sidroth on March 26th, 2012

Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah, and if you listened to my guest yesterday you know he’s red hot for the Messiah.  He lives in an open heaven, that’s normal; abnormal is to be blocked from the presence of God.  I mean 24-7 and God’s raising up a generation of people that will be living in an open heaven 24-7.  Eddie we found out on yesterday’s broadcast that you were talking about there were several attempts on your life when you were young.  And you began to have nightmares, but at age four a figure came into your room; you didn’t even have a grid what was going on.  But God set you free from those nightmares and then in 1997 Kim Clement prophesied over you about that experience, explain it.

Eddie:  We were in Detroit, Michigan and it was a rather lengthy word, but the portion of it that got my attention.  I believe God will through a prophet will give us a word of our past to know that the word of our future is assure as the revelation of our past.  And He said, I came to you when you were only four years old and you did not know it, but I put something inside of you, you know something that would live. And so that was the beginning and the remembrance of a visitation that had been long forgotten.

Sid:  Now on yesterday’s broadcast you told me you definitely discerned at least two angels entered the studio.  Are those two angels still with us?

Eddie:  Yes Sir, they have not left.

Sid: Tell me, well again you yield to these two angels if they show you anything in particular, but you were involved in a revival meeting which totally transformed your life.  You laughed until it hurt, but you laughed yourself and cried yourself totally clean and God was able to do a new work in your life.  Tell me a bit about the food back ministry that you have.

Eddie:  The food bank is an ongoing ministry in Bremen, Georgia that actually is people that receive supplemental groceries every Tuesday and afternoon session.  And the people that set it up they allow for a little devotional thirty minutes prior to each session.

Sid:  Is it almost like a Salvation Army type of thing where you feed them, but they have to hear the gospel?

Eddie: Well, these people are not required, they are receiving groceries rather than an actual meal, they are receiving supplemental groceries, but they are not actually required.  They don’t have to participate in the meeting to get their groceries, but neither the less it’s usually a full house.

Sid:  But some unusual miracles have been going on there, tell me about them.

Eddie:  Absolutely.

 Sid:  I mean these are miracles you hear about outside of the U.S. and Africa, you don’t hear about them in the U.S.

Eddie:  Yes Sir, when the Lord moved us out here a little more than 2 ½ years ago we had received a prophetic word in 2005 from a prophet that we did not know and he did not know us.  But He told us that it was absolutely imperative that we follow explicitly the Lord’s direction and if we obeyed Him that He would open the heavens for us and He spoke of a move that we would have to move.  And it took eighteen months for us to fulfill that move.

Sid:  Now, let me get this straight, a prophet prophesied over you about a move.

Eddie:  Yes Sir.

Sid:  And what does a couple do that’s kind of in an area comfortable etcetera, not every prophesy is from God.

Eddie:  Right.

Sid:  Did you just immediately know it was God or did you test it in some way?

Eddie:  It was a total confirmation; we were already looking to move.  Our house, we were about to put out house on the market at that time.  And so he literally talked to us, I mean He pulled my wife and I up and he talked to us about ten minutes rather than just a prophetic word.  But he was telling us, he said, but do you understand what I’m telling you?  It’s imperative that you obey God, that you get in the explicit place that God will direct you.   And from that point, I think that this is the key thing about an open heaven, that we have to be determined that we are going to live in the perfect will of God and not merely in the permissive will of God.  That it’s not acceptable that we live anywhere.  God will bless me anywhere, but if I want God’s best, I’ve got to obey explicitly and that was our determination from the beginning; that we were not going to move anywhere except where God directed us.

Sid:  And history revealed that because of this move your whole life was transformed.  If you hadn’t moved I mean I know that you don’t even want to think about it, but do you think you would have missed all these wonderful things?

Eddie:  That’s a scary thought, I know we would have missed it, but we’re seeing as you said, we’re seeing third world miracles in a first world nation.

Sid:  It’s about time.

Eddie:  Amen, amen absolutely.  This is what it was so exciting, when we first went into that food bank and they asked us to come, and this food bank has been going on for about fifteen years.  The very first session I really didn’t know what to expect.  And I left there very grieved in my spirit as I saw these needy people with physical needs, material needs, all kind of needs and while their groceries were being met there was so much of a spiritual need especially in the area of healing and physical needs.  And I was just grieved in my spirit and I said, “Lord, what can we do?”  And the Lord said, “Don’t just tell them I love them; show them that I love them.”  And he told me to do something called, show and tell; like you know what we use to do in school.  You know we’d bring something, we’d show it, we’d tell about it.  He said, “Don’t just tell them, show them I love them.”  So I talked it over with the leaders of the food bank about what I wanted to do the following week.  And four straight weeks they have different speakers on different Tuesdays I’m now scheduled every fourth Tuesday of the month.  But for a period of about four or five weeks I was the only one coming in there and speaking.  And the very first the next Tuesday that we were there the Holy Spirit had spoke to me and He said, “Every person that I point out to you call them up and I will heal them.”  Now this was, I got to admit I was a little intimidated by this.

Sid:  Now, out of curiosity, how did He point someone out to you?

Eddie:  They were illuminated; it was just like they stood out to me above everybody else.  And we called up six people.  There were back problems, there were shoulder problems, one interesting one was a man by the name of Franklin, he was scheduled for both of his knees to be replaced.  He had a walker, they had to literally help him up on the platform, but he walked off the platform without the aid of his walker, he was doing deep knee bends.  God instantly healed everybody that came up on the platform that day.

Sid:  Tell me about the person that did not have ear drums.

Eddie:  Well, there have been several of those, one that just pops into my mind that was just literally about three weeks ago.  It was during one of the morning sessions and just flowing with the Holy Spirit and saying “Holy Spirit what do You want to do and how do You want to do it?”  And there had been one lady that we had walked over to the Lord told me that she’s had back pain for a long time.  I did not know her, she did not know me and I said, “How long have you had this back pain?”  And she said, “Oh, a long time,” and then she looked at me like how did you know that?  And then I said, “Stand up, the Lord wants to heal you.” And the Lord instantly healed her and much to her surprise, you have to understand this is not a church service, there’s nobody playing an organ, we don’t have a choir, we are not seeing three verses of “Just as I Am.”

Sid:  I don’t think Jesus had any of that either, you know Eddie.

Eddie:  You are absolutely right; I mean this is the place to be if you want to see miracles you got to be in a place where miracles are needed.  And I knew that there were some that were skeptical even of her thinking that “Well this is just back pain, this is just an old woman, everybody has back pain.”  And I just said, “Well, let’s just see if the Lord will do something a little different that would be more difficult in your mind,” I said, “Let’s go for something hard to hear, let’s go for somebody deaf.”  And I turned to this man and I said, “Sir, are you hard of hearing or are you deaf in one ear?”  And he said, “What, what did you say?”  And the crowd just broke out laughing you know and I said, “I think we’ve found our candidate.”  Then he turned to me and he said, “He was deaf in one ear, his wife he said was legally deaf.”  And the Lord opened both of their ears and this was just three weeks ago and they could hear a whisper.  Now this is something that I want to say about this, keeping in mind that it’s not a church service, I leaned over to the lady who is legally deaf and I whispered in a very faint voice I said, “In the name of Jesus.”  And the woman shook, this elderly lady, she shook and she said in Spanish, in nombre de hay Soos.  And there were several of our Latin American friends and Mexican American friends who were here and they all turned and they looked at me with their eyes wide open and I said, “Yeah, I know what she just said but she didn’t know what she had just said.”  So that was an extra plus, the Spirit of God moving not only in miracles, but with what some would call an unknown tongue but a known language so that even those in the room heard in the Name of Jesus in Spanish.

Sid Roth:  Tell, me a bit about why God is doing miracles today in the United States that use to be confined to just third world countries?

Eddie:   Well you know Sid I believe that it is absolutely imperative, it is necessary.  You know America, we need a move of God, we need a showing of the demonstration of the power of God.  I believe that there are people that are hungry, they are thirty, they are desperate to see God move.  I believe that they’ve read about the miracles in third world nations and they’ve watched the television programs.  They’ve see what happens in Africa and Nigeria and other places like that, it’s time, it’s time for a move of God in America.  I believe that there is a separation that is coming, you know the left and to the right and God is going to reveal Himself.  You know as you well know, Isaiah 60 He says, “That arise and shine for your light will come.” Even though deep darkness is going to come on the face of the earth yet the Lord is going to break forth with glory with His light upon His Church.  And miracles are a demonstration of His presence; it is a demonstration of His power, it validates the speaker, it validates the Word that is being preached that this is indeed of God.

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sidroth on March 20th, 2012

Sid:  I’m hearing a word, that there is someone that is listening to us right now and you’re about ready to be ship wrecked, but it’s not going to be a ship wreck, it’s going to be a redirection of your life.  So hold on, trust God and your going go see the glory of the Lord.  My guest another Jewish man that’s red hot for Jesus, Steve Solomon.  And Steve out of curiosity, you know Rabbi’s come up to me and they’re hoping I’ll say, “No.”  They say, “Sid, are both your parents Jewish?”  And I say, “Yes” and they’re so disappointed because of my belief in Jesus.  Steve, “Are both of your parents Jewish?”

Steve:  “Yes they are Sid.”

Sid:  “Oh, evay, you weren’t Bar Mitzvah though were you?”

Steve:  “I was Bar Mitzvah, are you kidding.”

Sid:  Oh my goodness the Rabbi’s will have the same problem with you that they have with me.  Listen when a Jewish person turns to Jesus, they become normal.  Now unfortunately religion is tampered with a lot of my Messianic Jewish brethren, but fortunately you’ve stayed free Steve.  But there’s a story when a Jewish person comes to know the Messiah.  Tell me how you became a believer.

Steve:  Well, it was 1974 and my wife and I had married since 1970, I was, it was my 24th year, 24 years of age.  And I started looking for, for reason for life; I was very successful, we had a…I graduated college in 1972 University of Central Florida.  And with a four year degree and we had a very successful band, night club band; we worked in the Walt Disney World area.  And we had all the material things to go with success, but I started there was something; I was looking for more.  Some friends of mine had gotten into Eastern Religions and I tried some of that stuff and it never worked.  And my wife Diane, she received Jesus and she was baptized with the Holy Ghost when she was five years of age in Orlando, Florida.  She said, “She had to back slide to meet me, but that’s another story.  But we were married about four years and we were just growing apart Sid.  We were going to get a divorce when Diane was going to have the baby in November of that year and she turned to me one day and she said, “Listen, those books and the stuff you are reading are from the devil, get them out of my house.”

Sid:  Why were you reading these New Age books?

Steve:  I was looking for God, I was looking for something, there was something driving me to look.  I don’t know what it was.

Sid:  You know the Bible says, “The Jewish people have a zeal for God a built in zeal for God a built in zeal for God but not according to knowledge” and if Christians won’t be normal.  Well look at the paranormal.

Steve:  Exactly, exactly so I was looking for something was, so listen, I didn’t know about the devil or hell, but I got the books out of the house and I put them in the trunk of my car.  August 24, 1974 the band is working at the Royal Plaza on the Lake of Point of Vista.

Sid:  What were you doing with the band?

Steve:  I was a drummer and leader of the band.

Sid:  Okay.

Steve:  Singer, drummer yeah, we had a night club, I mean a night club band and we worked at Disney World and all that kinds of stuff.  Alright it’s a Friday night and it’s Shabbat, I didn’t know it at the time how good it was.  And typically my, what I typically what I would do Sid was every night on the first band break I’d go into an empty room a banquet room and try to mediate and get in touch with whatever.  Turn the lights off and sit there and nothing ever worked, nothing.  This night August 24, 1974 I went into this room, turned the lights out and I asked this question; two questions.  I said, “Is the God of Abraham, Isaiah and Jacob are you out there, are you real?”  And then I said, “Is Jesus Christ, who He says He is?”  Suddenly…

Sid:  But wait, “Why did you say a question,” “Is Jesus Christ who He says He was?”

Steve:  I don’t know, I don’t know.

Sid:  I mean that’s not a normal question that Jewish person asks.

Steve: And I wasn’t thinking about it before I walked in there.  It just, I don’t know.  You know my mother-in-law, she’s in heaven now, she’s a real awesome Christian lady and every once and awhile she’d turn to me and all she would say is that Steve, “Jesus is your Messiah.”  But Sid, I didn’t, you know it just didn’t mean anything to me.

Sid:  Nothing.

Steve:  Nothing, but you know the Bible says, “That a seed sown shall not return void.”  So she was sowing seed in my life and I believe God really used that.

Sid:  Okay, so you asked the question, “Is Jesus Christ who they say He is?”

Steve:  Yes.

Sid:  And then what happened?

Steve:  Suddenly, I went into a vision, I know now my spirit, my soul was lifted a little bit out of my flesh.  Now the room was dark, no lights in the room, I saw on the other side of the room a ball of fire like the setting sun, amber but really, really bright.  A right hand came out from the center of this ball of fire; it came across the room touched me on my forehead, pushed my head back and then my head was like pushed straight back; like you get in the prayer lines and someone pushes your head back.  The same thing happened to me and then I heard an audible voice and the voice said to me this thing, this word.  He said this, “Yes, I am, what your doing is wrong stop and follow me.”

Sid:  You know this is amazing because my testimony is so similar to yours, I was separated from my wife and I prayed a prayer.  “Jesus help,” because I was so desperate.  You must have been pretty miserable when you were praying that prayer, were you?

Steve:  Totally depraved, my friend.  Ha-ha yeah, pretty messed up.  And when this happens Sid, my spirit went right back into my body and I know now, I was saying I feel like I’m on fire, my whole body.  I didn’t know anything, I had never had anything like this, and I sat there for awhile stunned.  Now number 1. I never heard of Jews for Jesus, I never heard of any Jewish guy or woman who confessed that Jesus Christ is Lord.  I did not know what to do, but I went home and I secretly started reading my wife’s Bible without her knowing about it.  And when I read the Bible the Old Testament, New Testament.  Listen I thought Matthew and Mark and John were Irish guys, you know when I was raised in part of my life in Boston.

Sid:  At least Catholic anyways.

Steve:  My Irish friends, Matthew, Mark, John, I didn’t know these guys were Jews it never occurred to me and I started reading the scriptures and Sid it was so alive.  It was, when Jesus appeared to me and said, “Stop and follow me.”  You know I didn’t go back to my college, I didn’t go to the library, I found my wife’s Bible and started reading.  And everything just came together and I told my wife after a few weeks you know, “I’m reading the Bible in secret.”  I told my Mother-in-law first, “I believe that Jesus is who you say He is” and turned around and walked out of her house.  She was stunned, she couldn’t believe it.

Sid:  Why did you stay after you asked that question?

Steve:  Well, we were on our way out, we were leaving anyway, I left her house and then I walked back in it was like a double take.  And I walked back in and I said by the way, “Jesus is who you say He is” and I walked out.  You know and she didn’t know what to do, but she rejoiced.  I told my wife, “We need to start living for the Lord.”  And her first reaction was, she said inside her heart, “Well, what does this Jew know about my Jesus?”  But she found out plenty, and the Lord healed our marriage.  First thing He did healed our marriage and brought us back together.  And just nonstop you know just the glory of the Lord just came into our life.  And I didn’t realize this it was the same voice that talked to me when I was six years of age.

Sid:  Tell me about that.

Steve:  Well, we lived in out skirts of Boston, you know both my parents are Jews and their parents are Jews and I was born in Boston, Massachusetts.  As a matter of fact my Grandfather and Grandmother started a conservative congregation in Boston in the early 1900s.  And my parents started a reformed synagogue in Framingham, Mass.  So we lived on Six Ruth Drive.

Sid:  Huh.

Steve:  Can you believe that? Six Ruth Drive, I was six years of age, I remember it specifically and I went to bed for the night and I was woken up with a dream or a trans or a vision.  And here’s what it was; I was in a huge room with large columns and I heard this voice call my name, “Steven, Steven, Steven” audibly and I heard it three times.  And I remember thinking to myself as a child, that’s the, a thought came to me, “That’s the voice of your Father.”  And then I would think, “No my Dad’s in the other room and that’s not his voice.”  “That’s the voice of your Father.”  And I’d say, “No my Dad’s in the other room, that’s not his voice.”  It came to me a third time, “That’s the voice of Your Father.”  Sid it wasn’t until 1974 eighteen years later when I asked “Is Jesus Christ is who He says He is, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are You real, are You out there?”  And He said, “Yes, I am.”  I realized that it was the exact same voice.

Sid Roth:   Listen, our God is holy, let’s hear a cut from Riverwalk DNA “Holy are you Lord.”

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sidroth on March 13th, 2012

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, I’ve known for some 28 years and we’ve gone through a lot together. Jonathan Bernis. We went to China together, we went to St. Petersburg together and as a matter of fact, we’re friends and we joke a lot. But we saw history being made in St. Petersburg, Russia. Both of us have been sharing the Good News with Jewish people for many years. And Jonathan heard a word from God to go to St. Petersburg, Russia. I went with him and we had evangelistic meetings, and I want you to describe what that first meeting was like. Describe that.

JONATHAN: Oh my goodness. Sid, you’re bringing back such great memories. Well we, as you know, rented the largest concert hall in the city of St. Petersburg, almost 4000 seats, the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall. We had Coulsen Cothern [name]. We had other Messianic artists. Really, we had no idea what to expect. We didn’t know if five people would show up or what. We did some advertising.

SID: This had never been done before. I mean, wide scale advertising for Jewish people to attend a concert, and how many showed?

JONATHAN: Well we had to close the doors about a half hour before the concert started because every seat was filled and we turned away hundreds each night. This went on night after night. And people told me there’s a lot of anti-Semitism and feared Jewish people won’t come. But Sid, they came. And what’s amazing is they came knowing they were going to hear about Jesus. That’s what’s so supernatural about this whole thing.

SID: What’s even more amazing to me was they didn’t just come forward. They didn’t just raise their hands. When the invitation was given they ran. Jonathan, I mean, I’ve never see that before.

JONATHAN: Now I know why they call them Russians, because the majority of the 4000 in that concert hall were Jewish and the majority came down front, many with tears in their eyes. And Sid, I saw this repeated for almost 10 years in the former Soviet Union until the revival waned. And it’s no coincidence. The Bible very specifically talks about the Jews in the land of the north being the first to be restored back. “I’ll bring you back from the north country.” It’s no

North Carolina. Sorry for those in Charlotte. It’s not North America. It’s north of Israel and that’s the former Soviet Union. And so with this great Aliyah, almost a million, or over a million Russian-speaking Jews fulfilling Bible prophecy, going back to Israel, there was a parallel spiritual revival as well, spiritual awakening. And Sid, this is one of the clearest signs that we’re in the last days and the near return of Jesus to this earth.

SID: You know, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, just like myself, is Jewish. Both of his parents were Jewish. The only problem was he was raised in a reformed Jewish home. My orthodox Jewish father said, Reformed, that’s not even Jewish. Then after I became a believer in Jesus, he said, you know, Reformed looks pretty good. Jonathan, as a young boy, you were invited to a Young Life meeting, and they had pretty girls, so you went. But I’m still surprised you went to a Christian meeting. Why did you?

JONATHAN: Well my parents were surprised, looking back also. And by the way when I became a believer, my mother went from Reformed to Conservative. Instead of coming to know the Lord she moved more into Judaism. Sid, I was brought up in a Jewish home, like you. And even though I was raised Reform, Jewish identity was important. I was born a Jew. I was taught I would die a Jew. And really, Jews can believe in just about everything or nothing. They can be atheist and still be Jewish. But there’s one taboo that you and I both experienced growing up in Jewish homes, and that is you can’t believe in Jesus. And so Jesus to me was their God. He was the God of the Christians. But through befriending an assistant wrestling coach who really did have something different that I recognized about him. He was always peaceful. He had joy, and I was just intrigued by his kindness to me. And when he invited me to this group, Young Life, I didn’t connect it with the Gospel at all. I connected it with good looking girls that were going to this Tuesday night group where they got around and talked, and it just happened to be about the Bible. So I went. And really I wasn’t that drawn into what was going on. I have to say this though, Sid, and I believe that the Word of God never returns void. I was intrigued by the person of Jesus. I was intrigued by the stories of this man who could walk on water, heal the sick, raise the dead. I thought, wow, this Christian God is a really good guy. He’s really powerful.

SID: But Jonathan decides he wants to make a million dollars. He goes off to college. He gets involved in the fast life, in the drugs, dealing drugs and going to parties. The seed might have been planted, but that’s about it. He’s doing his own thing. And one of his druggie buddies all of a sudden gets in touch with him. And this girl looked like she wasn’t going to make it. What happened, Jonathan?

JONATHAN: Well Sid, keep in mind now, I have the seed planted. But when anybody tried to share the Gospel with me my immediate response was, “I’m Jewish.” And they always apologized, which I think is very sad, because many people, even people watching today that love the Lord have this misconception that it’s good not share with Jewish people. Well fast forward now as you said to college, and this friend Susie is searching, as I am, but she gets really hooked on drugs. I watch her life spiral down. She drops out of school and she disappears from my life. And I felt bad for her, but I didn’t want to watch her destroy her life. And she reappears in my life right at the end of my second year of school, and she looks changed. There is something different about her. She looked different. Her face was glowing. And Sid, this was supernatural. This program is about the supernatural. And when I saw her I knew something was different about her, and I asked her what happened, and she told me, and she told me how she was on the verge of suicide. That’s how bad it had become. And on the verge suicide she had walked into a pool hall. And the owner of the pool hall had just become a born again Christian, and led her to the Lord, and she was completely delivered of drugs. She was on fire for the Lord. And that’s supernatural. A girl who was on the verge of committing suicide, completely delivered of drugs and was found. She was lost, but she was found. And I found that incredibly intriguing. The problem is, I said, that’s great for you, but it’s not for me. And she made me her homework assignment. She called me everyday asking me about why I’m here.

SID ROTH: I’ll tell you what. Hold that thought. We’ll be right back. And you’re going to find out, you think that’s supernatural. Wait until you hear what happened to Jonathan. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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sidroth on March 12th, 2012

Sid:  The problem is many believers are walking wounded, you’re dealing with depression; you’re dealing with physical problems; you’re dealing with addictions and that’s not the way that the Book teaches us.  The Bible says that Jesus came to set the captives free and my guest, Dr. Maldonado has been called by God to teach the supernatural of God.  And what did you tell me happens when you teach on the kingdom?

Guillermo:  First of all, Sid thank you very much again.  Well, you know there is something about the kingdom of God we have seen the trend that we have seen in America is a motional of kingdom.  What do I mean by motivational kingdom?  It’s very nice theology, very nice, sounds awesome, it sounds good, and I’m not saying that it’s false, I think that it’s good.   But I think that the kingdom, we’ve been becoming satisfied with only the theology of the kingdom and we have forgotten what Jesus said.  Jesus said, “Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory.”  The three realms of God, you can’t, there’s people talking about kingdom, but let me put it in a very simple terms.  The people that are listening now, and they are saying, “What is the kingdom, what is the power, what it is that?”  Well, the kingdom is the government of heaven, the power is the ability of the government of heaven, and the glory is atmosphere or the environment of heaven.  So is it possible to bring the kingdom, the power, and the glory here and now Sid, is it possible?  Or is it just a simple theological concept.  In my own experience, twenty-five years I have taught, trained, equipped thousands in fifty countries that do what I do.  And most of my churches under my care, my covering, spiritual covering they do lodges in their towns, and there cities and their countries.  How?  Bringing the kingdom, the power, and the glory into their community.  So how can, answering the question specifically, the kingdom, it’s the government of God.  The government, that’s the reason Jesus said, “Repent, repent, He said, “Repent.”  Why, because that’s the moment where He said, “I want you where you’re ruling, governing yourself.  Now put your life under my government and then you will have all the benefits of the government.  For example, Sid, when you talk about and the Bible says, Roman’s 14:17 “The kingdom of God consists in righteousness, peace and joy.”  And why so many believers don’t have any peace, because if you’ve not been, if you are not righteous you can’t have peace.  Any rebel cannot have peace, we have to be under the government, but the question is, “What happened when the kingdom comes, not in theology but in power.  Because the government of heaven has power, so we can preach the kingdom because the Bible says, 1 Corinthians 4:18, “And the kingdom of God is not in words but in power.”  Okay so every time Jesus preached the kingdom, He was the first man, He was the first man that brought the kingdom into manifestation.  And this is what happened Sid.  When Jesus said, “Repent the kingdom of God has arrived has come here.”  We saw three things, we saw He said the sign, He began, as a matter of fact Sid, He declared that specific sign telling me and you and us what was exactly the sign.  And how do you know that the government of God came to a place or came to a life, or came to you as a person, as listening to me now?  He said, “If by the finger of God, I expel or cast out demons, you have seen the kingdom of God come.  So He designed the casting out demons as the sign that the kingdom came.  So every time he preached the kingdom of God the govement of God with power with demonstration, which that’s the problem Sid.  Many people talk but there is no demonstration of the power, so what kind of govement are you preaching?  If you are preaching the kingdom of God you have to have, you must have a manifestation, a demonstration of the power of that government.  So every time we see, we saw Jesus in the scriptures preaching about the kingdom we saw three things Sid.  Sickness, Matthew 3:24 and 25.  We saw expelling out demons, sickness and sin could not stand in the presence and the manifestation of the kingdom.  So let’s bring it now into your life, if you’re listening, let’s bring it now.  If you say “Pastor I’m tormented in my mind, I am depressed, I’m taking pills, I’m addicted to pornography, I’m addicted to alcohol.”  “I’m you know, I can’t sleep, how can I, I’m tormented, how do I do?”  “Can I bring the kingdom here now?”  “Of course, what was the prayer of Jesus?”  Jesus said, “And when you pray, first you honor the Father, he said, “Please Heavenly Father,” you honor the Father, that is the first part before prayer.  And then He said, “But let’s pray that Your Kingdom come, on the earth as it is in heaven.”  What has been now the idea of the church that we’ve been waiting for the church in the future?  We don’t see the kingdom, that can come here now.  How, with demonstration of power, so every time, and let me bring it to my own life.    Now, it was Jesus somebody said, “Yeah it was Jesus, but what about now?”  Yeah, now I can tell you now, yeah, now look this is what happened.  I was in South Africa and I was preaching on the kingdom and I said, “The kingdom is a kingdom of power.”   And I said, “There’s people here, the Lord said to me this, “There is people with AIDS, HIV positive and I said, “You were sent to die.” And I said it and many millions were watching through television and suddenly twenty-five people Sid, came into the altar with HIV, they were sent and one of them, one lady, she was sent to die by the doctor.  She said, “You’ve got, I think that it was like two months to live,” she was thin, pale.  And I said, “Well if the kingdom that I preach, the government is the government of God, we will see the manifestation now.”  And I said, “I rebuke the spirit of death on this woman and I said, “Go in Jesus name.”  Sid, in that moment the demon manifested through her and just to make the long story short, she was completely free; I was there in South Africa for eight days.  Did you know that she went back to the doctor, three days later she came back to the meeting with papers saying, “I am healed of HIV, the doctor does not understand and now I’m healed.”  That’s the question, answering you the question, the kingdom.  Every time you bring the kingdom, you will see sickness cannot stand.  Demons cannot stand, oppression cannot stand; sin cannot stand if we preach the right message.

Sid Roth:  Well, it’s time for you to pray because we’ve been sitting under your teaching and the anointing of the kingdom and I believe that people are going to be set free just as they listen to what you say.

Guillermo:  Yeah, as a matter of fact I feel the presence of God right now, every time I talk on the kingdom there is a radical transforming message.  So let me pray, “Father if you’re hearing me now.”  “I’m going to ask you to stretch your hands towards the radio operator so that you can receive, just you know touching something, connecting with something.  So let me pray for you, “Father in the name of Jesus I give you praise, I want you to lay hands, if you’re listening to me now, I want you to lay hands on the side of your body where you feel the pain, if it’s it your head, in your body, in your knees or whatever.  If you are oppressed, if you are oppressed in your mind, if you are bound to pornography, addiction, pills, any area of your life the kingdom is here.  So the kingdom is not going to be yeah well it was the pass, yeah you are going to be tomorrow, yeah, I know the King is coming soon and he’s bring all the kingdom.  But in the meantime the kingdom is inside of me and it’s inside of me and I want to set you free.  And I want you to stretch your hands and believe with me.  Father, in Jesus name, all those people that are hearing now, that have been listening to and their faith have been increasing every day.  I command every sickness, every disease in their bodies.  There’s a person that, Isabel, your name is Isabel, and the Holy Spirit is touching your body with cancer; be free of cancer.  I command every sickness and disease.  Cancer die from the root and die from the seed and I declare you healed you healed people with cancer.  People, there’s people right now with blindness be healed, deafness be healed now.  Back condition, there’s a man forty-five years, you’re forty-five years old, your name is Mark.  You drive a big truck and you had a big accident and you feel a pain and you’ve been in constant pain in your back and I command you to be free in Jesus name.  There’s people now with back conditions, bones twisted bones, they come to be straighten now in Jesus name be healed.  There’s people now with depression, with strong depression, migraine, they are addicted to pills for depression, you can’t sleep.  Right now, put your hands on your head and I command in Jesus name be healed, be delivered in Jesus name.  People with unforgiveness, cry out now and I command people with spirit of unforgiveness, and bitterness to go from those bodies, go from those minds, go from those emotions be healed and be restored in Jesus name.  There are people now that are hearing and and that they’ve been with sexual diseases, sexual diseases and I hear the Holy Spirit saying, God is healing people with sexual diseases.  I command you to be healed, I command you to be delivered.  Generational curses, there’s a man that is listening to me; you saw your grandfather die of alcohol and you saw your father, now you are addicted to alcohol, you want to be free.  I break every curse of alcohol; I break every curse of oppression in your mind and alcohol.  Be free in Jesus name.  Any curse of sickness, any curse of sickness, I command you to be free, be free now.

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sidroth on March 10th, 2012

Sid:  Well, my guest has to be red hot for the Messiah her name is Gina Lynnes and she is an editor and a writer for the Kenneth Copeland Ministries and I got a hold of her brand new book, she wrote it in conjunction with Melanie Hemry and it’s called anointing for healing.  Now Gina I want to get a little bit about your background because and I have to tell you it’s for starters it’s a beautiful book; it’s one of these books that you want to put it on your coffee table but more important than that, it’s going to do what you want it to do.  What do you want it to do?

Gina:  More than anything we want this book to bring into people’s lives the revelation that God is alive, that He’s well, that He’s healing people today and that it’s not hard to receive healing from him.  That He made it simple and that’s what He wants to do is pour out healing on all of His children.

Sid:  And going back a little of your background you were raised Baptist; you were taught that miracles had ceased.  And you had a little problem with reading the Bible because the Bible talked about miracles and it didn’t appear to say it had ceased and you have a journalistic background so you finally reached a point where you quit church.  You started raising your family and you’re pregnant with a baby girl; take me from there.

Gina:  Well, I was pregnant with my little girl and just so thrilled about having a daughter, had always dreamed about having a daughter and had problems in the pregnancy and ended up delivering her premature.  And back then that was thirty years ago now, and a premature baby didn’t have as much chance of survival as they do today, and when I took her home she wasn’t able to properly digest food, she didn’t grow.  The doctors couldn’t help her and I got to the point where they sent her home and they said, “There’s nothing more that we can do for her.” And it has been a nine month struggle and she was literally dying before my eyes, dehydrating and dying of malnutrition.  And so I found myself in a desperate condition and even though I hadn’t been living for God and I knew that I didn’t deserve Him to do anything for me I ended up getting on my knees and laying my little girl in the middle of the carpet one evening and asking Him to work a miracle.

Sid:  That’s kind of hard to comprehend someone coming from your background where God doesn’t do miracles, I guess when you’re desperate you do desperate things.

Gina:  Well, that’s the truth and you know the Spirit of God is so faithful and even when in your head you may not have the right teaching if you are a child of God, and I was I was born again, He continued to work in your heart and I believe He got through to me.  And even though I didn’t even know it He was working to convince me to trust God and ask Him for what I thought was impossible.  And I didn’t have any other choice anyway so I prayed for her and…

Sid:  Did anything happen?  Did you feel anything, did you see anything?

Gina:  I didn’t and you know that’s one of the things to me that actually thrilled me is that God, when I prayed I didn’t feel anything special, I didn’t have any Goosebumps, but I just believed that God heard me.  And I put her to bed that night and she had always cried most of the night, she cried all the time actually because she was always hungry and in pain.  And I went to bed that night and woke up in the middle of the night horrified because I realized she hadn’t cried and my first natural thought was “She’s dead, she’s died in the night.”  And I knew that could happened naturally speaking and I started to get up and when I got up it’s probably one of the first times in my life inwardly, but to me it was very audible the voice of the Lord who said to me, “You’ve put her in my hands, trust me and go back to sleep.”  And that wasn’t what I usually would have done loving my daughter as I did, but I did go back to sleep.

Sid:  I don’t know, I think I would have had a problem doing that, how did you do that?

Gina:  You know again, I have to give all the glory to the Lord because when He tells you something there’s always grace there to obey.  And there was something of the Lord, an assurance that came in my heart that it was the right thing to do to trust Him.  And again I knew that I couldn’t help her in my natural strength anyway and so I went back to sleep and when I woke up, I woke up late the next morning, which I never overslept because she always was crying; I woke up and it was still quiet in the house.  And by that time I didn’t have my assurance of peace anymore and I went running to her room and I really my heart was pounding because I thought for sure I would find her dead in the crib.  And I just held my breath and walked into her room and looked in and in her crib she was lying there happy kicking her feet, smiling and it was the first time I had ever seen her like that.  And she from then on began to be able to keep food down; she grew and she was healed.

Sid:  Now, if she hadn’t had that miracle at that point when she was born premature, do you think she would have been normal today or even alive?

Gina:  She wouldn’t have survived, I’ve read about it since and the state of dehydration that she was in she weighed, although she was nine months old she weighed just about as much as a new born infant.  And she was so dehydrated that if I touched her skin it just left an indentation, she had no resiliency left and she would have, she would have been dead within the week I’m sure.

Sid:  And you had this burning desire to use your writing for God and you saw an ad and applied to the Kenneth Copeland Ministry and that must have really changed your whole paradyne for miracles when you started working for the Copeland Ministry.

Gina:  Well, it really did because even though I had seen a miracle myself with my daughter I didn’t – no one still had taught me what the Bible has to say about miracles.  So I didn’t know that was something that God did in a very unusual way for me or I really didn’t understand why that happened.  But when I went to work for the Copeland’s I was already in love with the Lord, but I hadn’t been exposed to teaching about healing.  And one of the first things that happened to me when I got there my job was to write the testimonies into stories that came into the ministry.  People who had received the working of God in their life, and I found myself reading this pile of letters that was one story right after another of people being healed of cancer, of people being raised up from deathbeds.  And then finally, the most shocking one that I got on the first day was a letter that came from a man named Joel June from Haiti who had been raised from the dead after being dead for two days.  And I was stunned and thrilled to find out that God was – didn’t just work a miracle for me He was working them all the time for people all over the world.

Sid:  Well, the thing that I love about your book is when someone finishes this book – as a matter of fact on the cover you have inserted a little vile of anointing oil and I must say that has the most beautiful fragrance.  And you have a teaching on anointing oil and I’ve personally never heard this teaching, but it does nothing but build someone’s faith for their healing.  And I love the fact that you have these verified miracles from, I would have to believe it’s the best miracles you’ve ever seen in the Copeland ministry that you could verify and then you show step by step how someone can have the miracle manifested in their life.  You had a severe internal infection and very briefly in a couple of minutes tell me the steps you took to be healed.

Gina:  Well, once I began to study the Bible one of the most thrilling things for me was how easy and simple it is to connect with God’s healing power and when I had my first challenge which was a severe painful infection in my body I found out from the work there was three steps to take.  And the first one was to believe and to go the Bible and find promises that promise your healing and take a stand of faith on it.  And so that’s what I did I found Psalm 103 that says “He forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases.”  And I just believed it and the send thing in addition to believing is to speak.  And confession is a powerful part of receiving healing so I just declared that I believed that I was healed you know, Paul said, “I believe therefore I’ve spoken.”  It says I’m healed and again I didn’t feel any different, I didn’t have any rush that a lot of people do, but I didn’t at that point.  The third thing is to act and that day I was in terrible pain and I told the Lord, “I said, I don’t know how to act on this stand that I’m taking.”  And He just led me to go out and go jogging and that’s what I did every night at that time.  And honestly I didn’t think I would make it around the track, but do you know what the first lap was really painful but all the way around I just kept saying to myself, “I believe I’m healed because the Bible says so.”  And after the first quarter mile I did feel something; the power of God hit me from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, I was instantly delivered from pain and every symptom of that infection and it’s completely gone in an instant.

Sid Roth:  And you know one of things I like in your book is that you address everyone has a friend that has done exactly what you said and they haven’t been healed and so they just come to a screeching halt in reference to believing God for healing, what would you briefly say to that person?

Gina:  Well, one of the things that the Lord has just taught me in a nutshell is that it’s always a mistake to allow one person’s failure to receive the fulfillment of God’s promise to cast doubt on the promise itself.  God’s Word is always true and many times as individuals who are endeavoring to a line ourselves up with God’s Word there are things that we haven’t learned yet or things we don’t know, but if we’ll stay with God He’ll teach it to us.  And I’ve come to this conclusion, if I have to choose between trusting a person or trusting God’s Word to be true I’m going to choose God’s Word every time.  And the person may have done everything they know to do but God never fails and I’ll just keep trusting His word, He will never fail me.

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sidroth on March 6th, 2012

SID: Hello. I am so excited about this key to understanding dreams that Mark Virkler has. Someone else that did what you’ve just taught on the air. Give me an example.

MARK: Alright. Sheryl MacKay. She’s a screenwriter, and she wrote the script for “The Ultimate Gift,” a Hollywood movie that’s played in theaters.

SID: I know. I’ve seen it.

MARK: You’ve seen it, alright. And when she got introduced to dreams she had 70 dreams, a whole series of 70 dreams where God gave her wisdom, counsel, direction. Even the characters for some of the books she has written has come out of this. And one of the dreams she received was for a friend of hers showing, God was showing that she was thinking of committing suicide. And so she went to her friend, ministered to her, and when her friend realized God cared enough for her to give a dream and give revelation to her friend and give it to her, she decided not to commit suicide, and life was actually worth living. So it radically changes people’s lives.

SID: Mark, I love it when people get inventions in dreams. For instance, we’re in a time in our economy where it’s really going south. But that doesn’t mean it has to happen for God’s people. I mean, we can have dreams from God that will show us how to make more money in a bad economy than you could make in a good economy. There are dreams that have changed nations because of inventions, like the sewing machine.

MARK: The gentleman who invented and patented the first sewing machine, he was trying to figure out how to thread the thread into the needle. Couldn’t figure it out. He went to sleep, had a dream that night, and there were some Indians shooting an arrow through some cloth. He snagged some thread and pulled the thread back through the cloth, and he realized, he woke up, went straight to his laboratory and perfected the sewing machine, which was then used to sew the uniforms for one million men who were in the military, in the war at that point in time. So yes: affecting history through receiving revelation from God, in a dream which he then acted on it.

SID: Tell me about this sculptor, this famous sculptor, Eric Rose.

MARK: Eric Rose, he had been an artist in college, but he got turned off because of perfectionism. So he was doing a left brain lineal job, didn’t enjoy it. And when he heard from God through dreams, God called him back into doing art work, but He said, let’s add something to it. Let’s do sculpturing, which he had never done. And so, God led him into creating sculptures that were six feet tall made of bronze; which he sold for thousands of dollars. So again, Divine creativity and being called back into your ministry, rather doing something you’re not supposed to be doing.

SID: You know, I believe that we are so wonderfully made by God that we have gifting within us and many people never achieve a satisfaction, a fulfillment in life because they never accomplish what God has programmed inside of them. And what a wonderful way for God to communicate to us: when we’re asleep. What about people that are physically sick?

MARK: I had a lady, a secretary, and she had a dream. She walked into her house in the dream, she smelled smoke, she looked for the fire and finally found the fire down in the kitchen. And she awoke. And so the interpretation of the dream showed up about two months later when she went to the doctor. He said, “You have a fire in your intestines, inflammation in your intestines. It’s caused by stress.” He gave her something. He said, “You have to de-stress and here’s some medication.” It went away. Well the dream came back a year later. Same dream: fire in her house, in the kitchen. The kitchen, of course, the symbolism is this is where you eat. This is your digestive system. So the part of the house, the house where I live, kitchen is where I’m going to eat. That’s my digestive system, in the lower cupboards. That’s lower intestines. It was pinpointing where the infirmity was. And when it came back a year later she knew, look, de-stress or else I’m going back to the doctor for more medication. So dreams can keep you healthy and tell you about the health concerns that your body is facing.

SID: There’s another type of health, a good mental wellbeing, good spiritual wellbeing. And you had a dream about people as opposed to accomplishing something.

MARK: Yeah, exactly. We were, for two weeks of solid videotaping, 10 hours a day, six days a week, and we taped a hundred sessions. I was totally consumed with the taping and I had three dreams. In the first dream somebody comes and asks me for prayer and instead of praying for him I brush him off. I wake up and say, “Man, terrible.” And the Lord said to me, when I journaled about it, I said, “Lord, what do you want to say?” He said, “Mark, you know, you’re involved in this big technical thing, but you’re not taking care of the people who are actually doing the taping. You’re ignoring their needs.” He said, “Teach them how to hear God’s voice. Teach them how to interpret dreams.” So, every morning in morning devotions, we journaled together, every day at lunchtime we’d share our dreams from the previous night, and we interpreted dreams together as a group. So God was saying, Mark, keep putting people first before projects. Stay balanced. Don’t get imbalanced. So my dreams, your dreams keep us balanced as we walk through life.

SID: I believe that you could pray for us right now and release this gift that God has within us to be able to hear so clearly from God that…when we dream. Could you pray that over everyone right now?

MARK: Yes, I would love to. I’d love to. I would just like you to speak this with me, and just say to your heart, I believe dreams are important.

SID: I believe that dreams are important.

MARK: I believe they are a way that God speaks to me.

SID: I believe they are a way that God speaks to me.

MARK: I honor my dreams.

SID: I honor my dreams.

MARK: Alright. And let me just pray for you. Father, I release an impartation of faith into every listener’s heart. Faith for dreams and dream interpretation just come alive within their hearts. Faith just spring up in the name of Jesus. Faith, come alive in Jesus’ name. So Lord, minister Divine counsel to your people through dreams in Jesus’ name. Amen.

SID ROTH: And God has a dream. Some of you have been hurt. Some of you have been turned off by religion, but never get turned off on the one that loves you no matter what you ever do. Now that will separate you from His love, but He is pure love. God is pure love. You have not experienced love until you experience the love of God. And I want you to state with your mouth in your own words that you are a sinner, and ask God to forgive you of all the sins that you’ve committed, and give you the power to overcome them in the future. And then say, “Jesus, become real to me.” Jesus, you don’t have to follow my words. Jesus, become real to me. Jesus, live inside of me. There’s got to be something more to life than work, sleep, eat, and that’s the way it goes. And there is more. There is Heaven on Earth. And then when you leave your earth suit, there’s Heaven for eternity being in the love of God. There’s no better place for you now and then. Pray this prayer right now in your own words. Get real. Get real.

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sidroth on February 29th, 2012

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Gary Kah. And we’re finding out information the secular press is not going to tell you. There’s an organization I’ve never even heard of. It’s called the World Constitution and Parliament Association, and Gary was extended an invitation to join, and he collected a lot of documents from this organization. Tell me briefly about who is part of it and what are they trying to do.

GARY: Well this organization has its goal to lay the foundation for an ultimate world government system and they have held mock sessions of a world parliament. They’re calling it the Provisional World Parliament. They just recently held the twelfth such meeting. Hundreds of renowned people from around the world belong to this organization.

SID: What do they think of Jews and Christians, this organization?

GARY: Well at least some of the people in this organization, you have to understand it is tightly connected with the broader one-world New Age movement, and many of the people at the forefront of the movement are very, almost hostile toward Bible-believing Christians and conservative Jews. They are not very fond of us because they see us as standing in the way of them completing their agenda.

SID: You started to say some of the people that are members.

GARY: Yes. You had people representing all the world’s religions. At one point, one of the honorary sponsors was Cynthia Wedel. She was the head of the World Counsel of Churches. There was also the head the World Muslim Congress, Dr. Inamullah Khan, who belonged to it. But also at one point, the Chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee and former leaders from the U.N., former ambassadors, a lot of people with foreign policy experience who were plugged in to this organization.

SID: I’ve been examining your literature, and there are just outstanding scientists, economists, top political type people connected with this, and they’ve had meetings with some of the top people in the world attending. Why hasn’t the secular media covered it? I haven’t heard anything about this. You know, that’s a question, Sid that I ask myself all the time. As far as I can tell, I believe there are people, I know there are some people in the mass media who actually support this agenda. Others that at the very least are sympathetic toward it. And then I believe there’s a third group of people that just want to bend over backwards to be politically correct, and they’re afraid to touch the subject. But I collected several hundred pages of documents being affiliated with this organization for a few years, and it speaks for itself. Unless people were to accuse me of creating these letterheads and all the signatures of the people on these documents, you have to accept the fact that this is really taking place and that we need to know about.

SID: Now another area that you’re very concerned about is something that a lot of people love. It’s interfaith, like the U.N. has something for interfaith. Explain that.

GARY: Yes. The United Nations has been pushing an interfaith agenda for some time. They’ve held various activities, and meetings along those lines. And last October, a new program was kick-started by King Abdullah and Prince Ghazi of Jordan called the World Interfaith Harmony Week. And that week was designated to be the first week of February each year. So from now on we will have a week of interfaithism celebrated during that week. Now Prince Ghazi and King Abdullah’s efforts were based on previous U.N. interfaith efforts and the Common Word Program, which is a Muslim call to bridge-building with the Christian community. Now in response to that, a number of Christian leaders got together and drafted their own document called, “Loving God and Neighbors Together”, and in that document…

SID: By the way, that sounds good to me. That does not sound bad, Gary.

GARY: It does, exactly. But in the document, they are calling for closer ties to Islam and equate the God of the Old and New Testaments with the Koran. And so when you look beneath the surface, it really is interfaithism. It’s paving the way to interfaithism to accept the idea that other religions are pathways to God. And of course, if you believe the Bible and believe what Jesus said about himself, you cannot believe that. It is impossible.

SID: Tell me about why when someone like the National Association of Evangelicals would join an organization that’s heretical, what you just said, based on the Bible. Why?

GARY: Well, and they did, the National Association of Evangelicals was one of 300 organizations and/or individuals that signed that document. And I believe there is a trend in America today within Christianity. It may have started out with good intentions to reach out to people of other faiths, but it’s gone beyond that now. It is paving the way toward interfaithism and toward embracing other people’s beliefs. In fact, one individual I’m aware of, a prominent evangelical Christian, recently celebrated Ramadan with a Muslim friend. And you know, to celebrate rituals of other people’s religions really crosses the line. Ramadan, for example, being the month during which it is believed by Muslims that Mohammed received the words to the Koran. So unless we believe the Koran and support that, how would you be able to promote something like that?

SID: And something you told me that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the, what is the attraction between Islam and, say, Catholicism? I mean, they seem to be opposites. But there is a common denominator.

GARY: There is a common denominator. Muslims hold Mary in high regard. And one of the reasons for that is, and this is a little known fact, but Mohammed believed that when he would go to paradise that Mary would be his wife.

SID: Hmmm. I never heard that.

GARY: Yes. In addition to that, you know the apparitions that supposedly appeared at Fatima, apparitions of Mary appearing at Fatima, Portugal; Fatima happened to be the name of Mohammed’s daughter. So many Muslims believe there was significance of the fact that Mary chose to appear in Fatima, a place named after Mohammed’s daughter. And so there are other reasons as well. But this has brought some Roman Catholic leaders and Muslim leaders together at least on the fringes to where they are talking about some of the developments in the Middle East.

SID: You know, there is something wonderful going on with many Muslims. They’re having dreams and visions of Jesus in large numbers, and I rejoice over that. But there’s a flip side to it. Many are now having dreams and visions of Mary.

GARY: You know, I told my wife years ago, Sid, that if the day ever came when Muslims claimed to see apparitions of Mary that things were far along, and that this world system was getting ready to gel and come together. And that has been going on now for a few years. Hundreds of Muslims in Egypt, Indonesia, parts of Africa. We’re getting reports, are claiming to have had or are seeing visions of Mary, and they are telling them to be in favor of global unity, world peace, the coming together of the world’s religions.

SID: Okay. Why is it necessary for the coming together of religions? I see why it’s necessary for coming together on money, on politics. But why religion?

GARY: Well if there is going to be a one-world political and economic system, somehow the world’s religions have to be brought together to make that possible. If they are in major disagreement with each other and don’t see eye to eye, it would be very difficult to bring this one-world system together and have it work. And so that’s why globalists have been pushing this agenda for a long time.

SID ROTH: And you can really see, if you know your Bible, why the world is pushing to internationalize Jerusalem. We’ll be right back. Don’t go away.

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sidroth on February 22nd, 2012

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here and welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I just love it! I love sitting down on this set and recognizing I’m not sitting in natural air. I’m sitting in this rarified air of Heaven. And I have my friend Hank Kunneman here. And Hank is a proven prophet, and what I love about him is he’ll even put on his website his prophecies before they happen, after they happen. I mean, Hank, I read in the Old Covenant that Samuel’s words would not fall to the ground. They would all come to pass. And under the better covenant, we should have prophets that have as good an accuracy as Samuel, as far as I’m concerned. And some…just for those that aren’t familiar with Hank, I want you to know some of the things that he’s prophesied. For instance, are you grumbling about the gasoline prices? Tell me what God told you about oil and gas.

HANK: First of all, I want to say thank you again for having me, Sid. One of the things that’s interesting is back in the early, really 2000-01, that kind of season, the Lord began to talk about the gas prices, and He said, “Watch the gas prices. They’re going to begin to even reach as high as $5.00 a gallon,” and He said, “…when they do,” he said, “then they’ll begin to go back down again.” And at that time, this is so amazing about prophecy, is sometimes when the Word of Lord comes, it may not even be happening at the time, like what you’re saying. And so at that time, gas prices were pretty normal and it didn’t look like the word applied.

SID: Now by the way, just out of curiosity, you’re human like everyone else…just like you. When you have this word that seems outrageous…

HANK:  Yeah.

SID: ….and you say it, and it’s out there for everyone. You even put it on your website, and nothing happens. What goes on with the prophet?

HANK: Well there’s a human side and then you also have your wife (laughs).

SID: She’s your balance.

HANK: Yes, she’s a balance. There is a human side that you have to realize that you put it out there, especially if you give what I call risky prophecies. But something I always like to do is before any prophecy goes live, I submit it to a group of people to say, hey, you know, judge this word. Even Jesus did that with his first miracle. He submitted it to the governor of the feast, so I think there’s some wisdom in that. But the human side, yeah, sometimes you think, God, what did I just say?

SID: Now alright.  In addition to gas prices, what about the housing industry? I wish I had been in your church when you brought that word forth. What did you bring forth and when was it?

HANK: It was the craziest thing. It was right around 2004, 2005. The Spirit of the Lord began to give me visions about the houses, and I would see them on like sand, and I would see them getting shaken. And the Lord said, “Start telling the people that there is coming a shaking of the housing market and get off those financial arms.” Remember those arms where they…

SID: I remember that time. It was horrible.

HANK: And the Lord said, “Get off of those arms because there’s coming a financial shaking in the housing market.” And many people who heeded to that voice were able to save their homes. At that time, I mean the housing market was booming in the United States.

SID: Now I’m going to ask you something that everyone is, you’re asking this at home. What is going to happen to the housing market in the United States? What’s going to happen to gasoline prices in the United States? What’s going to happen? Is there going to be rampant inflation? Has God shown you any of the above?

HANK: Well, one of the ways that the Lord said, and this is really humorous to me; He said there’s two more hiccups. And I don’t know if you’ve ever had hiccups before, but they’re annoying. They can take your breath away, and sometimes you think you got rid of them. And the Lord said, “…two more financial hiccups,”

SID:  (makes hiccup sounds)

HANK:  Yeah, where it kind of takes your breath away…a little bit like that. But what I do see is a restoration coming to the economy of the United States. But we are going through a couple more hiccups.

SID: Now by the way, a lot of prophets are saying what you just said. You know that?

HANK: Yes, I know that.

SID: Okay. Just thought I’d let you know that I know and they know. You know.

HANK: They might be prophesying the hiccups. But I have to stay with what I know.

SID: I like your word.

HANK: Yeah, yeah.  But here’s a cool thing. If we are Christians then we are part of a different kingdom anyway. The Lord said in his Word that, “Moth and rust and things cannot come and steal it.” So you really need to learn the principles of the Kingdom of God that protects us too.

SID: Okay. You had a word, and that’s the main reason that I invited you to be on this show. You had a word for the next decade for believers in the Messiah. Tell me what that word was.

HANK: The message that God said about 2010, He said, it’s not just 2010. He said, “Hank, it’s about a decade.” And one of the Lord said would mark this new decade, and we’re seeing it right now currently in the earth, it is: this youth that’s beginning to rise up with this taste of dissatisfaction in their mouth, and they’re saying, you know what, we want something different. And they’re absolutely, like in Egypt, they’re affecting the outcome of nations. But one of the things the Lord specifically said, 2010 to 2020 is a decade of change and it’s a decade of breakthrough.

SID: I like that word, “breakthrough”.

HANK: Me, too.

SID: There’s a Hebrew word for “breaker”. Explain what that means.

HANK: The Hebrew word is “boratz” And what it means is to break forth like through the womb. Another way to say it like this, Sid, I really like this definition, is like a water dam. It’s like all this water is contained. Then all of a sudden, something penetrates it and it bursts forth and there’s a surge of incredible power and breaking. And that’s what God is getting ready to do for those that are part of the Messiah. They love the Lord. He’s getting ready to break forth and break through.

SID: You know what’s coming to me right now, is the scriptures say that the gentile believer is to provoke the Jew to jealousy. Can you imagine if you, in the midst of all the turmoil that’s going on in the world, have that type of a breakthrough anointing; people are going to want to say, well who’s your God? Why are you joyous at the time that gas prices are going off the chart? That inflation is ridiculous. I can’t sell my home. That I’ve been laid off from my job? That I don’t have any savings left. And all of a sudden, what is does that Hebrew word mean that’s going to come on that person?

HANK: Boratz…breakthrough.

SID ROTH: Breakthrough! Okay. I want to learn keys to the breakthrough. I also want to find out what’s going to happen with countries like China, like Israel, like the United States. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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sidroth on February 15th, 2012

Sid: My guests are Red Hot for the Messiah, but they were almost ship wrecked.  I mean Phillip was actually a Dean of the School of Ministry at a mega church; they had eight hundred churches connected with them.  Darlena graduated from Regent University, they both on the outside looked like they had it together but they were sabotaged from day one with generational curses and with imperfect parents in the houses that they were raised in and they didn’t know, but they got set free.  And when they got set free their hearts desire was to have everyone everywhere have a transformation and finally posses God promises in their life.  Now what happened with your family Darlena as you told me that your children got totally healed when you got healed?  I guess that happens, the mother and father get healed then the rest of the family gets healed.  But you both always wanted a son.  Phillip your wife is thirty-nine years old; did you still want a son?

Phillip:  Oh yeah, in my heart I did and I was just driving down the road one day and the Lord spoke to me and He spoke to me very clearly and He said, “I’m about to give you everything that you ever wanted.  And I thought to myself, well a son would be at the top of that list.  And I said, “You know because I have three daughters, I love them they are wonderful but I’d love to have a son.”  And I said, “But Lord you have got to talk to my wife because the last two pregnancies were very tough for her and so you know I put that back to Him.”

Sid:  Okay, so Darlena he put that back to the Lord but what did you think when you’re husband said “God wants us to have a son?”

Darlena:  Well, I just felt an assurance that if we were to conceive another child that it would be a son and because the Lord had healed me of all of the different physical issues that I struggled with that was preventing me from carrying another child I was completely open because I was no longer sick.  And we conceived and low and behold it was a son and it was very exciting.

Sid:  But when did you find out there was a life critical problem going on?

Darlena:  We did not know that there was any critical situations going on with my son until he was delivered and he was our only child that came on our due date, all of girls were two weeks over due.  He came on his due date, however he had the chord wrapped around his neck and the doctors said that it appeared that the chord had been around his neck for possibly two weeks because he was born under weight, he was not thriving, he was actually barely alive.

Sid:  Phillip, I understand the chord was wrapped around his neck for length of time two times around.  Well, when you found you found out about that, what affect did it, I mean here your having the son that you’ve always wanted and it sounds to me like he shouldn’t even be alive.

Phillip:    Exactly right, I mean here’s the promise in our hands but he’s almost lifeless, and so it was very defeating and I was fearful and so for three or four days we were fighting these battles with testing and trying to figure out what’s going on.  And finally we get a sort of a break and this nurse says to us on a Saturday night, you are going home Monday morning, everything is going to be find and then 5:30 AM Sunday morning they wake us up, why open the door and people that look like astronauts were there and they’re saying they have to care fly our son from one hospital to a larger hospital in Dallas because he’s basically dying.  And so at this point, I have zero energy, I have no ability to react and do anything to bring change.  And as the helicopter pilots are taking him in a plexi-glass box to the helicopter I’m just feeling gripped by this and as I get to the bottom floor and we are walking out I can hear and see the helicopter the Lord releases a word to me and He says, you are going to win this battle with faith.  Roman’s 4:17.  Fight now.

Sid:  Well you know, its one thing to teach other’s how to do it, but it’s another thing to experience it yourself.

Phillip:  That’s right.

Sid:  Anyone can be a teacher, in fact you’re a gifted teacher, but where the rubber meets the road is life is subject to challenges.  And you bumped into a life threatening challenge for the son that God told you would have.  Did you remind God that God told you, you would have a son?

Phillip:  You know, I didn’t think about it at the time, I think in those three or four days of being challenged with it I probably said, “Well, Lord I can’t imagine this is what you wanted.”  And so when I got Romans 4:17, not having that memorized I went to it and it’s about Abraham calling those things that are not as though they should be.  So all I knew to do at that time was to act on that scripture.  And I said, “You were born to live and not die.”  And I called out my son’s name Wilson, I said, “You were born to live and not die, and you will see your destiny.”  And so sure enough, you know a have an hour arrived, we prayed that over and over until we got to the hospital and the head doctor of that intensive care unit came to us and he said, “Sir, I am not sure why your son was flown here but he’s going to be fine.

 Sid:  Now, before when they were flying him there did they say he was dying?  What was their diagnosis at that moment?

Phillip:  Well, at that time his platelet count had dropped and the platelets in the blood are extremely necessary and so you know it was something that this smaller hospital couldn’t handle and they said, you know you’ve got to get him to another hospital because he could have internal bleeding.  And so we had to make that decision in about thirty second’s time.

Sid:  And so how did the doctor account for the fact that his platelet level was correct and that although the chord was wrapped twice around his neck and he as suffocating for a couple of weeks, he was normal.  How did that doctor account for that?

Phillip:  Well, basically what happened is that they realized that the boy that was put in the helicopter and the boy that arrived at the hospital was at two different stages and so there were some medical procedures but I truly believe that the seed that God promised me had to accompany you know with a supernatural word, and so I really think that this was the moment where I had to release him to God and when I did that, you know I feel like that God put a supernatural seed in my son and accelerated his health.

Sid:  And you know something that I personally believe Phillip and Darlena is because you got rid of the all the junk that most humans carry with them their whole life that God is supernaturally providing for you even in the form of supernatural provisions.  Give me an example.

Darlena:  Well, I know the Lord spoke to us to move to Georgia from Texas to transfer our ministry here.  We didn’t have enough money for a home and we had someone step up to the plate and bought us a home.  And then shortly after we were here our car that we had driven for years started going downhill and we sold it and three days somebody actually wanted to buy it.  And we were without a car and then someone gave us a 2007 Ford Expedition, a $25,000 car, we were given that.  And people were…our bills were getting paid anonymously and the Lord brought us to this area of Georgia to build this ministry center, a transformation center and we had just recently been given a building to start the transformation center at.

 Sid:  God must really want his people free, Phillip why is it that so many Christians are doing what George Barna said his six year research showed walking circular rather than possessing their land and accomplishing their destiny?  Why is this not being taught and it isn’t in most churches?

Phillip:  Well, I think it’s this is they are doing what they know to do and just like the Israelites this is what they knew to do, they had a slavery mentality and so this is the same in this day and time is that we are, you know we are slaves to our schedules.  We are slaves to unhealthy relationships; we are slaves to addictions and things of that nature and just because I say I do to Christ doesn’t necessarily mean that we are living in victory.  And that’s a process for people and when you begin to understand that God isn’t necessarily going to change everything for you, but what he’s looking to do is to do something in you that will also lead them through you.  And so what I think is paramount for people is that they see that there is a way.   See our lives are great examples of that.  You know, we came from very dysfunctional backgrounds, we had to work through some things in the course of our life but God is using us and He can do the same with others out there.

sidroth on February 8th, 2012

Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah because everyone will not hear the good news unless you’re red hot for the Messiah.  And one way to be red hot for the Messiah is to get in on the greatest healing revival the world has ever seen.  And I believe that strategically God had me release this book “Supernatural Healing” it’s my latest book for such as this.  This book is based on over thirty years of investigative reporting of the supernatural.  There are three medical doctors that had the most amazing miracles in this book, but the thing that makes it so unique is that you will read these testimonies, then you will read the keys as to how these people got healed and one or more of these keys is going to unlock the door that’s stopping you from having a manifestation of your healing.  And I believe your faith is going to so soar.  For instance, I want you to hear an excerpt of an interview I did with Sid and Tom Renfro.  Tom is an MD, Internal Medicine specialist and he developed terminal Lymphoma; no chance for survival except they believed that he was going to live.  So his wife, Sid actually videotaped him every day and you can see in this footage, which I’ve looked at, you can see his body deteriorating day by day.  But it really reached the point where it was so grotesque and it was grotesque that they had to stop video tapping.  Let’s go to that excerpt.

Sid Renfro &Tom Renfro, MD excerpt:  At this point we stopped making any pictures or capturing any video footage because he actually turned into just almost, he would say, “Who is this beast?”  I finally took all the mirrors down in our home to where he couldn’t see himself because he had these huge tumors on his neck.  His arms at this point actually went out so much he couldn’t even fit into a bathroom shower.  We have to put him in the Jacuzzi and run a water hose from the shower into the Jacuzzi just to give him a bath.  And it worsened he got to the point that he could hold a dry wash cloth but not a towel; not a washcloth if it was even wet.  We brushed his teeth; he could physically do nothing for himself.

Sid:  Okay, you took the mirrors down for him.

Sid Renfro:  Right.

Sid:  But how could, how could you, how could you look at his body getting more grotesque every moment?

Sid Renfro:  Well, I looked at him through of course eyes of love, but also of eyes of faith of seeing him living and healed of this.  And my friends asked me, “How, did you get through this on a day to day basis?”  Because every morning I believed that day was the last day that we were going to receive a divine intervention every day.  And I didn’t, I never thought there would be a tomorrow that it would be worse tomorrow.  And of course it did and it worsened and it worsened progressively got worse.

Sid:  But many people that believe that a miracle will happen, their spouses die, you know that.

Sid Renfro:  Yes.

Sid:  So why should your husband live?

Sid Renfro:  And we were walking through this because we truly believed it in our hearts and we quoted the word of God.  We researched in the word and different people sent us verses; we actually posted those verses on the wall around the room.

Sid:  Give me one you posted on the wall.

Sid Renfro:  Psalms 118:17 “I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord.

Sid:  Now, Sid Renfro, Tom’s wife is a real hero of faith, she literally would crawl on Tom’s decaying body and command him to live.  Listen.

Sid Renfro:  I was just commanding him to live, Isaiah 45:11 says “Concerning these things command yea me.”

Sid:  How can you command him to live?

Sid Renfro:  I’m a child of the King, I have what the promises of God are, they pertain to me.  Jesus is a talker, and if Jesus is in us then we can talk and say what He would say.  And He always went about doing good, healing all manner of diseases and raising the dead.

Sid:  So you’re laying on him, you’re commanding him to live and not die.

Sid Renfro:  Right.

Sid:  Was there a certain point you felt that you could get off or?

Sid Renfro:  Well, I could see a change in him.

Sid:  Really?

Sid Renfro:  Yes.

Sid:  Could you feel a change at that time?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Yes

Sid:  You remember that?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Less shortness of breath, less problems, whatever the problem was left and peace came in; peace.

Sid:  As a medical doctor, explain to me the type of Lymphoma you had and what the prognosis is.

Dr. Tom Renfro: I was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma, it’s one of the rare forms of lymphoma and unfortunately the doctors told me at the time that there was no cure.  That radiation wouldn’t cure this that bone marrow transplants and stem cell harvesting techniques have been tried and failed with this particular brand of lymphoma.  That chemotherapy it may knock it back a little bit, but it would march right through as you progress through your chemotherapy, it would come right back.

Sid:  To your knowledge has anyone ever been healed of this type of lymphoma?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  To my knowledge, no.

Sid:  What, I mean now, you’re a doctor, you know more than most people.

Dr. Tom Renfro: Right.

Sid:  Did you in your wildest imagination ever think that you’d get cancer?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  No, one of the greatest fears that I had when I was in medical school, and you know you see a lot of different diseases; one was either leukemia or lymphoma.  Because I saw a lot of people suffering through that disease and inside of me there was a fear, “Lord, don’t ever lest this occur in my life.”  And look what the devil brought; he brought right lymphoma to me.

Sid:  And you told me earlier that you had another fear, of chemotherapy.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Right.

Sid:  Why.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Chemotherapy, and don’t get me wrong, don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, it is something designed to kill and it has such horrendous side effects.  I didn’t know if I would be able to withstand any of the side effects of chemotherapy.  And to me I didn’t want to go that route, I didn’t want to have that in my body.

Sid:  Now Tom as I understand it you decided to approach this as if it was a war.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Yes.

Sid:  You were giving no ground to this disease, but the more you were giving no ground the more it was spreading, so didn’t you reach a point of discouragement?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  There was a point of discouragement and it came when I was so sick and that is when that spirit of discouragement came upon me and says, “Why don’t you just give up?  Why don’t you just let go of this notion that God’s going to do anything for you?  Look at you.”

Sid:  Wouldn’t it have been easier to give…I mean I’m sure the thought came that it’s easier to give up then to fight!

Dr. Tom Renfro:  That’s right, it is sometimes you get so tired you just want to quit, that what is the use?  But that’s where the Word and God’s Spirit just starts quickening within us and gives us more hope and gives us that ability to press on, to press on one more time.

Sid:  Now when Sid covered up the mirrors and decided you can’t even look at yourself, you must have known that…you knew how bad off you were and you were getting worse progressively.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  I did not want to look at myself, and I wanted to maintain the image of wholeness and completeness in my body.  I didn’t want to look at myself and look at how sick I was.  I wanted to have…I never did look at myself as sick.  I never did perceive myself as what they had to look at.

Sid:  These tumors were all over your body.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Right.

Sid:  Your waist actually increased from what to what?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  From a size 34 to 60.

Sid:  Okay, as a, not as a doctor, but for a layman, describe what your body would’ve looked like at its worse state.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  At my worse state I weighed over 200 pounds, around 230 pounds, I was a demotist from my neck down; anywhere you touched me would leave a dent where your fingers touched my body.  I could take my thumb and forefinger and wrap it around my approximate arm and it touch on the other side.  But yet I weighed over 200 pounds; I was centrally engorged with fluid.  I had a size sixty waist; I had tumors the size of apples on my neck, tumors bigger than cantaloupes under my arms, my arms stuck out to my side.  I had tumors in my groan, my toes looked like sausages they were so swollen, my feet were swollen.  I was a mess; I was in a demonist mess.

Sid:  Tom you’re doing everything you know to do to get your healing.  However, a lot of people put God in a box, they almost have a formula and they say, “This is the way God has to heal me.”  But that’s not true for you, explain.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  That’s right, and I was guilty of that, I was catching myself saying “Lord You can heal me this way; this is a good way to heal me, why don’t You do it this way?  But you know His ways are above our ways, and when I got to the point that I fully surrendered to God, and say “Lord, whatever you want me to do, I’ll be glad to do it.”  Then God stepped in and He said, “Tom, now’s the time to go to the hospital.”  I said, “Alright, that’s where I’m going.”

Sid:  Now, most people taking a stance of I’m going to die anyway, I’ll just die in my home, but more important to follow what God for once.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Right, see I didn’t want to go to the hospital, as a physician I knew a lot of people died there.

Sid:  Right.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  A lot of sickness.

Sid:  One way ticket.

Dr. Tom Renfro:  Why would I want to go to that place, but I also didn’t want to take chemotherapy; I didn’t want to do that.  I had a terrible fear of that, but God has a way of taking us and holding our hands and leading us through our worse fears, will bring victory in our lives.

Sid:  Would chemotherapy have healed you?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  No, they had told me previously, they said, “Tom chemotherapy will not work with this.”  And when I was referred up to where I went to medical school, the University of Virginia they told me the same thing.  They said, “We see the disease, we know that it’s there, but there is nothing we can do but go home and live.”

Sid:  But you were obedient to God, you toke this chemotherapy and a day later, what started happening to you?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  It wasn’t a day later, Sid it was while it was infusing on December 3rd of ’97.  God took that just like the rock of David through and He did something, He anointed it, He changed it, He supercharged it.  And He took that agent and He melted the tumors in front of your eyes.  Tumors literally that were hard and the consistency of a firm apple turned into a sponge and started melting as you looked they were shrinking as you gazed on.

Sid:  What did the other doctors say about this?

Dr. Tom Renfro:  It changed their lives, it messed them up, they would come in, they had overwhelming joy; because here God was doing something that no man could do, no man could help me with.  It was a fulfillment of what their desire was to see somebody being healed.