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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to fulfill their destiny. We want everyone everywhere to tell everyone how wonderful our God is. My guest another Jewish man that is red hot for Yeshua, Doctor Lance Wallnau. I’m speaking to him at his office Cranston, Rhode Island. I got ahold of a series of his 4 CD’s called “In a Heartbeat.” I have to tell you Mishpochah it is a now, N-O-W, message. I imagine it’s even more of a now message Lance after 911 than even before.

Lance: Yeah absolutely Sid. You know Jesus said the end times the waves would roar and here we have the tsunami that had happened in December; men’s hearts failing them for fear. So if ever if there is a time when the believer has to determine for themselves that they are in control of their spiritual and emotional climate and not the world, it’s today.

Sid: You know one of the things that any medical doctor will tell you that a high percentage of diseases are connected with worry, fear, stress…  I used to think it was an all American cop out but I believe it’s really true. I believe one of the distinctions between believers and nonbelievers, the closer we get to the return of the Messiah, will be that believers will be walking in supernatural health, but even with God’s provision they won’t if they don’t know how to get into the Spirit in a heartbeat.

Lance: Absolutely.

Sid: Now one of the things that impresses me about your teaching and you, as I get to know a bit about you through our talking on the telephone, is you walk in something that everyone wants to walk in. You walk in something that’s called divine favor. Is it that you’re one of God’s favorites is that why?

Lance: [Laughing] I wish it was that easy I don’t think so at all. I think that favor is an attraction. It’s kind of like have you ever opened up a soda can and the moment you open up that top you hear that “click” the suction that goes in. The moment God finds a vacuum in the heart of a believer that is simply longing for Him it sucks God into that vacuum, and the moment God comes on the scene He begins to impregnate you with purpose. What I’ve found is that we focus on favor as though it were the miss congeniality contest as though, if God really likes you He makes everyone else like you, or He’ll bless you with a parking space at the moment.

Sid: [Laughing]

Lance: In fact, favor is so much more profound than that. Favor is the attraction of God to you that releases an influence through you so that other people are supernaturally inclined to like you, trust you, or cooperate with you in the divine assignment God gave you. That assignment is the key to favor.

Sid: Give me an example of this favor.

Lance: Okay. Well you know I’ll give you the Biblical example then a personal working example because sometimes people get a little concerned when you’re using concepts like this and you don’t have a Biblical basis. My discovery of the process happened personally when I started getting calls from unusual places like the United Nations, and Fortune 500 companies. I was thinking “Why are they calling me don’t they know I’m a pastor?” God was redefining who I was to them. I could go to that in a second; I went to the Bible first and I said “Lord what is happening?” The Lord took me to first instance of the word favor which is when the angel Gabriel came to Mary. The angel said “You are favored of God and behold you shall conceive in your womb and you shall bear a son.” The Lord stopped me right then and He said “When you worship me, when you love Me, when you open Spiritual womb to Me as believer in Yeshua I hover over you. You’ve known me as Jehovah Rophe, you’ve known me as Jehovah Nissi, you’re about to find out this is what the Lord showed me, He is Jehova Sneaky. He impregnates you while you are in worship.

Sid: Now what’s the Hebrew for Sneaky? I’m just teasing you but go ahead. [Laughing]

Lance: [Laughing] You getting me in trouble now. He’s sneaky He impregnates you, and He impregnates you with desire. I found that those desires we have, those purposes we secretly long to fulfill are actually the desires God gave us. Once you begin to conceive the desire favor automatically is on the desire God gave you because favor is the attraction factor that makes that thing manifest.

Sid: So it’s as if when you open yourself up enough to walk in your destiny, of course you’re walking in God’s divine favor. Just as Miriam, or Mary, did.

Lance: Exactly. To the extent… think how absurd the extreme to which this concept goes. You take Saul and David, Saul had the favor of God upon him, the oil of Samuel was poured upon him, literally he was given a charge by the prophet that said “Once you have this anointing on your life go and do what is in your heart for the Lord is with you.” Almost implying that he was one with the mission of ruling Israel and protecting Israel, therefore God would be influencing his decision making with favor from that moment on. The moment Saul disconnected from his assignment David comes on the scene and consider this, you got Saul who in a crisis of insecurity provides a preemptive sacrifice. He steps out of his office as king and acts like a priest, and God judges him severely for his failure to fidelity to his assignment. David comes along he commits adultery, he kills the husband of the woman he sleeps with, he covers it up politically, and God says “Behold a man after My own heart.” What’s the difference between these two guys?

Sid: I’m glad you asked me that because you’re going to answer it. [Laughing]

Lance: [Laughing] The difference is that in David’s heart there was a longing to please God and he had some problems, but he never failed in the assignment of dealing with the Philistines. Saul on the other hand had different issues but fundamentality he rejected the assignment, therefore, the assignment was taken from him and with that assignment the favor of God went with it.

Sid: That makes sense. I hadn’t looked at it in that light, but that makes sense.

Lance: I not trivializing David’s sins they were heinous. However David’s heart for God combined with his fidelity to ridding the land of the Philistines, which was Saul’s assignment, he kept the favor on him because he held the purpose of God’s precious to his heart. The New Testament says he served his generation.

Sid: It reminds me of the scripture that says “God prefers obedience rather than sacrifice.”

Lance: That was the context in Samuel’s correction to Saul that was the context in which he revealed. This is the secret to God’s lasting favor.

Sid: Now a personal life experience when you’re walking in those preordained footsteps. Every one of us is unique and special and loved by God, and has preordained footsteps. What happened when you did that Lance?

Lance: Well the… I received a phone call from a friend of mine who is a business man who had contacts with I think it was with Pakistan and some other Middle East nations at the United Nations. He said “Lance a door is about to open for training in the United Nations. It’s headed up by a woman whose name is Masawi who is a Tunisian Muslim. They have never before worked with a believer let alone with a Christian. However, I believe has given the favor of influence in order to give you access to the United Nations. There are 260 delegates that are going to be getting together from NGO organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations. The head of the UN NGO who is this Muslim woman is coming and she’s nervous because she’s never worked with anyone outside of the UN, and I believe God’s going to give me the wisdom to go in and know what to do. I said “Wait a second. The United Nations, my understanding of the United Nations is it’s the vehicle for the anti-Christ.”

Sid: [Laughing]

Lance: That’s my…

Sid: [Laughing] That’s a good match.

Lance: I said “You know the beast, the world system this is the counterfeit.” He said “Lance I’m not asking you to build the beast system. I’m saying there’s leadership vacuum in the nation and God is telling me you’ve got to step into it.” So I said “Well I’m a pastor” and he said “Not anymore as of today you are a motivational speaker.” [Laughing] I thought “Oh my gosh, now I’m a motivational speaker I have to go through a facelift an identity change to even get in the UN.” So the meeting is assigned I show up at the meeting and the Lord speaks to me and says “I’m going to have you teach them operate in the anointing, enlighten them and you do not have to reference the Bible continuously, a few references because I’m going to win their hearts first and establish a platform for your credibility.” So I began doing messages the one world currency and it isn’t money it is the currency of feeling and how leaders incite people to holy or unholy feelings depending on their own motivations and their own skill as leaders. So we talked about the currency of emotional intelligence learning how to lead nations intelligently, learning how to live peaceably, learning how to respect each other.

Sid: How interested were they in this subject?

Lance: They were fixated.

Sid: These are a lot of Muslims.

Lance: Totally, totally. Sid my experience is this, when… Jesus told the disciples He said “Go into all the world” and there’s preaching commissioning mark, and a teaching commission that most people will miss in Matthew. He said “Teach them to observe all these things.” I went back and began to realize that Jesus taught the disciples 50 commands that became their curriculum once conversion happened. It is how to occupy the culture and take over the minds and hearts of people through the commands of Christ. So I just focused on the commandments of Christ that are universal that apply to every nation on forgiveness, honoring authority, respect for one another, compassion and as I spoke on those characteristics I found the people were thunderously hungry to have a leader that would speak to them in terms of non-optional values.

Sid: Lance were out of time.

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