One of the things that so helps me now in understanding the operations of God is I know how the devil works.  I know his tactics.  So often, some of the principles and precepts we’re going to get into to help you walk in your fullest potential, in understanding how to see yourself as a great man or woman of God; we will incorporate concepts and precepts like visualizing and meditating and seeing yourself operating in the supernatural.  Sometimes people will say, “Wow, that sounds like New Age”.  No, it’s not New Age, its old age.  Literally, when it comes to meditation, we see over one hundred references in the Bible, to meditating.  The Hebrew word for the word meditate is [?].  That word literally means to use your imagination.  The Bible says in Psalm 1; it says that we should meditate on the law, the Word if you will, day and night.  Then we’re going to be like the tree planted by the rivers.  Our roots are going to go deep, our leaves won’t wither and whatever we do will prosper.  Amen.  Well, that word meditate is the Hebrew word [?].  It means to mutter, to ponder.  It means to create pictures by consistently speaking words.  We see that same word in Psalm 2:1 where it says, “The heathen have vain imaginations”.  That word “imaginations” is the same Hebrew word [?].  Literally, to meditate is to use your imagination.  And one of the things I’m going to try to help you to do through the course of this study is to see yourself walking in the supernatural, see yourself doing the miraculous, see yourself doing every miracle that Jesus does.  When I teach my supernatural discipleship program, one of the things I do is, I have people meditate on miracles every day for six months.  Meditate on the miracle.  See yourself doing the miraculous.  Now, many of the concepts and precepts that I teach in my discipleship program are what we are going to bring into this study so you can have the application of these principles and precepts, so you can walk in the fullness like Jesus has planned for you.  Amen.  So, we’re going to do an introduction to the gifts of the Spirit, but more significantly than the gifts themselves, for me anyway in teaching is, how do they work.  And what we’re going to see, in that childlike faith is, miracles happen, the operation of the supernatural happens, because of faith.  So you need to use your faith.  You need to understand how to use your faith and recognize it is God’s will for you to walk in the supernatural.  Praise God.  Now we will go through, in this study, that which is important to many people; where we will identify, we’ll define, we’ll describe and give you examples of Jesus as well as other people in the Bible, Peter and James and John and Paul doing the operations of the gifts of the Spirit.  But one of the things that’s so important that I’ll get into more detail in this study, is the realization of what miracle or what gift isn’t important.

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