SID: You know what, there’s something you teach, actions activate the miraculous.

KYNAN: Absolutely. Absolutely. Every miracle in the Bible was literally activated by the action of somebody who believed. I’m reminded of the woman with the issue of blood and the gospel account and the Bible says, “She said within herself, ‘Today I’m going to be made whole. Today I’m going to receive my miracle,’ and she pressed through the crowd.” Sometimes that crowd is not people. Sometimes that crowd is fear. Sometimes that crowd is family. Sometime that that crowd is environment, but you’ve got to be willing to press through the crowd, whatever that crowd may be, and lay hold on God’s power and purpose for your life. And when people act on the word of God in faith, it releases miracles.

SID: You know what I’m hearing right now, you’re saying stop looking back. You’re saying it’s a new day. You’re saying it’s a new beginning. You’re saying expect to hear from God. That’s what you’re saying.

KYNAN: That’s exactly what I’m saying and it’s happening right now. Right now. Father, in Jesus’ name, I release a fresh glory all over the place. Wherever you’re watching, right where you are, there’s a tangible presence of God that’s invading your space right now. Eternity is actually invading time, and guess what? The limits are removed right now. There’s no more limitation. There’s no more blockage. There’s a glory explosion right there, right where you are and you’re about to see the manifestation of God’s presence like you’ve never seen it before. I’m telling you, the glory is in this place right now and it’s moving. It’s moving. He’s working. He’s performing miracles in your life. Just receive it in Jesus’ name.

SID: Here’s what’s going on, you’re seeing seen something new, even in financial miracles, beyond all you’ve ever heard of. There is such a backlash on talking about prosperity or finances that many have backed off, and you say they’ve thrown the baby away with the dirty bath water.

KYNAN: Absolutely. Just because something is misused doesn’t mean that that’s something itself is wrong. A lot of people have been hurt with the prosperity message, Sid. They’ve been manipulated, they’ve been abused, they’ve been taken advantage of, and it’s left a dirty taste in their mouth. Here’s what God is doing. God says, “My new campaign for finances is not fundraising anymore. It’s the glory.” God is saying, “I’m going to do it Myself.”

SID: You told me recently you were at a meeting and all of a sudden, and of all things, the offering, the glory of God showed up. What happened?

KYNAN: This is amazing, Sid. I’m in this meeting and the offering time is there, and the glory just comes in. Nobody prompts anything. Nobody asks for a particular amount of money, none of that. We’re just in a worshipful mode, before we could even say anything, the Lord comes in and does His own fundraising. And this is what happens, we see the book of Acts chapter four and five all over again. Where the Bible says that when the glory came in the body of believers, that people began to bring their possessions and nobody lacked anything. And Sid, there was this literally an influx of people responding. Nobody’s prompting them, but they’re responding. And I’m seeing this all over the place where we go. It’s all over the place.

SID: Tell me about the pastor that was so turned off on talking about money.

KYNAN: Yeah. And by the way, let me share with you. I was that pastor just a few years ago that was turned off, so I can relate. And I remember this young, he came to me and he said, “I was so turned off by finances and things like that.” He said, but he realized that he had inadvertently adopted a poverty mentality and a lack mindset. And I had been doing some teaching on the economy of God and he overheard it, and he began to catch it in his spirit. And he went and he said, “God, I’m sorry for having this lack mentality. I repent of this because I know there’s abundance that you have for me.” And when he did that, some of the, beg[an] to happen. He’s walking out of the church and somebody comes up to him and they say, “Pastor, I don’t know what it is but I have to give you this.” And they give him a check for $7,000.

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