SID: So, Sandy, you shared earlier about that amazing miracle of your father. It saved his life. What effect did that have on your entire family?

SANDY: You know, the scripture says that Greeks take wisdom, but Jews take signs. That was a sign for my entire family. My mother was just overwhelmed with that, that my father –

SID: The same mother that kicked you out and packed your bags?

SANDY: Yes, absolutely. And the same mother that became a groupie. She became one of my groupies. My mother had an illness, it was called scleroderma. It was a collagen disease. I remember we went to a meeting of people that had the disease, and she said, “I’m never coming back here again. She looked, and she said, “I’m never coming back again.”

SANDY: My mother had a healing that took place. I think that this faith stirred up inside of her. There were things that happened. She went to a meeting of mine. My mother, ultimately this is a fatal disease. My mother outlived everybody that was at that meeting, including the doctors. Great miracle.

SID: Your passion is to help people become all they’re supposed to be in God. Tell me about this Biblical Personality Test.

SANDY: In the beginning, when we first started, I started to think about the love commandment, to love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind, but to love your neighbor as yourself. There’s so many people that have the root problems where they don’t love themselves. They don’t understand themselves. They don’t know their giftings. They don’t understand their fears.

SANDY: In order to have a positive relationship, sometimes they need to get over the things of themselves. We started to make this DISC test, very practical, very simple, very personal. We didn’t realize that it was going to go into the supernatural realm right along with us. We had no idea at the time when we first started.

SANDY: What we did was we started to relate the different styles of people to the styles of people in the Bible. We found that as God dealt with those people in the scriptures, the same way He would deal with people with the same style. It was just uncanny.

SANDY: Then we recognized that as we started to gain spiritual insight, and through our own personal ministries, and own personal dealings, and how God would put thoughts in our minds. I was with a very high-ranking fella in the government. I’m looking at his assessment, the graph page of the assessment here, which everybody will get, and they’ll get a writeup about them. It’s very clear. They’ll get their dominant fear. They’ll get their strengths, they’ll get … And I’m starting to look at this, and a thought came into my mind about having problems with his youngest son. Now how could I know that? I couldn’t know that. It was something from another realm. Now either it’s not true, either it came from my head, or it came from the spirit world.

SANDY: I said, “You could be having trouble with a child.” He said to me, “I’m having problems with my youngest son.” Whoa, that opened up a whole world, and here’s this very powerful man asking me to help him to mend a relationship.

SANDY: Of course, he asked me, he said, “Well, what would you do?” I said, “Well, I would pray.” He goes, “Oh, oh, I don’t know about all that stuff.” But I shared with him how I prayed over my own daughter, and what happened. So he opened himself up to prayer. He opened himself up to a spiritual world as a result of one thought.

SID: I took this test myself. In fact, what it advised me to do is read the story of Joshua based on me taking this test. My staff, they’ve taken this test, some of them, and one person’s been a believer for many years. I don’t know, 30 years or more. He said, he saw things in himself that will help him fulfill his destiny.

SANDY: Absolutely. That spiritual destiny, that divine destiny is something that is inside of us waiting to happen. If you understand what your strengths are, then you can do certain things to help that along the way. It’s like a bank. If you don’t ever put anything in it or take out it, what is it? It’s just sitting there doing nothing.

SANDY: Let me just give you a couple examples. I had this gal. She was from Texas and she went through a very difficult divorce. She got in touch with us and she went through our training. She went ahead, and she was working with Brownie troops. I remember her telling me how as she would give this test to the kids, how she would get thoughts about things that were happening in their families. And things that were happening with them, and things that they would be in their life. It was amazing. She’s says it helped free a lot of these kids from issues that they had, and it helped direct their paths.

SID: It seems as though that as you see, from the test you find out our weaknesses, our strengths, who we should emulate in the Bible. But as we get rid of these weaknesses, and start achieving our destiny, it opens us up to the supernatural power of God we were always meant to have.

SANDY: Absolutely. Everyone has a dominant fear. Some have a little more than one. It’s either the fear of being taken advantage of, or rejection, or loss of security, or criticism, one of these fears. Once you know that fear, you can see how it starts impact your decisions, how it starts to impact your relationships, how you deal with money, how you deal with job, how you deal with friends, how you deal with church, how you deal with family, how you deal with health.

SANDY: This is an eyeopener in a lot of ways because when the enemy wants to come against you, he’s not coming at your strength. Where’s he coming? He’s coming at your dominant fear. That is what Job said, “The thing I feared the most was that that came upon me.” That alone, if people would just get that piece of information, they would see how the power of God would use them in combating that, not only in their lives, but also in the lives of others.

SID: I find that many churchgoers, many Muslims, many Jewish people, all want to have a relationship with God, they don’t think it’s possible. All want to experience the pure love of God, they don’t think it’s possible. I’m telling you it is possible. I’m telling you if you’ll say a supernatural prayer with me, and mean it to the best of your ability, you can do that. You can do that. You will open yourself up to the greatest advantage a human can have. I’ll tell you the truth. If you know God before you die, you’ll know Him after. If you don’t know Him before, unfortunately, you will not know Him after. Open the door, watch His love pour in.

SID: Say this prayer with me, out loud. That’s you at home.

SID: Dear God.

Dear God.

SID: I’ve made many mistakes.

I’ve made many mistakes.

SID: I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry.

SID: I believe the blood of Jesus.

I believe the blood of Jesus.

SID: The blood of the Passover Lamb.

The blood of the Passover Lamb.

SANDY: The blood of the Passover Lamb.

SID: Washes away all my mistakes.

Washes away all my mistakes.

SID: And in your sight.

And in your sight.

SID: Oh holy God.

Oh holy God.

SID: I am clean.

I am clean.

SID: And now that I am clean.

And now that I am clean.

SID: Messiah Jesus.

Messiah Jesus.

SID: Come and live inside of me.

Come and live inside of me.

SID: I make you my Lord.

I make you my Lord.

SID: Amen.


SID: No better word to end with. It means so be it.

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