SID:  Sid Roth here with Dr. Randy Clark, with “Something More”, and I know you want [CHUCKLING] something more after that first segment!  Uh Randy, uh, y-you uh, were rebuked by the Lord.  You were doing uh – uh you were – you were praying or talking about raising the dead.  Wh-what happened?


RANDY:  Uh Sid, what I was doing is I had a –


RANDY:  sermon, and it’s called “The Biblical Basis of Healing”, during which, while I’m teaching this –


RANDY:  the message, for people who feel the anointing, stand up, and I said, “I bless you in Jesus’ name”, and they sat back down.  I’d – the Lord just told me He’d heal people from the Word!  So I was reviewing the Scriptures, and in – in Matthew 10 it – it says, you know, uh, that we’re to heal the sick, and cleanse the lepers, and it – and it also – and raise the dead!  And I – I was just struggling with that because this is like, you know, 19 years ago.  And uh, it was after Toronto, but I was still struggling with it, because that first year after Toronto, we didn’t see as many healings as uh beginning the second year.  And so the Lord spoke to me in my heart; it was just – not – not like an audible voice, but in – I could – knew it was Him.  Uh, there’s been a handful of these times; it was just so strong, I knew it was the Lord.  Uh very – and He said uh, “You don’t like that verse, do you?”  I said “No, Lord”, because I’d have a tendency to lower my voice and said the “raise the dead” part, –




RANDY:  and it was embar- – I said, “Lord, this is embarrassing to the church.”


SID:  L-look, most people listening to us right now, if someone was deaf, or if someone was blind, uh, they would hope someone else laid hands on them; they don’t want to, so I understand [CHUCKLES] what you’re saying.


RANDY:  Yeah I – I said, “Lord this is embar- – we’re trying to get the sick healed, and you’re telling us to raise the dead!  Do you realize what an embarrassment that is to the church that you’ve got it – couldn’t you have left this – this out?”  And STRONG as day, uh, the – the – the Lord spoke to me and He said – and it’s kind of interesting, because Pentecostals and charismatics, by other parts of the church, are considered to be experience-based, rather than word-based.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  That’s an accusation; I think it’s a false accusation, but it is a character – it’s a caricature of Pentecostal charismatics.  So, the Lord w- – I said that, because what the Lord said to me was so um interesting.  He said, “Don’t you dare”, and it was strong, “Don’t you dare become an experience-based preacher, that you will only preach what you’ve experienced.  You preach My Word, even if you’re experienced” – “you havent experienced it yet, you’re not experienced with the dead being raised yet.  But you preach My Word, whether you’ve experienced it yet.  You let My W- “You let your experience rise to My Word; but don’t you DARE bring My Word down to the level of your experience.”  Boy, that got [CHUCKLING] my attention!  And I taught on that uh for the first time in my life.


SID:  Uh that takes – by the way, that takes all of the pressure off of you, Randy!




SID:  Completely!


RANDY:  It was just [LAUGHS] –




RANDY:  it made me nervous though.




RANDY:  But anyway, after I – I only knew two – two stories then of the dead being raised.  I didn’t know of – I mean Heidi hadn’t started uh – she hadn’t been touched yet – so I told those two stories!  And within 6 months, one of the guitar players – a young man had a 5-year old son, or a y- – very young son on a tricycle.  He got hit by a car; he was killed.  His dad had just graduated EMT school – Emergency Medical Technician – he knew how to recognize the signs of death.  And then he remembered the teaching, so he called for his boy to come back into his body by name.  And uh, uh, he – and – and he did!  And he was – it was you know, he was uh gone for quite a while; they Medevacked him.  And as a result of it though, when it should have – when it should have taken many many year – uh months for the bones to be healed – he’s many many – he’s in a body cast, within just a few weeks they went in and checked to see if the bones were just beginning to heal, and they were totally healed already, and they just cut the whole cast off.


SID:  Mm!  Uh b- – a-and do you realize, Randy, if you hadn’t said, “I am NOT experience-based; I’m WORD-based”; if God hadn’t told you that, y9u would have never preached that.  If you had never preached that, that little boy would have been – remained dead!


RANDY:  Thats correct, because the father knew, and he heard the teaching, and he – and he did what he – what I taught.  Now we have, you know, quite a few stories.  Uh, uh matter of fact, we had a woman healed at the V- – Voice of the Apostles in Orlando, Florida two years ago, that was like 14 years of severe pain, and she had died; and was – saw her out of the body; saw herself there.  And uh, through uh prayers, the Lord gave her a choice:  She could go back, but if she went back, she was – I don’t understand this part – would go back into that body of pain, which had been a – a terrible, terrible pain, with nerves that had been crushed and stuff.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  And uh, but she had a little boy, so she went back.  And then for many more – several more years; not many, but several more years, she’s still in this pain.  And the guy who gave me the word about – the night before Toronto – Richard Holcomb, saw her, prayed for her, and she gets one of the most miraculous healings uh I’ve ever heard about!  And was just totally healed, and she’s the personal assistant to the pastor of a 5,000-member church that doesn’t believe in c- – miracles today.  Once the pastor – and he’s very highly-educated – saw her, his personal assistant – so healed, he’s become open to the supernatural.  And it’s a huge Cessationist church.


SID:  Uh how – huh – how many miracles have you had since uh these impartations, and – and miracles have started?  I – I – I – give me an approximation.


RANDY:  I – I – I make a distinction between miracles and healings.  Healings – or miracles that were some –


SID:  Well I’m not going to make a distinction.


RANDY:  Okay.


SID:  I’m going to say put them both together.


RANDY:  Well without that distinction, –


SID:  They’re both supernatural.


RANDY:  all I know is it’s several hundred-thousand.  And just – just a few years ago after I talked to you, Sid, I was a fool, because I told you about all the stuff I see, and you said, “Randy, you’re a fool.”  I said, “WHAT?”  You said, “You need to have a camera”, and I – so I went out and bought cameras and – and since then, w- –




RANDY:  we have hours and hours and hours of video of – of peoples testimony.




RANDY:  And what usually happens, –




RANDY:  we just have the first – the first group to get healed, to come up and give testimony, –


VIDEO:  RANDY:  [unintelligible]


RANDY:  and we don’t have time to – to video everybody else!


SID:  Hm!


RANDY:  And so out of that, –


VIDEO:  YOUNG LADY:  [WEEPING] [unintelligible]


RANDY:  since uh 2009, I have uh 3- – over 300 pages –


VIDEO:  A year ago; a – a year ago I fell, and I broke my foot; uh this foot.  This was a long time – time to live with this disease, which was in January.


RANDY:  of single-spaced uh 12-point type uh testimonies of just the – the video that we have, that’s uh uh transcribed!




VIDEO:  RANDY:  … tonight, and give a shout to the Lord!


RANDY:  And for every testimony I Have on video, we probably have 10 to 20 –


RANDY:  that happened that night we DIDN’T get on video.


SID:  Now what about – what about salvations, when people see all of these miracles?  Uh, –


RANDY:  Well, uh just one – several years ago I was at a church of about 8,000 down in Medellin, and uh, I told the pastor I’d trained about a hundred people in their church, uh, to be on the ministry team.  And I – I told him, and he did – he’d announced it for several weeks in advance what we were going to do.  Uh, a – an hour before church started, we were going to pray for – I say “we” in the sense of the hundred people I’d trained myself.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  We were going to pray for blind, deaf, can’t walk without and aid, or terminally ill, and that’s all we were going to pray for, so we get to focus on the more severe cases, for the first hour.  Well then worship started; went for an hour; and we continued to pray in the back.  I went up to the pastor and I said, uh, and his name was Andrew MacMillan.  I said, “Andrew, I feel like we’re supposed – uh, let me give an invitation right now.  I’m not going to preach a sermon.  There – all theres been is worship, and the people in the back praying for the sick.  Let me give an invitation.”  I did; he gave me permission.  I gave the invitation; hundreds of people got saved.  And he came – and the church is twenty some-odd years old – 23-years old I think.  He said, “Randy, that’s the most people we’ve ever had get saved [PHONE CLICK] one invitation that wasn’t – that’s in the church, you know, excluding being out in a big crusade, you know, out in an arena or something.”  He said, “That’s the most we ever had”, and there was no sermon!


SID:  W-well you know, the anointing is so strong on you, Randy, right now.  I don’t know if you realize it even, but it’s – it – it’s an awesome anointing that I’m – I’m getting the uh – uh the backlash of it, if you will, or the good lash [LAUGHS] of – of it!  Uh people’s bones are being healed right now!  I mean teeth are being healed; backs in particular.  Uh necks, spines.  Uh, Randy, are you catching anything right now?


RANDY:  Well I think someone is uh receiving a healing for a complication that’s dealing like – like uh something like tuberculosis, but it’s a complication from it.  Uh, I don’t know if they got it on the mission field or whatever.  I know it’s pretty much eradicated here in our country, but that’s one of the things I believe that God is showing me is uh is taking place.  Uh, also kidney stones.  Uh, one of the things we’ve seen is people get healed of k- – pray for Kidney stones; and before the service is over, they go to the bathroom, pass the stone.


SID:  Hm.


RANDY:  They’ll scoop them out, clean them off, wash them off, show ’em to us.  And one guy just recently, uh – well within the last year anyway – uh I had a doc – several doctors with me on the team, and the s- – stone that he passed was four times bigger than the opening – the ureter – that it had to go through, and there was no pain or blood.  And he – the doctor said – and I’ve got a picture of it – it’s the – it’s as long as a dime is wide, and about a third the size of a dime uh width.  And the doctor said “That would be like a woman having a 19-pound baby, but the guy didn’t have any pain or pass any blood”.  So I believe that theres kidney stones uh being healed right uh right now.  And uh –


SID:  Uh y-you know the miracle that happens QUITE often in your ministry that uh, uh, i-it’s still huh, I’m in awe over it, and that is people who have metal plates, [CHUCKLES], it’ll turn to bone, or metal bones!  It – it’ll turn – it’ll turn to bone!  Uh, you – how many did you document, you told me the last time we interviewed you?


RANDY:  Well we have between now 13- – between 1,300 and 14,000 – I kind of lost track – people uh who have had chronic pain, or loss of range of motion, who got healed at least 80%, and are able to do what they couldn’t.  Now uh, I’m not saying it’s turned to bone, I’m not – I’m not saying that the metal disappearing, because I can’t prove that.


SID:  Right.


RANDY:  But I can prove that they can do things that they could not do uh of that – that the metal made it impossible to do actually.  And one of the fields –


SID:  Uh w-well you know the best – the best way to prove it is go to an airport.  You have an artificial hip, and all of a sudden they don’t stop you [CHUCKLES] when you go through the uh x-rays!


RANDY:  [CHUCKLING] Yeah!  Well one of the things I – I sent a video to you – you have a link to it – but we had this girl in January; uh, she had a – a large uh steel bar put in her forearm.  And up near the elbow there’s a bump that’s about the size of a – a jumbo egg there underneath the skin, and that’s where the metal’s at.  And her friend is a – just a young girl in her 20s – is – is – or maybe late teens – is praying for it, and it – the girl is testifying that was praying for her; not just the girl that had it.  And they’re kind of be- – beside themselves with excitement, because the girl kept saying, “It’s disappeared!  It just disappeared!”  And then they – I was excited, but man, they finally – they – they came later, and they showed me a picture of the before, of that big lump there, and I – I was thinking maybe a grape, you know.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  But you know, this is like a jumbo egg or a lemon!  It’s huge!  And it [SNAPS FINGERS] instantly just disappeared.  So I do believe stuff like that’s happening.  I – I – I can’t prove it; they don’t have any medical evidence other than I got the picture and the people themselves saying, “I was in this much pain”.  And – and of course, I have had a couple of serious spinal injuries myself form a car accident, and then classical traveler’s back, and I got healed 6 years ago, when I was basically going to have to leave the ministry, or leave the traveling ministry.  The doctors said, “Never get on another plane”, but a guy saw a vision of me – down in New Orleans and I was in Pennsylvania – and he saw an open vision.  He did exa- – he’s awake; he did – in a church service – he did exactly everything the Lord showed him.  He saw my spine, and saw where the stuff had squirted out of my discs – had 3 herniated discs and 2 pinched nerves; and he prayed, and in the morning when I woke up, I was healed.  And a friend of mine – a good friend of mine – just had back surgery for that same nerve, and it takes over 3 years after surgery –


SID:  Uh Randy, uh, I-I have to tell you, when Jesus said, “[You] will do the [same] works I have … do[ne and] even greater …”, He meant it!  Now, if God can use Randy, and the people he trains, look how He wants His – His heart is to start using you!  So I can’t wait to get –


SID:  uh this uh “Power to Heal” curriculum into your hands; it’s his brand-new book.  It’s uh – if you want to do it as a Bible study with others, theres a leader’s guide, and a study guide if you want to do it individually yourself; a DVD study; uh and a bonus.  Uh the bonus includes a brand-new book by Randy called uh, “When Healing Doesn’t Happen”.  And – and what do you do when you’re praying for someone and they’re not healed, or you’re praying for yourself and you’re not healed.  I – know all of you have been questioning things like that, –


SID:  but we’re going to uh – and – and we’re going to have a bonus.  Uh the bonus is a prayer of impartation on CD.  And when you have this uh uh impartation, I want you to listen to it over and over and over again, because [CHUCKLES] amazing things are happening uh where’s he’s not even there in person laying hands on you!  So we’re making the entire package, which would sell for a retail value of $115; but I tell you, this is an investment of $69.  “Investment”, because all profits are poured into Jewish ministry at this “set time to “favor Zion”.  Uh huh, I – I – I have to tell you, of all the people I know, uh the one that has the strongest uh faith for impartation is Dr. Randy Clark!  [CHUCKLES] And I mean the, uh, look at all of these people that have worldwide ministries that he’s prayed for!  What about you?  What about if when we come back for “Something More”, I’ll have him pray this prayer of impartation over you!  [CHUCKLES] Be right back –

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