Sid: We want everyone everywhere to understand that when Jesus said “Before His second coming it will be like the days of Noah” it talks about the Nephilim.  These were the giants according to the Bible. Now why do you say LA Marzulli that that’s what Jesus was referring to as opposed when I hear about the days of Noah the first thing that comes into my mind is sexual sin and depravity of mankind?

LA:  Well, the sexual sin… interesting He says Acts 2 to further elaborate on that passage where Jesus is talking it says “They were eating and drinking and giving in marriage.”  And in order to really understand what that passage means again we go back to Genesis 6.  The only people who are giving in marriage in Genesis 6 who are eating and drinking are the  Nephilim, or are the falling angels; it says very specifically that the sons of God which is Bnei haElohim, which is the Hebrew term which means angelic beings.  We know that because we can go to Job and see exactly same phrase being used.  So there are angelic beings and in this case are the bad guys.  And we know that the sons of god the fallen angels coming down and they take for whoever they want they choose wives and they marry them.  That is the “they” that Jesus is referring to and this is why it’s not sexual depravity of man, it’s fallen angels cohabiting having sex with the woman of earth creating a hybrid creature then known as the Nephilim.  And what he’s trying to do the bottom line here Sid, Satan is attempting to make man in his own image.  He’s a counterfeiter.  We are made in the image and likeness of God, Satan’s mission, and this by the way ties into the mark of the beast; Satan’s mission is to create man in his own image.  And that’s what he’s been trying to do since Genesis 6.

Sid: Hmm, and of course Jesus is creating man in His image so you have the mirror counterfeit of it.  Now I am fascinated by the fact that you have evidence in your brand new book “On the Trail of the Nephilim” that the first inhabitants in the United States were not Native American but were the descendants of the Nephilim these giants.  Tell me your evidence.

LA:  Oh, the evidence is very interesting; we believe that part of the Amorites who we know were Nephilim tribe.  When Joshua and Caleb began to press in and conquer Israel, the promise land some of these giant tribes saw what was going on and left.

Sid: Now how do we know that they are a giant tribe?

LA:  Well, because these are actually listed in scripture the Zazzumminian, and the Nephilim and the Rephaite, the Amorites.

Sid: Awe okay.

LA:  The Pezerites all these tribes are listed in the Bible so we know that they were there; we also have a map basically like Agabishon one of the largest giants the last of the Rephaim, this guy was approximately between 13 and 15 feet.  But we believe that the Amorite tribe in particular went through Northern Europe and settled back down in the Ohio Valley.  And that there…

Sid: Of the United States your saying.

LA:  Yes.

Sid: Okay.

LA: And it took them awhile to do this, this is all a land journey but we have some other evidence which again links the Nephilim back into the promise land.  We think and we believe and I’m not the only person to hold this theory; my colleague Judd Burton is an archaeologist and an anthropologist also believe that there was a diaspora, immigration if you will, an exodus from the Promise Land as Joshua and Caleb began to conquer those tribes.  Some when North, some went across the Atlantic Ocean and we believe that there is strong very strong evidence of this because for instance in Ohio we see these earthen works; we see this mound complex known as the great Circle Mound.

Sid: Now when you say the word mound complex what does that mean.

LA:    Thank you, these mounds first of all are enormous, 1250 in diameter.  They are and the earthworks; some of the earth has been taken and literally from miles away; it’s constructed with incredible symmetry and the great circle mount in Ohio is a henge means that there’s a circular work it can be of stone and it can be of other instance it’s of dirt.  But in the inside of the henge there’s a waterway so when the henge was in operation literally over 3000 years ago.  It’s estimated between 3 and 4,000 years and this begs the question “How does a primitive culture without the use of the wheel, without the use of the wheel, create this type of mathematical perfectly symmetrical edifice on the face of the earth.  And what’s even more interesting the complex from the circle mound used to extend to an area known as the Octagon Mound.  You could fit the great pyramid inside of the Octagon Mound; that’s how enormous this thing is I have walked through it.  And what’s really interesting Sid from the ground….

Sid: What is the purpose of these mounds by the way?

LA:  Well, they are all ceremonial and ritualistic; what I believe this is…

Sid: So it’s more like a worship type thing?

LA:  Well, they are, but there is evidence of human sacrifice at all these places

Sid: Hmm.

LA:    These in my opinion are Nephilim architecture, it’s fallen angel architecture. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with Native American’s with all due respect. For instance in the octagon Mount; every 18.6 years the full moon comes up in the longest part of the year in June right over one particular part of the Octagon Mound.  It’s extremely ceremonial but here’s the rug Sid you can only appreciate it from the air, when your down on the ground walking through the circle mound or into the octagon mound one has no idea really what they’re looking at. Circle mounds are easier because there is a huge gigantic circle and standing in the middle of it okay I’m in a circle, I can see that. But when you’re in the octagon Mount it is so enormous, and remember these sights were linked at one point in time.  There is a housing development that separates them now; but in antiquity they were linked together.  And the only way you can really view these are from the air. They are mathematically the way these things were created and done in my opinion this is not the work of Native American’s this is the work of something far older.

Sid:  So it’s like that mystery of what we hear of the Stonehenge and everyone says “How was that built?”

LA:    Hmm hmm.

Sid: Is that the same type of thing?

LA:  Well, we’ll talk about this a little later perhaps but the short answer to that is yes.  We believe that these megalithic structures that were on the earth and your talking Stonehenge and we can even talk about some of the henges found in the Americas.  This is the same group of people; dare I say people, but the same entities.  I believe this is fallen angle technology; I believe that the prince of the power of the air who we know is Satan is responsible.  And he’s setting up a…

Sid:  Why do you feel that Satan, or the prince of the power of the air, is responsible for these mounds?

LA: Because there is first of all there is evidence; good evidence of human sacrifice at all of these sites.  And this goes back right back to the days of Nimrod where the whole idea of human sacrifice was originated and this is the essence of the fallen ones religious system.    

Sid: But the science that these things; I have looked at your documentation the science that was available geometry that they have, they had to have all the type of technology that we have today. How old is this?

LA:  Well, the site the circle mound and I’m being conservative here it’s about 3500 years ago.

Sid: So how could they have had all of this elaborate science 3500 years ago?

LA:  That’s the point, it has the technology springs into existence and then vanishes.

Sid: And some of these stones are 120 tons and they had to move them like building blocks, like marshmallows to build with them.  How in the world did they move these stones laying up to 120 tons?

LA:  Yeah, your speaking of what we discovered in South America. The stone work in South America and specifically in Saksaywaman defies modern engineering techniques today.  The material… the stone is called andesite it’s extremely hard and yet we see these polygonal shapes in the stones. The quarry is 40 to 60 miles away, you working at an elevation of 12,000 feet. The stones are polygonal shape and it’s not just the front these cuts go all the way back through the stone.

Sid: What do you feel these fallen angels that cohabited with the daughters of men that the Bible tells us about what was their goal besides creating a race if you will a hybrid race that’s evil. What was their goal?

LA:  Well, the goal is… the end goal is to make man and the fallen ones image and to set up this control mechanism which we believe existed before the flood. And we see the fallen one after the flood attempting once again to create a grid system which empowers and is used to empower his plan basically.  And this is why these…

Sid: Do you think that this is perhaps the wheat and the tares, and the tares are the sons of the evil one that are going to be the whole anti-Christ system?

LA:  Well, eventually you know we’re kind of skipping around here but eventually it ties into the mark of the beast and the anti-Christ system absolutely, absolutely.  There’s a link between antiquity and modernity; between what happened thousands of years ago and what is happening right now and it ties in eventually into the mark of the beast.

Sid: You have to tell my audience right now about all of those 1000’s of years ago they actually had electricity?

LA:  Yeah, the stones that are created are used, let’s say in some of these monuments, all have piezoelectric power, or properties to them.  They can conduct electrical current; again these stones are shaped with such precision that a human hair cannot go through them.  And the size in which the stones lay on top of each other are polished to a high degree of luminosity.  It’ just amazing to see the architecture and this architecture springs up out of nowhere and then vanishes.

Sid:  And you know I’m jumping around but this is so phenomenal you have photographs of the skulls of these children of the Nephilim and they’re elongated, I’ve never seen a human skull like this; how could this not be big news in the scientific community.  Oops were out of time.

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