Tommy: And they would raise this paschal lamb like a pet, uh, they would raise this paschal lamb-no blemish, no, no… The eyeballs were all perfect, the skin was perfect, the- everything about this lamb was perfect the hooves were perfect in every way. And because every one of the families of the children of Israel did not come with a sacrifice, this lamb represented all of them. So at 3 o’clock they would bring that lamb to the high priest. All the others had been done all day from 9 to 3, all the others had been done, they had brought many sacrifices and many families came, but at 3 o’clock for everyone else, they’d take this special lamb, cut the throat of the lamb, the blood would bleed on the altar and the high priest would say at 3 o’clock, “It is finished.” What’s finished? We don’t have to sacrifice anymore today. This is the last one of the day. We don’t have to sacrifice anymore. It is finished. You can stand on the Mount of Olives, and if you stand in the right place, you can look right through into the area on Golgotha where Jesus was on the cross. On the Mount of Olives where they were doing “It is finished,” and He’s on the cross and at 3 o’clock He is saying, “It is finished .” No more sacrifice. You know what He meant? I have completed my assignment. I have completed what You sent me to earth to do. I have completed my assignment. It is finished because I’ve completed my assignment. How’re you going to please God? Complete your assignment. Complete your assignment. That’s how you’re going to please God. You’re going to complete your assignment. What is my assignment? Get on your knees and do a little fasting and find out what God wants you to do. But whatever you love I’m assuming would be your assignment. If you love children, you probably need to be working at children’s church. If you’re a teacher, you probably need to be teaching, if you love teaching. God will put into you what your desire to work for Him will be. Now let me tell you what He will do when He calls you to teach. You say, “I can’t teach, I’m uneducated, I can’t teach. I’ve never taught a day in my life, but I believe God’s taught me to teach, called me to teach.” He’ll put ‘teach’ inside of you. You don’t have to wai– if He calls you… Where God guides, God provides, and when God provides because He guides you there… He’ll call you to preach; you ain’t never preached. You don’t know how to put a sermon together, you don’t know what to do to get up and do anything about preaching, but He’ll put preaching inside of you. So you can stand and preach ’cause God will put ‘preach’ right in you.

Where God guides, God provides. Some of you here are called to be financers to the Kingdom. Somebody say “yes” to that. You need to be a financer of the Kingdom of God. What am I going to do as a financer of the Kingdom of God? You are going to provide about 90% of your money to give to the Kingdom of God so God can build Bible schools and orphanages, and feed the poor, and raise people up to be preachers and teachers, and live off the 10%! That’s what God’s going to do for some of you watching today. God is going to make you a financer of the Kingdom of God. He’ll give it to you! I’ve got all the shout-got a more shout than that, I’m talking about the… I mean my goodness, you-God tells me I’m going to give away 90% of my money and live on 10%, I’m going to shout. I’m telling you, God will give it to you. John the Baptist had a special insight to who Jesus was. Study it. Study about Jesus and John the Baptist being born in the Spring Feast and Jesus being born six months later in the Fall Feast. Study it, study it. Study it. Six months to the day, from Passover to Atonement and Jesus… John the Baptist born on this day; Jesus born exactly six months later on the feast day. Study it. Read it. Know it. John the Baptist had a special insight, even jumped in his mother’s womb when [laughs] Mary walked in the room. I’m telling you, I’m telling you, John the Baptist had special insight about Jesus. He knew who Jesus was. He knew He was the Lamb of God. He knew it was the final sacrifice. The blood covenant, what Jesus established for each of us as the body of Christ, the blood covenant is for me, the blood covenant is for you.

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