SID: I’m here with Colonel James Durham. James, you’ve spent a career in the military, over 30 years, but your faith has been so stretched by your supernatural stories of what happened to you in the military. You had visions, you visited heaven many times. Tell me what you saw about our power grid going down.

JAMES: This was actually a two part series of visions. In the first one, suddenly, I found myself translated in the spirit to a place and it looked like an ancient factory. Everything was made out of wood. There was very little metal there. But in the middle of this open bay, there was an absolutely huge machine. And as I looked at it, I had never seen anything like that in my life. And my thoughts were, there’s probably no one on earth alive today who knows how to operate that machine, but at one time, people knew how to make that machine work.

It had long leather belts on it that I thought were probably attached to a water wheel, or something, to make the power for the machine. And the Lord said to me, “There’s a time coming when people are going to have to learn, again, how to build and operate machines that don’t require electricity or fossil fuels, in a while.” So then, I suddenly went into a different place in a vision. I was walking through this large area and it looked really desolate.

I saw tools that had been just discarded there, and there were many, many different kinds of tools, and it looked like some kind of really raging fire had swept through the area, and some of those big metal tools had actually melted together and become totally useless. As I continued to walk, there was a pile of computers, totally useless. No electricity, no grid, no internet. And then I saw cell phones on the ground. And I heard the Lord say again, “A day is coming when all of these things that you’ve become accustomed to, are going to go away because of the power grid, and you will have to learn to trust in me, and you will have to learn to do things in different ways.”

SID: You also had a vision in which Jesus said to you, “I’m coming soon, and my people are not ready.” Is this why you wrote your book on prepping? Because the world just doesn’t need another book on prepping.

JAMES: Absolutely right. And in a series of visions, and in two of them, that’s when the Lord spoke to me this way. And I saw the Lord coming with the white robed army of heaven. They were on horses, they’re coming my way, and I’m excited about seeing them. But just as they got to me, Jesus stopped, and he looked right into my eyes and he said, “Behold, I’m coming very soon, and my people are not ready.” And there was a sadness in his voice on that last part.

And then a few days later, I was in heaven again. The same kind of experience. Jesus rode right up to me and he said something a little different this time. This time, he said, “Behold, I’m coming very quickly and my people are not prepared.” And I felt this strong urging in my spirit that the Lord was telling me, “You and others need to begin to prepare, and you need to teach other people how to prepare.” And not to do some of the typical things that people do when they’re thinking about this—

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