sidroth on October 12th, 2010

Sid: Shalom Mishpochah, shalom family.  Mishpochah is a Hebrew word and it means family and we’re the Mishpochah.  The family with a Jewish heart made up of Jewish and non-Jewish people where the middle wall of separation between Jew and Gentile it’s has finally come down to form what Paul, he’s literally besides himself and he says in Ephesians the second chapter the reason Jesus came was to break down this separation between Jew and Gentile.  Not to have an ecumenical bless Israel meeting, although that’s good but to form what he calls the full dwelling place for God, the One New Man.  We need the Jew in the Body and the Jew needs the Gentile in the Body and that’s why Jesus prayed;  I pray that they, Jew and Gentile, the only two people groups alive at that time, might be one so the world will believe.

My guest, Dave Hess had a death sentence from a doctor. He thinks he just has the flu or something.  He takes a simple blood test and they say you have one of the most aggressive forms of leukemia, you’ll probably be dead in a month.  They put him in a hospital.  He has an aggressive form of chemotherapy , they don’t think it’s is going to work.  They are doing the best they can.  But, of course Dave has a secret weapon, he knows the Lord and he has his friends that know the Lord and they are praying for him and some very supernatural things start happening.  I mean, he started out with all his healthy blood cells.  They are called white blood cells, not one of them was normal.  Not one.  So he has this aggressive chemotherapy that they’re doing because there is nothing else they know to do.  They don’t give it much hope, but one of your main doctors, a female doctor.  Tell me about her.

Dave: She is a wonderful woman.  She herself had been a survivor of cancer and when she shared with me the diagnosis she had such great compassion for me.  She was from a very staunch religious home, a wonderful religious home but, her own confession will be that although she knew of the things of the Lord, she did not encounter and experience the heart of the Lord.  And through watching the Lord minister to me, not only to my body but, she watched the peace that He spoke to me.  She watched the joy that He gave me, the honey in the rock, the sweetness of His presence in the hardest of times.  She was just stirred and it’s like chords of love were drawing her closer and closer to His heart and in the course  of my time in the hospital and my interaction with her and other believers it’s like the Lord did a love ambush on her life.  And He sent all kind of people into her life who loved and knew Jesus and her sons are being drawn to the Lord.  Threw it all she came to this place of knowing Him and experiencing His love and His forgiveness and developing an amazing…

Sid: But, what about your cancer?  What did she write on your medical report?

Dave: Well, when the whole thing came down, when I’d been through the burst appendix, the high fever and the days of real uncertainty where my body would rise and fall, and it looked  like it might be the end.  When it came to the very end of it all, when every ounce of leukemia was gone from my system, on the last page of the report she wrote: chemotherapy deterred the spread of leukemia in this patient’s body but, God brought the healing.  So I’m finding that doctors are not our enemies.  They are really out to see healing, but, more and more and more doctors are encountering the power of the Lord, the power of the Lord, the power of His compassion and the of His great healing anointing.

sidroth on October 4th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here and welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I was just talking to Nic and Rachael Billman, and they travel all over the world with people like Randy Clark, who have just awesome miracle meetings. And as far as I’m concerned, you guys as psalmists set the stage for miracles. I mean, what is, and by the way, this is gonna be hard for you to believe, they’ve known each other forever. Is that true?

NIC: Yeah.


SID: They started leading worship at 13 together. They’re both PK’s, pastor’s kids. What is your heart? What do you want to see accomplished when people worship the most high God?

NIC: Well I think the think about worship and being a worship leader is my job to hear what God is singing over the people, like Zephaniah says, “God sings over us” and then to release over the people in psalm, and get the people to sing back to their Father. So it’s a connection of the Father and His children in worship, more than just singing songs because the words are on a screen.

SID: But how did that intimacy, I think all things are possible.

NIC: Yes.

RACHAEL: Yes, that’s right.

SID: And just before we went on the air I told them I had been listening to this new CD called “The Least of These” and there’s one song that I love. I absolutely love. It’s called, and you’ll love, just by, and a little later on we’ll have a montage of some of their songs and you’ll hear this. It’s called “Come Find Me”. Tell me about that song.

NIC: When we were leading worship–

SID: And by the way, they write their music while they’re leading worship. I mean, it’s not like you’re home at night and you write out every note.


NIC: Right. It’s all spontaneous to begin with. And this was one of those songs. We were leading worship at our church with just a few friends one night and we were actually singing like Halleluiah, holy, just high praise. And then all of a sudden I was in an open vision and I saw all these alive churches and they were saying, “God we want to see you. We want to hear your voice. We want to know you.” And God responded, and I was taken to the streets, and I saw all the poor and the homeless, and the sick. And I heard His voice say, “Then come find me.” And we began to sing the words in Matthew:25 because it’s about the least of these. And so the song, “Come Find Me” is about if you want to see God, if you want to have an encounter with God, then go the least of these and you’ll find Him there. Jesus identified himself as the least of these. The passage in scripture, it said, “When I’m hungry you gave me food. When I’m thirsty you gave me a drink.” And Jesus said that identifies himself as these people.

SID: It’s not difficult to find Jesus, is it?

NIC: No, it’s not. It’s not.

SID: Now when they worship God the way they’re doing it in their own unique fashion, the heavens open. More healings than you can count occur at their meetings and people hear angels. They hear supernatural instruments. Tell me about the time you heard the piano when you were just late at night worshiping God yourself.

NIC: Yeah. It actually kind of scared me because I was leading worship, just me, just my guitar at our church at maybe midnight. And all of a sudden I hear a piano playing, and I thought surely there’s nobody here in the building. And so just because I was curious, I walked out the hall and looked down to the sanctuary and nobody was in there. So I thought, okay, I go back and play, and I hear it again. And this time it’s louder and there is nobody in the building at all. Nobody was playing the piano. And because of that, we wrote a psalm, “I’ll Join the Angels” because we realized, you know, there’s worship in Heaven 24-7, non-stop. And so when we worship we’re just synchronizing Heaven and Earth and we’re joining in with what’s already taking place in the spirit.

SID: You know what I believe? I believe that when you guys and others that love God lead worship there’s a whole band of angels that are worshiping. If you’re dancing, they’re dancing just like you do.

NIC: Yeah.

SID: If you’re singing they’re singing just like you are. In fact, tell me about the time you did this home recording and found a voice on there.

RACHAEL: Nic and I have a worship room. And it’s just a room that we just sanctify as our time that we’re gonna spend with the Lord in this room. And so we do. We have, we’re able to record in there. And so one day we just decided to see what would happen. And so we just spontaneously started singing “Alleluia”. And Nic’s just singing, and so I joined in with him and I’m singing, too, and we’re just kind of echoing over each other. And that was it. And so we got into the car after this and we were headed to a ministry event, and we were driving in the car playing the CD, just a home recording type thing. And so we were driving in the car and my son says, “Mommy, who’s that other man singing with you and Daddy?” And we’re saying, “What do you mean?” We didn’t hear anything, you know, when we had first listened to it. We didn’t hear anything. But, you know, what happened was Nic was singing and then over top of it we just started singing in the spirit, and then you can hear this shouting. After a while it was like, “Ho, ho, ho!”

SID: Those angels must have been excited about you worshiping God. That’s what I think.

NIC: Yeah.

SID: And how do you know it wasn’t just a fluke in the recording?

NIC: Well we went back and listened to all the tracks and it’s not there. It’s not on any of the tracks in the recorder.

SID: So how do you explain that?

NIC: It’s supernatural.

SID: And by the way, if you have never heard angels singing we’re gonna include that with “The Least of These”. But people have reports of hearing instruments like my favorite instrument, the shofar, do you hear many reports of people hearing shofar blasts?

NIC: Yeah. In fact, we had a lady that emailed us and she said, “I love that you incorporated the shofar into your CD.” And I looked at Rachael and said, “There’s no shofar in the CD.” And she had a place where she had heard it in this song at this time But it’s not there. But we have it a lot where people say, I heard a shofar. I heard a tambourine.

SID: I think the angels are worshiping with you two. That’s what I believe is going on.

NIC: Yeah.

SID: I believe all of Heaven is worshiping, and when they worship miracles take place. Don’t go away. Be right back after this word.

sidroth on September 28th, 2010

SID:  Hello, Sid Roth you investigative reporter to the Supernatural here with Bill Johnson. Bill, can anyone move in the power that you move in?

BILL:  Absolutely, absolutely. It was meant for every believer

SID:  And one of the things that intrigues me is you have a school, you have put on seminars, and the people get activated almost immediately. Pull one person out – tell me about them.

BILL:  In our school, it’s a school that trains people in the supernatural, and we also have our conferences throughout the year; youth conferences; and we take the youth, we train them, and then we send them out into the streets with someone from our school. So one particular instance, a young lady from the Nashville area took three, I believe it was three young people to our mall; and taught them how to find people who needed a miracle. And we just tell them if they have crutches or a cane or whatever, then you ask if you can pray. So, there was a young girl there about nine years old that had crutches. They asked the mother can we pray for your daughter and she said sure. Well the girl was immediately healed. And the mother was so moved she then turned. She said will you pray for my husband, pointing to the man standing next to her, and then she said my daughter has never heard her father speak. Come to find out he was deaf, he was dumb, he was mute – he was unable to speak.

SID:  Wait a second these are just students – this is heavy weight stuff.

BILL:  Yes, he lets people break in at the top (laughs), and they began to pray for him and the first thing that happen was his ears started to open up and the young lady from our school looked at him and says you are going to speak and began to pray for him. God loosed his tongue and you can imagine the tremendous joy that hit that family that day.

SID:  Tell me another one, this is so good.

BILL:  We have a lot of miracles that take place in public places; a lot of things like deafness that will get healed.

SID:  Now you think in terms like going to a Benny Hinn meeting, going to a church, but do you see as many as happen inside as are happening outside?

BILL:  Well, because of the amount of people that are in the church, we now see, that are obeying God and taking risks, we now see more miracles outside of church than inside of church, but they continue regularly.

SID:  You I think that there supposed to be outside the four walls.

BILL:  Absolutely, that’s what we work for is we content to bring it in everyday life.

SID:  And, see what I’m hearing you say, what gets me so excited is when you do a miracle in a public place, then all these non-believers are looking at the miracle and you have grabbed their attention to proclaim who caused the miracle. I mean it’s a no brainier. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, but we substituted a cerebral type of presentation rather than a power presentation.

BILL:  One of our young men felt the presence of God come on him in a grocery store; he found someone to pray for; the man was instantly healed. He had three back surgeries, in tremendous pain, and he took the man into the parking lot, put his arm around him and started to yell in the parking lot: this man has just been healed by the Lord Jesus Christ, and two people came to that event in the parking lot and received Christ.

SID:  Bill there is a presence of God that has just entered the set, and I believe that you can pray for people right now and they are going to be healed, can you do that?

BILL:  I would love to, I would love to. Father I ask that the presence of the Holy Spirit be released throughout this entire viewing audience. And I come against that spirit of infirmity that has kept people locked up in disease; that devil of arthritis, cancer I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. And for those who have been in accidents, that have been afflicted for twenty or thirty years or longer, God we pray for your mercy to invade those situations and again we come against the spirit of infirmity that has sustained the effects of this accident. I rebuke you in Jesus name and we release the healing grace of the Lord throughout this land. God our cry is for you to raise the water level in the church for the miraculous where Jesus receives the glory because we just obey and do the stuff. God I ask for that in the name of Jesus.

SID:  You know Bill, as you were praying that I literally felt like I saw someone with a neck brace, or one of these collars you know from having been in an accident. If you’ll just take it off, you’ll find that you just don’t need it. You already are back to better than before you had your accident. Bill, I believe that God has given you a very, very special presence and I believe in the impartation of this presence. Would you pray for those who want more? Is that you? Do you want more? I’m going to ask: at any cost, that’s the question. Do you want more at any cost? Tell God, don’t tell me, don’t tell Bill; tell God he’s the only one that can do this. People are still being healed; I mean it’s almost like popcorn right now, Bill I want you to pray for those who want more at any cost. And by the way, I’m going to grab your hand because I want to get in on this.

BILL:  There is somebody who was in an accident 18 years ago; specifically 18 years, and you’ve suffered with problems in your spine, I think it’s going down into the hip area as well; and 18 years have gone by and the Lord is going to release a healing grace for that right now. If you get up and try to do what you could not do before, you’ll find that the Lord has restored what is impossible to restore. Let’s do that let’s pray for that release of grace. Lord we pray right now in the name of Jesus for the release of supernatural grace; the grace for miracles, for healings, for deliverances, to increase throughout this viewing audience; for your church of this nation; for the nations of the world. God help us to stand in that place and release that grace for miracles, the grace for miracles; the signs that point to you. Let them be released throughout the church in greater measures. We cry for that in the name of Jesus, Amen.

SID:  You know what I believe? I believe that if you sincerely hunger and thirst for righteousness you will be filled. And righteousness is intimacy with God. It begins with intimacy with God. It is intimacy with God. It ends with intimacy with God. The truth is it never ends you just slip right out of your earth suit and go to heaven. But you have a job to do here and your job is not to look at the back of someone’s head in church for fifty years. You are to do the works of the Messiah. Number one: repent of your sins; tell God you’re sorry. Number two: ask for his help to overcome these things in your life and say with your own mouth I make you Lord Jesus; come and live inside of me. And then: pray like Bill prayed. I want more at any cost; I mean literally give God no rest, get desperate; make your life count. Aren’t you tired of the same old same old? There is nothing more exciting than two things. This is the prayer in my heart I’m going to have to tell you the prayer in my heart is. God I want to hear your voice and I want to be obedient. I really do. I mean this life is just a blink of the eye compared to eternity. Why would you want to waste it? The highest adventure in the world is walking with God; it’s for you, it’s not for special people – it’s a special God.

sidroth on September 21st, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Mel Bond. And Mel, the doctors told you and your wife that you only had one chance in 100,000 of a normal child. You had three stillbirths, or three miscarriages and a baby born deformed. And why did you continue trying to have children with that doctor telling you that?

MEL: Because we believe in the Word of God and we stood on God’s word. And so during the night session I was awakened and I see this demon. It was over the top of my wife’s body, the lower parts of her body, and faster than almost than you can think, I mean so quick, it was like I could see throughout infinity out towards the east, eastern skies, and I see this angel come rushing out of the east, and it came down and wrestled with this demon, and then running off out into the southwestern skies, and at that time we were living in St. Charles, Missouri. And then that angel came back and he got on his knees, and he put his hands in the lower parts of my wife’s body. And we have three perfect children.

SID: How were you praying back then?

MEL: Well to the best of my ability with my whole heart. But more than anything we were just standing on God’s word. We just said God’s word is truth and we’re gonna believe it.

SID: Tell me, when you raised your children, did you teach them about discernment, and did they move in discernment?

MEL: Absolutely.

SID: Did they understand deliverance? Tell me about that.

MEL: I would teach my children, as soon as they began to understand and talk, that I would tell them that if they would have flus, colds, fevers, the typical things that children get, and I’d teach them, this is a spirit. This is a demon spirit. And I’d come in there in the bedroom many times during the night session, and that was my job. You know, my wife would do the other things. But I’d come in there and then I’d pray and they’d break it. They’d break it. And I’d say, “Now if that spirit tries to come back you just take authority. You just say, ‘In Jesus’ name, you can’t stay.’” And you’d hear them, the little girls in there, talking in their voices and saying, “Jesus’ name.” Even one time my middle daughter, her name is Chantelle, she was about three years old, and she says, “Devil, if you come back I’m gonna squash you like a bug.”

SID: Out of the mouths of babes. I’ve got a report here, medical report on one of your daughters about her eyesight. She was legally blind. Tell me about that.

MEL: Okay. She was legally blind. And, you know, Jesus said in John 16:24, he said, “If two of you ask nothing in my name ask and you shall receive that your joy will be full.” Well that word “ask” means more than your just speaking out of your mouth. It says “to crave and to demand what is due.” Not demanding God, but to demand the devil get away. “And that my joy be full.” Well my joy can’t be full if my child, if my baby daughter, Caress, she’s blind. And so I got some charts, legal charts, eye charts, and I began, and so I prayed for her. And I looked into the realm of the spirit and I see that the demon spirit of blindness, I command it leave. And so she had perfect, better than perfect eyesight. Better. And so she went back to the medical doctor, and you have the reports.

SID: Speaking of medical doctors, tell me about that heart surgeon that came to one of your meetings.

MEL: Okay. He was a person that, he said he was a Christian. But he just didn’t believe in healings and miracles. And he came to a service in North Carolina, and he said that, well the upshot of the whole thing is let me start back. That I was preaching and when I was preaching I didn’t know these people. It was the first time I had ever been to this church in my life. There was 300 people, something like that there. And I look back and I see this man. I see in his chest and I see the demons, and I can tell you where they were wrapped around his arteries on his heart region. And I just told him, I said, “You got problems here,” and I described it. And I didn’t say it was a demon. I didn’t want to scare him. Some people get scared by that. And so I just said, “There’s a problem here.” And I told him where it was intricately. And then I said, “I’m gonna get rid of it now in Jesus’ name.” And so I did. And then he got real excited and he says, “I felt that! I felt that!” And he says, “I know it’s God because I feel so much better.” And then he made the statement. I think he said he’s a heart surgeon. He says, “I’m scheduled to have open heart surgery to do exactly what you said.” He says, “I want to know where you got your training.” I says, “I just got my training from Jesus. He lets me look inside the spirit world and see, look inside the bodies and see if there’s things wrong.” And he says, “I came to this service to prove that you were a fake.” And he says, “Now I know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, and that healing and miracles are real.”

SID: You know Mel, it’s wonderful that you move in this supernatural gift of discernment. But when people read your book or they attend your conferences, do you get many reports of people that start moving in these gifts of discernment?

MEL: I would say immediately. I just came from Japan where I did a Masters conference and I had some very incredible ministers that are even friends of Dr. Paul Yonggi Cho that said this is the greatest meeting he’s ever been in his life, and it’s only 45 minutes, a small meeting. And immediately, in there, I think there was like 95 percent of those ministers, and here we have a language barrier. And there was like 95 percent at least.

SID: Started moving into discernment.

MEL: Immediately they started seeing in the spirit world and seeing spirits, which is so important, because people need to realize that’s the root of all of our problems.

SID: Now you talk about love conquers the devil.

MEL: Absolutely.

SID: Love stops the devil. Explain that.

MEL: In the natural world, natural-minded people, if they see a spirit it would horrify them, because it’s a dimension they’re not familiar with, that they’re not schooled in. So they don’t believe in it. And so Satan doesn’t know about love. Love is a dimension, God’s unconditional love is a dimension that Satan knows nothing about. It’s the secret place of the most high God. And so when we operate in love that we get into a dimension that absolutely torments the devil, and it’s one of the greatest forces. Because what is love? God is love. He is unconditional love. And I think that’s one of the major reasons that the devil fights people getting in love. If you read in 1 Corinthians 13, it talks about the nine gifts of the spirit. The devil knows if he fights all the gifts of the spirit, he’s got nine battles on his hands. But it says, “If we don’t walk in love then none of the gifts are…” So he knows all he has to do is fight us, keep us from operating and living in unconditional love. Then none of the gifts work. None of them work or are factual.

SID: So that’s probably why his problems between husbands and wives, parents and children, whereas if he can stop this love he wins.

MEL: He stops it all. That’s right.

SID: But if someone moves in love it mystifies him.

MEL: Absolutely. We actually, when we walk in love we are walking inside of God. That’s the reason the Bible says, “Walk in the spirit.” When we walk in love it’s just like we’re encased by God. We’re in the sacred place of the most high God. What’s the sacred place? Remember when you were a kid you played Hide and Seek?

SID: Right.

MEL: The greater that you can hide then you can’t be found and the devil can’t find us if we get in God’s unconditional love.

SID: Okay. Last thought.

MEL: Well my last thought that I’d like to bring out is in the Book of Mark, the Bible says, “The rich young ruler came to Jesus.” And Jesus was giving him the greatest opportunity that he had ever had in his life. And Jesus said there was only one thing that kept him from that, that he wasn’t trusting God. That he had fear of trusting God with his finances. And so what I want to say, it’s the same thing today. I’d be willing to say that a hundred percent of the time there’s only one thing, and it’s a demon. There’s only thing that keeps people from experiencing the grand finale that God has for them in this life.

SID: I’ve never looked at that, the rich young ruler, that way. So you believe that there is an evil spirit behind just about every physical illness, every problem between people?

MEL: I see it, Sid. I see them. I see them. The Lord has shown me how I can do this at my will any time that I want. And I see it. I wish people could see it the way I, and I can train people to where that they can see, too, because it’s all in the Word of God, that there’s over 700 verses just in the New Testament where it validates, 2 Peter 1:3-4, where it says, “God has already given us all things that pertain to this life and godliness.” What’s godliness? God likeness. You’ll know the truth and the truth will set you free.

SID: Do you know the truth? The truth is Jesus died in your place for your sins. And every rotten thing you’ve done your whole life, everything you’re guilty about, the blood of Jesus will wash away and make you clean if you tell him you’re sorry. And then when you’re clean you ask the King of Love, Jesus, to come and live inside of you. Who wouldn’t want love, pure love, God’s love living and radiating through you. Make Jesus your Lord. Do it now.

sidroth on September 13th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Mel Bond. And Mel, one of the things you told me is that demons prevent believers from being all that God’s called them to be.

MEL: Absolutely.

SID: Explain a little more.

MEL: Oh I’d love to talk about this for two hours, but we don’t have time. But basically, the Lord showed me that until a person, a hundred percent of them wants to be rid of this problem, that demon still has authority and he’s still can rule. And so I’d like to say people within the sound of my voice, ministries you’ll never be and people will never be everything that God wants you to be, and you’ll never have everything God wants you to have as long as there’s one percent of you that doesn’t mind that fault or that problem that you’re dealing with. If you don’t mind it being there you’ve got to with your whole heart, the Word of God says that “You will find me if you seek me with your whole heart.” If there’s one percent, those demons, they know, and they have rights to stay there, and you know they’re still there. And so they need to with their whole heart live for God, and then they can have everything that God wants them to have and be everything that God wants them to be.

SID: You know, what you’re saying is true in a thought with me. A friend of mine was watching the Oprah show and there was a woman that was a well known country singer that said as a child she had thoughts of being a lesbian, and she prayed to God and God didn’t take it way. So she felt that’s the way God made me. I love God, but this is the way God made me. Do you believe that that’s a demon that perhaps she had that one or two percent holding back?

MEL: Absolutely. Here’s one of the things people don’t realize. We are at war with the devil. 2 Corinthians 10, the Bible says that “Tho we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh. The weapons of warfare, they’re not carnal, but they’re mighty through God.” And then it goes on and it teaches us this is the progressional step of how people become demon-possessed. It’s first thoughts. And after thoughts then imagination, then the stronghold. And so we’ve got to get rid of those thoughts, because those thoughts are after. They’re gonna open, I call thoughts demons that are door-openers. That if we keep entertaining a thought he’ll open up the door to let a worse demon come into our life. Then we become obsessed. And then after a period of time of being obsessed we become possessed of the devil.

SID: Mel, tell me about the time that you had chest pains.

MEL: Okay. This goes back, if you remember the interviews prior, people who listen to this, back in 1973, when Jesus took me down that corridor, that demon, that big tall demon that was trying to claw my eyes out, well I started having chest pains earlier than that. It was in 1972. In fact, it was October 22, 1972, and I started having chest pains, horrible chest pains. I thought I was gonna die. And I fought those chest pains for many years. And then it was right around 1990, that I woke up in the middle of the night and I had see that same demon that was in that corridor and he had his right index finger in my chest wrapped around my heart, and it was just like what woke me up was because of the fact that I had such horrible chest pains, worse than they had ever been, and it was like I knew I was gonna die any second. It’s just like I knew that I knew, that I knew. But when I woke up because of the pain I see that demon standing over the top of me with his index finger wrapped around my heart, and faster than machine gun bullets again, the spirit of God spoke to me and He says, “You don’t have heart problems. It’s that demon. Get rid of the demon and the problem is gone.” And so I rebuked him. I told him in Jesus’ name, “You have to leave.” And then immediately he started pulling his finger out of my chest very slowly, and by the time he pulled his finger, as he was pulling his finger out of my chest that the pain decreased. And then when it was totally out and he was standing there he started just disappearing right in front of my eyes. And within, it probably took about 20 minutes to half an hour, and all the pain left, and just micro portions of it, I mean just microscopic little hints of it would try to come back every now and then for maybe a couple of years, and I knew it was that demon. And so I just said, “No, no, no, you’re not coming back. In Jesus’ name I have authority over you.” And it would leave. And so now it’s been, my goodness, I don’t know how many years, not an ounce of any kind of chest pains or any problem.

SID: Well in your own life the doctors told you and your wife you had one chance in 100,000 of having a normal baby born.

MEL: That’s right.

SID: And I’ll tell you what, when we come back we’ll talk about that. Don’t go away. Be right back.

sidroth on September 8th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Mel Bond, has a gift called discernment where he can see evil spirits on people, command the evil spirit to leave, and then they get better. I love that gift. When did this start happening in your life?

MEL: That happened, it began with in October 1973, and Jesus, in a vision, said, “Mel, I want to take you some place.” He took me to this like a large cave, and it looked like it was probably a half a mile wide and I couldn’t see the end of it. It was just filled with horrible, hideous demons making all kinds of hideous noises. And without God’s help, if anybody from a natural standpoint was there it would destroy them. They would die a horror just hearing or just seeing, either one. And so–

SID: I’ve talked to people that have experiences like that, that unless you had God with you I totally understand.

MEL: That’s right. And so one particular demon came up to me and he was probably about seven foot tall and he had fingers that were like eight or ten inches long and then he had fingernails, probably three to four inches long that curved, and he was trying to slash and tear me apart and slash, and he was only getting just a fraction of an inch from my face, and it was very horrifying. And at that time I looked up at Jesus, and he was at my right hand side and he had a hold of my hand, and he squeezed it, and I looked up at him. He was a little bit taller than I am. And he says, “Mel, the rest of your life you’re gonna go down corridors like this.” But he says, “Always know I’ll never leave you. I’ll never forsake you. I’ll be with you and that you have power in my name.” And from that time on, an unprecedented amount of encounters have I encountered.

SID: But the thing that’s so exciting to me is after that encounter with the Lord, all of his senses, spiritually, where activated. And when you teach on this, what happens to the people that listen to the teaching?

MEL: Well I’ve done conferences, ministers’ conferences all over the world with the gifts of the spirit, and the gift of discerning of spirits that I would very extremely conservatively say that 80 percent of all people that are born again, filled with the Holy Spirit, they speak in tongues, immediately they begin to see in the spirit.

SID: Speaking of seeing in the spirit, in the late ‘70s two demons came into your bedroom. Tell me about that.

MEL: Yeah. In the late ‘70s I was awakened in the middle of the night because I heard some footsteps in my house and they started walking down the hallway, and they walked into the bedroom, and immediately that I jumped up and started swinging at them with my fist because to, you know, to protect my household, and they just began to laugh. And then immediately, of course, it was pretty obvious that these were spirits, even though it was in living color and they looked like they were physical. And so immediately faster than machine gun bullets the Lord spoke to me and he says, “Mel, this person that you’ve praying for that has a problem with adultery, has a problem with alcohol that,” and I had been working with them for a long time trying to share the scriptures and things weren’t getting any better, he says, “This is the root of the problem. The one the right is the spirit of adultery and the one on the left is a spirit of alcohol. Deal with the root of the problem, not the person.” And I did. And ever since that they’ve broken off of that person.

SID: That’s such a wonderful gift to have. Tell me about the woman that you saw a demon on her throat.

MEL: Okay. This happened down in Taylor, Texas. I was a pastor for an Assembly of God Church in Taylor, Texas, 707 Lizzie Street, and it was either the first or second service. So I didn’t know the people. My wife and I had just started pasturing there, so we didn’t know the people. And while I was preaching then I looked and I see this lady, probably about 85 years of age and on her left shoulder right in this area here I see, and I could talk about it for a long time, but basically it was a demonic force and it had arms and legs. It stretched all over into her neck region and her body like this. And so I just stopped preaching and I says, “I’m gonna take care of the situation in your life right now.” And I commanded that force to leave that was in that particular area on her body and I watched that spirit. It dropped off and it crawled out the back door, and then out the door and down the street to the left. By the time that it got to the back door, all of a sudden this lady started raising her voice, sort of not a real loud shout, but shouting and saying, “Praise God! Halleluiah” and that sort of thing. And all the church started getting real excited, and I’m thinking, well I don’t think this is such a big deal. Why is everybody so excited? And then when things calmed down the lady spoke and she says, “I had a stroke six months ago and I’ve not been able to talk for six months, and this portion of my body had been affected.” And all of that was totally gone.

SID: So like you normally can see this demon. You command it to leave and you see it leave.

MEL: Absolutely.

SID: And you told me over dinner last night, that when you’re ministering to people in a congregation you just look over the whole congregation and God shows you things about people.

MEL: Absolutely. Every time I preach I kind of walk around to the crowds and I’m looking for problems. Really, I’m looking for demons because I’m absolutely thoroughly convinced, according to the teachings of Jesus and the Word of God, that every problem there’s a demon. Jesus said, “If you’re not for me you’re against me.” And so we don’t have three choices. It’s either of God or of the devil. So if there’s a problem there’s a demon, and if you were to get to the root of the problem then the problem can be fixed.

SID: Okay. This is in a congregation. Just out of curiosity when you’re going out to the barber shop or wherever you’re going–

MEL: Same thing.

SID: You see it. Do you ever do something about it?

MEL: Oh absolutely. I was in a place of business just a few months ago and all of a sudden I looked and there was a demon on the top of this lady’s head right there. And so I just walked over and I says, “You know, I see a problem that you have in your head. Can I pray for you?” And she looked at me and kind of puzzled and shocked in a place of business, and people all around and everything, and what a wonderful place for God to give glory. And some of the people, they don’t go to church, so we got to bring church to them.

SID: Just out of curiosity, did know what happened when that demon left?

MEL: Absolutely. It totally left and then she began to smile and tears just flooding down her face. This happened in St. Charles Boonslick Medical Center in St. Charles, Missouri. And I was there getting my annual physical. And so immediately she cried and she says, “It’s totally gone.” And she says, “I’ve had an excruciating migraine headache,” for I think she said three days. And she says, “Nothing works. Nothing gets rid of it.” But she said, “It’s totally gone.”

SID: I’ll tell you. To me, it’s not scary. Scary is having these critters and not being able to see them.

MEL: Absolutely.

SID: Once you see the authority that you have to command these to go it’s the most wonderful gift in the world. Don’t go away. I’m gonna be back after this word and you’re going to find out how every area of your life can be affected when you understand Mel’s teaching on discernment. Be right back.

sidroth on September 2nd, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dean Braxton. And Dean, you’re dead, dead, dead for an hour and 45 minutes. You instantly leave your body because you know the Lord and you find yourself in Heaven. Who was the first person you saw in Heaven?

DEAN: Well when I first got there I was at the feet of Jesus and I can remember looking at him and saying these things to him, Sid, I said, “You did this for me?” And then all I could say was, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.” And at that moment I came to really understand that the only reason I was there is what because of what Jesus Christ had done. It wasn’t because of what I had done, but what he had done. And then I came to realize even the works I did in life, even the works I’m doing right now is him working through me. So I couldn’t even take credit for those things. And all I could say is, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.” I tell people everything about me. My body wasn’t there. It was my soul and my spirit. That’s what was there. Everything about me was praising him. And I tell people if I didn’t open up my mouth and praise him everything else would have kept on praising him. I could not stop thanking him.

SID: What did his eyes look like?

DEAN: Oh his eyes, you know, they’re just like what we read in the Bible, the fiery red and different colors. But what got me about his eyes is I literally saw the love for me, like I was the only creation of his that he loved, knowing that he loved everyone else, knowing that he loves you and everyone else on this planet. But I came to understand that in his eyes when he looks at me he loves me like I’m the only creation that he loves. People got to really understand that. Sometimes we don’t understand the deepness of his love for us.

SID: It’s a different type of love.

DEAN: It’s a different type, yes, yes. It was created just for me. The love for you is created just for you. So I can’t take his love away that he has for you away from you and you can’t take his love he has for me away from me. His love that he has for you, understand this, Sid, is created literally for you.

SID: Tell me about when you would just look at a part of his body, like his feet.

DEAN: Oh when I looked at his feet, when I’m talking about this love that’s created just for me, if I didn’t see another part of him and his feet, just like it said in Revelation. If you read it, it talks about his feet looking like brass, it’s really the glow off of it that looks like brass. You got the nail prints still there. But that’s what didn’t get me about his feet. What got me about his feet is that his feet loved me. And what I mean by that, if I didn’t look at any other part of him, if I didn’t see any other thing but his feet I would experience the fullness of his love for me through his feet. Same thing happened with his hands. Same thing happened with his entire body. Any part of his body I looked at, his hair, the crown on his head, everything that I looked at literally screamed out how much he loved me like I was the only thing in all creation he loved, knowing that love is there for everyone else, but that creative love that he had created just for me was coming through him in such a way. It seemed like I was literally turning into that love as he was looking at me. Someone asked me one time, they said, “Did you need any food?” No. As I was receiving that love I was being fulfilled in every manner you could imagine, even in the sense of saying, no, I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t need anything. That would satisfy me much more than I could ever explain to you.

SID: Now you saw some loved ones that had died and gone to Heaven.

DEAN: Yes.

SID: Who was the first loved one you saw?

DEAN: The first one I saw was my Grandmother Mary and I have to tell you, before this happened to me I didn’t think that that would be that important to the Lord that you would really see your family members there. But when I got there Jesus was standing to the left of me about 10 or 11 o’clock to the left of me, and pass him to the other side was my Grandmother Mary. Not only my Grandmother Mary was there, but other family members that had accepted Jesus Christ the Messiah as Lord and Savior, they were there. And it was something. It wasn’t just a one-side view, but generation after generation, after generation, after generation of those that had accepted Jesus Christ and the Lord and Savior that helped to make this man who I am on this planet right now, they were there to great me in Heaven. I mean, I tell people you will have the biggest family reunion you would ever think of.

SID: Now what did you grandmother say to you?

DEAN: My grandmother said something to me. She said really two things to me. One thing she wanted me to know and Jesus said the same thing, that this was not my home and that I’m just passing through. That’s what one of the things that Jesus Christ really wants me to get across to people as I talk to them. You’re just passing through this. You are not staying on this planet. The other thing Grandma said to me, which really impacted me really greatly, when Jesus was telling me leave, she said to me, she said, “Bring as many of us back with you as you can.” And I came back with the understanding of how important family is to God. And it seems like you should have known that beforehand. But see, I had accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I was the first one in my family. The rest of my family, my immediate family of three brothers and a dad, and a mother, they didn’t come to know Jesus Christ when I came to know Jesus Christ. Ten years later, my mom accepted Jesus Christ. And so it was only me and her that were what we would call Christians at the time. The rest don’t know. And here I am. I had separated myself, not only in the sense of spiritually or physically, but I also moved up to Seattle and they all lived in California, and I had very little to do with them. And here’s my grandmother saying to me, “Bring as many of us back with you as you can.” And I have a renewed understanding of going back and making sure my family members know about Jesus Christ.

SID: How important is family to God?

DEAN: Oh it’s very important, even to the point that we don’t look at it that way sometimes. But that’s why the devil is attacking the family and tearing up the family. I think if you look at even the Jewish families, and I’m gonna bring this in here because I think it relates so closely to Jewish families, and how keeping that bloodline, as the Jewish people try to keep that bloodline here, because they understood how important family was to God. We sometimes have gotten away from that. Still, God is saying the same thing to everyone that comes to know him as Lord and Savior, “Your family is important to me and so much, that I literally want you to go back to your family and make sure they know who I am.” I really believe that each and every one of us that are born again, that if we go back just to our family and reach out to them we’ll be ministering and evangelizing more people than we’ll ever come to understand.

SID: Have you reached more of your family since you’ve been back?

DEAN: Oh yes I have. I have reached out to my brothers. My dad came to know Jesus Christ about a year and half ago. You know, he’s 78 years old now, and so, good father. But he made that commitment. He says he’s a believer now. Do you know how much joy that brings me?

SID: But how much joy does it bring the Lord?

DEAN: How much joy does it bring the Lord? I was there when people got born again. I was there when people asked Jesus Christ the Messiah to be their Lord.

SID: What happens in Heaven when you see someone born again on earth?

DEAN: When I was there what happened was literally their name is shouted from one end of Heaven to the other.

SID: Oh, I didn’t ask you the most important question. The shock he had of who wasn’t in Heaven and the shock he had of who was there. We’ll be right back after this word.

sidroth on August 24th, 2010

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. But this, it’s ridiculous. Dean and Marilyn Braxton, Dean, you are saying that your heart stopped beating for one hour and 45 minutes, and you’re talking to me like a sane man right now.

DEAN: Yes I am. Yes I am.

SID: Okay. Let’s kind of take you back a bit. May 4, 2006, you’re minding your own business. What type of work do you do?

DEAN: Well at that time I was what they call a supervisor for the Juvenile Justice Department up there near Seattle, King County, and I supervised two specialty courts. One was called drug court and one was called treatment court, and I worked in the juvenile justice system. So that’s what I was doing at the time.

SID: Okay. What happened to you that day?

DEAN: Well that day I woke up early in the morning and I had a pain on my right side. I already knew it was kidney stones because I had them in the past, about four years earlier, and I went on to work anyway because I figured when I get to work I could work through it. It would pass. I’ve had that happen before. But going to work I found out this time it was not getting any better. It seemed to get really worse. I decided to let the people know at work that I needed to go home. I figured I would go ahead and pass them at home when I got home. But it seemed to get worse. I finally decided to go to the emergency room or the local hospital. Went there, told the people there that I believe kidney stones. That day, for some reason, can’t tell you why, there was no one else in that emergency room. I looked at that as a miracle in itself. They rushed me back in the back room, gave me some medication and then called my wife.

SID: Now Marilyn, you’ve been in the health field. You’re a health professional for some 34 years.

MARILYN: Correct.

SID: So you understand what’s happening. You get out to the hospital and they make a decision to, what did they do, blast the kidney stones.

MARILYN: Yes. They take a machine and just blast those kidney stones, break them up so he can pass them.

SID: So he has the procedure. They’re blasted. But then you find out he has an infection. What does that mean?

MARILYN: That means that along with the kidney stones that infection is really bad and it’s built up around the kidney stones too, and thereby he had to be on several different antibiotics and things.

SID: Did you realize how serious this was, that it was life threatening?

MARILYN: I didn’t know how serious it was, not at all, because he ended up with the procedure being done and spent 13 days in the hospital, and nine of those days was in the intensive care unit.

SID: Tell me about the time that you walked out and the doctor, the surgeon calls you on the cell phone. What did he say?

MARILYN: Well I walked out and I then decided I was gonna go home and bring some things and stay overnight with him. And when I was no longer more than two blocks down the street in my car, the doctor calls me on the phone and he says, “Marilyn, your husband’s heart stopped and right now as we speak they’re doing CPR on him, cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

SID: I’m gonna take you back to that moment.


SID: He hangs up. What do you do? Now you know how serious it is.

MARILYN: Yes. Now I know how serious it is. And you know what, Sid? I believe it just was an act of God and I just had faith. I continued to go home. I didn’t turn the car around and go back home. But I called my son and daughter, both of them were away in college, and I called up friends and just started asking everyone to pray. Just pray. And when I got to my house a young lady came over and picked me up, a real good friend of ours, and we got back to the hospital. I wasn’t able to see Dean for a long while because they were still working on him.

SID: Now when he came back, by the way, you know what all of this is right here.

MARILYN: Oh yes. Those are medical records and transcripts.

SID: How many conditions did he have when he came back to life? Something like 29, it says on my notes.

MARILYN: Twenty-nine, yes.

SID: And here is the medical verification of this. What I want to know is what happened to you when you died? We all want to know that. What happened?

DEAN: Well Sid, because you know I accepted Jesus Christ the Messiah into my life, I’m born again I went to be where the Father and Jesus is.

SID: No, no, no. You’re there, dead, dead. They’re trying to get you back to life. What is your first memory?

DEAN: My first memory is moving as fast as I can to be where Jesus and the Father is. People ask me sometimes how fast that is, and I always bring them back to what the Bible says. “To be out of the body is to be in the presence of the Father” or be in the presence of Christ. I was moving so fast that before you could blink I was there. That’s how fast. That’s my first memory. Also what was passing me by as I was moving was the prayers that people were praying for me and others. I say this, if you were praying that day your prayers passed me by at that moment.

SID: Just out of curiosity, do you have a greater appreciation for prayer having seen, could you picture looking at people’s prayers just zoom, going right up like that?

DEAN: Oh yes. And you got to remember how fast I was moving.

SID: That’s pretty fast.

DEAN: As you were just blinking right there I was in the presence of the Lord and yet the prayers that people were praying for me and others, and I always put that in there because I want people to know that it was just not prayers that were for me, but I saw prayers that were coming from this planet from other people pass me by like I was standing still.

SID: Just out of curiosity, obviously your wife and your family were praying for you, did you know it at the time? Did you see it at the time?

DEAN: Well I knew they were praying for me because those prayers that were going by me, I literally knew what those prayers were. You know, I literally knew what they were praying. You know, my wife was praying that I would not only be healed, but that I would come back and be alive, that I wouldn’t die. That was her prayers. You know, that was my children’s prayers. That was the prayers of the family members, you know. But there were also prayers that were going pass me for people that were praying for their loved ones and they were praying that their loved ones, the same thing, that healing take place or a situation would change. But the prayers that really got me that were going by me was the ones that were praying for the loved ones to come to know Jesus as the Messiah, as the Lord and Savior.

SID: You know, one of the things that his book did for me is I understand how things operate from Heaven to Earth and what God expects us to be doing here so much better as a result of reading the book. Don’t go away. We’re gonna find out some amazing experiences. For instance, he was shocked who was not in Heaven and who was in Heaven. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

sidroth on August 19th, 2010

SID:  Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dale and Pearl Raatz you know your wife is pronounced brain dead she is in a comma the doctor’s don’t expect her to ever come out of this comma or if she does she will be a vegetable, and you sing over her explain that.

DALE:  Well I heard the spirit say sing over her, and I said what song, and he said well the song that I gave you.  And so God gave Pearl a song and as I opened my mouth and started singing immediately I was taken into the spirit realm; and for 45 minutes that room was filled with a choir of angles.  And they sang the same chorus that I did.  And Pastor John for Green Bay was there with me to verify for 45 minutes I thought it was more than 45 minutes the angles sang the same chorus I sang, it came out of Philippians Two 9 through 11 it talks about at the name of Jesus every knee does bow.

SID:  Dale then she comes out of the comma and as I understand it you begin to speak Gods word over each area of her body, she didn’t have the ability she was paralyzed…

DALE:  Yes,

SID:  So she didn’t have the ability to swallow, so what did you do?

DALE:  The first thing that came out and I sensed the Holy Spirit said you speak over these organs on her body, so I spoke over stroke I spoke over paralyzation; and over every area that I felt that the Holy Spirit lead me, to speak over her.  But the one thing that I did not do I did not allow people with unbelief to come lay hands on her.  I guarded her with that because I believe that only those with faith could speak over her so in a way I kept speaking on those and next thing I knew the throat muscles started to jump.  And they took her up to a place for swallow test and there is where a great miracle happened.  Because she did not have any water in her throat I believe it was for almost over two weeks, and the nurse said to me, sir don’t you know that when food gets in her throat she will choke to death and die.

SID:  Obviously

DALE:  She said she has no saliva in her throat, in her mouth, I walked up to my wife and I said Pearl when that food gets in your mouth you will swallow in the name if Jesus and she agreed.  And they had that camera to her throat and we had a monitor there and as that doctor put that first food to her mouth and we said you have got to chew good, chew good don’t swallow and immediately when that food got in her throat those saliva glands activated and her mouth just exploded with saliva and the nurse stood behind me and said oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

SID:  She got it right.

DALE:  Yeah she got it right.  And I said yes ma’am that is my God.    And that was the beginning of another miracle.   Because see it takes step by step by step. But from the day until it ended was 6 weeks, from total paralyzation to a vegetable to walking out took 6 weeks. So this miracle happened step by step. As we walk with the Word, it will manifest.

SID: Well 6 weeks is not a long time to recover from being paralyzed and brain dead. I think that’s phenomenal. But Dale, while you were in the hospital, there was a 16 year old that was in a head-on auto accident, and what happened to her?  DALE: Well she was a miracle. That morning…

SID: Wait… “It was a miracle”. The way you talk about it, this is normal.

DALE: Yes. But we realize God has to use people to bring it to pass. That morning as I sat in the intensive care room waiting, the Holy Spirit told me to speak, to teach somebody on the 5th chapter of Mark about the woman with the issue of blood and Jairus’ daughter. As I was sharing that, the man sat in the corner with his head buried in his hands and he said “Any hope then for my daughter sir?” I said “Yes sir, where is she?” He pointed across the hall. I said “Take me to her.” And I walked over and I got into that room and I looked at her and I said oh my God, what did I tell him that for? Because her head didn’t look like a head; it was so swelled. They had hoses in her head trying to drain the blood out of her head. Because she had a head-on car collision her spinal cord was probably severed.  I did not know. And I heard the Holy Spirit say to me again “Take dominion over death and call life into her.” So I took dominion over death and called life into her and I walked out and didn’t notice any difference. But the second day, already, when her dad came in that morning, and they told her dad she was blind and would be deaf;  she would never see or hear again, if she lived. And the second morning he came in and her dad said “Tracy dear!”  She said “Daddy? Is that you?” Her mind already was coming together.

SID: Bottom line: Was she totally healed?

DALE: Totally healed. The day that we walked out, she walked out with us, totally healed.

SID: Pearl, you walked out. This is, what, 8 or so years later now?


SID: What is your health now?

PEARL: My health is perfect. I can walk through the jungles of the Philippines and I can walk through Zimbabwe Africa.

SID: How do doctors handle what happened to you? How could a doctor handle what happened to you?

PEARL: Well, the main doctor believed it was a miracle, which it was. And I believe that this was not God’s plan for my life, this was from the enemy. But He used it to show that doctor that miracles do happen.  In fact, that doctor was so impressed, and when this happened we did not have insurance. He cancelled his part of the bill within three months. And within three years every one of our bills had been paid supernaturally.

SID: Let me ask you something: Do you need a miracle? I’m going to ask Dale right now to look into the camera and sing a song to you, the same song he sang to Pearl with the choir of angels, and I believe that the angels will sing along with him. And that’ll be your point of contact in the name of Jesus, for a miracle. Would you sing that song now?

DALE: This is your day. The chorus goes like this: (singing) Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have at the name of Jesus every knee does bow Jesus, Jesus, what a mighty healer you have Jesus… That is a chorus the angels sang with me.

SID: And when you hear him sing that song, what goes on inside you Pearl? Briefly

PEARL: Well you know what happens many times, my leg starts to jiggle and to dance around.

SID: You wanted to dance. I tell you what, why not? Pearl wants to dance. I think if you start dancing right now, you’ll dance into your healing.

PEARL: Amen.

SID: In Jesus’ name I plead the blood, the Passover blood upon you.

sidroth on August 12th, 2010

SID:  Hello Sid Roth your investigative reporter here with Dale and Pearl Raatz and February 15, 1997 the same thing happened but a different part of your body. Pearl you and your husband were in church of all places…


SID:  And what do you remember?

PEARL:  I remember I walked in the church and I had a sensation in my head that I never had before.  And I though I was going to pass out so I said to Dale, honey I think I an going to pass out and I sat down in the pew and that is the last thing that I remember until March 21.

SID:  What do you remember?

DALE:  When she sat down in the pew she said oh my head.  And I knew something was not right, and as I started walking towards her she said oh my head, and I knew that is as serious and then she said my head just blew off, she screamed, see she didn’t know she was talking but her spirit man did.  And in the meantime she went into convolutions and a comma and she laid there, and everybody thought that she was dead and the first thing that I said that came out of my inner being if you don’t believe the word you will never store it.  I said Pearl you will not die you will live declared the works of God, I spoke it out of the spirit and the second thing that came out of me was Exodus 12:13 again I apply the blood to you in the name of Jesus I command the death angle to leave in Jesus name. But it looked like nothing was happening and she laid there with no life in her.  And a couple of pastors came in and began to greave with the word of God and a couple of young nurses aid came by and grabbed her by both of her palms and began to shook her head and looked at me and I remember I looked at them and said she can’t die in the mighty man in the name of Jesus.

SID:  You were sure?

DALE:  I was sure.

SID:  Did anyone here you?

DALE:  Oh yes, they heard me say that.

SID:  Okay what happened next?

DALE:  And um.

SID:  I mean they were probably thinking oh yah,

DALE:  Yes and so finally because nothing happened they called the ambulance and the paramedics came and they worked on her for quite a while and then took her over to the hospital and I followed the ambulance from behind and they finally got her to the hospital it was only about a mile away and the doctor met the ambulance right outside that emergency ward that evening and he took a look at her and he said oh my God she is totally paralyzed.  And the paramedics said to the doctor that this is her husband, and he said to me “Sir I am sorry” and I said I understand doc, but I knew that was only temporal.

SID:  Okay what happened next?

DALE:  And um they took her in and they said that they could not do nothing.  Well I walked into that room, the emergency room another pastor and I and the minute I walked into that room I lifted my hands I began to coat the word of God out of my inner belly began to roll the healing scripture of the authority and who we are and what we have in Christ I was speaking life over her, even in that situation.  And they couldn’t do nothing for her, so they had to transfer her from Iron Mountain Michigan to Green bay Wisconsin, that is over a hundred miles, in ambulance usually they do that with flight for life, but they knew that was no use they had to get her out of city limits so they didn’t have to haul her back.  But she got down there and the evening it was about 10 o’clock, before we got to the hospital, this doc that met me he was a brain surgeon and he told me what they told him in the hospital he said I don’t know what we are going to do with your wife.

SID:  Why?

PEARL:  What he had told us or told him, is that 97% of people who have an aneurisms like I did die instantly.  Of the three percent that are left 95% of them will die very shortly, and whatever is left of them is a vegetable they will never they will never be alive except for a vegetable.

SID:  Well what did he say was going on inside of your wife’s brain?

DALE:  Well because of the damage, that the x-ray showed that there was no use in operating, that is pretty sad; he was expecting her to just die.  But 24 hours later and she didn’t die and he said well we see your wife didn’t die so we will see what we can do.  But this brain surgeon is the best brain surgeon…

SID:  Are you convinced that she did not die because of you speaking gods word over her and believing God?

DALE:  Yes I believe in the word of God is alive and powerful but we don’t speak it, we need to realize that God is the supernatural; he wants to show up through his body.

SID:  Well what happened next?

DALE:  The next they operated on her and it was a four hour operation.  They got her back to her room and I stood by her bed and I said Holy Spirit how do I pray over her?  And the Holy Spirit through the triune of God spoke to my heart and the first thing that he said was second Corinthians 5:17, if any man be in cross and I said lord I don’t get it.  And he says Genesis 1, I turn to genesis 1 and I began to read and it says in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, the earth will not form in void, but God spoke those things darkness out light come, and as I was reading that immediately the book of Genesis it was good and everything else was wiped out and all I could see was it was good.  All of the other words were gone, and I heard the Holy Spirit said to me does Pearl have a brain, the doctors said it was dead.  And he says my words are creative, call the dead brain cells live again.  So literally I had to either believe what his word says or doubt it, I believe gods word and I laid my hands on her and I began I said in the name of Jesus I speak creative word over your brain cells I command brain cells to be restored in the name of Jesus, and the natural looks foolish I did this for ten days, no change one day two days and when I went to the tenth day the doctor came that morning as I was speaking over her and he looked at the gage and he said to me “Sir” and he said “sir your wife is dying today she is closing down” and walked out.  And I heard the word that the spirit speaks to me again Hebrew 10:35, cast not away your confidence which has great recompense and reward.  And immediately Mathew 18:19 came to my spirit, if any two agree touching anything they’ve asked. I said father in Jesus name I call on somebody that has my faith in Jesus name.  And I walked out of that room, and immediately the phone was ringing in the room I went and somebody said I believe that if for you.  And my wife two sisters from Western Minnesota called and they always call my wife Pearly, they said how is Pearly doing today?  And I said according to the word of God she is doing great.  I already forget what the doctors had said because if we focus on the negatives we will never hear what the spirit of God is saying.  Many times we as Christians…

SID:  But Dale, Dale, her brain cells are dead,

DALE:  Dead.

SID:  They have written her off.

DALE:  Yes.

SID:  There is no hope, but Dale believes if he speaks gods word, a greasing prayer and he does not back off of the integrity of gods word, his wife will live and not die and declare the works of the lord, well you already know the ending because you have seen her, we will be right back to find out what God did, it is outstanding, be right back.