sidroth on December 13th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. And this is Thanksgiving, and there is one couple that is so excited because they had a miracle on Thanksgiving. Her husband was trying to get home to her and the little plane went down in the ocean. People didn’t know where it was. He was in the freezing water for 40 hours, literally passed out, sharks swimming all around. Everyone should have given up. But his wife didn’t give up. She knew about the wonderful promises in the 91st Psalm and began praying them. And her husband knew about those promises. He didn’t lose his cool. He just stood on those promises. And we call it a Thanksgiving miracle, and I believe as you see this, you too, are going to have a Thanksgiving miracle. But Peggy Joyce Ruth, you know, it says, “To much is given there’s more responsibility.” You were given your life back as far as I can see. You wanted to share the Good News with a Buddhist housewife. You go there. What happened?

PEGGY: I was a little Baptist girl and I didn’t know about spiritual warfare. But I just didn’t want her going to hell. And so I went over and I started sharing with her and she said, “If you’ll give me equal time.” Well that sounded reasonable. And so she said, “I just want you to keep an open mind.” Well I’ve often said that I kept such an open mind that my brain fell out. I didn’t find it for another eight years. But I left her house that day absolutely terrified.

SID: And in a state of confusion.

PEGGY: Complete confusion.

SID: And you know, this shouldn’t have happened, but it happened. And for eight years she went through hell. She had electric shock treatments. But just as it happened, suddenly she started reading books about people that found such joy that were filled with the spirit of God and began speaking in supernatural languages. So she got prayer for that and what happened?

PEGGY: I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. My husband and we were actually in New Orleans at a Pepsi Cola meeting and we both received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And for the next two years, now keep in mind I had been tormented for eight years. I can’t even begin to describe the torment. For two years I was in the most peace. It was just wonderful. It was like a honeymoon with the Lord.

SID: But then that spirit of fear, as he often does, tried to come back and she wasn’t prepared, and that came back. But you had a vision in which you were really instructed, “It’s time to become a true follower in the Messiah. It’s time to meditate on his promises.” And this was all new for you. And then you went through what is known as deliverance. But the thing that really did it was you had a question for God.

PEGGY: Yes. And I had asked the Lord, is there any way to be delivered and protected from all the things that we see coming on the earth? Because I was just hearing about Christians dying of cancer, having car wrecks. And so I said, is there any way to be protected? And I really wasn’t expecting an answer. But I lay down and went to sleep. I was only asleep like five minutes, but in that five minutes I had the most unusual spiritual dream.

SID: Tell me about it.

PEGGY: It was wonderful. I was out in this open field and I was asking the same question, Lord is there any way to be protected from all the things I see coming on the earth? And in the dream out of Heaven I heard the voice of God say, “In your day of trouble call on me and I will answer.” Well in the dream I just remembered that I got so excited I just thought I was just going to explode, I was so excited. And all of a sudden the field was full of people, just filled up. And we were all rejoicing and praising God, and singing, and so excited we could hardly stand it. Well I came away. I knew it was a spiritual dream.

SID: It was an answer to your question.

PEGGY: It was an answer to my question and God had spoken to me. But I didn’t even know that was a scripture. I had no idea what it meant, but I knew that God had spoken to me. The next day I heard the pastor’s wife just make a comment on a tape about Psalm 91. She said nothing else about Psalm 91, but I knew in my heart it was like it exploded on the inside of me. And I knew that whatever was in that psalm was my answer. And I almost tore up my Bible turning to Psalm 91. And when I got there, there was the exact statement that God had made in the dream.

SID: Wait a second. Yeah, the statement was there, but isn’t this a little obsessive, for 35 years you have been studying Psalm 91?

PEGGY: After I found out about Psalm 91, yes. I’ve studied it for 35 years.

SID: Why? I mean, you just read it, you know it.

PEGGY: Well there’s a lot more to it then just reading through it. And as I studied the psalm I found out that every evil known to man is covered in that psalm. It is a covenant. And in 1 Peter, I found out later that in 1 Peter 1:3-5, it tells us that we’re to thank God for the fact that we’re born again. We’re to thank Him for the fact that there’s an inheritance light up in Heaven, and then to thank Him for a protection covenant ready to be revealed in the end days, and that’s in the New American Standard. And I thought, that’s what it is. God has revealed this covenant and it was ready to be revealed in these end days, because we have so much coming against us. And if we don’t take God’s promises we’re going to go down just like everybody else, you know, just like the non-believer. But if we’ll take God’s promises it works.

SID: She has been studying Psalm 91 and she’s got it in every fiber of her being, and you heard what she said. It’s a covenant for protection against anything. Anything means sickness.

Anything means robbery. Anything means family problems. Anything means mental, emotional problems. Anything, anything. It’s so wonderful, Peggy Joyce Ruth, and you’ve investigated stories of people, especially, you know what excites me?

PEGGY: What is that?

SID: All of the people that you’ve talked with in military that have used Psalm 91 and it saved their life. One that comes to mind.

PEGGY: Well I loved going to Pagosa Springs and speaking to John Walker. He was in World War II. He had been sent to the Philippines. This is before the war actually started. And he was lying on his cot and his buddy was digging a foxhole, and the buddy called to him and he thought, oh I don’t want to go do that. And so he waited and the buddy called three times, and he finally got up, and as soon as he left his spot a bomb fell right where he had been lying. [explosion] And he got up there and the buddy had never called his name.

Man: I didn’t say anything.

John Walker: You didn’t call me?

Man: I didn’t say anything.

John Walker: Then who did?

PEGGY: And he knew then that God had a call on his life and it was his brother, who was a preacher back home, who was standing on Psalm 91, and everyday he was quoting Psalm 91 protection over that brother who was in the Philippines.

SID: You see what I mean. Wait ‘til you find out a woman that’s attacked by a rapist, another person that gets a dread disease. All of that is healed in Psalm 91. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

sidroth on December 8th, 2010

Sid:  My guest and I have had him on previously and I’m sure you are familiar with him John Paul Jackson.  The Last time I interviewed John Paul we were talking about his DVD “The Perfect Storm.”  And actually, as I understand it God began speaking to you, John Paul about what’s coming on the world as early as 1980, but you were not released to even talk about it until about 2008.  You listed a number of things and a number of different arenas that the Spirit of God showed you was going to happen.  Just out of curiosity tell me a couple of things that you had seen that have already taken place.

John Paul:  Well one of the, first of all Sid, it’s great to be with you again, and thank you very much.  The issue of the perfect storm has been kind of an enigma to me.  It is one of those things where it pains you to see things coming to pass that you have been shown.  At the same time it reinforced your belief that God is still God and nothing has changed with Him. He is still the same yesterday, today and forever.  And so with that in mind you take a look and you see for example Russia is having the unusually hot summer.  They had the hottest summer in their history.  You have California in our continent and Washington having the coldest summers in their history.  So much so that there is fruit on the vines strawberries etc. they cannot even harvest because they aren’t ripening and so they even end up rottening.  Many of the crops are rotting because there is not enough heat to cause them to ripen.  So one of the five things that we talked about was geophysical events that would be taking place in the world and here in the United States that substantiate this idea or the prophetic word the Lord gave me of the perfect storm.  There was five things they showed: religion, politics, economics, war and geophysical issues.  You see the escalation of events in Iran now that seemingly are saying with the loading of the nuclear reactor it is just a matter of time until somebody has to do something and so you see the signs pointing toward the reactors being hit by some type of explosive device of some kind.

Sid:  Now you did speak in “The Perfect Storm” about Israel role there.  What did you see?

John Paul:  I saw Israel hitting Iran I saw the explosions being caused by Israel.

Sid:  Now, I would have to think, not from a prophetic point but just cognizant of current events that this is coming up soon.

John Paul:  Yeah, you would think because the nuclear reactor’s loaded the first of several that they are going to build.  And I think there is maybe three now in operation and so all three of those would probably be filled with to the uranium and the cores.  But then you know when the Lord started giving this to me they hadn’t even built the nuclear reactor and then in 2008 they weren’t even loading a nuclear reactor they were still arguing about whether they should build or not.

Sid:  Now one of the things that you brought to my attention is that the Lord said that there would be an Islamic plot against the presidents of the United States for the sake of causing riots in America.  In other words, they would hide the fact that there were Moslems that were going to do that.  And you said to pray that this not happen, any more insight there?

 John Paul:  No, I haven’t, you know I keep praying obviously I pray daily over that issue that that would be diverted you know, until God tells me don’t pray like he told Amos, don’t pray for those people.  I won’t hear you, I will not listen to you until I hear that coming from Him I’m going to continue to pray that it will be diverted because if that happens the blood bath that would erupt in the United States would be unprecedented. 

Sid:  It would be the worst thing that ever happened to America.  The worst, and you told me before we went on the air that the Holy Spirit spoke something new to you about timing of the financial collapse in America.

John Paul: Right.  Right, we have been talking about a bubble in the perfect storm and I said that there would come a bubble that it would looked like everything was getting better and so on and now I know that the bubble, and my prayer was that the bubble would last long enough to allow the Body of Christ to kind of get her act together and dissipate down, get her houses in order and so on before that hit or before the bubble broke.  Now I know that 2011 is the year that the bubble breaks and so..

Sid:  Hey, that’s coming up fast.

John Paul:  It’s coming up fast.  Right, I’m not saying that it’s going to happen on January the 1st.

Sid:  You told me something about gold by the way.  You told me that not all gold is gold.  Tell me what you mean by that.

John Paul: There’s a surprise coming and this was you know, kind of unusual for me, and I’m still not even sure what it means.  All I know is that not all gold is gold and know this that there is a surprise coming, where that many, even here in the United States they are going to find out that not all the gold we have in, for example I am guessing in Fort Knox, although he did not specifically say Fort Knox, that is just my sub sedition would be that not all gold we have in storage is gold and that there is somehow there is a type of counterfeit gold or there is something that fools people.

Sid:  But, you know what, if that is the case then the value of gold will be worth even more.  You know, I’m reminded of the, I believe an angel or there was a dream that your Mother had that you would be an eleventh hour prophet.  Tell me about that.

John Paul:  Right, my Mother had this visitation of an angel of the Lord to her before I was even conceived because she had had a miscarriage and the angel told her not to grieve any longer that she would have a son and that she was to call his name John Paul and that he would have an eleventh hour ministry and even that pregnancy would be a sign to that eleventh ministry.  And she was pregnant with me eleven months.  So I am sixty years old right now and I’m just figuring out what an eleventh hour ministry.

Sid:  I was just going to ask you, I know what the terminology means but what does that mean to you?

John Paul:  It means that in the last days and that’s when I was born for a time and that time is the last days.  You know, what is a definition of the last days?  There are all kinds of different definitions that are out there.  My definition of it is basically a time period an immediately preceding the returning of the Lord. 

Sid:  Well, I happen to believe that this DVD that we offered awhile ago and it is still available on our web page if you go there.  It is called the “The Perfect Storm” is an eleventh hour prophecy.  And I’ll tell you something I did not know about you, we have a mutual friend who is now in Heaven Ruth Ward Heflin and in 1981 you had a supernatural call into the ministry in which God used Ruth Ward Heflin.  She was in Israel.  Tell me briefly that story.  I find that fascinating.

John Paul: It is fascinating, she was in her home in Jerusalem and was awaken by an angel of the Lord and told to go to the Tele Aviv airport.  Await there and a man would give her money to buy a same day ticket to Dallas, TX where she was to do a live broadcast, because there was a young man gifted in dreams and visions that was there that was resisting the call of God into the ministry and it was time for him to begin that journey.  So she went to the airport.  A long story made short, the man gave her the money and she was just waiting there and she walks up to her and asks her.  You know, are you going to America?  Are you going to Dallas?  Do you have your ticket?  Do you have the money? And literally throws a waded up roll of money at her and says here, take it and stomps off and it was actually to the dollar what she needed to buy a same day ticket.  Now, same day tickets aren’t cheap.  So she bought the ticket, went to the radio station that the angel told her to go to.  The radio station just happened to have a program where the head of the program was called out of town on family issues and they had two hours a day for three days Wednesday, Thursday, Friday to talk about dreams and visions.  She was told to do a live broadcast so that the young man would call in.  Well, she gets on the phone and she was doing the broadcast and several young men called in and say I’m the young man, I know I’m resisting the call and she would tell them, you may have a gift but you are not the young man that God sent me here for.  And the second day the same thing happened and the third day the same thing happened.  Well by the third day, I’m praying for this young man and I’m actually crying for this young man because I’m saying Lord, touch this break this hard heart of his; cause his radio just to turn his radio there;  have him push it and just goes there do something God to get this young man’s attention.  There was about ten minutes left in the broadcast and I hear the Lord speaking to me in my spirit I guess it was real but.  My secretary heard me talking outside my closed door because I thought that she might think that I am having a nervous breakdown.  Because I was in the corporate world at this time; I’m like an upper management a major Fortune 500 company.  I was a 30 year old and I’m thinking I’ve got the road of gold ahead of me here.  So I closed the door she hears me talking but she doesn’t hear another party in there talking.  Finally I told the Lord okay, he said call in.  I said why?  You have dreams and visions and I said they have real dreams and visions.  And he said son, you have real dreams and visions just call in.  So I said okay, but I’m going to have to bypass the switch board.  If this is you, this is my fleece, I don’t know what you think about fleeces, but I used one.  I said Lord, if this is you and you really want me to call in then let me by pass the switchboard and go straight into the control room I want to hear “you’re live on the air” and if I don’t hear that I’m hanging up the phone.  So I call in and..

Sid:  You know, I hate to do this, were out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.  But, Mishpochah we have what John Paul Jackson considers his most important end time teaching that if he had nothing else he could talk about, he would talk about the revelation that God gave him on receiving God’s Justice.  You see there have been things stolen from you; stolen from your parents and even stolen from your ancestors.  But you know enough about what’s has been stolen from you and John Paul Jackson has the key to have justice in your life.  The CD & the DVD is called “Keys to Receiving God’s Justice” and a special CD bonus called naturally supernatural.  And you will hear people’s reactions.  It is thrilling.  When there are lights whirling all around and you know that it’s not natural.

sidroth on December 1st, 2010

SID: It has been a long time coming but we are living in the season in which the spiritual scales are coming off the eyes of Jewish people and I have on the telephone a man has the key to reach the Jew.  Why do I say that?  Because, it says the Jew requires a sign and his name is Pastor John: Kilpatrick.  He pastored the great Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida.  Over 4 ½ million people from all over the world attended that revival.  It was a revival of holiness and repentance and backsliders came back to the Lord and many people there whole life was transformed but it ran its course and it ended.  However, I found out from him that there was a prophecy that revival would come to Pensacola, Florida and then it would move fifty miles to the west.  Well, fifty miles to the west is Daphne, Alabama.  And of course, Pastor John Kilpatrick I’m sure he didn’t even know about that prophecy, or did you know about that prophecy before you moved to Daphne?

Pastor John: Sid, I didn’t.   I knew that there was a revival coming to Pensacola, but it didn’t say what church.  But I didn’t know at the same time that the prophecy came that there was a revival coming to Pensacola the very same time the prophecy prophesized at the very same time, that it would also move fifty miles to the west which is the Bay of the Holy Spirit, which is Mobile Bay.

Sid: I have to tell you, I was surprised when I heard that you had started a church because I saw that your ministry was really equipping people and traveling to various parts of the world and having pastor conferences and all of the sudden I heard that you were a Pastor.  How did that happen?

Pastor John: Well, I still was doing that even after I started a church because we just have church here on Sunday morning and the Civic Center is not like a church building so we just held the church service there at the Civic Center.  But I was still traveling and equipping pastors and still traveling the nation; but, when I left Brownsville; I left there in 2003 and I stayed without a church for 2 ½ years almost 3 years. And one day, I was down by the river praying and the Lord spoke to me and he said why don’t you start a church on the eastern shore?  I just hid that away in my heart and didn’t say anything to my wife or not even a soul.  In fact a long story short, on Tuesday, the following week, a man that I trust in the prophetic called me and he said Pastor John: the Lord has given me a word for you and He said that He is leaving the lantern light for you and at the tree line at Mobile Bay.  And He said that you will first have to go by lantern light but eventually he will give you the noon day sun and everything will become clear.  And because the Lord has spoke to me on that Friday to start a church over there I should start a church on the eastern shore and then He called and confirmed it.  I headed right over there and rented the Civic Center.

Sid: I have to ask you the big question.  Your wife Brenda, what was her two cents on this whole thing?

Pastor John: Whenever, I told her that I was going to start another church, you know we both, after we left Brownsville, we both you know we both have been pastoring for forty years and we just love people.  And we love having people around us.

Sid: But still, it toke a lot out of you this revival.  I mean I still to this day don’t understand and your team had all of those services.  I still don’t understand.

Pastor John: I know, it did, it took a lot out of us and God bless, Brownsville, they were so, they were excellent. Such great volunteers and the church was so hospitable that they basically entertained the world.  The Body of Christ from around the world as well as sinners.  And they just did a great job but after we were gone from there, for about almost three years we both wanted to pastor again.  And so I wanted to go far enough away from Pensacola that it would be any kind of a liability being that close to Pensacola.  And even when I started the church I didn’t even advertise.  I just rented the building and went in there and said well, I would be preaching Sunday and I didn’t put it in the paper or advertise it in any way.  And a lot of people showed up and I started the church in 2006 in January, it was January the 8th 2006.  And not knowing when I started the church, I didn’t even know until after I started the church, I had dinner with one of the men that prophesized that revival was coming to Pensacola and he said well Pastor John: it’s on the website that it was the same time that it was going to go 50 miles to the west. I said you have got to be kidding me.  And so sure enough, they confirmed it, we checked it out and it was confirmed and the Lord… I never saw it, He kept it from me.  I never knew that, so.

Sid: Now, Daphne, Alabama is by a region called Mobile Bay.  And what was the name the Spanish originally called it?

Pastor John: The Spanish called it the Bay of the Holy Spirit.

Sid: (laughter) that’s kind of an interesting coincidence.

Pastor John: Yeah, it is.  It is on the maps right now in the Halls of Congress and it is also on the maps of Louisiana State University.

Sid: Okay, July 23, 2010 you had a conference I believe it started the 22nd and a young man by the name of Nathan Morris that you had never heard preach.

Pastor John: That’s correct.

Sid: You had him speaking.  What happened?

Pastor John: Well, he spoke on the first night.  It was really wonderful.  He was closing out a conference I was in with Perry Stone and Dutch Sheets then he was going to speak on Thursday and Friday of the last two nights.  And on Thursday night he did a great job.  On Friday night he came back and preached and I’m telling you, it was like a Father’s Day at Brownsville all over again.  The power of God broke out, miracles broke out.  I saw blind eyes open and I saw six people with deaf ears pop open within a space of twenty feet.  And I thought oh My God look at this and he was suppose to be in Hawaii on Sunday and I talked to him and told him son revival has to be seized and I said I really feel like that God’s done something here tonight and we that we need to seize the moment.  And so he called and canceled his holiday in Hawaii and he stayed with me and has been with me ever since.  Miracles have been breaking out Sid, like you cannot imagine.

Sid: Okay, on the internet, so many people have been bringing reports to me about a pastor’s wife that had gotten out of a wheelchair; she was paralyzed for something like twenty-three years.  The interesting thing is you knew her.  Tell me about that.

Pastor John: Absolutely, I have been knowing her for many years and the only way I have ever known her is in a wheelchair paralyzed from the waist down.  She was in a wreck twenty-three years ago on Christmas night and she was paralyzed and she married a preacher over here in Mobile.  He is a black bishop and a wonderful friend of mine.  They had been married nine years and he married her in that wheelchair.  She is a powerful singer, she is a noted singer and matter fact, when I wasn’t pastoring my wife use to go to his church over there in Mobile and so we knew him well.  And they came over to visit the revival on a Friday night several weeks ago, I guess about a month ago now.  I lose track of time and she came and they just wanted to visit the revival because the pastor, the Lord had spoke to him, her husband the Bishop and told him right before.  They were out of the country when revival broke out here and the Lord spoke to him and said, I’m sending revival and I want you to put your face in the wind, he said go with the wind of revival.  Don’t put your back to it but put your face in it.  And so as soon as they got home they heard about the revival and he came over here and he put his face in the wind, so to speak.  He wanted to be a part of it.  And I’m telling you after knowing her all of those years and to see her get up out of that wheelchair, Sid it was unbelievable.

Sid: Now with curiosity when someone is a wheelchair for over twenty years their muscles are pretty atrophy etc. Today, how is she walking?

Pastor John: Well, she’s walking, I mean when we first helped her out of the wheelchair she would make lapse around the front of the building she would lift her legs higher and she was getting better and better.  And then over a period of another week she was actually walking by herself unassisted.  Now she is actually going to church without her wheel chair, walking up on the platform and taking the microphone and singing and actually walking and praying for people.  It is the greatest miracle that I think I have ever seen.  Maybe there was one more that would equal that, but to see her after knowing her and her husband.  I wish you could have seen his face.

Sid: Yeah, you know our time is slipping away and I am so excited about your teaching CD called “Mysteries Revealed”.  Because we are coming into, according to all of the prophets I talk to the most treacherous economic times in the history of the world.  And I believe that unless we get inside information so to speak from God, we are at the mercy of the same things that are going to hit this earth.  And I happen to believe that the reason that God revealed to you that we are coming into a time in which all mysteries will be revealed and he said this will happen before he returns is because of the treacherous times that were living in right now.

Pastor John: Yes, and God’s speaking to his people in their dreams, peoples sleep patterns are being affected.  People are hearing from the Lord like I never heard.  We are living in a season now that was prophesized by Joel and Peter both when they said in the last days I will pour out His Spirit on all flesh.  He talked about dreams, visions and prophecies.  Those things are happening right now and there is not a thing anybody can do about it.  No denomination can stop it; there is no mandate that can stop it.  God is speaking to His people.  Even common normal lay people.  You don’t have to be in the ministry.  But God‘s speaking to common lay people.

Sid: Oh, what types of things? Is this talking about revelation of scripture or is it talking about practical things about like what investments to sell and what to buy?

Pastor John: Well, the Bible has already revealed several mysteries like the Apostle Paul said “Behold I show you a mystery, a great mystery”, he said “we shall not all sleep”.  The Lord revealed him about the Rapture.  Back in his time he was an apostle to the gentiles and when nobody else had the information the Lord was revealing to him.  And then the Lord was also revealed to him in the Book of Ephesians, I’ll show you a mystery about the difference between a husband and his wife.  How Christ loved his Church, He said this is a mystery.  And there was other places throughout the scriptures where the Lord would reveal mysteries and now because the apostle revealed those mysteries, they are a part of our iatrical life.  I think of the rapture every day.  It is because…

Sid: But, you know oh oh, our time has slipped away but you teach how to position yourself so that you can receive these revelations.  Everyone really needs to listen to these three CDs “Mysteries Revealed”.

sidroth on November 30th, 2010

Sid: My guest, Dr. Caroline Leaf is a neuroscientist, she has researched the brain for over twenty years. And she is a strong Bible believer and she has found that Science has finally catching up to what the words of Jesus say and this has been the effect on me.  As I have read this book and as I have understood these principals I am so careful of what I say with my mouth.  Or the thoughts I let inside of me.  But, what I really enjoy is this understanding of everyone have a gift that is as unique as your finger prints and this gift is based on the way you are wired in your brains.  Everyone is different and when you understand this, you unlock such great potential in yourself.  Dr. Caroline Leaf, tell me about your research on Einstein and the G factor or the genius factor

Dr. Caroline: Well, Einstein is a source of fascination for all of us.  I just love seeing how he harnessed his gift.  People have through the years tried to work out why he did what he did.  And interesting enough that when he died the doctor who did his autopsy, he actually stole his brain.  His purpose was to find out the famous genius factor and he thought that well there must be something different in Einstein’s brain and to everyone else and therefore if he finds it he’s got the answer.  Mean while geniusness , is hooked up in your gift and your gift is how you think.  The more you think the more you use your gift, the more you increase your genius.  So your genius or your intelligence or your ability to do what you are suppose to do increase as you use it.  Interesting that when they started studying his brain and they couldn’t find a spot.  They just found areas in his brain that were bigger than other areas but it didn’t make sense because it didn’t line up with any kind of brain science.  But what they did find was that there were huge amounts of connections between different parts of his brain.  And they also found that these are different cells that connect the main cells and they like communication cells are very very important in any intelligence in thinking.  And they came to all kinds of conclusions, and they also found that certain parts of his brain are thicker than other parts of his brain.  But it seemed to be that they were connections across the whole brain.  So essentially what they deduced from this whole study was that he seems to be that he used his brain.  It is not like there is any kind of structure in particular.  It is that he is actually using his brain.  Because we know now from science that the more we use our brain we grow more branches and we grow more connections between the nerve cell and this was very supportive of the research of what I was doing because I was trying to understand how to describe the structure of our gift.  In terms of you know brain science, what does it mean?  How do I show some one that you are gifted and I found there are seven different areas in the brain.  Seven different neurological pillars this is based on many scientific studies of the brain and we can group this whole area. That we have seven different types of pillars, or seven different neurological pillars in our brain and as we are thinking in our unique way, we move through those seven different pillars differently.  Each and every one of us move through them differently.

Sid: Why is someone more confident when they understand the pattern of their brain?

Dr. Caroline: Well, when they understand that they move through those seven areas in their own unique way they will and you understand what the pillars do.  You don’t try and work against you work with.  A lot of people are working hard.  They think that they should be working.  Or how they’ve been told they should be thinking.  Or how they believe is the right way from a book they have read.  However, when you show some one that these seven different pillars in your brain.  These seven major areas that go across the left and the right side of the brain each of them is doing something.  This is how you use them.  You have your own unique mix of how these seven work together and we can deduce that from the questionnaire that you fill in.  You can work out how you use your seven or how you move through or cycle through your seven.  In that knowledge we recognize, wow, I must work with this.  I mustn’t work against it and that’s where we see the massive change in people.  Where we see, hey the true me is like this.  It is okay that I think like this.

Sid: Caroline, in your book you explain that the brain is made up of the seven ways we think and it’s so important to understand this.  Explain these seven ways or seven pillars as you call it.

Dr. Caroline: Okay, if you can think or picture a brain in your mind, everyone has seen a brain.  The brain, if you can imagine the brain and its seven different colors.  It’s running from top to bottom and across the left and the right side of the brain.  Each of those different areas is responsible for a different type of thinking and human behavior is made up of a combination of all seven types.  So we all have to have all seven types of thought, and we all got them.  But the way that they are combined is different in every single person.  So we all have those same seven pillars, those same representing different types of thought that make up our thinking but we all use them differently so it is the way we draw on them to actually draw a thought.  Now what happens is that as you are listening to me every one to two seconds you will sweep through in understanding or trying to understand the processing that is coming in.  We sweep through those seven, but each of us does it in our own way.  So we’ll actually cycle through or sweep through those seven in more or less 2 ½ thousand times in an hour.  So we are not conscious of this, this is something that is happening on an unconscious level.  But, it manifests in the way that we uniquely think.  So it’s almost as though we each have our own special mix of these different types of thoughts and we spend different amounts of time on each one and there is no patent and there’s no category, there’s no well this is good and this is bad.  Each and every one of us does it in our own special way.  So if we have a look at maybe what each of these pillars do, or what each type of thought do it would make a little more sense for our listeners.  So if we start right at the front of the brain and we work from the front to the back of the brain.  If people could imagine where the front and the back of the brain is, right at the front of the brain we have the first pillar of thought, which deals with what we call, intrapersonal type thinking.  Inside the brain; inside deals with decision making, planning and deep analyzing and shifting between thoughts and realizing goals and developing strategies and introspective type stuff.  So we all have to do that.  We all to that during the course of the day but we all do it differently.  Then the pillar behind that deals with its called the interpersonal pillar.  Inter verses the first one which is called intra.  Now the interpersonal pillar that deals with talking, social interaction communication.  The pillar back behind that is called the linguistic pillar.  And that’s to do with speaking words, reading words, speaking words.  The one behind that is called the logical mathematical pillar and that is dealing with logic mathematical reasoning, scientific reasoning, numbers, problem solving and that kind of thing.  Then you move towards the back of the brain and we have a whole group of neurons that’s the kind of thinking pillar deals with body awareness, the kind affecting movement, body awareness sensation.  Then there is a music pillar which deals obvious with music but it also deals with instinct, the ability to read between that kind of thing.  Then right at the back of the brain we have what we call the visual spatial pillar.  Is where you imagine, where you form your mental maps.  Now obviously everyone is not going to remember all those different things but the point here is that the seven different types of thought and each pillar that is responsible for a specific type of thought.  And we are a mixture of all of those.  So we move some people move as they process information will jump from the front of the brain to the back to the middle of the brain in the different pillars jumping through the different pillars.  It’s totally different for each person.  Each person will also spend a different amount of time in each of the pillars.  So essentially what we are doing is describing the structure of what your gift looks like.  And what I’ve done in the profile and in the book each of those pillars thoroughly described in pictures and images to see what it looks like.  But in the profile I have done questions that match each of those pillars.  I’ve group questions together that deal with each intrapersonal, which is the deep thinking stuff and the interpersonal , which is the communication stuff and linguistic , which is the wordy stuff.  So as you answer the questions you will then get a percentage score.

Sid: Well, you know what I think is so fascinating of how lives are being changed when they understand in their own unique brain.  Because when they understand how their brain processes information, you call it the gift inside of you that can change the world.  And we are making Carolyn Leaf’s book “The Gift In You” discover new life through gifts hidden in your mind plus four DVDs on the same subject, which you need both to put it all together.  The brain is wired to work in a very specific sequence, when you discover that sequence you can unlock your great potential.  Your unique potential, you’ll end up removing your toxic thinking and you’re going to then end up removing your emotional and physical illnesses.  You’ll increase your intelligence.

sidroth on November 22nd, 2010

SID: Hello, Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Surprise Suthole. Surprise is from South Africa, but you were actually raised in Mozambique.

SURPRISE: I was born and raised in Mozambique in the little village of Matambala.

SID: And your parents were witches?

SURPRISE: My parents were witches, yes.

SID: Tell me, all of a sudden you heard a voice and what did this voice tell you?

SURPRISE: Suddenly one night the voice came to me and said Surprise wake up and move from your home.So I tried to resist it that night the second time the voice came loud, very loud as it was shaking the mat that Iwas sleeping on.So I couldn’t resist by the second time Ijust took my schoolbooks, I was 15 years old by that time and I went to the house of my friend Gufari.He was a Muslim and I told him what had happened to me that night.He said ok I’ll go with you wherever you go.We left our homes that night and we went away.We walked a walk of two weeks to the direction of Malawi.

SID: Did you know where you were going? Or did you just walk?

SURPRISE: No we didn’t know.

SID: For two weeks!?

SURPRISE: …didn’t know where we were going and we didn’t have money to eat.We didn’t take enough changes of clothing

SID: So why’d you pay attention to this voice?

SURPRISE: Well even though I didn’t know by that time that was the voice of God,I just knew that I was pulled out of my home.

SID: Well, ok.So you get to this city after 14 days and what happened?

SURPRISE: After 14 days we arrived at Malawi.So we arrive and find one man, his name is Lucas the man that invited us to his house.When we arrived at his house he gave us water to drink and then to take a shower, food to eat, and then we slept.The next day the man asked us where we came from and where are we going?And then we explained to the man what had happened for us that week and then the man lead us to the Lord.I gave my life to Jesus first and my friend as a Muslim, Gufari, he also gave his life to Jesus.

SID: Now what happened to your parents?

SURPRISE: After I gave my life to Jesus,I tried to contact the home and found out that the week that I left home my mother, my father, and my sister died.

SID: How did they die?

SURPRISE: How they died,I don’t know because up to now it’s 20 years that I’ve never put my foot into my village.

SID: So if you had been there and not listened to that voice of God, you would have been dead.

SURPRISE: Exactly.

SID: Now I have to tell you something.

SURPRISE: Go ahead.

SID: I have taken in high school and in college foreign languages; and languages are very difficult for me.

SURPRISE: Exactly.

SID: So, you know in the Bible, it says that the gentile is to provoke the Jew to jealousy.You succeeded Surprise!You have made me jealous.Can you really speak 13 languages you’ve never been taught?

SURPRISE: Exactly.That’s why I’m speaking English to you.EnglishI’ve never gone to school.

SID: You’ve never had a lesson?

SURPRISE: And it just came to me supernaturally.

SID: These 13 languages, can you write them?

SURPRISE: I can write them all, I can read them all very good without a problem

SID: Listen, that is unfair! I protest!

SURPRISE: I can dream in them as well.

SID: You mind if I give you a test?

SURPRISE: Go ahead.

SID: Would you write something on this piece of paper?

SID: That is… Was it instant or gradual? Was it instant or gradual?

SURPRISE: This was very instantly.

SID: Tell me some of the other languages you speak and read, or read.

SURPRISE: This one that I wrote, that is Zulu.

SID: I thought I didn’t understand it.Zulu, I don’t speak too much Zulu myself.

SURPRISE: That in Zulu, it says Nyabonga it means thank you very much.

SID: Ah ha; now tell me some other languages that are more well-known even.

SURPRISE: Well-known is Teecheewah.

SID: Oh that’s really well known I’ve never heard of that, I’m sorry any other languages?

SURPRISE: other languages, Tsonga, Shongon, Ronga, Swazi.

SID: How did you learn these languages? Did it just happen? Did you ask to learn them?

SURPRISE: What happened is that after I gave my life to Jesus; from there I went to Lucas’s house and we jumped to Malawi.So when I went to Malawi so when I went to Malawi the Lord supernaturally gave me the language of Malawi and I started speaking.A few days later I was going back to Mozambique; not to my village but to where my sister was married.So from there we went to the border of Malawi called Zoway.We reached it that was the time of war so they said no. We don’t have any transportation today that goes to Teta city so you have to wait here until maybe they’ll escort you; which are the Zimbabwean soldiers coming to escort all the trucks from Malawi to Teta up to Zimbabwe.

SID: All the trucks…

SURPRISE: Yes and then after the third day the escort came.We jumped, it’s wet the Lord again protected my life supernaturally.I was in one of the trucks we are just going from the border to Teta city and then we travel about 40 miles which is 60 kilometers from the border.The truck where I was ran over a land mine.The truck flies as a bird.

SID: Did you get that? On a land mine!There’s no way to survive that is there?

SURPRISE: And everyone died and the Lord saved my life.

SID: Well the Lord was saving him a lot of times; wait ‘‘til you find out about the dead people that have come back to life and what they’ve had to say.We’ll be right back after this word.

sidroth on November 18th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I love the rarified air of Heaven on Earth. And I’m at the Mobile Convention Center, and I’m here with Nathan Morris. And Nathan, I had heard what was going on here, but I want to get to know you. And what’s going here? Lightening has struck twice with Pastor John Kilpatrick. You’ve heard about the great move of God’s spirit. I mean, four and a half million people went through a little church in Pensacola, Florida because God was there, and the same thing has happened here in Mobile, Alabama. Now tell me about your background. Your father’s a pastor and what I’ve heard a lot about PK’s, that’s pastors’ kids, is they go through their period of rebellion, and you went through your period of rebellion.

NATHAN: I certainly did, yes. I grew up in church. I used to sit on the back rows of church as most PK’s do, and I used to listen to my dad preaching, and I used to hear the Gospel ever single week of my life. But by the time I was 16, 17, I had already begun to hang around with the wrong people, got the wrong kind of friends. And really there came a time when my mum and dad lifted that kind of, “You got to go to church.” You know, I was coming of age and I began to not want to go to church any more. I had no desire to be there. It’s all I had ever known. And very quickly I began to get involved with things I really shouldn’t have. I began, you know, drinking occasionally and maybe smoking. And those things as a young boy, I didn’t realize at the time that that would lock me down into addiction and bondage, really.

SID: But you had a bigger problem than that. You know what your bigger problem was? He had a father that was praying for him. And one day his father comes back with, yeah–[applause]–

His father comes back with some DVDs from the Brownsville Revival. Number one, why did you even watch them in the mess you were in?

NATHAN: The thing is I didn’t want to watch them.

SID: I’m sure.

NATHAN: I had no desire to watch them. But my mum and dad went for a holiday in America and they were walking down the street and there was a lady on a T-shirt on saying, “Jesus”. And this lady looked at my father and my mother and said, “You got to go to Brownsville. There’s a revival.” And what she didn’t know is that mum and dad had prayed for a revival all my life. They hungered for the presence of God. They hungered for the glory of God. We were a Pentecostal church. We spoke in tongues. But there was always a cry in my parents’ heart that Lord, there’s more. There’s more that you got for your church. But I was so far away from God. I was living out of wedlock with a girl down in the south of England. But I used to come home to visit my mum and dad, and it just so happened that when I came into the living room that my dad would be playing Brownsville DVDs with Steve Hill.

SID: No ulterior motive.

NATHAN: No, no, none at all. And I used to sit there like I wasn’t watching it. But really, I used to feel the presence of God and I’d have tears rolling down my cheeks, and I’d wipe them away and I’d want to get out of there. I just needed to get out of there as soon as I could. But God was already arresting my heart. He was already showing me He had a plan for my life.

SID: Tell me about the time you were struck by the presence of God.

NATHAN: I was 22 years old. The habits in my life had taken over my life. I was doing well. I was a graphic designer. I graduated from University. But I had serious addictions in my life. I used to lay in bed at night and say, “If this is life, then I’m sadly disappointed.” And I came home. It was my birthday. I came home and I had gone out with my friends and my mum was working. She worked in gastroenterology. My father was in the prison doing also prison ministry. I was in the house on my own and the Lord visited me in a very powerful way. I went to put a CD in the CD player, and as the song came on the fire of God, what I know to be the fire of God fell on me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, just put me on the floor.

SID: You’re saying fire. Was it a fire? What was it really?

NATHAN: I described it at that time like someone had just stuck my finger in an electric socket. I thought someone had literally put a candle in my shoe. So powerful. It surged from the top down into feet and back up my body. The only thing I knew I fell onto the floor, and I was shaking under the power of God for about three hours, weeping uncontrollably.

SID: Was this foreign to you? Was this something you had never encountered before?

NATHAN: I had encountered the power of God as a young child, but never, never, ever, ever anything like this. I mean, it consumed me. People say, how did you know it was God? I said to them, believe me, when God’s power comes on you like that you don’t need anybody to introduce him. He introduces himself. You know it’s God.

SID: Okay. Now you told me you felt like there was a weight upon you. Explain that.

NATHAN: It felt like someone placed a boulder on my chest. At times I struggled for breath. My breath became shortened and it was like the weight of God was upon my chest. And the voice, it wasn’t audible, it was inside here. You see, God when He speaks to you can reach a point that no man, nothing can ever reach. And He spoke inside. He said, “I have a work for you to do, but if you go from me today I’ll never call you again. For today, I bring you out from underneath your father’s covering.” And you see, there are people in churches that think that we decide when we’re gonna come to God. And I knew right there and then I’d reached the end of my line. It was decision time.

SID: Do you think after that you could have said no?

NATHAN: I believe God was giving me a decision to make, yeah. I was either gonna, you see, I laid under the power of God with all the addiction in my life, with all the bondage in my life. That was all running through my mind, “But God, but God.” But it was time to make a decision. The Bible says, “Today is the day of salvation.” We’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Today you gotta decide whether you’re gonna serve Christ with all your heart.

SID: You made a decision and a little later you started speaking at your father’s church and there were only a few people. But the miracles started. Tell me the first miracle that happened.

NATHAN: The first miracle was really seeing salvation.

SID: Of course.

NATHAN: That was the first miracle I ever saw. What began to happen is as I began to preach the same fire that fell on me just began to fall on the congregation. People started slipping out of their seats, people that were respected as being Christian serving the Lord for many years. But I recognized it. You see, when God touches you, you recognize when he’s touching someone else, and I recognized that power, the power of the Holy Spirit, that tangible weighty presence of God beginning to touch people in the congregation. They didn’t know fully what was happening. I knew. I was like, Jesus, you’re doing it to them. You’re doing it to them. And that really began when miracles began to happen. People’s deaf ears began to open. Blind eyes began to open. Just miracles began. At the start, I was more shocked than they were. I mean, I was more surprised.

SID: I’m sure. How many people did you start with and how many people–

NATHAN: I started with seven people on a Saturday night in my father’s church. And within 12 months people were driving from all over the United Kingdom, four, five hours. Now for a British person we can get to the top and bottom of our country in about eight hours. So to drive four, five hours to a little church on a Saturday evening, it was a long way.

SID: Speaking of a long way, wait ‘til you find out about a text message that confirmed what God had for his life. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

sidroth on November 10th, 2010

Sid: As I was doing my introduction I was thinking of a conversation I had with a friend just before I did this interview.  In this conversation this person was making such a big deal that they might have had some Jewish ancestry five six generations back and I thought to myself, so what.  The issue is not whether you are Jewish or Gentile.  The issue is not whether you are male or female.  There is a role for males and female.  There is a role for Jews and Gentiles.  And God did not make any mistakes.  He set you in the place he wants you to be in the body.  But the whole issue is knowing who you are in Jesus.  That’s the beauty in the One New Man because you see we each need each other.  God created it that way to have the full dwelling place of God.  That’s the whole deal and if you’d rather be someone that your not, get some help.  Get a life.  God knew who you were before you were even formed in your mother’s womb.

Now, my guest Katie Souza has got a series that I’ve been listening to called “The Healing School.” And we have a special bonus called “The Glory Light Healing.” The thing I love about this teaching is that it is almost like there are some missing keys in the revelation of healing.  And it’s about time that we start walking in the same power, and the same glory that Jesus had.   I can’t wait for her to show you some of the things that God is showing her.  Because, I believe there are people listening to us, Katie, right now that when they hear these keys light bulbs are going to go off. Some of them have been waiting years and years to be healed, waiting for this interview.  Now, on a previous broadcast, we found out about Katie, and as far as I’m concerned, if you saw the movie “Bonnie and Clyde” Katie was both of them put together.  I mean, Katie, these high speed chases and guns and drug labs and running away from the police, and collecting money from people at gun point that owed you money on drug deals.  I mean I can picture someday there is going to be a movie.  But it goes right back to the line of scripture to him who is forgiven much they love much.  I don’t quite understand it, it’s not necessary to be so broken to get such revelation, but it doesn’t hurt, you know.  Something about that brokenness that makes us more pliable to hear from God, what do you think about that?

Katie: Indeed, I’m telling you that there is nothing like being locked up in prison to get you sequestered and silent so that you can hear God and He can fill you up with His goodies.

Sid: So, about 2006 you went to a friend of mine who runs the church, Bill Johnson, the Bethel Church in Redding, California.  You felt directed by God.  You had seen healings, when you were in prison you saw healings.  But you knew that was something more so you went to this church what happened to you there?

Katie: Well, God told me to go to Bethel and I didn’t know anything about it because I was an ex-con. I had just got out of prison so, you know it was a big deal for me to get on a plane and go some place that I had never heard of. And when I got there it was like we have been believing that we were going to receive the Matthew 10 anointing that drives out demons and heals the sick.  And I got there and found out that Bethel is, of course world famous for the kingdom of Heaven manifesting there on a regular basis. I went because my mother had been very very ill.  She had a disease that ate her bones and she had lost many.  Her hip and her fingers and her bones had fallen out of her knuckles and she was extremely crippled.  We believed that the Lord was going to do something great.  So He told me to go.

Sid: And I tell you, I had never heard of such a disease but according to my notes, when she got an artificial body part the disease ate through the artificial body part even.

Katie: Yeah, six months Sid, the one hip was eaten they took it out, they put in the artificial one, six months later she collapsed, they open her back up and it had eaten the plastic parts of the manmade hip.

Sid: So you were desperate to understand healing.  So you go out to Bethel, what happened?

Katie: Well, like my second day there God did what He said He was going to do.  I’m standing in the service in the front. Two little housewives with their kids clinging to their skirts laid their hands on me. And the liquid power of God filled me up and I knew I had received the Matthew 10 anointing.

Sid: Which allow you to cast out demon and lay hands on the sick and have them recover.  So you get back home, you know that God has given you something special.  He directed you there.  You receive. Now you are coming home and your mother, who you love, who has been suffering.  I mean, it really sounds like she was in agony for something like 25 years.  You go there, great woman of God, you lay hands on her, what happened?

Katie: Well, I had something I never had before.  I suddenly had the switch that turned on and it was like this power generator with this heat started going and flowing inside of me and being released down my arms and out my belly and out my body on to Mom.  So, here I am, God had given us sign and wonders saying He was going to do something great.  I went, I got the anointing, I’m back I got this generator and I’m totally believing Mom’s going to jump up and be completely healed.  I’m praying, I’m releasing and I’m going and nothing happened.  And I’m like, what’s going on God.  And the next day I pray and nothing happened, and the next day I prayed and nothing happens.  But then on that third day, my father had been in the emergency room all day and he had been scheduled for two major operations with his prostate because he had been having trouble with it for years and years.  I walked up to him, I laid hands on him and he was healed.  So I knew that we had the anointing but there was something that was blocking Mom from receiving and that was when God began to tell me what it was.

Sid: What did He tell you?

Katie: As I sat before Him, He started to explain to me about the order in which Jesus talks about that Matthew 10 anointing.  He said, Notice the order and how Jesus presents it.  He says, he gave His disciples the anointing to first drive out demons. Then heal the sick.  God told me that sometimes you need to remove demonic powers that are hindering the healing before you can then heal the sick.  So I’m like oh, I get it God and I run back in there and I start praying for Mom rebuking every demon on the face of the planet off of her and again nothing happened.  So I’m like, what is going on with this God?  And He said you are doing what you were told.  You are fighting the enemy but once again it is about order.  You are fighting the demonic kingdom in the wrong order.  God began to minister to me how there was an order in the dark realm that it operated like an army.  That’s why the man at the tombs told Jesus that his name was legion.  Legion is a Roman army term and he knew he was part of an army.  And in every army there are ranks.  You know, generals, lieutenants, colonels in the United States army.  God began to show me.  Stop fighting from the bottom up the ranks.  Start working your way from the top down.  And when He said it to me, I said well show me where the ranks are in scripture.  So He took me to Ephesians 6:12, that classic scripture and I was reading it in the Amplified.  And as I saw it, I saw the order.  It says that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but against the and here’s the order. Gasp bits, the powers and the master spirits.  And as I looked at that order I could see that there it was.  That was the order I need to fight the demonic kingdom.  The first in the order is des pit.  What is a des pit?  It is a tyrant king and no king is a king unless he has a kingdom underneath him.  So who are in these kings’ kingdoms, the next two, in the order. The powers and then the master spirits.  The word powers , when you look it up in the Webster’s Sid, it actually means orders of angels, there’s the ranks in the demonic army.  And then the last in that army and the lowest rank are the master spirits because to master means to be able to control someone.  So those are the spirits that have the ability in some way to control or to harm you.  And so as I began to see this order of the demonic kingdom, with the kings at the top and the powers and the master spirits underneath them in their kingdom, the Lord spoke to me again and said if you will learn how to fight and defeat the king then the powers and the master spirit underneath them in their kingdoms will just submit to you.  I was like, okay, that’s cool.  Where is that in scripture? And He said, it is in the story of David and Goliath.  As I went to that story Sid, I saw exactly what God was trying to say to me.  That if you fight the demonic kingdom from the top down, you will be successful. And I saw the story starts with the Philistine army and the Israel army lined up in battle array to fight each other.  But they were not fighting.  The reason why was because each one of those armies had a champion that was covering them.  David was fighting for Israel and Goliath was fighting for the Philistine.  In this story Goliath himself makes a statement that proves what God was trying to teach me.  It says that Goliath will come every day for forty days to challenge the Israelites and every day he would say this Sid. He would go, choose a man from amongst your selves to come down to me. If he is able to fight me and defeat me then we, meaning me and my army will submit to you.  And that’s exactly what happened. See Goliath was saying, look I’m the covering for the Philistine army.  I’m their champion.  If you defeat me then not only will I submit but my entire army.

Sid: So that was the key you got for your Mom.  If you could get rid of that ruling king then the whole army backs off.  I love it, and as a matter of fact, we have her entire Healing School, six CDs step by step; the missing keys that you’ve been waiting for; the missing revelation that you have been waiting for.  That I believe is going to unlock the mystery of you manifesting your healing and you being about to set a lot of people free.  She has teaching on soul wounds. She has teaching on the glory and healing. Really missing keys and the thing I love about the teaching.  It’s more of a how to than a superstar mentality.  Her greatest passion is for you to learn to walk in the same healing that she’s walking in.  And we have a bonus that is worth the entire thing.  It’s a bonus CD on the Glory Light, Healing from the Glory Light.

sidroth on November 4th, 2010

Sid: My guest is Julie True.  Julie is a modern day psalmist. As a matter of fact, Julie if I was to say to you, what is your purpose in the Kingdom, how would you respond?

Julie: Right now it’s to infiltrate the earth with sounds of healing.

Sid: And that’s why you work a lot in healing rooms and healing rooms around the country use your music in soaking rooms.  You know, that’s kind of a new concept for a lot of people, soaking to anointed music.  Why don’t you explain what that is.

Julie: To me, soaking is, it always involves music for me.  It’s a time to quiet the soul, but to be awakened in the spirit to hear the heart of God in that moment and to interact with Him in a very personal way.  And so, it’s like letting go of everything that is in our everyday business and just letting God saturate us.  You know, I believe music can actually permeate our cells. The cells of our being and bring change in our bodies and in our spirits and souls and bring healing that way.  So that’s what it is for me.

Sid: Well, I believe the light of God just flows into an individual.  Jesus is the light of the world and it is sort of like in the sound waves. They penetrate a person when, they vary, so many people like to either sit in a comfortable chair or even most people like to lay on the ground.  I know people that are moving so fabulously in this supernatural that they get their revelation; they get their intimacy with God through soaking.

Julie: That’s right. We jokingly say BYOP bring your own pillow.  Sometimes when you come to soaking people will be laid out on the floor or some people will be writing in their journals and getting all kinds of revelations from God.  But you know, He speaks to us in a still small voice sometimes and so you have to be quiet and you have to quiet your soul. And for me it has been a time of letting God increases my spirit man so that my spirit is the leader and not my soul realm, which is all about my emotions and my will and all that.  And so, yeah it changes you and you get closer to the Lord.

Sid: Now I understand your son has all sorts of developmental delays and that must be very hectic for you, Julie.

Julie: Well, yes.  I don’t know how anybody can make it with any kind of the things we go through in this life without having communion with God and having connection with God in a spirit to spirit way.  But for him, my son, he is all about soaking himself.  He loves to have peaceful music and music where he can sing to and it actually helps him speak.  That’s one of the things I am noticing that’s helping him be healed is that he can sing much better than he can speak.  Because of his speech has been delayed and so I believe God’s healing him through the music and through the process of him even singing along to CD’s, mine and others you know.

Sid: You know what I find fascinating?  We interviewed before this interview, a woman that is a counselor in a substance abuse counselor and a number of other specialties in the secular and she is also a Biblical counselor. And the interesting thing is she plays your music and as she plays your music the people are being set free.

Sid: Let’s go to that interview: I have on the telephone, Mari.  We’re not using her real name, because she is a state certified substance abuse and mental health counselor from a biblical foundation and she is going to talk about some confidential things.  But she saw Julie True on “It’s Supernatural”.  Got her music and now she plays the CD “Breathe You In” in the background when she does group counseling or individual counseling.  Why do you play that in the background, Marie?

Marie: Well, it basically helps usher in the presence of God in my group settings.

Sid: Tell me a few things that have happened to people that are sitting with this presence of God in the counseling place situation.

Marie: Okay, well the first time I tried this was in a group setting of about twelve people and we were doing an exercise on forgiveness.  I had them write down all the people the Holy Spirit was leading them to forgive, as kind of an experiment, I thought well, I’ll put on this music because it really brings in the Holy Spirit into the setting.  So, I began to play, I believe it was “Yes, You Love Me” from that cut, it was a cut on “I’ll Bring You In” and as the people began to work.  They were given pencils and papers to write who they needed to forgive and as the music played, I looked around the room and almost all of them were visibly moved.  Some were weeping, some were sniffling, and then you could see that the Lord was doing this deep, deep work in them. And after the exercise I went through one by one and asked each one .  Okay, what did the Lord do for you? One woman was able to forgive her parents that were really neglectful to her.  One man was able to forgive a rapist of his daughter.  One man was able to forgive the Federal system that had wronged him, he thought.  So it was very, very powerful.

Sid: Marie, tell me about the person that was addicted to pain medicine for twenty years.

Marie: Yea, this young man was in that group that night and I didn’t see much happening with him.  He had had an abusive  father and he later told me that as a result of that session with Julie’s music he did on deed, forgive his father.  Well, that was in January and in April, we were having another session and he had told us that he had been on oxycotin, oxycodone for almost twenty years.  He had been in a terrible car accident when he was younger, his leg had almost been completely severed, but he was in terrible pain.  So he had felt like the Lord, had told him to quit this medication and he did ,but he was going through withdrawal and of course, he was left with this pain.  So when he came to group and announced this, we said okay, let’s go ahead and pray for you and he was instantly healed.  Previously, this young man had some extreme anger issues. He would jump out of his car and accosts people driving down the street when he was angry.  He was angry at his mother, his father and through the course of time and the use of treatment and Julie’s music he has greatly improved.

Sid: You also do secular counseling that is not faith based.  Tell me what happened when you exposed them to Julie’s music?


Marie: Well, in this particular group, this is several people who have substance abuse and mental health issues. And so I used Julie’s music again, “Yes, You Love Me” that just talked about the love of the Father and as that played two people began to just totally weep and weep in the group.  One of them was homosexual, he was homeless, he had HIV, he was alcoholic, and he had a mental illness.  He really had a lot of problems and he began to just weep, and weep and weep.  And I said, what is going on?  He said, oh that music, I don’t know why I am weeping I just feel so emotional and I know that the Spirit of God just touched him in that setting just from his reaction.

Sid: Thank you, Marie.

Played Julie True’s CD “I Hear the Sound”)

Sid: We put together a mini soaking kit, its two music CDs by Julie True.  Trust me, my favorite soaking music called, “Breathe You In” and “Sounds of Healing” plus a bonus, Cindy Parton did a teaching, I asked her to do this of the basics of soaking.  She spent 15 yrs. they’ve had more visions and experiences with God.  She’ll teach you how you can have your own experience God.  How you can hear God’s voice.  How you can soak; were making that as a bonus.

sidroth on October 25th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dr. Caroline Leaf, and Caroline, you were saying that the brain, just like it says in scripture, is divided wisdom, is in seven pillars. The brain is divided into seven pillars. And tell me what these pillars do for us.

DR. LEAF: Okay. So there’s seven pillars of thought. We’re a thinking being. We’re thinking all day long, even at night, and we think the results as thoughts. So as we think we each think in our own unique. And so what happens is the brain has got these seven pillars and as we are processing thoughts, like when you digest food or when a form is developed it goes through stages. Same thing with your thinking. Your thinking goes through seven different stages. So each part of the brain, for example, the front part of the brain we would call your interpersonal type of thinking, which deals with your deep thinking and so on. Your second part deals with this and all the different areas of your brain deal with something different. So each of the seven different parts. So deep thinking at the front and then more communication going towards the middle, and more logical towards that part, going to movement, musical, instinct, right to the back where we see visual spacious kinds of pictures and images. So as you are listening to me now your brain would be cycling through these seven, but in your own unique way, and that’s what’s unique.

SID: How fast?

DR. LEAF: Very. Every one to two seconds you will cycle through all seven.

SID: But it’s the combination that makes me unique from you or from you.

DR. LEAF: Exactly. It’s how you move through. So you may start at the front and then move to the back, and then move to there. I may start over there and then everyone starts at the front. But I may go there first and then go back to there. It’s just the amount of time as well that you spend.

SID: Okay. I took your test and it’s a simple test. You don’t pass or fail. It’s true or false and it’s very easy. And I took it and I have my results here, and I want you to tell me whether I’m suited for what I do. My highest one was Interpersonal. The next two–

DR. LEAF: If you wouldn’t mind stopping right there. Let me show you what that is. In other words, what happens is the second part of here, this is your interpersonal area in your order. The first one opens the door to receiving information.

SID: That was the highest.

DR. LEAF: That was your highest. So your highest, there’s no good or bad. So whatever is low is also good. It just shows you the order that you cycle through the seven and then the score simply tells you as well how long you spend in each. There’s no wrong pattern. Every single pattern is fantastic, wonderful, superb. So everyone can rest at ease because often people think, oh my goodness, I must get higher. No. Whatever you get is fantastic. So you will open the door to receiving information through interpersonal, which means that you like to ask questions and get in people’s heads, and get information in your own head through a lot of communication. And that’s why you’re a great host, because you start communication. You start getting to know people. That’s why you like to do the radio interviews because you like to ask questions, and it’s through asking questions–

SID: I have to tell you, when I read what these things meant I said, that is a pretty good test. I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. Now the next two, and they were both identical, was, as far as the numbers, was intrapersonal and linguistic.

DR. LEAF: Okay. So then what happens is you cycle, it always starts down there. So you cycled immediately to that and then you went back down there, then you cycled to here, the front. The front is intrapersonal. Intra is deep thinking, introspection, decision making, going inward. And you do that. When I watch you, you do that. You’ll ask a question and then go deep inside yourself to actually analyze and interpret that information. And so your second part helps to build a temporary memory. So you ask questions to get the information in your head. And then as you deep think you start forming a memory. Then your third one down was–

SID: Was linguistic.

DR. LEAF: Linguistic. And now that is more or less over here.

SID: But actually, the second and third were the same numbers.

DR. LEAF: The same. That can happen because it’s, tests in my clinic takes, in my clinical practice is a thousand questions. So you know, we would be able, all you do in this case like that, Sid, is you would just go back and redo the two sections and say, okay, is this an acquired skill or is this really me? And in that way you’ll distinguish and you’ll find one or two questions that you may change. ‘Cause very often we muddle up what we’ve acquired, what people learn through experience, through life with what we really like to do. And so there you’ll be able to distinguish. But let’s assume that your intro comes out second and your third, and they can be very close. They can be a point percentage. It doesn’t matter. It’s absolutely fine. So your third one was linguistic which is more or less over there. Linguistic is words. It’s the spoken and written word. And I’ve watched the way you interview. You’ve got a lot of information, lots of words. So you’re using, now your third one down is where you start to consolidate information. So now I’ve received through the first one, through asking questions. You have started building a temporary memory through going deep down inside yourself and then you’re gonna shift over to words, written or spoken words, where you are consolidating, getting that memory like kind of fixed, getting it in its place, connecting it with other memories. And what’s your next one down?

SID: Well I just wrote those three down.

DR. LEAF: Okay. So that starts describing, now you would still, so in every one to two seconds, every time, all day long, two and half thousand to 3000 times an hour, up to 60,000 times a day, as you are thinking, you’re gonna shift all the time there, there, there.

SID: Okay. I can see a young kid and you’ve given me so many examples. And when I did the radio interview of young people, that you as a mother, your own child, as a mother, understood by understanding her thinking process. But what about someone 70, 80 years old? Would it help them to know their gift?

DR. LEAF: Absolutely. Like you said, we’ve got four children and as a mother I believe I’ve become a better mother by understanding my children. I’ve had people in my clinical practice sobbing because they said, “I’ve always believed I could do that.” So to show someone that you are gifted the way you think, this is brilliant. This is what it looks like. I’ve printed out a graph. And you can do that. You could enter it into PowerPoint and print out your own graph, and see about that. I did a lot of work in schools.

SID: But when people block their gifts.

DR. LEAF: Then it’s a problem.

SID: Then what happens to them physiologically when their gifts are blocked?

DR. LEAF: Well when we block our gifts we actually use our gift. Gift is our unique way that we flip through cycles through all of these. The result of that is we’re going to build memory. So we’re gonna use a tree here to show memory. This is a tree because the nerve cells of the brain look like trees. So we talk about the magic trees of the mind. So my results of using my gift will be a creation. Now the creation that I create in my mind, because my brain is neuroplastic, which means it can grow these branches and change them, could be like this, which is the normal, natural, or it could be a negative looking tree, which I call a toxic tree or a gift blocker. It could be this black tree, a gift blocker.

SID: So if our gifts are blocked and we build memories that look like this, what happens to us physically, socially?

DR. LEAF: That is considered a gift blocker. That throws our body into stress and we don’t think clearly. Wherever I have inflammation, like for example, if I have this kind of set up more or less in this part of the brain over here where I’m pointing to now, it’s called the ACG, anterior central gyro. So I’m just using this as an example. Now that’s the part of your brain that shifts between thoughts. It’s called the gear shifting of the brain. If I have a toxic thought bolt over there, as I’m cycling through those seven loops, I get there and it’s like a big nog in the road. If you have a big tree trunk that falls over the road the highway has got a crack in it and you can’t drive through because of a big hole or if there’s a bridge you can’t–

SID: Listen, the example of the road cracking, and I’ve put my tire over that, I don’t want that. I don’t want my gift locked in any way. I want to express myself. I want to be at peace. I want to be in health. I want to have good relationships and I want to find out about these gift blockers. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

sidroth on October 18th, 2010

Sid: Okay, help me to understand, you’re in the hospital, at least it’s the Holy Spirit Hospital for six months in the cancer ward.  What’s that like you hear people in pain and agony.

Dave: Oh yes, you don’t go to the hospital to sleep.  There was noise constantly.

Sid: I know I have been in the hospital.  That is the worse place for someone sick.

Dave: Yeah, there was constant noise.  I would hear people crying out in pain at night.  Depending what type of cancer they were battling I was in the cancer unit.

Sid: By the way, why did they give you chemo if you had a death sentence?

Dave: Well, they wanted to give it every shot they could but there was no guarantee that it would work.  I had a very aggressive chemo treatment.  I had seven days. I had cancer so they fight fire with fire.  They came at it with constant chemo 24 seven for seven days.

Sid: Did your hair fall out?

Dave: Pretty soon.  I woke up one morning and thought a dog had been sleeping on the pillow and realized that that was part of me.  So it wasn’t long till I lost, not only all the hair on my head but, my eyelashes, eye brows. Didn’t have to shave, looked like Elmer Fudd.  I Didn’t have to do anything.

Sid: I love what God showed you about losing your hair.

Dave: Well, he did.  We had people in the church that were praying “Lord don’t let a hair of his head be harmed” and they were quite disappointed when they found out that my hair had fallen out.  But I felt like the Lord said, I want you to claim a hundred souls for every hair that left my head.  So I shared that with the church on a video, one of the guys brought a video camera into the room and taped me.  While I was talking to him that hit me and I pointed to my bald head and said do not be discouraged because these hairs fell out.  They are coming back but, were getting 100 souls for every hair that’s fell out.  So that continues to be a battle cry in our church.

Dave: Now when you heard people in the cancer ward crying out with pain and agony, there was even one man you talked about that was cursing.  Tell me about him.

Dave: He was pretty miserable and he would curse at his wife, curse at the nurses. And one morning I was sitting in the visit room.  They would let us out of our rooms when visitors weren’t there and we could take a walk to the sun room, the visiting room.  And I would sit in there with my Bible and read in the morning and this guy came in and he walked over to me and he was pretty surly he looked at my Bible and he said, “So you believe that thing?”  And I said I trust the one who wrote it and he said, “Well read me something.”  I happened to be in Isaiah and I read a portion of Isaiah to him and I looked up and the man was crying.  And I said, He can do this, He can do what He says here.  He can heal you.  He carried, He carried your sicknesses.  Can I pray for you?  I prayed for him and I will tell you he was a very caustic man but, I prayed for him and we will see if that works.  He didn’t even have any strong expression of faith but, he walked out of the room and within about a week there was a knock at my door and there he stood in his street clothes and his wife and he said well your prayers worked preacher.  I have no more cancer.