TIM: It’s time for you to possess your break through, not just hear about it. And these angels are, and it’s not just corporate, this is for individuals and the corporate church. This is the time right now, God is pouring out his power to break through for you. He’s going to break through for you in your health, break through for your business, break through for your finance. He’s going to help churches that have been struggling under so much persecution really, in even a shutdown time, in some cases and certainly cultural persecution. But he’s going to help his church breakthrough and begin to possess inheritance that he has desired for them for centuries. In other words, we’re moving into a different time. I would even say it’s a different age.

SID: Well I’ll tell you what, we’re moving into the time you have dreamt about.

TIM: Yes.

SID: Not just you, all the prophets, all the saints from before have dreamt that this would occur. They’re cheering in heaven for this moment.

TIM: Yes they are.

SID: Be right back.

SID: Hi, I’m here with Tim Sheets. And Tim, you explain angels like very few believers understand, there are different types of angels.

TIM: Oh, yes.

SID: One type that’s been probably very busy lately are governmental angels. And tell me a bit about them.

TIM: It’s the first angel division that Holy Spirit began to describe to me. I saw a huge angel in one of our services wearing a purple sash. And I began to notice every time I saw the government angels, now these are angels that I believe are under the command of Michael the great Archangel. Michael has millions of government angels and warriors that assist in trying to turn, or turning the governments of the world. And when the church is called upon by Holy Spirit to begin to transform government or speak into government, these angels are involved.

SID: So they’re waiting for assignments is what you are talking about. They need a human believer agency to fulfill their destiny.

TIM: Sure, like an intercessor that frees them to do the assignment. I remember we were in Tucson, Arizona, and we were doing a prayer assembly, Sid, I looked up and it was kind of like a box store that they had made into a church, huge. All along one side began to line up government angels with a purple sash, all across the back, and all across this side. I’d never seen anything like that. And I said, “Holy Spirit, I’ve never seen this many government angels before in one place, what’s going on?” And the Holy Spirit said, “There are 51 of them if you want to count.” I didn’t dare count and I’ll take your word for it. And I said, “Why are they here?” He said, “There’s one here for each capital. Plus the capital of the United States, Washington DC.” He said, “They are here to get their assignments.”

So I stepped over to my brother who was leading at the time, my brother Dutch. And I told him, and we began to decree over the States. And as we would decree for that state, that government angel would take off. We knew he was on assignment, according to what we were decreeing. And lastly, we decreed into Washington, DC, and the angel finally took off on the assignment. We have influence through our prayers, through our decrees, through what we say that God says, to influence the natural realms. That requires sometimes the invisible assistance of angel armies to behind the scenes, to begin to shift things in ways that we cannot do.

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