sidroth on July 1st, 2018

LARRY:  …so when you lose the joy of the Lord and the, and the humor of, of life you lose a lot. Because life is, life is full of humor, it’s full of failure. I’ve learned to love it. Because this is what the Lord said to me: Larry… (laughing)… failure… (laughing) …when I crafted your destiny before the foundations of the world, I, I, I (laughing) figured your stupidity into the equation of your life.




LARRY:   So He gave me a lot of time to be stupid.




LARRY:  And so I’m not going to miss anything no matter how ridiculous I am, God knew how long I’d live and so He’s figured my stupidity into the equation and my failures into the equation and my blunders so I’m going to be everything He’s called me to be because He left a lot of time over for me to get over what I need to get over. But anyway enough of that! So, so, uh, uh, uh… let’s just go through some things I saw in September and then we’ll bounce around here for a minute. One of the things I saw, well this has already come to pass, let’s just throw these out real quickly, I saw great winds in the Pacific in a typhoon and that’s recorded, that already happened, didn’t that happen like in, I call it a month or so or something like that, after that in December, January… in Asia. Uh, but, uh, uh, let me tell you some other things that’s happened, happened, a few other things did happen. Uh, I saw trouble in North and South Korea. And I saw a wind of God in South Korea and a fire of God in North Korea. And I felt, now you can interpret that any way you want it, but here’s what I did hear the Lord say: there’s going to be a change of government in Korea. I didn’t hear North or South. I, I just assuming I know what it is, I’m just going to say what I say. Because here’s the problem with prophetic people, is, is, uh, they’re specific when God’s general or they’re general when God’s specific. That’s where you always get in trouble. You’ve got to be general if God’s being general. If He’s been specific don’t be general, be specific. Because prophets have a big problem. They go where God doesn’t tell them to go and say what He doesn’t tell them to say. So anyway, I don’t want to do that. So’s all I know is there’s going to be a change of government in Korea. And that the good of God, there’s going to be bad things, but the goodness of God is going to prevail in Korea. And even though there’s a change of government and things look unstable, just know that the hand of God is upon Korea, and out of Korea is going to emerge a strong cry of a warrior, cry of God, and God is going to do a re-uniting in a really wonderful way. And I believe this year, I believe these things or at least the beginnings of them for 2014. South Africa. I saw South Africa and I saw a great conflict in South Africa. Now I don’t understand that, I’ve heard no news about that but I saw a climate shifts and great conflict in the air with climate, but more than that I saw cultural tensions that I don’t understand. There’s, there are cultural tensions that are going to reach a high maximum in South Africa and these were flare-ups culturally that again we are going to see. Mexico: this one really, really got my attention. I didn’t see this, I felt this. And to prophetic people feeling is better than seeing sometimes. I felt one of the greatest shakings I think I’ve ever felt. My whole body was shaking. I saw Mexico shaking violently. Now I know what you think, what the typical interpretation of that will be. But I’m not going to give you that because that’s all I saw. I think I know what that means but I have codes worked out for that. But I saw… just remember this, that Mexico for whatever reason is, is going to be a sign. These are signposts. It’s going to shake terribly. I saw in Europe. I saw flames of fire in Europe and they were God-flames. And it was God re-uniting the flame of the Gospel and the land of our founders. I saw in the land of God remembering the blood of the Reformers all through Europe. And the State church and the Orthodox churches in Europe, God is going to begin to call into the Kingdom with an outpouring of His Spirit. And you’re going to see the historical church that’s been here for thousands of years have a re-fire, a Renaissance in their belly. And you’re going to find out that God is the God of all things and that no one’s excluded. And when I was thinking about this I thought “how interesting,” that is, that God is a God… He just doesn’t want anyone to not being involved. And case in point I was thinking about when He appeared to the disciples in the chapter, the Book of John and remember “Doubting Thomas” wasn’t there. What, what was his name? Didymus? Called Thomas. And the Lord said where’s… they said he’s not here and the Lord goes away. And He waits “til Didymus shows up. The next time He come Thomas is there and He [Jesus] goes “Now, we’re going to do some stuff… feel my hands, He goes. And the scripture says He did extraordinary miracles in their sight. It was like the Lord said “I’m not going to do what I’m going to do until the “unbelieving believers” shows up.” And the world is filled with unbelieving believers in the church. They’re believers but they’re unbelieving in the supernatural, unbelieving in God’s power, they’re unbelieving believers… Thomas was an unbelieving believer and God would not do miracles until the unbelieving believer was there. So start praying for the Didymuses, start praying for the Thomases out there who don’t believe God’s going to do something because God’s going to do something and they’re going to say it like Thomas did, “Oh my Lord and my Savior. Wow! You got to be kidding here. Me first!” You know it’s going to be wonderful. I saw Scandinavia. I saw something good and something bad happening there, and the Lord only said this word: to watch the country of Norway. I’ve been in Norway a lot, love that country, but there’s something in Norway that’s going to be a sign. I don’t understand that. And I’ve talked about Israel. I saw King David, the Spirit of David rising out of Israel from the ground to take down Goliath. Israel is going to take Goliath down. And God is not going to let, I’m telling you, “Thus saith the Lord: God will not let the safety and comfort of Israel be compromised.”



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sidroth on June 16th, 2018

MICHAEL BROWN: It was amazing! It was a fascinating discussion. One of the most fascinating discussions ever recorded in Jewish literature. There was one man, a teacher, that people called rabbi, and everybody was following him. And there were the other religious leaders. They had studied, they were the scholars, they were the teachers of the day and this rabbi said to them, “The Messiah, whose Son will He be?” And they said, “He’ll be the Son of David, Mashiach Ben David. Messiah, son of David.” And this rabbi said to them, “Well how is it written, Psalm 110, that David says about Mashiach, about Messiah, that Hashem God, says to my Lord, my Master, the Messiah. How can David call Him my Lord, Adonai, my Master, if He’s David’s Son?” You say, “Who was this rabbi?” He was a rabbi named Yeshua.

And He was, through His mother, the Son of David. But, through His Father, God, He was literally the Son of God. And He was explaining that the Messiah that we’re waiting for was not just the Son of David, Ben David, He was also greater than David. Yes, Mashiach, according to the Psalms God says, “You are My Son, today I’ve given You birth.” So, hang on. Are you telling me then that the Messiah is God’s Son and David’s Son? Yes! That’s what’s written in our Tanakh. In fact, it says that He’ll even be called El-Gibbor, mighty God, because Mashiach will carry the very character and nature and presence of God in His own life. So, He will be the Son of David and He will be greater than David. How? Because He’s born of man and He’s born of God. He’s the Son of God and He’s the Son of David. And this is found in our Hebrew Scriptures.

You say, “It’s in the bible that we should believe that Mashiach is also the Son of God?” Yes! You say, “It’s in our bible that we should believe that Yeshua, Jesus is really the Mashiach?” Yes, He’s the only one who fulfills the prophecies. He’s the only one who came when He was expected to come, who died as He was expected to die, who rose from the dead as the prophets declared, raised up on the third day, who has become famous in the nations even though we Jews haven’t recognized Him. And He will come at the end of the age when we Jewish people recognize Him as our King. Find out more about Jesus, Yeshua. It is the best kept secret in the entire Jewish world. Find out the truth. Son of God, Son of David, our Messiah.

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sidroth on June 9th, 2018

MICHAEL BROWN: Why is it if you’re in the synagogue on Shabbat and you’re reading through the Bible that you read through one chapter in the book of Isaiah and then another chapter in the book of Isaiah and then you skip a chapter? And then you keep reading in the book of Isaiah. I wonder why that is. Why is it there’s one chapter as you’re reading it, reading here, reading here, and then oh, we skip this chapter in the synagogue. Why? Well we don’t know exactly why it gets skipped, but Isaiah 53, Y’shayahu nun gimmel (phonetic spelling), it gets skipped every year in the synagogue reading. Could it be there’s something in there that you need to see? Could it be that there’s something in there if you read it, it would change your life? Could it be if you read it you’d realize there’s something the synagogue didn’t tell me?

You say, “Well what’s that chapter talk about?” Well it talks about an individual, it doesn’t mention Him by name, but it describes Him. And it starts by asking the words Meham melish muah tanu, who has believed what we’ve heard? And it tells us a report about someone. He’d grow up in kind of an obscure place, nobody would really think much about Him. Nobody would really pay much attention to Him and yet through Him God’s arm of salvation was being revealed. And then it goes on to tell the story. Remember, in the synagogues we skipped this chapter for whatever reason. We skip it. We don’t read it. Why? And it goes on and it talks about this one that we didn’t pay attention to, in fact we rejected Him. Aww, something wrong with Him. And he suffered terribly. And he died a terrible death, a painful death. And yet, while he was dying we said aww, he’s suffering for his own sins, he’s dying for his own sins. And it says in Isaiah 53 that we didn’t realize he was dying for our sins. He was suffering for our wickedness.

And then it goes on to say that all of us have sinned, but God put the punishment of all of us on Him. You say, “That’s in the Bible, that’s in the Tanakh, in our Hebrew scriptures.” But we skipped this chapter in the synagogue. And then it speaks of Him dying a criminal’s death, being with the wicked and yet He ends up with a rich person in his tomb. And how does this happen? But, yet he goes on: He’s cut off from the land of the living and yet He goes on living. In other words He rises from the dead. You say, “That kind of sounds like that Jesus, Yayshu, Yeshua.” The one that the Catholics and the gentiles worship.

No, no, no. That’s our rabbi. That’s our Mashiach. That’s our Savior. Read Isaiah 53 for yourself and find out why that chapter is skipped in the synagogue.

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sidroth on June 2nd, 2018

All the signs, all the wonders and all the miracles for one day.  But again, the Word of God tells us, the world couldn’t contain all the books that would be written, if it could be done.  The point is, the signs, the wonders and the miracles that Jesus did; it’s beyond count.  It’s beyond measure and that’s the plan that He has for you.  That every day you start this process of [unintelligible].  And what’s going to happen as you begin to put your faith into this day after day, you might start with five, ten maybe events in the course of a day.  But you’re going to use your faith when you wake up in the morning and the next day you’re going to have a couple more.  The next day you’re going to have a couple more because God is a God of increase.  And as you begin to see a little, you’re going to now begin to see an increase of more and more so that you can start filling up your own book every day for the glory of God.  Amen.  One of the things that we want to close with, and I’m going to pray and I’m going to believe God that as I close this session in prayer, your mind and your heart are going to stretch to a place where you recognize you could fill many books every day.  By the power of God, the gifts of the Spirit working in you and through you for His glory.  Amen.  Let’s pray.  Father, I thank you for each one that’s in this course.  Father, I thank you for each…  Wow!  You know one of the things I have learned as I’ve studied science and quantum physics and the operation of the unseen realm; the anointing, the glory, the power is timeless.  Right now, there’s an anointing on me.  There is an operation of God on me.  As I’m getting ready to pray for you, I know that I know God is about to touch you.  He is about to give you an impartation to help you reach levels beyond anything you could imagine.  So I want you to…  We’ve not really taught faith yet.  We’re not into that part of the lesson yet, but I think you’ve got enough already to receive this impartation of God.  So Father, I thank you for their faith rising up right now.  I thank you for faith welling up on the inside to receive an impartation of the miraculous.  An impartation for signs, wonders and miracles.  Father God, I thank you that by the power of your Spirit right now, that the mind and the heart would be stretched to believe God’s Word is absolute truth.  And we can do all things, all things, by the anointing, by Christ, Yeshua ha Mashiach.  Just receive.  Just receive right now, I’m telling you, there’s a flow…  If you could see into the realm of the Spirit and I can’t see it, but I can feel it.  I can feel the anointing and the power of God, literally, coming out of me right now.  And I just believe that the flow and the power of the Spirit of God is touching you.  Imparting to you a fresh anointing; a fresh anointing of signs, wonders and miracles.  And remember, it’s not you, it’s God.  Just ordinary people serving an extraordinary God, for His glory.

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sidroth on May 18th, 2018

One of the things that so helps me now in understanding the operations of God is I know how the devil works.  I know his tactics.  So often, some of the principles and precepts we’re going to get into to help you walk in your fullest potential, in understanding how to see yourself as a great man or woman of God; we will incorporate concepts and precepts like visualizing and meditating and seeing yourself operating in the supernatural.  Sometimes people will say, “Wow, that sounds like New Age”.  No, it’s not New Age, its old age.  Literally, when it comes to meditation, we see over one hundred references in the Bible, to meditating.  The Hebrew word for the word meditate is [?].  That word literally means to use your imagination.  The Bible says in Psalm 1; it says that we should meditate on the law, the Word if you will, day and night.  Then we’re going to be like the tree planted by the rivers.  Our roots are going to go deep, our leaves won’t wither and whatever we do will prosper.  Amen.  Well, that word meditate is the Hebrew word [?].  It means to mutter, to ponder.  It means to create pictures by consistently speaking words.  We see that same word in Psalm 2:1 where it says, “The heathen have vain imaginations”.  That word “imaginations” is the same Hebrew word [?].  Literally, to meditate is to use your imagination.  And one of the things I’m going to try to help you to do through the course of this study is to see yourself walking in the supernatural, see yourself doing the miraculous, see yourself doing every miracle that Jesus does.  When I teach my supernatural discipleship program, one of the things I do is, I have people meditate on miracles every day for six months.  Meditate on the miracle.  See yourself doing the miraculous.  Now, many of the concepts and precepts that I teach in my discipleship program are what we are going to bring into this study so you can have the application of these principles and precepts, so you can walk in the fullness like Jesus has planned for you.  Amen.  So, we’re going to do an introduction to the gifts of the Spirit, but more significantly than the gifts themselves, for me anyway in teaching is, how do they work.  And what we’re going to see, in that childlike faith is, miracles happen, the operation of the supernatural happens, because of faith.  So you need to use your faith.  You need to understand how to use your faith and recognize it is God’s will for you to walk in the supernatural.  Praise God.  Now we will go through, in this study, that which is important to many people; where we will identify, we’ll define, we’ll describe and give you examples of Jesus as well as other people in the Bible, Peter and James and John and Paul doing the operations of the gifts of the Spirit.  But one of the things that’s so important that I’ll get into more detail in this study, is the realization of what miracle or what gift isn’t important.

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sidroth on May 11th, 2018

SID: Randy, you said it’s vital for us to know that healing belongs to us. What did you mean?


RANDY: Well I believe that healing and deliverance is the children’s bread. It belongs to the covenant people, particularly, but God will also heal even people who are not Christian as one of the ways he evangelizes. He’s a great evangelist. It’s the children’s bread, but it’s also in the cross, the same words that is used for sickness and disease was used to bear our sins and our iniquities, exact same words. So at the cross, he took not only our sin and our iniquities, but our sickness, our pains. St. Jude says our diseases. And so I want them to know that healing is yours and it’s not only healing is yours, but the ministry of healing is yours as well. It’s in the great commission. We’re to teach you to obey everything Jesus commanded his disciples in healing and deliverance was at the top. So I actually believe right now God wants to do some healing in here, and those that’s watching. Before I came in a while ago, my right kneecap hurt so bad I could barely walk. There’s nothing wrong with my kneecap. It’s one of the seven ways you can get a word of knowledge, and usually when they hurt that bad it’s something big. So I don’t know if it’s someone here that has a problem in the right kneecap or if it’s somebody that’s going to be watching, but it’s going to be either a lot of people or it’s something very, very big. So I believe the Lord is going to heal that. I was talking to my intern who’s here, Brian over there, who’s 25 years old, he felt like God is going to heal somebody that has something wrong with their neck. And I feel like there’s going to be some people healed that has even an issue of metal and surgery in the neck. As far as that goes, I just feel like every time we do a meeting, we just go for metal and several other things. Lately, we’ve been seeing, five out of the last six women we prayed for who had psoriatic arthritis were healed. So if you have, those that’s watching, if you have, and those that’s here watching, if you have any of those things or you feel the heat of God come on you or the power of God beginning to go through you, and as I said with Sid a while ago, you don’t have to feel that to be healed. And a lot of people don’t know they’re healed until they try to do something they cannot do. So I’m going to ask if any of those things apply to you, for you to stand right now and begin to do something.


SID: And oh by the way, you stand. You’re not Swiss cheese. You stand at home. I’m looking at you. More important, God is looking at you.


RANDY: Yes. I want to give you—


SID: Excuse me, add stroke. We talked about that earlier.


RANDY: Yes, we talked about stroke, anything dealing with the brain, MS, Parkinson’s, mental illness, stroke, learning disabilities, whatever it may be.


SID: Do you have much results with cancer?


RANDY: Yes, we’ve seen several people healed of four stage cancer, so whatever it is that you have.


SID: Let’s stand up right now.


RANDY: I am going to ask that you try to do something that you can’t do, that you actually do something, test it out. And at home, you do the same in your living room, wherever you’re watching the TV at.


SID: Let me add one more thing, because every time I minister, this happens. If you have a pain in your neck or back you’d better stand up unless you want to end up being a pain in the neck. No.


RANDY: Even as you were saying that I felt somebody has got pain. It’s above the left ear in the head and it starts right behind the ear, and it kind of goes through the head. Now check out your body. Now we’re not asking if you’re a hundred percent because we’ve had only a few, it hasn’t even been a couple of minutes. But if you’re at least 80 percent improvement or function restored, I want you to wave both hands over your head to your wrist cross, like this.


SID: There are a few who are waving.


RANDY: One, two, three, four. Just stand and wave if that’s you. There’s about five people already. Now if you’re not at least 80 percent, but you’re getting better, you’re improving, would you wave one hand at me. Okay now, I’m going to pray. We haven’t prayed yet. Father, I just want you to see God heal people before we pray. Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank you for the ones that you are healing that are least 80 percent or more. But these, Father, the last ones that just raised one hand, we’re praying and agreeing, and saying amen to what you’re doing. And in the name of Jesus we speak to their pain, and we invite the power of your Kingdom to come, the Gospel of your Kingdom, the power of your Kingdom, establish your reign over sickness and problems. We thank you for your miracles, miracle power. I command pain to leave, conditions to be healed, the energy of God to go through your body for the Glory of God in the name of Jesus. Now, check it out again, all you watching, whatever you’re watching, whatever you’re watching, whatever room you’re in, check it out. Those who waved one hand, now if you’re at least 80 percent, you couldn’t wave your hands a while ago, but now you can, wave them high over your head. There’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten more. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Now I just believe, I actually believe, because we’ve seen God do this, not only will there be people healed the first time you run this, but there will be people get healed in the reruns.


SID: Oh I’m sure of that.


RANDY: It could be a year from now this thing is being shown and God will use the Word and use the testimony, and bring healing.


SID: Okay, one last word. Pain in the hip area, you’re being healed or even a new hip. You just stand up and walk around a little bit, you’ll see it’s gone. Now the healer is not Randy Clark and it’s not me. The healer is Jesus, and in Hebrew, Yeshua.



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sidroth on May 4th, 2018



DAVID: I’m just, if you’re a deacon I’m joking. I’m joking. If you’re a deacon I’m joking. That’s a joke. You can handle it.




DAVID: Unless you have that spirit then you’re offended then we can pray for you. If you’re a deacon you’re not offended it wasn’t for you. Oh, was that for me? I’m a… Are you offended? Yes I am. It was for you. Anything that I said that offends you it was for you! Or it was prophetic you just didn’t get it. See?




DAVID: So I covered me. So real quick here. How many right now something’s happening to you? Like gold. Your hair’s changing? Your brain’s changing? (laughs) You’re getting free of depression or healing, physical healing? Anyone getting a miracle tonight? Lift your hands. Put your hands in the air like you just don’t care. HA! Now why am I acting silly? Because the glory makes you drunk a little bit and so I get like a little tipsy but I’m trying to… it’s TV and I’m trying my best to be professional. I’m a doctor now. I have to… Now, wait, oh. Yeah, lift your hands real quick. Yeah, you. Yeah. Lord give her more drinks. Make her so full of joy… Oh, watch out. Make her so… Yeah, there’s an angel right there. Oh, oh, oh, oh. There’s angels knocking into people right there. And they’re filling — it’s not just a knock-out, it’s a joyful knock-out. I see you get wasted in the glory. Lord make her so wasted she’ll forget her first name. But as she’s no longer I live but Christ in me. Just, just, just take the joy. Who else got healed? Who else? Who got a miracle tonight? Raise your hand. Okay. What’d you get? Huh? Gold? So how many are getting gold on their hands? How many in the audience, on television? Where’s my camera? How many on the television camera are getting gold on their hands? Check it. All of you? 100,000 people. That’s a lot.




DAVID: Ah. How many of you are getting healed right now? Check your hands. How many of you are laughing right now, you’re getting joyful, check your hands right now. Wow. Prophecy how many people are going to be part of the Mentoring Session soon? 100,000 people. Who got a physical miracle, physical, like healing miracle? What’d you get? Breathing? Air in your lower breathing. Yeah? You tested it ever since you got up? So the air’s going down and now you can breathe better. Praise God!




DAVID: Whooo! What’s going on over here? Is something going on over here that I need to know about? Yeah, you get something? Who else got a miracle raise your hand. What’s you get? Oh, you’re here right here. That’s easier.

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sidroth on April 20th, 2018



JIM:  Uhhh… I mean different kind of crazy! You know what I mean? You know what I mean! You know, you know people… and so people would show up at my house. I’ll never forget a guy shows up at my house in the middle of the night. He’s so big he like blocks out the moon. You know, you know what I’m saying? And he comes to my door and he says are you that guy that’s been down there talking about Jesus? And I’m like umm, uh, maybe, uh, uh, could be. And, uh, he comes in and he says, uh, and, and he shows me he’s packing heat, you know. He says, uh, well, uh, I’m getting ready to go kill my mother and kill my wife and tomorrow morning I will be on the court house square and I will kill everybody that moves and I’m going to start with killing you if you can’t get me help. Man, I got news for ya. That’s when you go what is the most important thing around here? I’m want to tell you something. We have so missed the most important aspect, two most important aspects of the gospel. And we’ve done what people do… and I see this in when I go into a consulting, you go in and, and these companies will teach people how to do stuff. Now, and, and it works for a while and when it starts not working instead of going back to what did work, then they started adding something on. And in a year or two years what they’re doing isn’t even close to what they were taught to do. That’s what we do as believers. We come to Jesus in such incredible simple faith and it works. Everybody know what I’m talking about? You, you remember. You remember how when you first got saved it’s like man, getting a prayer answered was like falling off of a slippery rock! There was nothing to it! You… I mean it just seemed like everything worked. But what happened? What happened was we started… when something would go wrong instead of going back to what was really working we started kind of adding new things onto it and it started getting more and more complex. And before long it wasn’t even about Jesus anymore. Now it’s about us and our performance and what all we do and what all we feel like what we deserve. And we’ve left behind the most important factor. Let, let me say this first. You know THE root of the gospel… your faith is all about what you believe about the death, burial and resurrection. See most of us look to the life that Jesus lived when He walked planet earth. I go okay, my faith is going to be rooted in what He did. You know I’m thankful for what He did while He was here. I mean I could spend hours talking about the value that we have by Him emptying Himself, becoming a man and, and yielding to the Holy Spirit and all of those kinds of things. But you know what? That has nothing to do with my salvation. That has nothing to do with how or why the power of God would work in my life. That has nothing to do with me experiencing this thing we call “salvation.” And you know this thing we call salvation: “Sozo” [the Greek New Testament word for salvation] …saved, healed, delivered, blessed, prospered, protected, made whole, set apart. It’s not just about getting born again. It’s about    every aspect of quality of life, of dimension of life that Jesus obtained for us through His death, burial and resurrection. And so we need to know what happened while He was on the cross. What happened while He was in the grave. What happened so that He was raised up. And then what happened after He was raised up. Now, I… that’s the, that’s the root of the gospel. And you know what? That’s what you hear preached less than anything else. I mean you might hear a reference to the cross, but you don’t hear people talking about all the things that the Bible says happened. Just like this concept of, of being delivered from the curse of the Law. See if you can read you go back and read Deuteronomy or anywhere, and you go okay, this is a curse, this is a curse, this is a curse and you know when that comes into my life, if I recognize it as a curse, that’s when I have said, “No! I don’t accept you. You’re not from God.” And then not only… that’s when you know guilt’s going to rise up and you say but you remember that thing that you did the other day. You’re like you know what? That’s right. As a matter of fact I’ll just deal with that right now. Father, I thank you that I’m forgiven. I don’t… you know and you know you deal with it, but still I have authority. Even though I might have failed, even though I might have problems with it I still have authority because of what Jesus did! And you got to realize. See when Jesus rose from the dead, because you died with Him then every aspect of you that opposes the ress… who, who, who Jesus is resurrected?  [He] died. And you, you were raised up with Him. New creation. Now the Bible tells us that when we come to Jesus that we got to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. Now not just believe that He raised Him from the physical death. But do you know what? There had already been people raised from physical death. Jesus raised people from the dead. People were raised from the dead in the Old Testament. But do you believe God raised Jesus from the dead based on His account of what happened? And what does that have to do with you? And that’s where it starts getting interesting. Because the Bible says you got to believe that in your heart, not just your mind. See when you believe something in your mind, intellectually, when you’ve gathered the information all you have done is renewed your mind. Now there’s nothing wrong with that. You can even put some of that information you know into practice and it’ll benefit your life. But you, that doesn’t mean you’re experiencing transformation. That doesn’t mean you’re changing from the inside out. It just means you got some information that you can try really hard to put into practice. But the Bible says you got to believe this in your heart. Now the heart, and, and I, I don’t have time to go into all the dimensions of the heart. We could, honestly, I could, I could talk about the heart, its functions for a week nonstop, every day for hours. We can’t go into all that. But I want you to understand some of the basics of the heart. First and foremost, the heart is the real you. As near as I can understand from, from over 40 years of, of diving into this the heart is part spirit, part soul. Now the spirit part of your heart God has already written all of His truth on that part of you. But the soul part of your heart that’s why you got to renew your mind so that, so that they will be in harmony. So that what, so what you think and what your emotions are saying are harmonious with what God says and with the reality that God has, has established in you. Now the heart is the real you. And one of the… the two most interesting aspects of the heart are this. Number one, when you believe a truth in your heart it changes your sense of self. It changes how you see and experience who you really are. Now some of you have heard me talk at different times and teach at different times about, uh, uh, about prosperity or about success or this sort of thing. You know one, one of the reasons success works for me is this. See I can’t see myself broke! One of the reasons I get healed… You know I’ve overcome several life-threatening diseases. You know I was a, I was a, uh… after I stopped being a street preacher then I started being a jungle preacher and I used to do jungle crusades in other countries. And man I’m telling you I was, I was in other countries sleeping in huts, eating stuff that would make a goat puke. That’s, that’s a real missionary! If you can eat something that would make a goat puke you’re a real missionary! You know what I’m saying? And so man, I’m off in the jungle doing these crusades and uh, you know, uh, every phenomenal thing… uh, I’ve seen every miracle in the Bible. I mean, uh, I mean we would see, we’d see so many blind people get healed. This would be the honest truth. They would stop taking testimonies of blind people getting healed because it was boring. Because we had we already had so many of ‘em. You’d see cripples just get up and run around everywhere, all these kinds of things. You know thank God for it! But you know what? There’d be lots of times I’d be back in that jungle eating what those people eat, drinking the water they drink and I’d come home nearly dead! I’d… honestly, there have been 2 or 3 times since, uh, I started doing that kind a stuff that I would come back from some country somewhere and, and they, my wife or the doctors would not think I would live past the week. And, and these truths that I’m sharing with you these are the things that I used to walk out of those life-threatening illnesses. These are the things I used to walk out of financial disasters. It’s all about what Jesus did on the cross. But it’s not just the fact that He did it. I’ve got to believe that in my heart. Not just have this mental agreement. Not like, okay, yeah, let’s me see. God give me enough information and if, if I, you know if I see that I agree with you and I think you’re smart enough then what I’m going to do is I’m going to pass a judgment about You and say yeah God, you’re smart enough. I’ll kind of go along with that. And we think that that’s believing. I say believing in your heart is when you believe something to such a degree you can’t separate who you are from this reality. Now stop and think about it. Your whole life, your, your  mind is gathering behav… is gathering information. Your whole life. Parents are saying things to you. School teachers are saying things to you. Uh, you’re having failures and successes, embarrassments. All of these things. Well see we think that we are the sum total of our lives’ experiences because we’re living out of this. And so your mind serves to protect your ego. So your mind is always going, I mean in a nanosecond, every time an opportunity comes to it, before you realize you thought about it your mind’s going to say “uh uh, uh uh, uh uh.” And you’re going so that’s the Holy Spirit saying no. That’s not the Holy Spirit. That’s fear!

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sidroth on April 13th, 2018

SID: You know, Isik, you appear to be such a joyful person. You’re always bubbly. You’re always excited, but if people only knew the background you came from. It’s almost like that was a different person. I mean, I already told them your dream would be worthy enough to be a suicide bomber. You just got back from Israel. Tell me what happened when you went to Israel. What was it like?

ISIK: Well I had another encounter with Jesus there and I was weeping every step when I was walking to Jerusalem, and I just fell in love with Israel, and I felt like I belong there for all my life. And even when I was an enemy of Israel, when I wanted to wipe Israel from the face of the earth, as a radical Muslim, and I saw Lord Jesus towards me when I was in Israel, it was such a life-changing experience.

SID: I want you to see the contrast. I’ll take you back as a young girl in a Muslim family in Turkey, radical. What was your life like as a young girl?

Well I grew up in civil war years, so I was very accustomed to bombed, hearing gunshots, people killing each other. We had a terrorist training center next door. So I was four or five years old. I was seeing machine guns, dynamite going in and out of the body, and I developed PTSD at an early [age]. I was being beaten up, abused, and molested later on by a family relative. I’ve been through a lot of physical, sexual and emotional abuse when I was a kid and later on when I was a young adult.

SID: But even in Turkey it’s the same as America, the women think I’ll get married and that’s going to be my solution, and I’ll be just like they show in Hollywood. How old were you when you were married?

ISIK: Nineteen years old.

SID: Okay. So you get married.

ISIK: Yes.

SID: And it was actually worse than the beatings you were taking at home.
ISIK: Absolutely. The only difference, at that time, I was bleeding. My first husband was doing writing as a Muslim man. He was disciplining me to become a better Muslim woman.

SID: Is he allowed to do this, according to their holy book?

ISIK: Absolutely. Absolutely.

SID: Just out of curiosity, there’s been a phrase in America used often about Islam.

ISIK: Yes.

SID: This is the phrase that we have been sold as Americans: Islam is a peace-loving religion. What would you say to that?

ISIK: Well whoever says that has Antichrist spirit because this is a fake peace of Antichrist. And if there’s any peace in Islam, who says that needs to show me one Muslim country in the world that has peace. And it is a very fake and very deceptive statement that Islam is a peaceful religion.

SID: Okay. So you have a horribly abusive marriage and you decide you’re going to get education. You study. You’re good. You get a good job and then you figure a way to get out of Turkey to America. You get a transfer. You divorce your husband. I understand it took a miracle. You come to America. You live a very wild lifestyle and there’s another man who is involved in drugs, you get involved with, and he was acting crazy towards you. It was like you were a magnet to attract problems for yourself.

ISIK: Absolutely. And I believe through a problem, God can speak to many people. Maybe there’s a pattern in their lives and there’s an abuse pattern. They feel stuck and I was one of those people. I was a victim before Jesus Christ. I had this thing on my forehead, come and abuse me, come and rape me. And people, abusers are attracted to victims. So I had another horrible marriage, but the good part of it, I have a 20-year-old daughter today who is a missionary, and two months ago I led my second husband to the Lord, gloriously.

SID: Okay. I want to take you, you get a good job in America. However, because of the abuse, there’s a point you can only take so much, and because of this abuse, even with her daughter, life isn’t worth living. She’s going to commit suicide. She goes into work and her employer says, “Isik, I want you to come to my office. I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.” When we come back let’s find out what he did.

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sidroth on April 6th, 2018

AUDIENCE:  I believe it!


RICH: You know real quickly I want to take you through the miracles of Jesus. I just feel to talk a little bit about miracles if it’s okay with you. You know there’s four categories of the miracles of Jesus. Okay? One of them it’s miracles cures, which we know a lot in America that entitles the body, the physical body. Number Two: it’s exorcisms or deliverance. We saw deliverance today in one of the rooms back here. Number Three: it deals with resurrection from the dead. And Number Four: it deals with power over nature. Now this is something that many people have not tapped into yet. We all have great faith for cures. We all have seen devils come out. But the Lord is showing me that He’s bringing us into a season where we going to expect that, we’re going to begin to see the resurrection power of God begin to move through your life for resurrection. We’re going to talk about people being raised from the dead when he was playing someplace in Europe.  But Number Two, there’s going to be a revelation that we have power over nature just like Jesus has. And this is something that overseas it happens but in America! You know that in the city of Orlando there was a spot where I used to drive all the time going to church with my wife that just about every weekend there will be a motorcycle accident or a car accident because of a bad intersection. It was a Latino town so Latinos drive like crazy so you know everybody trying to beat each other. And there was three people that died the week that we rent our church building and we had to drive there. And the Holy Spirit says why don’t you stop on that spot and you declare that as long as you live in the city of Orlando not one body will be hurt or die on this intersection. And I stood there and I stood on that spot that had the marks of the motorcycle wheels and the darkness of the dried up blood and I said from this time on there will be no death or accident on this corner as the word of the Lord is being released. I bless this spot and I declare no more accidents. You know it’s been a year and a half not one accident took place on that spot!


AUDIENCE:              (CLAPPING)


RICH:   Now Number Two: we have power, and God is going to begin to release this upon us, to speak to nature and to the elements and it’s not your screaming. It’s not your fire. It has to do with that revelation of that area of the miracle power of God that has been unknown to most believers. You can look up to a tornado and you can point your finger and say you’re not going to damage my city. You can look, I mean you can point to a map and say there will be no earthquakes on this place as long as I’m alive. Let me tell you something. God will begin to do it because God is releasing that revelation to His people. The miracles is beyond cure of the body. He deals with casting out devils. He deals with resurrection. And He deals with power over nature. Can somebody say “I receive that!”

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