sidroth on April 8th, 2013


SID: Julie, what is your purpose?

JULIE: Well God told, I asked Him, what is my purpose in music and in worship, and He said, to infiltrate the earth with sounds of healing, which to me means going behind enemy lines. He recently was just showing me that it was kind of more clarification about that, that it’s going to places you wouldn’t ordinarily think of where music would go. And He said that it would actually, that my music actually could change the cellular structure of sickness and disease, and that it could actually help reshape the brains of people who had been afflicted with trauma. And so He’s not called me to be like a praise and worship leader. He didn’t say songs of praise, or whatever. He said sounds of healing.

SID: Now when these sounds go out some amazing things are going on. Tell me about that woman that had the child where what happened with the chin and with the woman. Tell me about that.

JULIE: Oh yeah. A lady wrote me and said that she keeps children in her home, and that she had been playing my music for two years, two hours a day, when she would put the children to sleep. And she said that they would just instantly be able to rest. And one little girl would get dreams of God on a regular basis. And this other child had half a chin. She was born with half a chin, and she said that she had possible learning disabilities. And after the two years of doing this, she said this child’s chin grew out normal, and that she was one of the smartest children there.

SID: Now that’s my kind of worship. How about you? Julie, you love what is called spontaneous music. What is that?

JULIE: It’s where there’s no agenda and like you just sing from your heart to God. You sing what the Spirit is doing in the atmosphere at that moment, and there’s no framework for it. There’s no boundaries.

SID: But isn’t it easier to do a rehearsed song out of a hymnal.

JULIE: Not for me it’s not. It is very challenging now. I mean, I occasionally will sing a song, just a normal song that comes up in my spirit during worship. For the most part it’s like buying a greeting card that doesn’t say what you want it to say from your heart. And so I love to be able to sing what’s in my heart to God.

SID: Okay. I want you to sing right now, “Healing in My Presence”. Do you realize in the presence of the Lord all things are possible. All is pretty inclusive. Did you hear what I just said? All things are possible in His presence. Julie True.

Julie [music, singing]: Ooo…There’s healing in your presence. There’s healing in your presence. There’s healing in your presence, oh Jesus. There’s healing in your presence. There’s healing in your presence. There’s healing in your presence, oh Jesus. There’s healing in your name. There’s healing in your name. There’s healing in your name, oh Jesus. There’s healing in your name. There’s healing in your name. There’s healing in your name, oh Jesus.

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sidroth on April 2nd, 2013


SID: You know something I don’t understand. I understand the Muslim Brotherhood. I understand their goals. But I don’t understand why they have total access to the White House. I don’t understand why they’re selling fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Briefly, what’s wrong with the Muslim Brotherhood?

DAVID: The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated to essentially imposing Islam over the entire world. It’s called a caliphate, and that imposes, what’s called Sharia Law, which you know, under Sharia Law, fathers can kill their daughters for perceived dishonor. It is bad news there. Bad news. And for this administration to think that they can cozy up to this type of organization is naïve at best, or it’s some very ominous shift in U.S. policy. It’s bad news.

SID: Well they actually destroy every Jew.


SID: They want to destroy Israel.


SID: And they want to destroy the United States. I wouldn’t invite these people into my home, even if it was a White House.

DAVID: And Sid, why give them F-16 fighter planes? Really? That’s the thing to do? How do you make peace in the Middle East with people who teach their grammar school kids that a good Jew is a dead Jew. I don’t see how you do it.

SID: You found an amazing pattern, an amazing common denominator from Scripture. It’s found in 1 Thessalonians 5:3. Explain that.

DAVID: And what it is actually, the bottom line is it kind of came to me from a dream, peace then sudden destruction. The thing is this. When you look at the 13 historically significant disasters that coincide to the day in most cases, except for I think two, it’s a week, with efforts to remove the Promised Land from Israel, that there are three common denominators associated with that. One is peace. They are supposed to be for peace.

SID: They’re trying to orchestrate peace.

DAVID: That’s right.

SID: So we always see that. That’s in the Bible.

DAVID: It’s peace, peace, peace, watch out

SID: When they say peace, peace, peace watch out.

DAVID: That’s right. And the other thing is though, we’ve been seen a reoccurring of destruction. Destruction has been taking place as these efforts toward peace have been launched to the day we’re seeing it in these amazing what I call coincidences. But also it’s very sudden. So this is the thing. There’s three common denominators playing like a broken record since 1991: peace and sudden destruction, peace and sudden destruction. And that particular scripture talks about how we’re to be “watchful and sober”, which means we’re to be watchful if there’s something to watch for. And perhaps it’s this message that’s coming out of these calamities that have been occurring coincidental to efforts to remove the Promised Land.

SID: Now you talk about President Obama has intentionally derailed the peace negotiations. Give me an example.

DAVID: It’s an odd thing. When he first took office, you know, usually an honest broker to bring to warring parties together is going to try and reduce issues between them to get the parties closer. Well what he did, literally, he injected a new condition, no building in East Jerusalem before talks would begin. I don’t know if that’s ever happened in the annals of diplomacy. But the president injected that.

SID: It stopped the talks.

DAVID: There were not talks. Even his biggest supporters said, why are you doing this. And they even said it looked like incompetence. That’s only the first of two times he’s done that.

SID: Okay. In your opinion there’s a reason. He is an intelligent president.


SID: Why is he doing this?

DAVID: I think the president’s ultimate goal, in terms of my reading between the lines and having studied it, is to move the peace process to the United Nations where eventually the United States will back up and say, we’re not going to veto this move on the part of the Palestinian authority to become a nation. That’s what I think it’s all about, ultimately.

SID: So it’s literally setting up the U. N.

DAVID: I believe it is, because well, we could go in depth. I know we don’t have time. But there’s a lot of other assignments to back this up.

SID: Okay. You had a dream and I have heard this dream from many prophets throughout the land. I know it’s hard for you to even talk about it. Would you tell us briefly what that dream was.

DAVID: What it is, to just sum it up, is, and I, too, have had heard a lot of people saying they were receiving dreams and warnings from God of things that are approaching our country. And that is simply that, and I mentioned this earlier about peace and sudden destruction. I feel it was shown to me in a dream. Actually, nukes detonating within the United States associated with a time when peace or so-called peace in the Middle East takes place. And I hope it’s not true. I hope it’s not true.

SID: Well I’ll tell you what. If what I know is true, and I believe it’s true because I heard this from God, that Jesus is returning very quickly. He’s coming back soon. And that’s why you read the Bible and these things don’t sound strange because of course there’s going to be things like this. I mean, many prophets have seen up through Florida and the east coast these bombs going off. But we are instructed to fear not. Now it’s one thing to say it. It’s another thing to believe it. I have friends that are believers in the Messiah and Israel, and they wouldn’t go outside without saying Psalm 91 out loud, a personalized version like, “I live in the shelter of the most high and I find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. This I declare about the Lord. You alone are my refuge, my place of safety. You are my God and I trust in you. For you will rescue me from every trap and protect me from deadly disease. You will cover me with your feathers. You will shelter me with your wings. Your faithful promises are my armor and my protection. I will not be afraid of the terrors, the night nor the arrow that flies in the day. Though a thousand fall at my side, though 10,000 are dying all around me, these evils will never touch me. No evil will conquer me. No plague will come near my home. For you will order your angels to protect me wherever I go. You will reward me with a long life. And thank you, thank you, thank you for my salvation.”

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sidroth on March 25th, 2013


Sid:  Mishpochah you are going to experience miracles as a matter of fact there is someone with a migraine headache that is being healed right now. My guest Kynan Bridges I’m so excited about the series that we’re making available called “Aggressive Faith” that’s his brand new book just off the press.  And his teaching CD and the scripture cards but you see it’s not just scripture cards it’s scripture cards after you’ve read the revelation that God has given Kynan Bridges that it’s going to have such depth it’s going to change your life.  Now Kynan I think it’s wonderful that you and your wife operate in this aggressive faith but you have a congregation and you’ve been teaching this for awhile; do you see people able to do what you’re doing.  I mean you are fearless of sickness, you are fearless of pain; you go after it as if it’s a burglar and he’s just come in with his fists and you’re standing there with a shotgun aimed at his head.  I mean are there others that feel this way?

Kynan: Absolutely Sid and it’s quite an amazing thing because a lot of times when a leader or a pastor is walking in a dimension of the supernatural it becomes infectious really you don’t every have to talk about it sometimes it’s just people adopted in their spirit  by virtue of it flowing through you.  And you know it reminds me of a young lady one of the young ladies on our staff whose husband was just being tormentously afflicted Sid just with coughing and it was just a horrible time. And we heard a testimony that one night her husband was coughing through the night just literally just hacking and coughing from infected sinus’s this and that and so he’s hacking and so she just intuitively Sid without even thinking about it she wakes up in the middle of the night her hand goes straight to his head and she says “I rebuke this in Jesus Name.”  And she goes back to sleep, her husband begin to kinds a little bit but he’s still going through it and she get’s up one more time and says “In the Name of Jesus I command you to cease.”  And Sid he was absolutely healed in that instant.  It’s amazing Sid and we hear countless testimonies; one young man was on sinus medication for six and a half years, ever since he came to the United States.  Sid without even going into depth about the teaching just being around this revelation just being around this thing he could not use his medication any more.  Sid he didn’t need it, he didn’t need it…

Sid: Okay here’s what I want you to do in the next three minutes I want you to do what you do in your brand new book.  I want you give me a scripture, unpacked it for me and then I want you to pray for the sick.

Kynan: Hallelujah well Sid I believe that the Word of God is so powerful.  In Psalm Chapter 107 it says this “And He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from all their destruction.”  It also says in 2nd Corinthians 5 verse 21 it says that “We are the righteousness of God, He became the unrighteousness of God that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.  And I just want to share with someone out there today you may be struggling with sickness in your body, you may be dealing with an autoimmune disorder.  I see someone there they have Chrone’s disease Sid and God’s even touching you right now in the Name of Jesus Christ.  There is someone with a retina you have a detached retina God’s actually restoring your retina right now in Name of Jesus.  And I just want to pray for you in the Name of Jesus Christ and my wife recently was healed supernaturally of diabetes, diabetes there’s someone out there with diabetes right now and I want to tell you that the Word of God says that Jesus Christ He, He bore our sicknesses and carried our disease.  And what that means is that He became the receptacle of God’s wrath on our behalf so that you and I could live in the fullness of Him.  You and I could live in the fullness of Him; you know the word stripe there is referring to stripes that came on Jesus’ back through the Roman catenae tails.  This was literally Sid, this was literally it was a whip that had bones and glass in side of it that would rip the flesh; well do you  know that as Jesus flesh was being ripped every category of sickness and disease known to man was being removed from the born again believer.  And I want to pray for you today “Father in Jesus Name I just thank you Lord for those listening Your audience today God, Father I thank you for Your healing power and Lord I release faith God in the Name of Jesus that Lord faith comes by hearing hearing by Your word. As they hear the word of God that I’m speaking right now Lord, Holy Spirit would You give them the faith to know that no longer have to be tormented by the enemy; that they no longer have to be broken but they can be healed in the Name of Jesus Christ.”  There’s someone with arthritis; there’s someone with Lupus in the Name of Jesus, there’s someone with breast cancer in Jesus Name I curse cancer in Jesus name I curse Lupus, I command it to leave your body even right now in the precious Name of the Messiah Jesus we pray.  Amen.

Sid: Kynan you have had some revelation about what’s going to happen in Israel; what is God showing you?

Kynan: Wow Sid, Sid wow, wow, wow it’s amazing because you have mentioned even on your broadcast the idea of the One New Man and I think that the church is in desperate need of this revelation.  We need to understand the converjance of the One New Man that there, in fact in Christ there is no more Jew, there’s no more Gentile, but what Jesus refers to as One New Man I believe Sid that we’re going to see a revival a healing a supernatural revival like the world has never seen when the church begins to embrace this revelation.  It’s going to come even out of Israel, you’re going to see even synagogues  Sid that are going to begin flow in the supernatural power of God.

Sid: You know what I envision?  I envision It’s Supernatural television having a studio in Jerusalem because I want to capture these orthodox, young orthodox Jews running around praying for the blind, having limbs growing out.  I mean like if you want your faith stretched you’ll just have to watch It’s Supernatural in the near future.

Kynan: Amen.

Sid: By the way have you ever seen angel?

Kynan: Actually I have, (Laughing) I have.

Sid: Tell me; tell me about it.

Kynan: I want to tell you I had been praying about trying to…I wanted to see angels you know I saw one once when I was.  Quickly I saw one once when I was first saved I was about fifteen years old and an angel visited me one night in my sleep.  I was going through a very difficult time, I was being persecuted by even family members Sid.  And one day I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw an angel hovering over me a siloet and it gazed into my eyes Sid but there was no fear.  I was not afraid and as it looked at me for a few seconds and it shot away it literally disappeared it flew away like lightning.  And when I woke up the next morning I heard in my spirit the word rest and the next morning I woke up with such a sense of peace that I had never experienced before.  The second time was actually about, not the second time but one of the most recent times was about last year.  We were our ministry was very young and we were just going through some challenges and things like that and I couldn’t press in Sid I was trying to pray, I was trying to get into the word and I just felt blockages.  And one day I was praying Sid I was praying early in the morning it was about 5:00 a.m. and I turned to my right Sid and I saw an angelic being in the spirit realm, it was about ten feet tall and I looked at him and I knew by word of knowledge that his name was Joy, Joy.  Now this is what happened, when I looked at this angel called Joy he poured a bucket of living water on to, it was like spirit water Sid it was cold, he poured water on top of me and when that water hit my back Sid I jumped up and a vibrant and a renewal I had never experienced before just came on me.  I begin to worship God with tears in my eyes and you know what I’ve been on fire since that day. (Laughing)

Sid: (Laughing) I think anyone would be on fire.  Just very briefly very briefly what do you see in America shortly in reference to the gospel?

Kynan: You know the harvest is ripe, but the labors are few.  John Chapter 4 tell us this, Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman and He told her, He says listen “I have water that you don’t know anything about, this is living water that will be a well inside of you springing up into eternal life.”  But there was one condition Sid, He says that “You know not who you worship, salvation is of the Jews and besides they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth for God is a Spirit.” And Sid I believe that through the economic situation, through a lot of the things that are happening there’s a lot of shifting in the government, a lot of godlessness in our society; God is going to raise up a remnant in America that understand the mystery of true worship and they’re going to be His Warriors in the end times to speak the uncompromised word of God.

Sid: You know I’m speaking to someone right now and God is saying “I want you to have a brand new beginning, I want you to have a fresh start, forget the failures you’ve had and the mistake; there is totally forgiveness and a total new beginning in God if you repent of your sins, He’s just and faithful to forgive you of all unrighteousness.”

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sidroth on March 20th, 2013


Sid:You know I was talking on a previous show about Brother Lawrence and he wrote a little booklet called “Practicing the Presence of God.”  And the thing that really impressed me about that is, here was a guy he was a dishwasher that was his job morning, noon and night.  He was crippled and this is what he resolved I’m going to do everything because of the love of God everything I do.The love of God so saturated this man that people from far and wide just to be in his presence.  And that reminds me of what my guest Julie true does in her worship because the scripture that I want you to mediate on this week is Psalm 103 verse 1-4 and this when I hear this I think about the ministry of Julie True.  And I want you to say it out loud a number of times during the day and personalize it.  “Bless the Lord oh my soul.” In other words you almost commanding your soul to bless the Lord because there’s so many distractions going on and everything going on in the atmosphere that you have to literally focus and you command your soul.  You say “Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy name.” You get that?  All that is within you bless His holy name.  Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all his benefits.  And I believe his benefits come become because our soul is blessing Him; you follow?  And here are His benefits “Who forgives,” well let me take it back His benefits are there for everyone but we receive His benefits that’s the key because we’re commanding every fiber of our being to bless the Lord!  We’re saying “All that is within me bless His holy name.  Bless the Lord oh my soul and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all my iniquities, who heals all my diseases, who redeems my life from destruction.”  Boy can you see mediating of that and you will fear nothing, you will be fearless in Jesus.  Now I have a prophetic word that came to my guest Julie True, and I want to read this because it really tells you who she is; this is what God said about her gift that He had placed within her.  “You bring comfort to people in times of sorrow and pain, I am near to the brokenhearted and you’re music carries My nearness into people’s whole beings spirit, soul and body.  You are a carrier of my peace.When I told you that you would infiltrate the earth with sounds of healing I was extending an invitation for you to release sounds into the atmosphere of this world that can actually change the cellular structure of sickness and disease.  That can actually help reshape the brains of those that have experienced great trauma.”This is what’s happening when Julie plays her music.  And you know Julie, what I’m visualizing as I’m reading this is that your – when you sing, and when you play the piano the words and the anointing for a supernatural peace is almost if you could see in the spirit world you would see it flying out of you and into every one that opens themself.  I can really picture that.It sort of reminds me of one of the woman that heard your music and she said that literally there were brilliant colors and that came out of your music; do you remember her?

Julie:  Oh yes.

Sid:Tell me about her.

Julie:  She said that she was trying to…the enemy was attacking her mind from a past trauma as a child and that she started praying my music.As she laid down and began to pray that she saw these brilliant colors filling the room and that it was flowing like a current of water.  And there was all these beautiful colors, and that she said she started to weep and fear left immediately.

Sid:Well, you have such a passion to love God and to love Him more and more.  Why do you have such a passion like this?

Julie:  Well, because I know how good He is you know it’s like when you start knowing Him as a Father and knowing Him as the one who created you just because He loved you and He wanted to love you and He wanted relationship with you.  Then you want to sing to Him and you want to worship Him and you know that He loved you first, and you want to love Him back.

Sid:I want to play a little bit of one of her CDs for you what about “Thank You” how’s that sound Julie; do you think that will fit?

Julie:  Sounds good.

Sid:Okay let’s hear a little bit of Julie True.

Julie True “Thank you”

Sid:That was Julie True and I have to say she is literally a carrier of supernatural peace I don’t care what you’re going through.When you listen to her music the words the notes they just explode inside of you with supernatural peace.  People with insomnia sleep better, people with traumas, traumas are released and then they’re physical healing occurs.  Everyone needs more peace you want to surround yourself with this music you want to play it in your car, you want to play it in your home; parents play it for their children and they sleep better at night and they dream about heaven.

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sidroth on March 14th, 2013


Sid:There is a gift called the gift of prophesy it is a supernatural gift. I have to tell you many people that call themselves prophets I get very disappointed with because I read about the accuracy in the Tenach, in the Jewish scriptures of the prophets. I don’t see that same degree of accuracy among many people that call themselves prophets.  And I have to believe their also is a lack of understanding of the gift of prophesy especially under the New Covenant.  And I have on the telephone Ben and Brenda Peters that both move in the gift of prophesy and I’ve got a lot of questions for them and I believe they’ve got a lot of answers for me.  I’ve just finished read their book “Prophetic Ministry Strategic Key to the Harvest” and Ben you said in your book that when you look at the people coming to the Lord in the New Testament what percentage is involved in something supernatural occurring?

Ben: Actually in the whole scripture I did a research for a previous book on signs and wonders and I discovered that it’s very clear that over 90%, somewhere between 90 and 95%, of all of the cases of conversions in scripture were the result of something supernatural occurring which did include prophetic ministry.

Sid: Well, how in the world did we slip from that to almost everything being cerebral, at least here in the west?

Ben: Well that’s a very good question over the course of time the fire of passion for God grew cold and as a result the power ebbed away and religious people had to excuse and explain their lack of power. So they came up with different doctrines to say that God didn’t do these things anymore; God doesn’t speak to people anymore like He used to.  Because for one reason the Bible was complete, or the apostles were gone and so on. These had no biblical bases really; the arguments were very very weak but these were widely excepted because everyone wants to excuse the lack of power in the church.

Sid: I want to find out a bit about you and Brenda. I’m starting with Ben and this intrigues me, there was a real turning point in your relationship with the Lord and it was at Bible college tell me about that.

Ben: Okay I grew up in a very strong Christian home and I had a desire at an early age to preach it was like God drew me as a little boy when I heard a good preacher preaching and I’d feel in my hear that’s what I wanted to do.

Sid: Now by the way I see here in my notes you had quite a godly heritage.

Ben: Oh yes actually I did; both of my grandfathers were preachers, one was a Bible School Principal and a Pastor; one was an Evangelist and a Pastor and my parents grew up…

Sid: In one of my favorite places the former Soviet Union.

Ben: Yes, yes. So my parents met actually in Canada when they both were able to leave both their families they were able to leave the Soviet Union after the revelation and they met in Bible school in Mennonite Bible Schools.My grandfather on my mother’s side became an early Pentecostal Mennonite which was not a popular thing in those days. Eventually my parents were excommunicated because they wanted to teach healing and the power of the Holy Spirit; they journeyed on with the Lord and ultimately I went to a Christian Missionary…

Sid: I have to ask you a question is that the same individual one that you were just talked about your mom’s dad that had that supernatural experience in prison?

Ben: Oh yes, yes.

Sid: You got to tell me about that.

Ben: He was doing traveling ministry going from town to town and preaching the gospel. After the revolution it was a gradual take over and a gradual restriction of religious freedom that took place.  But the police started to arrest him and take him into the police headquarters. The one time the Lord just told him to walk out when the man stepped out of the room.  And he walked right out right passed the guard and appeared to not even see him and he just headed back home and was free to leave the country later on. So that was one of his experiences where God intervened supernaturally.  My mother had had supernatural experiences as a young woman also; one time she was walking home in the dark and a light shone on her path and she thought there was a car coming behind.  And those days there was just a few cars, but there was no car and that light stayed with her all the way home.  So I had this heritage and I was raised to believe in the supernatural.

Sid: Okay so you’re in your first year of Bible school and there’s a prayer meeting that’s going on and the leader says to you and to everyone in the group what are your burdens.

Ben: Right.

Sid: What happened to you?

Ben: Well he was asking for prayer requests because we were having a prayer meeting he asked to get some prayer requests so we had something to pray about and this was a dorm meeting at Bible School. Immediately when he said that “Do you have any burdens?” the Holy Spirit spoke to me “You don’t have any burdens because my family is all saved” and I was enjoying Bible School, I knew people that weren’t saved but I didn’t have any I knew I should have more burdens for them and I didn’t really have any.  And so when it came my turn to respond to the man the young man that was leading the prayer meeting I said “My burden is that I don’t have one.”  And I chose to humble myself in that situation and be honest with the group and…

Sid: How could you be in Bible School and not have anything to pray about?  It’s hard to understand, but guess what there are a lot of people we’re speaking to right now that maybe they’re praying for their immediate family but that’s about so it’s pretty similar.

Ben: Right what God was saying is I didn’t have any supernatural burden for anybody I wasn’t in intercession, I didn’t have His heart basically I knew better and I was enjoying Bible School, I wasn’t in rebellion but I just in that place of I loved the Lord, but I never penetrated His heart.  I never allowed His heart to penetrate mine and change me on the inside so that I’d be passionate for His Kingdom.  So at that moment God did something and from that moment on God began to draw me in a powerful way. Every morning I’d be waking up earlier than we were supposed to wake up which everything was scheduled even our devotional time after a half an hour of bathroom time 6:00 to 6:30, then 6:30 to 7:00 we were in our rooms, 7:00 was breakfast and then classes began and I was waking up earlier like 5:00 God was waking me up.

Sid: Was that something new or had you been waking up at 5:00 a.m. normally?

Ben: Absolutely new and I would get up and I would go to a place where I used to practice my voice lessons, a little piano practice room. I would get on my knees on my little piano bench and I would spend an hour to two hours every morning, mostly weeping, reading through the book of Acts and crying out for God to restore the power.  What He gave me was a burden not just for a few souls but He gave me a burden for the whole church; He gave me a burden for His Kingdom, He gave me a burden for the fact that we’re so powerless in the church, and I knew it wasn’t God’s fault.  I had seen some miracles, I knew that it was our fault that we had strayed from the passion of the early church; and so I…

Sid: We’re you a weeper before that personality wise or was this new to you also?

Ben: That was new; that was really new. I had a tender heart but I wasn’t one that would weep and intercession at all.  But I would read through half the Book of Acts every day for every two days I’d read through the Book of Acts again and again and again.  And tears would stain my Bible as I would just cry and weep and this was totally different.  Then when I would leave the place…

Sid: Now correct me if I’m wrong because we’re doing this by telephone Mishpochah from their home in South Beloit, Illinois it sounds to me like you’re almost weeping as you’re speaking to me now.

Ben: It moves me when the Holy Spirit reminds me of that time in my life because that totally changed my future and my destiny.  Just that when I often say “You never know when one small decision to be honest, to be humble before God can change your entire course of history, your destiny.”

Sid: Out of curiosity did you ever miss the first time the classmates are supposed to get together for whatever purpose because you were in intercession?

Ben: Well, what happened is as I said breakfast was at 7:00 and I may have been there since 5:00 – 5:15 or so, but the presence of God was so precious to me that the activity that I could hear breakfast going on it didn’t attract me because I didn’t want to leave that place. I never fasted before at all really.  And I wasn’t really doing it to fast I just didn’t want to leave the presence of God until…

Sid: Now help me understand this, you didn’t want to leave the presence of God, but you had the presence of God before this you walked with the presence of God or was this a much higher dimension than you had ever experienced?

Ben: Oh this was much higher this was a whole new level, and I really believe it’s available for all of us.

Sid: Well, you know what I sense that presence is on this radio interview right now.  In your heart of hearts Ben I’m holding up your new book “Prophetic Ministry.” Why did you write this, what benefit will someone have from reading it?

Ben: Well, I had written an earlier book on prophetic ministry, one of my first two books. It was no longer in print and I knew that I needed something to replace it and then God gave me a fresh revelation of the fact that in most cases where miracles began to happen prophetic ministry proceeded it.  Of course the greatest example is Jesus who had a man go before Him that the people said “John did no miracle, but everything that John spoke of this Man was true.”  And John spent his ministry preparing the way for Jesus by prophesying of His coming prophesying what He would do.  And when He arrived on the scene John said, “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.” And what he was doing was prophesying Jesus’ destiny that He would suffer and die for us and that He would take away our sin.  And all of John’s ministry was prophesying to preparing for the miraculous.

Sid: I’m sorry we’re out of time Mishpochah…

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sidroth on March 5th, 2013


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Cherie Calbom. And Cherie, it sounds so simple, as I read and listen to what God has taught you. The first thing you tell people to do is to detox. Why do we have to detox?

CHERIE: Because we’re surrounded with chemicals. It’s in everything. 87,000 new chemicals a year are introduced into our atmosphere. It’s sprayed on our soil, pesticides, herbicides, on and on it goes. It’s filling in from exhaust from the cars and from the factories, and it’s just permeating the world. And then on top of it, preservatives and all the stuff that they put in our food that is not good for us. And our poor livers have to process all of that. I would never think of going a year without changing the oil and filter in my car. I know what would happen. Well our livers are more important. Everything, the blood all has to go through the liver to be purified. If we don’t do anything it’s like driving your car until it dies. We’re just pushing our body with all of that gunk building up in our liver or our kidneys, or our colon, and if we never cleanse it, and we’re going to get sick.

SID: But you know, that makes so much sense to me. First, we get rid of all of the toxins, get it out of your body. Then put good stuff. Good stuff is juicing. Why is juicing so important?

CHERIE: It’s powerful. And people say, how can that one thing change my life. But it can, because it’s broken down. It’s like a pre-digestive food. It’s so easily absorbed. It can go right into your system, right into your cells, right down to the cellular it begins to change your body. And juices are loaded with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber nutrients, and bio photons, a new area of research that the plants absorb from the sun taken into their cells. When we burst those cells open in juicing we liberate all of those nutrients and the energy from the sun goes into our cells, feeds the mitochondria of our cells. Those are the little energy units that produce ATP. That’s our energy fuel. So many people say to me, I’m tired. I’m dragging around. I feel fatigued. I don’t have the energy I want. Get to juicing and you will.

SID: Tell me some of the things you’ve seen helped by juicing.

CHERIE: Amazing things. Arthritis almost every time. When somebody gets on my program, both osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis. Amazing. I hear this constantly people calling me back and say, wow, the symptoms are gone. Lots of pain just gone, completely.

SID: Tell me quickly about the woman with plantar fasciitis.

CHERIE: She came to one of my seminars. She wanted to lose weight, had no idea that anything else would happen for her. She lost 11 pounds in 10 days. But she called me and said, “The most amazing thing has happened. My plantar fasciitis is gone.” And she was wearing a special shoe and she had a daycare center. Can you imagine trying to chase those little kids around with a foot that is that sore? And she said, “It is gone. What happened?” Well the hipbone is connected to the, you know. I mean, it’s all connected. We’re one whole being.

SID: But I don’t understand how juicing can get rid of pain.

CHERIE: You know, we have acids in our body that collect in certain areas and we have toxins that collect in certain areas. As you begin to alkalize your body, detoxify your body many of these acids that have caused pain begin to be neutralized, a lot of toxins go away.

SID: I’m told if your body becomes alkaline, which juice does for it, even cancer can’t grow in it.

CHERIE: Amen and thanks be to God, it’s true. And I have an amazing story of a woman that was sent home, get your affairs in order, you’re going to die, at 41 years old. At 47, she was pronounced cancer-free. She got on my program. Three and a half weeks later, a tumor the size of a fist fell out of her body. She is totally well today.

SID: Tell me why you’re so passionate about this. You are. You’re not a sales lady. You are passionate. Why?

CHERIE: You know, because I love the King of Kings and he’s called me to do this, and He said, because, “Cherie, tell them how it’s healed your body twice, not just once, but twice, when you were attacked, you had fatigue.” My adrenals were blown out. They were shot. My thyroid was shot from all of that trauma. It healed my body. It healed those things that there was no hope for then. It’s healed the chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I’m a walking testimony of what this program does. But then in all the thousands of people, I’ve sold about three million, in all the thousands of people I’ve worked with and heard from, they are well, they are healed today. It’s the passion of my heart. Satan has perverted our food. He is drawing people away to eat all that packaged stuff and sweet stuff, and sit on the couch and eat chips and dips, and bon-bons, and expect to be healthy. We cannot do that.

SID: Okay. Let me tell you something. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to take some of this juice. We’re going to go to the kitchen and find out what this juice really tastes like. Cherie, you put this all together so quickly. I mean, I thought it would take hours.

CHERIE: It’s fast. It’s fast, fast. I make my morning juice in a minute. Actually, I timed it.

SID: Did you get that, in a minute.

CHERIE: Here we go.

SID: Okay. Let’s test it.

CHERIE: Let’s see what happens. So I’m doing apple to start with, which is a great addition, adds a little sweetness to your juice. And then I’m going to put in some ginger root.

SID: I love ginger.

CHERIE: Isn’t it wonderful. And ginger is very rich in zinc, which is wonderful for the immune system, and it’s an anti-inflammatory. Heart disease, one of the number one contributors to heart disease is inflammation. Get this anti-inflammatory into your diet every single day.

SID: Now I have to tell you. There’s something that appeals to me so much with this, as opposed to a popular pill, a vitamin pill.

CHERIE: Yes. This is fresh. This is what God gave us. It’s from the earth. It’s alive. And do you know live food gives life to our bodies. This is live food because these vegetables take the energy from the sun and incorporate it into the cells of the plant. That’s called bio photons. Bio photons have been measured in studies in Germany and they found these light rays of energy help your cells communicate better with one another. It feeds the mitochondria, the little energy units of our cells and it gives our cells the ability to produce more ATP, that’s our energy fuel. If you’re tired, if you’re saying, I’m fatigued, I don’t have the energy I want, you’ve got to get on live food, and juice is the best live food I know.

SID: I have to tell you, I’m almost feeling, Cherie, as if I’m getting healthier, I know this is crazy, but just watching you do this.

CHERIE: And now here’s the real test.

SID: This is delicious. I never thought that vitamins and minerals could be so delicious.

CHERIE: Isn’t it amazing. It’s so amazing, isn’t it?

SID: What a way to start this day.

CHERIE: So you know, you can start with a live food drink that brings life to your body.

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sidroth on February 28th, 2013


SID: Hello. I’m Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s natural supernatural. I’ll tell you, before we started the show, the presence of God has been so strong. This will be as life changing as any show that you have ever seen. It could not happen. It’s outrageous that it happened. Married 17 years, a pastor and his wife, high profile, television ministries, love each other. But the wife had an affair, a secret affair. And out of the tragedy they have come up with supernatural keys to not just have a marriage, but have a marriage made in Heaven, to not just have a family, but a family made in Heaven. Look, the Bible says that the believer is to provoke the Jew to jealousy. You will provoke everyone to jealousy when you have a marriage that God has put together and God has made supernatural. I am so excited about what you’re ready to hear, because I am angry. We are in an anything goes society and it’s getting apparently worse by the second. I’m overwhelmed at the statistics that Bob and Audrey Meisner have revealed to me. Tell me some of them, Bob.

BOB: It’s surprising. Where we used to live in a society of moral absolutes, those things are now being eroded away. Where for men, over the age of 40, they will have had a sexual affair, about 50 to 65 percent of men, and for women, it’s about 45 to 50 percent of women over the age of 40 will have had a sexual affair. It seems as though we are over-sexed in our society, over 25 percent of all searches on the Internet have to do with sexually related searches.

SID: Pornography.

BOB: Pornography being that way. Also, for husband and wives, a husband does not know. Seventy percent will not know that his wife is sexually involved in an affair or they don’t know about their sexual activity, and about 50 percent of women don’t know what’s going on between themselves with regards to an affair.

SID: No wonder marriages are troubled throughout the whole world. No wonder. This really is a strategy against you. But I’m going to tell you something, it’s not an accident that you’re watching, and God is about ready to move supernaturally in your life. Audrey, it should not have happened, but it happened to you.

AUDREY: It should not have happened, but it happened to me.

SID: You love your husband. You have three children. You’re busy, busy, busy. And then that’s one of the keys.

AUDREY: I love my husband, I love my kids and I love Jesus, and I had known Jesus since I was a little girl. We were in a full time ministry in our entire lives. All we wanted to do was be world changers. And so 17 years into our marriage, some young guy starts coming to our church, and he starts paying attention to me and flirting with me, and I thought, we need to just get you a girlfriend. But something in my heart was feeling lack, and something just invited, I was 36, I had these three kids between 10, 12 and 15 years old. And part of me, it just feels good when he tells me I’m beautiful, oh that feels nice when he gives me a little attention, thinking that there’s no way that I was even capable of ever doing anything inappropriate. Never mind an affair, I didn’t think that could even happen. So what happened was, I said, I’m in control. This friendship can be no problem. I can go in the same car with him. I don’t have to have boundaries that other people have because I’m in control. So please know the spiritual pride here, you see, because pride doesn’t [unintelligible] when you don’t think you need God in a certain situation. And so I just gave into it, and I started being friends with this guy. We started having fun together. And what I didn’t realize is that sin will take you further than you ever dreamed it could go, and the other thing, is it’s never satisfying.

SID: The inevitable occurred.

AUDREY: Yes it did.

SID: [unintelligible]

AUDREY: The friendship was this. It was just a short trip between a friendship and sexual affair.

SID: How long did it last?

AUDREY: The sexual affair lasted three weeks.

SID: Okay. Bob, when she confessed to you, what happened to you?

BOB: I found my bride of 17 years holding my feet and cry and confess into the sin of adultery. In my mind, what am I to do? Here I am a spiritual leader in our community, a pastor. In my mind I had no answers. Immediately, I began to create a rescue plan for my life. Immediately in my mind, I was leaving. And for this purpose for her to be exposed for what she did to me, immediately I took on the cloak or a garment of the victim. I’m the innocent one here. I wanted to gather everyone around me to be able to show what she did to me. I left that room not knowing what to do, and I called a friend of mine, a pastor friend of mine. And he said, “Bob, let’s talk this evening, later this evening.” He says, “Who knows?” I said, nobody. He said, “Good, let’s keep it that way.”

SID: That’s not what you were thinking.

BOB: No. I wanted everybody involved, because I’m the innocent one here, and this isn’t just a little mistake, you know, that okay, we’ll get over and through this. But that evening we talked on the telephone. And he began to speak to me the principle of covenant, and I wanted to expose. And he says, “But the Father’s heart is to cover.” Covering has two primary principles. Proverbs 25:2, it says, “It’s God’s glory to conceal a matter and for a king to discover its understanding.” To cover is to protect, and secondly, to promote healing. You see, when we come to God He doesn’t shame us, He doesn’t expose us, rather He gathers us in and He loves us and He covers us. But He doesn’t leave us there. He says, I want to heal you. You see, I want your past to determine your future. He says, I want my love and grace to determine your future. So he begins to speak to me of the Father’s heart, and he says, “Will you have that for your wife?”

SID: Okay. It got worse. Shortly thereafter, Audrey finds out she is pregnant. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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sidroth on February 19th, 2013


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s natural supernatural. I wouldn’t want it any other way. As you know, I’m a Jewish believer in Jesus. And when I first became a believer I wish it was different. But I really wasn’t mentored. I was almost on my own. And the only thing I really knew was the Bible. And so what did I do? I read the Bible. And then after reading the Bible I started looking at religion. I mean, and some people would say, God doesn’t heal today. And I’m thinking, what Bible were they reading. I don’t understand this. And some people would say, oh, God is my buddy. Yea God. I come from a Jewish background. God is holy. There’s a reverence. Yes, there’s an intimacy with Him. I saw no reverence for God. It was just strapping your seatbelt and go buddy. No. That’s not the God I read about in the Old and the New Testament. And then I heard, once you’re saved, no matter what happens you will always go to Heaven, and if something happens you really weren’t saved. That’s not what this book is saying. And it’s too late to tell me God doesn’t heal today. I’ve seen too many miracles. It’s too late to tell me God isn’t a holy God. He is a holy God. It’s too late for you to tell me that once I’m saved, nothing can ever stop me from being saved. It’s too late. But there is a spirit of delusion that is coming upon the church, and I want you warned, so it doesn’t touch you and it doesn’t touch your loved ones. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. Hello. Sid Roth here with Tony Kemp. And Tony is my friend. He’s a member of the board. He’s a student of the Word of God, a graduate of school theology. And Tony, you were telling me that in the great Azusa Street Revival, which happened early 1900’s, there was a prophecy, which appears to be talking about today, because it also is talking about Bible scripture. Tell me about it.

TONY: Well the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy in 1 Timothy, Chapter 4. And this is what he said, he said, “The Holy Spirit is speaking in unmistakable terms of the last days.” That in the last days, Sid, “Some shall depart from the faith”. He didn’t say that they would reject the faith. But Paul said that they would depart from the faith. In other words, they would gradually depart from the truth and the grace message of Jesus. And he also told Timothy in the second letter, that in the last part of the last days, “Some would not hold on to sound doctrine.” And so here’s the prophecy that happened in Azusa Street between 1909 and 1910. Here’s what the Word said: “It shall come to pass in the last days of the great Pentecostal movement three things are going to occur. One, the people will praise a God that they no longer pray to.” And remember, the apostle Paul said first prayers, supplications, intercessions then giving thanks, and praise and worship to the Father. The second thing he said in this prophecy is that the leaders, the ministers, the people would emphasize power instead of right living. And the third thing the prophecy said was people will emphasize the gifts of the spirit instead of the lordship of Jesus the Messiah. Now Sid, do we need praise and worship in the church? Yes. But every single one of us who are disciples of the Messiah need to have a prayer life. Do we need the power of the spirit and the demonstration of the spirit in the church? Absolutely. But we need to practice right living every single day. Do we need the gifts of the spirit and manifestations of the glory of God? Yes we do. But we need to do so in submission to the person of Jesus and in surrender to Jesus and in obedience to the lordship of Jesus the Messiah.

SID: Okay. Tell me. Give me a short definition of the biblical understanding of grace.

TONY: Well first of all, Paul said to Titus, he says, “The grace of God has appeared to all men bringing salvation.” At first, when I look at the grace of God I look at the goodness and the person of Jesus. But secondly after that, I see grace as divine influence. And this divine influence causes me, Sid, when I hear the truth of the Gospel to turn from sin, against sin and surrender my life to Jesus the Messiah. This true grace emphasizes to me the need to deny myself, take up the cross and obey Jesus everyday. In other words, true grace, Sid, produces a transformation of habits, character and life, and calls us to become more and more like Jesus as I develop intimacy with God through Jesus the Messiah.

SID: Okay. What is, and this is the word that God has given, what is counterfeit grace?

TONY: Counterfeit grace in a word is powerlessness. In other words, if I preach a message of counterfeit grace I say to you, come to the altar, receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and God loves you. But I don’t preach a message of personal deliverance, freedom, liberty, transformation of habits, character and life. I say to you, because God loves you, you can just stay in sin. But true grace says, God loves you and is going to save you from your sins, and change your life progressively and completely as you submit to Jesus the Messiah.

SID: You know, this counterfeit grace message goes so far as to say, because of what Jesus did at the cross that we don’t have to repent of sin any more once we get born again. And what about the teaching of once saved, always saved. I want to talk about that when we come back. Don’t go away.

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sidroth on February 15th, 2013


Sid: I have my friend Hank Kunneman on the telephone because Hank I have to tell you this publically that your prophetic words have been the most accurate of anyone that I’ve ever interviewed.  For instance I’m sure you remember this, but the last time I interviewed you prophesied I would have state of the art television equipment, my own studio and in fact those were your exact words that you stated, “You’re going to have your own studio and you talked about a number of other things and they have all come to pass.”  But I am so concerned about this next election; because if God’s man does not get in I see terrific problems in the United States, actually I see problems if either man wins, but if God’s choice does not get in we’re going to have a mess.  However, I have to put a caveat those that know their God whatever occurs are going to be victorious and they will walk in supernatural favor of God. And the scripture that I’ve been speaking about all this week is Haggai chapter 2 verse 9 and I see it, I feel it I taste it.  “The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former in this place I will give peace.”  And the Hebrew word for peace is shalom which means; “In this place I will give completeness.”  What is God showing you about this current election?

Hank:  First of all you have to understand that where we’re at in this nation is we’re in a time of incredible spiritual warfare.  And the reason why this warfare has come at this time in this nation around the time even leading up to the time of our election is because the enemy is trying to bring a confusion, a deception, he’s trying to mesmerize the people of this nation to bring them into confusion. Here’s why, because connected to this particular time with America and even Israel is the enemy wanting to bring forth what the Lord said in some previous prophecies that he gave me.  He’s trying to raise up four horns of demonic power and these four horns are trying to come like in the days of Zachariah and those days they scattered Judah, Jerusalem and Israel but they’re trying to do the same to the United States.  And bring four expressions of demonic power that has to do against the families, the marriages, the health, the economy and even concerning how we treat Israel.  So it’s not just that we’re going into a booth, we’re actually contending with demonic powers that want to bring this nation into chaos.

Sid:  You had a word in reference to the United States and Israel, tell me some of the words that God has shown you.

Hank:  I think one of the key things right now, in fact when I was on your program a while ago I prophesied about how God wants to bring a friend of Israel from the White House.  That is what the Lord’s desire is and we always have to remember that is what we have to contend for.  What does God want, what is his desire, what is His will.  And I remember that I had a vision and I think I shared it on one of your programs where the current administration wind came into the oval office spun the leader around through him back in his chair, he fell off his chair and when that happened the Israeli flag began to go back and forth and he would not grab the Israeli flag on a post to stabilize it.  I believe that is a prophetic warning to this nation that we must have those any administration we must have those that will stand and bless Israel.  If we don’t it’s going to release things upon this nation that the enemy would seek to devour us and bring us into confusion.  Its’ interesting Sid because right now the Spirit of the Lord has awakened me in the middle of the night and He said things to me that the leader of Israel Netanyahu wrestled in his sleep like Jacob.  And the reason this has happened because Israel the nation is wrestling.  And God wants to make them and bless them like he did with Jacob. You see I understand why there’s so much warfare, this is not just a window for America it’s a window also for Israel.  And as it goes with Israel it also goes with this nation and I think that’s where a lot of leaders have failed to understand the divine connection of both of them.

Sid: You know what I find interesting Hank, and you probably observe this, is when you look at the spelling of the word Jerusalem in the middle is USA. Our country has been historically the greatest friend of the Jew, we’ve had so much freedom as Jewish people in this country.  More than any other counter in the world and has been a friend of Israel and Israel has been a friend of the United States.  But what, what is going to happen if we turn?

Hank: I can tell you the key is Sid, is the enemy is recognizing he always recognizes for whatever reason spiritual and natural birthing and movement in the spirit.  Before Israel the nation was birth, obviously there was a war and even Hitler was in power and it’s interesting because the devil and these ancient spirits are recognizing again that there is a birthing, a blessing, a movement you could say a spiritual movement, the glory of God the presence of God, the blessing of God is trying to emerge upon Israel and America.  And the enemy really wants to bring us into war. What we have to also understand is as in the days before Israel the nation was birthed what the enemy tried to use to eliminate them God used to bless them.  And so what I see and this is important because listen I’m under the conviction of this if God can come to a man named Abram, cut a covenant with him he was a pagan he worshipped the sun.  If he could become covenanted with God, covenanted with His purpose guess what it did, it brought blessing to the nation.  We have to look as we look upon America and the season that we’re in we have to look for those that are going to stand with Israel.  Those that are going to cut covenant with God and it’s not an issue of pagan it’s the issue of can they connect to God and have their heart changed to do what Abraham did and that is to bring a blessing to the nation.  See with the four horns of power in Zachariah and what the Lord prophesied what I shared earlier here on this broadcast there’s also four anointing.  And the Lord has been speaking that He wants to bring four anointing upon this land that will affect marriage and family, affect the economy, bring health reform, and bring honor to Israel.  We must contend for those anointing but here’s the problem Sid; we have a choice, we can be like Eutychus in Acts Chapter 20 who was sitting in a third story window, a window speaks of opportunity.  It was the third story because it represents the Third Heaven where the throne is where we’re seated in heavenly places.  We cannot fall asleep like Eutychus we must rise up across the earth and even in this nation; we must bless Israel, we must pray for Israel, we must pray for this demonic veil be removed from this nation so that they can clearly see what God wants.  And I feel like it’s like this we’re in Acts 12; there was James the Apostle, a governing power that was beheaded and now the church get’s smart.  Okay we’re having a situation in this governing power, we must pray because Peter was taken captive, we must not allow this nation of Israel to be taken captive by demonic spirits who want to confuse and really control and bring evil.  The church in Acts 12 prayed and as a result there was a release of the right governing power. That’s what the Lord is trying to say to this nation.  We must pray without ceasing so that the right alignment of leaders of governing power can come into manifestation.

Sid: Now you said something before we went on the air that I want you to repeat that God is going to give us the President we want, explain what you meant.

Hank: Here’s the thing, Saul is always in scripture the evidence that even though God may desire certain things, there is sometimes where the Lord will give the people what they want where it becomes the test of their heart.  It becomes a revealing of the heart just like after the great victory over Pharaohs and his armies God had to take Israel to the waters of Morah it was a reflection to reveal their heart the water of bitterness.  And what we cannot have happen in this nation is for us now have to face ourselves that we aren’t standing for moral, that we’re not standing for the sanctity of marriage, we’re not standing with Israel.  The worst thing that we can have happen is that we go against what God wants and now be faced with ourselves.

Sid: And so we’re going to end up with this next election with either a Saul or a David and the  choice is what do we want?  What’s in our heart?

Hank: I’ve ministered to many leaders of nations, but it comes down to the will of the people especially in an election; God always reveals His prophetic truth through His prophets but the word of the Lord is conditional.  What happens is the Lord prophesies His will, His intent, His desires, but the people have to go in and they have to choose.

Sid:  Let me urge you, let me urge you to vote but vote according to God’s word, not to someone’s charisma; no matter what happens in this country you can walk in divine favor.   And that’s why we created the brand new “Supernatural Mentoring Kit” where monthly we are going to disciple you so you can be all that God’s called you to be.  No longer will you be sitting in the back of a church sitting on your hands.  God is calling you front and center for the end time move of His Spirit.

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sidroth on February 7th, 2013


Sid: My guest Kathie Walters is equipped so that you can be normal; Kathy I want you to teach our Mishpochah and demonstrate the Spirit, but before you do that tell me a bit about the honey angel.

Kathie: A few years ago I was home one Saturday which is not very often but if I’m ever home I lock myself in my house.  So I got off I’m into sewing and I made a cup of tea came back and set up in bed so to wait on the Lord. Well, when I do that usually the fire of God comes really strong and this fire was falling on me. Then I heard footsteps across the kitchen which is in the next room and I thought “Well, I know there is no one in the house so it must be an angel.” The next minute this angel sitting on the side of my bed and he leaned over and he gave me a spoonful of honey.  Now I tasted the honey and I smelled the honey and then he disappeared but he didn’t go away.  So in my mind I thought honey, there’s so scriptures about honey you know and His words are like honey but it didn’t gel, that wasn’t it.  And I sensed him still standing there and I said, “What’s this with the honey and He said, “Haven’t you never ever read about Jonathan when Jonathan ate the honey his eyes were enlightened.”  So I looked that up in the scriptures in Samuel and I saw his army that was going through the forest and Jonathan was hungry and so he dipped his stick in the honey and the soldiers said, “Didn’t you know that Saul said “Were not to eat today?”  And he said, “Didn’t you know that when I ate the honey my eyes were enlightened?”  And so I said “Oh, thank you Lord.”  And so for 2 ½ hours I was lifted up in the Spirit realm and I was totally in the spirit realm I saw the call of God come back to Wales and Ireland.  A lot of people in the ministry seem to be in my room, they weren’t really but it seemed like that.  The Lord gave me a lot of prophetic words but then he said, “I’m going to drop the honey on the Body.”  So whenever I go I look for the honey revelation angel that opens the eyes.  And so when I begin to smell the honey in my meetings you can usually smell the honey I know that revelation angel is present because he’s bringing revelation into the Body of who we are and what our inheritance is in the spirit realm.  So… but the honey, everyone has to ask for the honey; everyone has to ask for the Spirit of Revelation because things have to get from your mind really into your spirit so that you’re able to receive everything that God has for you.

Sid: Why don’t we do that right now, I want everyone listening to say “Dear God in Jesus Name, I pray for the honey, I pray for the Spirit of Revelation.  I don’t like it the way it is, I know that there’s more and I’m pushing for the more, I ask for the Spirit of Revelation, the Spirit of Honey in Yeshua’s Name.” Go ahead.

Kathie: The Glory of God has been coming on me stronger and stronger so I can hardly open eyes and you know it’s like this gold is coming on everything in the room, like a cloud coming on everything in the room, but it’s so golden and now I can’t open my eyes.  (laughing)

Sid: Boy, that sounds wonderful to me, you sure provoke this Jew to jealousy.

Kathie: (Laughing) Well, I saw what happened people have to start believing it’s for me and start believing it’s for somebody else.  Oh gosh help, I can’t… (Laughing)

Sid:  What do you mean help?

Kathie: (Laughing) I can’t get up now, whoah (laughing)

Sid: What’s going on Kathie?

Kathie: I can’t get up!

Sid:  What do you mean “You can’t get up?”

Kathie: I feel like someone’s sitting on me, maybe it’s my angel he does it sometimes.  But anyway I just feel like you’re really on the right track. I’m getting such a witness in my spirit and like I said “The Glory of God’s coming into my room I can’t open my eyes actually.”  It’s like bright, bright, lots of bright, bright light.  (Laughing) I can see a man, it must be you I have never met you but I can see a man like and there are some doors that they look like, the look big and they look closed but they’re locked. You just suddenly got this strength and just like bust through these doors. And these doors flew open, there’s one pair of doors particularly that haven’t been opened and suddenly when you struck like your fist out it might be a real religious thing like you might get a break-through in there somewhere.  I have angel sitting on my bed though.

Sid:  There’s an angel, oh what’s the angel look like or do you just see the light of the angel?

Kathie: Oh, I saw he’s got like it looks like a book actually, (laughing)

Sid:  Can you tell what he’s reading?

Kathie: No, I could say I couldn’t see he just smiled.

Sid: Can you see in the Spirit, is there an angel in my studio, I can’t I’ve not seen angels beyond one that I literally saw with my eyes.

Kathie: Yeah, see every God appointed church and ministry there’s angels appointed over that ministry. There’s a main angel appointed over your ministry and I tell you I do know that he is connected to the angel that’s over Gwen Shaw’s ministry.  The angel that’s over her ministry is under the archangel Michael he’s over Jerusalem. So they’re connected those angels are connected.  Your angels in that same kind of you know they have kind of like this spheres of angels that are connected over different countries and different places. So I think that there’s about three angels that operate in your ministry.  I think that one is to do with evangelism and the other is to do like for the church.  In a sense the church has to get evangelized too in the sense that they don’t have truth, as long as the church doesn’t have truth they have religious theology but it’s not the truth.  It’s not setting anyone free. One of the angels has his hand over that area of ministry and the other one is more kind of like a direct evangelism for the unsaved so those angels do operate in that.  I see one angel laughs at you, (laughing) sometimes.

Sid:  I know my engineers laughing at me right now but… (laughing)

Kathie: He laughs at you sometimes he thinks your funny, (laughing)

Sid: (laughing)

Kathie: As that angel you know I’ve been in really religious meetings and everything, I’ve had angels come in and tickle me.

Sid:  I’ve seen this happen to little children where angels tickle them.

Kathie: Yeah, it happens to me in a lot of meetings where there’s a lot of religion. It makes the religious spirit come to the surface really strong or either it goes or the people leave.  Oh, praise God I can get up now.

Sid: Kathie, please pray for our Mishpochah right now to have the spiritual scales removed from our eyes so that we can be normal.

Kathie: Thank you Father God and I thank you that you have given, made available everything that we could ever possibly think of or made or want or desire.  And Father I just pray for a real releasing today of the supernatural realm that Jesus purchased for us on that cross and by the Resurrection.  Father I pray You’ll touch Your body and lift your body into the realms that you created them to live in Jesus mighty name, not just because it’s good and great but so that You’ll glory can come on us on Your kids Father and we’ll be a testimony to You.  Thank you for that Spirit of revelation to come strong now of the people that are listening in Jesus Name.  Amen praise God!

Sid:  Well, I can feel that anointing and I believe this idea of going up in a chariot with the Lord up to Heaven.  Very quickly would you pray that we have these experiences?

Kathie: See the chariots are around you all the time like the angels are around all the time so Father I just pray that you’ll open eyes by faith people start to receive their inheritance.  So Father I pray that by faith people are about to see the angels, to see the chariots and accept those invitations to go in them.  You love to show us what You’re doing Father and I just pray for release, a mighty release of the chariots.  Thank you for the new angels that came into the earth a few months ago thousands and thousands that have never been in the earth before they are lift your Body into the realms they’re supposed to be in.  So thank you Lord for those chariots and all those wonderful glorious things that you have for us.  Amen, thank you.

Sid: So the Holy Spirit showed you that there was a release of new angels to bring us into these realms?  Tell me a little about that.

Kathy: Yes, several months ago I was in New Zealand and a portal opened and I saw 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of 1000s of angels coming into the earth.  And I found out afterwards the same thing happened in Australia, America, the UK, probably all kinds of places I never heard of, but the Lord told me that it was the fullest move of His Spirit was coming and these angels had not been on the earth before.  And actually they started praying with people.

Sid: You know Kathy you are so provoking our Mishpochah to jealousy I want them to take that anointing home…

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