sidroth on April 16th, 2021

KATIE: It is. So it’s not the law that’s at fault. The Bible also says that our flesh is too weak to keep the whole law. In fact, James 2:10 says it’s impossible. There’s no way that we can perfectly keep the law. Because when we offend in one area, we break it all. We break all the law.

That is what’s given the spirit of death to have the right to attack our bodily organs, to attack our skin, our muscles, our strength, and also the rest of our lives, any area of our life.

SID: What can we do to stop this?

KATIE: Well, first, we need to build a deeper relationship with Jesus. I want you to think about it. The Bible says that Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us. The Bible also says that Jesus, through his death, he took away the power from the one who had the power of death, that is the devil.

See, we can’t do it by wishing it away or even do it on our own ability. We have to rely on Jesus. He’s the one that has destroyed death for us. The Bible also says that he fulfilled the righteous requirements of the law on our behalf. He did something we could never do.

So we have to have a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus. I’m not just talking about going to church on Wednesday or Sunday and thinking that’s good enough. I’m talking about abiding in him, abiding and tarrying in him, waiting for him, building a deeper relationship every single day, where we are relying on him.

Think about what Jesus said in John 15. He said that, “I am the vine. You are the branches. Whoever abides in me will produce much fruit. He who doesn’t will be like a branch that gets cut off, withers and dries up.” Think about that.

Sid, when we abide in Jesus, which means to continue, to tarry, to wait on, we will produce much fruit, fruit in every area, including fruit for youth restored, fruit for life. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life. I am the bread of life. I came to give you life and life abundant.” He said all these things about himself.

When we’re connected to the vine, we will produce the fruit of life, and revive youth, and restored youth. But when we don’t, we become like the branch that’s literally cut off and it withers and dies.

SID: How did you defeat all these enemies that were drawn in by the spirit of death?

KATIE: Well, I’m telling you, the first thing I did was repent, because when we break the law of God, we need to have repentance. 1 John 1:9 says that God is faithful to forgive us of our sins when we repent and confess our sins. So as soon as we repent, those charges of us breaking the law get dismissed. Then what happens is the spirit of death has to leave. He has to stop producing fruit in our bodily organs, including rapid aging and disease and disorder.

SID: Okay. You repented. What else?

KATIE: Well, here’s the thing. We have to repent, but we also have to put ourselves under grace. It’s not one or the other, like many people teach. It’s both, because the Bible says when our sins of law-breaking increase and abound, that grace surpasses it, meaning our law-breaking, and super abounds over it.

SID: So you’re saying if we repent, we still don’t have the ability to get rid of that habit.

KATIE: Well, here’s why I say that.

SID: But the grace …

KATIE: Grace is like an umbrella.

SID: … is the miracle.

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sidroth on April 4th, 2021

NATASHA: But I really believe that if we make God great, then your faith will be great. Because you — it’s natural for us to respond in trust to someone who we know loves us so much and wants the best for us.

DONNA: And faith is so broad. It so broad sometimes the way people teach it. But the way you teach it, it makes it so simple.


DONNA: Well, we’re going to take a quick break. [music] But when we come back, Natasha is going to share with us a very, very important Scripture that you don’t want to miss. We’ll be right back.


DONNA: Welcome back to “Something More.” I’m here with Natasha Schedrivaya from Russia. And I know you’re going to enjoy the rest of this program. So please, please, please don’t go away. Natasha, honestly, what a story. I can hardly wrap my mind around it, especially when I see you here so on fire for God and just reaching so many, many people. Anyway, you wanted to share a Scripture with us that kind of clarifies two different approaches.

NATASHA: Yes. Just to give an example of two different approaches. I take the Scripture from Luke 13. It’s when Jesus was teaching in the synagogue. And then there was a woman that came to the synagogue that was bound for 18 years by the sickness, by Satan, Jesus states. And so, Jesus comes to the synagogue, and He sees her. The Scripture says He saw a woman. He called her to come up in front of the synagogue. Then He lay hands on this woman, and He sets her free. And she starts praising God. And then, we know the Pharisees were not happy with the fact that He healed this woman on Saturday. And He rebukes them.

DONNA: Yes. Yes.

NATASHA: And then He says some very important words. He calls this woman to be a daughter of Abraham, and then He says that this woman was bound by Satan for 18 years, and she should be loosed. And then, as a result, people who were in the synagogue, they were rejoicing and praising God. So their faith was stirred. So these are two approaches. I was taught it’s more about what we should do. What steps do I need to take in order to get healing, just like this woman got her healing?

DONNA: Yes. Yes.

NATASHA: So then, you need to come to the synagogue, you come to a church. You need to come, you know, to hear the voice of Jesus, the call. And you need to answer that call. You need to step out in faith. And, you know, certain steps that you are supposed to take. But then, I found out that there is a more effective way to help people, to get the answers from God. And it’s to talk more about God.


NATASHA: You know, once we start talking about how good God is toward simple people there is no need, really, to tell them what steps to take, because they know it inside. They know it in their heart what they need to do, how to respond to God. And this is, I call it the love approach. First, what we see here, when Jesus came to the synagogue, He saw this woman. And I tell you, women were in the back of the synagogue, and she was bent over. And it tells something, that He loves you, that He sees you where you are. He sees you. He asks you to respond to His invitation to come to Him. He is so wonderful. He is so delicate. God is so loving. Then He breaks all the rules, and He invites the woman to come up in front of the synagogue. There was not, I mean, that’s a, He’s — never have things like that happened before.  A woman never would stand on the [inaudible]. So He breaks traditions for you —

DONNA: I see. Mm-hmm. 

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sidroth on March 27th, 2021

RON: We have seen more people healed in that atmosphere of young people because they’re not old and jaded like we are. They don’t know it all and seen everything. They really believe God can do something. And folks we’re coming into a season where when we prayer miracles are going to happen and those that have rejected us we’re not going to have to throw a give me to get them. They’re going to come to the doors of the Church and say can somebody tell me how to get saved, healed and delivered? Can somebody help my children?


RON: Well let me wrap this up and give you the, put the cherry on top of this and see if God wants to heal somebody here this afternoon. He’s coming. Hosea chapter 6, another Latter Rain verse. This is what I promised you. Come let us return to the Lord for He has torn but He’ll heal us. He has stricken but He’ll bind us up. After two days He’ll revive us. All right. Latter Rain note Number One: Late 1880’s to Azusa Revival. Everybody say Revival Number One.

AUDIENCE: Revival Number One.

RON: 1948 right on into the charismatic movement. Everybody say revival.

AUDIENCE: Revival.

RON: Number Two.

AUDIENCE: Number Two.

RON: But look at this. After two days He’ll revive us. But on the third day, this is the third Latter Rain movement, He will raise us up that we may live in His sight. There’s something bigger than revival coming!


RON: You’re going to see a day when Islamic Mullahs are, are, are converted standing in their Mosques!

AUDIENCE: Yeah Amen! Amen! Glory!

RON: God is about to step up!


RON: It says in verse 3 at the end of Hosea 6: He will come to us like the rain, like the latter and former rain on the earth. Now what can you do about it? Zechariah 10:1: Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain. And there’s another prophet that said He’s going to let the early and latter rain happen at the same time. Do you know what that means? It means you’re going to sow and reap [clap] at the same time!


RON: It’s going to be that big! I believe I’ve given you something here today to give you some hope. I believe that we are a third day people. I believe that the student generation rising right now may be the greatest we’ve ever seen! I believe there’s something going on that’s huge and God is going to break the forces of darkness and He’s going to break open the heavens and the Latter Rain is going to begin to fall and it’s not going to be after the Rapture. It’s going to be before the Rapture and we’re going to see harvest, we’re going to see a transfer of wealth, we’re going to see supernatural provision, we’re going to see the miracles of Pentecost and it won’t be just psychosomatic either. And we’re going to see limbs restored, eyes opened, ears opened.


RON: Hallelujah! This angel told me I’m not going to make fat disappear and I know I’m too big –


RON: – so just leave me alone! You think I’m kidding. I’m not. The Holy Spirit told me to lose some weight and Noble here thinks I’ll be more noble if I’m littler so – .


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sidroth on March 16th, 2021

ROBERT: You can have an indoor Sukkah. You can have a rustic Sukkah. You can have a Sukkah in a tent. You can decorate your Sukkah. You can light up your Sukkah. You can picnic in your Sukkah. You can sleep in your Sukkah. But as you enter your Sukkah remember God wants to tabernacle with you. Enjoy the fun of celebration with Him. Anticipate. Call out to God for His glory to come and meet you in that Sukkah. At Tabernacles God wants to draw you into His presence to experience His glory. Now more than of any other feast I believe Tabernacles is a feast for Christians. The Bible says this is a feast specifically for Gentiles who worship the Lord. Zechariah14: “The time will come when people from among the Gentiles will worship the King.” How many of you are included in that description?


ROBERT: Well worship the King the Lord almighty and celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. This day this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing. So if you’re a Gentile who worships the God of Israel this feast is for you. There’s a second reason why “Tabernacles” is important for Christians and to explain that I want to answer the question when was Jesus born? We know He wasn’t born December 25th cause shepherds don’t keep their flocks in the fields in late December in Israel. Some say well we can’t really know when He was born. But maybe we can. In Luke 1:5 we’re told that Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, was the priest of the “Order of Aviyah.” The priesthood was divided into different orders. Each order was assigned a specific time of the year to serve in the Temple. 1Chronicles 24 tells us the priests of Aviyah served in the Temple during the 12th through the 18th of the month of Sivan, which is basically in June. And we’re told that during those days when Zechariah was serving in the Temple an angel came to him and told him that when he went home to his wife Elizabeth she would get pregnant and give birth to the forerunner of the Messiah. Now I can’t prove this tells us when Jesus was born but I think it’s very interesting. The angel appears to Zechariah during the 12th through the 18th of Sivan. He completes his time in the Temple, packs up, goes home to his wife and assuming he got busy you know on the angelic assignment right away—

AUDIENCE: (LAUGHTER) ROBERT: —we could think Elizabeth may have conceived around the 25th of Sivan. If she had a normal pregnancy of 285 days John the Baptist would have been born on the 15th of Nisan which just happen to be Passover. The one who came in the spirit and power of Elijah did come on Passover. Now Luke 1:36 says Elizabeth was six months pregnant when Jesus was conceived. So if Elizabeth conceived on the 25th of Sivan and you count six months then her sixth month would have been the 25th day of Kislev and that would have been when Jesus was conceived. That just happens to be “Hanukkah,” the “Feast of Lights.” The Light of the world was conceived in the Feast of Lights! So while Jesus was probably was not born in December, He was probably conceived in December. And if Jesus was conceived Kislev 25 and Mary had a normal pregnancy of 285 days the birth of Jesus would have been on the 15th of Tishri which just happens to be The Feast of Tabernacles.

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sidroth on March 1st, 2021

JAMES: Okay, you have my permission. Go ahead and do it. Well you have permission of the word of God to look and see the open heaven. Well Daniel saw the open heaven. He saw thrones being set up. Well you know where those thrones are. They’re in heaven! And he saw the “Ancient of Days” coming to sit on the throne. Hallelujah, I want to see that. How about you?


JAMES: Yes, Lord, send that anointing! Well you know in Mark chapter 1 it says that when Jesus got baptized as He was coming up out of the water God literally ripped heaven open. And I looked, I searched. I can’t find any place in the Bible where God sewed it back up. Amen?

AUDIENCE: Yes! Amen.

JAMES: When He ripped the heaven open He meant for it to stay open. He didn’t open a little window that might shut later. He didn’t open a door that someone might close later. He ripped it open so it would be open for you and for me right now!


JAMES: And I receive that. Amen? Do you receive it? Hallelujah. Yes! Well very shortly after Jesus started ministering He had a new disciple named Nathaniel. And He said to Nathaniel you shall see heaven open and angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man. Well now I personally believe that every promise in the Bible was written just for me— and for you. Amen?


JAMES: Can you receive that?


JAMES: Maybe say it. “The promises of the Bible are for me.”

AUDIENCE: The promises of the Bible are for me.

JAMES: I claim all of them

AUDIENCE: I claim all of them.

JAMES: So receive this promise from Jesus. YOU shall see!  Amen? Say “I shall see.”

AUDIENCE: I shall see.

JAMES: Heaven open.

AUDIENCE: Heaven open.

JAMES: I’ll see angels.

AUDIENCE: I’ll see angels.

JAMES: Ascending.

AUDIENCE: Ascending.

JAMES: And descending.

AUDIENCE: And descending.

JAMES: On the Son of Man.

AUDIENCE: On the Son of Man.

JAMES: That means I’m going to see Jesus, right. Hallelujah!


JAMES: Oh I love it when Jesus shows up in a meeting. The ministry gets really easy when Jesus shows up. (laughing) All I need to do is get outa the way and let Him do what He wants to do. Amen? So receive that as a promise from God. YOU shall see! And you know I believe God wants every one of us to have our spiritual senses activated and open. He wants you to have your spiritual eyes open! So you can see. I think that everything in the natural realm is a reflection of what God has already done in the spiritual realm. The difference is in the spiritual realm it’s more powerful and it’s going to last forever. And just as God gave us five senses in the natural, God has given us five senses in the spiritual and God want us to activate those senses. Well I had an angel come to me at one time and the angel grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me nose to nose and he said gently to me: Wake up! (laughs) Wake up right now! There are things that you need to see in the spiritual realm so wake up your “see-er anointing” right now! 

AUDIENCE: Hallelujah! Whooo! Whooo! JAMES. Well you know that’s what God is saying. You can wake up your “see-er anointing.” It says in Corinthians that the spirit of the prophets are subject to the prophets. Your spirit is subject to you and you can command your spirit. I do that all the time cause sometimes I think I may have a lazy spirit. It tends to slide off to sleep and I say Hey spirit, wake up! There are things you need to see. There are things you need to know. Things you need to be doing. So wake up! And you need to begin to speak to your spirit too! Well why not start right now.  How about say “Spirit!”

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sidroth on February 27th, 2021

TIM: People from around the towns came and sat in the presence of God. You know how you text today? Everybody’s coming and they’re worshipping God and the Cloud didn’t leave!

JAMIE: Now you’re of the mindset that Acts 2, and I see it, but that the tongues of fire that were above those present when they’re baptized in the Holy Spirit, had those tongues of fire, are really representations of the angelic beings. I mean Hebrews tells us He makes His angels winds. His ministers flames of fire.

TIM: Flames of fire.

JAMIE: So when Acts 2 the outpouring of the Holy Spirit there was a release not only of the Holy Spirit but of a partnership with the angelic realm. Is that what you’re saying?

TIM: Yeah. The Holy Spirit came with angel armies and they were ministering fresh fire off the altars of God and when they minister that fresh fire or glory it says the angels looked like fire torches and they flash back and forth like lightning. Well that’s what was happening over the heads of the people. The angels were ministering God’s glory, fire off the altar under Holy Spirit supervision as He was coming to empower the church for a new move! That’s what He’s doing now only at greater levels. 

JAMIE: Yeah. There’s so many people that are listening to this right now and saying I want to partner with Holy Spirit! I want to invite angelic help assistance into my life under the supervision of the Holy Spirit. 

TIM: Uh-huh.

JAMIE: And they need an impartation. Is that something, Tim, that you can pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help download, impart to those listening right now?

TIM: Absolutely! Psalms 103, verse 20 says to us that angels hearken to the voice of God’s Word. And so we will pray for the releasing of the Holy Spirit to you but also your responsibility would then be to declare what God says. Because that’s when angels hearken and obey. They obey – they don’t obey my word. They obey God’s Word! And so we’re going to pray and activate the Holy Spirit’s ministry in people’s lives today because that’s why He’s here. Jesus sent Him to be a comforter with us. And then I would encourage you let’s decree the word of the Lord and as you decree the word of the Lord we release the angels to work. So Father we pray that all around the world, those that are listening today would have a fresh impartation of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit, come to them.

Jesus, You said of Holy Spirit that He is a Wonderful Teacher. Come and teach us! Teach those listening today concerning their life and the strategy You have in mind for them and for their situation. Fill them with fresh power! Fill them with fresh peace today! And as they activate Your Word we’re asking You to activate angel armies, all 7 companies, Lord, that are out there. There are also angels that are available to us individually to come and assist. Assist their ministry! Assist and protect them! And strengthen them to get to the next level! We decree in the name of Jesus Christ everything accelerates! That’s what Your Word says and that includes every individual watching! May the ministry and power of Jesus Christ accelerate in your life!

JAMIE: Tim, that’s amazing, man! Thank you so much for coming on!

TIM: Bless you!JAMIE: Listen! We’ve been with Tim sheets and I believe there’s Something More for you! Just ask the Holy Spirit to activate this in your life! [music begins] This is not just taught. It’s caught! So receive what it is that He’s pouring out on you today! Until next time God bless!

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sidroth on February 16th, 2021

ART: That’s exciting! It means that you can truly fulfill Matthew 10:8 which says “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the leper, drive out demons. Freely you have received, now freely give.” Jesus said in John 5 just as the Father gives life to the dead and raises them up even so the Son gives life to whom He is pleased to give it. Sometimes we’re sitting here thinking people aren’t being healed because of all these different reasons. Maybe God doesn’t want it. I think sometimes people aren’t healed because we don’t want it. Because you can give it away to whomever you choose. Now that’s a tough thought. Now it’s a tough one. It’s a challenging one. But me? I carry this thought. I let it spur me on toward love and good works.

I let it challenge me. I let it push me forward in the ministry. And I’m telling you God’s going to do great things through you if you’ll remember I know I can do this because His nature’s been put in me. He is the Lord our Healer. He’s put His Spirit in me. I’m a new creation. See that’s the beauty of salvation. You know like under the Old Covenant it was work, work, work. I have to prove myself. And the proof of the Old Covenant was nobody could obey everything. You know if you break just one of these things you’re guilty of all of it. Like I mean you could say I deserve hell because I’ve broken Ten Commandments but the truth is I deserve hell cause I shaved the hair on the sides of my heads. You know like that’s one of the commandments. You know you could go to the slightest little thing and we’ve broken it. You’re guilty of all of it.     

But Jesus comes and He sets us free from all of that. He says I will fulfill the Law on your behalf. Wow. He pays the price for our sin. He takes the wages of sin which was death so that we can live. And then it doesn’t stop there. He doesn’t just save you. He puts His Spirit in you. The same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead. The Holy Spirit of God. And you’d better believe if God is with you— What does Acts 10:38 say? “Jesus went about doing good, healing all because God was with Him.” With Him. So, I wish I could just expound on this stuff but we’re going to run out of time. I just want to make sure you’re clear. I know that in scripture there are times when God made people sick. It happens. But the issue of whether God makes someone sick is separate from the issue of does God always want to heal. We have a New Testament example.

There’s only one person in the entire Bible who Jesus specifically made sick. That was the man Saul who became the Apostle Paul. When he was on the road to Damascus he had a vision of Jesus and he wound up blinded by this experience. He was on his way to go persecute Christians. Right? Now three days he stays blind until Jesus appears in a vision to a normal ordinary disciple like you or me named Ananias. And He says to Ananias go to this man named Saul at this place and this location. Tells him what to do and what to say and to lay hands on him because Saul’s seen a vision of a man named Ananias coming and laying hands on him and restoring his sight.

Now Ananias knows who this Saul is. He knows about the persecution against Christians and everything. He’s terrified. He says Lord send somebody else. Right? I probably would have too. I’ve heard about this guy, Saul. But instead the Lord encourages him. He goes. He lays hands on Saul and heals him. Now think about that. The one and only case where Jesus made someone sick the prescription was as soon as a Christian could get there they ministered healing. God’s will was healing. He just wanted to stop Saul from persecuting Christians. So you think God made you sick? Well are you on your way to murder Christians? If not, it probably wasn’t Him. Okay?

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sidroth on February 1st, 2021

ART: There’s no scripture verse that says he limped for the rest of his life. You see every one of these questions we have can be brought to the scripture. You can study it out and you’ll find out none of ‘em are true. All these arguments we’ve had you can wipe ‘em away. Paul leaving Timothy— or leaving Trophimus sick in Miletus. Well guess what? Paul had a mission. I’ve got friends who I’ve prayed for hundreds of times. They’re still not healed and I have a mission and I’ve got to leave them where they are and go minister at a church somewhere and it’s heart breaking but it has to happen. It doesn’t mean God doesn’t want to heal them. Just cause someone’s not healed doesn’t mean God doesn’t want it.

In fact Second Peter 3: 9, I believe it is, says that God wills that none should perish and that all would come to repentance. But we know from scripture that some people perish in hell and don’t repent. So God’s will is not always done. God’s will is that none should perish yet some people perish. Jesus taught us to pray “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth just like it is in heaven.” Why would we have to pray that His will would be done if it’s always done? Romans 12:2: “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you’ll be able to test and approve what God’s will is. His good, pleasing and perfect will.” Why would you need to test and approve what His will is if everything that happens is His will? You just kind of take it for granted. But if you’ve got to say umm, is that His will? Yup. Yup. Yup. He does want to heal people. Is that is His will?

Like you’re walking across some rope bridge in a movie that always falls. Right? We know how this goes. But you’re testing and approving every board. See? Jesus wants you to know His will. That’s why you have to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. That’s why we’re doing this teaching. So that the Holy Spirit can get into your brain and take out those arguments and you can just rise up with faith and say no, no, no. Jesus wants this! The reason I’m so convinced that He wants it is that He paid the price for it. You don’t pay for something you don’t want. If you were to go to Walmart and buy the biggest big screen TV they have and they deliver it to your house cause it’s too big to fit in your car and you open up that box and it’s empty? You’re going back to Walmart. You know like give me my money or give me my TV! Right? There’s no way you’re settling for that. If you paid for it you want it!  

AUDIENCE: That’s right!

ART: Did Jesus pay a high price for healing?  

AUDIENCE: Yes, He did!

ART: He wants it. And He paid a much higher price than a measly few thousand dollars for a stinking TV. You know? Our Jesus is amazing. He wants it. In fact First John 2:2 tells us that He paid not only for our sins as believers but also for the sins of the whole world. That doesn’t mean every single person on the planet is saved but it means every person’s paid for. You pay for what you want. You see? God wills that none should perish. You pay for what you want. He paid for all. Do you see how that works? You can go to even someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus and minister healing to them. He wants it. He wants it. He wants it. Now I want to just look at a few more things. He’s the Lord our Healer. That’s proof that it’s His nature to heal. I mean He’s called “Jehovah Shalom.” The Lord our Peace. Does His peace have limits? You know? Is He ever not peaceful? “Jehovah Tsidkenu,” He is Righteous. Is He ever not righteous? No. So “Jehovah Rapha,” the Lord our healer.

Is there ever a time when He is not offering healing? It’s His nature. It’s who He is. You can’t separate Him from His nature. Now, since this is part of His nature it is something that naturally flows from Him. Healing’s been purchased for everyone once and for all. Therefore it should come as no surprise that absolutely anyone can be healed by the Lord our Healer. It’s His nature and we’ve been given access to His nature through knowing Jesus Christ. So Second Peter 1:4 says that “Through God’s glory and goodness He has given us His very great and precious promises so that through them YOU may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.” In other words not only is healing part of God’s nature, but through knowing Christ His healing power naturally becomes part of your own nature. Because you’ve been given to participate in the divine nature!

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sidroth on January 14th, 2021

KYLE: Just a prompting of the Holy Spirit.

BRUCE: Yeah. And so here’s the thing with Tim. This is the most important part of the story. Tim would say that God did not talk to him. Tim would say this all the time. Oh, you’re so lucky. You get words of knowledge. You’re so lucky you get dreams. You get visions. I wish God would talk to me! God doesn’t talk to me. So he calls me right before I’m about to get high with this guy. And it had been days since and so I got off the phone. I thought that was strange. A few days go by. A week goes by. I haven’t been – I hadn’t gotten high. I’m in another place. Someday after work at this guy’s house I’m about to smoke a little pot with him. My phone rings. It’s Tim again. And I’m like wow, that’s the second time now. And the third time it happened it was on a Saturday. The same thing out of the blue he calls me right before I’m about to do it. So now it’s Sunday morning. We’re at church. I avoid Tim like he’s got leprosy. 

KYLE: [Laughs]

BRUCE: Like I don’t want to. He’s just like –

KYLE: Yeah, yeah!

BRUCE: Right? In fact, the third time I didn’t even answer the phone because I was so convicted that I knew it was God calling through him, and so I didn’t even want to. So Sunday morning I’m staying away from him! Well after church the Lord convicts me and He says Tim doesn’t think he hears My voice. Tim doesn’t think he’s hearing Me. And He said unless you tell him what’s happened these last three times He’s not going to know he hears Me! But then I had to admit that I had lied to him on the phone three times and so I fought with it all Sunday. Monday morning I picked up the phone and called him and I said Tim, like three weeks ago on such and such a day why did you call me? And he said I was just driving down the road and you just popped in my mind and I thought oh, I’d better give, you know I’ll give Bruce a call. And he said why? And I said well like a week ago why did you call me? And he said the same thing.

He said you just – you know I just had a thought come to my mind. See how Bruce is doing so I thought I’d give you a call. And I said well Saturday, just a couple of days ago why did you call me? He said actually that was different. He said I was taking a nap. He said and I sat right up from that nap and I thought I just need to give Bruce a call. And he said and you didn’t answer the phone. He said I called Lori and she said she just talked to you. He said why didn’t you answer the phone? And then I admitted to him that I had all three times he called seconds before I was about to smoke marijuana! And he’s like well that’s so strange! He said what a coincidence!

KYLE: Yeah!

BRUCE: [Laughs]

KYLE: And it was God talking to him the whole time! And I think.

BRUCE: But he didn’t realize it!

KYLE: And he didn’t realize it!

BRUCE: He didn’t. 

KYLE: And I think so many people can relate to that! [Music] God is talking to us and we don’t realize it’s Him! And I want us to pick up on that when we come back after the break! Stay with us!

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sidroth on January 6th, 2021

The person who fears God says I want to be so far away, so close to Dad, so close to my Daddy, that I’m so close to Him I can’t even see that line of sin. Okay? That’s the attitude they have. You understand what I’m saying, they’re not saying how close can I get and not, and not fall in. What is it to fear God? It is to venerate Him. That’s a big word which means to honor, to respect, to esteem, to value, to reverence, to stand in awe of Him more than anything or anyone else. We firmly embrace God’s heart so we love what He loves, we hate what He hates, what is important to Him becomes important to us, what is not so important to Him is not so important to us. Remember Jesus said there are weightier matters. Are you with me? What is the evidence that somebody truly has the fear of God in their life? Okay? Now remember, the Holy Spirit, one of His manifestations is the fear of the Lord.

Remember He’s the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of counsel, the Spirit of might, the Spirit of understanding, the Spirit of knowledge, and the Spirit of the dear of the Lord and Jesus delighted in the fear of the Lord. What is the evidence that somebody truly has the fear of the Lord in their life? Okay? Well, number one, they reverence His presence. I talked about that in Brazil. But the second thing that you see in their life is they tremble at His Word. Do you know how the Bible talks about trembling at His word? What does it means to tremble at His word. Number one it means that you’ll obey Him instantly. Okay? Huh— I, I still see some looks and I want to make sure you’re really clear, [and] you who are watching this video. When I say what is the evidence of the fear of the Lord, let’s put it to you like this way: let’s say I’ve got an outlet and I want to know is there, is that outlet is it live or is it dead? Well if I put a brand new blow dryer in and it’s a working blow dryer in that outlet and I turn the switch on and hot air starts blowing, that’s evidence that that is a good outlet. Correct?

AUDIENCE: Yes. That’s right.

JOHN: So what I’m asking is what is the evidence, what is the outward evidence in somebody’s life that they truly have the fear of the Lord? Number One: they’ll obey God instantly. Number Two: they’ll obey God even if it doesn’t make sense. See has God ever told you to do something that didn’t really make a lot of sense to you?

AUDIENCE: Yes, he has!

JOHN: Number Three: it means you’ll obey God even if it hurts. Number Four: means you’ll obey God even if you don’t see a benefit. Okay, let’s look at Esther. She’s queen to the Persian king. And her cousin says you got to go before the king. And you got to remember even though she’s wife to the king, she can’t walk in that, that court room because she wasn’t scheduled. And if she walks in and he doesn’t point that scepter her head comes off. She had everything to lose and she had nothing to gain. She had nothing to gain by going in there. What, what good would it do her? I mean yeah, all the Jews were going to be destroyed on a certain day. But nobody knew she was a Jew, she’s queen, she’s not going to be destroyed. So she has everything to lose including her head and nothing to gain but she still obeyed God, she feared God. And Number 5: it means you’ll obey Him to completion. Saul did 99.9 percent of what God asked him to do. Yet Samuel still looked at him and said you disobeyed God, you rebelled against God.

Think about it, he killed every Amalekite except one person. Now here’s the scripture I wanted to bring you to “cause this is the, I think, this is the jugular vein scripture in the Bible on the fear of the Lord. Psalm 25:14. It says “The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant.” Now I want you to listen to that: The secret of the Lord, or the secrets of the Lord are with those who fear Him. Now I want to ask you a question to all my audience, if you’re watching by video answer me. How many of you have secrets in your life, let me see a show of your hands, show your hands. Okay, what do I do with the rest of you? Pray with for your lying now or later?

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