sidroth on April 20th, 2018



JIM:  Uhhh… I mean different kind of crazy! You know what I mean? You know what I mean! You know, you know people… and so people would show up at my house. I’ll never forget a guy shows up at my house in the middle of the night. He’s so big he like blocks out the moon. You know, you know what I’m saying? And he comes to my door and he says are you that guy that’s been down there talking about Jesus? And I’m like umm, uh, maybe, uh, uh, could be. And, uh, he comes in and he says, uh, and, and he shows me he’s packing heat, you know. He says, uh, well, uh, I’m getting ready to go kill my mother and kill my wife and tomorrow morning I will be on the court house square and I will kill everybody that moves and I’m going to start with killing you if you can’t get me help. Man, I got news for ya. That’s when you go what is the most important thing around here? I’m want to tell you something. We have so missed the most important aspect, two most important aspects of the gospel. And we’ve done what people do… and I see this in when I go into a consulting, you go in and, and these companies will teach people how to do stuff. Now, and, and it works for a while and when it starts not working instead of going back to what did work, then they started adding something on. And in a year or two years what they’re doing isn’t even close to what they were taught to do. That’s what we do as believers. We come to Jesus in such incredible simple faith and it works. Everybody know what I’m talking about? You, you remember. You remember how when you first got saved it’s like man, getting a prayer answered was like falling off of a slippery rock! There was nothing to it! You… I mean it just seemed like everything worked. But what happened? What happened was we started… when something would go wrong instead of going back to what was really working we started kind of adding new things onto it and it started getting more and more complex. And before long it wasn’t even about Jesus anymore. Now it’s about us and our performance and what all we do and what all we feel like what we deserve. And we’ve left behind the most important factor. Let, let me say this first. You know THE root of the gospel… your faith is all about what you believe about the death, burial and resurrection. See most of us look to the life that Jesus lived when He walked planet earth. I go okay, my faith is going to be rooted in what He did. You know I’m thankful for what He did while He was here. I mean I could spend hours talking about the value that we have by Him emptying Himself, becoming a man and, and yielding to the Holy Spirit and all of those kinds of things. But you know what? That has nothing to do with my salvation. That has nothing to do with how or why the power of God would work in my life. That has nothing to do with me experiencing this thing we call “salvation.” And you know this thing we call salvation: “Sozo” [the Greek New Testament word for salvation] …saved, healed, delivered, blessed, prospered, protected, made whole, set apart. It’s not just about getting born again. It’s about    every aspect of quality of life, of dimension of life that Jesus obtained for us through His death, burial and resurrection. And so we need to know what happened while He was on the cross. What happened while He was in the grave. What happened so that He was raised up. And then what happened after He was raised up. Now, I… that’s the, that’s the root of the gospel. And you know what? That’s what you hear preached less than anything else. I mean you might hear a reference to the cross, but you don’t hear people talking about all the things that the Bible says happened. Just like this concept of, of being delivered from the curse of the Law. See if you can read you go back and read Deuteronomy or anywhere, and you go okay, this is a curse, this is a curse, this is a curse and you know when that comes into my life, if I recognize it as a curse, that’s when I have said, “No! I don’t accept you. You’re not from God.” And then not only… that’s when you know guilt’s going to rise up and you say but you remember that thing that you did the other day. You’re like you know what? That’s right. As a matter of fact I’ll just deal with that right now. Father, I thank you that I’m forgiven. I don’t… you know and you know you deal with it, but still I have authority. Even though I might have failed, even though I might have problems with it I still have authority because of what Jesus did! And you got to realize. See when Jesus rose from the dead, because you died with Him then every aspect of you that opposes the ress… who, who, who Jesus is resurrected?  [He] died. And you, you were raised up with Him. New creation. Now the Bible tells us that when we come to Jesus that we got to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. Now not just believe that He raised Him from the physical death. But do you know what? There had already been people raised from physical death. Jesus raised people from the dead. People were raised from the dead in the Old Testament. But do you believe God raised Jesus from the dead based on His account of what happened? And what does that have to do with you? And that’s where it starts getting interesting. Because the Bible says you got to believe that in your heart, not just your mind. See when you believe something in your mind, intellectually, when you’ve gathered the information all you have done is renewed your mind. Now there’s nothing wrong with that. You can even put some of that information you know into practice and it’ll benefit your life. But you, that doesn’t mean you’re experiencing transformation. That doesn’t mean you’re changing from the inside out. It just means you got some information that you can try really hard to put into practice. But the Bible says you got to believe this in your heart. Now the heart, and, and I, I don’t have time to go into all the dimensions of the heart. We could, honestly, I could, I could talk about the heart, its functions for a week nonstop, every day for hours. We can’t go into all that. But I want you to understand some of the basics of the heart. First and foremost, the heart is the real you. As near as I can understand from, from over 40 years of, of diving into this the heart is part spirit, part soul. Now the spirit part of your heart God has already written all of His truth on that part of you. But the soul part of your heart that’s why you got to renew your mind so that, so that they will be in harmony. So that what, so what you think and what your emotions are saying are harmonious with what God says and with the reality that God has, has established in you. Now the heart is the real you. And one of the… the two most interesting aspects of the heart are this. Number one, when you believe a truth in your heart it changes your sense of self. It changes how you see and experience who you really are. Now some of you have heard me talk at different times and teach at different times about, uh, uh, about prosperity or about success or this sort of thing. You know one, one of the reasons success works for me is this. See I can’t see myself broke! One of the reasons I get healed… You know I’ve overcome several life-threatening diseases. You know I was a, I was a, uh… after I stopped being a street preacher then I started being a jungle preacher and I used to do jungle crusades in other countries. And man I’m telling you I was, I was in other countries sleeping in huts, eating stuff that would make a goat puke. That’s, that’s a real missionary! If you can eat something that would make a goat puke you’re a real missionary! You know what I’m saying? And so man, I’m off in the jungle doing these crusades and uh, you know, uh, every phenomenal thing… uh, I’ve seen every miracle in the Bible. I mean, uh, I mean we would see, we’d see so many blind people get healed. This would be the honest truth. They would stop taking testimonies of blind people getting healed because it was boring. Because we had we already had so many of ‘em. You’d see cripples just get up and run around everywhere, all these kinds of things. You know thank God for it! But you know what? There’d be lots of times I’d be back in that jungle eating what those people eat, drinking the water they drink and I’d come home nearly dead! I’d… honestly, there have been 2 or 3 times since, uh, I started doing that kind a stuff that I would come back from some country somewhere and, and they, my wife or the doctors would not think I would live past the week. And, and these truths that I’m sharing with you these are the things that I used to walk out of those life-threatening illnesses. These are the things I used to walk out of financial disasters. It’s all about what Jesus did on the cross. But it’s not just the fact that He did it. I’ve got to believe that in my heart. Not just have this mental agreement. Not like, okay, yeah, let’s me see. God give me enough information and if, if I, you know if I see that I agree with you and I think you’re smart enough then what I’m going to do is I’m going to pass a judgment about You and say yeah God, you’re smart enough. I’ll kind of go along with that. And we think that that’s believing. I say believing in your heart is when you believe something to such a degree you can’t separate who you are from this reality. Now stop and think about it. Your whole life, your, your  mind is gathering behav… is gathering information. Your whole life. Parents are saying things to you. School teachers are saying things to you. Uh, you’re having failures and successes, embarrassments. All of these things. Well see we think that we are the sum total of our lives’ experiences because we’re living out of this. And so your mind serves to protect your ego. So your mind is always going, I mean in a nanosecond, every time an opportunity comes to it, before you realize you thought about it your mind’s going to say “uh uh, uh uh, uh uh.” And you’re going so that’s the Holy Spirit saying no. That’s not the Holy Spirit. That’s fear!

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sidroth on April 13th, 2018

SID: You know, Isik, you appear to be such a joyful person. You’re always bubbly. You’re always excited, but if people only knew the background you came from. It’s almost like that was a different person. I mean, I already told them your dream would be worthy enough to be a suicide bomber. You just got back from Israel. Tell me what happened when you went to Israel. What was it like?

ISIK: Well I had another encounter with Jesus there and I was weeping every step when I was walking to Jerusalem, and I just fell in love with Israel, and I felt like I belong there for all my life. And even when I was an enemy of Israel, when I wanted to wipe Israel from the face of the earth, as a radical Muslim, and I saw Lord Jesus towards me when I was in Israel, it was such a life-changing experience.

SID: I want you to see the contrast. I’ll take you back as a young girl in a Muslim family in Turkey, radical. What was your life like as a young girl?

Well I grew up in civil war years, so I was very accustomed to bombed, hearing gunshots, people killing each other. We had a terrorist training center next door. So I was four or five years old. I was seeing machine guns, dynamite going in and out of the body, and I developed PTSD at an early [age]. I was being beaten up, abused, and molested later on by a family relative. I’ve been through a lot of physical, sexual and emotional abuse when I was a kid and later on when I was a young adult.

SID: But even in Turkey it’s the same as America, the women think I’ll get married and that’s going to be my solution, and I’ll be just like they show in Hollywood. How old were you when you were married?

ISIK: Nineteen years old.

SID: Okay. So you get married.

ISIK: Yes.

SID: And it was actually worse than the beatings you were taking at home.
ISIK: Absolutely. The only difference, at that time, I was bleeding. My first husband was doing writing as a Muslim man. He was disciplining me to become a better Muslim woman.

SID: Is he allowed to do this, according to their holy book?

ISIK: Absolutely. Absolutely.

SID: Just out of curiosity, there’s been a phrase in America used often about Islam.

ISIK: Yes.

SID: This is the phrase that we have been sold as Americans: Islam is a peace-loving religion. What would you say to that?

ISIK: Well whoever says that has Antichrist spirit because this is a fake peace of Antichrist. And if there’s any peace in Islam, who says that needs to show me one Muslim country in the world that has peace. And it is a very fake and very deceptive statement that Islam is a peaceful religion.

SID: Okay. So you have a horribly abusive marriage and you decide you’re going to get education. You study. You’re good. You get a good job and then you figure a way to get out of Turkey to America. You get a transfer. You divorce your husband. I understand it took a miracle. You come to America. You live a very wild lifestyle and there’s another man who is involved in drugs, you get involved with, and he was acting crazy towards you. It was like you were a magnet to attract problems for yourself.

ISIK: Absolutely. And I believe through a problem, God can speak to many people. Maybe there’s a pattern in their lives and there’s an abuse pattern. They feel stuck and I was one of those people. I was a victim before Jesus Christ. I had this thing on my forehead, come and abuse me, come and rape me. And people, abusers are attracted to victims. So I had another horrible marriage, but the good part of it, I have a 20-year-old daughter today who is a missionary, and two months ago I led my second husband to the Lord, gloriously.

SID: Okay. I want to take you, you get a good job in America. However, because of the abuse, there’s a point you can only take so much, and because of this abuse, even with her daughter, life isn’t worth living. She’s going to commit suicide. She goes into work and her employer says, “Isik, I want you to come to my office. I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.” When we come back let’s find out what he did.

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sidroth on April 6th, 2018

AUDIENCE:  I believe it!


RICH: You know real quickly I want to take you through the miracles of Jesus. I just feel to talk a little bit about miracles if it’s okay with you. You know there’s four categories of the miracles of Jesus. Okay? One of them it’s miracles cures, which we know a lot in America that entitles the body, the physical body. Number Two: it’s exorcisms or deliverance. We saw deliverance today in one of the rooms back here. Number Three: it deals with resurrection from the dead. And Number Four: it deals with power over nature. Now this is something that many people have not tapped into yet. We all have great faith for cures. We all have seen devils come out. But the Lord is showing me that He’s bringing us into a season where we going to expect that, we’re going to begin to see the resurrection power of God begin to move through your life for resurrection. We’re going to talk about people being raised from the dead when he was playing someplace in Europe.  But Number Two, there’s going to be a revelation that we have power over nature just like Jesus has. And this is something that overseas it happens but in America! You know that in the city of Orlando there was a spot where I used to drive all the time going to church with my wife that just about every weekend there will be a motorcycle accident or a car accident because of a bad intersection. It was a Latino town so Latinos drive like crazy so you know everybody trying to beat each other. And there was three people that died the week that we rent our church building and we had to drive there. And the Holy Spirit says why don’t you stop on that spot and you declare that as long as you live in the city of Orlando not one body will be hurt or die on this intersection. And I stood there and I stood on that spot that had the marks of the motorcycle wheels and the darkness of the dried up blood and I said from this time on there will be no death or accident on this corner as the word of the Lord is being released. I bless this spot and I declare no more accidents. You know it’s been a year and a half not one accident took place on that spot!


AUDIENCE:              (CLAPPING)


RICH:   Now Number Two: we have power, and God is going to begin to release this upon us, to speak to nature and to the elements and it’s not your screaming. It’s not your fire. It has to do with that revelation of that area of the miracle power of God that has been unknown to most believers. You can look up to a tornado and you can point your finger and say you’re not going to damage my city. You can look, I mean you can point to a map and say there will be no earthquakes on this place as long as I’m alive. Let me tell you something. God will begin to do it because God is releasing that revelation to His people. The miracles is beyond cure of the body. He deals with casting out devils. He deals with resurrection. And He deals with power over nature. Can somebody say “I receive that!”

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sidroth on March 15th, 2018



RODNEY:  Really? You want to be dignified? It ain’t going to happen! Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Just lift your hands right where you are.




RODNEY:  Some people ask me you know they say so what do I have to do, how many hours a day do I have to pray? How many chapters of the Bible do I have to read? How many days must I fast a month? It’s a relationship, man, it’s not a ritual.


AUDIENCE   That’s right!


RODNEY:  Some people are walking around trying to wear Saul’s armor to get the job done. How can you wear Saul’s armor? No wonder you’re so burdened down. No wonder you have no joy, no peace. It’s those five smooth stones. David had a relationship. He ministered out of that relationship. And you and I are to minister out of that relationship that we have with Jesus. He fills us up to pour us out. He fills us up to pour us out. If you don’t let him pour you out something’s going to be missing because you’re going to reach people I can’t reach. Just even coming from this meeting we have today. Do you realize in a matter of seven days thousands of people can be reached just out of this meeting right here? Can I pray with you? I know you’re busy working there but I feel, I saw the hand of God come on you. Just bring her over here. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Come. Come. Lift your hands. Thank you, Lord. FIRE! The fire of God. I’ll tell you on all of the people that are used in this ministry greater creativity is going to come. Greater creativity. New ideas. New ideas. Things that have never been done before. Outside of the box. People will say, oh, some will say it won’t work but it will work because it will be of the Lord. It’ll be of the Lord. When I first came to America the Lord said to me find out what everybody else is doing do the opposite it’ll be me. Because everybody copies each other. God’s got originals. He don’t do copies. Are you kidding me? Amen!


AUDIENCE   Amen! Amen!


RODNEY:  Glory to God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you, Lord Jesus. I see Brother Sid moving over this way. (waits for Sid) I just feel to pray for more of the people here today whatever else you want me to do but…


SID:  Only if you pray for the people watching by way of video as well.


RODNEY:  We can do that right now. Why don’t you and me join hands?


SID:  You have a deal!


RODNEY:  And we’ll do that.


SID:  Let’s make a deal. No. That’s another show. (laughing)

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sidroth on March 8th, 2018



RODNEY:  Somebody who is demonstrating that He is alive. That when you are Exhibit A that Jesus is alive. When you walk in the door something is going to happen. When you walk in the door something is going to take place. Not because of you but because of Him because He lives on the inside of you and He’s wanted to flow through you and you’ve got to learn to yield to the Spirit of God. Regardless of what you’re feeling. You might feel tired. You might feel… I remember we were going down to preach in Auckland New Zealand and you know, to get there flying out of Tampa you’d fly into L.A. and you’d take the overnight flight and I would leave on Sunday afternoon after the morning service, get into Los Angeles, then get on the midnight flight and land there Tuesday morning cause you miss a day. One year my son was turning, I think 8, and he lost his birthday. He was very upset about it because we’d crossed the date line. You know, he said Dad, when’s my birthday. I said now son, for about an hour.




RODNEY:  He wasn’t happy. I tried to make it up to him but he… anyway when you cross the date line that’s what’s going to happen. You lose it. So I landed there on Tuesday morning and I had an hour to shower and run to the meeting. I get there. There’s about 3000 people in there. I am tired. I’m jet lagged. How many have ever had jet lag? Your head feels three times the size of your body. You’re tired. You just want to put your head down. I can still remember I gave the altar call hundreds of people came forward to receive Christ. And as I was praying with them I could hear my voice trailing off. Have you been driving down the road and you start dozing off to sleep? That’s what was happening to me. You know I’m praying over the people. I’m leading them in the prayer to accept Jesus and I hear my voice trailing off. I’m going on. No! Don’t go to sleep now.




RODNEY:  Like I’m busy praying Dear Lord Jesus, come into my heart, forgive me of my sin but I can hear my voice just going off in the distance. I think what if I were to start praying and blessing the food or something stupid. I mean that’s embarrassing. You know you were leading people to Christ then you bless the food.




RODNEY:  I mean what good is that? I just said that to say how tired I was. So now they line everybody up. So I’m walking down this line. And I’m just laying hands on people. Well I’m so tired. Somebody said what did you feel? I felt nothing. I felt like going to sleep. I want to sleep but the people are lined up. Lift your hands. I walk around the line. In the name of Jesus. In the name. In the name. Just walking down. Feel, touch, whatever. No long prayer. You know. People always want you to pray this long prayer. Like if you just touched them it’s not good enough. Meanwhile the woman with the issue of blood just touched him. Nobody prayed for her.

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sidroth on March 1st, 2018

CHRIS:  We thought why are they doing that? There’s hardly any cars that ever come by anyway and there hardly is. I just went back there a year ago. I was like, I went down Main Street and thought why is this light even here? I was so, I was so afraid, the fear that I had to stand and speak in front of people it moved over into other areas of my life. I finally, I finally had to deal with this, this thing with fear of being in front. Because I’d start to write songs. And people would go I heard you wrote a song. Where’d you hear that? Your sister told me. Oh, darn it! Your brother says you’re writing beautiful songs. I go no, no, that means people will have to hear them and then I’m going to have to sing them to the people who are hearing them. And so what I would do… I’m serious. Do you live in the same world I live in? Okay. This is what… I would go into the bathroom. I’d shut the door and say are you guys out there? They’d say yeah. Where are you? I didn’t want them to be in the dining room. I wanted them to be in the living room which was 2 rooms away. And then I would sing the song in the bathroom. (laughs) Am I the only one that does stupid things?




CHRIS:  Do you know why we do them? It’s a Spirit of fear. And I didn’t recognize it. And someone said by the way you’ve got a spirit of fear. I said what? They said yeah, this fear it’s crippling you. We need to get rid of this thing. And so some friends gathered around me. They began to pray. A couple of them fasted for me. Let me tell you something. We talk about love and having to initiate and go after it with love. We need to do that but the things that hinder us, the chains that bind us we have to go after those things and get serious because when they bind us they bind the voice in us and the God’s, God’s uniqueness through us. No two people are the same. Why is that? Because God, He uniquely made you so that He can be unique through you. Okay? That’s why you might have the… I sing and so and so sings. Well you don’t sing the same. You have unique ways of bringing this out. And that’s where harmony is birthed. The problem is if this singer is intimidated by this singer, this singer shuts down. It’s a spirit now of comparison. We begin to compare ourselves one with another. Well the scripture says that’s unwise. We shouldn’t do that. So I was like okay, after he told me to write this book I moved from Kansas City to where I live now. I live in Franklin, Tennessee which is a suburb of Nashville. And I’m there and now it’s been a couple of years and somebody comes up to me and I’m now away from this person that told me to write the book and I haven’t written it. Yes, I was disobedient. You can be an adult and be disobedient. (laughs) I was like a kid and I get to Franklin and a prophetic gal comes up to me and she says you didn’t do it. And I said I didn’t do what? She goes you didn’t write the book yet, did you? I went, “get behind me”…

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sidroth on February 16th, 2018

SID: I really like some of your writing here. I mean, your life was over before it began. God’s not asking you to become something you’re not. He’s asking you to become who you already are. Now unpack that.


CLARICE: Now, if I’m going to unpack in four or five minutes, you have to understand from God’s perspective.


SID: Yes, but there’s no time in eternity. You just told me.


CLARICE: [speaking in tongues] God is a God of now. Everything is now, present tense. So say, out of every river has a mouth. Out of my belly flows rivers, rivers of love, life, joy, peace, healing, deliverance, rivers, rivers, rivers, and every drop, every word that I’m speaking is saying I must become a part of something greater than me. I must become, that which I already am. Because from God’s perspective it was over before it began. He always starts at the end. So if anybody asks you what comes first, the chicken or the egg, if you’re talking about God, it’s always the chicken because he always starts with things finished. And when you understand that, you begin to think with that. Then past and present have collided into the ever-present now, so you do not think about someday God is going to this and yesterday God did that, so I’m not left with anything here. I’m just muddling around. No, now is the time. Never has there ever been a day like this. This is the day the Lord has made and we will begin to decree, proclaim, establish and begin to speak. And right now, I want to tell you, there is someone that is listening here and you have an abscessed ear. And in the authority of the name of Jesus, [speaking in tongues], I open your ears with the infallible, inherent and awesome Word of God. Those that have cancer nodules on your throat, I bind that in Jesus’s name. A collapsed vocal cord, in the name of Jesus, I command you, wake up, wake up and proclaim the Glory of God. I speak to those that are bound by drugs and alcohol, and wrong relationships, be delivered in the authority of the name of Jesus. May the angels of the Lord pursue you, devil, on a dark and slippery path. A hole you’ve dug for them, I put you into it. Father, in Jesus’s name, thank you for power.


SID: Now, there are people that are watching right now and you feel hopeless. Everything is closing in on you. If that were you, what would you do right this minute, if you were that person?


CLARICE: If I was that person I would make a decision to agree with God. As quickly as you can, you can say, you can look at the symptoms, you can look at the circumstances, they are facts. Facts and truth are not the same thing. And as soon as we realize it is Satan that is the accuser of the brethren, but he can only have the power that you give him. All power in Heaven and Earth, [speaking in tongues], has been passed. It’s given, all there is. I asked the Lord, I need more power in my life. And he said, “Well I don’t have anymore.” One of the greatest things that keeps us from being healed is condemnation, self-hate, low self-esteem, unworthiness, agreeing with the reports of the Adamic nature instead of the new nature. So as we choose to agree with God, Jesus in you is the hope of glory. Christ as you is a manifestation of glory.


SID: What I want you to do is speak the Word over that person that’s hopeless right now.


CLARICE: Father, in the authority of the name of Jesus, we just thank you that you are a God of the impossible. Hope and despair, frustration, hearts that have been made heavy, awful things that have happened, Lord God, we thank you right now that you are the God of the hopeless, hurting people. And with mercy and compassion, we release into the atmosphere the antidote to the Antichrist, which is name of Jesus, the blood of Jesus, the Word of God. We thank you, Lord God, that the great angels of God, ministering spirits sent forth from God to aid us with the heirs of salvation, take these words and let them be implanted into the heart of the hopeless. Hope deferred that has made your heart sick, I bind and break it in Jesus’s name. It’s time for you to decide. Ha, ha, ha, he, he, he, the joy of the Lord really lives in me. Strengthen yourself with the joy of the Lord.


SID: As believers, we need to become who you already are.


CLARICE: That’s right.


SID: Explain that.


CLARICE: Well from God’s perspective, you know, I was praising God. I said, O Lord, I just love you, and I do crazy praise. You know, I battle with the rattle of a tambourine. I jump around. I love God. I just love him. I’m addicted to him. So when I said to the Lord, he said, “Be transformed through the renewing of your mind, pulling down strongholds and pain imagination.” I said, “What’s a pain imagination?” He says, “Anything apart from my Word. It’s a luxury you can no longer have.” And so I thought, oh, will be transformed by renewing your mind. Where was my mind new? Will you tell me about that? Put R-E in front of it. And he said, “Well because you came from the heart of God.” He said, “Your DNA is a divine nature attitude and the whole heart of God was imparted to you and it’s coded into your being, and the more you fellowship the Holy Ghost you begin to realize you are already who you already are.” It’s already, we are sons of God. And sometimes we think of like I’m a verb, I’m a noun, I’m an adjective, I’m an adverb, and God says, “You are epistles being written by the hand of God.” So if I’m a noun in the body of Christ and all I do is hang around with nouns, I’ll never have a sentence. I’ll never be able to express the fullness, so I’ve got to have diversity. If I’m a noun, I have to have a verb, an adverb and an adjective, and I’ve got to find some dangling participles, and a preposition here and there, and then we put them together, and then our life begins to make sense. Together, we’ll glorify God and we were created for God’s Glory. So when we’re talking about it was over before it began, I am becoming who I already am, God saw it from the end and he says, “This is what I see. When I look at you, all I see is Jesus.” The scripture says, “See no man except in Christ.” And you decree it with the fruit of your lips. You begin, “I will judge you and I will you judge you up.” The spiritual man judges everything. So I judge you as a king, as a priest, as a prophet. I judge you as redeemed from the curse of the law of sin and death. I judge you up. I judge you healed and delivered, and prosperous because that’s what salvation is about.


SID: You know what I’m hearing you say? This is what I’m hearing you say. She’s actually saying it to you, and I want you to say it to those watching right now. Tell them they’re a champion. I like the way you say that.


CLARICE: Oh! Aww! Listen, champions live differently than normal, average people. You see, champions look at situations and circumstances and say, “Greater is he that is in he than he that is in this world.” So I began to chose to agree with God. I said to God, “What makes you happy?” He says, “I’m glad you asked. We become that which we adore.” So we are learning how the adoration of God brings us to a place that these are words that come from a champion spirit. We have come before God Almighty. You are kings with crowns upon your head, you are priests that bring the people to God and God to the people, and you are prophets that hear the Word of God and declare change the atmosphere. You may not ever be on this program, but there is something you’re on every day. You could be washing dishes, you can be at the office and all you have to do is open your mouth and say [speaking in tongues]. You begin to release the rivers of love and life, and you will change the world. Champions do. Agree with me. Say it with me, all of it: We are champions!


SID: We are champions!


CLARICE: Hallelujah.

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sidroth on February 9th, 2018

BOB:  All right. Who else, who else had an animal come to your mind, you’re like oh, that’s really weird I don’t know if that could even be God. All right sir. What was it? What was it that you had? Yeah. An ostrich! I love that. Because they’re very lean meat. I like ostrich meat. No. (laughs) The Lord says you’re lean and you’re mean. You know. In fact I really do feel like you’ve gone through a season of time where there’s been like almost a leaning down of things in your life. In fact I see like a partnership that was in your life that it was like a three-stranded cord but it went to a two-stranded cord and I feel like the Lord has brought you through a season that’s called pruning and there was a key partnership in your life. I feel like it’s a business partnership that was pruned but you’re leaner and you’re meaner in this season. And I also feel like there were people you could have been mean to and you could have enforced just judgment against them but the Lord says because you didn’t just use an earthly legal system to enforce just judgment against people God’s going to release the judicial system of heaven in your life and God’s making up for some things. In fact I see these scales of justice over your head and I feel like that means that there were some even legal disputes that the enemy wanted to lure you into and to steal and to kill and to destroy. Am I making sense to you? What’s that? Sure. Only if it’s positive. (laughs) If you’re going to say I’m a false prophet, no you can’t. (laughs)




BOB:  Just kidding. Yeah, you can. Just kidding.


MAN:  We lived in Mint Hill North Carolina and we were renting this house to a police officer and one day he just, he had like five children, he just, one day he just left without paying us a cent. And I could have sued this police officer criminally but I went to another lawyer. I just let him settle for much, much less than he owed us. So I didn’t…


BOB:  So you didn’t enforce earthly justice but God’s releasing heavenly justice. Here’s what I hear the promise of the Lord saying to you. That you’re going to be restored much more than if you would have got earthly justice.




BOB:  And here’s what else I hear, sir? Some of those things you did were to provide for your family, like a future for your family, it was kind of like this is going to be a family kind of heritage and history. But I feel like the Lord is saying there’s a blessing, more of a blessing for real estate coming on you in this season and I feel like the Lord’s going to release to you some multi-housing units, multi-unit housing units that you’re going to be able to be one that helps people during their times of need but it’s also going to be something that’s going to be a resource for your family. Here’s the other thing as I feel like the Lord said. You’ve been like a secret giver and you’ve even blessed the church and blessed ministries and sometimes you’ve seen them not be good stewards of the resources that God’s given you but God wants you to know you didn’t give it to a man or a ministry. You gave it to Him and He’s going to reward you for it.




BOB:  Bless you, sir, okay? Bless you, sir. … you can just hand her the microphone that would be great. Can you just bless him? Raise your hand toward him and say “Let there be light.”

AUDIENCE:  Let there be light.


BOB:   Now it’s funny when I said earlier about when I was joking about Jesus had a donkey. Did anyone happen to get a donkey? All right. That’s good, sir. Can you stand up? Not that I’m saying it’s good that you got that. What I’m saying is that the Lord has given you such a persistent faith in your life. And I feel like you’re one who’s had persistence even when other people have given up. And I just hear the Lord say don’t become weary in well doing because if you do not faint you will receive the promise. And one of the things I feel like there’s some family members you’re praying for that seems like they’ve hardened their heart and hardened their head almost like a stubborn donkey you know who have hardened their head against God but God wants you to know that He’s going to take hearts of stone and turn them into hearts of flesh. And there’s like a, there’s like an anointing on sons and daughters to turn their hearts back to the father this year,        that God’s going to turn hearts back. The other thing is I feel like the Lord is saying He’s moving in a new way in the area of persistent prayer in the spiritual community that you’re a part of. There’s a, there’s a, there’s been a concerted prayer effort, there’s been like a season of prayer, almost like a 21 day fast or something that you’ve gone in to that the Lord is saying that the heavens they started out when you were praying they were like hard, like brass, stubborn but that God’s pouring out a blessing that cannot be contained. And I feel like that there’s a grace on your life to win a lot of people into the kingdom of God. People that are hard hearted and hard headed. That their hearts are going to turn toward God. And I asked the Lord where that was and I started to smell like ethnic cooking and I feel like the Lord says He’s going to set a table before you in the presence of your enemies and I saw you like feeding people that didn’t know the Lord and they came to know the Lord through the love of the Father, through the hospitality of the Father’s Table. This is going to be a year for evangelism that’s going to happen through relationships because of prayers that you’ve prayed, the blessings being poured out for the harvest that’s coming to your church and your spiritual community. In Jesus’ name. Amen? Amen. All right.



BOB:  Do you know Jesus said to His disciples “Freely you have received, freely give.” Right? I believe that whenever we sew God’s voice to other people we receive, we reap God’s voice back to us. I was ministering to someone recently, and as we close this is what I’m going to pray is that you not only become receivers of God’s voice but you become givers of God’s voice. A young lady came to me and said I’m in a, I’m just in a difficult time of my life where I need to make decisions and I can’t hear from God. What’s wrong with me? And I said your problem is you’re normal. She said what do I do? And I said you know what I’d when I need to hear from God? I find someone else who needs to hear from God and I said this is what God wants to say to you. And I believe that as you sew God’s words to people you’re going to receive God’s word back to you. Would you stand with me and let me pray for you today? Jesus said in Matthew13 to His disciples: He said blessed are your eyes for they will see things prophets long to see.    Blessed are your ears for they’ll hear things that prophets long to hear. Blessed is your heart for they’ll understand things. And so Father God, I thank You that we were created in Your image and likeness. We were created to see what God sees and to say what God says. Oh God, I thank You for everyone watching, Lord, that their eyes are going to be open, that their ears are going to be open, that their hearts are going to be open and not only will they see themselves the way You see them but they’re going to see others and they’re going to say what You say. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen. God bless you guys!


AUDIENCE:    Whooo! Whooo! (CLAPPING)


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sidroth on February 2nd, 2018



ART:  And this guy goes the guy who healed me told me to carry my mat. You know I think that’s a little good authority. Right? You know? They said who was it? He said I don’t know because Jesus had slipped away into the crowd. So that gives us a clue that at this point in Jesus’ ministry John chapter 5 it’s early. He’s still flying under the radar. Remember He’s in Jerusalem. If He’d come out and healed every single person there He might have been crucified early instead of at the fullness of time after He had done everything He was sent here to do. Now there’s another aspect to this. He comes back to the man and He says do you believe in the Son of Man? Do you believe in the Messiah? And He has this conversation with him. Introduces Himself to him. This was a guy who had no faith. He didn’t know who Jesus was. He didn’t believe in Jesus being the Messiah. You know? Yet he was healed anyway because Jesus ministered to him. Now why didn’t Jesus heal all the other sick people who were there at the Pool of Bethesda? Number One, like we said, flying under the radar. But Number Two. I think this is really interesting. Just because He didn’t lay hands on everyone doesn’t mean He didn’t want everyone healed. I have people come to me and ask me if you really believe God wants to heal all and you’re seeing all these results like you say you’re seeing, which personally one on one I see a majority healed. I don’t see 100%. I see a lot of people I’ve laid hands on and I don’t see results. And it’s heartbreaking cause you care about people. But to just be real with you, you’ve going to press through the struggle and keep giving the burden to Jesus, not just carrying it for yourself. That’s Biblical. “Cast your burdens on Him for He cares for you.” It would be sin for me to carry the emotional weight of that but I still have to take responsibility and ask the Lord to change me. But now here we go. People ask me why don’t you just go and empty out a hospital? That’s a valid question and I tell them that. That’s a very fair question too. Cause they say if I could do what you could do I’d be at the hospital. I’d empty it out. And I’m like God bless you, you can do what I can do. Go to the hospital and empty it out!




ART:  Now the truth is I’m just one guy. Okay? Now we know the logistical problems. What hospital is going to let some random guy walk in and lay hands on every person in every bed? But if that was allowed logistically I’m just one guy. I would burn myself out. And honestly when would I meet your expectation? Because even if I did go in a hospital and empty it out you’d say why don’t you go to the next hospital? When would I ever satisfy your demands when the truth is I’ve got a calling and a mission on my life to train and equip the Church to do the same things which is even better because then all of you go in His name and now there’s millions of Jesus-like ministers of healing who can empty out hospitals because it’s not too much of a burden on one person. And here’s the beauty of this. The Pool of Bethesda, when you look on a map of Jerusalem, it’s just outside the Sheep Gate and just inside the Sheep Gate is Solomon’s Colonnade. Acts chapter 5: “Every single person who was brought to the believers was healed.” And remember John chapter 5, it said “Here a number of sick and injured people used to lie.” Why didn’t they lay there anymore? The Bible doesn’t expressly say it but I’d better believe if there’s a whole bunch of sick people laying there and somebody goes Hey, just the other side of this gate everybody’s getting healed. Guess what? Carry me, buddy! Get me over there! Right? I’m not sticking around here waiting for some angel that may never show up. It’s working over there.




ART:  Those Christians were clearing out the sick from Jerusalem. And that’s what I want to see. That’s my vision for the Church. See we are the body of Jesus in this world. Everyone who touched Jesus’ body was healed. And now you’re His body. Yes, physically He is in heaven at the right hand of the Father and He does have a physical body there but practically speaking according to First Corinthians 12 and Romans 12, various other scriptures, Ephesians 4, we are His body in this earth. I like to say that a head doesn’t just get from Point A to Point B on its own. Fair? Jesus has permanently submitted Himself to relationship with you. You see Jesus could appear to every single person on the planet right now at the drop of a hat and preach the gospel to them! But He doesn’t. Why? Because He commissioned you. Jesus could snap his fingers and heal every single person on the planet! But He doesn’t. Why? Because He commissioned you. That’s the beauty of following this Jesus. He’s the one who paid for it. He’s the one who wants it. And I guarantee He will do His work. It’s inevitable. Now some other thoughts. Other arguments that people have. Paul’s “thorn in the flesh.” That’s a great one. People always ask what was Paul’s thorn in the flesh? Now it’s a great question because there’s so much debate and confusion about it but it’s actually kind of a silly question     because the Bible actually says what Paul’s thorn in the flesh was. Did you know that? It says “There was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan sent to torment me.” Now that’s pretty clear. In fact the Greek word for messenger is “angelos” which is the word translated “angel,” an angel of Satan. And there’s only two other places that mention angels of Satan. Like the dragon and his angels were thrown down to the earth. Right? And I don’t remember what the other one is but only two places and it’s always referring to demons. So pretty simple. A demon of Satan was given to him. A messenger of Satan was given to him to keep him humble. Now what did that demon do? That’s the part that’s a debate. Okay? It was just a demon. Now some demons can cause a physical problems. Sure. I’ve seen a whole lot of that happen. But in this case I’ve walked through all these questions. You know some of the popular theories like Paul having an eye problem. I mean I’ve written about this extensively. There’s no way to make that work. In fact if you want to read a classic book that’ll teach you that, F.F. Bosworth wrote one and thoroughly dismantled the idea that Paul had an eye problem. It’s kind of ridiculous when you see the logic of it especially looking at the fullness of the New Testament. But, yeah, I personally believe that it was a demon inciting persecution everywhere Paul went. Cause he faced more persecution than anybody. In fact he said it was sent to buffet me and that word “buffet” means repeated blows [sounds of his fists hitting] as with a fist. Now furthermore some people question maybe this is my thorn in the flesh or something like that. I say, no. Throw that away. Because you know you’re telling me that you… Smith Wigglesworth. Actually if you know who he is. He was a minister back in the early 1900’s. And he… a woman came to him and said that and if I remember right he said something like are you so prideful that you think you’ve had such an abundance of revelations as Paul did that you need a thorn in the flesh? Be healed in Jesus name and the woman got healed. (laughs)

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sidroth on January 17th, 2018



BRIAN:  Daniel, he had insights. Unusual insights that we’re only now walking in to. The days of Daniel are upon us. The fulfillment of the prophetic writings. And Daniel said in the Last Days many will go here and there. Many will go here and there and revelation knowledge will increase and the books will be opened, 66 of them, and the spirit of revelation is going to come upon us and no longer will the word of God be a dead dry manual of doctrines that only load more guilt to the soul but we’re going to understand the sweet breath, the heavenly wind that inspired the writings of scripture to impart life, strength, glory and that every verse of the Bible becomes an on ramp into the heavenly realm as we beat the book. We enroll into the seminary of divine glory. In a true sense you could call a prophet someone who’s met with God because if you’ve not met with God you’re not, you don’t have anything to say. And we have to be, the church has to be fed, taught, led and blessed by men and women that have had amazing encounters. Dreams that set in course our destiny. Visitations that align us with heaven and get us out of our own thoughts and limitations and put us in the stream of revelation, the books of Bliss that we walk in that realm where it’s heaven, not man. Dust and deity kissed and it’s you. Dust and deity have kissed and now you are a human being operating in two realms at once. I’m a bi-locational minister.




BRIAN:  Every night I go to bed I consecrate my pillow. Make it a pillar. Take me. Speak to me. And if I’m too dense speak to my wife.




BRIAN:  Help her. It’s so amazing. When I’m not hearing from God the Lord busts me by giving my wife a word for me.      But I love being married to someone that loves Jesus and wants to hear His voice like I do. Throughout contemporary history men and women have had encounters with God. Life changing that altered the world. Our church fathers wrote, such as Augustine, Luther, Wesley. All of them had tremendous deep encounters with God that changed their lives. The writings of Jonathan Edwards, Count Zinzendorf,       Charles Finney, who is one of my favorite role models.    Maria Woodworth Etter, D.L. Moody and Billy Graham have all been marked with encounters. After, I hope it’s many, many years from now, but after his passing there will come out the supernatural realm that has been operating with Billy Graham. Psalm 42, I long to drink of you of God, drinking deeply from the streams of pleasure    flowing from Your presence. My longings overwhelm me for more of God. My soul thirsts, pants and longs for the living God. And then he says these words. I want to come and see the face of God. I want to give you a few points before we leave. You can have an encounter with God. You can expect it, ask for it, wait for it. Don’t believe that it won’t happen to you. Or let me say it positively. Believe that you’re in line for a visitation. And understand that it will come when you don’t expect it. You do not choose. He does. The second thing is you can have a supernatural encounter and initially not realize what’s going on. Two disciples were walking with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. And by the way it gives the name of one of them, the name Cleopas. It’s a woman. It’s never been translated properly. It was a woman. Some scholars believe it could have been Peter and his wife, but her name got mentioned. And what did they say about walking with Jesus? It said as He opened up the scriptures that their hearts… what was it?


AUDIENCE:  Burned.


BRIAN:  Burned within them. And they didn’t even realize. It’s 17 miles from Jerusalem to the present day city of Emmaus. It’s not really a city, it’s just a place there. I drove right by it. I asked our guide to point it out to me. And in our tour bus we really were kind of going the road to Emmaus. It was very fascinating. And Emmaus is a word that means “the burning place.” So on the way to the fire, the “glory fire,” their hearts began to burn and they didn’t even know it was Jesus! It’s like Jacob. God is in this place and I knew it not. You see God can be in this place and you’re not even aware of what’s going on! And the third, it will happen when you are ready. Your idea of when you’re ready and God’s idea of when you’re ready, there may be a slight difference. You’re idea of being ready is when you’ve prayed, fasted, no sin in your life, you drive right. You know you kissed your wife good morning and good night and you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do. You’ve been a good man, a good woman in the church, then you’re ready for His visitation. It’s the opposite. Jacob got it when he was running from God, running from his destiny. People can get it in lonely places. Some of the desperation that you may feel crowding into your heart right now is the preparation of heaven for your visitation. Bless the Lord for all that He’s bringing into your life. Praise Him. Praise your way up that stairway and expect the Lord to bless you, to enrich you. Jacob said the words “how astonishing and awe inspiring is this place.” I was taken to the Sea of Glass. It was the most amazing blue. Well let me back up and tell you how it happened. For years I was praying and I would see blue. I would go into blue. I’d close my eyes and I’d just see blue, this deep, deep blue. And I didn’t know what it was but I prayed my way through it. And then finally one day I realized this is like sapphire blue. This is like heavenly blue. So I decided to yield to this blue. I called it going into the blue. Until one day I actually went right and stood on the sapphire pavement. I saw the throne of God. It was far but near at the same time I can’t describe it. The heavenly activity that was sweet and terrifying at the same time. Seven torches burning on the sea of glass. And the Lord spoke my name and motioned me to come. He stood from the throne. I mean this is like heart-stopping. What am I here for? What’s is going to happen to me? Why am I summoned? And I stopped at a proper distance from the throne. And the Lord spoke to me. His lips were moving but I could not hear what He was saying. It wasn’t in a different language. I just like I couldn’t perceive what He was saying to me. He realized I was clueless so He called for an angel, a messenger. He wrote down on a scroll what He wanted me to hear and He handed it to the angel who gave it to me. As I opened up the scroll it said Philippians 1:21 “for to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” That was the message. It’s been my life message. Wouldn’t you like to have a scroll with your life message on it? You guy’s okay? You with me?

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