SID: Now, David Hernandez provokes me to jealousy. He doesn’t know how biblical he is. You see it’s the job of the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy, but there was someone else I knew, David, that provoked me to jealousy no end. Her name was Kathryn Kuhlman. As far as I’m concerned, she had such a close relationship with the Holy Spirit. I remember to this day, she would say, “Don’t grieve him. He’s all I’ve got.” And you have that. But I understood it that this started based on a word of God before you were even born. Tell me about that.

DAVID: Well, the prayers of parents are powerful and my parents had prayed a very specific prayer for myself and each of my siblings. For my older sister, they prayed that she would be a worshiper—that came to pass. For my brother, that he would carry a boldness. That definitely came to pass. And then for me, they prayed that I would be sensitive to the person of the Holy Spirit. And ever since the age of seven, I can recall being very aware of an atmosphere of the Spirit around me.

SID: That is so wonderful. I didn’t even know about such things for the first 30 years of my life. You really had a leg up on me and probably a lot of people. There are a lot of people, we know there’s a Holy Spirit, many have even been filled with the Holy Spirit, but to you, who is the Holy Spirit?

DAVID: To me, the Holy Spirit is a friend because he is a person. The Holy Spirit is also God we see in Psalm chapter 139 verse seven that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent. We see in first Corinthians chapter two, verses 10 through 12, that the Holy Spirit is omniscient because he knows the mind of God and searches out the deep things of God. We also know that the Holy Spirit is omnipotent because in Luke chapter one, verse 35, we see that it’s the same power of the Most High that overshadowed someone when the Holy Spirit came upon them. The Holy Spirit is the one who helps us to pray. The Holy Spirit is the one who gives us boldness for evangelism. The Holy Spirit is the one who gives us the power to overcome sin. As I say, he is the Holiness Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one who stirs hearts for faith to believe for the miraculous and to receive and become all that God desires.

DAVID: The Holy Spirit is the one who guides us into the deeper things of God who reveals those heavenly treasures, which are revelations that cause transformation in us. The Holy Spirit is the one who walks with us 24/7, constantly abiding, a faithful friend, empowering us with the grace of God to accomplish the perfect will of God within the earth and become that will of God filled with power in the earth. The Holy Spirit is the one who empowers us for ministry and guides us through everyday life as it pertains to ministry so that we don’t miss a single detail. And the Holy Spirit is a person. The person of God, in me, around me, with me, constantly abiding, as I say.

SID: A lot of people refer to the Holy Spirit as, “It.” That’s not who the Holy Spirit is to you.

DAVID: Not at all. Jesus referred to him as, “He.” He said that he shall lead you into all truth. He will remind and reveal, John 14:26.

SID: Okay. I am all ears on this next question. And you will be too. Give us some secrets you have learned to have intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

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