sidroth on December 26th, 2011

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. We’re finding out the most fascinating, Jonathan, God has really gifted you with a gift of revelation. But when I think about you, you have a prophetic edge to the scriptures. Have you been like this for a long time?

JONATHAN: I guess I have. I don’t know. I can’t say these things happened. God just led me. It was one thing after the other.

SID: Okay. Isaiah, Chapter 9, Verse 10 lists nine harbingers, warnings, progressive warnings from God, and He’s saying, “Stop. Come to your sense. I want to bless you. You started on the foundation of my love and my calling,” He says to Israel. And He says that to the United States of America, too. “I do not want to destroy you.” But I want to understand the vows. This is so phenomenal. Explain this.

JONATHAN: Okay. Everything goes according to Isaiah 9:10, the key of a nation’s judgment. And so now in America, here’s what happened in ancient Israel. This harbinger now is the vow itself, and that is the actual proclaiming or speaking of the vow of defiance, Isaiah 9:10. So here’s the thing. Who would have said it? The leaders have to have said it because it wouldn’t be significant if it wasn’t the leaders. It represents the nation. It represents we are not going to turn back to you, God. We’re going to rebuild. We’re going to come back stronger than ever, Isaiah 9:10. So what has to happen for this harbinger to manifest now in America is that a leader, a national leader, has to say the vow, has to actually utter the ancient vow. It has to happen in the capitol city. That’s where they would have said it ancient Israel, in the capitol city, and it has to be done publicly. So could this have happened? The problem is what national leader is going to want to pronounce judgment on America? And no one would intentionally. But here’s what happened amazingly. On the third anniversary of 9/11, this is September 11, 2004, in the capitol city, Washington, before at a public setting, the vice presidential candidate for the office, the Democratic ticket, he rises up.

SID: This is John Edwards?

JONATHAN: This is John Edwards. He rises up and he begins a speech. He’s supposed to be talking about 9/11 and it seems to be inspiring. And this is what he says: “Today on this day of remembrance and warning we have the Lord’s word to get us through.” Then he says it. “The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with dress stones. The sycamores have been cut down, but we will put cedars in their place.” He actually gives the vow of judgment on a nation. He doesn’t know what he’s doing. But he’s actually pronouncing.

SID: So it’s like a replay of what happened in ancient Israel is happening in the United States.

JONATHAN: Exactly. Out of 30,000 scriptures to choose from for inspiring, you don’t choose this one. In fact, people don’t even know this one. He says it, this is the vow that pronounces judgment, and it’s identifying America as the nation under judgment turning away from God. And he doesn’t only do that. He builds his whole speech around this. He goes on to say, “We are putting cedars up. We are putting up the stones and those cedars shall rise.” He goes on and on.

The whole speech is Isaiah 9:10, and he has no idea. He’s speaking figuratively. He has no idea. Actually, there was a tree, the sycamore. There actually was. All these things happened and he has no idea.

SID: He’s being a prophet and doesn’t realize it, but it’s a prophet of judgment. What I find interesting is shortly thereafter, he fell into disgrace. Now there was a second vow.

JONATHAN: Yes. Now the other harbinger, the vow is also a prophecy. It’s spoken before these things happen. It says, “We will do this.” So Israel says it before it would happen. It also becomes a matter of national record through Isaiah. It becomes part of Isaiah. So for this to happen – same thing? It’s going to be the leader, capitol city, but spoken before these things happen. In other words, right after the event, and it becomes a matter of national record. It speaks prophetically. So could this have happen? Amazing! On the day after 9/11, the very day, that morning, America has to give its response to the world. So this is really significant, prophetically. America has to; this is the response of America to this judgment or this calamity. So what happens? The man appointed to do this is the Senate Majority Leader, the head of the Senate. The senate represents the nation and he is Tom Daschle. He has to come up. He’s the man appointed. He gives the thing, and he gives a speech, and here’s what happens: bizarre, ominous, eerie and profound. At the end of the speech, he closes with this pinnacle. He says, “I know there’s only the smallest measure of inspiration that can be taken from this devastation, but I think there is a passage in the Bible from Isaiah that I think speaks to all of us at times.”

SID: Of all the scriptures, he picks that one.

JONATHAN: Amazing. And he says it from Capitol Hill, from the floor of the Senate, national record. “The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with dress stones. Victories have befell, but we will replace them with cedars.” And then he goes on. The very day after, pronouncing judgment; linking it all together to ancient Israel. Then he goes on to say, it’s not just Israel. It’s our vow now. He says, “That is what we, America, will do.” In other words, this is going to be American policy. “We will rebuild. We will recover.” He is speaking prophetically. He has no idea that there actually is a tree, that day that was just found. He has no idea that years later, all these things he says are actually going to happen at Ground Zero. He’s predicting that America, he’s prophesying that America is going to go the course of defiance as ancient Israel. He’s setting a course without realizing it.

SID: So John Edwards does this. He shortly falls, almost a prophetic sign. Tom Daschle then fell into disgrace when he was asked to be part of the cabinet, if you remember. But here’s the amazing thing to me. President Barak Obama knows nothing about any of this. But President Barak Obama is also involved in this vow of national defiance. Jonathan, you told me that there is even a key, a mystery, if you will, to the economic judgment that will hit America as part of the progressive judgments that are occurring.

JONATHAN: The harbingers, this is not the end. This is the beginning because the harbingers are going to touch everything. They’re going to touch the American economy. They’re going to touch the world economy. They’re going to actually determine the exact days when these calamities are going to happen. Amazing! In fact, it is already touching everyone listening. And every American and their bank account and everything else is in an ancient mystery.

SID: Next week, you will understand a key from the Bible that gives an understanding of why the shaking, financially, is occurring in America. Very few people understand this. It takes someone with a Jewish background that understands the ancient prophets. What happened in Israel is happening in the United States of America right now. And I am concerned about you. Do you have religion with defiance? What do I mean by defiance? Without repentance. What do I mean by repentance? Meaning turning from your sin and start to serve God. It’s time to repent and get right to God. You know why? You don’t know when your end is going to come. That’s why.

sidroth on December 18th, 2011

Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah, my guest Pastor Ron Phillips and I’m speaking to him about an explosion of the Holy Spirit that happened at his church, a nice Southern Baptist Church, where everything you read in the Bible is happening.  And before we went on the air Ron you were talking about your Mother.

Ron: Yes, my Mother has gone home to heaven, but Mother died well last October; told me she was going and two days later left and my sister found her asleep and gone to Glory.

Sid: Now that’s the way you’re suppose to die in your sleep.

Ron: Yeah, she died well.  And she had seen the doctor the day before and, but she told me three days before or four days before her death she told me she was tired and she missed Daddy and she wanted to go and be with God and go with the Lord Jesus.  But the devil tried to take her out with a heart problem four or five years earlier and she had open heart surgery and my brother called me and said, “You got to come home, I was in Amsterdam Holland, my mother’s dying.  So I’m telling you, angels got me home; I mean I was home within fifteen hours, which is a miracle when you don’t have flight arrangements.  And I walked in Mother’s chest was still open and my Uncle was standing there and said, “Where are you going to have Gladys’s funeral?  I said, “Anybody in this room that does not believe my Mother can be healed leave now.” I ran everybody out of the room, but my brother and my sister; and they will tell you, I stretched my hands over my mother’s open chest and the angels came; and you could feel a tangible heaviness, a cloud that came in over Mother right then.  And the next morning the doctor closed her; Mother had several good years of life; Mother was never in a nursing home; Mother was always, she had independent living.  She was always ready to drive her car, the funny thing that happened is that they put her on dialysis because of her kidneys and they told me, they told us that she can’t live without dialysis and Mother said, “I’m healed.”  So they took her off of dialysis and wanted us to come waiting for her to die.  And Mother said, “Give me a Coke,” and went to the restroom; she lived four more years; she never had to go back on dialysis.   And I am firmly convinced that I stuck my hands over my Mother that there was a tangible presence of God and the angels came around.  And Mother knows Mother talked about people being in the room with her when nobody was in the room so we know that she had angelic care during that season.  And I believe Sid that people that are listening to this broadcast can experience the same healing.

Sid: Well, I sense the presence of the Holy Spirit for healing and you told me there was a host of angels in your room because we are doing this interview by way of telephone.  What are these angels up to right now?

Ron: Well, here’s what the Lord’s telling me, Satan one of his assignments is to wear out the saints.  Two out of three sick people whose bodies are sick have been attacked demonically in their mind or in their heart and are wore out, their depressed, it’s manifested now in physical symptoms, some of them are getting stomach disorders and cancers because of it.  But you remember that it says that when Jesus was tempted, after he rebuked the devil with the Word of God, it said in Matthew 4:11 “The angels came and ministered to Him.”  I believe that God sends the angels to bring ministry to those whom the enemy has attacked.  The Bible says in Acts 10 “That Jesus when He went he went forth, He went about doing good and healed all those who were oppressed of the devil.” So right now I believe that He’ll heal all who are listening to me right now.  Know that the angels can move beyond the speed of light, they are here they are two angels for every devil.  And so right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I command angels to go forth to every listener to touch, to minister, to heal even those that are participating in this broadcast in the room; in the area who are here.  Anyone hearing my voice angels will come to strengthen you and to minister to you and as the Spirit of God releases healing by the blood of Jesus let the angels come and bring strength to dead limbs and to vision to blind eyes and hearing to deaf ears and encouragement to those who are depressed that have a spirit of heaviness.  I ask right now, I command demonic spirits of infirmity to leave.  Devils get off of their chest; get off of their back right now.  I command angels that escort to these demonic entities to the pit to the dry places for never to return and I command that healing will go forth in the name of Jesus.  Oh, Holy angels of God we command you to do what you are assigned to do according to Hebrew 1:14 at the voice of our Lord Jesus go forth and strengthen and heal the people in Jesus name.

Sid: Now you explained that just recently an angel who identified himself as Noble came to visit you and the result was you were strengthen in your spirit; you were strengthened in your body.  And what you said was a word from God that there are people listening to us right now that are just weary from the fight.

Ron: That’s right.

Sid: And I believe that if you pray right now that supernaturally the weariness will lift off of them and they are going to get a jump in their step and a new joy is going to come to them.

Ron: Yes, Father right now, you strengthen those like Elijah who on assignment for you the devil has tried to wear out.  I pray right now like you hock jumper cords up to a dead car battery that angel would come on each side of everyone hearing me right now, and Lord that those angels would strengthen believers from the inside out and not just their should not just an encouragement to their mind, but Lord their body physically right now.  Lord every disease of weakness of the body known and unknown will leave and that angels strength will flow.  I just pray now in the Name of Jesus and right now some of you need to pray in the language of angels.   Loose your prayer language now and feel the rest and strength begin to flow into your soul right now.  Angels can touch and minister to believers in your journey and angels are touching you right now in Jesus Name.

Sid: Now this is strange Ron, but my lips are beginning to tremble so I’m going to have to be obedient. (Prayer language flowing from Sid) What is God showing you Ron?

Ron: I’m telling you right now people instead of going under I see people are being lifted up on a wave and being carried instead of swimming and struggling across the dark waters they are being lifted like a surfboard and carried across their difficulties right now.  And you are going to make it to another level right now in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  It’s happening right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ He’s lifting you right now; He’s strengthening you right now.  Somebody’s weary from the journey right now I want you to know that like Philip was escorted by an angel in Act’s 8 suddenly God almighty can move you quickly and suddenly from that circumstance you in to another place.  You are going to open your eyes and realize that I’ve made it through I’m somewhere else I’m in a different level; the past is over now in Jesus Name.

Sid: And in your book you talk about the protection that’s found in Psalm 91 for those that know the secret place.  What is the secret place to you?

Ron: The secret place of the Most High is that place of intimacy with God and if you read through Psalm 91 and in my book it’s in that chapter.  There is a place of immunity and it’s where angels’ take care of you where no sickness, you know it’s good to get healed but wouldn’t it be better if no sickness came near your house?  Wouldn’t it be better rather than God recovering you from a fall if you didn’t trip and the angel’s were there to help you?  The secret place of the Most High is the third level; it’s that Holy of Holies experience.  It’s is that which God gives you when you are alone with Him and your body become a temple of the Holy Ghost and hear me, angels are ministered to the temple.  Angels, and if you live your life right with God the angels hover around your body as a worshiping experience and you move into that secret place your overshadowed just like the mercy seat.

Sid: You know what I’m reminded of?  There is a big debate over what to do about health insurance and everything believers should be way beyond that.  We should be in that secret place.

Ron: That’s right, and it says that no plague will come near your house, you know right now I just rebuke the swine flu in Jesus Name and declare that angels guard my house and your house from it in Jesus Name.  Oh, I got too loud but.

Sid: That’s okay but I’m going to tell you something, I can see Ron how God has prepared you step by step…you understand the Greek you understand the scriptures, because you were trained in the finest of Bible schools and then you had encounters with angels.  The Title of your book is “Invisible Allies.”  And what is your prayer for everyone that reads this book?

Ron: Oh, Heavenly Father, let them see, Lord touch their eyes like you did the servant of Elijah to see that the army around them in the Heavenlies is bigger than that which is against them.  Heavenly Father come anointing and show them Your presence and power and bring them the awareness that the spiritual world is more real and lasting than the difficulties their walking through today.  Come Holy Spirit, come angels of God do your work in Jesus Name.

Sid: Remember Mishpochah we are in the last of the last days and human options are dwindling we must learn how to partner with the angels.

sidroth on December 12th, 2011

Sid: My guest is Red Hot for the Messiah, his name is Don Heist and I have his wife Sue here by way of telephone.  And Don has been a guest on Messianic Vision and it’s Supernatural because he has an amazing gift and an amazing musical instrument.  It’s called the shofar.  Don for those that aren’t familiar with the shofar, what is it?

Don: Oh, a shofar is made out of the Kudos Antelope horns and it’s actually the first instrument mentioned in the Bible in the book of Genesis, where Abraham and Isaac are up on Mount Moriah and God provides the ram as a sacrifice in place of Isaac.  And that’s where we get the beginning of the ram’s horn or the shofar and then it’s used throughout the scriptures far after that.

Sid: Now is it so supernatural?

Don: Well, it’s the voice of God.  I believe that it’s truly the voice of God and as God sounded it himself on Mount Sinai he declared His own holy presence and it’s going to be the sound that we’re going to hear at the great final shofar blast that God Himself will sound when we are all taken home.

Sid: Well, let me tell you something that the ancient Rabbi’s believed that when the shofar was blown all of the words of all of the Jewish prophets came into the atmosphere once.  Do you know what that mean?  All the promises of God came into the atmosphere and I happened to believe when someone that is a born again believer blows that shofar, all of the promises of the New Covenant come into the atmosphere.  What type of healings, just real briefly are you seeing when you blow the shofar?

Don: We are seeing an amazing amount of healings that God is using His voice through the shofar and prayer to heal people of blindness, opening deaf ears; we’ve seen a number of cases where cancer has been completely removed from the body of the person we have been praying with.  And God just uses this, I believe it uses His voice to penetrate through the body, it changes the molecular structure of the person and in the room as well and by that a Voice of God they are healed.

Sid: Speaking about changing the molecular structure in the room, you have a CD called “Take Me In” and I’ve never heard of another one like this.  We have CD’s with people blowing the shofar, but you actually you become like a musician with a worship team and I have to ask you this, question.  I heard you blow the shofar, I have heard many people blow the shofar, but you really blow it like a musical instrument.  Has anyone ever told you that your sound is almost, it’s different than most?

Don: Well, I’ve been told by many church leadership people that they feel that the sound is much different and I can’t take any credit for that except that the Lord has been gracious to me and gifted me with this.

Sid: Well, I’m reminded about what my good friend Paul Wilbur says about you, he says, and I’m going to quote him exactly “Many blow the shofar, but Don sounds the instrument for God.”  Now I want to ask you, what do you believe Paul means by saying that about you?

Don: Well, it’s just like in any instrument of prayer, it’s with the anointing or without, and I think that there is a price that needs to be paid to gain that anointing and there’s a heart issue at stake that if your heart has made Jesus the Lord of your life, then God will find or create opportunities for you to serve Him through ministry.  Fortunately for me I have been blessed that this is one of the things in shofar that God has been using to heal people and change the sound.  Now I play the instrument, I try to think of it as playing the shofar rather than blowing it, to me you blow a New Years Eve horn.  But I play it as a musical instrument and I actually have six of them that I’ve had custom made that are tuned to six different pitches and so whatever worship team I’m worshipping with at that moment or that day I switch horns to the key that they’re playing in.  It’s much more pretty to the ear and easy to hear, but I think it also clarifies and focuses God’s voice into the worship even more so.  And I try to never use printed music because I just like to close my eyes and let the Holy Spirit take me away and I just play as led and I’ve been very blessed that many major worship leaders have granted me as one has said of me, “Take your liberty, you just do what the Holy Spirit tells you to do.”

Sid: Well, let me tell you something, I want to do with the CD, I haven’t done it yet, but when I travel and if I have someone with me that blows the shofar, when you go into a hotel room, you don’t know what has transpired you know, the days and hours and weeks previous in that room so obviously I pray.  But if I have someone that can blow the shofar, I ask them to come into my hotel room and blow the shofar and it sanctifies the hotel room, but I have a better idea now, you get an iPod and an I pad or something that plays the CD and what if you start playing that shofar the minute you get in your room, you CD “Take me In.” what do you believe is going to happen to the atmosphere of that room when someone goes to sleep?

Don: Well, because it’s the voice of God and not just a case of a human being sounded an instrument, because it’s the voice of God the shofar is the only instrument that will confuse the enemy to the point that he flees.

Sid: That’s what the ancient rabbis say, “It says that the so far drives the devil crazy.  Let’s hear one of your selections “Come Let’s Go Up to the Mountain” and one of the instruments is the shofar.

Don Heist’s selection: “Come Let’s Go Up to the Mountain” 7:19 – 11:00

sidroth on December 5th, 2011

Sid: My guest is Co Producer of Its Supernatural Television and Messianic Vision Radio, Janie DuVall, another Jewish person that is Red Hot for Jesus and we’ve been reminiscing and talking about the updated versions of my life’s story.

Janie: And if you want to the Red Hot they have to read that story because it’s not just a testimony and it’s called “There Must Be Something More.”  Oh, by the way, why did you even come up with that title, “There Must Be Something More?”

Sid: Well, I use to be a song writer and I wrote a song called, “There Must Be Something More.”

Janie: That was before you were a believer in Jesus?

Sid: Yes, and you know this Janie because you’re a creative person and you write music.  What’s you write is what’s going on inside of your heart.  And my heart was crying out, “There must be something more.  And remember the words, “There must be something more because I work, eat, sleep and that’s the way it goes, because that’s the way it goes; and I work, eat sleep and that’s the way it goes.  And it was almost like my heart was saying, “There must be something more!”  And here I have Christians walking all around me, a broker at Merrill Lynch, a lot of Christians that were my clients, no one shared Jesus with me and remember I told you about that major secular Washington DC newspaper that had me on the front page and the headline, “White Collar Jesus Freaks.”  I got a phone call from one of my clients and they said, “Sid, we’re so happy for you, that you believe in Jesus.”  And I thought to myself, “Why didn’t you tell me I almost lost my life?”

Janie: “Why didn’t you tell me?

Sid: And I have to tell you, “God is so good, every member of my immediate Jewish family believes in Jesus.”

Janie: Now how did your Mom believe in Jesus?

Sid: Well, she saw the miracles, she saw the change in my life, I shared prophecies with her and it just like never took.  But over the years, God was faithful with my prayers and one day, my mother said, “You know Sid, I don’t believe in Jesus because you pray for the sick and have miracles and because you believe in Jesus, I now believe because I believe in Jesus.”  And so, but and I know that Dad will believe in Jesus, she said, “Don’t say that.”  See she was being a Jewish mother; she was trying to protect me.  She knew my father it would be impossible for him to believe in Jesus.  So I said, “Mom, you’re wrong I know that Dad’s going to be a believer in Jesus.”  But my Father was born in Poland and raised in an Orthodox Jewish family and the worst thing, a tragedy was that his son became a outspoken believer in Jesus.

Janie: And you would try to speak to him, you would try to talk to him about proving that Jesus was the Messiah and you would even read from Isaiah 53.  What would he think?  I mean here that’s just totally talking about Jesus before he was born.

Sid: Well, that was an interesting occasion, I read Isaiah 53 to him and I read it from a non-Jewish Bible, it was the same as the Jewish Bible, it was a full Bible that an Old Testament in it and he said, “I don’t accept that, that’s a Christian Bible.  So I went to our Orthodox Jewish Rabbi and I said, “Rabbi, could you give me a Tanach that is an approved Jewish scriptures and could you inscribe something in it to me.”  And so he knew I was a believer in Jesus at that point, he couldn’t figure out why, but he figured well maybe so he inscribed something and he gives me a Tenach.  I go to my father, I read the same Isaiah 53, which I might add, reads the same way and he said, “You know something, I always thought there was something wrong with that Rabbi,” there’s something wrong with that…in other words it sounded so much like Jesus, he thought that somehow someone had tampered with that Jewish Bible because he said, “You are speaking about Jesus,” he would not believe that Jesus was the Messiah.

Janie:  “Did you get frustrated and did you want to give up?”

Sid:  “No, I can’t tell you why, but I always believed and I always said, I know my Father is going to be a believer in Jesus.”  It had to come from God, because…

Janie:  “Supernatural faith.”

Sid: Because everything I saw said, what my mother said to me, “He’ll never be a believer in Jesus” and my sister became a believer in Jesus; my Jewish-brother in-law became a believer, the whole family except my Dad, he was the hold out.  And a week before he died, a presence of God came on me, but not just came on me Janie; it was like twenty-four hours and day for an entire week.

Janie:  “When you say presence, what did you feel like?”

Sid:  “I felt like felt like I felt when I got saved, when the presence of God came into my room; it was such a wonderful feeling and I didn’t know why.”  And then I got a phone call that my Father was dying.  He was in intensive care in the Hospital and so I called my sister and we went to the hospital and the doctor said that he’s dying and he left us alone with him.  And my Father had throat problems, he couldn’t speak at this point and his body was just totally deteriorated.  And so I said, “Dad, Mom used to say; “Heaven must be a wonderful place.”  I remember my mother use to say that because of what I told her.  “Heaven must be a wonderful place; this was before she was even a believer.”

Janie: And she was in Heaven by that time.

Sid: Yes, she had died and so I said, “Dad, don’t you want to be where Mom is? Don’t you want to be where Shirley is going to be, where I’m going to be so we can be together?  Don’t you want be in Heaven?  In order to be in Heaven, you have to believe that Jesus is the Messiah; do you believe that He’s our Messiah?”  And I could barely hear it, but I heard it he said, “Yes.”  And I said, “Shirley,” he said, “Yes.”  And my sister said, “Now my sister you have to understand is a nice refined school teacher, and all of a sudden she geta aggressive.”

Janie: Did she hear it?

Sid: No, she said, “I did not hear him.”  I said, “Shirley, this is so good for Dad, I mean let’s leave this alone, I heard him, that’s good enough.  “I did not hear him, and so she said, “Dad, do you believe that Jesus died for your sins and he is our Messiah, and at that point, my Father screamed, he had no voice, but he screamed, “I Believe.”

Janie: Awe!”

Sid: And then, but, but wait, but Janie listen, “Then my sister, this nice dignified refined quiet, almost introverted school teacher starts jumping up and down, in the intensive care ward of the hospital where sheeee everyone be quiet and starts screaming and screeching at the top of her lungs, and this is what she’s screaming, “Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus.”  And so I said, “Shirley, what are you doing?”  And she said, “I told God, that when Dad receives the Lord I’m going to jump for joy.”

Janie: No matter where she is.

Sid: No matter where I am, and so she started jumping for joy and screeching at the top of her lungs, because you have to understand Janie, there was no way, but that presence of God that came on me for that week, it was the anointing that destroyed the yoke.  It was the presence of God and that same presence of God is coming on Jewish people one more time before Jesus returns.  Why?  So the Jewish people can be saved.  Why, so that they can come into the church.  Why? So the ancient Jewish Spiritual DNA will merge with the New Covenant, Gentile Christian DNA to form what Paul calls One New Man.  Why?  John 17 gives an answer, “Jesus said, “I pray that they.”  There are only two people groups at that time, Jews and Gentiles.  “I pray that they Jews and Gentiles might be one so the world will believe.”  That’s what is at stake and then he says, “The same glory that is on me, will be on them,” so when the Jewish people get saved and come into the Church, the same Glory.

Sid: The same glory is going to be on people and it’s starting now.  There’s a new move of God’s Spirit that is coming right now.

Janie: Right, and there’s a connection because when Jewish people come to the Lord, there’s an outpouring that happens on the church of miracles, of healings, of seeking the Glory, of seeing the things that were impossible to happen, happen.

Sid: …This is the Shabbat Broadcast.

sidroth on November 30th, 2011

Sid: You know you cannot help but be red hot for the Messiah when you finally understand the foundation of the Biblical Feasts and their meanings and their first coming of the Messiah and the return Messiah.  As a matter of fact, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis I’m looking at your new book here called “A Rabbi Looks at Jesus of Nazareth.”  And why is this in your opinion mandatory end-time Bible prophecy for being at the right place at the right time when Jesus returns?

Jonathan: Well, Sid in my study of scripture, there are very clear statements; I found very clear statements prophecies made by Jesus himself as well as the prophets of old, and the Apostle Paul that are absolutely clearly connected to the last days before Jesus returns.  And for the most part they’re completely overlooked by the church.

Sid: And not only that, many people are going to find themselves out of the favor of God because they don’t understand God’s plan for the Jew, the Church, and Israel in the last days.

Jonathan: That’s right and Sid what excites me is that the teaching concerning the days right before Jesus returns are about the outpouring of the greatest favor of God than at any time that we’ve seen since history, since history began.  And Sid, we live in those days,that’s why I wrote the book.

Sid: Okay, there’s a term called the fullness of the Gentiles that if I was a non-Jewish believer I would like to know about this and what it means.  I want you to teach as you do in your book a little bit from Roman’s 11:25.

Jonathan: Okay, well let me go to another scripture first to set that up.  Jesus was explaining to his disciples almost 2,000 years ago about the events that would happen immediately before His return.  And He made this statement, “Jerusalem will be trodden down by the Gentiles.”  Now Sid, this was a time that although they were under Roman captivity, Jerusalem was the center of Jewish life.  But Jesus was prophesying that Jerusalem would actually literally disappear off the Jewish map for a season that it would be trampled down.  He said, Jerusalem would be trampled down by the Gentiles until the times of Gentiles be fulfilled.  He was talking about the destruction of Jerusalem which took place in 70 AD; the destruction of the Temple and then all the subsequent battles to take Jerusalem by other Gentile nations until a set time in history when Jerusalem would come back under the control of the Jewish people.  Who then had to cry out to Him, “Blessed is He Who Comes in the Name of the Lord.”  Now that happened in our own life time, at least the life time of most of us listening, 1967.  Israel is attacked by the surrounding Arab neighbors enemies and in six days, talk about the hand of God; in six days they defeat their Arab enemies and the seventh day they rest.  The hand of God is all over the Six Day War and the greatest single event that came out of the Six Day War was the restoration of Jerusalem after almost 2000 years back into the hands of the Jewish people.  Sid almost immediately there was an outpouring of God’s Spirit on the Church.  Young people, Hippies came into the Kingdom of God; we call it the Jesus Movement; there was an outpouring of God’s Spirit in traditional churches called the Charismatic Renewal.  And little known fact Sid, hundreds if not thousands of Jewish young people were saved in the years following 1967; not an accident, not a coincidence it was the outpouring of God’s Spirit as promised when the times of the Gentiles would be filled.  That ties in with Romans 25 which says that, “I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery Brethren.”  Who is He speaking to?  He’s speaking to the church at Rome, and he’s saying that this mystery, I don’t want you to be ignorant about.  I want you to understand it Brethren, if that was true of the Roman Church then, the gentile Church then, how much more today Sid?  He said, “The blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.”

Sid: And as you put it, for the last two thousand years there has been a blindness on the gentiles and I know you’re finding the same thing that I’m finding, that it’s when we teach gentile’s about what was really the basics of Christianity at the first church which they’ve been blind to for 2,000 years it’s like the Bible becomes brand new.

Jonathan: Absolutely and that’s what I’m finding with people who read my book and have written, emailed they said, “My eyes have been open; I’m seeing the Bible in a way I’ve never seen it before.  It’s like being born again again and it’s releasing faith.”  The word of God releases faith, faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the truth of God’s word. So Roman’s 11:25, I don’t want to be ignorant of this mystery of this Church if Paul wrote that it’s the Lord saying I don’t want you to be ignorant of this mystery.  What’s the mystery?  The mystery is not the blindness coming on the eyes of the Jewish people, that’s no mystery.  Isaiah said, “They have ears but they don’t hear, they have eyes but they don’t see.”  It’s not the mystery of the blindness Sid, you and I were raised in Jewish homes that were blinded to the Messiah.  The mystery is how and when the blindness will come off the eyes of the Jewish people.  And Paul tells that will come when the fullness of the Gentiles comes in.  What does that mean, the fullness of the gentiles?  Well, number one, when you connect it with Luke 21:24 it’s the times of the Gentiles, it’s the fullness of time that God has a set period of time; just as He set a set time when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit would come on the Jews in Jerusalem, assembled in Jerusalem in the temple on Pentecost.  According to the Rabbis by the way, the same event, the same Holiday where the law was given, it’s now the outpouring of the Holy Spirit a Devine intersection between God and man Sid, being at the place at the right time.  And I don’t know about you, well I do know about you.

Sid: Ha-ha.

Jonathan: You and I want to be at the right place at the right time!  And people that are listening to this program want to be at the right place at the right time!  I’ll tell you what the right time is, now, now!

Sid: Well, if I’m understanding you right Jonathan you’re saying, “When the blindness comes off of the Gentiles or the fullness of the Gentiles comes in then they are going to be able to fulfill Roman’s 11:11; Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy and then the blindness comes off of the eyes of the Jewish people.”  It’s so simple you need help to get confused.

Jonathan: Actually you’re actually right; you jumped ahead because you know the same truth also. First of all the fullness of time connected to Jerusalem.  When Jerusalem comes back into Jewish hands “1967” it signals the set time of God, the appointed time to favor Zion is here, it began in 1967.  But secondly fullness of the Gentiles is yes, that very thing, the fullness of revelation; it’s the fullness of time number one, but number two it’s the fullness of revelation.  It’s the blindness coming off the eyes of the Gentiles that cause them to understand that the roots of their faith are Jewish; that the power of God is for today.  That healing and miracles is for today and not only for today, but it’s to be those that are listening that are to exhibit or bring forth that fullness of power and miracles and healings and then it removes the blindness of the eyes of the Jewish people.

Sid: The highest call on the face of this Earth God has granted to Gentile Christians, because they have the honor of completing the fullness of the Body of Jesus by provoking the Jewish people to jealousy.  And when this occurs it’s not that the Jew is any better than the Gentile Christian or the Gentile Christian is any better than the Jewish believer; it’s just the body is incomplete and when that body gets complete it’ll be the devil’s worse nightmare!

Jonathan: Nightmare Sid!  The thing that the devils been trying to keep happening for 2,000 years is going to happen and it means his demise! Amen.

Sid: Now the book, “A Rabbi Looks at Jesus of Nazareth,” it wouldn’t do me much good Jonathan if a traditional Rabbi looked at Jesus of Nazareth because I know their conclusions and their conclusions are based on the big Lie!  But by you looking at the scriptures I believe that what Paul is talking about in Roman’s 11 verse 25 you’re helping the blindness come off the eyes of Gentiles so they can then walk in that anointing from God to get the blindness off the eyes of Jewish people; so that the two can come together so that we can have the full dwelling place of God in the Spirit; so that we can have the greatest Gentile revival in history!  What a time to be alive!

Jonathan: Well said Sid, I believe that this is an end time equipping book, an end time equipping material that God has led me to write to equip the Gentile to fulfill their role, their destiny in bringing the gospel back the Jewish people so that together we can usher in the return of Jesus to this earth.

Sid: Jonathan, I love the quotes you have in your new book about the modern day architect of Rabbinic Judaism; the one that created the whole alternative to Biblical Judaism on his death bed, Jacque Ben Sockeye.  He said, “I see two roads before me and one is life and the other is death and I don’t know which road to take!”  It’s called what Jesus said, “If a blind man leads another blind man, won’t they both fall into a ditch?

sidroth on November 24th, 2011

Sid: I just got exposed to a teaching and I can’t wait for you to understand this because as you know for the past forty years I’ve been investigating healing and miracles and the supernatural.  And yeah we see the healing promised in Isaiah 53, 1 Peter 2:24 we recognize that, but there seems to be a disconnect between the truth of what Jesus did and manifesting that truth in many of our lives.  And when I find keys that help us manifest what we are given by the death and resurrection of Jesus I get excited; and this is one of those very very special keys.  I have Larry Hutton on the telephone and Larry, in 1976 you were pretty messed up physically, tell me about that.

Larry: Well, thirty-six years ago in 1976 I got healed of what the doctors called an incurable disease.  They said that it wasn’t terminal that I could live with it and have medication that could alleviate some of the symptoms.  But they did tests on me, I thought as I was a kid that it was just severe allergies, sinus, hay fever and then the doctors ran tests.  And they said, “Well, you have a deficiency in your body, you’re allergic to over a hundred twenty different things and so we could put you on medication the rest of your life.  And of course I like to play sports so the medication would alleviate symptoms so I could play.  But even with the medication I would have attacks that would cause my, just for me to get totally congested where I could hardly breath and sneezing and eyes swallow and all of this junk going on in your body.  And I mean even with the medication there’d be major attack where I couldn’t go to school or I couldn’t go play ball, things like that.  But I finally went to a church that believed that Jesus is the same today as when He physically walked the earth; He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil then and He still does the same thing today.

Sid: Now before you went to that church, what would you have summarized your belief system as in reference to healing?

Larry: Well, I was taught in the church I was raised in which was a denominational church I was raised in and I was taught that God, first of all that God; healing and miracles had been done away with.

Sid: And you know, being Jewish and being saved at age thirty, I often wonder I don’t see how anyone can read the Bible Old or New Testament and come up with that conclusion, I don’t get it.

Larry: It’s a doctrine of devils is what it is; I’m telling you that it just deceives people.  And I believed healing and miracles had been done away with; that all ceased when the last apostle died.  Well, if you believe that it’s been done away with you sure not going to receive it.

Sid: Okay, but you go to this church and now I would think that you would think maybe it’s the devil speaking through these people that are talking about healing, that Jesus doesn’t change.

Larry: Yeah, exactly if fact when I got over there to the church that was having miracles happen and they taught me about Jesus the healer and I end up getting healed in my body.  Then it made me think well, wait a minute, maybe some of this other stuff I’ve been taught is not true as well.  Maybe God’s redeemed me in more than just one area spiritually, maybe He’s redeemed me physically and financially and mentally and in every way He’s redeemed me so.

Sid: Well, in 1976 your just a twenty-two year old kid and tell me the worst situation physically you were in because of these hundred twenty allergies.

Larry: Yeah, just being laid up in bed for a couple days at a time, not hardly being able to breathe because you’re so congested and so filled with junk and not being able to hardly see because your eyes just watering so much.  It was just…

Sid: Okay, you find out that God hasn’t changed and God’s word is true and Jesus is the healer.  You find this out; once you found that out what was the process of the manifestation?

Larry: Well, I remember going to church and hearing the pastor preach Matthew 8:17 “That it might be fulfilled that which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying “Himself took our infirmities and bare our sicknesses,” and I remember him expounding on that.  Jesus bore your sicknesses as your substitute, he didn’t bare them with you, He bore them for you so you didn’t have to.  And I remember hearing that and thought, “Man that’s good news, you know it was hard to believe for me because I had never heard it.  But I remember after several months of hearing verses like that and just scriptures that “He is the God that heals us,” He is not the God that makes us sick; He is the God that heals us.  And so I remember going home from church one afternoon, walking into my living room of my house; I was working for Delta Airlines during those years and lived out in Zephyrhills Florida.  I had a little ranch out there raising horses and I remember making the decision when I walked in my home, I thought “You know what, I know that I’m going back to church tonight and I know my pastor lays hand on people and people are getting healed, but I don’t want to wait; I want to get healed right now!”  I remember walking into my living room and lifting up my hands to Heaven and I just started talking to the Lord just like you talk to a person.  You know one thing I did learn about this church that believed in healing and miracles, they also believed that you didn’t have to sound religious when you talk to God.  You know you didn’t have to use the Thees and the Thous; and get real spiritual so to speak, just talk to Him normal, He created you, he know what you sound like right?  And so I walked on and just lifted up voice and I said, “God, I found out that you put my sickness and disease on Jesus and that you laid all my sickness on him at the cross at Calvary and that I don’t have to have it.  So Jesus I received you as my savior when I was thirteen years old, I’m twenty-two right now and I’m receiving you as my healer right now.” Now of course you and I know Sid, that he’s not two different Jesus’ but I just I just found out that there is another work of his grace; that He provided healing just as much as He provided being saved from sin.  And because I was saved from sin I could be healed in my body that all that grace and salvation had come was a total and complete package.  So right there in my living room I just received by faith, because that’s how we receive the grace of God, by faith the Bible says.  So I received, I just lifted up and I believed that Jesus healed me nearly 2,000 years ago and I believe I’m healed right now.  Now Sid, I did not feel any different, but I knew that something changed.  It wasn’t just the looking for a feeling, kind a like when I was thirteen and received Jesus as Savior my particular experience wasn’t like some people that gets goose pimples and bumps and they just fell all this weight lift off of them.  I never felt any supernatural feeling from the outside when I received Jesus and yet on the inside I knew that I knew that I knew that I was a child of God now.

Sid: You know something Larry, there’s something that’s coming to me, because I understand what you’re saying and many times I pray for the sick and I can feel the healing anointing flow right out of me like a river.  And not them, I know that their healed, I know that they are; but sometimes they are and sometimes they’re not.  I mean the most frustrating thing is when I can sense the healing anointing going into someone and the manifestation doesn’t occur.  But I believe you have a key and it is as far as I’m concerned, the most major key I’ve ever seen.  It was in 1977 God started speaking to you about these keys; tell me about that.

Larry: Yeah, I was healed in my body ’76 I was just really seeking the Lord, turned on to him.  My pastor started working with me; he sensed that I had a call of God on my life to teach the word.  And so here I am just seeking the Lord and all of a sudden one day in my bedroom the Lord talked to me.  I felt like He came into my bedroom, I did not see Him, but I felt His presence so strong and just like, I don’t think I could have gotten up if I tried, I didn’t try, but I feel like…

Sid: You know, as your sharing it right now, I feel an increase of His presence; I can sense it, but go ahead.

Larry: Yes and when He came in the room He started talking to me, He said, “Larry I am going to show you in my word what to do and if you do what I tell you, you will never have another down day the rest of your life.”

Sid: What!  Please repeat that because some people’s brain went on tilt when you said that.”

Larry: Ha-ha yeah.

Sid: Say that again what He told you.

Larry: He said, “Larry I’m going to teach you in my word what to do and if you do what I tell you, you will not have another down day the rest of your life.”  Now He explained to me, went on to explain what He meant when He said, just down days.  He was talking about all the negative emotions, He said, “Bad temper and anger that controls people, that emotion, and depression that controls people and stress, and worry and discouragement.”  He started naming all these different negative emotions that control peoples’ lives; and He said, “You are going to have plenty of opportunity from now until you die to have all kinds of those emotions control you, but I’m going to show you how to live free from them.”

Sid: Now when people get a hold of this teaching, what are some of the reports that you get just briefly of their lives being changed?

Larry: Well, I could give you a lot; this one lady came to one of my meeting and got a hold of my book that teaches what the Lord showed me.  And she read the book and it’s basically teaching you emotional stability in an unstable world.  You know the world’s very unstable, would bring all kinds of stress and worry and depression, discouragements.  And she read the book and what I didn’t know until she came up and gave us her testimony is that she had been bipolar for over forty years.  She had been on medicine, the doctors told her her hormones were way off and her chemicals, imbalance in the body and so you’ll just have to be on medicine all your life.

Sid: Bottom line what happened?

Larry: She was completely healed and delivered and she’s been off all her medication for years now.

Sid: You know what is so amazing to me is just people with just things like high blood pressure that once, could you picture living 24-7 the rest of your life not worrying, not having fear, not having anger, bad uncontrolled anger, or strife with people or stress?  Wow!

sidroth on November 14th, 2011

Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, his name is John Waller.  I’m sure you’re familiar with him if you saw the movie “Fire Proof” because the theme music from that movie was a song that he wrote and the song was called “While I’m Waiting.”  And John tell me a couple of those words, a couple lines from that song.

John: I’m waiting, I’m waiting on You Lord, and I am hopeful and I’m waiting on You Lord though it is painful; and I think people understand that waiting is painful, it can be.

Sid: And you went through that pain but I’m also reminded of the pain that you went through for over twenty years.  You were on four medications because you had depression in the worst form and it came about I believe and I want you to comment on this because there were word curses, tell me about that.

John: It started with just a simple phrase he’s got it, and I heard those words spoken and I thought, “Yeah, I do and I do have it.”

Sid: And the doctor did it over you too.

John: Absolutely, in thirty minutes time, he had to have been a genius, I guess to diagnosis me that quick.

Sid: How old were you then?

John: I was twelve years old.

Sid: I mean what, given you drugs and diagnosed at twelve years old, and that was a curse, I have to believe that’s why you emphasize the blessings so much in your music.

John: Well, I you know I understood what the power of words spoken over me, I understood that because I knew after the Lord delivered me it was because of a word spoken over me, like you said, a curse.  So I began to study blessing and I had to go back to the Old Testament and see where blessing began and how Jewish Father’s would bless their children and the blessing over the son, the right hand on the head and so I began to study blessing and I began to implement this in my own life and over my children.

Sid: And your family is important to you as a matter of fact your one of the few guests I have had others but one of the few guests that when you’re coming to my television shoot you wanted to bring, not just your wife but your children too.  How young is your youngest?

John: My youngest is two years old.

Sid: Now, wouldn’t it been easier for you just to leave the two year old?  Why are you bringing them?

John: Ha ha ha.  Well, we love them and we love to be around them but sometimes it’s hard to find baby sitters too.

Sid: Okay, but tell me about the blessings; about what you understand, why is it so important?  Do you bless your children?

John: I bless them every day, every night before they go to bed.  And I bless my sons in a specific way and of course I bless them with the Aaronic Benediction, “May the Lord bless you, The Lord will bless you, the Lord will keep you and make His face shine you.”  And you know, what I understand is that, you know the Bible says life and death are in the power of the tongue and those that love it eat of its fruit.  So we can literally give life through words, we can literally take it away.  And if you don’t understand blessing you certainly understand what it’s like to have some negative words spoken over you and how deep that can cut.  Well, how much more words of God that have life and the power, the eternal power to bring life when they are spoken over someone.

Sid: And I’m told that when people listen to your music or hear how you were set free there is such a power that people that have depression, that are bipolar, and many other conditions, their literally set free.

John: Amen, absolutely and here’s why; because in Revelation it says, “They overcame by the blood of the Lamb,” the blood of the Messiah, “And by the Word of their testimony.”  It is by the power of their testimony; it’s not how elaborate it is.  It is the fact that it is my testimony, it is what happened to me and how God delivered me and when I declare that, you know there is a power that is released to do the same thing for someone.  And God is no respecter of persons; He does not love me more than He loves your audience who is listening right now.

Sid: And you were telling me on yesterday’s broadcast that just this Aaronic Benediction which you sing, and by the way, you sing and ….I’m listening to it all the time…Tell me beyond the Aaronic Benediction, give me an example how you bless your son.

John: Well, I bless my son…

Sid: Do it actually.

John: “May the Lord make you like Ephraim and Manasseh, forgetting the trouble of your past and having a fruitful future.”  And my daughters “May the Lord make you like Sarah and Rebecca, like Rachael and Leila all who established the house of Israel.  God used these women to establish the house of Israel and in other words, “May the Lord use you to establish His Kingdom here on the Earth.

Sid: Tell me a couple of specific cases of testimonies you have heard of people that have been set free from listening to your music or your testimony.

John: Well, there was a young man who he had never been blessed before, my wife and I were at a marriage retreat and I sang this blessing this “Bless Us and Keep Us” which includes all three of those blessings that we have talked about in one song, so I’m singing it over these men and he comes up to me later and says that he had a vision of God taking a huge eraser and erasing pornographic images from his mind and he was set free and delivered from pornography in that moment.  A young woman came up to me and said, “She was eighteen years old and said, “A year ago I had an abortion, and I have been hurting so bad on the inside.  And when you were singing this blessing over me I saw Jesus holding my baby and I wept and the Lord healed my heart.”

Sid: What is your heart to be accomplished through your music?  I mean at one time you wanted to be a Christian Superstar; your motivation was wrong, what’s your true motivation now?

John: I just want people to be set free the way that I am free.  You know freely we receive, freely we give and I’m only taking what I freely receive from the Lord; putting it to music the way you know, just the gift that He had given me and sending it out.  Knowing that it’s going to accomplish the same thing that it had accomplished for me; those truths set me free.

Sid: Now you were with a very substantial record company and you asked to be released from your contract, why?

John: Because when I was in that relationship I constantly found myself writing songs to try to be accepted; to try to please man.  To try to get a pat on the back or/and a lot of times you know it takes a hit radio song in the industry in order to sell records, and I felt this pressure to sell records and write hit songs.  And I’m like I can’t live like this, this is not what I’m called too and so I just knew that it wasn’t right for me and so I asked, “Would you let me out of this?”  And they agreed to let me out and there has been a freedom; I felt the freedom to go back and do what I’m called to do and let the Lord be the one that distributes my music and not depend on man.

Sid: And what do you see for your future?

John: You know, my son is fourteen years old, he’s a worship leader already doing things at fourteen that I never dreamed, I never did until I was twenty.  I see you know, passing on to the next generation my sons’ the mantle of setting people free through music; I am going to continue to do it myself.

Sid: You know, speaking of the blessing, I want you to hear John’s song “Bless Us and Keep Us.”  But I’m going to pray over you first, its Shabbat broadcast.  “The Lord will bless you, the Lord will keep you, the Lord will cause His countenance to shine upon you and be gracious to you.  The Lord will grant you His Shalom, that’s His completeness, in your spirit, in your soul and in your body.   And some people are being healed I hear in the Spirit that just move your head you’ll see that your neck is free.  And in Name of the Scar Shalom, the Prince of Peace, Yeshua Ha Mashiach, Tsidkenu, Jesus the Messiah; Our Righteousness.


sidroth on November 8th, 2011

Sid: I am so excited about introducing this new music by John Waller and John what you have done is you have taken the words of God and the power of God and put it to music.  What type of reports are you getting from well of course the new one is just out, but you’ve been doing these songs before you even did the CD; what reports are you getting from people that listen to your music?

John: Well, I started using my music to bless people especially in my concerts, but I studied a lot about blessing ever since I was delivered from depression.  I started learning the power of life and death are in the tongue as the Bible says and so I started putting blessings from the Old Testament to music and one in particular was the song called “Bless Us and Keep Us,” and it’s on the new album.  But, when I would sing this over people there also the blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh that would sing over the men; there’s a blessing of Sarah and Rebecca and Rachael and Leila that I would sing over the woman.  And one case, this young man came up to me and said, “I want you to know that when you were singing this blessing,” and he said that he had never been blessed by his father in his life, never been blessed with any of this.  He said “I saw a vision of God and He took and eraser and he erased every pornographic image that was in my mind, He set me free from an addiction of pornography when you blessed me.”  And then another girl came up to me and said, “I had an abortion a year ago,” she was eighteen years old, she said, “That when you were singing this blessing over me, I literally saw Jesus and He was holding my baby and He told me that my baby was okay and he healed my heart” and it was amazing.

Sid: Now on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that you got set free from twenty years of serious, serious depression and you have been free now for seven years; and when people hear your testimony they get free.  When people sit under your music there is a deliverance anointing that is on it which makes you wherever you are in a demon free zone because of the anointing it destroys the yoke.  So you moved to Colorado, you gave up your dreams for being a recording artist and you, but you got free; you got free from your depression and then in 2005 your music was resurrected.  Tell me about that.

John: Well, we had just had our third child and after I moved to Colorado, you know I really left the dream behind.   I let the dream die and you know even though the Lord had healed me from depression and there was a joy to be free from depression, there was yet a grieving process I went through for about a year about giving up the dream of music because I literally gave it up.  And so a year later the Lord spoke to me so clearly and He said, “It’s time, the time mourning is over it is time, you’ve grieved the death of our dream now I’m giving you a new dream and He goes get your pen, get your paper, I am going to give you songs.”  And I began to, I began writing songs and they came like a flood and I wrote song after song.  And I began to teach my congregation at the church these new songs of declaration and it was amazing and there was a prophecy that prophesied over me, “That year that the Lord was going to give me songs of deliverance.”

Sid: And then your pastor said, “No, this is too good we got to let the world know about this.”  And they took up an offering, a $40,000 and you did your music and you’re ready for the prophecies to come to pass and nothing’s happening.  I believe and I’m sure that’s when you wrote the theme song from “Fire Proof” while I’m waiting.

John: So the Lord gives me the song, He gives me the funds to this recording; He gives us a vision to send it around the world and like you said, “Nothing.”  For six months it was completely quiet, no sign that anything was going to happen whatsoever and I was in the pain of waiting on God.  And a friend of mine happened to encourage me to keep being faithful even when I see no results.  He said, “Use your gift no matter what God does you keep being faithful and you should write a song about that; you should write a song about being faithful where you are and what you have even while you are waiting on God.”  And so I hung up the phone and I didn’t want to do it, I fought it with everything I could, but I finally said, “You know what, all I know how to do is keep doing what God’s calling me to do,” and I wrote the song, “While I’m Waiting,” in ten minutes.”

Sid: I love this song, the reason he wrote it in ten minutes it was downloaded from Heaven.

John: That’s right.

Sid: Let’s hear it “While I’m Waiting.”  Worship Excerpt.

Sid: That was “While I’m Waiting,” if you saw the movie “Fire Proof” you know that song.  How did that come to being John, because you were really waiting?

John: I was and I understand that waiting can be painful, but I’m telling you Sid, a month after I wrote that song I got a call that changed my life; I got an offer to fly to Nashville I got a record deal.  Everything I had dreamed of you know for seventeen years, God gave back to me.  And I put that first album out and that album was my first national release after seventeen years of dreaming about it and yet the radio, I mean the radio stations I had a hard time getting played on the radio.  And that’s kind of the main outlet for Christian music and I was struggling with the Lord, “How are You going to get my music out if the radio stations won’t play my music?”  And so I get a call one day from a guy named Alex Kendrick, who is the director of movies like Facing the Giants and now Fire Proof and he said your song was perfect in this movie, and they were screening the movie around the country and I knew that they were making a new movie and I didn’t know what song he was talking about, so I called him back and he said, “Your song Will I’m Waiting is an absolute perfect fit for this movie.”

Sid: You know that was used in a different context in the movie, but I think it’s fascinating to find out how you wrote it and they’re people listening to us right now and you’re waiting.  You’re waiting on God for your promises of your future, of your future spouse, of your marriage, of your health; you’re waiting for a particular physical condition.  And I’m going to tell you something, show yourself faithful because God is about ready to grant your prayer.  Don’t give up, never give up.

sidroth on October 31st, 2011

Sid: My guest Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov have just produced a brand new CD, they have two now in which it’s Hebrew and English on two of the most important subjects.  One is called “Fear Not,” the other is “The Lord is My Healer.”  And the “Fear Not” as Jody you were explaining on one of the previous broadcasts the importance of getting rid of fear.  That’s really the root of most diseases.

Jody: It is absolutely the root of what I would say, probably anywhere from 80 to 95% of the diseases Sid.  Because when fear goes out from our emotions from our brain, there’s actually a signal that’s sent into every cell of the body.  And after years of doing life blood cell analysis, one of the things you could see is when fear is present it freezes.  Fear and depression both actually freeze the white blood cells so they can’t defend you.

Sid: Now, when you look through this sort of microscope it you will, can you really see this in the blood?

Jody: I can, as a matter of fact when I see that I know one of two things.  Somebody has either been eating a lot of sugar, cause sugar will have the same impact on the human blood cells or their full of depression and fear.  Depression and fear go hand and hand, depression is actually when somebody is just shut off and so fear will affect major glands organs of the body.  There’s a frequency to fear and it is set off into every cell of the human body.

Sid: And so we’ve packaged together these two very special CDs, one is called “Fear Not,” the other is scriptures on healing called, “The Lord is My Healer.”  I mean, and as far as I’m concerned, just listening to this the music of Alyosha is so anointed.  And there’s something about Hebrew, but we’ll get into the Hebrew part in a little bit.  Alyosha.

Alyosha: Yes.

Sid: The world was made out of sound, now I can see why you would want to study sound being a musician, but tells us what you found out about vibrations and why God makes such a big deal out of the spoken word.

Alyosha: Well, let me referred to a few verses first of all.  In 1st John chapter 1 it says that “God is light and in Him there is no darkness,” so that is actually a definition of God.  God is light, now physically it is proven that light and music is the same reality, just operates on different frequencies.  So me being a musician I said, “Well, music has some relationship to God.”  You know if God is light then God is music, I feel it’s something He created, it’s is part of who he is.  There is another definition of God; God is love, so it’s so interchangeable.   Now the other verse that intrigued me and that’s when I began to read the scripture in Hebrew and I like to study the word and I go into the roots.  But in Genesis Chapter 1:1, “After God created the Heavens and the Earth was without form and it was darkness, the darkness was in the face of the deep and it says the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.”  Now that Hebrew word, hovering when you take it down to the root level, because on a normal level it means to like brood, to glide, to fly, but on the root level it means to shake and vibrate.  And that’s amazing, because I believe that first you have this darkness problem, chaos and the Lord is applying you know, He is fixing the problem by the work of the Holy Spirit and creating these vibrations right before He begins to speak, “Let there be light.”  And in Hebrew when He spoke “Let there be light it sounds like this, “yi-he or.” That hey sound is a breathe, so he let the breathe out again in the Spirit.  So by the work of the Spirit I believe everything, you know that we have, the matter it all vibrates at the basic level.  And are what I call high frequencies and low frequencies, every physicist knows that you know because in verses later God began to divide the waters with expanse and there was waters above and waters underneath.  So there’s a high realm and there’s a low realm and there is an interesting law that the high frequencies will overtake the low frequencies every time you bring light into the darkness the darkness disappears.  So what we found out that any time we bring to bring the high frequencies into whatever the problem is, whether sickness, disease, depression, hopelessness and God Himself is the highest frequency.  He is light, He is music, He is love, it begins to overtake the low frequencies and we start seeing healing on every level on physical, spiritual; emotional absolute exciting.

Sid: Jody what about Hebrew, you found some amazing things out about the Hebrew language that we don’t find in modern languages.

Jody: That’s right we began to hear about the research work of a scientist in Sweden by the name of Hans Jenny and Hans Jenny was doing research with sound, and he actually began to use different languages put through an instrument called a tonescope.  And when he actually funneled in the sound of different you know spoken words through the tonescope there were only two languages that had an impact on matter; and one of the languages is no longer used today as spoken language, but the other one is and that is Hebrew.  And what they found was that when Hebrew was spoken that actually the vowel points within each would actually be formed in sand which was the medium he was using to do the experiment with.  And those vowel points with actually be written in the sand; actually impressed into the sand molecules or even metal shadings; and it was amazing because it was the only language today that I believe carries frequencies that impact matter.

Sid: So if I’m understanding you right these frequencies which are like vibrations were able to shift the sand and form the Hebrew letters themselves?

Jody: That’s according to everything we’re seeing and researching online about his research and you know he was studying way back several decades ago and so many people are digging this up and making some applications to this.  But for us as Jewish people who love our homeland, Israel, we love the native language of Hebrew; it’s so deep and so profound and so vast; you know every Hebrew word has so many meanings.  For us this had a profound impact on our hearts to know this!

Sid: Well, here’s what I’m getting out of what both of you are saying, that as someone listens to say the “Fear Not” or the “The Lord Is My Healer” and it’s in English and the Hebrew.  When they’re listening to the Hebrew which is this very high level vibration the words are literally changing them from the inside out.  That’s what I’m hearing you say.

Jody: That’s exactly what we’re believing and we’ve seen this.  And we had heard reports back from people listening and they say that they can experience the presence of the Lord even though what the words are saying because they don’t understand Hebrew they’re still experiencing a sense of the very presence of God coming through the voice and the words.  It’s actually scripture, not actually words but scriptural reading in the Hebrew.  I’ll say one more thing about this and this is just absolutely profound that when some people listen to it they actually hear God speaking to them prophetically.

Sid: Well, let’s listen to it right now from the CD “Fear Not.” (Worship excerpt)

sidroth on October 22nd, 2011

Sid: I believe that the miraculous has come on the scene because this is God’s moment to deal with Israel, to deal with the Jewish people and to have the greatest worldwide revival of all people that this world has ever seen.  And my guest Jonathan Welton has we found out on yesterday’s broadcast; his family was complete, but his mother was told that God needed someone to parent a special vessel that was coming into the world.  And she said, “Yes,” and Jonathan was born, then when he was fourteen God spoke to him and spoke to his heart, called him into ministry.  But when he was nineteen a prophet by the name of Dennis Cramer prophesied over him; tell me about that prophecy.

Jonathan: Well Sid, it was quite a startling word, I didn’t understand it at the time and he said two different things in it that surprised me the most.  He said that, “Jonathan, you are not losing your mind, your simply beginning to discern spirits as never before and that I’m going to discern spirits more than I ever wanted to.”  I didn’t understand what the gift of the Discerning of spirits was and so I was a little confused.  I hadn’t desired this gift so to see it more than I ever wanted to would have been anything.  I hadn’t discerned anything previous to this.

Sid: Now, he also gave you another strange Word from God and that was that you were to kind of keep your mouth shut about what you were seeing.  Why did he say that?

Jonathan: Well, now as many years later in retrospect I see the wisdom, he said that the Lord says I should keep my mouth shut about what I’m seeing and not to be too verbal because I’m at the beginning stages of understanding.

Sid: Now, tell me what happened over the next thirty days after that prophetic word.

Jonathan: Well, the other thing he mentioned in the Word was that the Lord had called me as a Seer which Seer, I didn’t understand that term at the time either.  And so I began to see things in the spirit; I would be walking somewhere say through a store or down the street and I would see other individuals in the physical, but I would see things around them or about them.

Sid: Give me an example.

Jonathan: A good example, sometimes people would have a sickness in their body in the physical and I might see in the Spirit an object lodged in them like I the spirit realm superimposed over the natural I might see a sword stuck into an individual.  And if I asked them “Do you have pain in that area of their body?” they would begin to describe yes I do, how did you know that?  And I could tell them what’s going on and pray for them and see healing occur.

Sid: Now you’ve actually found that you could pull that dagger in the spirit out of them and they get healed.

Jonathan: Oh definitely, we’ve seen…

Sid: Give me one real life person that you’ve seen this with.

Jonathan: Absolutely, I was praying for some people at a church after I had finished ministering and speaking and I saw a lady who in the spirit I saw spears that were stuck into her like eight foot pointed spears that had been lodged in her body in all directions around her.  And as I saw this I started to ask the Lord “What am I seeing here and what does this represent?”  And on each one of these spears I would see a word, I would see unforgiveness, or bitterness, resentment, fear, hatred and so I asked the Lord, “What do I need to do to bring healing here?” Now this was even before I found out what was wrong with her and so I began the process of asking her and she shared that she had Epstein bar virus and chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Sid: Now, it’s very interesting that you’re talking about Epstein bar because that is a predominately Jewish disease; did you know that?

Jonathan: I was not aware of that.

Sid: And guess what, I think God wants a lot of Christians walking in this type of discernment so that they can get Jewish people healed so Jewish people will want to know the healer.

Jonathan: Oh, absolutely I would agree with that for sure, there’s such an anointing with the gift of discerning of spirits that brings healing to people.  I’ve found that there are people who’ve prayed for healing countless times and have not received their healing that when we begin to address these objects in the spirit realm and bring healing to their body through removing these daggers, these swords.

Sid: Well, take me back to that person that you saw these daggers in and what did you do and what happened that had all these diseases Epstein Bar and the other things.

Jonathan: First I asked her as I always do just out of politeness “May I lay hands on you?”  And this is probably one of the only times that someone actually said, “No please don’t and the reason was she said that there was just so much pain in her body that even just a physical touch would hurt her.”  And I described to her what I was seeing, these eight foot sticks sticking out of her and she said that perfectly describes.  She had a social anxiety as well and she said that she would feel pain in her body if anyone got within eight feet of her.  And so there was something in the spirit that was affecting her physical body and she allowed me to lead her through some prayers that she forgave some individuals, she broke some of those curses, we spoke blessing over her body.  I took about close to an hour to go through many of these different spears that were lodged in her and when…

Sid: Now as you went through each aspect could you see the spear being removed?

Jonathan: You know when we do it they don’t remove just by themselves, there’s also if the spear is unforgiveness and we go through and we forgive then I would take hold of that spear in the spirit and I would remove it.  It’s called a prophetic act and we see these throughout the Old Testament that a physical act releases a spiritual reality.

Sid: So someone could go their whole life without this gift of discernment and suffer when it was needless.

Jonathan: Oh definitely, we see it in the practice of Jesus; He operated in discerning of spirits when he brought healing to people.  You remember the story in Luke 13 where a woman that had been bent over for eighteen years.

Sid: Yeah, that’s one of my favorite stories.

Jonathan: Oh, it’s so deep there’s so much there, but the reality of it is Jesus saw the spirit of infirmity that was bending the woman over for eighteen years, but all he says to her is woman, your loosed, or woman you’re free.  He doesn’t rebuke a spirit of infirmity, we know because we read the word that there was a spirit there, but it’s not like everybody watching was seeing that spirit; but Jesus was discerning it and He dealt with it.

Sid: It must make you so excited in fact I believe you have an absolute passion to see all believer move in this gift of discernment of spirits.  But tell, let’s go back to this next thirty days after this prophecy, what other things did you see?

Jonathan: Oh, it was tremendous, I was overwhelmed literally to go anywhere because being around people, the Holy Spirit was showing me so many things and I was seeing around believer, I was seeing light just radiate out of their body.  In the Spirit realm I would see light radiating out from behind them.

Sid: What did this light mean?

Jonathan: Well, you know all of us have been created in the image of God and when we partake of the divine nature as it says in Peter that were partakers of the divine nature.  In the Spirit we look different than we do in the natural; there’s just this light of the Holy Spirit that radiates out from us.

Sid: Now could you also see darkness on some people?

Jonathan: Yes, sometimes even people who are believers still carry around a cloud of depression and darkness that is trying to suppress that light as well as nonbelievers and that was probably the most overwhelming was seeing some of the demonic.

Sid: Now could you tell the difference between a believer and a nonbeliever if you didn’t know the person?

Jonathan: Surprisingly yes, that was part of it that was so overwhelming, was seeing the differences; even seeing what certain believer were struggling with in certain areas of their life.  It was for about thirty days after I received the word from Dennis Cramer it was constant, it was all day long seeing things.

Sid: Now you would see body parts appearing, explain that.

Jonathan: Awe, the body parts.  Well the body parts were at times the Lord wanted to heal an organ inside of someone.  You know not all of our injuries are as visible as a cast on an arm or crutches.  And so the Lord would give discernment to show me that person needs this organ put into their body.  And so I would see the organs superimposed over the body and I would ask them the question you know “Do you need a new organ in this part of your body?”  And they would describe, “Yes, I need a new kidney, a new heart, a new pancreas whatever it would be and we would pray together and ask the Lord to put that into their body.

Sid: Opps our time is slipping away…