sidroth on May 16th, 2011

Sid:  My guest Gary Keesee has put together supernatural principles and how to apply them.  It’s such a simplistic how to book, in fact Joyce Meyer says about it, “I believe the practical every day insight that Gary shares will educate and empower you to take control of your finances and discover the peace and financial freedom God desires for you.”  So Gary, you can be supernatural and practical at the same time as long as you’re practical from a kingdom mentality verses a world mentality.

Gary:  Exactly, you know we do live here, we are citizens of Heaven and the kingdom is in us, but we do live in the earth realm.  So it’s vital that we understand both because any solution will involve operating within the laws that govern this realm as well as the laws that govern the kingdom of God.  Especially when it comes to money, because God doesn’t have money every piece of money that you pick up today will have an earthly kingdom stamped on it.  God can’t counterfeit it and He can’t steal it from someone, so we have to understand how money flows to the believer’s life in the earth realm.

Sid:  And most people think that though pray and someone will knock on their door and leave a million dollars sitting there.  That’s they’re understanding of the kingdom.

Gary:  That is pretty much, well it’s actually kind of the perception that’s taught I think.  I think people that…the church has done a great job teaching to give but I do think a lot of people give legally.  You know, God will be mad if they don’t or they have the wrong perception of how money comes like you said.  They think that it’s going to come, I call it mail box mentality and you and I both know a lot of people in the church world that have been waiting for a long time that have that mentality and they’re in the same financial place they were twenty years ago because they don’t understand how the kingdom operates and how money actually flows in the earth realm to the believer.

Sid:  When the supernatural takes part; in fact you make this statement talking about the supernatural, giving opens the door legally for God to give you direction.  What do you mean by that? 

Gary:  Well, this goes back to Genesis of course when Adam lost his legal dominion.  You know in Luke Chapter 4, Satan tempting Jesus and he said if you will bow down and worship me I’ll give you all the glory, the splendor, and the authority of the kingdoms of the earth for they have been given to me.  So Adam had that dominion, Hebrews Chapter 2, he gave it away.  Satan, as Paul says in 1 Corinthians, is now the prince of the power of the air, the god of this world.  Satan became the legal dominion if you will over the min (this area) and so Satan claims the wealth of the world is his.  He claims that it is his, God can’t interfere with that, but what happens is when we give it changes kingdoms.  Essentially what happens is that the only place of God’s government has legality in the earth realm is in us and what we bring under the dominion of the kingdom of God.  One great example is Peter, James and John’s fishing story in Luke Chapter 5.  Fished all night, caught nothing, worked all night professional fisherman, then Jesus comes along and borrow their boats, comes back in and then tells them to fish the deep water and they catch so many fish that the nets about break, the boats about sink and of course as a spiritual scientist I want to know what happened because I could sure use a boat load of fish you know, essentially provision.  Well, if you follow the story, when they gave Jesus the boats the business changed governments.  When they voluntarily gave it to Jesus, they didn’t know that this was happening, it actually changed governments which gave God the legality then to give a word of knowledge into the earth realm and tell and Jesus said the at the fish were over there in the deep water and they caught so many fish that they couldn’t contain them.  When we give money, when we operate in the earth realm with God’s kingdom as 2nd Corinthians says, God gives seed to the sower.  Of course we could say whose seed is it, it’s God He’s providing it and as we sow it it changes governments and it essentially God can multiply it back to us.  But a lot of people don’t understand this changing of governments or the dominion of the kingdom of God.  And when our place Sid, illustrates this in the story of Potipher, you know Potipher put Joseph in charge of his stuff and the Bible says the blessing of the Lord came on everything Potipher had both in the field and his home and with Joseph in charge he didn’t have to worry about anything.  So they could ask, how did the blessing of God come on this Egyptian man that didn’t even know God?  Because it says in Genesis 39 verse 5 that one day he put Joseph in charge.  Well, what he didn’t know was when he put Joseph in charge his stuff, his things changed governments.  They came under the government, the dominion of God and then the blessing of God came on his stuff and of course that refers there to Proverbs chapter 10 verse 22, “The blessing , the covenant of God brings wealth adds no sorrow with it.”  And of course, that sorrow is referring to the earth curse system where Adam was left having to run, sweat and toil after everything he had in life.  So there’s a kingdom that functions and when we give we can go through a lot of stories in the Bible, but people say, oh that pastor of that church just wants my money.  Well, that’s not true, see what’s actually happening is God is encouraging us to participate with his government in the earth realm.  And as we participate, as we give in faith with his government in mind his kingdom purposes, that gives God the legality to then move in and help us proper by identifying a word of knowledge, that could be business idea..

Sid:  And, by the way let me just let me interject something here because the thought that’s coming to me is so many people have heard terminology of “plant your seed, give me a thousand dollars and you’re going” it’s almost like a heavenly slot machine, heavenly lottery there’s truth in there but there’s something wrong.

Gary:  Yes, your right there is something wrong with that and I despise that kind of misunderstanding.  And this portrayal of how the kingdom of God operates and so many people have become disillusioned and frustrated over what they are left to believe is that God did not do His part.  When actually, you know if an airplane didn’t take off because it wasn’t moving we would know now because in the law of lift that we have to have some speed to get it moving.  Because we understand the laws and when people don’t understand the laws of the kingdom they just blame God.  Listen, God’s kingdom works every time.

Sid:  And do you know what excites me so much, Gary is when you take up offerings after you have taught how the kingdom operates, not just for people to give you money but so that they can multiply their money so that not only can they take care of their needs but expand the kingdom, help widows and orphans and evangelistic operations.  Tell me about the offerings you take up where people see a blue haze?

Gary:  Well, this surprised me Sid, when God began to teach me things I had never heard any of this before and this was back in the days when we are desperate and we were asking God for solutions.  And He began to teach me these principals and show me how they operated.  Well, I didn’t tell anyone this stuff and we weren’t pasturing at the time, over the years we got out of debt and those stories are amazing of what happened to us.  But I didn’t really go out and tell people these things, I just kept a journal, I had learned these things and then many years later, fifteen years or so after we had developed the understanding we had.  He said, “I want you to begin to teach people these things.”  We had of course businesses that taught some of these principals but never ministry and we began to go out and tell people how the kingdom operated and specially how giving should be done and how the kingdom works through our giving and how money flows to the believer.  The first time I had a meeting where I had taught this I was taken off guard because when we took the offering up this had been after five days of teaching in Albania where people were very impoverish, they had no hope.  There answer was to go to Greece, leave the country, find jobs somewhere else.  But I taught these principals there for five days and the fifth day they took up an offering.  The anointing came in that place in amazing way, people were dancing, and shouting and like you said a blue haze came in that place.  I mean it wasn’t kind of the anointing that you may feel when you are praying or that you are preaching or teaching but it was like the very throne room of God.  This blue haze came there and we just…

Sid:  Not only did Gary see it but when this happens others see it.  Just briefly, what happens to some of these people, what were some of the reports that you heard.

Gary: Well they began to create businesses, they understood what happened, the kingdom in them could produce their future, they didn’t have to run to other countries.

Sid:  Whoops were out of time.

sidroth on May 9th, 2011

Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, and as I’ve been explaining for the last couple of days that I have been mentoring you all of these years in the best of the best to grow in the supernatural so you can really fulfill your destiny in the end times.  But if you don’t understand an end time Bible prophecy, I don’t care how much power you walk in you are going to miss it.  And you understand end time Bible prophecy and you don’t walk in the power of God you won’t fulfill your full destiny.  You’ll miss you full destiny and that’s why I have Walid Shoebat on the telephone.  Because Walid was born in Bethlehem and Walid was trained to be a Muslim terrorist.  And because of the truth in the Bible when compared with the Koran he had to choose Jesus, because truth was more important to him than family or anything this world had to offer.  And he has had debates with Christians on the end times because his paradigm is so different than what we’ve been taught here in America over the last thirty some years.  Now when you have your debates Walid what…how do they usually end up? 

Walid:  Well, they usually end up with the open heart Christian coming to our paradigm. 

Sid:  Now for those that aren’t familiar with what you’re are teaching and of course I’ve got your 500 page and your four DVDs on the subject.  Would you briefly explain what is the usual traditional paradigm?  And what is yours and the difference between the two.

Walid:  Well, the traditional paradigm says that the Anti-Christ will be some homosexual, who’d  be an atheist who will come from thru the European Union and the Catholic Church is the harlot of Babylon.  It is a western view that is a modern view, by the way.  My paradigm is saving that if we look at the literal references in the Bible of the nations that God deals with including the nations that Christ deals with, they are all Islamic.  Then my paradigm looks at the issue of the Roman Empire because, North Africa is part of the Roman Empire and Turkey is part of Roman Empire.  By the way both of which is mentioned in the Bible in which Christ deal with on the day of the Lord; which tells us that Islam is involved in the unfolding of the end times. So this is why I wrote “God’s War on Terror,” it’s probably the most extensive research done in history on the issue of the Bible when it come to eschatology and Islamic Eschatology which basically matches when the Anti-Christ is mentioned in the Bible.

Sid:  I was just going to ask you about that because it is so specific.  I’m going to tell you something, when people read your book and when they watch these DVD’s there won’t be fussiness about the end times; and they definitely won’t have the wrong paradigm.  It’s the whole Bible is going to be opened up to them once they have these keys.  So tell me about the comparison between the Christian Anti-Christ and the Moslem messiah; they seem to match from your book.

Walid:  They match perfectly; if you look into the Anti-Christ of the Bible in Daniel it tells us he will basically confirm a covenant for seven years.  In Islam the Mahadee will confirm a covenant for seven years as well.  In the Bible it tells us he is Lucifer the Anti-Christ will be Lucifer embodying a man.  Mohammed, the prophet of Muslim clearly says that the Mahadee will have the most beautiful of all angels in him.  In fact in the Arabic language the Hadee is very clear.——- Mahadee is the most beautiful of all angels, upon him is the cloaks of light.  When we look at where he settles in Islam he settles on the Temple Mount.  He makes a covenant with one of the children of our own; actually what the Bible says the Anti-Christ will enter into the temple and he will make a covenant with Israel.  So it’s pretty clear both the Anti-Christ and the Mahadee will deny the Trinity.

Sid:  You know as I read your book I see that Muslims are being led to the slaughter so to speak by their own religion.

Walid:  Absolutely.  They are led to believe to deny the Trinity, to deny the crucifixion, to deny the Deity of Jesus Christ, which matches perfectly with…

Sid:  But wait a second, I have a friend that tells me he has a Muslim friend and this Muslim friend is so close to receiving Jesus because he believes in Jesus.

Walid:  Ha ha, well they believe in a Jesus, but it is not the definition of Jesus in the Bible at all.  They deny the crucifixion, they deny the Sonship, they deny the Trinity.  And in 1 John 2:22 the Bible tells us very clearly who is the liar, he who denies that Jesus is the Christ, he is the man Anti-Christ that denies the Father and the Son.  So there we have it, the Bible gives us the definition of Anti-Christ.  Many in the west think that Anti-Christ is someone who claims to be Jesus when in reality he is not.  That’s not Biblical; the Bible says the Anti-Christ comes to be as an anti against Christ; to deny the very essence of who he is.

Sid:  Now you have a revelation from the Prophet Micah the Fifth Chapter verse 2 to 6 about the seven shepherds in the last days; and I have never seen this before but tell me about that.

Walid:  Well, it is rare that you see a discussion on the seven shepherds in the Sunday school.  When we look at Micah 5 it tells us about the birth of Christ in Bethlehem, but many western Christians don’t look at the rest of the verses that talks about the Assyrian which is the Anti-Christ when he enters into the land of Israel.  And how God will raise seven shepherds and eight princely men and they will destroy the Assyrian.  In other words those nations led by the shepherds will destroy the Assyrian.  This by the way is confirmed to us in Ezekiel 28.  Ezekiel 28 talks about the prince of Tyre.

Sid:  So these will be seven that…but let me get this straight, so these will be seven nations that will team up together to destroy the Anti-Christ.  Do you know who those nations are?

Walid:  Well, we could be very suspicious of who the nations are or kind of allude to them because it says that the nations that will basically pluck him out in Ezekiel 31 will be coming from the ends of the earth.  So from the Middle Eastern perspective the ends of the earth, you can see Australia, the United States, nations you know like you know the United Kingdom so we could elude to the Western nations, the Christian nations which God will basically purify in the end when he comes.  In fact, in verse seven in Ezekiel 28 it talks about these nations and in verse eight it says very clearly that they shall throw you down into the pit.  Who are the they? It goes back to verse seven, behold therefore I will bring strangers against you, the most terrible of the nations.  Terrible doesn’t mean awful, it means terrible in battle, the most terrible, the most powerful nations in the world will come against the Anti-Christ and they will throw him into the pit!  No one can argue against those verses.  They are very clear that God will raise up nations against the Anti-Christ!

Sid:   Now tell me about where we hear in Revelation the Seven Mountain and most people think these are the Seven Hills of Rome, but you have a totally different understanding.

Walid:  Well, if they are literal mountains then when did five mountains fall?  Because if you look at the Revelation it is pretty clear, five have fallen; one is and the other has not yet come.  Hello, this is speaking about the time of the Romans when John was writing these revelations.  Five have fell, one is, that is the Roman Empire and the other has not yet come; the seventh one.  And it is the seventh one that the Bible is focused on and also it says this seventh one will be an eighth, hello it is very clear.  Which nation conquered the Roman Empire?  Of course the Roman Empire cease to exist in the West and continued to exist in Byzantium that is today Turkey, the eastern leg of the Roman Empire; there we have it.  And so that was bruised by who?  It was bruised by the Muslims; the Muslims took the mantle from number six when the Byzantium fell in 1451 by Mohammed the Second and Islam took over the Roman Empire.  In fact Islam defeated the Roman, the Persian and the Babylonian.

Sid: Listen, they can get all of this in your book, but once you’ve literally cracked a Bible code which opens the whole end times scenario to make so much sense, and if for God’s children it doesn’t make sense who shall it make sense for?  Tell me about your revelation on the number 666.

Walid:  Well, we must conclude from the Bible what the Bible says about 666 and the number of the beast.  The Bible in Revelation Chapter 13 it has three flavors.  The mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Well, first of all we have to understand what name means.  Name doesn’t literally mean a name of a person, because we can look at verses in the Bible in which it says clearly His name shall be called Emmanuel which is God with us.  But Jesus’ name is not Emmanuel; it’s talking about our creed that God came to us.  Same thing with the Anti-Christ he has a name, a creed, it’s a blasphemous creed.  The followers of the Anti-Christ will put that creed in a badge because the Greek term Charisma simply means the badge of servitude.  They will put this badge on their foreheads, exactly what we see Muslims do.  When we come to the three Greek letters, they resemble Arabic letters.  The Arabic letters, clearly if you look at it in the Arabic and so far no one was able to refute that it says in the name of Allah.  With the symbol of the two swords…

Sid:  So the 666 in Arabic means in the name of Allah!

Walid:  Absolutely! 

Sid:  My, my goodness!  Do you realize the revelation your hearing right now?  I urge you to understand, listen if you don’t think we are in end times, have you looked at what’s going on in the Middle East recently?

sidroth on May 2nd, 2011

Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be red hot for the Messiah but I believe that what the Spirit of God is saying right now is this is the moment for you to get closer to God than you ever had in your life.  And the best catalyst for you to get closer to God, I mean He says that “If you draw close to me I will draw close to you.  The best catalyst I know is worship and that’s why I’m so excited to introduce to you Nic and Rachael Billman and in particular their brand new worship CD called “The Least of These” recorded before an audience and the feedback we get on this brand new CD is people experience the presence of God.  They literally feel God’s love flowing through them.  Many hear the wind of the Spirit.  Others hear angels, some hear supernatural instruments; many people get healed when they hear this music all over the world.  And Nic the two of you have ministered a great deal in Brazil and you are getting ready to make that your base right now where you are going to live.  Tell us that most of us are in America and aren’t use to seeing eleven year old transvestites and prostitutes out in the street.  Paint me a picture of what the street is like in Brazil.

Nic:  Well, it’s interesting because Brazil is a great nation, it is the fifth largest GDP in the world and yet a third of their nation live in abject poverty and so we’ve been on streets during the day it is just a market it doesn’t look any different than a street in the US and then at night around midnight or so there are prostitutes transvestites, drug dealers, drug addicts all over the streets.  We’ve talked to girls as young as eleven years old on the streets, boys the same way.  We’ve talked to those that started in that industry at six years old and it is just such a place and awesome place to find Jesus as we have had some of just the greatest encounters with people on the streets of Brazil.

Sid:  And one of the statements you made is that the Lord showed you that if you don’t love lose that are around us and care for them then you don’t love the Lord?

Nic:  Yeah, because as you look in Matthew 25 Jesus just talks about, he identifies himself as the least of these, and he says when I was hungry you fed me, when I was thirsty, when I was sick and in that verse if you read through it He actually unties our blessing, our righteousness and our inheritance into caring for the least of these and I really believe and feel like if you love God and you have Jesus as your Lord and Savior then you are going to love the things that He loves; you are going to love the people that He loves and you are going to take on the character of God, not just the title of God as a Christian.

Sid:  Tell me one person that you ministered to in Brazil, make them real to us.

Nic:  We had kind a separation of two different things that happened within a day from each other in our first trip to Brazil in 2008.  I prayed for a little boy who is in line for healing in a church and he was born 80% deaf in both ears and I really felt the gift of faith for this boy and I got down on my knees and I just looked him in the eyes and I just said Julio Jesus loves him and his eyes popped open and he jumped into his Mother’s arms and she whispered in his ears, I love you and he whispered back, I love you Momma and his ears were totally healed.  No speech impediment or anything and it was a very very powerful night.  The next day I look out my hotel window and I see a boy that’s on the streets, he is actually on the cover of the CD that we just put out and he’s laying there and I just had this heart to go out and spend time with him, but I couldn’t find a translator.

Sid:  Your heart has to go out when you see that picture.

Nic:  yeah he’s fifteen years old, a story that I found out later was that he was abandoned by his parents and I just spent an hour with him without a translator just in fellowship, just in communion with him and then a translator was able to come help me and we went out and bought him some shoes.  And after I gave them to him we spent more time with him and the next day he came to show me his bed, where he slept and he crawled up into this dumpster and laid down in this old terrible trash that jus t smelled so bad and that is where he slept and he was so proud to show me that he had a place to sleep that night; and the Lord was just showing me, you know Nic both of these things are worship unto me both of these things are pleasing; because in one hand there is a miracle and someone was healed and in then in another you acted as Jesus and you were compassionate to the poor, to the least of these.  And there are no difference to the heart of God.

Sid:  You were telling me that many times you’ll pray for someone and they’re not healed and rather than walk away you just love on them.

Nic:  Yeah.

Sid:  Explain that.

Nic:  Well a lot of times we will spend time with someone and you get a word of knowledge for their healing and it doesn’t happen and it’s very easy for us to then say we’ll just keep believing and let them go on their way.  But we tend to really try to love on them and we’ve seen things that when people come up for healing, and they don’t receive healing but we just begin to show the love of God to them, to love on them and they leave with a totally different heart, a totally different attitude and the bottom line is that God is always after your heart first and for most before everything else.  So that’s really our heart’s desire is to administer the Father’s heart.

Sid:  Well, I’m so pleased to be releasing your brand new CDs, its two CDs and the album is called “The Least of These” and tell me about the song, “Come Find Me.”

Nic:  Yeah, this song was a spontaneous song that we sang one night, it comes right out of Matthew 25 and it was a vision I had had of all these churches that were alive crying out for God and we want to see Your face, come to us God we want to hear Your voice.  And then I saw the streets of Brazil because that’s where my heart is but I believe it applies anywhere where there is drug addicts and there were transvestites and prostitutes and the widow and the poor children on the streets and the churches were all alive and there are people that are on the streets and God says come find me.  So the church is crying out, we want to see you, then God says then come find me from the lost, from the poor.

Excerpt of “Come Find Me” 

Nic:  I was abandoned and you gave me a home, I was wounded and you healed me love.  Just stare into the eyes the child that is left alone and there you’ll find me, and there you’ll find me.  Just open up your arms to hold the least of these and there you’ll find me, and there you’ll find me, come find me, come find me, come find me.

Rachael:  Come find me in the dark; come find me in the dark.

Nic:  Come find me church, come find me run, come find me.

Rachael:  Come find me in the dark, come find me, I am life, I am light, no darkness of night, I am light, I am light, I am light, no darkness of night.

Nic:  Come, find me, come find me, come find me come find me…

sidroth on April 25th, 2011

Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah his name is Hank Kunneman and we were just kinda reminiscing on prophecies that He shared on past broadcasts that have come to pass and he has a Word on the Middle East in particular, Egypt.  What did God tell you Hank?

Hank:  One of the things Sid that God is saying is so incredible to me and it’s great for those that understand, you know prophetically what the Lord is doing in this time.  And let me just say this it was back in 2006 with the Spirit of the Lord began to really began to prophecy that there was coming a shaking to Egypt and I had shared that on an earlier broadcast.  One of the things that the Lord had also said was that we had found also was prophesied was when you see the shaking that takes place in Egypt know that it’s a prophetic sign that I’m going to do something with Israel and I am going to do something with my people, you know the Body of Christ that you know, the Christians.  He said, I’m going to show them that it marks a season of separation and Divine favor.  And so I want to read this prophecy, it says that it was on January 30th of this year.  The Spirit of God says that even now all across the earth there is a shaking taking place and men have looked and they have asked what is happening.  What is taking place in Egypt?  And God says this is a sign unto this nation a sign unto the nations of the earth.  For as it was in the days of Egypt where there was a shaking and plagues came as in the days of Pharaoh and there was a removal of a leader and a liberating of the people of Israel.  God says, once again this shaking is taking place because it marks this season for the earth and for the nation of a season on Divine separation, I’m bringing a separation and there will be a difference that the earth will begin to see between that love me and those that do not know me.  For my favor is coming in an unusual way and now this to this, for it takes place in Egypt and you will see a shaking and a removal of a leader and it will happen in the days to come.  God says to look to the youth; do you see that they are rising?  For this is a sign as it takes place in Egypt that there is a dissatisfaction and God says once again this will begin to be seen in other nations.  You will see it take place in Iran, and you will see it take place in the other nations in the Middle East as you have seen it with the youth of Egypt.  And God says, I will also cause the attempts and the assignment of what Iran has desired to do even against Israel.  God says that it will implodes and I will cause the youth to begin to arise even in Israel.  And Sid, maybe we can talk about the youth rising in Israel and I like what he says here.  Watch the youth as they begin to arise in other nations of the Middle East and there will be changes of leadership and there will be regime change.  Watch what begins to take place even in North Korea as an implosion begins to take place in its government of two who have held on to the seats and the reigns of authority.  God says, I will cause an imploding to come to North Korea and the dividing wall between the two nations shall be removed.  So you can see where the Lord is saying this thing with Egypt is a prophetic sign and it’s a various dangerous time.

Sid:  Now what’s going to happen to Israel?  I mean in the natural, without the help from the US Israel doesn’t stand a chance but then if you read the Bible they didn’t stand a chance in most situations without God’s help.

Hank:  You know, the Spirit of the Lord said something to me very interesting and He was reminding me.  He said, I’m going to humor the nations again.  And I’m going to humor Israel.   And if you read the scripture and I know that you do and the listeners as well, look at how many times God did things in the days of Israel like you know the crossing of the Red Sea you know, the different plagues that took place, I mean these are amazing stories and the Lord said to me Sid, I’m going to humor the nations and I’m even going to even humor Israel because I am going to show them I love.  He said I’m going to use the elements once again, remember when God used the elements He caused the wind to I believe it was the locust up and then to be separated?

Sid:  Right.

Hank:  He used the wind to separate the waters of the Red Sea.  God is once again going to use the elements over Israel as a sign to the nations of the Earth of the Devine intervention.

Sid:  So in other words somehow the elements are going to be used to protect Israel just the same as the Exodus?

Hank:  Yes, and it’s going to be something that is so undeniable that Israel will all ready know.  One of the things that if people live in Israel, or they love Israel and they pray for the peace of Jerusalem as we all do is that we need to be comforted.  Because one of the things that the Lord is going to do; Sid I had an amazing thing happen one time in my church here.  We were praying on a Wednesday night and that’s usually when the prophetic atmosphere comes in and the Heavens begin to open.  I literally saw something moving off in the distance and I couldn’t tell what it was and I looked up and I began to see it moving closer and closer to me and it began to frighten me.  All of a sudden it moved so close I was now pulled into the vision and all of a sudden I looked and it was a horse, like right in front of me, it was so real it was like this horse had come into my sanctuary, I know that sounds crazy but I looked and I saw the horses hooves and I could see like these veins in the horses legs and I looked up at the horse’s head there was such a look of intensity in the eyes of this horse and the nostrals of this horse was breathing with incredible intensity and all of a sudden I fell to the ground I began to cry out to the Lord.  And I looked up and I could see a leg on this horse and I followed it up and I looked and it was the Lord sitting on this horse and he was dressed in this incredible outfit like a chief with this huge headdress and he threw a spear down at my foot in this vision and the Word of the Lord came to me and He said, the zeal of the Lord of Hosts has been stirred up over America and over Israel and I will protect them.  And it was the most amazing thing because, shortly after that the Lord showed me Israel and I could see this chariot that was going around and around the is nations of Israel and the Spirit of the Lord said, once again I am riding my chariot over Israel and even what is taking place, and I even hear that now Sid, if I could just speak now.  Even in this day right now with Israel and there are those that are looking and they say God what does this mean in Egypt.  Surely there is fear that have gripped the hearts of many but even now it marks a season of the separation of God as Israel begins to come into a new season and into a new day where they will say, God You are our defense, Lord You are our protector, Lord You are the one that has caused a veil to be removed, yes concerning Yeshua, the streets will be crying out and declaring the name of Yeshua, but there shall even be a veil that will be removed in the days that are to come for God says, I have waited for this time and now is the season and time for this veil to come.  And God says for it to be removed it is a veil that is hidden discoveries, it has a veil that had hidden natural recourses that shall be unveil at this time and God says watch, I will give Israel oil for as it was in the days of the first oil that was poured out in the place of the Upper Room by My Spirit God says watch, once again, I will do this with Israel by causing natural gas, natural oil to spring forth from the very soil that has been held for me and hidden for this time as I bring Israel to a place of Independence that they will say the separation from Egypt in the past shall once again take place in the future.  And I will protect them, I will provide for them and I will bring them into a new season of self sufficiency and a day of great rejoicing says the Lord. 

Sid:  I tell you the presence of God was so strong on that Prophetic Word.  I would be remise if I didn’t ask you to share the prophecy you heard about the President of the United States and in particular the friend of Israel in the White House.

Hank:  You know, people have been saying to me a lot you know, Hank what are you hearing for 2012 and the Spirit of the Lord said to me Hank, I don’t want you to discuss too much about 2012 yet even though we will as we get closer.  You know there is too much chatter but one of the things that God has promised is this, He has promised that there is coming a friend of Israel in the White House and I tell you God is going to do this and it’s going to happen.  And that’s why it looks as though the opposite is taking place but we need to as Christians and Jewish people and we need to unite together and pray because God is placing His hand upon a friend who will be a friend of Israel and there will be a relationship like we have not seen in a long time.  And this is one of the other things that the Lord is going to do.  First there has to be some turmoil and there has to be some things that take place not only in Egypt, you will see more than one removal of a leader, there is going to be a few, it is going to look disruptive but God in the end is going to defend His people.  And He is going to bring an alliance greater after kinda a season on unrest between the United States and Israel.  But ultimately there is going to be a shaking of hands and a tremendous bond that is going to take place in the years that are about to unfold.

Sid:  Are we going to the United States become a third world country.

Hank:  You know, many have prophesied that, I only prophesy in part I have not personally seen that Sid.  I have seen as I have said before hiccups of just some things that may try to take our breath away for a moment but ultimately I see a restoration of God upon his people.  I see the revival of God coming upon the streets and the cities, I see a youth uprising.  Not like in Egypt but I see where you know there is going to be fighting in revolution, I see an uprising of a youth that uprising of a youth that are going to march once again and say we want God back in our schools, we want God once again and we want to be able to pray.  We want the Lord of the days of old and there is…

Sid:  Can you see the youth rising up against the sin of abortion?

Hank:  Let me tell you, there is a mystery getting ready to happen Sid.  And the Spirit of the Lord said to me one time in prophecy, and I was prophesying in this auditorium and I think I was at Mark Chironna’s church and I began to see the Statue of Liberty and the Spirit of the Lord said to me, look to the place where this nations was attacked where the blood still speaks and cries out from the soil.  He said, look to Lady Liberty and I looked over and I could see the Statue of Liberty and the Spirit of the Lord said to me look to this, this is a mystery this sign unto this nation.  I have held it from those that do not understand but I’m opening your eyes and I’m opening your mouth to speak this.  America is coming into a season of the woman.  And what I mean by that and I prophesied it before November elections that happened last year where the Lord even said that there was going to be removal of one of the woman which happened, it was the Speaker of the House and he began to say watch new woman begin to begin to be put in positions of political power and influence and then I believe that’s why the enemy went after a woman right after the first of the year because he is afraid.  That is why he attacked that congressman…

Sid:  Oh no, were out of time.

sidroth on April 20th, 2011

Sid:  The world has been waiting for that middle wall of separation to come down, between Jew and Gentile to form this one new species of being.  His Name Yeshua, in Hebrew, Jesus in English and then Paul goes on to say, it’s going to make the full dwelling place of God.  The miraculous that we’re about ready to see is contingent on reaching your Jewish friends to make the body complete.  Reaching your Jewish friends for Jesus; let’s make that clear.  My guest, Dean Sikes is a man raised up by God to prophetically teach about how you, how everyone can enter the supernatural.  And Dean you had an experience and it almost cost you your life several times that you learned a great deal about tapping into the supernatural of God, you call it two days in October.  This happened in 2006, you’re on your own airplane and you’re flying from Pennsylvania to Kentucky.  Tell me about that.

Dean, Well we were I had ministered in Pennsylvania at a teen challenge that night.  I was getting on our airplane, God gave us the airplane because we had petitioned Him for it and He gave it to us and we took off and I was heading to Kentucky to speak the next morning at a school that had had a really horrific event.  Five people had been killed and because of a young man who made a bad choice and we were flying along.  Just my pilot and I was sitting in the back of the airplane.  We were at fifteen thousand feet, it was a very cool night, I wasn’t bothering anybody, I had my feet up drinking a diet coke and eating a Little Debbie snack cake and suddenly I heard something that caused me to come out of my seat.  There was a pop, I ran up the front of the airplane, asked the pilot what I had just heard, He was working through the systems, he had heard the same thing.  And then suddenly, I looked out the right side of our airplane and the right propeller was no longer spinning we had just…

Sid:  Now, wait a second, God supernaturally gave you that airplane.  How could God allow that? 

Dean:  Well, I’ll tell you how, there’s a real devil and he comes to steal, kill and destroy and at fifteen thousand feet in an airplane that God did give us and we had what aviation that world caused catastrophic engine failure, the engine literally died right there three miles up in the air.  We had to turn the airplane around on one engine, there was an airport about ten minutes behind us and those ten minutes, I got with God.  And if you weren’t saved that night before you got on my airplane you were at that point because you knew this was serious.  You know I learned a great lesson here about all of this, when you face an expected moment in your life, that is not the time to start planting a seed.  That is the time to start calling a harvest and I did that.  I went to the Word, because the Bible says the Word is the seed and I began to remind God of what I had been petitioning Him about about our safety cause months earlier God really began to deal with me about safety in aviation.  And I began to just confess that no grave trouble will ever overtake the righteous; that He would keep our feet from falling, that no weapon formed against us will prosper.  And truthfully that night I got a little on the scared side and the Lord said, “Get out of fear because fear and faith will never coexist, you stay in faith, say what I said to say.”  And I began to just say it and I began to believe even more powerfully because faith really becomes faith when it has to work.  When our pilot did an emergency landing.

Sid:  There was no no plan b?
Dean:  There was no plan b.  You were not to have a second chance to miss the runway, and pull up and take off again.  You had to stick this landing one time.  Think of it this way.  West Virginia, plenty of mountains, were going into a mountainous area unfamiliar terrain and suddenly my pilot get a God idea, he says, look down below us and there were the city lights coming up and he said there are no mountains right here because the lights are on, they are just there.  He said I’m going to do a big circle and were going to drop altitude and he did, lined up the runway in front of us and I’m thinking about two things so I get out of my seat go to the front of the airplane.  And said I go I know you’re busy this is serious, but I got to ask you a question.  “Is there anything that you’ve not told me that we are getting ready to experience?”  He said, “No, you know everything I know, why would you ask that question?”  “My people perish because for a lack of knowledge.”  I need to know something, is there anything that I need to know about?  Number two question. “Did you put the landing gear down?” He laughed and said “Yeah, I’m glad you asked, but yeah, it’s down.   Why did you ask that question?”  “The little foxes spoil the vine.  It would be very silly to go through in those ten minutes and forget to put the landing gear down and a lot of people forget to do the basics when they come into unexpected moments.”  We landed safely; I got off the airplane and called my wife.  Ten days later, I leased an airplane, I was in Chicago, I had three internal witnesses, do not get on this airplane.  I proved stupid, is a real word and got on the airplane.

Sid:  Wait a second, how did you do that?

Dean:  Because, I got, what is the right word here Lord?  I got careless with the anointing.  You’re in full time ministry, you’re going all over the place; you’re speaking all the time, people are being ministered to.  I stopped doing for a season, what had brought me success and  when the Lord said to me, don’t get on that airplane I ignored it, thinking devil you’re a liar God is with me, His word is protecting me.  But God gave me three distinct warnings.  I ignored all three, I got on the airplane, we took off and climbing up to 6,000 feet up the left engine experienced the same thing that the right engine on my airplane had experienced.  This time it was much more serious, because the left engine is known as a critical engine and the airplane was trying to turnover in air.  And the Lord spoke to me; this is when it get exciting.  He spoke so clearly, he said Gary, Indiana.  I knew what to do, I said to my pilot, find out where Gary Indian is.  We were six minutes away.  I said, go to Gary.  Fog was everywhere.  You couldn’t see anything, we make the turn into Gary, Indiana there’s no fog, it’s as if God looked out over Heaven, blew His breath of promotion and all the fog split there the run way was.  We landed safely, I got off the ground and I did something I had not done in a long time, I hit the ground and I cried and I said, that’s it and I began.

Sid:  What do you mean, that’s it?

Dean:  I broke my own law, Lord I can’t do this anymore.  And I called my pastor.

Sid:  Did you reach a point where you didn’t want to be in an airport anymore?

Dean:  Oh Sid, I fought fear for two solid years.  Every time I got on an airplane I heard the devil say to me, “I’ve tried twice I’ll get you this time; wonder who your wife is going to marry once you are gone?  Is the insurance paid up on your life?  You’re going down today.  And I had to fight that, and I had to fight that.  But interestingly…

Sid:  See, if the devil could neutralize you and get you to have so much fear you wouldn’t fly your destiny would not be able to complete.

Dean:  That’s it; see the airplane is a critical component to my destiny.  I don’t need necessarily a big building or equipment, for me my necessity is a tool that lets me go further, reach more and get home faster.  And that’s what He has given us and that’s what the devil was trying to take away, which would then slow down the ministry.  So if you are going through something today, and the devil is trying to take something out your hands that God gave into your hands, guess what, you must me a viable threat to the devil, otherwise he wouldn’t be wasting his time on you.

Sid:  Okay, you are surrounded, it’s thick that you can feel it and touch it, this fear.  What do you do about it?

Dean:  Well, for two years, I just kept confessing that he had not given me a spirit of fear, but that He was love.  But what…my break though happened when I was in an airplane and I was at 16,000 feet flying right over Atlanta, Georgia, I will never forget about it; I took a picture from the airplane of the city and the Lord took me to Psalm 94.  In the multitude of my anxieties Your comforts brought me delight.  You comforted my soul and the Spirit of God, every single time that I would have fear come after that, I would recite that verse out loud.  Lord, you’re my comforter, you’re taking away this anxiety it is not from you.  I just receive the peace of God and I’m going to keep doing what I know you called me to do and I’m going to bind the devil according to Matthew 16:19; I’m going to stand on the Word, I’m going to believe you Lord and I thank you that you’ve delivered me.  Not that you are going to, but that you have already done it, it’s a done deal.  Now Sid I can go out there and get on an airplane and smile and have a great time.

Sid:  You learned a lot of lessons when you faced the unexpected and the truth is everyone listening to us will at one time or another face the unexpected.  Give us some nuggets that you found out from these experiences.

Dean:  Well, you might recall that on the first issue, the first time we lost the engine the city lights and how our pilot saw the light and it lead us to safety; well the Lord taught me there that when you go through unexpected moments if you’ll follow the glorious light of the gospel it will take you to safety.  I learned that, after it happened and people found out about it, they wanted to talk about it, but I learned a great lesson here never discuss what you are going through with someone who is incapable of helping you solve it because they very likely will just add more fear instead of more faith.

Sid:  That’s a difficult thing to do because usually it might even be a close love one.

Dean:  Sure.

Sid:  How do you keep that from them?

Dean:  Well, you have to learn, well the Bible says it, even a fool, when silent is considered wise.  Sometimes it is better to shut up and let everybody think that everything it’s okay then to really let them know what’s going on.  Yeah, I had to learn how to call those things that were not as though they already were.  And when we went through this, I learned probably one of the best lessons that I learned was, I had to identify was this a God sent assignment or was it from the devil?  Well, if you go to Genesis the Bible talks about how God tested Abraham.  How did He test him with his obedience?  I fully believe that God does test obedience but it’s the devil that tests your faith.  How do you know that?  We have three children, would I put my put my three children on an airplane and take them to fifteen sixteen thousand feet and kill the right engine and go oh great, let’s see how much faith you have?  That’s not love.  So I knew I knew where this had come from.  I knew the origin of this, it was the devil trying to do what he does, trying to kill, steal and destroy.  But I also knew that greater was He that was in me, than he who was in that world trying to do that to me.

Sid:  Give me one more quick nugget.

Dean:  Well, I think one more I would hang on to as I was out there going through an expected moment is never give up; never, stop doing what brought you success.  I knew what to do to get an airplane, God showed me how to do that, I knew how to operate it, as far as flying it, keeping it in the air, as far as you know the operational side of it.  Having a really anointed pilot up there but I had to go back to the basics of confessing the Word, standing on the truth and not letting my circumstances dictate what was coming out of my mouth.  I had to never ever stop doing what had brought me this success. 

Sid:  That’s a word for someone who’s listening right now, because it’s not like baseball; it’s not like the game of baseball.  It’s not three strikes and you’re out, it’s when you stop swinging that’s when you’re out.

Dean:  That’s right, that’s right.

Sid:  Never ever give up.  We’re making two powerful teachings CDs available to you.  One is called “The Power of Petition.” Dean Sikes shares from his own life this supernatural key to get your prayers answered and when you hear these testimonies and when you’re lead step by step how to create your own petition from God; can they fail Dean?

Dean:  No.

Sid:  They cannot fail.

Dean:  Absolutely.

Sid:  And then the second teaching CD is a question that everyone wants to know the answer, everyone wants to discover “Their Own Destiny” and you have supernatural steps that you have outlined of how people can supernaturally find out their specific destiny with God.

sidroth on April 10th, 2011

Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda. And this is hard for me to comprehend. It will be hard for you to comprehend. A young girl is dying, days to live, liver disease, and Mahesh and Bonnie find out about this. Now I’ve heard for praying for someone. I’ve heard of laying hands on someone. But I have never, ever heard of what the two of you did. What happened with this young girl that was dying of liver disease, Mahesh?

Mahesh: Well her pastor and mother called me and said they heard the Lord tell them, “Call the general.” So they called me and said, “Pray for this little girl. She’s given up. They can’t do a liver transplant, it’s happening too fast. Her liver is bad. Will you pray?” And I said sure, and I got into the presence of the Lord, and I was in His presence for about 26 hours.

Sid: Now Bonnie, were you praying along with him?

Bonnie: Yes, absolutely.

Sid: And did you pray that length of time, too?

Bonnie: Yes. And you know, that’s one of the things about the Glory. You recognize that it’s the living presence of a person named Jesus, specifically in the emissary, who is the Holy Spirit. And he’s invisible, but that doesn’t mean he’s not tangible.

Sid: Okay. So you knew something good happened.

Mahesh: Yes

Sid: What did you do?

Mahesh: So I called the mother and the pastor, and the liver now was about normal. It was better than normal. It had been healed, completely healed.

Sid: How could they explain? She was dying.

Mahesh: That’s right. And they said, “We had nothing to do with her.” And I knew what had happened and I sensed. And that’s what I want to transmit to people and tell them we can get in what I call the glory bubble, the bubble of His glory.

Sid: But wait a second. I know about getting in the glory bubble. But what I don’t know about is both of you went in to that dying liver. Explain that to me.

Mahesh: It is because of Jesus. And it was if in those 26 hours we went through every cell that had been poisoned in her liver.

Sid: Now both of you were experiencing this? And did you confer? Did you say both?

Bonnie: No because when you’re in the presence of the Lord like that and He’s working, everything, though it’s very supernatural, everything, it seems normal. It seems natural. You’re caught up where you’re whole being is harmonizing with the reality of His being, and He is light, He is love, He is healing, He is joy, He is power. But it’s natural. Like you say, it’s supernatural. It’s natural to be supernatural.

Mahesh: And this has happened again and again. As we get in the bubble then it’s like you are a steward of the atmosphere around you. You don’t know to what degree, but that atmosphere may be five feet within you. But that, the presence of God, the shekinah, because we are filled with the Holy Spirit it should start emanating from us. It’s all because of Jesus and what he has done on the cross. But we can be in his presence, and therefore, you and I are supposed to be, and those watching us, are supposed to be ambassadors of the Glory of God.

Sid: But what was it like going into the cells in the Spirit? I’m just trying to understand this, Mahesh.

Mahesh: I felt like we were there and it was done, and the proof of the pudding was the healing of the liver. And when the Lord said, “It’s done,” it’s a mystery to a degree. But the Glory of God, the presence, was touching and changing the equation in every part of that little, the young lady’s liver. He was aware there was death and life was coming.

Sid: Okay. I can’t get enough teaching. I can’t get enough about the cross. I can’t get enough teaching about the Glory and that’s your specialty. Bonnie, would you teach for about a minute and look in this first camera, and then Mahesh teach, and then whatever God tells you to do, do.

Bonnie: I think the first thing that I would say: Calvary changes everything. Calvary makes the difference. It’s a supernatural, ongoing reality that, just like there is no victory without battle, the cross demonstrates for you that God has made every supply for every human dilemma, for every sin, for every bit of suffering, for every unanswered question that you have, the cross in its complete work has made all provision for that.

Mahesh: And it’s like where there’s radiation poisoning, there is no human agency that can heal nuclear contamination, let’s say. But sin is like that. We have been contaminated. But the amazing power of the cross, the resurrection of Jesus, loosened the Glory on Earth so that it can decontaminate every person who calls on the name of the Lord. Whosoever shall call on the name of Jesus shall be delivered, will be decontaminated in a sense. And I saw that literally, Sid, when my son was dying, and they said he’s dying of kidney failure, and the golden light surrounded him. He was screaming in agony and suddenly he got connected with the Glory of Calvary. And the Lord took away all the pain and recreated his kidneys, and now he’s 30 years old, healthy and strong because of Calvary. And whoever all the people who are watching, if they would exercise faith in the cross, God’s power and glory can come and heal and deliver.

Sid: Pray for people right now.

Mahesh: Right now, the power of God is coming towards you as we are talking about Calvary. The Lord is healing kidney disease. I believe stage four cancer is being cancelled out. There’s a lady who’s been struggling with breast cancer. The Lord is touching you right now. And the man, you’re retired but your prostate cancer, the Lord is touching you. The miracles for a baby that’s in the hospital. And we just thank the Lord for miracles happening. There are several things. If you have been a wheelchair, move your legs and see, and get up, because the Glory right now, from Calvary is emanating and changing the atmosphere around you, and healing is being released through the glory of Jesus Christ.

Sid: Are you catching anything, Bonnie?

Bonnie: The vibration. I can feel it’s like deep thunder and there are a number of you. And I see a young woman, in particular, with long dark hair and you’re getting a sense of a rumbling in your belly, and I just want you to know you’re beginning to feel the vibration. We talked about God being tangible and there is visitation for you. And there are three children, a family with three children or a mother, or an aunt that is presently watching for three children in your family, in your extended family. The Glory of the Lord is going to touch them. God holds their destiny fully and firmly in His good plan.

Sid: And God is healing hearts right now. Your blood pressure is normal. You’re going to bypass the bypass. You’re getting a new heart from Heaven. Mahesh, have people gotten new hearts in your ministry?

Mahesh: Absolutely.

Sid: Absolutely. I like that. And Jesus said, “It is finished.” And I say it is finished because of the cross and because of the Glory.

sidroth on April 5th, 2011

Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah.  He has a gift from God to help empower you to release the gifts that God has already put within you.  And he’s got a tremendous background because he attended Rhema Bible College.  He was one of their singers for seven years.  But then he spent many years as a Coordinator of Prayer and Healing School.  And I imagine Jim Hockaday, you have probably seen more miracles from that position you had out at Rhema as the Coordinator of the Prayer and Healing School then many people on the face of this earth.

Jim:  Sid it was a real pleasure to have had those ten years there at the Kenneth Hagen Ministries.  And you’re exactly right, we saw all kinds of miracles take place and throughout the ten years it was a constant flow of the supernatural.

Sid:  We were talking about this subject before we went on the air and why is it that there was this flow, but there seems to be today, it’s just like we’re not seeing the miracles that the Bible says were suppose to see and could we need a course correction so to speak?

Jim:  Well, I think the modern church that you might call Pentecostal, Charismatic, Word of Faith, anybody that’s just seeking to walk in the supernatural; I think that there’s a definite dividing line that we need to step beyond where we’ve been and begin to pursue the empowerment of the believer.  In other words, I’ll just put it to you in a more simple fashion each believer is filled with the Holy Spirit and that alone should produce the miraculous.  But when we’re trying with formulas to get God to do something were working so hard to kind of put ourselves in an approval place.  And were not sure if we have faith or we don’t have faith or whether we got enough of the Holy Ghost or not, we’re not going to bold and assertive to stretch our hands out to see the miraculous.   And when a man understands His position in Christ, that’s the beginning of the supernatural and I really believe that in this last day, were going to walk into and we are starting to see it now, a Jesus gospel where Jesus comes to the forefront and the relationship with the Lord Jesus is reestablished in the heart of every man that would seek the supernatural.

Sid:  Has God given you insight beyond a hope as to what is going to be happening in the Body of Believer’s as far as the supernatural?

Jim:  Well, just as the relationship that we’re speaking about here today that’s so much a part of your heart and mine; you know Daniel made a reference in Daniel 11:32 “That They Who Know their God will be strong and do exploits.”  And we never should have varied from that.  Every teaching should bring out more of a relationship with Jesus Christ, where you know Him and you’re willing to step beyond yourself.  And I believe in these last days, what we’ll see so tremendously beginning to rise and it’s happening now; is every believer becoming a vessel through which God’s power flows.  No longer will it just be just come and see the big show at the church because a particular minister has such grand miracles and yet that’s still a part of our teaching learning.  But, I believe we’re seeing right now is a shift of where the believer is being empowered and the believer is beginning to see in the open market where his every day to day function is, the supernatural.

Sid:  Basically what you’re saying is it’s time for believers to become normal as defined by the Bible. 

Jim:  That’s exactly right. I mean the word supernatural, it’s not supposed to be some mystical thing and yet there is some element of mystery to the supernatural.  Its suppose to be a daily lifestyle of knowing God and moving in His power and His glory for the benefit of every person around us.

Sid:  We have a six CD Seminar that you taught at Rhema.  The title is “How to Develop Intimacy with the Holy Spirit.”  When someone understands the Word and has truly developed intimacy with the Holy Spirit, when you teach this what types of reports are you getting from those that go out into the marketplace after having had this teaching?

Jim:  Well, it’s very exciting to bring people to an awareness of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling presence.  Because when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior at that moment, God’s presence comes to live in our hearts through the Holy Spirit and the wonderful experience that we have where the Spirit of God fills us with His power and there are many wonderful things that take place at that moment especially the gift of speaking in other tongues.  These experiences and bringing people to an awareness of it it immediately changes their life.  They begin to hear the Holy Ghost voice.  They begin to move with the promptings of the Spirit of God and it’s kind of like, I’d say it like this Sid; If you like a roller coaster and you enjoy the thrill of the up and down and the twist and the sideways, then the more you know the Holy Spirit your life will begin to experience a real joy and excitement beyond your everyday routine.

Sid:  Pull someone out from the thousands that you have trained that this had an impact on their life and what they’re doing today.

Jim:  One individual, his name is Tyler, he’s a great guy; man I really love this guy and I’ll say it like this, he graduated from ORU and he’s the type individual that normally would be totally okay, and still is, just being in the background.  Loves to play the guitar and sing and to be honest, I don’t know that there’s a real call of God on His life to stand in the pulpit.  And when he came to us and we began to teach some of these things.  You could just see the lights going on about how much God loves him and becoming beware of the Holy Spirit.  Knowing how empowered he was by God.  And I’ll tell you this one story that’s great.   He has become so excited about the Lord Jesus and so bold in his faith.  He was driving with his boss to Oklahoma City and on the way the boss began to relate to him how his wife has struggled and struggled and struggled with such pain and the doctors have done everything they could to find out the reason why the pain is there and they can’t find the reason.  And this is so uncustomary of Tyler, but he pulled out a twenty dollar bill, put it on the dash board; looked at his boss and said.  Call your wife and tell her that I said before morning comes, she’ll be completely free of pain.  And if it’s not so, then you can take that twenty dollars and put it in your pocket.  And before morning that woman was set free and today is still set free.

Sid:  That’s someone who really hears from God. 

Jim:  That’s awesome, I love it.

Sid:  But that’s supposed to be normal.  You know I came to know a little bit, Katherine Kuhlman. The thing that impressed me was her relationship with the Holy Spirit.  That’s what made her special.  She had that and I’m beginning to believe that everyone can have that kind of relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Jim:  I believe so too and the people that I’ve been around just like you and you saw that in her, that have that type of relationship,  it is so infectious it will make you want you to know God that way.  And I would say that by being associated with the late Kenneth Hagen, what a wonderful man of God he is and he was and the thing that empresses me and people will say, it’s his love walk, it was his faith walk, but the number one thing that impressed me was he knew God.   He had a relationship with the Holy Ghost.  And I remember him saying one day, I’ll never forget this, he said I’ve come to know the Holy Spirit as well and even better that my wife who sleeps the bed next to me.

Sid:  Humph.  And you’re finding when people take your seminar or hear you’re teaching that they can come to know the Holy Spirit the way any man or women in the Bible has?

Jim:  The limits completely come off and it becomes how much fun you want to have spending time with God, hearing His voice, recognizing His presence.  And I’ll say it to you like this as far as the great benefit that we see, if you didn’t know you had the ten dollars tucked away in that little special place then you couldn’t use it to purchase what you need and you’d go without; and we as believers we walk about in our daily life not using at very much of a percentage at all of the Spirit’s indwelling presence and His help.  But when you begin to recognize it and you begin to acknowledge how awesome He is, at that moment life really just begins.

Sid:  Well, the thing that impresses me is, I’ve gotten to know about you from our investigation, hearing from God is how you operate.  You hear from God about your family, you hear from God about people that need to be physically healed, you have the relationship with the Holy Spirit that everyone should have.  And the thing that I love about making tools like this available is that there’s an impartation, because he can’t impart to you what he doesn’t have.

Jim:  Correct.

Sid:  But his gift is to impart to you the ability for you to develop intimacy with the Holy Spirit.  And when you listen to these tapes, literally you’re going to have a jump start in your spirit.  You’re going to activate your five spiritual senses and miracles start happening to those that sit under his teaching.  He’s going to teach you insight on how to pray in the Holy Spirit far more effectively.  I mean there was one thing that he said that’s really transforming my prayer life.

sidroth on March 28th, 2011

Sid:  My guest is, that’s an understatement when I say red hot for the Messiah.  His name is Rick Joyner and he just had a dream and he calls this the most vivid, the most serious, the most alarming dream he has ever had.  The most specific and the most graphic and the most real and if you know much about his background, he’s had many dreams that have come to pass.  And he’s a recognized voice, prophetic voice in the world.  And Rick, but in addition to the prophetic side you started an organization of which I was at the initial formation of called the Oak Initiative.   And at that meeting there were about 300 leaders, now you’re in fifty states and 78 nations.  And as important as the Oak Initiative is in this dream that saw the only thing that will help will not be politics.  The only thing that will help the survival of America will be the church.  And you had a very graphic dream of what’s shortly going to happen to America.  But because of your work through organizations like the Oak initiative you’re privy to information as to what really is going on in America.  Would you tell us some of this?

Rick:  Well, you know I do talk with people that are in pretty high places and communicate regularly of places of positions in the government and influence and also study you know.  I do a lot of research…

Sid:  I’m very impressed that you do study history.  Your really, your passion is a historian and it’s amazing how many times history repeats itself. 

Rick:  Yeah, it is.  I don’t think you can really understand prophecy without understanding history to some degree but that’s a whole another lesson.  But I do I have a passion for History and it’s His story you know and it is his story of God’s dealing with men.  So, but the future is one of the things that he’s put on my heart since this dream because I don’t believe He would have shown me such a dream in which our country was in such imminent jeopardy if we couldn’t do something about it.  And he showed me what to do about it.  And it was to get the church to wake up the church.  To get the church and to pour the truth on to this fire that is consuming our nation or about to consume it.  It is consuming the foundations right now.  That’s what I saw in this dream and the church alone can deal with this.  So, you know we’re fighting against enemies that cannot be defeated through elections.  And I appreciate getting righteous people in the right places and being engaged that way, but this is way bigger than what can be defeated in Washington.  Only the church can do it and the good news is though, we can do it.  You know these are divinely powerful weapons for the destruction of strong holds and you know this doesn’t have to happen.  We don’t have to lose our country.  We can have our best years ahead of us but we’ve got to rise up and we got to rise up this year.  Really, 2,011…

Sid:  When you mean pouring truth, you mean being a spokesman for God based on the truth of the Bible.

Rick:  Yeah and preaching it with boldness and with courage.  Forget your IRS 501c3 status, forget all that.  I mean the whole house is about to burn.

Sid:  Tell us some things that you know in the natural.

Rick:  Well, you know, we really are lingering right now on the potential collapse of the dollar and that would be so unbelievably devastating you know, you can’t imagine.  But what the devil is trying to do is set up again right here in America what he did through the Weimar Republic in German in the 30’s.  Crash our currency, crash …

Sid:  Well, that would sure level the playing field and share the wealth as President Obama wanted to do.

Rick:  Well, what it would do, it wouldn’t share the wealth it would make everybody poor.  It would make everybody, it would impoverish everyone.

Sid:  Well, he didn’t tell that to Joe the plumber but go ahead.

Rick:  Yeah, yeah but that is there basic philosophy in what they teach but it doesn’t have that result and it never has anywhere in the world.  But we are in absolute serious jeopardy.  I mean our Constitution is being eroded; the authority of the constitution but there’s an economic crisis.  This is going to be done to us; the attempted is through an economic crisis of unbelievable proportions.

Sid:  Do you have any, are you privy to any information as to, obviously it’s being orchestrated by the invisible world but who’s orchestrating in the natural world?

Rick:  You know, I don’t that.  You know, I really don’t have that information.  I’ve heard all kinds of people who are you know claiming certain people are behind it and they may be right.  I just don’t know.  And…

Sid:  I believe it’s going to come out shortly and I believe that people are going to be shocked when they find out who’s really pulling the strings in the administration and it’s not the people we see with our eyes but go ahead.

Rick:  Well, something really serious is upon us. I’m sure of that and in the natural it looks impossible.  But nothing is impossible with God and we have to keep that in mind and we also have to keep in mind; America is not the New Jerusalem.  You know even if America was lost the Kingdom is still coming and the Lord’s will is going to done but it doesn’t have…

Sid:  Speaking about America not being the New Jerusalem, I feel very safe even though the world is coming against Israel and the bombs that are about ready to be released.  I feel Israel will survive because the Bible says it.  But I’m not so sure there’s a guarantee in the Bible for America’s surviving.

Rick:  Well, that’s true, and I think it depends on our obedience and aligning ourselves with God and with His purposes.

Sid:  What’s going on with Islam in America?

Rick:  Well, that’s one of the things, there’s an infiltration of radical G Hodist in America, even into the top levels of our government and this was proven in US federal court and the Holy land foundation trial in Texas.  And without dispute and people from an organization called the Moslem Brotherhood, who have a sworn, I mean it was on their web site, the face of their website their mission statement was the destruction of America and western civilization.  And we have taken members of that organization and elevated them into top levels in our defense department and our homeland security.  This is the craziest thing that I have ever heard.  And whether…

Sid:  We use them as translators in our army. 

Rick:  It’s even more bazaar than that, its way more bazaar than that.  And it’s got a lot of people thinking yea, this is treason, this is intentional people are seeking to unravel and destroy America and let those into like a Trojan horse right into our most sensitive places.  And there is an outcry; an increasing outcry.  The tip of the iceberg which was over the Cordova Masque in Manhattan that was an amazing outcry from America, because Americans are starting to get it.  They’re starting to really understand what Islam is really about.  They’re studying it, the books on Islam are becoming best sellers.

Sid:  Listen, I don’t know if this is true or not but there is an organization called the Council on American Islamic Relations.  They estimate in the US there’s 7 million Muslims.  Statistics show at least 10% are radical.  And if 10% are radical, that’s 700,000 terrorist in America. 

Rick:  Well, the statistics I saw were much different than that and way more than that. 

Sid:  Well, with our border is poorest, we’re looking at the Hispanics and we’re forgetting the Moslems.  They’re slipping through the radicals.

Rick:  They are and you know, Alkita and you Hamas had bases all over South and Central America.  And I mean there’s so much stuff going on but it is truly remarkable but you know what; I’ve seen the Lord through a single word unravel and a thousand years of the devil’s strategy in something.  And the Lord can easily foil all the plots of the devil and everything but we have some serious ones going on.

Sid:  Tell me about the censorship that is going on and the hate crime legislation.

Rick:  Well, that’s true, there trying to shut up pastors and mostly Christians and you know it’s interesting the Moslem Brotherhood in their strategy for destroying America was to use political correctness and our own Constitution and Bill of Rights against us.  And they have been their major weapons to attack us and you know you can say anything about Christians.  But think about that memo that came down from Homeland Security saying that everyone that believed in the end time prophecies of the Bible and Veterans and these Right Wing Groups were the major terrorist threats of America.  And did not even mention in that memo Islamic   G Hadist, which have been the source of ninety nine percent of terrorist attacks in the world for the last half century.  How blind could you get?

Sid:  And then, but there’s a form a censorship in the media.  I mean it just seems outside of one network and I’ve been watching some of these people and it’s not just a political disagreement.  It is literally venom coming out of them about Biblical positions.

Rick:  Well, you know the old statement, “Follow the money, check who their biggest stock holders are, Saudi Arabia and Prince.  And who has been boasting about controlling our media; boasting about it.  In fact the whole Moslem Brotherhood is boasting about how what an easy prey America is.

Sid:  Unfortunately, our time has slipped away, but I know that you will want his DVD of this most recent revelation from God “Will America Survive 2011?”  And then the answer, he has a CD titled “Preparation for Transfiguration that will help you and help America prevail in the times were entering to right now.  And “How to enter into His Glory” we’re making this CD and the DVD and that also includes a talk by Retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, who is the number one expert in Socialism and Marxism and how America it’s happening right now.

sidroth on March 21st, 2011

Sid:  On yesterday’s broadcast I was talking to Peter Horrobin and we were talking about four dimensions of forgiveness.  We were talking about the last dimension, forgiving God.  And many people are angry with God Peter, because they literally have a false image of God.  Explain that.

Peter:  If your view of God is not of the true God then it is not surprising that sometimes people get angry with the image that they have of Him.  I started to learn this lesson when praying with a lady who, she obviously was in such need of the Father’s love and I spoke to her and I said I would really like to pray for you that you’ll be able to receive the Father’s love.  And I got the shock of my life she just turned to me and she spat in my face.  I never had an experience of a woman spitting in my face before; this was the first time this had ever happened.  And then she said to me, don’t talk to me about fathers, if God is like my father I do not want to know him and as she spat these words out I suddenly realized that her image of God was simply and extension of a human father.  Now, in reality this is exactly what God planed for creation, He planned that we would learn about Him from good fathering.  That a father would give his love and provide support and encouragement and this is what fathers are meant to do.  And we would actually learn about the nature of God.  But because of the fall and man gave authority to satan, satan has used that principle to so distort so many people’s lives because deep in the spirit of a child they look to their father to actually discover something of what God is like.  And if your human father had been abusive, had been violent, what is your image of God going to be like?  It is not going to be good and so there nature of our human fathering can sometimes be a key issue when we are actually ministering healing to people.  And we have to help people to see that when Jesus came, and one of the things He said so profoundly, I’ve come to tell you what the Father is really like.  And when you look at Jesus, then we see what the Father is really like.  And we can take our eyes off the false image of a father, and Jesus told us a story of the prodigal son for the same sort of reason; that the real father was running to see the one that who was coming back to him.  And when we get a right understanding of the nature of the Father’s love, people are going to run to Him and be blessed.

Sid:  I have to ask you this question, you have so many wonderful stories, once people understand the most powerful prayer on earth and start praying that and understand the debts of forgiveness. I mean, I’m kind of overwhelmed over the special anointing, and that’s the best way I can describe it Peter; the special anointing on your teaching it really, I mean every time you open your mouth, I feel the healing presence of God just radiating out.  Tell me, about this snow mobile accident.

Peter:  Yes, this is a lady who many, many years previously had been on the back of a snow mobile in Canada and the snow mobile was like a ice motor bike who drive across a frozen lake and they were traveling about 70 miles an hour and she was a passenger on the back of this bike, when it went out of control when she was thrown over the head of the driver of the bike and she landed with her head on the ice and she skated about four hundred yards and came to rest very injured.  Now, I think it was about twenty-eight years something like that or it was many later which I was praying for her.  It was many years later anyway and as I began to pray for her; she had had a lifelong spinal problem with pain and wasn’t able to lift things.  She could never ride a bike cycle, she wasn’t even able to be able to life her children up and to sit them on her lap when they were young because of the spinal problem that she had.  And I took her through the whole issue of trauma cause and accident is a key issue that we have to look at to be able to see if there is any trauma there, which has not been resolved.  But before you can even look at the trauma you got to say, is there any forgiveness issue here?  And I said to her, have you forgiven the man who was driving the motor bike?  And immediately said, forgive him?  He’s ruined my life!  And you could tell there was no forgiveness there.  I said, look I can’t pray for you until you’ve worked through this.  She went off with one of our team for a half hour or so, worked though the scriptures, came to a point of willing to forgive and she came back and was able to forgive really from her heart the man who had done it.  And then the Spirit of God came upon her.  She could no longer stand up, she fell down on the ground and the anointing of the Spirit and God healed her spine, healed her neck.  The following morning, six am in the morning, she was up and she went running around the estate where we were ministering.  She couldn’t jog, she couldn’t run before.  But now she is running and she went home and she was able to do all of things that she wasn’t able to do before.  And her daughter who her saw what her mother was like said, “Now I believe,” and that daughter said, “I now want to go to Bible College and train and learn how to help other people like my Momma’s been helped.”

Sid:  You know there could be some people listening to us right now, Peter that are saying,”Well that’s bad, but if you knew what this person did to me, you can never forgive him.”  Tell me about the woman that was buried alive from Rwanda, if she could forgive, anyone could forgive. 

Peter:  Freda was an amazing lady; she was buried alive with fifteen other dead members of her family in Rwanda in the terrible Genocide in 1994.  They massacred the back of her head, threw her into a shallow grave, but she wasn’t actually dead.  And fourteen hours later somebody sat on this mound of earth and heard a noise from underneath and began to dig it up and pulled Freda out and she was still alive and she was on the run for a long time.

Sid:  Well, as I understand it, it was even more atrocious than that fifteen of her close relatives were murdered at the same time.

Peter:  Yeah, they were dead in the grave with her.

Sid:  Oh.

Peter:  Horrendous.

Sid:  That’s just hard to comprehend.  Okay, she goes through that, she gets out what does she do next?

Peter:  Well, two years later she eventually introduced to Jesus by another girl of the school that she goes to in Gabon she fled Rwanda for awhile and she got to know Jesus.  And when she got to know Jesus she said, I must read His book.  And when she read through the book, she heard Jesus saying to her about forgiveness.  And she knew that if she was going to be an obedient follower of Jesus she had to do what He asked her to do.  And she went to the jail in Kigali, the capitol of Rwanda and found the man who had murdered her mother in front of her and she spoke forgiveness to him.  And that was the beginning of a journey.  Now several years later she was still suffering enormously from pain in the head where she had been hit.  She had constant nightmares at night and constant pain and she came to our center in the United Kingdom for training and we prayed through the trauma of what happened when she went into the grave and she repeated the prayers of forgiveness when we dealt with the trauma and that night she slept through the night for the first time without any nightmares.  She woke up the following morning, she had no headaches.  And now two or three years have passed and met Freda recently.  She has had no occurrence of the nightmares, no occurrence of the headaches, but for her the key, the absolute key was the forgiveness of those that had done such terrible things.  She’d saw her sisters and her brothers murdered in front of her and she forgave.  And God has healed her and today, she and her husband are pastors in Kigali, they have a church or nearly 3,000 people and they are ministering healing right across the nation to all the tribes.  And she has adopted a child of the tribe that murdered her family.

Sid:  Give me a tip for someone that says, I understand what you are saying, but I’m married to a man that abuses me constantly.  What am I suppose to do, forgive him every day?

Peter:  When somebody is being constantly abused or constantly in a difficult relationship where anger and bitterness leads to scenes time and time again, yes there does need to be constant forgiveness, but at the same time it’s not right that we should constantly put ourselves in the place where these things happen again and again and again.  There has to be a holding up of godly order and godly authority.  Because unless we do that, we actually suffer even more and if we got children as well we’re bringing them underneath a deeper curse.  I never forget a woman who came to see me said I have a perfect marriage and I laughed a perfect marriage?  She said, yes I never put a foot wrong, my children never put a foot wrong, they always do absolutely perfectly, because my husband has such an anger that if we put a foot wrong we get absolutely blasted.  And he’s one of the elders of the church, she’s one of the leaders of the church, and we have perfect in the church.  But you see the situation was such that yes, she had forgiven him, but she couldn’t be herself, and her children couldn’t be themselves because of what was going on the inside.  And I had to say that you cannot allow this situation to continue, it has got to be brought to the light.  You have got to bring your husband to that place and say unless you actually get help we can’t actually continue in this sort of way.  And sometimes there’s a tough call as to how do we deal with this?  But there are real issues here that we can’t allow the enemy just to roll right all over us because somebody is behaving in a very ungodly way. 

Sid:  Peter your book, “Forgiveness, God’s Master Key” has been available for awhile, what type of feedback do you get over the book?”

Peter:  Well, we get many, many letters, letters from people who have read through the book and begun to apply it in their lives.  Sometimes I get letters from people who are saying I’ve done this so far but I’m now finding it really hard.  And it really is hard to go into the debts of forgiveness.  People say I can forgive so much but, and then the holding out of but to God because they don’t want to let go of that final thing.  And yet it is in that letting go of that final thing that we love to help people because as they let got it is like opening a plug being pulled out and the life of God can just pour in.  But we get many many stories of people that talk about major physical healing that has taken place, restoration of relationship in families.

sidroth on March 14th, 2011

Sid:  My guest Dell and Pat Hicks had a Thanksgiving miracle.  On November 12th 1991 Dell was flying home for a funeral.  He was going somewhere between the Bahamas and Fort Lauderdale.  His plane went into the ocean, crashed.  He was in the water with the other passengers in the plane for forty hours.  The water was freezing; his leg cramped up; he had no feeling in one leg.  Can you imagine treading water with just one leg?  But there wasn’t just water, it wasn’t just ocean water, it was freezing water.  He was freezing.  A pilot, as a matter of fact Pat, do you remember the news paper reporter that tried to do a report on what had occurred and he went into the water and what did he say about it?

Pat:  He was a professional diver besides being a news anchor and he went out to the bay there in Miami and went down into the water to see what they had been experiencing and he had to come out of the water even though he was in a full wet suit.  He couldn’t take it and the news media was there to see it.

Sid:  And in other words it was too cold for him to even demonstrate what your husband went through and he was just going in for a couple of minutes rather than forty hours.  And as a matter of fact a shark circled one of the passengers, I mean it was just a horrific time so you’re there praying for all your worth.  You don’t know what’s going on except your husband didn’t show up.  The coast guard is searching in the Atlantic forty hours have gone by they haven’t found him two nights.  And I would assume that everyone is giving up, but at one point you had an assurance from God, tell me about that.

Pat:  I had finally gone to bed Wednesday night, but woke up suddenly and I heard in my spirit call those things that be not as though they were.  So I began to call Dell he’s rescued safe and sound, rescued safe and sound. And I called my pastor and told him about it, what had happened and I went back to bed.  Somewhere around six o’clock it was still very dark; I awakened and sat up in the bed, but couldn’t believe I was awake because there was no terror; there were no flaming airplane crashes in my mind, it was just as if there was nothing wrong in the world.  I sat there just having to really convince myself that actually was awake trying to believe how I was feeling; it had been so traumatic since Tuesday afternoon.  I got up and went and washed clothes and did something I just had…couldn’t get everybody up because they finally was all asleep.  But any way I sat there and as I was praying and just worshiping God and I thought well, what ever happened to Dell was over.  There couldn’t have been that kind of peace and that thing still be going on.  I finally went and woke the family, told everybody to get up we were going to praise God because it was good news coming.  There had to be good news, there was no way to convince me that was the most awesome peace that I have ever experienced in my life.

Sid:  Well, miraculously one of the passengers who was a good swimmer swam that distance and was able to get, I don’t know how he did that by the way, and he got help and the coast guard went out in a helicopter.  And there policy is if someone is dead they ignore that person, but they look for the passengers that are alive and so they were flying over Dell, but Dell had passed out at that time and he looked like he was dead.  What happened?

Pat:  The coastguardsman told us that he looked down at Dell and knowing that they were going to have to pass over him and he said Lord if that man’s alive let him move something; and Dell’s arm immediately came up.

Sid:  How could this possibly be?  He’s frozen!

Pat:  Ha, I believe an angel lifted his arm.

Sid:  Well, I believe that too, but that was the first miracle.  I mean they should have let him die, he was totally passed out and collapsed and he looked for all practical purposes dead.  So they finally got him back and they got him into the hospital; and then you dealt with him, he needed another miracle.  It’s called survive, because his body was so frozen, what was his body temperature?

Pat:  Eighty-three degrees.

Sid:  And did they offer much hope for him?

Pat:  Well, they didn’t tell us a whole lot, sir.  They kept telling us that they had to move him; they had to move him with us trying to get family in there to see him before they took him; they said they were going to have to warm him up.  So much went on, it was about 8:30 in the morning and it was at least 5:00 that afternoon before we ever saw him again.  He was literally freezing to death and they were expecting him to die at any moment. 

Sid:  Well they used an extremely aggressive approach to try to save his life.  They literally took his blood out of his body, warmed it and then put it back.  And so they saved his life and then there was a blood clot; tell me about that.

Pat:  He was in the hospital for a week.  When he went home that Friday, he was having leg cramps, we went to the doctor he said that it would go away for him to do some slow walking.  Over the weekend by Monday morning he was in a lot of agony.  We went back to the doctor; they wrapped his leg and told him just to try to be patient that they felt like the leg cramps would ease up.  It had been from him being so cold in the water and trying to tread water all that time, all those hours.  About Wednesday night the night before Thanksgiving, Alisha came in and told me that I needed to go look at her Daddy that something was wrong with his leg.  It had turned black and swollen and had filled up his pajama leg actually it was so swollen.  I called my doctor, called my pastor first, he came right over, we began to pray and while we were praying, I saw something lift from the upper part of Dell’s thigh and I said to my pastor, did you see that?  And he said no what is it?  I said, I don’t know but something has lifted from the top of Dell’s leg there at the thigh.  We called in the doctor, they even put me through to the hospital where he was operating they told me to get him to a hospital right away.  We put him in the car, started to the hospital and we were proclaiming life scriptures over him and then all of a sudden, I heard, “Tell him to say this.  I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord and I said, “Father, I don’t want to do that, it meant…you know.  So I started having him say it and we rode that all the way to the hospital.  As it turned out, he had a two foot blood clot in his left leg, they did not know if he would even live for the first few days.  He had to lay completely motionless and they wouldn’t even tell us if he was going to live or die for those first few days.  The clot had stopped at the place that the Lord had showed me in the spirit what was happening there.  The doctor told us that it could be a problem later on in time, but we began to call that blood clot dissolved and out of his body.  He went for a couple of years with that thing kind of aggravating him and then he came home from the Bahamas one day and he was in a lot of suffering with it, a lot.  They sent him to the Mercy hospital there in Miami where they did a Doppler and the blood clot was gone and it is gone forever.

Sid:  Now, how did they account for that?

Pat:  They couldn’t.  Ha-ha. Ha-ha.

Sid:  You read the newspapers, I read the news papers, you see what is going on with this earth so rapidly, I mean literally before our eyes we’re seeing all sorts of evil that is going on, how important is it to understand the revelation of Psalm 91?

Pat:  Mr. Roth there is nothing else but a revelation of a Word of God, that is as these days proceed, if you don’t know the Word and have it in your heart, I don’t know what will happen, it almost frightens me to even thing of even family of friends that have not realized this Word spoken out of our mouth is going to be the matter of life and death.

Sid:  And please, very quickly, when you or your husband get a bad report from a medical doctor, a blood test that show this or that might happen to you what do you do with that evil report from the doctor.  It’s a true report, that is what you’re blood shows, but what do you do? 

Pat:  It is a fact report that’s true you don’t deny it, but you a…well, don’t know some years ago I got me a red marking pen and I started taking those reports that were abnormal in any way and we right normal in red across them.  I turn them there face down on the floor and we dance on them.   And we laugh at it, we point our fingers at it and we laugh at it and we declare that no weapon formed against us shall prosper and it will be effective by the blood of the Lamb.