NATASHA: But I really believe that if we make God great, then your faith will be great. Because you — it’s natural for us to respond in trust to someone who we know loves us so much and wants the best for us.

DONNA: And faith is so broad. It so broad sometimes the way people teach it. But the way you teach it, it makes it so simple.


DONNA: Well, we’re going to take a quick break. [music] But when we come back, Natasha is going to share with us a very, very important Scripture that you don’t want to miss. We’ll be right back.


DONNA: Welcome back to “Something More.” I’m here with Natasha Schedrivaya from Russia. And I know you’re going to enjoy the rest of this program. So please, please, please don’t go away. Natasha, honestly, what a story. I can hardly wrap my mind around it, especially when I see you here so on fire for God and just reaching so many, many people. Anyway, you wanted to share a Scripture with us that kind of clarifies two different approaches.

NATASHA: Yes. Just to give an example of two different approaches. I take the Scripture from Luke 13. It’s when Jesus was teaching in the synagogue. And then there was a woman that came to the synagogue that was bound for 18 years by the sickness, by Satan, Jesus states. And so, Jesus comes to the synagogue, and He sees her. The Scripture says He saw a woman. He called her to come up in front of the synagogue. Then He lay hands on this woman, and He sets her free. And she starts praising God. And then, we know the Pharisees were not happy with the fact that He healed this woman on Saturday. And He rebukes them.

DONNA: Yes. Yes.

NATASHA: And then He says some very important words. He calls this woman to be a daughter of Abraham, and then He says that this woman was bound by Satan for 18 years, and she should be loosed. And then, as a result, people who were in the synagogue, they were rejoicing and praising God. So their faith was stirred. So these are two approaches. I was taught it’s more about what we should do. What steps do I need to take in order to get healing, just like this woman got her healing?

DONNA: Yes. Yes.

NATASHA: So then, you need to come to the synagogue, you come to a church. You need to come, you know, to hear the voice of Jesus, the call. And you need to answer that call. You need to step out in faith. And, you know, certain steps that you are supposed to take. But then, I found out that there is a more effective way to help people, to get the answers from God. And it’s to talk more about God.


NATASHA: You know, once we start talking about how good God is toward simple people there is no need, really, to tell them what steps to take, because they know it inside. They know it in their heart what they need to do, how to respond to God. And this is, I call it the love approach. First, what we see here, when Jesus came to the synagogue, He saw this woman. And I tell you, women were in the back of the synagogue, and she was bent over. And it tells something, that He loves you, that He sees you where you are. He sees you. He asks you to respond to His invitation to come to Him. He is so wonderful. He is so delicate. God is so loving. Then He breaks all the rules, and He invites the woman to come up in front of the synagogue. There was not, I mean, that’s a, He’s — never have things like that happened before.  A woman never would stand on the [inaudible]. So He breaks traditions for you —

DONNA: I see. Mm-hmm. 

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