ROBBY:    They, the drugs had no effect on him whatsoever. He couldn’t, he couldn’t eat. He said every time he closed his eyes he would see my wife’s finger in his face. And he said “What happened?” He goes look at me. And he holds up his hands and his hands were shaking. And I said, I said she put the fear of God on you!  

SID:  Now when he—

ROBBY:  And he goes “ah.”

SID:  You told me that when he came into her presence afterwards, after that encounter he was still shaking over this little woman?

ROBBY:  Yes! He tells me this. This is several days later. He tells me this and he holds his hands and his hands were still shaking.  


ROBBY:  And he didn’t— I told him that she had to pray for his release.

SID:  This is a thug with a gun! Why was he afraid? (laughing)  

ROBBY:  The spirit of God! It’s just the Spirit of the Lord just hit him. And you know, she’s, she’s a woman with authority. And I told him, and he told me he goes every time I close my eyes he goes I see that finger. And I said well just so you know I’ve seen that finger before too. I understand.


ROBBY:  There’s authority in that finger, I’m telling you! But—

SID:  Okay. Robby. There is a presence, such a sweet presence of God. It’s not just sweet. It’s with that word authority that you use. There’s an authority that is coming in right now. I want you to pray whatever God tells you to pray right now.

ROBBY:  Right now, Father I just thank You for just all of the fear and inhibition. There’s some people that are right now in the midst of fear of people that are, have been abusing them. There’s other people that are in fear of people who are family members that are in addiction and that are abusing them or taking advantage. Right now by the authority of Christ, I just, we thank You, Lord that the listeners have the authority through Christ to break that hold, to break that power and to be set free. And so right now Lord I just pray just an “authority understanding” through Your Spirit just hit the listeners right now and an understanding of Your authority that You’ve given. Jesus, You said all authority has been given to Me and I am in you. Therefore all authority is in you. And Lord I pray that reality be known right now in Jesus’ name. In Jesus’ name!

SID:  You know— 

ROBBY:  And there’s a man who’s battling alcohol right now that’s listening to this and it’s just been a real severe addiction. Right now you’re just, there’s been, you’re feeling a turning in your stomach. Well there’s a spirit of addiction. Lord, Lord, we break that spirit of addiction in Jesus’ name. Now get off of him! And we declare that freedom and that authority! I just felt it break right there in Jesus’ name. Jesus’ name! SID:  There’s a lot of, not just a lot of authority, a lot of power in that prayer right now. I really want you to be mentored by Robby in the prophetic, in healing, ministering the presence. How to hear from God. Deliverance. It’s time to be beat sickness. It’s time to beat suffering. It’s time to beat despair. So for an investment of 39 dollars get the “Do What Jesus Did” Package. Robby, I want you to pray another prayer right now. I want people to experience the presence of God. Would you pray that right now?    

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