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sid roth

Sid: Guess what this week is? It is the week of Purim. On Purim and in synagogues throughout the world the megillah, or the scroll, of the book of Esther is read aloud. I believe that Esther is the end time book for the church. I mean that’s so different what most people have heard. I better say it again because maybe you said to yourself “I didn’t hear Sid right.” No, you did. I believe Esther is the end time book to the church. There is so much joy in Esther that the rabbis say “It is the most joyful festival of all the festivals in the calendar year that we Jewish people observe.”

An interesting thing occurred in reference to Purim, Stalin on March 1, 1953 planned to exterminate all the Jewish people. I mean it’s the book of Esther repeating itself so to speak. So March 1, 1953 he put the plan into operation to kill all the Jewish people. Guess what happened the very next day March 2, 1953? He died. What happened March 3, 1953? It was Purim.

As I said this is a festival because of the miracle that occurred that the Jewish people survived. Of course looking at it another way, if we had not survived there would have been no need for a festival. Why did we survive? There’s a spiritual principle involved that very few Christians understand, but I believe it’s one of the greatest proofs that the Bible comes from God and we should understand it.

Jeremiah chapter 31 verses 35 and 36 says: “As long as there is a sun and moon and stars there will be a physical Jew on the face of this earth.” So if there were no physical Jews that means there’d be no earth. As long as there’s the natural order of things, the physical Jew will be here. The greatest proof that the Bible is from God, against impossible odds, the Jewish people have survived as a distinct people, and that’s what Purim is all about. Another diabolical plan to prove God is a liar; to prove the Bible is not His book; to stop the return of the Messiah was thwarted. It was thwarted with Stalin, with Hitler, with Haman, and we could go all throughout history.

In that same chapter of Jeremiah 31 there’s another verse that’s just as important. It talks about, verse 31-36:

“Behold the days come in which I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel and the house of Judah. Not according to the covenant I made with their forefathers which they violated, but this is the covenant I will make with them:

  1. I will remember their sins no more
  2. They will know me”

The word “know” in the Hebrew is the same word when God said Adam knew Eve, had intimacy with God.

So that new covenant, interesting enough, it’s all tied together with the survival of the Jewish people. I don’t believe that’s an accident. I also believe according to the prophetic word of God history’s about ready to repeat. It’s unbelievable what I see in the headlines of the newspapers today. I see the number of skin heads in the former Soviet Union that hate the Jewish people. When I see in France, of all places in France, the most popular young person’s book has to do with hating the Jew. When I see in the United States the Jewish cemeteries are being desecrated, that synagogues when they have special services like we will this week are on high-alert against attacks by suicide people, suicide bombers.

Now, the word Haman, interestingly enough, sometimes when you look up the name that’s used in the Bible it gives you insight to their character. The word Haman means rager, and Haman’s ancestors go back a lot further than the book of Esther. In Exodus the 17th chapter, the 16th verse we find that Haman was an ancestor of Amalek. It says that “The war with Amalek will go on from generation to generation.” So you see Haman had that same spirit that Amalek had in him. In Deuteronomy chapter 25 verse 19 we are told “To blot out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven.” That’s why if you went to a traditional synagogue and you saw a Purim play you would see all the men, the women, and the young children just stamping their feet every time Haman’s name is mentioned. Why? Because the scripture says we are to “Blot out even the remembrance” so we don’t even want to hear his name. Sometimes they have something called a grogger, it’s a noise maker, and a whistle, or they may even say “Boooo!” It’s actually a real fun time in the synagogue.

But according to what I see happening in the world right now it’s not going to be a fun time for Jewish people. As you know recently we had the tragedy of the Space Shuttle Columbia crashing to earth.

I talked with my friend John McTernan and the reason I did this I got a lot of email and saying “Would you check with John, or do you think there is any tie in between the fatal disaster of the Columbia and what President Bush said a few days before, and what Secretary of State Powell said even a day before President Bush?” My first thought was “No there’s tie in between the two that’s ridiculous!” But then I started researching and talked to my from John McTernan who wrote a book that showed that every time the United States did something pro-Palestinian or anti-Israel there was a repercussion. As a matter of fact just look at President Bush’s father at the time he had the highest ratings for a president in history, it was right after the Gulf War.

Then it was almost hard to believe, he was a shoo-in to be president of the United States, and a relative, unknown, Clinton won. Why? Because Bush senior said some very negative things about Israel, and I believe, and John McTernan believes, that’s why his fate was turned around.

You see Genesis 12:3 is true God says “I’ll bless those who bless the Jewish people, and I will curse those who curse them.” Every time someone has been a blessing to the Jewish people, we’ve been blessed. For instance, let’s take the United States of America we have been a safe haven for Jewish people, and I believe that’s one of the reasons we are such a blessed country. Take a look at every country throughout history throughout scripture that’s been a curse to Israel. What has happened?

So now let’s go back to the Columbia. Interesting enough the Columbia was in affect was named after Christopher Columbus. A lot of people thought America should be called Columbia to be named after Christopher Columbus. Here’s what happened, Secretary of State Powell said “There can be no negotiation on occupied territory, West Bank, all those settlements must go.” Then the next day, President Bush had his State of the Union Address and he said “There must be a Palestinian state.” What happened a few days later? Of all the states for the space shuttle to crash over it was Texas. And of all the cities in Texas for parts to fall in, one of the cities that parts of the space shuttle fell in was Palestine, Texas. Could this be a connection? I mean John McTernan found every single time this has happened there have been this, he calls them “Warning Judgments from God.”

I believe one of the key scriptures for the future of America is found in Matthew chapter 25 verse 40. I believe that what happened to the space shuttle could very well have been a warning as to what might happen in America in a Gulf type war without being a blessing to Israel. Matthew chapter 25, as you recall is the chapter in which a farmer is told to separate the goats from the sheep, and they’re called nations. There’s goat nations and there’s sheep nations. It’s easy to separate a goat from the sheep. We’re told in Matthew 25:40 what not… one of many points of distinction will be, but what the only point of distinction between a goat nation and a sheep nation in the last days when it comes to judgment.

Jesus says “As you have done unto the least of these my brethren.” Who is brethren? This physical brethren were they the Christians, no. Why? There were no Christians at that point. Why? Jesus hadn’t died and rose from the dead. So who is brethren? The word brethren if you look it up in the Greek it means from the womb, His physical brothers the Jewish people. So what is Jesus saying? I mean you need help to get confused on this. “As you have done unto the least of these my [physical] brethren from the womb you’ve done unto me, and your nation will be judged as a goat nation or a sheep nation.” You know the difference between a goat and a sheep don’t you? A goat has a mind of its own; a sheep follows the shepherd.

The fate of America, I believe even the fate of the church is contingent on whether they are a goat or a sheep. “As you have done unto the least of these my brethren you’ve done unto me.”

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sidrothnet on November 26th, 2015

Steven Brooks

Sid: By the way this one new man has a name “You know that His Name is, in Hebrew it’s Yeshua in English it’s Jesus.” And I’m so excited that I know Him and I’m so excited that because I operate in gift of the Spirit many other people know Him. And that’s why I have Steven Brooks here because Steven has been hand chosen by God to teach you how to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. Every believer listening to me can operate in one or more of the gifts and at various times in all of them. So you better understand what these gifts are. Steven Brooks what is God telling you that you’re supposed to be doing?

Steven: Sid the Lord wants to release particularly right now the gifts of healings to those who are listening. God wants this grace, this gift to flow into their lives and as I pray this prayer the Holy Spirit is going to come upon many people. There’s going to be a manifestation of heat, of fire that will come upon their hands as an indication that this gift has been given unto them.

Sid: Tell me just before you pray for people to kind of whet the appetite about the time that you were operating in the gifts of healing and your arm burst into flames.

Steven: I was ministering in Israel having a wonderful time…

Sid: Do you minister anywhere else besides Israel, you always (Laughing). I’m teaching.

Steven: (Laughing) Well it says “To the Jews first.” Right?

Sid: Okay.

Steven: We try to get around we get to many countries and almost every state.

Sid: I know that.

Steven: It’s just fun that what the Lord does sometimes in Israel these unusual things that have a special touch. Well I had done a busy week in Israel, the meetings were over. My wife and I went to the central Jerusalem bus stop just to find a good coffee house. She wanted a cappuccino, I wanted a latte.

Sid: See that’s the difference, now I’m a Jew when I go around Jerusalem I look for a good falafel, you look for some good latte okay. (Laughing)

Steven: That’s right they’re aromas over there are great coffee houses so any how we found a great spot. I went and sat down because I was just physically tired, mentally drained also. My wife went in line. While she was in line 2 older Jewish ladies I don’t think that they knew where the line originated so they cut in front of my wife. I think actually the angels pushed them in front of her and they were getting ready to place their order. One of the ladies said “Oh, my back is just killing me I’m in so much pain.” And the other one said “I’m still just in continual pain also.” And my wife tapped them on the shoulder and said “My husband is sitting right over there and he has an international healing ministry, why don’t you go see him he’ll pray for you.” So they got their coffees and they came and they sat down. Sid I was so tired they asked me to if I would pray for them and I didn’t feel any anointing, no goose bumps no anything just as flat as a pancake. And so they said “Would you please pray for us.” I said “Okay, I’ll do it but there’s just one condition I have to pray in the name of Jesus, they said “Sh… don’t say that word out loud it’ll cause a riot in here.” I said “Okay, I’ll be quiet.” But I said, I have to use His name because it’s in the authority of His name that there’s power.” They said “Okay but we just want you to know that we don’t want anything to do with that person.” They wouldn’t even call His name Sid. They said “We want nothing to do with Him.” I said “Fair deal, let me pray for you.” I prayed for the first lady, reached my hand over and touched her, laid hands on her and prayed for her in the name of Jesus and there were no fireworks nothing special and she just took it by faith. Then I was reaching my hand over to pray for the second lady. When I reached my hand over towards her my whole arm from the elbow down to my fingers caught completely on fire, a spiritual fire. You couldn’t see it with your natural eyes but a spiritual fire engulfed my arm and that lady jumped back and she said “Dear God, what is that?” I said “Don’t be afraid it’s the healing power of God.” And I reached out and I gently touched her and when I said “It’s the healing power of God” the other lady spoke up and said “Well I’m over here burning on fire, I thought that they spiked my coffee and put something in it.” So the fire of God just came on both of those ladies and they were touched dramatically by the power of the Holy Spirit. And then they had to jump up quickly and head to their bus and they looked like 2 drunks walking out, they could hardly walk under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sid: You know what? I believe that some people are going to write to us that the same thing is going on with them as you begin to pray. And I just heard a word of knowledge just before Steven prays there’s someone that has a pain in their neck and their back. And If you’ll just test it you’ll see that you’re totally healed arthritis in your finger. I’ll tell you what when I sit around people that operate in the gifts is kind of contagious it jumps on me. Okay pray.

Steven: Brain cancer is being healed right now in the name of Jesus, Lord we give you praise. There is something in the spine, the lower part of the back somebody has a growth, there are cysts, there are tumors I rebuke it in the name of Jesus you must leave and come out. Somebody you feel like you’re on fire, you think “Pastor Steven, I’m not sick” you’re receiving the gifts of healing right now the fire of God is coming all over you your hands they feel like they’re on fire. The Holy Spirit is touching you, the Lord Jesus right now He is giving unto you the gifts of healing. “Pastor Steven, what do I do with it?” Now you need to go out and pray for the sick as quick as you can. Hallelujah, the gift of faith is being release right now, a new boldness that you’ve never had before is coming into your life, step into this gift put it on like a new garment and wear it and rejoice this day for God is releasing this day these gifts into your life. Now the Lord is continuing to heal bodies at this moment. Somebody is suffering with migraine headaches and depression, I break it in the name of Jesus receive your healing. You’re beginning to laugh right now, go ahead and let it out and praise the Lord that thing will trouble you and hold you down no longer. Hallelujah, praise be unto the Lord. Sid, I’m receiving something unusal from the Lord, the Lord is telling me that there are those that are listening that always had a desire to go to Israel. The Lord says “He would like to grant that desire.” So if there’s those listening that you’ve always dreamed of taking a trip to Israel, of taking a tour ask the Lord right now and He’ll supply grace and provision to fulfill that dream and to see Him and stand in the land of Israel.

Sid: I’ll tell you something there’s such a thick presence of God right now. What is God telling you for people that are listening? I’m going to want you to push your prophetic gift right now.

Steven: What’s taking place that now I saw the prophetic pointing finger being extended of the Lord. The Lord is now releasing the gift of prophesy. This is the easiest gift to move into, this gift is for edification, for exhortation and for comfort. And it can also have different levels and depths of moving further in that gift. Right now the gift of prophesy is being release if you want that gift as your listening lift up your hands as the Holy Spirit is coming on you now He has anointing your tongue to speak and to declare the glory and the utterance of God. Now receive this gift, you’re feeling a glory, a kavod come down on your shoulders, you feel a weight coming upon you. This is a new gift, a new dimension of this gift, now go forth. You might have to call somebody, you might have to visit somebody and deliver that up lifting and edifying word of the Lord. It will bring blessing and comfort into the life of the person that you’re supposed to share it with.   Do not delay, go and exercise and release that gift.

Sid: Wow! It’s such a sweet presence of God here. Tell me what’s going to happen to someone that’s listening to us that’s born again, filled with the spirit but doesn’t operate in gifts…. What will happen to them when they digest this and start doing it?

Steven: Sid, they’re going to read a few pages and say “This is easy, I can do this, okay now I understand.” See I demystify the gifts, sometimes they’re lifted up to a place that they’re like a spiritual air castle, you can’t quite touch it, you can’t make concrete understanding out of it. But I put it in a simple easy to grasp understandable say and then you’ll know it and begin to move into it. It’ll be able to pop up out of you all you have to do is release it.

Sid: Steven, last minute, last thought.

Steven: The gifts of the Spirit are for all believers. Any believer can operate in all 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Now here’s what’s fascinating, the Lord Jesus said “It’s more blessed to give than it is to receive.” When thee gifts begin to come into your life and manifest in a way that you’re blessed personally it’s wonderful. But when the Holy Spirit begins to manifest these gifts through you to bless others it brings a level of joy and satisfaction in your life that when you lay your head on your pillow at night you feel so close to God. You feel so happy that you’ll always be thanking God for the Holy Spirit.

Sid: The more knowledge you have on these gifts the more they’ll be activated in your life.



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sidrothnet on November 19th, 2015


SID: So Pat has a sign. Here’s a word that changes his life forever. Tell me about that moment.

PAT: Sid, I was out jogging one day, and always say that when I jog I run about 10 feet and sit down, and cool off, and so that I don’t overdo it. And I’m out worshiping the Lord, and I’m crazy when I’m out worshiping. I just, it happened today. God gave me a prophetic word today. And I’m out worshiping the Lord. And you’ve got to understand, over the last four years I’ve had a transformation season after traveling two million miles around the world, speaking to young adults, kids, adults. God began to do a dramatic transformation in me prophetically. So I’m out worshiping the Lord one morning, and I’m down in Dallas and all of a sudden he said, “Adam, I’m looking for a remnant.” I ran back to my hotel room. I pulled up on my computer, just because I had heard the word “remnant,” but I didn’t understand it. I do know that I used to lay carpet in high school and college, and they would say to me, “Throw the remnants away,” because the remnant is the piece that doesn’t fit. So I looked up the word “remnant” in the dictionary and it means, “what’s left over.” It means a rag. So I said, “Okay, Lord, you’re speaking to me.” And he said, “Son, I’m going to raise up a remnant that will shake the nations, that in the darkest of hours that that will stand for truth.” The word in the Hebrew and the Greek literally means, what’s left over after a group has been destroyed or a group has followed apostasy. We’re living in a time where people are chasing a false grace. People are twisting the Bible because they think culture can change God’s word. “But the remnant are those that will rise up,” Roman’s 11, verse 5, I began to study the verse, Romans 11, verse 5, “so to it at the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace.” All through God’s word it speaks of the remnant. From cover to cover, ” the remnant are those”. And the Lord spoke to me, He said that, He said, “For years, you told a generation how [unintelligible] they are.” Because I did it, he breaks curses. And when you begin to tell a generation, “you are the remnant”, you’re the ones, you’re not an oops, you’re not an accident, you’re a rag in the hand of God to the masses, you’re the ones who will rise up and lead the revolution. And then right after God speaks that, He gives me a dream one night. I’m laying in bed. I have a sleep disorder called revelation.

SID: Would you pray that I get that?

PAT: I have crazy God dreams. But I’m laying in bed. Next thing I know I’m transported and I’m sitting at this old, and I believe you were there. I believe you were there. I’m sitting at this old restaurant, like a Route 66 diner, and there’s key leaders from America, and there’s a giant radio in front of me. And I’m sound asleep. And in the dream I’m turning the channel on those old radios that would light up. And every time it would say, I’d turn it, “Outbreak of God in New York City. The Remnant is crying out.” I’d turn it again. And I remember because Reinhard Bonnke, he was a father in my life, was sitting there in the dream. And I’m turning it and we’re all laughing and crying. “Outbreak of God in Nashville.” “Outbreak of God in Charlotte. The remnant is rising.” “Outbreak of God in Seattle.” “Outbreak of God in Miami.” “Outbreak of God in Birmingham.” I woke up, sat up in the bed and I looked at the clock. It was midnight. I had only been asleep for 30 minutes. My beautiful wife Karen looks over to me and she says, “God’s in our room. What’s going on?” And I looked at her and I said, “God’s not done with America. There’s going to be an awakening. It’s coming.” And I ran upstairs.

SID: You know, many times at night, to help me calm down to go to sleep, I’ll turn on the news. But you know, the news is so horrific these days. I don’t even want to watch it anymore. What you describe is a type of news, I want to hear about, I want to see.

PAT: And the Lord spoke to me. I jumped up, ran upstairs to my office and emailed Reinhard Bonnke late at night. And he emailed back. He always emails back, “I know.” Thanks. I mean, and he goes, he says, “Pat, God showed me, too.” But the reason why I say that is, Sid, we’re living in the darkest of times. We’re living in a time where truth is in hate speech. We’re living in a time for those that want the encounter of the Holy Spirit. God is about, I call them the cave dwellers. God is calling forth the cave dwellers, the ones that have been sitting and waiting for the encounters. And the Lord began to speak to me, ” The remnant are those that will have the secret encounter, those who want to get untangled by all of their junk, those that understand that He is prophesying over them.” He’s singing over them. And the remnant are the ones, and I’ve seen it in services, it’s crazy, I will be sharing it, and three or 4000 or three or 400, or three or four, it doesn’t matter. About halfway through the message, thousands come running to the altar. And the altar is a raised platform made of wood, stone or steel, which some were brought to die upon. And the only reason why churches don’t have altar calls anymore, because somewhere along the line they think Jesus came with a feather, not a sword. But he said, “I’m going to separate the sheep from the goats.” And goats will eat anything and never turn your back on a goat. But God says, “I’m looking for those that will stand up, that had been wounded, the ones with scars on Earth, that are testimonies in Heaven.” In fact, scars are proof that you’ve made it through. Scars are proof that you’ve started healing. And God is going to raise up the ones that when all of a sudden the world looks out and we’re going to see 11, 12 and 90-year-olds preaching on platforms.

SID: Okay. I want you to paint me a picture of the next two years of what these remnants are going to be doing, within the next couple of years. Paint me a picture.

PAT: I believe three things. There’s going to be an outbreak of God. And we always think that it’s in the big church, the megachurch. It’s not so. That’s not remnant. The remnant is a small group. It’s the churches of 30 or 40 that know how to cry out and have angelic visitations. It’s not about the megachurch anymore. It’s not about the watered down. It’s those that are chewing the Word. Three things are going to happen. We’re going to begin to see moves of God in cities that break out where people are crying out. Number two, it’s going to be very dangerous to be a Christian in the next two years. Because if you speak against the death of children, if you for purity of marriage, Matthew 19, you need to understand society doesn’t want to hear what we have to say anymore. And just as Israel is under attack, just as Russia and Syria are joining forces, and Israel feels all alone, I honestly believe that, and the Lord gave me a vision of this, that tanks are going to begin to fill the streets of America. And I believe that in the next two years we’re going to see a crash in the economy. But the remnant will rise up. Listen, everybody wants a revival, but they don’t want to pay the price. Revival is when God just gets so sick and tired of being misrepresented, He shows up.

SID: I believe you heard, according to my notes here, you got 34 proclamations from Heaven.

PAT: Yes.

SID: And I want you to proclaim this over the remnants when we come back. Don’t go away.

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sidrothnet on November 12th, 2015


SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest says that she has learned how to so be saturated with the presence of God that it radiates, His presence radiates wherever she goes. When she goes to the shopping center, His presence just falls on people. When she goes into her home with her children, His presence is all over the home. When she gets sick, His presence is there. And she says, anything that she can do, you can do better, and she’s going to teach you. Do you want that? Now my guest, Patricia King says that she can cooperate with God and host the presence of God wherever she goes. For instance, you just had a camp meeting in Phoenix. Tell me two amazing things that happened there.

PATRICIA: Well one amazing thing, Sid, that happened was on the last night, you know, we were just rejoicing and everything that God had been doing and us prophesying over some people. And as I began to prophesy the Glory of God flooded into the room in a way that released lightenings, like the people who were being prophesied over actually felt the lightenings of God, the jolt of the Lord’s power on them, and they went down under the power. They were on the ground, you know, rolling and jolting. All of a sudden in the natural, lightenings came, in the natural atmosphere and thunders, and a rainstorm. Now we’re in a desert and this is not a typical time of year for us to get rain. And some of the people in the tent, they were going on the Internet to say, you know, what’s going on here, and they saw on the weather report a cloud that was right over the tent and only over the tent at that particular time. So we thought, well this is an awesome sign from the Lord. But I mean, we were seeing miracles that we had been contending for.

SID: What did the newspaper say about that amazing storm that was just over your tent?

PATRICIA: The newspaper had said it was a freak storm. They didn’t understand why because it was—

SID: Yeah, what do they know? All right. Tell me one notable miracle that happened.

PATRICIA: Well one notable miracle that I enjoyed was actually on the second day. People were being prayed for the first night. There were a number of people in wheelchairs and in cots that had come in that really needed a touch from God. We had a lot of miracles of people’s headaches leaving, backs being healed, knees being healed, and things like that. But I didn’t see one person get out of their wheelchair. I didn’t see one person get out of their cot. I went home that night and I just wept. I said, “Lord, we’ve been fasting and praying, and those people came a long way to be receiving a touch for you.” And I said, “What do we need to do? What do we need to learn to create an environment for miracles for them?” And so I went back to the meeting the next morning. And there was a woman who had been in a cot the night before and she was walking. And she shared her testimony saying, “You know, I haven’t been able to walk without a walker for 10 years, and for the most part, I have to lie down,” because it was such a painful condition that she had. But that night, our guest speaker had laid his hand, prayed for her, and throughout the night this miracle took place. It was a gradual miracle over the night, and there she was walking, going up and down stairs, doing things she had never been able to do because Jesus loved her so much that he brought healing to her. And so over the 10 days of meetings we just saw the power of God move. And you know, that should be natural for us, shouldn’t it?

SID: Absolutely.

PATRICIA: The supernatural should be natural

SID: Something happened to Patricia. She was invited to visit with Dr. Oral Roberts just before he was promoted to Heaven. And Dr. Roberts said, “Does anyone have a question?” What was your question? What was his answer?

PATRICIA: My question was, “Dr. Oral Roberts, how could you be so immersed in all that you do as a televangelist, as an author of books, as a builder of medical clinics, and universities, and missions, and keep your time with the Lord what it should be, your relational time?” And he said, “Oh that’s easy.” I thought, easy, okay, let’s have the secret. He said, “It’s simply putting God as a priority every day.” And he said, “I call it my sacred time and my sacred place.” And he said, “I go into my prayer closet, wherever that is, and when I shut the door to my own little isolated place with God, everyone knows that they don’t dare bother me during that time, because that is my time with God, and no one is more important than God. He’s the greatest person in all the universe and for my life He has number one priority.” He said, “My wife doesn’t interrupt me, my children, even if the President of the United States were to come, he could not interrupt me in that place.”

SID: When you worship God or you have your sacred time, is it labor for you? Do you have to force yourself to do this?

PATRICIA: You know, my desire for God is to go into that place non-stop and continuous. Like I’ve been trying to be very intentional about recognizing the presence of God throughout the all the day in every opportunity. I want to make my every moment of every day I want to make my sacred time and sacred place. But when I have my set apart devotional times I’m going to be honest with you, Sid, is that sometimes my mind initially is very distracted. It’s like wanting to answer emails or wanting to work on a project or finish up details. So I actually have to, with intentionality say, God, you are more important to me than anything. And so I just engage with Him because my desire leads me there. And so whatever it takes, reading scriptures at first or worshiping, or making decrees of the Word in order to bring my focus. But once I break a point, you know, if you stay in deliberate focus within intentionality for a while, you’ll eventually break into a realm, and sometimes when you get into that place you never want to leave. It’s just like hours can go by.

SID: I watched you in that place and I want to find out why this woman is known and marked by supernatural love. We’ll be right back.


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sidrothnet on November 3rd, 2015


Sid: On yesterday’s broadcast I was speaking to my good friend Jonathan Bernis. You’re familiar with him perhaps you’ve seen him on television “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis.” We were talking about when… how many years ago was that we used to pray in tongues and supernatural languages Jonathan?

Jonathan: Sid we’re coming up on 30 years; it was 1984, 85, 86 so…

Sid: So we used to get together for days of prayer and fasting and praying in tongues. And you started doing things that frankly you didn’t understand and I didn’t understand. As we got deeper into praying in tongues you started travailing like a woman in childbirth and we didn’t even know what was going on. But when you pray in supernatural languages you are prophesying your future. And by the way the devil doesn’t have a clue. And I’m reminded of another experience Jonathan we had. We both went to a camp meeting with Kenneth Hagin, and he called us forward and he prophesied over me in English. And then he prophesied over you but what happened to you when he started to prophesy?

Jonathan: Well the power of God came all over me and He began to speak in other tongues, in other languages. I believe that he was prophesying directly to my spirit. And it could have been about the call to Russia; the Jewish people in Russia in the Soviet Union. But I knew that something was going on it was bypassing my mind. Frankly Sid maybe what he was saying if I had processed it with my mind I would have been in unbelief but because it came out in other tongues it went directly into my spirit and released faith.

Sid: But I found it interesting; he did that because he did not want the devil to even hear this word. I’m convinced of that and the presence of God I mean you were out; you didn’t even… I had to tell you what happened because you didn’t even know what was going on.

Jonathan: I know.

Sid: And actually, I’ll tell you when it was; it was January 26, 1995. Let me read to you and mine was in English. And this is what he prophesied over me. “Earnest sincere desires, hungry in your spirit will be satisfied. Fulness, fulness, fulness ability imparted on to you.” And then he began to laugh (Ha, ha, ha, ha) “Stand the test, win the battle, do the work, great work. Many will be gathered, many, many, many, many.” And you know what? I have found since that point when he started doing (Ha, ha, ha, ha) that when I pray in supernatural languages when the prayer has gotten to heaven and it really has gotten through I start speaking ha, ha, ha, ha. And I know that I’m laughing at the devil you don’t have a clue of what I’m saying Mr. devil you must be going mashuga, you must be going crazy. (Laughing)

Jonathan: That’s right and I begin to laugh hysterically sometimes when something’s been broken in the spirit. And then it materializes in the flesh; it’s an amazing thing. First in the spirit and then in the natural.

Sid: And you had to raise ridiculous sums of money to bring all the people from the United States to the former Soviet Union and do these big Jewish concerts and dance festivals and outreaches. I’m convinced again you were even prophesying the money that would come in for it. And you had it come in in a very supernatural fashion.

Jonathan: Absolutely true and I’m sure that that was the case. Sid when we had our first outreach. You remember that big beautiful hall like the Carnegie Hall of St. Petersburg? When I rented that hall I had no money; no money at all. No money for the hall rental, no money for the advertising, no money for the plan tickets, no money for the hotel, no money for the sound and lights; nothing, nada. And through prayer, and I belive much of it supernatural and other tongues, I got a call from someone that I’d never met that ended up paying for 80% of the entire event. One person; never met him and he heard about me and called me right before I left for Russia.

Sid: But I got to impress on those that we’re mentoring right now if you and I some 30 years ago did not spend days praying and fasting and speaking in supernatural languages I don’t believe these things would have happened. I mean when I walk around It’s Supernatural Ministry and I realize that we have state of the art and the buildings all paid for and we’re all over the world and we’re going now into the Spanish language and we’re in the Russian language all over the former Soviet Union. And we’re in the Farsi language and I say “Who could possibly have believed that?” But Jonathan you said that there was a second key in addition to speaking in tongues that triggered your faith. What was that?

Jonathan: Sid let me just say this “Without faith it’s impossible to please God.” And I don’t think that anything of lasting value; I’m talking about that which remains after the wood, hay, and stubble is burned away happens any other way than through faith. Unless the Lord build the house those who labor labor in vane; and that is built through faith. The second way that we can build faith and hear from God and release things prophetically and see creative miracles is through the word of God. Confession of the Word of God Roman’s 1:17 tells us that “Faith comes from hearing and that hearing by the word of God.” Now that verse has the hearing twice in it. And that’s not by accident; I don’t want people to miss this. There’s two kinds of hearing everyone; there’s hearing with the natural ear and there’s hearing secondly with the ear of the Spirit. And the gateway to the ear of the Spirit is the natural ear; we confess the word of God; we confess the word of God; and eventually we hear it with the inner ear of our spirit. And when it gets into our spirit it releases faith; faith is built up. And when we confess it again it’s creative it has force. And it becomes what we decree drops into the natural realm when we see it come to pass.

Sid: Let me read a prophesy from Malachi chapter 3 verse 16 & 17. It blew me out of the water when I read this the other day. “Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another and the Lord listened and heard them. So a book of remembrance was written before him; for those who fear the Lord and who mediate on His Name they shall be Mine.” There’s that meditating again.

Jonathan: Yeah, that mediate; that word mediation is different than the Christian concept of meditation. The Christian concept of meditation is to reflect with the mind. But the Hebrew which is Haga and that should be familiar to Jewish people listening we have the Haggadah which is to tell the story of Passover. It’s to confess; it’s to confess; it’s to groan; it’s to sigh to mutter; to speak forth. And when God exhorted Joshua to be strong and to take the land. He said “To mediate confess; speak forth on my word day and night and if you do that you’ll be successful and you’ll take the land.”

Sid: Now, let’s go to this beautiful coffee table book “Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures with a CD inside and it’s called “The Lord is Peace.” Take me through this.

Jonathan: Okay Sid this is a work book that’s what I call these; these series on confessing the Hebrew workbook. It is a beautiful bound book that would be a great coffee table book; with beautiful restful pictures. And so on the back there’s a CD; you put the CD in and you begin to follow along in the English and then the Hebrew. And then I employ a technique a system I learned growing up in synagogue called “Transliteration.” Very few Jewish people can actually read Hebrew anymore so our prayer books have this transliteration which is phonetically sounding out the Hebrew in English so we can read along and be part of the prayers in the synagogue. Well I’ve employed that method to this workbook; so without any study; without any knowledge of Hebrew in 5 minutes you can be confessing scriptures related to this name of God, Jehovah Shalom, or Adonai Shalom. Peace, rest, breaking through anxiety, fear and so on. And you’re actually confessing the word of God in the Hebrew language along with a Hebrew speaker on the CD with beautiful music in the background. And Sid by doing that you’re speaking in the tongue of the prophets; scriptures that directly combat anxiety, fear, tension, depression. And the word shalom is related to completion, the wholeness and it actually drops into your spirit eventually. You’re building faith, it actually changes you; I promise anyone that will actually put this to work will be changed in a week.

Sid: This is brand new but you’ve had a similar one out on healing; but you know what this combines both of them because as you explained the word shalom completeness. Complete in your spirit, in your soul and in your body. So every area of life and this day and age we’re living in many feel as the Orthodox Jews do that we’re in the footsteps of Messiah. And everything that can shake is going to be shaken and if you have built into your spirit the shalom, the completeness of God no weapon formed against you can prosper. But what types of feedback did you get when you did this several years ago? What types of healings and testimonies did you get?

Jonathan: Well, we had some great testimonies Sid; we had people that were completely delivered; supernaturally delivered. I had a very touching letter from a pastor who actually heard about this resource on your program and they ordered the workbook “Jehovah Rophek, the Lord our healer.” And he gave it to a woman in his church who was dying of Leukemia and she began to play it. In fact the doctors gave her 10 to 12 days to live. He gave her the CD and the workbook, she listened to it continually; she confessed these scriptures and she was completely healed. The doctors declared that she was completely healed that she didn’t even have Leukemia cells in her body at all. And then her body began to produce blood cells again. And she has lived to declare the works of the Lord; amazing testimony it’s just one of many that we’ve received through people that have received this and put it to work in their life.

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sidrothnet on October 29th, 2015


SID: Hello. Welcome. I say welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest has prayed for and equipped hundreds of thousands of believers in the Messiah, of leaders worldwide and these move in miracles and healing. Then they prayed for others. There’s no telling how many have been equipped to be normal. Now you may say, that’s not normal at my place. Well then you’re not normal. Let’s face it, when I say normal, I mean normal as defined by the Bible and I tell you that this man wants to equip you right now to be normal. So Randy, you’re five years old and you find out about your first miracle. Tell me about it.

RANDY: It was my grandmother, my mother’s mother, and she was illiterate and a simple woman, but she had just be saved, hadn’t been Christian very long. And she has a big goiter and she hears the audible voice of God tell her that, “If you will go into the other bedroom, which is about 10 feet away, and pray, I’ll heal you.” So she just simply steps into the bedroom and begins praying, and she said, “It felt like a hot hand went down my throat and it instantly vanished.” And that was my first story of healing. It made me interested in healing ever since.

SID: I’m sure. I am fascinated about her daughter, your mother.


SID: Tell me about the time your mother went to Heaven.

RANDY: I was six years old.

RANDY: God was working fast with you, five, six.

RANDY: I was six, my brother was four.

SID: I mean, when I was six, I didn’t know my left hand from my right hand. You have a mother going to Heaven, a grandmother that has a goiter disappear. You are a blessed man. Go ahead.

RANDY: Well she told me this, and every time she’d tried to talk about it she’d start crying. I think it was over 40 years before she could talk without just literally breaking up and weeping because she had would feel those feelings again. And I was six, my brother was four, my sister was three. And when she was walking out of the house she felt caught up in like this vortex of power. She fell out. I had entered as a sophomore in college, two men that saw her, she didn’t have a pulse. She’s clammy, there’s no breath. They thought she had died. She was in Heaven. And when her spirit came back, she was kind of rough as it left her, and went into this beautiful place. And then my dad, I just talked to him recently, they’re in their 80s now, and my dad was saying, it so scared him because he said, “My mother would walk through the house for almost two weeks after that happened and she would mutter, ‘It’s so beautiful, it’s so peaceful. I don’t want to stay here. I want to go back.'” And she was trying to find somewhere to go to church. Every night of the week she would say, “I just want to get back into that place.” And finally he I walked into the kitchen and she said, “Honey, you can’t leave me here with these three kids. You got to snap out of this.” But it was so impacting. So that story so impacted me that when I was a sophomore in college, I went back and interviewed the people who had seen it happen to her, and interviewed her again. And one of the things I have as memory for me is her telling that story.

SID: What a wonderful memory. But at 16, you backslid. You rededicate your life to the Lord and then you’re in a horrific accident. Tell me about it.

RANDY: Yeah. I was 18. I had been backslid for 11 months and four days before I was rededicated. I was rededicated, and I was in a terrible accident, and I was almost killed. I had a lot of major injuries. My second best friend was killed sitting next to me. And it was horrendous. They said I had been in the hospital 49 to 77 days. I had three specialists, one for my spine, one for internal, because I was paralyzed and my intestines weren’t working. I had a 50-milligram Demerol every three hours I was taking and I had three places the size of a quarter of my hairline was crushed, and most of my forehead had lots of fractures, concussions. A specialist come in and set my jaw and I said, do it again, do it again. He said, “I don’t understand it. I came here to set your jaw and it’s set.” And then the church prayed for me one night

SID: What affect did it have on you that he said, “You have a broken jaw, here’s the X-rays. Broken. It’s set.” What affect did it have on you?

RANDY: Well that one, I didn’t know. Actually, I wasn’t putting two and two together yet because that was pretty early on and my eyes were just now coming unswollen. But then when they were going to have to send me to a large hospital to see if they can do something about the paralysis and the digestive system, my church prayed for me. And then the next day I wasn’t paralyzed. Then I put two and two together with the other one. And then when I wasn’t supposed to move, I was in severe pain. I couldn’t even have a pillow. They needed three nurses to move me. They [immobilize] your knees, your hips and your shoulders so you don’t move your spine.

SID: Why didn’t they want to move you?

RANDY: I had so much damage to my spine, they thought I could become paraplegic or have Charley horses the rest of my life if I moved wrong. And so I woke up one morning and I didn’t have any pain. And I had, it wasn’t a voice, it was an internal voice that said, “I’ve healed you. Get up and walk.”

SID: Wait a second. They said you could be paraplegic for the rest of your life.

RANDY: If I even, I couldn’t even have a pillow. I read the New Testament with mirrors in my glasses.

SID: Why would you follow this voice when you knew the repercussion, Randy?

RANDY: Because my jaw set itself and intestines were working, and the pain was gone.

SID: So—

RANDY: I thought I was healed.

SID: You actually got up.

RANDY: I got up, let down the rail of the bed and stepped out, and walked, created a lot of commotion at the hospital because I wasn’t supposed to get up.

SID: Well I noticed you’re walking just fine now.


SID: Now what he’s going to tell us next is what made him a leader in teaching people and praying for people to have an impartation to do anything he can do better. Don’t go away.

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sidrothnet on October 22nd, 2015

Lori Strong

Sid: Listen Mishpochah in the Bible blessings appear 496 times; in the Bible curses appear 173 times. In other words God is much more interested in imparting blessings to you than those curses. Now those curses aren’t even coming from God they’re coming from sins of ancestry called generational curses that are passed on. And someone somewhere has got to say “Enough!” But most believers the word of God says “We are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” And the knowledge is God’s word. I am so grateful that Lori Strong’s new book “Take Up the Sword of the Spirit” is the most simplistic approach I’ve ever seen having to do with crushing curses with the word of God. She states what the curse is; states then and she lists 20 of the big curses that people have that are dealing with their whole life. And then she says this is what God really meant; this is the blessing and she shows the scriptures for these. And then she writes out a prayer to break and destroy these curses that might have to do with lack of faith and trust and fear of man and lack of communications; lack of affection; adultery; divorce; parent-child relationships; making bad choices; addictions; poverty; sickness; anger. And then she gives for encouragement examples of people that have done this and how their life has been turned around. And Lori on yesterday’s broadcast I’m going to get a lot of people upset if I don’t ask you that private thing that you felt the Lord wanted you to share because it would bless so many people having to do with divorce I believe.

Lori: Yes, before I was saved I was married to a different man than I am today and I should even go before that even; my parents were married for 27 years and then got divorced. I always thought “There’s no way that they could get divorced after they’d been married for a certain amount of time I thought that there’s a safety-net there.” Now they were not believers and they got divorced. And I got married and 5 years later I got divorced and had a child out of that marriage and then didn’t get saved until several years after that. And I thank God for the husband that I have today but for so long there was so much shame attached to me getting divorced. And even my husband today had kind of a problem with that at first because he was already saved when he met me and he had gone to his Pastor and said “How can I marry her she’s divorced and the Bible says you know that if I married a divorced woman it’s like I’m committing adultery.” And he shared that it was okay because I wasn’t saved at the time that I got divorced. And I had so much shame attached to that and realized that that when I realized about breaking generational cures that I needed to pray over my daughter because there was a lineage that was in her blood line of this generational curse. Not only from my parents but even prior to that my grandparents were divorced and so I had 3 generations of divorced hanging over my daughter and I needed to pray over her. And I continue to pray over her but that one prayer that says “Lord I thank You that her her marriage will be one that is of unity and of good communication and of love and affection and will be one that would honor God only. And I’ve prayed that so I know her marriage when she does get old enough to get married and God brings the person for her that her marriage will be as solid as a rock because I have broken that curse. Now if I didn’t take authority over that not only would I still probably be in so much shame and pride of not sharing that with your listeners but my daughter would not be released from that curse.

Sid: Lori, these are very real areas that we are talking about and as we spoke a lot with Moms and Dads that are in prison. And the curses are so obvious that where you have 2-3 generations in prison or 2-3 generations of single parent. Or 2-3 generations of drugs or 2-3 generations of poverty. But you talk about an area that again that people would not even realize is a curse. And I’d like to discuss this on this broadcast “Making bad choices.”

Lori: Yes, well you know and a lot of people wouldn’t identify that as being a curse because every day most of us make some you know maybe one or two bad choices and we may or may not repent. And I believe that it’s good to repent all the time and say “Lord, forgive me if I’ve done anything today to offend anybody or made any choices that I didn’t consult you first.” And I think that’s the key, we can break the curse not only through the prayer and the scripture that God talks about making wise choices. But we can also walk in wisdom by asking for direction from the Holy Spirit every day; every choice we make; every decision we make from the littlest to the biggest. If we begin by asking the Holy Spirit to direct our paths as the word says He will then our choices will turn from bad to wise choices I believe.

Sid: Give me examples of someone breaking a curse in that area.

Lori: Well, here we go again it’s something personal in my life. My Dad was a gambler before he met my Mom and he lost a lot of money and when they got married he was about $15,000 in debt and…

Sid: What a way to start a marriage.

Lori:   I know and realize that’s like 30 – 40 years ago.

Sid: Oy.

Lori: Oh yeah, just imagine how much debt that is at 40 years or more ago. And your right that is not the way you want to start a marriage. Besides it also instills a lack of trust because he didn’t tell her until after actually they were married. And so it was one of those you know “I’m not revealing everything to you until after we tie the knot.” And so it started off with that much debt and in that lack of responsibility and making bad choices really must have been a curse from my Dad because it just went through every area of his life. It wasn’t just gambling but he didn’t manage money well at all. He would not pay bills and he would just make really bad choices regarding finances. And that not only affected our family but it really affected their marriage which ultimately ended in divorce like I said previously. And that’s the reason why they…one of the reasons why they got divorced is because he made a very poor choice in terms of finances. And it really would have affected my mother if she had stayed in the marriage. And I think it did any way. And so making those bad choices you know like I said many people do it every day but if we let the Lord direct us we wouldn’t be doing it any more. And so that curse was broken in my family because not only did the gambling pass down to my brother but I was not about to have that in my family, in my immediate family. And so we prayed over that and broke it in our family and so again it has led me and my children and my husband to always lean on God’s understanding and not our own. To pray and ask the Lord for wisdom. Because wisdom is one of the most written about things in proverbs. I mean God has written so much about wisdom in Proverbs and if you read that book then you will understand what God says about wisdom and how value it is. He would never had written all of that or had that written in His word if He didn’t want us to take hold of that wisdom and use it for our benefit and His glory.

Sid: Lori, let me read a few testimonies that have just taken the principals of your book and these simplistic prayers and covered every base on what’s happened in their life.

Mark: Prayed God’s word over the curse of fear of man in his life that was instilled since childhood from his Dad. Since then he can publicly speak in front of people. And his relationships are not filled with the need to control others. Before he prayed he had a tremendous fear of speaking in front of people.

Alisa: Alisa had constant arguing in her family including violence and rage. She prayed God’s word and now has peace in her home with her children. And in addition the criminal behavior that was in the family lineage has ended with her. Her brother and sister are both saved and her Mom has recently rededicated her life to the Lord.

Linda: Linda was raised with disrespect to her parents; she has prayed to break the curse to her children and has seen that there is a way to have respect and honor from your children the way God promises.

Natalie: Had the generational curse of pleasing man and not God and she prayed the prayers and God’s word and now she has been able to speak her mind and not worry about what others think of her. She is a God pleaser not a man pleaser.

Tenisha: Tenisha was raised in a home with mental illness and drug addiction as a curse in her family. She prayed God’s word and is free from drugs and mental illness. She’s involved in church doing great.

Paul: Paul grew up with poverty and lack all of his childhood; after praying God’s word he’s gone from poverty and lack to trusting God and seeing God meet all of his needs and his whole family’s needs. They have 5 children and they do not lack anything.

Sid: This has got to really excite you Lori.

Lori: Um hm.

Sid: When you hear these testimonies and I know you work a lot with those in prison but as you and I have been discussing you don’t have to be in a prison with bars to be in prison.

Lori: That’s correct and most of those testimonies actually are people that are not in prison.

Sid: Oh.

Lori: And so that is even more of a testimony; I mean again we minister to a lot of people in prison and there are testimonies there. But most of those testimonies you read are people just like any listener who’s listening right now and you and I just walking the streets and working everyday and doing the quote unquote normal things going to church but they got a hold of the word of God in a way that so many people can do but they haven’t yet. And that’s my heart is that people would get a hold of the word in a way that it’s so powerful. It is a two edged sword; it does divide bone and marrow; it does divide curses and blessings. And we can use the word so mightily to break not only break curses but divide the enemy and God. And I truly believe that’s what God want us to use His word for.

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sidrothnet on October 14th, 2015

Fred Stone

Sid: This one new man I mean the world has been waiting for this; God has been passionately waiting for the emergence of the One New Man. And now Jewish people once again are coming in in large numbers and the droves to know the Messiah of Israel. But in the United States they have not been coming in droves. In the former Soviet Union they have over a decade ago I went there and I was involved in one of the first evangelist meetings. And we saw literally 100’s of Jewish people get out of their seat and now walk but run to the altar to get saved. And I believe those days are coming to the United States of America because God’s going to have mercy on America. Mercy on what is called the 21st Century American Church. Because if there is anything that needs mercy it’s not America; it’s the Church. The church needs mercy. And I believe that this injection of Jewish believers when the middle wall of separation comes down and the Jew and the Gentile become the true body of Messiah there needs to be life injected in the 21st century American Church. And God has opened an unbelievable door for me; I have started a secular talk radio network; I’m on for 1 hour a week and on these secular stations. I mean in the midst of all of the filth and all of the junk that’s going on. I interview people like Fred Stone who I’ve been interviewing all of this week, people that walk in extraordinary miracles. And we have people actually healed on the air; we have Jewish people calling in. Just recently a Jewish man called in and he said “I’m an atheist.” And I said “What’s your background?” And he said “Jewish.” And I said “Jewish Atheist.” And I mean the two shouldn’t go together, but anyway it seemed impossible but the anointing of God came on this man and by the time that we finished speaking he prayed to know the truth about Jesus. And he said “This is what I want to know; I want to know if this is true.” And I want you to send my voice in every city in the United States but I need your help. I need your help; and if there has ever been a valid place to put your money. And I’m not talking about you will get rich if you put money in this ministry because there is a truth called the law of sowing and reaping. But I’m wondering if there are people out there that are just interested in souls. I’m wondering if there are people out there that say “I don’t care what I have as long as I take souls to heaven because I know that that’s the only thing I can take to heaven.” I’m wondering if there are people out there who’d give 10,000, even 100,000, even a million and I could be on secular. I mean I didn’t think that it was possible but I am on secular radio stations and I want to get to every city in the United States. This is God’s time for mercy; there is a major move of God’s Spirit coming on God’s people and I want to be able to talk to Jewish people in the major cities throughout the United States. Will you help me; will you pray for me; will you lift up my arms. I cannot do this by my self; we’re not designed to do this by ourselves. We need one another and I’m saying to you I am not ashamed to say that I need your help. I need your prayers and I need your financial giving. We have got tools, we’ve got books, God’s got everything in line and this money will be poured into Jewish evangelism. There are even doors opening in Israel for me to be on secular radio it’s unbelievable and the only thing limiting us is funds. There’s something you can do will you seek God and do it. I have on the telephone Fred Stone. You’re probably familiar with his son; you’ve seen him on television or perhaps read on of his books. His name is Perry Stone, Jr. And Perry’s book we’re making available this week it’s call “Unlocking Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls. He has found such evidence from the scriptures and historical writing and even ancient prophecies from Adam and Noah that people have never even seen before. For instance he’s one that I’m reading from his book; it says the generations of Adam. Genesis 5 contains the register of the first 10 generations from Adam to Noah. This register tells us how long each man lived. Translated into English the Hebrew meaning of the names of these men and the first 10 generations in the book of Genesis point to a prophetic picture of a future redeemer. For instance Adam means man; Seth means appointed; Enoch means mortal; Canon sorrow; and on so these 10 names when put together form a sentence. This is the sentence of the first 10 people in the Bible. Man is appointed mortal sorrow. The blessed God should come down teaching; his death brings the despairing rest. Give me a break he’s found, this Perry has found so many ancient mysteries indicating where we are in history. And that’s why the book is called “Unlocking the Secrets in the Second Coming Scrolls….Fred Stone picked up such a powerful anointing from his uncle Rufus whom moved in extraordinary miracles. Fred you were telling me about a woman that was dying of cancer; tell me that story.

Fred: This was in Shelbianna, Kentucky Sid we were in revival and we were knocking on every door on this coalfield territory another young minister and I. We came up on a black tar paper shack that’s all it was; it was about a 12 by 16 one big room and just colored with tar the very height of poverty. When we knocked on the door there was a terrible odor that came out the door that you couldn’t help but you know breath. And we knew that something was seriously wrong. And the lady said “We gave the invitation to church.” The lady said “I’ve been called to come up and stay with my sister; they say that she’s going to be dead within the next 2 or 3 weeks she’s dying with cancer.” So I asked “Could we come in and have prayer we believe in praying for the sick” and she invited us in. I walked in and walked to my right and there lying on the cot was her sister. The right side of her face had a hideous black cancer in a circle up around her eye even part of her nose off all the way down to the ear and down to the lower jaw. You could see the roots of her teeth and the odor; the terrible odor was there. And we witnessed to her and told her about healing what God could do and anointed her with oil and prayed and cursed the cancer. I’ll never forget that I cursed the germ of cancer. William Branham a great Baptist Spirit Filled Holy Ghost man had said that cancer was caused by germs. So I just believed it I just believed what the man said and I cursed the germ line for the cancer and commanded it to leave her body. And we left and two days later a woman comes to the church and asked to testify. And I had her to stand and she said you know Aunt soand so that lives up this hollow; she said that I heard that she had been healed. I quite going to see her I couldn’t stand the odor I go in and it’d make me sick. And she said “I went into see for myself and I just come from there. The right side of her face that was eaten off of cancer has brand new skin, it looks like a new born baby skin. The rest of her just looks like her but said that that place was healed and it’s like a new born baby’s skin. And they don’t know who did it or what happened. Of course we didn’t do anything Brother other than prayer. But they didn’t know that it was two preachers; they said that there was 2 doctors that come by that one tall black headed skinny and the other one fat and prayed. Or did something, they said they anointed her with something and whatever it was she’s got healing.

Sid: You know as I understand it her face was raw right down to the bone that’s what you were smelling.

Fred: Well desperate; she was desperate Brother she was ready to believe God and she only needed somebody to pray a prayer of faith and the healing came.

Sid: Have you prayed for blind people that have gotten their sight back?

Fred: Now Brother in 18 years of age I was in revival by myself in a little mission church in Martin, Kentucky and a man came one night and Brother he told me when he came up for prayer. I called for the sick; and he showed me his left eye; it was white as a man’s white shirt. He said “I was born with this eye like this.” There was no sign of lens, or iris or pupil; you couldn’t see anything but just a white big massive cataract. So we begin to pray for this Bother; we prayed one time and I had him to cover his good eye to look up at the light at the ceiling. He couldn’t see anything, then I prayed again. And I said “Folks let’s don’t quit on this Jesus prayed twice one time and He was the son of God.” We prayed the second time, had him to close his good eye and look up and he couldn’t see again. He said “I don’t see a thing.” The third time we prayed and I rebuked the blind spirit and Sid I saw with my own eyes; God let me see it I saw this white thick cataract. And I mean a massive cataract and something like a surgical knife cut it next to his nose and just like fingers was rolling a cigarette paper up. And that cataract started rolling across his eyeball and when it got to the pupil of his eye he looked up and started yelling “I see that light, I see that light.” He reached out and touched my nose, told me the color of my eyes. And Brother when he did and verified that healing people looked at him; I looked at him and instead of white the eye was the same identical color as his good eye. And I want you to know that there was a move of God. People started laughing, shouting and jumping and screaming and praising God. Some of them hit the alley and running up the street; it was an amazing thing to me what God had done. But I just had that faith, again that transfer the anointing of God from Rufus Dumford my Uncle the Holy Ghost filled man. See, that’s what he would have done had he been there. And I just feel that boldness I want to pray for this man for this blind eye. And God did this outstanding miracle for him.

Sid: Now Uncle Rufus of course had this gift of diverse tongues; he could speak in different languages. He only had a 3rd grade education but you have this gift too. Tell me about what happened to Tony. Tony Sid his parents had a Greek Restaurant about 1950; it was 1950 when this happened and they had sent for him to come from Greece. He was going to Welch High School to learn to get some better education; learn to speak the English language. I was introduced to him by a preacher…

Fred: Oh, we’re out of time; we’ll pick up on this story on tomorrow’s broadcast…

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sidrothnet on October 5th, 2015


SID: So Dr. Anderson, as a medical student, as a practicing atheist goes to Heaven. Tell me as a doctor, what you saw, what you experienced in Heaven.

REGGIE: Well I turned and saw my friends who were healthy and well. I saw Jesus and I felt his presence, and he spoke to me into the deepest part of my soul, and he told me things that I would experience later in life. He promised that if I would stop running from him that all of these things would come.

SID: Tell me basically what he told you.

REGGIE: He says, “You’re going marry this young lady, Karen. You’re going to have four children. You’re going to practice medicine in Tennessee as a rural doctor.” And all of these things have come true 33 years later.

SID: Thirty-three years later. Okay. What about your friends? What about that young man in the woods saying, “God, how could you do this!”

REGGIE: Well that experience with Jesus radically changed my entire spiritual DNA. I woke up not really understanding what was going on at that time. But I woke up a totally different man, totally converted into Christianity. And as soon as I got back to civilization I bought a postcard, and I wrote on that postcard to Karen, who would not even go out with me, “I became a Christian. I had a dream. Jesus came to me. We’re going to get married.”

SID: Okay. So you become a doctor. But you told me also you got the distinct impression the why’s of your friends’ death.

REGGIE: Well I felt like God knew before their death why that was going to happen and that he had them in his arms even before they died, just like he has all of us in his plan even before we die.

SID: Are you afraid of death?

REGGIE: Not at all.

SID: How many people have you been with just before they died, would you say?

REGGIE: Hundreds.

SID: Hundreds. Because God gave him a gift when he came back from Heaven. All of his senses are so tuned into Heaven, he can smell Heaven, he can see Heaven, he can feel Heaven. He can tell the exact moment someone’s spirit leaves their body. But the supernatural began to overtake him in his medical practice. For instance, explain to me what parting the veil means.

REGGIE: Sure. The first time that it happened, I had just become a Christian and I was in medical school still. And the job of the medical student was to stand vigil at the bed of a dying patient and to retrieve the attending [physician] whenever it happened. So I was in this room in the VA hospital in Birmingham. And it was in the middle of the night, dark, sterile hospital room, and this man, I knew he was a Christian because his family had been in earlier and been praying with him. And soon as he took his last breath, it was as if this door had opened on a spring day and a kind of citrus and lilac smell entered the room, as if God had come into the room to take this man’s soul. It lit up the hospital.

SID: What do you mean, it lit up? I don’t understand.

REGGIE: Well you could just feel a warmth. You could see the lights had, instead of being dark, it was lit up just like this studio.

SID: Now did you see a specific light?

REGGIE: It was a glow and it was up into the right.

SID: Yeah, but how do you know it wasn’t one of your medical machines?

REGGIE: We had shut them off to make it quiet.

SID: Now what impact did that have on you?

REGGIE: Well it made me think back to my dream and it made me realize that the reality of where we are going is more real than where we are. That what we are experiencing here on Earth is a dream compared to that reality of where we are going to be.

SID: I mean, he’s been with hundreds, now, just before they die. He knows the exact second they leave. By the way, when a Christian dies, you were telling me about the expression on their face. What have you noticed?

REGGIE: They always get the gaze of glory. They look up into the right and they start to get this glow, and they’re smiling. They’re, believers that leave this planet to go to Heaven, it’s a joyous experience.

SID: Tell me about Irene.

REGGIE: She was an elderly lady who had dementia, but she recognized me that night, and she was dying of a heart attack. But she had made it clear that she did not want to be resuscitated. And so, but she asked me one thing before we were going up to her room. She asked me to stay with her that night. She wanted to have an escort because she was going to meet Jesus that night.

SID: She actually used the word “escort”.


SID: Okay. Tell me about it.

REGGIE: Well I was sitting there with her and her heart started to fade, and her breath started to be somewhat labored. I look at that, it’s called change soaked breathing, but it’s almost as if somebody is being born in birthed into another world. It’s just like a woman going into labor and her breathing changes. And the veil parted. The room again opened up and the sense of—

SID: Now when you say, “the veil parted,” I mean, be more graphic with me.

REGGIE: Well it’s a very thin space between where we are now and where we’re going to be. And that thin space, I think of it as a veil. I mean, it’s, I think of eternity really as not something we run toward as much as eternity walks right alongside us and it’s just one breath away. And once we take our last breath here, it’s our first breath in Heaven.

SID: I think Dr. Anderson is taking away the breath of some of you that are watching right now. We’re going to be right back and find out how the supernatural started increasing more in Dr. Anderson’s life.

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sidrothnet on September 30th, 2015

sid roth

This week I’ve been talking about Shavuot or Pentecost. Because Tuesday evening it began and the book of the Bible that is read every Shavuot in a traditional Jewish Synagogue and it is not an accident is the book of Ruth. Why? Because without Ruth, without a Gentile believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob there would be no Messiah. And without Boaz the Jewish man who redeemed Ruth without the Jew there’d be no Messiah. So you see the Gentile needs the Jew, the Jew needs the Gentile and both of us need Almighty God. When you look at the names of the various personalities in the book of Ruth each name has such meaning. For instance, there was Naomi. Naomi and her husband Elimelech left Bethlehem which means house of bread to go into a heathen land; Moab. Elimelech his name means “My God is King.” It’s kind of a contradiction, his name means “My God is King” yet he had to leave the land that God said is “House of Bread” that God said “I will bless you if you stay in the land and you don’t sin.” He had to leave because of sin. What a contradiction he went to the land of Moab. And then Naomi her name his wife means “Pleasant.” However she said “Call me Mara because I have become a bitter woman.” That’s what Mara means bitter. Now Elimelech and Naomi had two sons; one’s name was Mahlon. And you know what that means? Weak and sickly. And the other son his name was Chilion, and that means failing pining away. And both of them died. Isn’t that amazing their names sounded like sick people. And there’s Ruth and you know what Ruth means? Friend, it’s like Abraham was called “A friend of God.” Ruth was a friend of God; and I pray that you become a modern day Ruth, that you become a friend of God. And then there is Orpah she married one of the sons of Naomi and Elimelech that died. And you know what her name means? Neck, stiff necked. Why? She wasn’t a Ruth. She wasn’t a friend of God. And then Boaz means strength. Boaz was almost a type of the Messiah. And then from the union of Boaz and Ruth came Obed who actually was the great-grandfather of King David. Guess what Obed means? Servant who worships. Do you know it says “We owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people because of them” it says in Roman’s it is the service. And then in the Greek it says “The service means the worship.”

I tell you when the Jewish people come into the church and they’re about ready to come into the church in droves. Because the scriptures talk about a great revival that is going to come to the Jewish people in the last days. And I believe that we are starting to see the rambling of the thunder and the rain and the whirlwind of God for the great revival that’s about ready to hit planet earth. But are you ready? Have you’ve been seeking God with all of your heart? Listen, start in a little way tonight just get alone with God. Put some worship music on. Take a Bible and take one hour, carve out 1 hour spend time for 1 hour with God tonight and every night. And you’re going to end up being like the wise virgins you’re going to end up being a Ruth. This is what Ruth said in Ruth 1 verse 6 “Entreat or urge me not to leave you.” This what she’s saying to Naomi who represents the Jewish people. Urge me not to leave you or to turn back after following after you for wherever you go I’ll will go and where ever you lodge I will lodge; your people.” That’s the Jewish people shall be my people; you’re God my God.” And the blessings that came upon Ruth; I don’t have to go over them all again, you know the blessings that came upon Ruth. But let me read this to you in Ruth Chapter 2 verse 12. This is what Boaz has to say, well even the verse before verse 11. Boaz said who represents the Messiah “It has been fully reported all that you have done (Done for her Mother-in-law which she didn’t have to do representing the Jewish people who had become bitter.) Remember Naomi means pleasant but she said “I’m changing my name to Maria. Bitter. It has been, the things that you have done God is witnessed to good or bad. Praise God for the blood of Messiah you can repent and get rid of the bad and just keep the good. You don’t have a lot of good? Well, this is what the Book of Ruth the 2nd chapter 12th verse says; Boaz is set talking to Ruth and he says “The Lord will repay your work with a full reward that will be given to you by the Lord God of Israel under whose wings you have come for refuse.” Why will Ruth get a full reward? Because she became one with the Jewish people. You know when Ruth, the Gentile, joined Boaz the Jew the union of fruit was nothing short of Jesus. And when a Jew joins a Gentile and the two become one in the Messiah, or One New Man in the Messiah of Israel it is greater than the two individuals.

There is coming as I said yesterday a time of God’s judgment in America. Prayer will only delay it; it will not ovoid it; we’ve past the point of no return. And I can tell you exactly when that judgment is going to hit full stream, when the land of Israel is divided. You see God said in the 105 Psalm “I give the land of Israel unconditionally forever, for a thousand generations to the physical seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” And in the last days Joel says “I will judge nations for dividing up the land that I gave to the Jewish people unconditionally forever for a thousand generations.” And in Ruth Chapter 1 verse 21 this is what Naomi said when her two sons died and she was about ready to lose her daughter-in-laws she said “I went out full and the Lord has brought me home again empty.” And I believe that is a prophetic word for the Jewish people in the United States of America. This is the most blessed country in the world. We have everything that we could possibly want. This is truly the land of milk and honey and opportunity but judgment is coming. And you have your choice; I’m speaking to Jewish people right now. You can leave this country as a mensch, as a human, or just with the clothes on your back. But judgment is coming to America and you think that you’ll be safe in Israel. No, no, no Israel is going to have their share of problems too. But the blessings of God for Jewish people are contingent on being in the land of Israel. There is not safety in land; there is only safety in arms, in the arms of Messiah. Whether you’re a Jew or a non-Jew the only safety is in the arms of Messiah.

The Book of Esther which we don’t read during Shavuot has the same message. Guess what happened when Esther, a Jew, married a Gentile king it resulted in Esther being put into a position of royalty so that the Jewish people could be spared in the land. And what did Esther do, she and the king, when the two came together? They equipped the Jew with the sword to defend themselves. What does the sword represent? The word of God; when the Jewish people were equipped with the word of God what happened; revival broke out. I believe Esther is a type of the end-time church Esther was told by Mordecai the one that raised her; the one that her roots were responsible for. “Esther, if you don’t stand up for the Jewish people God will raised deliverance from another source; but Esther, who knows if you’ve not been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this?”

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