SID: I would think that most people that have these gifts, they may go a lifetime and not release them! They don’t even know they have it!

KEVIN: Sid, that was the tragedy; and now that I’m back, I’m glad that I’m back because I saw where every human being had the potential to walk like a giant in the Spirit on the Earth. I saw where the purposes of God were much grander than anybody had ever conceived. And it says that in the Bible in in 1 Corinthians. It talks about

SID: “Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard all that God has in store for you.”

KEVIN: But it says that, “But by the Spirit”, “the Spirit knows the heart of God the Spirit search the deep things of God.” And I always wanted to know “the deep things” But what I found was is those deep things are written in my book. And they’re written in people’s books; and so I was sent back to encourage people to feed their faith, and to begin to express out of their faith.

SID: How do people feed their faith?

KEVIN: Well Jesus said that the Word was like a seed; and when the sower sows the Word, it falls on the ground, and it produces a crop according to how it took root. And so Jesus instructed me; He said, “When you go back”, He said, “Don’t concentrate on the seed anymore.” He said, “The seed has everything in it that it needs, except to be planted and watered.” He said, “But the ground is what you focus on”, and I had never heard that before. So I went back to chapter 13 of Matthew, and I went through that, intricately. And Jesus said this: He said, Sid, He said He said, “If you get this parable”, He said, “you understand the deep mysteries of the Kingdom.” And I said, “Well that sounds like 1 Corinthians chapter 2!” So I began to meditate on that. And the Lord said, “Now, when you preach, when you share with people”, He says He says, “You concentrate on the stony ground; you concentrate on the thorns; you concentrate on the seed that goes on the path; and you concentrate on people that are focusing on the wrong thing; and you win them over, and you get their soil ready.” So in services, I began to work according to the Holy Spirit, by addressing certain issues; and it would take sometimes 10-, 15-, 20-minutes before I would get into my message. But what I found was is that I was plucking out “thorns” out of people’s field.

SID: Just tell me two or three “thorns” that are common with most people.

KEVIN: A lot of times the cares of life and the, the trauma that people go through, it

SID: So just by being human.


SID: [chuckling] Humans go through trauma.


SID: Yes, you’ve noticed; you are human, [chuckling] okay.

KEVIN: Right. And you get a little you get a little shy towards certain things because you realize that you felt pain, and so you want to shy away from the vulnerability. And the Lord told me, and He said, “I want you to tell them”, people that “to be transparent before Me, because I want to heal them. I want to fix what’s wrong in their lives.”

SID: What do you mean, “transparent” before God?

KEVIN: Jesus said that we are to treat Him as a friend that we can trust, that does see everything in our lives; but that is going to be gentle with us. And that if we would fall on His mercy, and ask Him for help, that He was not going to turn us away. And so “soil” has to be rid of the “stones”, and the cares of life, and “the deceitfulness of riches”. Jesus said, that if you pursue riches only and we’ve all been there, and we all know that that’s a dead-end. But I have found that if I address certain things by the Spirit, that people will begin to be healed by the Spirit of God; then, when I sow the Word, they receive it with joy, and they have a harvest of 30, 60, or 100-fold; whereas before, I wasn’t seeing the results; and the Lord said, “That’s because the seed”, He just I’ll just be honest He told me that it just ricochets. When you sow the seed, it just ricochets off; it doesn’t take root. And I said, “Well Lord, when I got sent back, I got sent b- sent back for fruit that lasts; so when I sow, I want to have a 100-fold return on everything I sow. And your Word is perfect”, O told the Lord, so I said, “I am going to work on the soil on people.” And when I came back, I started to see so many miracles in in people’s lives, and people delivered, and people took root. And this is what was asked by my spiritual father; he asked me, he said, “When you come back a year later”, he said, “Do you see people changed from the year before?”, and I said, “Yes”, I said, “because I pray that fruit that lasts comes upon them. I pray that all the stones and thorns are removed from their soil, so that they produce a good crop.”

SID: Would you pray that over our viewers right now?

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