sidroth on October 19th, 2018


SID: [music] I wonder if there are some people here that want to share a testimony, something, not something you saw yesterday, or even this afternoon, or something that happened to you yesterday. Or even, this afternoon. I’m wondering if there are any of you that would like to share something that happened to you tonight. Either, a vision. You saw something, or you did something you haven’t done before. Raise your hand, if you’d like to share and come forward, please. Just come on forward if your hand’s up. Come on. What’s going on with you?

Lady: When she started singing ├▒ Well, I have had a pain in my chest about 3 or 4 days, and it was real bad. And I just kept praying and praying, but it would never go away. I prayed this prayer too. [laughs] but I said, I listened to this Mexican guy that you had on there.

SID: mm um

Lady 1: and he was saying walking in the Spirit. And I asked God, ‘How can I go to Florida? I can’t go to Florida.’ I said, ‘I know I need that.’ And He said, ‘Go to Sid Roth, where you use to work.’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s right.’ So anyway, one of the girls invited me here, and as she was playing, and you told us to just get in the Spirit as she was playing, and I did. And at first it didn’t go away, it seemed like it got harder. The pain, real hard pain like somebody was sticking a knife, an ice pick in my chest. And I said I’m not going to give up. And I just kept praying, and praying, and praying. And it’s gone! It is not there.

SID: Praise God

AUDIENCE: [clapping]

SID: Both of you come up. Come on, everyone. What happened to you?

Lady 2: Well, for a while now, I’ve been hearing about open doors, and feeling like I’m standing on the other side of the door waiting to walk through the threshold of what God has for my life. And so I feel like it’s for everyone here. When I was worshipping, I heard the Lord say, I saw myself standing on the threshold of a door. And I was praying in the Spirit, and I felt as if I was asking Him for strength, to go through the door, through the threshold into the next part of my journey. And I heard him say, I’m imparting to you today, tonight the strength of the next leg of your journey to walk through the threshold. So that’s for everyone.

AUDIENCE: [clapping]

SID: I like that. I like that.

Lady 3: Well, I’ve been coming here for the past 4 or 5 shows. And every time, I’ve been here, I’ve heard the name, Katherine. And just the last show, I saw that she had some sort of heart disease or a heart clog. And then Julie started playing, and then I saw the whole, I saw the girl. And she looks like around my age, 14 or 15. And she is suffering from a lot of stress, and it’s like slowly just dissipating. But it’s still there, but it’s still heart disease.

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sidroth on October 8th, 2018

You see nothing’s changed with me as far as the message will never change. It’ll never change. The reason God gave me this vision, this recent vision is because He knows my message will never change. I won’t take it, tweak it, make it my own and turn it into a money cash cow, a money machine. He knows I won’t do that. He knows I’ll share it just the way it was given. So everyone bow your heads. Everyone at home I want you to bow your heads. There are people here that you’ve drifted away from God.

You’re not where you should be with the Lord and you know it. You’ve allowed sin to creep into your life. It can be anything. It can be jealousy. It can be hatred. It can be adulterous thoughts. It can be pornography. Sir, there’s always three witness. The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. There’s no such thing as one o’clock in the morning on the internet no one sees you. There’s always three witnesses. Ma’am, God knows if you’re more interested in that other man than you are your husband. He knows everyone in this room. He knows everyone watching at home. If you need Jesus Christ to forgive you, you know you’re not where you should be with Jesus.

You’re going to be totally honest. You’re going to be totally honest. And that’s where this sword that I talked about a few minutes ago, that’s what’s going to happen. A sword’s coming down. And what the sword does it separates honesty from lies. It separates light from darkness. It separates truth from heresy. It’s sharp. It comes down and people’s hearts are split wide open. They’re undone. The other day I had to stop someone from coming forward in the crusade because I hadn’t given the altar call yet. Think about that. Couldn’t wait to get saved. Couldn’t wait to get right with God. Why? The sword came down. Pierced his heart. Everyone bowed, no one looking around. If you need forgiveness, you know you’re not where you should be with Jesus. At home and in this room. I’m going to count to three.

When I get to three you put up your hand, put it right back down. And this day, this day, on this day everything’s going to turn around. And you’re going to make a concerted effort to live for Jesus all the days of your life. If you need forgiveness on the count of three put your hand up and put it right back down. It doesn’t matter who you’re here with. You could be a pastor, you could be a layperson it does not matter. If you need forgiveness put your hand up put it right back down on the count of three. One, two, three. Up and back down. Up and back down. Up and back down. I’m not going to have anyone come forward right now because two thirds of the crowd raised their hand. Thank you. You hear me? Thank you. You say, “Well Brother Steve, I’m not getting saved, I’m just getting right with God.” Thank you. Thank you. Who’s worse off? Someone who’s right, who, who knows the Lord but is in sin or someone who’s never known the Lord?

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sidroth on September 27th, 2018

SANDRA: Aren’t we? We’re still in the process, aren’t we, of developing and growing with God. But He isn’t going to come back yet if I came out there and said “You don’t look like you have met Jesus. You don’t look like you belong to Him. And I was following you down the street and I just happened to see this place that you went in here and I heard you say this and I heard you to say, say that and I don’t believe that you’re saved at all!” You would be insulted! And you would just tell me “Well, I am bless God!” I can hear you now. You know “I am, bless God!” And I would say “Well, you don’t act like it!” And you would say “But I am! The Bible says it.” And “Jesus forgives me. And the Bible says it.” Why don’t you do the same thing with healing? The Bible says you’re healed.

The Bible says that you’re, that He sent His Word. And then He said, you know in Psalms 103, He said “Don’t forget your benefits.” And then He listed a benefit. You know why He said “don’t forget it?” Because you and I forget. We forget and we forget that not only did He save us, not only did He forgive us of our sins, not only did He do all these wonderful things, but He said that ALL our diseases He healed. ALL of them is what He said. And you know “maybe I’m just not worthy to be healed.” Well none of us are worthy of anything! Jesus is the One who’s worthy. But He’s not healing people today based on whether or not they’re worthy. He has already done this thing. He’s not calling out healing shots. He’s already called them all out.

Hallelujah! And He has made them available to us. He’s waiting on somebody who can get… well sort of like let’s go back to just accepting Him as Lord and Savior and walking in victory. Whether or not you’re going to walk in abundant life. You know He provides abundant living for us and yet most of the Church walk around like a bunch of wimps. Most of the Church walk around and just, you know “Poor, pitiful me.” Matter of fact I tell the Church, when I, I go and speak in lots of places, and the Christians are so busy running to the altar we can’t get the unsaved ones to the altar. Hallelujah! They can’t even get down there. We’re so busy rededicating, I don’t know about you, but I wore my “re-dedicator” slap out.


SANDRA: Somewhere we have to grab hold and realize that this has really happened in my life! I really am saved! I really am a new creature! Old things really have passed away! I really am brand new! And once you get that, whoooo honey, you can walk different, talk different and you begin to let that Word and the reality of it. You can even look at yourself in the mirror and feel different about yourself. Because see what you do you have to look past the house. Thank God! Thank God! Thank God! You know the Bible says that this house, you know it may not look so hot as time goes by, but the Bible tells me the man on the inside’s getting better every single day. So when you look in the mirror look real close so you can look through the, you know, you can see through the eyes, you can really look in there and say “I’m getting better on the inside, praise God! I’m better than I used to be. You know my life is changed and transformed by the power of God. This is what God has done for me.” I can give Him glory. I can give Him praise! This is what God has done. I know I’m changing because last year or year before last I had such a temper if you said something to me I’d knock you like that! And now when you say it to me I just think about knocking them out and I don’t do it!

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sidroth on September 18th, 2018

Because He’s going to release an impartation to you right now that comes from His presence. You don’t have need for any man to lay a hand on you or anything. I have faith right now because I can feel your desire for God that He will give you the desires of your heart. His glory is going to come upon you now and He will descend in that weight of His presence. And when that comes you are actually going to receive an impartation of empowerment to create with Him. He’s beautiful. So just close your eyes and wait. We’re, so often we want to talk all the time or say something but sometimes God meets us in quietness. So I’m just going to let you be quiet for just a little while. And you’re going to notice that His peace is going to fall on you or His, His love will fall on you. But you’ll notice a weight of His presence. Let Him come now.

Wow, I can feel His presence descending already. Hahaha! Thank you, Jesus. Wow. Thank you, Lord. Now as you’re watching at home or in your workplace, wherever you’re watching from, you know you’re probably acknowledging the presence of God right where you are, right where you are because He loves you and He loves to give you the desires of your heart. But if you’re in the studio right now and you’re actually feeling His presence, actually feeling the, like a weight, you know just the, the air got heavy all of a sudden. Can you put your hand up and let me see how many of you are feeling that weight? A number of you. Keep your hand up high. I’d like to kind of… I would say probably, probably half or maybe just a little bit over half of you. Now here’s a little secret for you. If you want more of the glory, lean into it, in, in other words focus on it more. Just say “O God, thank you for what you’re giving me” and I’m going to go for another round. How many of you would like it to go deeper? How many of you would like that? Okay. So just lean in and believe God for more and more weight, Lord. More of Your presence.

Just wait on Him for a few moments. There, there. He’s coming now. There it is. I see it falling on you. There you go. Some of you with your hands up in the air you’re actually starting to feel weight on your hands. Okay, now how many of you have felt, felt that weight how many? Raise your hand for me. Raise your hand. All right. Now there’s a lot more. Now I guarantee you that if you continue doing that wave after wave after wave that not only would it become a corporate weight of the glory of God for an impartation to create with Him but your own personal self would receive greater and more intense, um, measures of the anointing of God, of that particular anointing.

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sidroth on September 7th, 2018

PATRICIA: It worked! At first there was a little wrestling match because that spirit in her son was trying to take him out but she could see through it now because she’d been with God. And God who is our Creator, who is the Ruler of all, who is the All-Wise Eternal God, He gave her the answer and she implemented what she was told to do. And then within time, it didn’t happen overnight, I’ll say that, but in time she never lost faith. She just continued to decree. She continued to work on it and it changed the atmosphere in her home. Instead of the, the darkness and the oppression that was coming into the home though that rebellion, instead of the contention there was now peace. Another woman that I know her daughter was a, a crack addict for 15 years. In and out prison.

And, and, and her daughter was living in a realm of addiction. She had been in addiction for so long it was a realm around her life. Her whole life was about that addiction. Her mother heard about the tool of creating with God through the power of decree and praise. And she took hold of the Word and starting making decrees, daily decrees, for her daughter. She did that for a whole year and started to notice shifts and changes. But every day she said I’m not giving up. For a while things actually looked like they were getting worse. But she said, “Nope, the Word’s going to work. I’m creating a realm of glory for my daughter.” In the second year her daughter came to her and said I’ve got to do something about this. She had tried to get clean many times and it didn’t happen. But now she said I’ve got to do something about that. She received some prayer and immediately a miracle took place and it was because in the spirit realm her mother had created a realm of victory for her daughter. Her daughter couldn’t create her own realm so her mother created that for her. And overnight in an instant in time her daughter was totally delivered from a 15 year crack addiction.


PATRICIA: She has never ever to this day has craved again and she’s been clean now for over 6 years. She went through a, uh, program after that where she drew really close to the Lord. The Lord gives her a download about a book. She writes a book. She, uh, is working full time in a Christian ministry now. She’s going into prisons sharing her testimony. Getting her book out everywhere, on radio programs, in pulpits, preaching the Word because she lives in a different realm now. She lives in a realm of freedom from her oppression. She lives in a realm of love. She lives in a realm of fulfilled destiny. And all that was created by a decree from a mother, by the praise of a mother who believed in the power of Jesus and partnering with Jesus to bring heaven to earth.

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sidroth on August 25th, 2018

SID: Dr. Sandra, you had a discussion with the Lord about healing.




SID: And he answered you. What did he say?


SANDRA: I was discussing, I wasn’t getting my healing the way I wanted to get it and I began to say, well the devil began to talk and say, well you don’t deserve this, like he does everybody, you don’t deserve this, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I then began to say this to the Lord, and the Lord said back to me, “But my blood took care of that.” And so I would name something else. “But my blood took care of that.” And I named something else. “But my blood took care of that.” And Sid, no matter what I named, and then I began to name all the people in the church had told me why they couldn’t get healed or why things weren’t happening. And God is my eternal witness. The Glory of God came to my staircase and everything I said he answered, “But my blood took care of that. But my blood took care of that.” There wasn’t a thing.


SID: Do you know when you say that phrase, when she says, “But my blood took care of that,” I can feel, I don’t feel the light, I feel rays though of healing going out every time you say it.




SID: “But my blood took care of that.” Let’s say it together: “But my blood took care of that.”


SANDRA: “But my blood took care of that.” That’s a powerful statement, which means that no one could ever come to you with anything that Hell would have said to them cannot be cured. I think nothing, “But my blood took care of that, my blood took care of that.” So no matter what anyone is going through, I don’t care what it is, I don’t care if it’s family problems, I don’t care if it’s any kind of sickness, I don’t care if I’m on death’s bed, “but my blood took care of it,” every sickness, every disease, and we’re always thinking thank God it took care of all the sins. Praise the name of the Lord. Hallelujah. But he also, the blood at the whipping post, the blood, wounds came at the whipping post. Blood came out of the wounds.


SID: So you’re saying to me that every believer that is convinced because of the death and resurrection, and the shedding of the blood of Jesus, they are forgiven of all sins, should be just as convinced that by his blood you are healed.


SANDRA: Yes. Yes. Yes. It took place at the same time.


SID: Show me very briefly what you, how you pray the blood every morning and every evening, in your home, for yourself when no one is looking but you and God.


SANDRA: Okay. As if I have taken a shower, I take the blood, I wash my eyes in the blood, I wash my ears in the blood, I wash my mouth in the blood so that my ears will hear only what God says, my eyes will see only what God wants me to see, my mouth will speak only what God wants me to say by the power of the tongue. I wash my hands so that my hands can be used for God Almighty, because hands can get you in trouble. They can do all kinds of bad things and get very defiled. I wash my hands. I wash my feet and if there’s, say I have a tumor or something, I wash that tumor in the name of Jesus, in the blood of Jesus and command it to go in Jesus’s name with the blood of Jesus. Just like you’re taking a bath. Just like you’re taking a bath. And believe it or not when you get through, you feel like you’ve had another bath. Hallelujah.


SID: You know, people that are attacked at night, how valuable would it be for them to do that before they went to bed?


SANDRA: Yes, and to wash their mind and wash their dream life, to wash it in the blood of the lamb, it’s amazing what it will do. God just, you know, he just goes into every area of our life.


SID: I want you to pray the blood over everyone watching right now to have the shame removed and be physically healed, right now.


SANDRA: Yes. In the name of Jesus, I’m telling you right now, I come against that which has come against you, all shame, all guilt, all dirtiness, all filthy feelings, all those things that you feel that you can’t even hold your head up, I wash you in the blood of Jesus. If you’ve invited Jesus into your heart you already belong to him. Now take his blood and just cleanse yourself in it from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, any kind of sickness. We hold up the blood and wash ourselves from any kind of defilement, wounds, any kind of defilements, in the name of Jesus. And I expect you to absolutely just as you have been dirty going into a shower and you come out feeling refreshed, you ought to feel totally refreshed once you have bathed yourselves in the supernatural power of the blood of Jesus. And I call it done in Jesus’s name.


SID: And for those of you that want this promise to be true, “I shall never leave you,” Jesus says. That means in this life and all of eternity. Who would want to live this life without knowing God, without having experiential knowledge of God? You want to have your own experiential knowledge, open the door, tell Jesus you’re sorry for your mistakes, they’re called sins, and believe that blood washes them away and he doesn’t remember them anymore. Then when you’re clean ask Jesus to live inside of you and be your Lord. Do that, and you and I will be together for eternity.

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sidroth on August 16th, 2018

SID: You know, Julie was telling me the great Jewish historian Josephus had a commentary about David, and we always hear about him playing the harp and it soothed Saul. But what did Josephus say?


JULIE: He said David most likely also sang over Saul, the Torah or any Hebrew Scriptures that he would have had at the time.


SID: Now, you have told me about a woman that fascinates me. Her name is Eli. Maybe we can show a before picture of Eli right now. Tell that story.


JULIE: This is Eli Rose and this was, I don’t know, five, six, seven years ago. And Eli ran, was homeless since the age of 12, was sex trafficked, ran with one of the hardest groups in L.A. And she was getting ready to end her life. And as God would have it, she came to Santa Maria, California to literally say goodbye to her family. They brought her to the healing rooms, Apostolic Center in Santa Maria, and during worship, the Lord gave Rick Taylor, he’s the director, a word of knowledge saying, “Someone wants to take their life.” He got up during worship and he said, “Someone is here and you’re thinking of taking your life.” And he said, “Please don’t. Please don’t. The Lord has already started to heal you.” And the people that brought her were saying, “That’s you! That’s you!” That night, Eli Rose gave her life to the Lord and she had already been to the doctor. She had full blown AIDS. She had a very bad heart. They already said, you’re not able to have children. Just because of drug use she was in and out of prison. And she gave her life to the Lord. She, literally, she went into a year of treatment, but she said every day she sang and rapped the Bible, specifically the Psalms. And then I met her a little after that and we began to sing the Scripture. And we have an after picture because she credits singing the scriptures with her healing, with her healing.


SID: She doesn’t look like the same person.


JULIE: She doesn’t. She doesn’t. And she credits singing the Word every single day with her healing. And let me tell you this. They took her back to the doctors and they have all the doctoral information. She has no sign of HIV. She was totally healed of HIV. She has a heart that is like a youth and she is married with a little girl named Kennedy.


SID: You told me she couldn’t have a child.


JULIE: I know. But this is the power of singing the Word. This is the key. It’s not about, oh, but I don’t know how to make up a melody. You don’t have to. It’s the power of that singing. [singing] You can sing on the same note. [talking] It’s just that tool called song that we need to keep in our tool belt, and every person can have the healing that Eli Rose had.


SID: Now why is it that when we sing the scriptures, actually when we sing anything, science tells us we retain the melody, we retain the words like [singing] A, B, C, D, E, F, G. [talking] You know the song, melody and they learn the alphabet easier. Why is it from a scientific viewpoint we remember the scriptures better, we remember the melodies and then we get deep, deep revelation of the scriptures when we sing them. What does science tell us?


JULIE: What it’s telling us it’s because your brain is actually functioning as one. And when we sing there’s actually endorphins in our body that are actually released, the same ones that were released if we’re working out. And they’re actually using medical studies now and they’re finding that if people will sing that they actually can be healed of depression. Medical science is actually, in some hospitals, they’re giving people the option. Like you can have a drug for minor surgery or we will give you these headphones and you can listen to music. And they’re finding that the people that listen and meditated on the music, their bodies responded better to minor surgery.


SID: How much greater if it’s the scriptures when you are singing. Wow. Tell me quickly, the deaf person.


JULIE: Well actually, I was with Chuck Pierce and I gave my whole teaching on singing the scriptures. And a guy came up and he started releasing a tongue, and I didn’t think much about it. And then another person came up and I realized that it was the deaf community were coming up. And Chuck Pierce said, “Do you realize what is happening? Singing the scriptures, the deaf community, now they want to release their sound.” And then another lady came up on stage and she said, the first guy that came up, they had never done it before. It was just a month ago. And she said, “My husband was the first man that came up when he released his tongue.” And she said, “When he began to sing,” she said, “all of a sudden my ears started popping and I started hearing explosions in it, and then I can begin to hear.” And that’s when Chuck Pierce said, “Do you realize what is happening! The deaf community are releasing their sound and there’s healing being released.”


SID: What is going to happen when I turn you loose at the piano when we come back, and you sing, because I requested it and God confirmed it with you, Isaiah 53, about physical healing. What’s going to happen?


JULIE: Well people are going to healed.


SID: We’ll be right back.

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sidroth on August 6th, 2018

SID: I can see you’re looking forward to this interview with my friend Jonathan Bernis. Jonathan and I go back. I think I met you, you were barely out of your teens. We had so much in common, both Jewish, both came to the Lord supernaturally and both had a passion to tell our people about the Messiah. We used to get together and pray. But Jonathan started doing something that was out of my paradigm, out of my understanding. We would pray in tongues, that I understood, but then he went into a deep form of prayer called travail. How did this start with you, even?


JONATHAN: You know, Sid, it took me by surprise. I didn’t know this at the time, but God was preparing me for ministry in the former Soviet Union.


SID: Is the groanings and utterings that we read about in Romans’ Eighth Chapter and what you walked into, and I was privileged to walk into it with Jonathan as his guest, I believe was the most significant Jewish ministry in 2000 years, in the former Soviet Union.


JONATHAN: It was an incredible time in history and I think moving into this realm of birthing of groanings that cannot be uttered was actually bringing that to pass. I didn’t understand it with my natural mind, and good thing, Sid, right, because you don’t want the mind interfering.


SID: If you, listen, if you had known the hotels that he put me in when I went to the former Soviet Union.


JONATHAN: You know, Sid, it was worth the cost, it really was. There’s a price to pay.


SID: I want to take you back to the first meeting Jonathan and I were at. Jonathan had no idea if anyone would show up, and I of course didn’t know. The auditorium was jam packed with unsaved Jewish people. The altar call went forth and Jonathan and I saw something we had never seen before. What did we see?


JONATHAN: This particular hall sat 4000 people, over 4000, and we saw people rushing forward, packing the altar.


SID: To come to know the Messiah.


JONATHAN: Yes. It was amazing, fighting over Bibles, Sid.


SID: Yes.


JONATHAN: This fight is over Bibles.


SID: Well I’ll tell you what, that groaning that Jonathan did in the Spirit and that I did in the Spirit, that praying in tongues laid the foundation for one of the greatest moves of God among Jewish people in 2000 years. And then it kind of subsided for years, and Jonathan told me the groanings are coming back.


JONATHAN: They are indeed. And the Lord has really prompted me again to spend extended times in fasting and prayer.


SID: That tells me something is big, I believe, bigger.




SID: Is about ready to happen. We’re about ready to see the greatest outpouring on Israel. And by the way, who is Israel? A lot of people are confused on that.


JONATHAN: Well that’s a good question and I think there’s some misunderstanding. When people, when Christians hear Israel they think of a little sliver of land in the Middle East about the size of New Jersey. But in fact, biblically, Israel is a people that God has sovereignly preserved despite all odds and efforts to destroy them. Jeremiah 31: “As long as the sun shines by day and the moon and stars by night, they declare the supernatural preservation of the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” And Sid, God scattered us to the uttermost parts of the Earth. And Sid, the reason God wants me here to talk about this today is because that every believer, every person watching that knows the Lord has been called to a supernatural destiny in supernatural times. This is the greatest time in history to be alive and I don’t want anyone to be on the sidelines. God doesn’t want anyone to be on the sidelines.


SID: Okay. But this begs the question. Everyone knows why the devil tried to kill all the Jewish babies, 2000 years ago, because it wanted to stop the Messiah from coming. But now he’s here, so why is God still concerned about the Jewish people, about the Nation of Israel? Why now? We understand why that was very important at the First Coming of the Messiah. Why now?


JONATHAN: That’s a great question and that’s really one of the themes going through my book, “Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel” that the Jewish people are the centerpiece of God’s plan for redemption. Jesus came through the Jewish people. God’s destiny for the Jewish people was to bless every household, to bless every individual and that’s why Abraham was blessed. The greatest blessing through the Jewish people is the Messiah, but the Jewish people play a role in his return just as they played a role in his first coming. And so Satan knows something that most Christians don’t and that is the role that Israel has to play in the Messiah’s return. And the plan of the enemy is stop Israel, destroy Israel and keep the Messiah from returning and God’s plan of redemption for the whole earth from taking place, because the ultimate end of that is the destruction of Satan himself.


SID: I’m going to tell you something. I know why this travail has started because there was recently a poll which changes the whole paradigm of the Jewish people with the Gospel. A poll was done by the Barna survey team that 21 percent of North American Jewish millennials believe in the deity of Jesus, and a lot of people say, oh wonderful. Yes and no. Yes, it’s wonderful, but they don’t know Jesus. They don’t have experiential knowledge with him. This is why I’ve created a booklet and this booklet is called “There Must Be Something More.” And I am mailing this. We got a mailing list of 720,000 Jewish millennials. We are mailing this to these Jewish millennials. It’s part of our Project 77 and I’m going to tell you something. These Jewish millennials will change the world. But I am so grateful that in the United States of America, President Trump has just done something that has rocked the kingdom of Satan and darkness. I mean, that’s why there’s so much junk going on against him. He has just said we recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and in a year we are going to put our embassy there. Jonathan, why is the restoration of Jerusalem so significant to these End Days?


JONATHAN: Well that’s a good question. Jerusalem, Sid, is the centerpiece, the bull’s eye. Jesus died in Jerusalem. Jesus will return, not to New York or to Rome, he’s returning to Jerusalem and he’s returning to Jerusalem, we’re told, that’s back in the hands of the Jewish people. These are the words of Jesus, Yeshua himself: “You will not see me again,” speaking over Jerusalem, “until you say blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” He also tells us, in Luke 21:24, that “Jerusalem would be trodden by the gentiles, by the nations, until the time of the gentiles be fulfilled.” That little word “until” is a very prophetic word. It’s a prophetic mystery. There’s a set time, Jesus is saying, where Jerusalem will come back into the hands of the Jewish people and it’s the prophetic time clock. When that happens, it signals a transition back to a focus on the Jewish people and his near return.


SID: It’s like the clock is speeding up when you see Jerusalem as a Jewish nation.


JONATHAN: Two minutes to 12, Sid. That happened in 1967 and that’s when Jewish people started coming to faith in great numbers. That’s when everything changed. And now, we’re aligning with that as the U.S. is recognizing, finally, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.


SID: So you’re saying that this was not just a good diplomatic move by President Trump, this was literally fulfilling Bible promises.


JONATHAN: I don’t know if President Trump had any consideration of Scripture, but God used him, when he made the decision we’re no longer delaying, actually a decision that was made back in 1995 by the Congress, I’m not signing this [delay], I’m no longer going to delay this, he was aligning America with Genesis 12: “I’ll bless those that bless my people.” I’m expecting unprecedented blessing to come to America as a result of this. I’m expecting prosperity and more importantly, revival to come. That’s the first thing. The second thing is the peace process has to be built on truth, not on belief. There’s peace work outside of the Prince of Peace, but this is truth finally being, we’re aligning with truth that Jerusalem has always been and remains the capital of Israel and Jesus will rule, physically, out of Jerusalem.

SID: Because Israel is so important there is so much misunderstanding on Israel. For instance, I mean, many Christians that literally feel that we’re under the New Covenant and the Church has replaced Israel, give me one reason why that’s not true.


JONATHAN: The fact that Jewish people are coming back to faith in greater numbers, the fact that Israel has been restored as a nation, that Jerusalem is back under Jewish control. All these things were prophesied in the Jewish prophets thousands of years ago. They’re all coming to pass. And here’s another thing, Sid, if God reached a point where he said I’m done with Israel, then how can Christians trust that he doesn’t reach a point where he says I’m finished with the Church or I’m finished with you because you’ve sinned too much. No, we trust in a faithful God because he’s demonstrated his faithfulness to a people throughout history that have not been faithful. That’s the God we serve.


SID: You know, it reminds me of the story of the Prodigal Son. I see the older brother as a type, the gentile church, and the younger brother as a type, the Jewish people and the Jewish people have not deserved, for 2000 years, because they’ve been like the Prodigal Son and the older brother has been plowing in the field for 2000 years. And then there’s a big celebration because the Jewish son comes home and the older brother is sulking over this, and the father says to the older brother, “Son, everything I have is yours.” You get it? The whole thing, it’s a team. It’s called the One New Humanity, the One New Man, the two working together to expand the Father’s Kingdom. And that’s what I’m going to ask you to do right now. We have Project 77. Why? Because there’s a brand new Barna poll that reveals Jewish millennials in North America don’t have any reservations about accepting Jesus. Twenty-one percent say that they believe in the deity of Jesus, but no one is telling them how to have experiential knowledge with Jesus. I want to send a book, we have a mailing list of 720,000 millennials and I want to send this to them. I want to have a web page to answer their questions. I’ll be right back.

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sidroth on July 15th, 2018



GARY:  I could care less what you think. I don’t care what you’ve been through.


AUDIENCE:  I don’t care what you’ve been through.


GARY:  I don’t want to hear your hurts and sorrows.


AUDIENCE:  I don’t want to hear your hurts and sorrows.


GARY:  I only want to know is God in your life.


AUDIENCE:  I only want to know is God in your life.

GARY:  Is He there? How many of you have Him? Then do you know who you have? Do you know who He is? The atmosphere just changed. How many of you can sense it? Because you acknowledged Him. Before you were listening to me. It’s not about listening to me. It’s about acknowledging Him. So we’re going to go into the realm of identifying what obstructs Him in your life. Every one of you are going to see. You will all become acutely aware of what obstructs the expectation that God has to manifest Himself in your life. Every one of you will know. There is nothing that’s not known. Everything’s revealed. I am completely aware of every shortcoming that ever faces me and all things that are obstructing my life to try to stop the kingdom of God. There’s nothing that I don’t know because God is to, made to me wisdom. 2nd…1st Corinthians 1, verse 30 says “But of him are you in Christ Jesus who is made unto you wisdom.” God doesn’t have wisdom. He IS wisdom. I don’t ask God to give me something He has. He is manifest as wisdom.  You see the onus of the Church has been on us believing in God. And the real of it is God does believe in you. God has expectation in your life to manifest things you could never dream of. To answer your life beyond anything you’d ever ask or think. God’s expectation takes you out of this world. If he can take me out of an isolation mental cell where I lived attacking people like a raving maniac and put me in front of presidents and kings and change nations and a multitude of things we’ve seen over the years? I mean, hey, God trusts people, and you’re just like me. I want you to lift up your hands to God right now. Just lift your hands to Him right where you’re seated and just acknowledge Him. Acknowledge that God Himself is resident in you. That He is almighty. There is no restraint. There is no voice from the enemy. There’s not one act of man. There’s not one injury that could stop the expectation from God to manifest in your life. Now before I pray I want to ask you a question. Everybody look at me. How many of you have an experience from your spirit going toward God? Raise your hand. Your spirit is on a vertical assignment. How many of you have a vertical assignment in your spirit? It’s… I’m not talking about your mind. I’m talking about the spiritual dynamic of your person. Your personal presence of God. Can you identify your spirit in communion and reach in the presence of God? How many can experience that? All right. That’s where I want you to stay. We’re going to pray in that environment from that threshold over into whatever the enemy is doing. Whatever the sickness and disease has done. What obstructions have been. What voices of man have been. What history of curse has been. Because there’s nothing that can stop what God has put in that expectation that’s in your spirit. So lift up your hands again. Identify the atmosphere that His anointing operates in. The place of His power. The supernatural dynamic of His expectancy in your life. And so Father because we are Yours, You’ve entrusted us with Your nature. You’ve given us Your power! You’ve released us from the crippling voices and forces of inferiorities and guilt. You have broken us loosed and shaken the moorings of our life from the insecurities of the people around us so we can have confidence in You and You alone. Father, we take dominion tonight in the power of the name Jesus over the tormentors that have been assigned with a vile aggression of self-defeat and depression that has crippled these women. I demand you bound and you release your hold now in the name Jesus! Holy Spirit of God (prays in tongues) We open our life to You. You to manifest. There are people here that have had gastric intestinal viruses and areas. There’s… I’m watching ulcers right now that has been in the right hand side of the stomach in the name Jesus there’s release of healing virtue! If you just put that hand on that right hand side where that burning has been it ends now. I speak to that esophagus that has continually been in that burning sense I demand that you rebuke and you release your hold! Spirit of God you’ve given us access! Who has been having those constant repetitive pressure and those headaches that has just been, just haranguing your… who’s been under those headaches that have been just… I want you to stand up real quick. This is not a joke. This thing’s going to end right now! I want you to lift up your hands. Father you’ve given us power on this earth over all the affliction, ALL the spirit of affliction! We demand in the name of Jesus that cluster headache, that oppression rebuke and you release your hold right now. We bless you, Lamb of God. Oh, we bless You. (prays in tongues) And everybody stand up. I want you to identify what has been withstanding you from the vision and dreams of God in your life. Let the spirit of God reveal what has tried to obstruct His manifestations in you. And as you see, as you understand command them down in the name of Jesus! Go ahead, just do that. Just do that right now. You do it because you see what’s against you. You know the voices. You say but it’s my husband. No, it’s not your husband. We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood. We wrestle against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places. It sounds like the voice of a man but it’s not the voice of a man because no man can bring in that mental duress. Father, we command that spirit that has been launched to antagonize and demean and ridicule you’re rebuked you release your hold right now! You have no place in our life! We’re the children of the Living God! We have the mind of Christ! We live in the atmosphere of the throne of heaven! Our life is a miracle manifestation from God’s grace in this earth! Bodies, you are the Temple of the Living God! We speak the quickening power of Your anointing released into these bodies right now! Healing virtue in that hip right now by the word of God I speak rebuke in that hip pain! I demand you go in Jesus’ name!  Father, we honor Your grace. We recognize Your work in us. (prays in tongues) Spirit of the Living God, You’ve ordained us to life. LIFE! Now I want you to do something. You have people you have been questioning whether God would work in their life. I want you to release every voice that questions God’s faithfulness and command it rebuked and release its hold. Every posture of thought. Every historical event. I doesn’t matter if they sin 790 times in a day forgiveness is raining in their life because there isn’t a moment in time that grace abounds. It doesn’t matter how often the injury occurs, it only matters that God touches their life. So Father we have confidence in You. So take your confidence off people from changing and put it in God who has power to touch their life. Remove the confidence from expectation of human behavior change. We don’t expect anyone to change. We expect GOD to touch people and by His grace everyone changes. They go from darkness to light. From the power of Satan to God. They become a recipient of the inheritance that’s been given by resurrection life. Father, my confidence tonight is in You touching these Your children. God, touching them. Touching their families. God, touching their marriages. Restoring years that have been stolen with bitterness and rage and anger and restoring uncertainties and unfaithfulness. God, restoring the doubts that have been stolen from the consciousness of Your children. God, we live in a living experience with You. And we refuse to restrain You. We haven’t received a spirit of bondage again to fear. God, we’re not limited. We’re liberated! We bless You. We bless You. (prays in tongues) Holy Spirit of God, we worship You. We worship You. We worship You. God, we worship You. Fear of economic financial disaster and failure has no place in a child of God. Even if everything gets stolen from you. It says whatever state you’re in, therein be content because God is your reward, not this earth. And therefore He can richly give you all things to enjoy. And the absence of them or the lack of them is not your fulfillment. God, our life, is holding you. Holding you. Some of you need to take some of those losses and release the sense of loss because God’s just set you up for a new an entirely new beginning. God has orchestrated you for a new beginning!

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sidroth on July 8th, 2018

LARRY:  And this is, I did this for a reason. You are protected because the word “Anna”…Ann comes from the word “Anna” which is queenly, but it also goes all the way back to the Gospels where Anna was working in the Temple and she prophesied, her and Simeon prophesied over the baby Jesus and here’s what was said: She was able to see the hope of glory in her days.” There’s “Anna’s” surrounding you and there’s an “Anna Anointing” surrounding you meaning there is an “Anna the Prophetess” anointing in your family line and you will see the end of God’s glory and the hope of salvation in your days and you’ll be a part of laying hands on the new thing that God is about to do and He’s going to send “Anna’s” around you in a very strong way. So Lord we bless her, “Diane’s” too, but we bless her in Jesus’ name. We thank you for the spirit of God upon her life in Jesus’ name. Wow. I’ve, I’ve overdone my time, I know. So, I mean where am I at? I don’t even looked at…I’m done. I’m, I’m… I heard the microwave go “ding.”




LARRY:  Um, anyway, hey, you guys are incredible. Sid, these guys are incredible!


SID:  Well, they’re, they’re drawing on you, I can say that’s…


LARRY:  Oh, I know…. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You have to dock me.


SID:  How many of you want to stay until 2 a.m.?




SID:  All right, find a place. (laughing)




LARRY:  See this lady right here that’s smiling at us right here, with the red dress on with the little pendant right here, right here?


SID:  Stand up.


LARRY:  Stand up. You are an amazing woman! You are a leader! People follow you like we got little ducklings following you everywhere because you’re the mother duck.  And as you go and you go this way you’re not afraid to give your opinion. You’re not afraid to say this is what’s going to happen. You’re very headstrong but it’s good because it’s God’s leadership on you. You’re a forerunner of women God is raising up with strong leadership on them and people will not see male or female, they will just see the Spirit of Deborah which is a spirit of warriorship and leadership. God has given you the capacity as He did with Deborah to ride with the men to war. Lord, we bless her in Jesus’ name. Amen. I’m good.


SID:  Did you enjoy Larry? I did.




SID:  If you’ll stand up. Actually, the Lord He has already blessed you. The Lord He’s smiling upon you. He’s always smiled upon you. He’s already smiled upon you. The Lord He’s gifting you right now. Just receive your gifting. The Lord He’s healed you. The person with the knee problem, just bend your knee, you’ll see, the pain is gone in Jesus’ name. The Lord is surrounding you. He’s already surrounded you with His favor. With His favor. Just receive. He’s already done it. You don’t have to wait. He’s done it. Just take it right now. The Lord has given you His Shalom, His completeness. In the name that is above every problem, worry, fear. Huh! Anything. Yeshua HaMashiach, Tsidekenu, Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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