sidroth on September 2nd, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dean Braxton. And Dean, you’re dead, dead, dead for an hour and 45 minutes. You instantly leave your body because you know the Lord and you find yourself in Heaven. Who was the first person you saw in Heaven?

DEAN: Well when I first got there I was at the feet of Jesus and I can remember looking at him and saying these things to him, Sid, I said, “You did this for me?” And then all I could say was, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.” And at that moment I came to really understand that the only reason I was there is what because of what Jesus Christ had done. It wasn’t because of what I had done, but what he had done. And then I came to realize even the works I did in life, even the works I’m doing right now is him working through me. So I couldn’t even take credit for those things. And all I could say is, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.” I tell people everything about me. My body wasn’t there. It was my soul and my spirit. That’s what was there. Everything about me was praising him. And I tell people if I didn’t open up my mouth and praise him everything else would have kept on praising him. I could not stop thanking him.

SID: What did his eyes look like?

DEAN: Oh his eyes, you know, they’re just like what we read in the Bible, the fiery red and different colors. But what got me about his eyes is I literally saw the love for me, like I was the only creation of his that he loved, knowing that he loved everyone else, knowing that he loves you and everyone else on this planet. But I came to understand that in his eyes when he looks at me he loves me like I’m the only creation that he loves. People got to really understand that. Sometimes we don’t understand the deepness of his love for us.

SID: It’s a different type of love.

DEAN: It’s a different type, yes, yes. It was created just for me. The love for you is created just for you. So I can’t take his love away that he has for you away from you and you can’t take his love he has for me away from me. His love that he has for you, understand this, Sid, is created literally for you.

SID: Tell me about when you would just look at a part of his body, like his feet.

DEAN: Oh when I looked at his feet, when I’m talking about this love that’s created just for me, if I didn’t see another part of him and his feet, just like it said in Revelation. If you read it, it talks about his feet looking like brass, it’s really the glow off of it that looks like brass. You got the nail prints still there. But that’s what didn’t get me about his feet. What got me about his feet is that his feet loved me. And what I mean by that, if I didn’t look at any other part of him, if I didn’t see any other thing but his feet I would experience the fullness of his love for me through his feet. Same thing happened with his hands. Same thing happened with his entire body. Any part of his body I looked at, his hair, the crown on his head, everything that I looked at literally screamed out how much he loved me like I was the only thing in all creation he loved, knowing that love is there for everyone else, but that creative love that he had created just for me was coming through him in such a way. It seemed like I was literally turning into that love as he was looking at me. Someone asked me one time, they said, “Did you need any food?” No. As I was receiving that love I was being fulfilled in every manner you could imagine, even in the sense of saying, no, I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t need anything. That would satisfy me much more than I could ever explain to you.

SID: Now you saw some loved ones that had died and gone to Heaven.

DEAN: Yes.

SID: Who was the first loved one you saw?

DEAN: The first one I saw was my Grandmother Mary and I have to tell you, before this happened to me I didn’t think that that would be that important to the Lord that you would really see your family members there. But when I got there Jesus was standing to the left of me about 10 or 11 o’clock to the left of me, and pass him to the other side was my Grandmother Mary. Not only my Grandmother Mary was there, but other family members that had accepted Jesus Christ the Messiah as Lord and Savior, they were there. And it was something. It wasn’t just a one-side view, but generation after generation, after generation, after generation of those that had accepted Jesus Christ and the Lord and Savior that helped to make this man who I am on this planet right now, they were there to great me in Heaven. I mean, I tell people you will have the biggest family reunion you would ever think of.

SID: Now what did you grandmother say to you?

DEAN: My grandmother said something to me. She said really two things to me. One thing she wanted me to know and Jesus said the same thing, that this was not my home and that I’m just passing through. That’s what one of the things that Jesus Christ really wants me to get across to people as I talk to them. You’re just passing through this. You are not staying on this planet. The other thing Grandma said to me, which really impacted me really greatly, when Jesus was telling me leave, she said to me, she said, “Bring as many of us back with you as you can.” And I came back with the understanding of how important family is to God. And it seems like you should have known that beforehand. But see, I had accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I was the first one in my family. The rest of my family, my immediate family of three brothers and a dad, and a mother, they didn’t come to know Jesus Christ when I came to know Jesus Christ. Ten years later, my mom accepted Jesus Christ. And so it was only me and her that were what we would call Christians at the time. The rest don’t know. And here I am. I had separated myself, not only in the sense of spiritually or physically, but I also moved up to Seattle and they all lived in California, and I had very little to do with them. And here’s my grandmother saying to me, “Bring as many of us back with you as you can.” And I have a renewed understanding of going back and making sure my family members know about Jesus Christ.

SID: How important is family to God?

DEAN: Oh it’s very important, even to the point that we don’t look at it that way sometimes. But that’s why the devil is attacking the family and tearing up the family. I think if you look at even the Jewish families, and I’m gonna bring this in here because I think it relates so closely to Jewish families, and how keeping that bloodline, as the Jewish people try to keep that bloodline here, because they understood how important family was to God. We sometimes have gotten away from that. Still, God is saying the same thing to everyone that comes to know him as Lord and Savior, “Your family is important to me and so much, that I literally want you to go back to your family and make sure they know who I am.” I really believe that each and every one of us that are born again, that if we go back just to our family and reach out to them we’ll be ministering and evangelizing more people than we’ll ever come to understand.

SID: Have you reached more of your family since you’ve been back?

DEAN: Oh yes I have. I have reached out to my brothers. My dad came to know Jesus Christ about a year and half ago. You know, he’s 78 years old now, and so, good father. But he made that commitment. He says he’s a believer now. Do you know how much joy that brings me?

SID: But how much joy does it bring the Lord?

DEAN: How much joy does it bring the Lord? I was there when people got born again. I was there when people asked Jesus Christ the Messiah to be their Lord.

SID: What happens in Heaven when you see someone born again on earth?

DEAN: When I was there what happened was literally their name is shouted from one end of Heaven to the other.

SID: Oh, I didn’t ask you the most important question. The shock he had of who wasn’t in Heaven and the shock he had of who was there. We’ll be right back after this word.

sidroth on August 24th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. But this, it’s ridiculous. Dean and Marilyn Braxton, Dean, you are saying that your heart stopped beating for one hour and 45 minutes, and you’re talking to me like a sane man right now.

DEAN: Yes I am. Yes I am.

SID: Okay. Let’s kind of take you back a bit. May 4, 2006, you’re minding your own business. What type of work do you do?

DEAN: Well at that time I was what they call a supervisor for the Juvenile Justice Department up there near Seattle, King County, and I supervised two specialty courts. One was called drug court and one was called treatment court, and I worked in the juvenile justice system. So that’s what I was doing at the time.

SID: Okay. What happened to you that day?

DEAN: Well that day I woke up early in the morning and I had a pain on my right side. I already knew it was kidney stones because I had them in the past, about four years earlier, and I went on to work anyway because I figured when I get to work I could work through it. It would pass. I’ve had that happen before. But going to work I found out this time it was not getting any better. It seemed to get really worse. I decided to let the people know at work that I needed to go home. I figured I would go ahead and pass them at home when I got home. But it seemed to get worse. I finally decided to go to the emergency room or the local hospital. Went there, told the people there that I believe kidney stones. That day, for some reason, can’t tell you why, there was no one else in that emergency room. I looked at that as a miracle in itself. They rushed me back in the back room, gave me some medication and then called my wife.

SID: Now Marilyn, you’ve been in the health field. You’re a health professional for some 34 years.

MARILYN: Correct.

SID: So you understand what’s happening. You get out to the hospital and they make a decision to, what did they do, blast the kidney stones.

MARILYN: Yes. They take a machine and just blast those kidney stones, break them up so he can pass them.

SID: So he has the procedure. They’re blasted. But then you find out he has an infection. What does that mean?

MARILYN: That means that along with the kidney stones that infection is really bad and it’s built up around the kidney stones too, and thereby he had to be on several different antibiotics and things.

SID: Did you realize how serious this was, that it was life threatening?

MARILYN: I didn’t know how serious it was, not at all, because he ended up with the procedure being done and spent 13 days in the hospital, and nine of those days was in the intensive care unit.

SID: Tell me about the time that you walked out and the doctor, the surgeon calls you on the cell phone. What did he say?

MARILYN: Well I walked out and I then decided I was gonna go home and bring some things and stay overnight with him. And when I was no longer more than two blocks down the street in my car, the doctor calls me on the phone and he says, “Marilyn, your husband’s heart stopped and right now as we speak they’re doing CPR on him, cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

SID: I’m gonna take you back to that moment.


SID: He hangs up. What do you do? Now you know how serious it is.

MARILYN: Yes. Now I know how serious it is. And you know what, Sid? I believe it just was an act of God and I just had faith. I continued to go home. I didn’t turn the car around and go back home. But I called my son and daughter, both of them were away in college, and I called up friends and just started asking everyone to pray. Just pray. And when I got to my house a young lady came over and picked me up, a real good friend of ours, and we got back to the hospital. I wasn’t able to see Dean for a long while because they were still working on him.

SID: Now when he came back, by the way, you know what all of this is right here.

MARILYN: Oh yes. Those are medical records and transcripts.

SID: How many conditions did he have when he came back to life? Something like 29, it says on my notes.

MARILYN: Twenty-nine, yes.

SID: And here is the medical verification of this. What I want to know is what happened to you when you died? We all want to know that. What happened?

DEAN: Well Sid, because you know I accepted Jesus Christ the Messiah into my life, I’m born again I went to be where the Father and Jesus is.

SID: No, no, no. You’re there, dead, dead. They’re trying to get you back to life. What is your first memory?

DEAN: My first memory is moving as fast as I can to be where Jesus and the Father is. People ask me sometimes how fast that is, and I always bring them back to what the Bible says. “To be out of the body is to be in the presence of the Father” or be in the presence of Christ. I was moving so fast that before you could blink I was there. That’s how fast. That’s my first memory. Also what was passing me by as I was moving was the prayers that people were praying for me and others. I say this, if you were praying that day your prayers passed me by at that moment.

SID: Just out of curiosity, do you have a greater appreciation for prayer having seen, could you picture looking at people’s prayers just zoom, going right up like that?

DEAN: Oh yes. And you got to remember how fast I was moving.

SID: That’s pretty fast.

DEAN: As you were just blinking right there I was in the presence of the Lord and yet the prayers that people were praying for me and others, and I always put that in there because I want people to know that it was just not prayers that were for me, but I saw prayers that were coming from this planet from other people pass me by like I was standing still.

SID: Just out of curiosity, obviously your wife and your family were praying for you, did you know it at the time? Did you see it at the time?

DEAN: Well I knew they were praying for me because those prayers that were going by me, I literally knew what those prayers were. You know, I literally knew what they were praying. You know, my wife was praying that I would not only be healed, but that I would come back and be alive, that I wouldn’t die. That was her prayers. You know, that was my children’s prayers. That was the prayers of the family members, you know. But there were also prayers that were going pass me for people that were praying for their loved ones and they were praying that their loved ones, the same thing, that healing take place or a situation would change. But the prayers that really got me that were going by me was the ones that were praying for the loved ones to come to know Jesus as the Messiah, as the Lord and Savior.

SID: You know, one of the things that his book did for me is I understand how things operate from Heaven to Earth and what God expects us to be doing here so much better as a result of reading the book. Don’t go away. We’re gonna find out some amazing experiences. For instance, he was shocked who was not in Heaven and who was in Heaven. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

sidroth on August 19th, 2010

SID:  Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dale and Pearl Raatz you know your wife is pronounced brain dead she is in a comma the doctor’s don’t expect her to ever come out of this comma or if she does she will be a vegetable, and you sing over her explain that.

DALE:  Well I heard the spirit say sing over her, and I said what song, and he said well the song that I gave you.  And so God gave Pearl a song and as I opened my mouth and started singing immediately I was taken into the spirit realm; and for 45 minutes that room was filled with a choir of angles.  And they sang the same chorus that I did.  And Pastor John for Green Bay was there with me to verify for 45 minutes I thought it was more than 45 minutes the angles sang the same chorus I sang, it came out of Philippians Two 9 through 11 it talks about at the name of Jesus every knee does bow.

SID:  Dale then she comes out of the comma and as I understand it you begin to speak Gods word over each area of her body, she didn’t have the ability she was paralyzed…

DALE:  Yes,

SID:  So she didn’t have the ability to swallow, so what did you do?

DALE:  The first thing that came out and I sensed the Holy Spirit said you speak over these organs on her body, so I spoke over stroke I spoke over paralyzation; and over every area that I felt that the Holy Spirit lead me, to speak over her.  But the one thing that I did not do I did not allow people with unbelief to come lay hands on her.  I guarded her with that because I believe that only those with faith could speak over her so in a way I kept speaking on those and next thing I knew the throat muscles started to jump.  And they took her up to a place for swallow test and there is where a great miracle happened.  Because she did not have any water in her throat I believe it was for almost over two weeks, and the nurse said to me, sir don’t you know that when food gets in her throat she will choke to death and die.

SID:  Obviously

DALE:  She said she has no saliva in her throat, in her mouth, I walked up to my wife and I said Pearl when that food gets in your mouth you will swallow in the name if Jesus and she agreed.  And they had that camera to her throat and we had a monitor there and as that doctor put that first food to her mouth and we said you have got to chew good, chew good don’t swallow and immediately when that food got in her throat those saliva glands activated and her mouth just exploded with saliva and the nurse stood behind me and said oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

SID:  She got it right.

DALE:  Yeah she got it right.  And I said yes ma’am that is my God.    And that was the beginning of another miracle.   Because see it takes step by step by step. But from the day until it ended was 6 weeks, from total paralyzation to a vegetable to walking out took 6 weeks. So this miracle happened step by step. As we walk with the Word, it will manifest.

SID: Well 6 weeks is not a long time to recover from being paralyzed and brain dead. I think that’s phenomenal. But Dale, while you were in the hospital, there was a 16 year old that was in a head-on auto accident, and what happened to her?  DALE: Well she was a miracle. That morning…

SID: Wait… “It was a miracle”. The way you talk about it, this is normal.

DALE: Yes. But we realize God has to use people to bring it to pass. That morning as I sat in the intensive care room waiting, the Holy Spirit told me to speak, to teach somebody on the 5th chapter of Mark about the woman with the issue of blood and Jairus’ daughter. As I was sharing that, the man sat in the corner with his head buried in his hands and he said “Any hope then for my daughter sir?” I said “Yes sir, where is she?” He pointed across the hall. I said “Take me to her.” And I walked over and I got into that room and I looked at her and I said oh my God, what did I tell him that for? Because her head didn’t look like a head; it was so swelled. They had hoses in her head trying to drain the blood out of her head. Because she had a head-on car collision her spinal cord was probably severed.  I did not know. And I heard the Holy Spirit say to me again “Take dominion over death and call life into her.” So I took dominion over death and called life into her and I walked out and didn’t notice any difference. But the second day, already, when her dad came in that morning, and they told her dad she was blind and would be deaf;  she would never see or hear again, if she lived. And the second morning he came in and her dad said “Tracy dear!”  She said “Daddy? Is that you?” Her mind already was coming together.

SID: Bottom line: Was she totally healed?

DALE: Totally healed. The day that we walked out, she walked out with us, totally healed.

SID: Pearl, you walked out. This is, what, 8 or so years later now?


SID: What is your health now?

PEARL: My health is perfect. I can walk through the jungles of the Philippines and I can walk through Zimbabwe Africa.

SID: How do doctors handle what happened to you? How could a doctor handle what happened to you?

PEARL: Well, the main doctor believed it was a miracle, which it was. And I believe that this was not God’s plan for my life, this was from the enemy. But He used it to show that doctor that miracles do happen.  In fact, that doctor was so impressed, and when this happened we did not have insurance. He cancelled his part of the bill within three months. And within three years every one of our bills had been paid supernaturally.

SID: Let me ask you something: Do you need a miracle? I’m going to ask Dale right now to look into the camera and sing a song to you, the same song he sang to Pearl with the choir of angels, and I believe that the angels will sing along with him. And that’ll be your point of contact in the name of Jesus, for a miracle. Would you sing that song now?

DALE: This is your day. The chorus goes like this: (singing) Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have at the name of Jesus every knee does bow Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have Jesus… That is a chorus the angels sang with me.

SID: And when you hear him sing that song, what goes on inside you Pearl? Briefly

PEARL: Well you know what happens many times, my leg starts to jiggle and to dance around.

SID: You wanted to dance. I tell you what, why not? Pearl wants to dance. I think if you start dancing right now, you’ll dance into your healing.

PEARL: Amen.

SID: In Jesus’ name I plead the blood, the Passover blood upon you.

sidroth on August 12th, 2010

SID:  Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dale and Pearl Raatz and February 15, 1997 the same thing happened but a different part of your body. Pearl you and your husband were in church of all places…


SID:  And what do you remember?

PEARL:  I remember I walked in the church and I had a sensation in my head that I never had before.  And I though I was going to pass out so I said to Dale, honey I think I an going to pass out and I sat down in the pew and that is the last thing that I remember until March 21.

SID:  What do you remember?

DALE:  When she sat down in the pew she said oh my head.  And I knew something was not right, and as I started walking towards her she said oh my head, and I knew that is as serious and then she said my head just blew off, she screamed, see she didn’t know she was talking but her spirit man did.  And in the meantime she went into convolutions and a comma and she laid there, and everybody thought that she was dead and the first thing that I said that came out of my inner being if you don’t believe the word you will never store it.  I said Pearl you will not die you will live declared the works of God, I spoke it out of the spirit and the second thing that came out of me was Exodus 12:13 again I apply the blood to you in the name of Jesus I command the death angle to leave in Jesus name. But it looked like nothing was happening and she laid there with no life in her.  And a couple of pastors came in and began to greave with the word of God and a couple of young nurses aid came by and grabbed her by both of her palms and began to shook her head and looked at me and I remember I looked at them and said she can’t die in the mighty man in the name of Jesus.

SID:  You were sure?

DALE:  I was sure.

SID:  Did anyone here you?

DALE:  Oh yes, they heard me say that.

SID:  Okay what happened next?

DALE:  And um.

SID:  I mean they were probably thinking oh yah,

DALE:  Yes and so finally because nothing happened they called the ambulance and the paramedics came and they worked on her for quite a while and then took her over to the hospital and I followed the ambulance from behind and they finally got her to the hospital it was only about a mile away and the doctor met the ambulance right outside that emergency ward that evening and he took a look at her and he said oh my God she is totally paralyzed.  And the paramedics said to the doctor that this is her husband, and he said to me “Sir I am sorry” and I said I understand doc, but I knew that was only temporal.

SID:  Okay what happened next?

DALE:  And um they took her in and they said that they could not do nothing.  Well I walked into that room, the emergency room another pastor and I and the minute I walked into that room I lifted my hands I began to coat the word of God out of my inner belly began to roll the healing scripture of the authority and who we are and what we have in Christ I was speaking life over her, even in that situation.  And they couldn’t do nothing for her, so they had to transfer her from Iron Mountain Michigan to Green bay Wisconsin, that is over a hundred miles, in ambulance usually they do that with flight for life, but they knew that was no use they had to get her out of city limits so they didn’t have to haul her back.  But she got down there and the evening it was about 10 o’clock, before we got to the hospital, this doc that met me he was a brain surgeon and he told me what they told him in the hospital he said I don’t know what we are going to do with your wife.

SID:  Why?

PEARL:  What he had told us or told him, is that 97% of people who have an aneurisms like I did die instantly.  Of the three percent that are left 95% of them will die very shortly, and whatever is left of them is a vegetable they will never they will never be alive except for a vegetable.

SID:  Well what did he say was going on inside of your wife’s brain?

DALE:  Well because of the damage, that the x-ray showed that there was no use in operating, that is pretty sad; he was expecting her to just die.  But 24 hours later and she didn’t die and he said well we see your wife didn’t die so we will see what we can do.  But this brain surgeon is the best brain surgeon…

SID:  Are you convinced that she did not die because of you speaking gods word over her and believing God?

DALE:  Yes I believe in the word of God is alive and powerful but we don’t speak it, we need to realize that God is the supernatural; he wants to show up through his body.

SID:  Well what happened next?

DALE:  The next they operated on her and it was a four hour operation.  They got her back to her room and I stood by her bed and I said Holy Spirit how do I pray over her?  And the Holy Spirit through the triune of God spoke to my heart and the first thing that he said was second Corinthians 5:17, if any man be in cross and I said lord I don’t get it.  And he says Genesis 1, I turn to genesis 1 and I began to read and it says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, the earth will not form in void, but God spoke those things darkness out light come, and as I was reading that immediately the book of Genesis it was good and everything else was wiped out and all I could see was it was good.  All of the other words were gone, and I heard the Holy Spirit said to me does Pearl have a brain, the doctors said it was dead.  And he says my words are creative, call the dead brain cells live again.  So literally I had to either believe what his word says or doubt it, I believe gods word and I laid my hands on her and I began I said in the name of Jesus I speak creative word over your brain cells I command brain cells to be restored in the name of Jesus, and the natural looks foolish I did this for ten days, no change one day two days and when I went to the tenth day the doctor came that morning as I was speaking over her and he looked at the gage and he said to me “Sir” and he said “sir your wife is dying today she is closing down” and walked out.  And I heard the word that the spirit speaks to me again Hebrew 10:35, cast not away your confidence which has great recompense and reward.  And immediately Mathew 18:19 came to my spirit, if any two agree touching anything they’ve asked. I said father in Jesus name I call on somebody that has my faith in Jesus name.  And I walked out of that room, and immediately the phone was ringing in the room I went and somebody said I believe that if for you.  And my wife two sisters from Western Minnesota called and they always call my wife Pearly, they said how is Pearly doing today?  And I said according to the word of God she is doing great.  I already forget what the doctors had said because if we focus on the negatives we will never hear what the spirit of God is saying.  Many times we as Christians…

SID:  But Dale, Dale, her brain cells are dead,

DALE:  Dead.

SID:  They have written her off.

DALE:  Yes.

SID:  There is no hope, but Dale believes if he speaks gods word, a greasing prayer and he does not back off of the integrity of gods word, his wife will live and not die and declare the works of the lord, well you already know the ending because you have seen her, we will be right back to find out what God did, it is outstanding, be right back.

sidroth on August 5th, 2010

SID:  Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dale and Pearl Raatz. Let me tell you something, one time you almost die, you are a grateful person, two times you almost die you are a grateful person, I have a couple that has been attacked so many times, so many times doctors said they should have died and miracles happen. This tells me they understand how to get in touch with the invisible realm, for a miracle. Dale and Pearl Raatz, I am going to take you back Pearl to 1975, what were the last words you remember before you realized that you were dying?

PEARL:  Honey my heart, my heart, I woke up and that is what I said is my heart, my heart.

SID:  And Dale when she said that to you, what did you do?

DALE:  I immediately grabbed her in my arms and took her downstairs in the living room and laid her across my lap on the davenport, to try to find some life in her pulse. I could not find nothing and I remember saying “God you can’t take her from me,” but I did not know the reality that God wasn’t the thief. And immediately on the wall was written in a 4×4 on the white wall in front of me and it said “if you were to apply the blood over you, or the house and the death shall pass over you.” and so I read that.

SID:  Wait a second how was that on the wall?  I mean did you have it painted there?

DALE:  No! It had to be through your spirit eyes, through your spirit man, natural eyes I did not see that.

SID:  Have you ever seen something like that before?

DALE:  No that was my first time for seeing anything like that.

SID:  Okay and so what did it say again?

DALE:  It said if you would apply the blood over your household that death shall pass over you, as I read it I read it the second time and I spoke it out and I said “in the name of Jesus, I apply your blood over my household you death go in Jesus name” and she immediately she leaped in my arms and said honey, read the word, read the word.

SID:  Why did you say read the word?

PEARL:  Because I know it is the word that gives us our power, I didn’t realize what had happened even, I just knew that I was in trouble and the word was my answer.

SID:  The power is in the bible?

DALE:  Yes


SID:  Because what you saw on the wall came from the bible.

DALE:  It came from Exodus 12:13 this happened at 2 o’clock in the morning, as a matter of fact at 2 o’clock in the morning the Holy Spirit and the lord woke up two people in our church fellowship and began to pray for our household. So the Holy Spirit is alive alerting other to pray.

SID:  And then you found out what really happened, your kidney exploded?

PEARL:  My kidney exploded.

SID:  And what happened?

PEARL:  And what it did, it sent particles of the kidney that had exploded in blood clots through my body, and it wasn’t until two days later on Saturday when we found out what happened.  I had had a pain in my leg so I went to the hospital, and on Monday morning the doctor with four other doctors and seven nurses came in my room and stood around as my doctor sat on my bed and took my hand and said young lady you should not be here it is impossible for you to be alive and I said why? He said because 1/3 of your kidney has exploded and that meat and those blood clots had to go through your brain and heart and all we could find was one little one in your leg and so I said to him so when did this happen doctor and he said I don’t know but it was very short time ago, I knew that had happened on that Thursday night then, and then so a couple of hours later in comes a young man by the name of Marlin Roberts who was the undertaker in the town of Ashland Wisconsin.

SID:  Oh you were glad to see the undertaker!

PEARL:  And he said and he said the doctor called me and told me that I need to come and see a miracle and come to his office because I should have been in a morgue. Well he got born again and he sent his wife over and she got born again. He also…

SID:  But he lost some business.

PEARL:  Well he got born again which is the best here? So also during that time the doctor had explained to me that kidneys do not regenerate or grow back on, but I was not having any problems because I still had 1and 2/3 kidneys left, well ten years later we found out because I was having a problem that was not related to that at all, that my kidney had been regenerated and not only had it been regenerated but God had left his signature it was cross stitched on.

SID:  Now I don’t know much about sewing, what is a cross stitch?

PEARL:  Well it is a sideways cross a cross stitch looks like this.

SID:  So that is why you say you say he left his signature.

PEARL:  Yes because if you straighten it out you have a cross.

SID:  Well but what I understand from my doctor friend, a kidney does not regenerate like that.

PEARL:  Yah but they forgot,

SID:  With cross stitches no less.

PEARL:  That is right.  But you see what we have to realize is, is there is a natural truth which we can call a fact and then there is a higher truth which is gods truth and that always supersedes the natural truth if we remember to look to the one that has promised us, things in the bible and he said that this was for us, so why not take it all.

SID:  Dale again what was written on that wall which you spoke out of your mouth that I believed triggered this great miracle.

DALE:  Definitely!  I believe the bible is alive today as it was written and if we don’t speak it out and if we don’t believe it we will never speak it. And we have got to speak out what his word says. I have come…

SID:  It says in Exodus repeat that scripture.

DALE:  Exodus 12:13, when the children are exiting out of Egypt towards the promise land and there’s was they had to kill a lamb, put it over there door at that time…

SID:  Passover!

DALE:  Yes Passover time and the first born in Egypt would die if they didn’t do that but because they believed the word the visual applied the blood of the lamb over the mantle on the side of the door and at midnight there was a great cry and the bible says the first born of all Egypt died but not one that applied the blood died. And the blood is life giving that is our protection today from our death angel.

SID:  I am so grateful for the blood because all Dale did was say I speak of the blood, the blood that was represented at the Passover the blood of Jesus, that is why at the Passover they applied the blood but it only represented the blood of the Messiah there is such power wait until you hear the next miracle in there life I tell you that blood is still alive and speaking today, be back after this word.

sidroth on July 29th, 2010

GRACE: [singing] The atmosphere of Heaven is touching you right now. The atmosphere of Heaven is hearing you right now. Touching you, changing you, making all things new. Fresh oil flowing from Heaven. Fresh oil flowing from Heaven. Lift your hands and receive it. Whoa. The atmosphere of Heaven is touching you right now. The atmosphere of Heaven is healing you right now, restoring you, changing you, make you all things new. It’s fresh oil flowing from Heaven. It’s fresh oil flowing from Heaven. It’s fresh oil flowing from Heaven. Lift your hands and receive right now. Oh. ‘Cause your past over. Your future is bright. So step on in. Come on in. Feel the breath of Heaven. Everything you need is here. Everything, everything, everything you need is here, everything, everything, ooo. It’s fresh oil flowing from Heaven, flowing to you. It’s fresh oil flowing from Heaven. It’s flowing to you. It’s flowing to you right now. Lift your hands and receive the fresh oil, fresh oil, flowing to you. It’s flowing to you right now. It’s flowing to you. It’s flowing to you. Ooo.

SID: Everything you need, Grace Williams, everything you need is yours in the atmosphere.

GRACE: Everything, everything.

SID: Tell me some of the things that are going on when people hear your music.

GRACE: Just an amazing thing. One woman healed of scoliosis. We’ve had people set free of just emotional pain, past hurts. There’s been so much deep inner healing that the Lord has done. We had a young woman set free. She was what they call a cutter, and that’s where you self-mutilate, and it’s a very demonic dark thing. And she said, “When I heard your music I have not wanted to harm myself again.” She said, “I am totally free.” Just from the sound, Sid, the sound of freedom brings freedom to others.

SID: Everything is yours. Everything in that atmosphere, God releases everything. What is God releasing right now?

GRACE: You know what, Sid? I just believe by the spirit, the Spirit of the Lord right now is setting many women free in the name of Jesus. I’m just sensing that there’s many women who have been scared emotionally. And the Holy Spirit right now is reaching in to those deep places of your heart and He is restoring. He is making all things brand new. And the Lord says, “This is a new time and a new season for you.” And I also believe there’s many people set free of depression and oppression, and almost like a spirit of fear has gripped so many of you because you’ve gone through some very difficult things and the enemy has come in and preyed upon that, and it’s like an overwhelming spirit of fear. But God is releasing you today. He’s setting you free. He’s setting you free. Just lift your hands right now wherever you are in your living, just wherever you are, lift your hands and be free, and lift your hands right now [singing] and be healed. Lift your hands and be free. Lift your hands and be healed. [speaking] Just receive that mighty anointing today, today. And the Lord is also healing someone of severe migraine headaches. They’ve been incapacitating where you’re laid out for days. And God is touching that part in your brain right now and He’s bringing total healing and perfect alignment to someone else’s spine, and back and neck problems. You’ve been in an injury and God is bringing perfect alignment right now. And the blood of Jesus is flowing from the top of your head to the soles to your feet. Perfect DNA because you have Jesus’ DNA.

SID: You are special. God told Jeremiah, “Before you were conceived in your mother’s womb I knew you and I called you.” There’s a holy call. You hold on to God. He’s holding on to you right now.

sidroth on July 22nd, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. I hope you’re feeling that same peace. That’s what it is. Peace that is just coming across the air waves right now. Now Grace, I said to you, do you see angels often? And you said just a couple of days ago you had a visitation. Tell me about that.

GRACE: You know what? It was just amazing. Just a few days ago I was in my room just worshiping and soaking, and praying, and just seeking the Lord, and I had kind of just gotten to this really peaceful place. And I felt this amazing presence in my room and I opened my eyes, and it was an angel. And I said, “What is your name?” And it said, “Angel of comfort.” And it was this amazing literally like a blanket just surrounded me. And it was like being hugged with the heavenly embrace. It was the most amazing feeling. And I stayed there for probably several hours. I don’t know. I was just totally taken away. It’s funny because we’re talking about this CD, but taken away into this peace place of comfort and deep abiding rest. And I believe the Lord was saying it wasn’t just for me. It was being released in the earth for His people to receive that peace and that comfort, because so many people are going through distressing times and turbulent times, and you know, going through very difficult situations. But the Lord wants to release ministering angels right now to bring that peace and know that everything is gonna be all right.

SID: One of the things I love is that you get your songs from Heaven. And I’ve actually interviewed people that have gone to Heaven, and then many years later after they’ve come back to Earth, they hear the music that’s being released. Tell me, quickly, one song on the album and the story behind it.

GRACE: Well this song called “Holding On” was amazing because I was in my studio playing the piano just singing unto the Lord. And there’s one line of that song that says, “I need your hand in mine.” And I’m just playing and singing, and as I sang that line, Sid, I literally felt and saw the hand of the Lord come down like drop right in front of me. And He pulled me up. He pulled me up into the heavens. And His arm was so strong and so mighty. And in His arms I was safe, and in His arms all fear was gone. And I knew that that was the only place to be, was in His mighty arms.

SID: You know, I’d like you to go to the music set right now and I want you to hear Grace Williams. She’s literally singing a love song to the Messiah. And she’s singing, “I want to hold on to you. I don’t want to ever let go of you.” But guess what? The Messiah is singing back to her and singing back to you.


SID: “I want to hold on to you. I want to hold.” God wants to hold on to you. Grace Williams, “Holding On.”


GRACE: [singing] You are my everlasting love. You’re all I ever need and I’m holding on to you. You will never let me go. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding to you. I’m holding on to you. I live with you my life long beyond the span of time and the sign of you stands still mystified by what we feel. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. Been dreaming of a love like this. Been waiting oh so long…. I’m in your arms shouldered by your love so strong. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. I’m holding on to you. Holding on to you. Gonna catch me when I fall right here in your loving arms. Whoa I need your hand in mine. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Holding on to you. I’m holding on to you, to you, yeah. You will never let me go, Lord. ‘Cause you got me in the palm of your hand, right there in the palm of your hand. Whoa your love has been in the palm of your hand. Whoa. Holding on.

sidroth on July 15th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is Grace Williams and she’s been a guest before, and I have to tell you something. My favorite music to just worship God with was Grace’s first CD. But then all of a sudden she sent me a second CD and my experience, Grace, I have to tell you is when there’s a great CD the next one kind of lets me down usually. Well this one did not let me down. This one is called “Take Me Away”. Where did that title come from?

GRACE: You know what? The Lord really named this CD, and I believe it is a musical revelation and a prophetic impartation of Psalm 91, “Being hidden in the secret place.” Being taken to the secret place.

SID: You know, I was recently in Israel and I talked to parents of people in the Israeli army and they said to me that when they meditate on Psalm 91 it gives them such supernatural protection. This one young man’s entire unit had no injuries whatsoever during a time of war. It’s the most supernatural psalm in the Bible. It’s like a musical impartation. I’ll tell you something else I found, Grace. Is that when someone has a prophetic destiny on their life, such as you have, that it’s like the devil tries to snuff out their life before they even get started. That happened to you.

GRACE: Absolutely. It did, Sid. You know, he tried to take me out as just an infant. And I was born premature, had water on my lungs. I was in ICU for over 10 days. The doctors had given up all hope. They told my parents make arrangements. Your daughter is not gonna pull throw. I had gotten so tiny. I was hooked up to all kinds of breathing machines. And they said all hope is gone. And my parents actually cried out to the Lord at that point not even knowing if the Lord was real. And it was a last stitch effort saying, “I don’t know if you’re up there, God, but we’re gonna give it one last shot and pray because our daughter is losing her life.” And God did a miracle and even the doctors said, “We cannot explain this sudden turnaround.” And it was such really a sign and a wonder to my parents that God was real and they ended up finding Jesus soon after that because of that amazing miracle that God did in my life and the Holy Spirit’s touch on my life as a little baby.

SID: Now you can answer my question, but I don’t get this. At age three you started speaking supernatural languages?

GRACE: Yes. It’s amazing because it’s my very first memory, you know, and they say that all your formative years from like zero to four are where all your memories are stored, and really how you’re formed, and those things that are very important are really secured in your mind. So it was interesting that that happened to me at three years of age, because it really is the first memory I had. And I literally remember as if it were yesterday the room upstairs in our house and my mom was in the rocking chair with my older sister, and they had been talking about the Holy Spirit. And all of a sudden she tells the story. I just began to pray in tongues and actually sing in tongues. And she looked over at me and thought, “How does she know what’s going on?” And it was literally like a heavenly language. My spirit was just resounding with the heavenly song, you know, and resounding and singing. And she said it was the most precious thing. And I remember my little heart being so happy and so fulfilled knowing this is what I was called to do, to sing that new song like it says in the psalm, “sing that new song”.

SID: And then at four she just walks up to a piano and starts playing like a little child. What caused you to go to that piano?

GRACE: I just think it was the Holy Spirit unction, because I had never seen a piano before. We were at neighbor’s house and I literally was just so drawn to it. I gravitated toward it. I just went over and I put my little hands up there, and I looked at my mom and I said, “Mom, I want one of these.” So she knew it was something very special because it wasn’t just clunking around like a little toddler. It was a real desire to learn to play the piano.

SID: And then at seven you have an angelic visitation.

GRACE: That was amazing. Still, like I was saying about the other story, so fresh. It was as if it were yesterday. You know, when the Spirit of God speaks to you and gives you what I like to say a destiny dreamer or destiny vision, it’s something that is imprinted on your heart and your spirit forever, and nothing can take that away. Nothing. Nothing can take that away.

SID: And that’s the way I feel. You know, it’s so many years ago that I as a Jewish person had an encounter with the Messiah. But the peace that came into my room at that moment, no one can ever take away. But what’s even better than that, I have that peace right now, you know. It’s not just something that happened 30-plus years ago. I have it now.


SID: But tell me what that angel said to you.

GRACE: So I was caught up in a vision really and I saw music notes encircling the earth and this beautiful like ribbon going around and around, and singing and circling the earth, and piano keys also, and I knew at that moment it was destiny. God was saying, “I’ve called you to sing my song”, His song over the earth. And that’s a song of comfort and peace, and like you said, that undeniable peace, peace that nobody can take away from you. Joy, unspeakable and full of glory, you know. That’s a good thing.

SID: I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling that peace now. I’m feeling that glory now. Wait ‘til you hear her sing. Be right back after this word.

sidroth on July 9th, 2010

SID:  Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Isaiah Reed. Isaiah, what’s going on in your life – how long did it take them to just fix your face with all the stab wounds and bullet wounds? 

ISAIAH:  Well my total recovery took about two years of therapy, first the plastic surgery then because the gunshot was so close, this was powder burn and my eyes were full of you know the gunpowder I suffered from the explosion. And so I had a lot of trauma in my eye, and then my hearing, and you know my spine and just the whole thing. But my mother said when my God heals He made whole. If I could just take a moment for any parent, any family member once again, you must be tenacious about your home and your family and hold on to a promise that is found in the holy scripture and you have to receive it, you have to go further than your belief, but actually receive that it is done, receive that you have a promise, and I feel as though right now not only in America, but across this land and across the world that if families come together and begin to intercede for their family we would have a revival that would join in a revival of nations, of cities, and of communities. So never stop praying and never stop seeking the truth that is found in the word. And I just feel like the Holy Spirit is touching someone right now that has a son or daughter in drugs, or even murdered or have some kind of crippling disease, believe me, prayer works. 

SID:  Isaiah three years, we fast forward three years, you are at a long, three day Christmas party and all of a sudden one of your prostitutes, this is a Christmas party by the way, with his prostitutes, one of the prostitutes is having a problem.   What happened? 

ISAIAH:  One of the prostitutes was tired of the lifestyle, and so she wanted basically to commit suicide. Now here we are using drugs, smoking crack, heroin, the syringes, you know the full blown atmosphere of our sin, and all of a sudden she is tired, she’s finished, and the only way that she can see to end this madness is to end her life. And so she wants to jump off the balcony. I didn’t care basically, I wanted to continue, she was just interrupting… 

SID:  The party. 

ISAIAH:  The party.  And I had already stuck a syringe in my throat to shoot the heroin in my system. And Paul, the other drug dealer that was there says you know what, you need to deal with this situation because if she jumps off of the balcony naturally the police is going to come and we’re all going to go to jail so to speak.   So I offered Lisa some money.   She didn’t want the money, she said money doesn’t answer everything, you don’t love me and I’m tired of being a piece of meat. And she slapped the money out of my hand. That was a clue, because normally no prostitute will slap money out of your hand, so I asked Sheila, the other prostitute that was there to take Lisa into the bathroom to kind of, maybe two women could talk, or whatever. Sheila didn’t want to have nothing to do with her. So then I said what I’ll do maybe she wants some more drugs, so I gave her a whole thing of crack cocaine, just for herself, she could indulge in, you know, do whatever she wanted with it. She slapped the drugs out of my hand. By this time, rage came on me and I wanted to just knock her unconscious. And as I drew back to punch her in her face, I drew back my fist, and I was getting ready to punch her, all of a sudden out of my, out of me, the crook, the pimp, the drug addict came, let me pray for you. And Paul says pray, who you gonna pray to? He said it must be the drugs, give me some of what you’re using, because I want some drugs that make you pray.  And so anyway, Lisa calmed down. And of course I didn’t know anything supernatural at that particular time. 

SID:  I mean that is the last thing you should have been doing. 

ISAIAH:  At all.  I mean it so… 

SID:  It’s crazy. 

ISAIAH:  Yeah, it’s out of the… 

SID:  But you’re crazy anyway. 

ISAIAH:  Yeah.  And so when I said prayer, the Holy Spirit intervened, and I didn’t know, touched the heart of Lisa, submerged her in His presence, and she was at peace. So I went back, it didn’t even touch me, it didn’t even move me, I went back to what I was doing. And so Paul thought that maybe she was running a scam. He said you know what, you know really make sure she’s okay.    I said look at her, she looks like a little angel or something. He says, Nah. I says, Okay, the word prayer worked; let’s pray. He says no, no, I don’t want to pray. I said well whose dope is it?  If we don’t pray you don’t get no more drugs.  He said, okay, lets pray. 

SID:  You’re in control. 

ISAIAH:  Yeah.  Its amazing people will rally around marijuana and cocaine, but they won’t rally around Jesus. So anyway, he submitted to that, and so I hadn’t prayed since I was a young person, a teenager, and I was asking you know one of the prostitutes and another dope dealer, I said, throw in some suggestions, what should I do? And so Paul says, why don’t you close your eyes? I said close my eyes, I’m not going to close my eyes, the last time I closed my eyes I got shot in the head twice. The Bible says watch and pray, you know I’m in a room full of drug addicts. So anyway I said I do remember one thing, we used to hold hands. And so I said let us hold hands. And Paul, he was kind of resistant. He said, hold hands, you mean you got queer on me too. I said if you don’t hold my hand you don’t get no more drugs. So he says okay, and we hold hands. So anyway I don’t have no religious format, I just talked like a pimp, like a drug dealer, so I just began to kick it with the man upstairs. I said check this out home boy, you know Lisa’s down here, she’s tripping, you know. I don’t know what her deal is but you know I’m asking you as you know Jingle Bells time, you know Christmas and that kind of thing. Why don’t you give her a chill pill, so she can chill? And signing off, you know. You’re the man, talk to you later kind of thing. Really nice you know, I mean it had no substance to it as far as I knew. But the Lord answered me back. 

SID:  He spoke to you? 

ISAIAH:  He said Isaiah. And I thought somebody was play a trick on me, so I looked, but I could hear Him, resonating in my heart, Isaiah; and not only just my name, but challenging me. Posing a question; if I had an opportunity to change my life would I take it? Would I stop being a heroin addict for 30 years? Would I, could I, would I take an opportunity to be forgiven for all the blood and violence that I had shed? Could I take an opportunity to be a loving person instead of abusing and destroying young women’s lives? Do I, would I take a chance if it were offered me? And I said this is the hand that I was dealt, can’t nobody deal me another hand, I’ve got to play this hand out. He says, but I’m offering you, would you take it? I said don’t you know I deserve aids, I deserve hepatitis C; I deserve to be a drug addict? He said you won’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. If I give you an opportunity would you change? I told him I can’t change; nobody loves the pimp, the prostitute, the homosexual, the gang member. Nobody loves us. It’s all a lie, and you can’t help them and I can’t myself. Even if I wanted to change I don’t know how to change. I’ve been at this almost 30 years of my life and I said I hope to die a dope fiend. How in the world can you change me? And He said it once again, Isaiah. And the little boy that had been trapped in this wicked, ignorant body wanted to change and I cried out. And I said if there is a light, and you show it to me, I’ll follow You for the rest of my life. And what took me thirty years to be, He cleaned me up in a nanosecond. And everybody in that room got saved.       

SID:  Everybody?    

ISAIAH:  Everybody, that night. 

SID:  Listen, if God could rescue Isaiah based on a mother’s prayer, what could God do in your family? You know coming from Judaism I understand that at the Passover, the premise is, a lamb, not for an individual, a lamb for a mishpochah – for a family. A lamb for a house; and those of you that are watching right now that don’t know the Messiah, you just plain don’t know – would you trade where you are right now for all those millions you were making? 

ISAIAH:  No, I’d die for this.    

SID:  Well you heard that.   He would die for this. Choose this day who you shall serve, but as for me and my house, we’re serving the living God. 

sidroth on July 2nd, 2010

SID:  Hello, Sid Roth, your investigative reporter here with Isaiah Reed. He was known as the most vicious pimp in Hawaii. Isaiah, you were doing a drug deal that went bad with some Colombians. Tell me about that? 

ISAIAH:  I was living in Tokyo, Japan, just to kind of give you a little background and a friend of mine was taking care of the drug operation out of Denver, Colorado. And he wanted to retire. He felt as though, because we had made so much money that year, he felt as though we were very fortunate. We had all this money; we really didn’t have any disease, because I was also a drug user, sleeping with the prostitutes. I sold flesh, but I also indulged in the flesh that I sold.  So he feels that because we had got away so long, no really, no incarceration, been arrested but never convicted of anything. He thought it would have been a wise choice if we quit. I didn’t know no other life style to live. I was living out of Japan, also operating out of Amsterdam where prostitution and drugs is legal, I said you know we have finally got our foundation, we don’t need to quit. We have places where authorities really can’t do anything to us; we aren’t touchable at this point. But he was very adamant about it. He had picked up a Bible and he didn’t want his mother to die with him still living this lifestyle. 

SID:  Right. 

ISAIAH:  And she was getting up in years. And anyway, the long and short of it is, I flew to Denver, first class, to convince him to stay in the lifestyle, so I bought a first class ticket to run into a bullet. And once again, he had the word, and he was going on. I said you’ve been talking to my father, you stay away from that woman, you know, she’s, you know she’s contagious. And he said no, no, this has just been, and it was just a Gideon Bible out of the hotel. I didn’t want to hear, I was just so adamant about living my lifestyle, so I said, well I’ll go do the drug deal since I’m here. And we had done the drug deal with these Colombian associates of mine for many years. So it was nothing to be unusual, you know I was on my guard, I had my guns with me, you know the usual kind of a setting… 

SID:  Right. 

ISAIAH:  Anyway, at the conclusion of the deal, we get in the back seat of the car, I’m going to get them to take me to the airport so I can go back to Tokyo and as we were driving along, one of my friends took out a 38 automatic, put it to the base of my head, and shot me. The bullet went you know into my brain, through my ear canal. And I still have the bullet in my brain today, disintegrated my jawbone, cracked my skull, and then he shot me again, went through my nose, through the roof of my mouth down my throat, and landed in the top vertebrae of my spine. And then they began to stab me and stab me and stab me, and they stabbed me 16 times. And after I was murdered, after I was dead, they hid my body in an alley, and I stayed there a little over two and a half hours where I died. And how I got found, a car ran over me, and that’s how they discovered… 

SID:  So you’re shot twice, you’re stabbed, you’re bleeding to death and now a car runs over you for good measure.  Someone really wants to see you dead.  Okay. 

ISAIAH:  And you see I had already bled to death, I mean I was already dead, but when you die you don’t go to sleep, the real you is on the inside. This is just an earth suit that you can survive in this atmosphere; you know you can destroy the earth suit, but you can’t destroy your essence, the soul. Bullets can’t kill it, knives, drugs; disease cannot touch who you are on the inside. 

SID:  So, Isaiah, here’s the question I have. They take you to the hospital, or they took you to the morgue – where did they take you? 

ISAIAH:  Well, they took me to, you see when the paramedics came, they call back and they say dead on arrival, or you know he’s dead…   

SID:  I see. 

ISAIAH:  And then they bring you back where the, I guess the chief of surgery, or staff, whoever signs the death certificate has to look at it and certify that it is a death. 

SID:  All right listen.  You remember that tenacious mother of Isaiah. She gets a phone call that her son is dead.   Let’s see how she reacts because she is so sure that her son will not be a pimp, but he’ll be a preacher. Let’s go to Isaiah’s mother.    

MOTHER:  The doctor says, we have you son here in the autopsy room, he was pronounced dead of arrival here at Denver General Hospital and he began to describe some of the things that he was seeing inside of Isaiah. He was attempting to do the autopsy, and he said he had bled to death due to gun wounds, and he had been stabbed.  And he began to talk, and I say, well I need to make contact with him, I need to make contact with him. At that time I didn’t know they were monitoring me where I could be heard over the hospital, so I asked him if he would put the phone to Isaiah’s ear… 

SID:  Okay.  So now she knows what’s going on, what the deal is. Isaiah, question: would you be in this chair today, alive, if it wasn’t for what your mother did? 

ISAIAH:  No, definitely. 

SID:  All right, let’s hear her prayer right now.  Let’s go back to that telephone call.  Mother:  Lord you promised.  You promised me that my son would be saved.  You promised that I would see him saved.  I cannot accept this phone call that he is dead, that is not my son because my son is saved and full of the Holy Ghost. Lord, you promised me a prophet and not a pimp. And I begin to call life, life, life, life back into that body. And I understand that as I began to call life back into his body, he began to breathe again. 

SID:  Now Isaiah, after your mother prayed, you came to life. 

ISAIAH:  Yes. 

SID:  I mean they literally put it so you could hear, your spirit man, your dead body could hear, and is it true that you had the nerve to compliment the doctor that you came back to life? Did you do that? 

ISAIAH: Yes, well I didn’t you know I didn’t want to be saved, and so when my mother started telling me about the power of God, and how the Holy Spirit raised me from the dead, and how she prayed and interceded and stood in the gap for me, I had heard that, you know all my young life, and here she goes again badgering me, and Bible beating me again, and so I didn’t want to hear it, so I was looking for man’s opinion and man’s authority. So I asked the doctor, and the doctor basically said we didn’t have anything to do with any… 

SID:  Well now, if he didn’t have anything to do with it and you were dead, you had to come to the conclusion that your mother prayed and God performed a miracle.  So did you immediately turn to Jesus? 

ISAIAH:  Oh no, uh uh … 

SID:  No! 

ISAIAH:  No, because that wasn’t a good enough explanation for me, I couldn’t, in order for me to turn to Jesus I had to admit that my life was a lie, and Jesus is the truth. And it’s hard for any individual to admit that they are in error in any way, because of our pride and our arrogance, you know, Frank Sinatra, ‘I Did It My Way’ kind of attitude. And so I would rather be dogmatic going the wrong way than humble myself and submit to the truth. But thank God, my mother was even more dogmatic to the truth. 

SID:  She was tenacious.  I’ll tell you everyone needs a mother like Isaiah had. So he finds himself at a Christmas party, it was a long Christmas party, and this was what, about three years later? 

ISAIAH:  Yeah. 

SID:  And something highly unusual occurs.   Don’t go away, we’ll be right back.