sidroth on March 7th, 2011

Sid:  Now Kevin you have had many visitations from the Lord and you’ve had visitations where He’s instructed you.  And I sure hope you go to our web Sid and listen to a first few days of our interview; and even if you heard it to listen to it again.  There’s is an anointing on it, but you’ve had visitations in which you’ve been instructed how angels cooperate and how we’re to cooperate with angels and how to have open Heavens and we’re making available two special CD’s.  One is called “How to Work with God’s Angels and tell me what you believe God accomplishes with this teaching Kevin.

Kevin:   I believe that it helps people to understand that God has millions of angels which are prepared and ready, willing and able to co-labor with us to manifest God’s Kingdom upon the Earth.  And the Lord has at various times shown me different ways that we can legally co-labor with God’s angels and this teaching helps people to understand those ways.  They’re actually quite simple.

Sid:  Now as someone understands this, what kind of feedback are you getting?

Kevin:  Oh, we’ve had people whose lives have been transformed.  I mean, many testimonies where we have shared the material in these teachings that people began to co-labor with the angels and they see God multiply provision in their lives, some people are launched out into ministry, they begin to minister in power of the Holy Spirit signs, wonders, miracles, healings. 

Sid:  Tell me about the other CD were making available, “God’s Instruction for the Miraculous.”  What happened when you taught this or when you teach this at meetings, the same teaching when you also pray for impartation?

Kevin:  Well, we see people who are empowered to begin to operate in the Gifts of the Spirit and the teachings say that Jesus sought many times to increase His disciple’s faith and this teaching is designed to do that.  And as our faith increases we are able to manifest Christ kingdom and to minister in the Gifts of the Spirit.  And that teaching helps people to be activated into that and the impartation I believe is tangible, but there is something that comes upon people’s lives which they did not have before which they can begin to use to smite the waters of their life much like Elisha did when he received an impartation from Elijah.

Sid:  Kevin there are so many things I want to ask you about, but I have to tell you the thing that intrigues me the most is when you had a vision of vaults in Heaven having to do with spare body parts!  Explain that.

Kevin:  You know the Bible says that we are seated with Christ in Heavenly places and there was a season in my life when the Lord would invite me to come up into Heaven and to fellowship with Him.  And I’ve been in many places in Heaven, but there was a season where I went to this particular place which I call the library.  And near the library there are these huge vaults which have many different things in them.  With this particular instance here you asked me about the Lord directed me to go into this vault and Sid it looked like a bank vault only if it was ten times larger than a bank vault.  It had a massive door and there were two strong angels and I knew that those angels were assigned to oversee the content of the vault.  So when I went into the vault what I saw was rows and rows and rows of very immaculate what looked to be medical implements and there were stacked high as you could see, you know fifty feet high on either side rows neatly arranged of body parts and there were, you know, eyes and fingers and livers and pancreases and whole arms and legs and fingers and toes.  And I knew just from being there I had revelation thru the unction of the Holy Spirit that these two angels were just two of many many thousands of angels like this that God has in Heaven who can co-labor with us to bring body parts to people upon earth.

Sid:  Have you ever seen this happen at one of this happen at one of your meetings or when you prayed for someone?

Kevin:  Yes, we have seen creative miracles.

Sid:  Tell me one.

Kevin:  Well, once in India a man grew a foot.

Sid:  Grew a foot?

Kevin:  His foot came back upon his body, yea.

Sid:  Oh my goodness.

Kevin:  And we’ve had people…

Sid:  How did you pray for him or did it just happen in the presence in the atmospheric anointing?

Kevin:  This literally happened in the presence of the Lord.  The Bible says at times the presence of God is there to heal and this particular meeting Sid, there were about conservatively 19,000 people there and I saw Jesus step into the meeting with my open eyes.  And the Lord walked through the number of people that were in that meeting and just began to touch people and people were just healed.  There were literally hundreds of healings in that meeting and dozens of blind people healed.  I didn’t touch anyone, the presence of God literally Jesus was there to touch and heal.

Sid:  Now, what happened when this man came forward and said I had my foot restored?  I image the presence of God must have, whatever it was it must have been a 1,000% higher.

Kevin:  Absolutely Sid, unfortunately I was limited in that meeting.  We were not able to take testimonies at the meeting.  But we received the testimonies later from our host pastor who called us to give us a report of all these different miracles that had transpired.  Another lady had vertebrae grow back in her spine.  There was many blind people that were healed, tumors had dissolved; just incredible miracles that the Lord Jesus Himself manifest.

Sid:  Now at the very start of this day’s interview I could feel just a sweet presence of God’s Holy Spirit and it just keeps increasing.  Do you know what God wants to do?

Kevin:  I believe God wants to touch His people.  God wants to touch the people who are listening and the Lord wants to make Himself real to us.  He wants to make His Kingdom real to us; He wants us to walk in the realms of Heaven all the time.

Sid:  Well would you pray that right now?

Kevin:  If you are listening, I want you just to yield yourself and speak to God and say Lord, whatever it is that you want from me, I receive it now.  So Father today in Jesus Name I release Your Kingdom.  Holy Spirit, I ask You to begin to touch people. I sense that there are people that are just feeling the presence of God. 

Sid:  Well, I’m one of them.

Kevin:  And the Lord is just going to do a deep interhealing.  Thank you for that Lord, a deep interhealing in Jesus name.  Now I see that God releasing some people from generational issues.  Nothing you have ever done, but generational curses that have been appointed God.  You’re just going to feel like something’s lifted off your head.  Some of you may feel something coming out through the roof of your head right now.  General curses I bind them, I command them to loose right now.  Lord we ask for You Kingdom to come here upon Earth as it is in Heaven.

Sid:  Now, you saw a vault of mantles of famous people from the Bible.  Tell me about that experience.

Kevin:  I was in the same place where these vaults were and the Lord allowed me go into another room and again it had about a door like a bank vault and I walked in there, there was neatly wrapped boxes.  And honestly, Sid I didn’t know the names of many of the people that were on the boxes.  I notices that they had little golden name plates and there were names on those and I looked for a long time at the boxes.  I didn’t see any names that I recognized but eventually I recognized a few I did recognize like Smith Wigglesworth and Mariah Worth Etters.

So I’m thinking to myself, what in the world are these boxes but I knew that they had to be very very valuable, whatever it was because God had stored them there with precision and care.  And it was obvious that they were very valuable in the Kingdom of God.  And so I looked for a long time and finally I saw one box which seemed to attract me.  I was attracted to this box and I picked it up, and when I held it in my hands the two angels that were there beside me smiled at me and I noticed that it was the mantle of Steven.  And I opened it up and the angels took the mantle out of the box and placed it upon me.

Sid:  What did it look like?  A robe or what was it?

Kevin:  It looked like a white robe, Sid.  But it was kind of like a one size fits all you know.  It wasn’t tailored to an individual person so it was a very loose fitting garment.  But it was made of that phosphorescent material and when I put it on I felt the anointing and the power of the Holy Spirit go through me.  And then I knew, I was supposed to return to where the Lord was waiting.  And when Jesus saw me, He looked me in the eyes; put His hands upon my shoulders and when He did that I had revelation.  The Lord said, well done my son.  And I had the revelation that God was releasing the mantle of Steven back into the church, back into the earth in this hour so that unusual miracles will be worked by ordinary people because Steven was an ordinary man.  You know he was just a bus boy we would call him today in the church.

Sid:  But there was another part, he was such a martyr a witness that he gave his life.  Do you think that goes along with it? 

Kevin:  Sid, it could and you know something?  That’s something we need to consider seriously, but I believe that this mantle will be for ordinary people and I don’t believe that you’ll have to become a martyr to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit like Steven.  The Lord began to speak to me about this, that many of the people that would be raised up in this mantle of Steven would be unknown and we will never know who they are on this side of eternity but specifically in the Middle East and in China God will begin use women and young children in this type of anointing and authority of the Kingdom of God.

Sid:  Can you picture young Sobra’s, that’s native born Israeli’s and young Moslems this mantle coming on and what damage they’ll do to the kingdom of darkness?

Kevin:  I can, and I’m excited about it and I lay upon my bed at times and meditate upon these things Sid and give God glory for the things that He’s about to do along these lines.

Sid:  Do you actually, when you mediate do you see yourself doing these things, is that part of what you do?

Kevin:  At times, the Lord will show me things, if I’m preparing for a specific meeting or a specified soul winning outreach for example in Africa.  At times the Lord will show me events that will happen in advance and yes, so that is one way that we do minister and we can release the power of God.  When really what we’re talking about is the Word of Wisdom or the Word of Knowledge that God under the unction of the Holy Spirit will show us things that are to happen in advance.

Sid:  Are you seeing dead people raised to life?

Kevin:  Yes, we have seen the dead raised and I have had one vision, I shared earlier about in one of the earlier broadcasts how the Lord took me and we walked together in the realms of Heaven for several hours and during that time the Lord showed me I was preaching at a large soul winning outreach and…

Sid: Oh, I’ll tell you what.  We’ll pick up right there on tomorrow’s broadcast.  But Mishpochah I want you to get his two CDs.  I want him to mentor you, you think you’re exciting now, wait until you listen to these two CDs “How to Work with God’s Angels” and “And God’s Instructions for the Miraculous.”


sidroth on March 5th, 2011

Sid:  I want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah.  See the problem is not all of us were created equal.  We didn’t all start at the same point.  Some of us need more help than others to be normal believers in the Messiah.  And until our heart is healed we can’t receive everything that God wants to have.  Let’s go to this excerpt from Michael Hinson who over a three day period God showed him his own heart.  He thought he was a pretty good Christian till God Revealed the most deceitful of all things is your heat; and then when his heart was repaired he helps repair other people in that area.  Let’s go.

Michael Hinson excerpt.

Sid:  Michael Hinson tell me, you were praying for a encounter with God that He would show you your heart.  Why were you praying that He would show you your heart?

Michael:  Well, I heard in the word to that to ask God to come and show you your heart.  So I was faithfully praying for years that He would show me my heart.

Sid:  Did you really think that He would do that?

Michael:  Oh yeah, but I figured He would come and show me you know, this little thing needs some polishing here and maybe we’ll pluck that out and buff this up here and essentially He would pat me on the back and already say, well good …well done good and faithful servant you’re on the right track. 

Sid:  That’s the way I would have written the script but that’s not what happened.  What happened?

Michael:  That wasn’t it at all.  The Lord showed up.

Sid:  Tell me first of all what time of the day it was, where were you?

Michael:  I’d been praying and couldn’t tell you exactly the time of day but I remember being out on the farm.  We had a large horse farm my wife was raising horses at the time and I remember being out on the farm working and all of a sudden the presence of God just filled my heart and it was a great encounter.  I could sense that it was the presence of the Lord but then it became overwhelming; and when I mean overwhelming He started bit by bit showing me the pieces of my heart.  He showed me the parts that I thought were those times in God when He came and just flooded me with His presence that I knew was His touch.  What He was showing me was my own self centerness.  He was showing me my own parts of my heart that weren’t in alignment with the will and plan that He had for my life.

Sid:  Well, now if some prophet had walked up to you before this experience and pointed his bony finger at you and said “Your selfish, your self-centered you would have said to that prophet?

Michael:  I would have probably smiled at him but inside knowing inside knowing what he said wasn’t accurate, that I really believed that my own motives were pure.  I really believed that I knew that I was not perfected but that there wasn’t really anything basically wrong with me that God couldn’t just touch.

Sid:  You know, Jeremiah says that the heart is the most deceitful of all things.  I guess he knew what he was talking about.  You were deceived.

Michael:  Oh, I was definitely deceived.  I really believed that I was an ideal Christian.  Not perfected but knowing that everyday God was going to touch a little more and change some things here.  What He did when He same and showed up, it wasn’t that He necessarily took me down some road that showed me my heart from the beginning of my days until that moment.  His glory was so overwhelming that in the presence of His glory everything and that did not reflect purity.  Everything that did not reflect His essence; everything that I did that wasn’t born from Him that came out of my own selfishness or came out of my own need or to fill my own satisfaction it was like a big black sign in a bright light blocking the light from flowing where it was suppose to go.  He didn’t go look at this and look at this and look at this area of your life.  Those areas of my life that were born out of my own self centeredness, out of my own will or my own desires they shown in the presence of His glory in an overwhelming way like a dark cloud in a clear day.  They were a giant sign for anyone to see.  I understand that when we are in His presence He’s not going to condemn us with a list of all the things that we did wrong, in his glory all those things that were not born out of Him will shine up as darkness and everyone around us will be able to see them.  There was no place I could run, there was no place I could hide and He didn’t reveal all His glory at once.  If He had done that it would have consumed me.  I would have dropped dead.

Sid:  How has this changed you, the man, the husband, the father, the teacher?

Michael:  Well, I’m a different person because of the encounter, I’ve never been the same ever since.  Before I tried to do things so that I could produce God’s goodness in different areas of my life and of the people around me.  I see God in everything.  There isn’t a day that I don’t see Him in everything.  I actually understood right after that encounter what it meant when Jesus said, rocks would have cried out if the people of Israel had not have cried out because God is even in them.  He is the very force that hold them together; He is in everything.

Sid:  How has this changed your understanding of the Word as a teacher?

Michael:  It was like day and night.  I saw things from a way that it would affect us and the things that we need to do.  When I read the Word before I read it in a way that we needed to clean our act up; Here’s what the Word says so this is what we are doing that is contrary to the Word and all we have to do now is clean up our act and then we’d line up with the Word.

Sid:  You were more like a fighting fundie rather than walking in love.

Michael:  Absolutely, a completely different thing.  Now when I read the Word I see the power of His truth, the power of who He is and then I don’t have to worry about the things that don’t line up with that.  I need to even forget about those things, repent of those things I’m taking with me and just step into what He’s called me to be.  I had this attitude before that I needed to clean up and become a better Christian instead of just walking in the fullness of what He’s already given me.  It the completely different mindset, a completely different thinking.

Sid:  Michael Hinson, what do you mean by live life to the fullest?

Michael:  There’s so many people that are accepting life as it is.  They think that living in the survival mode or going through all the struggles’ and the worries and the things that we have to do are part of God’s plan for our life.  And yes we’ll go through trials but we’ll never be alone and we shouldn’t have to deal with depression or anxieties or fears or the things that people consider to be common place.  So many people have a lack of intimacy in their own life either in their marriage or with their family.  And some people have a lack of intimacy with God and they believe that is part of the Christian walk.  Jesus came to give us these things and if we don’t have these things then there’s something missing.  Heal the Heart is more than healing the heart.  It’s is bringing somebody into a position of wholeness with God, the wholeness with Christ, living the life that Jesus promised.  Wouldn’t it be sad to get to Heaven and see that our life could be so much fuller than what we’ve been living it?  If we had just applied some simple truths that God, and there so simple that God originally gave us.  And somehow it seems that in many of the churches that these truths are glossed over or there missing or people are teaching them in such a way that they don’t get the fullness of it and because of that the quality of our life isn’t what it should be.

Sid:  Okay, we’ve been trying to get this out all week, Michael.  You have such a revolutionary truth on forgiveness.  You started out and we covered that that God does not forgive sin, sin is evil.  God forgives the sinner and separates the sin from the sinner.  Explain.

Michael:  Well some people think, well this is just semantics, we’re just talking words.  But we run across in the church are so many people trying to forgive what someone else did to them and God doesn’t even forgive the sin we commit, He forgives us and then separates the sin.  So the reason we bring this out is that people, when we are directing to forgive others, what they did was wrong.  We can’t forgive what they did.  What we can do is forgive them and then separate what they did from them.  Take it from them; release the debt they owe us for what they did to us.  Sue, had a bad back and she had been in tremendous amount of pain, had had surgeries and many good Christian men leaders and men and women of the church had prayed for her and she would feel better and it would never go away.  When I went to pray for her I asked her when this started.  She said about three years ago.  So the next question’s really simple, what happened in your life three years ago?  And then she started talking about her divorce she went through.  It was a bitter and ugly divorce, a separation between her and her husband ended up causing a separation between her and her children.  She was totally annihilated.  He got the money, he got the million dollar attorney, he ended up with everything and she ended up with nothing.  And it turned out that she went to sleep on her anger more than once.  The unforgiveness and all turned into bitterness which ended up showing up in her back and eventually crippling her.  We lead her through a very similar prayer which she released him, not of what he did, what he did was wrong but she chose to forgive him and separate what he did and let it go to the cross of Jesus Christ and at that point you could just see her entire countenance change.  She literally looked ten years younger.

Sid:  What about the backache?

Michael:  She jumped up out of that chair, started jumping up and down and she was not the same person at all.  I was crying, she was crying, joy filled the church.  Everyone who knew her was just in shock or were rejoicing with her because she literally was a different person.  And since that time God has restored her life in every way.  Her children are close back to her, her finances have returned.  She is entirely a different person, God has blessed her.

Sid:  Okay, let’s go to this whole…your understanding of forgiveness but I have to ask you a question.  What about someone that did not understand this and they’ve got so many emotions and hurts inside of them from having stewed over this problem for years, if they say this prayer will they get rid of all of that baggage?

Michael:  When they have an understanding of the separation of sins yes.  With the measure we forgive God returns that back to us.  He said, with the measure you choose to forgive others I will choose you, I will forgive you.  Another way of saying it is if you do not choose to forgive others, He cannot forgive you.

Sid:  What happens to us when we take that attitude?

Michael:  Then unforgiveness starts to infiltrate our entire being and we become poisoned by it.  We say this, unforgiveness is the poison we drink in hopes that the other person will get sick but it never happens, and we become poisoned over a period of time.  Our nature takes on a different countenance, we’re not the same.

Sid:  I’m so excited because Michael Hinson is one ten of my best guests over the years that I have put in a book the title is “Stories of Supernatural Healing” this book is going to mentor you.  For instance, in the book Don Dickerman, he has literally prayed for over 25,000 men and woman for deliverance.  His secrets are explained.  And then Dr. Paul Hegstrom, Paul literally has proven that at childhood if you have trauma your brain gets short circuited and he shown you how to be healed in that arena.  We’ve also added a CD of the highest impact teaching of each one of the people in the book on a CD that the anointing is literally going to jump off of you and you’re going to be able to do those works you have been dreaming of.

sidroth on February 24th, 2011

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Sandra Kennedy. And Sandra had a horrible thing happen. Her dog just playing around bites a chunk of her lip off. The doctors say the best we can do is give you a half a dozen or so surgeries and you’ll still have your mouth here. You won’t talk properly. Sandra says, “No, my God is going to heal me.” She takes that stance. She speaks to her lip. She refuses to look at pictures of people with clef lips that they had surgery to heal. She just looks at a picture of herself smiling. She speaks to her lip constantly and she yells at the devil when you have these bad thoughts.

Sandra: Right.

Sid: So what happened?

Sandra: Well of course, the more I spoke the Word of God, you know, because the Word of God is so powerful and so mighty. And of course, what I did—

Sid: Did you speak it or just read it?

Sandra: No, I spoke it. And I would say, “By the stripes of Jesus you are healed and I demand you in the name of Jesus to move yourself and reform yourself. I command you to do it in the name of the Lord.” Because the Bible says by the stripes of Jesus I am healed. And that’s what I said earlier. People are trying to get God to do something that God has already done. What God has done for me He will do for anybody. He will do for anybody because the healing power of God if you’re born again is already inside of you. All you have to do is release it. Sid, a lot of people die hoping it’s gonna work. You can die and hope. You gotta get out of hope and into faith. And that’s what we teach how to do, how to get out of hope, how to get in faith. You get in faith it’s gonna work, and naturally you can see it worked.

Sid: Obviously, it worked. Now this is an outrageous miracle. But outrageous is, I mean, what I’m about ready to tell you is off the charts. Tell me about the woman that had Crohn’s disease and she prayed to be healed, but she put her Bible on the X-ray. Explain.

Sandra: She did. On the X-ray it showed the horrible condition of her Crohn’s disease, because she wanted a child and couldn’t get pregnant, which, by the way, we prayed for a lot of people who’ve had hysterectomies and they have gotten children. I just threw that in.

Sid: You do know that’s medically impossible.

Sandra: I do.

Sid: Okay. But I just thought I’d remind you.

Sandra: So we taught the lady, her X-rays that showed all of this horrible Crohn’s disease, we taught her to take the Word of God and lay the Word on the X-ray. Sid, the X-ray changed, not a new X-ray.

Sid: I don’t think we realize how much power there is in the Word of God.

Sandra: Oh man.

Sid: As a matter of fact, someone right now, you have a pain in your neck, you have just been healed. What do you believe when things get tough and we in a America can’t go to our doctor or can’t get our medicine because that day will be coming and we’ll be forced to rely on God or die.

Sandra: Absolutely. Right.

Sid: That’s why it’s so important to be prepared.

Sandr And that’s why, Sid, you know, I tell people if you go into a church and they don’t believe in healing, I mean, they’re a part of the Gospel. I mean, Jesus went around teaching, preaching and healing. You’ve got to understand that what Jesus did for you with healing is just as active as his forgiveness of sins. And you have to know it because in the days ahead you can learn to stand on the Word of God. God’s not a man that He should lie and you can hold onto that thing. We see more cancer cures than anything.

Sid: Sandra, there are people watching us right now with cancer and other conditions. I believe if you pray at this moment they’re going to be healed.

Sandra: Amen.

Sid: Pray for them.

Sandra: I promise you in the name of the Lord, God already loves you. He has already put his healing power inside of you and I command now in the name of Jesus that that healing power be released in your body. We curse to the root lying symptoms in the name of Jesus and we command the power of God to rise up in your life in Jesus’ name. We call you how Jesus calls you. He calls you healed so we call you healed in the name of the Lord. And remember Sid, a symptom is not a sickness.

Sid: I know that. And it says in the 103rd Psalm, “Bless the Lord O my soul and forget not all His benefits.” He has forgiven all of my sins. You believe that, how about the next part. And he has healed all of my diseases. You’re not sure? Step one, is to make sure your sins are forgiven. You do that by telling God you’re sorry for the mistakes you’ve made and you want His power to not walk in sin areas, and you ask Him to remove all of your sins because of his shed blood and to live inside of you, and then you start looking at God’s promises and His Word, and you start teaching it. It is so strong by people that know, not people that are speaking theory, but know in Jesus’ name. I tell you that cancer is gone and that hip is healed. You get up and start walking right now. New hip. New hip.

sidroth on February 14th, 2011

Sid: As a new Jewish believer, I met Katherine Kuhlman. She had more miracles than anyone I had ever seen. But she had a secret. It was her relationship with the Holy Spirit. My next guest has the same intimacy. He moves in major miracles continuously and wants to teach you. Next on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Can ancient secrets of the supernatural be rediscovered? Do angels exist? Is there life after death? Are healing miracles real? Can you get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 30 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Well my guest, Jim Hockaday, I’ve been waiting for him and I’m going to tell you why, because when I said I had been waiting for him I’m reminded of someone I met by the name of Katherine Kuhlman. Katherine Kuhlman had the most outrageous, the most number, the most wonderful miracles of just about anyone I had ever seen, and her key, if you will, was she was in love with God. She had such intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I remember she used to say, “Please don’t grieve the Holy Spirit. He’s all that I have.” And then after the Katherine Kuhlman era we moved into what’s known as the Word period where people overdosed on the Word. First, they overdosed on intimacy with God then they overdosed on the Word, and God demonstrated Himself strong by standing on the Word. God demonstrated Himself strong by having an emphasis of intimacy with God. But what would happen, Jim Hockaday, if we could put both of those together? It’s got to be an End Time dynamite of the Holy Spirit.

Jim: That’s exactly what we’re walking into, that day, where they balance out each other. And the Holy Spirit gives such revelation to the Word, but the Word is just as much fellowship with God and it confirms what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life. So there is a balance, and that’s exactly how I’ve endeavored to pattern my life.

Sid: Jim had quite a training. I believe you didn’t have much to do with it. I believe that God directed you. He directed him to be a singer for the Rhema Singers and in order to be a singer there was a requirement. You had to go to school there. But you got to know Kenneth Hagan very well.

Jim: Yes sir.

Sid: And I believe that his greatest desire is for someone like you and many of the others that he trained to stand on his shoulders and take the revelation he had and take it even further. But if I was to force you to tell me one thing you learned from Kenneth Hagan, who’s in Heaven right now, what would that be?

Jim: Well let me back up to say that so many would say Kenneth Hagan had an amazing love walk, and he did. He had an amazing faith walk and he did. But the one thing that stands out to me is he knew God. There was such a deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit and it wasn’t something that was in the platform alone. This is how he walked with God on a regular basis. And that doesn’t mean that he didn’t have fun, because he was quite an individual, and we certainly had many opportunities to have a lot of fun being in the group and times after the services. He might be the first one to throw a spit wad at you or a rubber bands.

Sid: But now that wasn’t your legacy. Your legacy was modeling yourself after a man that walked the love walk.

Jim: Absolutely, absolutely. And this is why it’s interesting to see his natural side, but to see that he incorporated his knowledge of God through all of it.

Sid: Now when you started in the healing school I understand Jim didn’t see many people healed. That’s got to be very frustrating. People come all over the world to sit in this healing school and they’ve heard about Kenneth Hagan, and you must have felt awful.

Jim: For the first three months it was a terrible feeling because I knew that it was right for me to be there and God directed me, as you said. We saw a lot of people die, and of course, you can’t advertise that. So you know, it was a deciding moment for myself. Lord, something has to change. And just to say typically, you know, we’d always say well, you know, God wasn’t moving or the people weren’t in faith. But I went to the Lord and said, “I’m the problem.”

Sid: People normally aren’t that honest, are they?

Jim: I don’t think so. But that’s where you begin with God to have a revelation for yourself. And when I became honest like that I said, Lord, this is what I’m supposed to do, but I know I’m the problem so teach me. And when He began to teach me and took me right to covenant to do so and to begin with the blood covenant immediately, the miraculous began to happen

Sid: Something about the blood that releases the miraculous of God.

Jim: And it was the blood that gave me the boldness to know that God would back me up, and that’s when things began to happen right in the services, sometimes without even a laying on of hands.

Sid: You know, when I started getting your teaching something amazing happened to me. And the thing that was so amazing is I believe that there is an impartation of supernatural boldness in the way that you pray for people.

Jim: Yes sir.

Sid: I was at my home congregation. I had a word of knowledge. I said someone’s neck is healed and I had just heard your teaching, which we’ll get into in the next segment. I said to this woman, “The minute my hand touches your forehead the pain will be gone.” And so I said that to her and then I’m thinking, what happens if she’s not healed? But before I could even get that thought out I put my hand on her head and, praise God, she was healed. I couldn’t believe I said that. But because of what you teach I jumped into that arena. Does that make sense to you?

Jim: Oh it was a process through so many experiences just exactly as you mentioned.

Sid: Hold that thought. I want you to tell me about the woman you sent to run water and a tumor. Don’t go away. You’ll be shocked by this.

sidroth on February 7th, 2011

Sid:  I am so pleased to announce that after thirty-five years of investigating the finest representatives God has had on earth to demonstrate the supernatural.  I have put together in a book the ten best and it’s called “Supernatural Experiences.”  I want you to hear and excerpt of my friend Earthquake Kelley, at age four he started drugs.  He was beaten daily; he was literally groomed to be a voodoo priest for Poppa Doc in Haiti.  Let’s go to that excerpt now.

Sid:  At fifteen, I mean you have lived life at fifteen the same voice that you heard when you were just four years of age that showed you step by step how to get high speaks to you again and it talks about getting supper high, explain.

Earthquake:  Right, my brothers and I were getting high and we were at this little party like thing and I heard this voice again, he said you know how like everybody likes to brag about how much drugs they took, right?  And I said yea, and this voice is asking me that question and I said sure.  He said, but you want people to respect you in the streets to be a man, I said yea.  He said, “I’m going to show you how to get really, really, really high,” and I said, okay show me, I want to be respected as a man who can hold his dope.  And like a fool, I listened and he said, take some cocaine, okay which was no problem because we were dealers and there was plenty of cocaine around there.  And he said take some marijuana, some weed, we did that, same thing, plenty of weed around; and he said to take some pills which was the strongest pills, Sid that if you take one tab and cut it in half and cut that half in half you will stay high for eight days off the half of the half.  And I took about two or three of them and he said now, now drop all of it and so I did.  Dropped all of it and overdose hit me.  All of a sudden I looked around where I was, I sitting in this place where we were having a party; this little bar type place and where I was it got pitch black and everybody else was light and I knew I was in trouble.  I was facing the window looking out this window and the sun’s light was coming in and the sun rays was hitting me on the head at first but the sun rays would come right to my forehead, would turn to the left and go behind me.  It wouldn’t even touch me and all of the sudden all of a sudden out of the floor comes all these evil spirits, they grab me they start tormenting me and I start screaming and yelling but nobody can hear me. The person that was serving the drinks in front of us, he couldn’t hear me and I knew that I was going to the same place where those guys with the yellow light was and their face was glowing.  And sure enough they pulled me out of my body, Sid and down through the earth I went and they were tormenting me and tormenting me with ways that I can’t even tell you all the things that they were hitting me with.  And they told me, you are a fool you listened to us, you did our voodoo and our black magic for us and you sold our dope and now you are lost forever.  And while they was tormenting me down there in the pits of hell, I mean hell.  Hell is real; in the pits of Hell a hands of life hallelujah came down to the horrible pit and grabbed me by my shoulders Sid, and was pulling me out of the hands of those evil spirits and they were screaming and yelling he’s mine he’s ours he belongs to us and I felt their nails and their teeth being loosen as the hands was pulling me, put me back in my body.  I sat up and then a voice said the same voice that met me when I was thirteen at that altar it says because of your mothers’ prayers, hallelujah because of your mothers’ prayers you are chosen you were spared.

Sid:  Is there really a Hell?

Earthquake:  Oh, there’s a Hell just as sure as there is a God in Heaven, there is a Hell.  This place is real, this place is miserable, it is tormenting, it’s lonely.   You even got all the thoughts that you had when you walked on this planet on the top side of here.  You take all of those thoughts down there every time you heard the Word and you refused to have it.  Every time you know God was trying to get you to turn around.  When He told you, don’t take that drink; don’t get in the bed with that person.  Don’t shoot that Heroin.  Don’t smoke, don’t curse God, don’t get in this false religion, all those different things will haunt you on top of the torment there in Hell.  Yes, it’s real, oh gosh it’s real.

Sid:  You’re doing another drug deal, but one of your sisters invites you to revival meeting; what happened?

Earthquake:  Yes, Sid man she was like “You’re going to church.”  And I said, “No, I don’t do the church thing, you know that.”  And she said, “You’re going to church and she said, got so close in to my face everyday like that every fifteen minutes she would be back oh, you’re going to church God wants to save you.  Yea, I said no I can’t go to church I got a deal, I’ve got a big deal going on, I’m going to be back on my feet, I’m not going to be dragging on this floor.  I’m going to be back up and as soon as I’m back on my feet I’ve got to run now,  we’ve got to finish this deal in Chicago.  And she said no, you’ll never see that deal and she did in my face; okay go to church with me tonight.  Go to church with me tonight and if you don’t like it you don’t go back.  And I said that’s cool that’s a deal.  So I went to church with her, I said sit me in the back.   I said, wait a minute, I said you know I can’t walk.  So her and my other sister got under me and one got on one arm and one got on the other and they helped me into the car cause my legs were like wet noodles.  And I sat there and they put me in the back and the preacher was preaching and I mean Sid, he was preaching you know those good old Holy Ghost revival kind of preaching.  I’ve got fire kind of preaching, he was preaching and after the service I told my sister, I said that that was good, great great show, I’ve got to go back.  She said oh no, you’re going back tomorrow.  I said, I’m not going back to church tomorrow, I told you I gave you my word.  Because I had a thing about giving your word we were growing up if two of you give your word you keep it.  And so she talked me into going the next night and I went, and the same thing, and the next night.  Then the Pastor saw me sitting in the back and he said, young man you back there in the back.  And Sid, you know any church, especially in a lot of the black churches when you point to somebody everybody turns around and looks, right.

Sid:  Right.

Earthquake:  So, when everybody turns around and looks I went along with the crowd, I turned around and looked too.  But there was nothing back there but me and the wall.  So, I said oh God, he’s talking about me.  Oh man, now I can’t walk, I got no control of my bowels.  I didn’t have on a diaper at that time, you know and I hear the same voice that tried to get me to die off them drugs Sid, if you go up there you are going have your bowels are going to break loose in front of all these strangers.  Don’t go up there.  Yea, but I heard another voice says I love you, I want to do something with your life, I brought you through so much.  And it was so strong and loving it was just so compelling for me to get out of the seat.  I stood up Sid, on my feet and miraculously was healed from that condition from what those drugs did that caused me not to be able to learn that my optic nerve was burned.  And I walked from the back of the church by myself all the way to the front.  But it wasn’t the end of it.  There was also, my girl friend was a factor at the time.  She came to church forbidding me to get saved and said I can’t leave her on the streets.  And she said, if you get saved, you will never be with me again.  I’m listening to her, I’m listening to the enemy, but the Holy Spirit was talking to me and I went down there to the Pastor and he start telling me everything I’d been through, the drugs, the witchcraft, all the seeing people killed and all those different t things and he said God wants to use you son, he wants to use you to do a great work for Him.  Then I saw a vision of me preaching around the world.  Then the Holy Spirit was talking to me Sid, and He said accept me now, I will restore you, use you and fill you with My Spirit.  And I felt like I had a dump truck of stuff on me and I threw my hands up in the air in front of all those strangers and the girl friend was looking in from the outside and I said Lord, if You want me, you know what kind of person I am.  You got to make one deal.  We got to make one deal between you and I you have to use me more than the devil did.  If you can do that for me, you got me forever.

Sid:  God’s given you quite a deliverance ministry.  In addition to a deliverance ministry I’m very impressed with the ministry you have for people that are on the streets.  Tell me about that.

Earthquake:  Yes, my wife Selena and I, my lovely wife,  and I thank God for her; and the main thing about that real quick is that Sid, I use to be a guy on the streets and my wife was working with the Department of Defense, now how could…only God could put two people together like that.

Sid:  But, you open your house to these street people and you’re doing what you bargained with the Lord to do and that is you wanted him to use you more than the devil used you.

Earthquake:  That’s right, my wife and I we’ve taken in over fifty people in the twenty year period to get on their feet.  We’ve had them from Hollywood, we’ve had them from WATTS, we’ve had them from the entertainment industry, very well known people who were dealing with situations that needed a place to come in and get restored.  If I say their names you would know them, right off the bat.  I mean we have helpful for the skid row people, the down and outers to the up and outers.  And I promised God, I promised Him at that altar if you save me and you really want me, I don’t know what you can do with a person like me, but if you really have a need for me, I’m coming in whole hog.  I’m giving you all, from snout from tip to tail, all of it.  And there’s people that’s come in and they’ve been delivered their families been delivered, their children are going to college and God has really used us.  I mean it’s taken a toll on us, one of my oldest children was shot and killed by some of the same people that we were ministering to and that was very hard.  But we haven’t stopped still helping people.

Sid:  When the first disciples walked with Jesus they caught something, they watched what He did.  I wish as a new believer in the Messiah I had had these ten people to mentor me in the supernatural.  Come to think of it I think most believers even after twenty or thirty years need mentorship in this supernatural; the most usual book “Supernatural Experiences.”

Sid:  Let me tell you one other person that is in this book, Jonathan Welton.   God opened his eyes for thirty days and he could see into the invisible world and see spirits on people and get them healed by just commanding those spirits to leave.  And he says this gift is available for everyone.  There’s a prayer of impartation at the back of each one of these stories.

sidroth on February 2nd, 2011

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Glenn Arekion. Glenn, your life, my life and your life if you pray in supernatural languages has probably been spared so many times because the devil is planning an attack against you. God knows about it. You’re praying against the devil. The devil doesn’t even know you’re praying against him because he can’t understand the supernatural language. You’re praying in perfect faith because, praise God, you can’t understand it. So there’s nothing in as perfect a pray as you can pray. Tell me about the time you had a supernatural intervention of God in Ghana.

GLENN: Well this was my first, I was 21 years old. It was my missionary trip on mainland Africa. I went to Ivory Coast and I was preaching in Abidjan. And on my way back I had to be in transit in Ghana. And so I took the plane from Abidjan to Accra. When I got to Accra the immigration officer who met us at the bottom of stair said, “Everybody on that plane is not going to London. You’re all going back to Abidjan because you are all illegal immigrants.” And I said, “Now hold it, hold it.”

SID: You weren’t illegal.

GLENN: No. I said, “First of all, I’m not Ivorian. I’m a British citizen. I’m going back to London.” He said, “No. Everybody on that plane is going back to Ivory Coast.” I said, “Where do I go? I don’t know anybody over there.” He said, “We’ll take you to jail.” When I heard the word “jail” I was all excited. I mean, I was like, no, I’m not going to jail.

SID: I’m sure.

GLENN: And this man was rude, and this man was like, “No, you’re not going to London.” And by that time he said, “Beside, the plane, your connection to London has already left. Your plane is already gone.” Now I knew in my mind if something supernatural didn’t happen I’m going to jail somewhere in Africa, and I don’t want to be in jail in Africa. So I didn’t care and I began to pray in supernatural language. I can pray. And I prayed out loud and I didn’t care because I wanted to get out of Accra to go back London. And as I prayed I heard the voice of the Lord. He said, “See that man over there? I want you to go and talk to that man.” As I was heading towards that man that other immigration officer said, “Where are you going?” I said, “I’m not talking to you. I want to see that man.” He said, “No. Where are you going?” I said, “I’m not talking to you. I want to see that man.” And I saw that man. I said, “Sir, I supposed to be going to London and they want to deport me back to Ivory Coast.” He came back a half hour later with a brand new ticket on a different airline, which I didn’t pay for, and took me back home to London.

SID: Could that have ever happened if you didn’t pray mysteries of the Spirit?

GLENN: First of all, if I didn’t pray in that supernatural language I would not know what to do. I would have panicked and be afraid, and find myself in a jail. But the Scriptures says, “With an unknown tongue He will speak to His people.” So when I prayed in unknown language, supernatural language, I heard the voice of the Lord to tell me what to do. Supernatural language will get you out of any problem that you may find yourself in.

SID: Do you know what’s been hidden because it’s not emphasized? If you study the various moves of God’s spirit throughout history you’ll find the secret of these great men and women’s power was speaking in supernatural languages. Tell me about some pillars of the church.

GLENN: John G. Lake, who had a great healing ministry, he said the making of his ministry is praying in supernatural language, speaking the language that God has given to him. Smith Wigglesworth, who was from the United Kingdom, who was an uneducated plumber, shy, timid was transformed into the apostle of faith, into the apostle of miracles and healings simply by praying in supernatural language. People like William J. Seymour, who brought about revival, the Azusa Street Revival, they all prayed in supernatural language. Our churches will be changed. Our cities will be changed. Our nation will change if the churches and believers begin to pray in supernatural language.

SID: Tell me about this Indiana pastor’s wife. This pastor had been sitting under your teaching and just so motivated to pray in supernatural languages, and she dies. Was it in a service?

GLENN: No, she died at home. And she wasn’t feeling well during the day. She knew it was a demonic attack. She wasn’t feeling well. Well she got up and as she was heading towards the bathroom she said she felt something hit her, and when that thing hit her she fell down and collapsed. And her husband, who’s a pastor who only speaks in supernatural language, was put on the spot to teach to pray even more, saw her collapse on the floor and all the color drained out of her and gurgled her last breath.

Pastor: She’s not breathing. My wife’s not breathing.

GLENN: The faith of God rose on the inside of him and he already understood by the teaching of God’s word that he could pray supernatural language. So he began to pray and blast in supernatural language and she came back life. She was resurrected.

SID: Resurrection of the dead, I mean, if that’s not a reason to pray in supernatural language. When we come back Glenn is going to show you the secret from Scripture of why the first believers in the Messiah had such awesome power and it’s such an amazing revelation. In the English translations of the Bible, most have missed it. But in the Greek translation of this verse he’s going to show you, light bulbs are going to go on. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

sidroth on January 25th, 2011

Sid:  My guest David Martin is read hot for the Messiah, and I have to tell you I’ve been so looking forward to this interview because I found out about a move of God in the 1930’s in Africa. And this move of God was called the Shining Light Movement because the people literally glowed with the presence of God.  David, I had never heard of this before.  Tell me about this.

David:  Well, in the 1930’s I think it was about 1936 as I remember but, there was a move of God that came upon a small little chapel in northern Rwanda.  And everyone that was involved in that movement felt a tremendous conviction of the Holy Spirit, and what happened is that every day people were coming to the alter because they felt uncomfortable with sin.  And what happened over the course of time is that people began to shine.  They literally began to radiate the glory of God like unto the transfiguration, and everybody around there was in awe with this movement.  And this movement literally spread from this little chapel all the way through east central Africa and the friend of mine’s father literally twenty years after the movement was still shining from that movement. 

Sid:  Do you know what the fruit of that movement was, where entire cities swept into the kingdom of God?  Were people healed?  Do you know anything about that?

David:  Well the primary fruit of it was people’s lives that were changed to real right relationship with God and if there’s any one real fruit that I think is really phenomenal is life span.  Because the average African lives to sixties maybe seventy and peoples tribes that were affected by this revival even yet today live over a hundred years old.

Sid: I would imagine because the Glory of God is so strong on them that non-believers could recognize the shining light that was on them, but that shining light would prevent any evil from touching them.  Could you picture if there was a generation of Christians in say America that walked in that type of shining light with all the horrific things that many of my prophetic friends are all saying is about to happen to America. Can you picture that David?

David:  Absolutely, I not only can picture it, I know that it’s going to happen, I know that I know that God is raising up a remnant of people that are going to walk in this very thing Sid.  And I believe that not only are they going to shine, but they’re going to have an incredible peace, they’re going to have an ability to hear, clearly hear God’s voice.  And you know talking about God’s voice of revival.  I met prophetic people from what use to be Zaire prophets that were over a hundred years old and one of the things that’s interesting is that these people do nothing except what God says.  They literally will not even go across the road unless they got a voice of the Lord telling them to do that.

Sid:  And that reminds me of about William Seymour at the Azusa street revival he would put a box over his head during the service and not take it off until God told him what to say. 

David:  Amen.  I hope he doesn’t tell me to that.

Sid:  Ha, ha.  But, tell me about this supernatural peace that’s imparted to people.

David:  Well, it’s kind of a two part story and a long story, but literally God directed me in the supernatural move of God that was happening in the pastor’s conference that we were doing.  He said go to this particular town where this friend of mine that had died a couple months earlier in a plane crash.  To go there and I didn’t even know at the time but when I went there his birth place was actually the birthplace of this Shining One Movement.  And while we were in the chapel where this revival broke out in the ‘30s one of the founders or leaders of that movement who was my friend’s father’s partner, if you will, he walked into the chapel.  And interestingly his name was Enoch and not a supernatural Enoch just that was his name.  But he again, one of the of founders of this revival explained to me; showed me about this revival and what was so interesting to me Sid, is one of the very first things that God said to me when I gave my heart to him in 1979 is that he’d studied the miracles of Jesus.  And the one miracle of all the miracles that God led me to was the transfiguration.  Now here I have a man that walked in the transfiguration anointing.  I was so full of the questions, I said Enoch tell me about this.  And he said, well it wasn’t something about the transfiguration it wasn’t about the shining; it was the holiness that caused people to shine.  And I said, Enoch would you pray for me?  I want that.  Sid, he prayed for me and the impartation that came to me that we pray for people in our meetings and on the CD that you’re offering.  But when he prayed for me, it was so incredible I can’t even explain it.  I literally wept a pile of tears because the presence of God was so incredible and I just had this overwhelmingness in my heart to draw nigh unto God and to be like those early people with nothing to do with sin.  But it was six or actually nine months later that the peace anointing hit me on the mountain top in Zaire.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

David:  Well, again it was kind of a long story would take about an hour to hour to explain on these CDs.  But in the ‘60s there was these Shining One people affected the tribal people in Zaire, about 400,000 people.  About 90% are spirit filled prophetic but they would meet on this mountain top.  And in the 60’s they prophesied that four last day words, if you will, that one, there would be a great war in Zaire followed by great men of God going to Heaven but in planes; followed by more war, followed by great revival.  And Zaire never had a war until about 1997 and these tribal people were involved with the overthrow of the Zaire government.  And now it is called the Democratic Congo.  To celebrate the victory they called in twenty three of Africa’s greatest leaders.  My friend David who was again, the son of the father of the Shining One Movement, Ed.  He as one of the twenty three people on a plane that was landing on the mountain top to celebrate the victory of the overthrow of the government.  And right where the word was given, but thirty years earlier the plane crashed to fulfill the second prophetic word.  Great men of God went to Heaven in a plane.

Sid:  So first was war.  Second great men of God would die in a plane crash.  What was the third?

David:  No, the second one that great men of God would go to Heaven in planes.  So the plane crash facilitated the great men going to Heaven in planes; and then they were all buried in a common grave right on that mountain top.  The third prophetic word was more war and that prophetic word happened two weeks later after the plane crash and they went back to war and still are in war.  And the fourth prophetic word is great revival.

Sid:  Now do you think that was for the Congo area or for the world?

David: I know for a fact that it’s for the world, Sid.  And what’s interesting is that seven months after the Enoch anointing that Shining One impartation that God gave me that we now share with people.  I was is another African pastor’s conference, and one of the spouses who died, her husband died in the plane crash said to me, “David you know that your friend isn’t buried?  He’s planted.  What do you mean by that?  And she said that I talked to every spouse and every spouse tells me the same thing.  That their spouse knew that they were going to die when they got on that plan.  They knew that they were going to die, including your friend who threw his coat on to his successor, his nephew.  He it was told him, don’t get on the plane, it was going to crash.  And what’s interesting Sid is this man, David is his name, Nairootse was on Idi Amin torture tables.  And Idi Amin couldn’t kill him to the point of putting him on a firing squad, filling up with bullets and he crawled out of that heap of dead bodies.  And he started to work, we worked over there in Rwanda, but here’s this man, you know how he died in that plane crash?

Sid:  I read about that, he was actually shot a number of times.

David:   Well, he was part of a firing squad.  First Idi Amin tried different tortures on him, horrible tortures; I saw the scars on his body.  But then when Adi Amin couldn’t get him to renounce his faith, he put him in a firing squad and left him for dead and he crawled out of that heap of dead bodies.

Sid:  Humph.

David:  And it’s baffling how he could die in this plane crash.  But, literally what…

Sid:  But he knew he was going to die, because he put his coat, as representing the mantle over his successor.

David:  And he was told prophetically don’t get on the plane, it’s going to crash.  And he said I have to do what I have to do.

Sid:  Humph.

David:  So anyway, when I heard this, I went to bed that night and I woke up with a vision in the morning, a dream.  I call it dreams because young men have visions.  But I woke up with this startling dream where I saw a picture of what I believe was Elijah bones in a cave and they threw a dead man on him and the dead man came alive and I woke up to that.  And then God said to me, “Those twenty three people that were buried on that mountain top, there is a resurrection anointing there and I’m sending you to go get it.”  And the next day, well that day I’m talking to people about what happened because I didn’t know the surroundings of this event.  But they arranged for me to meet these prophets and I when I met with the prophets.  I said I’m here to meet you; they had me speak to the about 500 people in chapel.  But I said,” I really want to learn from you.”  And then, God said to me specifically, “I’m bringing you back in September, now this is May, I’m bringing you back in September to receive that resurrection impartation.”  And I’m thinking God, how can that be it’s a war zone and they’re still at war? And it’s a mountaintop, it’s a military post there.  But, to make a long story short, in August God opened up a twelve week window, which was called the Elusa Peace Accord by the UN.  In that twelve week window the prophets called me and said, would you come and commemorate the dead?  And what was interesting is that a prophet friend of mine had a prophecy just a week before I got the call and she said, David, I had this out of body experience.  I saw two enmities that were fighting and God showed me that these two enmities were self and spirit fighting since the beginning of time.  And he said to her, call David Martin and tell him I’m sending him to that mountaintop to get that resurrection anointing.  Well…

Sid:  Do you mean that this resurrection anointing will give you the victory of your spirit over your flesh?  Is that what you are saying?

David:  Absolutely.

Sid:  And you know what, I feel that resurrection anointing coming out of you right now, David as we’re talking.  It’s such a peace; you need this course because he prays for you to have the resurrection anointing.  The course on the “Spiritual Preparation for the End Times.”  It’s nine CDs.  There’s such an anointing; such wisdom on this.  And then the bonus “Five Keyes to the Supernatural” will give you breakthroughs in the supernatural like you never thought possible. 

sidroth on January 18th, 2011

Sid:  We want everyone to understand the promises of God and how they operate and better yet how they’re going to operate for you in your life.  And I’ve been listening to teaching by Sandra Kennedy and she’s the Director of Whole Life Ministries. And they have and she corrected me I said they had a healing center and she said no no, it’s a teaching center and a church.  This is “Whole Life Ministries” in Augusta, Georgia.  They have a café that their having some amazing things happen as people just go there, they think for what they think for lunch.  And they have a deliverance center where people get free from addictions of all kinds.  And on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that the most wonderful miracles are happening there.  Peoples’ body parts are being restored, I mean fingers are growing out from people with perhaps diabetes their toes are growing out.  People are being raised from the dead; people with hysterectomies are now having children.  People on dialysis are getting off dialysis.  People on the list for heart transplants, they have no need for a heart transplant they have been given new hearts.  Oh my goodness this is so outrageous, Sandra Kennedy I have to ask you about this person that had a transplant of their eye and it died.

Sandra:  Yeah.

Sid:  And then they could see out of it.  Tell me about that.  Ha ha.

Sandra:  Ha ha, well let me say this to you, it is a healing center but it’s a teaching center.  Because people get it confused thinking that it’s a prayer room something and it isn’t and it’s trying to get the word of God in you.  Well, that particular miracle that you’re talking about I still put it up near the top of my list.  There’s this lady that had a eye transplant it died.  It became disconnected from the socket of her eye and she began to see out of that dead transplanted disconnected eye.  She began to see colors I didn’t even know what was wrong with the lady.  She began to yell out colors she saw on the stage or something and I went back to her and said what is this? And then she told me what it was she and her daughter told me and I mean it was amazing, absolutely amazing.

Sid:  I want to go back to when you were just a young child, age six.  How in the world at age six did you start praying for animals to be healed?  Where did that come from Sandra?

Sandra:  Well you know, I was raised on a farm and I just always had in me that, put it this way, if God is God then God’s God and if God’s God He’s God.  You know He has to be different than anything around and I heard this, I don’t know if it was audible or not Sid, I just heard I remember hearing “One day that I will use you in healing.” And I had such compassion, I mean I’d go pray for dead rats or dead anything you know, on the farm.  I have to admit that I never saw any of them raised from the dead but never the less.

Sid:  But where did you get this from.  Did your parents teach you about healing or?

Sandra:  Well, Baptist, just a little Baptist church.  I grew up in a town with 600 people. 

Sid:   So where did this come from that’s not a normal thing?

Sandra:  I do not know but it just seemed like the thing for me to do, it was so easy, I remember when I went to seminary and they taught that signs and wonders had passed away in classes that we were in and dada dada and I just like to turn the little switch in my brain and thought you all say what you want to I know God’s bigger than that.

Sid:  You were going, actually in ’73 you were going to a Baptist Seminary but you were praying for the sick in the seminary. Tell me about that.

Sandra: Yes, well that was it and listen, I wasn’t Spirit filled at the moment.  I just came back to the seminary and I had had an experience with God and every time I had an experience with God I would go back to the seminary.  And I had gone and it was a sincere search for God, I went back to the seminary and I would see somebody and they would need prayer and they say they were hurting in their stomach or there tooth was hurting or they had this and that wrong with them and I would just pray for you and healing started happening.  I mean I was as shocked as they were.  But they just started happening.

Sid:  But what did the higher ups from the seminary think about all of these healings?  I guess they were pretty excited.

Sandra:  Well, not really, no.  Ha-ha, not at that particular time.

Sid:  Not at the Baptist seminary?  Ha Ha Ha

Sandra:  Not at that particular time, they were not, no sir.

Sid:  What did they say to you?

Sandra:  Well, I actually end up being moved out of the dormitory to be honest, but I mean, just I remember because then I got excited, you have to understand I’m in my early twenties or so I got excited and so I wanted to just pray for anybody and everybody.  But, I mean we were seeing tremendous healings that were taking place and I guess I was causing confusion or something, who knows.  But again I was so excited.

Sid: Now you had to be, you’re not Spirit filled; you’re in a Baptist seminary; their preaching healing has cease it doesn’t exist anymore, you’re praying for the sick and actually, according to my notes you had some amazing miracles happen with people’s teeth.  Tell me about that.

Sandra:  I did, there was this lady that was from Brazil or somewhere and I prayed for her in her mouth and she really needs some dental work done.  Her teeth were totally healed.  I don’t know if you call healed teeth but totally transformed.  And Sid, a really quick little incident about this, I actually forgot about that, later moved and came back to Augusta make a long story very short, I got a call from this woman one day years later and she said are you Sandra Kennedy?  And I said yes I am. She said, you prayed for me for my mouth you prayed for a tumor and it fell off and God told me to find you and for you to pray for me again and I would be healed.  I hadn’t seen this lady in for fifteen years and how she found me I do not know and someway God literally gave her my telephone number.  I prayed for her over the phone and she was instantly healed. 

Sid:  Well, that isn’t unusual people are getting healed once they go through your teaching.  But you had a wonderful experience happen when your mother was sick.  She had cancer in ’73.  Explain that.

Sandra:  Absolutely, that was of all stories the most fascinating in once sense of the word outside of that eye problem but I was called home.  I was in Baltimore, I was a Baptist, not Spirit filled, called home came home.  Came home on Friday, they said that she would be dead by Sunday.  She was in a coma on the bed and they said that she had cancer and when I came in,  as I was flying in I heard what I thought was an audible voice and I’m sure it was and I don’t know.  But I heard but tell your mother the Lord ’s Prayer and this is the part right here that can transform anybody’s life who’s listening.  It says “Our Father which art in Heaven.  Hallow it be Thy name, Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Tell your mother that there is no sickness in Heaven.

Sid:  Now, was this a kind of like an inner thought or was this actually an audible voice?

Sandra:  Well, I’m sure that it must have been an inner, it scared me half to death to be honest, but the bottom line of it I heard it three times.  And I had just led my older sister to the Lord and so I said “Lord tell somebody else.”  So I get home. My mother is practically dead.  Its Friday night, she is in this coma, she doesn’t even know I’m there.  The next morning my sister calls and says to me, “I don’t know if I had a dream or what happened but I heard tell Momma “Our Father which art in Heaven Hallow it be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven tell Momma there is no sickness in Heaven.”  So we came and Momma was laid out on the bed because at that time they would bring people home to die.  She was laid out on the bed and we for hours, Sid said over and over and over and over “Our Father which art in Heaven Hallow it be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven; Momma there is no sickness in Heaven.”  We never changed it, we never did anything but said that for hours. Of course when Mother gradually waked up after five or six hours she waked up and then I asked that fundamental question, which is fundamental to all your listeners   I said Mother said that maybe it’s the Lord’s you know, wants me – it’s His will for me to die.  I said well if it is His will for you to die Momma throw away all this medicine and go on and die.  Why do you want to go against the Lord’s will?  I was a little smart relic you know. Then I threw all her medicine in the trash can if you think that is its God’s will then throw it away and die.  I said what if it is not God’s will?  What if you play a part in it?  What if He gives you a choice to believe His word?  And she said back to me, she said “Well I would choose to live.  And when she made that choice, to choose to live and take the word of God she was instantly healed and written across her record at the Medical College of Georgia was Miracle.

Sid:  She had cancer, the record proved it and they wrote across it Miracle.  Boy, I would have like to have seen that.  Now we’ve asked you of all the things that you’ve done to put a kit together because, although you’ve had, and will talk about it this week, major, I mean unbelievable miracles in your personal life I think you have such a great satisfaction in showing people what you can do, everyone else can do.

Sandra:  Absolutely anybody, that’s what I do. I teach people how to do this; how to take the word of God and make it work in somebody’s life.

Sid: And the fundamental question that most people ask is “Can God be trusted for me?”  You know it’s good, yes you can say a cliché, God can be trusted but what if you have cancer?  What if you have diabetes?  What if you have a tumor on the brain and your foundational book you make everyone read “Preparations for a Move of God” which is not just healing it’s every realm of moving in the supernatural promises of God. 

sidroth on January 12th, 2011

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with John Paul Jackson, and I’m so excited the Lord Himself came to John Paul Jackson and said that there will be 10-year window of horrific things that are gonna happen on the earth, but that doesn’t mean they have to happen to us. And there is a key and it has to do with justice. Over 500 times in the scriptures justice is mentioned. And there’s a scripture, was it Jeremiah, “No one calls out for justice”?

JOHN PAUL: Isaiah 59.

SID: Isaiah 59: “No one has called out for justice.” And tell me, explain what injustices could be going on in people’s lives and explain how justice will change it.

JOHN PAUL: Well there’s two things that happen. People can invite the enemy into the light because they do wrong and simple things. But there’s an issue where you’ve done nothing wrong and yet something happens to you, and that’s where the enemy intrudes into your life. He steals life from you, he steals finances from you, he steals your emotions, he steals marriages, he steals relationships, and it can happen for generations. So crying out for justice is the act of asking God to uphold His throne. Psalms tells us that the foundations of the Throne of God are built on two things: righteousness and justice. If either one of those aren’t implemented then the throne topples. That is not going to happen. So therefore, we are able to cry out to God for justice. Justice is too facetted. So you have, let’s say you  have a one-ton attack on your life and you cry out to God, you would expect a one-ton anointing or a one-ton repayment to come back to you, one ton stolen or five dollars stolen, five dollars back, one ton stolen, one ton back.

SID: That would be fair.

JOHN PAUL: That would be fair, but it doesn’t take care of your pain. It doesn’t take care of your sustenance. It doesn’t take care of the emotional duress. It doesn’t take care of the loss of life that you had prior to the settlement. So what God does, and it’s covered in the scripture, “What the palmer worm has eaten, what the cank worm has eaten I will repay seven times” or they will restore seven times what they ate or they stole is the settlement in addition to the justice given. So there’s part of justice is not just for one thing for one thing, there is additional implementation that God gives in our lives. And so we have, for example, a lady in Ohio was calling out unto God for issues that had gone on in her marriage, issues that had gone on her family, and she had an autistic son. She’s asking for justice to come, and not knowing how it’s going to come, because sometimes we don’t know. It’s not like you get a dollar for a dollar. Justice comes in many different ways that God chooses. In this particular case–

SID: So it’s up to the judge.

JOHN PAUL: It’s up to the judge.

SID: As to what the settlement is.

JOHN PAUL: Exactly. He determines the settlement. But you cry out for justice. He gives you justice. In this particular case, not only was her real estate issues that were solved in her family, but her autistic son over a short period of time was healed of autism that he had to where he was able to communicate, and it wasn’t just like barely healed. He was totally healed of this autism that he had. Justice, in her case, meant the healing of her son as well.

SID: Many times, and you’ve alluded to this, generationally there’s been injustice and many people call it curses, and they are curses. But from generations, there’s an alcoholic in each family passes on and on. These are injustices. Do you have an example of someone that has taken your teaching and got a settlement for all these injustices happening to them?

JOHN PAUL: Sure. I mean, there’s many different ones. The issue, curses are passed down to the third and fourth generations. Blessings are also passed down to the third and fourth generation. So when the enemy steals from, say your great-great-grandfather, then let’s just say he stole a million dollars. The lifestyle of the family is affected by the loss of those finances for the next several generations to come. So what happens is justice is waiting for somebody to cry out for it, and it will wait for three and four generations.

SID: It sounds too simple, John Paul.

JOHN PAUL: Well sometimes we try to make God complicated and God wants it to be very simple. He wants us to cry out. That’s why it says no one cries out for justice. We have to cry out for it. So there’s another individual who had issues of real estate. Their great-grandfather lost real estate and years and years had passed, and they had not been able to own a home. The grandfather had not been able to own a home. The father had not been able to own a home. They had not been able to own a home.

SID: I’ve seen this poverty passes on.

JOHN PAUL: Poverty passes on.

SID: That’s an injustice.

JOHN PAUL: And injustice, exactly. We cry out for justice, and so God give us ideas. God gives us understanding. And what ends up happening within a few weeks of crying out for justice they were able to buy their first house. And after that they had another piece of property, a commercial piece of property that they had not been able to close on trying to sell, hadn’t been able to sell it. That also sold and justice began to happen to them. They’re financial structure dramatically changed because they cried out for justice.

SID: Okay. In your words with this 10-year window of, I would call it judgments in all of these different areas. By the way, you told me something God showed you about gold. Tell me about it.

JOHN PAUL: Yes. The gold was going to dramatically increase in price, dramatically increase in price.

SID: There was another thing you told me about it. Not all gold is–

JOHN PAUL: Not all gold is gold.

SID: What did that mean to you?

JOHN PAUL: It meant that there is gold in the U.S. Treasury that is not gold. It has a gold covering, but underneath it, it is not gold.

SID: So you’re telling me that as broke as the U.S. is we’re even broker?

JOHN PAUL: We are even broker.

SID: Okay. Why is it so important at this moment with this 10-year window of all these judgments that are coming on America, why is it so important? Why are you so passionate to teach this?

JOHN PAUL: Because when justice comes it will come in the most opportune time that the judge knows how to deliver it, and you’ll have ideas that you never had before. You’ll have innovations you never had before. You’ll have ways of avoiding issues that you never even thought of before. You’ll have provision that you’ve never even dreamt of before. These type of things God wants to put a whole new mindset into you, and part of that is the issue of justice. God wants to give justice and change the way we think. Poverty mentality is exactly that. It’s a mentality and justice will break that mentality, and you’ll find ideas coming to you that will work.

SID: You know what I think is so wonderful, is when God shows up, whether He shows up in the arenas you’re talking about or John Paul Jackson was in England. Four hundred people sitting in an auditorium. And this is Chanukah-Christmas time, the Festival of Lights. You don’t know what lights are until God’s lights show up. After all, the Messiah said, “I am the Light of this world.” Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

sidroth on January 5th, 2011

SID: Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter Here with Dr. Pat Holliday and I have to tell you I feel like the presence of God is all over us. And you know what that means? It’s about ready to be poured out through your television sets right now. Now Pat, you told me some amazing miracles took place in Trinidad. What happened?

PAT: Yes, I was ministering in a church that had about a thousand people in there. God was working miracles and all of a sudden, it was finished, but I looked out at this woman and I said “Don’t you want a miracle too?” She said “Yes” and she came up, but before she said “Every time I hear the name of Jesus I get scared and  I don’t know what that is.” I said “Oh I know what that is.”

SID: I’m sure you do.

PAT: So come on up, so she came up and Sid, her face was like this twisted – about that far sideways. The whole face -it looked like somebody had just punched her in the jaw right. So I laid my hands on her. I felt the Lord’s hands come upon my hand. And then supernaturally it felt like clay being molded.

SID: You could feel this under your hand?

PAT: Yeah it just felt like, you know, clay. And her eyes were like this, straight ahead you know. And then all of a sudden she blinked at me like this. And she started running around the church. She said “I’m healed! I can see! I can see!” And I didn’t really even know that she could not see.

SID: You were just praying for the disfigurement in her face.

PAT: Yeah and so what happened was she came back up. And I took her and I said “Let’s get rid of the fear of Jesus.” And so I called the witchcraft power out of her. And when I did she got deliverance instantly. But her little nephew came up to me and “He said that’s my grandma.” He said I live right underneath her. And he said at nighttime I can hear her growling like some kind of an animal. And I said “Son, tell your grandma never to go back to the witch doctor.” Now the word that the Lord gave me when I called the spirit out was obeda. And so I asked the pastor I said “What does the word obeda mean?” He said “That means witch doctor down here.” So she had been going to the witch doctor.

SID: Now how did you know that word? How did you know, in their language, the name of that spirit?

PAT: God gave it to me through a word of knowledge.

SID: You operate that way a lot; in other words you know what the spirits are inside of people.

PAT: Sometimes you can see them. Sometimes it comes through a word of knowledge. And other times you just walk up and cast it out. You see them sometimes. You hear the Lord’s voice sometimes. And other times – you’ve done it so long; I’ve done this for 30 years. That you just know God doesn’t have to do anything. You just see it and know it.

SID: There is such a presence of God right now. What does God want you to do?

PAT: What does he want me to do? I want to tell you what God told me. He said America is filled with people infiltrating the church. The pastors can’t see them, but there’s an army that God has trained in the deliverance ministry as he has me. And I’m telling you pastor, if you want revival to come to this land, you’re going to have to pull in the other third of the Bible where Jesus was casting out devils. And you might say “Oh I can’t do that; it’s undignified. Let me tell you it’s a crime to see people demon possessed and send them to psychiatrists and psychologists. And they never get free. A lot of them just walk out of the church because they find no power there. You need to get on your knees and pray and ask God to reveal to you the power of God. You’ll never walk without it once you’ve have it.

SID: You know Pat, I am feeling such a presence of God right now. I believe there are people that pains in their fingers. It’s arthritis but I command in Yeshua; that’s Hebrew, in Yeshua’s name, that that spirit causing the arthritis be bound. And in Yeshua’s name come out. And there are other people that your back is just bothering you. You know who you are. If you will, this is a gift from God for you right now. And yes, the people with the neck problem move your head. Actually any sort of pain; if you’ll bend your back or move your head. But you know what? I believe that any pain in your body is being lifted. Right now in Yeshua’s name. And I believe that. Very quickly Pat, would you break curses over people right now?

PAT: Yes, in the name of Jesus. Father, I take authority over every person that’s looking at this program; every Christian. I say that the Bible says that Jesus Christ took the curses when he hung on the tree according to Galatians. And I break those curses that are shown in the word over every single person and at the same time I release you from your bondages; all kinds of bondages. Those healings that just took place; a lot of times it’s just a devil. And we command those tormenting spirits to come out of you in Jesus’ name. And release God’s people. You no longer can have hold of God’s people in America. We’re breaking it all over the world. And I say in the name of Jesus, I release the blessings to come into you right now.

SID: And the greatest blessing that can come into you. Right now is for you to know God for yourself. Don’t because Dr. Pat does or I do; it’s up to you to. Tell God you’re sorry for what you’ve…tell him you believe Jesus died in your place and by his blood you are forgiven; in your own words. And then your sins will be washed away. And as you’re clean you can open yourself up. And say Jesus, live inside of me, be real to me. I want to know you. I want real peace, real shalom. I’m tired with the junk. I want the real thing.