LARRY:  And this is, I did this for a reason. You are protected because the word “Anna”…Ann comes from the word “Anna” which is queenly, but it also goes all the way back to the Gospels where Anna was working in the Temple and she prophesied, her and Simeon prophesied over the baby Jesus and here’s what was said: She was able to see the hope of glory in her days.” There’s “Anna’s” surrounding you and there’s an “Anna Anointing” surrounding you meaning there is an “Anna the Prophetess” anointing in your family line and you will see the end of God’s glory and the hope of salvation in your days and you’ll be a part of laying hands on the new thing that God is about to do and He’s going to send “Anna’s” around you in a very strong way. So Lord we bless her, “Diane’s” too, but we bless her in Jesus’ name. We thank you for the spirit of God upon her life in Jesus’ name. Wow. I’ve, I’ve overdone my time, I know. So, I mean where am I at? I don’t even looked at…I’m done. I’m, I’m… I heard the microwave go “ding.”




LARRY:  Um, anyway, hey, you guys are incredible. Sid, these guys are incredible!


SID:  Well, they’re, they’re drawing on you, I can say that’s…


LARRY:  Oh, I know…. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You have to dock me.


SID:  How many of you want to stay until 2 a.m.?




SID:  All right, find a place. (laughing)




LARRY:  See this lady right here that’s smiling at us right here, with the red dress on with the little pendant right here, right here?


SID:  Stand up.


LARRY:  Stand up. You are an amazing woman! You are a leader! People follow you like we got little ducklings following you everywhere because you’re the mother duck.  And as you go and you go this way you’re not afraid to give your opinion. You’re not afraid to say this is what’s going to happen. You’re very headstrong but it’s good because it’s God’s leadership on you. You’re a forerunner of women God is raising up with strong leadership on them and people will not see male or female, they will just see the Spirit of Deborah which is a spirit of warriorship and leadership. God has given you the capacity as He did with Deborah to ride with the men to war. Lord, we bless her in Jesus’ name. Amen. I’m good.


SID:  Did you enjoy Larry? I did.




SID:  If you’ll stand up. Actually, the Lord He has already blessed you. The Lord He’s smiling upon you. He’s always smiled upon you. He’s already smiled upon you. The Lord He’s gifting you right now. Just receive your gifting. The Lord He’s healed you. The person with the knee problem, just bend your knee, you’ll see, the pain is gone in Jesus’ name. The Lord is surrounding you. He’s already surrounded you with His favor. With His favor. Just receive. He’s already done it. You don’t have to wait. He’s done it. Just take it right now. The Lord has given you His Shalom, His completeness. In the name that is above every problem, worry, fear. Huh! Anything. Yeshua HaMashiach, Tsidekenu, Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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