LARRY:  …so when you lose the joy of the Lord and the, and the humor of, of life you lose a lot. Because life is, life is full of humor, it’s full of failure. I’ve learned to love it. Because this is what the Lord said to me: Larry… (laughing)… failure… (laughing) …when I crafted your destiny before the foundations of the world, I, I, I (laughing) figured your stupidity into the equation of your life.




LARRY:   So He gave me a lot of time to be stupid.




LARRY:  And so I’m not going to miss anything no matter how ridiculous I am, God knew how long I’d live and so He’s figured my stupidity into the equation and my failures into the equation and my blunders so I’m going to be everything He’s called me to be because He left a lot of time over for me to get over what I need to get over. But anyway enough of that! So, so, uh, uh, uh… let’s just go through some things I saw in September and then we’ll bounce around here for a minute. One of the things I saw, well this has already come to pass, let’s just throw these out real quickly, I saw great winds in the Pacific in a typhoon and that’s recorded, that already happened, didn’t that happen like in, I call it a month or so or something like that, after that in December, January… in Asia. Uh, but, uh, uh, let me tell you some other things that’s happened, happened, a few other things did happen. Uh, I saw trouble in North and South Korea. And I saw a wind of God in South Korea and a fire of God in North Korea. And I felt, now you can interpret that any way you want it, but here’s what I did hear the Lord say: there’s going to be a change of government in Korea. I didn’t hear North or South. I, I just assuming I know what it is, I’m just going to say what I say. Because here’s the problem with prophetic people, is, is, uh, they’re specific when God’s general or they’re general when God’s specific. That’s where you always get in trouble. You’ve got to be general if God’s being general. If He’s been specific don’t be general, be specific. Because prophets have a big problem. They go where God doesn’t tell them to go and say what He doesn’t tell them to say. So anyway, I don’t want to do that. So’s all I know is there’s going to be a change of government in Korea. And that the good of God, there’s going to be bad things, but the goodness of God is going to prevail in Korea. And even though there’s a change of government and things look unstable, just know that the hand of God is upon Korea, and out of Korea is going to emerge a strong cry of a warrior, cry of God, and God is going to do a re-uniting in a really wonderful way. And I believe this year, I believe these things or at least the beginnings of them for 2014. South Africa. I saw South Africa and I saw a great conflict in South Africa. Now I don’t understand that, I’ve heard no news about that but I saw a climate shifts and great conflict in the air with climate, but more than that I saw cultural tensions that I don’t understand. There’s, there are cultural tensions that are going to reach a high maximum in South Africa and these were flare-ups culturally that again we are going to see. Mexico: this one really, really got my attention. I didn’t see this, I felt this. And to prophetic people feeling is better than seeing sometimes. I felt one of the greatest shakings I think I’ve ever felt. My whole body was shaking. I saw Mexico shaking violently. Now I know what you think, what the typical interpretation of that will be. But I’m not going to give you that because that’s all I saw. I think I know what that means but I have codes worked out for that. But I saw… just remember this, that Mexico for whatever reason is, is going to be a sign. These are signposts. It’s going to shake terribly. I saw in Europe. I saw flames of fire in Europe and they were God-flames. And it was God re-uniting the flame of the Gospel and the land of our founders. I saw in the land of God remembering the blood of the Reformers all through Europe. And the State church and the Orthodox churches in Europe, God is going to begin to call into the Kingdom with an outpouring of His Spirit. And you’re going to see the historical church that’s been here for thousands of years have a re-fire, a Renaissance in their belly. And you’re going to find out that God is the God of all things and that no one’s excluded. And when I was thinking about this I thought “how interesting,” that is, that God is a God… He just doesn’t want anyone to not being involved. And case in point I was thinking about when He appeared to the disciples in the chapter, the Book of John and remember “Doubting Thomas” wasn’t there. What, what was his name? Didymus? Called Thomas. And the Lord said where’s… they said he’s not here and the Lord goes away. And He waits “til Didymus shows up. The next time He come Thomas is there and He [Jesus] goes “Now, we’re going to do some stuff… feel my hands, He goes. And the scripture says He did extraordinary miracles in their sight. It was like the Lord said “I’m not going to do what I’m going to do until the “unbelieving believers” shows up.” And the world is filled with unbelieving believers in the church. They’re believers but they’re unbelieving in the supernatural, unbelieving in God’s power, they’re unbelieving believers… Thomas was an unbelieving believer and God would not do miracles until the unbelieving believer was there. So start praying for the Didymuses, start praying for the Thomases out there who don’t believe God’s going to do something because God’s going to do something and they’re going to say it like Thomas did, “Oh my Lord and my Savior. Wow! You got to be kidding here. Me first!” You know it’s going to be wonderful. I saw Scandinavia. I saw something good and something bad happening there, and the Lord only said this word: to watch the country of Norway. I’ve been in Norway a lot, love that country, but there’s something in Norway that’s going to be a sign. I don’t understand that. And I’ve talked about Israel. I saw King David, the Spirit of David rising out of Israel from the ground to take down Goliath. Israel is going to take Goliath down. And God is not going to let, I’m telling you, “Thus saith the Lord: God will not let the safety and comfort of Israel be compromised.”



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