sidroth on October 31st, 2011

Sid: My guest Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov have just produced a brand new CD, they have two now in which it’s Hebrew and English on two of the most important subjects.  One is called “Fear Not,” the other is “The Lord is My Healer.”  And the “Fear Not” as Jody you were explaining on one of the previous broadcasts the importance of getting rid of fear.  That’s really the root of most diseases.

Jody: It is absolutely the root of what I would say, probably anywhere from 80 to 95% of the diseases Sid.  Because when fear goes out from our emotions from our brain, there’s actually a signal that’s sent into every cell of the body.  And after years of doing life blood cell analysis, one of the things you could see is when fear is present it freezes.  Fear and depression both actually freeze the white blood cells so they can’t defend you.

Sid: Now, when you look through this sort of microscope it you will, can you really see this in the blood?

Jody: I can, as a matter of fact when I see that I know one of two things.  Somebody has either been eating a lot of sugar, cause sugar will have the same impact on the human blood cells or their full of depression and fear.  Depression and fear go hand and hand, depression is actually when somebody is just shut off and so fear will affect major glands organs of the body.  There’s a frequency to fear and it is set off into every cell of the human body.

Sid: And so we’ve packaged together these two very special CDs, one is called “Fear Not,” the other is scriptures on healing called, “The Lord is My Healer.”  I mean, and as far as I’m concerned, just listening to this the music of Alyosha is so anointed.  And there’s something about Hebrew, but we’ll get into the Hebrew part in a little bit.  Alyosha.

Alyosha: Yes.

Sid: The world was made out of sound, now I can see why you would want to study sound being a musician, but tells us what you found out about vibrations and why God makes such a big deal out of the spoken word.

Alyosha: Well, let me referred to a few verses first of all.  In 1st John chapter 1 it says that “God is light and in Him there is no darkness,” so that is actually a definition of God.  God is light, now physically it is proven that light and music is the same reality, just operates on different frequencies.  So me being a musician I said, “Well, music has some relationship to God.”  You know if God is light then God is music, I feel it’s something He created, it’s is part of who he is.  There is another definition of God; God is love, so it’s so interchangeable.   Now the other verse that intrigued me and that’s when I began to read the scripture in Hebrew and I like to study the word and I go into the roots.  But in Genesis Chapter 1:1, “After God created the Heavens and the Earth was without form and it was darkness, the darkness was in the face of the deep and it says the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”  Now that Hebrew word, hovering when you take it down to the root level, because on a normal level it means to like brood, to glide, to fly, but on the root level it means to shake and vibrate.  And that’s amazing, because I believe that first you have this darkness problem, chaos and the Lord is applying you know, He is fixing the problem by the work of the Holy Spirit and creating these vibrations right before He begins to speak, “Let there be light.”  And in Hebrew when He spoke “Let there be light it sounds like this, “yi-he or.” That hey sound is a breathe, so he let the breathe out again in the Spirit.  So by the work of the Spirit I believe everything, you know that we have, the matter it all vibrates at the basic level.  And are what I call high frequencies and low frequencies, every physicist knows that you know because in verses later God began to divide the waters with expanse and there was waters above and waters underneath.  So there’s a high realm and there’s a low realm and there is an interesting law that the high frequencies will overtake the low frequencies every time you bring light into the darkness the darkness disappears.  So what we found out that any time we bring to bring the high frequencies into whatever the problem is, whether sickness, disease, depression, hopelessness and God Himself is the highest frequency.  He is light, He is music, He is love, it begins to overtake the low frequencies and we start seeing healing on every level on physical, spiritual; emotional absolute exciting.

Sid: Jody what about Hebrew, you found some amazing things out about the Hebrew language that we don’t find in modern languages.

Jody: That’s right we began to hear about the research work of a scientist in Sweden by the name of Hans Jenny and Hans Jenny was doing research with sound, and he actually began to use different languages put through an instrument called a tonescope.  And when he actually funneled in the sound of different you know spoken words through the tonescope there were only two languages that had an impact on matter; and one of the languages is no longer used today as spoken language, but the other one is and that is Hebrew.  And what they found was that when Hebrew was spoken that actually the vowel points within each would actually be formed in sand which was the medium he was using to do the experiment with.  And those vowel points with actually be written in the sand; actually impressed into the sand molecules or even metal shadings; and it was amazing because it was the only language today that I believe carries frequencies that impact matter.

Sid: So if I’m understanding you right these frequencies which are like vibrations were able to shift the sand and form the Hebrew letters themselves?

Jody: That’s according to everything we’re seeing and researching online about his research and you know he was studying way back several decades ago and so many people are digging this up and making some applications to this.  But for us as Jewish people who love our homeland, Israel, we love the native language of Hebrew; it’s so deep and so profound and so vast; you know every Hebrew word has so many meanings.  For us this had a profound impact on our hearts to know this!

Sid: Well, here’s what I’m getting out of what both of you are saying, that as someone listens to say the “Fear Not” or the “The Lord Is My Healer” and it’s in English and the Hebrew.  When they’re listening to the Hebrew which is this very high level vibration the words are literally changing them from the inside out.  That’s what I’m hearing you say.

Jody: That’s exactly what we’re believing and we’ve seen this.  And we had heard reports back from people listening and they say that they can experience the presence of the Lord even though what the words are saying because they don’t understand Hebrew they’re still experiencing a sense of the very presence of God coming through the voice and the words.  It’s actually scripture, not actually words but scriptural reading in the Hebrew.  I’ll say one more thing about this and this is just absolutely profound that when some people listen to it they actually hear God speaking to them prophetically.

Sid: Well, let’s listen to it right now from the CD “Fear Not.” (Worship excerpt)

sidroth on October 22nd, 2011

Sid: I believe that the miraculous has come on the scene because this is God’s moment to deal with Israel, to deal with the Jewish people and to have the greatest worldwide revival of all people that this world has ever seen.  And my guest Jonathan Welton has we found out on yesterday’s broadcast; his family was complete, but his mother was told that God needed someone to parent a special vessel that was coming into the world.  And she said, “Yes,” and Jonathan was born, then when he was fourteen God spoke to him and spoke to his heart, called him into ministry.  But when he was nineteen a prophet by the name of Dennis Cramer prophesied over him; tell me about that prophecy.

Jonathan: Well Sid, it was quite a startling word, I didn’t understand it at the time and he said two different things in it that surprised me the most.  He said that, “Jonathan, you are not losing your mind, your simply beginning to discern spirits as never before and that I’m going to discern spirits more than I ever wanted to.”  I didn’t understand what the gift of the Discerning of spirits was and so I was a little confused.  I hadn’t desired this gift so to see it more than I ever wanted to would have been anything.  I hadn’t discerned anything previous to this.

Sid: Now, he also gave you another strange Word from God and that was that you were to kind of keep your mouth shut about what you were seeing.  Why did he say that?

Jonathan: Well, now as many years later in retrospect I see the wisdom, he said that the Lord says I should keep my mouth shut about what I’m seeing and not to be too verbal because I’m at the beginning stages of understanding.

Sid: Now, tell me what happened over the next thirty days after that prophetic word.

Jonathan: Well, the other thing he mentioned in the Word was that the Lord had called me as a Seer which Seer, I didn’t understand that term at the time either.  And so I began to see things in the spirit; I would be walking somewhere say through a store or down the street and I would see other individuals in the physical, but I would see things around them or about them.

Sid: Give me an example.

Jonathan: A good example, sometimes people would have a sickness in their body in the physical and I might see in the Spirit an object lodged in them like I the spirit realm superimposed over the natural I might see a sword stuck into an individual.  And if I asked them “Do you have pain in that area of their body?” they would begin to describe yes I do, how did you know that?  And I could tell them what’s going on and pray for them and see healing occur.

Sid: Now you’ve actually found that you could pull that dagger in the spirit out of them and they get healed.

Jonathan: Oh definitely, we’ve seen…

Sid: Give me one real life person that you’ve seen this with.

Jonathan: Absolutely, I was praying for some people at a church after I had finished ministering and speaking and I saw a lady who in the spirit I saw spears that were stuck into her like eight foot pointed spears that had been lodged in her body in all directions around her.  And as I saw this I started to ask the Lord “What am I seeing here and what does this represent?”  And on each one of these spears I would see a word, I would see unforgiveness, or bitterness, resentment, fear, hatred and so I asked the Lord, “What do I need to do to bring healing here?” Now this was even before I found out what was wrong with her and so I began the process of asking her and she shared that she had Epstein bar virus and chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Sid: Now, it’s very interesting that you’re talking about Epstein bar because that is a predominately Jewish disease; did you know that?

Jonathan: I was not aware of that.

Sid: And guess what, I think God wants a lot of Christians walking in this type of discernment so that they can get Jewish people healed so Jewish people will want to know the healer.

Jonathan: Oh, absolutely I would agree with that for sure, there’s such an anointing with the gift of discerning of spirits that brings healing to people.  I’ve found that there are people who’ve prayed for healing countless times and have not received their healing that when we begin to address these objects in the spirit realm and bring healing to their body through removing these daggers, these swords.

Sid: Well, take me back to that person that you saw these daggers in and what did you do and what happened that had all these diseases Epstein Bar and the other things.

Jonathan: First I asked her as I always do just out of politeness “May I lay hands on you?”  And this is probably one of the only times that someone actually said, “No please don’t and the reason was she said that there was just so much pain in her body that even just a physical touch would hurt her.”  And I described to her what I was seeing, these eight foot sticks sticking out of her and she said that perfectly describes.  She had a social anxiety as well and she said that she would feel pain in her body if anyone got within eight feet of her.  And so there was something in the spirit that was affecting her physical body and she allowed me to lead her through some prayers that she forgave some individuals, she broke some of those curses, we spoke blessing over her body.  I took about close to an hour to go through many of these different spears that were lodged in her and when…

Sid: Now as you went through each aspect could you see the spear being removed?

Jonathan: You know when we do it they don’t remove just by themselves, there’s also if the spear is unforgiveness and we go through and we forgive then I would take hold of that spear in the spirit and I would remove it.  It’s called a prophetic act and we see these throughout the Old Testament that a physical act releases a spiritual reality.

Sid: So someone could go their whole life without this gift of discernment and suffer when it was needless.

Jonathan: Oh definitely, we see it in the practice of Jesus; He operated in discerning of spirits when he brought healing to people.  You remember the story in Luke 13 where a woman that had been bent over for eighteen years.

Sid: Yeah, that’s one of my favorite stories.

Jonathan: Oh, it’s so deep there’s so much there, but the reality of it is Jesus saw the spirit of infirmity that was bending the woman over for eighteen years, but all he says to her is woman, your loosed, or woman you’re free.  He doesn’t rebuke a spirit of infirmity, we know because we read the word that there was a spirit there, but it’s not like everybody watching was seeing that spirit; but Jesus was discerning it and He dealt with it.

Sid: It must make you so excited in fact I believe you have an absolute passion to see all believer move in this gift of discernment of spirits.  But tell, let’s go back to this next thirty days after this prophecy, what other things did you see?

Jonathan: Oh, it was tremendous, I was overwhelmed literally to go anywhere because being around people, the Holy Spirit was showing me so many things and I was seeing around believer, I was seeing light just radiate out of their body.  In the Spirit realm I would see light radiating out from behind them.

Sid: What did this light mean?

Jonathan: Well, you know all of us have been created in the image of God and when we partake of the divine nature as it says in Peter that were partakers of the divine nature.  In the Spirit we look different than we do in the natural; there’s just this light of the Holy Spirit that radiates out from us.

Sid: Now could you also see darkness on some people?

Jonathan: Yes, sometimes even people who are believers still carry around a cloud of depression and darkness that is trying to suppress that light as well as nonbelievers and that was probably the most overwhelming was seeing some of the demonic.

Sid: Now could you tell the difference between a believer and a nonbeliever if you didn’t know the person?

Jonathan: Surprisingly yes, that was part of it that was so overwhelming, was seeing the differences; even seeing what certain believer were struggling with in certain areas of their life.  It was for about thirty days after I received the word from Dennis Cramer it was constant, it was all day long seeing things.

Sid: Now you would see body parts appearing, explain that.

Jonathan: Awe, the body parts.  Well the body parts were at times the Lord wanted to heal an organ inside of someone.  You know not all of our injuries are as visible as a cast on an arm or crutches.  And so the Lord would give discernment to show me that person needs this organ put into their body.  And so I would see the organs superimposed over the body and I would ask them the question you know “Do you need a new organ in this part of your body?”  And they would describe, “Yes, I need a new kidney, a new heart, a new pancreas whatever it would be and we would pray together and ask the Lord to put that into their body.

Sid: Opps our time is slipping away…

sidroth on October 17th, 2011

Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, her name is Delores Winder and what happened to her should happen to no one.  She had advanced osteoporosis which caused her bones to grow old way before their time and then become brittle.  And so she had four surgeries on her spine and she had a back brace and she had a body cast, and she had a neck brace and the pain was unbearable.  So they have a surgery that they do where they literally burn out the nerve centers at the base of the brain which then relieves the pain.  As a matter of fact she’ll have no feeling what so ever, and they only do that for people that are terminal that will not live to just stop all the pain.  And so she went through that and she reached a point where the doctors said to her her organs were all shutting down and the doctors sent her home to die.  It was time to die.  And Delores when you got home your youngest child Chris, you had a conversation, he realized what was going on, tell me about that conversation.

Delores: Well, I always said to him, “Mother won’t live to see you grow up” or something would happen and I would say “We need to appreciate this because I won’t be here for something else.”  And so we thought we had him quite prepared and we got home from the hospital and we made all the funeral arrangements and everything and I had a couple pieces of jewelry that I wanted different ones to have and some things.  So we had everything separated and ready to die.  And this night I was probably home two days and I heard Chris crying after we went to bed.  And I said to Bill, get me up and take me over to him, and so Bill got me up and put my body cast on me and took me the on neck brace and took me over.  And Chris said to me, “Mother, you are dying aren’t you?”  And I said, “Honey, you always knew that I would not live to see you grow up, but God has given us this many years.”

Sid: About how old was Chris at that time?

Delores: He just turned fourteen and I said, “That was a lot of years that we didn’t think we would have but we had many more years.”  And it didn’t stop him from crying, I said, “Honey, can’t you be happy for me, look at me and I said I won’t wear any of this anymore and I’ll be able to walk and I’ll be able to talk again and I’ll be with Jesus.  Can’t you be happy for me?”  He said, “Momma I can be happy for you but what about me?”  And all of a sudden I had just the strongest impulse that something is wrong, this isn’t right.  And I said to the Lord, “I will not come home until you show me how you’ll take care of him.”  And immediately I thought, “I can’t talk to God this way, I can’t keep myself alive, what am I doing?  And again, “I don’t care Lord, I mean it, I will not die until you show me how You’ll take care of Chris.”  Because I knew right at that moment that he was so emotionally destroyed he could never be put back together again by a physiatrist or anyone else.

Sid: Now you had someone that assisted during the day and she had a mother that came one day to visit you and there was a very strange set of circumstances where she wanted to turn on the television; tell me about that.

Delores: I went to church by television and I had the television on, but she came in, had never come to see me before because her daughter said to her, “Don’t bother her.”  And she was a little difficult woman, but she had came in and my television program had just finished and she walked over and turned the station.  And I saw this red headed woman coming out on the stage saying, “I believe in miracles.”  And I looked at her, now I had never even though I grew up in Pennsylvania, knew about Kathryn Kulman, I had never even seen a picture of her before.  And I said to Velma, “Who is that?”  And she said, “That’s Kathryn Kulman” and I said, “Turn that off.”  She said, “Don’t you watch her?”  I said, “No, turn it off.” But in the mean time I was crying out to God to have an answer for Chris; I had to know how He would take care of him.  And finally she turned it off, but she said to me, “What if you’re keeping the door closed to God?”  And I said to her, “By not watching Kathryn Kulman, that’s ridiculous.”  But she left, but the thought didn’t and finally I said, “Lord if I need to watch that woman you’re going to have to keep me alive until she’s on; I don’t know when she’s on, you’re going to have to let me know that and I will watch her.”  Well, instead of that Velma had an old aunt living in Dallas and she called Velma and told Velma that Kathryn Kulman was going to be in Dallas and she had a ticket and she thought it belonged to me.  And so Velma called me and said, “Would you go hear Kathryn Kulman?”  And I said, “Where?”  And she told me in Dallas and suddenly I knew I was going to get my answer for Chris.

Sid: So, you weren’t going to get healed, you just wanted to know what would happen – how Chris would be taken care of once you died.

Delores: How the Lord would take care of him.  Because I trusted the Lord, even then then I would be very ill and I would say, Lord, and I didn’t have anyone staying with me, I would say “Send somebody for the day.”  Or I would have so much pain before they did the cordotomies that would say, Lord “Let me sleep today.”  And another surgery and I would say, “Lord, please bring me through this surgery; Chris isn’t ready for me to die yet.” And he did it.  The Lord would do it, and so I had a great trust in Him.  And so any way I had to call Bill in and say, “I need to go to Dallas to this meeting.  And he said, “How are we going to get you there?” and I said, “I have no idea, but I need to be there, God’s going to show me how He’ll take care of Chris.”  And the woman who took care of me said, “I’ll take you.”  And Bill finally said, “Alright.”  And so she, they got me ready that day and it was a couple days later and as they were getting me ready, Chris had not seen me leave accept to go to the hospital for a long time and he came in and said, “Mother, where are you going?”  And I said, “Honey, I’ve got to go hear a woman preacher.”  He said, “Why, you must like her.”  Because he couldn’t image me leaving, and I said, no, I do not, and that was so unusual for me to say that, but it just came out.  And he said, “Why don’t you like her?”  I said, “Honey, she is a woman that I knew about Pennsylvania who says she heals people and that isn’t true, but I have to go because God is going to show me how to take care of you, if I will go.”  And he stood there for a minute and he said, “Mother, you’re going to be healed.”  They laid me back down, gave me another shot.

Sid: Now, how did you react to him saying that?

Delores: Well, as soon as they got me back to bed, I said, “Chris, come here and he came over and I said, “Honey, I want you to know that doesn’t happen anymore, and I’m not coming home any different than I’m leaving, but I will know something for you, do you understand that?”  And he said, “Yes ma’am,” and so they got me in the car, but he pushed the screen door open and yelled,” But you will be healed!”  And I started crying and I said to Dale, “Take me back in the house I can’t go with him thinking that something is going to happen to me.”  And she said, “Wait a minute, do you really know God’s going to show you how He’ll take care of Chris?”  And I said, “Yes,” and she said, “Then let’s go find that out anyway.”  And so we went and then when she got me over there she couldn’t get me out of the car and she was closing the door to bring me back home.  And a man stepped up and he said, “Here, let me help.”  And he picked and carried me in and we waiting for Dale to come in and they took me in to a seat.  And I was sitting on the aisle, they got water for me to take more medicine, they were wonderful, and the place was packed full.  But when Kathryn Kulman came out on stage, I took one look at her and I said, “Dear God, what am I doing here?”  I can’t even stand to look at her, and I heard almost an audible voice say, “You don’t need to look at her, just listen.”  And she started talking and by this time I close my eyes and I was just sitting there with my head in my hands, I had a horrible head ache.  And she said, “Tonight, I’m going to introduce you to the Holy Spirit.”  And I thought I know the Holy Spirit, it’s the Spirit of God and her next remark was if you call Him it, you don’t know Him.  And suddenly it was as though something came on me and I was alert and I still had my eyes closed, and I saw a Kodak slide picture of Chris and a man on our front porch.  And the man turned and looked at me and said, “Tell Chris that he need never walk in the house alone.  Tell him to picture Jesus and reach down and take my hand and I’ll walk in with him, but my name is Holy Spirit.”  And the peace of God fell on me and I was ready to go home, I had my answer.

Sid: You know Delores, I hate to do this to our Mishpochah, but will have to stop right here, but the peace of the Holy Spirit is on everything we’re saying right now, I expect miracles to break out before the end of this week.

sidroth on October 10th, 2011

Sid: And you know the thought is crossing my mind just as I give that introduction of times that I have spent entire week in the glory, the manifest presence the strong manifest presence of God and it’s the most; I remember one week it was twenty-four hours a day for seven days and then it was like the most impossible situation in the natural I knew in my life was reversed.  My Orthodox Jewish Father, on his death bed vowing never to believe in Jesus just so ashamed that his son was an outspoken believer in Jesus with his own mouth, I heard him say, “I receive Yeshua, as my Messiah and Lord.”  It was only the manifest presence of God that would do that, and my friend David Herzog has been walking in the glory now for many years.  And David, “Do you believe that every born again believer can walk in the glory of God?”

David: Yeah, not only do I believe it, I think it’s our destiny, He wants us all to have the highest level in God that we can have.

Sid: And on yesterday’s broadcast I said to you, “What is the difference between the anointing and the glory of God?”  And I would like you to define each and tell me the difference between the two.

David: The anointing is like I said yesterday, I started saying it’s like a battery pack and a lap top computer.  You pray in tongues and you charge it up and then you go off and minister.  And then after you minister for awhile you feel kind of dry, you feel like wow, virtue has left me I need to fill back up.  And that’s normal, because your anointed to do the works of the ministry, when you work you get tired; that’s like Acts Chapter 2.  And then there’s another level where the glory of God comes and you’re not just pulling it from just within you like a lap top computer you’re draining the battery you’re pulling it from the open Heaven around you.  And so like Peter’s shadow, healing the sick, it’s a whole different realm.  And I notice now when I minister it used to be one Sunday morning I would minister, prepare all week and I would be wiped out the next day or two.  Now I can go every night and I’m actually up there for four hours in the glory and when I get back at the end of the meeting I can’t sleep for the next couple of hours because my body is recharged, the anointing is recharged.  I could actually go to the restaurant afterward and lead the waitress to the Lord or go hit the streets or so it’s a good problem.  You come back at midnight and your still charged up you can’t sleep for the next couple of hours.

Sid: So when we read in the Jewish scriptures about Solomon’s Temple and the glory being so manifest that people couldn’t stand would you define it as the tangible presence of the atmosphere of the Living God?

David: Tangible and manifest presence of the Living God; it’s all around you, you can sense it, you can feel it.  Even atheist’s know something’s up, something’s happening in the atmosphere is different and the people fall, yeah, they fall because they can’t stand up.  I always tell people, they say, “Why did you fall?”  I say it’s really deep but, “They can’t stand up, why people laugh?”  I say “It’s really deep you have to be a PHD to understand this, but to break it down in layman’s terms, they are really happy.”

Sid: Now why do you see more miracles, more signs and wonders, more salvations when you minister in the glory than when say you use to minister in the anointing or proclaiming the Word?

David: Sure, well I found a secret, in the Word of God it says “All have sinned and come short of the glory in Romans, they’ve lost the glory.  So it says, every human on the earth has lost the glory.  You say, “How could that be if they have never known the Lord?”  Well that’s another whole teaching, but when the glory comes back, if every sinner on the earth has lost the glory somewhere, maybe there spirit man knew the glory at one time; God breathed into every body’s spirit and that spirit and that spirit part of everybody knows and is on a continual search for the glory.  When that glory comes back in unsaved people will go, “Oh, this is what I’ve been looking for!”  It’s amazing and I’ve always wondered how do they know that’s what they have been looking for?” Well, they say, “Now, I’m home.”  How did they know “I’m home?”  Well, deep down inside every human has a spirit that God put in there, that spirit part of human’s God’s put it there comes from God so that part of everybody has in their DNA knows that there’s a glory somewhere and when that glory comes in sinners come in.  If all have sinned and lost the glory then when the glory comes back, sinners come back.

Sid: Tell me, what I notice you do is you proclaim particular promises, it might be healing, it might be finances, it might be salvation, and when you proclaim that in the glory it happens.

David: Yeah, it starts to happen, yeah it says decree a thing and it will be established or created.  So when you decree something not just confess it to happen like I confess that I’m going to be healed, I’m believing for, you are commanding it into the existence.  I decree declare that this is happening now.  It’s a different level, it’s a now realm, the glory is a now realm.  I would say on earth as it is in Heaven.  If you had a cancer come out of your belly and you walked into Heaven right now, how long would it take for it to go?  It would be instant because of the glory.  So it’s on earth as it’s in Heaven, and everything in Heaven is in now realm it is there.

Sid: And I’m reminded of Roman’s 11:11, “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.  David when you talk about being surrounded with the manifest presence of God, waking up in the morning with the manifest presence of God, going to bed at night with the manifest presence of God you could give someone a $1,000,000 that wouldn’t provoke someone to so much jealousy as the manifest presence of God.

David: Yeah, yeah it’s the greatest thing, it’s like people say oh when I go to Heaven, then I will be happy.  But I tell them, “You can Heaven now, you can live in that presence right now.”  And the Jewish people, they long and hunger for the presence of God for it is in their DNA, they had it in the old days.  They had it in the time of Moses; they had it in the time of Solomon so in their DNA they know that there is a glory and that’s why so many Jewish people are actually looking for in other, you know in New Age and Buddhism and Kabala.  There looking for it not in traditional ways because they know that there has got to be the supernatural, they are looking, there hungry, they know that there has got to be more than just words.

Sid: Now, you were talking about the New Age, I with you and Sedona, Arizona where you live and that is a real New Age center. How do you do with New Age people in witnessing to them because they’ve seen certain levels of power?

David: What I do with them is I don’t put them down, because that doesn’t help anybody if you go to anybody and say just put them down.  I just make them hungry for it I just say, “Well, you might have some power, but I have the highest power source.  Would you like to have the highest power source?”  So right away your saying I know that you’re experiencing something but there is the highest power source and they get real interested.  And you know the joke in our town is that there is more channels than TV sets.

Sid: Ha ha ha.

David: Everybody is channeling something you know, but yeah the people are hungry when you operate it in the supernatural in Sedona they get very hungry and they can feel the presence of God.  They’ll call it Karma or they’ll say you have good energy, but they know when you’re moving in the presence of God the power of God the people here they know it and there sensitive to it and they respect it.  And so to minister to New Age people you have to be moving in it not just the miracles and the healings but the presence of God too.

Sid: Now I understand how important this is when you are ministering to people to be able to minister in the glory, but how does this play out in your day to day life with your family, when you’re at home?  How does the glory play out that way?

David: Oh yeah, basically in the home we have kids and my wife and I, all of us are worshippers so worship is a huge thing.  So everyday all of us we worship the Lord, praise and worship and when that happens the rest of the day just seems to flow.  There is a presence of God in the kitchen there is a presence of God, she cooks in the glory, I work in the glory, kids try to do home school in the glory.  So as a family we travel together a lot, we pray together a lot, it’s just…

Sid: You even named one of your daughters glory!

David: Yes, she was prophesied, my wife had a prophecy and the Lord had spoken to her before that prophecy that she would be a sign and wonder and God told her to name her “Glory” so her name is Shannon Glory.  In the hospital she was born in France, in Normandy and she comes out, they clean the umbilical cord and clean the blood and she is covered in gold dust; her face and chest.  A baby, and that’s what got me, because I was a little skeptical of some of these signs and when that happened I repented of it and I said, “Okay God, you got me, my own baby didn’t have a makeup kit in her womb.”

Sid: Ha ha ha, you knew.

David: And right after that he said, “What do you think about this gold dust thing and I couldn’t attack it, I couldn’t.  Before that I was kind of like saying, “You know I don’t think that it’s impossible but why would God do that, souls are more important I was kind of being religious about it.  And then when it happened to my daughter I realized, God really wants signs and wonders because someone is going to get saved.

Sid: Well, I’ll tell you something, when unsaved Jewish people see signs and wonders we were created to walk in that; were so provoked to jealousy when we see these miracles.  Tell me what happened, you were in Israel, tell me what you saw.

David: Yeah, we were in Tel Aviv one time, we go all the time, but we were in this particular time and I told people “Look in your mouth,” and all these gold teeth began to appearing in Jewish people’s mouths.  Some of them weren’t even believers and these two Russian Jews they were freaking out because they were atheist and they said that they saw the Messiah walk in the room during the gold teeth.  Even had a dentist to confirm the teeth that were miracles they were miraculous, they were unusual and people received the Messiah just by signs and wonders.  Because they figured that the Nazi’s took the gold teeth out fifty years prior, this is the fifty-first year so Jubilee Time, so then they say “Well, Fifty years, we lost our gold teeth to the Nazi’s and now fifty years later teeth are coming back maybe this Messiah he’s talking about is also our Messiah.

Sid: Well David, you want to share how everyone can walk in the glory, in the manifest presence of God…

sidroth on October 3rd, 2011

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Gary Keesee and Teresa Wilson. And Gary considers himself a spiritual scientist. He wants to find out how God’s Kingdom operates in reference to finance, and in every area, for that matter, and then he wants to see if it will be duplicated. And he has not only proven that, he’s taught other people it can be duplicated. And Teresa, did you really cry out to God? You took Gary’s teaching. Was there a point in your life where you cried out to God and said, “God, did you bring me to this city to kill me?”

Teresa: Yes I did. I cried out to God and asked Him, I said, “Who wants my God?” I felt like I didn’t have any advertisement. We were one paycheck away from being homeless. And so I asked God, I said…

Sid: You never thought your life would end up like that, did you?

Teresa: No, we didn’t. And we went into ministry thinking that you had to give it all away. You had to give it all up. And so when we got to that point I was thinking, who wanted our God. I couldn’t minister to the homeless because I felt like I would be out there next week saying, well God’s good. I’ll be out here next week with you, but God is good. And so I cried out to God. And when I got a hold of Gary’s principles it changed everything in my life because it taught me how the Kingdom operated, and it operates in a different level than the natural realm. If you’re in a kingdom, you have access to everything in that kingdom.

Sid: Give me snapshot of your worst situation.

Teresa: My two children were sick. My son had had a seizure and he was on medication that cost $250 a month. They told him that his brain was growing out in the back of his skull. They needed an immediate MRI to see what procedure he would need done. My daughter was sick. She had been diagnosed with learning disabilities, sensor integration dysfunction, and she needed therapy twice a week, and that was going to cost $160 a week, and I didn’t have any money. I knew it was going to be expensive and we didn’t have any money. We were living paycheck to paycheck. And so I just cried out to God because I’m like, “Did you bring me here to kill me? Did you bring my kids here to kill them?” What were we doing in this place so desperate, because we love the Lord. We give everything. And I asked the Lord, “How can I give more than everything?” We’d given up our business. We’d given up our home. We moved into a small trailer. And I was like, how do you give up more than everything? But I didn’t know how to harvest. It’s like Gary said.

Sid: That’s what Gary was saying. He said a lot of Christians know the principles of giving, but they don’t know how to receive.

Teresa: Right, right. And so after learning his principles, my husband and I came together in agreement and we sowed food. We took our money and we sowed it into the Kingdom of God and came into agreement, and we bought food for the homeless. That’s where the Lord started us at. And so we would go out on the street with a couple of bags of food.

Sid: But you didn’t have much money. How could you buy food?

Teresa: Well it was a 33-cent honeybun, a 25-cent pack of crackers and we just put it in a bag and out we went. And so we had maybe a dollar in two bags worth of food. And so we’d go out and minister to the homeless and we changed kingdoms with the money before we bought food for the homeless. That’s when we saw things drastically change.

Sid: Okay. Let’s take one thing at a time. Let’s take your son. I mean, what happened with his brain growing out of skull?

Teresa: They said it was growing out the back of his skull. And he had a seizure and he was having headaches, which was a sign that that was happening. He had an MRI from a seizure he had had, and that’s when they told us the diagnosis was his brain growing out the back of his skull and he needed another MRI. So my husband and I, what we did, was we took our money that we wanted to buy food for the homeless, and we came into agreement. We held hands, came into agreement that, not only would our son be healed, but we would have money for his medication, because he had to be on it a year because of having a seizure. And so we went out, did our thing. And then the nurse, when the doctor’s office a couple of weeks later called me and said, “Teresa, the doctor has been in touch with a pharmaceutical company. They’ve agreed to give you a year’s free worth of medication.” And then in the same conversation, she said, “And we had the neurologist look at the MRI from the one he had now and the one he had previously, and there must have been a glitch in the system, because we don’t see what we were seeing.”

Sid: Okay. What happened to your daughter? Your daughter had health problems, too.

Teresa: Yes. She had health problems and she was going to have, she had a learning disability and sensor integration. And so the Lord told me that He was going to heal her. So we went in and did the exact same thing, except this time we bought more food. And we held hands and we came into agreement, and we went out on the street. And what happened there was I took her to, she had an appointment to go to the doctor, and I still didn’t have the money. But I knew God was faithful. He had done it the first time. So we still didn’t have any money. So I take her into her therapy appointment. Well when we get there, I have to pay. So I’m like, “God, you’re still faithful.” Because you’re kind of still leery. And I’m like, “God, you’re still faithful but I’m going to take the paycheck money and I’m going to pay this.” Well she was in her therapy appointment, her therapist, her other therapist, she had two therapists, the other one came out. She said, “You know, Oxsana has so many issues that she qualifies for a government program, and if you’ll go ahead and apply for it, it will go retrospective and it will cover the cost of today’s visit.”

Sid: So you saw such a spiritual scientist. It’s working.

Teresa: Yes.

Gary: It’s working.

Sid: It’s working. She can reproduce what God did in your life. But what happened to the finances of your family? It was a mess.

Teresa: Yes, it was a mess. We were living paycheck to paycheck. And just like when Gary is teaching, he teaches about…

Sid: How much did you owe?

Teresa: We owed $45,000 in credit card debt because were doing like Gary was doing. We were living credit card to credit card.

Sid: How did they give you 45,000 if you didn’t have any money?

Teresa: Well what happened was we had previously had a business and we sold it to go into the ministry. And so from that, we were left with credit card debt.

Sid: Okay. So listen, your children are supernaturally being taken care of. That’s wonderful. But you are in this big debt. How did you work your way out of that?

Teresa: Well we figured after God healed my son and God healed my daughter, He said, take her to a revival in Florida. We did and she was healed. And my two sisters stepped in to pay for our trip to Florida for my daughter to be healed. So I got a free vacation. And after God did that, we believed, okay, if God did this miraculously, He’s going to help with our finances. So we began with our first credit card debt. And my husband and I sowed a seed into our ministry and then we gathered hands and we believed that we had received, just like the teaching tells you, and just like Jesus changed kingdoms with the 5000. When he went to feed the 5000, he changed kingdoms with the bread and the fish.

Sid: Okay. Bottom line Where are you and your husband now financially?

Teresa: We own a car business, a used car business and we are thriving.

Sid: Well wait a second. That’s not doing too good these days. You see how many cars there are for sale?

Teresa: I know. When we started our business it was just cash for clunkers. And I told the Lord, “You know, this is a bad time for the car business.” And God said, “Yeah, but it’s a good time for miracles.” And so we were given a building six months rent-free, and we had an investor come in, invest in our business, gave us 25,000 to buy cars with. And just by using the teaching and by using these principles we had two car lots close that are near us. And one of the guys is now our wholesaler. He brings us cars that he could not sell on his car lot.

Sid: So it doesn’t matter what’s going on in the economy. I want you to get this clear. Gary got the download from God. He taught Teresa. Teresa is not teaching other people. Give me one principle, one nugget of how we can change our situation, change our kingdoms.

Teresa: Well not relying on credit card debt. Relying on the Kingdom of God to supply your needs and not a MasterCard. That is one of the greatest principles. And the other one is a power of agreement, where two people come together and agree. When you have to agree on a certain thing, and you change kingdoms with that, it goes into the Kingdom of God. And we all know that in the Kingdom of God it multiples. So you may have five dollars in Earth, but if you’ve taken it to the Kingdom of God, He can take that five dollars and do miraculous things. He can multiply it.

Sid: And you supernaturally know where to find the money. Explain.

Teresa: Yes. He tells you He will give you a strategy, an idea of how to go get it and where it’s at.

Sid: Gary, I want you to pray for those that are in fear. We have only one minute.

Gary: Okay. Well fear, of course, is tied to money. And if you’re watching right now and you are in debt, you are clueless about where the money comes from. I want to tell you, God has an answer by revelation. He’ll show you the direction. He will lead you to where it’s at. He will show you where that harvest is at if you’ll trust Him. But I want to pray with you, because fear will blind your ability to hear Him. So right now in the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of fear of anxiousness, come against it. I release the spirit of peace. I release revelation concerning the Kingdom of God in your life, that you’ll have a clear picture of what you have in this great inheritance, what God’s Kingdom has in it. He has everything you need and it’s already been given to you. And so by faith, just agree what the Bible says. Don’t agree with the circumstances. Just see what the Bible says. Look what the Bible says you have and who you are. Begin to meditate on that, and then begin to pray in the spirit and let the Lord show you exactly, lead you to where the money is at. Learn the laws of the Kingdom. Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things shall be added.” He was saying learn how the Kingdom works and it will work for you.

sidroth on September 30th, 2011

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Ruth Fazal, and Ruth, I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this. But there are angels that accompany you. Do you know that? I mean, I went into the dressing room where they were putting makeup on you and I just sat down, and I could feel an angel touching me. It was like there was an angel in the room while you were getting makeup.

RUTH: Wow. I had an experience about a year or two ago. And I was in Holland and I was staying with this wonderful young couple, this pastor; and his wife is really prophetic. And as people were walking along the path, I just, it was summertime; I casually just picked a piece of grass. You know, there was a high grass. I casually picked a piece of grass and she said, “Your angel did that just before you did.” And I’m going, what?

SID: Speaking of angels, tell me about in the U.K. what happened.

RUTH: When we were at the, there was a church down in Devon?

SID: Yes.

RUTH: We had just been, I had been leading worship at this church, because I lead worship as well as do things with the violin. And we were just in that place where we were singing like “Holy, Holy, Holy”, I think, something like that. And then all of a sudden I stopped and there was this sense of God’s presence in this little church, very old church. And somebody started like:

Woman: Look! Look!

RUTH: …like this.  And then I see the pastor and he’s crawling along the floor in front of me and he’s going, “Look, look up there!” And I’m going, “I can’t see anything.” But people were seeing angels. It was an amazing thing. I feel like I feel the presence, but I’ve yet to see one. I want to see one.

SID: Now you did a special oratorio for Jewish people. What were you trying to accomplish when you did this? And this was at Carnegie Hall. This was in Israel for Holocaust survivors. What were you really trying to accomplish?

RUTH: You know what? I wasn’t trying to accomplish anything. I was just being a violinist, being a worship leader, doing what I do with the violin. And one day somebody gave me a book of poetry of children from the Holocaust. And I felt God say to me, “Ruth, I want you to take some of these poems, weave them together with the Scriptures to portray my heart in the midst of the suffering.” That’s all I knew. And so I responded to Him in that. I said, yes. I mean, I didn’t really know what I was saying. And it wasn’t really until the whole thing probably took me two and a half years to write this big piece for orchestra and choirs. And it wasn’t until I was sort of some way into it that I started to see what God was actually doing. That this was very specific…

SID: What was He doing?

RUTH: Two things. He was creating something, I believe, by putting together these songs, the poems of these children with the Scriptures. He was putting something to say to those who for so many in the Holocaust, God died. If God actually did care us about as a people, then why did this happen?

SID: Many Jewish people have that question.

RUTH: Of course they do. And so I feel what it is, is it’s saying, “Will you reconsider the goodness of God?”

SID: Tell me about that Holocaust survivor that started dancing.

RUTH: That’s like after, that was last year when I was in Israel. And one of the things that God has really, I feel has asked me is, “Ruth will you play over as many Holocaust survivors as I give you to play over?” I mean, my heart is just so, it feels entwined somehow in them. I don’t really know how to describe it. It’s connecting God’s heart to people. That’s the most important thing. And so I was playing in this little kibbutz up in the Galilee area. It was a small group, and so it was a little different than the normal sort of playing some music and maybe talking a little bit. And I felt like the Lord said, “I want you to play over each one of them.” And so I went around the room, asked them their name and then just played what I felt God gave me to play. And there was this one lady, I mean, they all, there was wonderful response from all them. But there was one I remember so especially because she was sitting so still and quiet. And I felt I heard the Lord say, “Play a dance.” A dance? That’s the last thing she needs. She needs something very different from that. But anyway, I did. I started to play. And she’s sitting in the chair and she starts moving like this. And then she gets up and she starts like doing almost like a jig on the floor. And then the staff got in there with her. It was so specifically for her.

SID: Your music is so soothing. I would like you to go to the music set and play something just for our audience right now, because she plays spontaneous music. And this is going to be just for you. I can tell you, I soak under this music. People all over the world soak under this music. Ruth Fazal.

sidroth on September 23rd, 2011

Sid: Now Michael Kaylor, you are seeing the deaf hear, the blind, what is it like to see someone blind get their sight back?  Tell me about one person.

Michael: Well, it’s just really changes the way that you look at life forever.  You are sort of not just the same when you start to see these miraculous events and especially when they respond, because when they receive healing you see the compassion of Jesus and you know that not only them, but their whole family get transformed because, my goodness they live with the person that’s been blind.  I remember praying for someone that was blind and the first time they received their sight it’s like you sort of couldn’t contain them, they started crying and laughing and we tested it of course, we said, “Okay, can you read this?”  And they would sit there and they would read it, where before they couldn’t.  And what it does to you inside, it’s like I don’t know, it’s like a joy bomb or something goes off inside of you because it’s like it happens to you, but not really; I mean it’s extremely exciting.

Sid: Alright tell me about that person who was dying with two tumors.

Michael: Oh, that was amazing, we had just completed some meetings, they had been in town for like weeks and we were asked to go like at midnight to pray for this young ladies grandmother so we go the hospital and she’s in this room with four other people and we’re in the city in Brazil where actually they just put them in there because they have no more hope for them, they are just going to die.  And this Grandmother had had two tumors, been a coma for two weeks and they expected her to die in two to three days and show Sherry and I go in we begin to pray for her and as we begin to pray for her and a real amazing angel walks in, just the sense was amazing there was no physical manifestation at that time and we began to pray for her and then the other ladies asked, “Would we pray for them?”  And so we began to pray for the other three ladies in the room and by the time we got to the last lady and begin to pray for her the Grandmother who had been a coma for two weeks sits up in bed.  She’s wide awake and she’s asking “What happened and what’s going on?”  Were shocked in a good way and so her Granddaughter begins to explain to her that how these men, these people from America are here and they came to pray for you and she said, “What happened, what is going on?”  So she began to tell her what happened and the result was after we had left, this lady who was suppose to die in three days went home within a week totally healed, the tumors were gone, everything was back to normal for her.

Sid: Now, you are having wonderful results with people with cancer, tell me about the person that had their femur that was destroyed.

Michael: Yeah, we were actually in Yakima, Washington at Shiloh Christian Center and we were praying for a lady there after some meetings and she had cancer in her femur bone and they stuck a rod in there to hold her bones together because they were so feeble the cancer was eating them up so bad.  And so we just prayed for that and I believe it was a Sunday, well the next day she went in for her normal scans and stuff and treatment they’re doing for her and this time when they did the scans they do another scan and they do two scans and they bring her in the office and they ask her, what have you been doing and she said, “Well, I’ve just been going to church and having someone praying for me and he say, “Well, I can’t explain it this, but  here’s your scan before and here’s your scan now.  Now all the cancer and femurs gone and your bone has grown back; which was extremely exciting!

Sid: I am sure, tell me about the first time you saw gold teeth and fillings.

Michael: Well, we were in Winchester, Virginia, we had been going to this wonderful church, Agape Center there and we just felt like the Lord was really wanting to do something there so we have been doing some meetings and on June 1st of that year, my wife was there speaking and at the church and at the end of the service the Lord had given her a word beforehand that He was going to put His glory in mouths of His people and at the end of that particular service there was like eleven to twelve people suddenly had gold fillings appear in their mouth.  Well, this was so exciting, of course, this is very exciting.  The Youth Pastor goes and tells his mechanic the next day as he’s getting his car fixed about what was going on.  And the mechanic of course just sort of flats it off and yeah, whatever and he said, “No, no bet God will give you a gold filling.  And the mechanic says, “Yeah right.”  And he says “No, I think that He would, go in the mirror and look, go in the bathroom and look.”  So the mechanic walks into the bathroom, looks into mirror and sure enough he’s got a gold filling in his mouth, in the mechanic there in the garage.  Well, the mechanic’s mother is a book keeper and she comes out because there sort of excited and said, “What’s going on?”  And he says, “Mom, look I have a gold filling.”  And the Youth Pastor says, “You know I bet God will give you a gold filling too.”  And she says, “Awe, I don’t think so and they say open your mouth.  She opened her mouth and I’m not kidding she had a gold filling there in the garage as well.  Well, the tow truck driver came by asking “What is going on?”  And they told him and sure enough the exact same thing happened to this guy, he got a gold filling in his mouth, and this was not in a church this was outside in a garage where the Youth Pastor was getting his car fixed.  And so these gold appearances started happening and gold dust and one account the wonderful thing about the Winchester outpouring started and several churches got together and one of them was this wonderful Baptist Church, but one of the leaders was just very skeptical of all of the gold and didn’t feel like maybe this was the direction that they needed to go in.  And so he just decided him and his wife, he happened to be the head deacon on the church decided that they were not going to go back to this church anymore.  And so Sunday morning the wife of course wanted to go and he says “I told you we are not going back to that church if this is the direction the Pastor is going, we’re not doing this.  And their standing there in their home and she begins to shake and she says “Honey, you need to go look in the mirror.  He looked in the mirror and when he didn’t have a gold filling he had a entire gold molar.  His molar turned gold, and he said his own word, “He said, I have just eaten the biggest crow of my life, I feel like I’m the most humble man on the earth.”  He came back and gave his testimony about what had happened and when he did all the skepticism in the church about signs and wonders and miraculous events it just dissipated and to this day, that church is booming because you know, you’re just seeing the result of a miraculous Kingdom being displayed.   It is amazing!

Sid: Now, you teach what God is teaching you so that other’s can do what you’re doing.  And one of the things that I heard your teaching on is that was so wonderful to me is that many people when they soak they kind of just blank out; they don’t think about anything.  And/or they may thing of their laundry list or what they have to do but both are wrong, you talk about where the focus should be, explain that.

Michael: Oh, that is so true, well the focus, you know a lot of times a focus is huge because there are even people you know, who use this type of focus, focusing in and they get messages from the other side.  For example, you see people that read a crystal ball, well they really don’t read a crystal ball what they’re doing is they’re allowing themselves to receive information; Our focus has got to be on what the Holy Spirit is doing upon us at that time and at that moment.  And so many people are so leery to let the Holy Spirit do what He wants to do just because they have been taught that he doesn’t do it this way.  But I tell you, I’ve discovered that one huge encounter from God will erase as lot of bad theology and so we teach people, you know when the Holy Spirits coming on you and you’re focus is there and you’re soaking trust that He is doing this, you have to give yourself permission to believe that this is the Lord.  And as you did do that you sort of surrender to what He wants and you begin then to move into that realm where you receive visions, you may receive encounter, you may begin to receive a physical manifestation of fire.  Many, many people will receive fire in their hands and that’s an impartation of conformation of healing for them and through them.

Sid: Well, as people are listening to you right now, the presents of God is coming on them, they can feel the Holy Spirit bubbling within them… Tell me one person that went to your school or listened to these CD’s and what happened to them.

Michael: Well, we had, well we had one couple that went grocery shopping; this lady rolled up in a wheelchair and of course as Christians we want to pray for the sick.  So they just got on their knees in the middle of the grocery store and asked the lady if they could pray for her and most people would have gone home and prayed for them, but they prayed for her right there in the middle of the grocery aisle.  And as they prayed for her they asked her, “Get up and see if you can get up and walk.”  And do you know what?  That lady got up and walked out of her wheelchair, started walking down the aisles and not only to amazement of her, but the manager came to them and said, “What did you do to that lady?”  She’s always in here in a wheelchair, she’s walking now.

Sid: Stop just listening and become a doer of the Word.

sidroth on September 12th, 2011

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I just breathing in the rarified air of Heaven. But there’s a problem I want to point out to you. Many people are beginning to understand the power of God, but so few people understand prophesy. That’s why I’m so excited about my guest, Joel Richardson. You see, he’s been a guest before on It’s Supernatural, but I just saw a video, a top quality movie produced by the nation of Iran and it got me so upset I had to have Joel Richardson as a guest to comment on that. Joel, have you seen that video? What is it called?

Joel: It’s called “The Coming is Near” and as you said, it was produced by the top religious Islamic scholars in the nation of Iran. It’s been endorsed by the top governmental leaders and it’s been shown throughout the country. They’re surprised that we got a hold of it and we’ve translated it, and that we understand what they are looking for.

Sid: What is, why would they do a Hollywood style movie to spread throughout everyone in Iran? What is the intent? What’s the purpose of this?

Joel: The purpose is to stir up the masses. One of the primary calls that you see…

Sid: It’s so emotional, that film.

Joel: It is a clarion call to embrace Islamic End Time doctrine for the masses of Muslims throughout, not just Iran, but throughout the Islamic world to turn back to their End Time prophesies. And one of the primary calls in the documentary is that millions of martyrs that would set themselves up to invade the land of Israel as martyrs for Allah, they’re trying to stir up the masses to fulfill the Islamic End Time prophesies of a final invasion of the land of Israel.

Sid: You know what it reminded me of? Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler wrote a book called “Mein Kampf” and in this book he described exactly what he was going to do and he tried to do it, and he did unfortunately accomplish a great deal of this goal. Well that’s what this video is. It explains exactly what Iran wants to do in the last days. And the question that I have is do you understand from the Word of God what’s going on? They talk in this video about a Mahdi, which is a description of their Messiah that’s coming. I believe he’s the twelfth?

Joel: According to the Shia, they believe that the Mahdi, this is the Islamic Messiah figure, is the twelfth male descendent of Mohammed. Now let me just point this out, Sid. It is more than just the Shia that believe in the coming of the Mahdi. This is a universal doctrine that Sunis, the majority sect, 85% of the Muslim world, also believe in the coming of the Mahdi. And so it is both the radicals in Iran as well as the Muslim Brotherhood, the radicals throughout the greater Arab world that are expecting the coming of this Messiah figure.

Sid: Now the interesting thing is that their Messiah figure is a perfect description of the biblical description of the Antichrist. Would you agree?

Joel: Yeah. In a nutshell, the Antichrist, according to the Bible, he revives an empire. From the Islamic side they believe the Mahdi revives an Islamic empire, that he will unify the Islamic world. The Antichrist leads this coalition in an invasion of Israel. The Mahdi also leads the Islamic world in an invasion of Israel. The Antichrist rules for seven years. Mahdi rules for seven years. Antichrist engages in a peace treaty with Israel. Mahdi also engages in a so-called peace treaty with Israel. These are what I call anti-parallels. When we look at the biblical description of the Antichrist, he is very similar to the Islamic Messiah.

Sid: Now what must happen before their Messiah or our Antichrist comes on the scene, according to the Koran?

Joel: Well similarly to the Bible, they believe that the world must be in a state of chaos, of, you know, all sorts of moral declines and so forth, and they look at the world today and they see all of these signs. But they also believe it will be much greater than even what we’re seeing now. There’ll be wars and out of all of these, this time of conflict and chaos, their Messiah will emerge and bring the Islamic version of peace and justice to the world.

Sid: But don’t they need to have Jerusalem in their possession for him to come?

Joel: This is what’s so amazing. They believe, and again, the Antichrist, according to II Thessalonians, “Will set himself up in the Temple of God as if he is God.” This is what the Bible says of the Antichrist. They believe that the Mahdi will lead the Islamic nations in an invasion of Israel and take what they call Baitul Maqdis, the Holy House, this is Jerusalem, and they will plant the flags of Islam on the Temple Mount where the Mahdi will rule the world from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Sid: But I have to tell you what upset me the most was it did remind me of Adolf Hitler. He had such a charisma. And when their leader was talking to the masses, Joel, it reminded me of a meeting that Adolf Hitler would have had.

Joel: Imagine if in the United States our President was also your pastor. And imagine if all the senators, they were our religious leaders and they produced a movie telling the Christians of the nation that the End Times are here and that they themselves are the leaders and the primary players in this final End Time battle, and calling on Christians of the earth to prepare to give up their lives in a physical battle. That’s exactly what’s taking place in the nation of Iran today.

Sid: How many martyrs do you believe they’re trying to prepare?

Joel: Well the video specifically calls for millions, millions of martyrs. There are obviously 70 million in Iran right now, 70 million citizens. A large percentage of them are very non-religious, but they are appealing to that percentage of the population that is religious, calling on them to give up their lives in the process of killing. This is important. To give up their lives to kill others.

Sid: Can you image a million people wanting to give up their lives to kill others? When we come back, I want you to see that the popular theology of perhaps the Left Behind series and that type of mentality is not even relevant to the End Times. It’s a totally different paradigm. Don’t go away. Be right back.

sidroth on September 7th, 2011

Sid: My guest, Georgian Banov, Georgian people spend a lot of money here in the states for plastic surgery, but I understand a woman’s face began to burn because the presence of God went on her and what happened to all of her wrinkles during your worship service?

Georgian: Yeah, during the worship she said she felt tingling, this is Friday night last May in Youngstown; we have it on video actually.  She said, she began to feel this tingling and she felt the Lord in different ways, never felt that kind of a tingling, but enjoyed it.  And then after the worship, she went to the ladies room and looked at the mirror and wow, every wrinkle on her face was gone, completely gone and her skin looked like the skin of her young, like the skin of her young little children and they look at Mom because it transformed the face of their Mother.  And she said, “Look,” and she is in her early mid-forties and I look and truly there is not one single wrinkle on her face.

Sid: Is that because this meeting was held in Youngstown, Ohio?

Georgian: This meeting was held in Youngstown, Ohio.

Sid: Okay, you didn’t get my joke there, I guess it must be your Bulgarian background, young, she got young!  Ha-ha.

Georgian: She got young, you’re right, Ha-ha

Sid: You got it, good!  Ha-ah

Georgian: By the way, we are releasing economical blessing; everywhere we go we release financial blessings, people get houses, and we change the climate of the industry in places we go.  And Youngstown was just recently picked from a foreign company and building a huge factory and is provided like three to five thousand jobs for the local economy of Youngstown.  So we are renewing this city, the Lord is renewing the city.

Sid: There is so much favor for healing, for miracles, for joy, for peace in your music; I think that everyone needs your CD.  But I think it’s amazing when you were with my friend Rodney Howard Brown, you actually recorded the sounds of angels, everyone there heard angels singing.  Tell me about that.

Georgian: For an hour and a half I played the violin and then the place erupted in this a deafening level joy ecstatic sound and it went into this realm where we hear thousands and thousands of angels singing an ecstatic sound and it lasted over an hour and half and Rodney couldn’t even preach.  It was just a roar of Heaven, like you know the Bible says in Heaven, “The sounds like a roaring of the sea,” the roar of Heaven was on us for over an hour and a half over an hour and a half.  And is the most amazing it’s a video called “The Night the Angels Sang.”

Sid: Tell me about the frozen chicken.

Georgian: A ha-ha, the frozen chicken, we had this crusade in Mali, but we could not buy any food in any Mali store  So we had the money, so we says, “Why don’t we order our chicken from and fly it from South Africa?”  So we fill this chicken with food, I mean this airplane with chicken and flew it.

Sid: You are going to get me laughing; you filled this chicken with food.  Ha-ha.

Georgian: Chicken cordon and it got confiscated, unfortunately at the Mali border.

Sid: And I don’t blame them, they wanted the chicken.

Georgian: It sat there for three days over 110 degree heat.

Sid: Well, that was the end of the chicken, I’m sure.

Georgian: That’s it; it’s rotten and melted and destroyed by now and it’s not going to be good.  But when we finally released it from customs and arrived to our site it was still frozen, rock frozen and the plane was like a frosted!  And the kids have never felt nothing cold up in that area, because first of all there is no electricity there it’s a bush conference and they’ve never seen nothing frozen.  So they were overjoyed with this frozen chicken, they were touching it and licking it and experiencing this cold.  And then once we thawed it and cooked it and make a feast for like 10,000 people were there and as a result of that chicken 200 people responded to an altar call to become pastors.  And people said, “If God can fly frozen chicken for us He can do anything and we will serve Him and we will be His pastors so.

Sid: But when I don’t get is, here you have the chicken sitting for what three days over a 100  degrees outside and when it got there you’re telling me that it was still frozen?

Georgian: Still frozen rock solid, like not even an outward skin was soft.  Everything was rock frozen!

Sid: How’d the Pilot react?

Georgian: The Pilot was so, first of all he was so scared that they are going to confiscate the plane he ran out of the airport with his plane, you know you have to have permission, but he was too scared that they are going to confiscate it, he just ran you know, flew off and returned home in South Africa and too miracles happened.  His wife called him, he has been divorced for over seven years, his wife called him and they got reconciliation and they got remarried.  And then he had AIDS and he felt much better after the trip and he went and checked the AIDS were gone!

Sid: You’re saying the glory was able to keep thawed out chicken frozen in what, 110 degrees for three days and the glory was so strong it got rid of his AIDS and restored his marriage.  I think that that’s something to celebrate about.  Let’s hear Kingdom Celebration from the brand new Collection were making available from Georgian Banov called the “Joy Celebration Collection.”

“Joy Celebration Collection” excerpt:  “Kingdom Celebration”

Sid: That was “Kingdom Celebration,” is that joyful?  How would you like that in your home, but do you know what is even more exciting than that?  When Georgian had this meeting with the frozen chicken, the anointing had to be so strong on that chicken because remember it sat outside in a 110 degrees for three days and it was just as frozen when it arrived as when they started.  It could not be in the natural, but the anointing was so strong that when you gave an altar call what happened Georgian?

Georgian: Two hundred people responded to become pastors, we got trained, and now we have over 200 churches and they call them the Chicken Churches, ha-ha.

Sid: I can understand why.  Now Georgian when you celebrate in music you operate in Words of Knowledge and the anointing has been so strong this week, what is God healing right now?

Georgian: Right now God is healing a sense of rejection, He’s healing a marriage, he is healing someone who’s saying there’s no love left in my marriage and God says “Good, your love is left no more, but My love is still here so tap into My love.  Right now the Lord is saying “just trust me, let Me love your spouse because I love your spouse and I will love you, let Me love you.”  And so God is restoring somebody’s marriage, I see God is taking away the sign of somebody’s house whose says foreclosure, God is taking it away, God said, “”Listen I will not allow that house to be foreclosed, I paid dearly in blood for you to become my home.”

sidroth on September 2nd, 2011

Sid: Oh boy, is my guest red hot for the Messiah, when he plays the violin so many miracles erupt; people have visitations of angels; there is something about him spending so much time in the presence of God that release the glory of God to everyone that listens to his music.  His name is Georgian Banov and Georgian in 1994 you were shown the river and this had a life changing impact on you explain.

Georgian: What happened was, I have started with the supernatural experiences with the Lord and lived that way for the first couple of two years but later on as I joined the Body of Christ and I began to go to church and I began to go to ministry, people around me don’t act quite like it and so slowly these manifestations, I use to shake my hands violently for instance when the presence of the Lord hit me, I would just spin and shake and all that became kind of strange among people so it kind of went down and you know disappeared.  And I remember ministering from my heart you know and I remember that that…

Sid: Were you worrying about what people were thinking about you?

Georgian: I even my wife said, “Honey, you are embarrassing me because you are the only one waving and shaking like this.”  And you know you don’t want to offend anybody so slowly you just kind of think that that’s weird or that’s kind of it should be doing it on your own privacy, but not in publicly,  but pretty soon just all of that went away until 1995 when we went to…

Sid: So you went through a dry spell is what you are saying.

Georgian: Dry spell because the people around me were not moving in the supernatural and with these visible manifestations and experiences.  So I become like everybody else, I mean these are my brothers and sisters, my family, so you eventually become like your family.  And then Rodney Howard Brown came and all this joy, public laughter’s and shaking and rolling and then Toronto the same thing, a freedom came and thousands and thousands of people we have ecstatic experiences; so I connected again with what I started with the supernatural manifestation of the Lord inside of me.  And before you know it I felt his burning heart fire inside me and I reconnected with how I started so in a way brought me to my first love and I begin to feel the liquid presence of God flow through me, flow through my heart.

Sid: Yeah, but you still had the criticism you still had people say, that’s not the way they do it at my church.  So why did you continue?

Georgian: Well, because first of all my wife was connected the same way, she was laughing and rolling at any time of the day and she loved it, she was not embarrassed, in fact many of the churches that I use to go and be welcome, I couldn’t go anymore because my wife was too crazy, too wild now and so I lost so many churches.  But I gained new churches were coming because they were open.  So now the Lord raised a new wine skin so to speak, many more new churches, new pastors who loved that; we became friends and so I had developed a whole new network.

Sid: What did you see as far as fruit of your ministry as a result of saying “God, I don’t care how I look; I care how You want me to look?”  When you got rid of your fear of man again and started moving this way, what difference did it make in your ministry?

Georgian: The difference that all of a sudden, what we begin to preach, the depth of Christ and His amazing sacrifice on the cross; and we begin to preach about Him and His Finished Works and begin to embrace that as a gift it became powerfully picked up and powerful.  We set the people free from self righteous works and religion and self effort and become free in embracing the Lord’s amazing efforts and so we’ve seen thousands and thousands of people be delivered from their religious yoke of you know, man pleasing spirit.  And people begin to believe and in other words we’ve seen tremendous change of people’s hearts and what they believe about the Lord and enter into the freedom, into the freedom that Jesus died to set us free.

Sid: What I see is that you and your wife developed a supernatural compassion for people.  You started going to garbage dumps, tell me about one.

Georgian: Well, we just returned from Nicaragua and we went in several garbage dumps during Christmas and what we do is we bring our guitars and violins and instruments and our hugs and our food and our water bottles and we visit the driest places where people actually live on the very sight of the smoking garbage dumps.  And we stop and serenade them and hug them and tears start to fall from their eyes and as we love them; and of course we feed them, but of course more than food we bring the love of Jesus to them and they cannot believe that as we would come inside the most worse smelling and worse smoky place with their dirty and filthy and we hug them and touch them and embrace them.

Sid: But when the one that you just got back from, what happened there?

Georgian: Well, we had healings begin to happen among the people, like eyes couldn’t see open begin to see like, one lady couldn’t move you know, so she was both blind and you know from the waist down couldn’t move she just sits and so we brought her, we helped her and went through a fire tunnel and she began to walk, she went home both with eyes open as well as walking.  She was doubly healed, she was I mean this is some of the healing that happened.

Sid: Let me take you back to your first where you went to Mozambique and how do I pronounce this?  Maputo City dump?

Georgian: Maputo City Dump.

Sid: Tell me about that.

Georgian: Well, that was the first experience I had with a garbage dump ministry and what it is is Heidi Baker had a church on the very sight of the garbage dump.  So I was very interested in what’s happening and so accompanying her and her little band of children and there was just a frail structure, on the very top of the garbage dump.  We went in and brought bread and different things and we got the church come right away going inside began to sing songs and the church began to worship, the people of her congregation began to worship and then afterwards we fed them and we preached the gospel message and we preached to them and encouraged them.  And before you know it, I see Heidi on the floor of the church with one of the little lady’s from the garbage dump and she’s eating something.  And I’m going what is she eating?  And she’s eating a handful of cashews that one of the congregations brought as an offering, no money, but she brought cashews like expensive gold to her. But the thing is she found them in the garbage dump and Heidi ate them in spite of them so dirty, but she ate them because it was an offering from one of her congregation.  And that shook my world that shook my heart.

Sid: And now you go to garbage dumps and you say that you go there because that’s where Jesus lives.

Georgian: Well, Jesus says, “I was at the garbage dump,” well He said, “I was poor and you visited Me, I was naked and you gave Me clothing, I was hungry and you fed Me.”  And in this case He said, “I was in the garbage dump and you visited Me and you ministered to me.”  And we would say, “Well Lord, when were you in the garbage dump? And where were You hungry and no clothes” and He says “Well, when you came to the garbage dump, where I had no home, but I live in a garbage dump, you clothed Me and you build Me a home, and you love Me.  And so the Lord identifies with the poorest of the poor and that brings us to the Lord’s love and we’ll minister to them and we’ll minister to the Lord Himself.

Sid: I would like Georgian to minister to you right now, and he has music some is causes joy and some is just for soaking, why don’t you just soak a little bit from His brand new collection we just put together “The Joy Celebration.”

“The Joy Celebration,” excerpt.