sidroth on August 28th, 2012

Sid:  I’ve got good news to tell you this is God’s moment He is pouring out His Spirit in fact my guest Ryan Wyatt and I were talking before we went on the air. Ryan you had a vision in which Jesus came to you, tell me about that.

Ryan:  Jesus came to me and said three words He said, “Know My Holy Spirit,” and then He turned around and walked away. When He did that Sid the Holy Spirit came to me not only in the vision but in the natural as well and overshadowed me like He did Mary.  And He spoke to me and He said, “Ask what you will and it will be given to you.”  And it opened up much of the revelation that’s in that four CD series of “How to Bring Heaven to Earth in Your Life.”  And I’m telling you in this hour God is coming to a remnant within the organizational church that really love Him, that are really after Him.  And He’s going to overshadow them with His Holy Spirit and He’s going to use them to bring heaven to earth.  You know when He came to Mary in the book of Luke the angel Gabriel came to Mary and said, “You’re going to bring forth the Christ Child, you’re going to bring forth the son of God.”  And she said, “How can this be I’ve never been with a man?”  And the answer that the angel gave was don’t worry for the Holy Spirit is going to overshadow, come upon you and the power of the Highest is going to overshadow you.”  And in the same way, right now the glory of God is beginning to come in manifestation and He’s overshadowing an army of people on the earth and they’re coming to a place of supernatural intimacy, supernatural encounter.  And you know in Mary’s situation she had nothing to offer but herself, but when that cloud of God’s glory came over her conception took place.  And you know one of the messages in that series is “Birthing Manifestations of Heaven on Earth.”  Mary was literally used to birth the glory of God the biggest manifestation of the glory of God on the earth and she was used to birth it.  She said, “God let it be, let it be unto me as you say.”  And when there’s a generation that begins to step into the glory and live under that glory presence there’s a transaction that takes place, and heaven begins to soak into their life, intimacy with God, encounters of God, the voice of God.   And Jesus lived out of that place, He said, “People when I speak to you the words that I speak to You are Spirit, and they are life.”  And I’m convinced those, some that are listening that may not be born again and those that are born again the world says they’re not hungry for Jesus, but they are hungry for the living Jesus. This army is going to be so overcome with the glory of God that when they speak they will birth heaven on the earth.

Sid:  Ryan it is normal and I’m speaking with Ryan Wyatt; it is normal for you to have visions, for you to have encounters with the Lord, encounters with angels.  And even to the point where a lot of people say, “Well, that can’t be God.”  But when I read the Bible that was normal, and what most people are encountering is abnormal.  What would you say to a person that is Spirit filled, believes in miracles with every fiber of their being, doesn’t see a whole lot, has never really had what they could say an encounter with the Lord came to them, or anything of great intimacy with God; they felt and anointing of God’s presence, they’ve spoken in tongues but nothing like what you’re telling me Ryan.  Where does that person start?

Ryan:  My prayer is Sid if people like that are listening right now it starts with an absolute raw hunger. My prayer is as you’re listening that you are being overcome with a hunger for God.  When you know the disciples came to Jesus and they said to Jesus, “How should we pray?”  And Jesus the first words out of his mouth and everybody knows the prayer but He said, “Our Father in heaven hallow it be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  And so many people have been taught that that’s for after they die, but Sid He turned around to them and said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”  And for those of you that are listening the kingdom of heaven is Gods realm, it’s as it is in heaven there’s no depression in heaven, there’s no oppression in heaven, there’s no sickness in heaven. I just want to encourage you to stir up a hunger in you that God has designed for you to live your life on the earth as it is in heaven.  There is intimate encounters for you waiting for you every single day, there’s a fresh encounter of the glory of God.  Just like in the Old Testament when the manna would show up fresh in the morning the manna the dew would be on the ground; every morning you wake up there is the due of heaven, the manna of heaven, the glory of God that is available for you to step into, and it all starts with hunger.  You’ve got to hunger for the living Jesus and press in like never before and He will meet you with supernatural encounters.

Sid:  Well, when people listen to you especially when they listen to your four CD teaching set called “How to Bring Heaven to Earth,” the hunger is going to be stirred up.  Once the hunger is stirred up what do they do?  I’m a pretty practical, logical person and tell me what, alright talk to me, I am very hungry for God, I have been all my life, but I’m hungrier now than I’ve ever been in my life; what’s the next step?

Ryan:  Yeah, it’s a loaded question Sid in fact a lot of the teachings that I’ve done talk about how to position yourself before the Lord and you know when they go before the Lord in prayer their mind is going crazy and all over the map.  I begin to teach people there’s a way to position yourself before the Lord in quietness and stillness and in soaking, just resting before the Lord, not in a place where you’re giving your petitions all over, but in the place and the presence of the Lord. That’s when the angels begin to come, you know the realm of heaven is around us all the time.  I like the tell people this, “You know there’s hundreds of movies playing right where you are, there’s hundreds of radio stations right where you are and if we had the right receiver we could just tap right in and listen to the radio; tap right in and watch movies.”  In the same way Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand” it’s right here it’s tangible.  And so in my life I’ve learned myself and go around the world training people in schools of the supernatural and how to position yourself in the presence of God.  And when God comes and He wants to move on you what is the language of the spirit world?  How does He communicate when the angels come and there’s so much about pressing into that realm of intimacy with God.  It’s learning to be quiet, learning to be still, learning to position yourself for heaven to move in on your life.

Sid:  Now is there some cooperation on our part when the angels show up, and perhaps maybe they don’t show up that you see with your eyes but you can maybe something touches you so you know that there’s an angel present, but you don’t see anything and you don’t hear anything, what do you do?

Ryan:  Oh absolutely and in fact I call it the seer anointing.  You know there’s the prophesying  where it bubbles up from within you but then there’s this realm where God will activate your five natural senses and your five spiritual senses and sometimes when angels come to me I don’t always see them I might smell the presence of the Lord coming, I know that it’s an angel.  I might see a flash of light in my mind’s eye.  You know we need to understand that the visible the physical real that we are participating in right now is actually a lesser reality than the heavenly realm.  And so sometimes when we see things in a vision form in our minds eye we discount those and we think those are less than what we experience in the natural realm.  But really the physical chair that we’re sitting in, the car that you might be driving in right now it’s a lower reality than the spiritual realm.  You know there’s two kinds of Christians, and I like to use the story of Elijah, this is why the supernatural is so important to us as believers.  You know the Syrian army was coming against Elijah and this is a huge deal.  His servant walks out in the morning he’s surrounded by hundreds and thousands of chariots of horses and everything and you know what?  He’s a believer he knows how Elijah moves in the power of God and he heard about it, let’s just say, “He’s a Spirit Filled believer, he speaks in tongues.”  But he doesn’t have that supernatural reality in his life and he’s overcome by fear.  He says, “There’s no hope, we’re done for the Syrian army is going to take us down.”  But Elijah was a different kind of believer, Elijah lived in the supernatural and he walked out and he said, “Oh Gehazi, fear not for there are more that are with us than that are with them.”  And he prayed for Gehazi like I believe we’ll pray today and he said “Father, I ask you open up his eyes.”  And he was speaking about that seer realm, that realm of sensing and feeling in the realm of the spirit and Gehazi eyes were opened and between them and the Syrian army he saw a vast army of horses of fire, chariots of fire, God’s army.  And [Elijah] was the kind of believer that lived in a place of victory because he saw things from God’s supernatural perspective.

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sidroth on August 16th, 2012

Sid:  My guest Dr. Jim Richards is going to help you, he’s going to help you manifest every promise in God’s Word, and this is what you want for your life and for your loved ones lives and for the people God’s going to have cross your path.  Now Jim on yesterday’s broadcast and all this week you’ve been talking about these trapped emotions and how they literally as James says “A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways.”  And they make us double minded they get in the way of the manifestation of the answer of God’s promises.  When you dealt with these emotions as God taught you and as you teach on your eight CD series called “Change Your Heart, Change Your World” tell me the changes that occurred in your life.

Jim:  You know so many times the changes that occur in my life of course are physical changes where I experience physical healing.  And what’s really interesting, many of the physical healings, it merged not because I prayed for healing, but because I dealt with these trapped emotions and sent them away and maybe a few days later or a week later I will suddenly realize I’m not struggling with arthritis in my elbow anymore.  Or I’m not struggling with that lower back pain anymore.  I’ve actually experienced more serendipitous healings through sending away trapped emotions than I have…and I’ve experienced incredible healings you know getting prayed for and I’m believing that and I’m for that, but I have found that in daily life if all I’ll just deal with these things when they immerge I’ll just get well because suddenly I’m not filled with these things that are creating death.  You know we want to be happy, and praise God for physical healing, I am so thankful for physical healings, but the real truth is I talk to people every day that are hurting every day that hurting emotional and they say “I can deal with my physical pain but I can’t deal with my emotional pain.”  And I have found that things that use to just set me off, things that would just put me into a tailspin emotionally, maybe frustrations, matter of fact in my life I had a lot of struggles with abandonment issues and not feeling like people received love, which is a form of rejection.  You know the honest truth is I don’t struggle with that anymore because when those things would come up I would, I would pray and send those things away and I would find that my wife would do some things that she use to do that in years gone by would make me kind of feel unloved, I found that it didn’t affect me that way anymore.  I might have the same thoughts, you know a thought might cross my mind, but that thought has no power, it has no feeling, has no ability to drag me back down.  And there’s nothing magic about this prayer and you know you and I talked and know that I’m not much of a formula person, but you have this prayer of transformation I call it.

Sid:  It’s going to be on a bookmark that goes with the eight CD series, and it is such, I find myself saying this often during the day as these emotions reveal themselves.  And I think, it’s I feel as though layer after layer is coming off of me.

Jim:  And that’s exactly how I feel so people call it peeling the onion you know, you just deal with it as it comes up.

Sid:  But let me ask you this question, you mentioned a lot of physical healings that occur and it’d be good if it was just that but how much in the financial arena does it help there?

Jim:  You know in the recent years I faced one of the most challenging financial situations ever.  I had someone, an accountant, embezzle every penny that I had. I came home from a mission trip one day to find that that very day my house was going to be foreclosed on, our ministry property was going to be foreclosed on. I was $600,000 in the rears on bills, and 2 million dollars in the red.  You can just imagine what kind of pressure that of pressure that immediately created for a ministry.

Sid:  If you didn’t have a heart problem you would have gotten one over that.

Jim:  You know here’s the thing about prayer of transformation you know it was a day by day thing where I would come into the office everyday and my staff would meet me, and it would be like “If we don’t have a $100,000 by 3:00 today we’re losing everything and what are we going to do?”  And I would say is “What we are going do is we are going to go to the place of peace, we are going to go to a place where God can speak to us but we’ve got to put this stuff off first.”  And we would pray and we’d bring ourselves back down to the place of peace, committing ourselves to the Lord and you know God will always lead us through solutions and day by day we walked through that.  And God led us in great, in fact Holy Ghost solutions, and we walked that out to where a year and half, or two years later without ever taking up a special offering we had all of our bills caught up and everything was in the black just like it was suppose to.  So that was one incredible situation.  There was actually another situation where I needed to add a particular skill or skill set to some of our ministry efforts and I’d been looking for this person and looking for this person and looking for this person.  And so I began to do some heart exercises and every time this would come in and discouragement would come and say “You tried to find this person, you hired two or three people to do this, you spent money you can’t find anybody to do this.”  And I just you know every time that would come I would pray that prayer, I would bring myself back to the place of peace, and as I’d come back to the place of peace you know God would just speak to my heart and say “Be still, be still.”  And what was incredibly interesting somebody called me within just a few weeks that I didn’t even remember that I had ministered to years ago, and they said “You helped me so much and I’m starting a new company and when he described to me what his company was doing it was the exact skill set that we needed.”  And he said, “What I would like to do is I would like to donate this work to your ministry.”  And they did, and our income increased 58%, I think it was, over the next 30 days.

Sid:  In other words, when you can get rid of the junk you can have God’s prayers activated whether it’s finances, health or marriage or anything.

Jim:  That’s right when you got all these emotions and feelings weighing you down, it’s like falling off a ship trying to swim to shore holding onto your suitcase, but when you let go of that suitcase it’s easy to pop it to the top and swim to shore.

Sid:  How about marital difficulties?

Jim:  Oh man, dealing with these trapped emotions and these things from my past has done more to transform my marriage.  You know Brenda and I deeply love each other and really I didn’t think it could get any better but it keeps getting better.  We’ve been married thirty-one years and it keeps getting better and better and better primarily because I don’t bring so many of my past issues into it anymore.

Sid:  I would like you to briefly summarize the prayer of transformation, give us an idea of what’s it’s like.

Jim:  You know when a feeling comes up a feeling or an emotion comes up for example let’s say my wife goes to the grocery store, this is frivolous, but this is the kind of stuff we deal with.  My wife goes to the grocery store and there’s something I wanted her to get for me, she comes back, she didn’t get it, she didn’t remember to get it.  And so this feeling pops up that says you know if she cared about you she would have gotten this; immediately right there I’m going to stop.  And again it’s not just the fact that you pray this prayer word for word people can do it however you want to.  I wrote this out because I found most people won’t stop if they don’t have a tool, but I’ll pray something like this “Father go to the very root of my being and resolve the origin of this feeling in order to bring every aspect to my spirit, soul, and body into harmony with Your truth and my identity in Christ.  Search through every generation, every cellular memory, every action, every expression which has manifest, and every aspect of my being and heal me completely according to the finished work of Jesus.  Fill me with life, and light, love and righteousness and peace and joy until I completely forgive myself for every inappropriate way that I’ve expressed my distorted perceptions and destructive behavior.  And forgive every person, place and circumstance that has contributed to this thought or feeling because I choose to express my love for myself by allowing every mental, emotional and spiritual physical problem, and in appropriate behavior based on this root problem recorded in my DNA to be transformed.  I choose being kind, I feel kind and merciful, I am kind and merciful, I am in Christ it is finished, it is done and I thank you Holy Spirit for the grace of God to live in this identity in Christ.”

Sid:  I believe that this is the important missing link in your mentoring process.

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sidroth on August 7th, 2012

Sid:   We want everyone everywhere to realize the Jewish person that has crossed your path is not an accident.  God wants you to demonstrate the kingdom to them and love them to Jesus.  This is the time that God’s removing the spiritual scales from the eyes of Jewish people, this is the set time to favor Zion. If not now, when?  I’m speaking to Dr. Jim Richards and he is mentoring you on walking in the supernatural.  There is blockage stopping many Christians, many good Christian, many Christians that understand the word of God that have been confessing, and promising, and promising, and confessing, but there’s been blockages and they haven’t understood why but they still have been persevering, they have still been putting one foot in front of the other.  Some are ready to give up, but on yesterday’s broadcast Dr. Richard’s you were talking about these trapped emotions that are blockages that are in us and this is actually referred to by the Prophet Jeremiah; he calls it footprints if you’ll continue on that.

Jim:  Yeah, you know Jeremiah said, “That the heart is deceitful and disparately wicked above all things. “ Well we discover in the original language that really he says that the heart is covered with footprints and that’s why it’s still with chaos.  And these footprints, these are imprints upon our heart that are affecting us to this very day.

Sid:  Give me an example of some of the imprints that could be on some ones heart, just give me a list.

Jim:  Let’s say that you got molested when you were a child, let’s say if you experience deep rejection or anywhere in your life.  Any pain or emotion that you have or experience that you did not deliberately send away from you has the capacity to take up a residence in the cells of your body.  And it actually creates warfare; you know the Apostle Paul said something that I found very interesting.  He said that I found the war in my mind and you get that and he says that there’s a war in my body, but then he says there’s a war in my members.  And I’ll tell you for years I didn’t, I just overlooked that I realized when I overlooked that I realized that when he says members that’s literally the parts of his body.  He says that there’s something in the parts of my body that’s warring against me.  And I believe that something is exactly what Jeremiah was talking about was the footprints that have come from the pain and the suffering of life.  You know for example I have dealt with very commonly people who have been molested.  And so a person gets molested and it’s a time of deep pain and deep shame and deep suffering. We know that things get written on the heart and the combination of information at times of strong emotion.  So let’s say a little girl is getting molested and let’s say that her molester is saying what almost all molesters are saying, “You know you want this,” and he’s saying “I’m doing this because I love you.”  And this child has this strong information that says this is happening because of love and this strong emotion get’s written on their heart, and there’s a lot of shame and degradation, but they don’t know what to do with it because they are a child.  So later in life, when they desire to be in a loving relationship immediately they find themselves going to some place that’s very immoral even though they’re trying to serve God, they want to walk with God, they don’t even understand where this was coming from.  And you know they try everything in the world to get rid of this but what they don’t realize is that they have a cellular memory or a footprint if you will, that is in their members warring against them.

Sid:  Well, let me ask you this let’s take another subject.  Pornography, physiatrists say you’ll always have that problem, but you have to learn how to control it. That’s not what you’re saying, is it?

Jim:  No, that’s not what I’m saying you see remember the word forgive literally means to send away.   See we think about forgiveness as when somebody has wronged me, that person does something bad, something that’s painful, something that hurts me, we think of forgiveness as I’m going to tell that person that it’s alright, it doesn’t matter what they did to me.  But in fact, forgiveness is not what I do about the person who has wronged me as much as forgiveness is what I do about the offense that I’m experiencing.  You know Jesus warned us that whenever our brother offends us we better take heed, but why?  Because when our brother offends us it become an offense and an offense is something that has the capacity of make me stumble.    And I can stumble toward my brother by justifying all kinds of anger and wrath or murder or anything because of the pain that this person has brought into life.

Sid:  Well, you know it’s not just an area of forgiveness, it could be shame, it could be fear, it could be any of these things.  What I’ve found fascinating is you talk about people react to circumstance, and they’re really not reacting to circumstances, they are reacting to those memories that are trapped inside of them.  And they think that it’s the circumstance that’s causing them to be fearful or to be angry or some other emotion or be ashamed.  But it’s got nothing to do with that and so they are going in a circle getting nowhere.

Jim:  Exactly that offense that they experienced from that person because they didn’t know that they could send it away. It becomes trapped and so let’s say if it’s…

Sid:  Okay, give me an example though before someone sent it away.

Jim:  Well, you know to send something away is where it’s so simple that’s it’s discussing.

Sid:  And also explain what you mean by send it away.

Jim:   Right, well again the words forgive means to send away.  Jesus said, “If an offense comes I can forgive, I can send it away or I can hold on to it, and those are the only two options.”  Now whether we understand those are the only two options or not that is what happens.  So let’s say for example you know when I was a child my step-father, when I was eighteen years old I went back home to visit and my step-father broke into the room I was in and he stabbed me in my sleep and would have killed me if I had not gotten away.  So I’ve got all this rage toward my step-father.  Now I didn’t know it at the time but I had a choice that I could have sent that rage away, now that had nothing to do with how I felt about my step-father, but see I spent years in rage, I spent years.  And I would get in a circumstance that was threatening I would just go crazy with violence and with rage that didn’t even make sense.  What I was really doing was tapping into that offense that cellular memory that I held on to all of those years.  And so the time came in my life and I discovered that I have the authority to do this as a Child of God and being created in the image of God ,I can take the authority and particularly because I’m a believer, I can take authority over anything that’s affecting me.

Sid:  Even though it’s such an old memory that was trapped that you don’t even think about it anymore. I mean how do you deal, I know how you can deal with something the minute it happens if you have the tools and you’re aware of doing it, but how do you take care of the things that happened when the child was in the womb?

Jim:  You know I was praying and meditating one day and while I was in that place in my heart where I was connecting with God and I just, see I know that fear is what caused me to have a kidney disease because fear affects your kidneys.  And I was just praying and saying “How did I get this kidney disease”, and you know I was at one of those places where instantly I had what was guess like a small mini-vision and I could hear my father’s voice and my father was being cruel to my mother, and then I heard my mother’s voice, “after I deliver this baby he’ll start beating me again.”  And I realized that what the Lord was allowing me to see and hear was when I was in the womb my mother lived in fear of what would happen to her.  And so in the womb I had this fear literally imprinted in my cells and while my kidneys were being formed it affected my kidneys.  So I get down the road, and here I am at this point, I’m in my 30’s or maybe the 40’s when I have this experience. So immediately I just went to that place and I said, “Fear I send you away in the name of Jesus, and in my heart I did everything I could to experience it to see in my heart to see that fear leaving me.”  And so one of the things that I’ll do then is I’ll say, “Okay, I want to see if this is really working.” and I might take a scripture for example I might take a scripture about healing because it got down to healing I might quote a scripture and say, “By His bruising I am healed right now, I am completely made whole.”  And I’ll just stop and wait a few minutes and see what do I really feel when I say that?  And my first feeling was doubt; this isn’t really going to work.  Then at that point I’m going to say, “Did Jesus take care of doubt whenever He was raised from the dead, did He conquer doubt?” Yes He did. Am I in Jesus?  Yes, I am.  Then if I’m in Jesus I don’t have to have this, I’m going to send away doubt, so literally I just say, “Doubt I send you away in the Name of Jesus.”  And then I quote that scripture again, I thank you Father by the stripes, and by the bruising of Jesus I am healed right now, healing is mine I am whole and well.  And then I Just wait and see what I feel, maybe the next feeling that comes up is embarrassment; you know you are in the ministry you should have already conquered this dealt with this.  Now I ask myself the question. “Did Jesus do anything about embarrassment when God raised Him from the dead?”  Yes, He did he conquered it.  “Am I in Jesus?” Yes I am.  “Do I intend to give rid of this embarrassment?” Yes, I do.  Embarrassment, I send you away you are not from God, you have no place in me.  And I’ll go through every emotion and sometimes you’ll go through layers of emotion because you spend your life having different emotional reactions to the same problem.  And when I get to the place where I come down and I say “By His stripes and by His bruising I am healed and by the blood of Jesus I acknowledge I’ve been washed, da da da da I’ll go through this and when I can quote that promise and feel absolute peace…”

Sid:  Sorry we’re out of time.

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sidroth on July 30th, 2012

Sid:  My guest Dr. Michael Brown, we are plate forming his new book “What do Jewish People think About Jesus? And other questions Christian ask about Jewish belief, practices and history.”  You know what Michael I think most Jewish people don’t even know the answers to most of these questions.

Michael: Yeah, I think so I think if you ask your average Jewish person why do Jewish men cover their heads or what’s the tradition of that or why some of the outfits, or why in certain ultra-Orthodox the women shave their heads and wear wigs?

Sid:  Everything you have in this book is so fascinating, but I have a few questions; I want you to explain what Kabbalah is and what your position is on Kabbalah.

Michael:  Sure, Kabbalah literally means that which is received, it’s the passing on the traditional Jewish mystical teaching.  The central book of Kabbalah is called the Zohar, and traditional Jews believe it is written as early as the 2nd century of this era and other scholars date it as a thousand or so later.

Sid:  In Hollywood, the reason I ask this, in Hollywood it’s the in thing for people to be studying Kabbalah, is this good or bad?

Michael:  Okay, it’s definitely bad; it’s the pop version of Kabbalah.  So let’s separate that first.

Sid:  It’s the Pop version of Kabbalah?

Michael:  Yeah, in other words it’s kind of a bastardized version. It’s to wear the scarlet thread around your wrist.  In traditional Judaism you’re not supposed to study Kabbalah unless you’re a married man, well studies in Torah and forty years old.  In other words this, Kabbalah in traditional Judaism…

Sid:  That leaves out Shirley McLain.

Michael:  And Britney Spears and Madonna etcetera.  So it’s very esoteric, now Kabbalah itself, in other words not the pop version that everybody’s into today, which some have said is just like a restyled self-help New Ageish kind of thing.  But the traditional Jewish Kabbalah is very esoteric, very difficult to understand.  It has some major concepts that for example because God fills the entire universe or fills everything that is in order to create the universe He had to constrict Himself to make room for the universe.  So He constricts Himself and then puts the universe in place, but then there’s this catastrophe it’s kind of like this universal spiritual fall, and the vessels get shattered and these pieces of light are everywhere in the universe and there’s these lights in every Jewish soul that if Jewish souls will then follow the commandments of Moses it will kind of rekindle the light and the spark.  And the ultimate goal is what is called “Tekun ha-olam” , the restoration of the world, you know the repairing of these broken vessels and so on.  It’s very esoteric and mystical, and I’m sure some of it, if people really get into it opens them up to some kind of demonic influences and sources because it is to esoteric.

Sid:  The older version of Kabbalah is a mixture and since you don’t know the difference, and the devil is so subtle don’t walk from Kabbalah, run from Kabbalah! Do not touch it! That is my spin!

Michael:  You know the real stuff to me is much more mystical superstitious, you read the scriptures, it’s definitely not.  Paul warns about these kind of seductive things, Revelation talks about satin so cold deep secrets and Sid there’s no question a lot of Christians get taken in with this.  The great secret is all the wisdom of God, all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Yeshua, and hidden in the cross, the place nobody would think of looking, some crucified Jewish carpenter, a guy dying a criminal’s death. That’s where God hides the treasures of His wisdom and knowledge.  But these false revelations come and say “We will enlighten you, come our way we will enlighten you.”  Even in the church people are looking for the secret revelation, how about the glory of God as revealed in Jesus, what is higher than that?

Sid:  Okay, new question, hell. Is that a Christian concept, what do Jewish people believe about hell?

Michael:  What do Jewish people believe about hell?  Well, most Jews today are fairly secular, and don’t really believe in an afterlife at all,  So there is not even a sense of a hope of life beyond the grave for your average Jewish person in any kind of concrete way.  For a religious Jew there is a hope for resurrection from the dead although not in the fervent way that Christians would say someone’s left this body, their with the Lord, there is rejoicing.  But on the hells side traditional Judaism only hints here and there in an eternal hell otherwise it believes in some form of punishment because basically everybody accept the perfectly righteous has fallen short on some level, and there may be a period of punishment up to one year because basically nobody is that bad, you’re got maybe eleven months of purging, suffering after death.

Sid:  So how do they handle Daniel that talks about everlasting life or everlasting condemnation, and everlasting’s pretty long time?

Michael:  Oh Daniel 12:2 seems to speak of eternal consequences for not being right with God that would be either read in terms of well the shame forever and ever, not that you are going to feel the shame or be alive to it.  But the more simple answer Sid is that Judaism is not primarily based on what’s taught in the Bible alone it’s primarily based on Jewish traditions.  And so hell is believed according to what the Talmud teaches and other things, and the Talmud teaches that basically most people go down for a little while and then go up.

Sid:  What about heaven, what’s the Jewish belief and I read a commentary once that the early Christian belief wasn’t in heaven as it is today.

Michael:  Yeah, the idea that this kind of going to this place and sitting on the clouds where the angels strum their harps is certainly a very very foreign concept.  The thing that Jewish people, religious Jews are waiting for more is the Messianic era when the Messiah will establish peace on earth etcetera which is why they can’t see Jesus as being the Messiah.  Of course there are solid answers for that.  That’s the first thing this time when the Messiah’s going to come establish peace on earth etcetera, that’s what they’re looking forward to, and then the world to come beyond that in traditional Judaism is the place that you get to study Torah forever and ever.  It’s a projection of this world for the Rabbinic student, but let’s just say that the hope was a bit more earthly; the hope was not just to go somewhere and some soul-less way and float along, but to have a resurrected body and to have a concrete future hope.  And I think that some believers have lost sight of the concrete nature of our future hope; ultimately God’s kingdom was going to come down here on earth forever.

Sid:  But what about Christian view the early Christian view of heaven, was it evolved like it is today?

Michael:  We don’t have evidence that it was evolved as it was.  There was certainly to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

Sid:  But the idea of heaven, you know a whole world that is without evil, that whole concept.

Michael:  Certainly, that was the hope of the prophets that they do no more war, no more hatred, no more harm on God’s holy mountain.  That the wolf would lie down with the lamb, and the lion would eat straw with the oxen, that was absolutely looked forward to in the concrete way. So that Acts 3 they’re talking about what the prophets spoke of; the restoration of all things.  That’s what they were looking forward to; Jesus speaks in Matthew 19 about the time of regeneration.

Sid:  Alright new question because you deal in detail brilliantly with so many of these questions that many Christians never even thought of.  Asking, should Christians unconditionally support the nations of Israel?

Michael:  You cannot unconditionally support Israel in every last decision because Israel’s a flawed nation, even though it has many good qualities.  So to say unconditionally meaning absolutely every decision Israel makes every Christian should support, “No.”  Should Christians say “We have a covenantal commitment to stand with the lost sheep of the house of Israel, we recognize modern Israel as raised up by God and loved by God; we recognize we must show solidarity to that which God has raised up and that there is a future for Israel therefore we must support Israel.  Absolutely, we should stand in strong support, we should be known as having great solidarity with the Jewish people because God’s ancient covenant because of the ongoing fulfillment of His covenant today.  Paul said in Romans 11 that the Jewish people even though they were enemies on account of the gospel we’re loved by God on account of the Patriarchs, that has never changed.

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sidroth on July 23rd, 2012

Sid:   We want everyone everywhere to understand the invisible world, to walk in the supernatural where miracles are normal not abnormal.  My guest understands that invisible world; he has got what I believe is the best or one of the best documented modern day miracles I’ve ever seen.  The evidence is overwhelming. His name is Ben Godwin, I’m speaking to him at his home just outside of Birmingham, Alabama.  And Ben I want to tell you a sad story.  One of my closest friends in the area I live is a medical doctor.  He had the best practice in the city and he loved God, he believed in healing if anyone believed in healing he believed in healing. He developed cancer and with his dying breath he believed God was going to heal him and he didn’t and he died.  It was a young man, he had young children, he had everything to live for, and a lot of people’s faith was crippled, they said, “If he could not be healed what chance do I have?”  You wrote a book called, “God’s Strategy for Tragedy” it’s for people that survive what he didn’t survive. I’ve just postured so many questions in the example I’ve given you, I wonder if you would talk to that?”

Ben:  Certainly, of course Paul told Timothy we have to fight the good fight of the good fight of faith.   And I believe everything that we obtain and maintain from God is based on faith and I went through a recent tragedy, I lost my mother who was a rock of faith.  I lost her back in May 13th of this year, and she like the person you mentioned, believed God with her dying breath.  And I don’t feel betrayed, I don’t feel like God abandoned us; you know she had been healed many times over the course of her lifetime.  In my opinion it was just her appointed time that God took her, but I would say to that person that’s struggling with questions.  Don’t feel like God has abandoned you, and we’ll get into some of the reasons God allows tragedy, and the truth will set you free from those negative feelings and emotions.

Sid:  Let’s go to that question, “Why does God allow tragedy,”

Ben:  Yes, he could prevent it, there are several reasons.  First of all, we have examples in the Bible where God allowed tragedy simply as an opportunity to manifest His glory.  One example is Lazarus; Lazarus died prematurely and Jesus said, “This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God that the works of God maybe manifested in him.”  In other words the only reason God allowed him to die was so that Jesus could come and raise him up and glorify Himself through that.  So sometimes tragedy is an opportunity for God to supernaturally intervene and glorify His name.  Now in other cases sometimes God allows tragedy to change our direction. A good scriptural example is the Apostle Paul before he was Paul he was Saul, and he was going with letters in his hand to Damascus to imprison, persecute and possibly execute Christians.  Now when he was interrupted by a blinding light he was blinded for 3 days and then scales fell from his eyes and what happened?  His whole direction in life was radically and dramatically changed by the tragedy that he endured.  Of course another reason God allows tragedy is to draw us closer to Himself, there’s a quote that I love that’s in the book on page 97.  It says “Adversity is God’s University”, and sometimes we don’t understand what we’re going through but God can use situations to soften our heart to draw us closer to Himself.  There’s nothing like trouble that forces us to our knees, in fact Abraham Lincoln during the dark days of the civil war said, “I have been driven to my knees many times with the overwhelming realization that I had nowhere else to go.”  And so sometimes God can use tragedy to draw us closer to Himself.

Sid:  Now I believe that that is what’s going to happen to our country in the next few years.

Ben:  Yes.

Sid:  I believe that there is going to be a major move of God’s Spirit and it’s going to be because of tragedy, unfortunately.

Ben:  Well, unfortunately sometimes it takes drastic measures to get people’s attention.  Some people have become so apathetic, and they’ve hardened their hearts so much that it takes something really dramatic.  Look at the response of America after 9/11, look at the response of America after the Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters.  It’s like we turn to God for brief a brief time, but then when everything’s back to normal we kind a lose our focus.

Sid:  The church is swelled up 30 days later, they emptied again.

Ben:  Yes, so it’s going to take something radical, something supernatural to bring America back to its knees, unfortunately.

Sid:  God uses this, God allows it but is God doing the tragedy or do you believe that it’s the devil and then why couldn’t God just stop the devil?  I mean these are kind of deep questions.

Ben:  Oh, they’re very deep and I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but one thing I do stress in the book is that we live in a fallen world system.  When Adam fell all of creation fell with him and things do not function like God originally intended for them to function.  I don’t believe that God is out you know creating chaos, but I do believe sometimes He will withhold His hand or He will lift the hedge and allow things to happen that will cause people to draw close to Him.  I think a classic example of that is Job.  You know God said to Satan he said, “Have you considered my servant Job that there is none like him that walketh upright and eschews evil?”  And Satan complains because he said, “God you put a hedge around about him and all that he has.”  And I believe that’s true that there is a supernatural hedge around God’s covenant people, but sometimes as in the case of Job God will temporarily lift that hedge.  Whether it’s a test, whether it’s to prepare us for ministry, whether it’s to draw us closer to Himself God will lift that hedge and the purpose is not to destroy us, the purpose is to workout redemption, the purpose is always to bring glory to His name in the end.

Sid:  Now, you have a quote in your book, “You say that our response to tragedy is not the problem, but how we respond.”  What do you mean?

Ben:  That’s right, I don’t think it’s what we face in life that determines what we are, it’s how we react to what we face in life.  See two people can go through very similar circumstances…

Sid:  So are we fair weather believers, when things are good, “Praise God, praise God.”  When things go bad do we attack the only one that can solve our problem?

Ben:  Right.  Well see, Jesus said in Matthew 5:45 “He makes the sun to rise on the evil and the good; He sends His rain on the just and the unjust.”  And sometimes what were taught in faith circles is a little bit unrealistic. We’re taught that if you walk in faith then you’re a Christian then nothing bad will ever happen to you.  Well that’s not Biblical we live in a fallen world. I like Job’s mentality.  Job said this in the midst of all of his calamity, ten child were killed, all of his livestock were taken away, his own body erupted with boils and there he sat in ashes.  But in the end he said, “Though God slay me yet will I trust in Him.”  In other words, I’m not going to serve God because of what He gives me; I’m going to serve God regardless.

Sid:  Now what I don’t understand is, I understand what you’re saying, what I don’t understand is that would be my attitude and has been when tragedy hits.  But I don’t understand why it isn’t everyone’s, why isn’t it?

Ben:  Well, I think it goes back to your relationship with God and your perspective.  You know if you become part of the solid rock foundation of the Word of God then you can become unshakable.  When my Mom passed away three months ago it was the hardest thing I’ve ever faced in my life but not for a minute was I bitter against God, not for a minute did I blame Him because I believe God is sovereign, I believe He’s in control despite what we face in this life.  So it’s not so much why God allows tragedy to me the more important question is how we respond to it.

Sid:  How should someone respond to tragedy?

Ben:  Well, in my book I outline the three probably most common responses.  Some people just become, well they blame God, they just outright shake their fists at God and say “Why me, why did You let me down, where were You when I needed You the most.”  And they just out right blame God.  Other people aren’t that defiant or that vocal, and they just turn it all inward.  They wouldn’t so much verbally blame God but they become bitter in their Spirit.  And there is a Biblical example of that.  Naomi in the book of Ruth lost her husband, and two sons. When she came back to Jerusalem after ten years in Moab people didn’t recognize her.  And they said, “Is this Naomi?”  And she said, “Don’t call me Naomi which happens to mean, pleasant,” she said, “Call me Mara which means bitter for the Almighty has dealt bitterly with me.”  And so she wasn’t blaming God but she had become bitter in her spirit where she could really thrive in her walk with God.  And then the third response that I believe is the Biblical response is to believe, you just keep believing

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sidroth on July 18th, 2012

Sid:  My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to him at his home just outside of Birmingham, Alabama in Jasper Alabama is Ben Godwin.  And Ben on July 16, 1977 was riding his bike and there was a blind spot.  He got hit by a car, literally part of his leg bone, three inches of his bone was at his side, he had a couple of compound fractures; they were concerned about at best when they took him to the hospital, and by the way he had another accident on the way to the hospital.  The ambulance gets hit so they didn’t know the best scenario would that he’d be crippled his whole life; the worst his leg would be amputated.  But he had praying parents who prayed. So they put in a couple of pins to keep things still while they were deciding what to do with his leg.  And three months later pass his mother had had a vision of the bone gradually coming back in the leg.  I’ve got a picture of his leg, and the bone is definitely missing in my picture and that was the before picture.  And then you went three months later after the accident you go to a prayer meeting and it was a very unusual you said that it was an unusual presence of God then.  And you’re just the young kid at that time your 7 years of age tell me what happened at that prayer meeting.

Ben:  Well, I was sitting there beside my parents, my crutches were at my side, my long leg cast was still on; three inches of bone still missing out of my leg. Then suddenly in the course of that prayer meeting just the atmosphere changed.  It was if the Spirit of God came among us in a powerful way; in fact when my Pastor, Bertha Madden, started her prayer meeting that emerged into a church. She saw a vision of people kneeling all over her living room and Jesus walking among them touching them and blessing them.  Well, it was that kind of a night, and my pastor was so moved, I mean she began to weep, she began to pray in the Spirit, she did something totally unusual for her she, if you can imagine at this time was a 79 year old woman, and she literally fell face first out of her chair, she was in a wing chair.  She fell face first on the floor and crawled on her hands and knees across the room to where I was sitting.

Sid:  Well, was this because the presence of God was so tangible she had no choice?

Ben:  I believe that she was compelled; she was overwhelmed by the Spirit of God. She had such a depth of compassion.  Now she had prayed for me on numerous occasions before this but this time it was different.  She had just tears in her eyes, and I’ll never forget her words Sid, she as she prayed I remember watching the tears glisten on her faith filled face.  And she said these words she said, “A new bone for Ben God, honor Thy Word with a new bone in this leg.”  And in the course of her prayer I distinctly remember those words.  And I told my parents on the way home, “When Pastor Madden prayed for me I literally felt something move inside of my cast.”

Sid:  What was your parents’ reaction after that prayer?

Ben:  Well, they really believe that God had done something, I mean there was such a tangible presence that they really believed that a miracle had occurred.

Sid:  But then tell me this, why did you miss your next two doctor appointments?

Ben:  Well, that’s a long story, but I’ll make it very brief.  My parents had been really offended at the first surgeon that attended my leg.  He is to be accredited for saving my leg, preventing infection and so forth.  But he was very derogatory towards my parents, and basically he insulted their faith on more than one occasion. He used profanity and they just didn’t want me under his influence anymore and they made a bold move and they decided right in the middle of this crisis to change doctors.

Sid:  Okay, so when you went to this next doctor, though I understand that he was very upset that you waited so long to come in, why was he so upset?

Ben:  Well, you understand that my last doctor’s appointment had been September 15, this doctor’s appointment was November 3, 1977 so for a total of 48 days with my leg in the poor condition that it was in I had not seen a doctor.   Now my parents treated my wound, they showed us how to change the bandages and so forth, they treated the leg but a doctor had not seen me in 48 days.

Sid:  So what did he say when you saw him for the first time this doctor?

Ben:  Well, to be honest he was upset with my mother and basically accused her of being irresponsible.  He said, and I’m paraphrasing but he said “something to the affect, don’t you know infection or gangrene could set in this leg?”  Ben could lose his leg?  And of course, we were coming to hear the good news of a miracle, not the possibility of amputation.  So he went out of the room to exam the new X-rays. My mother, I’ll never forget, she grabbed my hand and she began to pray kind of in a whispered tone, she said, “Satan we bind you and all of our accusations against us,” she said, “Lord we trusted You this far and we’re not giving up now.”  And she just continued to pray; well a few minutes later the doctor came into the room and we got tense, we braced ourself for more verbal abuse, but this time something was noticeably different about the doctor’s countenance.  His attitude toward us had totally changed and he stuttered a little bit and he said, “Mrs. Godwin, I need to show you something, and he said, “Something has changed in Ben’s leg since you were here.”  And we went down the hall to a small X-ray room. There on the lighted screen he pulled out his pointer and in medical terms tried to explain to my Mom that 3 inches of bone had appeared on the new X-ray.

Sid:  Which I’m looking at right now on page 63 of your book.  So how did he account for those three inches of bone materializing?

Ben:  Well, when my Mom saw it she said, “Is that what I think it is?”  And he nodded with his head and my Mom, was very vocal and demonstrative person she began to shout “Hallelujah” and literally leaped for joy, I mean literally!

Sid:  Well, what did this doctor say?

Ben:  Well, he was baffled; he really didn’t have an explanation.  Here’s what he did say, he conceded to my Mom, he said, “Mrs. Godwin, you really do have faith” and he was visibly impressed.  He didn’t go so far to say, you know that it was a miracle, but we do know this…

Sid:  Listen, we Jewish people have a Hebrew word for doctors like that, Mischugah, it means crazy.  Absolutely crazy I got the X-rays.

Ben:  Yes.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity you went on to play high school sports, we’re you limited in any way?

Ben:  Before I answer that let me add, my mother had a housekeeper that was also employed by this same doctor. Although he was nominally religious beforehand, we heard through the grapevine that this doctor began reading his Bible and began attending a Bible preaching church as a result of what he saw in my leg.

Sid:  I think anyone that reads the book and sees the documentation has got to reevaluate whether miracles are for today or not.

Ben:  Yes.

Sid:  But answer my question, you went to play high school sports, did you have any limitations?

Ben:  Now the next day after we saw that X-ray he took out the pins that were in my leg, took off that old ugly long leg cast, and he put on a short cast and then I was able to start putting pressure on the leg gradually.  See I had lost some muscle as well in that accident so gradually I began to strengthen my muscle and by the end of that school year I was participating in athletics and all throughout Junior High and High School.

Sid:  Did you walk with a limp?

Ben:  Maybe at first simply because my leg was weak because I hadn’t used it, you know for several months, but all throughout junior high and high school I was able to play basketball, football, volleyball, water skied, I’ve snowed skied.

Sid:  Listen, you’re missing three inches of bone do you walk with a limp today?

Ben:  No sir, my legs are the same length, I can walk without any problem. In fact I have not been back to a doctor of any kind for any treatment on this leg since that day in November.

Sid:  Now, when you share your testimony miracles take place because people have their faith stretched; that’s one reason that you wrote your book “God’s Strategy for Tragedy.”  But as far as I’m concerned if the miracle wasn’t in the book this is such necessary teaching because there are Christians that are, they may not even have the nerve to say this to God but they’re wondering “God, why do you allow these tragedies?”  “How can I trust you?” I would imagine people that are in that impossible situation where they literally angry with God.  I guess that’s because they’ve missed understood…

Ben:  The people that have talked to me or written to me so far have had an overwhelmingly positive response.  People have told me they’re amazed by my testimony and what God had done and what God has done in my life, but they also have told me that by hearing my testimony or reading it that their faith just begins to soar and they are encouraged to believe God for His supernatural intervention in their lives.  Because the Bible says “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever,”  What He has done He will do and you know what God has done for somebody else automatically your faith begins to rise and you say “Well if God did it for them He’s no respecter of persons.

Sid:  Speaking of faith rising, it’s rising right now.  On tomorrows broadcast I believe there’s going to be a release of the supernatural.

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sidroth on July 7th, 2012

Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, his name is Mike Shreve.  I’m speaking to him by way of telephone at his office in Cleveland, Tennessee. He has a new book out and it’s one of these books that is a necessity, absolute necessity.  I know that you love your children, I know you love your grandchildren, I know you pray for them but what a difference it would make because what Mike has done he’s researched 65 specific promises found in the Bible that apply to your children and grandchildren.  And what you do is you take this book, and each day you pray a scripture, you read the scripture to know God’s heart, his will, then you read the commentary on the scripture to understand it totally.  Now you are on firm ground with God, you literally can demand what you’re entitled to over your children and your grandchildren.  And the prayer is written out for you, and you actually write the name of your children or your grandchildren and then you pray this prayer each day.  Mike Shreve in these days, in these times that we are living in, this is what I believe, I believe these prayers will allow their children and grandchildren to fulfill their God given destiny.

Mike:  I believe that these promises are propelling forces if you will a propelling force all together that will push them forward into their destiny and their purpose.  And it’s our responsibility as parents to that, in fact one of the promises really speaks of that toward the end of the book.  Promise number 62 I bring out the Psalm 127 verses 3 thru 5 says “Behold children are a heritage from the Lord the fruit of the womb is a reward like arrows in the hand of the warrior so are the children of one’s youth, happy is the man that has his quiver full of them, they shall not be ashamed, but shall speak with their enemies in the gate.”  And so it depicts children as arrows that are loaded in a bow by a parent and that bow in a sense is our revelation of that child’s destiny and our faith in that child’s purpose.  And we load them like arrows in that bow and shoot them toward the goal of the perfect will of God for their life.  And they become a spiritual weapon in the hands of God to accomplish His purposes.  And we need to do that, we need to have this revelation; every parent out there is grasping for something that will empower them to pray more effectively for their children.  I know I did, and that’s what birthed this in my spirit and I began to find promises after promise after promise where God said that He would definitely do things for my son and my daughter.  For instance Isaiah 44 verse 3 God said, “I will pour water on him who is thirsty and floods on the dry ground, I will pour my spirit on your descendants and my blessing on your offspring.”  And I started claiming that promise for my son and my daughter and a couple months later she got filled with the Holy Spirit. She was drunk on the Spirit for an hour and crawled up into my arms and wept and cried and said, “Oh Daddy Jesus filled me” and I believe it had a direct result from the intercession that went out over her life.

Sid:  You know I’m thinking about they’re many listening to us that have their children in secular schools. It’s almost unbelievable what is normal in the education process in secular schools.  But then others put their children in Christian schools and a lot of parents do that because their children have so many problems so they put them together with a bunch of children with problems.  In other words we can’t pass the buck, we can’t rely on a pastor, or a Christian school to do the praying for our children can we?

Mike:  No we can’t and you’ve just described a dilemma for a lot of people.  I know my daughter is in Christian school and it’s a very protected atmosphere and she’s prospering well there.  She’s in second grade, but in our community there was no good schools for high school age child and my son is in a secular school.  And he’s under severe spiritual attack every day that he walks on those grounds, I know that so I try and cover him with these promises.  And just one other that I might share that is a good one to claim so that the children will have the strength to resist temptation, the strength to resist peer pressure etc.  It’s promise number 42 in the book from Psalm 112, it says “Praise the Lord, blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who delights greatly in His commandments, his descendents will be mighty on earth, the generation of the upright will be blessed.  And so when I pray over my son, and pray over the atmosphere of the school where he goes to school I claim the scripture over him.  And I say “Now God you said my son would be mighty upon the earth and I expect the Holy Spirit who is called the Spirit of Might to empower him, to resist temptation, to resist friendships that would corrupt him, to resist false things that are being taught in the schools of our land.”  And I believe that that makes a difference in the strength that he has to combat the forces that he’s faced with every day.

Sid:  You know one of the things I like about your book is you have all the promises in alphabetical order and so if there’s a particular area that you really need on your children and grandchildren you can just look this up and go with the promises number.  But I think that it would be good just to start with number 1 and pray one or two promises every day, it’s going to take you less than a minute, and it’s going to change the entire DNA spiritually of your children and grandchildren.  Let me read some of, not the promises, but some of the subjects that you have biblical promises for.  Angelic protection, compassion, deliverance, divine health, divine instruction; hey I want some of these things for myself.  Freedom from captivity, Glory of God, Great peace, Longevity, Love for God, Obeying God, Outpouring of God’s blessing, Outpouring of God’s Spirit, Preserved from trouble, Proclaimer’s of God’s Word, Prophetic insights, Provision, Salvation, Spiritual growth, Success, Vessels of perfect praise, Visions, Prosperity. Mike you’ve covered, I just read a few of them here, I’m thinking about myself, or I’m thinking about you Mike, my parents of course until they were much older didn’t even become believers in the Messiah; but how my whole life would have been different if my parents had been believer’s in the Messiah and prayed these promises over me.

Mike:  You know one unique thing though Sid is that the majority of these promises are out of the Old Will, out of the Old Covenant and most of them are promises Jewish people should be very familiar with.  In fact I thought seriously about doing a Jewish version of this book for our Jewish brother and sisters that may not necessarily accept Jesus as the Messiah yet.

Sid:  Well, you actually use very familiar Jewish objects in your book. The mezuzah on the doorpost of every Jewish home; how did that happen?

Mike:  Well I used that as a symbol toward the end of the book encouraging parents to post these promises around their home. I relate it to the mezuzah which is small rectangular object maybe about three or four inches, maybe one or two inches wide.  Most of your listeners would be familiar with it. There’s two passages of scripture in the mezuzah Deuteronomy 6 verses 4 – 9 and Deuteronomy 11 verses 13 – 21, and in both of those passages it talks about teaching these things to your children and “Speaking of them when you sit down in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up that you’re days of your children may be multiplied in the land which the Lord swore to you.”  And of course when ever a Jewish person enters into to their home or apartment or business quite often they’ll, normally they’ll touch the mezuzah as an affirmation of the promises it contains.  And I was just encouraging especially gentiles believers to do something similar on the basis of that practice and post these promises, these 65 promises around their home.  And then touch them as you would touch the mezuzah, touch those promises and say “God I thank you this is fulfilled in my child’s life today.”

Sid:  You know I can just picture when I shared about myself some of those that are listening to us right now are saying, “Yeah, I wish my parents had prayed that for me, I wish their parents had prayed that for them.”  Well someone somewhere has got to say “I’m going to make a difference.” Mike we’re not talking about three hours a day, we’re talking about less than three minutes a day to change the destiny of every member of their family.

Mike:  I’m encouraging people right now to perform a spiritual experiment and to pray these promises over their family, over their offspring for the entire year of 2009, and then I’m asking them to get back in touch with me by the end of 2009 and let me know the transformation that takes place in their family.  I believe we’re going to have hundreds, thousands of testimonies and changed lives.  Children that have increase of spirituality and connectedness with God.  And you know one promises that’s really burning in me right now and that’s Isaiah 54 verse 13 and that’s where God said, “All thy children shall be taught by the Lord and great shall be the peace of thy children.”  Think of that, all your children shall be taught by God!  You know I try to teach my children the word of God all the time, every day I try to mention something that’s relevant to them.  But God is letting me know that He’s involved in the process and I can only instruct them, but when God speaks to them that’s revelation that will stay with them a lifetime.  And I saw that fulfilled in my son’s life in a very curious way.  One morning when he was about four years old he came downstairs from his bedroom and he announced to everyone in the kitchen, he said “Mommy, Daddy I died in my sleep and Jesus took me to heaven”, and he began to describe heaven to us and it was a powerful description.”

Sid:  Oh, we’re out of time…

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sidroth on July 3rd, 2012

Sid:  My guest by way of telephone, I’m speaking to him at his home in Jasper, Alabama which is thirty – forty miles west of Birmingham, Alabama is Pastor Ben Godwin.  And Ben what you went through as a young child on July 16, 1977, how old were you?

Ben:  I was seven years old, at the time of the accident.

Sid:  It wasn’t just one accident, he was hit while on his bicycle and then the ambulance that was taking him they got blindsided, then you get to the hospital and there’s no room available for surgery.  It’s a Saturday afternoon and the operating rooms are all busy, and they were worried that shock would set in, and you had to have the surgery. So you began to have a praying family do what they’re supposed to do, pray.  What happened?

 Ben:  I was fortunate to be raised in a church with a strong emphasis on prayer in fact on top of our church building they had gigantic praying hands that rotated and the slogan of the church was “Around the clock and around the world we are praying.” It was a network of prayer groups.  And that’s what they did, they began to intercede and within three to four hours unexpectedly to the hospitals schedule an operating room did become available and they were able to go in and tend to my leg and prevent the infection and to prevent the shock from setting in.

Sid:  Well, I got a picture in your book, I mean you really have this documented of what the X-ray showed at that stage.  Tell me about this particular X-ray, what are these two lines in your leg right above and right beneath?

Ben:  Well on page 62 of my book you’re looking at the X-ray there that was taken on September 15, 1977, it had been virtually no difference from the original X-rays.  And what happened was when they went in for surgery that night, the piece of bone that had been dislodged from my leg was damaged beyond repair, it was too splintered, too jagged, they could not reinsert it in my leg.  So what you’re looking at on page 62 there Sid is two pins, one just below my knee that goes all the way through my leg horizontally, and one just above my ankle and that same night in surgery they put after cleaning the wound they decided to leave the wound open. They placed on the leg a full length plaster cast from my hip all the way to my toes.  Then later they cut a window over my calf on the foreleg so that they could tend to the wound later on, but they didn’t do anything with the bone because it was damaged beyond repair.

Sid:  Alright the bone was damaged beyond repair, but the X-ray I’m looking at shows there isn’t any bone there’s a three inch missing bone there.

Ben:  That’s correct.

Sid:  And why did they put those steel rods in?

Ben:  Mainly to restrict movement so that my leg wouldn’t compress together. To use a crude analogy, like an accordion they wanted some rigidity there to where my bone, my other bone, the fibula which is a small bone in your body, it had to be set.  It had also broken and penetrated through the top of my leg, so I actually had two compound fractures.

Sid:  Okay, what was the medical prognosis after this surgery?

Ben:  Well, the orthopedic surgeon told my parents after that first surgery that your son Ben will basically never walk again without a terrible limp.  They said in essence he’ll be a semi-cripple.  They said, “His left leg will always be shorter than his right leg.”  They brought up again the possibility of amputation if infection were to set in. They basically braced my parents for the reality that barring a miracle that I would be a semi-cripple the rest of my life.

Sid:  Or worse, lose your leg!

Ben:  Correct.

Sid:  I mean that’s not a good prognosis.  There were two ministers that came to the hospital that one had a Word of Knowledge and one had a Vision.  Tell me about that.

Ben: That’s correct.  Two ministers came and visited my parents and me while I was in the hospital.  One of them had a Word of Knowledge that my leg would be totally restored by a miracle.  And of course my parents just clung to that tenaciously because they were strong believers to begin with.

Sid:  What’s going on with the little seven year old, what’s going on inside of you over all of this?

Ben:  Well, I’d have to say I had child like faith you know I was raised believing in the supernatural.  So you know I was hopeful, I was expectant.  I may not have had the mature faith that I do now but I was you know following my parents lead.  What my parents would do is they would get the Word of God out and they would literally from the Bible read many of the healing promises that are in the scriptures, they would read them to me out loud over and over and over again.

Sid:  How important was that?

Ben:  Well, you know Paul said, “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”  So sometimes you have to tune out the negative news that you receive.

Sid:    But what did you think about that Word of Knowledge and that Vision that you were going to be healed?

Ben:  Well, I was ecstatic. I mean that would definitely be my preference over more surgery and lengthy therapy and rehabilitation.

Sid:  So if I was to have interviewed you at seven years old, and I would say “Little Ben, is God going to perform a miracle, what would you have said?”

Ben:  I would have probably said, “Yes.”

Sid:  Okay, then your Mom has a vision of your healing, tell me about that.

Ben:  That’s correct, now I spent 18 days in the hospital.  I was sent home in a wheelchair, I started third grade in a wheelchair and I went to church on a Sunday, soon thereafter. One of the Elders of our church came and during the course of the Worship Service was praying for me.  He just had a real burden, a real concern, and he came and he began to pray for me. While he did my Mom who was standing beside us saw a vision, and in the vision she saw an X-ray, and she saw the X-ray like you saw it on page 62 of my book, where there’s a three inch gap of missing bone.  But in the vision suddenly a thin thread like milky substance began to span from one end of the bone to the other and then was solidly filled in to where it was a complete and whole bone.

Sid:  Did she tell you about that, did she tell others about that vision?

Ben:  Yes, definitely, my Mom was a very vocal, very bold women. She definitely whenever God spoke to her in any means she would, she would definitely share it.

Sid:  And then you went to a prayer meeting, how long did it take from the time of the vision to the prayer meeting?

Ben:  I’m not sure about the time of the vision but from the time of the accident which happened in July 16, 1977 the prayer meeting was on October 7, so less than three months later.

Sid:  Okay, tell me about your recollection of that prayer meeting.

Ben:  Well, the prayer meeting was at my then Pastor’s home, my Pastor, her name was Bertha Madden, and she formed our church out of a prayer meeting.  Kind of like the New Testament Church in the Book of Acts.  You know it all started at a prayer meeting, and then the Holy Spirit showed up and the Church was born.  Well, that’s how our church was founded out of a prayer meeting in her home.  Well she would have these prayer meetings every Thursday morning with ladies that didn’t work and every Friday night with couples and families.  And we went to that prayer meeting, happened to be a Friday night October 7, 1977 and by then I was out of a wheelchair, I had graduated to crutches, but the doctors told me I was not to put any weight on my leg because I still had the missing bone, I was still awaiting a bone graft surgery.  And so I came into that prayer meeting and plopped down on one of the couches and after a few minutes of prayer, intercession going forth it just seemed like a powerful presence of God came into that room.  And my pastor did something very, you might say unorthodox, very…

Sid:  I’ll tell you what hold that though we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast but then as important as this great verifiable modern day miracle so documented I’ve never seen a miracle as documented and you have it in this book.  And so someone that says, “Show me one miracle where is Geraldo?”  I want him to say that to you, “Show me one miracle,” you’ve nailed it.

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sidroth on June 25th, 2012

Sid:  Can you hear the passion of the Spirit of God speaking through my voice right now. We want everyone everywhere to hear the good news. We want everyone everywhere not to just be religious but be normal, red hot for Jesus.  My guest is normal his name is Keith Miller; I’m catching up with him by way of telephone at his home in Amarillo, Texas.  And Keith had a series of angelic encounters beginning in August 2002. As a result of these encounters he’s written his new book “Surrender to the Spirit”, which supernaturally because it came from God, will allow you to walk in the fullness of God in all seven facets of the Spirit of God.  And Keith if you would review again the first encounter that occurred in August of 2002.

Keith:  Yeah, I was in a worship service and I was actually going to be one of the speakers in a school, and we were doing a school with different people.  And during the worship service I was just worshipping and all of a sudden I had a prophetic encounter where I was caught up and I saw this massive incredibly strong authoritive Angel of the Lord.  And as I saw him it lasted about ten seconds, fifteen seconds, but he said “Open your mouth!”  And when I opened my mouth he threw something in my mouth and I began to eat it and when I come out of the prophetic encounter I just knew in my spirit that it was Ezekiel chapter 3 and Revelation 10.  Where in Ezekiel 3 he says, “Take the scroll, eat the scroll and it’ll be sweet to your mouth but it will be bitter to your belly.”  And in Revelation 10 the angel of the Lord had an open book and he showed it to John he said, “Take the book and eat the book.”  And that’s what the encounter was, and as that moment I knew that something incredible had taken place and I…

Sid:  Just out of curiosity had you ever seen an angel before?

Keith:  You know I’ve had prophetic encounters I would have to say that I’ve been around the prophetic and the encounters, but I’ve never seen or been part of an encounter like that where it was so tangible, so real.  Plus the scroll book I had never studies scrolls, I’d never studied anything about books in the Bible.  I really didn’t even know what it was when it happened I really didn’t have a feel of what took place at all; I just knew that it was something that was life changing.  Because I knew that I was at a point that, like we shared on Monday and during the different interviews I was in the radio program, where I begin to cry out because of a deep hunger out of a need in 1994 a need to see the power of God to see people’s lives changed.

Sid:  Okay, then came September the next month of 2002 the same angle shows up; what happened?

Keith:  Three o’clock in the morning woke me up right out of bed I woke up and I knew instantly that I was to go to my office and it’s about fifteen minutes from our house.  I got dressed and headed to our office and as soon as I walked into the door of the front of the office area; as soon as I walked in there you could just feel the tangible, electrical presence of the Lord, I mean just like oh, my gosh. I threw off my shoes and it’s like you don’t know what to expect.  And as I walked into the front reception area, opened up the door that leads to the corridor down to the different offices, mine was the third door on the right. And as I opened up that door there standing straight in the back in the hallway in the breakroom was the same angel. But it was different this time because this time it wasn’t a prophetic encounter it wasn’t a vision he was there.  I mean sometimes it’s hard to understand; even I have to ask myself during the encounter I said, “What’s going on.”  But it wasn’t a vision, it wasn’t a trance he was literally right there. It undone me, a fear hit me, a fear of God and I mean I just went oh, oh every hair on my body stood up and I was undone and I dove, I literally dove into my office and hit the floor.  When I hit the floor I begin to pray but all of a sudden then I was in a prophetic encounter for about forty-five minutes and the Holy Spirit began, and my cry at that point had been saying “Lord I want to know the counsel of heaven, I want to know Your counsel that stands for many generations and when I go out to minister I don’t want to just s peak a word, I don’t want to just share a word I want the counsel of heaven that establishes the Kingdom.”  And for about forty-five minutes in this encounter He showed me like a movie screen that He pulled down and I begin to see scenes begin to be played on the movie screen.  And I knew at that moment that He was going to answer my prayer and as I went out He was going to show me the counsel of heaven for different cities, different regions, different places, different ministries, different places that we went, that we go to now.  And that takes place; and after about forty-five minutes I felt the lifting of the Holy Spirit lift off of me the power and the unction I could sense that He lifted off of me there in my office and I said this statement, “Holy Spirit what about the guy in my hallway?”  And he said, “Look he has names written on his arms and his legs so.”  You know I’m real brave, I have to be honest I just kind of ducked my head and looked real quick because this guy was huge, massive and his presence was overpowering.

Sid:  So this was another angel?

Keith:  No, the same angel still there and I looked and looked my head out there in the hall so I just jumped out in the hall and there he was. This guy he’s just incredibly in the realm of authority and massive and he had his arms crossed and from the should to the elbow was a name written on each shoulder, elbow and it was strength and stature.  And then he left just like that, the moment that I read the names I saw strength and statue he was gone just like that.  And I knew I said, “Okay, I need to learn everything I can on strength and stature.”  I mean first of all it took me hours to get over the encounter, I mean it’s just an incredible thing that took place and so I started studying out the word.  And what the Lord was showing me at that time was the strength, and this is Ephesians 3:16 because what we’re pulling from and part of what the books bringing out is Ephesians 3:16, 17, 18, 19 & 20. Where we begin to see the exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond, but what brings out that scripture in the context of the flow, is the fullness of God. And it starts off in Ephesians 3:16 “That He would grant to us from the riches of His glory to be strengthened in the inner man by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  And it’s incredible because you begin to pull out that scripture and the word strength there means from the Greek root word kratos which means manifested dominion.  So He wants us to learn how to use in an infusion constantly supply and that’s where the lamp stand comes in and why it’s a shadow of things to come because the center part is Christ.  And when we’re in union with Christ we’re constantly receiving fresh oil fresh drink, fresh oil fresh drink by His divine power through His divine nature the hope of Glory, Christ in us.

Sid:  Right, and you’re describing the lamp stand in the temple and in the times that we’re living in we need it more than ever!

Keith:  Yes, yes we do.  That’s why I believe the message is for such a time as now. That’s why I felt like we waited, and this all took place in 2002, but it was a season that the Lord didn’t want me to just know about this, but He wanted me to begin to understand which understanding was going to bring the revelation, which brings the impartation that brings demonstration.  So we can live, He wants us to know that the strength of the Lord be the dominion of the Kings Kingdom within us that we’re not tossed to and fro but we’re strong.  Paul said it the best in Ephesians 6:10 “Finally my brethren be strong in the power and the might of the Lord.”  And that word there is krataios and it means manifested dominion.  So there’s a strength of the Lord of the dominion of the kingdom in us but then Paul understood this so much that in Acts 19:20 he says, “The word of God grew and prevailed mightily”, the word there mightily is krataios.  And what happened in them began to touch out of them and the word grew and prevailed. That’s what the Lord wanted was that message of the second event with the angel was that you need to operate in His strength, and then you need to function under the full stature of Christ in you; because of the Kingdom dominion that’s coming to the body of Christ for the glory and power that He’s going to release. We can’t operate in our strength and we have to operate in the full stature of Christ in us.

Sid:  And the thing that excites me is about the impartation you received at the Benny Hinn meeting.

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sidroth on June 22nd, 2012

Sid:  We want every one everywhere to be outrageous compared to normal Christianity, but normal compared to the Bible; it’s that simple.  Let me give you an example of someone that’s normal I’m speaking to Ryan Wyatt, and let’s start out with the most outrageous thing I have in my notes right now.  Ryan, according to my notes you prayed for someone and they lost 65 pounds instantly.

Ryan:  That’s right in the atmosphere of the glory I was releasing atmospheric miracles. A woman was sitting in her chair and the fire of God began to burn through her body, and she was vibrating from head to toe. When she stood up her pants literally began to drop and she had to grab a hold of her pants. She had lost several sizes and around sixty to sixty five pounds instantly.

Sid:  Now just out of curiosity did you have like a word of knowledge for this when this happened, or did it just happen because it was the atmosphere of the supernatural?

Ryan:  I was releasing a series of words of knowledge in the atmosphere, and one of them was for a thyroid condition. This woman believes that she had a thyroid condition, and believes that it was instantly healed, and all the weight that that thyroid condition was causing just immediately fell off.

Sid:  Now according to my notes at age eleven you did what a lot of young people did, you went forward and you got saved, but you became a punk rocker.  And according to my notes you had a purple Mohawk that stood a foot off of your head. I’m trying to visualize this you had black leather jacket with spikes, patches, combat boats. Why in the world did you do this?

Ryan:  Well, I’ll tell you what, that’s a group of friends that I ended up falling into and like most people of that age I was extreme and anything I was going to do I was going to be absolutely extreme. I went all for it in the punk rock scene for several years of my life as a teenager.

Sid:  Tell me about the first time you heard audible voice of God as you can remember.

Ryan:  Well, I’ll tell you Sid I was living that lifestyle, I had had that salvation experience with the Lord, but I was very lukewarm living that Punk Rock lifestyle. I went on a backpacking trip in the Big Horn Mountains along Colorado, Wyoming line with the youth group. I got separated from the group in the mountains, this was the month of June, but we were at such a high elevation there, and it was very cold. The group had looked for me all night long.  They went down the mountain to get Red Cross, Red Cross said that there’s a snow storm that’s about to hit at that elevation. They said that they would not put their men in danger.  They said we’ll come get his body tomorrow, they told the team that I would not make it that I would die in the mountains there was no hope what so ever.  And I remember crying out to God and being angry at God and mad at God and you know why would you do this to me and I had fallen into the river, started to go into hyperthermia. Just really came to a breaking point and came to realize that God was allowing me and wanting me to come to this breaking point.  And out of my mouth when I finally realized that I was about to die I said “Fine God, if you will save me I’ll give my life to You in full time ministry.”  It was one of those moments where I became afraid, “Oh my goodness, what did I just say, it slipped out of my mouth.”  And I’ll never forget you know for me I’m surprised people didn’t hear it miles around, for me it was as audible gets I heard the Lord say as soon as I said “I’ll give me life to you in full time ministry if you save me.”  The Lord said, “Okay,” just like that and it was reverberated through the mountains. I remember weeping and coming back to the Lord after years of being lukewarm and knowing like I know that God was going to save my life.  And one of the most intimate experiences I’ve ever had you know as I was on deaths door and God answered me audibly and said, “I will save you.”  And the group found me within moments, absolutely supernatural and brought me back, saved me just in time, we went to sleep just a couple of hours and woke up and there was nearly a foot of snow on the ground already.

Sid:  Now, I’ve heard stories similar to this and I don’t get it but people have backslid after having had such a profound experience, how about you?

Ryan:  Well, you know I was sixteen years old Sid when that happened and I came out of that time. You know I did, I had a period of time where I had to really evaluate was I going to live up to that word, but you know Sid for me, it so impacted my life I started traveling throughout a ten state region when I was sixteen years old and preaching the gospel.  It absolutely radically impacted me, it led into my baptism in the Holy Spirit. It was just really a turning point in my life and I never looked back.

Sid:    You know as I’m reviewing the notes on you there’s something that just intrigues me, you were in the state of Washington and suddenly it got very very warm, tell me about that.

Ryan:  Sid this encounter I’m about to tell you about has become the most foundational encounter of my entire life.  Within the hotel room I had been ministering for years at this point and I was simply asking the Lord, “What He wanted to do in the meeting that night as I do before any meeting.”  And suddenly the temperature in the room instantly changed, it got very very warm in the room, and the fear of the Lord came over me like in a form of an awe. I thought “Oh my goodness, what’s happening.”  I went and checked the thermostat, the thermostat was off, and I knew that something supernatural was happening. I went and sat in my chair Sid, and the presence of God came in the room so strong I began to vibrate from the inside out, I began to weep, the intimacy, the presence of the Lord was so strong. From around the corner in my room, I’m telling you honest before God, Jesus Christ literally walked into my room around the corner of my room and he was dripping with oil.  And as He was walking towards me He said, “Ryan this is the oil of the overcomers that I’m carrying and He said, I am ready to pour out the oil of the overcomers in this day and this hour.”  And He stood next to me, and as He did that this oil came all over me, I remember sitting there as I was weeping in the chair, I was wiping the oil off my clothes.

Sid:  Now you are saying in the physical this oil came on you?

Ryan:  This was all in the physical Sid and I’m telling you as far as I’m concerned, and when I was looking at the Lord it was a physical manifestation of Jesus Christ in the room, and He literally walked into the room.   And this physical oil was on Him and it was on me as well and you know Sid we’re in an hour, He gave me a revelation about the oil.  Jesus is coming to the Body of Christ like and man dripping with oil.  And it’s like in the Psalm of Solomon He came to the Shulamite woman, the king and he was dripping with oil, the Bible says His hair was dripping with the dew of the night, and he came and touches that doorknob of her house and there was oil dripping off of His hand.  And you know they had had a moment of intimacy an intimate encounter, a season of intimacy, but he was now coming to her with that overcoming anointing and he was saying, it’s time to come out and conquer with me. She said, “I’m too comfortable, I’m dressed I’m ready for bed.”  But there is a remnant, there is a people right now that the Lord is capturing, they are being captured and fascinated by the Lord’s heart, and He’s calling them, there is a people that’s been living in the secret place and He’s calling these people out of that secret place to conquer with Him and display the kingdom of heaven on earth as it is in heaven in this day.  And when the Lord came to me in that encounter that’s how He came and said, “Ryan I am ready to pour out the oil of the overcomers.”  And as I said, “It was dripping off of my clothes, my hair, and my skin. Then Sid the Lord began to, His face began to change and there was a groaning that came over Him, a type of intercession and weeping.  And He said to me two things that have changed my life forever, the first thing He said was He said, “Ryan I am desperately hungry that I would have a people who lay hold of their full inheritance.”  And He began to take me through visions of how we’re only living on a fraction of what He shed His blood to give us.  He took me to Ezekiel 44 verse 28 where He was speaking to the priesthood.  And He said, “I and I alone am to be your inheritance and I and I alone am to be your possession.”  And He began to speak to me about a generation that would so possess the glory of the fullness of the glory of God that even that in the days of Israel where the pillar cloud and the pillar fire was there it would pale in comparison to the end time glory that we will carry as a body on the earth.

Sid:  Is this why you did your series “How to Bring Heaven to Earth in Your Life.”

Ryan:  Yes, it sparked everything for me Sid, my entire life message from this encounter is about seeing us get our inheritance and Jesus get His and that is a Body that brings the heaven’s to the earth.  “On earth as it is in heaven.”

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