Sid:  You know I was thinking about something Mishpochah last month I was channel surfing and I found the Larry King show. He was actually it was a turnabout he was being interviewed by Barbra Walters. She asked the question “You really have a gift for what you do and so you like to use this gift you like people you really enjoy… you would even work for nothing” and he said “Yeah,” and then he looked at her and he said to her “Well, you’re the same way, you would even work for nothing.”  And then they said they were kind of kidding back “Well, maybe we do want some money on this thing.”  Well, I have to tell you something, number one I don’t work; this gift isn’t mine, the gift of interviewing.  I have a full partnership with a Senior Partner and I go along for the ride.  The Senior Partner is the Holy Spirit, and I am so excited that He shows up at every single radio show, and television show.  My guest I’m so excited having a chance to meet him at least by way of telephone is David Herzog.  And I’m speaking to him and he’s in a hotel room in Edmonton, Canada featuring his book “Mysteries of the Glory.”  Talking about the glory of God he received a presence of God in the upper-room in Israel.  And then he went to Toronto, the great Toronto outpouring, and had the same type of experience happen there.  When it happened in Israel he started leading Jews and Arabs to the Lord just instantly.  As a matter of fact David your father, Jewish, did not know the Messiah and you had an open vision or was it a dream of your father in hell?  Tell me about that.

David:  Yeah, I was at the youth camp and the minister said “If you want to have a burden for souls especially your family members come up to the front.” So with a bunch of youth we came up to the front; and all these youth had the same experience of hell at the same time it was a corporate visitation or vision at the same time.

Sid: Okay, and what vision was it?

David: Well, people began weeping and wailing; afterward when we talked together youth had all seen at the same figure, they had all taken in the spirit to hell and saw people in hell. I saw my father he wasn’t dead and he’s still not dead but in the dream I saw him in hell and he was burning and he was… and not just the pain but he was miserable.  And in this kind of vision thing he looked at me and said “Son, why did you stop praying for me I was almost there” because I had been praying for him for 8 years and I had just given up praying for him.  I said “I’m just going to let go and God will take care of him.”  And that’s when God got a hold of me and said “Pray right now.”  And so I began praying and this time with real compassion with tears I realized what was at stake that it was real.  Within an hour later a little old lady came to his door knocked on his door and led him to the Lord.

Sid:  What affect does this have on you; number one God was showing you don’t give up and He’s showing you He was showing everyone because there is many of us that have prayed for unsaved relatives and friends for years. Haven’t seen any results and kind of said “Well, God you heard those prayers and I’m going to go on to some other things; don’t.”  What else did you learn from this David?

David: Well, I learned that sometimes it looks like you’re relative or friend is getting worse but actually the worse it gets many times it means they’re right near the edge of getting saved.  A lot of times the battle is the worst right before the victory; so sometimes when you’re ready to give up it’s usually when it’s about to happen, it’s about to change.  Just like the Apostle Paul; you know he was pretty bad right up to the point that he got saved and he was totally touched by God.

Sid: Now in this vision what was it like when you saw your father in hell, was he talking?

David: First he was being burned; his flesh was being burnt but it wouldn’t stop but he’s still alive.  This fire would come all over him; he’s still alive he’s screaming in pain then he looked at me in the vision or whatever it was, and looked at me and that’s when he spoke to me and said “Son why did you stop praying I was almost there?”  I believe that maybe his life was at stake at that point had I not interceded and prayed he could have been dead or gone or who know what would happen to him.

Sid: What did this do as far as your compassion for others to come to know the Messiah?

David: Well, that was the beginning for that vision on that’s what put the evangelistic burden and desire for the nations in my heart.  The Lord told me “Now I want you see every soul as if it’s your own flesh and blood, you’re own father.”

Sid: Now I have to ask you something, the phenomena of gold showing up, gold dust; isn’t that big in the states anymore.  It was big for a short while; it was extremely controversial; people were afraid of it; the people said that it was magic trick or demonic.  Tell me the first time this appeared in your ministry in a big way.

David: I had seen it in other meetings but the first time it really struck home to me I was in France living out there in France and from there reaching the nations; and my little girl my second baby Glory was born the Lord told us she would be sign and a wonder. She was born in the hospital and we began worshiping the Lord as the baby was coming out. And they cleaned up the baby and we looked the baby and she was covered with this gold, her face and chest.  The doctors were amazed and they said “What is this?” And I said “This is the glory of God.”  So as a baby within a couple minutes of being born covered with this I knew that she didn’t have makeup kit in her bag or something she is a baby you know just born with her birthday suit on.  And that’s when it struck home with me that this is real; this is of God my own baby whom we named Shannon Glory for the Glory of God.  That’s how I knew that this is of God; even though it’s not you know God brings and moves like this and we just take it as it comes; we don’t camp on these things but when they come we need to receive whatever God brings and use it for His glory.

Sid: And why is God doing this, why is it necessary to have gold dust; I don’t read about gold dust in the New Covenant?

David: Yeah, I don’t have… I actually don’t have all of the answers all I know is that God did say that there would be new signs and wonders; there would be new things and greater works shall you do; I go to be with Father.  And so we can be seeing some of the greater works that He prophesied, or we could be seeing some of the unrecorded miracles.  It says that there was many miracles that were not recorded and He said “Greater things shall you do; in the last days there shall be signs and wonders.”  So yes, it’s hard to say but I know gold is all over the Bible, it is prophetic you know the Arc of the Covenant…

Sid: Okay it’s a wonderful sign but the only way you can judge a gift is whether it’s from God in my opinion is the fruit.

David: Exactly.

Sid: So take me to when you started having meetings in France.

David: Sure.

Sid: And you saw gold dust; what effect did it have.

David: As you know France is the high percentage of unsaved people and I’m looking for soul winning. When it first happened and I heard about it I actually wasn’t very interested in it; I wasn’t against it but I just said “How does this help win souls?”  And so I didn’t try to get this anointing or… and it just happened in this meeting in Marseille, France south of France.  I was there preaching and all of a sudden I was sharing actually about repentance and about holiness and there was this Bible School and they wanted to be in ministry.  And I said “Well, what are your motives and this and that and search your heart.”  And people were weeping and getting touched in repentance; so it was a repentance time and all of a sudden and we look at the walls of the building and the four walls were covered with gold dust for 3 days. Catholics heard about it in town; because Catholics like signs and wonders and they came with scotch tape and began picking the tape off for 3 days.  But every night we had evangelistic meetings and they would come to the meetings because during the day they were able to look at this gold and they were getting saved left and right.  And that’s when I realized “Wow,” if this is of the enemy he is pretty dumb because he’s bring a lot of souls here.

Sid: (Laughing) Tell me about that young Jewish girl that you actually prayed over a handkerchief and what happened to her?

David:  I believe we had a revival that broke out for six months nonstop in 1998 in this church four or five days a week; actually it started out in the same day as the Pensacola revival but in ’98.

Sid:  Now this was the young girl that could not… was deaf and could not speak or had eating problems.

David:    Yeah, yeah it what happened was we had this revival meeting in Paris; actually during the World Soccer Cup when France won the cup; and this man came with a Jewish believer from the south of France.  Brought a handkerchief as a point of contact because he heard about all the miracles that were happening and said “Please pray for my daughter, just lay hands on this handkerchief and I’m believing as a point of contact when I bring it back to her; put it on her bed she’ll be healed.”  So he did that and within like a day or two the doctors were amazed she could talk normally, her bowel movements before were not normal; now they were normal.  Her speech was not normal, now they’re normal; she could eat properly everything was normal within just about 24 or 48 hours of this happening.

Sid: Now you stated that France won the World Cup but I understand you prophesied that explain quickly.

David:   Yeah, during the revival that they were going to shut down the revival about four weeks because summertime was starting; they didn’t plan it to go more than 4 days. And so the Lord told me yeah, they’re going to shut it down unless you do something.  The Lord said “Prophesy” and when the prophesy comes to pass they’ll know that this is a sign of God’s favor and they’ll continue the revival the pastors.” So I prophesied and the Lord said “Say this, “France will win the World Soccer Cup and it’s a sign during that season of favor for this revival.”  And when I said that, they looked at me like I was crazy.

Sid: Why France didn’t have a good team?

David:  Well, France, Brazil is pretty good; there’s a lot of other teams, the French are not as patriotic when it comes to sports as they are with maybe food or other things.  You tell America that they are going to win and “Yeah, we’re going to win even though they never win soccer.”  So France was very skeptical that they would win. When they won they were amazed even the radio announcements that they were interviewing the players and they were amazed that they had won.

Sid:  David were you a little nervous in case they didn’t win.

David:  Oh yeah, I prayed hard for a soccer game in my life.

Sid: (Laughing)

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