SID: How would you like to be in the country you’re in right now, just close your eyes for a second, and find yourself in another country? You say, “Oh, that’s too outrageous, Sid.” No, it’s in the Bible. Tell me a place, Joshua.

JOSHUA: In Acts 8:39-40, it actually tells us that Phillip was baptizing an Ethiopian eunuch and in an moment’s notice, the Greek word is harpadzo, the Spirit of God came upon Phillip and literally plucked or caught him away in an instant so that he could no longer be seen. He was carried about 20 miles down the road to Azotus.

SID: Why have you waited so long to talk about this experience in your heart of hearts?

JOSHUA: To be quite honest with you, Sid, I think for most believers, this testimony stretches them because it seems so absolutely unbelievable that this could even be possible.

SID: But you know what? With the glory that is coming, Joshua, get ready. This is minor league compared to what’s coming, but go ahead.

JOSHUA: The glory that God’s bringing us into is a realm of acceleration, supernatural, a dimension of transport and translation in the Spirit. God’s taking us from one place to another place out of our past into the promises that He has for us. Quite a few years ago, I was ministering in a church Pensacola, Florida, and at the very end of the meeting, I preached a nice message. At the end of the meeting I lift up my hands and I was declaring different words of knowledge and just praying over other people, and the Lord had me declare this: “Translation and Heaven’s transportation to the third Heavens, into the nations.” I’d never said that before. I was thinking about everybody else at the moment, and in an instant I was taken from that church in Florida. Suddenly I was standing in a whole other location that I was not aware of, an unfamiliar setting, and I’m telling you I was right there just like I’m here right now.

SID: I have to ask you this.


SID: What were your first thoughts when you opened your eyes and you were there? What was going on in here?

JOSHUA: First of all, I was in an elevator, a little tiny elevator, crowded, full of people. The thoughts going through my head is, “This is crazy.” I felt a pang of fear hit me. “How am I going to get back to Florida? How am I going to get back to my family? What’s going on?” I mean, it’s so disorienting when that happens, and yet it was totally God. I had to, in that moment, learn to rest in what God wanted to do. The elevator doors opened, I walked out of the elevator into an open lobby, and I walked all the way through right out onto the street. At that moment, I had to trust that God would lead me and direct me, and that’s exactly what He did.

SID: Yeah, did you hear them speaking a language different than English?

JOSHUA: Well, I could hear them speaking a foreign language. I had no idea what it was exactly. I didn’t understand it, which boggles my mind because it was a supernatural encounter and yet I didn’t get the language. I started praying in tongues and as I walked down the street, I started seeing different things that looked somewhat familiar from books and postcards that I had seen. I ended up walking down the street into another building that looked like an office building. When I walked into that building, I wasn’t bothered by anybody. I walked right back in. I felt the leading of the Lord to go back into an office section past the reception area. When I walked back there, there was actually what I believe was a church gathered.

JOSHUA: There was a prayer meeting. People were praying. I could feel the Spirit of God in there. I joined with them and I started praying. I prayed in tongues while they prayed in their language. I believe some of them were probably praying in tongues, as well. But that was all that really happened. At the very end of the prayer meeting that was happening, the craziest things, I had business cards in my pocket, which I generally don’t carry business cards. I pulled the business cards out of my pocket and I started handing them out. I handed it to one particular businessman. The way that my faith connected was to go back to the elevator where I had come in. I know that sounds funny, but the Bible says—

SID: I think I would have done that.

JOSHUA: —so be it according to your faith. That’s where my faith was. I went back to that elevator and lifted my hands up, and just began to worship the Lord. As I did, I was literally back in the church in Florida, where I had started. The whole thing was so crazy and bizarre and I was shaking under the presence of God’s glory. I had a hard time thinking about if I could even communicate it, speak it, I couldn’t really explain what had happened to me exactly. But the strangest thing happened about two weeks following that encounter.

SID: What happened?

JOSHUA: Our office literally got an email from that man that I’d handed my business card to. He wrote me, thanked me for coming, and invited me to come back anytime. That just blew my mind. That just topped the whole thing, you know?

SID: God is saying to you, “I am that I am. All things are possible.” I’ll tell you what. Would you just pray that we either experience or just open for this? I know you carry an impartation.

JOSHUA: Absolutely. I would love to. Just lift up your hands right now. Father, in the name of Jesus, God, I thank you that you are releasing your manifest glory, the doxa, the shekinah, the kavod, in the lives of those that are watching. Lord, I thank you for unfolding accelerated miracles, favor, blessing, increase on each and every one’s life in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

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