GARY:  I could care less what you think. I don’t care what you’ve been through.


AUDIENCE:  I don’t care what you’ve been through.


GARY:  I don’t want to hear your hurts and sorrows.


AUDIENCE:  I don’t want to hear your hurts and sorrows.


GARY:  I only want to know is God in your life.


AUDIENCE:  I only want to know is God in your life.

GARY:  Is He there? How many of you have Him? Then do you know who you have? Do you know who He is? The atmosphere just changed. How many of you can sense it? Because you acknowledged Him. Before you were listening to me. It’s not about listening to me. It’s about acknowledging Him. So we’re going to go into the realm of identifying what obstructs Him in your life. Every one of you are going to see. You will all become acutely aware of what obstructs the expectation that God has to manifest Himself in your life. Every one of you will know. There is nothing that’s not known. Everything’s revealed. I am completely aware of every shortcoming that ever faces me and all things that are obstructing my life to try to stop the kingdom of God. There’s nothing that I don’t know because God is to, made to me wisdom. 2nd…1st Corinthians 1, verse 30 says “But of him are you in Christ Jesus who is made unto you wisdom.” God doesn’t have wisdom. He IS wisdom. I don’t ask God to give me something He has. He is manifest as wisdom.  You see the onus of the Church has been on us believing in God. And the real of it is God does believe in you. God has expectation in your life to manifest things you could never dream of. To answer your life beyond anything you’d ever ask or think. God’s expectation takes you out of this world. If he can take me out of an isolation mental cell where I lived attacking people like a raving maniac and put me in front of presidents and kings and change nations and a multitude of things we’ve seen over the years? I mean, hey, God trusts people, and you’re just like me. I want you to lift up your hands to God right now. Just lift your hands to Him right where you’re seated and just acknowledge Him. Acknowledge that God Himself is resident in you. That He is almighty. There is no restraint. There is no voice from the enemy. There’s not one act of man. There’s not one injury that could stop the expectation from God to manifest in your life. Now before I pray I want to ask you a question. Everybody look at me. How many of you have an experience from your spirit going toward God? Raise your hand. Your spirit is on a vertical assignment. How many of you have a vertical assignment in your spirit? It’s… I’m not talking about your mind. I’m talking about the spiritual dynamic of your person. Your personal presence of God. Can you identify your spirit in communion and reach in the presence of God? How many can experience that? All right. That’s where I want you to stay. We’re going to pray in that environment from that threshold over into whatever the enemy is doing. Whatever the sickness and disease has done. What obstructions have been. What voices of man have been. What history of curse has been. Because there’s nothing that can stop what God has put in that expectation that’s in your spirit. So lift up your hands again. Identify the atmosphere that His anointing operates in. The place of His power. The supernatural dynamic of His expectancy in your life. And so Father because we are Yours, You’ve entrusted us with Your nature. You’ve given us Your power! You’ve released us from the crippling voices and forces of inferiorities and guilt. You have broken us loosed and shaken the moorings of our life from the insecurities of the people around us so we can have confidence in You and You alone. Father, we take dominion tonight in the power of the name Jesus over the tormentors that have been assigned with a vile aggression of self-defeat and depression that has crippled these women. I demand you bound and you release your hold now in the name Jesus! Holy Spirit of God (prays in tongues) We open our life to You. You to manifest. There are people here that have had gastric intestinal viruses and areas. There’s… I’m watching ulcers right now that has been in the right hand side of the stomach in the name Jesus there’s release of healing virtue! If you just put that hand on that right hand side where that burning has been it ends now. I speak to that esophagus that has continually been in that burning sense I demand that you rebuke and you release your hold! Spirit of God you’ve given us access! Who has been having those constant repetitive pressure and those headaches that has just been, just haranguing your… who’s been under those headaches that have been just… I want you to stand up real quick. This is not a joke. This thing’s going to end right now! I want you to lift up your hands. Father you’ve given us power on this earth over all the affliction, ALL the spirit of affliction! We demand in the name of Jesus that cluster headache, that oppression rebuke and you release your hold right now. We bless you, Lamb of God. Oh, we bless You. (prays in tongues) And everybody stand up. I want you to identify what has been withstanding you from the vision and dreams of God in your life. Let the spirit of God reveal what has tried to obstruct His manifestations in you. And as you see, as you understand command them down in the name of Jesus! Go ahead, just do that. Just do that right now. You do it because you see what’s against you. You know the voices. You say but it’s my husband. No, it’s not your husband. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. We wrestle against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. It sounds like the voice of a man but it’s not the voice of a man because no man can bring in that mental duress. Father, we command that spirit that has been launched to antagonize and demean and ridicule you’re rebuked you release your hold right now! You have no place in our life! We’re the children of the Living God! We have the mind of Christ! We live in the atmosphere of the throne of heaven! Our life is a miracle manifestation from God’s grace in this earth! Bodies, you are the Temple of the Living God! We speak the quickening power of Your anointing released into these bodies right now! Healing virtue in that hip right now by the word of God I speak rebuke in that hip pain! I demand you go in Jesus’ name!  Father, we honor Your grace. We recognize Your work in us. (prays in tongues) Spirit of the Living God, You’ve ordained us to life. LIFE! Now I want you to do something. You have people you have been questioning whether God would work in their life. I want you to release every voice that questions God’s faithfulness and command it rebuked and release its hold. Every posture of thought. Every historical event. I doesn’t matter if they sin 790 times in a day forgiveness is raining in their life because there isn’t a moment in time that grace abounds. It doesn’t matter how often the injury occurs, it only matters that God touches their life. So Father we have confidence in You. So take your confidence off people from changing and put it in God who has power to touch their life. Remove the confidence from expectation of human behavior change. We don’t expect anyone to change. We expect GOD to touch people and by His grace everyone changes. They go from darkness to light. From the power of Satan to God. They become a recipient of the inheritance that’s been given by resurrection life. Father, my confidence tonight is in You touching these Your children. God, touching them. Touching their families. God, touching their marriages. Restoring years that have been stolen with bitterness and rage and anger and restoring uncertainties and unfaithfulness. God, restoring the doubts that have been stolen from the consciousness of Your children. God, we live in a living experience with You. And we refuse to restrain You. We haven’t received a spirit of bondage again to fear. God, we’re not limited. We’re liberated! We bless You. We bless You. (prays in tongues) Holy Spirit of God, we worship You. We worship You. We worship You. God, we worship You. Fear of economic financial disaster and failure has no place in a child of God. Even if everything gets stolen from you. It says whatever state you’re in, therein be content because God is your reward, not this earth. And therefore He can richly give you all things to enjoy. And the absence of them or the lack of them is not your fulfillment. God, our life, is holding you. Holding you. Some of you need to take some of those losses and release the sense of loss because God’s just set you up for a new an entirely new beginning. God has orchestrated you for a new beginning!

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