DAVID: Does the encounter lead me to Jesus? Because the point isn’t the encounter itself, the point of the encounter is to lead me to more and more of Jesus. When Elijah was on Mount Sinai and he had the similar encounter with the elements, the wind blew and crushed the rocks, the fire came, but that wasn’t the end of what God was doing. Like I was doing, was speaking something fresh and speaking something new to Elijah. And when we had these types of encounters, I believe God’s on the move. He’s doing something fresh, revival. I think we’re right on the precipice of the greatest revival in history. And when the children of God grab whole of their identity, they know who they are, just like the sons of Issachar, they know what the plan of God is and what they should do. I think we’re in the season, that’s ready for abundant harvest.

SID: Speaking about the move of God that is coming, as He is talking, the water level or the move of God is getting higher and higher. What if you’re inside a large tent with a thick canvas covering and suddenly the canvas ceiling disappears revealing the heavens, impossible? Here comes the proof. Be right back.

SID: David, you have a brand-new book on everything we’ve been talking about. It’s called Mystify, operating in the mystery of God. Why did you write this book?

DAVID: When I open the Bible, for me it’s a story of supernatural encounters of people who’ve gone before us. And it says, the Bible that how the witnesses surrounds us. And I believe that they’re handing us the baton to take the move of God into the new generation. So when I read those stories, it was an invitation for me to put myself in the story, I wanted to experience God the same way our heroes of the faith experience God. And so when I began to have my own encounters that are similar to encounters in the Word, I also wanted to share that with the world so they can know that they’re sons and daughters of God, that He’s a good Papa, His desire as for us to experience Him in all the ways that He’s made Himself available.

SID: Would it work for anyone? Would God demonstrate Himself that strongly for anyone?

DAVID: We’re all His kids. He loves to give good gifts to His children and He doesn’t withhold anything from us. So He’s making Himself available through these extraordinary ways. I think that’s why the stories are in the Bible. It was to let us know, this is who God is. This is what He’s doing. And this is what He does for us, to us and what He does through us.

SID: You’re at a tent meeting and a very supernatural sign occurs. In fact, I’ve never heard of this happening before. Tell me what happened.

DAVID: So we’re at the tent meeting with Leif Hetland and Katherine Manola and we’re standing up front and worship is going, now this was amazing set of days. There were many people saved and many people healed during these meetings. And we’re sitting there in worship and a young lady runs up to me. She said, “Can I show you a picture I just took with my cell phone only a couple of seconds ago?” I said, “Okay, sure. I would love to see it.” Now, when she put the phone in front of me, I promise you I was not prepared for what I was about to see. As I looked down at the picture, it showed the aisle of her friends. And that picture angle was looking back up towards the ceiling of the tent that we were under. Only when I looked at where the tent should have been it faded out into the cosmos, it’s as if you saw a picture of heaven touching earth inside the photograph, even the poles, whoa, they were holding the tent up. The stars began to shine through the poles.

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