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Sid: My guest by way of telephone Perry Stone, President and Founder of Voice of Evangelism in Cleveland, Tennessee. We’re discussing his latest book which has information jammed packed on the end of days that few have ever seen. And if any one should understand this it’s got to be God’s children. Because what were discussing earlier in the week Daniel says that “In the last days these mysteries will be cleared up.” And the name of the book is “Unlocking Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls Searching for the Time of Messiah’s Return.” Now Perry you’ve got so many interesting thing it’s hard to decide where to go today but one of the more fascinating things to me was the scriptures talk about the last days and it compares it to the days of Noah.

Perry: Right.

Sid: Are there some things that were in the days of Noah that are about ready to happen today; explain.

Perry: One of the most intriguing things I researched for this. Enoch was the 7th from Adam and Enoch was as you know was the one that was translated alive to heaven. However Enoch had a son; and the Bible says this “Enoch was 65 years of age and then he began to walk with God after he begat Methuselah.” And I thought, what happened something must have happened when Enoch was 65 years of age that triggered his walk with God. And when you do some research through early church history you come up with this; that there’s a tradition that says Enoch at age 65 was caught up in the heaven where God began to reveal to him the mysteries of heaven. But God also showed him and revealed to him and reminded him of Adam’s prophecy that “The world would be destroyed with water.” And He said “This is going to happen soon.” And so here’s what happened Enoch named his son Methuselah, now Met u seleh means his death; because meth means death in Hebrew. It means his death initiates or his death will bring. And so when people saw Methuselah and Methuselah began to grow they new that his name meant when he dies something is going to happen. Now the odd thing is this, Methuselah just kept right on living; he was 200 years of age, he was 500, 800, 900, he lived 960 years of age. Now what is bazaar is this if you study the genealogy of Genesis and we bring this out in our book; you can calculate that Methuselah literally died the year that the flood came. Now when God said to Noah “The ark is ready, the animals are in it yet 7 more days I will cause it to rain on the earth. Jewish Rabbis teach that thats when Methuselah died. And a normal mourning at a Jewish funeral is 7 days in length. And so what God did is God said to Noah, I’m not going to allow your great, great grandfather Methuselah to die here and to his body to float with the unbelievers. We’re going to give him a decent burial and for 7 days they buried him and mourned for him and then Noah went into the ark and the door was shut. Now the point is that Methuselah’s name just his name alone and his presence was a reminder of the people in Noah’s day of the flood is coming. And yet they just kept on ignoring it as though it was never going to happen. So what God does for us today as it was in the days of Noah so will it be in the time of the coming of son of man. Noah, Methuselah’s name implied water was coming. Now in the New Testament God said “In the last days I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh. And the outpouring of the Spirit is compared to water both in the old and the New Testament. And Jesus said “Out of your belly shall flow river’s of living water.” Joel 2 talks about the early rain and the latter rain. So as God is pouring out His Spirit and Sid He is doing it all over the world; this is a sign that we should pay attention that we are in the season’s of the kind of Noah and that the coming of Christ the Messiah is about to take place. So that’s one of the…

Sid: But just as in the days of Noah as you bring out in your book I have to you know it took so long for Methuselah you know Methuselah life was so long that people kind of thought we’ll maybe it’s just a fairy tale. And isn’t that what the Bible says they’ll say about Jesus.

Perry: In the book of 2nd Peter it says that there will be scoffers saying “Where is the promise of His coming?” Now notice this, they didn’t say where’s His coming? But where’s the promise? And you know sometimes when you talk about the promise of the rapture or the promise of the return you have people even in the Christian church that mock that. They mock the promise, not that He’s going to show up one day but they mock the promise. And so you know it’s stirs my spirit when people act like who are believers now who act like “Well there’s nothing to this, or the world’s going to go on like it always did.” Because it reminds me of the Methuselah factor. He kept living, as long as he lived they had this confidence that everything was going to be alright. But he suddenly died and it happened so quick and so fast and the 7 days of mourning took place and at the end of those 7 days guess what happened. The fountains of the deep were open and the flood come. And that’s the way that it’ll be at the coming of the Lord, they knew not until the day the flood came. And Lot’s day, they did not know until the time that the destruction came. So it’s actually going to happen that fast. And I think sometimes that people get a little bit I don’t know what the word is self confident or in themselves saying “Well, before all this happens God’s going to give me some big warning or some big sign that I’m going to know that’s what is going to happen. But there’s really no indication of that that we have a series of signs and indicators and that they begin to accommodate together that’s our indicator that things are wrapping up.

Sid: Well, in chapter 8 of your book “Ten Signs of the Time of the End.” Is this the end of the World? I think this might be a good way to wind up this week but just before we get there Perry, how do you know all of these things? I mean you have so much information jam packed in this book that it’s not just information that’s out there but it’s revelation information plus information that’s out there that you…how do you have so much?

Perry: This is what I believe, I believe that Daniel said that “Knowledge will be increased” and it includes prophetic knowledge. And as we get close to time of the end God’s going to open up things that have been there all along. There’s nothing we wrote about that hasn’t been there all along; it’s a matter of seeing it and putting it together. And once people…and it’s all done through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit shows you things to come the scripture says. So the real key to understanding any of these things is definitely the work of the Spirit of God.

Sid: Let’s go over these 10 signs of the time of the end.

Perry: Okay, theres a series of..oh how much time are we going to have I don’t even know if we’re going to go through all of them.

Sid: No we don’t but we can start.

Perry: (Laughing) Okay, #1 is the destructive weapons in the wrong hands and that’s one of the signs of the last days. #2 is the increase of deadly plaques and viruses Matthew 24 and 7 especially if you look at the word pestilence in the Greek and see what that particular word means. #3 Jesus warned of false christ and false prophets; Matthew 24 verse 24. So there’s a rise in religious fanaticism and even a rise in false religions. We have Revelation chapter 6 and verse 10 and we have all of these scriptures of course in the book in their fulness; would be the cry out of the innocent blood. When the innocent blood begins to cry out and it reaches the ears of God that is when of course that throughout the scripture that judgment was always released on the earth.

Sid: How much more time could we have in the United States though as a nation?

Perry:   It’s frightening; if a person really looks at it from a scriptural standpoint point of view you realize that it’s God. God has to be just being merciful because of His people who are here. Kind of like in the days of Lot and Noah you know preserving something temporarily because God’s people are here.

Sid: But murdering all of those innocent babies!

Perry: Unbelievably, and see eventually what happens is the cry of the blood according to scripture reaches up to God and the earth doesn’t contain it anymore. And I had a theory based on just some research that that’s why there is so many massive earthquakes taking place. That creation as Paul said is in travail groaning in travail right now because of what is happening to with the shedding of innocent blood.

Perry: The 5th would be the swift spread of the gospel message. Now you know that we know this verse “The gospel is preached in all of the world as a witness into all nations. Now this is important that people know that it does not say that every person will hear the gospel. It only is preached in the nations and then the end will come. Now you know we talk about the end of the world; there’s actually 3 different Greek words used for the word world. And when it talks about the gospel being preached in all of the world it’s very strange here because that particular Greek word was a word dealing with the civilized world or the Roman Empire. Now some people take that to mean well, that must have been fulfilled back then; but that’s not the conintation of what is actually being said here. But the gospel being preached and then the end coming. Remember that in the time of the apostles that the gospel went around the known Roman Empire and then what happened? Jerusalem was destroyed in ’70 AD and the temple was destroyed and the people were scattered. Likewise in the last days there will be another spreading of the gospel around the known world, the nations of the world and then the end would come. And what end it that? Well, then the church age comes to a completion and then we come into the great tribulation which is mentioned later on there in Matthew 24. So the spreading of the gospel without a doubt is a key; a major key into understanding the times in which we’re living in.

Sid: And with satellite TV; wow.

Perry: Oh, absolutely! And the internet; I mean look at the internet.

Sid: Your right; the internet is the biggy.

Perry: They maybe even bigger than satellite because more people could get a computer you know and log on to internet in places we Morocco, Africa, Brazil and it’s just pretty incredible what’s happening there. And I think that it’s going to continue to increase.

Sid: Perry, we’re out of time and as far as I’m concerned the most important points we haven’t even raised…

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Sid: My guest is Pastor Kynan Bridges and I’m releasing his brand new book “Supernatural Favor.” I am so excited that the timing… Kynan the timing of this book; the timing of releasing the 3 CD series called “Favor Revolution.” It couldn’t be better; I mean people; healings are exploding because the favor is on the people that sit under your teaching. Tell me some of the healings that have exploded.

Kynan: One lady she had gout and we do a prayer call every morning and literally on the call I began to call out gout being healed and she was instantly healed of gout. Another time we had a healing meeting and there was a girl who had 3 lumps on her breast. She comes into the meeting and I was about to lay hands on her and the Lord says “Do not lay hands on her.” He says I want you to declare My healing and My favor over her life” and I began to declare it. You know that all 3 lumps on her breasts were dissolved instantly in the service. Another lady had terminal cancer; they gave her 6 months to live; we’d been praying for her and we began to declare over her life; she just recently went back to the doctor not a trace of cancer in her blood she’s completely healed in Yeshua’s Name.

Sid: Tell me a little bit about what grace means to you tied in with supernatural favor.

Kynan: Well grace is it’s a very powerful word. We see it in the Old Testament we see it a lot in the New Testament. In the New Testament grace is always; almost always translated caris or charis that’s the word we get Charisma from and it means not only God’s goodness and His mercy but it deals with God’s enabling power. The grace of God enables us to do what we cannot do on our own. You know I talk about our ministry; I told about my family and how we’ve experienced a turnaround in our ministry. There was a turnaround when I thought that man “I can’t do this Lord; this is too difficult this is too difficult pastoring.” But when I began to yield to the grace of God or the supernatural empowerment of God it takes the burden off of me. Jesus says “Take upon me Yeshua My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” So the grace of God is the supernatural power of God; and what happens in our church for example as people sit under this teaching they go out and they begin to do the greater works of Jesus. They begin to minister with power and authority, they begin to see the manifestation of God’s goodness in their lives. I tell people this is so key, when favor’s on you and grace is on you it’s kind of like my favorite basketball player Michael Jordan. He can just kind of glade in the air; I’ve never seen anything like it. And what happens is you’ll still face oppositions but they’ll be so much grace on your life that you will overcome them with ease, there’s not toiling in the work anymore. There’s power available for you to overcome.

Sid: Talking about one of the neatest examples of this supernatural grace and the power and the favor is that man that was a musician and a writer and he was laid off and he couldn’t find a job. He sat under your teaching and what happened?

Kynan: Well he’s going through a lot of the time problems in his marriage, problems in his family and he literally gets hold of the teaching. He lives in a different state and he got hold of the teaching and some of our materials read through them in like 2 days or 3 days. Do you know that immediately after he’s done a record company contacts him and said “We’ve been looking for you we saw something that you did online and this has to go out to the nations.” And they asked him “Whatever you want we’ll do it. Do you want a royalty, how much and whatever you want we’ll do it?”   And I’m telling you Sid people that are catching this prophetic message are seeing total turnaround. Another lady was going through problems in her marriage and she got the understanding about how our words release the favor of God. And how our words literally create an atmosphere for God to move on our behalf. And so she started speaking life over her marriage; she had been divorced for years; her husband moved back in with her and now he is talking about her church and he’s praising her church for giving her this kind of understanding and her marriage is being restored supernaturally. But it all begins with us understanding that God has favored us. That the favor… all of the favor that we need is in Yeshua. And if we’ll plug into Him; if we’ll love Him and if we’ll put our faith and trust in Him and if we’ll speak the favor over our lives and over our circumstances we too will walk under the same favor that Abraham and that Yeshua walked under.

Sid: Now you talk about it and I have to say God has so fined tuned your teaching on favor. You teach at a level that I have not heard before. Tell me about the word expectation, how important is that?

Kynan: Expectation is very important. You know expectation it is the catalyst for everything that we are able to experience and receive in our life. I tell people that the atmosphere or the attitude of expectation is the atmosphere for the miraculous. Literally what you expect you literally attract to yourself, it’s a spiritual law. For example some people may listen to a teaching like this and say “Ah phooey” and they experience phooey in their lives because they’re literally expecting it. But those that expect more always experience more.

Sid: Yeah, but what you say to someone that they had their expectation up for years and nothing happened and now they figure “I’m not going to hurt myself anymore I’m done with this expectation.” What would you say?

Kynan: Well I would tell them to do what David did and Samuel. The Philistines came and they pillaged their territory and the camp and they were talking of stoning David. And David was in a very bad situation. Now he’d been going through a lot but the Bible said “He encouraged himself in the Lord.” And I tell people all the time “You got to learn to talk to yourself; yeah people may think you’re crazy, they may think that you’re listening to music without headphones. But sometimes you have to talk to yourself and encourage yourself in the Lord. And I want to encourage someone out there that’s listing right now. You need to be encouraged you need to know that God loves you. You need to know that God has a great plan for your life and He’s not given up on you so don’t you give up on yourself. Speak life over your situation; when I wake up out of the bed every day I expect the favor of God to manifest and I kid you not Sid. Something good happens to me every day.

Sid: Well you know when people listen to your teaching and when they read your book where they had no hope a supernatural hope starts developing. Have people told you that?

Kynan: Yes, all the time. We get people that have had chronic illnesses in their body. In fact one guy he was literally dying. He had a brain condition when he was dying and he had been to all the healing ministers all the conferences and he began to sit under the teaching. And all of a sudden hope began to come back. His joy began to come back. He began to expect from God and in less than 12 months his condition was turned around. He’s alive and well; his family is blessed; his children are blessed. And that’s the power of supernatural expectation. The Bible says “We are saved by hope, but hope that is seen is not hope.” See hope is invisible to the natural eye but it is real and the more we hope the more we begin to anticipate. The more that we begin to anticipate it’s like an electrical charge; we’re plugging into the source and the power is generating. So hope then Sid is literally the catalytic converter of the supernatural. It’s what converts all of our dreams, all of our anticipations into manifestations. So without hope, without expectation there will never be manifestation. We have to hope in God. David said “Why so cast down oh my soul, hope in God for I will yet praise Him.” That means I will praise Him even though things around me look crazy. Sid, I’m a living testimony; nobody would have thought that I would be where I am today. Nobody would have thought that I would have authored books and done ministry. That was not in my future as far as I was concerned, but God had another thing in mind. And when I got hold of the word of God and I begin to speak the word consistently whether I felt it or not and I began to declare the word of God over my life it begin to release the favor and power of God over my life. And when it did things began to turnaround.

Sid: Well is it time for a turnaround in your life? Is it time to be supernaturally injected with supernatural hope? Is it time that your expectation will be like it was when you were a brand new believer. Is it time that you get at the right place at the right time.

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Judy Jacobs

Sid: My guest Judy Jacobs had a vision and in this vision she saw what is about ready to happen on planet earth. Judy, tell me about the tsunami vision.

Judy: I love to go to the beach, my husband and I love to go to the beach on vacation. We’re on the beach and we always take time during our vacation to set aside time to pray and to seek the Lord for our children for their year and for their coming up year and for our ministry and for our family. As I’m praying and even as I’m fasting on vacation Sid I’m on the back porch of this condo and while I’m on the back porch I see this vision and immediately in the Spirit I am on the shores of the beach. It’s me, it’s my husband, and it’s my two girls. We’re on the shore and as I look… God says “Look to the sea, look into the ocean.” As I look into the ocean I saw this humongous wall of water rising and this water began to rise higher and higher and higher and higher. So much so that it reached to the sky; and as it began to rise it begins to come closer and closer and closer to the shore. And so I’m standing there with my husband and I say “Oh, my goodness sweetheart look at that, what in the world is that?” I said “Oh my goodness that’s a tsunami and it’s heading this way; it’s coming toward us and the vision I’m seeing this coming toward the shore and I’m thinking “This is really what it looks like.” And I said to him “What is this?” And he starts to walk toward the water, and you have to know my husband because he’s a very prophetic man of God and he’s a pastor and as he’s walking through the water he says to me “Judy, come up here with me, come closer.” And in this vision Sid we both walked toward the water actually our feet are touching the edge of the water and he says “Look closer.” And as I looked closer he said “That is not water, that is glory.” And he said and as he said that I’m looking at that because the water that’s the glory keeps coming closer and closer and closer and bit by bit by bit. And as I’m looking at this glory that looks like a tsunami of water I’m seeing people everywhere in the water; in the water there is every kind of people group you can ever imagine. And they’re all speaking in tongues, their all praying in tongues, actually they’re praising God. They’ve got some of the most joyous smiles on their faces and their praising God and their speaking in the Spirit and their talking in tongues as their swimming they’re swimming in this water and as their swimming their just glorifying God in the Spirit realm. And I said to my husband “Oh, my goodness that’s the Holy Ghost; that’s the Holy Ghost of fire! That’s the wind, that’s the rain; that’s the power of God! And I said to my husband “Where is the girls, where’s Tay, where’s Erica?” And my husband said “Look up” and as I raised my neck back as far as it could go and on the very very very top of the tsunami there’s my daughters surfing on top of the tsunami. (Laughing) They are surfing in the glory of God; and my daughters are… they are just surfing and they’re absolutely on top of what God is doing in the earth. And God said “That’s what’s coming’ that is what you’re seeing right now is the glory that I’m about to release upon the nations of the earth. And I speak that right now in the people’s lives. Those that are listening I say in the Name of God that glory is coming to your house; that glory is coming to your children; that glory, the glory, the tsunami glory of the Holy Spirit is coming to saturate and over-flood your house; your business, your family; your circumstances and everything that is not like God is going to wash away. But you’re going to find yourself not in ankle deep; not in even your waist; you’re going to find yourself swimming in the glory of God. And whenever the glory comes I’m telling you sickness and disease has to go.

Sid: Speaking of sickness and disease going tell me about the lady that had stage 4 cancer and the doctor said that you’ll be dead by Christmas.

Judy: She comes to me meeting in California and she comes and she had stage 4 cancer; she’s never been in a meeting with me and she’s never been around me but she’s heard about this Native American. And so she comes into the meeting and she brings her daughter with her, she has stage 4 cancer. The doctor said She’ll be dead by Christmas; this is somewhere about September; she comes to the meeting and God begins to speak; the word of the Lord goes forth; the power of God stalls. I said “If you need a miracle I’m hearing God say “Get up on your feet and do something that you’ve never done before.” This lady takes off and she starts running; and when she starts running she leads to pack. (Laughing) I’m telling you scores of woman get up and they start running. And as she gets up to run her daughter starts running after her “Momma, momma slow down; sit down you can’t do this!” Now this was afterwards when I hear this testimony because there was so many things that were happening in that moment. So she’s running and running and she’s screaming at the top of her voice “I’m healed, I’m healed, I’m healed, I’m healed!” God touched her that day and healed her. The very next week she goes to her doctor and she says to her doctor “I am healed; I went to this meeting and this lady was there.” And she said “I got a word from God and I know that God has touched my life; I want you to do another scan.” The doctor says to her please do not do this to yourself; you know what the report says; you know what the scan says and so please don’t do this to yourself.” Don’t give yourself false hope was what he was saying. She said “I know what the scan says but I’ve got a word from God and I have a miracle and I’m going to prove it to you and God’s going to prove it to you.” So very reluctantly the doctor takes another scan. Sid the very next Sunday she’s stands on the stage with her pastor in one hand she has this scan that says “You’ll be dead before Christmas.” In the other hand she had a scan that said “We can’t find any cancer it is gone.” The glory of God broke out.

Sid: Judy that vision that you had of the glory of God paint me a picture of what’s going to happen when that tsunami explodes on people.

Judy: I believe that the power of God and the glory of God is going to hit hospitals; I believe it’s going to hit mental institutions; I believe that it’s going hit Wal-Mart brother; I believe that it’s going to hit our schools. My children have already seen visions of what’s going to happen in the hallways; teachers are up trying to teach and the glory of God’s going to hit them as children begin to weep and to cry. I believe that we’re going to be called upon; I believe that people are going to have to quit their jobs in order to help out with the glory of God that is being spilled over. We’ve already seen it in the Spirit; I’ve already seen it happen in a vision that God showed me on our campus. I’ve already seen it in the Spirit realm Sid. I believe that glory is going to hit where these arenas that people have made for football it’s going to be filled with hungry hearts; hungry souls wanting to be saved; wanting to be filled with the Spirit. People are going to be healed.

Sid: Judy, how far off is this that you see?

Judy: I believe that we are moments away from it.

Sid: What’s going to happen to people tomorrow when you pray for them?

Judy: Tomorrow I believe a supernatural glory of God is going to infiltrate their homes as they listen on this radio broadcast it’s going to come through there radio Sid and it’s going to transfer into their lives. I believe that there going to tangibly feel the glory and the anointing of God that’s going to come on their lives and something is going to happen. They’re going to feel chains come off of them; something is going to rise up; we call it in the book the unction; the unction from the Holy One. I believe that there’s something that’s going to rise up in them that’s going to cause them that something’s happening in me. I believe that you are going to be flooded with phone calls, emails; I’m telling you brother I believe that you better get ready you’re going to be; your computers going to crash….

Sid: Tell, me what you mean by the unction, the function of the unction.

Judy: It is what I call the ups; it’s the what I call whenever you feel like you can’t go another step. It’s is what the glory of God and the anointing of God that rises up in you for that very moment. It’s what came over Jesus when Jesus said “Father, is there any other way?” And Jesus said “Never the less not My will but Thy will.” I believe at that moment that there was an unction from the Holy Spirit; the Bible says “The angels of the Lord came and comforted him and encouraged Him in Spirit. I believe that David felt that same Spirit whenever the Amorites came and got… I believe that there’s an anointing that comes on you. David when he’s running toward giant; it is that same unction that comes on you that says “Who is this Philistine to talk about my God like this?”

Sid: And you know what Judy there are people that are just falling over almost like playing dead and was like the devil tramples on them and enough is enough.

sidrothnet on August 25th, 2015


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I have to tell you. The presence of God is so strong that I am literally trembling under the presence of God at this moment. My guest has gone to Heaven frequently and he was instructed in Heaven how the scriptures tell us that we can access Heaven while we’re alive as believers in the Messiah. And he teaches, and multitudes then begin going to Heaven after they’re exposed to his teachings. So my guest, James Durham, at age three went to Heaven. But his parents were just nominal Christians. No paradigm for anything. What happened at three?

JAMES: Well Sid, at three, I just, one night I just got lifted up into this place that was absolutely amazing to me. I was in a place of perfect peace. There was such unity there that I had never experienced on Earth. Just saw the animals, that people were together and I just felt something so wonderful and so unique that I desired to be there. I had no idea what it was, but it was wonderful.

SID: And then at four, I mean, at four, I can’t remember three and four. At four, he doesn’t know the Bible stories. His parents would go a few times a year to church, if that. What happened at age four?

JAMES: When I was four years old, I had an open vision and it was felt like I was actually translated to a different location. And I was standing, and I was watching these animals. As they were coming by me they were going up a ramp into some kind of a building, and they were going two by two. And the little animals coming by, that was very fun to watch, but when the big cats, the lions and tigers, it really terrified me. I had no idea what I was seeing and I cried out, and when I cried out the vision ended.

SID: Well what he was seeing obviously was Noah and the ark, going two by two. When you told your parents this, were they excited?

JAMES: They were excited, but not in a good way. When I cried out, I woke up my older sister and so I was actually punished for this. And when I told them what happened, they didn’t believe me, and so I was punished for lying.

SID: Okay. At six, you’re going at this time you’re going to like a Bible camp and Sunday school, and you have another what you call an open vision. To me, an open vision is you’re seeing it happen right before your eyes. What did you see?

JAMES: Well Sid, that’s exactly what happened. I was sitting in the pew during a worship program. It was a Vacation Bible School and this was a new experience for me. But as I sat on that pew, literally I saw like the floor open in front of me and the flames of Hell just erupted up from that opening in the floor. And I felt like I could just slide right into that fire and be in Hell. At that moment, I was only six years old, but I felt convicted of sin, that I needed Jesus from what I had learned in Vacation Bible School. So I gave my heart to Jesus.

SID: He devotes his life now to being a chaplain. He was a chaplain in the Army for how many years?

JAMES: Almost 30 years.

SID: And, but the thing that intrigues me is when these visits to Heaven started in 2008. Explain.

JAMES: In 2008, two things happened sort of simultaneously. First of all, God put it on my heart, pray for Israel, every day. Every day I would get face down on the floor and repent for the things our nation had done to Israel, cry out, Shalom Jerusalem and Shalom Israel. And about that same time, I went to a large revival. And one night I came home late from the revival, and when I laid down in bed my head hit the pillow, I was literally translated to Heaven. I stood in this place in Heaven. Some people called it The Throne Room, but it was not really a room. It was huge. But I was standing looking at the throne of Jesus, and I was in so much awe of Jesus. I was literally paralyzed with awe of Jesus. And as I looked at him, just love flowed out of me, and I just felt like this is my Jesus. And I felt like I was just connecting with him in such a powerful way. And it was a life-changing experience for me.

SID: And then a few days later, a second vision. What happened?

JAMES: Well I actually, I asked the Lord if He would allow me to go back to that same place because I had a question I wanted to ask.

SID: What was that?

JAMES: I wanted to know, the Bible—

SID: I have a lot of questions. How about you? Wouldn’t you like to ask?

JAMES: Good luck asking. Ephesians 2:6 says, “We were seated with him in heavenly places.” So I actually, I wanted to know, this is kind of self-centered, but I wanted to know, where is my seat in Heaven.

SID: But wait. That’s exactly what the scriptures say. We’re already seated in heavenly places. So that’s a fair question. Did you get your answer?

JAMES: I did, but not directly. I had almost the same experience. Came back late at night from the revival meeting, very tired. But as soon as my head hit the pillow I was translated back to that exact same spot I had been the night before. And there was Jesus, and I was in awe of Jesus again. I was literally paralyzed, in awe of this amazing Jesus. And as time went on, I began to think, I believe I had a question, but I can’t remember what it is.

SID: I’ll tell you what. Hold that thought because Jesus gives him three assignments. We’ll find out about it when we come back.

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sidrothnet on August 20th, 2015


Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah but there are things that are sabotaging you from fulfilling your destiny; from hearing God’s voice; from walking in supernatural peace 24 – 7 and it has to do with soul problems that are keeping you from the potential God has for you. I have Dr. Cindy Trimm on the telephone; the bestselling author; she’s been a guest before on Messianic Vision and I’m introducing to you the soul fast kit in which Dr. Trimm is going to coach you in a 40 day period with 8 weeks’ worth of DVD’s on 2 DVD’s and 2 books and you will heal your soul. And Dr. Trimm on yesterday’s broadcast you brought up an interesting concept. We were talking about it’s a restoration such as what Adam lost in the fall, explain that again.

Cindy: Yes, Jesus said “I’ve come to seek and to save that which was lost.” I believe what was lost in the Garden of Eden is several things: Our connectivity with God and our connectivity to who we really are as human beings. The more human we are I believe the more godly we are and most of us are living out of our fallen nature and not out of the original human nature. And our human nature was designed to represent God and to reflect God in the earth realm.

Sid: And do you find that a lot of believers because they were so sabotaged by their parents who were sabotaged by their parents, and by what people think of them that they just never fulfill their potential.

Cindy: Absolutely, absolutely and it’s interesting too because if you ask the average person who they are they’ll respond to you by telling you what they do. I’m a doctor, I’m a lawyer; I’m a husband, I’m a wife; there are roles that we play; these are things that we do. But who we really are is understood at the level of our soul because that’s the true nature of who we are. And one of the weeks in the 40 day soul fast is about awareness. When Moses has this encounter with God and he’s running he had done something; he had killed a man and so he has this stigma of being I would call it like an ex-convict some that was on the run from his past. And one encounter with God gave him the awareness of who he really was and he accepted God “Who am I that you should consider Me a deliverer?” And the same question David said “Who am I and what is my life that I should be the son-in-law of a king?” And so the question of self-awareness of “Who are we really; who does God say that we are; and to see ourselves from that perspective and not through the eyes of man.”

Sid: Okay, I have to ask you a question “You are a teacher, you are a bestselling author; you move in the gifts of the Spirit, but who are you Dr. Cindy Trimm?”

Cindy: I like everyone else am a child of God and I am a representative of God here in this earth realm. I reflect Him in His image and His likeness and then God has given me an assignment; He’s given me purpose which is the things that I’m called to do out of the person that I am. And I believe that we do more because we want to be more.

Sid: Alright in your first week let’s break this down; talk about journey to authenticity; what is journey to authenticity?

Cindy: It’s like journeying back to who God originally planned and purposed us to be. And I believe that you know that when I look at a little baby. A baby is examining his toes and everything and I think sometimes growing up we’ve learned how to do certain things because of how we were socialized; how we were raised; how we were educated. The culture impacted upon us, who we associated with and I believe that sometimes we became less and less of ourselves and more and more of something that we were never created to be. And the story of the protocol son says that he was disconnected to his true self; and when he came to himself and he said to himself he really became aware of “What I’m doing in this pigpen is not who I really am.” And he said that “I will arise.” And I believe that our standards of modern days have become lower and lower for how we live as human beings. And God is raising the standard and the more aware that we are that God created us to reflect Him in His image and His likeness. Not as consumers but as co-creators, not as followers but as leaders, not as beggars but as lenders. Once we discover that we believe that we will be able to feel alive again.

Sid: You said something interesting, you said that “If we don’t define ourselves other people will define us,” and people have been believers for 20 or 30 years and they’ve defined themselves what other people have said about them. Even though they’d been reading the Bible going to church and they’re stuck in this rut and they have problems in soul areas from addictions to emotional problems to not hearing God and they wonder why. When they take this 40 day soul fast you get every one of these things Cindy.

Cindy: Yes. And we’re talking about identity; we’re talking about identity here too. It’s about being true to who God has made you to be as an individual in Christ. And how He has constructed you; David said “I’m fearfully and wonderfully made; I’m purpose built.” That God said to Jeremiah “Before you were formed in your mother’s womb I knew you and I called you to be a prophet to the nation.” So we’re born wired to be; be specific things and to contribute in our own unique way to the betterment of society.

Sid: Tell me about exactly what you mean by a soul fast.

Cindy: The soul fast simply means that you are cutting away things and habit…habits that undermine and keep you from living a full and successful and a prosperous life in Christ Jesus.

Sid: What are some of the roadblocks to a soul fast?

Cindy: Some of the roadblocks #1 is: Living outside in rather than inside out. Waking up in the morning and just letting life happen and then reacting and responding and not knowing that we can be pro-active. Being a slave to our bodies and allowing the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life to dictate to how we live. And it’s interesting because as I was thinking about it and I had a conversation with a colleague of mine a couple of days ago. We were talking about the death mute Helen Keller, and she was able to break the bonds, break through the bonds of a body that could not respond to who she was and through sheer will she was able to become one of the greatest influencers within her generation, a deaf mute. And I asked a question “What is it about the human soul that not even the impotence of the human body can prevent an individual from becoming everything that they are?” If Helen Keller through the shear will of her soul could break through the impotence of her body how much more can we who do have sight and do have hearing just by cutting away the undermining effects of negative habits how much more are we able to arise and make a difference in our family, our homes and our communities if we could just get rid of those habits and the thoughts that are sabotaging who we really are.

Sid: Why do you say this will be the best 40 days of their lives?

Cindy: Because they have an opportunity to spend I call it “Me moments.” The moments when they remove themselves for a couple of minutes a day and they sit before God and through going through the word of God and utilizing the “Forty Day Soul Fast” they’re able to ask some tough questions and get some real answers for their own lives from the word of God.

Sid: And what you’re saying is as you mentor them the power of God is really bringing this awareness and getting rid of the obstacles.

Cindy: It is, yes it is.

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sidrothnet on August 13th, 2015


SID: I’m having the most wonderful discussion with Larry Randolph about being who you are called to be.


SID: Rather than being a copy. Talk to that a little bit.

LARRY: I realized at that moment when the Lord talked to me that one of the things I was allergic to, if I can put it that way, was sameness. I was born in a world of sameness where people thought that being the same, everybody being the same, was seeing the same way, was unity. I didn’t realize that God is a God of harmonized diversity. Everything in the universe is in harmony, but it’s diverse. There are no two stars alike, no two raindrops alike, no two DNAs alike, no two hair strands alike, no two invertebrate alike, no two bacteria like. No universe, no star, nothing is alike in God’s universe. And I realized that I, too, had a unique reflection and I was the craftsmanship of this one of a kind phenomenon that this great artist had designed. I was a Mona Lisa. You’re a Mona Lisa, one type. And I thought, how true could that be, because God is a genius artist. He’s the artist of maximum diversity. That means He’s incapable of repetition. He’s incapable, you don’t ever paint two Mona Lisa’s. You paint one and that’s it. And I realized I’m unique, I’m real, and I realized that authenticity, my authenticity is what will attract God’s friendship, the anointing in my life. And the Lord said to me, “You have to be real. You have to be you, because I’ve made you different. No one in this world can do what I’ve called you to do because they don’t have the hardware, the DNA footprint. They don’t have the destiny, the design that I put in you.” Every person in this world has a Divine destiny, a footprint from that reflection of God that no one else owns. So if I don’t be me, the world goes without seeing that part of God.

SID: Okay. You have learned how to bless people.


SID: By giving them permission to be unique. Explain that a little.

LARRY: I feel like one of the deficits of the church is a lack of fathers and mothers who give permission for people to become. It’s called equipping saints. And we’ve been whipping the saints. And so equipping the saints means that, like your children, you give them permission. You don’t tell them, you’re going to be a doctor like me. I give you permission to follow your wildest dreams and be what God has created you to be. That’s what a good father does or mother does. So what I’ve done, what I do is I ask people, what is your wildest dream? What’s God made you to be? Is it a musician, is it a doctor, is it what are you unique about? I give you permission as a spiritual father to be everything God has called you to be. Because we are steeped in a theology of sameness, we need somebody to break the mold in our life for us to become what God has called us to be, which is different.

SID: I’m going to ask you to pray for us.


SID: To break the mold of being copies.


SID: It’s time for us to be authentic, unique and fulfill our destiny. Now you had two encounters with the Lord. Tell me about them briefly.

LARRY: Briefly, the one encounter with the Lord was the Lord, I woke up one night and the Lord, as He does many times, He stands at the foot of my bed, which is His favorite spot, the foot of my bed, and He sang to me. He sang the song to me, “Have I Told You Lately That I love You” and it was just amazing. I wept under the love of God and how much He loved me. And He loved me because I’m a unique reflection of himself. As Paul said, “We have this treasure laid in vessels.” I’m a piece, something in me looks like something in God, that looks like nobody else. So He loves that piece of me because that’s a part of Him. That’s an original breath He breathed into me. So as I lay there, He said this to me, “Larry, I have to ask you a question.” And He said, “If you found out tomorrow from the doctor you had a terminal disease, how would you live the rest of your life?” And I knew it was a hard question. And I began to weep, and as I did, I began to say, “Lord, I would love people more. I would encourage people more. I would tell my wife I love her more. I would tell my office, have I told you lately that I love you. I would have a softer heart, I would forgive, I would not live with a closed fist, but with an open fist.” And when I got through this long list, I said, “I would hold babies.” And I even said this, “I would dance more.” I don’t know why I said it. But I would dance with my wife. It seemed like the simple things were the most endearing things to God. And He said to me in this strong voice, “Larry, I want you to live the rest of your life like you’re terminal tomorrow.” And I realized we all are terminal. We just don’t know when.

SID: Tell me that second experience.

LARRY: The second one after that, sometime after that, the Lord visited me again at the left side of me. And He said this to me, which was a shocker to me, “Larry, you’re going to be seeing me pretty soon.” And I’m thinking, shoot, you know.

SID: What would you think?

LARRY: Like now?

SID: My goodness.

LARRY: And He said, “You’re going to be seeing me pretty soon and I want to ask something of you, a favor of you.” And He said, “I want you to live a zero regret lifestyle.” And what He meant by that, He said, “When you come to see me I want you to come with no regrets because I don’t want to have to wipe tears away from your eyes.” And I thought, in the scripture it says, “And the lambs that were taken by the river and he shall walk with tears of Heaven.” And I realized the tears of Heaven are regrets for not being what God made us to be and become. And this is what He said to me. I said, “What do you mean by that, Lord?” He said, “I want you to maximize every inch of creative space and talents I put in your life. I want you to forgive everybody that’s hurt you. I want you to live your life with zero regrets. When you come to see me you can smile, have no tears, and I can say, ‘well done, good and faithful servant.'”

SID: You made a statement to me.


SID: This is so profound and so wonderful that the Lord told you He wanted your heart.

LARRY: Heart.

SID: Explain.

LARRY: Gifts are given. Character is grown in the soul of adversity. He said, “When you come to see me, you can’t bring your gift with you because you need a word of knowledge up here. I’m here. Can’t bring healing with you, can’t bring preaching. The best preacher is in Heaven. You can’t bring your apostleship. Only thing you can bring in Heaven is your heart and some of your talent,” because I’m planning on playing guitar with David when I get there. So He said, “You can bring your heart,” He said, “because what, you’ve lived in a world where your gift is bigger than your heart, and in Heaven the heart is bigger than the gift.”

SID: I’ll tell you what. Hold that thought. I want to find out what God has shown Larry will shortly come to the United States, Israel and Russia. We’ll be right back.

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sidrothnet on August 5th, 2015

LaDonna Taylor

Sid: My guest is LaDonna Taylor and LaDonna we found out that you were raised in a Christian home; you had a grandmother that would pray for dead people that would come back to life. Just as a toddler you would have visions of Jesus and worship Him for hours; and at age 12 you heard the audible voice of God, what did He say?

LaDonna: He called my name; I thought that there was a man standing back of the church; I actually thought it was my father my natural father. So I turned around and as soon as I saw that the church was empty I knew that the voice of God had just called my name.

Sid: And then shortly thereafter you started playing the violin; what were the circumstances; how did you happen to pick the violin?

LaDonna:   At that time I was already advanced playing the piano; I studied hours a day playing the piano and I had been asked to be the pianist for the school orchestra. I came in and was playing the piano for the school orchestra and when I saw the violins I fell in love. I asked the orchestra director if he would let me take one home. I came back in one week I was first chair in that orchestra. There was such a love for the violin.

Sid: Now wait a second I know a little bit about the violin in one week you were first chair, that’s sounds almost supernatural!

LaDonna: Well, my mother didn’t think it was supernatural she wanted me to take that violin back to school and leave it there but my dad came in the room and said “Oh, Momma let her keep it look how she loves it.

Sid: And look how this was part of your destiny, and then you were a guest on Messianic Vision Radio and It’s Supernatural Television and we had a wonderful time. And you had told me that you had been very sick, this was 2012, the hospital made a mistake what happened?

LaDonna: I was having surgery it should have been a one night stay and the doctor cut me in the wrong place. As a result of that cut I needed 9 surgeries in less than 90 days. When I was interviewed in 2012 on It’s Supernatural I had had 4 of those 9 surgeries.

Sid: Now you certainly did not know that you needed 5 more surgeries or did you while you were being interviewed?

LaDonna: Yeah, I thought I needed one more.

Sid: Hmm and for what I understand it wasn’t that easy for you to even do the interviews when we did the television show.

LaDonna: I was taking antibiotics, I was wearing a tube in my back that was draining my kidney when I did the show, but something inside of me knew I had to do that show. And we did it didn’t we?

Sid: And well not only did you have to do the show for all the people that you blessed throughout the world but it was life critical for you. So you have these 9 surgeries in 90 days and it doesn’t go as well as the doctors expected. Describe to me what the prognosis was for you.

LaDonna: At the end of the 5 surgeries my colon had died, it had quit functioning.

Sid: Now what happens when someone doesn’t have a colon; it sounds to me like you can’t live.

LaDonna: You can’t live very long. My stomach became protruded and I began to starve to death.  

Sid: Hmm.

LaDonna: My abdomen was so painful because my colon was dying and it was twisting and causing my colon to have spasms so I became… I was very very addicted to high power pain medicine. They were giving me a Delotta every 2 to 4 hours. That’s a form of morphine.

Sid: So I would imagine you lost a lot of weight.

LaDonna:   I was down to 89 pounds.

Sid: Eighty-nine and how tall are you?

LaDonna: I’m 5’ 2”.

Sid: Okay, but still 89 pounds, you were just skin and bones.

LaDonna: Absolutely.

Sid: So you must have felt you were dying or what did you feel; what’s going on inside of LaDonna Taylor?

LaDonna: I felt I was dying. I became confused because of the pain medicine. I couldn’t comprehend from all the people that I had prayed for and seen receive miracles and I knew the truth of healing in the word of God and I’m dying. The other issue was the pain medicine was clouding my thinking. But thank God that my relationship with Christ was strong because when it comes to when everything goes wrong in this world there’s one thing that you’ve got left and it is your relationship with Him. Thank God I had that to hold on to.

Sid: Now in the hospital listening to your own music was very critical; tell me about the song “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms of Jesus.”

LaDonna: When I started hearing that song I realized that in my suffering I was learning to lean on the Lord that I loved so much.

Sid: But wait a second, you knew Him all of these years; you had your crisis situations. I mean at that time you were 65 is that correct?

LaDonna: That’s correct.

Sid: I mean you’re down to 89 pounds which is awful, you’re dying which is awful but why did you need encouragement to hold on. I’m reminded of this little toddler that’s just seeing visions of Jesus and worshiping and just seeing people raised form the dead. But I guess the devil through a lot of his high power demons against you.

LaDonna: Did He ever, I felt evil in the room and a lady that didn’t know me was sitting in my hospital room. She was a member of a church that I had just connected with and she said “LaDonna, didn’t I read somewhere that when people play your music people are healed? Why don’t we bring your music in this hospital and play it for you,” and she did.

Sid: I want to hear a song that made a profound difference in your healing called “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms of Jesus.” Music Excerpt.

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sidrothnet on July 29th, 2015

John Bevere

Sid: My guest is a teacher’s teacher; he has a mantle from God. This man has been called to teach and many of you are familiar with his bestselling book “The Bait of Satan” but he’s had many bestselling books. As a matter of fact 20,000 churches or more in North America use his teaching materials. But I have to tell you the most fascinating subject to me to understand is who is the Holy Spirit? And I believe that John is going to introduce you to a classic teaching but before we do that you were talking on yesterday’s broadcast about a Holy Spirit, God visitation in Malaysia tell me about it.

John: Yes this does relate to the Holy Spirit so powerfully. While I was teaching in Malaysia woman were down front the auditorium was jammed packed, a huge auditorium. The Spirit of God came in and it was like Daddy… these women were like laughing hysterically, now this was back in the mid 90’s. I’d never really seen this in Asia and I realized that God was just loving on his daughters. Well, all of a sudden after 5 minutes lifted and the Lord said “I’m coming in differently.” And all of a sudden the atmosphere changed and this awesome, mighty, wonderfully terrifying presence comes in. And all of a sudden these women stop laughing and immediately they’re screaming like they’re on fire; now it wasn’t demonic. Now remember I was walking back and forth going “Oh my God! Oh my God!” because that presence was so amazing I knew irreverence wouldn’t be tolerated in that presence because the King came in, Daddy didn’t come in if that makes sense. And I remember I kept walking back and forth and I remember that out of mouth came these words “This is the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord.”   And my mind went “That’s it!” Jesus the Bible says in Isaiah 11 “The Spirit of… the Lord will be upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and knowledge, counsel, and the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord.” It goes on to say and His delight was in the fear of the Lord.” And I realized that this is one of the manifestations of the Spirit. And I remember right after that meeting it was the largest Bible school in the nation and there was a couple from the nation of India that were in that Bible school and the woman said to me “I feel so clean inside” and I said “I do too!” Well the next morning in my hotel in Malaysia I was praying and God said to me “Read Psalm 19.” I started reading Psalm 19 and I got the verse that says “The fear of the Lord is clean and enduring forever.” I remembered what she said “I feel so clean,” and so did her husband. I thought “The fear of the Lord is clean and it endures forever.” The Lord spoke to me Sid and the Lord said this, “Lucifer led worship before My throne, he didn’t fear Me, he didn’t endure forever.” He said “A third of the angels worshiped around the throne, they didn’t fear Me; they didn’t endure forever.” Adam and Eve walked in the presence of My glory in the Garden of Eden, they didn’t fear, they didn’t endure in the Garden forever. And He said “Every created being that is around my throne forever will be tested in not only the love of God but in the holy fear of God. And it was like a marker in my life and I realized right then that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. People ask me constantly “Where do these insights and revelations come from in these books?” And I can say it’s from the fear of the Lord that opens up the door to open and expand upon His word.

Sid: Well that begs a question “If you were like most Christians in north America that I know and you high fived God all the time and you acted as if you were a cheer leader and you say “Yeah God!” do you think that you’d be where you are right now?

John: No I don’t I honestly don’t I looked at… there is… you know Sid and you are going to be able to correct me; when they brought the children out of Egypt God said “The whole reason I brought you out was to bring you to Myself.” Moses goes up in the mountain Aaron was invited up and ends up back with the people because he was more comfortable in the presence of people than in the presence of God. Aaron ends up building a calf, he forms it with an engraving tool. And they look at the calf and say “Behold Israel Elohim.” Now Elohim is found about 2,250 times in the Old Testament. About 250 times it’s a false God; 2000 times God Almighty. Elohim is the word used for God all through Genesis chapter one; I think it’s like 30 some occurrences. So you always have to read it in context. But then Aaron makes a statement about that calf “Tomorrow is a feast the Lord.” That word Lord that he uses there is Jehovah or Yahweh. That is the sacred name of God and the Hebrews wouldn’t even write the vowel. And so Aaron looks right at that calf and says “There is Yahweh who delivered us out of Egypt.” So he doesn’t deny that God delivered him out of Egypt; he doesn’t deny that God saved them; he doesn’t deny that He brought them through the water and fed them. He just has changed his image to now it’s Jehovah who’s going to give me what I want. Well when you look at Roman’s chapter 1 Paul says “In the last day people are going to change the image of God into an image of man or four footed beast.” Now we don’t worship four footed beasts in our society we worship human beings, mankind okay. So because you see the Egyptians worshiped four footed beasts; they had statues of calves all over the place so they were accustomed to that. But my question is “Are we serving the real Jesus at the right hand of the Father, or have we created an image of Jesus that will give me what I want; I can high five Him treat Him like “Hey Baby, what’s going on Jesus” and really not be the real Jesus but the one that we’ve made in an image that will give us whatever we want.

Sid: I am almost wondering the scripture comes to my mind John is “The love of most will grow cold in the last days.” Maybe it’s because of the misunderstood image of God.

John: Well let’s talk about that scripture “The love of many,” and the Greek word there many does mean most, means majority is what it means; “Will grow cold.” Well what causes it to grow cold is because lawlessness will abound.” What is lawlessness? Lawlessness is when we’re not submitted to the authority of God.   So what happens is we pull ourselves out from His authority by creating a Jesus that will give me what I want so therefore he’s really not the Jesus of the right hand of the Father we have conveniently slipped out from under His authority but we still acknowledge He saved me, He died on the cross but is He the real Jesus at the right hand of the Father. That’s what we have to ask.

Sid: And that’s an honest fair question that each person has to ask themselves. John tell me in your words who is the Holy Spirit to you?

John: Well the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead and He is my very closes friend on earth. I never would be talking to you on this program had it not been for the Holy Spirit. One of the things that deeply concerns me is that if you say Holy Spirit to a person they immediately want to talk about His manifestations, His gifts or power rather than talking about Him as a person. I personally am much more interested in knowing Him as a person before I know His power and manifestation. It’s kind of like this “If I meet a woman and I realize that this woman she is very very well known in the community; let’s say I’m a single man she is very wealthy and I want to marry her because I’ll get her wealth, I’ll get the popularity, I’ll get the power in the community to get things done rather than coming to know her first as a person. And so I think many have gotten their relationship with the Holy Spirit backwards. They’ll study out His manifestations, they’ll study out His gifts, they’ll talk about His power; talk about His manifestations which are all important, don’t get me wrong but they don’t first of all seek Him as a person.

Sid: Now you teach a lot about a word called communion is that what you’re talking about now?

John: Yeah, the word communion when I was a Catholic boy to me it was taking those wafers and sneaking the wine as an altar boy after the service. But that was not what communion means. The Greek word for Communion is the Greek word koinonia and it has many definitions but the major ones I highlight in the book are partnership and fellowship and intimacy. Now fellowship is interacting, it’s companionship. Sid can you imagine if you pick me up at the airport when I fly into do the television programs with you. Let’s say that you pick me up at Charlotte Airport and we got a 20 minute drive. I don’t way one word to you and you don’t say one word to me. Not “Hello” not “Good Morning;” not how’s your family; thank you for coming; nothing. That whole…we can’t even imagine that. I mean for people that are listening to us can you imagine carpooling with your neighbor and you drive 20 minutes to downtown Charlotte let’s say and you don’t say one word to them when they get into the car. Yet how many times do we drive 20 minutes and not say anything to the Holy Spirit?

Sid: Well I’ll tell you what we’re out of time right now. John, it’s a new book, new teachings, but what kind of feedback are you getting on your book “The Holy Spirit” and your teaching DVD’s and CDs?

John:   You know what’s thrilling me; this is the greatest feedback even pastors have said this to me “My whole relationship with the Holy Spirit has changed my Christian life has become much more exciting and so much more full.”

Sid: What about people that are kind of opposed to the gifts of the Spirit for today, have any of those read your book and any feedback?

John: You know I was prepared for it but interesting enough because in the book I talk about Him as a person and I walk through and there’s tons of scriptures laid out in order in this book. I think what happened is a lot of them have seen Him as a person and it open’s them more up to His gifts and manifestation. And I also show because most people their reason for not knowing His manifestations today is they say that which is perfect has come.

Sid: Well we’ll pick up there on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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sidrothnet on July 21st, 2015

James Goll

Sid:     Well I found out on yesterday’s broadcast that my friend James Goll who I’m     interviewing this week had cancer. He had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer and was the prognosis fatal with this cancer from a medical viewpoint James?

James: Yeah they actually told me at the very beginning they said “No one has ever lived past 10 years is what they told me.” And I looked him straight in the eye and I said “You don’t know who you’re talking to.”      

Sid: (Laughing)

James: I told them right then that I’m not going to be the first and said “We’re going to break that and I have.”

Sid:   And you know the interesting thing is that it came back 3 times. We found out that Oral Roberts prayed for you and that it’s never going to come back again. And how many years have it been?

James: It’s been at least 4 ½.

Sid: Okay, were you the last person Oral prayed for or saw?

James:   I think so; I believe so it was in September in his home in Orange County and then he did go to be with the Lord early December.

Sid: Now of course when you had it the first time a friend of mine prayed for you and you had quite an encounter with the Lord. His name is Suprisa and he probably has prayed for more dead people that have come back to life than anyone that I have ever heard of, he’s African. Tell me what happened.

James: Yeah, it’s really quite amazing there’s always these little parables seems to be. Some months ahead of time the Holy Spirit spoke to me and He said “I want you to keep October in that particular year; I want you to keep it free I have a surprise” that’s what He said. “I have a surprise coming your way.” And I went oh, what is that? He didn’t tell me what it was; so I kept my October a little more fluid in my calendar so often I travel and it get’s filled up. So I kept October relatively free, and so Pastor Supraza but he also goes by Surprise. So he comes here to Nashville, Tennessee to minister.

Sid:   And so that’s of course is your Surprise; but go ahead.

James:   Yeah, yeah I know it was amazing. The Holy Spirit said ahead a time, I have a surprise for you.

Sid:     How many people are named Surprise, not too many.

James: No, I mean really, give me a break; I mean only the Holy Spirit can do that and it was a play on words. And so He said, “I have a Surprise for you, so Supraza comes to Nashville that October” exactly the way the Lord said.   And so I have a special time with him and he’s praying for me and when he does he enters into my actual body. He doesn’t only come on me and into my body. So as that’s happening I am like thrown into or I’m moved upon in such a manner that an open vision occurs. And this wow this heat was riveting in my body Jesus appears in a vision to me and He is standing like Revelation chapter 1 says “He had eyes the flames of fire.” And it talks about “His feet are burnished like with fire.” Well He describes Himself to me as the man of fire and as this heat fire is moving through my body the bloodstream it would stop and it would rest over my body and then it would move on. I actually started perspiring when this happened, and then Jesus in this open vision speaks to me and starts telling me some of the most amazing things I have ever heard. He said “With every wound I received I obtained a special of healing for My people.” So He starts taking me to these different wounds and He talks to me about how He was pierced through and that He obtained healing of the heart for every person. He takes me to the piercings of His hands and this was very fascinating and He said to me “Did you know that most diseases are transferred by the hands,” in other words like germs, things of this nature, bacteria and germs. And He said “I obtained healing so that every bacteria and every germ would be conquered.” He takes me to the crown of thorns on His head and He said to me “I obtained through this wounding the healing of every mental illness known to mankind.” He turns to His back and I see the riveting of the 39 lashes upon His back and it was almost devastating appearing looking at this. Then every one of these stripes with His wounds that Jesus’ back was lacerated there were names that were written in all of these 39 stripes. And I remembered that there was like tuberculosis and leukemia and many different things were named in these stripes of Jesus. It was absolutely incredible, He takes me to His feet where He was pierced and said “I obtained healing for cripples through the wounds that I received. And that heat riveted through my body and I actually was cleansed and had a healing that occurred right at that time. I had actually doing radiation treatments and I went back to the doctor at that time, and I said “I’m healed, I know I’m healed.” And I was actually able to stop the radiation treatments right at that time didn’t even finish them. Because they did tests and it showed that the cancer that it was not active at that point.

Sid:     With this information that you know that this is revelation, only God could have told you this and He did. How do we go from intellectually understanding and we all understood what you said to having it manifest in our bodies?

James: Well that’s a good one you know because for all of us it’s a walk of faith and there’s a walk of study let yourself approved. You know the scriptures that you’re a workman unto God and all of that. And so decreeing the things is really important.

Sid: Give me an example, how would you decree a thing as a matter of fact why don’t you decree something over people with cancer right now.

James: Great and you know what you have received you have authority to give away so I agree. So right now in the Name of the Lord of Host, in the Name of Jesus that One Name that is above every Name I release and decree every tumor in peoples bodies shall shrink in the Name of Jesus. And the fire of the Lord will come you even now and it’ll bring supernatural cleansing to toxins and to diseases that are in your body. So right now what I see, is I see tumors, and I command tumors to dry up; I command you to breakup, I command you to dissolve and never return again, in Jesus Name. The Book of Job says “You will decree a thing and it will be established.” And so as I receive I declare and the Holy Spirit gave me a dream and He said “I am sending forth something greater than radiation treatments; I’m sending forth Holy Spirit treatments to heal people of cancer. So I speak Holy Spirit fire treatments upon people right now; any form of cancer; so I speak Holy Spirit treatments to come upon you and to drive the cancer out in Jesus Name.

Sid:   Boy, I can feel the presence, in fact even before you prayed I felt the special presence of God and almost said James, what’s going on your the prophet but something was going on even before you prayed. And I believe that we’re going to get reports from all over the world that heard that prayer that are going to be set free. And as a matter of fact you want to go on our web page if you know someone with cancer and have them listen to this particular radio show. Now James, I am fascinated by how many supernatural experiences you’ve had. You operate in all of the gifts of the Spirit, but why in your book did you not just talk about all of these amazing experiences and you primarily stuck line upon line for how to live a supernatural life from the Bible? Why did you take that approach, what was your reason?

James: One of the things that I’m really burdened about today is that in the earlier Charismatic Movement, which you and I were both a part of was a teaching movement. In today’s wonderful supernatural culture that exist the teaching element is a little weaker today. So I’m finding the need to ground people in the word of God. Because, here’s the deal we   need to solid in the words, and then when the devil comes around he can’t steal what God has given because then we can declare like Jesus said “It is written, man does not live by bead alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” We live by the ever proceeding word that comes forth from the mouth of God. So this wonderful new book that Bill Johnson wrote the forward for “Living a Supernatural Life” it has 200 scripture references in it because I want us to be grounded, grounded, grounded; have tools that are effective weapons of warfare and then we got to learn to declare the word, speak the word, pray the word, declare the word. And so I’ve done this in this manner so that I want you out there; I want you to have tools in your hands; I want you to be encouraged.

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sidrothnet on July 15th, 2015


SID: I am absolutely amazed at the statistics of people that are in hopeless situations, whether it has to do with their employment, whether it has to do with their family, whether it has to do with their health, whether it has to do with just past things that they’ve been stuffed down and it’s just popping up now. It’s a spirit. Dutch, tell me some of those statistics of hopelessness.

DUTCH: You know, I was shocked, too, Sid. I found these things staggering. The divorce rate in the last 30 years has risen 300 percent, two and half million people every year, 50 percent of first time marriages, 60 percent of remarriages. When they try it again, it still doesn’t work. The pressures are overwhelming, a million children a year affected by new divorces. Fatherless homes, this was staggering to me, 63 percent of youth suicides are directly connected to being raised in a fatherless home. Ninety percent of runaway homeless children and 85 percent of youths in prison because they don’t have a father. People are looking for that security and hope. Nineteen million adults have a depressive disorder. It is the leading cause of disability in America, depression. The youth suicide rate has tripled in the last 35 years. It is the third leading, the third leading cause of death among young people in America is suicide. Twenty-five percent of high schoolers seriously consider suicide every year, a fourth of them. Psychiatric admissions account for 25 percent, a fourth, of all hospital admissions, suicide, depression, 25 percent. Even our spiritual leaders are not immune from this. Seventy percent of pastors said they constantly fight depression. Eighty percent of adult children of pastors seek professional help for depression. Fifty percent of pastors said they would leave the ministry if they could, but they don’t know how they would survive.

SID: That is—

DUTCH: Staggering isn’t it?

SID: Everything coming out of your mouth, it shows you how what critical times we’re living in.

DUTCH: It’s amazing.

SID: What does the Bible say about a term called “hope deferred”?

DUTCH: Hope deferred, it say,s makes the heart sick. If you think about what happens with physical heart disease, you lose your energy, you get tired. Eventually you’ll die. You can’t run. That’s what happens when hope deferred sets in. It doesn’t just affect your mind. It affects your body. You know, serious depression they’re now saying is the equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. It takes a toll on your physical heart, but then again, your emotional heart, it affects. You can’t dream. You don’t eat. You don’t run the race of life. You quit looking at the future with hope. You can’t have faith. Hope deferred is the common cold of the soul. You can’t go through life without experiencing setbacks. You’re going to be hit with something: loss of a loved one, a disease, you lose your job, your marriage.

SID: What are stages, briefly, of hope deferred? And I believe you’re going to recognize you’re actually in some of these stages.

DUTCH: Well the first stage is simply discouragement. You know, you just get slammed by this and discouragement sets in. If you don’t deal with that, the next phase you come to is confusion. You just get disoriented. How did this happen? What do I do? What do I latch on to now for hope? And then of course, if that doesn’t stop, unbelief sets in. Now you’re in trouble because your trust is wavering and your connection with the Lord begins to waver. The next step if that isn’t checked is disillusionment. That’s what happened to me in my life. I became disillusioned. I don’t know if I believe in this God. I don’t know what I believe any more. I just don’t know. And then of course, the real killer, bitterness sets in. Once you become bitter, you just, you’re just a target for the enemy. He just begins to steal your health, he steals your joy and in the last phase, and I certain came into this, is simply cynicism. You just don’t believe anything anymore. That’s where I was. People talked to me about God. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t believe this stuff anymore. Completely cynical, hopeless, cynical.

SID: Tell me about how your brother observed a heart surgery. Tell me what he found out.

DUTCH: This is the most amazing story I think I’ve ever heard. He was actually allowed to go into the operating room and stand at the head of the patient, actually three of them. He had a heart surgeon in his congregation and he watched them over the person, take the heart, work on it, and they actually would sometimes disconnect it from the arteries, take it out, work on it and hook the person up to a machine that would do the work of the heart. When they were finished, they would reconnect everything, they had to get the heart beating again. And everything worked fine until the last patient. And he didn’t know exactly what was happening, but he could tell they’re trying to get this heart to beat. And tension, you could feel the tension start to come into the operating room. Finally, he realized they can’t get this heart beating. And in desperation when they exhausted all of their methods, the lead surgeon leaned down to this obviously unconscious person, whispered in her ear and said, “Ma’am, I need your help. We can’t get your heart to beat. Please tell your heart to beat again.”

SID: This is an unconscious person.

DUTCH: Obviously. Can’t hear naturally. Instantly, the heart began boom-boom, boom-boom. And the surgeon, all the people around the table looked up at each other. He looked at them and just kind of went, and they went on with the surgery, and he of course realized, that’s what we have to do with our emotions, with our spiritual heart.

SID: Tell me what God has shown you based on that story and the power of choice.

DUTCH: Oh you know, that’s where it all starts. God said to me, “Listen son, I know it’s not your fault that you are in this condition. You didn’t know. You didn’t know how to deal with this. I’m not angry with you that you turned to these things. But it will be your decision if you remain this way because I’m here to heal you.” And I had to activate my will and say, I’m going to choose to live again. I’m going to choose to dream again. I’m going to choose to not allow this to define me. I’m going to let God define who I am. Alcohol is not who I am. Depression is not who I am. Anger is not who I am. And I made a choice. Now I wasn’t in denial because when we make a choice God’s life, God’s power, God’s energy is activated in us and all He needs is us to make that choice, and His power comes along and gives us the ability to do it. It’s not denial. It’s denying the right of that circumstance to control my life through to believe God can turn things around for me.

SID: It’s the supernatural belief in the supernatural God. It’s not natural. And when we come back, we’re going to talk about the third great awakening, and Dutch has literally seen it, and he’s going to describe what he saw, and it’s starting right now.

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