ART:  God with us. Amen. Wow. So He’s with you. This agrees 100% with the nature of God, the life and ministry of Jesus, the fullness of the Bible and here’s one of my favorites here to make this just a little bit brighter for you. It wasn’t only Jesus. In Acts chapter 5, verses 12, or verse 12 first, it says that the believers, the Church, was all meeting together in a place called Solomon’s Colonnade and in verse 16 it says that the people— “Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits and all of them were healed.” Jesus had ascended into heaven. He was gone. And now this was the Church ministering in Jesus” name. Everybody healed. Now some of these objections we have one of my favorites is John chapter 5, the Pool of Bethesda. All right?

There was this angel who would come down and trouble the waters. And when that happened, the New King James version says that whoever got in the pool first was healed of whatever condition they had. Now there’s a few things important about that. Because Number One, God would not give more authority to an angel than He would give to His son. So if that angel is authorized to heal whoever of whatever you’d better believe Jesus can heal whoever of whatever. He wasn’t just led to some people and not to others. But that’s what some people bring up as an argument about this passage because it says here a number of sick, diseased and injured people used to lie. And Jesus shows up on the scene. He sees this man who’s been crippled for I think it was 38 years and He has compassion on him when He finds out how long he’s been in this condition. And He goes up to him and asks him do you want to be made well? Of course I do. Lays hands on him. Get up. Take your mat. I don’t remember what He did but He told him to get up. The guy gets up and he’s healed.     Jesus slips away into the crowd. Now this guy is walking through the Temple courts carrying His mat and the people that are there, the religious folk look at him and they say what are you doing on the Sabbath carrying a mat?

AUDIENCE: (LAUGHTER) ART: And this guy goes the guy who healed me told me to carry my mat. You know I think that’s a little good authority. Right? You know? They said who was it? He said I don’t know because Jesus had slipped away into the crowd. So that gives us a clue that at this point in Jesus” ministry John chapter 5 it’s early. He’s still flying under the radar. Remember He’s in Jerusalem. If He’d come out and healed every single person there He might have been crucified early instead of at the fullness of time after He had done everything He was sent here to do. Now there’s another aspect to this. He comes back to the man and He says do you believe in the Son of Man? Do you believe in the Messiah? And He has this conversation with him. Introduces Himself to him.

This was a guy who had no faith. He didn’t know who Jesus was. He didn’t believe in Jesus being the Messiah. You know? Yet he was healed anyway because Jesus ministered to him. Now why didn’t Jesus heal all the other sick people who were there at the Pool of Bethesda? Number One, like we said, flying under the radar. But Number Two. I think this is really interesting. Just because He didn’t lay hands on everyone doesn’t mean He didn’t want everyone healed. I have people come to me and ask me if you really believe God wants to heal all and you’re seeing all these results like you say you’re seeing, which personally one on one I see a majority healed. I don’t see 100%.

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