SID: So, I don’t want her to lose her voice, so I’m not going to ask her cry out help me again, but what happened when you cried out?

JENNY: I just felt the peace of God. I didn’t see lightening, there was no flashes, I didn’t have any goosebumps. I just felt this peace and I remembered that the Lord had encountered me early. I knew the Lord was real. Even when I was a witch and I was doing spells and I was cursing at God. I still knew he was real and I still knew the Lord could save. So, the peace of God came over me a few days later, I was taken out of that situation of drugs. I was given prenatal care, I got something to eat after five days of no food at all and God just began to really encounter my life.

SID: Oh. But what about your daughter and her health? How is she today?

JENNY: She was born absolutely completely free of any drugs. Yep. Healthy.

SID: How old is she today?

JENNY: She’s nine years old and she’s actually a worshiper. She’s a prophetic worshiper.

SID: Through the process of time, all was getting fine. You were free of lesbianism, you stopped the drugs, you stopped the witchcraft, but you weren’t totally free. You went to a meeting. It was a deliverance meeting.

JENNY: Yes it was.

SID: Tell me about that.

JENNY: Yeah I went to a deliverance meeting. Some people invited me.

JENNY: I was sitting in the meeting and they did all these prayers and they had us renounce all this stuff and I was actually sitting there thinking, “I don’t need to get delivered from anything.” I’m already saved. I have been saved a few years. I had been in church and actually at that time, I was already started leading worship.

JENNY: So, the lady took me over to the side and it’s like everybody, they broke us up.

JENNY: She looked at me and she said, “This may scare you, but just trust me. I know what I’m doing.”

SID: It’s not going to scare me.

JENNY: Yeah, no, no, no. She looks me right in the eye and she says, “In the name of Jesus, I see you come out there now. So, I’m looking at her like, “There’s nothing here. I love the Lord. I love Jesus. You can pray all you want to,  till you’re blue in the face. Nothing is going to happen.” This went on for 15 minutes. It was extremely uncomfortable and I’m thinking, “I’ve got to get out of here. I just want to leave.” She took the Bible. She laid the Bible on my head. She began to pray in the spirit and all of the sudden I began to growl at her, they had to actually, two men had to come hold me down. I began to take my own fingernails and try to recut where I cut as a teenager and attack the lady. So, this went on and I was completely delivered. Those things that I was doing, those were the surface things. The spirit within me, the roots of rejection and abandonment and hate and anger and strife, all of those things were still there.

JENNY: I still had the roots of that and they came out and I was free. Set free indeed.

SID: You know, it says in scripture to him who’s forgiven much, they love much. When I see you worship, tell me about what’s going on inside of you. It looks to me like every fiber of your being is into it. It looks to me. Tell me.

JENNY: When I begin to worship, it’s like everybody goes away and it’s just me and Jesus. I can literally see Jesus in front of me. So, everything that I’m singing and saying comes from a heart of “this is my father, he loves me so much” and I’m just singing from a place of absolute adoration. It’s like the woman that came in with the alabaster box and she threw out all the proper etiquette, the rules, the regulations, she wasn’t even supposed to be in there, but she was so desperate for Jesus that she came in and she poured out everything that she had and she cried. She took down her hair, which was the glory of a woman. She didn’t care.

JENNY: She rubbed his feet. She just poured out everything and all the people watched and they didn’t say, “Wow that’s amazing.” They said, “She shouldn’t be doing this. You shouldn’t be touching her. She shouldn’t be here.” Jesus said, “Her story is going to go on forever because in remembrance of what she’s done here.” That’s what a worshiper can tap in to and what we do before the Lord can literally transform our circumstances, our situations and our very lives.

SID: Most people can’t sing. Most people don’t have a great voice for singing, can’t keep a tune. But you’re saying that you can teach people, everyone to do what you do and go to that secret place you go to and out of that secret place is your victory and everything.

JENNY: Absolutely. For every single believer, every person on the face of this earth is actually called to be a worshiper. We’re called, we’re made to worship God. So, when you begin to tap into that, you could be crying, you could be laying out in your face, you could be bowing before God. You could just be purposing your heart to surrender everything to God and he will encounter you right where you are. I’m telling you I lived it, I know it. I’m a walking testimony that worship transforms your lives because it invites the presence of God in.

SID: Now, when we come back, I want to understand some keys that God has shown her for you to have this same intimacy and how about if I have her worship God and prophesy to you? Be right back.

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