sidroth on May 21st, 2010


SID:   Hello. Sid Roth here with Michael Hinson. I sure hope you can feel what I can feel, it’s so wonderful to be in the presence of God, there’s no other place I would rather be than right here, there’s no better  place that you could be than watching what  is going on because there is going to be a  demonstration of the power of God. I’ve got Joan Hunter here, she’s the daughter of the Happy Hunter’s, Charles and Frances Hunter, pioneers in the miracle healing ministry, and she was raised in that, that was normal, and Michael Hinson is sort of the adopted son of the Hunters and between the two of you, you have what, fifty, sixty years of seeing some of the greatest miracles on earth. You told me Michael, that your children were raised to pray for the sick and they are seeing miracles.  What about your children?

JOAN:  the same thing with mine, they’re older, and they are in the market place and

SID:  I wish I was raised that way but we Jewish people, you have not been sharing with us.

JOAN:  We’ve been trying the best we can.

SID:  Well you got the way to get our attention, the miracle grabs our attention.

JOAN:  Yes, miracles and signs and wonders, right. And you know people will come in, I have a daughter that’s in retail, people will come in that have, oh they lift up this hanger and whatever; ow, that hurts and carpel tunnel. She prays and carpel tunnel goes away, all the pain goes away people get healed. And oh, they’re checking out and they go, “I’ve got such a headache”, and she just prays in the name of Jesus, I command that pain to go and they go, “the pains gone,” and you know back problems and so forth.  She prays for them in the dressing room, it’s incredible what God does.

SID:  You know, speaking of pain, what I love is the way the two of you minister. You’ve got the power, you’ve got the strategy if you will, and you implement this strategy with the power, your two powers, the two anointings kind of merge with the strategy and the power. I want to see an actual miracle the way the two of you operate, let’s take a look at this man.

JOAN:  Okay. “I have degenerative disease.”

JOAN:  Okay, all of them or primarily the lower?  “All lower, I’ve got three of them.”  

JOAN:  Okay, and you’re always in a lot of pain. ”Unhuh.”

JOAN:  Okay, and what can’t you do besides walk upstairs and sit for very long or walk without pain? “About anything.”

JOAN:  Okay how far down can you bend? I don’t want you to hurt yourself, okay, that’s about it? That’s fine, don’t do anymore. Okay, okay, I know you’re in a lot of pain. I didn’t mean for you to go that far; the chair is right behind you. Say thank you Jesus, how does that feel? “Better.”

JOAN:  Okay, on a scale of one to ten, and ten is how bad it was when you came up here, where is it now? “Probably about a five.”

MICHAEL:  What happened right before you had the car accident? Let me ask you a question; I’ll be direct, did God ask you to do something right before the accident and it didn’t get done? “Yeah.”

MICHAEL:  Okay and what’s happened since then? “Since I didn’t do what I was supposed to do?”

MICHAEL:  Yeah. “It’s been rough.”

MICHAEL:  Okay. Then this is simple, okay.  God will take our doubt and He will deal with it, He will take our unbelief and He will deal with it, He will take even our failures and He will deal with them, He will take our disabilities and He will deal with them, but the thing He will not deal with is us telling Him no. That’s the one thing He will not deal with. Father, I repent, I know what You called me to do. I know what You told me to quit doing, and I did  not do either, and that caused the accident. “Father, I repent. I know what You called me to do; I know what You told me to quit doing, and I did not do either, and that caused the accident.”

MICHAEL:  Is that true? “Pretty much so, because I lost”

MICHAEL:  You don’t have to go into that; that’s fine they don’t need to know – just you and God. So Father, it was rebellion. “So Father, it was rebellion.”

MICHAEL:  Don’t tell me, look up and tell Him. “Father, it was rebellion.”

MICHAEL:  Can you repent now? “And Lord I repent for that and I ask for your forgiveness, in Jesus name. Take this from me and break it off of me, break the sin off of me. I repent for this sin and the sins of my fathers, in Jesus name, amen.”

MICHAEL:  Let it go, amen.

JOAN:   Okay, now walk over there. How does that feel? “It’s good.”

JOAN:  All the pain gone? “Yep.”

JOAN:  How does that feel?  “It feels great: because the pain left when he was praying for me. Amen.” 

SID:  Did you realize that once the root cause was bound, and you know Michael many times we don’t know what sin is going on, but most time people know about sin. That’s what I so love about this book; it states root causes for different diseases. How did you figure out, how did you two figure out what theses root cause were?

JOAN:  It was an experience.

MICHAEL:  They are all in the word, every single one of them is in the word. So we used the word of God for the foundation for everyone of these things, we had tried so many different things, and we found if we go back to the root, and stay in the word, and what the Biblical principles are in it, people get totally healed. When we first started we saw some people getting healed, then we saw more when we moved in the power ministry, then when we put together repentance with the power ministry we got the results that Jesus was getting. See, John the Baptist had already led the people into repentance before Jesus came, so their hearts were ready, but he did no mighty miracles so we bring people to the place of repentance, showing them things in the book that they need to change, they can see the truth of it in their heart, and then when it comes for getting healed it’s instantaneous.

SID:  Give me an example of a particular disease and what you teach in your book on how to be healed.

MICHAEL: Arthritis is quite often caused by unforgiveness.  Unforgiveness is root cause for

SID:  Is it always caused by unforgiveness?

MICHAEL:  It doesn’t have to be your unforgiveness, it can be unforgiveness back from generational curses. If your parents were not Christians serving the Lord, the Bible says the sins of the fathers can carry down to the third and fourth generation. Arthritis quite often is considered a hereditary illness.

SID:  That’s right because parents and grandparents have the same condition.

MICHAEL: And they carry through. We pray for people with arthritis and what we found was if we link them with basic forgiveness, and many people don’t understand basis forgiveness. We’ve been taught as a group that we need to forgive what the person did, but that’s contradictory to the word of God, what w need to forgive is the person, the Bible says that God separates the sin from the people as far as the east is from the west, we don’t forgive the sin, we forgive the sinner, and the sin is separated, it goes to the cross of Jesus Christ. When people get that concept of forgiveness, it literally  changes them, we see them over and over again, people  who can’t get healed get instantly healed, and we get  reports of them being healed months and months and  months later, lives totally changed.

SID:  Now you talk in this book about how important words are, especially when someone says something, judges with their mouth other people, or they are judged.

MICHAEL:  Exactly, again the Bible talks about words and word curses, we are going to be judged for every idle word and really the words are just a picture of what is already in our heart, you get stuck in nasty traffic and things are really going bad, if you squeeze a grape, grape juice comes out, if you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out, when the pressure around you squeezes you, what comes out of your mouth is a reflection of what is in your heart.

SID:  You now you’ve prayed for me, both of you last night, and you didn’t pray anything different than you have written in this book, but I have to tell you I am so convicted by the spirit of God, I would tremble to say something bad about a fellow believer. It’s, I see it now, I mean I knew it intellectually, but I see it right now.

MICHAEL:  That’s what makes this so amazing, this is so simple, it takes the practical things of life, applies them in the simplest of all ways, and people get healed like never before.

SID:  He says it’s simple, guess what, according to the manual, the Bible, it is simple, become like a little child. I think the two of you are like little children. We’ll be right back and watch out for an explosion of miracles. That’s not original; I took it from your parents.

sidroth on May 14th, 2010


SID:  Hello. Sid Roth here with Michael Hinson. He, many times will go into an auditorium and see the person healed before they get healed, I call this moving into the realm of heaven where there is no time, so obviously if you can move into the spirit, his name Michael Hinson, also here Joan Hunter. Joan you met last week. Joan is the daughter of Charles and France Hunter, who are real pioneers in miracles. And Michael you’re almost minding your own business, you’ve never seen miracles. You’ve never heard voices from God or such things. In fact, did you believe in miracles 25 years ago when you ended up at a Happy Hunter meeting?

MICHAEL:  I think I was probably the biggest skeptic in the room, there were 10,000 of us in an auditorium and I sat in the back with my arms crossed not believing any of this to be true, but I went thinking maybe I could see a miracle, and if I saw a miracle then maybe I could grab a hold of the one true God. Maybe somehow He could manifest Himself.

SID:  What did you see?

MICHAEL:  I had absolutely no idea what I was going to see, I got there and not only did I see one, I saw so many I couldn’t count them, and they were by my hands, and they were by the hands of believers that came just like I did, skeptical want to see a miracle, they were praying for people and they were getting healed, lives were being changed, it was beyond anything I could imagine. When I laid down that night, I literally had to ask myself, “Lord, what just happened? I had never seen anything like that.” I had been taught all this stuff went out with the disciples and one church I went to told me it was of the devil, I saw people getting healed and giving joy and praise to Jesus name.

SID:  And you heard for the first time in your life the voice of God, what did He say?

MICHAEL:  Well I was actually, it was the second day of the  meeting, the meeting had just ended and I went back to my  room and they were going to have another meeting in  Jacksonville, the Hunters were, I think in four months, and when I was there I had heard about the meeting, was  excited about going to it, audibly I heard a voice said,  “You’re going to head up that Jacksonville Healing  Explosion.” It hit me so hard I said it out loud, and my roommate, the guy I was sharing the room with turned to me and said, “What are you saying?” I said I just heard this: “You’re going to head up the Jacksonville Healing Explosion.”

SID: And you don’t know anything, you didn’t even believe in miracles a couple of days before?

MICHAEL:  I didn’t know what a healing explosion was two days before and had absolutely no idea.

SID:  So did you think that was pizza, tell the truth, that voice?

MICHAEL:  It was something that so centered me, and so shook me; I had never experienced anything like it before. You couldn’t have chiseled it out of me with a sledge hammer and a chisel, it just wasn’t going to go. It became part of who I was, but I didn’t say anything else to anyone else about it because it sounded foolish to my roommate when I looked at him with a bewildered look. I figured there was no need to repeat it to anyone else. Three days later after all the meetings were over, Charles and Frances Hunter, now this is a meeting with 10,000 people in it, at the end of the meeting they came up to me and they said, “Listen, are you from Jacksonville?” And I said, “Yes, I am from Jacksonville, that’s where I’m living right now.” He said, “The Lord told us that you were going to head up the Jacksonville Healing Explosion, will you take the job?” I said, “I don’t know anything about healing explosions, I have no idea what the job entails but I’m your man, take me.”

SID:  And as a result you ended up almost being adopted by the Hunters, he became almost your brother.

JOAN:  Unhuh.

SID:  And did you realize 25 years ago the two of you would be heading up a ministry, and I have to tell you, it’s almost like you get the knowledge for the surgery, you perform the operation, the power flows through you, and Michael, you direct the laser, is that a good description of the way the two of you operate?

MICHAEL:  Well it may be more, I guess that’s it. I move more in opening the door for repentance and when people, when they repent, and their hearts are open, Joan moves in with the power ministry and the miracles and what we see. Sometimes we have to sit in awe at the end of a meeting, and if we had not just seen it with our own eyes, and seen it repeatedly with our own eyes, it would be difficult to explain. I tell people I know about what the meetings were like. In fact, my pastor after hearing about them over and over again, decided on his own he was going to run to one of the meetings. He came on his own. He could not speak for days after he came to the meetings. He came for three days. He went back after just attending the meetings; Joan never laid hands on him, he just sat and watched her. The people he started praying for from that point on started getting healed and touched and changed. The anointing just flows. It is just – there are no words to describe it.

SID: Here’s what I believe; I believe someone can get on a plane and go to your meeting and have that same thing happen, but I believe that God is in a hurry, and I believe that everyone that gets a hold of this book and receives the prayer that I’m going to ask you two to pray in a moment, I believe that it’s going to be just like your pastor. That’s what my faith tells me. Why would God love your pastor better than any other human that ever lived? What is going on with this book? I know it’s a new book but it’s a manual and that’s what I love about it; I mean between the two of you, you’ve got what, close to what?

JOAN:  Fifty-five, sixty years almost.

SID: That’s dealing with miracles.

MICHAEL: This is my much older sister.

SID:  Ah-hah, you’re going to let him get away with that?

JOAN:  Just for a few more days and then we’re the same age.

SID:  Okay,

MICHAEL:  She was my older sister

JOAN:  He said he’d rub it in though, but I’m wiser.

MICHAEL:  The book is really simple, had we been taught, had I been taught since I was old enough to walk that this was natural, that people getting healed by the hand of believers was natural, then when I went to that meeting, I would have thought it was natural. I was never taught these things, I didn’t know they were real, but my kids have been taught since they were old enough to talk that this is natural, they do not think that there is anything uncommon about laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover, it is natural Christianity to them.

SID:  Do your children pray for the sick and see them recover?

MICHAEL:  Yes, they do, they do. They pray for people and see them recover.

SID:  So you’re telling me your children are normal, you might be abnormal, I want you to call a friend, no you got to watch what we’re going talk about how you can get the book. I’ll tell you what: we’ll be back in a minute before I get into more trouble.


sidroth on May 7th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Robin Harfouche. Well Robin was groomed from an infant to be a leader of the New Age. They called it a religion, the New Age religion. Sort of like Shirley Maclaine was a spokeswoman, Robin was being groomed by the manager of Shirley Maclaine to be a spokeswoman for the New Age. But when she said no, the spirits tried to kill her and she, on the worst day of her life, after she was confined to a wheelchair and the doctors said there was no hope for her, she went to this church. She had an experience with the Lord, walked in a lifetime cripple. She would spend the rest of her life in that wheelchair, and walked out totally normal. Married the preacher, as she likes to say. And one day after she had been mentored for a while, and discipled and learned the difference between the counterfeit power and the real thing, I like the real McCoy, I like the real thing, she had a vision. Her husband comes into the room. And what did your husband Christian see?

 ROBIN: Well it was like a cloud. You know, it’s like really intense, like a cloud you’d see in the sky if you’re flying an airplane. You couldn’t see through it. He couldn’t see through it. And I was caught up in a vision.

 SID: And he sat down and started just like a scribe writing down what you were reporting.

 ROBIN: Yes.

 SID: Where were you taken?

 ROBIN: Well I was caught up to Heaven and but somehow I was able to speak what I was saying even though I was there. I mean, it was Heaven underneath my feet, Heaven all around me, Heaven in front of me.

 SID: I mean, the experience you have is so amazing. It’s breathtaking, literally. But according to my notes, this was in, what year did this occur?

 ROBIN: I was healed in ’85 and I was taken to Heaven in ’86.

 SID: Okay. You saw something that’s ready to happen now. What did you see?

 ROBIN: Jesus took me to this incredibly gigantic, I would say worship center and I saw people dancing and praising the Lord. And then I saw balconies that went up as high as you could imagine and people praising the Lord. And then when I stood there Jesus said, “I’m tuning you in to the worship and prayer of Heaven,” and he said, “in the last revival, the final move of God because the Lord cares for people to know Him. And the final move of God,” he said, “there will be times where Earth and Heaven will come together so that worship and that prayer that you heard will meet the worship and prayer of Earth. And when it comes together there will people that are in cots that will just get up. There will be people who have amputated limbs that will grow out, that have been born blind, maybe without eyes and he’ll replace their eyes, because,” he said, “Satan, the enemy has been able to counterfeit all of my gifts” or all the things that he gives us that are supernatural up until that move, which will be created. And he said, “You cannot create. That’s the one thing you cannot do.”

 SID: When will this move start?

 ROBIN: I believe we’re in the beginnings of it.

 SID: Listen, I’m seeing some of these happen in your ministry, for instance, the woman with the steel rod and the boy that was born deaf and mute, and the woman with the lump. Let’s take a look at that now.

WOMAN: [crying] Titanium in my back. It’s got six bolts. And so I just can’t move. I can’t move my back at all.

 ROBIN: Every bit of titanium get out of this back! Every bit of battle get out of this ! Every nerve be restored right now! Stay there. You’re good. I want you to lift your hands up. I want you to bend forward.


 ROBIN: Now in the operation what did they do to your back? Tell us about the titanium?

 WOMAN: They put in a six-inch, six-by-two-inch plate curved with three-inch bolts or screws. So I had six screws and a plate, and it’s gone. It’s gone.

[cheers, applause]

 ROBIN: You saw her not able to walk. She didn’t have feeling from her knees down. And now, how do your legs feel?

 WOMAN: This is a little sore on this side.

 ROBIN: A little sore, but you can feel it.

 WOMAN: I can feel it. I can feel it all.


 ROBIN: Say Jesus.

 MAN: Jesus.

[cheers, applause]

 ROBIN: There’s a woman here and you’ve got a lump. I believe it’s on the left side and it’s getting bigger and hurting. Go!

 WOMAN: [screaming]

 ROBIN: Out! Feel. Push hard. Push! I don’t want to make you do this, but some people have never seen a miracle.

 WOMAN: [crying]

 ROBIN: I want you to tell me what just happened, baby.

 WOMAN: [crying] Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh thank God.


[end video]

 SID: I’m just tingling with the Holy Spirit watching those. But Robin, in Heaven, was instructed by Jesus how to get rid of the spirit of pain. Would you pray right now?

 ROBIN: Yes. We have the right in the name of Jesus, which is above every other name, that’s what the Lord told me in Heaven, I bind the spirit of pain right now off of your body and I command it to leave you and be gone in the name of Jesus, which is above every other name. Now what you need to do is you need to begin to move whatever direction you couldn’t move, go that way and you will find out right now that the Holy Spirit is right where you’re at. There’s no distance with the realm of the spirit and Jesus has already healed you. And you need to let us know. You need to speak it out of your mouth.



sidroth on April 30th, 2010

SID: I’m here with  Shawn Bolz, and this is phenomenal, an angel came to him and said, in this generation something special is going on, there is a transfer of the call of God on people whose lives were cut short, now I think the ones whose lives were cut short the most would be babies that were aborted. You had, was it a vision, or a visit to heaven? 

SHAWN: I just call it an encounter; because I can’t separate the two, I was all consumed with it whatever it was. And I went into a place that I would call a courtroom type scenario in Heaven, and Jesus was the one who was presiding, the ruler, the chief judge, and there was all of these people there that I would call maybe martyrs, and one segment of those martyrs were people who had been aborted, and I was standing in the midst of the ones who had been aborted in America, from the time that abortion was legalized and they were al crying out for justice at once and it was very overwhelming because you have millions and millions and millions of voices screaming for justice, they were passionate, they were more passionate than we see any church as ever been, because they knew they were promised justice for what had been wronged 

SID: Did it break your heart to hear them? 

SHAWN: Oh, I was devastated, and I was so devastated that I asked god to take me out of there but I knew that He had something to show me because He brought me there. And so when I asked Him to take me out, I said show me something or take me from here please, I can’t take it, it’s too overwhelming. He said look at her, and all of a sudden He pointed at one, and I looked at her, and it was a young girl, maybe eighteen years old, and she, all of their voices were silenced and I could only see her, I could only hear her, and I heard her crying out and she said, “I had a purpose, I had a calling, I had a destiny, but I was aborted, my mother didn’t understand, and she pointed at a young girl on the face of the earth who was about sixteen years old, she said, that’s my sister, she’s walking with you, she knows you, I had a purpose to be a worship leader, to sing, to lead people into the heavens and worship, to lead people into high praise, and it was completely cut short, would you give my destiny, would you give my inheritance to her? And she pointed at this young girl on earth. And everybody in the courtroom in Heaven looked at Jesus to see what is His response going to be, is this even legal, can this happen, can what was available for her be made available for her sister? And Jesus slammed down like a judge’s gavel and said, “It is done.” And all of a sudden there was transference from this young girl in heaven to this young girl on earth. And then when all these ones who had been aborted saw that this was available they began to look for those on earth that they could pray for who were actually qualified to carry forth an extra inheritance, or an extra ability and some of it was, whether it was creative arts or whether it was just for an added life of prayer. 

SID: Give me an example because you see when most people think of ministry inheritance, they would think of a great man or woman of God, to be a pastor or an evangelist, but you are saying it is a new paradigm that’s going on. 

SHAWN: It’s a new paradigm and I will finish this part in saying that the girl that I saw who was sixteen years old, two years later I was at a conference and I shared this story, and there was only five hundred people at the conference, and many women who had abortions were touched because they realized that their children were in Heaven and that they did have a purpose, and so one of them came up to me and she said I know that the girl you saw in Heaven was my daughter and let me introduce you to her sister, and I thought well this woman has really attached to this story, it’s very sweet, and I went over to her and it was the girl that I had seen in the vision, it was that real. And I looked at her and I said what’s happened to you two years ago, because it had happened around two years ago. And she said, “I was in my room praying one day,” and she said, “All I could feel was I have to get over my meekness, I have to get over my timidity, I am called to sing, I am called to lead people into worship.” And she goes, “That night, the next day I went to my youth group and I became the worship leader.” And she said; “Now I lead worship in our church.” 

SID: But it was the exact girl that you saw? 

SHAWN: It was the exact girl two years before that she entered into a worship calling that she was never bold enough to grab hold of herself, and she was crying out to God, how can I serve you, how can I love you, and He deposited that, I believe the same day we couldn’t track it to the date. Now another picture is, I believe when Rosa Parks died, she is a famous Civil rights leader, this gives you more of a secular viewpoint, because in the Bible there is never a word secular, and so I believe that all occupations that Jesus can get glory from are His, that He wants to have influence in those occupations, not just church occupations that we consider spiritual callings but also what about a civil rights leader, so when Rosa Parts died, I had a vision where I saw a new generation of civil rights leaders who were about to emerge, and they were going to be those who didn’t just say I have a dream, but they were going to be those who would live the dream. And what was available on Rosa Parks and other great civil rights leaders, I believe that as soon as she passed on, that, if you want to call it a mantle like Elijah to Elisha, if you want to call it just an inheritance or a calling, a calling was made available that we could actually say that her ceiling is now our floor as a generation, so who is going to rise up and take hold of that agenda that is God’s precious issue, I mean civil rights is precious to the Lord’s heart in America and other nations also, who is going to rise up and be a spiritual voice for our, you know, the whole society? 

SID: Isn’t it interesting that fairly recently a number of civil rights leaders rights leaders have died, a number of, there is almost a passing of a generation going on right now, do you think this has something to do with the timing of this visitation you had? 

SHAWN: I do, because I think I had this visitation in 2001 and I have been consistently seeing now different installments on top of the visitation I originally had, I’ve been seeing visions of different things that are happening and then when you just look at the secular media and what’s happening, I mean we have had major newscasters have passed on, we have had major celebrities pass on, we have had major civil rights leaders pass on, we have had major pastors pass on, and so there is a generational shift right now that is happening 

SID: All right, explain to me now the difference in the paradigm that we had and what God is trying to show us? 

SHAWN: Well I believe that God, there is ever increasing glory, and we learn from the past, but we also forget the old, we forget the weakness, we forget the days behind, we need the lessons they learned, we need their history, but now it’s time to walk into a new place, and so I believe that people have an opportunity right now to literally start where some people left off to be spiritually empowered, I believe that Supreme Court justice right now in America, there could be a complete turnover in some of the major laws just because God is making it available, He is allowing one generation to pass 

SID: What I meant is in your book, Keys to Heaven’s Economy,” these truths that you have in here you said that God is as interested in a businessman and his ministry is business as opposed to just making money to give to someone that is a pastor or an evangelist or a televangelist, explain that. 

SHAWN: Okay, the government of God I believe is unto eternity, that’s unto all of the ages, and so what I saw with this minister of finance experience was I saw businessmen who were sowing in kingdom ways, not just giving their money ways but starting projects where there would be an inheritance like lets talk about the movie, The Passion. And Mel Gibson gives his person estate where this movie could be made and all of a sudden it goes, and it’s shown before, I don’t know how many people it’s been before, last time I saw it was a 770 million people had seen The Passion, and you know that is almost one sixth of the worlds population has seen this movie, and he gives a personal inheritance into it to do this and it’s kingdom and it has eternal fruit, and so when you talk about the government of God, you are not just talking about what the institution of church is right now, you are talking about people who are walking in kingdom mentality who are building unto eternity now, and so that happens in any occupation, that happens whether you are a businessman, a movie star, a teacher, a mother in home, it you are investing into eternity, when I was seeing this, people were being given strategies to actually understand how to cooperate with Heavens agenda, with the eternal agenda, now. 

SID: And you saw these new inventions, and music, and don’t go away, we’ll be right back after this word.

sidroth on April 23rd, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jonathan Welton. And Jonathan, I’m so intrigued when you see objects over people and you’ve learned over time what these objects mean. But I love it when you see sometimes a baby over a couple. Tell me about that.

JONATHAN: Sometimes I’ll see in the Spirit I’ll see a little boy or a little girl maybe standing next to the mother, sometimes holding the hand of the mother. And of course they’re not seeing it, but something I’m seeing in the Spirit. And usually if I ask the couple, “Are you wanting to have children? Are you trying to have children?” Usually the situation is that they’re trying to but they can’t. Physically they’re barren and they’re trying but they haven’t received a child yet. And so there have been many cases where I’ve prayed for those individuals and they ended up having a child of the same gender that I saw in the Spirit even beforehand. You know, the first time I had never heard a story like that, so it stretched me quite a bit when the Lord started doing that.

SID: Now tell me some other objects you might see in the Spirit above someone or by someone.

JONATHAN: Well I’ve seen a lot of things with neck injuries. I’ll see a collar around their neck. Sometimes there’s a spike in the collar and I’ll say, “Do you have a pain right here?” Or, you know, I’ll point to where it is and they’ll say yeah.

SID: Well that makes it so easy. Like I get words of knowledge, but I’d rather get sight of knowledge.

JONATHAN: That’s right. That’s right.

SID: It makes it easier.

JONATHAN: You know, this is available to everybody, because it says in Hebrews 5:14, “We’re to have our senses exercised to discern.” So everybody is supposed to be able to do that. And our spiritual senses, we have five of them just like we have in our natural body, and sight is one of those five. So we should all be able to do this to one degree or another.

SID: Okay. The thought crossed my mind a little earlier when Davi Silva prayed for you, his prayer was, “Give him what I have.” Would you pray that prayer right now for those that are hungry in our audience?

JONATHAN: Yes, absolutely. If you would place your hands over your eyes right now as I pray for you.

SID: Wait a second. I’ll take my glasses off. I want to do that, too.

JONATHAN: Well Revelation 3:19 says, “There’s an anointing for the eyes that they would see.” And many times as I pray for you right now you’ll probably feel heat in your eyes. This is a sign of the Lord touching you. I speak over your eyes right now in Jesus’ name that you would receive an activation of your spiritual eyes that they would begin to function, that they would begin to open, that they would begin to operate as they never have before. That you’d have discerning of spirits released in your life. That you’d move up into this gift, that you bring healing to others, healing to yourself, and that you’d be able to release the presence of the Holy Spirit over your eyes right now. I speak that in Jesus’ name.

SID: Well you know what I believe? Do you remember when Jonathan he could see light or darkness over someone whether they were a believer or not? What’s around you? Is there light around you or is there darkness around you? Here is the good news. If you have light you can have more of God. I mean, there is so much more. That’s why you watch this television show. But if you have darkness it’s a great darkness. And there’s a division coming in the world right now. I mean, the world is divided. But it’s going to be even more divided. And the question is, do you want the Creator of the Universe to be your best friend, to love you, and His light to just radiate and radiate, and radiate out of you? Of course you do. Of course you do. You were created for this. It’s in your DNA to have a relationship with God. The only way to God is through the King of the Jews, Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah. Believe that Jesus took your sins upon himself and by his blood your sins were obliterated. They’re washed away. You’re clean. You’re right, righteous in God’s sight. And if you’re righteous ask Him to live inside of you with your mouth out loud. It’s so simple you need help be confused. You know it all. You know everything that’s necessary. Say that prayer right now. Tell God you love Him and watch Him love you. Experience His love right now.

sidroth on April 16th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with JonathanWelton. And Jonathan had the most miraculous thing happen. A prophet said that he was a seer. That means he can see into the invisible world and that for 30 days his eyes were opened and he could see. He could tell if someone was a believer, if they were a non-believer. He would see words. What type of words might you see over a person?

JONATHAN: Well I saw a lot of words that might say “depression”, “unforgiveness”, “bitterness”, “resentment”, “fear”, things that usually were negative.

SID: Now when you see the words, is it like just the word? Is it like a chalkboard? What do you really see?

JONATHAN: Well sometimes it would be written on an object that was stuck in a person. You might see, you know, we use the phrase someone’s been “stabbed in back”.

SID: Yes.

JONATHAN: And so there might be the word “rejection” written on the sword stuck in someone’s back.

SID: Tell me about the woman that had these eight-foot swords, spears in her.

JONATHAN: Yeah, this was wild. I had seen a lot of things. But the Lord started to teach me that these objects had to do with physical healings. And one of the key verses was Proverbs 12:18, and it says, “Reckless words pierce like a sword.” And “The tongue of the wise brings healing.” So I said, “Lord, give me the tongue of the wise.” I had this lady come and she sat down in a chair at one of my meetings where I was praying for healing, and she looked like a pincushion. She had spears in the Spirit that were sticking out in every direction, about eight to ten feet. And on each spear it had a word. It had “fear”. It had “rejection”, “unforgiveness”, “bitterness”. And I got close to her and I said, as I always do, “Can I lay hands on you to pray?”

And this was the first and only time she said, “No, please don’t” because it physically hurt if you touched her. And I said, “Well can I tell you what I’m seeing?” And I described it to her. And she said, “Well that makes sense because I’m all these medications for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Epstein Barr virus and social anxiety disorders as well.” So when someone gets within the eight to ten feet range of her, her body, she feels it. She feels it stir up.

SID: So it’s almost like you were seeing in the Spirit what was reflecting in the physical.

JONATHAN: Exactly. That’s the best way to say it. And so I said, “Well honey, let me pray for you and let’s remove these spears.” And so we began to pray through fears of forgiveness and releasing those people who had hurt her, and we prayed for about an hour and a half. By the time we were done she got up, gave me a great big hug, and she’s been confirmed now from the doctors as well being completely healed.

SID: Now why did you do this praying? Why couldn’t you just reach over and just pull each spear out?

JONATHAN: Well that’s a great question, because some people have done that, but the wound is still there. If you pull out the object but you haven’t dealt with the wound that caused then the person is just in spirit. They’re just bleeding and wounded.

SID: And you went to Brazil, and I can just picture this, and he was introduced to a worship leader, Davi Silva, and this worship leader prayed over you. What happened?

JONATHAN: Well Davi openly sees in the Spirit, and so I wanted to have information—

SID: And by the way, he had a marvelous encounter with the Lord in healing.


SID: Tell me just briefly about that.

JONATHAN: Yeah. Davi Silva was born with Downs Syndrome. At seven years old he saw Jesus walk into his bedroom, reach out and touch him, and his mind was completely healed. And so he’s now in his mid-40s. He’s one of the main worship leaders in Brazil. And he still looks like he has Downs Syndrome, but his mind is completely healed.

SID: What did the doctors say about this?

JONATHAN: Well they have a convention each year and he’s been invited several times. He’s had chances to be studied, to be examined, to share his testimony of what happened. And he’s had about 60 doctors accept that Jesus who came and touched them as their personal Lord as well.

SID: Because there’s no other explanation.

JONATHAN: A testimony like that is just incredible.

SID: Okay. So he prays for you an impartation.


SID: What happens?

JONATHAN: Well so he prays a very simple pray: “Lord, give him what I have that he would see more in the spirit.” And he goes to start worship. Well I’m standing near the front row and I see two 15-foot angels on the stage like I had never seen before. They were actually surrounded by fire that came out of them about six feet. So they’re 15 feet tall. They have six feet of fire around them. And I’m not thinking, oh this is wonderful. I’m thinking I’m scared out of my mind. I need to get away from this. But in that moment where I’m thinking to run I’d see the angel closest to me start walking towards me. He puts his hand out and touches my chest, and I hit the floor curled up in a ball. I feel this fire cover my body. I’m laying there making a pool of sweat. I have my nice clothes on. I’m in Brazil on a cement dusty floor, and I’m covered with fire in the Spirit, and I begin to see things in the audience.

SID: Like what?

JONATHAN: Well I saw smaller fire angels the size of a person with fire about a foot coming out of them. They were joining in with the worship, and the crowd looked like it was on fire. As it was coming to be on fire I saw a dark cloud roll in over the meeting, and I thought, well that must be bad. But the presence of the Lord was in the cloud, and I said I’ll have to look that up later, which I did. And throughout Exodus and Deuteronomy we find the presence of the Father, the Father God when he shows up is in a dark cloud. And so I see the Father show up in this meeting, and we had tremendous healings break out during that day.

SID: Now what is going on with you when you’re on the floor?

JONATHAN: Well I’m laying there and in my heart I hear the words, “new mantle”. And I didn’t see it, but I just heard “new mantle”. I start to feel water. It sounded so real in the natural. It felt so real. I was looking at the front row thinking, who’s flashing water on me and trying to figure this out in the natural. And so I didn’t know until later I actually caught up with Davi Silva, and I said, “Okay, I’m gonna be a little scientific here. You tell me what you saw tonight.” So Davi shared with me everything I just shared with you, but he also added that the angel when he touched me, he threw a mantle over me and it had fire coming off the top and it had water dripping off the bottom, which was the water that I felt splashing across me.

SID: You know what I think is so amazing is that everything that you were seeing in the Spirit, he saw the same thing.


SID: Now who told who first?

JONATHAN: Well I said, being scientific, I’m gonna have him share with me, because I wanted him to confirm what I had seen. So he shared first and it confirmed everything that I had seen that evening.

SID: Now this new mantle that you received, I mean, some amazing things are going on in your life. Tell me about this woman with ovarian cancer.

JONATHAN: Oh this was amazing. This last summer I was out in Washington State, and I got a call that there was a lady who was 83 who was dying of Stage IV ovarian cancer, and they asked if I would come and pray. And so I drove out to where she was. She had just started her second round of chemotherapy. She had her ovary removed and they said, they closed her back up and said, “We got 90 percent of it, but other 10 we can’t operate on. You have four months to live. Just go home. Do the chemo, but it’s not gonna help. You’re too old.” And I talked to her and said, “You know, the Lord will take you home, but He wants to take you home with dignity. He doesn’t want to take you home with cancer. That’s not how the Lord works when He takes people home.” And so we agreed together. And there were some objects in the Spirit that we prayed through, some forgiveness prayers and some prayers about fear for her grandkids. And so we prayed those through for about an hour. And we didn’t see anything tremendous happen at that moment. But I call two weeks later. She went into her doctor two weeks later. He came in with a chart and he said, “I don’t know quite how to tell you this, but you’re 100 percent cancer-free.”

SID: Well you know what? I believe that’s going to be someone’s report that’s watching us right now. The Lord does not want to take you home with cancer. Cancer is not from Him. Would you pray right now that cancer leave?

JONATHAN: Absolutely. If you have cancer, would you just place your hand wherever that is right now. And we speak to that cancer in Jesus’ name. We command you to die. We command that cancer to leave your body. I speak Heaven into your body that it would be on Earth as it is in Heaven. There is no cancer in Heaven and we command that cancer to dry up and be gone. I speak health by the power of the Holy Spirit. I speak health into your body in Jesus’ name right now.

SID: And when you do the activation exercises and read this book by JONATHAN Welton, devil watch out. You’re on notice because your discernment of spirit is going to grow. We’ll be right back after this word.

sidroth on April 9th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jonathan Welton. And I am so intrigued with people that can see so clearly into an invisible world. But you know what I’m even more intrigued with? If they can help you see clearly into the invisible world. My guest, Jonathan Welton, wasn’t supposed to be here. His family was complete. But his mother, during a worship service, the Spirit of God speaks to her, and what was she told?

JONATHAN: Well my parents had had two children already, a girl and a boy, and there was about five years difference between my older sibling and myself. They had finished up having kids, and the Holy Spirit surrounded her and she heard in her heart the Lord was asking her, does she want to have another child. He has someone who wants to be born at this specific time for a specific purpose, and that she could choose either to have me or not have me, and if she chose not to He would have someone else who would have me, but that He was going to have me born at this specific time.

SID: God has a specific purpose for you. You were not accident. You’re not a coincidence. God has something so special for you. Keep listening because Jonathan Welton has got insight into a gift of the Spirit called discerning of spirits that very few people understand and everyone is supposed to understand. As a matter of fact, when you were 19, you’re minding your own business, you go to a meeting where there’s a prophet and he singles you out. What happened?

JONATHAN: Well he asked me to stand up and begins to speak a word of prophesy over me. He says, “Jonathan, the Lord is gonna give you the gift of discerning the spirits. He’s called you as a seer,” which I didn’t know what that was at the time. And He said, “You’re going to begin to discern spirits more than you ever wanted to,” which at that point I had never wanted to.

SID: Of course.

JONATHAN: So anything would have been impressive. So instantly I had this impartation where I received this prophetic word and it started to happen. I started to see things in the Spirit.

SID: What was the first thing you remember seeing?

JONATHAN: I remember seeing a bookshelf that was in my house and seeing fire on it. And as I went over to it the Lord told me there are specific books on there that I needed to read. And so I began to pull them down, and they were from different leaders that taught on the prophetic, taught on discerning spirits, and the Lord was guiding me into the books that I needed to grow and learn in this gift at that time.

SID: What is discerning the spirits?

JONATHAN: Well discerning the spirits is one of the nine gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12 and it’s actually been a gift that’s been given a bad reputation. It’s not just discerning darkness, but it’s discerning the presence of the Holy Spirit, heavenly spirits, angels, the human spirit. We all have a spirit, SID, so I can discern your spirit. I can discern people’s spirits in stores or on the street. And then there’s demonic. So there’s four types of spirits.

SID: Does every believer that’s filled with the Holy Spirit, do they have this potential to move in this direction and can it grow?

JONATHAN: Definitely. There are some who are called as seers, some who are called with the gift of discerning of spirits.

SID: What is a seer?

JONATHAN: A seer is a high level prophetic individual who operates at a high level of discerning of spirits.

SID: Okay. Let’s go to this 30 days. Tell me the types of things you saw during this 30 days.

JONATHAN: Definitely. Well after he prophesied over me there was like a window of time that opened up for 30 days where I was overwhelmed. I was seeing stuff all the time. And I walked down the street and I’d see serpents wrapped around certain buildings or demonic beings on top of certain buildings.

SID: You probably, you were seeing things and probably didn’t really understand what you were seeing.

JONATHAN: As much as I could I stayed home. I was so overwhelmed.

SID: Were you afraid?

JONATHAN: I was not enjoying this experience, definitely. Yes, it was quite overwhelming, quite scary. And if I went to a store I’d see objects stuck in people at times: swords, spears, arrows. And I didn’t understand what I was seeing. So I kept reading, asking the Lord, what is it that I’m encountering here? I’d go to services where there was worship going on and if the worship got cut off, like if the speaker comes up to share and the worship got cut off at a time when it shouldn’t have I would see angels crying.

SID: Really? You know, that happens a lot.

JONATHAN: It does.

SID: I mean, I haven’t seen angels cry, but I know when the things are, you know, it just we got too much to do.

JONATHAN: Definitely, definitely.

SID: Could you tell by just walking down the street if someone was a believer or not?

JONATHAN: Yes. That was one of the most clear things is that there would be a radiant light that shined behind a believer. It was like it shined out in all directions. You could tell who a believer was because they carried the glory of God. And you could tell who a non-believer was because there was like a veil of darkness around them. It says in Corinthians that the God of the sages veiled the eyes of the unbeliever. There is a literally a veil that surrounds a non-believer. And so when I look at an individual on the street if they’re a believer who is being oppressed by depression or sickness, sometimes I’d see a cloud of darkness around them that was oppressing the light shining out of them. And sometimes I’d see body parts hanging in the air and the Lord would say, “They need that body part put into them.”

SID: But then as quickly as the gift came it lifted. You must have really been concerned when it lifted.

JONATHAN: I thought maybe I had done something horrible.

SID: Yeah.

JONATHAN: I said, “Lord, what exactly was that all about? Why 30 days and then it’s stopping now?” And the Lord showed me very clearly, He said, “In those 30 days I turned the gift on full blast so that you would experience the full potential of this gift. And now I’m gonna turn the gift off” because the Lord wanted to teach me how to stir it up, how to activate it, how to turn it on and turn it off, because we’re not suppose to have it on all the time.

SID: Why?

JONATHAN: Well it says in Revelation 1, John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day. That means he wasn’t in the Spirit all the time. So there are times that we should move into the Spirit and then there’s times when you and I just have lunch—

SID: So I don’t have to be afraid of you when we have lunch and say, “What is this thing coming out of him?”

JONATHAN: That’s right. And people have that perspective sometimes.

SID: Which I don’t, by the way. I’m just teasing. I want to find out about people that have these spears, and when you pull them out the healing comes. But the fact that he knows how to turn it on and turn the gift off and he can mentor you. To my knowledge there’s never been a book. And he has exercises in this book to activate and help develop the gift that’s already in you. We’ll be right back after this word.

sidroth on April 2nd, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Kevin Dedmon. And Kevin, you are so filled with the presence of God that your wife is having hives, but, you know, you hear of hives, oh so what. But it was bad.

KEVIN: It really was. She had to get up two, three times in the middle of the night, take a hot bath to get any kind of relief. And we went to every dermatologist we could go to. We had people pray for her. And one night I’m sleeping, and in my sleep, I don’t even remember doing it, but I just reached my hand over and put my hand on her stomach, and a fire just went through her whole body, and she was completely healed that night.

SID: So the secret is whether you know you’re doing it or not, just touching someone and leaking the presence of God-

KEVIN: That’s right.

SID: Is going–And that, I love that you teach you that in your book about leaking. But you can’t leak unless you’re filled and saturated.

KEVIN: Yes, that’s right.

SID: Tell me about the thumb that grew back.

KEVIN: Well I was in a meeting and a guy came up to me after the meeting and he asked if I could go after creative miracles. And I said, “Well sure I can. I’ll go after anything.” And so he holds up his left hand and he’s missing his thumb. He had cut it off with a skill saw. So I just grabbed a hold of it and it was impossible. So I just started laughing, just kind of like Abraham laughed when he heard that he was gonna be a father of a nation. And he’s in the Hall of Faith in Hebrews, Chapter 11, I believe, because he laughed. In fact, they even named their child Laughter.

SID: Yeah, that’s what “Isaac” means in Hebrew, laughter.

KEVIN: Yes, that’s right. And so I just grabbed a hold of his hand, and after about three or four minutes I didn’t feel anything except for just the joy of the Lord and His presence. And I let go of his hand, and there was a brand new thumb. He’s looking at it as though, did I give him the right thumb? He’s looking at both thumbs. And he finally just starts jumping all over the place. “I’ve got a new thumb!” And then I had a few of our team members come over and give him a new thumbnail. He didn’t have a thumbnail.

SID: What do you mean gave him a new thumbnail?

KEVIN: He just laughed over his now newly formed thumb and they laughed, and he got the white part of the thumbnail, and now it’s completely grown out.

SID: But you know what I love? I mean, he talks about things I’ve never seen before. How about singing? Tell me about someone that was healed when you sang over them.

KEVIN: Well it was crazy. I was praying over a woman who had been pretty debilitated. She couldn’t walk more than ten feet at a time, and she had been debilitated for about five years through a surgery procedure that had been botched a little bit. And so I had this song that came into my mind. It’s a secular song that you’d hear on a radio station playing secular music. And I knew I couldn’t sing this song over her, “It’s the end of your world as you know it.” So I just changed the lyrics in my mind because I really felt like the Holy Spirit gave me that song as a prophetic strategy of what God wanted to do to heal this woman. So I changed the lyrics and I sang it over her, and then I had her sing it over herself, and she was completely healed.

SID: That’s interesting. Not only did you sing it over her, but he asked her to sing it over herself. Would you sing that over the audience right now?

KEVIN: Well it’s a pretty simple song. I’m not a vocalist. So this goes to show that anything we do that’s prompted by faith, whether or not we have the talent for it or not, can be totally effective in releasing the Kingdom of God. So here we go. And I want the audience then to know that as I sing this you could take this for yourself. So here we go. [singing] It’s the end of your pain as you know it. It’s the end of your pain as you know it. It’s the end of your pain as you know it and you feel fine. [speaking] And now sing it over yourself.

SID and KEVIN: [singing] It’s the end of my pain as I know it. It’s the end of my pain as I know it. It’s the end of my pain as I know it and I feel fine.

SID: You know, it’s just like the laughter. It’s just like the singing.


SID: It releases the healing presence of God.

KEVIN: It does. As soon as this woman sang this song over herself she was immediately healed. She went home. Her family loaded up in the minivan and followed her as she ran a complete mile at 11:00 at night.

SID: And how long has she not been able to?

KEVIN: Five years, she wasn’t able to do that.

SID: Five years.

KEVIN: She wasn’t able to talk more than ten feet in five years at a time.

SID: And you’re saying to me that you are not special.

KEVIN: No, I’m not. In fact, I released this in a church that I was at, and a woman who had been to a dentist lost her nerves on her cheekbone and in her chin, and the doctor told her that she would probably never get the feeling back. This had been a week. She sang this song over herself, got the feeling back. The next week her brother was in a car accident and was in a coma in another state. She flew to the hospital. Her family was in the room. She thought, “Well I’m gonna sing this song over my brother who is in a coma.” She sings the song, “It’s the end of your pain as you know it. You feel fine.” As soon as she finished the last note he came out of the coma and he was totally healed and left the hospital. Anyone can do this.

SID: I would be remiss if you didn’t agree in faith for people to be so filled with the Spirit and the glory of God that when they sing, when they laugh, it would release that glory.


SID: Pray for them right now.

KEVIN: Well I release confidence that you already have all you need and God has given you everything in His presence to release His Kingdom on yourself and other people around you. I want to encourage you it’s not about a formula. It’s about a relationship. It’s about encountering His presence. It’s about encountering His goodness. So I release the goodness of God over you, His good mood, the laughter of Heaven. He who is enthroned in the heavens laughs. And so I release what is in Heaven into your life here on Earth.

SID: You know Kevin, more important than a thumb growing out, more important than a kidney materializing is what happened to me. I was at a point as a Jewish man that I would have either been dead, in a mental institution or committed suicide if the presence of God had not come into my room and revealed Jesus as Messiah. But not everyone has this type of an experience. It’s a decision and that’s the good news. It would be bad news if it just happened to me or to Kevin. But it’s good news because anyone that makes a decision to get rid of the junk in their life. I mean, you’ve tried the junk. Now try God. You get rid of the junk in your life. You believe that the blood of the Messiah washes away every bad thing, every rotten thing you’ve ever done. That makes you holy in God’s sight. And when you are clean and holy, you say, “Jesus, come and live inside of me. Be my Lord.” You know, it sounds so simple because it is. But it takes a step of faith. You say you don’t have faith? You have the ability to make a decision. Make a decision right now that Jesus is your Lord. Live for God. Make your life count. Have purpose and I tell you that shalom and the peace of God that is waiting for you, that it’s the most wonderful life in the world. Live it now.



sidroth on March 26th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Kevin Dedmon and laughing. We’re told, actually scientists have found that when people have deadly diseases like cancer, and they start laughing, they get healed. There is, well I’m reminded of the scripture that says, “A merry heart is good medicine.” My guest, Kevin, laughs over people and people get new body parts. Tell me about that person that got the new kidney. 

KEVIN: Well I was in Miami, Florida doing a healing conference and the first night the ushers brought up a woman and asked, “Well can you pray for her for healing?” So I just asked her what she wanted. And she said, “Well I really want to be healed but I don’t think I can be.” I asked, “Why not?” And she said, “Well I have been suffering from kidney failure for the last two years and I’ve been bedridden for the last three months, and it’s gotten so bad that I finally succumbed and I went down to the kidney transplant center and put my name on the list for a new kidney. And now my relatives who are elders at another church, they’ve told me that I’ve lost all hope for healing now because I put my name on the list, which was a demonstration of my lack of faith.” To which I responded and said, “No way! Your faith is standing right here, right now.” And then I said, “Oh, more than that, I see God smiling over you right now.” And then I saw an added picture and I said, “I see Him dancing around you. And even more than that, He’s smiling over you and He’s dancing around you and He’s laughing over you.” And I put my hand on her head, and she was an African-American woman about five-foot-six, and she looked about 65. I found out later she was 38 years old. I put my hand on her head and I just started laughing and she started laughing. We’re laughing this gut-wrenching laughter over about three or four minutes. And finally she says, “I’m on fire! I’m on fire! Fan me off!” So her husband is behind her fanning her off. And then we go back to laughing, and then she’s yelling out, “Fan me off! I’m on fire!” And finally she says, “It’s in my feet! It’s in my feet! Fan me off!” And her husband is on the floor fanning off her feet and we’re going back and forth laughing. Now this woman couldn’t sit a chair on her own, let alone get up out of a chair on her own. She could barely walk. She had to be helped up to the front. And all of a sudden she does something like Michael Jordan meets Bruce Lee and does this flying kick at the front of the church and she lands and says, “I’m healed! I’m healed!” And she’s running around yelling, “I’m healed!” Jumps into the front row seat, jumps out. Now all of a sudden she looks like she’s 38 years old again. She goes back to the hospital to the transplant center the next Monday and they can’t figure out why she’s already received a brand new kidney. She got a kidney transplant as we just left. I never even got to pray for her. All we did was laugh. 

SID: Now was this something unique, or does this happen often? 

KEVIN: Oh this happens everywhere I go. I just start laughing over people. They start laughing. And in His presence is fullness is fullness of joy. And it’s His presence that heals people. So as we just enjoy His presence as the oil of gladness comes– 

SID: Now do you have to be told to laugh? Do you have to feel like laughing or can you do it as an act of faith? 

KEVIN: Well, you know, everything we do in the Kingdom is a matter of choice that we do by faith. Forgiveness. Who feels like forgiving when you’re offended? You know, it’s like I don’t want to forgive you. I want God’s wrath to come upon you. Well no, you need to forgive because it’s right. But I don’t feel like forgiving. Okay well I’m gonna make a choice by faith because it’s right in the Kingdom to forgive. I forgive you. Oh, the heavens just opened up again. Giving, serving, laughing, tithing. All of these things we do by faith as a result of the choices that we make. So it’s something that’s cultivated. 

SID: If the thing about the kidney surprised you, what about the person with lupus? 

KEVIN: Well that was something that I called out as a word of knowledge originally in a meeting that I was in, and it took five times before somebody actually responded. And it turned out that it was a woman that wasn’t even in the meeting. The head elder at this church, his wife had just been diagnosed with lupus that week. She was so depressed over it and hopeless because of the diagnosis and the prognosis that she couldn’t even come to the meetings. So we got her on the cell phone and I called her at home, and I just began to release the presence of God over the phone, and we started laughing. Both of us started laughing over the phone. I put it on speaker phone. The whole church erupted in laughter.

 SID: Laughter is contagious. 

KEVIN: It is. It really is. In fact, you know, we’re told sociologists tell us that if we laugh in public it will change the environment. And I think that’s how we can actually bring God’s presence into an atmosphere is through the joy of the Lord. And so we all started laughing, and she began to feel heat going through her whole body and all of the pain left until she was completely healed. Her husband, when he got home, saw such a change in his wife. They ended up laughing for two solid hours until about one in the morning. This is on a Saturday night. She comes back Sunday morning, both services, she gets up and shares the testimony how she is now completely healed. I was just back in the church just recently and she sends me little gifts all the time, her and her husband, and she was just so thankful. It’s been about two and a half years since she’s been healed now. Then I shared the testimony in the next church that I went to, and it turned out that a woman came up holding a cell phone saying, “My daughter is on the phone and she has the same name, and she has the same disease. Can you heal her? She’s in Mississippi.” So right there over the cell phone, because of the testimony, this woman gets healed over the cell phone as we laugh over her, and then three other people on cell phones that night get healed of lupus. It’s amazing. 

SID: Kevin, I have to ask you, you walk in an astounding, astounding gift of miracles. But what about me? What about you? Can everyone walk in miracles in your opinion? 

KEVIN: Well listen, if I can do this stuff, anyone can do this stuff. And that’s what I’ve learned. In fact, being at Bethel Church and under Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton, we’ve learned that anyone of us can walk in the Kingdom reality. 

SID: Kevin, there’s a phrase. I don’t have time to go into it. We’ll pick up this funny story about how you reached over in your sleep and touched your wife, and she gets healed. 

KEVIN: Yes, that’s right. 

SID: I mean, don’t go away. We’ll be right back. And also, how about the power of singing? We’re gonna reveal that to you. We’ll be right back.



sidroth on March 19th, 2010

 SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Kevin Dedmon, has such a gift. In fact, I was recently in Sedona, Arizona speaking, and there was a man that moves tremendous miracles, by the name of Bill Johnson. And I saw so many, I’ve never seen so many healings at one time. It was like, poof! And just miracles broke out all over the place. And when I heard what he had to say about my guest, Kevin Dedmon, he said that Kevin moves in one of the greatest miracle anointings he has ever witnessed. I had to have him as a guest. Kevin has prayed for people without a jawbone and they’ve gotten jawbones. He’s prayed for people without a thumb where it was amputated and watched the thumb grow out, including the nail. I mean, Kevin, these are outrageous miracles and the amazing thing is you were almost tricked out of this. At a young age you became a believer in the Messiah. But you immediately moved in praying for people to be healed. Why? 

KEVIN: Well I started reading the Bible for the first time and I started reading about what Jesus did, and I just assumed that that what you were supposed to do as a Christian. So I used to go around hitchhiking and picking up hitchhikers. And then I would minister to them and pray for them for healing and see them healed. And I thought anybody could do that. 

SID: Tell me one that comes to mind, one of the first ones. 

KEVIN: Well I was witnessing at a park and I came across some young men about my same age, and I walked up to this group of guys, and one of the guys had a broken arm and he had a cast on, and it was a soft cast. And I said, “Okay, if God heals your arm you have to believe in Jesus. If He doesn’t heal your arm you can all beat me up.” [laugh] 

SID: We have a word for that called “chutzpah”. That means nerve. That is chutzpah. 

KEVIN: God healed his arm and about four of them gave their lives to Jesus right there on the spot. And I just thought that was normal. 

SID: Okay. So he becomes normal, and all of a sudden he bumps into someone he prays for. He’s sure this person is gonna be healed because all the pastors in town are saying, “Go pray for some of our people”. Even though he’s normal, maybe they weren’t. And they keep getting healed. But this one woman he prayed for had cancer and she died. It devastated you, Kevin. 

KEVIN: It really did. I thought I killed her. Yeah, I did. I thought I killed her because I didn’t have enough faith or I wasn’t gifted enough. Even though I had been healing people everywhere and the pastors in the community in which I was doing all of this, they saw something in me. And so they invited me to come to pray for this woman because I had faith and I was seeing results. And when I didn’t happen I thought I killed her. 

SID: And, you know, he’s not kidding. It was so devastating to him– 

KEVIN: Yeah. 

SID: That for the next 20 years he said, “I guess I’m not supposed to pray for someone. Someone else is supposed to do it..” 

KEVIN: That’s ight. 

SID: But then you had problems with your son. He was drinking a little bit and you were at your wits end, and your wife said, “Enough is enough.” There’s a move of God’s spirit, a revival in Brownsville, in Pensacola, Florida and your son had to go there. He went there and then your wife gets a phone call from there, and you figure, oh, he’s really messed up. 

KEVIN: Well the youth pastor called my wife, and my wife then called me and said, she’s crying, “Kevin! Kevin! It’s Chad.” And I’m, “Oh my goodness. What are we gonna do now?” Because we had tried everything. He was actually dealing drugs out of our house, and so we were dealing with all sorts of issues. And we had sent him to Brownsville as a last resort. And she said, “Oh Kevin, the youth pastor called and said that Chad’s been crying for 24 straight hours and then he’s been laughing for 24 straight hours, and he’s never seen anything like this before. He’s been totally transformed.” And sure enough, he came back and he was completely transformed. He was a new person. 

SID: And it was such a transformation that Kevin and his wife were kind of provoked to jealousy. So they went out to Brownsville. What happened to you?

KEVIN: Well we had to go out and find out what had happened to him. And we went out there and a similar kind of thing happened to us, in that we caught a vision for what we are born for, what we are made for. We saw a revival taking place, people getting healed, getting saved, getting set free, part of a community that was just on fire for God with passion towards God. 

SID: But you still feel that you can’t pray for someone. 

KEVIN: Right. That’s right. 

SID: So he gets home and he has someone that is a biker that he’s letting stay at his home. The guy had had surgery that didn’t work out too well and he was in terrific pain. So right after he gets home, Kevin is having a meeting, and the guy yells from the bedroom, “I’m in pain!” And he comes down and he asks for prayer. But you don’t pray for people. So what happened?

KEVIN: Well I looked around the room to see if there was anybody else who had the gift of faith and nobody else in the room had a gift as far as I knew. And he was pleading, crying, asking me to pray for him. So just out of duty I decided, okay, well I’ll pray for you. And as I did, a fire came in my hand and came on his back at the same moment. And this man who had been debilitated for six months, had surgery, the whole bit, was totally bed-ridden, got up and started jumping all around the room, yelling out, “I’m healed! I’m healed! I’m healed! I had fire go through my back.” And then several others got healed that same evening. 

SID: For 20 years you said, “I don’t want to have any gift. I’m not gonna pray for people.” And all of a sudden, what’s going on inside of Kevin? 

KEVIN: I’m like, oh my gosh! What is going on here? And my hand is still on fire. And so I’m putting it on other people and I’m thinking this is amazing. 

SID: Well let me tell you something that’s even more amazing than that. Kevin has a passion for you to be able to do this. And he says it’s not just for special people.

 KEVIN: That’s right. 

SID: It’s for people who understand the special God. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.