Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Renny McLean. As I said on yesterday’s broadcast “What an example a prophetic example of the One New Man because Renny’s mother is Jewish, his father is Jamaican and his mother had a visitation from the Lord. Because people from another religious group be it Islam whatever Hinduism, they need a supernatural encounter. Mental apologetics is just not enough. Renny when your mother had a vision of Jesus and started moving in this realm would it fair to say that your mother is a seer?

Renny:  Oh, very much so my mother was definitely a seer; if my mother told you she saw something you could bank on it it’s going to happen the way she calls it.  She just had that vision; she just had that ability to breakdown the word and define what she saw.  My mother had that ability.  She still has it I mean she’s almost 80 now and still going strong; she’s not a preacher she’s an ordinary believer but she’s definitely is a seer.

Sid: But you know Renny I feel that the distinctiveness of this next move of God’s Spirit will be it’s not the superstar system it’s us with the superstar inside of us!

Renny:  Oh man, oh I totally concur with that; see I believe that the day of one man show is over; it’s the hour of the pulpit man where everybody moves in the power of God where everybody moves in the glory of God.  See one of the hallmarks of this new dimension Sid is that part of the sign and wonder realm is visions and dreams because I honestly believe that visions and dreams are one of the end-time mediums of God. Because the Bible says that in the pouring out of the Spirit He said “Well see.”  So that’s part of the manifestation of the miraculous is that our spiritual eyes are going to be opened and we’re going to see into the spirit realm as never before.  Because that’s the key to the miraculous is because what we see we speak and what we speak God will manifest.

Sid: Now many people I know that have had visitations to heaven…

Renny:  Yes.

Sid: Have come back and stated that they literally saw a parts room which God desperately wanted to get these body parts from the invisible realm into the visible realm.

Renny: Yes.   

Sid: Through the medium of faith did you ever see this?

Renny:  Yes I have; I’ve seen it on several occasions; several occasions. I’ll give you a testimony just as you say that.  I remember being in a meeting about a year ago where there was lady in the meeting who had a kidney was destroyed was destroyed through cancer.  But I clearly remember that in the middle of worship she literally saw and angel come with a kidney and put it into her; when she got back and she got examined there was no cancer at all literally. The actually documented that it was a brand new kidney; you don’t grow a kidney in the space of 24 hours not a brand new one.  Although we know body parts grow back but not in 24 hours.  So I mean God does these things but that realm is there.  I mean let me give you a testimony there’s so much that I could speak to you about.  I remember one day having an encounter down in Virginia and we was worshiping the Lord I mean in the middle of the high worship the Heaven’s opened and all we could see when the Heavens opened was missing body parts.  We saw bones; we saw ears; we saw ear drums; we saw eyeballs; we saw missing limbs and I said “Lord when is this going to happen?”  He said that “This realm is descending upon the church.”

Sid: I can’t say I see but I’ll almost say “I see.” I see ordinary believers going into hospitals in Israel where the suicide bombers have done their horrible deed.  There are Israeli staying in that hospital with no limbs and I can see the limbs coming out and the arms and the legs and the various body parts and the faces that are totally distorted are being just like Naaman the skin coming back like a baby skin.  Can you picture that Renny?

Renny:  Well let me tell you what I just saw in the realm of the Spirit and what I just saw in the Spirit Sid as you said that that’s what I was seeing. On what you just said I already feel we should decree it.  Father right now what your servant just saw we just decree what’s going to happen; we decree oh God right now that you raise up people in power in Spirit in Your Name to glorify You Name and manifest your name on the earth.  Father right now visit Israel, visit Israel, Father You began on the earth showing Yourself in signs and wonders through that nation called Israel, and Father I believe the next wave is of miracles is about to hit the earth, but I believe Israel has a lot to do with it.  And Father right now I ask oh God that You right now visit Your people for right now.”  Excuse me (Praying in the Spirit) “Father visit them create nerves let bones go into place in the Name of Jesus let skin come back; skin like a baby Lord as if it never burned nor bruised; Father I call forth that miracle there’s a miracle in our mouth today and Father God we say right now Visit Israel with signs, wonders and miracles in Yeshua’s Name Amen.

Sid: I have a book in my hand that I happen to like the cover a lot but I like the inside even better called “Eternity Invading Time.”  What is this title mean to you?

Renny: Let me tell you what it means to me; God created time so in other words time came out of eternity but time is not eternity.  With God there is neither a past nor present nor future nor beginning of days because God just is; when you break it down into final analysis God is eternity but He created time.  And in the time dimension there’s the past, the presence, the future, and the future perfect. Now the Bible says time is shortening; everybody will agree right now that time is shrinking time is shortening.  Well if we still have the same 24 hours days and same 12 months that makes one year then the question is “Where is the time going?” Because the days haven’t changed but the time has, and you know what that simply means.

Sid:  And by the way most people have remarked that whether their young or whether they’re old it just seems as though time is being compressed.

Renny: Yeah, oh it’s being compressed oh yes oh yes you know why time is being compressed Sid; you know what that means in the realm of the spirit when we say that time is being compressed?  It means that what we prophesy it means that what we speak is going to start to happen quicker because there’s not that much time left for it to happen in. So where we used to say that in the next six months or in the next year God’s going to be doing this if we can see why time is shrinking it means what we’re saying is My God I could shout right now.  It means what we speak it’s going to manifest a whole lot quicker because time is shortening because we’re approaching the end of days.  And that’s why right now this period of time is the wrap up time and that’s why what we’re speaking is going to manifest a whole lot quicker.  So that’s why what it means when you say Eternity Invading Time; my goodness gracious me that means there’s an overtaking of time.

Sid: You know since some I know your teaching from having read your book.

Renny:  Yeah.

Sid: You give an example in scripture of exactly what you’re talking about in Amos the 9th chapter; explain.

Renny:  Okay the plowman will overtake the sower the Bible says; now in other words Jesus… it’s throughout the whole book when we talk about this dimension. I’ve never looked at it as how I’m looking at it now how this dimension has always been there we just haven’t seen it.  But does the Bible not also say in the same context that while before we call He’s answering.

Sid: Yes.

Renny:  I mean it’s all there “The Lord overtaken, the Lord going on ahead.”  The time has come where we’re going to reap just even before we sow and I believe what God’s going to manifest why He’s going to overtake you. God’s going to bless your very intent because He knew you were going to do it before you were going to do it.  So He’s doing it in advance.  Besides the Bible says the plowman is overtaken, overtaken that was before your seed hits the gown you can already start to see harvest.

Sid: And I have to tell you I’m seeing someone that has a breathing problem of some sort and if you will just breathe you’ll see your breathing. “If you’ll just breathe that’s kind of dumb, if you’ll just breathe you’ll see your breathing normal.”  I mean I don’t know if it’s allergies or I’m not going to list all of the conditions but God is healing breathing conditions and pains especially in the neck right now.

Renny:  Yeah.

Sid: Renny why did you write this book now why didn’t you write it 20 years ago; why wasn’t it written 20 years from now; why now this book “Eternity Invading Time?”

Renny: I believe with all of my spirit being that the church has gone as far as it can go with what it knows now.  I believe that for the church to step into the next realm of the miraculous the church is going to have to understand the revelation regarding it.  And in that book it has got the principals it explains… I mean we’ve seen literally, and I’m not exaggerating, we’ve seen 1000’s of miracles; have of the stuff we can’t even talk about it is just so much we’re just saying.  Not just physical miracles we’re talking miracles in the dimension you would not even believe in.  We’ve seen God we’ve seen weight loss manifest, we’ve seen money grow in people pockets literally grow; we’ve seen God do all of those things.  You say to me “Why is it happening now?” I’ll tell you the reason why in a nutshell because of the survival of the church in the days ahead is going to be based on how supernatural it’s prepared to become. And that’s why the Lord put it on my spirit He said to me Renny I want you to write what I tell you because He said “I want the believers to walk this earth in the demonstration of My Name and the power of My glory where they will see signs, wonders and miracles.  Where they won’t just look for the sign, they won’t just look for the miracles but they will become the sign.”

Sid: You know Renny the hottest churches in America no even in the world right now are what is known as seeker sensitive, but I tell you the hottest churches in the world and in this next move of God’s Spirit will be those that are God sensitive.

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