sidroth on June 25th, 2019

HAKEEM: You will begin to raise up glory-carriers. This is such a season where now, You’re causing Your prophetic Spirit to be released upon all flesh: and your sons and daughters will prophesy. Who is He speaking about? He’s speaking about you. You are the sons and daughters that God’s going to use in the hour; you’re going to be the light of the world. And the Lord says Son and daughter, know that in this hour I am going to use you as a beacon of light. God says, Get ready, for this is your season and this is your time; for son and daughter, you have been in hiding; you have been in the back; you’ve been overlooked; but the Lord says, I will raise you up, says the Lord, to bring you to the forefront. From what is in the back, I shall bring to the forefront. This is the hour where God says, You will not retreat; you will not revert; but this is the hour, the Lord says, I am going to raise your voice. I am going to raise your influence. I am going to give you the spheres of influence in this hour, to be a voice of change. You will be a voice of hope, and Jesus the Prophet will speak through you. Jesus the Prophet will declare over you. Jesus the Prophet will use your mouth, your voice, to begin to bring change, for this is the hour of great glory. And waves of revival is about to hit this nation like never before. And I hear the Lord saying that I Am releasing dispatching angels before you, and I’m going to cause ‘the crooked places to be made straight.’ And this is the season where the Lord says, I am activating the gifts. I Am causing and cultivating the gift and the prophetic senses. This is your season; this is your hour. Some of you said, There has to be more; There’s something got to be more; There’s something more. And yes, you are that more; you – in you, God says, Am going to bring more out of you. I am going to cause you to be that voice, to be that model of change, to be the conduit of My glory. Get ready; this is the season where God says, Do not fear. But God says rise up, because this is the season to Arise, and shine, for My glory shall come upon you. This is the season where His Spirit is sweeping, upon the nation, across the nation, looking for revivalists, looking for reformers, looking for those that would do great works. You – greater works will go through you and be in you. And get ready, for this is your hour. I just release that upon you right now. Some of you that are watching, you’re saying, There’s something more; God said Yes, –


HAKEEM: more in you.

LARRY: Yeah; yeah. And again, thank You, Lord, for just moving. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for what You’ve said.


LARRY: Again, the key to operating in the prophetic: First, hear what God is saying, then say what He’s saying. That is you, speaking light, into the darkness – in your life, and the world around you. Thanks for joining us today.


sidroth on June 17th, 2019

SID:  Keith, is God showing you anything right now?

KEITH:  I believe that there are prisoners, people who have had their praise hindered and suppressed because people have said “you sing off key” or “You’re not pretty and melodious” and whatever, and those things have stifled some of you. But the Lord says: “I’ve come to give you life and that you have it more abundantly.” And so what we want to do, what I feel like the Lord is saying to do is to use the “key of David” to unlock that prison door and to release the prisoner. He’s come to set the captive free. And He’s ready to hear your praise, not somebody else’s praise. It doesn’t matter if You’re “pitchy” or if you can’t sing or if You’re heavy or if You’re skinny or if you don’t dress just this way or that way. It has nothing to do with any of that any longer. The Lord says, “I am ready to hear the song of my bride being sung to the bridegroom.” And so the Lord just simply says to those who are bound tonight “Be free.” And in the name of Jesus, if that’s you, I want you to just raise your hand even in this audience, I don’t know, if you’ve been trapped up with your praise, if it’s been suppressed, just raise your hand, keep it up, it’s okay. Look, I was told all the time I was too fat, I was too was too boisterous, I just played the piano to be in the spotlight, and it just tormented me, and I just didn’t want to do anything and I just kept quiet for the longest time until the Lord says, “Come free, come free. “And that’s what I want to pray tonight. So in the name of Jesus, ha, tonight: Father, we use the key of David to unlock that door of the prison. Ha– Lord, in Jesus name we call forth the praise to erupt and start bubbling, even as a volcano deep within their spirit, that which has been suppressed and pushed back and hidden and locked away. Father, You said “Now it’s time to arise and shine for Your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” And so even as You spoke to Lazarus and called him out of the grave, and he came forth bound and swaddled and he was wobbling out, so too Father, we call that praise even now: COME OUT– and be released. SILENT NO MORE, in Jesus name. Silent no more! 

SID:  Keith– even those that are worshippers of God, and there ARE many worshippers of God watching us and in the audience, even those of you that are worshippers of God, do you know you worship from glory to glory? You don’t just– if You’re just staying constant in your worship, You’re walking backwards and you don’t even know it. I believe that as our Psalmist, our tour guide from heaven, leads us in a new song of worship, there will be breakthroughs in your worship. If you have breakthroughs in your worship, you have breakthroughs in the presence of God. If you have breakthroughs in the presence of God, you’ve got everything! So this is my moment, ha, this is your moment for a breakthrough. Worship God because He’s the only one worth worshipping. Worship God because He is. Worship God because He’s your oxygen. Worship God because your parent’s didn’t raise a dummy.


sidroth on June 6th, 2019

CHESTER: Yeah, and I didn’t know how it fit together, but I heard come out of my mouth ‘through abandonment.’ And there’s all different forms of abandonment. Anytime we get separated, isolated from somebody else that’s some form of abandonment. Anytime that gets in there it raises the question: ‘What’s the matter with me that this is happening to me?’ And we always it seems like the devil helps us, we come to a wrong conclusion. We decide there must be something the matter with me, I must be deficient somehow or these bad things wouldn’t be happening to me. And out of that conclusion we get ‘Well, what if other people find out? Then they’ll abandon me too. I’ll get more wounded.’ You know we humans go through life trying to avoid pain. And the pain of abandonment is probably as big as any because God designed us for fellowship with Him and with other people. And so when we get abandoned we get a lot of pain. And so the shame: something the matter with me, gives place to fear: what if they find out, and then we give place to control: I’ll keep them from finding out. And I grew up in the old wild west you know, in eastern Oregon, and I can just see control. It’s like the sheriff in the old outlaw days, you know, the sheriff’s staggering down Main Street, he’ got his 2 six guns and he’s sayin,’ I’m going to protect you, I’m going to keep people from finding out about your shame.’ And we sometimes shoot ’em up, don’t we, we mow other people down if they in any way come in and touch or abuse us in a way that exposes or threatens the exposing of the shame. So about 2 weeks after we meet this lady and we share all this with her, Betsy and I are sitting on our couch one evening after a day of ministry and I turn to my dearly beloved, and I say ‘We’ve been talking about this, you know, from a clinical point of view.’ And I say, ‘You know you’ve got this too, you’ve got this shame, fear, control.’

BETSY: I DO NOT! And even if I do, you got it worse than I do!


CHESTER: So she gave herself away-

BETSY: Let’s just get real- there we were. [laughing]

CHESTER:  That’s one way control operates. We put others down to make them worse than what we are so that we won’t feel so bad about our shame. So I’d already been thinking about it so it wasn’t shameful for me to say, ‘You’re right, I do have it too and it probably is worse than yours, but it’s not a competition!’


CHESTER: But it’s an understanding, and faith can arise and why don’t we get free of this?

BETSY: So we decided we were going to make war on this thing-


BETSY: that we were tired of being under its feet, yeah! It was holding us back, it was stopping us, it was messing in our marriage, it was messing with our kids, and all of our relationships, and we just decided ‘enough is enough!’

CHESTER: Yes. And that’s the only way we found to get free of this. Yes, we apply the integrated approach, we deal with the ancestral sins, we deal with our ungodly beliefs, we deal with the wounds of our heart, and we cast demons out, but it’s not an instantaneous thing, or a one day or a two day thing. We have to declare war on shame and keep the war going until these strongholds, these super strongholds are eradicated from our lives. So Betsy, why don’t you talk some about the fruit, the different ways this can manifest in our lives.

BETSY: Okay- let me find this- yeah, I actually would like to talk just a little bit more about the roots. Chester mentioned that abandonment was one of the major roots.  But you know we have so many different kinds of abuse in our society right now. We got verbal abuse and put downs. We’ve got spiritual abuse. We have physical abuse. We have sexual abuse. You know we have abuses that just devastate us, and have so much shame associated with any one of those kind.

CHESTER: And they’re all different forms of abandonment because they separate us from each other.

BETSY: And they’re all, they are. They separate us from each other. We’ve got poverty that has a lot of shame with it. We have illegitimacy, which was my story which has a lot of shame associated with it. We have alcohol and all the addictions. We have the shame by association. If you grew up in an alcoholic home you know what I’m talking about, where you are ashamed to be associated with a family or a group of people. It’s the key of understanding shame is it’s really got to do with any way that you feel different from other people that makes you feel less than others. I mean it can be simple like you’re the only kid in the class with red hair, or you’re the only one with glasses. Or you’re really tall and everybody else is short. It doesn’t have to be you don’t have to be handicapped in some way in order to feel a lot of shame. But it can really shut down our spirits, it really does.

sidroth on May 26th, 2019

SID: She was so traumatized, understandably so that she’s weeping even as she tells this story. But what did Jesus tell you as to why He took you to hell?

LAURIE: When the Lord spoke to me and finally healed my heart, He said, “I took you to hell, because I love you.” If God had not shown that to me, if I had died without Him showing that to me, I know I’d be there right now. He loves me and He’s mighty to say it, and in that instance, that’s what it took.

SID: What do you believe is the biggest lie of the devil out there?

LAURIE: I think, once saved, always saved. It’s understanding as I bump into people, I think that is a hell conspiracy. I think it’s the biggest lie. Because the idea behind that, Sid, is that I’m going to give my life to Jesus today, he’ll wipe away all my past sins, and it doesn’t matter how I live anymore, I can—

SID: But that’s the new revelation of grace, not the biblical revelation.

LAURIE: Correct.

SID: What about something like the major Christian sin that I see, that I’ve participated in, gossip.

LAURIE: It grieves Jesus, it should grieve us. Inside of gossip, why are we doing that first? Until you heal that you will constantly do that. Really, you need to go to Jesus and get your identity first. Then, inside of gossip, you have just murdered a person’s reputation. This is very, very serious. For myself, I’ve made a salt covenant with my tongue with the Holy Spirit, because that is one of the first sins that I was guilty of. We think, well, it doesn’t matter. Of course, every sin matters, it’s recorded.

SID: When you go to bed, you do something, tell me about that.

LAURIE: I do. Before I go to sleep, I talk to Jesus and I tell Him how much I love Him, and I ask Him, “Lord, how did I do today?” Sometimes, He’s like, “Laurie, you do this and you need to go fix it.” And other times He tells me, “You did this and I don’t want you to do that anymore.” He uses it as a learning because there’s a difference between immaturity and rebellion. When I’m rebellious, he needs me to fix it. If I’m just immature, He just trains me in a new way of doing things.

SID: Do you, and can I have assurance of salvation?

LAURIE: Absolutely. The blood of Jesus Christ saves us. Absolutely, exclamation mark. As a born again believer, we obey Jesus.

SID: I’ve always lived my life. I repent so wide. I find that if I’ll do it instantly, rapidly, it’s easier than if I let it get infected in me.

LAURIE: Right. Well, and I try and teach repentance in four parts; one, agree with God that what you’re doing is a sin. Two, have Godly sorrow over that sin. It’s more than just being sorry. Sorry, you’ll do it again. Godly sorrow hurts you. Three, you confess your sin, one to another, and the Bible says, you’ll be fervently healed. And step number four, you have to put something in place in your life that you will never do that again. I teach that and I help people figure out what number four do you need so that you don’t sin against God again.

LAURIE: Sometimes we have to put a few number fours there, and God completes that work for us because He loves us so much. But repentance is the only acceptable sacrifice for my sin.

SID: Would you lead us in prayer for repentance?

LAURIE: Oh, Jesus, I love you. I love you, Father, I love you Holy Spirit. Thank you that you came to pay the ultimate price. You say we’re worth it. Oh worthy, worthy, worthy Jesus are you. We come asking, God make us holy. Give us a hunger and a desire for holiness. God, come right now and convict us of our sin that we need to be free. We need to be set free from the ways of the devil. And God if the hell conspiracy is in any of us, Jesus, set us free. Every sin that I commit needs to be brought to you repented of. God, make me holy, and with that holiness comes more of your presence.

LAURIE: Let me rest in the assurance. You said to be holy, as your Father in Heaven is holy, I desire that, we want that, God. Would you come and rest that, wrap that around us and make us fully yours. We don’t want any part hiding. Every part of us that is dark, Lord, shine your light. We love you. We love you, Jesus. In your name, we believe you’re changing us. Hallelujah. Amen.

SID: If you have anything against anyone, it’s not an emotion, it’s a choice. It’s not a process, it’s a choice. I’m going to follow God or not. Yes or no. You release that person, you say, “Hell is not going to be worth my own forgiveness to you.”

SID: I’ll tell you something else, forgiveness doesn’t mean you trust someone that’s done something wrong to you. They have to earn their trust again if they want to, but it means that I am not touching that cancer. I am not touching that stuff. I don’t want to touch it because that’s separating me from God. God, I don’t want anything separating me from you.


SID: When we go off the air, you choose to forgive the people that don’t deserve forgiveness. Because what did Jesus say about his coming back?

LAURIE: He told me recently, I’m coming back much sooner than you realize.

SID: Did you get that? I’m coming back sooner than you realize.

LAURIE: Hell is worse than anything that I can give you words for. Even Jesus told us that there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth and God doesn’t want us there.

sidroth on May 17th, 2019

SID: So, I don’t want her to lose her voice, so I’m not going to ask her cry out help me again, but what happened when you cried out?

JENNY: I just felt the peace of God. I didn’t see lightening, there was no flashes, I didn’t have any goosebumps. I just felt this peace and I remembered that the Lord had encountered me early. I knew the Lord was real. Even when I was a witch and I was doing spells and I was cursing at God. I still knew he was real and I still knew the Lord could save. So, the peace of God came over me a few days later, I was taken out of that situation of drugs. I was given prenatal care, I got something to eat after five days of no food at all and God just began to really encounter my life.

SID: Oh. But what about your daughter and her health? How is she today?

JENNY: She was born absolutely completely free of any drugs. Yep. Healthy.

SID: How old is she today?

JENNY: She’s nine years old and she’s actually a worshiper. She’s a prophetic worshiper.

SID: Through the process of time, all was getting fine. You were free of lesbianism, you stopped the drugs, you stopped the witchcraft, but you weren’t totally free. You went to a meeting. It was a deliverance meeting.

JENNY: Yes it was.

SID: Tell me about that.

JENNY: Yeah I went to a deliverance meeting. Some people invited me.

JENNY: I was sitting in the meeting and they did all these prayers and they had us renounce all this stuff and I was actually sitting there thinking, “I don’t need to get delivered from anything.” I’m already saved. I have been saved a few years. I had been in church and actually at that time, I was already started leading worship.

JENNY: So, the lady took me over to the side and it’s like everybody, they broke us up.

JENNY: She looked at me and she said, “This may scare you, but just trust me. I know what I’m doing.”

SID: It’s not going to scare me.

JENNY: Yeah, no, no, no. She looks me right in the eye and she says, “In the name of Jesus, I see you come out there now. So, I’m looking at her like, “There’s nothing here. I love the Lord. I love Jesus. You can pray all you want to,  till you’re blue in the face. Nothing is going to happen.” This went on for 15 minutes. It was extremely uncomfortable and I’m thinking, “I’ve got to get out of here. I just want to leave.” She took the Bible. She laid the Bible on my head. She began to pray in the spirit and all of the sudden I began to growl at her, they had to actually, two men had to come hold me down. I began to take my own fingernails and try to recut where I cut as a teenager and attack the lady. So, this went on and I was completely delivered. Those things that I was doing, those were the surface things. The spirit within me, the roots of rejection and abandonment and hate and anger and strife, all of those things were still there.

JENNY: I still had the roots of that and they came out and I was free. Set free indeed.

SID: You know, it says in scripture to him who’s forgiven much, they love much. When I see you worship, tell me about what’s going on inside of you. It looks to me like every fiber of your being is into it. It looks to me. Tell me.

JENNY: When I begin to worship, it’s like everybody goes away and it’s just me and Jesus. I can literally see Jesus in front of me. So, everything that I’m singing and saying comes from a heart of “this is my father, he loves me so much” and I’m just singing from a place of absolute adoration. It’s like the woman that came in with the alabaster box and she threw out all the proper etiquette, the rules, the regulations, she wasn’t even supposed to be in there, but she was so desperate for Jesus that she came in and she poured out everything that she had and she cried. She took down her hair, which was the glory of a woman. She didn’t care.

JENNY: She rubbed his feet. She just poured out everything and all the people watched and they didn’t say, “Wow that’s amazing.” They said, “She shouldn’t be doing this. You shouldn’t be touching her. She shouldn’t be here.” Jesus said, “Her story is going to go on forever because in remembrance of what she’s done here.” That’s what a worshiper can tap in to and what we do before the Lord can literally transform our circumstances, our situations and our very lives.

SID: Most people can’t sing. Most people don’t have a great voice for singing, can’t keep a tune. But you’re saying that you can teach people, everyone to do what you do and go to that secret place you go to and out of that secret place is your victory and everything.

JENNY: Absolutely. For every single believer, every person on the face of this earth is actually called to be a worshiper. We’re called, we’re made to worship God. So, when you begin to tap into that, you could be crying, you could be laying out in your face, you could be bowing before God. You could just be purposing your heart to surrender everything to God and he will encounter you right where you are. I’m telling you I lived it, I know it. I’m a walking testimony that worship transforms your lives because it invites the presence of God in.

SID: Now, when we come back, I want to understand some keys that God has shown her for you to have this same intimacy and how about if I have her worship God and prophesy to you? Be right back.

sidroth on May 6th, 2019

SID: Did you know that you have a legacy? Natasha’s great-grandfather was the only Christian she knows of in her family. There were 70 years of atheism in the former Soviet Union, communism. How old were you when you saw your first Bible?

NATASHA: About 30 years old.

SID: Can you imagine? The first Bible she ever opened, she’s age 30. She was raised as an atheist. She couldn’t understand someone that believed in Jesus, but her grandfather, once a week, he would gather their big family together and he would read from what book?

NATASHA: He would pull his big Bible and he would open it. He would put his glasses on. He would point the finger on the page and start reading. My grandmother, his daughter, she would tell me the story over and over because when I was just a child, I would come to visit her every summer and she would tell me that story. Because I grew up under communism, didn’t know anything about God, I thought it was kind of she made it up or just a strange thing.

NATASHA: But then, after later when I became a Christian, got born again, the first thing that the Holy Spirit reminded me, it was that story. I knew that every time a miracle would take place when my great-grandfather, who was absolutely illiterate, didn’t know alphabet, couldn’t read newspaper with the Stalin speeches printed in there, and yet every Sunday he would open his Bible, put his 11 children around the table, and read the Scripture.

SID: One day, a colleague of hers, another atheist, Alla, had a brain tumor. She calls you up and what did she say?

NATASHA: Well, she invited me to come and visit her to her apartment. We hadn’t seen each other for almost a year and so I went to visit her. Here she started to tell me about Jesus. She gave me her story. She developed a brain tumor, and you know the medical service in Soviet Union was very poor, so the doctors really diagnosed her with a brain tumor and said that, “You are going to die. We cannot help you.” She went to all the extra sensories and the last person she went to was her aunt. She was an underground Pentecostal believer. Her aunt took her to the church and Alla received Jesus into her heart and right in front of all the believers, the swollenness disappeared. Pain was gone and so she was healed. The next day, she took all the medical papers that she had, went to the doctors, and just ask him to run the tests, etc., and they were so shocked to see that she was absolutely healed.

SID: What did you think when she told you what happened to her?

NATASHA: I thought just what the doctors told her. They said, “Well, sometimes unexplainable things happen, but it cannot be God because God doesn’t exist.” This is what it old her. “You know, don’t tell me about Jesus because it’s a medical figure” because this is exactly what the Soviet encyclopedia placed in every library all over the Soviet Union. It said next to Jesus Christ, “a mythical figure.” I told her, “He is just a fairy tale.”

SID: She gives you a Christian magazine.


SID: You don’t throw it away because at that time, in the former Soviet Union, they had nothing.

NATASHA: When Alla gave me this magazine, a Christian magazine printed in Russian, smuggled into the Soviet Union by Russian Baptists located in Sacramento, California, I took this magazine and told her, “Don’t call me anymore because, you know, I don’t want to hear about God. I don’t want to hear about Jesus. He helped you, that’s fine, but I don’t believe in Him.” I told her, “When I’m ready, I will call you.” I left.

SID: By the way, when you left, what was going on in the mind of your friend, Alla, when you walked out that door?

NATASHA: This is what she told me later. She said, “When you closed the door, I went into prayer and I told God, ‘God, she is going to hell. There is no hope for her.'” She really gave up on me. I was so resistant. I was so hard. I just wouldn’t accept that as a truth. I read from cover to cover this magazine and it’s the first Christian literature that I ever seen in my life. I decided to write a letter to the editor, very short. “I’m 29 years old, I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in the existence of God. If He existed, then why?” Then I listed all the questions. Mailed the letter. Gorbachev became just the head of the Communist Party. A little bit more freedom, but still the country was closed and KGB watched through every mail, so I didn’t expect even that they will let the letter go through the border.

NATASHA: Then two months later, to my surprise, I received this package. I opened the package and for the first time in my life, I see a small blue Bible in Russian. You know, there is something. This is what I realized. You can live in the lie. You can be brainwashed for 70 years in the country when the system tells you there is no God, and you really don’t know what’s truth anymore. But if you are looking for the truth, when you see it, everything in you really recognizes it. When I opened the Bible and the first page, the first verse, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth,” something was going on on the inside. It sound so familiar, although I never read it before, never seen.

NATASHA: It’s almost like every cell in my body was responding to the truth. I didn’t know at that time what was it, but it was God already knocking at my heart and trying to reveal Himself to me. The funny thing was there was a Bible in the package, there were some Christian brochures, and I couldn’t really understand why in the world they would put 10 copies of the same issue of the Christian newspaper. Well, what happened was when I brought this package and this Christian literature to my home and I put them on desk and I start reading magazine and the newspapers, my father came. He was a political officer in the Soviet Army teaching communist ideology for 28 years. He comes home and here he sees all this Christian literature.

NATASHA: He got very angry and he said, “You need to get rid of this ’cause they will come.” They. You know, I didn’t know who “they.” “They will come and if they will see, they will arrest us, etc., etc.. Just take away this.” Because my family, we were readers. We love to read. We had a lot of books, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Pushkin. I just hid those brochures between the books on the bookshelves, and then I hid one copy of the newspaper in my room and then I took the nine others. We lived in an apartment building and I put them in the mailboxes of my neighbors because, you know, you don’t waste anything in the Soviet Union. We lived in the time of deficit. You don’t throw away even a newspaper. I put in the mailboxes, thinking, ’cause I was still an atheist, thinking, “If they will come, then I will not be alone on the train to Siberia.”

SID: Okay. A miracle happened. Two months after she sent this letter to America that she didn’t even think would get there, a letter comes back from America and two sentences in that letter, you’ll be shocked when you hear it. Totally transforms her life. Be right back.

sidroth on April 27th, 2019

SID: So, Sandy, you shared earlier about that amazing miracle of your father. It saved his life. What effect did that have on your entire family?

SANDY: You know, the scripture says that Greeks take wisdom, but Jews take signs. That was a sign for my entire family. My mother was just overwhelmed with that, that my father –

SID: The same mother that kicked you out and packed your bags?

SANDY: Yes, absolutely. And the same mother that became a groupie. She became one of my groupies. My mother had an illness, it was called scleroderma. It was a collagen disease. I remember we went to a meeting of people that had the disease, and she said, “I’m never coming back here again. She looked, and she said, “I’m never coming back again.”

SANDY: My mother had a healing that took place. I think that this faith stirred up inside of her. There were things that happened. She went to a meeting of mine. My mother, ultimately this is a fatal disease. My mother outlived everybody that was at that meeting, including the doctors. Great miracle.

SID: Your passion is to help people become all they’re supposed to be in God. Tell me about this Biblical Personality Test.

SANDY: In the beginning, when we first started, I started to think about the love commandment, to love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind, but to love your neighbor as yourself. There’s so many people that have the root problems where they don’t love themselves. They don’t understand themselves. They don’t know their giftings. They don’t understand their fears.

SANDY: In order to have a positive relationship, sometimes they need to get over the things of themselves. We started to make this DISC test, very practical, very simple, very personal. We didn’t realize that it was going to go into the supernatural realm right along with us. We had no idea at the time when we first started.

SANDY: What we did was we started to relate the different styles of people to the styles of people in the Bible. We found that as God dealt with those people in the scriptures, the same way He would deal with people with the same style. It was just uncanny.

SANDY: Then we recognized that as we started to gain spiritual insight, and through our own personal ministries, and own personal dealings, and how God would put thoughts in our minds. I was with a very high-ranking fella in the government. I’m looking at his assessment, the graph page of the assessment here, which everybody will get, and they’ll get a writeup about them. It’s very clear. They’ll get their dominant fear. They’ll get their strengths, they’ll get … And I’m starting to look at this, and a thought came into my mind about having problems with his youngest son. Now how could I know that? I couldn’t know that. It was something from another realm. Now either it’s not true, either it came from my head, or it came from the spirit world.

SANDY: I said, “You could be having trouble with a child.” He said to me, “I’m having problems with my youngest son.” Whoa, that opened up a whole world, and here’s this very powerful man asking me to help him to mend a relationship.

SANDY: Of course, he asked me, he said, “Well, what would you do?” I said, “Well, I would pray.” He goes, “Oh, oh, I don’t know about all that stuff.” But I shared with him how I prayed over my own daughter, and what happened. So he opened himself up to prayer. He opened himself up to a spiritual world as a result of one thought.

SID: I took this test myself. In fact, what it advised me to do is read the story of Joshua based on me taking this test. My staff, they’ve taken this test, some of them, and one person’s been a believer for many years. I don’t know, 30 years or more. He said, he saw things in himself that will help him fulfill his destiny.

SANDY: Absolutely. That spiritual destiny, that divine destiny is something that is inside of us waiting to happen. If you understand what your strengths are, then you can do certain things to help that along the way. It’s like a bank. If you don’t ever put anything in it or take out it, what is it? It’s just sitting there doing nothing.

SANDY: Let me just give you a couple examples. I had this gal. She was from Texas and she went through a very difficult divorce. She got in touch with us and she went through our training. She went ahead, and she was working with Brownie troops. I remember her telling me how as she would give this test to the kids, how she would get thoughts about things that were happening in their families. And things that were happening with them, and things that they would be in their life. It was amazing. She’s says it helped free a lot of these kids from issues that they had, and it helped direct their paths.

SID: It seems as though that as you see, from the test you find out our weaknesses, our strengths, who we should emulate in the Bible. But as we get rid of these weaknesses, and start achieving our destiny, it opens us up to the supernatural power of God we were always meant to have.

SANDY: Absolutely. Everyone has a dominant fear. Some have a little more than one. It’s either the fear of being taken advantage of, or rejection, or loss of security, or criticism, one of these fears. Once you know that fear, you can see how it starts impact your decisions, how it starts to impact your relationships, how you deal with money, how you deal with job, how you deal with friends, how you deal with church, how you deal with family, how you deal with health.

SANDY: This is an eyeopener in a lot of ways because when the enemy wants to come against you, he’s not coming at your strength. Where’s he coming? He’s coming at your dominant fear. That is what Job said, “The thing I feared the most was that that came upon me.” That alone, if people would just get that piece of information, they would see how the power of God would use them in combating that, not only in their lives, but also in the lives of others.

SID: I find that many churchgoers, many Muslims, many Jewish people, all want to have a relationship with God, they don’t think it’s possible. All want to experience the pure love of God, they don’t think it’s possible. I’m telling you it is possible. I’m telling you if you’ll say a supernatural prayer with me, and mean it to the best of your ability, you can do that. You can do that. You will open yourself up to the greatest advantage a human can have. I’ll tell you the truth. If you know God before you die, you’ll know Him after. If you don’t know Him before, unfortunately, you will not know Him after. Open the door, watch His love pour in.

SID: Say this prayer with me, out loud. That’s you at home.

SID: Dear God.

Dear God.

SID: I’ve made many mistakes.

I’ve made many mistakes.

SID: I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry.

SID: I believe the blood of Jesus.

I believe the blood of Jesus.

SID: The blood of the Passover Lamb.

The blood of the Passover Lamb.

SANDY: The blood of the Passover Lamb.

SID: Washes away all my mistakes.

Washes away all my mistakes.

SID: And in your sight.

And in your sight.

SID: Oh holy God.

Oh holy God.

SID: I am clean.

I am clean.

SID: And now that I am clean.

And now that I am clean.

SID: Messiah Jesus.

Messiah Jesus.

SID: Come and live inside of me.

Come and live inside of me.

SID: I make you my Lord.

I make you my Lord.

SID: Amen.


SID: No better word to end with. It means so be it.


sidroth on April 17th, 2019

SID: I want to set the stage for you. I just got back from Israel. In Israel, I did what I do all over the world. They’re called lectures on the supernatural, and they’re predominantly to Jewish people that do not know the Messiah. I share the most supernatural thing I know, how God revealed himself to me. I don’t know. There’s no close second, and so, what God graces me with, and I never realized it til I started setting the glory, is the glory for evangelism. I call it evangelism glory. When I start speaking, God starts moving in words of knowledge. When this first started, I didn’t know how to handle it. I mean, because they’ll think they’re my words, and they’ll give me the credit, and I know about Ananias and Sapphira. If you don’t know about them, you better find out. But anyway, I’ll tell you the truth. You know what God said to me, and I believe when he says it to me, he’s saying it to you? You take this much of God’s glory and you’re finished.

SID: I was a little nervous about it, but I took a chance. That’s called faith, a risk. I took a chance, and I said the words, and I’ve been doing it ever since, and what I found out is, after someone is healed, they’re totally receptive to the gospel. That’s the way God intended it.

SID: The religious mind says, “Oh no, you share the gospel, and then you pray for them to be healed.” No, no, no. The purpose of the signs and wonders are to grab a nonbeliever’s attention.

SID: There were 20 buses of unsaved Jewish people came to our meeting.

SID: From seven different cities in Israel, from seven different Messianic Jewish congregations. A thousand unsaved Jewish people plus some believers came with them. But there were over a thousand unsaved Jews. Do you know what it’s like to see an auditorium jam packed with a thousand unsaved Jewish people?

SID: Now, it starts out with me sharing words of knowledge. I never know exactly when. Sometimes it’s before I say anything. Sometimes it’s even in the middle. One time in Berlin Germany, it was at the end, and I thought I’d never hear any words. But I want to take you inside that meeting, but be expectant that any word I say is for you.

SID: I’m going to count to three, and at the count of three, I’m going to pray in the name of Yeshua, and a miracle will happen. Father, in Yeshua’s name, let your glories cover this auditorium, and I pray that your glory will heal each person in Yeshua’s name. One! Two! Three! Test your body. Test it. If your arm hurts, start bending it. See if the pain is gone. You don’t know unless you test. If you’ve tested your body, and the pain is gone, the healing is there. I want you to raise your hand high so I can see it. Right high. I can’t see them all. Now, look around everyone. Have you ever seen anything like this before? I can tell you, outside of my meetings, I’ve never seen anything like this. God is in this place. That’s what that tells you. God is in this place. (End of video)

SID: Now, as a result of the 400 miracles, 800 unsaved Jewish Israelis made public, stood up professions of faith.

SID: After that, they were told to lift holy hands to God, and receive the ruach hakodesh, the Holy Spirit.

SID: I made sure that I didn’t say just the Holy Spirit. I said what’s in the Bible, “Receive the Holy Spirit and fire!”

SID: They liked that.

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sidroth on April 17th, 2019

JAMIE: Miracles are an everyday occurrence for the believer! A miracle can be defined as anything that God does intervening from the supernatural to the natural. He overrides the natural and does something supernatural! It says: “There was a great multitude in those days, very great and having nothing to eat Jesus called His disciples to Him and said to them ‘I have compassion on the multitude because they have now continued with me three days and have nothing to eat.'” Verse 3: “If I send them away hungry to their own houses they will faint on the way for some have come from afar. Then His disciples said to Him how can one satisfy these people with bread here in the wilderness? He asked them “how many loaves do you have?” Now we should know that Jesus did this only two chapters before. He is repeating Himself. And anytime we see Jesus repeating Himself we should take notice because of God – it’s as if God is saying this is very important! He wants us to recognize what it is that the Father is up to! And so here He says this: “How many loaves do you have? They said seven and so He commanded the multitude to sit down on the ground and He took the seven loaves and He gave thanks. He broke them, called them and gave them to His disciples to set them before the multitude. So they set them before the multitude. They also had a few small fish.” There they are with some fish. Blessed them. He said to them also set them before them also. So they ate and were filled and they took up seven large baskets of leftover fragments. Let me just say something about this. Has anybody ever here wondered if there’s a certain measure of supernatural activity that they’re allowed to have in one day? I mean I’ll be honest with you. I did! I thought maybe I’m you know God wants to visit me one time a day or give me one dream a night. One dream. Then I read this that they took up leftovers. That means there was not just enough, there was more than enough! And that God is a God of leftovers! He will give you more than you need! He’ll give you more encounters than you need! He’ll give you more dreams than you need! Some say well what’s the purpose? Well, what’s the purpose of leftovers? We always want a purpose. We always want this thing too well what are we going to do with this? What if God so wants to bless us just as a sign that He’s our good Father?


JAMIE: He’s our good Father! And so here is Jesus. He’s got this multiplication of loaves and fish and it says that “Those who had eaten were about four thousand. And He sent them away. Immediately He got in a boat with His disciples and came to the region of Dalmanutha. Then this. We’re going to watch this is a prophetic journey that’s going to open your eyes to see and you’re going to start walking in the supernatural when you get a hold of this. It says “Then the Pharisees,” they’re on a journey, “the Pharisees came and began to dispute with Him seeking from Him a sign from heaven testing Him. But He sighed deeply in His spirit, why does this generation seek a sign? Assuredly I say to you no sign shall be given to this generation.” Most of us stop right there. However, Jesus in another comparable moment says “no sign will be given except the sign of Jonah who just as He was in the belly of the fish for three days, and was spit up, so the Son of Man will be in the heart of the earth and He’ll rise.” Now here’s what I want to propose to you. Jesus wasn’t saying guys, you’re looking for signs, therefore, I’m not going to show you anything. Instead, Jesus was saying you’re looking for signs but you may be looking for the wrong sign. I want to give you greater signs. Let me just explain it to you like this. We’ve seen loads of people get healed. Miracles. Signs and wonders. And it’s not me, praying, it’s our team that we raise up, train, kids adults, whoever. Everyone can do this stuff! Everyone can walk in the supernatural! And we’ve seen all this stuff and I love it. I’m, blown away. Every miracle that God does, whether it’s a headache, or an arm growing out I don’t care. Everything that He does, I’m just blown away by it! But imagine you’re right down there on the beach, you’re off the coast and you’re walking on the sand one day, you and your honey, and you see a big fish come up onto land and it spits out a man!


JAMIE: I mean you’re walking – talk about an Instagram-able moment!


sidroth on April 6th, 2019

SID: If someone has one healing angel that goes with them wherever they go, I think that’s fabulous, but my guest has seven healing angels. Tell me about how they operate with you … these healing angels.

BECKY: I was ministering at a healing conference in Ocala, Florida and, during a break between the seminars, one of the pastors came up to me and he said, “Becky, do you know you have an angel that follows you wherever you go?” I said, “Yes, I do because people see him,” and he said, “You actually have seven,” and he said, “The six follow the one.”

BECKY: He says, “Do you know what the angel does?” I said, “Tell me. What does my angel do?” He said, “Well, he has this little book and he reads from his book into your ear, and after he’s done saying what he’s reading from his book, you then repeat what he says.” Then, he said, “Do you know what he does when you pause?” I said, “Tell me. What does he do when I pause?” He said, “He’s searching through his book and when he finds another thing that he wants you to say, he reads it out loud to you and then you repeat what he says.” Sid, that is, to me, very prophetic, and I believe that’s how the prophetic works because all we do, when we minister in the prophetic, is we surrender our voices to him and we speak what the Spirit of God would have us say.

SID: I’m just, kind of, curious. Do you, sometimes, hear a voice and speak what you hear, or you just speak it because it’s coming out of you? How does that work?

BECKY: It works both ways. Usually, it’s just I have surrendered my voice, many years ago, to the Holy Spirit. I just open up my mouth and He starts speaking. Sometimes, I literally will hear Him speak in my ear. He’ll call me by name, and I will hear Him. I’ll actually even feel His breath in my ear, and He speaks to me. So I just repeat what He says.

SID: So, let me take you back to that meeting you had with a hundred people with arthritis. Tell me what occurred.

BECKY: I was ministering about the redemptive blood of Jesus, and I think this might’ve been in Pennsylvania. It was time to give the altar call for healing, and I heard the Spirit of God say to me, “Call out people with arthritis. Tell them to come forward,” and so I did that. I said, “If you’re struggling with arthritis, I want you to come forward. We’re going to minister to you first.” I’m serious, about a hundred people stood up and came immediately to that altar. There were so many of them, to save time, I just had them hold hands in groups, and I released the healing Power of the Holy Spirit to them in that manner. I said, “In Jesus’ name, I renounce the spirit of arthritis, and I release the healing power of the Holy Spirit into your joints, and I command the pain and the swelling to be gone.” I told them, “Put your faith in action and do what you couldn’t do.” They started moving their body parts, and almost every, single one of them were instantly healed.

SID: Tell me about the … Listen to this. A brain tumor melted.

BECKY: It’s an amazing testimony. I know a woman in Europe, and she emailed me, and she said, “Becky, I wasn’t feeling good, and I had to go to the doctor,” ’cause she started to faint and things. So she went to the doctor and they ran some tests on her, and they found out that she had a brain tumor. They said they had to operate on her very soon.

BECKY: So she went home and she emailed me right away, and she said, “Becky, will you please pray with me?” I said, “Okay, I’m praying with you. I’m joining my faith with you, but I want you to start prophesying this over your own body in Jesus’ name,” and I said, “Say, ‘in Jesus’ name, I renounce the spirit of death. In Jesus’ name, I renounce this tumor and I curse it at its very root and its very seed. In Jesus’ name, I command it to shrivel up and be eliminated from my body, in Jesus’ name’.”

BECKY: I said, “Keep saying it over and over. However many times it comes to you. You just keep speaking it out. You keep prophesying that over your body.” She had to go to the doctor the very next day for another test, ’cause they were–

SID: Excuse me. That was key. You said you speak to your own body?


SID: Explain that.

BECKY: According to God’s word, Proverbs 18:21, we have the power of life and death in every word that we speak. There are certain times when you need to speak life to something and other times, when it comes to Satan and his works like sickness and disease, we need to speak death to certain things like tumors. We need to speak out loud, ’cause it’s not what you’re thinking that’s going to come to pass. It’s what you are speaking out loud.

SID: So let me take you back to the person that had the tumor.

BECKY: Yes. So, she goes to the doctor the very next day and, all day long the day before, she’s been prophesying this over her own body. She gets to the doctors, and they run some more tests, and there are several doctors there because they’re going to be operating on her within days. They’re all just confused about what they’re seeing on these tests. They’re starting to argue with one another because they had never seen anything like this.

BECKY: Overnight, that brain tumor actually had melted into liquid, and they no longer needed to operate. They didn’t know what to do. So they gave her an antibiotic and sent her home.

SID: How does a doctor explain a tumor [that] melts?

BECKY: I don’t know. I just know there was a lot of fighting going on amongst them. So they called her in the next day and they said, “We want to make sure. So you come in and we’re going to run another test,” but it showed that it was now gone. Every time they did another test, it just made the testimony of her supernatural healing all the more powerful.

SID: You say the most powerful thing is speaking God’s word. Why is God’s word so powerful?

BECKY: Because it’s truth. God’s word is the truth, and it’s more powerful that our five senses, human reasoning. It’s more powerful than feelings and it’s more powerful than any circumstance we are facing. So, when we speak God’s word into a situation, we are speaking His life and it transforms the situation into a miracle.

SID: Okay. When we come back, there are many watching us, or in the studio audience, that have gotten really bad reports from doctors. I want to find out the first thing you advise people to do. In other words, do you just pray over them? Well, the doctors said it. It must be true. Maybe there’re a higher truth. We’ll be right back.

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