SID: Can you pray right now? Look into the camera and pray that we hear God’s voice, we become true worshipers of God, and pray that people with coronavirus will get healed.

TRACY: Okay, yes. So for everyone that’s listening out there, I just thank you Father for everyone. Father, I thank you for all of the viewers today. Father, I pray that you would send your Holy Spirit in now. And I ask God that you would anoint their ears and their eyes, God, that they can see and they can hear what the Spirit is saying. Father, I ask now that you would anoint them for dreams and visions, that they would have dreams in the night and visions during the day. God, I pray that you would take them into these encounters, that you would lead them in this way, God. Would you teach them how to pray? Would you teach them how to understand what it is that you’re showing them? And God, I pray for them that they would operate in the authority, the governmental authority of God, both as priest and king, and they would partner with you in the days ahead, God. I thank you that this is their finest hour.

TRACY: Lord and that you’re taking them into Your beauty realm, God. That you’re giving them power and authority over sickness and disease, and Father I thank you that there’s no fear that can come near them as they operate in this authority and in this priesthood. So Lord, I ask now for anybody out there that hears my voice. If you have coronavirus, if you are sick in your body, right now in the name of Jesus, I bind up that fear that has attached itself to this virus. And I command you to lead them now in the name of Jesus. And Holy Spirit, I just ask that you would release, right now release your peace into their lungs and into their cellular structure. And I ask right now that strength would come back to their cells, strength and vitality.

TRACY: I ask that the wind of God and the breath of God would hit your lungs right now in Jesus name, and that your lungs would be filled with the healing power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, and that you can breathe again. And I command all pain to leave your body, fever to leave your body now. And I just say resurrection life. I declare resurrection life over you and I declare that you are rising up out of this. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

SID: So be it.

TRACY: Amen.

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