sidroth on November 20th, 2013


SID: I heard of being immersed in water. I have heard of being immersed in the spirit. But have you ever heard of being immersed in love? Dr. Frances was subjected to a lot of bigotry because he was black and he was going to a white Bible school. And he was told to pray for a white couple, and he didn’t want to. But he loved God so much that he prayed for that couple, and he got baptized in love. Tell me briefly what happened.

DR. MYLES: Yes. All of a sudden, I’m looking at them and having difficulty trying to pray for them because of the bitterness and the anger was in my heart. A vial of liquid love was poured on my head and as it was coming down my mind became alive on how much God loved His people. I knew in that moment that God loves people beyond measure. And then by the time it got to my heart, I fell in love with this white couple more than I’ve ever felt for my own love.

SID: But you had bigotry your whole life. I mean, it wasn’t just the Bible school. I mean, how can you just instantly change like that? How could love this white couple with all that you went through?

DR. MYLES: It was so supernatural and it came up on me. As it came up on me and this baptism happened, my heart changed like this. It was so overpowering there was nothing I could do to stop it.

SID: Okay. This liquid love, you were praying for someone that had been insane for 20 years. What happened?

DR. MYLES: Yeah. They brought this woman, a difficult case to pray for because she smelled, because she was insane and used to sleep in the trash cans. So you can imagine when you have not taken a bath in 20 years, that’s not a good smell. And so everybody in the crusade was staying away from her because the smell was overpowering. The more she came close, I could smell her. And all of a sudden that liquid love came upon me and the smell disappeared. And as the liquid love came upon me, I saw into her spirit. Her spirit was encircled by thousands of demons. And then her spirit looked up to me and said, “Frances, I need your help.” And the Lord said, “Command them to unroll.” And I said, “Unroll in the name of the Messiah.” And it’s like an invisible hand reached out and touched one of the demons by the tail, and pulled him out, and the demons rolled out like that. And when the last one went out, the woman was instantly normal. And when she looked around, she was properly dressed . She began to say, “Why am I looking like this?” It was incredible. People started shouting and screaming.

SID: She was in her right mind.

DR. MYLES: Hallelujah. She was in her right mind.

SID: Okay. Now briefly, because we have just been invaded with a healing spirit of God’s love. But before I turn Dr. Frances loose, when Senator Obama was running for president, God told you, what did He say about him, that he would win?

DR. MYLES: He was 20 points behind Hillary Clinton. And what is amazing for me is my focus at that time was the Republican primary and I didn’t see it coming. But I went to sleep and I had a prophetic dream in which I was at the nomination ceremony for the nominee for the Democratic party, and I was in Denver. And when they opened the door, the announcer said, “Here comes our nominee, Senator Barak Obama.” And as he came through it was Barak Obama. And when he got to the podium and he began to give his nomination speech, his words were slurred because in the dream, he was drunk. And then all of a sudden, he went from being drunk to praying in tongues. And I’m like, what happened? When he started praying in tongues, some of the famous people around him began to walk away from him because they were shocked by him praying in tongues at the meeting. When it was all over, he walked out, and on his way out, he greeted me and then I woke up. And the Lord said, “He’s going to be president and he will be president twice.” He said, “The first year, the first term he’s going to govern as a liberal.” That’s the drunkenness you saw in the dream. But there’s a seed of Christ inside of him that has yet to be nurtured. And in the second term, as you pray, he will rise up and awaken to his faith and it will come a great political cause, politically, to some of his liberal friends who supported him, when he changes in mid-stream.

SID: Now this will only happen, listen to me, this will only happen if we pray. But I have to pay attention to the Holy Spirit right now. If you will pray for people, I believe we’re going to see more miracles. I mean, I believe there’s going to be an explosion of miracles. You felt the healing. Pray right now.

DR. MYLES: Right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Father, we come against cancers, we come against lupus, we come against diabetes. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I thank you for the healing power of illness leaving us right now in Jesus’ name, the Messiah. There’s a man by the name of [unintelligible], I see you had an accident in your pickup truck. I think it’s a blue Ford pickup. And since then you’ve had tremendous back spasms, and I think you were in construction and you can hardly work now. But I feel the healing power of God is coming to you right now. God is healing you. Then I see another woman that you are contemplating on what to do next because your doctors have told you that your cancer, you need a surgery for your cancer. But they are saying that you might lose your, you might go blind in order for them to take out this cancer. But the Lord is healing you right now. There will be no need for the cancer and you are not going to lose your eyes in the name of Yeshua, the Messiah. Halleluiah. Praise God. Praise God.

SID: Well I’ll tell you what. I’m still soaking in it. But what did God show you between 2012 and 2022 for America?

DR. MYLES: The Lord said the next 10 years are going to be known as the golden years of the Melchizedek quarter. He said there’s going to be a restoration about a clear understanding of the Melchizedek priesthood of the Lord Jesus Christ, which will also lead to the greatest harvest of the Jewish people since the day of the apostles.

SID: Let that happen quickly. But what did He show you about the miraculous that will be on Earth?

DR. MYLES: Yes. He said, “During that 10 years,” He says, “My body will begin to understand fully what it means to function as a king and a priest who is representing me on Earth. And He said, “There is no king who is without power.” Whoever the king is has power. So He said, “As my people begin to function and kings and priests, we are going to see more miracles.” Either the church is going to go actually, it may even go beyond the healing work of what we saw some in the healing movement, because it’s going to be on a larger scale, not just evangelists, but it’s going to be the body walking in the supernatural.

SID: Has God shown you anything about what Paul calls the “one new man,” when all these Jewish people have encounters with God and then the ancient spiritual DNA on Jewish people mingles with the spiritual DNA on Christians. They come together and Paul calls it “one new man”. What do you believe that will happen at that time?

DR. MYLES: Well we’re going to see the greatest revival ever because it is literally Elijah’s double potion being released on the earth.

SID: And when Christians and Jews get a revelation of the blessings of Abraham, what are they, briefly, the blessings of Abraham.

DR. MYLES: Well the blessings of Abraham, very quickly, you know, Abraham, God blessed when he met Melchizedek. See, Abraham was called, in Chapter 12, but he was not blessed. God says, “I will bless you.” He got blessed. God said, “I will bless you,” in Chapter 12, became “I have blessed you.” When Melchizedek met him the blessing was released. Blessed be Abraham [unintelligible]. That’s when Abraham became blessed. So what we call the blessing of Abraham became the Melchizedek priesthood and it has several ingredients into it. One of them is the ability to represent the Melchizedek priesthood here on Earth. That’s when God wanted to destroy Sodom, He could not do it when talking to Abraham because he represented that priesthood on Earth. So God will now begin to deal with us before anything happens in our nations, because we’re representing a priesthood that is an executor of other nations. And so many things are attached to the blessing of Abraham.

SID: Well it’s time you have a revelation because if you’re Jewish and you believe in the Messiah, you have the full blessings of Abraham.


SID: And if you’re gentile and you believe in the Messiah, you’re the same as Abraham’s seed by faith. So I pray you have a revelation of the blessings of Abraham. And when we go off the air, you jump over that bloodline and get free in Jesus’ name.

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sidroth on November 14th, 2013


SID: Frances, explain what a generational curse is.

DR. MYLES: Well the Lord told me that a generational curse, if you break up the word, the word “generation” is made up of two words: “gene” and the word “aration”. He said a generational curse is a curse attached to generational genes you receive from you ancestors.

SID: Oh, so that’s interesting. The genes of your ancestors are the gene-arational, generational curse. Okay. And tell me how these patterns affect families.

DR. MYLES: They affect families, you know, because when Adam and Eve fell in the garden, see Adam and Eve were created with the DNA of God. And when they fell they lost that DNA. And so when they lost that DNA, now from Adam onwards, since the fall of Adam, every bloodline on the planet, no matter how famous it is, is compromised genetics. And because the enemy has demonic pathways in the genetics, he can still afflict God’s people even when they are believers because of whatever, what the Lord called liens, demonic liens against the DNA. And for some people demonic liens is spinsterhood. So no matter how beautiful the women are they never get married. Some people, it’s financial calamity. Whatever lien is in the bloodline, connected generational genes they receive from their ancestors, can affect their life tremendously.

SID: You have been shown things that I’ve never heard of before. For instance, where did you learn, what is and where did you learn to jump the line?

DR. MYLES: Well when the Lord came to me and visited me four years ago, He said to me, “It is time.” I said, “What do you mean, it is time?” He said, “It is time for my people to experience genetic salvation.” I said, “God, what is genetic salvation?” He said, “Genetic salvation is when the finished work of the cross is applied to the healing of my people’s genetics and giving them a new genetic inheritance.” So the enemy has no voice in the genetics to come against their prophetic destinies. And so He then took me into the spirit and He showed me a group of believers standing in front of a bloodline. But in the bloodline, standing in front of them was a lot of sound, like almost like a broken radio. And He said, “That sound you are hearing in the blood is a sound of iniquities from the forefathers that are fighting against my people coming into their destiny.” He said, “I want to silence that voice by my people receiving my genetic inheritance.” He said, “When I came to the planet my blood was shed not only to forgive your sins, but to create your own bloodline because Abraham missed the cursed bloodline.”

SID: So what does someone do when you tell them to jump the bloodline?

DR. MYLES: It’s a prophetic act. When they jump the prophetic bloodline, they’re simply saying prophetically that they are leaving the heritage of the compromised genetics of their ancestors and jumping to the Messiah’s flawless bloodline

SID: That sounds pretty good to me. Tell me about a businessman that did that.

DR. MYLES: We had a businessman who had four failed businesses and got a hold of this revelation in his garage. He did a prophetic act of renouncing his attachment and allegiance to natural lineage, corrupted lineage, and he embraced the Messiah’s lineage and jumped over the line. Within about three weeks, he was offered $5 million for one of his businesses. He never had that happen before.

SID: Okay. How about illness? Tell me about the woman with rheumatoid arthritis.

DR. MYLES: Yeah. There was a woman who had rheumatoid arthritis. And we asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad it is, she said, “Twenty, plus there are days I ask Jesus to cut off my legs, it’s that bad.” She could hardly walk and getting in a [unintelligible] was hassle for church and getting out was another hassle. Well when she jumped the line, she could hardly jump actually, the pain was very difficult, but she did her best. When she jumped, within less than 15 seconds she began to run up and down the church. It was the most amazing thing.

SID: If God can heal someone of that type of lineage, He can change the DNA of any problem that you have, not just sickness, finances, family, all of these. When you come back, I want to find out some more about what God is showing you prophetically about what’s shortly going to happen to President Obama.

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sidroth on November 6th, 2013


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural.

You know when doctors give you bad reports and they say that your mother or your father died of cancer or heart trouble, it’s your DNA. Well my guest has been shown how to supernaturally change your DNA. He calls it genetic salvation in which God has literally shown him, and thousands of people have done this now. You go all the way, not just four generations, you go all the way where the flaw started, Adam and Eve, you break those curses and you’re walking in new DNA. Now my guest is African. He was born in Zambia. Dr. Myles, you Africans provoke me to jealousy no end. You understand the invisible world. Why does it appear as though the Africans that sell out to the Kingdom of God understand the supernatural better than us here in America?

DR. MYLES: Well that’s because in Africa you grow up in the [unintelligible] where it’s already charged for the supernatural. The only problem is charged the other way where it’s more the demonic supernatural, but you are raised to see witch doctors literally perform what would be signs and wonders if you did not know Jesus, astounding things. And you grow up around it so you are aware that we are not alone in this world. There is another world out there.

SID: But it’s hard to believe. At age 18, his body has painful boils, he drops to under a hundred pounds. And as he just said, he went to the doctors. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Then he went to the witch doctors. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He was in critical shape. But in the meantime, the nastiest student at his school had an encounter with the Lord. And so he saw such a transformation. He talked to him and this friend of his said, “Well if you come out to my church you’ll be healed.” So he’s not too interested in God and Jesus. He just wants to be healed. So he goes to the church, but he got something that he didn’t bargain for. He had a genuine encounter with the Living God. But he wasn’t healed. However, a month later a mysterious light comes into him. Tell me about that.

DR. MYLES: I was living with an alcoholic uncle. And I went to sleep on a bed that was on the floor. And all of a sudden the room I was in was filled with the most brilliant white light I’ve ever seen in my life. It was the manifestation of the Glory of God. And that white light filled into me from my head down to the sole of my feet, and the literally in seconds, unzipped my body like opening up a luggage. And my spirit stood up and I could see my lifeless body on the floor, on the bed. I could see everything. I was aware of everything around me, and my spirit looked like my body, you know. So then suddenly, the Glory of God lifted me up and I found myself on top of the roof of the house we were living in. I could see the neighborhood. And then all of a sudden, in front of me on top of the house, I see this demonic prince. I saw this demonic principality filled with what I could only call as rivers of hate. I had never seen so much hate out of anybody. Demons really hate people. And I looked at this demon and all of a sudden it came after me. But there was no fear in me, though.

SID: You’re a baby believer. How come you had no fear?

DR. MYLES: That was the most interesting thing, because you know, the way I was raised, I should be very afraid. Because we were raised to be afraid of the demonic world and what they can do to you. Witches are legend in Africa. So I should be afraid. But instead, there was zero fear in my spirit. As I looked, and by the way, when I looked at the demon, my spirit could scan the history of this spirit. I knew exactly the dimension of the spirit, what it could do. It was amazing, just like in seconds. And then when it reached out for me we began to fight, and it was a 50-50 percent fight, see. And all of a sudden, something changed. Right above us, the sky, the heavens opened up like around, it opened up. And as it opened up, the same shining glorious light that entered my bedroom covered the neighborhood where we were. I could see something very tiny in my neighbor’s yard. The whole neighborhood was covered with light. And I thought everybody is going to rise up and come out and watch what’s going on. They must be seeing this. And nobody came out. And then all of a sudden, so me and this demonic principality are now looking towards the heavens and we see a majestic golden hand of a man with a huge nail imprint in his hands, and it rested over us. And all of a sudden, a door opened out of his hand, a door.

SID: A door opens out of his hand.

DR. MYLES: A door opens and a blue scroll comes out. And he speaks as the scroll comes out, and he speaks to me and he says, “Son, use my word.” And the scroll comes and I touch it, and it goes into me. I’m a baby Christian and so the only scripture I know is John 3:16.

SID: “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son.” He knows this. Okay.

DR. MYLES: Yes. And so that’s the only thing I remember because coming from a Catholic background, that’s the only Bible I had, was John 3:16. And so I said it. I said, “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that we shall not perish.” When I said it, there was a lightening from one end of the heavens to the next. Then the lightening was followed by what I can call billions of thunders. It was the largest sound I’ve ever heard in my life. The authority of the Word shocked me. It was amazing me. Everything shook. And I thought the houses were going to collapse in the rubble. And the next thing that I saw was this demonic principality was lying flat, head first by my feet. After the Glory of God left and I got back into my body, I was instantly healed from three years of all the boils. Everything in my body, all the pain disappeared completely.

SID: I like that. Would you like that? You see, he saw this invisible world and he had such revelation on what he called genetic salvation. I want you to teach them that when we come back.

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sidroth on November 1st, 2013


SID: The Spirit of God came into this studio just now. And I asked Norvel to worship God, and he said, “Sid, God is in this studio. God has something to say people. God wants to change your life.”

NORVEL: The two main things I learned. I learned to feed the poor. I learned to worship Him, which the church I went to, they didn’t worship God. They just simply sung songs and loved the Lord. They sung songs, but we had no worshiping classes. Nobody would worship. Nobody lifted their hands to worship the Lord. And God says, [unintelligible]. God says, “If you return to me, bow down before me, lift up your hands and worship me,” God says, “I will heal your land. You can have anything you want. You’re supposed to be living all the time, you and all the other Christians, in the abundant life. Jesus paid the price, my son paid the price that you live an abundant life.”

SID: Norvel, I want you to worship God the way you normally worship Him at home. Would you do that right now.

NORVEL: [crying] Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Father. I worship you, Lord. I praise you. I worship you, Jesus. Oh God, there is no other. Thank you, Jesus. I hold your name above all names on the earth, Jesus. I hold your name above all names on Earth. Thank you Jesus for loving us. Oh God, thank you for loving us, Jesus. He was so good to us. So good to us. I worship you, Lord and praise you. Thank you Lord for loving us in Heaven. Thank you for saving me. Thank you Lord for my being in your presence. Someday I want to be in your presence all the time. Oh God, in Jesus’ name. Worship me, son, worship. You worship me and I’ll show you how God, blessed be His holy name. Lord, I worship you forever and I promise you, Lord, I will never serve any other God. I’ll never worship any other God because I believe and I know that you are the true and living God, and there is no other. He suffered so long on the cross for me.

SID: Norvel, I’m seeing something right now. Norvel, I want you to pray for people with cancer and heart trouble. Would you do that?

NORVEL: Thank you Jesus. Lord, you know the gift that you put in my ministry for people that had bad hearts, everybody that’s looking on the screen, Lord, stretch your hands out to the screen. And pray this prayer, Lord, thank you, Lord. I remember the first time in [unintelligible] that you did this and you said, “I want to pump a new heart in the chest right now in different parts of the world. As they stretch their hand out to the TV screen, if they’re watching you, I ask you Heavenly Father in Jesus’ name to pump a new heart into the chest of everyone who has bad hearts. Thousands of them, pump a new heart in their chest that have a bad heart. Now Lord, those, there are hundreds and hundreds, and hundreds of people that have cancer and don’t know what to do. They think they have to die. Those that don’t know any better, they don’t have to die young. But Lord, you know better and I know better. I curse it. I know what you taught me in Heaven. You talked to me. I curse the roots of every cancer in Jesus’ name. The person that has cancer looking in on this TV program, I curse the roots of that cancer and I command the roots of it to die. Die, I said, in Jesus’ name. Just like the fig tree did when Jesus cursed it, die, roots. I command every cancer cell to die and disappear from that body. Thank you, Lord, for your Divine healing power flowing through the body from the top of the head to the soles of their feet, in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord.

SID: Now Norvel, you said that you have no down days. And if depression tries to hit you, what do you do?

NORVEL: Oh, I throw my hands up like this and say, thank you, Jesus, take a hold of me, Lord. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Oh, how I love Jesus because he first loved me.

SID: Do you force yourself to dance, too?

NORVEL: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I get up and dance a little bit and I sit back down and I’ll sing some more, sing some more until all depression leaves. Because the devil, the devil is not dead. He’ll try and put all kinds of things on you. But you’ll have to accept nothing he puts. You or me, nobody else has the power, the love that Jesus does. We don’t have to accept evil things that destroy us from the devil. We don’t have to accept that.

SID: I have an invitation for you, and that is don’t you ever forget that God says, you have to help people that are less fortunate than you. God says, worship me. Worship Him, not just for a few minutes on Sunday morning, but make it a lifestyle, because anything God has done for Norvel, He’ll do for you.

NORVEL: That’s right.

SID: He’ll even do it better, Norvel. I believe that. Don’t you.

NORVEL: Yeah. And Sid, there’s a third part to that while we’re on that subject.

SID: What’s that?

NORVEL: Make sure you pray for people because God says, if you pray for people you’ll be healed yourself. That’s in the scripture. Pray for people so you’ll be healed yourself. God likes for you to pray for people. Pray for people. Lord, I pray for people all over the world to be shown that your holy presence, Lord, that your healing power, Lord is [unintelligible] to cause all afflictions to disappear, bones straighten out, everything, blind eyes, [unintelligible] mind, total mind, [unintelligible] Jesus, you give it to them. I ask you to give it to them, Father, in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord, for doing it for them, because they need you, Lord. They’re just like me. You know I need you every day. Every day. I’d like for you to bless me every day. Thank you, Lord, for doing it for those that need help, look in the screen right now in Jesus’ name. I thank you for it, Lord. I praise you for it all the days I shall live. I praise you for it. Thank you, Lord, for letting me live. I’m 86 years old. I’ve told you I’d like to come home now, but I don’t have to come home now because you remember, Jesus, I tell you all the time, I haven’t forgotten what you did for me on the cross. Why would I want to go home now? If I can get a few more people to you, Lord, if I can get a few more people healed.

SID: Let me tell you a reason you don’t want to go home right now, Norvel. I can tell you a good reason. We’re about ready to see the greatest move of God’s spirit on Planet Earth and I want to see Norvel involved. I want to see him mentoring you and discipling you, and I want to see you involved. It’s time to get out of the chair in the entertainment sport called church and go out in the highways and byways, and compel them to come in. I compel you in Jesus’ name to make Jesus your Lord.

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sidroth on October 30th, 2013


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dr. Norvel Hayes. And I’m on the edge of my seat because he’s been to Heaven and I want him to tell me what he saw. But before that, Norvel, I’m reminded of May Stafford. You said, “God, I want to see some miracles like I read in the Bible.” And according to my notes, May had six deadly diseases.

NORVEL: That’s right.

SID: Tell me what was wrong with her and what happened.

NORVEL: She was blind. Her mind was gone. She had been in an old people’s home for 11 years with palsy.

SID: She was in a wheelchair.

NORVEL: Yes. She would go to church in a wheelchair. She would sit in a wheelchair. She couldn’t walk. The Lord said to me, “Pray for that lady. Go lay your hands on that lady. Lay your hands on that lady.”

SID: So you laid hands on May Stafford and what happens?

NORVEL: My hands touched her like this and it was so strong. And when I touched her like this and all of a sudden, I never saw this before. All of a sudden, like that, and I looked down and she’s not in the wheelchair. The wheelchair is empty. And about a thousand people screamed out all at once [scream]. I looked around and this woman came walking, blind and everything. She’s on the other side of the church. I turned to her on the other side of the church. She’s running around in a circle screaming, “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” And all of a sudden, there she was, 20/20 vision. All of a sudden, her mind came back to her.

SID: Her mind was totally gone.

NORVEL: Totally gone. She took to her wheelchair. She needed help getting this wheelchair and she pushed it around. I mean, the healing just about took the church over. [unintelligible]

SID: Well, I mean, you provoke me to jealousy. You tell me about all the people that get new hearts and all the people that get healed of cancer when you pray. And God has blessed your health. God has blessed you, everything about you, your finances, your family. Tell me what you saw in Heaven. What did it look like? What did you experience?

NORVEL: This world came from Heaven. You understand that? They have lakes. They have grass. They have flowers. They have fruit trees. The difference here, you go over to a peach tree, you pull a peach off. That’s it, you know, and you pull it and it falls on the ground. Where in Heaven, you go over to a peach tree or apple tree, you pull a rotten peach off and the moment you pull it off, another ripe peach comes on the tree all ready to eat. The thing that impressed me more than everything in the world in Heaven was my breathing. In Heaven, every time you breathe, you feel the presence of God. Every breath I’d take I breathe in the presence of God. Oh, it feels so good going all the way down to body to my feet. It feels so good. The next breath feels better.

SID: Heaven sounds perfect.

NORVEL: And the main thing I saw was a big building. And He let me walk through the building and in all the different rooms. And all the different rooms had little furniture, small furniture. And I couldn’t figure, what is this? Is this a dollhouse or what?

SID: Okay. Then many years later after that experience in Heaven, you’re in a car and all of a sudden the drive disappears and you have a vision about your life work.

NORVEL:  That’s right.

SID: Tell me the vision.

NORVEL: I was riding a car, you know. All of a sudden, God came in real strong and everything disappeared. I couldn’t see the driver. I couldn’t see the palm trees [unintelligible] in West Florida. I couldn’t see nothing. And then it’s just like, whoosh. And I was taken up to a higher level. And I looked down like this and the only thing I could see, I could see the palm trees, I could see little bitty, teeny kids that needed help. That’s all I could see. A whole circle around like this, you know, and I’m in the middle of them. And I looked around me and they’re all looking at me. All of them are looking at me like this right here. Help me. Help me. Help me, please help me. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. Help me! Help me! Help me! And so God said to me, “I haven’t forgotten about the little children and what you saw in Heaven, would they live. I haven’t forgotten about them.” He said, “And I want you to get me a building. Help me, son,” God said to me, “help me, son. Help me save the little children.”

SID: What did it do to your children when you saw those little children going like this, help, help, help! I could just picture these aborted babies going, help, help, help! What did it to you?

NORVEL: It made me want to take every one of them into my arms and find them a place to live and give them food. That was probably some 35 years ago. Now the older I got, I’m 86 now, and I’ve never lost the vision, seeing, trying to do what God wants you to do. The older you get, the [unintelligible] it gets.

SID: The two things that Norvel learned in Heaven, one, help people that are in need. You see, God is love and He’s concerned about the homeless. He’s concerned about the aborted babies. He’s concerned about the hungry. And the second thing is worship God, not just for a few minutes on a Sunday morning, but as a lifestyle. And I’m going to ask Norvel to worship God the way he does in his home. But most people, they don’t do this in their home. They just do it for a few minutes on a Sunday morning. And I tell you, the favor that Norvel operates under, you are going to operate under because this is a change in your destiny. Don’t go away.

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sidroth on October 23rd, 2013


SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Dr. Norvel Hayes. He is going to answer a question that I believe every single one of you have asked at one time or another. You see, Norvel was just a young boy, 10 years of age, and his mother who was a faithful Baptist, went around witnessing to people, she gets cancer and at age 37, she dies. And Norvel, that crushed you. You were, what, about 10 years of age. Your mother dies.

NORVEL: I cried for four years.

SID: Four years you cried.

NORVEL: Yeah. I cried for four years. My mother died. Every time I thought about my mother I’d have to leave the room and I went out the house and cried my eyes out.

SID: And you got to the point where you said, okay God, I need an answer.

NORVEL: Yes I did.

SID: Tell me the question you asked God.

NORVEL: I asked God why didn’t He heal her? I said, “Because I know you’re a healer, Jesus, but I don’t understand why you didn’t heal her. She has a soul in her and you say that one soul is worth more than the whole world. Well you let my mother die rather than live, and she could save a number of souls for you, worth more than the world. And you are a healer. Now why didn’t you heal her?” He said, “I didn’t kill your mother with cancer.” God said, “I had nothing to do with it. Nothing.” He said, “I couldn’t heal her.” I said, “That makes no sense to me for you to say that because I read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and you healed everybody in town on this earth. You’re the same as you were then.”

SID: So why couldn’t He heal her?

NORVEL: He said, “The church she went to, they failed to teach her about my divine healing power. So therefore, she didn’t know a thing about it. If they had taught her correctly she could have got healed.”

SID: You know what comes to me Norvel, the scripture that says, “My people die for the lack of knowledge.”

NORVEL: That’s exactly right. He said, “My people,” that’s Christians, “my people for the lack of knowledge. You have a church out here. But just because you have a church with a bunch of people, that’s no sign you’re doing anything much.

SID: You know Norvel, even today most churches fail to teach about the divine healing power. But Norvel has a passion for people to understand Bible faith, for people to be healed. And cancer and heart conditions, forget it. You stand no chance when Dr. Norvel stands up. Now Norvel was a successful businessman. He had 14 businesses at one time.

NORVEL: And 14 secretaries.

SID: And 14 secretaries.

NORVEL: One for each business.

SID: Many of them were million-dollar businesses. And all of a sudden, as he likes to say, he was minding his own business and God speaks to him. What did God tell you?

NORVEL: I was saying a little prayer in my heart one night. And I couldn’t understand and I began to weep. And He said, “You’re killing yourself. You’re working so hard. You’re killing yourself and you’re not doing anything for me.”

SID: Okay. I want to jump forward now. You go to a dump and you see a little girl there that had a major, profound impact on your life. Tell me about that.

NORVEL: Yeah I did. This little girl walked up to me, just holding a glass bottle, she said, “This is all the milk I’ve got.” Well when she said that, the Holy Ghost jumped in me and rose up like this, and I couldn’t even talk. I turned my face toward Heaven and I said, “God, is this the kind of ministry you’ve given me for leaving the church?” And the Lord said to me just as plain, “My son, be faithful to me here and I will promote you. I am going to set you on a high hill and the light of God will shine from you to many men. Now you go in peace in Jesus’ name. Go in peace. Go in peace and trust me. Go in peace. Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

SID: I want to find out what Norvel Hayes saw in Heaven. He’s been there several times. I’ve never been there. I’ve read about it in the Bible. But I want to find out why it was so wonderful he didn’t even want to come back. But you come back.

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sidroth on October 15th, 2013


SID: Sid Roth here with Zona Hayes-Morrow. Zona, you’ve been attacked with life-threatening things and you have won each time. In ’94, you had what the doctors diagnosed as kidney failure. Tell me about that.

ZONA: They diagnosed me to be put on dialysis and I got down to 64 pounds, and I was getting tired. That’s how people die, is when they get tired.

SID: I’ve seen people get so tired that they give up.

ZONA: That’s exactly right.

SID: That’s when the devil hits you.

ZONA: But any disease, anything, any kind of a disease or high blood pressure, or diabetes is a name that a doctor put on the devil, period.

SID: I like that. I like that.

ZONA: And it’s not normal, you know. And so I asked the Lord, I said, “What do I do, Lord?” I mean, I was talking to Him. I never said it out loud. I never, I talked very little when I was on dialysis. Because you start talking symptoms, and symptoms are, they’re not real and they’re symptoms. And so I asked the Lord what to do, and He said, “I want you to go on the dialysis center and there’s 50 dialysis recliners in there. I want you to take a blanket and I want you to put the blanket over your head because you cannot watch and see what that machine is doing. It’s taking all of your blood out of your body and cleansing it, and putting it back in your body. Don’t watch that or you’ll get more tired and that’s when you’ll die.” I said, okay.

SID: So did you really pull the blanket over your head?

ZONA: I sure did.

SID: What did other people think? They thought, I just went in automatically and I put the blanket on me, and stuck my arm out. I had a fistula and they put needles in my arm, and they all of course, they were hollering at me, “Zona, Zona, Zona,” and they said, “put the blanket down.” And I thought, no, I’m not doing it. I’m not going to look at the machine. So for three months I never looked at the machine again.

SID: You know, Zona, you told me something else that impressed me. You see, as a young girl she would go around with her father, but really wouldn’t listen to a word he was teaching. She had it memorized, but she really didn’t have it in her heart, wasn’t really comprehending, you know, she was tuning him out. Then God tells you to read his books.

ZONA: When I read my father’s book, see, this was two years before I was attacked again. He said, “I want you to read my book through seven times. Then I want you to read it through once a month until I tell you to quit because you’re going to need it.” I had to keep, I had to start building myself up for, when they diagnosed me with dialysis the second time, they gave me 24 hours to live if I did not go on dialysis the second time. And when I did that, the Lord, I mean, He just miraculously, when I didn’t react, I did not react when they said, you’re going to have to  go back on dialysis. All I said was, to myself, not again. And so I got, I just started praying and just kept real quiet except when speaking to the Lord. And it’s just, you know, I saw myself healed. I’d stand in the bathroom and I’d close the door, and I’d take a glass of water. I poured it in the commode. I’d tear toilet tissue off. I’d flush the commode and I’d say, “Thank you Lord for a miracle in my kidneys.” I’d flush the commode. I’d go to the sink, put the cup down, wash my hands, straighten my clothes. I did that about five or six times a day because faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

SID: So you were seeing yourself as a healed person using the toilet normal, flushing the commode. You picture what she’s doing? I mean, that is such a stubborn faith. If you hadn’t exercised that stubborn faith, do you think you’d be here right now

ZONA: I would not. I would not. If I didn’t remember how my dad stood in the gap for me, how he stood in the gap for the growths, I was a six-month baby, a six and a half, seven-month baby, and I weighed four pounds, 10 ounces when I was born. Got a blood disease, got ran over by the car and the car drug me under and dropped me off. Different things that happened and the devil, the first time that Spirit of Death came to me he said, “I am going to kill you because you’re the closest thing I can get to Norvel Hayes to make him stop.” That’s exactly.

SID: But he missed. He made a mistake.

ZONA: That’s right.

SID: He picked on this little lady that says, devil, that’s enough. I believe that you can pray right now and people are going to be healed all over the audience. Would you do that?

ZONA: Yes I will. Father, in Jesus’ name I pray for all these people, Lord, the viewers, the people in the audience here, and I thank you Lord for your healing power, your authoritative power, death and life, for the power of love, not when your afraid. In the power of love, I thank you Lord that your healing power flows from the top of their head to the souls of their feet, driving out everything that’s not victory in their minds, in their bodies, in their families, in their finances, every single thing. Satan, you’re a liar. You take your hands. Diabetes, you go in Jesus’ name. High blood pressure, you go in Jesus’ name. Kidney stones, go in Jesus’ name. Liver problems, go. I speak to every person’s body right now that’s viewing this program, and I thank you Lord. All they have to do is start thanking you, Jesus, for your miracle working power, for your healing power flowing through my body, in your delivering power in Jesus’ name. Amen.

SID: Zona, tell me something good that has happened to you, something good, very quickly, because this was a staggering dream you had of people in Hell. Very quickly, tell me about that.

ZONA: Well I’ve seen a lot of flaky people. I’ve seen, you can’t compromise. Your ministry is, your success in ministry in serving God is in your character and integrity, not how good you preach, in your character and integrity first. And I had a dream of Hell, and I saw, I was on a cliff. I saw a cliff and I saw people falling into Hell with bibles. That’s what I saw.

SID: So the outside isn’t what counts. It’s the inside. Do you have the Word of God, the Messiah of Israel inside of you? Well if you have sin inside of you, he can’t be inside of you. This is the good news. If you repent of your sins, turn from those sins and turn to God, He’ll give you the power to overcome. He’ll cause your sins to be wiped away and then you ask Him to live inside of you and be Lord of your life, and then you read the Bible and you serve Him. It’s so simple. You need help to be confused, but where we’re living right now in the times we’re living right now, if you do not turn to God, you’re meshuggah. That’s a Hebrew word and it means “crazy”. Stop being meshuggah. Make Jesus your Lord. Let me tell you something. There is no greater peace, purpose, meaning than making Jesus Lord in your life.

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sidroth on October 10th, 2013


SID: Sid Roth here with Doug Weiss. Dr. Weiss, there are so many people that are addicted to things like pornography and they seem as though they’re stuck.

DOUG: Yes, yes.

SID: Why are they so stuck?

DOUG: Well, Westerners like to talk to Jesus, talk to God, but they don’t want to talk another person because of pride. Okay. James says, if we confess our faults, Jesus will forgive us and cleanse us. But in James 5:16 it says, “If I confess my faults to my brother, to another, then I may be healed and my prayers will be effective.” So I can be forgiven, but not healed. That’s why they’re stuck. They’re forgiven, but not healed. They’re using that verse backwards. If Doug keeps his secrets to himself, he’s guaranteed to stay sick and his prayers will be ineffective. That’s why they’re not working. So they’re stuck.

SID: You know, someone heard Doug’s teaching and he’s an usher in a church. And he said, “I’m going to do something about it.” Tell me about that.

DOUG: Well he got tired of men being stuck, because he was hearing about it. So when I came, I did a men’s conference. And he said, “I’m going to start talking to guys.” So he knew all the guys at church. He would grab them by the hand and hold their hands, Sid, and he would say, “When was the last time you were inappropriate with yourself or inappropriate with images?” He’d look them right in the eye. And the guy did that looked down, he said, “We’re going to talk about and then if it’s real serious you can go huddle up. I am not going to stay watching you stay sick anymore.” He was just tired of it in his church. And just one guy changed so many men’s lives because he changed the rules of engagement. I’m going to ask and they’re going to tell me. And he was old enough that he could get away with it. It was great.

SID: We handle a little bit of this. But tell me some practical steps that you can do.

DOUG: Sure. Real practical like getting rid of thoughts of lust. Get a rubber band, put it on your wrist. Any time you lust or scan a woman, snap it.

SID: That hurts.

DOUG: It hurts. Ring the bell, spank the dog. Right.

SID: Pavlov. Okay.

DOUG: Yeah. Eighty percent of your lust life will shut down in one month. Okay. Get the porn blocker on your cell phone, on your computer. Stop that stuff from going on. If you’re engaged in any kind of Internet inappropriate texting or Facebooking, shut those things off. Most of us don’t need social media. We just don’t need it. Shut those things off if they’re dangerous for you. And women need to get engaged by asking intelligent questions and making sure the porn blocker is on, and making sure that your husband is actually taking some responsibility for his son’s sexual development. And there’s a lots of teaching on that. Any guy can become an expert even though his dad failed him like my dad failed me.

SID: Tell me about a real life person. Tell me about Dwayne.

DOUG: Dwayne is a sad case because Dwayne kind of was like me. He had a pornography problem, but he had a secret, right. He met a good Christian girl, married her, but never told her.

SID: Okay. I’ve heard the phrase, “Our secrets make us crazy.” Is that true?

DOUG: Yeah. Our secrets make us sick. They show up. First lust, then sin, then death. They show up. So what happens is he kept the secret. Then he meets somebody. He has an affair. Okay. Now he’s a successful business guy at this point. He’s 15 years into the marriage. Right. Has an affair, gets the girl pregnant. Now he not only has to tell his wife he had an affair, now he has another child. See, he didn’t have to have that happen. No man needs to have that happen. No woman married to a man needs to have this happen to her. If they clean up first, they don’t have to go through this process. But if we don’t clean up, what happens is then our sin will eventually expose us, because God loves us and He wants us to have a supernatural clean life in which these things are not a part of life, these consequences are not happening, and that will prevent some of that [trouble].

SID: You talk about, in the last days, these Jezebel spirits will be raised up. Explain.

DOUG: Well that’s already all over the world. And it basically says, no matter what your spiritual belief, you can be sexually immoral, that sex and spirituality are separate. That’s not true. That’s a lie. And what happens is when you believe that lie, you start getting seduced and once you get seduced, your destiny gets reduced. Does that make sense? So if the enemy can seduce you, he can reduce you.

SID: Do you realize that one indiscretion will, could possibly ruin your entire life? So some of you already know this the hard way. But if you are battling right now, right at this moment, there’s so many wonderful steps that you can take. But they’re not just psychological steps. They are supernatural steps. For instance, you at this point, how many years have you been free?

DOUG: Over 25 years, Sid.

SID: Okay. I want every one of you say a prayer. I would like, would you like to know that prayer that Doug himself says every single morning? I’d like to hear it.

DOUG: Yeah. When I wake up, I’ll say, Lord, I hate the lust of all women. I commend my mind, my will, my emotions to instantly reflectively cast them down. Lord, I am a thousand percent satisfied with my wife, my family, my life and business. And I just declare those things because, I mean, gosh, you can’t travel anywhere or be anywhere where things can’t hit you. But I make a commitment before I hit the floor that I’m going to cast that thing down. Because it’s not going to take away my destiny. My destiny is to set the nations free, and that’s mine. And God gave it and God wants to see it happen. Amen. So every man has a destiny. Every woman has a destiny. But like the people in Israel, we have to fight for our promised land. Do you know what I’m saying?

SID: I understand that. Where is God in this? I don’t understand how a man, I understand how a man could be addicted. But I don’t understand how a man would not do everything possible to be free if they know God. But people just don’t do it. Why?

DOUG: Well sometimes they don’t know how to do it, like I didn’t. I did not know. I was quoting scripture, memorizing, fasting and praying. That’s what I knew, but it wasn’t enough. I didn’t know to confess my faults. Now when God told me to I started to do that.

SID: Okay

DOUG: Principles.

SID: Someone watching right now, they have their secret sin. What they can do about it as far accountability? What would you recommend? Who should they go to?

DOUG: Go to your spiritual leader. That’s what they’re there for. And you say, what? They’ve heard it before. I mean, since the Internet we hear it almost every day. I mean, Sid, so many pastors call me and say, you know, “A friend of mine or someone in my congregation, or one of my people on staff they’re struggling, Doug. Can we send them to you?” And we say, sure, that’s great. And they get well and they get free. And what’s happening, what’s really exciting, Sid, is that when this man or woman gets clean and free, their incomes can often double, their ministries return back to their life, their destinies are taken up. And here’s what’s also exciting. I had a couple who flew in from Canada to do intensives in my office, and their children’s destiny have been relit. You know what I’m saying?

SID: The Bible talks about generational sin.

DOUG: Yes.

SID: In other words, you’re not just protecting yourself, you’re not just protecting your marriage, you’re protecting your children, your grandchildren, you’re great-grandchildren, you’re great-great-grandchildren, and the gifts and calling of God are without repentance, which means, wherever you’re at, you will not miss your destiny, but stop now, right now.

DOUG: Amen.

SID: Let me tell you one other thing. I don’t understand people that willfully continue sinning after becoming believers. Why? Because when I became a believer, I had an encounter with evil. I know the reality of the dark side, of the demonic, of the devil, and I wouldn’t want to play footsy with the devil for all the money in the world. Where is the healthy fear of the Living God?

DOUG: Amen.

SID: Here’s what the Bible says: “Those that die,” Daniel says, “Some will rise to everlasting life,” that’s with God, “and others to everlasting condemnation. Why would you die, O house of Israel?” Choose life.

DOUG: Yes.

SID: Repent of your sins. Believe the blood of Jesus washes it away.

DOUG: Yes, yes.

SID: And make Jesus Lord of your life.

DOUG: Yes.

SID: Say it with your mouth right now. Get right with God now.

DOUG: Yes, yes.

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sidroth on October 1st, 2013


SID: So Zona Hayes-Morrow had seen miracles her whole life. But she gets married young. Her husband goes off to war, divorces her and she goes out having fun, clubbing. But a couple by the name of the Goodwin’s, gave your father a prophetic word. What was that?

ZONA: The Goodwin’s gave my father a word. The word said, “The thing that you want the most in the world is not going to happen. She’s gone too far. She can’t come back on her own. When she comes in at two or three o’clock in the morning you tell her you love her and you tell her I love her, and then you shut up, because she doesn’t believe anybody loves her.” And that’s what my dad did. He created an atmosphere of love. He’d stopped loving me because he was frustrated, because I was a backslid and I wasn’t raised that way. And he created an atmosphere of the love of God in our home.

SID: Now one day after that atmosphere of love, he puts his hands and prays for Zona on the bed. She’s not there. She’s out clubbing. She gets home. What happened, Zona?

ZONA: When I got, right before he put his hands on the bed, Sid, he asked me, he said, “What is He going to have to do, what is God going to have to do bring you back to me.” I said, “He’ll have to knock me in the head.” I said, “Dad, the church members haven’t even come to see me in three years and I see them at the club.” I said, “So why would I want to serve their God?” And so he said, “Well.” So when I left he said, he put his hands on the bed. He said, “God, you heard her. You do what you have to bring her back.” Four o’clock in the morning I came in. I lay down on the bed. I was on my right side and turned over, and my eyes were on a belt buckle.

SID: Who’s belt buckle.

ZONA: My angel. He was as big as three men. And so his belt buckle was even with the edge of my bed. Well you can imagine how big it was.

SID: Must have been pretty intimidating. You’re a short woman.

ZONA: And he was sitting Indian style and put his right leg over his left, and he got up, and he just stood there and looked at me. I tried to scream but nothing would come out. And he walked out of the room. I heard him walk down the hall. And I walked down the hall, and he was waiting at the back door, and he walked through the wall. Well that just, I ran to my dad’s room and he said, “Do you know who that was?” And I said, “Who?” He said, “Your angel.” I said, “I don’t want him. He’s too big.” I said, “I want a little one with wings.” But he said, “No, it takes a big one for you. You’re so flaky.”

SID: How would you like to pray for your backslidden children and have an angel that big come in. It was very intimidating to you.

ZONA: It was very intimidating.

SID: And then of course, she very quickly became a believer in the Messiah. Why, you saw the Spirit of Death three times in your life. Tell me what the Spirit of Death looks like. I can’t even comprehend.

ZONA: I saw the Spirit of Death the first time in Sheffield, Alabama. It walked through the wall and it said to me, he looked, he pointed his finger at me. He said, “I’m going to kill you because you’re the closest thing I can get to Norvel Hayes.” I wasn’t even in ministry then. He said, “Because you,” but he knew that eventually I would take the torch and be mentored by my father, which he’s my mentor, and because it works. What he teaches works and I’m going to teach it, and I teach it now.

SID: He has such passion against cancer, heart trouble. You have that same passion.

ZONA: I have that same passion. And let me tell you, I had an appointment at the doctor’s office and I had a sore on my foot. And the devil tries to sneak in any way he can. And I told him I was confirming my appointment, and something inside me, I had been doctoring a sore on my foot, and something inside of me said, it was the Holy Spirit, said, “Oh, I need for you to look at a place on my foot.” I went in and the doctor said, I wasn’t going tell him. I wasn’t going say anything. He said, “You want me to look at a place on your foot?” I said, “Yes, sir.” He looked at it and he said, “Surgery in the morning at eight o’clock.” It was three malignant cancer cells inside of my foot, I mean a micro inch, just micro from the bone. And they of course, and what did I do? I had to, God met me where my faith was because I didn’t even know anything was going on. But the devil meant to sneak in. But the Holy Spirit will speak through you when you give your life to Him, and He knows everything.

SID: Tell me about, I’m curious, what does the Spirit of Death look like?

ZONA: It looks like it just exactly, it’s black and it had, it pointed its finger. It has a hood. When I was in Birmingham, Alabama, the last time the Spirit of Death appeared to me, he stood right by my bed. I stood up out of my bed and I looked at him face to face. He said, “I’m going to kill you because you’re not carrying this message on how to make the devil leave you alone.” He said, “I’m not going to leave people alone.” I said, “Oh yeah, you’re going to leave. I bind you and I command you to go from me never to return again.” And you have to say it with authority because the devil works with authority. You don’t have to scream. It’s all in the way you say it. Because he’s under your feet and you have to tell the devil to go. The Spirit of Death, and he left in a split second and he’s never been back.

SID: Well you know, she has insight into how to fight in the invisible world. Most people, they get the doctor’s report. They have the symptoms inside of them and they don’t understand that the battle of faith is based on the Word of God in the invisible world, and they pray one prayer, they mean it and nothing happens. But you prayed over and over again. When we come back, I want you to talk to me about a couple of the life-threatening conditions you had and how you got rid of them in the power of Jesus. It’s different. You know, I was talking to her dad, Norvel Hayes, and he said to me, “Most Christians, even spirit-filled Christians, don’t understand how faith operates.” We’ll be right back.

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sidroth on September 25th, 2013


SID: I’m so excited about what’s going to happen when you are cured and you are clean, and the changes that are going to happen in your marriage, in your family, in your community. But I am equally amazed at the research that you have, Dr. Weiss, on the brain. Tell me some of the things you found out.

DOUG: You know, you think this is new. But thousands of years ago, it says, when you sin sexually you sin against your own body, but I couldn’t have a theology professor or philosophy professor explain that to me. Now when I became a researcher in the field of sexuality, what happens is when we have a sexual encounter, we have the highest level of endorphins and [unintelligible]. These are brain chemicals. It’s the excitement center of the brain and boom, you literally attach and glue to whatever you’re looking at, whether it’s real or imaginary. So some of these teenagers at home looking at pornography are setting themselves up for failure later. You can attach to certain things. Like I know a guy, when he was a boy, he attached to brunettes or a certain body type and that’s what he did. And he married someone not like that. Right? Well one day he’s at work and a girl exactly like that walks into his life.

SID: So you’re saying the brain can’t distinguish between fantasy on the computer, the imagination, and the real life situation.

DOUG: Right.

SID: So it was a time bomb.

DOUG: It was bang, you know. And so he instantly was attracted to her and instantly had an affair with her within a couple of weeks. Okay. Because she capitalized on his neurochemical reinforcement towards her, you know, ring the bell, feed the dog. Okay. So when he saw her, he salivated. And that’s why your husband is kind of doing this when he looks at that kind of thing. And so, and he’s been clean for now 15 years or so. All right. So there is healing and there’s hope. But we can actually prevent this stuff. There are teachings that can help our young men, and men, get involved. Get in the war. This is a war and every man needs to be in battle. Every wife needs to be asking the questions and helping your sons. This is time to do war back so that we don’t have these problems 30 years down the road.

SID: Now you used the phrase that I’ve used since then, that I love. And that is, every husband that I’m talking to right now, you have a different father-in-law than you think. Let me tell you who our father-in-law is. God is your father-in-law. You better watch what you do to your wife. That is powerful.

DOUG: Oh yeah. Marriage is three people. It’s you, your spouse and God. Even Christians define marriage between a man and a woman. That’s not biblical and it’s not supernatural. Supernatural is God, a man and a woman. Now that marriage, that tri-unity, that trinity on Earth as it is in Heaven is power, but it needs to have purity. Okay.

SID: Okay. When a family is walking in purity and you talked earlier about the secret sins that no one knows. But when a family is walking in purity, what changes usually occur in that family?

DOUG: Well in that family, it’s usually the environment. Where there’s no secrets there’s going to be honesty. You can be flawed and loved. You can be celebrated and cared for. Okay. But they’re going to be mature. What happens is, Sid, when someone gets into this kind of sexual sin, it robs them of emotional, spiritual and moral development. That’s why you have people who are like men of God going down and seeing prostitutes. Like, how do they get there? Because their moral and spiritual development erodes when the sexual sin comes into your life, and it robs you of the ability to make some of those choices clearly.

SID: I’m reminded of the scripture, a little leaven. “A little leaven will leaven the whole loaf.” A little bit of sin, you get away with it. You think no one knows. It’s your little secret. So what would you say to a man that’s watching us right now and they’re saying, “Well that’s me, I do it, but I can’t tell my wife these secrets, because if I do, she might leave.”

DOUG: Well what I would say to you sir is, I love you, I’ve been there, reading my Bible and having sexual sin. I know your pain. You don’t believe you’re lovable. Go find a man and get accountable. Tell somebody. Get out of your secret world. You deserve a clean heart, a clean life. But you will not get by just talking to Jesus. You’re going to have to talk to another man and get free. That’s what I would tell him. And he can get free. He really can.

SID: Now you found this out when you were struggling with your sin.

DOUG: I had a supernatural thing happen.

SID: I mean, going to Bible school and struggling with pornography. But the statistics say that so many ministers are struggling with pornography.

DOUG: Yeah, because good ministers are men and they’re chained by the world sexually. But here’s what happened to me. I had a supernatural encounter with the Lord. I was in seminary and the Lord said, “I want you to tell a man every time you sin sexually.” I’m like, Jesus, are you crazy? But what was my deal? A hundred percent of what you tell me to do. I said, okay. So I talked to my roommate and I said, because he knew I heard from the Lord. I said, “God told me if I act out sexually with myself or pornography I need to tell you.” He was like, whatever, okay. And then the first time I told him I felt really bad. The second time I told him I felt so bad because now I was, the humility of that was starting to heal me and I started to get free, Sid. I mean, I take a polygraph to verify I haven’t done anything sexually with myself, pornography or others in over 25 years.

SID: So if God could say, go free, I mean, coming from an illicit affair, he didn’t go into detail, shuffled around with foster parents, at a young age being given a book that’s pornographic, suicidal. If God could set Doug free, God will set you free. Give me one more tip besides accountability that people can hang on to.

DOUG: Well I think, first of all, you want to be accountable. But that’s an ongoing process. That’s why I’m encouraging churches to get involved in helping guys talk to each other. Let this be an open conversation. Instead of the rules of engagement being don’t ask, don’t tell, I say, switch the rules. Ask and tell, and we can be free.

SID: You know, wouldn’t it be wonderful for you to be free? I mean, yes, God forgives you, but once you, you know, your wife, your husband, because it works both ways, you know, they may not know what you’re doing, but they feel it. They sense it. Let’s get that wall down. Let’s get free.

DOUG: Amen.

SID: Let’s accomplish our destiny.

DOUG: Yes.

SID: We’ll be right back.

DOUG: Amen.

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