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Sid: I have to tell you I am so red hot for the Messiah. Let me tell you what happened to me at lunch.  I befriended a 97 year old Jewish man that doesn’t hear too well.  So I said “Do you read the newspaper?”  And he said “Yes every day.”  So I gave him my book but he refused to read it.  So I would ask him every once in a while “Have you read the book?” “No, no, no; this time I said “And see if you read my book you would understand more about God,” I said it must louder because he can’t hear.  And in fact I think everyone in the restaurant hears me witness to this guy and he says “Well, how do you know I haven’t been reading the book, I have been.”  So you know you just never can tell, look his name is Abe and I don’t how much more time he has, he’s 97 and he’s on his own.  I want you to agree with me right now that Abe will have a visitation of Messiah Jesus in Jesus Name, that he will know you before he leaves this earth. Amen.  My guest Mike Shreve and talk about faith; when you understand what he understands some of those impossible situations you children and your grandchildren, and some of you even your great grandchildren they’re going to change.  Why are they going to change?  Because God has 65 promises Mike Shreve has researched and teaches upon and as you speak these promises you’re not pleading with God but you’re absolutely affirming His word.  Mike God prepared you for this because first the doctor’s said you could not have a child.  You contended with the prophetic word you’ve heard, scriptures and a miracle happened you had a child.  But then they said “Oh your first born, your son, is going to be mentally impaired and you said “Absolutely not.”  As a matter of fact besides God saying that you were going to have a child did He say anything else to you at that time?

Mike:  He told me I was to marry my wife that we would have a son; the word for some reason God used was that he would be an attractive son. And…

Sid: See attractive today is, if you weren’t listening yesterday a miracle occurred and he not only is smart he has a college degree but he has a photographic memory.  Would you say he’s attractive?

Mike:   Well, yes he is and he’s a miracle.  My daughter’s a miracle too.

Sid: Tell me about your daughter because you ran into a serious problem with her.  You know how to contend with the promises of God against the devil, but you’ve gone beyond contention you have gone absolute supernatural belief.  Tell me about your daughter.

Mike:  It was definitely a spiritual warfare over her, my wife was about four months pregnant, four or five months pregnant when we went to the doctor and he came in with a very sad look on his face and troubled look on his face. He said “Your daughter has Spinal Bifida” and because of certain chemical things going on in my wife’s body he said “She’s got cretinism which is a severe form of retardation.” After he showed us the dark spot on her spine to prove that she had Spinal Bifida on ultra sound he leaned across his desk and said “There is an alternative,” and we knew what he meant, he was implying that we should go the right of abortion which was absolutely unthinkable to us. But I tell people that we’ve taken an alternative we made up our minds right then and there never to go back to him again.

Sid: (Laughing)

Mike:  And as we left his office Sid, this is the powerful thing, the Holy Spirit fell on my wife and she heard the audible voice of God she sensed a little child dancing before her and she heard the audible voice of God “Your daughter will dance on the streets of Jerusalem.”  And we just heard that she wouldn’t even walk but God said “She’ll dance.”  And so from that day forward every day we kept claim and confess that promise over her womb, and she would confess Psalm 138:8 very adamantly that verse says “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me.”  And she would say “Baby, daughter you concern me,” and so God said “You’re perfect, I declare that you’re perfect and we decree that you’re perfect.”  Four months later when she was born the first thing this new attending doctor said was “She’s perfect.”  The very word that we had spoken over her for 4 months, and she is.

Sid: But what about this dancing business?  Does she dance, tell me about what happened.

Mike:   From a very early age she showed this talent and this proclivity towards dance; she would dance for hours in front of the television with these videos where children sing Christian songs and Biblical songs.  And then she would dance along with them and it was the most joyous thing for her to do.  And then she joined dance groups where most of the members were twice as old as she was and she did just as good as they did; she’s got a very marked talent in that area.

Sid: Well, you’ve seen what God has done with your children and you know you hadn’t been a believer number one you would not have been married to the same woman you’re married to right now.  But number two if you were married to her you would not have had two normal children; as a matter of fact if you hadn’t been a believer you probably would have aborted the second child and the first would have been born severe brain damage.  You must be one grateful father.

Mike:   Oh, I am every day I’m grateful. One primary scriptures we chose to quote over my daughter also is one of the promises; one of the 65 promises God’s given our children specifically is in the Psalm 139 where David said “I am wonderfully made.”  And then it goes on to talk about how God created his inward parts before they existed, and that He mapped out his days before hand before he was even born.  So we began to claim Psalm where in verse 13 and 14 it says “For You formed my inward parts, you covered me in my mother’s womb.  I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Marvelous are your works and that my soul knows very well.”  And so we would speak over her and we gave her the name Destiny Hope in advance because the doctors said she “Had no destiny or hope.”  And so we counteracted that with a prophetic name.  We would say “Destiny Hope you are fearfully and wonderfully made and God forming your inward parts and He’s covering your mother’s womb and you will be a marvelous work of God.”  And that’s actually what happened.  I believe the spoken word will make all the difference.  And I know there’s many parents out there that need to hear this revelation; I got an email this week from a woman that I shared this revelation with like 5 years ago.  I shared this insight and these promises with her at the time all 3 of her children were heroin addicts, every single one of them or all 3 of them were in jail too at the same time.  She was desperate to begin, and she’d been praying in desperation for them for years, but she learned some of these promises and the ones she really began to focus on Isaiah 54:13 the Bible said “All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.”  And Isaiah 49:25 where God said “I will contend with him who contends with you and I will save your children.”  And then Deuteronomy 30:19 where “I call Heaven and earth as witnesses against you I set before you life and death therefore choose life that both you and your offspring may live.”  And so she began to say “Choose life, choose the life of God for my own life and for my children and I believe God will contend with the demons that are trying to snare them and that He will save my children; all my children shall be taught by the Lord.”  Well, within the last couple of years that she began praying that over her children two of them were delivered from drugs and are saved and serving God.  One of them the daughter has prayed and accepted Yeshua as her Messiah Savior and she’s in the process of really being delivered.  And so all 3 children got a miracle when she began to confess.

Sid: Mike I have a burden I have seen what’s going on in the school system in America, in the universities; children of Christians, families that go to the universities will be talked out of their faith, they have atheistic professors, homosexuality is taught as a normal lifestyle; they mock God, and the peer pressure overwhelming. In the past it was vital someone understand what you’re teaching, now it’s life or death because there’s such darkness in the school system right now.  I mean your book is literally just off the press, I have a copy in my hand “Sixty-Five Promises of God for Your Child.”

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sidroth on May 16th, 2013


Sid: My guest Mick Shreve has got a new book; now you may be familiar with Mike he spent 42 years as a prophetic evangelist, teacher.  But the thing that excites me about Mike is his testimony.  As a young man conducting Yoga institutes at 4 different universities; he had something like 400 students and someone decides to run an ad in the newspaper about him, and a prayer group sees this ad and decides “We’re going to make our project; we are going to pray this young man into the kingdom.”  So he’s hitchhiking one day and a guy picks him up that was a former student that is in the prayer group.  He has a supernatural encounter with God, and then the best part of it Mike to me, is you go back to 400 students at the different universities and you tell everyone what God did in your life and then almost all of them receive the Lord.  Do I have that story right?

Mike: Yes sir, almost all of them became Christians; in fact just a couple of years ago I got an email from a young woman that was in the first class where I announced my salvation and 2 years later she got saved and then 38 years after that she email me and said “Thank you for your testimony.”  (Laughing)

Sid: People can’t even comprehend the value of prayer; I might not be talking to you right now except God knew you were going to receive Him if that group hadn’t bonded together and prayed you into the kingdom.  But I’m very excited about your bank new book it’s literally just off the press; “Sixty-Five Promises from God for Your Child.”  How in the world did you come up with this book?

Mike: I began searching the world of God for promises for my children because from the beginning Sid we were told my wife and I were told that we would not have children. But when God told me to marry; he also told me we’d have a son.  And so from the beginning I had to reject the report of man and claim and confess that the God of Sarah, the God of Rachael, the God of Hannah, the God that opens barren wombs is still God and that He would do the same for my wife.  It happened just like God said and so I claimed promises in that particular area; as my children began to grow they were facing different problems in life.  And so I decided to search through the word to find if there were any promises that were applicable to our children.  And much to my surprise I found 65 promises where God definitely pledges to do certain things for our children if we’re in a covenant relationship.  So I was just ecstatic and I began to claim those promises and saw changes.

Sid:  I have to ask you a personal question, I know the amazing things that God did with your children; we’ll talk about them in just a little while. How did you develop such faith, it’s beyond faith it’s like you believe God’s word that all you do is say it and you’re affirming out loud what God is saying?  How did you get this kind of faith?

Mike:   Through all the battles and trials of life; I like what Paul said, he said, “He was fully persuaded that God was able to keep that committed into His hands.”  I often wondered what fully persuaded Paul and it must have been all the many, many hundreds of trials that he went through and God came through for him every time one way or the other.  And so it that built in him a confidence to fight the good fight of faith and the same things happened with me.   

Sid: Well, I believe that the same thing is going to happen to the people listening; now we have people listening now their children don’t love them, their children are into drugs, they’re children are rebellious, they’re children go to church but on the inside they don’t even want to be there they don’t have a heart for God.  How sure are you if someone starts praying these 65 promises that they’ll have a change in their children?

Mike: I am absolutely sure that God keeps His promises.  Sometimes they don’t come to fulfillment overnight, so I can’t promises immediate results, but I believe it’s far more powerful to confess what God has already promised to do and to come into agreement with God’s word in a spoken word confession than to plead with Him in desperation.  Because desperation is partial faith and partial unbelief mixed together and certainly that kind of prayer doesn’t touch the heart of God as much as someone who is declaring, and  decreeing that God said it in His word there for it has to come to past.

Sid: Well, let’s go back you told me God spoke to you to marry your wife in an audible voice?

Mike: It was in a dream and I heard an audible voice in the dream. I had made a covenant when I was 20 years old not to date, not to consider marriage until God told me that it was time to marry.  He had given me a dream and told me to set that on the backburner of my life and not concern myself with it.  I was 39 years old after many years of evangelism in missionary work God told me who to marry and when He spoke to me that I was to marry Elizabeth He also said that we’d have a son.  And that became very important to know when the doctors told us that we’d never have children.   

Sid: Well, even having a son it wasn’t an easy situation.  I can see why God told you you were going to have a son because if you didn’t know how to war on the prophecy God gave you and on the scriptures, you might have just rolled over and played dead when the doctors told you what was going on.

Mike:  It would have been very detrimental to my faith. When my son was born, as you know Sid he laid in the birth canal a very long time to the point where the doctors came in with a very glum look on their faces and they said “Your son suffered oxygen deportation the umbilical cord was wrapped three times around his neck as well.”  And they said “There’s no way that he can go through that without suffering severe brain damage.”  And they said “You just need to prepare yourself that he may be almost a vegetable, he will definitely be severely retarded.”  But just a few years ago he entered Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee; the Church of God University and he was placed in the highest honor society in that school that is available.

Sid: Well, hey hey it’s beyond that I understand your son who was deprived of oxygen the doctors said “He would be a vegetable almost has a near photographic memory.”

Mike:  He is he’s amazing and he doesn’t have to even read a book hardly if her hears it he remembers it forever.  And God’s been exceptionally good to him, but see when we got that report on the basis of the Rhema word the Living Word that I received from God told me that I would have an attractive son.  And I just confessed the Name of Jesus, in the Name of Yeshua his mind would be alert and that he would be very intelligent, that he would not suffer brain damage; God is our healer, He is the Lord our healer and He promised to intervene for us that way.  And God honored His word and miraculously He turned the thing around. I think you brought up something very important though Sid a while ago that there are many parents out there who have very difficult strained relationships with their children.  And they don’t really know how to pray, they don’t know how to seek God because they’re so desperate inside often just plead with God and beg God on behalf of their children.  But I believe it’s so much more powerful to claim like for instance Isaiah 49:25 God said “I will contend with him who contends with you and I will save your children.”  That’s as definite as you can get. In fact…

Sid: But let me ask you this question; what about children that are no longer children they’re adults now and parents are estranged from their adult children; would it help praying these promises?

Mike:   Absolutely, in fact if they’re grandchildren or great grandchildren or adult children as you mentioned we still by virtue of the relationship in the natural in the physical we have with them we have a right to consecrate them to God.  In fact Hannah consecrated Samuel to God before he had any knowledge of it or any willful involvement in it and she was very right in doing so and God accepted that.  And I believe God honors a parent who will consecrate that child; in fact in 1st Corinthians 7:14 it talks about how the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the believing wife and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the believing husband.  And then it goes on to promise that therefore your children are holy; they are not unclean.  The implication is that both parents are in rebellion with God and living in sin there’s an uncleanness that passes to the child but if just one member of that marriage is serving God in a covenant relationship with God then God says “I accept your children as being holy to the Lord.”  Now that simply means that God accepts them in an act of consecration to Him.  That they are separated from the world and consecrated to Him and I believe that releases Him to deal with them more profoundly as a result.

Sid: Mike our time is slipping away.

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sidroth on May 7th, 2013


SID: Sid Roth here with Jean Blasi. I’ll tell you something, the rejection this woman went through, she now has come to know the Messiah, she is filled with the Holy Spirit, begins to speak in a language her brain had never been instructed, worship words to God. And then what happened to you, Jean?

JEAN: It was like floodgates opened, I prayed and prayed. It was like I couldn’t stop. Just as fast as I had started, all of a sudden, I just came to a stop. I slid back a little. There was a chair against the wall, and I slid back there. I saw the hand of Jesus go inside me, and come back out, just lift His hand back out. And these are the words I said: “You’ve healed every hurt and rejection and wound I’ve ever had.” I felt like I had never been wounded in my whole life. I felt so clean, I felt so healed. I knew He had sovereignly gone in, from the time even when I was in my mother’s womb, and healed.

SID: He healed you and took all that out, as only God can do. Took all of the hurt, and all of that rejection. But she still had a demonic interference. Someone said there’s more. What happened?

JEAN: Thank God for people who are honest. This lady in my life immediately after me  receiving Jesus, she said “Jeani, we can see you’ve been touched by God, and we know that you know Him now and that you’re so full of His love. But honey, you need deliverance.” And I said “Is that more of Jesus?” That was always my question. She said yes, and I said “Let’s do this.” She sat down, she did not know me, she was new in my life, and she delivered me from a spirit of death that was in the generations.

SID: Isn’t it interesting, you told me that she asked you about death; about you dying.

JEAN: Yes. She delivered me from that spirit of death, but she turned blanched white when the Lord showed her to get a spirit of death out of me. Her mouth fell open. She said “Did you die when you were 3?” I said yes.

SID: Isn’t that amazing that God spoke through her. You knew it was God.

JEAN: Yes I did. Well then, my rejections had rejections, my fear had fear. So then she got a spirit of rejection out of me, and a spirit of fear. I didn’t tell you this Sid, but before I met Jesus,

I would not allow my children to ride even in my best friend’s cars. They always had to be with me. I said “If they’re going to get killed, I want to die with them.” Isn’t that a bleak outlook on life?

SID: Listen, if you hadn’t been set free by Jesus, there’s no way you could’ve flown to Charlotte, North Carolina and done an international TV show. In a million years would you have done that?

JEAN: No, no way. In fact, I told my deceased husband, before I met the Lord, “Norm, you will never get me on an airplane.” I know I would’ve died. You can literally have a heart attack if the fear is bad enough, and I know I would’ve died. I said “You will never get me on a plane.” Then I met Jesus, and the next thing I know, I’ve lived on one the last 28 years. I love it.

SID: Jean, there are people who have so much hurt, so much rejection, so much fear. Would you pray for them right now?

JEAN: Yes, I would love to. I want you to listen in your heart, not your head. You can’t do anything but reach out to the Lord with your heart. Lord Jesus, I ask You to reach in and touch these hearts. Lord, today You’ve shown me there’s people who fear constantly, every day, all day long, about their children and their neighborhoods. Lord, I want to right now pray for the safety of these children in the neighborhoods and some of these schools. I appropriate Your 91st Psalm,

which is a divine hedge of protection. I ask You to establish angels, Father, around these children.

And Lord, I thank You. Lift off, and Lord we cast away that spirit of fear. We bind it and break it’s power. Lord, we say these mothers will not fear any longer. We bind up the forces that cause it. And Lord, we thank You now. We trust in You. We ask in Your name, Lord Jesus. We trust in You, and we trust in Your Word. And I thank You Lord, You’ve already shown me today the multitudes of mothers who are finally going to take a deep breath and rest. So we just say be free in Jesus Christ’s name.

SID: Jean, I believe some wonderful things just happened, but what is normal for you is walking in miracles. In fact, God said a statement to you that is so wonderful. He said “We reason away more of God’s kingdom than we walk in.” Is that you? Well say “Devil, no more. I’m going to follow these inclinations of the Holy Spirit.” And my inclination of the Holy Spirit is that you are primed for miracles, and we are going to pray for you when we come back. Don’t go away. Be right back.

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sidroth on May 1st, 2013


SID: You know, when the Messiah came to Earth some 2000 years ago, the world was a little simpler than it is today. The world was divided into two people groups. There were Jewish people, who lived in the Land of Israel, and then there were gentiles. The word “gentile” means nations. There were people that lived in all the other nations and there were people that lived in Israel. It was fairly simple. But I want you to understand there is a call by God for people that are from the gentile nations and it’s different than the call by God for people that are from Israel. Let me explain this from Scripture. Romans 11:11 says, “The call for those from the nations.” And you know what? I find very few people from the nations that know what God Himself has called you to do. So this alone is worth your watching me. Romans 11:11: “To provoke them,” that’s the Jewish people, “to jealousy salvation has come to the gentiles.” In other words, the call of the gentile is to provoke the Jew to jealousy. Meaning you’ve got something that we Jewish people want and it’s time to show it. If not now, when? Now the call of the Jew, very different. The call of the Jew is found in John, Chapter 4, Verse 22: “Salvation is of the Jews.” A gentile, someone from the nations, that believes in Jesus owes a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people because some Jewish person somewhere on a chain of people was truthful to share the Good News with gentiles. “Salvation is of the Jew.” Now if you get, if the gentiles do their job and reach the Jews, if the Jewish people do their job and reach the gentiles, guess what you got, the whole world. Oh God, you’re so marvelous. You make it so simple. We make it complex. Now the key, and very few people know this, there is a key for the judgment on nations. It’s always been, but especially in the last days, it’s increasing with intensity. You see, the judgment of God is contingent on what you do with Israel. God will punish Israel for sin, but God uses Israel to punish the nations for sin. Let me share a couple scriptures. Genesis 12:3: “I God will bless those who bless you,” that’s the Jewish people, “and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on Earth will be blessed through you.” Or the reverse is true. All the families of the earth if they come against you will be cursed. Again, this is so simple, but so basic. Now nine out of the 10 worst economic disasters in the history of America since the records were kept by FEMA occurred, nine out of 10, within days, hours of the United States coming against Israel. Nine out of 10 of the worst economic disasters. Obadiah 1:15: “The day is near when I the Lord will judge all godless nations. As you have done to Israel, so it will be done to you.” You say, Sid, that’s Old Testament. No. That was just the only book that the first church had, the Old Testament. They didn’t even have the New Testament. You know that. But let me give you the same thing in the New Testament for those that don’t understand it’s all God’s word. Matthew 25:40 is the separation of goat nations and sheep nations separated on one issue. Here’s the one issue: “And the king will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly I say to you, in as much you did it to one of the least of these my brethren,'” Jesus says, “You did it to me.” That’s the issue between the goat nation or sheep nation. A goat has a mind of its own. A sheep nation follows the shepherd. “As you have done to one of the least of these my brethren.” I looked up the word “brethren” in the Greek. Do you know what it means? “From the womb.” His physical brethren. Jewish people. Jesus is saying this. You see, I believe the dividing line between the true body of believers and the counterfeited will be on this single issue. And I promise you this, if you don’t understand the Jew in Israel from God’s perspective then you will go into further heresy. I promise you that. But if you do, what’s the favor of God?

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sidroth on April 24th, 2013


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I love the rarified air of Heaven. Did you ever see the movie, “Chariots of Fire”? Did any of you see that? It’s a true story about a Christian runner and he had a line. It was so wonderful. He said, “I feel the pleasure of God when I run.” Do you remember that line? Well my guest could have a line like that, except it would be a little different. He would say, “I feel the pleasure of God when I worship God.” I told you that certain psalmists tap into certain frequencies of Heaven. We’ve had people like Julie True tap into the frequency of supernatural peace. My guest Roy Fields taps into a God hunger frequency. You, if you think you’re hungry for God now, wait until you hear this supernatural frequency that will move you into a—because it’s from the heart of God. Then everything opens up to the supernatural realm. Do you want that? Do you want that? You know, my guest has led revivals throughout the world. He’s been with Reinhart Bonnke, with Rodney Howard Brown. But I want to take you back, Roy Fields. Age 11, for the first time in your life you experienced the presence of God. What was that like?

ROY: I’ll never forget it. It was a bunch of people that were hungry for God, that had gone to church from different churches. We were at a house and they had a traditional, you know, I guess it’s a traditional Bible study. Everybody was together and there were about 40 of us packed in this living room. And these five acoustic guitar players were across the front, and they were all singing the song, “I Lift my Hands.” And I’ll never forget, Sid, I remember them singing, [singing] I lift my hands to the coming king, to the great I Am to you I sing. For you’re the one who reigns within my heart. [talking] And I was melting. I never felt anything like the warm feeling as I did that day. And I remembered in the middle of that I said, “Lord, if this is what it’s like to feel your presence, if this is what it’s like when people lead worship, I want to do this the rest of my life. I’m addicted.”

SID: Now in the midst of your revivals, you have songs downloaded to you. Tell me about the song, “Unto You.”

ROY: I was in Muskegon, Michigan in 2010, just recently. We were in a 54-day revival, and the worship would last sometimes two hours. Nobody wants to leave the room, and I love that. And in the middle of that I heard this melody. Now I’m not really a writer. I really try to hear. I try to hear what’s being sung in Heaven. I’ve never been to Heaven yet, but I try to hear that sound that I felt when I first was touched. And “Unto You”, I heard that melody. That melody was [singing] da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da. [talking] I just could hear it over and over. Well two hours later, we’re all singing this thing. There weren’t even any words. It was just worshiping the Lord.

SID: You know what? I’m moved from these songs that you get from Heaven, they’re all about God as opposed to us or all the other things. I want to release you right now. I want to hear, “Unto You”, because I want you to know something is going to be downloaded as you hear Roy Fields, “Unto You.”

ROY: [music, singing] Your creation lies within, falling down before your throne. With a mighty hand unto you, Lord. There is no greater God than our king. There is no greater song we could sing. For you are holy. Lord, you are worthy. Unto you glory in the highest. All the kingdoms of this world will surrender to you, God. Forever you ascend, reign victorious. There is no greater God than our king. There is no greater song we could sing. For you are holy. Lord, you are worthy. Unto you glory in the highest. Every creature great and small, saints and angels one and all bow in reverence at your feet. Every creature great and small, saints and angels one and all bow in reverence at your feet. For you are holy, Lord, you are worthy. Unto you glory in the highest. For you are holy, Lord, you are worthy. Unto you glory in the highest. For you are holy, Lord, you are worthy. Unto you glory in the highest.

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sidroth on April 16th, 2013


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I want to live in the presence of God 24/. And more important I want you to live. It’s actually more important to me I want you to live in the supernatural of God 24/7. My guest went to Heaven and was taught by Moses, Jeremiah, Isaiah, the Word of God with the revelation of what they understood now that they’re in Heaven. And he’s been sent back here to teach you. Can you imagine how quickly you’re going to grow when you get these revelations? I can’t wait because the more I hear him share this, the deeper and deeper it gets. And as I like to say, anything my guests can do, you can do better. So you’re 18 years old. You’re Catholic. You get a free trip to Disney. You want to go Orlando. You’re 18. You want to go to the clubs. And so you need a room, not too expensive, and you rent a room, and the woman happens to be a very strong Christian that goes to a church that Benny Hinn is the pastor of, and she nags you to go. So you go to this church. What did you see?

RICH: You know, I thought it was going to be a traditional mass, you know, hour and a half.

SID: Of course.

RICH: Walk in the place. The worship was going on and there was a presence, an atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, which I didn’t know at that time. But I went up on the balcony, sat in there and instantly the presence of God came on me, and I started weeping and crying. But it was something I could not stop. So I forgot the message, I don’t know what Benny Hinn preached about. All I know is the presence of the Holy Spirit came on me. I wept. I felt like tingling going throughout my body, and I was captured in the atmosphere of God.

SID: And I mean, God is so good. He’s getting ready to go home and he hears the audible voice of God, “Do not go home. Stay in that church. Get mentored. Get discipled.” And then after that he literally, tell me about when you heard God’s voice, about the helmet.

RICH: Yes. Actually I never ended up going to Disney. I went to the church, Orlando Christian Center just about every single day, any event that was in church. Sunday night, Pastor Hinn used to have a healing service every Sunday night. I was in the healing service, touched by the presence of God. On the way back to the house a guys, “You want a ride?” I said, sure. I’m on motorcycle, wearing the helmet. I’m leaving the church. About two blocks away from the church I hear the voice of the Lord from inside of my helmet. It sounded like rain. And He said to me, “You’re not going back.” So I took the helmet out and I looked in the helmet, and I told my friend, “The Lord spoke to me.” And he goes, “What do you mean?” And I go, “He’s in the helmet.” So he stopped on the side, and he goes, “Dude, God is not inside the helmet.” And I said, “God is inside the helmet.” I had no idea how the Lord functioned. I was just saved days. And I knew right away that it was God talking to me. And the Lord says, “Don’t go back.” I stop at a pay phone and call my house and tell my father, “I’m not going back. I’m staying.” Mother says, “What?” I said, “Dad, Jesus talked to me.” And he goes, “Really?” And I said, “Yeah.” “What did he say?” I go, “He says I need to stay here.” And he goes, “Well if you don’t get on the plane tomorrow I’m going to,” and he said some really bad words, “and I’ll go get you myself and drag you back to Hawaii.” So I said to him, guess what, “I’m not going.” Hang up the phone and I stay in Florida for the next nine years.

SID: You know what? He saw so many miracles. I mean, he had visitations and just so many things. It’s hard for me to comprehend that he backslid. I guess his gifts were beyond his knowledge of how to use them and people talked, and he got hurt. And he went into business. How could you backslide after all that you saw?

RICH: You see, that’s something that I was wondering myself. I went through some things, oppositions and some trials. And you know, it’s interesting to see how little by little, you know, it’s not something that you get up in the morning and say, I’m going back, I don’t want God. You find yourself compromising. You find yourself hanging out with the people that don’t carry that same fire and passion for God. You hang out with Christians that are churchgoers, but they live in the Word, living the church. And little by little, the devil is so sneaky, little by little down the road you find yourself completely backing the things that you say you’ll never go back, you know. And that’s what happened to me.

SID: And you know, he felt he was going to have a heart attack. I mean, to him, it was a heart attack And he had a visitation from Jesus, and he went to Heaven. And when he shares about his understanding of the Glory, his understanding of the Word that was downloaded to him in Heaven, you must get closer to God. You must grow. And even those that are backslidden and they’re watching right now, come home. Be right back.

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sidroth on April 8th, 2013


SID: Julie, what is your purpose?

JULIE: Well God told, I asked Him, what is my purpose in music and in worship, and He said, to infiltrate the earth with sounds of healing, which to me means going behind enemy lines. He recently was just showing me that it was kind of more clarification about that, that it’s going to places you wouldn’t ordinarily think of where music would go. And He said that it would actually, that my music actually could change the cellular structure of sickness and disease, and that it could actually help reshape the brains of people who had been afflicted with trauma. And so He’s not called me to be like a praise and worship leader. He didn’t say songs of praise, or whatever. He said sounds of healing.

SID: Now when these sounds go out some amazing things are going on. Tell me about that woman that had the child where what happened with the chin and with the woman. Tell me about that.

JULIE: Oh yeah. A lady wrote me and said that she keeps children in her home, and that she had been playing my music for two years, two hours a day, when she would put the children to sleep. And she said that they would just instantly be able to rest. And one little girl would get dreams of God on a regular basis. And this other child had half a chin. She was born with half a chin, and she said that she had possible learning disabilities. And after the two years of doing this, she said this child’s chin grew out normal, and that she was one of the smartest children there.

SID: Now that’s my kind of worship. How about you? Julie, you love what is called spontaneous music. What is that?

JULIE: It’s where there’s no agenda and like you just sing from your heart to God. You sing what the Spirit is doing in the atmosphere at that moment, and there’s no framework for it. There’s no boundaries.

SID: But isn’t it easier to do a rehearsed song out of a hymnal.

JULIE: Not for me it’s not. It is very challenging now. I mean, I occasionally will sing a song, just a normal song that comes up in my spirit during worship. For the most part it’s like buying a greeting card that doesn’t say what you want it to say from your heart. And so I love to be able to sing what’s in my heart to God.

SID: Okay. I want you to sing right now, “Healing in My Presence”. Do you realize in the presence of the Lord all things are possible. All is pretty inclusive. Did you hear what I just said? All things are possible in His presence. Julie True.

Julie [music, singing]: Ooo…There’s healing in your presence. There’s healing in your presence. There’s healing in your presence, oh Jesus. There’s healing in your presence. There’s healing in your presence. There’s healing in your presence, oh Jesus. There’s healing in your name. There’s healing in your name. There’s healing in your name, oh Jesus. There’s healing in your name. There’s healing in your name. There’s healing in your name, oh Jesus.

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sidroth on April 2nd, 2013


SID: You know something I don’t understand. I understand the Muslim Brotherhood. I understand their goals. But I don’t understand why they have total access to the White House. I don’t understand why they’re selling fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Briefly, what’s wrong with the Muslim Brotherhood?

DAVID: The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to essentially imposing Islam over the entire world. It’s called a caliphate, and that imposes, what’s called Sharia Law, which you know, under Sharia Law, fathers can kill their daughters for perceived dishonor. It is bad news there. Bad news. And for this administration to think that they can cozy up to this type of organization is naïve at best, or it’s some very ominous shift in U.S. policy. It’s bad news.

SID: Well they actually destroy every Jew.


SID: They want to destroy Israel.


SID: And they want to destroy the United States. I wouldn’t invite these people into my home, even if it was a White House.

DAVID: And Sid, why give them F-16 fighter planes? Really? That’s the thing to do? How do you make peace in the Middle East with people who teach their grammar school kids that a good Jew is a dead Jew. I don’t see how you do it.

SID: You found an amazing pattern, an amazing common denominator from Scripture. It’s found in 1 Thessalonians 5:3. Explain that.

DAVID: And what it is actually, the bottom line is it kind of came to me from a dream, peace then sudden destruction. The thing is this. When you look at the 13 historically significant disasters that coincide to the day in most cases, except for I think two, it’s a week, with efforts to remove the Promised Land from Israel, that there are three common denominators associated with that. One is peace. They are supposed to be for peace.

SID: They’re trying to orchestrate peace.

DAVID: That’s right.

SID: So we always see that. That’s in the Bible.

DAVID: It’s peace, peace, peace, watch out

SID: When they say peace, peace, peace watch out.

DAVID: That’s right. And the other thing is though, we’ve been seen a reoccurring of destruction. Destruction has been taking place as these efforts toward peace have been launched to the day we’re seeing it in these amazing what I call coincidences. But also it’s very sudden. So this is the thing. There’s three common denominators playing like a broken record since 1991: peace and sudden destruction, peace and sudden destruction. And that particular scripture talks about how we’re to be “watchful and sober”, which means we’re to be watchful if there’s something to watch for. And perhaps it’s this message that’s coming out of these calamities that have been occurring coincidental to efforts to remove the Promised Land.

SID: Now you talk about President Obama has intentionally derailed the peace negotiations. Give me an example.

DAVID: It’s an odd thing. When he first took office, you know, usually an honest broker to bring to warring parties together is going to try and reduce issues between them to get the parties closer. Well what he did, literally, he injected a new condition, no building in East Jerusalem before talks would begin. I don’t know if that’s ever happened in the annals of diplomacy. But the president injected that.

SID: It stopped the talks.

DAVID: There were not talks. Even his biggest supporters said, why are you doing this. And they even said it looked like incompetence. That’s only the first of two times he’s done that.

SID: Okay. In your opinion there’s a reason. He is an intelligent president.


SID: Why is he doing this?

DAVID: I think the president’s ultimate goal, in terms of my reading between the lines and having studied it, is to move the peace process to the United Nations where eventually the United States will back up and say, we’re not going to veto this move on the part of the Palestinian authority to become a nation. That’s what I think it’s all about, ultimately.

SID: So it’s literally setting up the U. N.

DAVID: I believe it is, because well, we could go in depth. I know we don’t have time. But there’s a lot of other assignments to back this up.

SID: Okay. You had a dream and I have heard this dream from many prophets throughout the land. I know it’s hard for you to even talk about it. Would you tell us briefly what that dream was.

DAVID: What it is, to just sum it up, is, and I, too, have had heard a lot of people saying they were receiving dreams and warnings from God of things that are approaching our country. And that is simply that, and I mentioned this earlier about peace and sudden destruction. I feel it was shown to me in a dream. Actually, nukes detonating within the United States associated with a time when peace or so-called peace in the Middle East takes place. And I hope it’s not true. I hope it’s not true.

SID: Well I’ll tell you what. If what I know is true, and I believe it’s true because I heard this from God, that Jesus is returning very quickly. He’s coming back soon. And that’s why you read the Bible and these things don’t sound strange because of course there’s going to be things like this. I mean, many prophets have seen up through Florida and the east coast these bombs going off. But we are instructed to fear not. Now it’s one thing to say it. It’s another thing to believe it. I have friends that are believers in the Messiah and Israel, and they wouldn’t go outside without saying Psalm 91 out loud, a personalized version like, “I live in the shelter of the most high and I find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord. You alone are my refuge, my place of safety. You are my God and I trust in you. For you will rescue me from every trap and protect me from deadly disease. You will cover me with your feathers. You will shelter me with your wings. Your faithful promises are my armor and my protection. I will not be afraid of the terrors, the night nor the arrow that flies in the day. Though a thousand fall at my side, though 10,000 are dying all around me, these evils will never touch me. No evil will conquer me. No plague will come near my home. For you will order your angels to protect me wherever I go. You will reward me with a long life. And thank you, thank you, thank you for my salvation.”

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sidroth on March 25th, 2013


Sid:  Mishpochah you are going to experience miracles as a matter of fact there is someone with a migraine headache that is being healed right now. My guest Kynan Bridges I’m so excited about the series that we’re making available called “Aggressive Faith” that’s his brand new book just off the press.  And his teaching CD and the scripture cards but you see it’s not just scripture cards it’s scripture cards after you’ve read the revelation that God has given Kynan Bridges that it’s going to have such depth it’s going to change your life.  Now Kynan I think it’s wonderful that you and your wife operate in this aggressive faith but you have a congregation and you’ve been teaching this for awhile; do you see people able to do what you’re doing.  I mean you are fearless of sickness, you are fearless of pain; you go after it as if it’s a burglar and he’s just come in with his fists and you’re standing there with a shotgun aimed at his head.  I mean are there others that feel this way?

Kynan: Absolutely Sid and it’s quite an amazing thing because a lot of times when a leader or a pastor is walking in a dimension of the supernatural it becomes infectious really you don’t every have to talk about it sometimes it’s just people adopted in their spirit  by virtue of it flowing through you.  And you know it reminds me of a young lady one of the young ladies on our staff whose husband was just being tormentously afflicted Sid just with coughing and it was just a horrible time. And we heard a testimony that one night her husband was coughing through the night just literally just hacking and coughing from infected sinus’s this and that and so he’s hacking and so she just intuitively Sid without even thinking about it she wakes up in the middle of the night her hand goes straight to his head and she says “I rebuke this in Jesus Name.”  And she goes back to sleep, her husband begin to kinds a little bit but he’s still going through it and she get’s up one more time and says “In the Name of Jesus I command you to cease.”  And Sid he was absolutely healed in that instant.  It’s amazing Sid and we hear countless testimonies; one young man was on sinus medication for six and a half years, ever since he came to the United States.  Sid without even going into depth about the teaching just being around this revelation just being around this thing he could not use his medication any more.  Sid he didn’t need it, he didn’t need it…

Sid: Okay here’s what I want you to do in the next three minutes I want you to do what you do in your brand new book.  I want you give me a scripture, unpacked it for me and then I want you to pray for the sick.

Kynan: Hallelujah well Sid I believe that the Word of God is so powerful.  In Psalm Chapter 107 it says this “And He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from all their destruction.”  It also says in 2nd Corinthians 5 verse 21 it says that “We are the righteousness of God, He became the unrighteousness of God that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.  And I just want to share with someone out there today you may be struggling with sickness in your body, you may be dealing with an autoimmune disorder.  I see someone there they have Chrone’s disease Sid and God’s even touching you right now in the Name of Jesus Christ.  There is someone with a retina you have a detached retina God’s actually restoring your retina right now in Name of Jesus.  And I just want to pray for you in the Name of Jesus Christ and my wife recently was healed supernaturally of diabetes, diabetes there’s someone out there with diabetes right now and I want to tell you that the Word of God says that Jesus Christ He, He bore our sicknesses and carried our disease.  And what that means is that He became the receptacle of God’s wrath on our behalf so that you and I could live in the fullness of Him.  You and I could live in the fullness of Him; you know the word stripe there is referring to stripes that came on Jesus’ back through the Roman catenae tails.  This was literally Sid, this was literally it was a whip that had bones and glass in side of it that would rip the flesh; well do you  know that as Jesus flesh was being ripped every category of sickness and disease known to man was being removed from the born again believer.  And I want to pray for you today “Father in Jesus Name I just thank you Lord for those listening Your audience today God, Father I thank you for Your healing power and Lord I release faith God in the Name of Jesus that Lord faith comes by hearing hearing by Your word. As they hear the word of God that I’m speaking right now Lord, Holy Spirit would You give them the faith to know that no longer have to be tormented by the enemy; that they no longer have to be broken but they can be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ.”  There’s someone with arthritis; there’s someone with Lupus in the Name of Jesus, there’s someone with breast cancer in Jesus Name I curse cancer in Jesus name I curse Lupus, I command it to leave your body even right now in the precious Name of the Messiah Jesus we pray.  Amen.

Sid: Kynan you have had some revelation about what’s going to happen in Israel; what is God showing you?

Kynan: Wow Sid, Sid wow, wow, wow it’s amazing because you have mentioned even on your broadcast the idea of the One New Man and I think that the church is in desperate need of this revelation.  We need to understand the converjance of the One New Man that there, in fact in Christ there is no more Jew, there’s no more Gentile, but what Jesus refers to as One New Man I believe Sid that we’re going to see a revival a healing a supernatural revival like the world has never seen when the church begins to embrace this revelation.  It’s going to come even out of Israel, you’re going to see even synagogues  Sid that are going to begin flow in the supernatural power of God.

Sid: You know what I envision?  I envision It’s Supernatural television having a studio in Jerusalem because I want to capture these orthodox, young orthodox Jews running around praying for the blind, having limbs growing out.  I mean like if you want your faith stretched you’ll just have to watch It’s Supernatural in the near future.

Kynan: Amen.

Sid: By the way have you ever seen angel?

Kynan: Actually I have, (Laughing) I have.

Sid: Tell me; tell me about it.

Kynan: I want to tell you I had been praying about trying to…I wanted to see angels you know I saw one once when I was.  Quickly I saw one once when I was first saved I was about fifteen years old and an angel visited me one night in my sleep.  I was going through a very difficult time, I was being persecuted by even family members Sid.  And one day I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw an angel hovering over me a siloet and it gazed into my eyes Sid but there was no fear.  I was not afraid and as it looked at me for a few seconds and it shot away it literally disappeared it flew away like lightning.  And when I woke up the next morning I heard in my spirit the word rest and the next morning I woke up with such a sense of peace that I had never experienced before.  The second time was actually about, not the second time but one of the most recent times was about last year.  We were our ministry was very young and we were just going through some challenges and things like that and I couldn’t press in Sid I was trying to pray, I was trying to get into the word and I just felt blockages.  And one day I was praying Sid I was praying early in the morning it was about 5:00 a.m. and I turned to my right Sid and I saw an angelic being in the spirit realm, it was about ten feet tall and I looked at him and I knew by word of knowledge that his name was Joy, Joy.  Now this is what happened, when I looked at this angel called Joy he poured a bucket of living water on to, it was like spirit water Sid it was cold, he poured water on top of me and when that water hit my back Sid I jumped up and a vibrant and a renewal I had never experienced before just came on me.  I begin to worship God with tears in my eyes and you know what I’ve been on fire since that day. (Laughing)

Sid: (Laughing) I think anyone would be on fire.  Just very briefly very briefly what do you see in America shortly in reference to the gospel?

Kynan: You know the harvest is ripe, but the labors are few.  John Chapter 4 tell us this, Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman and He told her, He says listen “I have water that you don’t know anything about, this is living water that will be a well inside of you springing up into eternal life.”  But there was one condition Sid, He says that “You know not who you worship, salvation is of the Jews and besides they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth for God is a Spirit.” And Sid I believe that through the economic situation, through a lot of the things that are happening there’s a lot of shifting in the government, a lot of godlessness in our society; God is going to raise up a remnant in America that understand the mystery of true worship and they’re going to be His Warriors in the end times to speak the uncompromised word of God.

Sid: You know I’m speaking to someone right now and God is saying “I want you to have a brand new beginning, I want you to have a fresh start, forget the failures you’ve had and the mistake; there is totally forgiveness and a total new beginning in God if you repent of your sins, He’s just and faithful to forgive you of all unrighteousness.”

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sidroth on March 20th, 2013


Sid:You know I was talking on a previous show about Brother Lawrence and he wrote a little booklet called “Practicing the Presence of God.”  And the thing that really impressed me about that is, here was a guy he was a dishwasher that was his job morning, noon and night.  He was crippled and this is what he resolved I’m going to do everything because of the love of God everything I do.The love of God so saturated this man that people from far and wide just to be in his presence.  And that reminds me of what my guest Julie true does in her worship because the scripture that I want you to mediate on this week is Psalm 103 verse 1-4 and this when I hear this I think about the ministry of Julie True.  And I want you to say it out loud a number of times during the day and personalize it.  “Bless the Lord oh my soul.” In other words you almost commanding your soul to bless the Lord because there’s so many distractions going on and everything going on in the atmosphere that you have to literally focus and you command your soul.  You say “Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy name.” You get that?  All that is within you bless His holy name.  Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all his benefits.  And I believe his benefits come become because our soul is blessing Him; you follow?  And here are His benefits “Who forgives,” well let me take it back His benefits are there for everyone but we receive His benefits that’s the key because we’re commanding every fiber of our being to bless the Lord!  We’re saying “All that is within me bless His holy name.  Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all my iniquities, who heals all my diseases, who redeems my life from destruction.”  Boy can you see mediating of that and you will fear nothing, you will be fearless in Jesus.  Now I have a prophetic word that came to my guest Julie True, and I want to read this because it really tells you who she is; this is what God said about her gift that He had placed within her.  “You bring comfort to people in times of sorrow and pain, I am near to the brokenhearted and you’re music carries My nearness into people’s whole beings spirit, soul and body.  You are a carrier of my peace.When I told you that you would infiltrate the earth with sounds of healing I was extending an invitation for you to release sounds into the atmosphere of this world that can actually change the cellular structure of sickness and disease.  That can actually help reshape the brains of those that have experienced great trauma.”This is what’s happening when Julie plays her music.  And you know Julie, what I’m visualizing as I’m reading this is that your – when you sing, and when you play the piano the words and the anointing for a supernatural peace is almost if you could see in the spirit world you would see it flying out of you and into every one that opens themself.  I can really picture that.It sort of reminds me of one of the woman that heard your music and she said that literally there were brilliant colors and that came out of your music; do you remember her?

Julie:  Oh yes.

Sid:Tell me about her.

Julie:  She said that she was trying to…the enemy was attacking her mind from a past trauma as a child and that she started praying my music.As she laid down and began to pray that she saw these brilliant colors filling the room and that it was flowing like a current of water.  And there was all these beautiful colors, and that she said she started to weep and fear left immediately.

Sid:Well, you have such a passion to love God and to love Him more and more.  Why do you have such a passion like this?

Julie:  Well, because I know how good He is you know it’s like when you start knowing Him as a Father and knowing Him as the one who created you just because He loved you and He wanted to love you and He wanted relationship with you.  Then you want to sing to Him and you want to worship Him and you know that He loved you first, and you want to love Him back.

Sid:I want to play a little bit of one of her CDs for you what about “Thank You” how’s that sound Julie; do you think that will fit?

Julie:  Sounds good.

Sid:Okay let’s hear a little bit of Julie True.

Julie True “Thank you”

Sid:That was Julie True and I have to say she is literally a carrier of supernatural peace I don’t care what you’re going through.When you listen to her music the words the notes they just explode inside of you with supernatural peace.  People with insomnia sleep better, people with traumas, traumas are released and then they’re physical healing occurs.  Everyone needs more peace you want to surround yourself with this music you want to play it in your car, you want to play it in your home; parents play it for their children and they sleep better at night and they dream about heaven.

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