HAKEEM: You will begin to raise up glory-carriers. This is such a season where now, You’re causing Your prophetic Spirit to be released upon all flesh: and your sons and daughters will prophesy. Who is He speaking about? He’s speaking about you. You are the sons and daughters that God’s going to use in the hour; you’re going to be the light of the world. And the Lord says Son and daughter, know that in this hour I am going to use you as a beacon of light. God says, Get ready, for this is your season and this is your time; for son and daughter, you have been in hiding; you have been in the back; you’ve been overlooked; but the Lord says, I will raise you up, says the Lord, to bring you to the forefront. From what is in the back, I shall bring to the forefront. This is the hour where God says, You will not retreat; you will not revert; but this is the hour, the Lord says, I am going to raise your voice. I am going to raise your influence. I am going to give you the spheres of influence in this hour, to be a voice of change. You will be a voice of hope, and Jesus the Prophet will speak through you. Jesus the Prophet will declare over you. Jesus the Prophet will use your mouth, your voice, to begin to bring change, for this is the hour of great glory. And waves of revival is about to hit this nation like never before. And I hear the Lord saying that I Am releasing dispatching angels before you, and I’m going to cause ‘the crooked places to be made straight.’ And this is the season where the Lord says, I am activating the gifts. I Am causing and cultivating the gift and the prophetic senses. This is your season; this is your hour. Some of you said, There has to be more; There’s something got to be more; There’s something more. And yes, you are that more; you – in you, God says, Am going to bring more out of you. I am going to cause you to be that voice, to be that model of change, to be the conduit of My glory. Get ready; this is the season where God says, Do not fear. But God says rise up, because this is the season to Arise, and shine, for My glory shall come upon you. This is the season where His Spirit is sweeping, upon the nation, across the nation, looking for revivalists, looking for reformers, looking for those that would do great works. You – greater works will go through you and be in you. And get ready, for this is your hour. I just release that upon you right now. Some of you that are watching, you’re saying, There’s something more; God said Yes, –


HAKEEM: more in you.

LARRY: Yeah; yeah. And again, thank You, Lord, for just moving. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for what You’ve said.


LARRY: Again, the key to operating in the prophetic: First, hear what God is saying, then say what He’s saying. That is you, speaking light, into the darkness – in your life, and the world around you. Thanks for joining us today.


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