sidroth on October 4th, 2017

SID: You know, one of the tips you have for us is to start paying attention to how you feel.


DAWNA: Yes. The phrase I like to use is “Check yourself at the door.” And it’s like, what does that mean? It’s like every time I start to go somewhere I check myself before I enter the place. How do I feel right now? I check, do I feel good, do I feel bad. It’s kind of like a word of knowledge in your body. It’s like if you check your body, my body feels great. I’ll say, my knee hurts, oh my knee hurts. Oh wait a minute, someone must have a bad knee. Let’s take care of that. It’s the same in the spirit realm. I check myself at the door. Am I happy? Am I carrying the fruit of the Spirit? Okay, do I look like Jesus right now? Awesome. Because when I walk through that door anything that tempts me to act differently is probably a broadcast that I get to turn off.


SID: Tell me, speaking of broadcasts, there is a horrible epidemic that seems to be happening all over. Little children are coming home and they’re saying, “Mommy, Daddy, am I a boy or am I a girl?” And they’re getting it from school. Tell me about your friend that had that encounter.


DAWNA: Yes. One of the stores, a lot of stores now have decided that you get to choose which bathroom you go to, whether you think you’re male or female. It’s not even how you’re dressed. And so they went into one of these stores and she was shopping. And she had her five-year-old son in the cart, and she’s shopping around, and nobody is around her. And all of a sudden her little son stands up and says…


Boy: “I’m not a girl, I’m a boy.”


DAWNA: And she looks and she goes, “Well of course you are, honey. You’re a man of God.” And she looks around, and there’s nobody around her. And she realizes, my son is picking up a broadcast of confusion that has been allowed because the store has decided you get to choose who you are.


SID: Well can every believer be a walking transmitter?


DAWNA: You know, we are already a walking transmitter. I just want us to be a Godly walking transmitter, so yes.


SID: When you catch yourself transmitting something you wish you hadn’t been, what do you do about it?


DAWNA: Well yes, hopefully we do it less and less, but I still find myself, I repent. The first thing I do is, I’m sorry, Lord. I’m sorry that I partnered with the enemy. You know, God told Cain that “Sin is crouching at your door, but you must master it.” And so I’m like I might have to say, God I let that master me, I’m so sorry that I bit into that thought, and I spoke wrong or I was mean. And I just say, I repent and I send it back.


SID: Now you told me about you and your son discerned a sexual atmosphere. Explain.


DAWNA: Yes. We were in a foreign country and we were walking around the town. It felt great. I mean, it was a little impoverished, but it felt great. And we went to bed, and he’s in one room and I’m in the other. And all night long I dreamt, I had nightmares of waking up right before being raped, like over and over, and over, and I was like, get up. So I was kind of tired. So I go to my son’s room and I knock on the door and he comes out, and I’m like, oh. And I said, “You got jet lag.” And he’s like, “No mom, it’s not that.” He said, “All night long I dreamt about rescuing women from being raped. Clue. There’s the clue. So we took it to the church and we asked the church, what do you want to do about this. And they said, we already are walking the streets as street pastors and you know, we have signs that tell who we are. And I said, “How about you being shifting atmospheres. How about you begin releasing, instead of violence, you start releasing that men would actually protect the women instead of violating. You know, instead of lust there would be love because lust takes and loves gives.


SID: Give us a tip on having the right transmissions in our homes, having peace in our homes.


DAWNA: Having peace in our homes. You know what the best thing is, is you have a family meeting and you say, hey family, what do we want this transmission to be from our home, because I want a buy-in from everyone. I don’t want to be the mom, the spiritual mom who tells you, oh don’t say that, don’t say that. I want them to be able to say to me, mom, don’t say that. We had a time with Timmy and I was really frustrated, and I actually had an outburst of anger, and my little son Timmy says, “Mommy, where’s Jesus?”


SID: Out of the mouth of a babe. Okay. Time to pray. It’s time that we come to our senses and we pray for a supernatural increase of sensitivity and discernment.


DAWNA: Okay. So what I want to do, I want to start with this. I just want to have everyone say, “Come Holy Spirit.”


SID: Come Holy Spirit.


DAWNA: [speaking in tongues] Because it’s the Holy Spirit in you that gives you the power and the authority over what is coming at you. And so from that place of standing in the Holy Spirit, we just release you. I just say to you that because you are seated with Christ in the Heavenlies above the powers and principalities, and authorities, [speaking in tongues] that you will now through the understanding of what you’re hearing, maybe for the first time, you will actually take authority over that. That the Holy Spirit will rise up in you and you’ll say, hey, not on my watch. I declare over you greater discernment without fear of it’s all going to be negative and you’re going to pick it up, and it’s going to scare you. God did not give you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.


SID: Not on my watch! Say it!


DAWNA: Not on my watch. Amen.

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sidroth on September 27th, 2017

ALISS: Just lookin at me like that. (laughs) And I’m like, ô”YES, my first resurrection!” Come on! (laughing)




ALISS: Because you’re gonna practice these things. I’ve been practicing. Praying for people who have died cause I wanna see the dead raised. But were not gonna see it if we don’t actually practice it and have a go. Well you’ve gotta practice. You know you’re learning all the time. I learn a lot from my mistakes, I have to say. I make a lot of mistakes but I just keep going. And I keep saying Holy Spirit, what should I have done? Holy Spirit, what were you doing right then? Can you show me? I’m always asking Him. Just get to know the Holy Spirit. So this woodpecker’s sittin there. You know it’s alive. And it’s sittin there for like 5 minutes and it’s not flying away. And I thought wouldn’t it be ironic if a cat comes round the corner and just like swoops it up so I was like in the name of Jesus fly and I pointed to it and said it and it flew off into the trees. Now about 6 months later I was speaking at a after dinner, I was an after dinner speaker at an event.       And before I went I said Holy Spirit what would you like to do this evening in this meeting? And suddenly two woodpeckers came and sat in the tree right outside where I was looking. And I thought you know something happens like that, anything that happens that’s slightly unusual or you have— you’re just thinking, hmmm. See if that’s spiritual. Okay? Just always do that. And then you have to ask the Holy Spirit so what are you telling me? What was—think laterally. It’s not always obvious. You gotta keep digging. Keep asking the Holy Spirit. He’ll show you the next thing cause He wants you to know. Cause He wants to, you know He wants to extend His kingdom, doesn’t He? The Lord wants to extend His kingdom but He’s gonna do it through you. We’re waiting for God to come and to start revival but He’s waiting for you to start revival everywhere that you go. Cause you carry revival on the inside of you. The kingdom of heaven is within you so you’ve just gotta let it out! So anyhow, yeah, these 2 woodpeckers come in the tree. So when I get to the meeting that night I said is there— I told the woodpecker story like I just told you— and I said is there anybody here who has similar symptoms to the ones I had when this evil spirit came, you know it was like headaches,      dizziness, deafness, disorientation. And I said I think it might be two people cause I’d seen two woodpeckers. So those are words of knowledge. Okay? And it usually happens— kind of you gotta just keep thinking what is that? Is God trying to show me something? Because if you ask the Holy Spirit to tell you something He usually will tell you straight away. It’s usually the first thought in your head or the first feeling you have is usually the Holy Spirit. So two women came out and they’d had those symptoms for a long time. But when I said well it’s just an evil spirit they let go! Well that’s all right then! So we just tell the evil spirit to leave. What I’d like to do is when somebody’s got an issue it’s like a demonic thing or it’s caused by an evil spirit I normally— I will get them to say Father God, please will you forgive me for allowing this thing a place in my life, for coming into agreement with it. Because you know when that happened with me I could have thought well I’ve got this illness now. I could have gone to the doctor and got medication for it. And sort of come under it and lived under it for a very long time. I wondered why when I pray I’m not getting better. All it was was an evil spirit. So we’ve gotta see in the spirit realm just like Jesus did. He only did what He saw the Father doing in heaven. He spoke what He heard being spoken in heaven. So anyhow these people got completely set free. We prayed for them. The evil spirits come out and they get completely healed by Jesus. That’s good isn’t it?




ALISS: Something similar happened. You know it’s I just like to teach people and help them to understand the evil spirits are nothing to be scared of. They are scared of you. When you realize who you are, who lives within you, the enemy is so, so scared of you. He’s trying to stop you coming into all that God has for you. And I tell you what. It’s time. Oh yeah! C’mon. You’d better believe it. NOW is the time. You know God’s been getting you ready all these years for such a time as this! The things that you’ve been going through, it’s like the Lord showed me recently that after years and years and years and years of being in the wilderness, going round and round and coming under stuff and being attacked by the enemy and all this stuff. That now after all these years we have now come into the Promised Land. But you know what? The Promised Land is very different from the wilderness. Very different. We need strategy. We need tactics. And that’s why we need God to show us what we need to do. We’ve got to do everything that the Holy Spirit tells us to do. We must be so obedient to the Holy Spirit. But this one time I was in the cafe and there’s a lady she’d been healed of deafness. Like she was completely deaf in one ear. We prayed. We had to pep her up. You see we had a photographer in there all week because he witnessed a miracle and he asked could he come back for a whole week and take photographs. So he did. And so he’s taking photographs and she’s got completely healed in her left ear. A few months later she comes back into our cafe. She said I’ve suffered from a stroke since I last saw you. Said can you pray for me? So we pray for her and as I’m praying I’m saying I command all these symptoms you know from the stroke to leave her body now in the name of Jesus. As soon as I’m saying this and praying for her, this is in the cafe, a guy that we’ve known for years, he’s been a Christian many years, he walks into the cafe at the same time. Suddenly he says Aliss, Aliss, help me quick and he takes me to the corner. And he said I suffered a mini-stroke years ago and as soon as I walked in the door of the cafe I’m now having stroke symptoms. Please, will you call an ambulance? I’m thinkin you know offhand we could have just called an ambulance. He could have gone into hospital and been treated for a stroke and maybe still had the effects of it now. But I thought well hang on a minute. We’re praying for a woman for the stroke symptoms to leave her. He walks in at the same time. It must have been an evil spirit that caused the stroke. And the thing cause we told it to go left her and hit him. We’ve got to be so aware of what is going on in the spirit realm. Not to be scared of it but to just use the authority that we’ve been given through Jesus. So instantly I said to him it is just an evil spirit. Just tell it to go in the name of Jesus. He says oh. Okay. Symptoms go, I mean he was panicking. Symptoms go now in Jesus name. He said I’m not gonna have it in Jesus name! Instantly it left. That’s the power of Jesus. Oh, He’s good, isn’t He?



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sidroth on September 20th, 2017

SID:  Sid Roth here with Dr. Randy Clark, with “Something More”, and I know you want [CHUCKLING] something more after that first segment!  Uh Randy, uh, y-you uh, were rebuked by the Lord.  You were doing uh – uh you were – you were praying or talking about raising the dead.  Wh-what happened?


RANDY:  Uh Sid, what I was doing is I had a –


RANDY:  sermon, and it’s called “The Biblical Basis of Healing”, during which, while I’m teaching this –


RANDY:  the message, for people who feel the anointing, stand up, and I said, “I bless you in Jesus’ name”, and they sat back down.  I’d – the Lord just told me He’d heal people from the Word!  So I was reviewing the Scriptures, and in – in Matthew 10 it – it says, you know, uh, that we’re to heal the sick, and cleanse the lepers, and it – and it also – and raise the dead!  And I – I was just struggling with that because this is like, you know, 19 years ago.  And uh, it was after Toronto, but I was still struggling with it, because that first year after Toronto, we didn’t see as many healings as uh beginning the second year.  And so the Lord spoke to me in my heart; it was just – not – not like an audible voice, but in – I could – knew it was Him.  Uh, there’s been a handful of these times; it was just so strong, I knew it was the Lord.  Uh very – and He said uh, “You don’t like that verse, do you?”  I said “No, Lord”, because I’d have a tendency to lower my voice and said the “raise the dead” part, –




RANDY:  and it was embar- – I said, “Lord, this is embarrassing to the church.”


SID:  L-look, most people listening to us right now, if someone was deaf, or if someone was blind, uh, they would hope someone else laid hands on them; they don’t want to, so I understand [CHUCKLES] what you’re saying.


RANDY:  Yeah I – I said, “Lord this is embar- – we’re trying to get the sick healed, and you’re telling us to raise the dead!  Do you realize what an embarrassment that is to the church that you’ve got it – couldn’t you have left this – this out?”  And STRONG as day, uh, the – the – the Lord spoke to me and He said – and it’s kind of interesting, because Pentecostals and charismatics, by other parts of the church, are considered to be experience-based, rather than word-based.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  That’s an accusation; I think it’s a false accusation, but it is a character – it’s a caricature of Pentecostal charismatics.  So, the Lord w- – I said that, because what the Lord said to me was so um interesting.  He said, “Don’t you dare”, and it was strong, “Don’t you dare become an experience-based preacher, that you will only preach what you’ve experienced.  You preach My Word, even if you’re experienced” – “you havent experienced it yet, you’re not experienced with the dead being raised yet.  But you preach My Word, whether you’ve experienced it yet.  You let My W- “You let your experience rise to My Word; but don’t you DARE bring My Word down to the level of your experience.”  Boy, that got [CHUCKLING] my attention!  And I taught on that uh for the first time in my life.


SID:  Uh that takes – by the way, that takes all of the pressure off of you, Randy!




SID:  Completely!


RANDY:  It was just [LAUGHS] –




RANDY:  it made me nervous though.




RANDY:  But anyway, after I – I only knew two – two stories then of the dead being raised.  I didn’t know of – I mean Heidi hadn’t started uh – she hadn’t been touched yet – so I told those two stories!  And within 6 months, one of the guitar players – a young man had a 5-year old son, or a y- – very young son on a tricycle.  He got hit by a car; he was killed.  His dad had just graduated EMT school – Emergency Medical Technician – he knew how to recognize the signs of death.  And then he remembered the teaching, so he called for his boy to come back into his body by name.  And uh, uh, he – and – and he did!  And he was – it was you know, he was uh gone for quite a while; they Medevacked him.  And as a result of it though, when it should have – when it should have taken many many year – uh months for the bones to be healed – he’s many many – he’s in a body cast, within just a few weeks they went in and checked to see if the bones were just beginning to heal, and they were totally healed already, and they just cut the whole cast off.


SID:  Mm!  Uh b- – a-and do you realize, Randy, if you hadn’t said, “I am NOT experience-based; I’m WORD-based”; if God hadn’t told you that, y9u would have never preached that.  If you had never preached that, that little boy would have been – remained dead!


RANDY:  Thats correct, because the father knew, and he heard the teaching, and he – and he did what he – what I taught.  Now we have, you know, quite a few stories.  Uh, uh matter of fact, we had a woman healed at the V- – Voice of the Apostles in Orlando, Florida two years ago, that was like 14 years of severe pain, and she had died; and was – saw her out of the body; saw herself there.  And uh, through uh prayers, the Lord gave her a choice:  She could go back, but if she went back, she was – I don’t understand this part – would go back into that body of pain, which had been a – a terrible, terrible pain, with nerves that had been crushed and stuff.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  And uh, but she had a little boy, so she went back.  And then for many more – several more years; not many, but several more years, she’s still in this pain.  And the guy who gave me the word about – the night before Toronto – Richard Holcomb, saw her, prayed for her, and she gets one of the most miraculous healings uh I’ve ever heard about!  And was just totally healed, and she’s the personal assistant to the pastor of a 5,000-member church that doesn’t believe in c- – miracles today.  Once the pastor – and he’s very highly-educated – saw her, his personal assistant – so healed, he’s become open to the supernatural.  And it’s a huge Cessationist church.


SID:  Uh how – huh – how many miracles have you had since uh these impartations, and – and miracles have started?  I – I – I – give me an approximation.


RANDY:  I – I – I make a distinction between miracles and healings.  Healings – or miracles that were some –


SID:  Well I’m not going to make a distinction.


RANDY:  Okay.


SID:  I’m going to say put them both together.


RANDY:  Well without that distinction, –


SID:  They’re both supernatural.


RANDY:  all I know is it’s several hundred-thousand.  And just – just a few years ago after I talked to you, Sid, I was a fool, because I told you about all the stuff I see, and you said, “Randy, you’re a fool.”  I said, “WHAT?”  You said, “You need to have a camera”, and I – so I went out and bought cameras and – and since then, w- –




RANDY:  we have hours and hours and hours of video of – of peoples testimony.




RANDY:  And what usually happens, –




RANDY:  we just have the first – the first group to get healed, to come up and give testimony, –


VIDEO:  RANDY:  [unintelligible]


RANDY:  and we don’t have time to – to video everybody else!


SID:  Hm!


RANDY:  And so out of that, –


VIDEO:  YOUNG LADY:  [WEEPING] [unintelligible]


RANDY:  since uh 2009, I have uh 3- – over 300 pages –


VIDEO:  A year ago; a – a year ago I fell, and I broke my foot; uh this foot.  This was a long time – time to live with this disease, which was in January.


RANDY:  of single-spaced uh 12-point type uh testimonies of just the – the video that we have, that’s uh uh transcribed!




VIDEO:  RANDY:  … tonight, and give a shout to the Lord!


RANDY:  And for every testimony I Have on video, we probably have 10 to 20 –


RANDY:  that happened that night we DIDN’T get on video.


SID:  Now what about – what about salvations, when people see all of these miracles?  Uh, –


RANDY:  Well, uh just one – several years ago I was at a church of about 8,000 down in Medellin, and uh, I told the pastor I’d trained about a hundred people in their church, uh, to be on the ministry team.  And I – I told him, and he did – he’d announced it for several weeks in advance what we were going to do.  Uh, a – an hour before church started, we were going to pray for – I say “we” in the sense of the hundred people I’d trained myself.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  We were going to pray for blind, deaf, can’t walk without and aid, or terminally ill, and that’s all we were going to pray for, so we get to focus on the more severe cases, for the first hour.  Well then worship started; went for an hour; and we continued to pray in the back.  I went up to the pastor and I said, uh, and his name was Andrew MacMillan.  I said, “Andrew, I feel like we’re supposed – uh, let me give an invitation right now.  I’m not going to preach a sermon.  There – all theres been is worship, and the people in the back praying for the sick.  Let me give an invitation.”  I did; he gave me permission.  I gave the invitation; hundreds of people got saved.  And he came – and the church is twenty some-odd years old – 23-years old I think.  He said, “Randy, that’s the most people we’ve ever had get saved [PHONE CLICK] one invitation that wasn’t – that’s in the church, you know, excluding being out in a big crusade, you know, out in an arena or something.”  He said, “That’s the most we ever had”, and there was no sermon!


SID:  W-well you know, the anointing is so strong on you, Randy, right now.  I don’t know if you realize it even, but it’s – it – it’s an awesome anointing that I’m – I’m getting the uh – uh the backlash of it, if you will, or the good lash [LAUGHS] of – of it!  Uh people’s bones are being healed right now!  I mean teeth are being healed; backs in particular.  Uh necks, spines.  Uh, Randy, are you catching anything right now?


RANDY:  Well I think someone is uh receiving a healing for a complication that’s dealing like – like uh something like tuberculosis, but it’s a complication from it.  Uh, I don’t know if they got it on the mission field or whatever.  I know it’s pretty much eradicated here in our country, but that’s one of the things I believe that God is showing me is uh is taking place.  Uh, also kidney stones.  Uh, one of the things we’ve seen is people get healed of k- – pray for Kidney stones; and before the service is over, they go to the bathroom, pass the stone.


SID:  Hm.


RANDY:  They’ll scoop them out, clean them off, wash them off, show ’em to us.  And one guy just recently, uh – well within the last year anyway – uh I had a doc – several doctors with me on the team, and the s- – stone that he passed was four times bigger than the opening – the ureter – that it had to go through, and there was no pain or blood.  And he – the doctor said – and I’ve got a picture of it – it’s the – it’s as long as a dime is wide, and about a third the size of a dime uh width.  And the doctor said “That would be like a woman having a 19-pound baby, but the guy didn’t have any pain or pass any blood”.  So I believe that theres kidney stones uh being healed right uh right now.  And uh –


SID:  Uh y-you know the miracle that happens QUITE often in your ministry that uh, uh, i-it’s still huh, I’m in awe over it, and that is people who have metal plates, [CHUCKLES], it’ll turn to bone, or metal bones!  It – it’ll turn – it’ll turn to bone!  Uh, you – how many did you document, you told me the last time we interviewed you?


RANDY:  Well we have between now 13- – between 1,300 and 14,000 – I kind of lost track – people uh who have had chronic pain, or loss of range of motion, who got healed at least 80%, and are able to do what they couldn’t.  Now uh, I’m not saying it’s turned to bone, I’m not – I’m not saying that the metal disappearing, because I can’t prove that.


SID:  Right.


RANDY:  But I can prove that they can do things that they could not do uh of that – that the metal made it impossible to do actually.  And one of the fields –


SID:  Uh w-well you know the best – the best way to prove it is go to an airport.  You have an artificial hip, and all of a sudden they don’t stop you [CHUCKLES] when you go through the uh x-rays!


RANDY:  [CHUCKLING] Yeah!  Well one of the things I – I sent a video to you – you have a link to it – but we had this girl in January; uh, she had a – a large uh steel bar put in her forearm.  And up near the elbow there’s a bump that’s about the size of a – a jumbo egg there underneath the skin, and that’s where the metal’s at.  And her friend is a – just a young girl in her 20s – is – is – or maybe late teens – is praying for it, and it – the girl is testifying that was praying for her; not just the girl that had it.  And they’re kind of be- – beside themselves with excitement, because the girl kept saying, “It’s disappeared!  It just disappeared!”  And then they – I was excited, but man, they finally – they – they came later, and they showed me a picture of the before, of that big lump there, and I – I was thinking maybe a grape, you know.


SID:  Um hm.


RANDY:  But you know, this is like a jumbo egg or a lemon!  It’s huge!  And it [SNAPS FINGERS] instantly just disappeared.  So I do believe stuff like that’s happening.  I – I – I can’t prove it; they don’t have any medical evidence other than I got the picture and the people themselves saying, “I was in this much pain”.  And – and of course, I have had a couple of serious spinal injuries myself form a car accident, and then classical traveler’s back, and I got healed 6 years ago, when I was basically going to have to leave the ministry, or leave the traveling ministry.  The doctors said, “Never get on another plane”, but a guy saw a vision of me – down in New Orleans and I was in Pennsylvania – and he saw an open vision.  He did exa- – he’s awake; he did – in a church service – he did exactly everything the Lord showed him.  He saw my spine, and saw where the stuff had squirted out of my discs – had 3 herniated discs and 2 pinched nerves; and he prayed, and in the morning when I woke up, I was healed.  And a friend of mine – a good friend of mine – just had back surgery for that same nerve, and it takes over 3 years after surgery –


SID:  Uh Randy, uh, I-I have to tell you, when Jesus said, “[You] will do the [same] works I have … do[ne and] even greater …”, He meant it!  Now, if God can use Randy, and the people he trains, look how He wants His – His heart is to start using you!  So I can’t wait to get –


SID:  uh this uh “Power to Heal” curriculum into your hands; it’s his brand-new book.  It’s uh – if you want to do it as a Bible study with others, theres a leader’s guide, and a study guide if you want to do it individually yourself; a DVD study; uh and a bonus.  Uh the bonus includes a brand-new book by Randy called uh, “When Healing Doesn’t Happen”.  And – and what do you do when you’re praying for someone and they’re not healed, or you’re praying for yourself and you’re not healed.  I – know all of you have been questioning things like that, –


SID:  but we’re going to uh – and – and we’re going to have a bonus.  Uh the bonus is a prayer of impartation on CD.  And when you have this uh uh impartation, I want you to listen to it over and over and over again, because [CHUCKLES] amazing things are happening uh where’s he’s not even there in person laying hands on you!  So we’re making the entire package, which would sell for a retail value of $115; but I tell you, this is an investment of $69.  “Investment”, because all profits are poured into Jewish ministry at this “set time to “favor Zion”.  Uh huh, I – I – I have to tell you, of all the people I know, uh the one that has the strongest uh faith for impartation is Dr. Randy Clark!  [CHUCKLES] And I mean the, uh, look at all of these people that have worldwide ministries that he’s prayed for!  What about you?  What about if when we come back for “Something More”, I’ll have him pray this prayer of impartation over you!  [CHUCKLES] Be right back –

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sidroth on September 13th, 2017

MICHAEL BROWN: Hello. I’m Michael Brown filling in for Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it is naturally supernatural. Baal worship in America, channeling spirits in the White House, celebrating immorality in the government, you think it’s too late for our nation, too dark in our nation, but I’m telling you we could be on the verge of the greatest outpouring in America’s history. Are you ready? I’m here with my friend Jonathan Cahn. Jonathan, your book “The Harbinger,” instant national bestseller, really impacted the nation, a warning of coming judgment. You have a new book, “The Paradigm,” which is even more explosive. Tell us about this.


JONATHAN CAHN: “The Paradigm” really is the master blueprint. If you can imagine, what if there was a blueprint about what’s happening right now that goes back almost 3000 years, but lies behind everything that’s happening. This is a biblical paradigm and it’s not like the other dimension of the “The Harbinger.” “The Harbinger” is showing the signs of warning of judgment. Well this is everything else. We are replaying an ancient mystery where we are right now. And it’s amazing and it is something, it’s true, it’s real and it’s there.


MICHAEL BROWN: Where is this paradigm found?


JONATHAN CAHN: Well when you look in the Bible and you look at what happened to ancient Israel, Israel knew God, but they turned away from God. They drove God out of their lives. They called evil good, they promoted immorality and they started lifting up their children as sacrifices to Baal, and they started descending. Well we are replaying that. America has known God. We’ve been replaying. We’ve been calling good evil, we’ve been promoting immorality, we’ve been lifting up our children.


MICHAEL BROWN: So as Israel did—


JONATHAN CAHN: We are doing, exactly. But here’s the thing. It’s not just a general thing. There is a specific period in Israel’s history, in the Bible, a specific period that the apostasy accelerates, it deepens where the leaders actually are promoting it now. It’s almost like a war of culture. Well that period, that special period, that’s where we are now. It’s accelerated and that is where the paradigm actually gets so specific it gives details, it gives names, it gives dates, all that. That’s the setting of “The Paradigm.”


MICHAEL BROWN: Let’s start, let’s focus on an individual, the king in this paradigm.


JONATHAN CAHN: Yes. The culture begins where in the Bible there is a king who rises up and he is the first one who pioneers, he’s like pushing Baal worship, and the name is Ahab, or Achab in Hebrew, Ahab. And he rises up. Now he is a divided man. He was actually raised, his culture is supposed to be about God, but he’s divided. He’s compromised. He’s actually weak willed in many ways, but he launches this war. He’s the first one to actually champion from the throne Baal worship, which is the offering up of children. Now could there be a parallel? Well there is. There’s a man who is, who rises as president. He is Bill Clinton. He’s going to follow the template of Ahab. He’s a man who’s divided, he’s compromised. He actually came from the Bible Belt. He has, he’s weak willed in many ways, but he champions, he’s the first president to champion abortion from the White House. He’s the first president to champion various forms of immorality, and also, by the way, Ahab also is going to be known for scandal as well. But yes, he has someone with him. It’s the first time in Israel’s history that the Bible speaks about a team, a king and queen, both engaging in this culture war. And so who’s the other one? The other one is of course Jezebel. Again, we got to pray for everyone. But Jezebel, Jezebel, she’s the daughter of a pagan priestess, she actually, who worships Ashtoreth. This is, that was her father who worshiped that. So she’s steeped in female power. She’s goes, she’s from a cosmopolitan culture, but she moves to a conservative culture to be with her husband. Okay, that’s where he’s from. But she maintains her identity. She will champion, she will see biblical traditional values as deep-seated religious beliefs as a hindrance. She will war against them. She will also champion, she’s the champion of Baal worship. And so her main cause is the offering up of children in the end. So what is the parallel? Well it’s very clear and that is not that Bill Clinton was, not alone. It was a team for the first time in American history. You had a president and a co, kind of co-presidency and you have, she is, Hillary Clinton is an advocate of female power, advocate of abortion. She literally said deep-seated religious beliefs have to be changed.


MICHAEL BROWN: All right. So hang on. You’re saying that the same way that it happened in Israel, same timeframes in some prophetic sense from God is being lived out again, even to the same dates?


JONATHAN CAHN: Yes. Let me give you an example. Bill Clinton, when did he come on the national stage? Well he was elected as Governor of Arkansas. He goes right from there, later on he becomes President. So ’79, so when did he end? It was 2001, his office is ended. He leaves the presidency. So you have 1979 to 2001. How many years? It’s 22 years. Open up the Bible to what it says. How long was Ahab? Ahab, the days of Ahab were 22 years, the same exact.


MICHAEL BROWN: All right, so you have Ahab with this Jezebel. Again, we’re not calling Hillary Clinton Jezebel. We’re praying for her.


JONATHAN CAHN: Yes, it’s a template. You got to pray. It’s a template.


MICHAEL BROWN: You got to pray. It’s a template. But she brings in stuff with her, doesn’t she?


JONATHAN CAHN: Well what does the Bible say about Jezebel? It’s not saying that she knew what she was doing, that Hillary Clinton knew what she was dong. But Jezebel, it says literally, “Brought in priests of the gods and goddesses into the palace to the highest throne.” You see that in the Bible. Well could that happen? It may be crazy. How would it happen with the White House? Well it actually happened. In the Clinton years, what happens is the Clintons actually bring spiritual advisors, they’re not biblical, they’re new age advisors, to Camp David and to the White House, and literally, they have sessions, this is Hillary Clinton, has a woman there who’s called a high priestess who actually speaks of the goddesses. She had a goddess around her neck, an image of a goddess around her neck. She actually, the worship of these goddesses in the time of Jezebel involved channeling, involved speaking to the dead.




JONATHAN CAHN: Something like that, and actually they had channeling in the White House. Hillary Clinton was actually speaking as someone who was not, who was dead, and the actual, this woman actually spoke, she wrote a book about speaking to the gods and goddesses, and she actually mentions the goddess of Jezebel in her book. And they actually had these sessions in the White House, so even this took place. Crazy, but it actually happened in the book, “The Paradigm.”


MICHAEL BROWN: All right, friend, we are just getting started. You won’t believe what’s coming next.

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sidroth on August 19th, 2017

SID: Now Jack, 20 years ago you were involved in a very, very serious car accident. The devil tried to take you out. What happened?


JACK: I was hit by a 25-ton asphalt truck. I was driving a Geo Metro. They’re primarily made up of aluminum. The cop drove up and he said that guy didn’t make it because it was so badly squashed. It blew out my aorta. I was bleeding to death internally. It ripped my liver in half. It smushed it like a watermelon, eight broken ribs, compound fractures. My hip was broken in two places. I was spurting blood. There happened to be a pediatrician behind me.


SID: Just happened.


JACK: Just happened. And I watched the young man, you know, pacing, that hit me, and he said, “Oh my God, I’ve killed a priest.” And my heart was broken. I was six minutes from one of the best trauma centers in the country. The doctor came out and he said, “Sir, you’re probably not going to ever walk again. The lower extremity nerves had been deprived of oxygen.” And he said, “If you live 20 hours, you’ll make it.” But he said, “I don’t believe you’re going to ever walk again.” I saw him pushing a wheelchair and what came out of my mouth was what I had been putting in for years, the Word of God. The Word of God, what came out of my mouth is, “Doctor, somebody up there likes me and you’re going to do a fantastic job.” And I passed out.


SID: You had an encounter where you were taken to Heaven.


JACK: On the 20th hour my blood pressure went from 300 over 200 and went to climbing, and I left my body. They coded me and I was instantly in the arms of Jesus.


SID: Coded means you’re dead.


JACK: You’re dead, yes. And they, Jesus had me under a tree in paradise, and I’m in his lap, and I knew that my wife, we had lost a little boy to leukemia when he was seven years old, and I knew Anna Marie, my wonderful bride, could not take another one. We had an intercessor that saw death coming to get me. She was in the chapel. And she stood up and she said, “No, you can’t have him! It’s not his time!” Jesus looked over my shoulder. I didn’t know what he looked at, but I saw him look at something over my shoulder. He heard her and I knew I was out of there. That’s all I know is I knew I was out of there. And I looked at him, and I said, “Can I be a part of the last great harvest?”


SID: What did he say?


JACK: He said, “If you want to.” And he is the kindest, most beautiful, most loving, the most amazing human being anywhere in a billion universes. And I want to tell you, when I came into my body, I told Anna Marie, “He’s got the bluest eyes you have ever seen.” And I started speaking in a language that was not from this world. It was parabolic. She said it was symbolic, it was different images, it was different concepts. It was a language. She said, That man must have gone to Heaven because nobody has ever talked that way before.”


SID: But what happened to that body that was destroyed?


JACK: Well I believe—


SID: You could never walk again. That’s obvious.


JACK: Well the liver was the big problem because they said, “You’re going to have to have a transplant, and so you’re going to be in the hospital for six weeks.” So on the seventh day all my liver functions went normal and I got a brand new liver. I love my liver. I just love my liver.


SID: Okay. Very quickly, you recently had an encounter with God and he gave you a message to give us. What is it?


JACK: Yes. It was supernatural, a sign and a wonder. I poured coffee into a Melitta filter and it was instantly sucked down into the cup. Melitta filters take a long time for the coffee to filter down into the cup. It was a supernatural sign. I picked up the filter thinking maybe there was a hole in it. It would have plugged the hole up in the plastic part. And I stopped, and I said, “What are you saying to me?” And this is what he said, “What I’m about to do on this earth is going to happen so fast your mind is not going to be able to keep up with it. O, I come quickly,” the Lord says. I believe we’re in that season.


SID: The greatest harvest in history, is it for everyone or just special people?


JACK: Yes. No, it’s for every person. It’s going to take everybody. One person can’t do this. Fifteen evangelists can’t do it. It’s going to take people all over the world. It’s going to hit simultaneously. It’s going to hit every nation at the same time. You’re not going to have to go to one location to have revival. Revival is going to be everywhere.


SID: I want you to pray for impartation of that fire right now.


JACK: I want you to know that there is a gift that comes from Heaven. It comes from the Throne of God. Daniel saw it. It’s a river of fire that comes out of Heaven and every river that is in Heaven is destined for this earth. So Father, will you send that river of fire into the body of Christ, even into your people right now, Lord God. Burn up diseases. Burn up. You are a consuming fire, my Father God. Are these not angels of fire ministering spirits of fire that right now are being sent to lost loved ones, to those that are broken, those that are separated from God. I declare right now fire is burning up separation from God. You are not abandoned. You have not being left alone. You have not been orphaned. God is healing separation right now between you and him. And God, I thank you. You’re burning up mental disease. You’re burning up dementia in the name of Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus, Lord, there is psoriasis that is disappearing by the fire. You’re feeling the fire on your body right now. I thank you, my Father God. There is a hip situation that’s so bad you’re talking about surgery. God, burn it up right now. GERD, in the name of Jesus, we know what stops you. Fire is what kills fire. That’s what the firemen say. Fire in the mountains, fire will kill the fire. So Lord, send a fire of your spirit right now and burn up that GERD that is destroying that man’s throat in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for releasing a religious spirit off of people, Lord God, where they come into the mighty power of who you are and they flow with you. Like Wigglesworth said, “The church is gonna learn how to flow with the medical community and they will become one, and there will be miracles, and signs and wonders that will follow in the name of Jesus Christ.


SID: And I want you to say, that’s me. I receive.

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sidroth on August 12th, 2017

LARRY: Welcome back to Something More. I’ve got Judy Franklin with me, and we’re talking about how you can [music ends] actually experience and encounter God – specifically God’s invitation for you – to know, and experience, and engage Him in the Heavenly realms. You know, Judy just shared a powerful story – her testimony – of how God began a process in her life of actually taking her in to the Heavenly realms where she would experience God, and Jesus. And this wouldn’t just be concept stuff; this wouldn’t just be in her imagination. I mean uh Judy, how did that all play out? Like how did you actually experience God, in this realm? Was it a physical experience? Well, I mean could you explain the nature of what it was like?


JUDY: I’ve been trying to explain it for 19 years now.


LARRY: Well we’re going to figure it out today.


JUDY: (laughs) Yes!


LARRY: No; nah. (laughs)


JUDY: (laughs) Um, you know, you have a spirit; everybody has a spirit; and I found the Scripture, in Ephesians, where Paul

is saying, “I pray that the eyes of your heart —”




JUDY: “[would] be enlightened”, and I thought, “eyes of your heart”, what is that? So I did a study on it, and the “heart” actually means your spirit!




JUDY: “I pray that the eyes of your [spirit would] be enlightened….” So that – well my spirit has eyes!




JUDY: And then I thought about when Jesus was always saying, “He who has ears … let him hear.” I know there’s deaf people, but not that many that He would say it as often as He did. I realized what He was doing was talking about our spiritual ears, —




JUDY: and how we can hear from Him! And then I know that when you speak in tongues, that you’re speaking a spiritual language.


LARRY: Um hm.


JUDY: And in

1 Corinthians, it says the “… mind is unfruitful”, because the spirit is speaking.


LARRY: As we – as we close out this segment, why do you – would you tell the people why it’s

so important to have an experiential relationship with God; where it’s not just information, but it’s a relationship. And there – and it’s creating that hunger, “I want to experience God”.


JUDY: Well the way the Father did it with me is He – I was sitting, minding my own business, and He said, “Ronald Reagan.”


LARRY: (laughs)


JUDY: And he

was our President at that time, —


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: and I just said, “Yeah, he’s our President.”


LARRY: (laughs)


JUDY: And then He said um, “You can read about Ronald Reagan everyday”; I said, “Yes, in books and newspapers”. He said, “You can hear about him every day”; I said, “Yeah, television news, and radio”. And – and He said, “You’re affected by what he does”;

I said, “Oh yeah. He signs bills and laws into our – life”. And then He said, “How well do you know him?”




JUDY: “I don’t know.”


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: He says, “You can read about Me every day.”




JUDY: I said, “Oh yeah; the Bible, and books, and -“; He says, “You can hear about Me every day”; I said “Yeah; CDs, tapes, you know, television”. And He said, “You’re affected by what I do”; I said, “Oh, yes!” He said, “How well do you know Me?”




JUDY: I said, “I don’t.”




JUDY: “I know what the Word says about You”, —


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: “but I don’t know You.”


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: And from that time on, I wanted to know Who He was.


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: And there’s a way to know Who He is! There’s a way in this realm that He takes you into, that you can go face-to-face with Him! You know the Word says if you see God you’ll die.


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: Absolutely the truth; —




JUDY: I almost did. But in the spiritual, you can see!


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: And I – you can be face-to-face with Him; you can see the face of God. You can – every time you look at Him, or His Son, or the Holy Spirit, all you see is love, —




JUDY: because that’s Who He is. He doesn’t have love; He is love!




JUDY: And that changes lives, when you know how much He loves you and accepts you! You become bolder, because you know He loves you!


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: It changes lives, to know His love!


LARRY: Judy, I feel – and again, I – I feel like the Holy Spirit’s really moving on this right now. And again, for those of you who are watching, what – well – when the Lord really asked Judy this question, “How well do you know me?”, what I love about her response is it was not a response of, “Oh, you know God, I’m so sorry”, feeling uh shame, or guilt; “Oh God, I don’t know You”; “Uh, I don’t know You as well as I want to”. And maybe there’s some of you who are watching where you’ve made a decision for Jesus; you’ve – you’ve said “Yes”, you’ve said, “Jesus, forgive me of my sin, be my Lord, my Savior”; but in your heart right now, even as Judy is speaking, and you’re listening to how she’s encounter God, and experienced God, there’s this hunger in your heart saying, “God, I – I – I really want to know You more; there must be more”. That’s the whole point of this – this show, is we want to expose you to the “more” of God. I’ve got good news: I – I promise you, again, there’s no shame, there’s no guilt; there’s no, “Well you don’t know God as well as you should”; there’s only this call from Heaven, that’s I believe extending out to you right now, saying, “Come up here”; there – “there is more”. And I’m not going to just bait you along and say, “There’s more of Me to experience, but you can’t have that while you’re living on Earth”; I can tell you, as a fact, that there’s more of God for you to experience here and now on Earth. And I believe the very reason that you’re hungry for more, is God birthed that hunger in you! Judy, would you mind just s- – speaking to the audience right now? And would you pray, as we get ready for our next segment where we’re going to actually take people into this process – into this process of what a Heavenly encounter looked like. Would you just pray for them, as they’re crying out, saying, “God, I want to know You more”?


JUDY: Yes! [music] Father, I pray right now, for all the people that are listening to this. That You so make this realm real to them; —




JUDY: that this is what they’ll want to go after. Father, I pray anything that would stop them, that You would point it out to them, because You want to see them more than they want to see You, because You love so perfectly. You love Your children so much, and You’re calling to all of them, “Come up here”. So we believe You to do this right now, in Jesus’ name, amen.


LARRY: Amen, and amen. We’ll be right back, and we’re going to actually tell you how you can engage God in this experiential realm, where you can actually “Come up here” [music ends], and experience Him [music] at a whole new level.


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sidroth on August 5th, 2017

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest has had meetings all over the world where a hundred percent of the people in attendance get physically healed. But what happens when an incurable disease goes into his home? Many people suffer needlessly. My guest says no more! So you go to spirit-filled churches. They believe in healing, Pentecostal churches. You see a little bit and then you get hit with really a chronic back condition. And so what was your first thought when you found out what was wrong with you?


ART: Well I believed God could heal. I just didn’t know if he would. And you know, the doctor told me I was going to have surgery. I was going to have to go through all these things. So I just went along with it, took the pain medication I was supposed to take. He said, “You’re a little young for the surgery.” But I didn’t have a lot of hope that I would definitely be healed until the Lord started teaching me about healing ministry and I realized what was available.


SID: What was wrong with your back?


ART: I had degenerative disk disease.


SID: That sounds bad.


ART: Yes. I wasn’t allowed to lift more than 30 pounds. My back would go out two to four times a year. I’d be on strict bed rest two weeks at a time and I was miserable all the time, constant chronic pain. But the healing happened in April 2011. I started healing ministry, however, in August 2009. So for a year and a half I watched other people’s backs get healed and watched them receive the miracle that I knew Jesus paid for, for me, and just had to persevere through that and hold fast to the truth that Jesus wanted it.


SID: But a major, major key happened in your life when you went to Heaven. Tell me about it.


ART: Yes. I had this one experience where I fell on my face. In my vision I saw Heaven. I fell on my face and I was on this road that was just like reflective, really. And I saw my reflection, and I was so overwhelmed with the experience I just looked at this reflection. I said, “Jesus, I’m tired of seeing myself. I want to see you.” And in that moment my reflection spoke back and he said, “You do see me.” And that’s when I realized the reality of Galatians 2:20, that I was crucified with Christ. I no longer live. Christ lives in me. He’s there. He’s here. He’s in all of us. So Paul said to the Corinthian Church, in Chapter 11, First Corinthians, he said that, “One of the reasons that there are weak and sick, and even dead people among you is because you failed to discern the Lord’s body.” Now he says this in the context on the teaching of communion. So we easily go to the bread, somehow we’re supposed to discern Jesus in there. But the context of First Corinthians, even that whole area, is we the people are the body of Christ and we have to be walking in fellowship with each other. One of the problems we run into is, you know, people will drive for hours and hours to get to one of my meetings, but I’m like, I feel bad because I want to let them know, you know, you could have just reached out touched the person who sits next to you in church every week. That’s just as much the body of Jesus as anyone. First Corinthians 6 says that our bodies are members of Christ himself. Our bodies are members of Christ himself. That means I am a physical extension of Jesus and so is every believer who the Spirit of God dwells inside of.


SID: At your meetings, why do you tell one person to pray for another?


ART: So when I got into healing ministry I started studying the scriptures and I saw Jesus say things, like in John 14:12, he said, “Everyone who believes in me will do the same things I’ve been doing.” You know, “These signs accompany those who believe.” So I realized this was for everyone. In Acts, Chapter 5, all the believers were gathering together in Solomon’s collonade and it says just a couple of verses later that the people brought all the sick and demon-possessed, and all of them were healed. So there is a biblical precedent, post-Jesus for 100 percent results and it was happening as all the believers gathered and ministered to each other. So I just teach people how to do this, which really is just put your hand there and let Jesus do the heavy lifting, and then we turn them loose on each other and we watch what God does. I’m an ordinary believer just like anybody.


SID: You’re telling me anyone that’s an ordinary believer can do what you as an ordinary believer do.


ART: Absolutely. In fact, the first 25 years of my life, no miracles, and I prayed for lots of people to be healed. And all of a sudden when I realized Jesus wants it, he paid for it, he wouldn’t pay for something he didn’t want, that it’s something that’s available in the scriptures, and that it’s for all believers to do, I was like, oh, I’m out of excuses. There is nothing that I have to hold onto to say, well I can disqualify myself. If you believe, you fit the qualifications. If anyone says, I feel unworthy, they’re right. There is no such thing as being worthy to minister miracles. There is no such thing as being worthy of anything in the Christian life. It’s all about Jesus being worthy.


SID: You see tens of thousands of miracles. So what happens to Art when he develops Crohn’s disease?


ART: Actually, it’s interesting, the last time I was on your show I was up the night before with cramping in my stomach, wondering, God, what is going on? How do I survive this thing? And I was struggling. I had come back from Africa and had some bleeding issues, and I was afraid, did I get a parasite or what? Well it turns out I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease about a year later. And several months after that I wrote a blog post on my website and told my readers, you know, “The only common denominator of all the miracles in the Gospels was somebody who made contact with Jesus.” And I said, “You, if you’re seeking a miracle, you need to make contact with Jesus and here’s the good news, just as we were talking, we’re the body of Christ, grab the shirtsleeve of the person next to you at church this Sunday.” And so I also said, “Now I want you to know I’m not speaking from some ivory tower telling you something that I don’t understand. I’m in this with you. I’ve got Crohn’s disease right now and I’m struggling with the pain of it. Sometimes I’m laying hands on other people with my stomach twisted in knots.” I said, “But I’m going after this thing because Jesus deserves what he paid for.” People hit “Reply” on that email list.


SID: Not you deserve, Jesus deserves.


ART: Oh come on, he deserves it.


SID: Do you get that?


ART: Yes.


SID: Big distinction.


ART: People hit “Reply” on that email list and they were writing me saying the things that I had been teaching them to do. They’re typing in there, “Crohn’s disease, leave in Jesus’ name. Be healed in Jesus’ name.” I’m reading these emails and I’m thinking to myself, this is the moment for me to take my own advice. These are ordinary people. Nobody has a clue who they are. I don’t know who they are, but that’s the body of Jesus speaking to me right now. And I said, “Jesus, I thank you for ministering to me right now.” The very next day, 80 percent of the symptoms were gone and by the end of the month, completely healed. And now it’s been over a y year.


SID: Now you say, okay, but Art knows a lot. Do you know what he told me? His two-year-old son can do it. If his two-year-old son can do it, so can you. We’ll be right back.

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sidroth on July 15th, 2017

SID: Eddie, why is it, it seems as though, from my observation, God goes out of his way to reach broken people, broken hearted people, addicts, people whose marriages have been destroyed, people whose health is destroyed. There are people watching us in hospitals right now. Why does God go after those people so intensely?


EDDIE: One, because he loves them. First and foremost, he sees you as his daughter, as his son. He loves you and has just a burning heart to see you whole and free. Second of all, he created you for his Glory and those things were not what you were created for. And so he wants to release healing and victory into your life so that you could begin to manifest what a true worshiper is all about. A true worshiper is one who worships God in spirit and in truth. In spirit, meaning you’re fascinated with God. So in spirit you’re inner man is given to the Lord and from that place of true devotion in your heart your lifestyle begins to carry out what that devotion is like.


SID: You talk about this broken, broken woman at the well. Tell me about her.


EDDIE: Well Jesus goes to Samaria and finds this woman at Jacob’s well. And at Jacob’s well she’s coming there to draw water, and Jesus, being a Jew, is interacting with this woman who her gender, her culture and her condition in her life would totally disqualify her from being in the presence of Jesus Christ. And yet, Jesus meets this woman, brings healing and deliverance into this woman’s life and she becomes a voice of worship to her community. And so when you begin to think of who God is, he’s holy, he’s faithful, he’s a refuge, he’s a fortress, he is love, he is joy, he is peace, you begin to meditate on that. Many times in the scripture, David talks about him meditating on the Lord and pondering on who God is, and just dwelling on him in your thinking, filling your inner man with the knowledge of God. That position in our heart gives way to actions. I need to be fascinated with Jesus and I’m so fascinated with him that my lifestyle is a picture of my fascination.


SID: Would you pray for us to be fascinated with Jesus so we can have the breakthrough we need right now.


EDDIE: Amen. God, in the name of Jesus, I pray, God, for the silencing of every voice that does not speak to the heart of who you are in the lives of those who are watching. And I pray, God, for an inward fascination. Father, I pray, God, when they open up the Word that the Word would be opened up to them, Father, that it would not just be pages and just letters on pages, but it would be life that something would stir in them as they begin to read, as they begin to pray. May they so sense your presence as they begin to seek your face. May they so be gripped with who you are that every day of their life all they want to do is live to your pleasure.


SID: In his Glory, this is where breakthrough is found. Seek to be a true worshiper. Bring your brokenness, your sin, your addictions, your sickness. In true worship you will encounter Jesus. You will encounter his glory. You will encounter breakthrough. Here’s Eddie James with “Breakthrough”.


Eddie James [music, singing]: You are the undefeated One, my light and my salvation, when the wicked, my enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Omnipotent, Almighty, defender, my victory, my refuge, the One I run to, you are the God, you are the God of the breakthrough. If you have found your breakthrough tonight, clap your hands and shout breakthrough! Breakthrough, You are the God of the breakthrough and when I can’t see my way through and I really don’t know what to do. I look to You. Breakthrough. Walls fall down when I shout through. Strongholds break when I pray through so I’m gonna praise You, you are the God. You are the God of the breakthrough. Breakthrough. You are the God of the breakthrough. When I can’t see my way through and I really don’t know what to do. I look to You. Breakthrough. Walls fall down when I shout through. Strongholds break when I pray through. So I’m gonna praise You. You are the God. You are the God of the breakthrough. Breakthrough  in my heart, Breakthrough – in my mind, Breakthrough – in my spirit, Breakthrough – in my soul, Breakthrough – in my weakness. Breakthrough – in my struggle. You are the God. You are the God of the. Breakthrough – in my worship. Breakthrough – in my praise. Breakthrough – when I lift and glorify your Name. Breakthrough – when I dance. Breakthrough – when I shout. You are the God. You are the God of the. Breakthrough. You are the God of the breakthrough. When I can’t see my way through and I really don’t know what to do. I look to You. Breakthrough. Walls fall down when I shout through. Strongholds break when I pray through. So I’m gonna praise You, You are the God. You are the God of the breakthrough. Breakthrough – in my heart. Breakthrough – in my mind. Breakthrough – in my spirit. Breakthrough – in my soul. Breakthrough – in my weakness. Breakthrough – in my struggle. You are the God .You are the God of the Breakthrough – in my worship. Breakthrough – in my praise. Breakthrough – when I lift and glorify your Name. Breakthrough – when I dance. Breakthrough – when I shout. You are the God .You are the God of the, You are the God. You are the God of the breakthrough. Breakthrough.


Eddie James [music, singing]: In the name of Jesus…

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sidroth on July 8th, 2017

SID: Eddie, so many people are watching right now and the question they have on their heart is how do I have, isn’t that what you’re thinking, how do I have a Jesus encounter?


EDDIE: Well first of all, for some, a Jesus encounter, for many of us really, a Jesus encounter is something that we don’t necessarily plan. He comes and he visits, and he does something in us. But I believe that how you continue to have them is through a seeking heart. He says, “If you draw nigh to me I will draw nigh to you.” And I believe that what ends up happening, especially for believers, is that we have this moment with God and then we don’t allow the moment to provoke a lifestyle of pursuit. And I believe that we have to silence all the voices that aren’t from the Lord, everything that is being spoken into your life through music, through media, whatever. Sometimes when you just shut everything down and silence everything and begin to meditate on him, and become fascinated with him again, the encouragement here is to do your first works over again. If you can remember that day when you had such a burning heart for God that nothing else mattered but being in his presence, you need to get back that. Because I don’t care who you are, you will never get above that.


SID: If someone can have an understanding of true worship they can have a Jesus encounter and that’s the only real fix there is in life.


EDDIE: Nothing else satisfies. Nothing else can, you know, it’s interesting when you look at the story of the prodigal in the pig pen. That he was going to silence the growl of his hunger with stuff that could never satisfy, and would ultimately destroy him. That he came to himself and said, “In my father’s house, he’s got servants that live better than this.” So he realized that the place that will ultimately satisfy is in the place of his father. And I believe that for those who are watching this, you need to know that I don’t care what you turn to, I don’t care if it seems to be good, I don’t care if it seems to be a legitimate thing that’s okay to do, it was never meant to satisfy the eternal longing of the heart. The only one who can do that is Jesus. And when you live in that place, I’m telling you, there’s nothing else like it. There’s nothing more fulfilling than to know that Jesus Christ is the ultimate satisfier of your soul. I just encourage this. Take all the restrictions and all of the boundaries off and live life with Christ. Live life with him. Yes, take some time and be intimate and get by yourself, but then don’t leave that place and then act as if, okay, now I did my hour, now it’s me. No, it’s Jesus 24/7. It is Jesus consistently that he guides you, he directs you, he’s speaking into your life. He’s letting you know, watch for that, I’m proud of you for doing that, that’s awesome. Be cautious of that. And allowing that voice, that presence of Jesus to be what you live in every day. This is to me is what Enoch did. This is what Obed-Edom did and their lives were so enriched because they lived daily in the presence of the Lord.


SID: You know, all things are possible. Eddie, if you would go to your piano, all things are possible in the presence of God. And when you experience the presence, there’s fullness of joy.


EDDIE: Amen.


SID: Now you can’t have fullness of joy and problems at the same time. There’s no room for problems.


Eddie James [music, singing]: Hear the cry of the broken people (come, Yeshua, come). In need of revelation and truth (come, Yeshua, come). You’re our High Priest and the lamb slained (come, Yeshua, come). Salvation is only found in You (come, Yeshua, come). (come) Come in glory and power (come). Your people need You this hour. (come) All that You would render Heavens and manifest Your presence (come) Bring peace to Israel. (come) From the rise that moved the veil. (come) Lord, the spirit and the pride say come.

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sidroth on July 1st, 2017

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest Eddie James says if you are fascinated with God you will have a Jesus encounter. He just got back from Heaven and there is an anointing that will cause you to be fascinated with God and have your own Jesus encounter. You know, Eddie James, every time I meet someone that has known the Lord from a very young age, you provoke me to jealousy because you didn’t have to go through all the junk. I didn’t even know who Jesus was until I was 30. But you’re singing for the Lord, you’re singing in church. But one thing I’ve observed about you, yes, I love your worship ministry because you sing to God, and there’s something very special about it, but there’s something else that intrigues me. You have such a broken heart for the hurting and the lost. Obviously it came from God, but how did you get such a broken heart for the hurting?


EDDIE: I come from a great family. The Lord has really used our family. Our family fell on some hard times and eventually my mother and father were broken apart, and there was a definite wound that happened in my heart as a result of that. And it’s interesting how you could be ministering in church and [are] still bleeding. But the Lord has done a work in my life and I believe that that sense of brokenness plays a huge role into why my heart has been tender. I’ll never forget when I began to work with Teen Challenge, which wass my first worship leading job, which was when I did Assembly of God Church with the Teen Challenge program, they began to take in these people that would come in from the streets, and I was blown away by that. I can remember like it was yesterday, I am watching this father who had two sons that had just begin to, you know, one was nine and one was like seven, and they had just shared a scripture in front of a couple thousand people, and I’m on the keyboard. And it was great. The whole church stood up and clapped as we were kind of doing that. And as I looked to my right, the father comes to these boys, and says, “I’m so proud of you. I’m so just moved by what you did.” And I saw a picture of what I had longed for, and I began to break. I just began to weep. And I could remember that like yesterday, just that moment for some reason triggered and unlocked this deep pain that I had been carrying for so long. And it was through that experience that the people—


SID: There is something that happens for a true worshiper.




SID: That whatever the world has done to you, you can be free.


EDDIE: That’s exactly right.


SID: You take people off the streets that are hardened, drug addicts.




SID: But something just happened to you. You actually had a portal come down from Heaven. Tell me briefly about that.


EDDIE: The Holy Spirit just met us. We were in this extended time of seeking, fasting and prayer. The Holy Spirit hits me and I am on the floor, and I’m not just one prone to fall out. But I am on the floor and my spirit begins to go up into what I can only describe as this portal that opens up over Heaven and this, what seems to be a beam of light that connects where I’m at to the heavenly place. And my spirit begins to go into that place of glory and that place of the presence of the Lord, and there I am getting books from Heaven beginning to be put into my spirit, filled with songs or filled with just new creative writings that I would be doing in the earth. And so I would go back and forth and my spirit would go into Heaven, grab these books and then come back into my spirit, and I could feel my body responding to what the Holy Spirit is doing in me at that time. It changed my life.


SID: Since this visitation to Heaven, just in your worship, miracles are breaking out. Tell me a few recent miracles.


EDDIE: Okay. This has been awesome. So we were in the Philippines and just conducting an amazing meeting. And there was a woman in a wheelchair, she comes up to be healed, and the Lord miraculously heals this woman. She is running around the stadium. I pick up the wheelchair and I’m running around with the wheelchair behind this woman who actually is magnifying the Lord. We’re also in the streets of Manilla and there’s a, we’re doing an outreach and there’s a lady there who the doctor said that her baby was dead. There’s no heartbeat and they’re getting ready to take the baby out. And we begin to pray to release healing into this woman, and the baby begins to kick as our hands were on the lady’s stomach. Crazy stuff.


SID: I have to tell you, I love the pop-up miracles in Haifa, Israel.


EDDIE: Oh Jesus. Okay, so we were there for the Feast of Tabernacles and I’m telling you, it was an amazing moment. I’m there really just leading worship. I’m standing there getting ready to do a teaching, and as I’m doing that, they just begin to pop up and say, “I just want you to know my knees got healed.” Somebody says, “I just want you to know God just healed my back and my shoulders.” And somebody else gets up and begins to declare how God is healing them of something in their ear, something in their eye. It just pops, people just popping up sharing how God, I’m sitting here like, wow. I’m just teaching and people are celebrating.


SID: You’re an observer. You get to that piano, because when he plays, “Be Healed” and sings those words, watch out, pop-up miracles.


Eddie James [music, singing]: If your heart is broken and your spirit wounded, and you see when the one is there for you, have your troubles your tears, pain and fear, and you don’t know what to do, I have a word from Heaven today. Be healed, be healed. He said rise take your bed and go on to do his will. Be healed, be healed. Let his blood make you better ’cause Jesus breaks every fetter. You don’t have to stay the same. O Lord, be healed.

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