SID:  Keith, is God showing you anything right now?

KEITH:  I believe that there are prisoners, people who have had their praise hindered and suppressed because people have said “you sing off key” or “You’re not pretty and melodious” and whatever, and those things have stifled some of you. But the Lord says: “I’ve come to give you life and that you have it more abundantly.” And so what we want to do, what I feel like the Lord is saying to do is to use the “key of David” to unlock that prison door and to release the prisoner. He’s come to set the captive free. And He’s ready to hear your praise, not somebody else’s praise. It doesn’t matter if You’re “pitchy” or if you can’t sing or if You’re heavy or if You’re skinny or if you don’t dress just this way or that way. It has nothing to do with any of that any longer. The Lord says, “I am ready to hear the song of my bride being sung to the bridegroom.” And so the Lord just simply says to those who are bound tonight “Be free.” And in the name of Jesus, if that’s you, I want you to just raise your hand even in this audience, I don’t know, if you’ve been trapped up with your praise, if it’s been suppressed, just raise your hand, keep it up, it’s okay. Look, I was told all the time I was too fat, I was too was too boisterous, I just played the piano to be in the spotlight, and it just tormented me, and I just didn’t want to do anything and I just kept quiet for the longest time until the Lord says, “Come free, come free. “And that’s what I want to pray tonight. So in the name of Jesus, ha, tonight: Father, we use the key of David to unlock that door of the prison. Ha– Lord, in Jesus name we call forth the praise to erupt and start bubbling, even as a volcano deep within their spirit, that which has been suppressed and pushed back and hidden and locked away. Father, You said “Now it’s time to arise and shine for Your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” And so even as You spoke to Lazarus and called him out of the grave, and he came forth bound and swaddled and he was wobbling out, so too Father, we call that praise even now: COME OUT– and be released. SILENT NO MORE, in Jesus name. Silent no more! 

SID:  Keith– even those that are worshippers of God, and there ARE many worshippers of God watching us and in the audience, even those of you that are worshippers of God, do you know you worship from glory to glory? You don’t just– if You’re just staying constant in your worship, You’re walking backwards and you don’t even know it. I believe that as our Psalmist, our tour guide from heaven, leads us in a new song of worship, there will be breakthroughs in your worship. If you have breakthroughs in your worship, you have breakthroughs in the presence of God. If you have breakthroughs in the presence of God, you’ve got everything! So this is my moment, ha, this is your moment for a breakthrough. Worship God because He’s the only one worth worshipping. Worship God because He is. Worship God because He’s your oxygen. Worship God because your parent’s didn’t raise a dummy.


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