SID: I’ll tell you something, I was talking to Guillermo before we came back and I said, I see the average people watching our show going into hospitals, in the amputee ward and clear in the whole place out. That’s what I said. But I want to know how you started. First of all, what is the secret place?

GUILLERMO: The secret place is the altar. The secret place is the place when God and man meets. The secret place, Jesus calls it closet. He said, ” Well go into your closet.” That’s the place with God, but if we describe that secret place, we can say it this way. The secret place is the place where we access the presence and the glory of God.

SID: But if you access, how important is it to be walking in holiness?

GUILLERMO: That’s very key. You were saying about myself first. Every single day Sid, before I go to the Lord, the Bible says, “Our Father that is in heaven, hallowed be your name.” In other words, we start worshiping God. How do I start? I start affirming God’s presence. In other words, you cannot worship a God that is not present. So I always say, “God, I affirm you. I worship you.” So I start affirming God. The second thing is, there’s anything in me, any sin, any iniquity of commission and omission, I ask you to forgive me and cleanse me, because we must pray from a holiness position.

In other words, before we pray, we have access to his presence. We must be sure we are cleansed and we are forgiven. There’s a lot of people frustrated because they can never get into the presence. They never feel the presence. How does it feel to be in the presence? Is the present visible? What is it? Is everybody for every believer? Yes it is, but we must understand, before we go into the presence of God, we want to make sure there’s no inequity. Because the Bible says, “Your iniquities was an obstacle for me to hear your prayers.” What is an iniquity?

An iniquity is a moral perversion. An iniquity is something that is a mixture. Flesh, demonic and man. That is an iniquity. There’s laws of the kingdom. If we lost the kingdom, we must enter in the loss of the kingdom. What I’m saying is, in other words, God requires if the protocol of Heaven is this, you must affirm God in praise and worship before you start praying. You don’t go-

SID: The protocol.

GUILLERMO: … that’s the protocol. You know in other words you don’t go with a long list, God asked for this, ask for this. That’s the downside of the believers, and they get frustrated because they never align their prayers with the will of God. Number two, he said, “Hallowed be your name.” That God is in heaven. And then he comes to the part of forgiveness. In other words. That is the part where we must guard and we must be cleansed by the blood of Jesus, washed by the word and then we ask is this the presence. Now, from there in my own life, the next step is, “Okay, now God, I am in your presence.”

I access prayer, gives you access. Is one of the means to access the presence of God. How do you know? Because you will feel the presence. The Bible says is–

SID: For those that have never felt the presence of God.

GUILLERMO: Uh-huh (affirmative).

SID: What is that like?

GUILLERMO: Okay. Is for example, I can describe it to you. For example, I feel sometimes like our rain falling on me. Sometimes the man … Job describes it as goose bump in your body, because Sid, one of the characteristics of the presence is visible, is tangible. In other words, the clause is tangible. And when the presence … Everybody knows when the presence is there, but I’ll tell you one thing. The only time when I haven’t felt the presence, is when something was in me that God stopped, that he avoid that for me to feel the presence.

Because he wanted to correct that area, but when I’m right with God, when I’m in holiness with God, I can access this presence. But this is so powerful Sid, because when we get into the presence of God, if people said, “Yeah, you’re in the presence and you worship and you feel it.” And you what? No, that’s not the end. Because when you access the presence, you must visualize yourself in the presence. Number two, after you-

SID: Excuse me, I’m taking you back to one. What do you mean? Tell me what.

GUILLERMO: … visualize. Okay God is in his throne.

SID: Uh-huh (affirmative).

GUILLERMO: You in front of God. You have an audience with God. Those that are watching, every time you pray you have an audience with God Almighty. And then when you entered in the presence now you said, “Well, I feel the presence. I feel it. I feel the goosebumps and all that.” Wait. That’s not the end. The Lord said to me one time, “Every time you access my presence through prayer.” He said, “You will become a carrier of my presence.” What the word presence means, the word presence means atmosphere.

One of the meanings of the word presence is an atmosphere. In other words, you come out of … I feel the presence as I’m telling you. You come out of that presence of God or that because of prayer.

SID: Who wouldn’t want to pray?


SID: If that’s what happens.

GUILLERMO: But listen to this. Listen to this. You come out with carrying an atmosphere. What atmosphere? The atmosphere of God. I’ve been in an elevator, and when I entered in the elevator, people start cursing. Demons start screaming and then they said, “What are you carrying?” I’m a carrier of the presence, but it’s not only me, is any person that goes to the presence of God in prayer, you will become a carrier of the presence of God. I’ve been in a stadium Sid. Stadium filled of people, and as the moment I entered, the atmosphere changed. Not because of me, because I’m a carrier of the presence of God.

People get and heal. I was ministering in Malaysia a stadium, 30000 people. I mean half a mile of sick people, and when I answered the presence fell and before I start praying for people, 21 wheelchairs empty. People got out from wheelchairs–

SID: I’m going to tell you something Guillermo. I’m going to tell you something and this is a fact. What he is describing is you.


SID: What he is describing is what God says. You are to go through out the whole world and proclaim the good news. You.


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