All the signs, all the wonders and all the miracles for one day.  But again, the Word of God tells us, the world couldn’t contain all the books that would be written, if it could be done.  The point is, the signs, the wonders and the miracles that Jesus did; it’s beyond count.  It’s beyond measure and that’s the plan that He has for you.  That every day you start this process of [unintelligible].  And what’s going to happen as you begin to put your faith into this day after day, you might start with five, ten maybe events in the course of a day.  But you’re going to use your faith when you wake up in the morning and the next day you’re going to have a couple more.  The next day you’re going to have a couple more because God is a God of increase.  And as you begin to see a little, you’re going to now begin to see an increase of more and more so that you can start filling up your own book every day for the glory of God.  Amen.  One of the things that we want to close with, and I’m going to pray and I’m going to believe God that as I close this session in prayer, your mind and your heart are going to stretch to a place where you recognize you could fill many books every day.  By the power of God, the gifts of the Spirit working in you and through you for His glory.  Amen.  Let’s pray.  Father, I thank you for each one that’s in this course.  Father, I thank you for each…  Wow!  You know one of the things I have learned as I’ve studied science and quantum physics and the operation of the unseen realm; the anointing, the glory, the power is timeless.  Right now, there’s an anointing on me.  There is an operation of God on me.  As I’m getting ready to pray for you, I know that I know God is about to touch you.  He is about to give you an impartation to help you reach levels beyond anything you could imagine.  So I want you to…  We’ve not really taught faith yet.  We’re not into that part of the lesson yet, but I think you’ve got enough already to receive this impartation of God.  So Father, I thank you for their faith rising up right now.  I thank you for faith welling up on the inside to receive an impartation of the miraculous.  An impartation for signs, wonders and miracles.  Father God, I thank you that by the power of your Spirit right now, that the mind and the heart would be stretched to believe God’s Word is absolute truth.  And we can do all things, all things, by the anointing, by Christ, Yeshua ha Mashiach.  Just receive.  Just receive right now, I’m telling you, there’s a flow…  If you could see into the realm of the Spirit and I can’t see it, but I can feel it.  I can feel the anointing and the power of God, literally, coming out of me right now.  And I just believe that the flow and the power of the Spirit of God is touching you.  Imparting to you a fresh anointing; a fresh anointing of signs, wonders and miracles.  And remember, it’s not you, it’s God.  Just ordinary people serving an extraordinary God, for His glory.

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