SID: I want to set the stage for you. I just got back from Israel. In Israel, I did what I do all over the world. They’re called lectures on the supernatural, and they’re predominantly to Jewish people that do not know the Messiah. I share the most supernatural thing I know, how God revealed himself to me. I don’t know. There’s no close second, and so, what God graces me with, and I never realized it til I started setting the glory, is the glory for evangelism. I call it evangelism glory. When I start speaking, God starts moving in words of knowledge. When this first started, I didn’t know how to handle it. I mean, because they’ll think they’re my words, and they’ll give me the credit, and I know about Ananias and Sapphira. If you don’t know about them, you better find out. But anyway, I’ll tell you the truth. You know what God said to me, and I believe when he says it to me, he’s saying it to you? You take this much of God’s glory and you’re finished.

SID: I was a little nervous about it, but I took a chance. That’s called faith, a risk. I took a chance, and I said the words, and I’ve been doing it ever since, and what I found out is, after someone is healed, they’re totally receptive to the gospel. That’s the way God intended it.

SID: The religious mind says, “Oh no, you share the gospel, and then you pray for them to be healed.” No, no, no. The purpose of the signs and wonders are to grab a nonbeliever’s attention.

SID: There were 20 buses of unsaved Jewish people came to our meeting.

SID: From seven different cities in Israel, from seven different Messianic Jewish congregations. A thousand unsaved Jewish people plus some believers came with them. But there were over a thousand unsaved Jews. Do you know what it’s like to see an auditorium jam packed with a thousand unsaved Jewish people?

SID: Now, it starts out with me sharing words of knowledge. I never know exactly when. Sometimes it’s before I say anything. Sometimes it’s even in the middle. One time in Berlin Germany, it was at the end, and I thought I’d never hear any words. But I want to take you inside that meeting, but be expectant that any word I say is for you.

SID: I’m going to count to three, and at the count of three, I’m going to pray in the name of Yeshua, and a miracle will happen. Father, in Yeshua’s name, let your glories cover this auditorium, and I pray that your glory will heal each person in Yeshua’s name. One! Two! Three! Test your body. Test it. If your arm hurts, start bending it. See if the pain is gone. You don’t know unless you test. If you’ve tested your body, and the pain is gone, the healing is there. I want you to raise your hand high so I can see it. Right high. I can’t see them all. Now, look around everyone. Have you ever seen anything like this before? I can tell you, outside of my meetings, I’ve never seen anything like this. God is in this place. That’s what that tells you. God is in this place. (End of video)

SID: Now, as a result of the 400 miracles, 800 unsaved Jewish Israelis made public, stood up professions of faith.

SID: After that, they were told to lift holy hands to God, and receive the ruach hakodesh, the Holy Spirit.

SID: I made sure that I didn’t say just the Holy Spirit. I said what’s in the Bible, “Receive the Holy Spirit and fire!”

SID: They liked that.

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