sidroth on December 24th, 2012

Sid: Yeshua is getting ready to visit planet earth with the most awesome outpouring of God’s Spirit in history.  And I have a concern and maybe you’ll understand my concern if I tell you this story.  My wife was raised Southern Baptist; when she got to college she had atheist professors, she was totally unprepared for that onslaught; the church did not prepare her; her parents did not prepare her and left her at the mercy of her teachers who had a goal of making her an atheist.  Well she had enough of a background to say “I won’t become an atheist, I’ll be come an agnostic just in case there’s a God.”  And I met my wife, she converted to Orthodox Judaism because I insisted not so much that she wanted to be an Orthodox Jew, I insisted.  So you might say she was a Southern Baptist, Agnostic, Orthodox Jew that did not know God.  And then I had an encounter with Jesus and we started studying things from a Hebraic viewpoint of “Why is Jesus the Messiah?”  She had never had any teaching like this, what are the prophecies proving Jesus is the Messiah; what are the prophecies about Israel? She came to the point where she literally said to herself, “The evidence is so overwhelming, I must believe in God, I must believe that Jesus is my Messiah, I must make Him my Lord.”  Well, I wish every high school student and every college student in the world would get a hold of Jim Nienhuis’ book “Old Earth, Why Not?”  Because the truth of the matter is I’ve been wrestling with how old is the earth; I read what the Bible says, I read what scientists say, and then I can come up with the only conclusion I can come up with is maybe a day wasn’t 24 hours back then.  I don’t understand it I accept what God says, but I really can’t prove it to anyone else. Then my friend James Nienhuis came with this book and it answers questions that I never could answer.  I accepted it by faith, but you know what, I believe that the devil is coming with such an onslaught to take away and rob our young people of their faith; especially within the educational system that God has raised up such a man and such a book.  And Jim there is so many fabulous themes in your book that many Christians have thought about but truthfully they don’t have the answers.  For instance you deal with in your book about Moses wrote a number of the books of Genesis; but these facts occurred before he lived how could he have done this?

James:  Yeah, well I think he just received a compilation of cuneiform tablets you know the clay tablets that we learned the Babylonians used to write in you know they’d add to their letters in to the wet clay and it would dry.  Well the Hebrew word for to write Sid is you know you read the book, is to cut in.  “So, cut into a piece of paper?” “No, cut into a clay cuneiform tablet” and the Middle Eastern custom at 2000 BC was at the bottom the writer or the owner of the table would have his name signed off at the bottom of it.  And when these cuneiform tablets were signed off by the Patriarchs mentioned in the Bible before and after the deluge they signed it off these are the generations of; for instance Noah.  Now Sid what is generations mean in the Bible?  It doesn’t mean progeny after Noah it means origins, it means these are the origins of Noah, so Noah eye witnessed account reported all that he had seen in his life recorded it on a clay cuneiform tablet, signed off on it at the bottom, “These are the generations of” the word Hebrew word for generations is toladah, which means origins not offspring, is a progeny you know his Grandsons and great grandsons.  Talking about his ancestors, so apparently all this history was written down by eyewitnesses signed off at the bottom by the eyewitnesses and Moses had those stacks of those cuneiform tablets and simply edited it and redacted them; according to the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  Jim, how did you get so interested in verifying the Bible and coming up with this book “Old Earth Why Not?”

James:  Well, I became a Christian; age twenty-six, after graduating from Dartmouth College, Degree in Geology.  Was born again, famously born-again, lightning bolt shot in my head on a hung-over morning. Started a flit from my upper left temple, went into my head just like the scales came off, hangover gone, you know the preverbal jumping around preaching for the week after like a new born Christian babe, you know that was age twenty-six.  But still I had no reason to believe that what I’d learned at my little Ivy League college was not true that the earth were billions of years old.  And still at about age thirty I’m fifty-three now, at age thirty I picked up Henry Boris’s book “The Genesis Flood” he founded the Institute for Creation Research.”  That was in 1985 it like the scales came off of my eyes, like a secondary born-again experience you know.  Finally as a geologist what I’d learned in college all the information made sense; I mean it didn’t make sense without the global flood model.  After all how do you explain vast flat layers grading into each other up on the continents stacked like pancakes with billions of creatures in tune there in.

Sid:  And let me ask you this question with all the research that you’ve done, with all the study of the Bible that you’ve done, are their areas in the accounts of the history of planet earth in say the book of say Genesis that you really don’t have a reasonable explanation for?

James:  Well, the only, it’s kind of a slum dumb deal just a silly notion that well the naysayers will say “Where’s the garden of Eden, where’s the garden of Eden, well you know it’s under 10,000 feet of sediment (laughing) that’s about the only you know…

Sid:  Well, that’s nothing so is there any area?

James:  No, that’s about it to tell you the truth, and like I’ve told a …

Sid:  But what about?  Okay here’s the most basic question and that is we have all of these scientific methods plus a lot of understanding from history and geology and archeology that the earth is millions of years old and not 6,000 years old?

James:  Well, let me – chew on this one Sid, check this one out.  “Okay you know there’s erosion off the continents because of rain going into river you know sweeping the sediments off the continents over time; 27 billion tons of sediment is eroded off the continents every year.

Sid:  Right.

James:  Okay, okay presuming that rate into the past okay, within 80 million years the oceans should have filled the brim with sediments.

Sid:  In other words there would be no oceans.

James:  Right within 80 million years and yet they say rocks on the continents are up to several billion years old; some of them are on the surface.  So it’s totally totally absorbed as well at that current erosion rate 27 billion tons per year presuming that rate is the past all the continents should have been leveled to sea level within fifteen million years.  And yet they say “The rocks of the continents are up to billions of years old, it’s absurd.

Sid:  What about something like, is there really evidence of Noah’s flood that’s described in Genesis, did it really occur?

James:  Just look around you the next time you’re driving through a road cut in sedimentary rock terrain you know sedimentary meaning sandstones, shales, limestones, you know when you’re driving through a road cut in one of those areas you’ll see those bands?

Sid:  Right.

James:  Those are sedimentary layers and sedimentary means laid out at the bottom of a body of water.  So there is a body of water up on the continents that laid all those vast layers down entombing billions of creatures; those are fossils that we see.  Some of the fossils even still having bone-marrow and red corpuscles from the T-Rex’s recently discovered in Montana, as well as, I believe in North Carolina. You know organic live red corpuscles that should have degraded millions of years after they supposedly went extinct, “65 million years ago.”  So it all bespeaks of global encompassing flood in entombing, how—fossils aren’t being formed today when an animal dies it might fall in the river go down rot, degrade, float, bloat, scavengers eat it bacteria eat it up within a matter of weeks there’s no sign of it. The delta should be full of animals being covered up with all the sediments eventually to rise above the ocean dry out to become fossils.  Now that is what the uniform uniformitarian scheme taught at our schools is all about, and it’s totally absurd.

Sid:  What I want to ask Jim is how could all these different types of animals; all these different species fit on Noah’s ark? He has an answer in his book; he has an answer to questions that have been troubling you for so long.

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sidroth on December 17th, 2012

SID: I am so excited for you. What is going to happen is the presence of God is going to literally invade where you are right now, wherever you are. Shane, you got revelations. He went to Heaven for seven hours. He saw what’s going on in the invisible world. Now rather than finding it he’s cooperating with it. Tell me a bit about the warfare of worship that you observed.

SHANE: Well one of the things the Lord showed me in that visitation, Exodus 32, Moses is on a mountain. He comes down and meets Joshua halfway and he says, Joshua says, “There’s a sound of warfare in the camp.” In the camp the people have built a golden calf they were worshiping.

SID: Right.

SHANE: The word “worship” means “to kiss mouth to mouth or lick” like a dog licks a master. So how can licking or kissing, or worshiping sound like warfare? And the Lord spoke to me and said, “That’s what worship sounds like in the spirit realm.” That whenever the child of God begins to worship that it is the sound of warfare in the atmosphere. I don’t care if you individually or you corporately. Of course corporately is even more powerful because you’re multiplying. It has a multiplying effect. But any time you worship it is the sound of warfare in the atmosphere. The prophet said, “He teaches my fingers to do battle and my hands to make war.” And God spoke to me and said, if people will learn the power of worship they can win most of the battles that they encounter by simply learning the power of snapping a finger, and every war can be accomplished by clapping. The reason clapping is because in Hebrew the word “clap” means to “blast as with a trumpet”. That whenever there is the clapping of hands and shouting means to shrill or to blast as with a trumpet. That whenever you combine these elements it is the sound of warfare in the atmosphere and it confuses the spirit realm, at least the wicked spirit realm. But at the same time it activates the angelic realm, and God begins to move on people’s behalf.

SID: What’s happening in this studio right now, in the invisible world?

SHANE: Right now there’s angels all over this room. There’s angels all around your studio audience. There’s angels all around us. There’s angels, all of you who are watching in your homes or wherever you’re watching from, there’s angels everywhere. And they’ve come with breakthrough in their hand. The Lord says that he’s looking for a certain type of person. According to John, Chapter 4, the Bible says, “The Father seeketh such to worship Him.” The eyes of the Lord, Sid, run two and fro on the earth looking for a worshiper, not somebody who does worship, worship as an act, but a worshipper is a state of being. It’s who we are. God is looking for a worshipper. And according to Hebrews, Chapter 2, whenever the body of Christ begins to worship, Jesus shows up. It’s in Hebrews, Chapter 2, Verse 10 and 11. It says, Jesus shows up and it tells us what he does when he shows up. He starts looking for the worshippers. And the Bible says that he starts walking around to his beloved, to the children of God and starts speaking the redemptive names of God in their ears. Even as we’re setting here right now, Jesus is walking around. Now he can be everywhere at one time he wants to be because he’s God. And he is whispering the redemptive names of God.

SID: Now most people don’t know the redemptive names of God. Tell us a few.

SHANE: Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our Provider. So there might be a single mom in the audience tonight or watching me by television, and you’re struggling financially. Whenever you begin to worship God Jesus shows up and he’ll come and whisper in your ear, “He’s Jehovah Jireh. He’s the Lord of your provision.” Or if you’re sick in your body and he’ll walk up to you and whisper in your ear, “He’s Jehovah Rapha.” And those redemptive names hold weight. They hold power. Now you might not hear them with your physical ear, but you hear them with your spiritual ear. “He that hath an ear let him hear.” He’s not talking about physical ear. He’s talking about a spirit ear, what the spirit has to say to the church. And so whenever that comes into your ear it ministers to you. It brings healing to you. This just happened in Pineville, Louisiana. I was there. A man had a kidney condition. His kidneys were literally in failure. And while I was preaching, I was preaching about this fact that Jesus walks amongst the brethren and declares the names of God. I walked up to him and I said, “Like you for example. The Lord is declaring in your ear tonight because you need it declared.” And I bent down and whispered in his ear, “Jehovah Rapha. He’s the Lord your healer.” The next night the man got up and said, “I’m going to my doctor and I’ve got to testify. Here’s what happened. My kidneys were in failure. They didn’t know what they’re going to do. The doctor,” he brought back the doctor’s report. “The doctors say my kidneys have completely reversed. They are working.” What happened was Jesus the great physician walked up to him and gave him exactly what he needed by simply whispering in his ear.

SID: Has God given you any specific names for this show?

SHANE: Absolutely. There is a lady by the name of Stephanie. She’s either in the studio audience in the overflow room in here or she’s watching by television right now. Stephanie has a chronic condition like colitis or something of that affect. It is a chronic stomach condition. And the Lord right now is whispering to you, “Jehovah Rapha,” that He’s your healer. And God is healing you, Stephanie. There’s a man in my prayer time today. The Lord told me there would be a man by the name of Jim. They call you Jimmy. Your mother used to call you J.J. And the Lord said, you’re a businessman and you’re in financial trouble. You’re fixing to lose everything that you have. And the Lord is going to come through. This is destined for you to watch this program right now. And the Lord is stepping in your situation, and you’re going to see by this time tomorrow things are going to be different for you. God is going to do a miracle for you. And I believe right now the Lord is all over this studio to minister to people in every need that they have. There is nothing impossible.

SID: I believe that as you speak, whisper, speak, however, sing the names of God, everything that God’s name stands for, everything that God stands for is going to happen. Would you do that right now?

SHANE: Amen. Hallelujah. Father, we worship you. And Lord, right now, we just agree with those names. You are Jehovah Jireh. You’re our provision. You are Jehovah Tsidkenu. You are our righteousness. You are Jehovah M‘Kaddesh. You are sanctification. You are Jehovah Shalom. You are peace. Lord, for those of us who feel like we’re all alone you are Jehovah Shammah. You’re the Lord that’s present. For those of us who’s in a battle, who’s in a struggle, who’s under attack, he is Jehovah Nissi. He’s the captain of the host. He is a God of war who brings victory to us. We magnify you in this place. We thank you, Lord, that you’ve been given a name that is above every name. And every other name has to bow itself to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I declare to you whatever your condition it has a name. The doctor has given it a name. The lawyer has given it a name. The banker has given it a name. But let me tell you, my friend, his name is above every other name.

SID: And in the name of Yeshua, Jesus the Anointed One, you are healed!

SHANE: Amen. Amen.

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sidroth on December 13th, 2012

Sid:  You know the truth book, that’s my name for the Bible, says you do not know when your end will come. That you don’t know but you can know where you’re going; you can know where you’re going to spend eternity.  And I’ve done investigative reporting over these years of people that have died from a medical viewpoint, left their body, gone to Heaven and been told their time wasn’t up and been sent back for a purpose on planet earth.  And I’ve put together the 10 best testimonies on two power CD’s called “Life After Death”…Why do you need this? Because you’re going to spend eternity with God you might as well find out what you’re life will be like in eternity rather than this temporary.  And the second reason is there are people that you want to spend eternity with God in Heaven. By giving these two powerful CD’s “Life After Death” you will make a major difference in their life.  I want you to hear the best interviews I’ve had on these subjects.

Interviewer:  Dr. Eby tell me some other things that might be in interest in what you actually have observed with your own senses in Heaven.

Dr. Eby:  Well, one of the things of course it excited me tremendously was the beauty of the music; let’s call it an unlimited vibration or set of waves such as down here.  It’s not based upon a mathematical equation such as all earthly music is.  I said,”Who composed this music?  Jesus said, so absolutely unfathomable He said, “Didn’t you read My Book, I make everything and I make it for my pleasure and for the pleasure of My family.  So He said, “I’m the author, I’m the composer.”  Well, that was one thing, another thing that amazed me was the beauty of an aroma in Heaven such as I had not up to that time ever smelled on earth, I smelled it twice here since; an aroma that is a perfume so absolutely Heavenly that it had to be made by God and for God and I asked Him, “What is this composition of this aroma that is just saturating everything here?”  And He didn’t answer, it was later when I was back on earth that I asked Him again to tell me and He said it’s in The Book.”  And I stared from Genesis to Revelation and I found the answer, it’s partly for the benefit for those that are listening, the prayers of the saints, to me this is one of the most beautiful little gifts that God’s given that we don’t generally recognize, that’s the sweet smelling savor which is in God’s nostrils is partly at least according to Revelation 5 and 8th chapter.  “The prayers of the saints which He has distilled to speak into a perfect perfume just for Him to enjoy because it represents the obedience of His children.”

Sid:  Is everyone’s paradise the same?

Dr. Eby:  He said, “Didn’t you read in My Book that I never make two people totally alike?  And He said “Therefore I gave them the desires of their hearts and the abilities and skills to do what they could would those desires. He said, “Up here I have completed them.”  So everybody’s paradise appears individual, well I said, “How would I get to see anybody.”  He said,  “You’ve already tested out the mind that I gave you up here and its instantaneous, if you want to visit anybody or they you you just think and there you are together.

Interviewer:  Let me see if I understand this, let’s suppose you are an artist, your paradise might be some of the greatest works of art the world has ever known in your valley, is that what you’re saying?

Dr. Eby:  Precisely, it would be artistic nature far superior to anything that you could have even dreamed of down here; if you’re a musician obviously you’d want your pleasant place of abode to reflect music and you go right down through all the categories that she places in the human concept down here.

Sid:  Thank you Dr. Eby we’ll have you back later to talk about your experience in Hell.

Dr. Eby:  Instantly I felt myself just plummeted with the same speed which cannot be calibrated to the center of the earth; there I landed with a thud inside of a 4 x 4 6’ high whole inside of solid rock.  The immediate impression was which would be accountable to our human senses absolute cold, absolute blackness, absolute silence. I quickly said to the mind again, Jesus explain, this is different than I learned in church.  He said, “My son I want you to know that the present Hell is a holding tank for the unsaved souls pending the eventual great white throne judgment.  God is not there these people that elect to go to Hell do not want him to interfere with their programs or their plans they just tell Him in one way or another “Stay out of our lives, stay out of our way.”  And He said, “My Heavenly Father said that He will give the desires of the heart to all of his creatures He grants them by placing them then in a holding tank apart from Him until that day when they shall called forth from wherever they are to be judged before the great white throne.”  Well, I tell you the instant I landed in this place down there it’s absolute terror, absolute horror. Of course we’re in the spirit body it cannot be frozen, it cannot be burned, it simply exists with thousand of sensations which this nervous system we own down here couldn’t convey, it’s absolutely hell, there is no other reason.  I was surrounded by demons; the demons seemed to be so excited they were doing their fancy rock and roll dance in honor of my getting there and they said to me “Instantly all thousand of them, “We got you here, you’ll never get out.”

Sid:  They didn’t realize that you were only there for a short time, they thought I was a real sinner.  And they said “We’ve got you, you believed our deceptions while you were on earth you could have right this moment be with the Lamb of God in Heaven if you had believed Him, but we told you He didn’t exist and you just fell for it and now we got you.”  The stench there was absolutely indiscernibly horrible but it’s that of dying dead flesh and of course their boss Satan is the captain of their host and he is the author of death so you would expect it to stink.  Jesus called him unclean spirits, and boy they are.  Well, I don’t have time to go through all of that either. But they told me no uncertain terms that they had practically won the world at that time to Satan because of the fact that people that God had created on earth were so disinterested in perusing a knowledge of Him, a worship of Him that all they had to do was to make some deceptions and most of the people follow them.  Well, I wanted to get out of there and I screamed and yelled and realized that there is no communication from the present Hell to Heaven, it’s a place of isolation as Jesus said. If it hadn’t been for His mind on mine so that we could communicate it would have been more horrible even.  Suddenly I’m snatched out of there, suddenly I find myself standing before this Great White Throne which St. John described in the Book of Revelation, it is up there and it was when he saw it, it’s not used yet.  On it was a tremendous the throne looked to be about 3 stories high and it appropriately wide.  The personage was surrounded in a mist, I said, “Quickly voice in my mind I said, “Jesus I want to look into the loving eyes of my Heavenly Father, I want to see that tremendous amount of love that would cause Him to sacrifice You as my Lamb.  And Jesus immediately replied in voice, “He said, “My son didn’t you read the book, I told you in your present form you could not look upon God and live, He’s just too powerful it would just distinguish you. You’re here to be edified not to be exterminated. He said, ”He surrounded himself with this midst to protect you.”  Suddenly out of the midst came a hand with a book in it.  I could read write through the pages of the book to the back cover, we’d call it that where in Hebrew is written the words, “The Lambs Book of Life.”  Suddenly another finger came out of the midst and started turning the pages with lightning speed, the voice on my mind said, “My son He’s looking for your name, remember I expunged it for two minutes so that you could experience what is to be a sinner and sure enough He got to the end of the book.”  He closed it with a clamp of thunder and said, “Your book is not in My Family album there is only one other family that’s the family of Satan depart.”  If I could just transmit to an audience at any time the horrible sensation that was mine when I hear God Almighty say to me “Depart.”

Sid:    Dr. Eby when you share with us this week and perhaps maybe one on one and the individual declines the offer of eternal life, what goes on inside of you?

Dr. Eby:  Well, of course I’m disappointed in my very human failure of my communicating adequately; on the other hand the Lord has told us, told me personally when I was with Him in Lazarus Tomb when I asked Him I said, “Why would anybody believe me?”  Well, He said, “That isn’t the question to ask,” He said, “I’ll ask you my question, did they believe Me when I came to earth?”

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sidroth on December 6th, 2012

Sid:  Oh my goodness, God’s Spirit is moving already, the glory is filling this studio and why not I’m interviewing David Hertzog who has pioneered operating in the glory.  Because when you’re operating in God’s glory everything speeds up.  And just as I was doing the introduction God told me I started moving and started saying it people’s backs and new spines and pain is gone from their backs and neck areas.  David Herzog you proclaimed that you were going to move in the glory now at your meetings I know people that are bald, they instantly start having hair, or instant weight losses, or gold teeth, or new teeth.  I mean creative miracles of all kinds. What does God want to do now?

David:  Right now God’s healing somebody with missing cartilage, God’s putting new cartilage right now, I think it’s in your knees, just get up right now and begin to jump up and down and to bend those knees.  Cartilages growing right now in Jesus name, I command it to grow out of nowhere just begin to form and appear.  Your right I just can sense a lot of glory, there’s people getting new teeth and gold teeth crowns and fillings right now.  If your listening just lay hands on your mouth and in Jesus I just declare gold teeth, grey teeth and black teeth that were not very good turning to bright gold crowns, the entire tooth turn to gold and silver and silver crowns and fillings in Jesus mighty name.  I just release angels of dentistry into your mouth right now, I just see him just pouring in liquid gold, liquid silver and it’s cementing and becoming these bright beautiful gold and silver teeth, praise God.

Sid:  David anyone can say these words you’ve just said, but you sense God’s glory on those words, am I right?

David:  Yes, I just want to say what I feel he’s saying, I only do what I hear or see the Father do, that’s when He did or say something it usually happened; actually it always happened.

Sid:  What is the most outrageous miracle that you’ve ever seen?

David:  Wow, I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff, we were in a meeting there in Paris during a revival and a girl pretty much levitated off the ground thirteen centimeters off the ground while she was interceding for souls to be saved.  At that moment thirteen people came up that were suicidal spirits to begin getting delivered instantly, and souls started coming and that was the beginning of our six month revival; that was amazing

Sid:  Have you actually seen body parts materialize?

David:  Yeah, we’ve seen it happen, we’ve seen, we’ve actually watched as a woman that was bald begin growing hair in front of our eyes and we have a amateur film of it which we’re trying to put together to put for a TV show, but we watched it while it was forming on top of her head, hair.  We have had people had teeth grow where there was no teeth, we had it happen again last week in Dubai but also we’ve watched as we’ve looked into people’s mouths we were actually in Jerusalem just this Succoth here, and behind me were these big, big TV screens and this camera man was filming this woman’s mouth who somebody had claimed they thought they saw some gold starting to grow in her mouth.  So behind me is this big white tooth on a screen that some camera man’s filming in this woman’s mouth.  As I’m speaking people start screaming because behind me everybody there about 1,000 people saw the entire tooth turn from white to gold in front of everybody eyes.  And even I think Steven Strang from Charisma he was there, he was right in the front row, everybody saw this, so more and more people are getting to see the creative miracles as they are happening.

Sid:    In your book, which we’re making available this week “Glory Invasion” you talk about there’s specific geographical areas where there’s almost portals that open your way to the heaven or better yet open Heaven to come to earth.  Explain that.

David:  Yeah, there’s just places on the earth that are already open, for instance Bethel says Genesis 28 “ That he had Jacob’s ladder opened up of this open heaven happen and it’s like angels ascending and descending and he says in there this is the gate of Heaven.”  A gate can be a portal or a doorway.  So as I read that I realized wow, it’s still open over there, this is the gate or one of the gates, so we went over there to Bethel, we laid down on the floor, began to worship the Lord and just soaked in the Spirit and people literally were taken to Heaven, saw each other documented “You saw me,” “You said this to me,” I said “This to you.”  I mean in separate testimonies compared the notes; people were literally in the Spirit, I’m taken.  So in the place like that it’s much easier to have an experience.  Sedona is another place, now a lot of psychics come and New Agers because they try to plug it up and go on the second heavens, but God wants us to go to Third Heaven.  Jerusalem is probably the biggest portal in the world, you go to Jerusalem and when you can break into the Spirit realm it’s so, so, so open you know Jerusalem is like a local phone call to Heaven basically.  It’s just something there where you feel so much closer to Heaven and to God and you can press in.  So there are places that you go that seem to be more open in the Spirit realm than other places, there just geographical locations that are just they are open; open to the Spirit realm which can be either God’s or the enemies.  But there is an open realm of supernatural things occurring.

Sid:  David what does God want right at this moment for those that are so hungering an thirsting for the glory realm what is God want?

David:  Number one He wants you to be hungry just desperate for it, not like okay, that’s nice, but desperate, “I got, I must have this touch of God’s glory, I have to have it, I’m desperate for it, I’m hungry for it, I can’t go a day without it, like that kind of desperation will pull in another realm of glory in your life so just be desperately hungry, not apathetic about it.  You go to other countries I notice third world countries they are desperate for the gospel, desperate for anything that God has.  In the west many times we’re a little apathetic, we’re saved, we’re Spirit filled but okay that’s nice for you and if it happens to me great.  No He wants desperation in God’s people to have these high realms of God’s glory so more people can be touched and saved.

Sid:    Do you believe that many dead will come to life from the resurrection glory power that believer’s will be walking in?

David:  Oh, I believe they will, I mean it’s already happening, but I believe that it’s going to be happening in a massive scale.

Sid:  Have you seen it in your ministry?

David:  I’ve seen it on several occasions one of the most significant one was when I was in Africa and I was teaching how in the glory there is no distance. I was doing this big campaign and there was thousands of people and many miracles and many salvations, many demons coming out of people and one of the nights God told me “ I want you to announce that there’s a woman here whose come from the hospital, her daughters dying, she’s hoping she’ll be healed because she came but I want you to announce that the daughter has just died.  And so I got up and said, “There’s someone here your daughter just died at the hospital, you’re here hoping that she would get healed, and a woman began to weep and wail and we found out that yes, this person did die at the hospital, they have actually have cell phones, they have cell phones in Africa I found out.  So in the meeting the Lord told me to now command her to come back from the dead, so we pointed in the direction of the hospital and commanded her to spirit to come back in her body.  When that woman went back to the doctor the doctor said “We told you not to leave, she died while you left and we covered her with a sheet and at this exact time which was the moment we began to pray for her she came back from the dead and began moving and breathing and so we pulled the sheet off and realized that she was no longer dead.  You don’t always have to in the glory there is no distance like the Roman Centurion told Jesus “You Just speak it and my servant who is not here will be healed.”  So that’s the advantage of the glory is you don’t have to be at the exact spot even for resurrection.

Sid:  David, the glory is dramatically increasing what is God showing you?

David:  Right now there’s two things, there’s miracles and there’s also glory impartation, and impartation of the revelation of the knowledge of His glory.  I just declare that over people right now listening, that the heavy, heavy Khavod weight, presence of God’s glory will invade homes right now, where ever you are on the internet, around the world, at the presence of God and as that glory comes there’s miracles happening.  There’s impartation over ministers, and I see weight loss happening right now, people right now that are believing for weight loss I command weight pounds and kilos go in Yeshua’s mighty name.  And if that’s for you I want you to get up and just run around your room by faith right now just get up and do something, just run in circles right now by faith, just run around your room right now in circles and start checking your waistline, many of you are going to start noticing inches leaving and pounds…

Sid:  How in the world can I interview and go running around David, your making it difficult for me. [Laughing]

David:  You’re pretty skinny Sid so you don’t have to do it.

Sid:    [Laughing] Oh no, I’d like to be running around right now.  David we’re making your book available it’s…why did you write this book?

David:  Why God has been getting on me for years to write this book about this level of the glory, and so I just wrote it out of obedience, God said, “Write the revelation down so that people can run with it and so that they can operate in what you are operating in.” So basically get the book so that you can have the secrets and revelation to live and operate in the realm that we’re understanding.

Sid:  So, between you and me so why are you letting everyone understand what the Holy Spirit is showing you because you could just be the superstar?

David:  Okay, between you and me, and so don’t tell anyone then right.

Sid:  Right.

David:  Just between you and me, basically God’s in a hurry He’s coming back soon, the more people that get this glory and revelation the more souls will be saved and the more miracles.  It’s basically about expanding the kingdom of God not expanding my personal kingdom, that’s the difference.  A lot of minister don’t let their secrets out of what’s causing the things in their ministry to be blessed, because they want to be the only one.  I’m trying to work myself out a job. [Laughing]

Sid:   Well, that’s our job listen if you’re the only one you’re the target for the devil but if a million people are walking with the superstar in them the devil will go mischugah, crazy.  I want you to drive the devil mischugah…

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sidroth on November 29th, 2012

Sid:  Get ready there’s a great Jewish wedding that’s coming up.  My guest Jim Goll knows a lot about that great Jewish wedding that’s coming up.  He’s a New Covenant Prophet; he is an Old Covenant Seer all in one package.  And Jim and his wife have been especially prepared; they’ve had so many visitations from angels and they’ve done studies in the Bible on angels so that we can cooperate with the angels; accomplish our destiny because these angels are sent to those that are heirs of salvation.  That’s us, to help us especially at these set times that we’re living in give us direction, give us protection, and most Christians don’t have a clue as to what’s going on.  Jim your wife had a visitation how many nights in a row of angels?

James:  Oh my goodness Sid it actually lasted over an entire nine week period of time, it was sort of like a mini gestation period.

Sid:  Which gave her insight and gave you insight into this realm; that there’s a section in your book that I find very intriguing, and you had an angel of visitation in which this angel said to you I’ve come to release a message on the wedding of the church and Israel.  Tell me about that.

James:  I’ll tell you that was an amazing time; you know I had studied this subject you know of Israel and the church and the last days for years. But I personally had never yet been released to speak on the subject yet you know sort of like a pot is simmering you know on a stove and sometimes you have an immediate release and other times it’s just like it’s a slow cook.  Well, that’s the way this was for me and we were doing a prayer retreat gathering in the state of Georgia and that night an angel came and was actually dressed in a wedding garment of all things and again emanating in the manifested presence.  And this angel appeared in the room looks right at me and says “I have come to release the message concerning the wedding of the church in Israel.”  And that was like a green light was given to me to then begin to speak on the subject.  I remember that night when I gave this message I shared things I had not studied, I shared things that was in a realm of the depth of the heart of God that I really didn’t know; I mean in the natural, but it was by the Spirit of revelation.  I believe I had angelic help I tell you that in this day in which we live angels are on the release and part of their task is they are releasing living understanding to us.  One of the areas that their releasing is revelation or the Spirit of living understanding out of Isaiah chapter 11:1-3 is about God’s purposes between He church and Israel.  You see God, the Holy Spirit, through Yeshua Jesus really is waking us up.  And I tell you many of us have been asleep, have been dormant or we’ve just not been aware but the Lord is releasing angels to arouse us.  And there is a message being birthed in this hour of a bridal wedding that is coming; the Lord the Holy Spirit is preparing the bride without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing.  And He’s awakening Israel to her place; to her function; to her fuller greater destiny.  And so since I actually had that encounter you know that today, or let’s use the word Messianic movement, I mean when I had that encounter there was maybe twenty different maybe ministries or Messianic type congregations in Israel, and today there is around a hundred.   I tell you there is a wedding coming between the church and Israel.

Sid:  Now when you say a wedding; what do you really mean by that?

James:  You know sometimes we do speak in parabolic or prophetic language; Jesus did it and then He would take His disciples aside and He would give them plain language.  Well, what is the wedding?  A wedding is where there’s more than one party and they’re opposites and opposites attract. In the end time, these last days in which we live, there is a joining, a covenantal. What’s a wedding?  A marriage, it’s a covenant being brought together and these two covenants the Old and the New are being brought together through the hinge of Yeshua Jesus; let’s keep everything clear.  This is about the centrality of the man Christ Jesus, and there is a wedding a merger; a covenant relationship that is coming and an awakening between a bride and a groom; between two different parties are being brought together to bring forth great fruit in the earth.

Sid:  You know there are so many things to talk about, but you really need his book to understand this in-depth; he does it from a biblical viewpoint, and experiential viewpoint, and a discernment viewpoint to know the counterfeit from the authentic.  But you talked about one gathering in which you noticed glowing crosses on the foreheads of people. Tell me about that.

James:  Yeah, that’s amazing we have had several; I remember I was at a gathering with Mahesh Chavda and I’m sure Sid that you know Mahesh.

Sid:  I’ve interviewed him a number of times.

James:  Yes and he has incredible amazing God encounters, he and his dear wife Bonnie.  In fact my wife and I were healed of barrenness through the ministry of Jesus through Mahesh Chavda years ago.  But Mahesh was ministering that night and at the close of the gathering there ended up being, like in the book of Ezekiel where it talks about that the Holy Spirit will mark on the forehead.  Now this is a God mark not a demon mark of 666. God has a mark like in the book in Ezekiel where He will mark people who sigh and groan over their cities for the purposes of God to be birthed.  And there was a supernatural marking of a supernatural glowing of the cross and let me tell you the cross is the center of everything.  And God wants our mind to dwell on these things and he wants us to dwell upon the completed work of the cross of Jesus Christ.

Sid:  So we kind of dwell on the fact of this mark on the forehead, or you know of 666 of the demonic, but I believe God marks his children too.

James:  Yeah and again angels are used as protection and sort of like in the Old Testament where there was the Passover and the blood was put on the door.

Sid:  Right.

James:  The death angel passed over; let me tell you God has supernatural signs that He wants to mark His believers with that gives you protection; gives you protection.  And so yeah, God’s got signs and wonders and the supernatural dimension. I just tell you let the cross be the center of everything.

Sid:  You know I’m amazed that when I interview people that have been supernaturally spared from auto accidents and things like that of the angelic activity.   I happen to believe that every true believer if they had eyes to see has probably had their life spared many times that they didn’t even realize it was going on.

James:  Oh I totally believe that too and in one of my chapters on “Angelic Assignments” I go through these different assignments that angels are given.  They’re given to give us direction, and deliver God’s messages. They are used also in scripture and today to release dreams, visions and understanding.  And angels are used to give guidance, impart strength and one of the things you’re talking about right now Sid is angelic protection and for sure whether it’s called like we call it guardian angels that they’re given to watch over us.  Or how about Psalm 91 “For He will give His angels charge concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”  And so I just say “Let the angels be released into your life; angels of protection to build a hedge of protection around you.”

Sid:  Hey if ever we needed a hedge of protection I mean I don’t even need a prophet to tell me what’s going on in reference of this country in terrorism and what’s going to happen here.  I mean you can just read Intelligence Reports and know about all of these missing suitcase bombs and other types of atomic bombs.  When the former Soviet Union made peace with America what they did is they just took all of these weapons that they said that they were going to destroy and they sold it to some of these Arab nations and they’ve come across our border.  If we can’t rely on supernatural protection we’re all in trouble!

James:  Yes and the days in which we live it’s only going to escalate the fight of dark and light; the fight of kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of His dear Son.  And in the past I’ve actually called forth a Holy Spirit border protection around this nation.  And I just say to you it is important to possession to call forth angels on assignment, whether it’s on our Canadian border or whether it’s at…let me tell you one of the main places is our seaports.  We must speak, we must pray, we must prophecy, speak forth angels, guardian angels, gatekeeper angels, at our ports of this nation because that’s one of the most vulnerable places for the inroads of darkness into this land.  So call forth angels of protection, angels of guidance, speak forth this dimension, angels bringing deliverance, Psalm 34:7 “The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and rescues them.”

Sid:  And of course I look at even more in the positive sense that our seaports are going to be used for Jewish people to escape America and get to Israel some day; so these seaports are important in America.

James:  Oh that is huge, that is whole another big subject about places of refuge and places of protection.  And again angels are a part of God’s arsenal that is released to help create these safety zones, and these places of refuge, and the seaport exits from even this land in the future to fulfill Aliyah of the return to the land of Israel.

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sidroth on November 22nd, 2012

Sid:  My guest Jim Goll. Jim has written a new book called “Angel Encounters”, and if there’s ever been a time to understand how to cooperate with angels and know what they’re doing and what they’re not doing.  And understand the invisible realm and understand there are literally angels of light that are demonic that are coming across as being good, and knowing the difference between the counterfeit and the real thing.  And Jim and his wife have had so many encounters themselves with angels; they’ve studied in the scriptures and they’ve put it all together in a book so that you can engage help from heaven; the title is called “Angelic Encounters.”  And Jim on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about a visitation you had and I know about this visitation because I haven’t had the same visitation, but I can tell you for the last year I’ve been saying there’s something new happening in Israel.  And when I began saying this I was saying it by faith, and I was saying that their spiritual scales are coming off of the eyes of Jewish people and now it’s happening by experience. I’m getting so many reports of Jewish people in Israel coming to the Lord.  But you had an angel; I even love its name “Israel Awakening.”  And this angel came to visit you and said, “Not only are physical Jews in Israel are being awakened to the gospel but Christians are being awakened to the plans and purposes of God in reference to Israel and the Jewish people.”  Would you explain more about that visitation?

James:  Absolutely Sid, and not only is it the role that the church being awaken in prayer, and humanitarian aid, and care and bringing forth of the apostolic gospel.  And not only is it Israel herself in the land, being awakened and blinders coming off to be able to behold Yeshua, Jesus as the Messiah, but these Israel awakening angels are being released around the world, I believe.  And there’s like a commissioning that’s happening in the end times and they’re going to minister to Jewish people who are in the diaspora, or scattered across the world still. Going to awaken them to their call, their purpose, their destiny.  Some people even being awakened to the fact that they have Jewish blood and they haven’t even been aware of it; it’s been hidden.  You’re going to be finding in these next months and next year’s, you’re going to be finding people who have been in denial or hiding of their Jewish roots and they’re going to be awakened suddenly as it would be.

Sid:  You know what I find Jim, and I’m not going to make a doctrine out of this, but many people I meet that have developed… they’re gentile Christians and they’ve developed such a love of the Jew in Israel. As they do some probing in their genecology they find out they have physical Jewish blood.

James:  That’s what I’m referring to, there’s three elements of this awakening and one is to people scattered worldwide. This heaven’s help through angelic messengers are taking blinders off of peoples’ eyes and causing them to become alert and aware of their purpose, calling and destiny.  One of the thing things that was amazing about this visitation was that there was this young guy named Matt Sorger; he was the host of the conference.  He had written down unknowing to me, he had written down that there was an angel that had come into the auditorium that night with me, and its name was Israel Awakening.  And so at the end of the conference that last night when I’m getting up and I’m telling about the winds coming and I’m telling about this visitation Matt Sorger, and I had this all written down on paper by the way, I still have the piece of paper.  Matt Sorger gets up, interrupts me and says “Wait a second, I have a confirmation to this, I have it written down right here that there was an angel that came with James Goll to the meeting tonight and its name is “Israel Awakening.”  We had both of us this written down separately, and so God said, “He’ll confirm His word by the witness of two and three.”  So we had a confirmation of the name of the angel and the visitation right there that very night.

Sid:  Beyond that night has God shown you more about these angels, it’s more than one, “Israel Awakening” it’s a team of angels.

James:   That’s the way I understand it now because I’ve had a year to ponder on this.  I believe that I was visited by what I would consider by a lead or a messenger angel over a whole company.  Team is a good word, almost like a tribe, but a company of angels whose job is to awaken Israel.  Now but I also have seen that this deals again with hidden destinies and now in this hour destinies, again I’m using the word blinders, blinders are coming off of peoples’ eyes.  In fact right now people if you are listening I just declare that “Hidden destinies are going to be revealed in your own life and there’s an awakening that’s coming; your inheritance.  The Lord is going to cause for there to be an enlightenment an illumination a Holy Spirit revelation.  It’s going to happen perhaps through a dream, a vision, a revelation, through inspiration through the Word of God, but I just speak forth these angels are being dispersed.  And they’re even being sent your way and engaging help from heaven, you are not alone and part of their job is to awaken us into hidden destiny.”

Sid:   Something I brought up earlier in the week and I don’t want it to escape; what is the difference between a seer; s-e-e-r and the New Testament prophet?

James:  Actually the word seer is used in the Hebrew language. It comes from a couple of different Hebrew words.  Different from the word prophet and the Hebrew word prophet, ——- or navi, or naba, or nabyet, then in the Old Testament, the word seer is khozeh or khazeh, and that basically is a different way that the prophet person, vessel received revelation.  So if we bring it over to the New Testament understanding, I believe that a prophet who functions specifically in the gift of discernment of spirits is a seer prophet.  And the discerning of spirits is in the plural, and so you can discern the angelic, they’re spirits.  You can discern the demonic, you can discern the human heart, you can discern the Holy Spirit, He shape, His form, His moving, you can sense, feel, know the manifested presence of God.  So a prophet who, in the New Testament, is a seer is someone who moves in dreams, visions, visionary revelation and specifically the gift of discerning of spirits.

Sid:  Let’s talk a little bit about your book “Angelic Encounters” or “Engaging Help from Heaven.”  Why would it help every believer that is alive today to read this book?

James:  You know the Bible says that in the last days that in the end times it says “Difficult times will come.”  Listen I’m giving you keys on how you can engage heaven’s help, how angels get released, how you can call on the Father to release heaven’s army into the earth realm.  All of you who are listening out there you need help, I need help, and so I’m giving you scripture keys on how to unlock heaven’s army to come to your aid.  I’m also giving you testing how you can test the spirits to see if they be of God; because in the last days again seducing spirits will come, and so there will be as Lucifer fell, Jesus saw even the devil, Lucifer fall like lightning from heaven and so there are some keys that we are given experientially, through church history and through the scripture on how to be able to discern good from bad, light from dark.  And let me tell you this isn’t just for a few, a great like special elite prophets, this is for you, God wants you to grow in discernment on how you can have the keys of binding and loosing, welcoming heaven’s angels, and binding up the dark side of the force; of the demonic dimensions.  And I tell you this is really practical and we’ve got all kinds of stories in here too that are today’s encounters to help inspire your faith to believe that God is alive and well on planet earth.

Sid:  And you know what I love, you talk about there are two major tasks of angels.  One is to give us direction.

James:  Yes.

Sid:  Two is protection. Angels are involved at the beginning and the ends of our life and everything in between so why wouldn’t we want to understand it and I don’t hear too many people giving courses in understanding from a Godly perspective how angels interact with humans.

James:  Well, see we got to take back this territory Sid.  You know the New Age movement excuse me I don’t mean to offend anybody, but the one dimension almost understands these arenas better than the church does but it’s our territory.  I mean the authentic real supernatural, the New Age is a false counterfeit, but we need to take back this territory and that’s why I write and minister so much in these areas “Angelic Encounters, Engaging Help in Heaven” will be a practical tool.  I just tell you this is a practical tool to help you be able to release heaven’s army in your behalf.

Sid:  Now tell me just briefly because I found this fascinating, you talked about another prophet by the name of Bill Yount that had an experience with the angelic in Israel, explain that.

James:  Yes, you know God again will confirm His word by multiple voices. So while I had that encounter about “Israel Awakening” a friend on the east coast living in Maryland right about the same time he saw a small break appear in the demonic black clouds hanging over the nation of Israel.  As a small break in the cloud appear simultaneously the borders of Israel lit up like flashing green light from heaven signaling we’ve got a go for launching.  He said, “Immediately I saw many of these strong angels,” and I said, “It wasn’t just one, I say it’s a company being released from their duty on the boarder of Israel and being sent as in an emergency to personal deliver messages to the churches all over the world to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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sidroth on November 13th, 2012

Sid:  A topic wherever you go you hear people talking about is the increase of angelic visitations, and my friend Jim Goll has written a book, I’m not going to call Jim a prophet anymore I’m going to call him a seer.  Jim is a New Covenant seer. He and his wife have had many encounters with angels but he did a biblical study of angels and unless we understand what angels are up to in our life and understand, since there’s an increase in the supernatural that means there’s an increase in the demonic supernatural, and the God supernatural. How do we know the difference? It is a necessity, a must read it’s called “Angelic Encounters.”  I’ve got Jim Goll on the phone I’m speaking to him at his office in Franklin, Tennessee.  Jim on yesterday’s broadcast you talk about this in your book, but there’s things you didn’t even put in your book of a visitation on December of 2006 in New York. You had winds in the natural you shared, and then winds in the supernatural pick up there.

James:  Yes and so we were in Long Island and as you said, “The Winds did come, literally in the natural.”  The Holy Spirit said this would happen; and again in the book of Hebrews it says “That the angels are winds of God and that they’re flames of fire and they’re sent Hebrew’s 1:14 to minister unto those that inherit salvation.  So that you and me who are out there right now, but I tell you came hovered right in front of me. Then the seer capacity of the prophetic that means the visionary realm.  And I was catapulted into this the atmosphere was charged with the manifested presence and an angel was hovering now right in front of me.  It had a shofar, and it blew the shofar right into my face; and it was clothed in a radiant white garment; it was just emanating with the presence of God.  And then there was a gold sash that came from the left shoulder down to the right waist and then there were letters that was words, that was written on this like gold sash and I could read it and it said, “Israel Awakening.”  The atmosphere was just charged with expectancy and with faith and really a little difficult to explain was a dimension of the destiny of God; it was just absolutely amazing Sid.

Sid:  It sounds exciting to me because you don’t know this I’m about ready to jump on a plane to go to Israel so I’m all ears about an angel that identifies itself as “Israel Awakening.”

James:  Absolutely and it’s coming, it’s being released and I feel the fire of God on me right now as we’re beginning to talk about this.  And it’s beginning to be released I believe in this hour to help bring an awakening to the people; specifically the Jewish people who live in Israel today.  I tell you blinders are going to fall off of people’s eyes.  They’re going to behold Yeshua Jesus as the Messiah. Israel will be awakened unto her place of destiny in God.  There is as well is a parallel then there is an awakening that simultaneously occurs in the Body of Messiah, the church the Body of…

Sid:  There is such a supernatural linkage between natural Israel and the church that it gets so deep that you can’t go as deep as it is.

James:   No that’s so true. That’s what I see and I’ve pondered on this now for a year since this visitation.  This angel’s being released to awaken; and that’s an important word because if you have to be awakened that means your asleep and that is what this job of this angel is, to arouse from out of sleep.  It’s sort of like in Zachariah chapter four where the prophet Zachariah he is aroused by an angel or he is awakened.  So something is awakened that means it has been in a stupor and that is exactly what Paul the apostle says in Roman’s chapter 11.  He says that “In part there will be spirit of stupor or sleeping that would be upon Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has fulfilled.  Well this angel “Israel Awakening” is coming to like “Wake up” Israel from out of a sleep into her destiny.”

Sid:  Now is this why simultaneous and you know have to be a mental giant to see this Jim; the church is waking up from its slumber!

James:  That’s it it’s duel sleep that has happened a duel slumber or a stupor, and right in this hour there is a beginning awakening in the Body of Christ to our role, our function, and our destiny in partnering with Israel in God’s end-time purposes.

Sid:  Now help me out, now this is — we’re letting other people eavesdrop on our conversation.

James:  That’s true.

Sid:  But I’m an evangelist at heart; I want to see all people come to know the Messiah; maybe it’s because I’m Jewish, maybe it’s because of my call; whatever it is and maybe it’s because of my studies of seeing that I could reach more gentiles if I go to the Jew first if I do this.  But it bothers me to see Christians doing humanitarian efforts for Israel, and if I stopped here I’d be in big trouble, it bothers me that when they’ll do this, but they will not share the gospel; I don’t see this in the New Testament and yet I saw “Well, it’s good to do humanitarian efforts, but what is ultimate good beyond going to heaven?”

James:  Oh my gosh Yeshua, Jesus is in the middle of everything and He has to be; but now there is what you could consider also though a gradual or progressive awakening.  And that is where you begin to wake up in stages, and we need the Body of Christ, and Israel, awakened to the fullness, but there is also a staggered awakening. So thank the Lord that the Body of Christ in portioned is being awakened in a staggered way, stages unto a place of responsibility.  So humanitarian aid fulfilling the prophecies out of Isaiah “Comfort ye, comfort ye My people,” is good but it’s not all.  We got to keep believing and keep praying and keep speaking truth for the fullness of awakening of where Yeshua, Jesus, is in the middle of everything, we eat, live, breathe and our purposes.

Sid:  But it’s obvious that God is up to something. I have been a Jewish believer in the Messiah now well over thirty years, and I have never seen a time where so many Christian pastors are saying “I want to understand my Jewish roots, I want to understand Israel.”  And it’s not a natural phenomenon I think Christian pastors must have an angel by the name of “Church Awakening.”

James: That’s right, but see I believe that part of the task of this “Israel Awakening” angel and by the way I think I saw a messenger angel that has a whole host of angels that’s under its stewardship.  In other words there’s a whole company of angels whose job is to awaken the Church, the Body of Messiah to her task to Israel, and to awaken the Jewish people worldwide, and to awaken Israel herself in the land.  And so I believe that there is a whole company of angels, and that I have a visitation by possibly what I consider a lead angel, or a messenger angel, who has then accompany of Israel awakening angels at its stewardship.

Sid:  You know you said something that is helpful; we do things in stages.

James:  Yeah.

Sid:  And that is helpful to me but I know my part is to literally say “You got to tell Jewish people about Jesus, you don’t know when their end is going to come; and there is no other name unto men that we must be…I’m going for it right now with you.”

James:  I totally agree and so Sid your part, part of your role is to not water it down and part of your role is to be in the face and tell the truth, the gospel of the Kingdom. There are others who have another role to do their part in the gradual stages of awakening.  But you are an apostolic evangelistic at heart; you can’t help because you got fire on you so Sid just keep on doing what you do.

Sid:  Well Jim, that really helps me but I’ll tell you something that’s so intriguing to every believer and it’s got to do with the invisible realm of angels.  We’re making available this week your book “Angelic Encounters” and subtitled “Engaging Help from Heaven.”  And you used a line that I’ve not seen before in talking about angels in your book.  A description you called angels “Messengers of love.”  What did you mean by that?

James:  God is love and so don’t you think that those who are being sent ones, that’s what a messenger is, going to carry the very attributes of God Himself.  They’re ministering servants they’re like heaven’s deacon’s sent to earth representing the Father.  And oh my, they come releasing dimensions of the kingdom of God of righteousness, peace and joy.  And by the way you who are listening right now, I tell you “You are not alone, help is on the way; you can engage heaven’s help just say “Help.”  Just pray “Kingdom come, will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” and heaven will send, God will send in response angels on assignment to come minister to you and help you in your time of need.”

Sid:  I’m reminded of the worst night of my life right before I was saved I cried out a two word prayer, “Jesus help.”

James:  Absolutely.

Sid:  And I had such a visitation, my room was ablaze with the glory of God.

James:   And that was also angelic activity, see it was ablaze; it was with the fire, the manifested presence and angels come to release the fire, the light, the love, the life of God.

Sid:  The only way to understand all that God has available for you is to understand the invisible realm especially the realm of angels.  Jim and his wife Michal Anne wrote a book called “Angelic Encounters“, engaging help from heaven.

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sidroth on November 6th, 2012

Sid:  My guest by way of telephone is another Jewish man that is red hot for Jesus. He’s a High School Geology instructor; also Neil Russell is it Astronomy that you teach too?

Neil:  I teach Astronomy and I teach Earth Science, I teach all about the physics of this world.

Sid:  Okay, so that kind of explains why you had such a passion to understand what Sir Isaac Newton was teaching in reference to the Bible and I have in my hand one of the first copies of your brand new book called “Newton’s Riddle.”  This is historical fiction, but I believe it’s very very prophetic, give me a thumb nail sketch of this book.

Neil:    Isaac Newton spent 30 years right before his death in 1727 studying the scriptures, he really believe that God had placed him on this earth not to find out just how the universe worked in gravity but how the scriptures would point to Christ return.  Now in the book we have an American who is a code breaker. He happens on to this code that Newton had passed on for the past 300 years and through his knowledge into breaking codes he breaks it, and he finds out that Newton had come up with a an approximate date when Christ was going to return.  And in this book he also points the fact that any country who would turn its back on Israel would be cursed and the country that he saw was America.  So my main character Dr. Ezra Schroder, he felt that God had placed this book in his hands to implore and reluctant president of the United States to come to the…

Sid:  Who just happened to be a female I might add.

Neil:  That’s right, because America at that point had turned its back on Israel, and Israel at that point was facing annihilation from its surrounding Moslem countries.

Sid:  And what was happening to America as they walked into that curse of Genesis 12:3?

Neil:  There are curses that God has in store for any nation Sid that come against Israel. For America I truly believe that the curses that are going to come are going to come in the form of illness.  It’s going to come in the form of monster earthquake that has been predicted but has not happened for the past 200 years. Also in the form of an economic collapse which will place us all the way back to start; we will become a third world nation.

Sid:  You know it’s really brilliant the way you work this in you talk about how countries like China are investing in the US government bonds. Any time they decide to just pull their money out because of the trade deficit that they’re getting so much more money in the United States.  We literally could collapse without a bomb.

 Neil:  Our country is so poised right now, we’re standing on the brink; everything in this country is pointing toward the fact that we are standing in the point that if we make a wrong decision right now, our president or whoever is in charge, our economy is going to go down the drain.

Sid:  Now, just for those that aren’t familiar with it I have interviewed people that have written books and of course you worked this into the story line of what happened in the United States sometimes within twenty-four hours of going against Israel.  Tell me a few of those things.

Neil:  Sid I can give you hundreds of examples, but let me give you…

Sid:  Isn’t it amazing though that all of these examples are like within like 24 hours of the United States going against Israel – wham Genesis 12:3 hits the United States in many different arenas.   Give me some examples.

Neil:  January 16, 1994, when President Bill Clinton met in Geneva with Syrian President Assad for the purpose of pressuring Israelis to give back the Golan Heights.  The moment after the meeting was over a powerful 6.9 North Ridge earthquake rocked Southern California becoming the second most devastating natural disaster to every hit the United States right behind at the time Hurricane Andrew.  Got another date for you, January 21, 1999 then the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was coldly received at the White House by Bill Clinton; after that meeting both the President and Secretary of State Madeline Albright snubbed the Israeli Prime Minister by refusing to have lunch with him.  It was that very day that the Monica Lewinski scandal broke into the headlines; now which led to the impeachment and the disgraceful downfall of Bill Clinton. Sid I got one more that goes right to this second.  And everybody will remember this I believe God’s final warning to America came on August 23, 2005.  Now as the world watched the last Jew was forcefully evicted by their own country members from their homes in the Gaza Strip. This was all due to the response of the tremendous pressure exerted by our own President and his Secretary of State on Israel to disengage from the Palestinian land.  On that very day a weather system formed off the coast of Florida, now this storm grew into a hurricane named Katrina which destroyed not only the city of New Orleans, but most of the state of Mississippi as well.  Now image just one single storm wiped out an area the size of Great Britain rendering thousands of American’s homeless. Causing hundreds of billions of dollars in damage and leaving thousands dead.  Now what it says in the Bible what America’s done to Israel God has done to America; okay one year after they were forced to remove from their Gaza homes thousands of evicted Israeli Jews still remain in makeshift governmental housing.  So too one year after the powerful Hurricane Katrina struck Mississippi in Louisiana’s Gulf coast thousands of evicted American citizens were still living in government provided housing.  Every single time Sid, at the exact moment America pressured Israel into dividing their God given land disaster stuck America.  And just as God sent prophet’s in the Bible prophet after prophet of judgment to warn Israel to return to Him and forsake the world. America has been warned Sid.  And I believe times running out.

Sid:  Now, there’s so many things we can talk about; people would never ever read a book of just scripture will read your novel because it’s so now, it’s so today, but you have a chapter here “Academy Award’s Night in Hell.”  Tell me about that.

Neil:  Okay, every year the actor’s get together and they give themselves rewards. I truly believe that God showed me some insight here that the demons in hell including satan gather together and they give themselves awards.  In that chapter we start off right after 1945 right after World War II. The demons came up with a plan and I believe their plan if you take a look at what’s happened, you go back in time can be titled a frog in a frying pan.  The their plan was to desensitize this once moral country to sin, so the demons in this chapter actually give themselves awards for the demon who spread the lie about you know sexual sins, and the demon that spread the lie about saving money.  American’s have gone into debt, if you look at this chapter you will see exactly what has happened over the past 5 0 years to America to bring us to the point right now that our country is desensitized to sin.

Sid:  It’s just the most amazing thing if you just look at the line up on secular television you see homosexuality as acceptable, adultery acceptable, New Age, acceptable, drugs acceptable.  I mean we’ve come a long way in my life time.

Neil:  Absolutely.

Sid:    I mean, even the dress, I mean I just got back from a vacation in Miami, and I can’t believe the way woman are dressed today; the way they are dressed today is what it used to be in places where they show naked woman that’s the normal dress today.  At least it was in Miami when I went there.

Neil:  Well Sid, in the book it shows you the hierarchy of the government of satan and each of these demons there’s princes out there that are in charge of certain parts of the United States.  And each of these demons give each other awards and I can see that happening in the spirit realm.  This is something that we don’t really picture as happening, but they plan out every detail of the future.

Sid:   Well we know about academy awards night in hell but do we know about academy rewards night in heaven?  I believe just as the devil is having this award night in hell for what he’s accomplished in the United States, God will have one day academy rewards night in heaven.  And the thing that you’re going to bring to heaven with you is souls; and I don’t know of a better tool to sneak up on the enemy with than your book “Newton’s Riddle.”  And you’ve already proven it, you’ve given it to your high school students and they’re raving about it, kids that would never be reading a book about morality, about the Bible are fascinated because it’s our country it’s talking about!  It’s what’s going on, I mean you have a woman that becomes the first President of the United States. You work into the story line because it’s fictional, but I believe that it’s a prophetic book you work into the story line things that the kids know what’s going on today.  So people that are non-believers whether they’re young kids or whether they’re senior citizens they’re going to love your book.  And you told me that you got upset because there were so many books coming out like the “Da Vinci Code” that are maligning belief in God that was the catalyst to start you on this book.

Neil:  That’s right I really believe that satan’s plan is to deceive people and God’s plan is the truth; that’s what people need.  And people when they hear the truth I truly believe that the movie “The Passion” which was the truth about Christ crucifixion. Drew out people that would never go to the movies; crowds were tremendous.  The people want to know truth and kids are starving for truth that’s something they don’t receive in public schools. A lot of kids that I teach they never even stepped inside a church.  So this is I believe God’s using this to reach my students that they will see that…

Sid:  Okay, if you’re not challenged I don’t know what will challenge you.

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sidroth on October 29th, 2012

Sid:  The anointing of God, the presence of God is so strong. Why?  Because I have Neil Russell’s brand new book just off the press, “Newton’s Riddle.”  And this is such a now book, I mean get this it involves the world’s first female President for the United States; it involves Israel being pushed by the United States into orchestrating a peace agreement; it’s historical fiction, but it is prophetic.   I believe it’s so prophetic, but there is such a presence of God in the studio right now that I want to pray for you.  I command in Yeshua’s name that all sickness, all evil come off of you, all pain, spirit of pain I command you to come off of every person that is listening right now.  Spirit of cancer I bind you and I command you off of God’s people right now in Jesus name. I speak peace to those that are in turmoil in Yeshua’s name.  My guest here by way of telephone is Neil Russell, I’m speaking to him at his home in Queenstown, Maryland.  Neil is a High School Teacher at Annapolis High School.  He’s written his first novel, Neil did you always want to write a novel?

Neil:  Sid I never had any feelings for writing anything. I teach night school, day school, I coach, I’m a father and grandfather; writing a novel was the furthest thing from my mind.

Sid:  Yet you said when you started this you had the worst spiritual attack of your life, and you also had some of the greatest supernatural help of your life even to the point of you started typing supernaturally.  But tell me the premise of the book.

Neil:  The premise of the book is two-fold, one to let people see beyond their senses that there’s another world and this world is just as real as that we live in.  That there are governments in the Bible in Ephesians it says “There are principalities.” There are angels that are out there that are there to assist us, and there are demons out there to do what satan’s bidding is, To steal, to kill, and destroy. Most people don’t believe that including myself.  But they plan out the future and we read about it in the newspapers.

Sid:  You knew how to talk about it but you really in your heart of hearts as you explained yesterday you didn’t believe it.

Neil:  No, I didn’t.  I really believe God was giving me insight to write the book but as far as in a personal level I really didn’t believe the things that my wife was telling me. It wasn’t until God opened my eyes, the Holy Spirit revealed that everything I was writing was absolutely true. And that it was satan’s plan to stop me from finishing this book because I truly believe that the events of this book, even though I’m not setting a date, these events will happen because they come from scripture.

Sid:  Well, give me a brief outline of what the story is about.

Neil:  Isaac Newton truly felt that God had placed him here not only to find out how the universe worked, but also to find out the times of Christ return and he spent the last thirty-five years of his life pouring over the prophetic scriptures, especially Daniel and Zachariah, Isaiah, and the book of Revelations.  He really felt that before he died that God would reveal to him Christ return and the premise of the book and this really happened is that one of his journals ended up in the hands of a friend and the friend’s name was John Craig and it stayed in John Craig’s family until 1936.  All the works are found in Cambridge University, but this journal ended up you know through a period of 300 years not being revealed until I believe God wanted it to be revealed.  Today that journal is in Jerusalem, and it has been decoded. So the premise is that Newton wrote a coded journal that’s been decoded.  And the code in there shows us exactly what’s going to happen, most books that you read on end-times take place during the time of the revelation from the rapture on and this book takes us from now I believe through the end of next year.  And I don’t believe that anybody has ever written an end-time book that places it right in the present.

Sid:  And of course as I Googled Sir Isaac Newton I found out that he said, “The world would end no later than 2060.  He also said, “That before the world would end the Jews would return to Israel,” isn’t that fascinating.

Neil:  It’s fascinating.

Sid:  When did he live, what was it about the 1700’s I guess.

Neil:  That’s right, that’s right he died in 1727.

Sid:  And so for him to say the Jews would be preserved, for him to say, the Jews would come back to Israel in the last days that took a man that really believed the Bible.

Neil:    Absolutely as I said before he really felt that God had placed him here to especially find out when Christ would return. He saw after reading the Old Testament prophecies that God’s timetable is the Jew.  And back in the 1700’s the Jews were scattered, he didn’t foresee that 1948 after the holocaust the Jews returned to their homeland.  He also foresaw that there would be a friendly nation that would arise during this period that would make it possible for the Jews not only go back, but stay in their homeland.  And I believe and again, it’s in the book that friendly nation was the United States of America. The other point of the book is that God makes a promise in Genesis 12:3 He said that “To the descendants of Abraham that those who blessed them would be blessed.”  And the United States throughout our history has blessed the Jew; they blessed the Jew by opening the doors to America and welcoming them in, they blessed the Jew by supporting Israel from 1948 until this present moment.

Sid:  I mean this is the most blessed country in the world despite what people say about us; it’s the most wonderful blessed country and I’m convinced that it’s because we’ve tapped into Genesis 12:3.  “God says, “I God will bless those who bless the Jewish people and I will curse those who curse the Jewish people.”  And your book “Newton’s Riddle” goes into a period in history were the United States is starting to curse Israel, explain.

Neil:  Sid, what we read in the newspapers, the recent newspapers is that we are pressuring the United States is pressuring Israel to give back their covenant land.  Now I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, but I work in Annapolis, Maryland.  We had a conference right here in our home town in which we pressured both sides to meet. The premise of the meeting was to divide up God’s covenant land, that Israel would return the West Bank and also divide Jerusalem including giving back I believe the Temple Mount.  Any country, that’s the apple of God’s eye, that forces Israel’s hand to give back there God covenant land is coming under possibly coming under the curse that mentioned in Genesis 12:3 “That I will curse, those who also harm or come against Israel.”

Sid:  In your book you paint a pretty bleak picture for America, what do you hope will happen as a result of this novel, I mean this thing could catch on and be a major motion picture.  Do you think it will be a motion picture?

Neil:  With God all things are possible and this is something that just…

Sid:  It’s going to be but go ahead when someone reads this book the average person doesn’t understand prophesy, but they will read a historical fictional novel.

Neil:  Absolutely and I’ve seen so many people pick up like the Da Vinci Code which is based on lies.  This book is filled with scripture, and one of the things I wanted is for people that really aren’t versed in scripture to see how these scriptures are coming alive.  And so that to me is probably the most important part, to actually see, read the newspaper, and just take a look at scriptures and say “My gosh when they read these scriptures in the Bible they can actually see that this is happening in the world.”

Sid:  It’s not like Sir Isaac Newton that saw scripture and believed it hundreds of years before it happened, it’s a now book.  I mean I don’t know that I’ve ever seen another book that has been such a now book. I mean it’s so gripping, I couldn’t put the book down, you know I just started reading it and I didn’t want to put the book down.  And can you imagine getting this information into people about the reality of the supernatural realm?  About the reality of the scriptures, about the reality of the Jew in Israel; now there been what Tim LaHay wrote whole series the “Left Behind” series but he didn’t understand the invisible realm or at least he didn’t talk about it or Israel to the degree that you understand this.  What kind of reaction are you getting, you’re a high school teacher, what kind of reaction are you getting from your students that have read some of the first copies of this book?

Neil: Sid they’ve never heard about the supernatural outside of what they see on television. I truly believe when they actually hear the truth student’s will flock to the truth.  And very seldom do they actually see it, they love reading the book, they love hearing the truth about demons and how demons take on roles all the way up from satan who’s the chief demon all the way down to the little demons which we call spirits of infirmity that bring on sickness.  And also the demons that are assigned to people, these are called familiar spirits that they watch everything we do and when we die these demons of these familiar spirits know everything about us.  And so when they conjure them up on television they think they’re real people, actually what they are talking to…

Sid:  You know Neil, your book “Newton’s Riddle” it’s such a thriller, that’s the best word that I can describe, it’s a book that you want to read because it’s not only is it a fascinating book, but it will open up the supernatural to you.  Not only will it open up the supernatural prophetically it’ll show you right where we are this moment in history.  And I love Neil how you extrapolated from Sir Isaac Newton’s secret black book what the greatest mathematician and scientist the world has ever offered.  When he feels that the Lord’s going to return you actually state the year in this book.

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sidroth on October 22nd, 2012

Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah, my guest is red hot for the Messiah; his name is Steven Brooks.  And Steven likes to have interchanges with angels. Steven I actually there is a Bible college in Romania that uses your book as a text book to teach about angels.  Tell me about that Bible College.

Steven:  That is true Sid, this is a new Bible College it’s been opened up in Romania and a dear friend of mine that I’ve gotten to know over the internet.  Thank God for the internet, he has taken this book on angels and is using this as the text book to teach on the subject of angelology; which is the teaching of angels.  And so the book it’s wonderful how the Lord has created an international interest in this subject of angels.  And so we’re seeing this book flying out all over to the different nations of the world.

Sid:  Now, how did you get so interested in the angels and most people when they hear angels they immediately think of the negative rather than the positive which if there is a negative there has got to be a positive.  There has to be, if there is a counterfeit there has to be an authentic. Sid Roth supernatural videos

Steven:  Right, you know I for several years just studied the subject of angels and really liked the topic but you know this is just like angels, just like any other supernatural manifestation of the Spirit is something that we can’t make happen.  In other words I can’t push a button and have some type of angelic experience, I wish I could, I wish it were that easy, but these things happen as the Spirit leads.  But I by the grace of God began to have encounters with angels, and as I would teach and minister on this subject and share some of the things that the angels shared with me from the scriptures that encouraged me I would share that with people.  People began to say, particularly some church leaders, they would say, “Steven you need to write a book on angels.”  And I began to get prophetic words along that line, “Steven you need to write a book on angels.”  So finally I heard clearly from the Lord and the Lord said, “I want you to write a book on angels,” but then the Lord said something very interesting that puzzled me.  He said, “I want you to write a book on angels and it will have a lot to do also with horses.  And I just…

Sid:    That would puzzle me too.

Steven:  I said, “Well Lord, I said, “I don’t know where to go with that.”  And then for about a year and a half every time Sid that I would try to write this book.  I just would pick the pen up and I would try to start to go to work on it and put the pen back down and say “I don’t know how to combine anything together with horses and angels, I don’t see anything there so You are going to have to reveal this to me.”  Well, when we moved to Moravian Falls, North Carolina I was introduced to a man one time while I was having lunch at a restaurant, and he said, “Hey, I hear your writing a book.”  And I was thinking, “Well, I’m trying to write a book.”  And so he said, “What’s it about?”  I said, “It’s going to be about angels.”  And he said, “Do you know there’s a lot of similarities between horses and angels?”  Oh Sid when he said this I could have fell right there at that table at the restaurant and this man was a businessman that had a large horse property with many horses. He’s had a couple of angelic experiences and he began to share with me some things that was just like a skeletal form. I took that and put the meat on the bones in the book and just bring out a whole lot of the amazing similarities that there are between horses and angels. Sid Roth Its Supernatural

Sid:  But you know the question and that’s by the way I’ve read that and that’s fascinating, but the question that most of our listeners have right now is what is the purpose of angels?

Steven:  That is a very good question; the main purpose of angelic ministry is to serve for us.  Sid they’re servants and many times we’ll have people that love the Lord, maybe they’ve been saved for thirty years, but they have never gotten the angels involved in their lives.

Sid:  But we in our peanut brain we think well, if they’re going to be involved in our lives they are just going to be, you mean there’s something we can do to cooperate with them better?

Steven:  That is true; we need to know the angels better particularly those that are assigned to us.  Every person has an angel; actually every person has even more than one angel.   Psalm 34 talks about how the angels, excuse me “The angel of the Lord encamps around and about them that fear Him,” but there’s other verses in the Bible that give clear indication that we all at least have one angel.  Even the time when Peter was in prison and the saints were making fervent prayer for him and God sends and angel get’s Peter out of prison, he comes back to that house meeting where they’re having that prayer meeting at and knocks on the door.  And Rhoda, that young girl answers the door and sees it’s Peter and goes back in and says it’s Peter and they say no, it must be his angel.

Sid:  I wonder if our angel looks like us at least that was the Jewish belief back then.

Steven:  Well, I have seen the angels of some individuals before and it’s not always the case. One time I had it was about 3:00 in the morning, Sid I was woken up out of my bed, I knew something was about to happen, some type of experience was about to happen.  So I got up out of the bed out of the master bedroom where my wife and I were sleeping. I went to an empty room of the house and I began to wait on the Lord.  And about 3:30 in the morning I actually had laid down on the bed in that room and actually had dozed off to sleep for a few minutes when I woke up and sat up and there were five angels standing at the foot of the bed in a semi-circle.

Sid:  Well, what did they look like?

Steven:  Well, they smiled at me and they said “We are the five angels of revival.”  And when they said that I knew that they weren’t the only five angels of course, but they were five angels that had been assigned to certain men that were involved in previous revivals that had taken place in the earth and one revival that at that time was still taking place.  And one of the angels looked, he looked like 85% like the minister on the earth that he was assigned to, not 100% he didn’t look like a twin but he looked about 85% that when I looked at him I could tell exactly the man that he had been assigned to serve for in the ministry.

Sid:  Is this a well know man?

Steven:  Yes he is if I were to say his name.

Sid:  Could you?

Steven:  Well, actually this man was a praise and worship leader, his name was Lindell Cooley.

Sid:  Oh, I know Lindell; I’ve interviewed him.

Steven:  Well, praise the Lord I actually met his angel one time, he was one of the five.  So these were angels that had been involved with either a current revival, or past revivals that had taken place in the earth.

Sid:  And what was their purpose in visiting you?

Steven:  Well, the lead angel that was standing in front, he had two on either side he said, “We want to talk with you about the Spirit of Holiness.”  And for thirty minutes they talked with me about the importance of living a life that’s pleasing to the Lord by living a holy life.”  And there was not any shades of legalism or bondage or anything like that it was all, because Jesus said, “My yoke is easy my burden is light.”  But it just so made you just want to live right for God as they were talking to me and I was able to even ask some of them questions  in regards to Spirit of holiness and in regards to a life that pleasing to the Lord.  And as a matter of fact Sid there was one angel that just by looking at Him I knew that whoever he had been assigned to must have been one of the most humblest men on the earth.  You know it’s interesting we read in the book of Numbers how it says “Moses was the most humble man on the earth and Moses wrote that.”

Sid:  Right.

Steven:  Moses actually knew that he was the most humble man on the face of the earth and when I saw that angel I could tell that angel had been assigned to somebody who was probably one of the top most humblest people on the planet.  And I asked that angel, “What must it have been like to have been involved in that great outpouring of God’s Spirit and that revival that you were assigned to.  And he just kind of smiled and he said, “Really we didn’t have that much to do with it,” he said “The Lord just carried the whole thing.”  And you know what, that angel did he just deflected all the glory put it right to the Lord and it was just like he wouldn’t touch almost any kind of recognition for it.

Sid:  And that’s almost a test to see if the angel is from God or not.

Steven:  Oh, I never, that kind of humility was just so refreshing, it was just like they would deflect anything back to the Lord almost as far as something great that had happened or anything along that line they would give it all up to the Lord.  And even though they were involved in helping and even though the minister was laboring and preaching, they would still just give the Lord all the credit for it because He’s the one that supplied all the strength and did it all anyhow.

Sid:  Now, you told me that there are angels that have been involved in revivals in Africa, and other countries that are on their way to America, that sounds exciting.

Steven:  That is true I’ve talked with certain ministers that have great walks with the Lord, one I know particularly that is a minister in America that ministered many times in the country of Nigeria. The Lord Jesus came to this man in a vision and said, “I’m assigning a certain angel to you that was a very very powerful angel.”  And this friend of mine who I thought he’s assigned to this country, the Lord said, “His work in this country is done and he’s coming with you now to America.”  And I know also from South America there are some very powerful angels coming up from South America.  You know Sid the American church has heard about the great miracles that have happened in Africa of limbs growing out, missing body parts being restored, we’ve heard things like that taken place.

Sid:  And we always question, “Why isn’t this going on in America?”

Steven:  Right and it hasn’t really happened in like a breakthrough type way here in America.  Well, what the Lord has done He has provoked the American church to jealousy, and we’ve seen all these other things happening but we’re thinking, “When’s it going to be America’s time?”  But that time is coming, where these great angels are gathering in America a frame work a foundation is actually being made right now, the angels have been working on it for about the past two years.

Sid:  If that’s the case isn’t, can you see the timing of your new book called “Working with Angels.”  Why is it important for someone to read this book briefly?

Steven:  It’s important Sid because we have to work with them. It’s like a basketball team many times we just want to take, if the Lord were on the team we want to take the ball and just bounce it over to Him and say “Lord, you take all the shots.”  But He’s not like that, He takes the bal l and throws it right back to us and say “No you work with me and work with those I’ve assigned to help you in this.”  And when you read through the scriptures you’ll see that many of the great men of God they were familiar with their angels.  Moses was very familiar with the angel that was assigned to him, Elijah was very familiar with the angel that was assigned to him, and we need to get to understand how the angels operate and how they work, and how we can get them off the benches and involved in our lives and in our ministries, and in doing what God has called us to do to get their help.

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