That’s what Katie’s talking about.

KATIE: Step Two, that’s right. So we’re going to worship, and while we worship let’s spend ten minutes just doing the blood. Let’s do Step One like we always do. You know how to do that. Let’s just do that for ten minutes. And I want you to think about, you know, repenting for, you know if you were mad at your parents, or you were mad at your spouse, or if you said offended words about a co-worker, and just go through that list, okay? And then we’re going to not stop there. Because that’s why we are still sick, because we’ve stopped there. And then we’re going to worship and spend like ten more minutes. Do we have that amount of time? Are we okay? And we’re just going to do the “dunamis” power and I’m going to make decrees over your soul. So just really pull on the presence and really pull on the blood right now in this next ten minutes. And then we’ll really go for the Step Two and I really believe God’s going to go through a bunch of layers and we’re going to see some major breakthroughs. Amen?

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sidroth on August 2nd, 2020

ALISS: but it went like, opened like that! And the eyes were perfectly straight. Then the mother she said tell me about Jesus. Well you would, wouldn’t you? So, in fact there were two young guys sitting behind me. And they’ve been into, they were like into heavy metal, long hair and tattoos and they’ve been into drugs and they’d supernaturally come into our cafe one day. Some angels grabbed them outside and pulled them in. I’d been up praying all night. The Lord had got me to pray all night and I didn’t know who I was praying for. Just lost souls. That’s all I knew. And I stayed up all night and prayed. Then the next day they like get pulled into our cafe saying what are we doing in here? Something just pulled us in! I said that’ll be the angels outside. I said I think I’ve been praying for you all night. They said well that’s really weird. They said you know, and they looked like in their early twenties. They’d been friends for a long time. And that morning both of them had woken up with an urge suddenly to buy a Bible. Right?


ALISS: And—but they were too scared to tell each other. They didn’t want to— they were too embarrassed to tell each other they wanted a Bible. So they go into town that day and they said oh, I want to buy a book today and the other one says well I’d like to buy a book too, actually. And then they discover they both wanted a Bible. So they found a Bible— they get on a bus to go home and they live just behind our cafe in our neighborhood— and instead of going home something as they get off the bus pulled them into our cafe. And so once I tell them that I’d been praying for them all night, and I didn’t know it was them, they said we want to give our lives to Jesus. So they renounce their sin. They gave their lives to Jesus. They got healed of some physical stuff too. And came off the drugs and everything. And so six weeks later when this little girls eyes healed they’re sitting behind me in the cafe watching all this happen. So when the mother says tell me about Jesus they say we’ll tell you about Jesus—


ALISS: —and what He’s done for us and our lives. So they told her and she says I want to give my life to Jesus. So we’re all holding hands around the table in the cafe and she’s confessing all this sin and asking Jesus to come into her life and she gets saved. And you know later on her partner comes in to the cafe and he says I want to thank the people that prayed for my daughter. You know she’s still perfectly well. It’s just like in 2009 this happened. Her eye is perfect. She’s not blind. Has no more problems. But he says I want to give my life to Jesus and so he gave his life to Jesus as well.


ALISS: Oh yeah! Thank you, Jesus! Whooohoo! Oh, He’s so good, isn’t He! So— but you can do that too everywhere you go. I mean we’ve— you know we’ve have this cafe, we’ve got this shop right in the middle of Chester. But you can just, you can do miracles anywhere. It’s good isn’t it— you know maybe you’ve been in church and practicing doing miracles and prophesying to people but it’s, it’s a good place to practice but it’s just for everyday life. And I find that you can try to talk to people about Jesus you know as much as you like but really if you do miracle— if you get some supernatural knowledge and tell it to them they want to know about Jesus. They want to know the power of that feeling and the love that they can feel that they’ve never experienced in their life before. And they—we just find you know hundreds of people giving their lives to Jesus. But you can do that. It’s easy. It is. It’s easy! You just speak it out and it happens. And if it doesn’t happen you speak it out again.

You just don’t give up. You just keep going. You know one of the things I’ve, I’ve found is we have a lot of people come in and they say well I’ve prayed a lot and I’ve still got this illness and I don’t know— or people will be praying for others and not seeing much happen. But one of the things I’ve discovered is that a lot of illnesses are caused by evil spirits. Even if you are a Christian it could be an evil spirit that’s causing it. I’ll tell you one story that’s quite good as a teaching tool. This happened to me a few years ago. And a friend of mine came round to my house just for a chat and a coffee and we’re sitting chatting. And then she gets up and I get up at the same time. And suddenly both of us have the same symptoms. Like we suddenly we get really dizzy. We have really bad headaches. But we can’t see properly and our ears go deaf and we feel really disorientated. Now if I was on my own I probably would have thought well I just got up too quickly or I’ve got a virus that’s coming or something, you know.

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sidroth on July 21st, 2020

JERAME:  Who wants to hear the sounds of God?


JERAME:  because I’ll tell you what. Adam and Eve heard the sound of God walking in the cool of the day. I don’t know what that sounds like. But I want to know. You know, was it woo, woo? Or was it like, you know, King Kong, like thump, poo, thump, poo?


JERAME:  Or what would that be like? You see these are kinds of things we got to think about because God wants us to be heavenly minded. He wants us to think about the things of God. Like I, you know Colossians 3 says set your mind and your affections on things above where Christ is seated because that’s where your life is. And you see too many Christians are too earthly minded they’re no heavenly good because they don’t focus on the word of God or the reality of heaven. If you want to see in the spirit one of the greatest keys is this. Read Revelations 4 and 5 over and over again. Read it over and over again.

Continuously. Read it 50, 60, 70 times, because what happens is that meditation brings revelation and revelation brings manifestation! Who’s ever heard their name called and then turn around no one’s there? Raise your hands. Look at that. That’s like half the crowd. I believe it’s God calling your name. And just, I believe He’s activating your senses of hearing and He’s activating, you know, you into a place of hearing His voice. And I’ll tell you what. If I’m going to minister in the streets, I, I just want to be honest with you, I would rather have that sense of hearing be the sense that God opens up rather than visions or anything else. Because if I get a vision about somebody’s life then I got to interpret it. You know, and I see this, and it’s confusing sometimes.

But do I want – the time I want visions is when I’m at home and I’m just hanging out with God, you know, and having encounters with Him and I got time to pray about it. But when I’m with other people I’d, I’d love to just hear the Lord say somebody’s left ankle right now needs to get healed and, you know, you give the word and then they get totally healed. And, and, and I believe that there’s power, you know, in, in the activation these senses and, and that God wants to totally heighten you in, in awareness of His presence. Amen? Who, who in here even as I’m talking you’re starting to get revelation on kind of how you’re geared? See because if you understand that, then that’s the strength of your gift mix but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have the other ones.

See, the other ones you just ask God for them. You ask God for them and He gives them to you and, He’ll activate them. You have not because you ask not. Now let’s talk about some of the more unusual ones. Like the sense of smell. That’s kind of unusual, right? But who’s ever smelt a supernatural fragrance? See look, that’s a lot of people in the room. And, and, you know, I remember the first time that I smelled a fragrance. I was actually ministering, in Santa Rosa California. This is about 7, 8 years ago. And back in those days I mean I was like, the way I preached was really simple. It was fire, hell and brimstone. H! I was very passionate.

I saw miracles though. I mean we saw tremendous miracles and signs and wonders but there was no love for people. And so I remember prophetically I saw some things that God wanted to deal with in this church. And I had this Elijah message all written up, you know, calling fire down from heaven. And – So I go and I was in my mind I’m thinking it’s going to be a night of repentance and we get there and I remember I stand up and I get in the pulpit and I pull out my Elijah message and when I do that the whole room fills with this fragrance and it was a smell of wine. And I mean it was supernatural. It wasn’t something that, it wasn’t a drunk guy in the back rolling around. I mean this place was filled with the fragrance of wine. And people started getting touched by God and it was very apparent. And I, I said to God, Lord what is going on right now? Like I got this message of fire. And this is what the Lord told me.

He said Jerame, He said: You think that the way people get delivered and set free is by you rebuking them. He said that’s not it. I want to have a party. That’s what God told me. He said, I want to, He said the joy of the Lord is people’s strengths. And He gave me the Proverb that talks about how laughter does the body good like medicine. And He said you have the way you think that you should do this service but how about you flow with mine? How many of you know signs and wonders are given for what? Direction? How many of you know that we, we need to understand with every sign given there’s direction given. It’s not just something flippant that God does. And, you know we’d be foolish if we’re trying to get to the heart of, you know, Charlotte and we saw the sign and started hugging the sign. Right? Oh, Charlotte. That’s not Charlotte, that points to Charlotte. What, what do signs and wonders point to?

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sidroth on July 14th, 2020

JERAME:  And so I remember when the Lord spoke that to me I changed my attitude and all of a sudden my eyes opened up. And I began to see in the spirit. And I’ll tell you want to see in the spirit and the reason why is because when see in the spirit confidence happens. See one of the number one reasons that God wants to open your eyes is so you know Him more. That’s the number 1. But one of the second reasons why is because when you see confidence comes. You know my wife and I, Miranda, she’s not here today, she’s, you know, in Wisconsin getting ready to do a conference tonight. But, we travel all around the world.

We’ve been to 37 nations in the last, you know, 5 years and preached the Gospel and some of those countries are some of the darkest places in the world. Indonesia, Africa, India. you know, we’ve gone to places where, where, you know, you’d better bring the Gospel with demonstration of power or you might lose your life. And when I say that I’m serious. And I remember one time we were in India. We were ministering and there was an army that showed up with guns and they’re in the back of the crusade. And I’m thinking, I’m thinking warily Okay, wow, this is not intimidating, you know – And I remember I’m watching this and all of a sudden my spiritual eyes open and I look to the back of the healing campaign and when I look back there and there was a large angel and he actually had the principality of the region in a headlock and he was going like this. And all of a sudden I realize if God is for us who can be against us?

Who cares – And you know what happened is that night 5 deaf ears in a row opened and the army left and thousands of people got saved! And you see what happens is when our senses are activated, we can properly align ourselves with what God is doing and what happens is even the natural realm begins to disappear because what happens is He makes His realm so apparent to you that it takes over! See it could have been easy that night to get afraid and not be bold with the Gospel because I could be thrown in prison but it doesn’t matter because Jesus is greater than the enemy. And His, His desire for souls is greater than anything the enemy can, can stop. And you know we’ve had amazing testimonies of, of people that have been activated. I mean I was preaching the same message actually in Peru and, when we were there we had a team with us.

We, we were doing mission stuff. And I was preaching to pastors and leaders on activating your spiritual senses. And one of the young guys there had never ever seen angels and he was questioning his heart if it was even real. And as we began to, to pray and as we began to ask God to open people’s spiritual eyes to see, all of a sudden he saw an angel for the first time ever in his life. I mean it became so real to him that, that he was literally shaking right there. And I’m believing that today that there’s going to be encounters like. And, and I believe that you’re one prayer away from activation. And, you know, it’s amazing, some of the greatest miracles that we’ve seen have come because of seeing or hearing God say to do something. And, and this is what I’ll tell you. Intimacy with God and obedience to His voice or His word or what He shows you releases the reality of the kingdom of God. Releases the power of God. I remember, you know, the same exact trip that we were in Scotland where Jesus visited me, I remember one last nights – This is actually a, a different sense. I’m going to, I’m going to switch over. God wants to open up our ears to hear His voice. Who, who, who wants to hear the voice of God?

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sidroth on July 5th, 2020

Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest has a master’s from a Baptist seminary, doctorate from a Methodist seminary, and would you believe he loves to cast demons out of Christians, oy vez!

Sid Roth has spent over 40 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: I’m seated here with Rodney Hogue. Rodney.

RODNEY: What up?

SID: You’re just going to a nice Baptist seminary and there’s a guest lecturer and he’s going along, you like what he’s saying and all of a sudden he starts talking about demons. Why did you get so rattled?

RODNEY: Well, actually it was all over with. The class was over and I’m just talking with this … And it was a pastor, and he was just telling us about his day. And he said, “Today we ministered to three people who had demons.” And first of all I got pretty excited because I’m thinking, oh my goodness. I mean here we are, this is New Testament stuff. So I’m thinking, we’re going to do something here and I’m going to learn something. And then he said, “And two of them were Christians”. I go, “Oh no.”

RODNEY: The first thought to my head, I don’t believe in this. I just don’t believe this. Now, in reality I never had really thought this thing through. I mean, I didn’t really have a developed theology because it just never crossed my mind. But I just had this strong thought that I just don’t believe in this. Now I realize those thoughts, they weren’t my thoughts, but at that time I thought those were my thoughts.

SID: Sure. Someone has a thought, you think it’s your thought, not necessarily coming from you, but go ahead.

RODNEY: Yeah. So I said, “I don’t believe in this.” But the next thing was, I had to get out of there. I’m like, I got to get out of this place, I made an excuse, oh my goodness, I need to go home. I’m in my car and I’m driving home and I’m thinking, how does this happen? How does a Christian have a demon? I’m just wondering how this is happening. And then the Holy Spirit invades my thinking and speaks to me so clearly, it wasn’t audible, but it was pretty close. And he says, “Rodney, that’s what you have.” [laughter] I said…

SID: Anyone want to hear from God? Anyone want to hear that?

RODNEY: Well, I mean, I just got mad. I mean, I was like, I wasn’t even thinking that at that time, I just got mad and I said, “You can’t have me. You don’t belong to me. In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to leave me,” and I felt this thing leave me.

SID: The thing you don’t believe that Christian’s can have.

RODNEY: And that’s what I thought. I go, oh no, I’ve just had an experience that I don’t believe in. But I wasn’t telling anybody, I didn’t tell my wife. I certainly wasn’t going to tell this guy. I had to think this thing-

SID: There’s a big debate, and so let me address the question head on. Can a Christian have a demon?

RODNEY: Well, I did and I’m a Christian. But one of the things I had to work through is really the language that’s in the New Testament, because that, word demon possession, that word possession is really not a very good translation from the original Greek.

SID: What should it be?

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sidroth on June 25th, 2020

SID: You know what, there’s something you teach, actions activate the miraculous.

KYNAN: Absolutely. Absolutely. Every miracle in the Bible was literally activated by the action of somebody who believed. I’m reminded of the woman with the issue of blood and the gospel account and the Bible says, “She said within herself, ‘Today I’m going to be made whole. Today I’m going to receive my miracle,’ and she pressed through the crowd.” Sometimes that crowd is not people. Sometimes that crowd is fear. Sometimes that crowd is family. Sometime that that crowd is environment, but you’ve got to be willing to press through the crowd, whatever that crowd may be, and lay hold on God’s power and purpose for your life. And when people act on the word of God in faith, it releases miracles.

SID: You know what I’m hearing right now, you’re saying stop looking back. You’re saying it’s a new day. You’re saying it’s a new beginning. You’re saying expect to hear from God. That’s what you’re saying.

KYNAN: That’s exactly what I’m saying and it’s happening right now. Right now. Father, in Jesus’ name, I release a fresh glory all over the place. Wherever you’re watching, right where you are, there’s a tangible presence of God that’s invading your space right now. Eternity is actually invading time, and guess what? The limits are removed right now. There’s no more limitation. There’s no more blockage. There’s a glory explosion right there, right where you are and you’re about to see the manifestation of God’s presence like you’ve never seen it before. I’m telling you, the glory is in this place right now and it’s moving. It’s moving. He’s working. He’s performing miracles in your life. Just receive it in Jesus’ name.

SID: Here’s what’s going on, you’re seeing seen something new, even in financial miracles, beyond all you’ve ever heard of. There is such a backlash on talking about prosperity or finances that many have backed off, and you say they’ve thrown the baby away with the dirty bath water.

KYNAN: Absolutely. Just because something is misused doesn’t mean that that’s something itself is wrong. A lot of people have been hurt with the prosperity message, Sid. They’ve been manipulated, they’ve been abused, they’ve been taken advantage of, and it’s left a dirty taste in their mouth. Here’s what God is doing. God says, “My new campaign for finances is not fundraising anymore. It’s the glory.” God is saying, “I’m going to do it Myself.”

SID: You told me recently you were at a meeting and all of a sudden, and of all things, the offering, the glory of God showed up. What happened?

KYNAN: This is amazing, Sid. I’m in this meeting and the offering time is there, and the glory just comes in. Nobody prompts anything. Nobody asks for a particular amount of money, none of that. We’re just in a worshipful mode, before we could even say anything, the Lord comes in and does His own fundraising. And this is what happens, we see the book of Acts chapter four and five all over again. Where the Bible says that when the glory came in the body of believers, that people began to bring their possessions and nobody lacked anything. And Sid, there was this literally an influx of people responding. Nobody’s prompting them, but they’re responding. And I’m seeing this all over the place where we go. It’s all over the place.

SID: Tell me about the pastor that was so turned off on talking about money.

KYNAN: Yeah. And by the way, let me share with you. I was that pastor just a few years ago that was turned off, so I can relate. And I remember this young, he came to me and he said, “I was so turned off by finances and things like that.” He said, but he realized that he had inadvertently adopted a poverty mentality and a lack mindset. And I had been doing some teaching on the economy of God and he overheard it, and he began to catch it in his spirit. And he went and he said, “God, I’m sorry for having this lack mentality. I repent of this because I know there’s abundance that you have for me.” And when he did that, some of the, beg[an] to happen. He’s walking out of the church and somebody comes up to him and they say, “Pastor, I don’t know what it is but I have to give you this.” And they give him a check for $7,000.

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sidroth on June 17th, 2020

BRENDA: I prophesy every curse, every incantation, all voodoo curses. I break the power of witchcraft over your house, over your generation. Everything that has bound you, kept you, hindered you, spoken to you, that is not from God. I decree into the atmosphere, right where you’re watching, and I say in the authority of the name of Yeshua that that thing is broken and bound. I break the power of every seducing spirit, hindering spirit, every lying spirit, every spirit of rebellion.

BRENDA: We say it comes off your mind, off your thoughts. All stiff neckness, all hardheartedness, all blindness, all deafness. In the spirit, we say it’s broken over you and every spirit. In fact, right now you’re watching and someone you’re watching, you’ve been bound by a demonic spirit of infirmity, that you’ve had prayer after prayer and it’s held you and you’re hurting. And I say right now, spirit of infirmity, you come off of that person in the authority of the name of Yeshua, and I say to you and I declare into your atmosphere, be free in Jesus’ name.

SID: Now, it’s one thing to teach, to preach, to proclaim. It’s another thing when a loved one is dying. No hope. What did you do when you found out that was going on with your father?

BRENDA: Well, we had gotten a call that my father had had a complication with diverticulitis and his bowel had perforated, and for about six months the matter of the bowel was leaking into the cavity of his body. And by the time they realized it, he was so deeply infected that he was really hours away from death.

BRENDA: We walked in that hospital and I will tell you, it looked hopeless. It looked very bleak. And this is why, again, it is so important that we keep our mouth decreeing all the time. And I remember-

SID: Decreeing the right things.

BRENDA: Correct. It is very necessary. And we walked in there and we said, we said in the name of Jesus, he’s going to live and not die. And there were times I felt like my head is screaming, “He’s not going to make it. You’re going to get here in the morning and he’s going to be-“

SID: You were reacting by what the doctor said, which you saw with your eyes.

BRENDA: Correct. He had a medical book that was like a three-inch binder that was so big. There were so many things wrong with him. And I remember our family members and our little son Matthew, he’s grown now, he’s 26, but he was a little first grader at that time. And he knew that he’d been taught the power of declaration and decree. I remember that little boy would sit in grandpa’s room and color his coloring books.

BRENDA: And he remembered the story when they came and brought the man that was paralyzed through the roof and he said, “Grandpa, you’re going to get up out of your bed because Jesus said to the man, ‘Take up your bed and walk.'” He said, “Grandpa, take up your bed, go home to your house.” And he would sit in that room and declare that. I tell you, in about 30 days time, my father was up eating jello.

BRENDA: A nurse had gone on vacation… There were so many visions of that. I had vision of an angel that came in the room and they showed, they brought Jesus and showed his back. Many, many things that happened with that. But in 30 days he was awake to the shock of the doctors. So much so that the doctor… In fact, there was one nurse who had been on vacation, she came back and said, “Is that the man from room 10? She couldn’t believe he was sitting up talking.” But they wrote, said, in his medical journal, “This is not the work of medical science. This is the work of faith and prayer.” Amen. But I believe declaration and decree was key to that miracle.

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sidroth on June 7th, 2020

JOHN: That means I don’t have to worry. I don’t have to fear, and he says he will be with me. He would not leave me or forsake me. That’s a guarantee. Because you see, once he’s telling me, I will not fear because God’s promises are for me every day. I will not fear, and I will not be dismayed. If you’ve been tormented, and you’ve being plagued, and your mind is being scorned by lies of the enemy, this is your breakthrough. This is your moment. This is your divine appointment that you can hold on to God’s word. It’s everlasting. God’s word doesn’t have an expiration date.

SID: Lead us in the prayer.

JOHN: I want to say. He says that there. This is my favorite scripture. Deuteronomy 31:8. It says, “And the Lord, he is the one who goes before me.

Group: And the Lord, he is the one who goes before me.

JOHN: And he will be with me.

Group: And he will be with me.

JOHN: And he will not leave me or forsake me.

Group: He will not leave me or forsake me.

JOHN: And I will not fear …

Group: And I will not fear …

JOHN: … or be dismayed.

Group: .. or be dismayed.

JOHN: I will not fear.

Group: I will not fear.

JOHN: Anyone right now, if you’re watching and you heard that all, you have to put the icing on the cake and say, “Lord Jesus, be my Lord and Savior.”

SID: Let do that right now. Out loud. Repeat this prayer out loud. You at home, I’m looking at you too. And the studio audience, repeat this prayer out loud. Dear God …

Group: Dear God …

SID: … I’ve made so many mistakes.

Group: … I’ve made so many mistakes.

SID: But I know …

Group: But I know …

SID: … the blood of Jesus …

Group: … the blood of Jesus …

SID: … washes away these mistakes.

Group: … washes away these mistakes.

SID: And as of this moment …

Group: As of this moment …

SID: … I am clean before you.

Group: … I am clean before you.

SID: I ask you, Jesus …

Group: I ask you Jesus …

SID: … to be my Lord and Savior …

Group: … to be my Lord and Savior …

SID: … and live inside of me.

Group: … and live inside of me.

SID: And never forsake me.

Group: And never forsake me.

SID: I love you, Lord.

Group: I love you, Lord.

SID: I want an experience with you.

Group: I want an experience with you.

SID: In Jesus name.

Group: In Jesus name.

SID: Amen.

Group: Amen.

SID: John, I want you to pray what is ever on your heart for all those billions of people that need freedom right now.JOHN: Amen. I just want to lift you up in prayer right now. I just come against every demonic force that’s been operating your life, through your life and whether the generational, or any doors that you have open in your life known and unknown. I break and destroy, dismantle every demonic fear, every tormenting devil, every scorning devil that’s scorning your mind. I break every demonic sickness, or paralyze every devil of oppression, depression, suicide. I break every satanic devil, every satanic altars.

I break every satanic assignment of the devil in the spirit realm against you. I put the judgments of God upon every devil, every demon, every principality, every territory demon spirit, I destroy it by the blood of Jesus Christ. I ask you right now in the name of Jesus Christ, I put warring angels around you up, I put a hedge of protection around you from Zechariah Chapter 2:5, I declare the blood of Jesus upon you, in you, and through you, and you are free in Jesus name. Amen.

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sidroth on May 27th, 2020

SID: Is that why so many are grabbing hold of the revelation now of proclaiming and declaring God’s promises and confessing them out loud? Is that what goes on? Your waiter is no longer unemployed?

CANDICE: I would say yes. But you know what? I think we’ve been taught for years by just amazing pastors and leaders, speak the Word of God, change will happen, and that is 100% truth. But, we don’t have a lot of teaching on the fact that angels hearken to the voice of the Lord and the voice of the Lord his Word. And so, it’s two fold. We’re called to speak the Word to transform our souls and transform our environment, but also the angels are waiting to join us in the Word. So, it’s another understanding right there. It’s been in there from day one that God has sent us the angels and they hearken to the voice of Jesus. They responded to him. We are eternal just like he is. Plus, he bought for us our salvation so, so much more shall we have them come alongside us because he’s seated with the Father and the Lord wants us to have that kind of protection, encouragement and love from heaven.

SID: Now, Candice visited heaven and it so radically changed her life. When she tells this experience, and prays for you, I tell you, it’s going to radically change your life too. Want to hear?

We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural.




We now return to It’s Supernatural.

SID: When I heard this story, I said to Dr. Candice, “I want you to explain it. What going to heaven was like, what it did for you.” Would you do that now?

CANDICE: Yes. It was a radical visual that God gave me of the royal table. And when he took me into that place, and I was literally—

SID: What is the royal table?

CANDICE: Yes, the royal table. Isaiah Chapter 25, verse 6, says that we will be seated at a banquet table full of wines and it will be a great feast that we will have in the end times. And so, but that table, okay, is in existence today. He sits at that table. And yes, there’s the great cloud of witnesses there and there’s angels at this great banquet table. So, the feast is going on. There’ll be another great one when we are all with him together. But nonetheless, there is a seat in the here and now that you have that has your name on it. The gold plate with your name on it. Gold silverware right before you, golden chalices, fruit, there’s bread in front of you that is the revelation bread, the bread of life, the bread of heaven, right in front of you. There is just oil, there’s oil in the lampstands, all of these lampstands but there’s oil on the table that you can actually dip the bread in or dip your fingers in.

CANDICE: The angels come and they bring what we need, but the most beautiful part is not the food and not the gold, it’s that he sits there with us and he communes with us. And when he laughs, the glory just comes forth and you’re just overwhelmed, and we have no consciousness of ourself. We only have consciousness of him. So, as humans we have so much consciousness of our humanity, and sin in humanity, always concerned about our weaknesses or what do we look like, all of these things. None of that. It is all him. And he comes and he sits down, he pulls up chairs and sits down next to people and just begins to talk with them. It’s so much love and total peace. It’s truly amazing. And I have that image burned in my mind so I can go there whenever I want to in any moment.

SID: And what about the vats?

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sidroth on May 17th, 2020

LINDA: And I just began to spend a little time with the family before I drove home. Obviously I had to go home. And that’s a drive, almost a two hour drive for me. And I was so arrested by the Holy Spirit all the way home. Actually, Jesus rode in the car with me. I’m confident of that. And he at one point says, “It’s okay, Linda, I have her.” He said that to me before I ever drove in my driveway. The Jesus that just loves us so much said to me, “I have her.”

SID: And you actually stopped at a convenience store and prayed in tongues.

LINDA: Well, that was just really, just truly a spiritual act because I had only been on the turnpike just a short, short while. I mean, I didn’t need to stop for anything. But I got off of the turnpike, I pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store, having no reason to be there. I didn’t even get out of the car. I just continued to pray in tongues as I had been almost incessantly since I received the call. And I sat there and just prayed and prayed and I wasn’t even going any further into even asking the Lord for interpretation, which now, I probably should have but I didn’t. I just yielded to that intercession because it was deep and it was pure and it was edifying and building me at the same time.

SID: She was doing something beyond what she realized she was doing. I mean, because she prayed in tongues all the time, she actually had the ability to interpret her language, but not at that point. But she was praying and as she did, an amazing miracle was happening. You’ll find out about in a little bit. But then, you went home and you obviously couldn’t sleep. You get up and you had a visitor.

LINDA: I did have a visitor. I did. I got up early in the morning and our house is small. Mom was staying with us, sleeping on the pull-out couch because we didn’t have a spare room and I could not turn the lights on in the kitchen without disturbing her. So I was in the dark, sitting at the table, standing up, sitting, walking, pacing, just asking the Lord, “Help me, help me, help me.”

LINDA: And I was just beginning to sense this rage rise up in me and I had a powerful visitation from God. He came into my kitchen, Sid. He was so real to me. I didn’t see him. I didn’t see him, but I knew he was there. I was so familiar with the God within that I was very familiar with the God who was face-to-face. I knew it was him. And he said to me, he said, “Linda, I don’t want you to be angry. I want you to be grateful because I have delivered Michelle from much.”

LINDA: I go, “Well, that’s not right. That doesn’t even sound right.” But just on the tail of that, he said, “Linda, I’m asking you to forgive Ray.” Well, I’m a minister at this point in time and not a new one. I’ve been ministering for years. So I knew that was in the scriptures and I thought, “Okay, all right. I don’t particularly want to do this, but I know I have to do this.” And I didn’t say yes right away, but I did eventually say, “I will. I will, Lord. And with your grace. You’re going to have to help me. You’re going to have to help me because the murder was brutal.” It was vicious and it was brutal and it was horrible. And so for me to forgive him at all was going to take a supernatural intervention from God.

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