SID: Now Jack, 20 years ago you were involved in a very, very serious car accident. The devil tried to take you out. What happened?


JACK: I was hit by a 25-ton asphalt truck. I was driving a Geo Metro. They’re primarily made up of aluminum. The cop drove up and he said that guy didn’t make it because it was so badly squashed. It blew out my aorta. I was bleeding to death internally. It ripped my liver in half. It smushed it like a watermelon, eight broken ribs, compound fractures. My hip was broken in two places. I was spurting blood. There happened to be a pediatrician behind me.


SID: Just happened.


JACK: Just happened. And I watched the young man, you know, pacing, that hit me, and he said, “Oh my God, I’ve killed a priest.” And my heart was broken. I was six minutes from one of the best trauma centers in the country. The doctor came out and he said, “Sir, you’re probably not going to ever walk again. The lower extremity nerves had been deprived of oxygen.” And he said, “If you live 20 hours, you’ll make it.” But he said, “I don’t believe you’re going to ever walk again.” I saw him pushing a wheelchair and what came out of my mouth was what I had been putting in for years, the Word of God. The Word of God, what came out of my mouth is, “Doctor, somebody up there likes me and you’re going to do a fantastic job.” And I passed out.


SID: You had an encounter where you were taken to Heaven.


JACK: On the 20th hour my blood pressure went from 300 over 200 and went to climbing, and I left my body. They coded me and I was instantly in the arms of Jesus.


SID: Coded means you’re dead.


JACK: You’re dead, yes. And they, Jesus had me under a tree in paradise, and I’m in his lap, and I knew that my wife, we had lost a little boy to leukemia when he was seven years old, and I knew Anna Marie, my wonderful bride, could not take another one. We had an intercessor that saw death coming to get me. She was in the chapel. And she stood up and she said, “No, you can’t have him! It’s not his time!” Jesus looked over my shoulder. I didn’t know what he looked at, but I saw him look at something over my shoulder. He heard her and I knew I was out of there. That’s all I know is I knew I was out of there. And I looked at him, and I said, “Can I be a part of the last great harvest?”


SID: What did he say?


JACK: He said, “If you want to.” And he is the kindest, most beautiful, most loving, the most amazing human being anywhere in a billion universes. And I want to tell you, when I came into my body, I told Anna Marie, “He’s got the bluest eyes you have ever seen.” And I started speaking in a language that was not from this world. It was parabolic. She said it was symbolic, it was different images, it was different concepts. It was a language. She said, That man must have gone to Heaven because nobody has ever talked that way before.”


SID: But what happened to that body that was destroyed?


JACK: Well I believe—


SID: You could never walk again. That’s obvious.


JACK: Well the liver was the big problem because they said, “You’re going to have to have a transplant, and so you’re going to be in the hospital for six weeks.” So on the seventh day all my liver functions went normal and I got a brand new liver. I love my liver. I just love my liver.


SID: Okay. Very quickly, you recently had an encounter with God and he gave you a message to give us. What is it?


JACK: Yes. It was supernatural, a sign and a wonder. I poured coffee into a Melitta filter and it was instantly sucked down into the cup. Melitta filters take a long time for the coffee to filter down into the cup. It was a supernatural sign. I picked up the filter thinking maybe there was a hole in it. It would have plugged the hole up in the plastic part. And I stopped, and I said, “What are you saying to me?” And this is what he said, “What I’m about to do on this earth is going to happen so fast your mind is not going to be able to keep up with it. O, I come quickly,” the Lord says. I believe we’re in that season.


SID: The greatest harvest in history, is it for everyone or just special people?


JACK: Yes. No, it’s for every person. It’s going to take everybody. One person can’t do this. Fifteen evangelists can’t do it. It’s going to take people all over the world. It’s going to hit simultaneously. It’s going to hit every nation at the same time. You’re not going to have to go to one location to have revival. Revival is going to be everywhere.


SID: I want you to pray for impartation of that fire right now.


JACK: I want you to know that there is a gift that comes from Heaven. It comes from the Throne of God. Daniel saw it. It’s a river of fire that comes out of Heaven and every river that is in Heaven is destined for this earth. So Father, will you send that river of fire into the body of Christ, even into your people right now, Lord God. Burn up diseases. Burn up. You are a consuming fire, my Father God. Are these not angels of fire ministering spirits of fire that right now are being sent to lost loved ones, to those that are broken, those that are separated from God. I declare right now fire is burning up separation from God. You are not abandoned. You have not being left alone. You have not been orphaned. God is healing separation right now between you and him. And God, I thank you. You’re burning up mental disease. You’re burning up dementia in the name of Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus, Lord, there is psoriasis that is disappearing by the fire. You’re feeling the fire on your body right now. I thank you, my Father God. There is a hip situation that’s so bad you’re talking about surgery. God, burn it up right now. GERD, in the name of Jesus, we know what stops you. Fire is what kills fire. That’s what the firemen say. Fire in the mountains, fire will kill the fire. So Lord, send a fire of your spirit right now and burn up that GERD that is destroying that man’s throat in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for releasing a religious spirit off of people, Lord God, where they come into the mighty power of who you are and they flow with you. Like Wigglesworth said, “The church is gonna learn how to flow with the medical community and they will become one, and there will be miracles, and signs and wonders that will follow in the name of Jesus Christ.


SID: And I want you to say, that’s me. I receive.

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