SID: If someone has one healing angel that goes with them wherever they go, I think that’s fabulous, but my guest has seven healing angels. Tell me about how they operate with you … these healing angels.

BECKY: I was ministering at a healing conference in Ocala, Florida and, during a break between the seminars, one of the pastors came up to me and he said, “Becky, do you know you have an angel that follows you wherever you go?” I said, “Yes, I do because people see him,” and he said, “You actually have seven,” and he said, “The six follow the one.”

BECKY: He says, “Do you know what the angel does?” I said, “Tell me. What does my angel do?” He said, “Well, he has this little book and he reads from his book into your ear, and after he’s done saying what he’s reading from his book, you then repeat what he says.” Then, he said, “Do you know what he does when you pause?” I said, “Tell me. What does he do when I pause?” He said, “He’s searching through his book and when he finds another thing that he wants you to say, he reads it out loud to you and then you repeat what he says.” Sid, that is, to me, very prophetic, and I believe that’s how the prophetic works because all we do, when we minister in the prophetic, is we surrender our voices to him and we speak what the Spirit of God would have us say.

SID: I’m just, kind of, curious. Do you, sometimes, hear a voice and speak what you hear, or you just speak it because it’s coming out of you? How does that work?

BECKY: It works both ways. Usually, it’s just I have surrendered my voice, many years ago, to the Holy Spirit. I just open up my mouth and He starts speaking. Sometimes, I literally will hear Him speak in my ear. He’ll call me by name, and I will hear Him. I’ll actually even feel His breath in my ear, and He speaks to me. So I just repeat what He says.

SID: So, let me take you back to that meeting you had with a hundred people with arthritis. Tell me what occurred.

BECKY: I was ministering about the redemptive blood of Jesus, and I think this might’ve been in Pennsylvania. It was time to give the altar call for healing, and I heard the Spirit of God say to me, “Call out people with arthritis. Tell them to come forward,” and so I did that. I said, “If you’re struggling with arthritis, I want you to come forward. We’re going to minister to you first.” I’m serious, about a hundred people stood up and came immediately to that altar. There were so many of them, to save time, I just had them hold hands in groups, and I released the healing Power of the Holy Spirit to them in that manner. I said, “In Jesus’ name, I renounce the spirit of arthritis, and I release the healing power of the Holy Spirit into your joints, and I command the pain and the swelling to be gone.” I told them, “Put your faith in action and do what you couldn’t do.” They started moving their body parts, and almost every, single one of them were instantly healed.

SID: Tell me about the … Listen to this. A brain tumor melted.

BECKY: It’s an amazing testimony. I know a woman in Europe, and she emailed me, and she said, “Becky, I wasn’t feeling good, and I had to go to the doctor,” ’cause she started to faint and things. So she went to the doctor and they ran some tests on her, and they found out that she had a brain tumor. They said they had to operate on her very soon.

BECKY: So she went home and she emailed me right away, and she said, “Becky, will you please pray with me?” I said, “Okay, I’m praying with you. I’m joining my faith with you, but I want you to start prophesying this over your own body in Jesus’ name,” and I said, “Say, ‘in Jesus’ name, I renounce the spirit of death. In Jesus’ name, I renounce this tumor and I curse it at its very root and its very seed. In Jesus’ name, I command it to shrivel up and be eliminated from my body, in Jesus’ name’.”

BECKY: I said, “Keep saying it over and over. However many times it comes to you. You just keep speaking it out. You keep prophesying that over your body.” She had to go to the doctor the very next day for another test, ’cause they were–

SID: Excuse me. That was key. You said you speak to your own body?


SID: Explain that.

BECKY: According to God’s word, Proverbs 18:21, we have the power of life and death in every word that we speak. There are certain times when you need to speak life to something and other times, when it comes to Satan and his works like sickness and disease, we need to speak death to certain things like tumors. We need to speak out loud, ’cause it’s not what you’re thinking that’s going to come to pass. It’s what you are speaking out loud.

SID: So let me take you back to the person that had the tumor.

BECKY: Yes. So, she goes to the doctor the very next day and, all day long the day before, she’s been prophesying this over her own body. She gets to the doctors, and they run some more tests, and there are several doctors there because they’re going to be operating on her within days. They’re all just confused about what they’re seeing on these tests. They’re starting to argue with one another because they had never seen anything like this.

BECKY: Overnight, that brain tumor actually had melted into liquid, and they no longer needed to operate. They didn’t know what to do. So they gave her an antibiotic and sent her home.

SID: How does a doctor explain a tumor [that] melts?

BECKY: I don’t know. I just know there was a lot of fighting going on amongst them. So they called her in the next day and they said, “We want to make sure. So you come in and we’re going to run another test,” but it showed that it was now gone. Every time they did another test, it just made the testimony of her supernatural healing all the more powerful.

SID: You say the most powerful thing is speaking God’s word. Why is God’s word so powerful?

BECKY: Because it’s truth. God’s word is the truth, and it’s more powerful that our five senses, human reasoning. It’s more powerful than feelings and it’s more powerful than any circumstance we are facing. So, when we speak God’s word into a situation, we are speaking His life and it transforms the situation into a miracle.

SID: Okay. When we come back, there are many watching us, or in the studio audience, that have gotten really bad reports from doctors. I want to find out the first thing you advise people to do. In other words, do you just pray over them? Well, the doctors said it. It must be true. Maybe there’re a higher truth. We’ll be right back.

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