SID: So you’re minding your own business on an airplane and someone dies. Tell me about a real resurrection.

KEVIN: Well, that happened just a couple of years that I was with the airline and they had been dead for a while because there was no blood in their … You couldn’t see any blood flow. So we put them on the floor, I guess they thought that … It was a husband, and the wife said, “I thought he was sleeping, but he’s been dead for a while. He’s cold.” So we put him out on the floor and we have to very quickly do CPR and do everything. I cannot pronounce him dead, so I started to pray over him because I was waiting for the CPR equipment. And the wife said, “Yeah, you can pray for him.” I said, “You’re a Christian, aren’t you?” And she said, “Yes.” So out of my mouth when I prayed, instead of praying, “Lord, we just give this man to You.” Out of my mouth said, “Come back in the name of Jesus.” And at that very moment, he opened his eyes and he got his color back. So I know that he was dead.

Even though I don’t have a death certificate or anything to prove that, I saw that the words out of my mouth commanded resurrection. And that man walked off the airplane without a wheelchair or any assistance.

SID: The devil really tries to strip these words from our vocabulary. Why would he want to strip resurrection from our vocabulary?

KEVIN: Well Sid, what we don’t realize that we’re going to, from now on, is that we are literally children of God and it has been given to us. As it says in John 1:12, it says that those who embraced Him, Jesus, He gave them the power … which is the word, “authority,” to become children of God. See, we have been given that authority so when we speak, we are representing God. Doesn’t it even say that when we speak, we should speak as though we’re speaking the very oracles of God? And doesn’t it even say in Ephesians 5, that we are to be imitators of God as dearly loved children? So when we speak these words, we have the same authority that Jesus had when He walked on the earth. Now what I just said, some people would just come against that. But see, that is where we’re at. We need to get back into those ancient paths of walking in the Spirit and speaking the words. We need to stay in this place of resurrection power every day, tapping into it, taking a sip, a drink, a bite or whatever it is.

The Word of the Lord that comes to you, that’s bread from heaven. But then you can drink of the Spirit of God. You continue to feed on yourself on the Word of God and you tap into that resurrection power, and the devil will look at you and he does not have a plan B. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do if you don’t wear out. Sid, isn’t it true that it says that in the book of Revelation, that he was wearing out the saints? In the book of Revelation, that was his goal.

SID: Right.

KEVIN: So I know that, and now I’m just going to tell everybody all over the world, you cannot let him wear you out. You got to stay in the ring of God where God will win every time.

SID: It’s almost unfair. This man has got so much revelation on these power words, I can’t do justice to it on this show. I really pray you get ahold of this and you give the devil his marching orders, “March out.”

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