KYLE: Just a prompting of the Holy Spirit.

BRUCE: Yeah. And so here’s the thing with Tim. This is the most important part of the story. Tim would say that God did not talk to him. Tim would say this all the time. Oh, you’re so lucky. You get words of knowledge. You’re so lucky you get dreams. You get visions. I wish God would talk to me! God doesn’t talk to me. So he calls me right before I’m about to get high with this guy. And it had been days since and so I got off the phone. I thought that was strange. A few days go by. A week goes by. I haven’t been – I hadn’t gotten high. I’m in another place. Someday after work at this guy’s house I’m about to smoke a little pot with him. My phone rings. It’s Tim again. And I’m like wow, that’s the second time now. And the third time it happened it was on a Saturday. The same thing out of the blue he calls me right before I’m about to do it. So now it’s Sunday morning. We’re at church. I avoid Tim like he’s got leprosy. 

KYLE: [Laughs]

BRUCE: Like I don’t want to. He’s just like –

KYLE: Yeah, yeah!

BRUCE: Right? In fact, the third time I didn’t even answer the phone because I was so convicted that I knew it was God calling through him, and so I didn’t even want to. So Sunday morning I’m staying away from him! Well after church the Lord convicts me and He says Tim doesn’t think he hears My voice. Tim doesn’t think he’s hearing Me. And He said unless you tell him what’s happened these last three times He’s not going to know he hears Me! But then I had to admit that I had lied to him on the phone three times and so I fought with it all Sunday. Monday morning I picked up the phone and called him and I said Tim, like three weeks ago on such and such a day why did you call me? And he said I was just driving down the road and you just popped in my mind and I thought oh, I’d better give, you know I’ll give Bruce a call. And he said why? And I said well like a week ago why did you call me? And he said the same thing.

He said you just – you know I just had a thought come to my mind. See how Bruce is doing so I thought I’d give you a call. And I said well Saturday, just a couple of days ago why did you call me? He said actually that was different. He said I was taking a nap. He said and I sat right up from that nap and I thought I just need to give Bruce a call. And he said and you didn’t answer the phone. He said I called Lori and she said she just talked to you. He said why didn’t you answer the phone? And then I admitted to him that I had all three times he called seconds before I was about to smoke marijuana! And he’s like well that’s so strange! He said what a coincidence!

KYLE: Yeah!

BRUCE: [Laughs]

KYLE: And it was God talking to him the whole time! And I think.

BRUCE: But he didn’t realize it!

KYLE: And he didn’t realize it!

BRUCE: He didn’t. 

KYLE: And I think so many people can relate to that! [Music] God is talking to us and we don’t realize it’s Him! And I want us to pick up on that when we come back after the break! Stay with us!

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