sidroth on November 22nd, 2020

MINISTRY TEAM MEMBER: Apostle, 28 pieces of metal on her foot because of a head on collision. Her foot was crushed. She says she couldn’t move it in a circle. But God has put bone, has put flesh and tissues— and this is a creative miracle!


GUILLERMO: C’mon, hallelujah! Ahh. Awesome! You know— Lady, come over here. 15. The Lord just spoke to me: Girl, you gonna get on fire for the God,


GULLERMO: You gonna get on fire. I want you to prophesy over her, because I want the people to hear what the Lord is trying to speak to her. The young people need to be activated. —Do we have more young people here, we have more young people here? I know you believe you’re young, you’re 70, but that’s okay. Okay, anybody else receive a miracle that somebody pray for? Okay, tell me what happened?

WOMAN #3: I suffer from allergies for many, many years and today when I was coming my allergies wanted to stop, and I said ‘no, I need a healing, I need healing, I am going for healing.” And I am healed, I am healed!

GUILLERMO: Ah! Anybody else? Bring me somebody else, bring me somebody else. What happened? C’mon, bring the other person, come over here, bring person with you who prayed for you or you pray for somebody.

PRAYER PARTNER #2: —um, he prayed, we needed —had fibromyalgia and—

GUILLERMO: That’s is terrible sickness!

PRAYER PARTNER #2: —new pancreas too. We prayed for the fibromyalgia and I felt the Holy Spirit just moving on him, and, and then he — would you tell it?

MAN #2: Well, one of your team prayed for me first, and he prayed for me, and, and I’ve had pain somewhere in my body for 22 years.

GUILLERMO: That is terrible.

MAN #2 : It’s gone! OH WOW!


GUILERMO: C’mon guys. Let me tell you, I understand you, because my, my barber, she, she suffered from that and she always came with a terrible pain, and I saw that. So I understand what you been going through. What did you feel today?

MAN #2: I, I just feel the peace in the Spirit come over me, and just—

GUILLERMO: No more pain?

MAN #2: No more pain!


GUILLERMO: Ha! Oh— are you reverend, bishop, archbishop, or pope or—

PRAYER PARTNER #2: I’m a builder.

GUILLERMO: Builder. Right, right, you’re a, right, a normal believer. C’mon put your hands together, give Him praise. Father, in Jesus” name. The power of God is on that girl, yeah the power of God is on that girl. Anybody else? See a lot miracles happen, bring ‘em up, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, a lot of miracles happen.

LADY: Everyone that had pain back there they all were healed.

GUILLERMO: Okay, okay, lift your hands. How many were healed, now listen, listen, how were you healed as the other person prayed? Lift both hands, both hands, both hands, up, up, up, and delivered? Let me see, let me see. Look, look, look, look, c’mon! C’mon, put your hand together. Awesome, awesome!


GUIILLERMO: What happened, John?

JOHN: She got healed from vertigo. The two girls prayed for her and at the moment she said she couldn’t tilt her head and it’s gone now. She’s perfectly—

WOMAN #4: (SHOUTING) Whooo! Hallelujah!

GUILLERMO: You pray for her. Oh, you prayed, tell me  what happened?

PRAYER PARTNER # 3: She just swelled in the spirit and  she just started moving her head and she couldn’t before.

GUILLERMO: Are you reverend, bishop, or apostle—

PRAYER PARTNER #3: I’m just a girl. I’m just a girl.

GUILLERMO: See, that’s what I want people to know. You don’t have to be reverend, bishop, honorable, pope, just believe Jesus is alive today! Oh my God.

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sidroth on November 15th, 2020

GUILLERMO: God is raising you up above your circumstances, your sickness, above cancer, beyond cancer. He’s a supernatural God. You cannot conform with religion. Religion cannot do anything. See that’s the difference between kingdom and religion. Any religion cannot bring God into now. They will speak to you about historical God. But they cannot bring God into the now. Can you prove that Jesus is alive? Now, so you know why in Argentina God said to me pray for that little girl, because He said because I want you to demonstrate that I am alive now. I step out in faith. So this is the thing. So why the supernatural. Because I told you, there’s promises of God that will take a miracle. It will be impossible to accomplish, to do what He promised you without a miracle.

Can I hear an “amen”? Now—let me finish and then I minister. We understand God cannot be seen outside of being supernatural. It’s an insult to God. He is above—in other words, if you put God as natural you are limiting God. Religion, Christian religion, because among those Christians there’s some religious people, have told you and have taught you to limit God. God is above the laws of nature, God is above any circumstance. God is above. But in our mind we’ve been taught to limit God. So I’m gonna announce something today: Take the limits out of God. I’m gonna say it again: Take the limits out of God! Whatever He has promised you He will do. He has promised you to heal your body He will do. He will promise you He will bring your kids home back, He will do. It doesn’t matter what [it] takes, [if] he had to move mountains He will do it—


GUILLERMO: —C’mon guys, we need to do it… Religion has taught you “Yeah, but that’s too difficult.” Nothing is impossible for God, nothing is impossible. So my announcement today is: take the limits out of God. Remove the limits. He is beyond, He is above and beyond. Take the limits out of God! —and tell Him, take the limits out of God. Yeah, we limit God. You know when I built this temple I should have said, “Well, I don’t know, I don’t have any money, I don’t know how I’m gonna build it, it’s too hard.” I said “God, I don’t understand but I step out on faith.” So we understand. The introduction is why we need restoration? Because we lost how the church was founded. It was founded in the power. But today we come to church— and I enter into the end of the teaching. Okay, how can I flow in the supernatural? Would you like to learn? (Audience says “Yes”) I like the way Sid does it… Would you like to flow in the supernatural?

AUDIENCE: Yes—yeah.

GUILLERMO: Mmmm, over here, can you help me, would you like to flow in the supernatural?

AUDIENCE: Yes! (LOUDER, CLAPPING) GUILLERMO: Okay, what [does] supernatural mean? Supernatural: miracles, signs and wonders, all things that belongs to the Spirit of God, miracles, signs and wonders, casting out demons, gifts of the Spirit, everything that has to do with the Spirit. And people today— how can we flow in the supernatural? Number one, to flow in the supernatural, number one we need to have a great expectation for the supernatural. The majority of the churches in America they have ZERO expectation for anything supernatural in the church. They come to church to hear a message, not to see a message. They come to church and they say “Well, that was a nice word, praise Jesus,” but you going back to the same doctor with the same sickness. Oh, that was a nice word. Well let me tell you what happened. We are satisfied with just a 25 minute message and we don’t put demand on the preachers to demonstrate what he preaches. Because in America we are satisfied with knowledge.

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sidroth on November 5th, 2020

SID: She called me and booked me to be a guest on her show. I got to meet her, and after I met her, she said to me, Larry, “I wish you would move to Pittsburgh.” That’s where she was based at the time, although I did this in California. “I wish you would move to Pittsburgh. I’d like to personally mentor you.” And candidly, I thought I made the biggest mistake of my life. But you know what? I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I did was God. Why? Because had I moved into an anointing like hers, I would never have been able to platform the best of the best of God’s servants that operate in every phase of the supernatural. And that was my destiny. God knew it.

SID: But I have to tell you a funny story. I had started a messianic Jewish congregation that time. It was my job to give a message. And when I’d give a message, I would pray for the sick. And do you know Larry? I prayed, not an exaggeration, maybe for 1000 people. And the only thing that happened is one person died.

LARRY: Oh no.

SID: Nobody got [healed]. The elders had a meeting as to whether they should stop me from doing this. But you know what, there’s something in me. It’s God. I would not give up. I would not quit.

LARRY: That’s one of the keys. I look back to the things that set you up for what you’re doing now. People know Sid Roth, the TV host, or even remember when Sid Roth was on radio, but there were supernatural keys. I can think of three of them that really positioned you to be pushed. I love the language that you use. It’s not like you said, “God, I want to go into radio or TV.” You were pushed into it.

SID: I didn’t even want to do these things. I always … I never wanted to be behind a microphone, Larry. What happened was I volunteered for a messianic Jewish ministry and he did a radio broadcast. And I said, “I’ll be on the business side.” And he said, “No, I want you to be the announcer.” “Nah, I don’t want to.” He forced me to be the announcer. And then every show, it was amazing. Something would happen. He’d get sick, or be taken out of town. I had to host and I found out, kicking and screaming I might add, that I had a gift in this.


SID: And then TV. I wasn’t looking for TV. I was happy with radio. I get phone call from a Jewish believer in Canada. And she says, “Sid, I’ve just deposited $25,000 in an account with 100 Huntley Street, Crossroads Communication in Canada. And you can start your TV show. Goodbye.” Boom. So I got into TV.


SID: I have been pushed into everything I’ve ever done.

LARRY: Well, and you know, I think of some of those keys. Like you were talking about never giving up. You kept going. But Sid, there’s two other things I can think of. Praying in tongues was another big one.SID: Well, I’ll tell you.

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sidroth on October 25th, 2020

SID: What I’m hearing you say, “It’s just a little storm because the Kingdom of God is about ready to take over.” Our next segment, Johnny will pray and many will receive instantly a supernatural sign from God in your physical body as to which of the seven mountains you are called to. Next.

SID: What about now? Has God shown you anything about the next election?

JOHNNY: Yeah, I believe he’s going to win. President Trump’s going to win, and I believe the Lord gave me kind of three different scenarios. It was weird. The numbers were 51%, 57%, and 71%. It could be an absolutely avalanche or it could be a squeaker depending on really how his children participate. That’s why we have to rise and shine, and there was—

SID: Now, when you say “participate,” are you talking about voting? Are you talking about praying? What are you talking about?

JOHNNY: Well, it was like 51% if we voted. That would show at least, okay, the church is involved. And then it was 57% if we vote and pray, and if we took up praying as well. And then the big jump to 71% is if we would engage love in action, and that’s really what we get activated on in every area of society. And specifically, if we would do … anything we would do towards reconciliation across racial lines, that this is where the enemy was working hard, any effort that we would do towards that would be looked at in heaven in a special way. He’s got a rescue operation in place, not just for the United States, but on behalf of the nations of the world. But—

SID: You saw him praying in the White House.


SID: Tell me what you saw.

JOHNNY: I saw him being touched by the Holy Spirit and encountered by the Holy Spirit, and I said, “His roar is going to go to the next level.” He’s not going to become less confronted when that happens. He’s already driven by the Lord. The Lord’s put a thing of justice and clean up and clean up the corruption. He knows so much more than all of us know. He knows that it’s not just corruption. It is satanic, highest level of evil imaginable, that is operating the tops of the mountains. And so he has seen it’s black and white, but the Lord is going to encounter him.

JOHNNY: And I think we’re going to see, in his second term, a more patriarchal Donald Trump. We’re going to see one that begins to showcase the Father’s heart, but he’s sort of in a Davidic mode right now. People forget again that David, he was not so sweet with his words. If you look in 1 Samuel 17, the words he said to Goliath, you know Goliath said, “Oh, who do you think you are?” And David came back with three times as many words, and like, “When I’m done with you, I’m taking the carcasses of the Philistines behind …” It was aggressive language.

SID: What does his first name mean, Donald?

JOHNNY: It means chief leader.

SID: Isn’t that amazing?

JOHNNY: Yeah. Psalm 47:5, “God has gone up with the sound of the trump.”

SID: I want you to pray for the supernatural sign.

JOHNNY: So I told you early on that 97% of you have a primary assignment in one of the seven mountains that are not the church mountain, not where the church is, not traditional ministry. And it’s either media, the economy, government, education, family, or arts and entertainment. And I asked the Lord to give us signs for this, and part of what I’m speaking, even in this book, the best is yet to come. I tell about the best is yet to come. It’s better, not just in you think, it’s better than you can imagine.

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sidroth on October 17th, 2020

ROBERT: Well, in the realm we’re talking about blessing and prosperity can come. I mean, Sid, I have just been amazed. I have been absolutely amazed at the ideas that used to wouldn’t work, but now they work. The concepts, the principles. It’s just been an amazing thing where all of a sudden things began to prosper. I think about Peter, when Peter fished all night and caught nothing. And Jesus said, “Launch out of the deep and let down your net.” And at the word of the Lord, he does it reluctantly, it seems. He does it and he catches such a great catch. Now I tell people, listen, let’s not over spiritualize this. What did fish mean to Peter? It didn’t mean souls, it meant money. It meant Peter was having a windfall right now all because something shifted from the nighttime to the next morning. A complete shift because he heard the word of the Lord and he stepped out on it.

SID: So you say that most Christians have a poverty spirit. What is a poverty spirit?

ROBERT: A poverty spirit can be a way of thinking. It can be a mentality. But I think more than anything, it is something that the devil uses as a curse that he uses to actually limit the results that we see from our labors. Poverty is not an economic situation, it’s a spiritual entity. But the writer of Proverbs said, it said, “So your poverty, that which has a claim on you will come up on you like an armed man and like a prowler. And so you have to break the agreement with that spiritual entity. If it was just a condition, then you could change some things you do in the natural. But it’s not just a condition, it’s actually a spiritual being that we have to break agreements with.

SID: Well, you have so many gems. We don’t have time to go over it all, but it’s all in his book. When we return, Robert will revoke the poverty spirit from your life and pray for you to enter the glory, the realm of miracles.

SID: Robert, you teach that our money has a voice. What do you mean?

ROBERT: Well, in Hebrews 7:8 the Bible says that there, talking about Jesus as our Melchizedek, high priest, there He receives our tithes. So when I bring my tithe, he receives it. And it says, “There it is witnessed, there it is witnessed that He lives.” That word witness literally means to give a judicial testimony. See, my judicial witness from my tithe actually connects me to his present day life, the prayers he’s praying in behalf right now. So every time I bring my tithe, I’m releasing a judicial testimony in heaven that says, I believe He lives.

SID: You go over one revelation after another, but then it’s really hammered home when you tell actual true stories of tithers and how it opened access to the miraculous. Tell me about that little boy that died. Let me preface this by saying every time he shares this story, the manifest presence of God comes in and I’m expecting where that presence of God will come right into your home or wherever you’re watching us from. Go ahead.

ROBERT: Yes. There’s this Mexican pastor that was down in interior Mexico in a desert place. He would hold camp meetings and he brought in an American speaker. And when they would hold these camp meetings, they would dig deep holes and line it with plastic for baptismal places so that when people got saved and born again, they could baptize them. Where they had been having the camp meeting for, I guess, for awhile, but it was a morning meeting and so the pastor was actually translating for the American evangelist that was there speaking. Lots of people that were there. Well, the pastor’s his little two year old boy had gotten away from whoever was supposed to be watching him and he had fallen into the baptismal pit pool that was filled with water and he drowned. And he was there for quite a while before anybody found him.

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sidroth on October 1st, 2020

DENNIS: Close your eyes. By the way, this is a good one for pastors. If a person struggles with the assurance of their salvation, do exactly what I’m doing to Jennifer. The assurance of their… “I think I’m saved. I said the prayer.” Okay, right while your hand is down there, “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon me that I should be called a child of God.” Did that feel good or bad?


DENNIS: If it feels bad, we’re going to have you receive Jesus. If that felt good, that is a inner witness, or your spirit bore witness with his spirit that you are a child of God. God won’t play charismatic, Pentecostal games here. If he puts peace on it, that means there was a supernatural transaction. That’s the best way to explain it. When any issue in your life, you take it to the Jesus within, and it changes to peace, the shalom, harmony.

SID: You know what’s so amazing? This takes care of so many problems. Pastors won’t have to counsel you. All the emotional garbage you’ve had of a lifetime, you can have Jesus get rid of it in literally seconds. But you really need to read the book to get the appreciation although it’s extremely simple. Give me one of your favorite nuggets that you learned from the Didache. It’s just loaded with these nuggets from the original apostles.

DENNIS: Yeah. This is lesson one. I couldn’t get past lesson one without being totally intrigued. It was to love the Lord with all of your heart. With the Gentiles they would say, “Not the God that brought you out of Egypt.” They would say, “The God who made you.” That eliminates all those other gods. And they would say, “Love him with all your heart and love your enemies. Bless them. Fast and pray for those who persecute you.” I don’t think I had a pastor in my church that ever fasted for an enemy or someone who was persecuting them.

SID: And you didn’t have too many that were fasting for a friend.

DENNIS: Exactly.

SID: Let me tell you something. The face of Christianity is about ready to have a facelift, and I say so be it. I want Dennis to share just a couple more nuggets. No time. I want the most important thing, pray that impartation that is transferrable, that will allow you to operate into greater glory. So we’re going to do a bonus, extended segment. Just follow the directions on the TV screen right now. I’ll see you right back.

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sidroth on September 25th, 2020

KEVIN: Yes, I saw that the religious goats would separate from the lambs, the sheep, that it would be those who resisted the supernatural resurrection power of Jesus Christ. And that it would be so evident that people would separate, and the goats would dig in and say, “No, we’re not having this.” And then that there would be a smaller remnant that would accept the power of God and go on with God, and those would be the ones who display the miracles and the signs and wonders, and were a habitation place for the glory of the Father that was coming on the Earth and is already here.

SID: And one of the things you were showing was something that someone prophesied over me, that people would have visitations of Jesus and be totally changed.

KEVIN: Yes. Overnight, as soon as they go to bed. Jesus said that because it’s so busy and people are in fear right now. He said, “Even my people are in fear.” He said, “I’m going to visit them at night and I’m going to convince them otherwise, that I’m a good God. I’m going to show them their future. I’m going to give them plans. And then I’m going to have angelic assistance come. This is all going to be at night when their mind is not busy.” And he said that when they wake up, there’ll be a new person. He said, it’s going to happen all over. He said he’s going to start with families.

SID: Is this going to be not just spiritually, but even physically? I’m curious.

KEVIN: Oh no. I mean, I’ll just tell you this, because it’s a bold statement, but Jesus said, “If I have to extend people’s lives out to 120 years just to fulfill what I’ve spoken, I’ll do it.” He can do whatever he wants with those who adhere to his sayings. And so Jesus, through John, he said in the first chapter of John verse 12, he said that those who embraced him and heard his saints, he gave them the power to become sons of God. And that’s what we’re coming into right now. We’re coming into those days where those who hear the voice of the Lord will obey. And that if we passionately love him, what does that say? He will come and live with us and he will give us whatever we ask for in prayer, whatever we ask. If we passionately love him and obey him, this is what John recorded in chapter 14.

KEVIN: And then in John 15, he says we’re in the vine and he is in us, and that we can ask what we will, what we desire, and he will do it for us. These days are coming where believers will have more happening at night with the Lord than during the day. During the day, they will be out ministering to people and miracles are going to start to happen, Sid. These are just common believers. This is not apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, that Jesus said, “I want the believers to walk in this, not just the five-fold.”

SID: Well, what’s going to happen with these 1000-plus member churches that, maybe even the pastor is spirit-filled, but he’s learned to demote tongues and things of the supernatural to the back room. His elders have told him he has to do that to get his paycheck. What’s going to happen with those mega churches?

KEVIN: Jesus said that the Spirit’s going to be whispering to the people and they’re going to hear his voice and they’re going to know. They’re going to know the true voice of God. And they’re going to migrate out of that, out of those places, and they’re going to go where the Spirit of the Lord is allowed to move, where salvations are allowed, where healings are allowed, where deliverance is allowed, and where God is portrayed as a good God who has provided for us everything we need for life and godliness in this life. And that’s through Jesus Christ. Jesus is going to be lifted up, but there’ll be a migration out. The sheep will know that there’s a religious spirit involved and they will leave.

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sidroth on September 10th, 2020

Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural. Get ready. Get ready to experience the majestic glory of God. You, I mean, I mean, you.

Sid Roth has spent over 40 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hello, I’m here with Keith Miller. Keith was raised in a non-Christian, a nothing home. He had no foundation and no interest in Jesus. He found himself married and his wife critically ill. He’s driving his car. He thinks he’s alone, but he’s not. What happened?

KEITH: Well, I started praying because we had received bad news from my wife and that she had a disease that could not be cured. There was no cure for it. And at that time, I mean, my wife and my boys were the most important thing to me.

SID: So, why did you pray?

KEITH: You know, it’s kind of crazy. I didn’t know, really, a reason why, I just knew to pray, and I just said a simple prayer. I just went, “Hey God, how about healing my wife?”

SID: That’s simple?

KEITH: Yeah. But what happened next was amazing because I heard audibly, “Okay. I will.” And just…

SID: I bet you were scared.

KEITH: I actually slammed on the brakes, pulled over on the side of the highway, jumped out of my pickup, and looked around and went… I had an extended cab… I wanted to see if somebody was in the back. Nobody there, I was shaking, got back in, and then I heard this statement, “But where am I the rest of the time in your life?” And at that point, I just began to see my life, how hurt and bitter and empty I was, and then just began to cry and hadn’t cried in years and cried all the way home. Got home, called my wife, she was already at the doctor to go in for treatments. Called her at the doctor, got her on the phone. I say, “Babe, what’s going on?” She said, “You’re not going to believe it. They said it was a mistake. I’m just fine.” And so I right there hung up the phone, fell down on my knees, and said, “Okay, Jesus, I don’t know how to do this thing, but if you’re real, here I am. I give you my life.” And I got born again.

SID: …Shortly thereafter you got a little bit more.

KEITH: I did. I opened up the scripture, and one of the things I read about was somebody named Holy Spirit.

SID: Now, when you ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit, did you have any experience?

KEITH: I did. It was amazing. And it was so awesome. I didn’t raise my voice. I just talked in a soft whisper for three weeks after that, because it was such a profound encounter. I didn’t want to lose what I had received.

SID: So, in 1994.,.you’re minding your own business, watching television, and you saw something that really attracted you.

KEITH: I did, because during that time when I received the Holy Spirit, I had reoccurring visions, and one of the things, I kept seeing myself as praying for the sick. And I didn’t have any thing for that. I mean, I just saw myself praying for the sick. And these were just from the early days of when I’m raw, first born again. And so, several years passed and I had not seen that, and so I’m watching TV and I see this little boy. I’ll never forget, because this little boy said “They made fun of me at school. They laughed at me because I couldn’t run. But look, God just healed me,” and he went running across a platform and the mom was crying, the dad was crying, the minister was crying, and I was crying. I was going, “That’s what I want, right there, Lord.”

SID: And then shortly thereafter, you found yourself in the back of a church, and you had a God encounter.

KEITH: I did. It was amazing. I actually said, “Lord, I come for an impartation. I want the anointing.” And I had said, “I’m tired of people coming to the altar and leaving the same way they came. We see people respond, but they leave the same way they come. Something’s got to change. You promise us power in Acts 1:8. I want that power, precious Lord.” And all of a sudden I felt, first of all, somebody touched the back of my neck. I said, “What?” And I turned around, but I was in the last row. There was nobody behind me. So, I immediately closed my eyes, and all of a sudden, it just like a drenching of oil came upon me. And I knew the Lord had granted me the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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sidroth on September 1st, 2020

JOAN: I’ve never heard of you. I’ve done catering here for 50 years or 40 years or 30 years and I’ve never heard of you! And I said, “Nobody else has either!”

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: “And that’s perfectly alright.” He said, “Do you do catering all over?” I said, “Well, I’ve started here. Did you like that?” He said, “Yes, I loved that.” He said, “Would you cater for us?” “Yes, absolutely, I would cater for you!” One of Æem was named Mrs. Layman. She was about 92 years old and Mr. Firestone decided he was going to give her a going away party. I thought she was going to Honolulu, Hawaii. No, they expect her to die in a few months.

Audience: Mmm.

JOAN: So they wanted to say goodbye! [laughs] Well she didn’t die in a few months. I took her a long, long time!

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: And we got to share Jesus and it was absolutely unbelievably – now how could God almighty and why would He take me out of this little Italian family? Food was scarce many times. Little or no education. And I’ve been around the world! I still do not have a bank account! [laughs]

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: I still don’t have any more education and here we are together on the Sid Roth program and it’s beaming the Gospel around the world!

Audience: [clapping] Whooo! Wooo!

JOAN: And somebody listening to our voice is going to get healed!

Audience: Whooo! Whooo! [clapping]

JOAN: Going to get saved! Hallelujah! From today’s program, we will hear, we will hear testimonies from all over the world saying “I was sick. I was deaf. I could only read her lips.”

Audience: Whooo! Glory! Amen!   

JOAN: I could not hear. I could not walk. So you know what, Sid? I would like for you too if the girls can, or the guys can record these next few after this program comes on the air and let’s see what the testimonies are. Let’s see! I am an Italian woman from St. Louis, Missouri with no money! No education! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! And look at us now! We’re going around the world!

Audience: [clapping] 

JOAN: And you’re going with me cause everybody’s going to see your face too! [singing] “Oh, nothing is impossible, when you put your trust in God!” How many days did I hear that? How many years did I listen to that voice? And one day I got, real sick. One day the doctors told my husband and I that I wouldn’t live. And I was to spend the rest of my days happy and delightful and not cry and make the bed whenever you can and make his meal whenever. But God turned that around! God turned that around! And there were weeks and months that I could not get out of bed and I could not stand on my own and I could not see on my own. I could not do on my own. Do you know God had put me together with the neatest husband in the whole wide world? And do you know what just happened not five minutes – I guess it was maybe two minutes before I walked in here? You’ll never guess! You’ll never guess! My husband was in love with a lady named Linda. Absolutely. And I was Linda’s best friend so I knew Frank because of that. Oh my gosh, he would come to me and he would say, “How am I going to get her to go out with me? What am I going to do? How am I going to do this? I love her! I’m in love with her! I’m not going to live if she doesn’t love me back!” Well, I tried to talk to Linda and I tried to talk to him and guess who got him?  

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: [laughs]

Audience: [clapping]

JOAN: And you’re never going to guess what just happened! As I was walking out of the dressing room into here I got a phone call and I thought “Oh, it’s probably Frank. I’d better – hi.” She said, “Joan? You’re not going to remember me probably. But I’m Linda Marx.” 

Audience: [laughter]

JOAN: Can you believe! Can you believe! This is the Supernatural program, right?

Audience: [clapping and laughter]

JOAN: I said “Linda! Oh my gosh! Linda! I can’t wait to tell Frank! Oh, I can’t wait to tell him.”

Audience: [laughter]

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sidroth on August 26th, 2020

Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest prayed for a baby, now get this, that was dead for one year. And the baby came back to life. You won’t believe what happened next.

Sid Roth spent over 40 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural!

SID: Yes. You heard me right. A baby that had been dead for a year comes back to life? What are you talking about, James?

JAMES: It was amazing, man. It was a few years ago now. It was 2000, I believe in ’12. It was unbelievable. We went on a missions trip to Ghana. We were doing crusades at night, and we were going in the villages in the day. And this one morning I woke up. As soon as I sat up in my bed, I just felt this fire surging through my body. And I actually went to the people that came on the trip, and I said, “Look, we’re all going into villages today, asking for the sickest person we could find to just believe that God would heal him.” I took a couple of pastors from the church there in Ghana with me. We went up about the new—

SID: Now, this was a big church.

JAMES: Yeah. Royalhouse Chapel, huge church in Ghana, West Africa. And I asked the pastor with me, “Can you take me to the hardest area?” Everybody wants to run from… I’m like bring it on. And it was noon hour. All the Muslims were washing their hands, getting ready to pray and chant. And as I walked up, many times, John 5 says, “Jesus said to the father, ‘I do what I see my father do.'” So many times. I’ll prophetically ask God, what are you doing here? I want to know where you are in the room so I can go there. I see a woman off to the side laying on a bench. And I see Jesus kneeling next to her holding like almost her midsection. And I said to the pastors, “I don’t know what’s going on with, Jesus is over there. That’s where we need to be.”

And it was amazing. And when we walked up, we asked her to stand up. She woke up from her nap, and when she stood up, she had a purple dress on and the gown flowed, and you could tell she was very pregnant, like last trimester, easy. And I said through the interpreter, “Here’s the vision I saw over you. I saw a man, Jesus.” She didn’t know the Lord. I’m not sure if she was Muslim or whatever. And then we asked her, “What do you want the Lord to do for you?” She told me that the baby that she had had been dead for one year, that witch doctors performed a ceremony and literally cursed her womb never to open again. And she said that it’s been the biggest pain in her life and caused the deepest sorrow.

And I said, “Look, we’re going to pray right now.” To be honest with you I wanted to just curse the curse that was on her womb. I wasn’t even thinking like, resurrection. I was just thinking, let’s just curse what the devil tried to do. And we prayed in the power of God. I cursed the curse on that womb as we laid hands. And her stomach was hard as a rock. And all of a sudden when I said, “I curse the curse on this woman, I command a life in her womb,” and I yelled, “Now in Jesus’ name.” And I’m going to tell you something, the whole stomach started moving. She started jumping. It was unbelievable.

SID: This child had been dead. By the way, I have to tell you, James, I checked [on] this story with a doctor. And he said, “Well, that would be highly unusual, but it is possible.”

JAMES: Wow. Yeah.

SID: Now do you know if she eventually had the baby?

JAMES: Yes. When I got home, the pastors… Well, we led her to the Lord. And the pastors—

SID: Well, that’s good.

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