SID: You quote in Romans 8:28, right? But you don’t look at the verses before Romans 8:28. It describes praying in supernatural languages. So what causes all things to work together for good in your life? Praying in supernatural languages. How could we have missed it? But we did. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of speaking in tongues. Well, let’s go back to the verse before Romans 8:28, Romans 8:26: “Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses.” I looked that word up. Guess what it means in the Greek? Our sicknesses. Do you realize when you’re praying in supernatural languages, you’re praying, perfect prayers of the areas in your life that have to be rectified to get rid of the sickness that has its ugly hook inside of you? I mean, I’d be praying in tongues day and night if I understood this. The second thing, second benefit, how would you like to praise God all the time? The truth is, you don’t have the ability in English to praise God 24/7. But listen to this. 1 Corinthians 14:17: “For you indeed give thanks well when you’re praying in tongues.” You’re giving thanks. You’re not just giving thanks, you’re giving thanks well. You want to give thanks well? Pray in tongues. Number three, you become God inside conscious. There was a book that intrigued me so much many years ago. It was written by Brother William Lawrence. It was called, “Practicing the Presence of God”. When you know that you’re praying, from your Spirit, you’re praying God’s words. Do you realize that? You are practicing the presence of God. And as you begin to, as a matter of fact, I’ll give you a tip. Next time you pray in tongues, just realize and concentrate. I had a guest that explained this. It’s called drop down to your Spirit. And as you willfully drop down to your Spirit, see you’re not praying anyway. But you’re praying from God inside consciousness. When I’m praying from supernatural languages I am conscious of God. Every second, because it’s coming from my Spirit, not from my mind. And if you can be conscious of God in everything you do. Do you realize that the same presence that Brother Lawrence had, he was a monk, a dishwasher, crippled; and the highest people of the land would seek him out because there was such an explosion of the love of God pouring out of this man? So it’s got nothing to do with the money that you have. It’s got nothing to do with the education that you have. This man had no money. This man had no education. But he was conscious of God. And everyone wants to believe that God is personal. Everyone wants to know this God. And you will, it will pour, His love, the more you pray in supernatural languages, the more his love is going to pour out on everyone you come in contact with. Let’s suppose your spouse is not a believer and they take you to a cocktail party. And you go because you love your spouse, and you don’t preach to anyone, because of your spouse has said, “Don’t preach to anyone!” That’s never happened to anyone here. Right here. Right? You won’t have to. His love; people will be drawn to you. I mean, all right, number four, supernatural inner healing and forgiveness. You don’t realize it, but the first few years you’re praying, in your supernatural language, you think you’re praying for the whole world. Wrong. You’re praying for yourself. You’re getting yourself bailed out. You’re getting yourself. Listen, we’re imperfect people who were parented by imperfect people because their parents were imperfect. You expect to be perfect over night? You took a whole lifetime to be imperfect. So by praying in tongues you’re having tremendous inner healing and becoming normal, so the Master can use you. The fifth thing, supernatural protection. I interviewed a woman that prayed in tongues for an hour and then went to the grocery store. And as she got out of her car someone pulled a gun on her and said, get back in your car, took her to a wooded area. What she didn’t know is this man was wanted by the police for having raped and murdered 40 women that looked like her profile, looked like her. Do you know because she prayed in tongues she had supernatural protection? I’m going to tell you something, she would have been number 41 if she didn’t pray in tongues. This guy not only did not rape her, not only did not murder her, but gave himself up to the police, and received Jesus.

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