SID: Tony, tell me what you mean … First of all, me about a face to face briefly that you had.

TONY: Yes, I was in Louisiana, State of Louisiana. I was at house with a friend, I was doing some meetings down there. And Jesus appeared to me and this is what he said. He said, “I’ve given you the authority and the power to follow me.” He said, “If you’ll follow me, you’ll become a like me in life. And if you become like me in life, you have become like me in ministry. And the focus of Jesus was his father and the focus of my life is Jesus, so that I can know Jesus and know the father. And if I become like Jesus a life, I’m going to see some supernatural wonderful things happen in my personal ministry.

SID: Now, okay. You had this type that, many visitations face to face with the Lord. What do you mean by face to face?

TONY: Well, first of all, let’s look at a sinner. This person gets under conviction for sin, and he has the leading of the Holy Spirit to receive Jesus as Messiah. That is a god encounter. When a person experiences what you talk about in this new Bible, God talk being filled with the Holy Spirit. This is face to face with God because it improves and increases your intimacy with the Father and Jesus. When we talk about divine healing, like Stephen Brooks literally takes scriptures in this Bible for categories of disease. It says if you apply these scriptures, you can be healed. Sandra Kennedy takes scriptures here.

TONY: For example, I was teaching out of this Bible and I was going through scripture—

SID: Excuse me. That thing of Stephen Brooks is amazing. I’s like you have a specific problem like bone disease. He has a scripture just for bone disease. You follow? I’ve heard for specific things. I think this is phenomenal.

TONY: Yes. And I literally taught, when I was in Syracuse, about categories of disease and divine healing. A woman who had been deaf, a Russian woman, we have a lot of Russians who attend this particular service, a Russian woman who had been deaf in her ear, totally deaf in her ear for 15 years starts hearing instantly. One of the advantages of this Bible is I don’t have to run around and search for the scriptures, you have them all together right there for me, so that I can be helped by God to minister to the people.

SID: By the way, I forgot to mention the translation is the Modern English version. Which is that it’s based on the King James, but it’s the first update of the King James in some 30 years. So, it’s a fabulous translation. And there are so many words. Not a lot, maybe. But there’s at least 10 or 12 words that I have recaptured. It will be your favorite Bible.

TONY: To go on answering your question. A lot of times when we talk about face to face with God, we talk about dramatic dreams, visions, experiences with angels, seeing Jesus face to face. But when I talk about face to face with God, I’m talking about a father or a mother praying for their child, and all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit quickens them or makes them to become aware that something is going on with that child. God gives them a revelation. They go on a search and discovery and find that that’s true. Or maybe a person has two job options and they think about one job option and they’re disturbed. They think about the other and have a peace. This is face to face with God.

TONY: And so, when I talk about face to face encounters with God, I’m talking about discerning the voice of the Lord. Discerning what God is not in, and discerning what God is in, and discerning what God is saying and doing in the now.

SID: On the bonus book that we’re sending, you offer keys. One quickie key, just one.

TONY: Oh, my. Oh, my. Here’s what I say to people. I say you have the encounter with God where he gives you a word, [it’s] a treasure. And then you go through a process where you may experience just the normal difficulties of life, what we call trials, okay? But the Lord is using all of that for me to grow in the intimate knowledge of my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Messiah.

SID: So, you’re going to drive the devil nuts. It’s not coming from God, but you’re going to drive them nuts because God gets the glory at everything.

TONY: Exactly. Because 2 Peter 3:18 says grow in the grace and the intimate knowledge—so that’s not information, but that is personal knowledge of My Lord and my God and my Savior, Jesus the Messiah.

SID: There’s just so much that Tony has to share. I can’t wait for him to tell you his revelation from heaven, we are literally going there, and the lake of fire, literally seeing what that is like. We don’t have the time on the show. but you can go to and pick up the show right now. In addition to Tony, we have Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Sandra Kennedy. I can’t wait for you to find out all the good things they’re going to have to tell you. I can tell you this, Tony. There are people watching us that say, “That man knows God. That man knows God. I want to know God like they know God.” Well, guess what? God wants you to know him more than you want to know him.

SID: I want you just say this prayer with me. All the presence of God is here for you to experience God. For you to have experiential knowledge of him right now. Say this prayer out loud. Dear God.

Audience: Dear God.

SID: I’m a sinner.

Audience: I’m a sinner.

SID: And I’m so sorry.

Audience: And I’m so sorry.

SID: I believe your blood.

Audience: I believe your blood.

SID: Washes away my sins.

Audience: Washes away my sins.

SID: And now that I am clean,

Audience: And now that I am clean,

SID: Come inside of me, Jesus.

Audience: Come inside of me, Jesus.

SID: Be my Lord.

Audience: Be my Lord.

SID: I love you, Jesus.

Audience: I love you, Jesus.

SID: I want to know you better.

Audience: I want to know you better.

SID: Amen.

Audience: Amen.

SID: So, go to right now.

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