ROBERT: Well, in the realm we’re talking about blessing and prosperity can come. I mean, Sid, I have just been amazed. I have been absolutely amazed at the ideas that used to wouldn’t work, but now they work. The concepts, the principles. It’s just been an amazing thing where all of a sudden things began to prosper. I think about Peter, when Peter fished all night and caught nothing. And Jesus said, “Launch out of the deep and let down your net.” And at the word of the Lord, he does it reluctantly, it seems. He does it and he catches such a great catch. Now I tell people, listen, let’s not over spiritualize this. What did fish mean to Peter? It didn’t mean souls, it meant money. It meant Peter was having a windfall right now all because something shifted from the nighttime to the next morning. A complete shift because he heard the word of the Lord and he stepped out on it.

SID: So you say that most Christians have a poverty spirit. What is a poverty spirit?

ROBERT: A poverty spirit can be a way of thinking. It can be a mentality. But I think more than anything, it is something that the devil uses as a curse that he uses to actually limit the results that we see from our labors. Poverty is not an economic situation, it’s a spiritual entity. But the writer of Proverbs said, it said, “So your poverty, that which has a claim on you will come up on you like an armed man and like a prowler. And so you have to break the agreement with that spiritual entity. If it was just a condition, then you could change some things you do in the natural. But it’s not just a condition, it’s actually a spiritual being that we have to break agreements with.

SID: Well, you have so many gems. We don’t have time to go over it all, but it’s all in his book. When we return, Robert will revoke the poverty spirit from your life and pray for you to enter the glory, the realm of miracles.

SID: Robert, you teach that our money has a voice. What do you mean?

ROBERT: Well, in Hebrews 7:8 the Bible says that there, talking about Jesus as our Melchizedek, high priest, there He receives our tithes. So when I bring my tithe, he receives it. And it says, “There it is witnessed, there it is witnessed that He lives.” That word witness literally means to give a judicial testimony. See, my judicial witness from my tithe actually connects me to his present day life, the prayers he’s praying in behalf right now. So every time I bring my tithe, I’m releasing a judicial testimony in heaven that says, I believe He lives.

SID: You go over one revelation after another, but then it’s really hammered home when you tell actual true stories of tithers and how it opened access to the miraculous. Tell me about that little boy that died. Let me preface this by saying every time he shares this story, the manifest presence of God comes in and I’m expecting where that presence of God will come right into your home or wherever you’re watching us from. Go ahead.

ROBERT: Yes. There’s this Mexican pastor that was down in interior Mexico in a desert place. He would hold camp meetings and he brought in an American speaker. And when they would hold these camp meetings, they would dig deep holes and line it with plastic for baptismal places so that when people got saved and born again, they could baptize them. Where they had been having the camp meeting for, I guess, for awhile, but it was a morning meeting and so the pastor was actually translating for the American evangelist that was there speaking. Lots of people that were there. Well, the pastor’s his little two year old boy had gotten away from whoever was supposed to be watching him and he had fallen into the baptismal pit pool that was filled with water and he drowned. And he was there for quite a while before anybody found him.

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