SID: I was just kibitzing. We were just joking with David like two Jews do when they get together. What do you expect? And I said, “David, am I getting younger?” Seriously, you have been in meetings where people have gotten younger. Tell me one.

DAVID: Yes. Many meetings, you know, when you get younger, God reverses. So let’s say you have no hair, we’ve been in meetings where the hair grows back, or white hair starts turning back to their black color.

SID: I will never forget, I was at one of your meetings. I think I was speaking, I’m not even sure, and I was sitting behind a woman that had long grey hair, and I’m watching you, of course, and I’m looking at her because she’s blocking my view. And I literally saw it, it start turning brown before my eyes. That was so good of God. I love to see God.

DAVID: That was in Miracle Valley.

SID: It could have been.

DAVID: Wow, that’s fun.

SID: That was where A.A. Allen had his ministry.

DAVID: Yes, exactly.

SID: And you had a meeting out there. David, transportation, I have had this happen to me, that I know of, once, but how is it that someone can travel eight hours in two hours, an eight-hour drive in two hours, something like that? How does that happen?

DAVID: Well that happened to us. We were, once I was in France, driving eight hours and we were just worshiping, laughing and having fun in the Lord, and all of a sudden we got there in less than two hours, an hour and 45 minutes. We couldn’t believe it. Because even if you went as fast as you possibly could, there was no way in the world you could get there that fast. So what God does is he, your spirit goes to Heaven where there’s no time, and God bends time, and brings you to the other location supernaturally fast.

SID: Now you talk about a distinction between declaring and confessing Scripture. Explain the difference.

DAVID: A lot of people confess daily like, it’s like taking your daily multi vitamins. I confess today that by his stripes I am healed. I confess my debt is going to be paid off. A lot of times people confess in their mind to thinking future tense. I’m confessing, “How’s your back doing, Bob?” “Oh, I’m still confessing towards my healing.” A decree is like Jesus would do, Yeshua, “Lame man, get up and take your bed and walk now.” So a decree is like a now realm. And when you’re in the Glory and you decree something, it’s created at that moment. So it’s created, like prophesy, even in the Glory, is more creative in nature. The old days, one day, you’ll go to Africa, my child, and you write it down and maybe you’ll go. But in the Glory realm, I’ve had decrees happen whereas it’s being said I’m getting the invitation on myself within minutes. It’s creative in nature. That’s the difference. There’s an acceleration of creating in the Glory versus just confessing what you’re hoping God to do.

SID: How does the average believer walk in this Glory, 24/7?

DAVID: 24/7, they’d have to never sleep. No, I’m kidding. To stay in the Glory realm even when you’re sleeping, you start the day right. If you start the day with God, if it starts good, it ends good, worshiping him, loving him, intimacy, getting the word, just spending, just enjoying to be with him where it’s a delight, not a discipline. You just enjoy it. Then the rest of the day he’s with you. You take him in your car with you, you take him to work, to ministry, to, it’s just there. There’s a presence, always being aware of his presence. That’s the secret to staying in it all the time, just being aware that he’s there. And a lot of times you don’t realize he’s there, you pray for someone, and boom, it’s there, the power is there, so staying in the intimate, even in your mind, just thinking on him all the time.

SID: There are people, you, that you know the deal about religion and believing in Jesus, and some of you have known since this little, some of you, it’s brand new. But very few of you have experienced the great mystery, Messiah in you, the hope of the Glory. I want to pray a prayer, if you will mean it, the Messiah of the Creator of the world wants to live inside of you. He’s chosen you. Repeat after me: Dear God, out loud, Dear God, I’m a sinner. Please forgive me for all of my sins. I believe the blood of Jesus washes them away and now that I am clean I make Jesus my Messiah and Lord. Amen. David, I want you to proclaim intimacy with God, Glory and healing over the people right now.

DAVID: All right. I pray for those watching right now, just lift your hands, close your eyes and just be hungry right now as I pray for you. Father God, in Yeshua’s name, I ask you that you would flood the people right now with the heaviest presence of the greater Glory that they’ve ever experienced, the greatest intimacy they’ve ever experienced, let it be days of Heaven on Earth right now in their homes, in their cars, on their cell phones, on their TV sets, let the Glory just invade their homes, their entire being inside their cells of their body, their heart, their emotions, their spirit. Let the greater Glory visit them now like they’ve never have before and let them completely change their life like they’ve never been changed before. Let it change their family, their thinking process, their ministry, everything they do. I pray that the greater Glory, the intimacy of God right now, I decree it, is coming onto the TV sets and phones, and wherever they’re watching. Even if you don’t know Jesus or Yeshua, it’s flooding you. You can be Muslim or Jewish, or atheist, or whatever you are, yellow, black, white, red, God is flooding you with his Glory right now because he loves you. The Creator of Heaven and Earth loves you and through his son Jesus, Yeshua, you’re being invaded with the presence of God’s Glory, greater than even Moses experienced or the apostles, the greater Glory is being released now for you in this season. I just release it over you, the tangible presence of God’s Glory, just receive it now. Receive it now. And some of you are getting flooded right now. I see some of you are crying. Some of you are laughing hysterically. You don’t know why you’re laughing. Some of you are getting like a deliverance of just the old of religion, of the old ways, and some of you are just getting healing. Even your body, you didn’t seek for it, you just saw him. But as you’re seeking him he’s doing all these other things, but the intimacy with God is reconnecting right now because you are so hungry enough to even watch this whole show. You said, I got to have what they’re talking about, and because you asked it’s coming to you right now, right now, right now, right now it’s coming to you. Let us know what happened to you. If you got visited right now Sid Roth wants to know. Let them know the testimony of what’s happening to you right now.

SID: And the people with arthritic fingers, you are healed in Jesus’s name.

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